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Name: Stanciu Irina-Oana

Class: 5th
Level: elementary
No of students: 18
School: Scoala Gimnaziala nr.1 Jorasti, Galati
Lesson: teaching grammar – Family ties
Textbook: Limba moberna 1, Right-on! – Uniscan grup educational
Time: 50 min

1.1 identify the general meaning of clearly-spoken everyday dialogues and messages
2.4 take part in dialogues
LESSON AIMS: by the end of the lesson, the students will be able to:
- to learn have got (affirmative & negative),
ANTICIPATED PROBLEMS: Problem – confusion regarding different pronouns and the correct
target structure used. Elicit sample sentences, drill as needed.

MATERIALS: flipchart, book, PPT, laptop

METHODS: conversation, explanation, exercise
INTERACTIONS: frontal, individual, pair work

Activity 1: Warm-up

Aim: introducing students in the atmosphere of the English class

Teacher asks for the absents. The student on duty tells the absents. The teacher checks homework.
Interaction: T-Ss, S-T, SS
Time: 3 min

Activity 2
Aim: to present and practise the verb have got
To warm up students by showing a picture of a group of funny monsters (based on carton movie ‘
University Monsters’). The teacher introduces the target language “ have got” by saying “ I have got
funny friends.
Teacher asks Ss to read the theory. The teacher explains to Ss the use and how verb Have got is
Then the teacher asks Ss to read out the examples from the lesson and asks them to complete the
sentences from ex 1. and ex 4 the teacher checks Ss’ answers.

Activity 3
Aim: to practise the verb have got
The teacher displays another monster’s picture on the screen. The teacher demonstrates the activity.
She divides the class into pairs.
The teacher passes out first worksheet. Ss circle the right form (affirmative or negative) on handout
in pairs.
The teacher, elicit answers from Ss to check understanding and round up the activity
Interaction: T-S, S-T, pair work
Timing: 8’

Activity 4
Aim: to practise the verb have got
Purpose of this activity to check Ss ability to select the right form of target language with
corresponding pronouns.
The teacher reviews quickly the pronouns with Ss and the correct target language with each pronoun
And passes out the worksheet.
Ss work individually and check answers with peers
The teachers elicit answers from Ss and correct mistakes if any.
Interaction, T-S, individually
Timing: 10’
Activity 5
Aim: to consolidate comprehension of the verb have got
The teacher divides the Ss into pairs. She gives each pair a set of 3 – 4 picture cards.She gets them to
discuss and write sentences using ‘has’ or ‘have’. The teacher asks them write their sentences on
their notebooks. The teacher lets them share their sentences with the class.
Interaction: T-S, pair work
Timing: 10’
Homework 2 min Worksheet

1. Correct the sentences. Use the words in brackets.
e.g. I have got a sister. (brother)
No, I haven’t got a sister. I’ve got a brother.
1. Ken has got a motorbike. (bike)
2. My grandparents have got two dogs. (one)
3. You have got a garden. (roof terrace)

4. Pat has got an encyclopaedia. (dictionary)

5. I have got a red scooter. (green)
6. A zebra has got spots. (stripes)
7. My friends have got three kids. (two)

2. Complete with have got, has got, haven’t got or hasn’t got.

Hello! I am Ron. I ___________ fair hair and brown eyes. I live in Brighton, in the south

of England. I ____________ a cat. His name is Piper. He ____________ green eyes and a long tail.
He ____________ any spots, he is completely black. I used to have a dog, but now I ____________
any. I am very keen on football. I __________ a great collection of T-shirts with different team
colours. Unfortunately, I __________ any from Real Madrid yet.