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Ministry of Higher Education and Code: ME.

Scientific Research Stage: second
University of Babylon Subject: Engineering Statistics
Department of Ceramics Engineering
Weekly hours: Theoretical (2 hours) Practical (-) Discussion (1 Hour)
Week Contents Subject Weeks
1 Introduction to the Statistics Science 1
2 A Samples and the methods of samples collection/ 3
Census, Samples. Random samples- Stratified random
sampling. Systematic random sampling. Multi-stage
sampling. Non-random samples- quota sampling,
Purposive sampling
5 Measure of central tendency. Mediate measures; 3
Arithmetic mean, Weighted mean, Harmonic mean,
Quadratic mean, Geometric mean, the mode , the
median. Partition measures; the quartiles, the deciles,
7 Measures of scatteredness, Range, Quartile deviation, 3
Mean deviation, Standard deviation, Variance.
Coefficients of dispersion. Choose the appropriate
dispersion coefficient, Standard score,
10 Probability theory, compound accidents and Vin scheme. 2
The count methods, Times rules and the conditional
12 Linear Correlation .Linear regression. Tests of
13 2
14 Moments. Skewness. Kurtosis 1
15 Factorial Designs 1
Dependent teaching methods to perform syllabus:
1. Lecture method with assist of computer and data show.
2. Discussion method: This method tends to activate student brain and encourage him to give ideas
and make the student to be has a good idea and deep about the basic and advance information for
the subject.
3. View method: This method depends on enrichment of lecture with academic and practice
Syllabus marks are distributed according to
1. Course Examination: 15% of degree for every course (two courses)
2. Home works and examinations: 5% of degree
3. Student activity during the lecture: 5% of degree
4. The final examination: 60% of degree.