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Name : Andreas Exa Saputra

Class : XI IPA-1
Lesson : English

Simple biography of Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie

Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie

Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie was President of Structure of the text

Indonesia from 1998 to 1999. His presidency was Introduction
the third, and the shortest, after independence
Republic of Indonesia in 1945. Habibie led This part, explain
Indonesia to reformation and democration politic, short story of life
economic, social and culture and all sector structural and important
in national life. He is also formed important change information from a
in maintenance civil rights and freedom opinion in B. J. Habibie
this country. Now, he is usual call Eyang for
“father” in Indonesia.
Habibie was born in Parepare, South Sulawesi Body
Province on June 25, 1936 to Alwi Abdul Jalil This part, explain
Habibie and R. A. Tuti Marini Puspowardojo. His all about identity
father was an agriculturist from Gorontalo descent and characteristic
and his mother was a Javanese noble woman from B. J. Habibie, like
Yogyakarta. his birth, his career,
Habibie started a study aviation and aerospace at the his education, his
University of Delft, Netherlands. But for political work, his qualities,
reasons, had to continue his study in Aachen, his achievments,
Germany. In 1960, Habibie received a degree in and etc
engineering, giving him the title Diplom-Ingenieur.
In 1965, Habibie delivered his thesis in aerospace
engineering and received the grade of “very good”
for his dissertation, giving him the title Doktor der
Successful in Germany, in 1974, Suharto recruited
Habibie to return to Indonesia as part of Suharto's
drive to industrialize and develop the country.
Habibie ever sit several important position, like
CEO Industri Pesawat Terbang Nusantara (IPTN),

Biography of B. J. Habibie | 1
and in 1978, Habibie was appointed as Minister of
Research and Technology. In politics sector, Habibie
more famous marked with his active as member
Golkar Party. His Career more up, exactly in 1998,
he is choosed as Vice President from Republic of
Indonesia for a 7th. But, the politics situation
unstable since 1998, marked with more corruption,
economic crisis attack Indonesia, and etc, made
Habibie up position become President Republic of
Indonesia was the third, change Suharto. When a B. J. Habibie
way duty as a President, Habibie did total
reformation in all sector national life. So, with President Republic of
Indonesia the third
change formed by Habibie, the hope Indonesia to
progress and victorious, become more opened.
Now, Habibie has been age 78 years old. Although Conclusion
his age more become old, his contribution to
progress nation, like maintenance civil rights, gave This part, explain
freedom to all people, built nation with used about the now
knowledge and technology, and etc, cause many the condition and the
people Indonesia unforgotten his service. So, they importance
called him, as “Bapak Reformasi”. As felt love the contribution, did by
people to him, the story of his life on view in movie B. J. Habibie
“Habibie and Ainun”. This movie become box office
in several cinema in Indonesia. More the people,
become him as inspiration in this movie.

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