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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs What is the Sterling Bank Optima Online?

Sterling Bank Optima Online (Optima Online) is the internet based on-line banking facility of SBA
intended for business enterprises to help enhance their operational efficiency through borderless and
on-demand access to their SBA accounts.

URL - https://optimaonline.sterlingbankasia.com/cib-fo

What are the objectives in developing this facility?

• To provide business customers a tool to help enhance operational efficiency

• To deepen customer loyalty
• To fortify grip on CASA deposits by providing end-to-end cash management services
• To lower bank operating costs through partial automation of bank processes

Who is the target market for this facility?

• Business customers who have availed of the Optima Cash Management Account

• SME and micro enterprises whose business operations are still small but have potential for growth

What transactions can clients perform through the Sterling Bank Optima Online?

First Phase Next Phase

• Account balance inquiry • Loading of Pre-paid Card via File-upload (PhP &USD)
• Transaction History • Loading of Debit Card via File-upload (PhP)
• Bills Payment • Auto-Credit (single debit and multiple credits)
• Funds Transfer (intra-bank) • Auto-Debit (multiple debits and single credit)
• Checkbook reorder
• Stop-Payment-Order (SPO)
• MC Request

What are the benefits of the Optima Online to business customers?

Cost savings
Through partial automation of cash management processes (e.g. eliminates if not minimizes the
need of sending the messenger to the bank branch to update passbooks or do various transac-
tions such as: bills payment, fund transfers, etc.)

Better control of funds

By having access to bank accounts through the internet, the owner of the business enterprise can
easily review and validate directly the movement of funds (e.g. can easily validate if the cash sales
the previous banking day have been deposited to the depository account).
FAQs What is the compensating business requirement to be charged to business customers
availing of Optima Online?

• Enrollment. FREE of charge

• Availment of Services. Availment of services available through the Optima Online shall be governed by
the commercial terms or pricing of the services availed of (e.g. Optima Cash Management Account,
Payroll, fund transfer, etc.)

Is the Optima Online secure?

The Optima Online is supported by multi-level security layers as follows:

• Access security through Customer Information File No. (CIF No.)

• Access security through User ID and Password
• Site authentication and certification by Verisign
• Data encryption using 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
• Network integrity through the use of the firewalls and intrusion detection software
• Operational check-and-balance through the built-in Approval Workflow facility, allowing business
enterprises to design the approval path for transactions based. Users can be created and assigned a
role such as maker, verifier, and authorizer.


• Customer Information File No. (CIF). The unique identification assigned by the Branch of Account. To access the Optima Online,
the registered business enterprise representative has to encode it together with his user ID and password.

• Approval Workflow. The approval workflow may be set-up as follows:

- Maker-Verifier-Authorizer (M-V-A). If selected as default, any transaction submitted by a "Maker" Group member will be
elevated to a "Verifier" Group before it is finally submitted to an "Authorizer" Group for approval.

- Maker-Authorizer (M-A). If selected as default, any transaction submitted by a "Maker" Group member will be elevated to an
"Authorizer" Group for approval.

- None. If selected as default, any transaction submitted by a "Maker" Group member is considered good as approved and shall
be processed by the bank accordingly

Who can I contact if I want to refer business enterprise enrollees to the Optima Online?

You may contact the Business Development Unit – Retail Banking Group.

Who can I contact for comments and suggestions regard Optima Online?

You may refer your comments and suggestions to the Product Management Department – Marketing