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1. Formal Letter
Burleigh Accountants
11 Rookwood Street,
Yagoona, VIC 3199.
Darrel Hair,
Westwood County,
Date: 20-10-2017
Dear Sir,

We hope you will be in good health. Sir we have contacted you in a matter of urgency. As we are
dealing you tax affairs from the last 2 years and we have committed to provide our best services
in each and every respect. Sir with change in rate of inflation we are revising our schedule of
charges for our entire portfolio of service. The new schedule will be as:
Service Charge
Tax calculation $100
Invoicing 200
Billing 50
Miscellaneous 50
Sir I hope you will accommodate in this regard and if you have any reservations kindly notify us
in this regard we will make some reasonable adjustments.

Mark Henry,
Burleigh Accountants.

2. Memo

TO: Thomas Adams

FROM: Mark Henry, Market Research Assistant

DATE: June 14, 2007

SUBJECT: Fall Clothes Line Promotion

Market research and analysis show that the proposed advertising media for the new fall lines need to be
reprioritized and changed. Findings from focus groups and surveys have made it apparent that we need
to update our advertising efforts to align them with the styles and trends of young adults today. No longer
are young adults interested in sitcoms as they watch reality televisions shows. Also, it is has become
increasingly important to use the internet as a tool to communicate with our target audience to show our
dominance in the clothing industry.
Internet Advertising

XYZ Company needs to focus advertising on internet sites that appeal to young people. According to
surveys, 72% of our target market uses the internet for five hours or more per week. The following list
shows in order of popularity the most frequented sites:

 Google
 Facebook
 Myspace
 EBay
 iTunes

Shifting our efforts from our other media sources such as radio and magazine to these popular internet
sites will more effectively promote our product sales. Young adults are spending more and more time on
the internet downloading music, communicating and researching for homework and less and less time
reading paper magazines and listening to the radio. As the trend for cultural icons to go digital, so must
our marketing plans.

Television Advertising

It used to be common to advertise for our products on shows like Friends and Seinfeld for our target
audience, but even the face of television is changing. Young adults are tuning into reality television shows
for their entertainment. Results from the focus group show that our target audience is most interested in
shows like American Idol,The Apprentice, and America's Next Top Model. The only non-reality television
show to be ranked in the top ten most commonly watched shows by males and females 18-25 is Desperate
Housewives. At Blue Incorporated, we need to focus our advertising budget on reality television shows
and reduce the amount of advertising spent on other programs.

By refocusing our advertising efforts of our new line of clothing we will be able to maximize the exposure
of our product to our target market and therefore increase our sales. Tapping into the trends of young
adults will help us gain market share and sales through effective advertising.

Attachments: Focus Group Results, January- May 2007; Survey Findings, January - April 2007


Subject: materials for Wed. staff meeting

Hi, everyone—

For tomorrow’s 3 p.m. staff meeting in the conference room, please bring 15 copies of the following

 Your project calendar

 A one-page report describing your progress so far
 A list of goals for the next month
 Copies of any progress report messages you have sent to clients this past month

See you tomorrow—


4. Reports

This report is prepared in order to identify the new store in Merryville region of Victoria. So this report will
highlight some important area for the for the development of the new store in the mentioned area. So there
will be a brief overview about all the sections of the project in this report.
Background/issues to be addressed
First we need to look at the background of the Merryville. The demo graphs of the Merryville are as follows:

 Total population is 20, 651people.

 Town of Merryville is at the centre having a population of 11, 876.

 The area of the shire is 4,567 km2, with the town of Merryville covering only 76 km 2

 The population distribution is as follows:

Age Percentage of Population

0-12 12.55

13-19 8.43

20-39 21.42

40-59 26.29

60+ 31.31

 There are 10 schools in Merryville containing at least 10, 000+ students.

 There are two other institutes accommodating some other students named National mining
training and Merryville technical training college.

 There are several people who had used digital devices like Cell phones, laptops, PDAs etc. at
their workplace.

 3, 200 people were buying online and most of them preferred that If there was a local shop in
Merryville they will opt to buy locally.
Report details/key points
The information shows the demography of the people of the who are living in the Merryville based on their
education, population and purchasing pattern. This information can be useful for the start of a new store in
the Merryville as the people are willing to buy if a local store is opened at Merryville. But there are points
which needs some highlight like:

 The information given doesn’t contain the Health and safety column that how many number of
hospitals are there?

 The leisure part of the life has been ignored as there is not mentioned how many cinemas,
restaurant, bars are located in the area.

 Travelling options have been also excluded in this part there is no information that how people are
going to travel between two destinations.

 WHS issues in the workplace are also not raised.

Summary of key points
So here is the summary of the key points:

 Merryville is a small town.

 People are mostly educated.

 Senior citizen strength is high then others.

 Most of people are aware of using digital devices at workplace.

 WHS issues are ignored in workplace practices.

 People are willing to buy such products which are available locally.
There is a need of a new store in the Merryville so there is a potential chance for BizOps to start their new
store in the Merryville as the people are willing to buy products if a local store is providing to them and the
Merryville should target the senior citizen portion of the population as they are great and number and on
the second they should focus on school going children which are second in the number so the BizOps has
a great opportunity if they start their setup in Merryville.