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Lesson Plan

Teacher: Gâtlan Florin

School: ,,Barbu Catargiu”, Maia
Class: 8th Grade (2 hours/ week)
Level: Intermediate L2
Class size: 15 students
Time of lesson: 50 minutes
Topic: Informal Letters
Textbook: “Snapshot”
Lesson Aims:
By the end of the lesson the students will be able to:
Explain the informal letter layout;
Write an informal letter ;
Use specific expressions for starting and closing a letter.
Skills: writing, reading, speaking
Methods: conversation, question-answer, multiple choice;
Learning activity: individual work, pair work;
Previous knowledge:
 Students have already been acquainted with most of the vocabulary and rules of
writing a letter
Anticipated problems:
 Students might feel nervous and find difficulty in expressing their point of view.
 Students might have forgotten the difference between formal and informal
Materials: textbook, whiteboard.
Activity 1 (2')
Warm up
Aim: To create a suitable atmosphere
for the new lesson


Greetings and Conversation

Introduction of the guests
Teacher checks attendance
Teacher asks the students how they feel

Activity 2 (5')
Introduction of the lesson’s topic
Aim: To make the students familiar with the topic of
the lesson

Teacher asks a student to get out of the classroom and gives to the class the word
HAPPY which they have to mime when their colleague enters the class. The student
enters the class and tries to guess from the class reaction the word given by the
Teacher demands from the students what kind of letter do they write to their friends.
Students answer the question.
Teacher announces the topic of the lesson

Activity 3 ( 40’)
Presentation and practice of the new lesson

Aim: To write an informal letter

Teacher asks the students to choose the correct item from each category and
match it with the correct place on the
letter layout.
Students do the task.
Teacher asks the students to list the expressions on exercise 2/page 13 under
two headings (pair work)
Students complete the task in pairs.
Teacher asks the students to write an informal letter using the cues from the
paragraph plan given by the textbook. Students read the paragraph plan and give
examples of sentences for a few cues.
Students write the informal letter and send it to one of their colleagues.
Students read 2-3 letters.

Activity 4 ( 2 ' )
Homework assignment
Students are asked to write as homework a letter answering to the letter they
received at the English class.

Activity 5 ( 1’)
Evaluation will be used in close connection with the teaching/learning objectives.
It will be done in grades ( e.g. " excellent", "very good", "good" etc.)