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nothing to shield the wind and snow. Some canyons and
TheNorfhLanbs gulleys exist, worn deep into the rocks over time, and
Far to the north, Antonica becomes bitterly cold, the villages often nestle within these for protection from the
land itself frozen and buried beneath ice and snow. These harsh winds. The city of Halas sits in the largest of these
are the Northlands, where few races dare go. Yet one race canyons, an actual valley cut into the Everfrost Peaks. To
not only dares but conquers, making its home here amid the the east of Halas lie the Frigid Plains, vast glacial lands
ice. The Northlands are home to the barbarian nation. which even the Northmen rarely cross.
The Northmen (as they call themselves) are a powerful
force in their own lands. The Northern Nation is a loose Creation
collection of tribes and villages, in part owing to the harsh The Northmen’s skalds tell of a time when the world was
conditions of their lands - storms often prevent contact still unformed, when the gods did walk upon it creating
with other groups for weeks or even months, so the animals and plants to suit their own natures. The last two
Northmen are accustomed to handling their own affairs. gods to reach Norrath, Mithaniel Marr (god of Valor) and
This makes the nation less cohesive, perhaps, but its Erollisi Marr (goddess of Love) created the barbarians
individual components are stronger, and if the nation’s together. These twin gods imbued the race with the hardi-
leaders were to fall, the rest of the nation could still survive. ness to withstand the cold northern climes, but also with an
History has in fact proven this to be so, and while other inherent nobility many others lacked. Their exterior was
nations may scoff at the Northmen and belittle their created rugged and rough, the better to endure wind and
“primitive” communities, few have attempted to invade snow, but deep within the barbarian beat a heart ofpure and
the Northlands.. . and no one has attempted it twice. noble intent, and a mind unsullied by the baser desires of
The icy, inhospitable lands of the frozen North are filled the other races. In this way, according to legend, the
with unsolved mysteries and potential threats, as well as Northmen became one with their environment - often
hidden treasures. cold and unforgiving, sometimes even harsh and cruel-
seeming, but always without deception or ill intent.
Conbifions According to these tales, the Northman has always lived in
The Northlands are cold year-round. Temperatureshardly the Northlands, and was indeed created specifically to dwell
ever rise above freezing except near the coast and along the in that region. The barbarians therefore consider the
southern border, and even in those places it rarely gets that Northlands as their birthright, a gift granted by the gods
warm. In the interior and to the north, the temperature is themselves, and hold to that land with a religious fervor.
often below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, and water will freeze in Individualsmay depart the area, traveling to the south or even
an instant. For the most part, summer is a time of clear skies to other continents, but usually this is treated as a long-term
and temperatures just below freezing, while winter is filled quest to gain wisdom and experience. Most barbarians return
with intense cold, bitter wind, and violent storms that can to the north eventually, whether they settle in their original
last for weeks or even months. The ground is always frozen, communityor in a new one, and use their new knowledgeand
and in most places it is covered by at least a foot or more of skills to further the nation as a whole.
snow and ice. Few plants can survive here: only evergreen Some even claim, although it is considered a conceit
trees and small scrub brushes. For further details on the even among most barbarians, that the Northman was
weather and terrain of the North, see Chapter Three. shaped from the ice of the north, and this explains his
Cutting up from the southwest and running through the inability to stay away from his snowy homeland -leaving
center of the nation are the Everfrost Peaks, a collection of the northern climes becomes uncomfortable over time, as
jagged, rocky mountains, sometimes covered in treacher- body and soul begin to thaw and melt. Only in the north,
ous snow and other times bare to the wind. The rest of the where the air is crisp and stingsthe lungs, can the Northman’s
Northlands is mostly plains, cold flat expanses of land with blood remain cool and his body stay whole and strong.
Interestingly, most Northmen cIo not worship the Marr
twins, despite owing their creatioin to those gods. Instead,
Equality the Northmen worship the Tribunal, also known as the Six
Although most people speak of Northmen, they Hammers. This worship dates back to the Time of the Axe,
should more properly speak of Northfolk. In the when the Northmen were ruled by Killian Blood-Axe, a
Northern Nation, women are socially equal to men. mighty warrior whose great axe constantly dripped
In most villages, women work alongside men at a blood -human as well as animal or goblin. Killian was a
variety of tasks, depending upon their skills and powerful man, blessed by the gods themselves, and no
interests - some are hunters or fishers, others are mortal could stand against him. But Killian's reason was
crafters. Some are even carvers or skalds. Women can soaked in blood, like his great axe, so that he became cruel
become shamans, and are occasionally acclaimed as and peremptory, issuing commands that increased his own
chieftains as well. Northern women are generally tall wealth and power at the expense of the nation. Many tried
and broad-shouldered, and most can lift and carry to reason with him, but objections were met with the blade
more than most human men, so they are certainly ofhis axe, and eventually no one remained to challenge the
capable of physical tasks. The only distinctions made Blood Axe's rule. The people appealed to the Marr twins,
between men and women are that women are the begging their aid, but the gods refused to involve them-
only midwives (the only man allowed near a woman selves. Mithaniel stated that Killian was a mighty warrior
giving birth is the village shaman, and then only whose valor had been proven many times, so the tyrant had
when his aid is asked for and required), and pregnant his blessing by covenant, despite any misgivings; Erollisi
women are allowed to switch to more sedentary tasks loved Killian as the direct descendant of her beloved Dugan
as their pregnancy becomes more advanced and makes the Golden, so she could not countenance any rebellion
walking and lifting more difficult. against him.
In most households, one parent remains home in The bloody reign continued for many years, until finally
the morning long enough to clean up or to make sure a young warrior named Connall stepped forward to cham-
the children do their chores -this can be either the pion his people's rights. This powerful youth confronted
husband or the wife, and is decided as a matter of Killian Blood Axe - and was beaten near to death for
practicality based upon which parmer needs to leave daring to oppose the sovereign. Battered and bloody, left for
earlier. Crafters often work from home, so if, for dead, Connall cast one last appeal to the gods, and his bitter
instance, a husband is a carpenter and a wife is a cry was answered. But not by the Marr. Instead, he was
hunter, it will be the husband who stays home and visited by the Six Hammers, who restored Connall to
health and granted their blessing on his quest to remove
cleans before doing his own work. Northerners tend
to have difficultyunderstanding when they seewomen Killian Blood-Axe. The Six Hammers embodied justice,
and the Northlands cried out for vengeance against the
of other races who are not allowed to do "man-
atrocities of their own ruler. Connall returned to the
things"- to them, anyone who is capable of a task
Killian's keep and slew him in combat, shattering the axe
can do it, regardlessofgender. Many Northem women
are warriors, and the first man to sneer or laugh at with a blow from his own mighty sword. He then refused
them usually winds up clutching an open wound. Killian's crown, tossing it instead into the air, where it
passed above the clouds to become a constellation of stars
Finally, while the primary roles of chief, shaman, that forever after showed Northmen the way home. Connall
carver, and skald are largely held by men, it's not appointed a council of elders to rule in his stead, and
uncommon for women to attain these ranks. Where disappeared. Some say he is still standing on a tall peak,
ranking men denote their status by braiding their watching over his nation, to ensure that no new Killian can
beards in specific ways, women who fulfill similar rise to power.
roles duplicate this braiding in their hair as much as
The next great ruler of the North was King Ian
possible, and are especially successful in incorporat-
Malcomson, who began life as a skald but went on to
ing items into the weave, such as the golden wire used
become a mighty warrior. Ian traveled to the far eastern
bv shamans.
edge of the Northlands, deep into the Frigid Plains, and had
many strange and wondrous adventures. Malcomson fought
many ice goblins and ice giants and withstood attacks by
various wild beasts. Finally, he reached the edge of the land,
Legenbs and there he beheld off the coast an island made from a
The first king of the Northmen, according to tales, was single block of ice. Even as he stood and watched, the
Dugan the Golden, a tall powerful man whose beard and central spire of the Crown of the North, high overhead,
hair were of streaming gold. Crowned by the Marr twins began to gleam brightly. Then, from that star, a bright light
themselves, and granted the fabled Crown of the North as a burst forth and crashed into the island, shattering it into a
symbol of his leadership, Dugan transformed his clannish thousand knife-edged fragments and creating a great gout
people into a cohesive race, uniting them by their love for of steam and heat. Ian took this for a sign and hastily
their land and their love of battle. During this time, other constructed a small boat, which he then paddled across to
races had made forays into the Northlands, but Dugan and the island's remains. There, resting upon a piece of ice
his warriors drove them out, clearly establishing their barely larger than itself, he found a circlet of metal the likes
possession of the North and creating border towers to of which he had never seen, for it was as cold and clear as
maintain watch against future incursions. the purest ice, and freezing to the touch.
Malcomsoncarried thisobject backwith him, and through news and any directives from the capital. The land was
trickery and other means he prevailed upon the smiths of ruled ably by the King of the North, although the position
the ice giants to craft him a crown in the image of the was not hereditary: A t the death of the previous king, the
Crown of the North, and around the base they affixed the council of elders would meet and select a new ruler,
circlet itself, so that the crown seemed to rise from ice. sometimes from their own ranks. King and the council
Malcomson bore this treasure back to his people and there shared their power, and the Northmen grew prosperous
proclaimed himself the new King of the North. His fair from trade and through their own industry.
demeanor and clever words won the love of the people, and Unfortunately, this increased prosperity drew the atten-
his brave deeds earned the respect of the warriors, so tion of other nations, and of other races. Small skirmishes
Malcomson’s proclamation was upheld by the council, and had occurred in the past, but each time the Northmen beat
he became king. For many years he reigned wisely and well, back any invaders, and the other races had learned to fear
and his crown granted him power over ice and snow so that their strength at arms. But as the Northlands grew in
the Northmen profited as never before and were happy. wealth, southern monarchs became more determined to
Upon his father’sdeath, Malcomson’sson Virgil claimed ravage those lands and claim their riches. At the dawn of
the crown and the throne, despite the objections of the the current age, the Goblin Empire formed a pact with the
council. He set the crown upon his head - and then gnolls and the ice giants, and the three combined forces to
screamed in pain, for suddenly the circlet had become destroy the Northmen. This attack took three forms.
white-hot, as if the heat of its impact with the isle had The first was adirect assault from the south, targeting the
finallybeenreleased. Virgil died before any could save him, border towers to prevent an alarm from sounding. The
and the council took this as a sign that the next king should towers were tom down at night by giants and their guards
not be chosen by blood but by virtue. slain, so that the armies could then march across the border
without fear of discovery. The second element of the attack
History was a clever foray by the goblins, armed with magical
For centuries the Kingdom of the North stood, like its torches provided by the giants - these quick-moving
people, tall and proud. The Northmen maintained a solid invaders ran along the tops of the Northern roads, using
border to the south, with border towers strung across it and their torches to melt the causeways and bury the channels
guards posted at each location. Roads had been carved into in snow. This isolated each village and prevented the
the ice to facilitate travel between villages and cities, and Northmen from rallying quickly. The third portion of the
messengerstraveled these routes o n a weekly basis, carrying invasion was the most vicious, for the gnolls massed upon
the capital of the Northern Nation and razed it to the a different chieftain, who yet told them, “Your master has
ground, slaughtering everyone they could find. The King of already been warned: Stay clear of the Northern Nation.”
the North, old Gristag Winetongue, was murdered in his After a third attempt, with a similar degree of success,Bayle
sleep, and all of his family with him. Likewise, the council finally conceded that the Northlands were united in some
of elders were slain to a man, leaving the nation without a way, and after that point he treated the distant area as a
single leader and without any way to organize a proper fellownation, albeit one with no clear government or ruler.
Individual Northmen fought back, of course, and villages
mounted local defenses, but the nation itself was lost to the
hordes of goblins, gnolls, and giants. Those three races Before the great attack of the giants, goblins, and
demolished every building they could find, tearing down gnolls - known to skalds and historians alike as the
centuries of work in a matter of weeks and making off with Devastation - the Northern Nation was ruled from the
every valuable they could carry. Fortunately, the gnolls had capital city ofLochLir, built alongside the frozen lake of the
no desire to remain in the cold and the goblins soon lost same name. The nation was divided into many regions, and
interest once there was little easy blood left to be spilled, so each area had a central keep; if enough people lived nearby,
they both returned to their own lands after the devastation, the keep grew into a city of its own. Each keep was
leaving only the ice giants behind. responsible for its area, and for the roads linking it to its
neighbors. Border towers and watchposts were only neces-
For many years the ice giants ruled the Northmen as local
sary to the south, although each keep maintained patrols to
lords, forcing the Northmen to provide them with food and
watch for wild animals and other roving monsters. Within
drink and other comforts. Several times villages rebelled,
the keep’s region were several villages, each one with its
but each time the giants crushed them before the news
own elder who then answered to the local chieftain.
could spread. It was not until the rise of Burke Wingfoot
that the reign of the giants came to an end. Burke was a After defeating the ice giants and regaining their home-
younghunter,solightonhisfeet,itissaid, thathecouldrun land, the Northmen decided not to rebuild those keeps -
across loose snow as if it were solid ground. While his village the walled buildings would be obvious targets if any force
made ready to defy the giants, Burke traveled to the other invaded again. Instead, their villages became more impor-
villages in their area and convinced each to join the tant, each one having a local chieftain to decide “matters
rebellion. The local giant lord suspected trouble, and ofstate.” In this way, if a single village were to be destroyed,
several times he pursued Burke, but the youth’s speed was its neighbors could still function and the area as a whole
such that he outran the giant and his servants easily. would survive without major damage. The villages are
Eventually, all was prepared, and the villages of the area dotted about the landscape, each at least a half day’s travel
rose up as one and slew their giant oppressors. Burke then from its neighbors, and they are maintained at their current
carried this news to the next area, and soon, until the entire size - if enough children are born to require expansion,
several enterprising locals move and start a new village
Northland had been won back from the ice giants. In
gratitude, his people offered him the crown, but Burke
refused it, as had Connall in the ancient tales. He suggested The one exception to this rule is Halas, the only remain-
instead that the council of elders be recreated, but that no ing city in the Northlands. Halas is the center of the North,
new king be crowned after this time so that the kingdom’s located almost exactly in the middle of the northern coast,
government could be less centralized to prevent a recur- and as such it is a major destination for most travelers.
rence of the last disaster. Many assume that the city is the seat of government in the
North, but this is inaccurate. While Halas does hold some
This gave rise to the Northern Nation, which remains in
influence over the rest of the Northlands, it does not
place to this day. Due to the Nation’s unusual new struc-
directly control the villages, and if the city were to fall, the
ture, though, it was many years before other countries even
villages and the Nation itself would still survive.
realized that the barbarians had any organization or gov-
ernment, and even longer before they recognized the
Northlands as a sovereignnation. Antonius Bayle I was the Borbers
first to officially acknowledge the barbarian dominion. His The Northern Nation covers the entire northern end of
scouts had traveled to the north, ostensibly to map all of Antonica. Its territory stops just shy of the Unkempt Wood
Antonica, but actually to help Bayle decide whether he in the West and the Lavastorm Mountains in the East -
should annex the North as part of his new kingdom. Upon probably as much because the Northmen didn’t want those
reaching the Northlands, however, the scouts found them- areas as because anyone opposed their claim. Although
selves surrounded by barbarians who moved so stealthily other races sometimesrefer to the northwest tip of Antonica
that they had seemingly arisen from the ice itself. Swearing as the Northlands, the name properly includes Everfrost
that they harbored no ill intent, the scouts were brought Peak and the Frigid Plains and all the lands between the
before the local chieftain, who listened to their explana- two.
tion of why they had entered the area. “Tell your master to Ofcourse, not many people wouldcontest theNorthmen’s
stay clear,” the chieftain finally advised. “The Northern claims, since few other races wish to live in such a cold and
Nation is not open to claim, and any who try will discover bitter climate.
just how tightly we control our lands.”
Upon receiving this message, Bayle sent a second team of ViLLages
scouts to a different area of the Northlands. These men On the surface, to an outlander, each Northman village
were trapped by a different band of barbarians and taken to is merely a collection of dome-shaped tents. These small
dwellings are usually made of animal hides stretched over usually, a small cupboard or trunk for personal belongings.
a frame of wood or bone, with flaps for doors. A small pile Each dwelling also contains a back door, a trapdoor in the
of coals is kept burning in the center of the room to heat the wall that leads to a narrow tunnel. The tunnel arches up
dwelling, and a hole in the top of the hut allows the smoke and away from the dwelling and emerges in a snow bank
to escape. Furs are thrownon the ground as well, to keep the several dozen yards away. The snow bank is hollow, made
cold from seeping in, and a pile of furs is used for a bed. The from carved ice with snow on top, and Northmen can
huts have little else in the way of furnishings, since the furs emerge into these hollow banks, peep through spyholes to
can serve as chairs and tables as well as a bed. check for enemies, and then escape through a hole in the
This rustic appearance is a ruse, however. The Northmen back of the bank when no one is watching.
are more complicated and more sophisticated than most Each village contains one or two huts that do not have
visitors realize, and their villages’ appearance is deliberate. anything beneath them, and these are for visitors. Anyone
Each hut contains a trapdoor carved of wood or bone staying in these huts might notice that their fire doesn’t
which is covered in frozen dirt and ice to match the rest of seem to provide as much warmth as the other huts they’ve
the hut floor. When raised, the trapdoor reveals a short visited, but the Northmen simply give them more coals to
tunnel carved into the ground itself. This leads to the actual pile on, and the difference is generally not enough to raise
dwelling, which is belowground for warmth and security. suspicion. Some visitors may even suspect the truth, but if
The Northmen dig their homes into the ice, and each so they are too considerate (or too interested in survival) to
dwelling contains a large central room with several small say anything. When visitors are in the village, several
sleepingnooks around its edges. A fire is kept burning in the barbarian families usually take turns each night sleeping in
center of the main room, which heats the entire dwelling their huts to maintain the illusion of habitation.
and is also used for cooking -the smoke is carried up to the Most villages are built in a roughly circular pattern, with
pile of coals above, which actually sit on a metal grate. The the huts arrayed about a larger central hut. This is the home
smoke and warmth in each hut are created not by the coals of the village chieftain.
themselves, but by the larger fire beneath. The integrity of
the icy walls and other surfaces is maintained due to pacts Chi wtai ns
the village shaman makes with various spirits when a new The chieftain is the leader of his (or, more rarely, her)
dwelling has been completed and before it’s occupied. village, directing his people in all matters. He is usually
The surfaces of the dwelling, every square inch of the chosen by unanimous decree of the village elders, although
floors and walls, are covered in furs or woven tapestries, the selection process often includes both physical and
functioning as decoration and insulation (keeping both the mental competitions between the eligiblemen and women.
air warm and the ice walls cold). The central room is carved Chieftains are not always the strongest in their village, but
in steps, so that people can sit around the fire and eat with they are usually among the strongest, as well as the smartest
their food resting on the step beside them. Sleeping nooks and wisest, and are always men of great personal honor and
have thin curtains for privacy and contain piled furs and, compassion -the elders will not consider a man who does
not show respect for his neighbors and a desire to improve
the village in general. Young men are never chosen as
chieftain, in part because most young Northmen travel for
several years and a chieftain must stay with his people at all
times. Once selected, a chieftain retains that post until he
steps down (usually due to advanced age), is removed
(perhaps due to inappropriate behavior), or dies.
The central hut passes from chieftain to chieftain and is
larger than any other hut in the village, containing three
rooms. The first is a large meeting room, where most of the
village’s adults can gather at once. The second is a tiny
sleeping room, and the third is a medium-sized room meant
for the chieftain to meet with smaller groups or with
individuals. The entry to the lower dwelling is concealed in
the sleeping room. Below ground, the chieftain’s home is
similar to that of his neighbors, with one exception - it messenger might also be able to deliver its message to
generally has two escape tunnels instead of one, and some- a character under the effects of a deadeye or spirit sight
times even has three. In some of the larger villages, a large spell or similar powers or effects.) The message to be
central meeting space is carved out next to the chieftain’s carried by the spirit can be no longer than 8 words +
home, and every other home is linked to this meeting space 1 word per level of the sender above 4th. The spirit
by further tunnels (separate from their escape tunnels). travels unerringly to the designated individual, re-
This allows the villagers to meet unnoticed when they gardless of the distance between them, at a rate of
wish, instead of walking openly to the chieftain’s hut each 100 miles per minute. Both sender and recipient
time they are gathered. must be on the same plane, or the message fails
The chieftain determines when a youth becomes a man, automatically.
what occupation each youth should follow, where the Once it finds the recipient, the spirit delivers its
village should hunt, what crafts the village should practice, message immediately, whether the recipient is in a
when a villager may marry (and to whom), and when the position to hear and acknowledge the message or
village must relocate or split (usually due to overpopula- not, and then disappears; the sender has no way of
tion). He is responsible for every decision about village life knowing whether her message has been successfully
in general, with the exception of medical or religious received or not. If the shaman spends an extra daily
matters. These are the province of the village shaman. use of this ability, he may have the spirit return to
In most villages, the chieftain is denoted by his beard, him and bring word of whether the message was
which contains three equal braids. For another Northman successfully received.
to braid his beard in this way is considered a grave insult to This spirit mastery may be selected more than
the chieftain, and a mark of hubris from the culprit. once: each additional selection increases the num-
ber of times per day the shaman may send a spirit
Shamans messenger by 3.
Each village has a shaman, and this is most often what
prevents or triggers the creation of a new village, for even
if a village’s population has grown the Northmen cannot Shamans handle their village’s spiritual safety in another
send half their people to a new location without a shaman way, however. As a member of the spirit world, the shaman
of their own. The village shaman is in many ways just must defend the village from any malicious spirits in the
another member of the community and usually defers to the area, and also coax aid from those more benevolent spirits
orders of the chieftain. Shamans often do other tasks in the nearby. The shaman helps ensure that the weather is
village, such as hunting, fishing, or crafting, pursuing their favorable and that hunts are successful, shields his people
shamanistic calling only when needed. But shamans are from disease by warding off spirits who carry such illness,
always respected as elders, even if they are actually very and generally works to keep the village and the villagers
young, and their advice is always treated with great respect. safe and healthy.
The shaman is the village’s link to the Tribunal and Under attack, the shaman is also vital to the village’s
(perhaps more importantly) to the spirits of the natural defense. The more powerful ones can call upon the spirits
world, and he sees things beyond the scope of other men. for aid, creating winds, ice and hail storms, and other
Each shaman is responsible for the spiritual safety of his weather-based attacks. They can also deal direct damage, of
village. This means several things. The shaman handles the course, but Northern shamans usually strive to conceal
village’s religious practices, convening any services and their capabilities from outsiders, masking their magic where
officiating during any religious rites. Shamans are also the possible as natural occurrences.
villages’ doctors or medicine men; they help tend the sick
and the wounded, using not only magic but also their The shaman and the chieftain preside together over the
knowledge of herbs and other substances. Shamans are village’s various ceremonies and festivals, as a cooperation
often called upon to assist the village midwife when a between the spiritual and temporal powers. Most shamans
woman is having a difficult or dangerous labor. are close advisors to their chieftains, but rarely become
chieftains themselves - the village elders prefer to keep
those roles separate, so that they have two powerful leaders and the origins of its founders, the annual festivalsand their
at all times instead of only one. origins, the items and amounts traded that year with other
The village shaman’s dwelling is indistinguishable from villages, and the ancient legends of the North. Skalds work
those around him, at least to outsiders. The hut is still only closely with the chieftain, providing records of any recent
a single room, though the fire usually has a small brazier business and reminders of upcoming activities, but they are
above it. The underground portion is also standard. This is usually with the chieftain only in the morning and after-
because most shamans do their summoning and other noon. In the evening, the skalds become teachers instead.
magic outside, just beyond the perimeter of the village The children of the village gather in the skald’s hut and
itself. Usually the shaman selects a particular rock or hill or receive lessons. First, he teaches them how to read, how to
block of ice for his activities, and returns to that same write, how to do simple math, and how to read the stars.
location each time. This practice is believed to enable the Then the lessons move to history and mythology, covering
spirits to locate him more easily, and the location is kept the origins and ancestry of the Northmen. Additional
removed from the village so that the other villagers will not lessons include the history of the village and of the area, and
be made uncomfortable by the presence of so many spirits. stories about the outside world. Skalds do not handle
Shamans generally braid their beard in twain. It is also religious studies, however, nor do they teach how to hunt
common for a shaman to weave a golden wire into his beard or fish or how to perform any craft. These tasks are left to
in intricate patterns, so that the hair gleams like metal in the shamans and the other village elders.
the firelight. Skalds are always aware of the village children, function-
ing as their primary guardian when the parents are not
Carvers available. Each skald also watches for children with par-
Since so much of a Northern village is below ground, the ticularly sharp memories, good heads for numbers, and a
role of ice- or earth-carver is extremely important, one of love of stories. These become their own apprentices, and
the most respected occupations in the Northman society. one of those will become the next skald. Each village has at
A carver learns her craft at a young age, practicing first with least one active skald and one apprentice, so that the
sculptures and small handheld objects. Eventually she knowledge is alwayspreserved. Skalds are always part of the
graduates to larger objects, and then finally to dwellings. village council, and their recitation is rarely contested.
Building a dwelling is a complicated process, and requires Thus, the fate of the village often rests in the skald’s
more than one individual. Whenever a new dwelling is hands - or, more precisely, in his mind.
created, the entire village participates, with the carver
directing the action. Even the chieftain and the shaman are Tribes
put to work, taking orders from the carver like everyone The Northmen are unusual in that their society is di-
else, for only the carver knows how to create the dwelling vided into tribes. These are hereditary groups, with each
so that it is water-tight and solid, but still airy and open and Northman taking the tribe of his or her mother, and most
clean. In many ways the climate is a boon, since the ground tribes occupy a particular area within the nation. In ancient
is frozen solid and can be carved in solid blocks. In a warmer times, the tribes fought one another for territory, but Dugan
region the ground would be looser, and more liable to fall the Golden united the tribes into the Kingdom of the
apart, and the carver would most likely need an external North and taught them to live together. Since that time,
support frame to maintain the room’s shape and stability. tribal warfare has broken out four times - first, when
Ofcourse, new dwellings are not required that often. A Killian Blood-Axe came to power and the Raven Tribe
Northern couple moves into a new dwelling once they’re resisted his rule, insisting that he was unfit to rule. Killian
expecting a child, and stays in that same home unless they assembled the other tribes and killed every Raven in the
relocate to a new village. Thus, the carver spends most of North, eliminating that tribe forever.
her time doing minor repairs on dwellings and crafting The second incident came when Ian Malcomson re-
smaller items like furniture and weapons. Most carvers turned with the second Crown of the North and declared
create small, carefully detailed wooden shapes - animals himself king. His own Seal tribe stood behind him, and
and weapons being the most common - and tie these to several others flocked to his banner, but the Shark and
the ends of their beards to denote their occupation. Whale tribes both refused to acknowledge his claim and
convinced Wolf and Hare to join them. The North nearly
Skalbs came to blows, with the country evenly divided. Fortu-
Northern villages write very little. This is not because nately, Malcomson was a clever man, and he called together
Northmen are illiterate, as their neighbors tend to believe. the shamans and chieftains of each tribe. Then he revealed
Writing materials are expensive and hard to create, and to them his power. No one knows exactly what was said or
anything written can be stolen and read by an enemy. done at that meeting, but the leaders universally declared
Therefore, the Northmen maintain their history and other him their king, and their own tribes could do nothing but
records orally instead. And this is the responsibility of the accept the decision.
village skald. The third tribal war began over Burke Wingfoot and his
The skald is part bard, part historian, part teacher, and refusal to take the crown. Several tribes felt the nation
part bookkeeper. He keeps all of the village’s records in his needed a new king and were willing to force him to take the
memory, and can recite any of them at a moment’s notice. throne. The Shark tribe was the most outspoken for this
His recitations include the list of the village’s chieftains idea, leading several to believe the tribe intended to con-
back to the its first founding, the names of everyone trol Burke somehow. The Mammoth tribe, which had long
currently in the village, the date of the village’s founding hated the Sharks, opposed them openly, and the two tribes
fought. In the end, the Mammoth tribe was reduced signifi- their own village. When major events occur, the chieftains
cantly in numbers, but the Sharks became the second might gather together to reach a united decision, but in
Northern tribe to vanish utterly. general they are each responsible for their own village and
The fourth and final tribal war was fought over possession its immediate surroundings. If war were to occur, the tribal
of the guard towers along the southern border. Both the council would appoint a war leader, and that leader would
Wolf and the Hawk tribe lived in those regions, and each be given full control over the entire tribe until the war had
felt it was their right to maintain the towers. A united ended.
council of elders divided the towers evenly between them, Shamans hold a high position within the tribe, and
and this placated both tribes for a time. But then a pack of together they form their own shamanic council. Through
young Wolves decided to claim a Hawk tower for them- their magics, the shamans can speak together more easily
selves,and their tribal eldersactuallyapproved their actions, then the chieftains, so they often handle messagesbetween
though their reasoning is lost to history. The two tribes the villages. The shamans of a tribe only gather when some
were poised for battle when the other tribes appeared as a major event threatens the entire tribe, especially an event
single group and issued an ultimatum -back down, and of a mystical nature.
accept the council’s decision, or become extinct as the Each tribe denotes its area through the use of carvings
Ravens and the Sharks had done. Both the Wolf and the and paintings. Every member of the tribe carries a small
Hawk recognized their own danger and agreed to abide by image of the tribe’s totem, usually either carved into apiece
the council’s decision, though the Wolves were forced to of jewelry or tattooed somewhere on the body. Shamans
make restitution for the damages their raiding party had and chieftains often have tapestries depicting the totem,
caused. and many villages have a totem pole planted alongside the
Except for these four events, the tribes of the North have chieftain’s hut. The tribe’s totem is said to watch over its
lived peacefullytogether. Each tribe has its own region, and people, granting them some of its own qualities and also
those villages within that region are peopled entirely by its shielding them from attack and harm. Shamans often call
tribesmen. Long ago the tribal leader would have lived upon their totems for aid and advice.
within the tribal keep, providing a visible focus for the area. The surviving Tribes of the North are, in descending
Now, the tribes have no set leaders. Instead, the chieftains order of tribal population, as follows: Fox, Hare, Leopard,
of their villages form the tribal council, communicating Bear, Wolf, Caribou, Hawk, Otter, Seal, Walrus, Porpoise,
with each other on anything that might affect more than Whale, Mammoth, and Owl.
acknowledging each other’s presence but in any case not
Government actually (or at least only very rarely) making any direct
The government of the Northern Nation is both compli- contact.
cated and simple. The system is fairly simple, in that at each Long ago, the Northmen had neighbors both closer and
level the barbarians are ruled by their elders, who, as a body, more sociable. The dwarves had their mining city of
select the chieftain. Tribes are ruled by their elders, the Moradhim in the mountains to the northwest, and not only
chieftains who form the tribal council. Halas is ruled by its traded with the Northmen but fought alongside them
elders. And theNation itself is ruled by its council of elders, against orcs and other local monsters. The gnomes were in
which includes the tribal council of each tribe and also Klik‘Anon, their city in the northeastern mountain range,
Halas’ city council. and though they rarely ventured from its walled valley they
The complication lies in the fact that no one individual were happy to trade both information and goods with the
rules anything larger than a village, and that most of the Northmen, and could be counted on to defend that edge of
rulers do not live near one another or communicate very the continent from attack. Sadly, both of those cities
often. Tribal councils rarely meet, since the chieftains are diminished or were destroyed long ago, and now the only
spread across the tribe’s territory and are busy running their dwarvesor gnomes in the North are travelers and adventur-
own villages. Halas’ council meets more frequently, since ers wandering into Halas.
all of its elders live in the city, but even so they do not meet
more than once a week unless a crisis occurs. The nation’s Foes
council of elders only meets when summoned by at least Not every neighbor is so friendly, or even indifferent.
three of its members (only one of whom can be from Halas) . The ice goblins and ice giants have always posed a threat to
Thus, to outsiders, it appears that the Northern Nation the Northern Nation, although after the Devastation nei-
must rarely accomplish anything, since it takes so long to ther race dared send a full army against the Northmen.
gather its leaders. Small groups and even clans still dot the North, however,
This is inaccurate, of course. The Northem Nation does preying upon unwary travelers and sometimes even upon
quite well with its peculiar government, as it has been careless villagers.
deliberately structured so that each of its regions can Orcs constitute a greater threat, as they have never been
survive alone. Villages are largely self-sufficientin terms of driven from the land. Various orc clans make their home in
government and rarely need tribal intervention. Tribes can the Everfrost Peaks or the Frigid Plains, harrying any
handle their own areas and rarely need national aid. The Northmen they find. The Frosteye clan is traditionally the
city of Halas handles its own affairs without difficulty. most numerous and the most dangerous of these, and
The main reason the Northern Nation’s government barbarian tribes have occasionally called together large
works so well is that it has very little to do. The nation does forces of villagers to battle the orcs and diminish their
not have a capital or a standing army - villages defend numbers. Recently, a newer breed of “icy orcs” (see Appen-
themselves or call upon their tribe for aid. Since the nation dix One) has arisen, and this Ice Clan is establishing a
does not maintain any fiscal responsibility itself, it does not strong presence in the vicinity of the orc temple north and
need any money and charges no taxes. As a result, the east of the Nest.
nation does not require any way to collect, record, store, or
The worst foes, however, are the gnolls. These vicious
distribute money, food, shelter, clothing, or other items for
creatures live in the Blackburrow Downs, hidden deep
anyone. The laws of the nation are already established, so
within the Everfrost Peaks, and often mount raids on the
the nation does not need to create new ones unless life in
Northmen villages. Gnolls are tall and strong, and a mature
the Northlands changes dramatically, and since each vil-
gnoll fighter can match a Northman for strength and
lage polices its own, the nation does not have to enforce the
stamina, which makes the fighting that much deadlier to
laws separately. No jails or judges are necessary - every both sides. The two races have been traditional enemies for
shaman handles his own village’s crimes, and the chieftains
centuries, and in fact the gnolls took part in the Devasta-
mete out punishment. Thus, the nation’s government only
tion not because they wanted anything from the Northmen
meets in times of emergency, when whole portions of the but because they delighted in the notion of destroying the
nation must be mobilized or when something occurs which
Kingdom of the North.
is not covered by the existing laws and customs.
Wild animals are also a danger, especiallyfor the unwary.
Neighbors The Northlands are filled with polar bears, woolly mam-
moths, snow wolves, snow leopards, and other creatures.
Despite the harsh climate of the Northlands, the barbar- The waters are also dangerous, as they teem with sharks,
ians are not completely isolated from or ignorant of the whales, strange tentacled creatures, and even smaller fish
world and its many inhabitants. Just south of the western that will nonetheless strip the flesh from a man in mo-
border lies the Hatchlands, a mountainous region filled ments.
with yeti, air elementals, and dragons. Below that is the Outsiders often joke that the Northmen need to be hardy
Unkempt Wood, controlled by a band of druids and rang- to survive in the North, and, of course, they are actually
ers. The Lavastorm Mountains, to the southeast, are home quite right, although the cold is only part of the problem.
to dark elves. And directly south of Halas stands the Misty This explains to some extent why Northmen are so suspi-
Thicket, which is overrun by Pickclaw goblins. Most of cious of strangers -normally, most any animal or creature
these people do not trouble the Northmen, or vice-versa. they meet that isn’t a Northman is trying to kill and eat
Each race or group stays in its own region, perhaps tacitly them.
belFenses water is then sprinkled across the lattice, freezing instantly
in the cold air, until a fine layer of ice completely conceals
Despite the fact that few others would want to seize the it. Snow eventually covers the ice as well, so the Trench is
Northlands from them, the barbarians take their defenses invisible to the naked eye. The thin ice cannot handle the
seriously. Their lands have been invaded before, after all, weight of a full-grown man, and certainly not an armored
and the last time left them under the ice giants’ yoke for one -anyone attempting to walk across the trench weigh-
decades. Since regaining their freedom, the Northmen ing more than about 100pounds is likely to crash through,
have devoted a great deal of effort to protecting themselves and most likely be impaled on several stakes.
and their territory.
Of course, 5-foot-wide paths of solid ground were left
Towers along the length of the Trench so that the Northmen
themselves can cross without danger. Their knowledge of
The first line ofdefense for the nation is its border towers. these paths’ locations is a closely guarded secret, however,
Long ago, these were tall towers of cut stone, columnar in and is also based upon locating the nearest tower (since the
shape and with high windows in each of the four directions. paths are a set distance and direction from the towers).
Dugan the Golden built the first of these towers when he Whenever a section of the Trench is opened, the local
and his men had driven the monsters from the North, and village sends warriors to retrieve the victim, then con-
those same structures withstood centuries of weather with- structs a new lattice and re-covers the hole.
out blemish. The towers were destroyed by the giants, The ‘Trench (12 ft. deep): CR 2; no attack roll necessary (ld6), +8
however, and after finally conquering those oversized foes melee (ld4 spikes for ld4 points of damage per successful hit); Reflex
the Northmen (at the suggestion of Burke Wingfoot) save (DC 20) avoids; Search (DC25); DisableDevice(n/a). NotetThis
decided not to create such obvious targets a second time. trap is only triggered by creatures weighing at least 80 pounds. Any
Instead, new watchtowers were devised. creature gains a +1 circumstancebonus to its Reflex save for every 5
These new towers are cleverly built to blend into the poundsby which its total weight (with gear) is less than 120 pounds.For
landscape itself. Many of them are carved from the living creatures with a Face larger than 5 ft. by 5 ft., divide their total weight
rock of a cliff or mountain, while others are shaped from ice by the number of squares they occupy before determining whether
they trigger the trap.
and snow. Where no rocks or ice formations provide
sufficient height, the Northmen built a hill themselves, Other Traps
piling dirt on the spot and then splashing it with water to
create a new layer of snow and ice. Strangers to the area can Past the Trench are the ice traps. Scattered almost
walk within a foot of these watchtowers and never even randomly about the land, these traps can take two common
notice them, and the Northern guards appear as if from forms. The first is similar to the Trench, except that this
nowhere. Most of the towers have exit tunnels rather than trap is an isolated 10 ft. by 10 ft. pit (sometimes larger if
doors, so that the guards can enter and exit some distance large predators are common in the area) rather than part of
from the tower and thus not reveal its location. a continuous band, and is usually 10 to 20 feet deep,
sometimes deeper. The other type, most often used along
Inside, the towers are built along the same lines as a the coast or in the mountains, is the Slide. This is an area
village home, with a large central room and smaller sleep- that has been specially prepared, brushed smooth and then
ing nooks around it. If the rock or hill does not have enough given coat after coat ofwater to create acompletely smooth
space on top, the tower contains a small lookout room at and amazingly slick surface. Anyone trying to cross the
the top and the rest of its quarters down below, linked by a Slide will find himself falling immediately and then sliding
tunnel with a ladder cut into its side. The tower windows downward. Because the Slides are built on solid ground or
or peepholes are designed to resemble natural openings, on thicker ice, digging down for handholds is virtually
sometimes concealed behind panes of thick, clear ice or impossible, especially since it’s impossible to anchor one’s
crystal, so that the guards can watch without being seen. self long enough to dig. Trees and large rocks are carefully
Each tower also has four holes cut in the walls, one for each cleared from the area of a Slide as well, thus preventing
compass point (usuallybuilt with a plug to keep the cold out anyone from using a rope to haul themselves across the
when the hole is not in use). Beside each hole is a polished Slide. Some Slides simply form a sort of barricade, keeping
brass disc - these are used to reflect the light of sun or people from going any further, but most direct their victims
moon, and the resulting flashes are used to communicate to a particular spot -over the edge of a cliff, into freezing
along the border. A small lantern sits to one side of the plug, water, or into a stake-filled pit.
so the guards can create their own lights if the day is too
cloudy for the sun to be seen or if the moon is too dim to Individual villages have their own defenses. Most have a
register clearly. small Slide around them, so that strangers will announce
their presence by slipping and falling on the hard ground -
The Trench these Slides are always built along the same pattern, so
tribesmen from another village will know how to navigate
The second defense, if invaders make it past the towers,
them safely.
is the Trench. Just past each tower is a wide band that
stretches, quite remarkably, all the way from the base of the Another common practice is the snare trap, similar to
Everfrost Peaks to the eastern coast. This 10-foot-wide that used for hunting animals. Made from tough, corded
stretch (in some places it is considerably wider) has been animal sinew attached to a pole embedded at least several
specially prepared by the Northmen, dug out to create a feet into the ground, these traps are used to capture but not
deep trench lined with sharp stakes. Then, a thin lattice of incapacitate. The loop of the cord is sometimesplaced over
specially-prepared ice sheets is laid across the channel and a pit trap so that the creature caught is hung suspended
inside the pit, and is thus unable to climb out. Net traps,
like those used in hunting, are also common. These often is considered entangled (EueQuest: Game Master’s Guide,
consist of a hidden net suspended from an overhang, set to p. 44) and cannot move more than 10 feet from the pole
fall when a creature trips the cord underneath; alternately, used to anchor the cord. The cord itself has Hardness 1and
anet may be spread across a pit trap (without spikes) so that 4 hp; it is vulnerable only to slashing damage (or, of course,
the creature falling in becomes entangled and cannot climb certain energy-based attacks). A snare trap is often linked
out. When bait is used in these kinds of traps, it is often to a pit trap, the pole embedded into the side of the pit so
aimed at intelligent beings - canteens, jugs of (watery) that the suspended creature must make an Escape Artist
wine, stray weapons (always flawed ones, upon closer check (DC 20) or somehow cut itself free to get clear of the
examination), maps of the area (with false information), snare before it can climb out of the pit; a hanging creature
and other scraps of paper are common. must first be able to get leverage somehow before it can
When dangerous predators such as bears or ice lizards are attempt a Break check to get free. The combined snarelpit
known to be in the area, a village’s hunters will place large trap has a CR of 3.
irontooth traps around the area (these are like very large, Falling Net Trap: CR 1; +5 melee (grapple; see note);
toothed, jaw-like traps attached by a chain to a metal rod Search (DC 25); Disable Device (20). Note: Creatures in a
driven deep into the ground). These traps can be quite 10-foot square are grappled by the net: Treat this as a
deadly, so their locations are always noted very carefully, grappling attack made by a Large creature with an 18
and the traps are brought in once the danger has passed. Strength.
Many villages lace the snow around their outskirts with Irontooth Trap: CR 6; +20melee (3d6+4/x3, plus bleed-
ice bubbles (these are blown like glass bubbles, but use ing); Search (DC20); Disable Device (15);Break (DC 26).
water to create a thin bubble of ice). These bubbles are Note: The victim is considered entangled (EveQwst: Game
spread throughout an area in the shape of a ring at least 10 Master’sGuirk,p. 44) and cannot move more than 5 feet from
feet wide surrounding the entire village, broken only by the metal rod used to anchor the trap. Additionally, the
occasional pathways that only the villagers know. Anyone creature trapped must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + initial
walking into this ring breaks at least one bubble, and the damage taken) every minute or lose 1hp from bleeding. The
sharp crack(s) produced alert the nearby village. Villages in trap itself has Hardness 10 and 20 hp.
the interior rarely bother with sentries, preferring ice Ice Bubble Trap: CR 1/2; no attack roll necessary (no
bubble traps and other hazards to alert everyone at once and damage; see note); Reflex save (DC 20) avoids; Search
trusting in their neighbors to keep larger threats away. (DC 25); Disable Device (20). Note: When “set off,” this
In times of war the village mobilizes, and patrols are trap causes a sharp retort that can be heard clearly by all
established to protect them from attack. Those tribes who hearing creatures within 300 yards, unless some other loud
live along the borders of the Nation also maintain roving noise happens to mask the sound. A successful Reflex save
patrols. These are usually bands of younger men, who avoids this sharp sound, but a character moving through a
simply travel along the outskirts of their village’s area, square trapped with ice bubbles suffers a -10 penalty to
watching for any strangers or other threats. Sneak checks in any case. A successful Disable Device
Hidden Spiked Pit Trap (20 ft. deep): CR 2; no attack check indicates that the character has cleared one 5-ft.
roll necessary (2d6), +10 melee (ld4 spikes for ld4+2 square of all ice bubbles.
points of damage per successful hit); Reflex save (DC 20)
avoids; Search (DC 25); Disable Device (n/a). Note: This Communications
trap is only triggered by creatures weighing at least 80 Barbarian villages communicate with one another in
pounds. Any creature gains a + 1circumstance bonus to its several ways. The first, of course, is by messenger. As well,
Reflex save for every 5 pounds by which its total weight skalds often travel to neighboring villages to trade informa-
(with gear) is less than 120 pounds. For creatures with a tion, and they sometimes accompany other villagers with
Face larger than 5 ft. by 5 ft., divide their total weight by the goods to trade as well. Young men (or occasionally women),
number of squaresthey occupy before determining whether particularly skalds or warriors in training who have not yet
they trigger the trap. settled down, may be sent on a tour of the tribe’s villages;
Slide Trap: CR 1; no attack roll necessary (no damage; these energetic young folk are also used to carry messages
see note); Reflex save (DC 22) avoids; Search (DC 20); from place to place in the process.
Disable Device (20). Note: The victim of this trap simply When a messenger cannot be sent for some reason, a
slides along a prearranged course determined by the maker village resorts to other methods. The most common is the
of the trap. A character with ice picks or some other spiked smoke signal. Each village has a stone-lined fire pit behind
or piercing weapon or gear at hand may make a Climb the chieftain’s tent, and this can be used to send signals to
check (DC20) to halt his sliding; a failure by 5 or more the other villages nearby. The tribes all use the same smoke
means the equipment used is tom from his grasp unless signs, so any Northman can read the signals provided the
attached to his person in some way. Characters with armor sky is clear enough for the smoke to be seen.
spikesor creatures with natural spines or the like gain a + 10 Another method for sending messages is to use animals.
circumstance bonus to the climb check. A Slide trap is Falcons and hawks are best for this, but occasionally a snow
often linked to another more dangerous type of trap at the cat, owl, dog, or even a hare can be trained by a competent
end of its run; the EL of the combined trap(s) should be beastlord or skilled shaman to take messages to a particular
calculated accordingly. location and then return home.
Snare Trap: CR 1; no attack roll necessary (no damage; Some shamans can use spirits to communicate with one
see note); Reflex save (DC 20) avoids; Search (DC 20); another over a distance, and thus handle many of the daily
Disable Device (DC 15); Break (DC23). Note: The victim
messages between their villages. In times of crisis, they can The entrances to a village’s Ice Roads are taught to every
contact one another quickly, and can sometimes even member of the village, but not to others -even a messen-
make travel between the locations more rapid. ger from a neighboring village in the same tribe will have
Finally, the guard towers along the border use flashes of to ask for the location of the next Ice Road if he’s not
light instead ofsmoke signals. These are created with large, traveled it before, and the entrances are always watched so
polished metal shields and a bright light like a hot flame or that no one can exit without notice.
a small lantern. The advantage of a light signal is that, The Ice Roads are being created partially as a messenger
unlike a smoke signal, it travels parallel to the ground system, partially as an escape system, and partially as one
instead of upward, so unless people are looking in the right piece of a last-ditch national defense, which has, thank-
direction they won’t see it at all. This allows for a more fully, never been tested. If the entire Northlands are overrun,
private message system. The disadvantage, of course, is the every member of the village has been trained to enter the
same -if the intended recipient isn’t looking in the right Ice Roads with as much food and drink as can be carried.
direction at the right time, he won’t get the message either. Then, the shamans will set off a series of avalanches and
Since most Northmen know where the guard towers stand, storms, burying the entire nation in deep snow, and the
they can look for their signals without any problem. people will simply wait until the invaders have gone -
whether due to hunger, thirst, cold, or boredom -before
Travel resurfacing.
The easiest way to travel between two villages is to go
overland using snowshoes or skis, or to take a boat if the two Lams
villages are both along the coast. All Northmen are profi- Most strangers believe the Northern Nation to be a land
cient with snowshoes and skis -many were skiing before of savages, where the barbarians have no laws beyond the
they learned to run. Those who live along the coast also most basic natural law of survival. This could not be further
learn to use boats, ranging from longboats with a large crew from the truth, as those who befriend Northmen soon
to one-man kayaks. For messengers, the kayak is far more discover. The Northmen are an extremely honorable race,
useful; this small, lightweight boat is made from sealskin and believe strongly in the principles of justice, respect, and
stretched across a wooden or bone frame, and it can be good conduct. As such, they have a variety of rules which
carried on the back as easily as a large shield or a loaded every Northman observes, no matter his tribe or village.
backpack. Sailboats are not used along the coast due to the Guest-Right: One of the oldest and strongest laws in the
strong winds and dangerous rocks, but in need, conceiv- North is that of guest-right. When a Northman accepts a
ably, a messenger could risk one. person into his home, that person becomes his guest. The
If speed is important, the messenger may use a sled pulled Northman and his family then assume the responsibility of
by a dog team. Dog sleds are common in the Northlands, hosting, which means not only providing food and drink,
and can move through the snow at several times the speed shelter and entertainment, as much as can be offered at the
of a running man. time, but also protection from harm. ANorthman host will
lay down his own life to defend his guest, even if that guest
Ice Roabs is in the wrong. Legends tell of a Northman named Karl
The Northmen have another method of travel between Ignarson who accepted another man, Rolf McLain, into his
some places, one they use only in emergencies - the Ice home; McLain, although Ignarson did not know it at first,
Roads. For years now, each village carver has worked at had just murdered his own brother. Not only did Ignarson
digging paths deep through the ice near the village, leading not attack McLain himself, but he actually died defending
towards similar passageways constructed by the carvers of the murderer from other villagers who had come to punish
other villages nearby. These paths are often 10 or more feet him for the crime. In order to prevent guest-right from
under the ice, sometimes even carved through dirt or rock being used as a permanent shelter, a host is only required to
where necessary. The Ice Roads have been under construc- accept a guest for three nights. After the third night, the
tion for decadesnow in some places, and many are complete. host is free to cast the guest from his home (although this
The passages all enter and exit near one another, so that a would only happen in the rarest of circumstances). Once
messenger can take the Ice Road from one village to the beyond the door, the guest is no longer legally under the
next, surface briefly, and then dive into the next tunnel and host’s protection.
continue on his journey. Blade-Right: Another ancient and still potent law is that
These tunnels are seldom used except when travel or of blade-right. Any Northman, and by extension any
communication is required during times of dangerous respected opponent, must be allowed access to a blade
weather conditions, for although they are generally quite before his death. This does not necessarily mean that no
safe and very well-concealed, they have no other exit or one can be killed without fair combat. For instance, stories
entrance. Further, even for a typical Northman they are are still told of Edmund the Sly, who snuck into another
cold, being surrounded on all sides by ice: A character in man’s home, tossed a small wood-carving knife on the
normal clothes traveling via the Ice Roads must make a man’s chest, and then promptly ran him through. How-
Fortitude save (DC15, +1per previous check) every 10 ever, most Northmen abide by this law more equably, and
minutes, taking ld6 points of [cold] subdual damage with will offer their opponent at least a dagger for defense. A
each failed save. The Wilderness Lore skill is of no assis- corollary of this law means that Northmen cannot kill
tance in making these saves, but characters wearing sleeping or bound opponents -the notion of “access to a
appropriate clothing for cold-weather survival need only blade” includes being awake and aware enough to draw the
save once every hour. blade, as well as having one’s hands free to do so. This latter
provision, of course, is rather more easily overlooked than for a distance and then split apart so that each can hunt alone
the principle article of blade/right, and, as in the case of but close enough to come to one another’s aid at need.
Edmund the Sly, has been abused in the past. Children also rise early and perform various chores around
The Bond of Secrecy: The Northern law that carries the the house, such as cleaning out the ashes from the fire and
harshest penalty for violators is the bond of secrecy. No washing out the dishes from the morning meal. Most
Northman can ever tell any non-Northman anything about Northmen carry lunch with them, rather than return home
the nation’s defenses, including but not limited to such for it, and an extended trip may require packing dinner as
things as the watch towers, their light signals, the Trench, well. If not, they return home for dinner, which is usually
the Slides, the smoke signals, and the Ice Roads. A taken around the fire in the family’s underground common
Northman also cannot reveal the underground portion of room. After the meal, the Northmen usually gather in larger
any village, even his own, unless he is prepared to stake his groups, either in the home of their chieftain or that of their
own life and reputation on the honor and discretion of the skald. Children are given lessons, while the adults trade
visitor. The Northmen have worked very hard to keep their stories or play games or work on hobbies like woodcarving or
true lives hidden from others, and every member of the race painting. Some nights, a skald recites an ancient tale or sings
is taught from birth not to reveal those secrets to anyone a song to children and adults both. Still, everyone tends to
outside the nation, barring only those people sworn as turn in early, except for the shaman who may stay up late to
blood-brothers and honorary Northmen. Ofcourse, some perform magic or communicate with spirits.
outsidershave realized that the barbarians are not as simple Most nights, the Northmen (men and women) drink mead
and crude as they seem, but the Northmen do their best not or vodka. Beer is difficult to get in the North, as is wine, but
to prove such wild notions. bees can be kept along the coast and near the southern edge
Lesser Laeus: The Northern Nation does not have laws of the nation for producing mead, and certain hardy grains
regarding money, since it rarely bothers with such things, or can be grown there as well for making vodka. Elsewhere,
about taxes, since none exist. But there are laws for granting vodka is made from potatoes grown in specialpots of earth and
right of way to one’s elders (required unless the younger transplanted outdoors in the warmer months.
person bears news of urgent importance, or is, for instance, It is true that Northmen have little use for reading and
shepherdinga pregnant woman or an injured person in need writing or for conventional philosophy, but this does not
of immediatemedical attention); for fishingand hunting only mean they are all mindless brutes who only enjoy drink.
in one’s own (or one’s tribe’s own) territory; for kenneling Northernvillagesarefultofmusicandart, andmostNorthmen
one’s dogs properly (so they don’t howl all night or get loose can play at least one instrument (the flute is common, as are
and tear apart someone else’s hut); for sharing food and drink the drum and the harp). Throughout most of the year, but
(also required by convention, unless there is only enough for more often in the dead of winter, the village often gathers for
one person to survive and it is imperative that at least one impromptu musical performances, as the villagers take turns
return with vital materials or information); and other social on their instruments or singing. Those not performing dance
niceties (GM’s discretion). to the music. Many Northmen can paint or sculpt, and each
home is adorned with carven statues, tapestries, paintings,
Society and beautiful furniture. Perhaps most surprising to outsiders,
Within their villages, the Northmen do lead relatively however, would be the Northmen’s tendency to spend hours
simple lives. They hunt and fish for food and (during the debating subjects such as law and religion and nature. Not
few warmer months in more temperate regions, such as everyNorthman dwellson these subjects,but enough do that
along the coast) grow whatever crops can survive. Craftsfolk at least one large debate is likely to occur during any given
create objects and clothing and other useful items. Every- week, and these discussionscan last for hours and range across
one within the village shares - food is gathered for a variety of topics. Northmen simply are not comfortable
everyone and parceled out evenly to all. If someone needs revealing these thoughts to anyone outside their own village.
a blanket or a new cloak or a new chair, they ask the proper Of course, the barbarian race is a very physical one, so
craftspeopleand receive it quickly. The craftsperson always many of their entertainments are equally physical in na-
has the right to say no if she feels the new item or material ture. Foot races are common, as are swimming races for
is not warranted, and disputes of this nature are always those who live by the water, and dog sled races are held
settled by both the chieftain and the shaman. regularly. Wrestling and unarmed combat occur almost
Money is not used in villages, nor is barter-villagers are nightly, both as a way of staying warm and a method of
treated as extended family, and it is inappropriate to haggle working out aggressions - plus, this is considered a good
with a family member over something he or she needs. form of training for the young. Weapons practice is often
Some people are called upon for services more often than held, although this is taken more seriously and usually
others, but the latter tend to provide more involved ser- involves wooden replicas with blunt edges. Eating and
vices. For example, a carver may only be summoned once drinking contests are also common, provided the village
by a‘new family to build their home, and then a few more has enough extra food to afford such displays of gluttony.
times over the next two decades to effect minor repairs, but
that does not make the crafter’swork any less valuable than
a dozen blankets or two dozen pairs of pants. The Northmen have a variety of local customs and
Most Northmen rise with the dawn to begin their day. practices, some of which began for practical reasons and
Hunting and fishing require hours of preparation and care, have since become highly ritualized, and others which
and the villagerseither formhuntingpartiesor travel together cannot be so easily explained. Many of their practices
derive from the harsh weather and the fact that daily life is
largely conducted indoors and below ground, while others intermarriage. People from a different tribe are only ac-
have evolved at least in part from the Northmen’s direct, cepted by marriage or if the other tribe was massacred
physical approach to most problems. (rumors claim that some Ravens actually became Hawks,
Apprenticeship: Barbarian children live at home with and if this is true, then some barbarians might conceivably
their parents, do chores around the house, and are taught in still claim descent from that extinct tribe).
the evening by the skalds and sometimes by the shamans. As However, many Northerners who leave their homes go
they learn to walk and talk, the parents and the skalds pay not just to another village but to the outside world, beyond
close attention to each child, noting the child’s strengths and the Northlands altogether. This practice is not frowned
skillsas well as his or her interests. Children who like numbers upon -actually, most villages encourage their new adults
and storiesmay become skalds. Those who expressan interest to travel a bit. This seems unlikely, as reason would dictate
in spirits and an aptitude for magic could become shamans. that allowing warriors to leave must, of necessity, weaken
Others who show patience and a love of the outdoors might the village. However, the loss of one or two or even a
become hunters or fishers, or perhaps even beastlords. handful of relatively untried swords at any given time is not
After a few years, but generally before the child’s eighth a matter of great concern to the Northmen, and in any case
birthday, a child’s parents meet with the chieftain and the this practice keeps the village from becoming crowded. It
skalds to discuss the child’s future. They look for an occu- also gives the young adult achance to see the world, thereby
pation that suits the child, but also for one that will aid the gaining experience and knowledge before coming home
village -not everyone can become a skald, and no village again. A surprisingnumber of Northerners do return home,
needs a dozen carvers. Once the decision is made, the child despite the many dangers of Norrath, although the return
is summoned and told of her future occupation. Then, often takes at least several years -the youths explore other
within the next year, the child begins her apprenticeship. cities and even other continents, learn new trades, gain
The child continues to perform her daily chores, but once new scars, and generally become wiser and more capable.
those are over she goes to her mentor to learn the arts of her While out in the world, a Northman always remembers
new occupation. At first the child only watches, but eventu- and honors his village and his tribe, knowing that his every
ally she is allowed to ask questions and even to take part in action reflects upon his folk - he must always strive to
basic tasks. The mentor is responsible for teaching the child bring honor to his people as well as to himself. Some seek
all about the craft, and for preparing the child as well. Hunters to do this by gaining great wealth, while others are more
and fishersneed patience and the ability tostay physicallystill interested in reputation or in martial prowess. Eventually,
for long periods, plus an understanding of their prey. Carvers tiring of the crowding and the dirt, the heat and the
need strong hands, sharp eyes, and a deep appreciation of distrust, most Northmen travel back to their villages, hang
their materials. Most children spend years doing training up their swords and knives and other traveling gear, and
exercises that may seem pointless at the time, like gripping a settle down again. This also means that many adult villag-
stick tightly and then releasing it, but which eventuallyprove ers know very well how to fight for their lives, having
to have helped prepare them for their tasks (the gripping and learned a few tricks during their own Wanderlust, which
releasing strengthens the hands). makes the village defenses that much more formidable.
Virtually all barbarian children receive at least some Weddings: Northmen do not believe in forcing people to
training in weapons and combat, and all but the most inept marry. Villages are small, and young people often have
or unlucky get basic training in fishing, hunting, and dalliances while growing up, but no one can form a perma-
tracking. Most learn to sing and dance in the evenings, and nent bond before adulthood. After that point, casual
many also learn to play some instrument from an elder who romances are still allowed, provided both parties are will-
has mastered that particular skill. A child is considered an ing. A more permanent arrangement is made when the
apprentice until being declared an adult by the chieftain. couple decides to live together, with their families’ bless-
Adulthood: Most Northmen become adults at the age of ing. This means that they both move into the woman’s
fourteen. At this time, the chieftain declares them a full family’s house. If the couple becomes pregnant or stays
member of the tribe and a great feast is held in the village - together a year, they are considered to be married, although
all of the children who come of age in the same year are most often they undergo a formal marriage ceremony at
declared at once, so the feast is an annual event. As adults, that time. Marriages are performed by the shaman, who
they are now expected to handle their share of their trade, invokes the blessing of the Tribunal, and the chieftain, who
although in practice most continue to work with their men- declares the couple wed in the eyes of the village and the
tors and even to live at home for another few years. Adults are tribe. Weddings are of course an excuse for a large feast for
no longer required to do the household chores, which are which the entire village provides the food and drink.
handed to any children still at home; if a household has no A married couple can never be separated by the will of the
more children, the tasks are shared between all the adults of village-ifhalfofthepopulationissenttoformanewvillage,
the household as befits each member’s skills and abilities. both must go or neither. This is the only specialconsideration
Northmen are not allowed to braid their hair (and, for men, given to married couples, however. Both members are still
their beards) until they become adults. expected to handle their share of tasks about the village, and
Wanderlust: Once he has been declared an adult, a since all food and items are shared equally, they do not get a
Northman is free to leave his village if he chooses. Other larger or smaller portion than before.
villages within the same tribe might accept him, particu- Weddings can occur between people from different vil-
larly if his trade is in short supply there, and in this way lages, and this is sometimes encouraged to keep villages from
villages often trade carvers, shamans, skalds, or other becoming stagnant and inbred. Villagers often meet their
craftsfolk, as well as keeping their tribal ties strong through neighbors, either while trading or while hunting and fishing,
and every few years it is common for a village to invite one of Nation again. These two festivals are full-day events, during
its neighboring communities for one of the major festivals. which no one works. Everyone drinks a great deal, and the
Since the neighboring villages are part of the same tribe, they village is filled with music, dance, and numerous competi-
are considered to be distant cousins, and thus marriages tions and games. Prizes are often given to the winners of each
between the two are perfectly acceptable. competition - on Giantdearth the highlight is the Race,
Children: When a married woman becomes pregnant with which includes running, swimming, and sledding, and the
her first child, the couple go to the chieftain. The carver is winner is declared Wingfoot for the year. Sometimes,
then asked to build a home for the expectant couple so that Giantdearth is celebrated by two or more villages that come
they will have room for their new family. Sometimes, if either together for several days of feasting and competing.
partner’s parent lives alone (for example, if the other parent
died and there are no other children) the couple will not CLofhing
require a new home for themselves. Children are considered Northerners are raised in the intense cold and learn to
a great blessing, both for the parents and for the village, and endure it, but that doesn’t mean taking foolish risks. Their
the expectant mother is offered many gifts and luxuries as the clothing is made from animal skins, often with the fur still
pregnancy nears term. For the first month after the baby is attached for warmth. Most Northmen wear leather leg-
born, the mother is not expected to work, instead staying gings or trousers, thick boots with the fur inside (for warmth
home to tend the babe. Following that time, she returns to and comfort, and because the outer surface is thus more
work, but either carries the baby with her, leaves it home with waterproof), a leather tunic, and a thick fur coat with a
its father, or asks another woman (usually her mother or lined fur hood. Some prefer cloaks instead of coats, particu-
mother-in-law, or another female relative who works at larly in the southern region -the cloak is easier to sweep
home) to care for it during the day. back in warmer weather, but can be drawn in for added
Funerals: When a villager dies, the entire village mourns. warmth. They also wear fur-lined gloves or mittens, de-
If the villager was married or had children, the spouse and pending on whether they need their fingers while outside.
children are visited and condolencesare offered.A great feast Most people assume Northern clothing is boring and
is held behind the chieftain’s hut and around the firepit, ordinary. After all, how much can one really do with fur?
where the deceased lays in his best clothes.Then the fire is lit, The answer, perhaps surprisingly,is that the Northmen can
and the deceased is burned to ashes. Northmen are not do a lot with it. Stitching is an artform among them, for one
superstitious about the dead, and have no qualms about thing, and a competent stitcher can make clothes that
discussinga dead friend or family member by name. Often at actually tell stories, with decorative borders and designs as
night they will reminisce about lost friends and family, detailed as any painting or tapestry. Some garments are
rememberingtheir deeds and words,and in this way they keep made of a single piece of leather while others are patched
those people alive. Given the prominence of shamanism
amongtheNorthmen, it is widel; believed that the dead still
exist among the living as spirits, visible only to a select few.
If a deceased villager had a house and no immediate
relatives, the home is given to any young couple that needs
it. If no one currently needs a new home, it is left vacant
until Someone does, and cleaned occasionally by other
villagers to keep the home in good shape. Any equipment
or tools are given to the villager’s apprentice or family, or
are simply held by the chieftain until someone needs them.
Ifa villager had no immediate family and no apprentice, his
belongings are divided up among the other villagers so that
everyone may have something to remember him by. become adults and also whenever they accomplish a
significant task or life event. The Hawk tribe is particu-
FestivaLs larly well known for this, and other Northerners can
usually tell whether a Hawk is married and has children or
Northmen love to celebrate, throwing feasts whenever
they have the chance (and the resources). Weddings,
births, funerals, and adulthood ceremonies are all well-
established reasons for feasting, but barbarians commonly
usually sit and tell their village about each new scar in
hold feasts at both the start and end of the hunting or
turn. This is a way of proving their deeds, and an experi-
fishing season, again when crops are harvested (in more
southerly or coastal areas), and whenever a wandering
youth returns or a fellow tribesman visits. They don’t have
many religious holidays, however, nor many festivals cel-
ebrating historic events. In fact, there are only two.
The first is Dugan’s Day, the anniversary of that day when
Dugan the Golden was supposedly crowned King of the
North by the Marr twins, thereby uniting the tribes into the
Northern Nation. The second is Giantdearth, which cel-
ebrates the day that Burke Wingfoot and the assembled tribes
finallv felled the last of their ice giant masters and freed the
together -not because the maker ran out of material but Aside from weapons, a Northman often carries snow-
to highlight the contrast between differentcolors and even shoes or skis, and is never without his drinking horn, a
different textures. Fur can be used for edging, like on the packet of dried food, flint and tinder, fishing line and
cuff of a coat, in which case the colors are carefully chosen hooks, cord for snare traps, and a scoop-pick (see New
to match the rest of the garment. The Northmen some- Equipment below). These are all tied to the belt or stuck in
times wear brightly-colored inner shirts or light inner a belt pouch, worn outside the jacket, except for the
jackets decorated with elaborate beadwork and stitching. snowshoes and the scoop-pick.
At home, they take off their heavy outer coats and cloaks When not in use the snowshoes are
to reveal these colorful and attractive garments. slung across the back, and the scoop-
TheNorthemkiltiseasilyrecognhbleanywhereinhtonica, pick is also worn on the back and tied
and even on some ofthe other continents. Most people believe across the chest with a thin cord.
this is what Northmen wear all the time. They‘re generally New Weapon: Harpoon
. ..
wrong, though. Even though.kilts *. are surprisingly warm and

durable, to wear them instead ot leggings in sub-zero weather

Large Martial, Ranged
The harpoon is a broad-bladed throwing spear with
would be suicideunlessthe wearer is rmly ahardy par reverse-facing barbs or points to prevent the
race.MostNorthmenwear m ‘ e‘r ‘IUIB
‘‘ at blade from coming free of the wound. The
home or for special occasions. rounger -,-~~~--

heavy shaft has a trailing rope or cord at-

Northmen often dress in kilts when /
tached, usually30feet in length, allowing the
leaving the Northlands, both because thrower to pull and control a struck oppo-
they do not need their heavier winter nent. They are primarily used in hunting
gear down south and because they’re whales, seals, and other large sea creatures,
proud to show their heritage. Each kilt is but they can be used on land as well. Medium-
made of at least six yards of thick size creatures other than barbarians suffer a
-2 penalty to attack rolls with harpoons
due to their great size and weight; this
penalty can be negated if the creature
takes the Weapon Focus (harpoon)
feat, in place of the +1 bonus to at-
tacks normally provided by that feat.
A creaturestruck by a harpoon must
make a Reflex save (DC10 + damage
received) to avoid having the har-
poon lodged in itself. A creature
harpooned in this way suffers a -2
penalty to Dexterity; it moves only
knees.Thenonestandsbackup and flings half smed and cannot run or charge. If
the rest of the kilt over one shoulder, the harpoon’s trailing rope is h e h by
fastening it to his or her sidewithabrooch the thrower, the harpooned creature
or pin. The hanging portion is often used mustmakeanopposedStrengthcheck
as a pouch to store items, though a belt to move beyond the limits of the
with an actual pouch is usually worn as trailing rope’s length. A harpooned
well. Women usually, although not creature that attempts to cast a spell
always, wear a light, loose-fitting must first make a Channeling check
shirt with the kilt as well. (DC15) or the spell fails.
The harpoon can be pulled
Equipment forcibly from the wound with
Most Northmen train with at a Strength check (DC 15),
leastthesword,thehammer,orthe but doing so deals an amount
axe, and frequently with two or of damage equal to that from
threeof those weapons. Northmen the initial hamoon blow to
never leave home without a the harpooned creature. Al-
weaPOQ at least a and a light axe throw@, and ternately, a Heal check (DC15) can be used to remove the
never leave their villagewithOutalargerweapon.This harpoon for only half this amount of damage, but this takes
paranoia - animals and other monsters are common in the 1 full minute.
for a hunter to encountera bear
“I c I

or a snow leopard or even an ice Cost Damage Critical Range Weight Type
goblin. Some Northmen use lncrrmat
bows, but most prefer throwing 15gp ld12 x3 20 Ft. 10Ib n*omng@lerring) Slow
spearsor harpoons, which they I i x Lx Ilj _II

can use to good advantage with

their great strength.
New Equipment Currency
Scoop-Pick: This item is a sturdy 8- to 9-foot-long pole Northerners do not use currency within their own vil-
with a wide-mouthed shovel at one end, used for scooping lage, but merely request what they need or want and
snow out of the way or for digging free from a sudden storm, provide whatever another villager requests from them. For
and a short, sharp pick on the other end for chipping away trade with other villages, they generally barter goods.
at ice and for testing the ground ahead as one walks. A Sometimes, however, another village will not have what
character using a scoop-pick‘s pointed head to check the they wantorneedyet,soachitwillbeprovidedinstead.The
ground ahead moves only half-speed, but gains a +2 bonus local skald and the skald of the visiting traders meet, and
to Search checks to find traps or crevasses hidden beneath both listen to the terms arranged (“I am providing these
the snow. The pointed end can also be used as a makeshift
three wolf pelts, and in exchange I get a small whale-bone
spear in melee, dealing damage as a javelin.
table and a quart of whale oil”) so that both sides can verify
Cost: 3 gp; Weight: 9 lbs. the trade. Then the chit is given to the Northerner still
Skis: Long, narrow wooden boards with a slightly up- waiting for payment. Once the item is ready, the chit is
turned front, skis are worn on the feet to facilitate fast returned, again in the presence of both skalds, so that
movement through the snow over great distances. They are everyone knows the debt has been paid.
lashed to the front of the boot by simple straps, allowing the These chits are always made of mammoth-bone or ivory
heel to rise in a running motion, while the arms propel the and carved with the villager’s personal mark. Each adult
skier by usingRoles or sticks to dig into the snow and push villager carries several chits, usually on a necklace or
backwards. Most Northmen use their scoop-pick in one bracelet (or sometimes an earring), so he can buy some-
hand and aspear or harpoon in the other as their “ski poles.” thing and use the chit as a mark of future payment. It is
When traveling downhill, one uses a pole or staff (or the considered dishonorable to let a chit stand unpaid for more
scoop-pick) nestled between the legs and trailing out than a month, unless a longer period was established at the
behind, much like a child on a hobby-horse, to steer (by time of the trade.
pushing the pole to one side or the other) or to brake (by
When dealing with foreigners, Northmen do use gold
pulling up on the forward end and thus digging the aft end
and other coins. The village chieftain keeps any coins the
deeper into the snowy ground).
village has obtained, and gives them to villagers who are
When traveling on skis, a character may move her leaving to trade with foreigners. These coins may also be
normal speed through snow on level ground (as opposed to given to youths who leave the village, though it is expected
half speed while trudging). She may move 1.5 times her that, whenever they return, they will bring back something
base speed downhill, but can only turn up to 20 degrees in of equal or greater value (either more coins or some goods
a single round, and stopping safely while going downhill from another land).
takes 2 full rounds: the character slows to two-thirds base
speed in the 1st round, one-third in the 2nd round, and Religion
stops at the beginning of the 3rd round. It is possible to
double-move or run while wearing skis, although encum- Most Northmen worshipthe Tribunal, or at least believe in
brance and armor affect movement normally. Using skis is them as an ideal. The Six Hammers embodyjustice, which all
no faster than walking when traveling uphill. It requires 2 Northmen consider a worthy concept. In general, however,
full rounds to don a pair of skis and 1full round to doff them. Northmen do not bother much with religion. Their shamans
Fighting while on skis imposes a-2 circumstance penalty handle the village’s connection to the gods and to any spirits,
to the wearer’s attack rolls. Also, as with wearing armor, leaving the other barbarians to live their lives in the physical
wearing skis imposes a maximum Dexterity bonus limit to world from day to day. Some would take this to mean that
AC (in this case, +l). most Northmen are agnostics, but that is not the case. They
believe in the gods because their shamans assure them these
Cost: 9 gp; Weight: 10 lbs.
deities exist and the shamans are respected and trusted. They
Snow Shoes: Snow shoes are large, flat, teardrop- or technically worship the Tribunal, in that their shamans
oval-shaped wooden or bone frames covered in a mesh of worship those deities and assure the villagers that the Tribu-
hide strips. Like skis, they are typically lashed to one’s boots nal favors them. But Northmen do not stand on ceremony,
by hide straps or cords. Snow shoes are usually crafted for a and see no reason to speak directly to their gods. The shaman
specific individual, and are roughly two-thirds as long as can handle that aspect of life, being entrusted with the
the wearer is tall. The wearer may move at two-thirds his spiritual well-being of every villager. This makes life simpler
normal speed across the top of the snow (asopposed to half for everyone-the villagersknow of their gods and know that
speed while trudging), since the shoes distribute his weight those gods are being properly appeased, while the shaman
across a considerably larger area so that he sinks only a few knows his villagers have given him full permission to speak
inches into even the lightest, downiest snow. The wearer and pray on their behalf.
cannot run while wearing snow shoes. It requires 2 full Northmen who have traveled into the world sometimes
rounds to don a pair of snow shoes and 1 full round to doff become more religious, or at least handle their religious
them. duties personally- once away from the village they cannot
A character fighting while wearing snow shoes suffers a expect the village shaman to pray for them, so they must
-1 circumstance penalty to attack rolls. Also, as with pray themselves if they wish to retain the Tribunal’s favor.
wearing armor, wearing skis imposes a maximum Dexterity A handful turn to other gods, usually either the Warlord
bonus limit of +3 to AC. (Rallos Zek) or the King of Thieves (Bristlebane), depend-
Cost: 4 gp; Weight: 8 lbs. ing on their chosen profession.
The only true city in the Northern Nation, Halas can be remained were shattered by the giants after they had slain
found almost exactly in the center of the northern coast- the king and his family. Dun Lit was tom down, and the
line. It sits in a secluded valley extending out from the giants spread a fresh layer of dirt and gravel across the ruins
Everfrost Peaks so that the mountains rear up to provide to bury them forever. The giants then claimed the valley for
cover on north, west, and east. To the south lies Loch Lir, themselves,erectingtheirowncrudestone keepon thesite.
upon whose banks Halas is built. From that location the ice giant king controlled the land
Most non-Northemers believe Halas is the Seat of the and sent orders to his local lords, who each built their own
barbarians’ government. This is not true, of course, since keeps at the center of their territories.
the NorthernNation has no monarch or centralized system Halas itself did not come into being until two decades
of rulership. But Halas is a focus for the Nation, and it after the giants were defeated. Burke Wingfoot’ssuggestion
provides a place for travelers to meet and trade. that the barbarians should not centralize again had been
taken to heart, and the tribal chiefs agreed to stay in their
History own areas, appointing chieftains to rule each of their
villages. Loch Lir was closest to the Otter and Hare tribes,
It is impossible to discuss the history of Halas without but neither claimed the valley, so it lay empty. nen a
mentioning its predecessor, Dun Lir. The former Capital Of young Bear shaman named Bran had a vision. He claimed
the Northern Nation and home ofthe King of the North, that the Tribunal had visited his dreams, and told him that
Dun Lir stood for centuries in the valley north of the lake the time had come to found a new village on the shores of
from which it took its name. Legends claim that the Man Loch Lir. But this would be no ordinary village, and it
twins themselves carved the valley and then showed it to would belong to no single tribe. Bran left his own village
Dugan the Golden, the first King ofthe North. This Would and traveled into Mammoth territory, and there he found
explain why the valley is almost precisely in the middle of a carver named Willem whohad dreamed a similar dream.
the coastline, and why no other valleysexist in the Everfrost The two left together, traveling around the Nofihlands,
Peaks. and in each tribe’s area they found at least one other visited
Over time, Dun Lir grew larger, with the palace becom- by the same dreams. Finally they reached Loch Lir -and
ing more ornate and other buildings sprouting around it. By now there were two dozen of them, including another
the time of Killian Blood-Axe, it had become a true city, shaman, two skalds, and several carvers.
W i t h a defensive wall along the front and Over two dozen At first, the Otter and Hare tribes protested, but after all,
permanent buildings inside. Killian insisted that his palace one of the settlers had come from those tribes, and, in any
stand higher than the rest, however, and Ordered every case, several shamans within those tribes began to have
mason and carver in the area to expand the building - dreams of their &n confirming Bran’s quest. Within a
when Connallarrived to battle the dread tyrant, the Palace short time, the group was allowed to settle at Loch Lir. The
was close to 200 feet high and boasted twelve stories and ground proved difficult to carve, with its layers of stone and
several hundred rooms. After Killian’sdeath and Connall’s gravel, but Once the surface had been breached the
departure, the council of elders had the building tom back discovered an amazing thing -many of the cellars ofDun
down to three stories and then used the palace as their own Lir had survived, buried beneaththe rubble, and thesewere
meeting house. King Ian h’lalcomson eventually claimed expanded and transformed into the usual underground
the building along with the throne, though, and it became dwellings. n i S might have been the extent of the new
the residence of the king once again. village’s development, if not for the arrival of the dwarves.
When the ice giants attacked Dun Lir, they did SO by the Appearing suddenly from over the mountains, these
simple expedient of climbing the Everfrost Peaks, clamber- short, sturdy people descended on the village in what Bran
ing UP the Cliffs surrounding the City, and then hurling and the others feared was a new invasion. But the dwarves
bOulders down Onto it frorn high above. Most of the proved to be friendly and curious -they were scouts from
buildings were flattened by this onslaught, and the few that
the mining city of Moradhim, which lay in the mountains In this endeavor the dwarves were extremely useful.
to the northwest. Moradhim was a recent creation, estab- Experienced travelers, they knew the layouts of several
lished by explorers sent from the dwarven kingdom of human and elven cities, as well as their own. Further, the
Kaladim, and they were curious to meet their new neigh- dwarves were expert miners and stone carvers, and offered
bors. The Northmen, for their part, quickly found the to aid their new friends at the construction of the city in
dwarves to be friendly, hard-working, and honorable, and exchange for food, drink, and other necessities. The con-
a fast friendship began between the two peoples. This led to struction took close to ten years, despite the dwarves’ help.
trade, for the dwarves needed meat and drink and were With the approval of the tribes, Bran named the new city
happy to pay for it. Bran and his village did not need money, Halas, which, interestingly, depending on one’s intonation
but this experience made them realize something impor- and context, can mean either “focus”0r“distraction” in the
tant - they could not stay isolated forever. Other races Barbarian tongue.
would travel into the North again some day, and if the land
was found leaderless, then the explorers would claim it for
The Presentbay
Bran consulted with the elders of each tribe, and they all
agreed: visiting foreigners must have a place to meet, Halas
something on which to focus their attention so that the rest Small City, Pop. Appox. 8,500
of the Northmen could live in peace. Loch Lir was the (Barbarian 91.7%, dwarf 0.1%, Erudite 0.1 %, half elf
obvious choice for such a location, and additional visions 0.5 %, halflingO.1%, high elf0.5%, human 7%)
among the shamans of the nearby tribes confirmed that this Rulers: Council of Elders
had been the reason for Bran’s mission. He and his villagers Gold Piece Limit: 18,000gp
would found a new city, the meeting point and trading
Assets: 7,500,000gp
center for their loose Nation. In many ways, this “capital
city” was only a diversion, but it would have to at least Resources: Mead, furs, weapons, warriors
resemble the capital cities of other nations so that all would Militia: 90 Halas Guards; 85 Wolves of the North
recognize its structure and intent.

Economy often look out for one another’s interests in a manner
virtually unheard ofamong other cultures- they just don’t
Halas does provide an opportunity for villages from all do it when foreigners are watching.
over the North to trade their goods not only with other
Those who have never visited Halas tend to assume that
villages but also with other nations and even other races.
it is a small, dirty town of rough wooden buildings, filled
Those who live near the city tend to make monthly or even
with people who spend all their time drinking and fighting.
weekly trips in with their wares, while those who live
While many of the city’s inhabitants do spend the evening
further out often arrange for someone else to transport their
drinking with friends, their days are filled with hard work,
products. Some villages along the coasts have formed a
and few Northmen get so drunk at night that they lose
trade cooperative - each month, people from one of the
control of themselves or their tempers. Fights, while fre-
villages carry products to Halas for that village’s tribe,
quent, are more along the lines of a civic sport, with men
rotating in this duty so that none of them has to travel to
(or, less often, women) facing off for a quick bout and then
Halas more than a few times a year. More industrious
laughing over a drink together after. The city has no
merchants actually trek out to villages and trade directly for
Musicians’ Guild, since virtually all Northmen know how
their goods, then bring those goods back to Halas them-
to sing and play - in some ways, Halas itself is the music
selves, but this takes time and effort, and many villages
guild, and recitals are frequent in the taverns and from the
refuse to deal with non-Northerners outside of Halas.
rooftops of various homes.. .
The primary exports for Halas are mead, furs, and weap-
Arguably the most powerful men in the city are the
ons. Furs are the most popular and the most expensive of
skalds, who maintain the records. Every major transaction
these, and fine Halasian fur garments fetch a high price in
must have a skald, and often two skalds, for witnesses; the
other cities, particularly those designed for women. Mead
skalds are sworn to recount numbers and incidents accu-
is a close second, though, since no one else on Antonica
rately. Merchants often hire skaldsto handle their accounts,
knows how to brew the beverage like the Northmen.
and these skalds are sworn to protect their clients’ informa-
Jewelry,winter gear, and wooden and bone implements are tion at the cost of their own lives. Skalds are not necessarily
also exported on a much smaller scale, but the markets for wealthy themselves, however, although many are, and they
these items are smaller - most people don’t need winter are often paid in goods and services rather than money.
gear except for visits to Halas, Northern jewelry only
appeals to certain tastes, and southern markets often have Shamans are less important in Halas than among the
implements and tools similar or superior to those made in Northlanders’ villages, if only because the city does not
need much magical aid, but they are treated with respect
the North.
nonetheless. Most of theNorthmen in Halas came from the
Halas importsprimarily grain, vegetables, and fruit, since villages originally, and they were raised to consider their
the Northmen cannot really grow those items themselves. shamans as one of the two most important men in the
Wine and beer are popular commodities as well, as are village. Shamans maintain the temples of their gods and
fabrics and garments of light, colorful material. Meat and offer their magic to anyone in need (some charge money,
fish are major commodities in Halas itself simply because so while others ask only that the person give a prayer of thanks
many people travel to the city and, of course, need to eat. to their god). They also officiate at religious ceremonies,
The valley is not well-situated to provide food, except for and are sometimes asked to witness a transaction if a skald
fish from Loch Lir, which is at least half-frozen most of the cannot be found -since Northern shamans all follow the
year. Everything else it can get from traders, and many Tribunal, they cannot lie about something they have
Halas merchants make their living by buying from foreign- witnessed.
ers, only to sell the items to other Northmen privately.
After the skalds and the shamans come the merchant
The city’s most valuable trade is not in items, however, princes. These men usually started as merchants (or inher-
but in services. Northmen are renowned for their size, ited a merchant enterprise), but they grew prosperous
strength, and martial prowess, and people from all over the enough to buy out a business rival or to open a second store.
world hire them as bodyguards and mercenaries. Halas Merchant princes each own several businesses around the
provides a convenient place to find such warriors, and city, and have delegated one or more merchants to run each
young Northmen who have left their villages often travel enterprise. Thus, the princes themselves can simply sit
to Halas in search of work and of a means to begin their back and watch their employees make them more money.
exploration of the world. These men are the wealthiest in the city, but they do not
earn as much respect as do skalds and shamans, for the
Sociefy merchant princes have not sworn any oaths to be lawful
Halas is unusual for the North in that it is an actual city and honest. Many Northmen look down on the merchant
rather than a large Northern village. The people of Halas princes, as the princes do not work themselves but hire
do not all share equally in the city’s supplies and wealth, as others to work for them.Totraditionally-mindedNorthmen,
occurs inNorthmen villages -that would reveal too much they serve as a reminder of all that the Northerners’ culture
about the Northern Nation’s culture to outsiders. Instead, is not.
each person in the city makes money himself, either through Almost equal to the merchant princes in wealth, and
his own services and crafts or through selling the services beyond them in power and prestige, are the Guildmasters,
and crafts of others. This money is used to buy lodgings, for each one controls the local guild for their particular
workspace, food, and any other necessities. People in Halas profession. Guildmasters are salaried by the guild directly.
are not responsible for one another, and each handles his They can issue orders to any other guild members, which
own affairs. However, those who hail from the same tribe theoretically, and often in practice, gives them immense
power over those of their profession - in the past, some generally large affairs, marked if not attended by most
have even ordered their guild to stop working, in order to Halasians in the same tribe, and the family in question
demonstrate how vital their industry is to the city. holds a party for their family and friends to attend. The
Financially, the merchants are one step below the appointment of a new Council member, however, causes
Guildmasters. These men and women work in stores and the entire city to spend the night drinking and dancing in
markets around the city, buying and selling a variety of his or her honor.
goods and services. Merchants do not produce items them- Travelers claim that Halas holds drinking parties every
selves, but simply find buyers for something they’ve bought week. Certainly, the taverns encourage drinking competi-
from someone else. Merchants usually make apercentage of tions in their customers, but the city itself does not get
each sale, and so they are always busy looking for new involved in such activities. Other competitions are held
customers or looking for new products their customers will annually, however, including the swimming races (in Loch
want. Some own their own stores, while others work for Lir, of course), foot races through the city, rooftop relays
merchant princes - the latter make less money, but they (each contestant leaps from one building to another in the
also do not have to worry so much about maintaining the next circle, and hands the chain to the next person in line),
store or finding money to purchase new product. and the inevitable brawling and weapons contests. These
Craftsfolk produce their own goods, whether those are competitions all keep the citizens active and healthy, and
clothes, weapons, furniture, or some other good or com- in good shape to deal with any outside trouble.
modity. These people work with their hands, shaping each
piece carefully and precisely. Most sell their wares directly Government
in the marketplace, but some have arrangements with local The village along Loch Lir was originally controlled by
merchants. Artisans are also craftsfolk, but they generally the shaman Bran, and later by Bran and the chieftain, a
produce objects for their aesthetic or cultural value, not man named Drummond. But as the city took shape and it
their practicality. They paint or sculpt, make jewelry or became clear that more people would be necessary to
decorate clothing, and their services are often in high maintain the city, the tribes decided that a single person
demand. There is some animosity between artisans and should not be left in charge. That person would become
craftsfolk in Halas, unlike most other cities, for the latter close to a prince, after all, and it was a very small step from
tend to see the former as impractical and sentimental fools a prince to a king, and then back to the Kingdom of the
who cannot produce anything of “real” value. North once again. The tribal council met, along with Bran
The least glamorous job in the city is that of laborer, and Drummond, and discussed the matter. In the end, it
although even among this seemingly homogenous group was agreed that Halas should be ruled by a council of elders,
there is a division between the “skilled” and the “un- much as the tribes themselves were led. Each tribe agreed
skilled.” The former have generally learned a profession to supply several people to bolster the city’s numbers, and
such as building, while the latter generally haul items from one elder from each tribe agreed to come to Halas among
one place to another or perform menial tasks like sweeping that group. These elders formed the city council, so that
the street clean. Young Northmen often take jobs as each tribe was represented. Drummond, originallyfrom the
unskilled laborers while waiting to be hired as warriors. Whale tribe, represented that people on the council, and
Bran took the seat reserved for Bear.
Local Festivals The Council of Elders still follows this structure today.
The people of Halas celebrate Dugan’s Day and There are fourteen members, one from each tribe. When-
Giantdearth (see Chapter One) on the same days as every ever a Council member retires or dies, that tribe’s elders
other Northman. But the city founders decided (perhaps meet and select a replacement. Usually, in the present day,
based on stories from the dwarves) that aproper city should this new council member is already a resident of Halas, but
have more than two annual celebrations, so several others stories are still told of the day when Lars Tharssen arrived
were manufactured. The first and most important of these in town only a generation ago and claimed the Fox chair,
is Bran’s Day, marking the anniversary of the shaman overriding the claims and objections of more than a dozen
Bran’s first arrival on the shores of Loch Lir. This is other Foxes already present. The Council meets once each
considered the start of the city of Halas itself, even though week. These meetings were originally held in Council
it took more than a decade for Bran and his villagers to members’ homes, or in a tavern, but as the city grew larger
transform the valley into a full-fledged city. and more people asked to attend the meetings, the Council
The second festival is called Whiteout, and this feast day decided to relocate to the Council Building. Their meet-
is held one month into winter (which comes early in the ings are always open t o any Northman, though
North, of course) in the Council Building. This day cel- non-Halasians are expected not to speak until all other
ebrates the seasons and the power of nature, as embodied by business is concluded.
the hour-long to week-long storms so fierce the sky and The Council handles the daily business of the city. It
ground seem to merge into a seamless field of white. imposes taxes on its residents, a practice unheard of among
Whiteout is considered the last chance for the entire city to the village Northmen, and on its businesses, and it uses
gather together, because after that the weather usually those funds to maintain the streets and the city’s defenses.
prevents more than small gatherings. Laws are passed, or revised, or even occasionally removed.
Since Halas is larger than any village and has Northmen (For instance, the law stating that any dark elf entering the
from all the tribes as well as some foreigners, births and city could be killed without hesitation was stricken after
weddings and other occasions are not cause for a citywide the first dark elf trading delegation was slaughtered before
celebration, as they are in the villages. Still, they are it could declare its purpose.) Residents can appeal to the
Council for help in solving a dispute, or even to obtain a goblins, orcs, and giants are not strictly prohibited, but they
loan for business purposes (although the Council only are frowned upon.
grants these funds to Northmen it considers honorable). Although it is not legislated, most Northmen in Halas
The Council also reserves the right to approve or deny any extend guest-rite (see Chapter One: Northmen, “Laws”)to
request to purchase a building or business or to alter a include anyone entering their shop. These potential cus-
standing building or build a new one. Finally, the Council tomers cannot be harmed, harassed, or even lied to as long
is responsible for declaring holidays and festivals, though as they remain in the Northman’s place of business. The
these are usually proposed by the local shamans and the limit on this unofficial policy is at most 2 hours, however,
Council merely approves their suggestions. to prevent people from staying for days and taking advan-
Council members receive a small stipend from the city tage of their “hosts.”Other merchants and craftsfolk consider
for their work, and also a small apartment within the this practice to be foolish, clearly bad business, but the
Council Building. Most use these apartments as offices, Northmen make up for their lower prices and inability to lie
however, and maintain a private residence elsewhere. by having more patrons and more loyal customers.
Council members often have other occupations, and are The only other unusual and noteworthy law in Halas is
free to pursue these provided they do not show undue that everyone in the city must bare his or her face when
favoritism toward others of their own profession. Fortu- walking the streets. This is to prevent a gnoll or member of
nately, Council matters are always decided by a majority some other dark race from sneaking into the city and
vote, and for the most part the stoic Northern sense of mingling with people undetected. Although the law con-
honor motivates most of the Council, even if there are cerning dark elves was removed, gnolls, goblins, and orcs
occasional accusations of corruption. Council members do may still be accosted at will. These creatures are required to
not have to pay taxes to the city, but they are bound by all surrender their weapons and state their business, and those
other laws, the same as any other citizen. A Council who fail to providea satisfactory reason for their presence
member convicted of a major crime will not only face the may be killed without fear ofreprisal.Not surprisingly, most
standard punishment but also be stripped of his office (this orcs steer well clear of Halas.
has only happened once, when Garrett Belgarum was
caught sellinghomeless or kidnapped barbarian children to Trials
the dark elves). Most laws in Halas are straightforward and easily inter-
preted- there is little splitting of hairs. Any resident of the
Laws city can denounce a lawbreaker, though they must swear
In Halas, all the laws of the Northern Nation apply. The the truth of their accusation before a shaman and a skald.
city has additional laws of its own, however. The most Once accused, the criminal is taken into custody to await
important is that no one can move into, out of, or within punishment. At this time, he may demand a trial if he
Halas without notifying the Council. Outsiders may think believes he has been wrongly accused.
this is simply a desire for control, but Northmen know The City Council does not handle trials and punish-
better. Halas was designed to draw the attention -and, if ments, though they establish the laws and often determine
necessary, the attacks -of foreign enemies. In order to do the punishment system to be followed. Actual cases are
that, it has to be large and attractive enough for them to handled by shamans of the Tribunal, who are sworn to
notice it. Yet, the city cannot become a weak spot for the uphold Justice at any cost. A portion of the Council
Nation, and that means that its population has to be Building is used for trials, although some trials are held in
carefully controlled. If every master carver in the Northlands front of the building to allow more witnesses.
were to move to Halas and the city were then destroyed, the The Shamans of Justice call both accuser and accused
Nation itself might never recover. before them, and require each to recount what occurred.
The law concerning buildings is based upon the same Both must swear to tell the truth, and the shamans prevent
logic. Halas was designed for defense, and that means magic or outside influence from tainting their testimony. If
certain areas and passages and clearances must be main- the situation is still not clear, the shaman considers the
tained. Foreign merchants might grumblewhen the Council matter and then renders judgment. Once the sentence has
refuses to let them add two more floors to their warehouse, been given, the case is closed and cannot be reopened
but it is not intended to stop anyone from making money. unless new evidence appears.
It is simply that the warehouse roof is part of the city’s
defenses, and raising it 40 feet would make the location
useless and even dangerous during an invasion.
One area in which the Halas Council has not made many
I Shamansas Magistrates(Optional)
Since shamans of the Tribunal are expected to act
laws is that of sales. Nearly any item can be bought or sold as judges in Northerner society, it seems reasonable
in the city, and prices can be set at whatever amount the that they should have Sense Motive as a class skill. If
seller desires-greedy merchants who price their wares too this option is taken, then they should lose Handle
high will simply lose business to a more fair-minded trader, Animal and Ride as class skills (they both become
and the market will consolidate itself. The only prohibi- cross-class) and also lose Animal Empathy as a cross-
tions are that intelligent beings may not be sold (the class skill. Shamans in the North neither ride mounts
Northmen disapprove of slavery), that necromancy may nor develop an affinity with natural animals (unless
not be practiced, and that it is illegal to sell any drugs they multiclass as beastlords) -their focus is on their
beyond medicines and alcohol. Items belonging to gnolls, own kind and the spirits around them.
Punishments Inside the city, the buildings are laid out in a semicircle,
with the Council Building at the innermost circle right up
Crimes involving money are punished by fines, or else by
against the mountain at the rear of the city. Each ring of
the confiscation of goods totaling an amount assigned by buildings as one walks into the city is taller than the one
the presiding shaman. The amount of penalty rarely ex- before it, so that the city grows taller as it approaches the
ceeds the amount of money involved in the crime itself. If back. The streets are narrow, and the buildings are not laid
the culprit does not have enough money or goods to pay, he out in a grid -instead, the buildings of each level overlap,
may be ordered to provide goods and/or services equaling like layers of brick in a wall, and each street twists and turns
the amount of the fine, or even to forfeit his business or as it moves towards the center. The streets also slope
upward, with the Council Building on the highest ground,
“Crimesof Honor,” such as cheating acustomer or selling so that each ring is actually several steps lower than the
drugs, are punished by fines (anywhere from 5 sp to 1,000 next.
gp),public lashings (from 1 to 40 lashes, depending on the
The original houses were all made of stone, but since
severity of the crime), and hard labor (from 1 day to 3
then more have been added, and some are half-timber or
months). Halas does not have a prison -jail cells are used
even brick. The exteriors are all smooth, and the buildings
to hold people before sentencing, not after. Lashings are
widen slightly as they rise. All of the roofs are flat and have
performed by the Shamans of Justice, and held in the square
low crenellations around the outer rim, and they are
before the Council Building.
accessible through a trapdoor in the ceiling. Although
More severe crimes, such as murder or the practice of adding anything that extends from the building (like a
necromancy, may be punishable by the loss of a limb or of balcony or a porch, or a solid overhang) is forbidden,
an eye, ear, or nose. These amputations are also performed citizens are free to paint their homes and offices any way
by the Shamans, and are generally accompanied by harsh they choose, and Halas is thus a riot of colors and murals.
tattooing around the area of the amputation so that viewers Many Northmen paint their totems by the front door, and
will know that the lost digit or limb was the result of others create elaborate designs filled with animals or with
punishment, and not a battle scar. tales of past deeds. Each house also has a small plot of land
Those convicted of a crime have the right to demand just behind it (on the north side). For residences, this is
punishment through combat. They are allowed a weapon usually either a garden or a patio, or both. For stores and
(at least a short sword, though more commonly they are workshops, this is extra storage or a workspace for anything
given a longsword or axe), and the shamans appoint their best done outside (like hammering steel in a smithy -
opponent -this is usually the wronged party, although if forges and kilns are usually set in these areas to keep the rest
he or she is significantly smaller and weaker than the of the shop from overheating).
criminal, a champion may be selected. The combatants
Halas is built along the shores of Loch Lir and takes
may only use the weapons they were given; magic is not
advantage of that fact. Channels have been cut into the
allowed, nor are ranged weapons. After taking a wound, the
ground, running from the lake into the city, and these
criminal may surrender, and if the wound is judged suffi-
channels angle down slightly as they go, so that fresh water
cient no further punishment will be given. For severe
runs into wells placed along the channels’ path. A second
crimes, “sufficient”is usually fatal, but many consider this
set of channels runs along the outer edge of the city, up
a more honorable outcome than being maimed publicly.
against the mountain walls, and angles back towards the
One of the greatest faults a Northman can show is lake instead -this is used to flush out refuse, which is swept
cowardice. Anyone who runs from a crime is automatically into the channels and then washed away with dirty water.
considered guilty and receives double the punishment he
The city is divided into several segments, less for practi-
would otherwise have received for the deed. Those who
cal reasons than for economic ones:
commit severe crimes and run are declared fugitives, and
may be hunted and killed by any Northmen without The Manors: These are the buildings closest to the
penalty. Council Building, and thus they are the tallest buildings in
the city at four stories. Each merchant prince owns a manor
City Structure that he keeps as a private residence, which usually contains
all of his family and possibly some favored employees.
Halas was built as both a stronghold and a trap, and the Manors look the same as other buildings in Halas on the
city’s structure seems strange unless viewed from those outside, but inside they are often paneled in rare woods or
perspectives. The city is built in a half-circle, with the rich tapestries, and some have had upper floors torn out to
mountains closing in around the rear side. The front is a create vast rooms with ceilings that vanish overhead.
massive, buttressed stone wall, roughly 60 feet high and Guildhalls are also found in this district, and many contain
thick enough along its top for four Northmen to walk side- quarters for their Guildmaster and other senior members.
by-side. The piers from the lake run toward the wall but stop Merchants’ Quarter: This area lies next to the manors,
some 20 feet away. Across from each pier stands a solid and the buildings here are mostly shops and stores, with
stone door, some 20 feet high - these are lowered like a quarters for the merchants up above. These buildings are
drawbridge, so that the top edge rests solidly on a platform three stories tall, and the middle floor is often used to store
just below the end of the pier and the two form a single flat excess goods or to house apprentices and junior employees.
surface. It is said that the shamans who built the city called
upon spirits of both earth and water to ensure that this
Arts and Crafts: Just outside the merchant’s quarter is
the arts and crafts area, where the craftsfolk and the artisans
mighty wall remain standing.
live. The fact that their shops and homes are intermingled beFenses
may be partially why the two dislike one another so much,
Halas was built specifically as a target for invaders, and
or that may simply exacerbate a previous hostility. These
therefore designed so that its citizens could defend them-
buildings are only two stories tall, with shops or workrooms
selves well. The city’s outer wall has a walking space within
(or both) on the ground floor and living quarters above.
it just wide enough inside for a fully armed Northman to
Most of the city’s taverns are in this circle, with a ground
walk without scraping the sides, with ladders leading to
floor for general patrons and an upper floor with private
walkways higher up within the wall and slitted windows
along the upper catwalks. These narrow windows are con-
Laborers’ Quarter: These buildings have one story. cealed by c1oseefitting“shutters”made of the same stone as
Those who live in this area work for someone else, and so the wall’s surface, but the slits can be opened so that
they do not need a work space at home. The houses are no harpoons, spears, and arrows can be launched at attackers.
less solid than those in the inner circles, however, and The drawbridges are constructed in such a way that, if the
many are painted as well as any manor house. chains were somehow broken entirely (which would have
Poor Quarter: Those who cannot afford a home live to be done from the inside, since the gates open outward
among the warehouses, in tents or portable huts or simply and downward), the stone slab would crash through the
on the street. The warehouse district has the widest streets, edge of the pier and demolish the entire pier structure.
so people can still get past these little shelters easily, and Thus, as a last resort, the Northmen could wait until
although the city frowns on those who erect tents here, it invaders were nearly through the gates and then release the
does not forbid it. City guards are sometimes mobilized to chains, crushing those beneath and drowning anyone on
pack the poor up and chase them off,but they simply find the pier as well.
another spot to set up camp and then return a few days later. Inside the city, each progressively taller circle of build-
Warehouse Wall: Forming the outermost ring, the ware- ings lets the Northmen launch missiles at invaders further
houses face the front wall of the city. Although these down in the citv - the short crenellations around the
buildings are only one story tall, they actually have higher rooftop help protect them from attack, yet, since they are
ceilings than houses in the laborers’ quarter. The city is looking down on the previous circle, they can easily target
built on a low plateau, and the warehouses are below that anyone on those buildings. The slightly outward-leaning
level, so that short staircases lead up from them to the rest sides of the houses (the upper stories being slightly larger
of the city. The warehouses themselves are large buildings than the lower) makes them difficult to climb.
with a single wide door in front, either lined up with or built The streets are also arranged to hinder attackers. Their
close to one of the piers. Enough space stands between the narrowness and frequent turns make it hard for anyone to
warehouses and the gates for workers to carry and even walk more than two abreast, and makes bows and other
stack goods before bringing them into a building. ranged weapons less effective -defenders can spring out,
hurl a spear or javelin, and then duck back behind a
ACceSsttothe City building before the next wave of attackers is close enough
Because of its location, Halas can only be reached across to spot them. The plateau angles up slightly towards the
Loch Lir. The cliffs around it on the other three sides are Council Building, thus allowing defenders to pour burning
sheer -even if someone were to climb up the back of the oil or pitch down and always giving them the advantage of
mountain range, they would most likely never be able to higher ground. The channels used for cleaning the streets
scale down to the city. can also contain burning oil, which would ring the city in
The Serpent River, which divides Antonica down the fire.
middle, runs right to Loch Lir- indeed, some southerners The Council Building was designed to allow its defenders
refer to Loch Lir as ‘Serpent Head Lake” for this very to make a last stand. The walls were deliberately made very
reason. It has also been called the Nest, although this is an smooth, to keep foes from climbing them; defenders can
error: The Nest is actually a collection of peaks along the reach the top easily by climbing through trapdoors on the
southeastern edge of the lake, where giant eagles roost. The roof. Piles of large stones on the roof can be placed on the
proximity of the two areas may explain why the name “the trapdoors to keep enemies from coming up. Once on the
Nest” is sometimes applied to the river as well as to its roof, defenders can use their superior height to attack
neighboring mountains. Boats can reach the lake without invaders coming up from lower in the city. The battlements
difficulty, although travelers are warned to watch for are perfect for dropping boulders or pouring oil on attackers
gnolls -the Blackburrow Downs lie alongside the river on at the foot of the building, all the while providing cover to
the west side, and the gnolls often launch attacks against those on the roof from enemy archers.
smaller boats as they pass by. The back and sides of the city are also protected from
Of course, the piers of Halas do not actually reach the attack. All around the valley, carvers and hunters have
city, but during the day the drawbridges are down and created wide Slide traps (see “Defenses” in Chapter One),
anyone arriving in a boat (or by swimming) can walk down making it nearly impossiblefor enemies to climb to the edge
the pier and into the city proper. (Loch Lir is not a small of the cliffs and look down on the valley. Most of these
lake, and it is half-frozen nearly all year round due to the Slides drop climbers into steep gorges or concealed pits, but
constant cold. This doesn’t prevent Northmen from swim- a few simply hurl them off cliffsor high peaks to crash onto
ming it, however. In fact, most young Northmen who live the ground far below.
in the vicinity swim the breadth of the lake at least once Even if the city were taken, the Northmen have both a
during their formative years. ) way out and a means to sour the enemy’s victory. With the
and his mind and spirit are still strong even if his body has also uses this large shallow area for both individual training
grown weak. and group maneuvers. The Pit is technically in the same
Kisr#rMcDonal,HalsJCouncilor(Caribou),Male~~,Shmll/ circle as the Council Building, and the mountain wall runs
Wer 3 (always buFfed with spirit o f bear [totem spirit]): CR 14; along its outer edge.
Medium-size humanoid[barbarian] (7 ft., 2 in. tall); HD lld8+33 (Shm)
plus 3d12+9(War); hp 112; lnit +1 (Dex); Spd 30 ft.; AC 16 [flat-footed Bazaar
15, touch 111 (+1 Dex, +5 armor); BAB +11; Grap +13; Atk +14/+9/+4
melee (ld8+3, crit 19-20/x2, Combine longswor$), or +12/+7/+2 Next to the Council Building on the other side is the
melee (ld8+3, crit 19-201x2, Combinelongsword) and slam +11 melee Bazaar. This is an open-air market, where craftsfolk and
(ld4+2); SA spells; SQ cold save +3, alchemy mastery, spirit mastery artisans who lack a shop can show and sell their wares.
(totem spirit), berserking, Taunt bonus +2, barbariantraits; Resist CR Merchants often browse the bazaar, looking for new and
25; AL OG; Fac Shamans OF Justice; SV Fort +11, Ref +5,Will +14; Str exciting products to entice their own customers, and younger
14 (It),Dex 12 (9),Con 16 (12). Int 12, Wis 18, Cha 14. Northmen often show their wares here first to build a
Skills: Alcohol Tolerance +5, Channeling +15, Climb clientele and enough money to purchase a shop.
+5,Heal+8,Intimidate +6,Jump
+3, Knowledge (folklore) +7,
Knowledge (mysticism) +7,
- Halas Key
Knowledge (nature) +8,Knowl-
edge (religion) +6, Knowledge 121BankoFHalas
(warcraft) +3, Meditation +18, This building, located in the
Profession (herbalist) +9, Pro- Merchant’s Quarter area directly
fession (hunter) +7, Sense in front of the Council Building,
Motive +7, Spellcraft +4,Swim houses the local skalds. Here they
+3, Taunt +4,Trade Skill (al- keep written records - because
chemy) +18, Wilderness Lore non-Northerners are uncomfort-
+5. able relying o n t h e skalds’
Languages: Barbarian (5), memories alone -of every trans-
Common (5). action made in their presence, and
Feats: Iron Will, Leadership, also hold copies of every business’
Mental Clarity, Mystic Capac- sales records. These are used to
ity, Power Attack, School determine both individual and
Specialization (alteration), business taxes.
Slam. .@. [SIMac’sKilts
Shamun Spells Prepared (mana
Mac (male barbarian, Rog 3 I E q
cost): Cannibalize (O), creeping
vision (4),frenzy (4),frost shike a 5, N, Merchants of Hulas), the
(17), healing (lo), invigur ( 3 ) , owner of this shop, sells heavy
spiritofcat (lO),spiritofwolf(7), wool kilts in a variety of patterns,
vision (2). as well as leather armor and sev-
Prayerbook: Burst offime, can-
cel magic, cannibalize, counteract
52 eral other types of thick protective
clothing. In fact, this is the finest
disease, creeping vision, shop in Halas for most light armors
disempower, endure diseuse, en- or for hide armor. Mac’s employ-
dure poison, feet like cat, jketing fury, frenzy, frost strike, ees weave his kilt-cloth themselves on the two great looms
healing, inner fire, invigur, serpent sight, spirit of cat, spirit of he has out back.
snake, spirit of wolf, vision. Mac has never given any other name to his neighbors.
Manu Pool: 88. Much shorter than most Northmen, he is also much broader
Possessions: White wolf-hide armor (see Appendix Two), and more barrel-chested than most. In fact, despite stand-
ceremonial staff of office, Combine longsword, spirit pouch, ing 6 feet tall, he resembles nothing more than a hulking
enhancement potion (Str +2, Con +2), potion of passage dwarf in physique. This appearance is only enhanced by his
(Halas), potion of spirit shield, prayerbook, 40 gp. thick black hair and great, full beard. Mac speaks with the
K mMcDonal(also buffed with frenzy, spirit ofcat, and spirit of heavy brogue of the northwestern isles and walks with a
wolf): lnit + 8 (+4 Dex, +4 misc); Spd 45 ft.; AC 25 [Flat-Footed 19, slight limp, but otherwise moves quite smoothly.
touch 201 (+4 Dex, +5armor, +2 insight, +2dodge, +2 misc); BAB +11;
Grap +16; Atk +17/+12/+7 melee (ld8+6, crit 1?-20/x2, Combine [4] Mcbaniel’sSmokesanbSpirits
longsword), or +15/+10/+5 melee (ld8+6, crit 19-20/x2, Combine This store specializes in alcohol and pipe tobacco. Scon
longsword)andslam+14melee(ld4+5);SVFort+ll,Ref +8,Wi11+14; McDaniel (malebarbarian, Com3 , DG ,Merchantsof Hulas)
Str 20, Dex 18. and his sister Jil (femak barbarian, Corn 2, DG, Merchants
of Halas) are co-owners. When their father Gunther died,
PifoFboom the young siblings inherited the store and agreed to split it
This area is actually a combat arena, primarily used for evenly. Scon is by far the more outgoing of the two, a good-
training young warriors. The local warrior’s guild, the looking Northman with strawberry-blond hair and blue
Wolves of the North, is headquartered next to the Pit, and
eyes. Jil is quieter, with almost white-blond hair, and she has tables and chairs, but most customers prefer to sit at the
prefers to stay behind the counter while her brother ap- bar and chat with one another over their drinks.
proaches new customers. They never speak of their mother, Brin is a solid fellow, a bit shorter than most Northmen,
and residentsclaim that some great mystery is hidden there, with curly, sandy brown hair and twinkling green eyes.
yet everyone likes the McDaniels too much to pry. Although he happily listens to tales, he is somewhat
Most Northmen smoke pipes, usually carving their own hesitant about tellingstoriesofhisown. Afewhavenoticed
from bone, ivory, or wood, and they rarely travel without at that he flinches slightly every time anyone mentions ice
least a small pipe. Older Northmen may have a rack of pipes giants -and Brin is hardly squeamish.
at home, each one shaped differently and providing a Brin’s son Donald (mule barbarian,E@ I ,NG,Merchants
slightly different smoke. The McDaniels sell pipes of all of Hulas)is learning his father’strade, and he often helps his
shapes and sizes, as well as a wide variety of tobaccos, all father behind the bar. A friendly lad of 15, whose beard is
displayed along one wall of the store. The tobacco comes still unbraided, Donald loves to drink and to fight, and
from all acrossAntonica, and they even get shipments from often complains of his father’s forbidding him to join the
other continents occasionally. On another wall is the Wolves of the North.
alcohol - mead is prominent, of course, but McDaniel’s
also sells wine and beer and even a few high-priced liquors. [SIYee M a g i k
The rest of the shop has small tables with chairs around
This shop is one of the most prominent of the non-
them, and clients are invited to sit and smoke and drink. Northern establishments. Run by apair ofsoutherners from
For favored customers, McDaniel will even provide samples, Qeynos, Saeoan (male human, Mag 3/Wiz 4, ON, Mer-
and often joins them in drinking and puffing. chants ofHalas)and Falaena (female human, Enc S/E@2, N,
Merchants of Halas), the shop caters to enchanters, magi-
[51 M C ~ O ~ U W S Ciber cians, wizards, and shamans. The rather mysterious couple
This fine establishment is a tavern, providing food and sells herbs, crystals, and various powders, plus other spell
drink for travelers and locals alike. Brandyn McDonald ingredients. For the nonmagical, the shop contains some
(female barbarian, Corn 7, OG, Merchants of Halas) is the medicinal herbs, an array of small belt pouches and carved
head of the operation, while her husband Hetie (mule boxes, and crystal jewelry.
barbarian, Com 5/Mill, OG,Merchants ofHalas) does most
of the cooking and heavy work. Tall and a bit stout, [9]The Bounb Mercnaib
Brandyn has reddish-blond hair, while Hetie’s braids and Run by old Sean Sinlain (male barbarian, Exp 6, DN,
beard are unusually dark for a child of the Northlands. This Merchants of Halas), the Bound Mermaid sells fishing
cheerful couple both love to gossip, and they are always supplies, which explains its location -Sean likes to be as
happy to trade storieswith their customers.The McDonalds close to the water as possible. Sean is a true son of the sea,
buy all of their alcohol from Scon and Jil McDaniel and born in a little village along the eastern coast. Leaner than
frequent McDaniel’s Smokes and Spirits on a regular basis most Northmen, with golden-brown hair and mild brown
themselves. Both Brandyn and Hetie are members in good eyes, Sean is a quiet man who suddenly becomes talkative
standing of the Brewer’s Guild, although they brew only a when he meets a fellow fisherman. Some say he charms the
small, largely personal stock every year. fish onto his line by singing to them, but of course no one
really believes that.
[6]McPherson’s Blooby BLabes Customers can buy fishing line, hooks, nets, traps, bait,
This smithy offers bladed weapons of every size,from tiny and waterproof boots and clothes here. On nice days, Sean
knives to great swords that even some Northmen would leaves the shop in the care of his assistant and goes fishing
have trouble lifting. KevanMcPherson (d barbarian, Mil himself, out on the pier -he often sells his catch later that
7/E* 4, DN, Wolves of the North) is a brawny old man evening.
whose grizzled hair is turning white, but his arms are still
strong enough to bend steel or to crush a man to death, and [lOITheFishery
his gray eyes are as piercing as his arrowheads. In his prime,
Located along the pier just east of center, next to the
Kevan was a respected member of the Halas Guard. Cus-
Barracks, this is an open-air fish market. The Fishery is not
tomers are often treated to tales of his adventurous youth
a permanent structure, but a series of folding stands; every
while waiting for their blades to be sharpened or repaired,
evening, the fishmongers fold up their tables, pack up any
but his many scars tell a tale more impressive than simple
unsold fish, and head into the city. Many take their remain-
ing fish to taverns or inns and offer them at a discount,
while others simply carry it home for dinner.
[71McQuaib’sBar anb Stout
Brin McQuaid (male barbarian, E* 6/Rog 2, DG, Mer- [Ill The Barracks
chants of Halas), Guildmaster of the Brewers’ Guild, is also Halas maintains a Citv Guard, and these men (and a few
a friendly rival of Scon and Jil McDaniel; he and the
women) sleep in the city barracks. This building was
MacDaniels’father were fast friends. McQuaid brews all of
originally a warehouse, and the only change is that a second
his ownspirits, vowing that he’ll never sell adrink he didn’t
door has been carved into the back wall, so that the guards
make or that he wouldn’t quaff himself. The inside of his
can exit more quickly. Inside, sturdy beds have been placed
place has a long, polished bar running the length of two
in rows, with the occasional chair and table between them.
walls, with stools set up in front of it. The rest of the room
Officers have small apartments in the corners of the build- Northmen’s usual sense of the term (see “Carvers” in
ing, with more space and a little more furniture. Chapter One: The Northmen). Carpenters and stonema-
Cian Mcmarrin (male barbarian, War 22, OG, Wolves of sons are both included in this group, as are sculptors and
the North), the chief of the City Guard, can be found here even a few jewelers. The guild is not very large, and most of
as often as he is in the Council Building. Cian is a tall man, its members work at small objects rather than the larger
even for a Northerner, with honey-blond hair and black ones like houses.
eyes, a coloration common among the Seal Tribe. His
younger brothers Adon and Clovan are Halas Guards as [17] Artisans’Guilb
well, and his father Oli serves as the Seal representative on This guild includes all the artisans in the city, painters,
the Council. jewelers, and sculptors (some of whom belong to both this
and the Carvers’ Guild). Since art is very subjective, the
[12lbok’sCigars guild concentrates more on behavior than on the quality of
Although he is definitely a Northman by his size and work, although it does occasionallyhelp fund large projects.
build, the owner of this shop speaks with a strange accent Its members are expected to be courteous to customers, to
and has very dusky skin, dark hair and beard, and eyes of an charge them a fair rate for their work, and to do the best job
unusual golden color. He arrived in Halas many years ago possible every time.
with his cigars and other supplies, and has been here ever
since. No one knows what tribe he belongs to, and since 1181 Merchants’Guilb
Dok (malehalf barbarianlhalf dark elf, E@ 4/Mag 5, OG, This is a very strange organization in the eyes of those not
Merchants of Halas) has been a good neighbor and a solid familiar with Northmen society. Every merchant in the
citizen, no one has ever felt compelled to ask. city belongs to the guild, including the merchant princes,
Although this shop was originally meant to sell cigars but the guild itself does not issue any orders or guidelines.
and tobacco, Dok quickly realized he couldn’t compete It does provide a place for merchants to gather and discuss
with McDaniel’s (see Area 4) in that area. So he branched their activities, but does nothing to establish standard rates
out, and now the shop offers a variety of goods, from food for goods or services, or even to stop one merchant from
to pottery to candles to fabric. It does still have a small underselling a peer or stealing another’s sales technique.
display of cigars, off to one side, and buying one of these Many outsiders believe this guild was actually created by
smokes will make Dok more likely to cut a customer a deal one of the merchant princes simply to keep an eye on his
on other purchases. rivals and employees. Yet despite the guild’s policy of non-
interference, very few real problems ever arise between the
[13] The Golben Torc city’s merchants.
This store offers jewelry for both men and women,
including the heavy metal collars for which it was named. [IS] Brewers’Guilb
The merchants also make solid bracers and armbands on One of the most popular groups in Halas, this guild‘s
request, but they do not handle more delicate creations. members brew mead or wine or beer or several of those
beverages. In order to join, a prospective member must
[14] F i s t or Steel brew a batch of something before several senior members
This smithy specializes in metal armor, from gauntlets who, led by Guildmaster Brin McQuaid (see Area 7), then
and greaves to breastplates and helms. The owner, Talan taste the final product. If this committee judges the brew to
Reilly (male barbarian, Mil 5/E@ 6, ON, Wolves of the be of sufficient quality, the person is admitted. Scon
North), is a large man with enormous arms, and his back- McDaniel (see Area 4) has been trying for years to join this
yard is filled with an enormous forge that can hold an entire guild, following in his father’s footsteps, but though the
breastplate at once. He and Kevan McPherson (see Area 6) young man is an excellent shopkeeper, he cannot brew
were once comrades-at-arms, but some years ago they had potable mead to save his life.
a falling out of some kind, and now the two refuse to speak
to one another. Each still recommends the other’s work, [20] Fielb PriestsoptheTribunal
however. This is the local beastlords’ guild. Relatively few
Northmen become beastlords, especially among those who
[l5] The Dear’s Hibe live in Halas, and those who do are treated with respect but
This merchant, Hveln McLoor (male barbarian, Corn 4, also a little concern. This building is not located within
N , Merchants of Hulas), sells various furs and skins, both Halas proper, but near the northwest edge of Loch Lir.
uncut pelts and those already shaped into jackets and other People who arrive at Halas by dogsled or upon some mount
garments. He buys furs for his shop only from other generally leave their animals here and travel the rest of the
Northmen. The upper floor is the province of his wife and way by boat, while the beastlords tend to the animals.
daughters, who handle the sewing and ornamentation of While the guild’s master, Keven Iceclaw, is rather lacking
the clothing. in people skills, Hoyce Mactaegan (female barbarian, Bst 7/
Rog 6 , N G , Field Priests of the Tribunal)acts as the primary
[l6] Carvers’Guilb intermediary between the guild and the outside world; she
often deals directly with the Shamans of Justice, for whom
This guild’s membership includes any citizen of Halas the Field Priests often perform missions.
who carves materials for a living, not just carvers in the
Kcven Iceclaw Motive +9, Sneak +14, Spot +14, Swim +4, Trade Skill
Those who have met the master of the beastlords of Halas (tailoring) +12, Wilderness Lore +7.
have compared him to a great hunting cat: graceful, pow- Languages: Barbarian (41, Common (4).
erful, and deadly. Tall even for a barbarian, Keven has Feats: Double Attack, Dual Wield, Hand to Hand,
snow-white hair and glacier-blue eyes, but it is his hands for Improved Hand to Hand, Improved Two-Weapon Fight-
which he is known -large but slender, with long tapering ing, Parry, Power Attack, Riposte, Slam, Toughened.
fingers, his nails the faint blue of ice. Beatlord Spells Prepared (mana cost): Chloroplast ( 3 3 ) ,
Keven indisputably cares more for animals than he does invisibility (51, raging strength (IO), serpent sight (5), shifting
for people, and he would gladly sacrifice a non-beastlord if shield (13),spirit of the storm (17), summon companion (8),
it meant saving one of his charges; however, he also takes Yekun’s recovery (2 1).
good care of his guild’s members and does his best to keep Prayerbook: Chloroplast,endureekcnicity,healing, Hen’kol’s
them happy and healthy. Unfortunately, that often means soothing, inner fire, invisibility,minor healing, ragingstrength,
little more than making sure they have enough food and resist acid, serpentsight,shiftingshield,shrink, spirit ofmonkey,
plenty of exercise, since he has a hard time appreciating spirit ofthe storm, spirit of Kushek, spirit of Keshuval, spirit of
more civilized (or subtle) interests. Keven’s warder, the Kahliz, spirit of Shurik, spirit of Zehkes, summon companion,
enormous Frost Ire, is never more than a few miles away - Yekun’s recovery.
close enough for a summon companion spell to work. Mum Pool: 156.
Keven Iceclaw, HighFieldPriest of the Tribunal (Wolf Tribe), Male Possessions: Ice lizard-hide a m (see sidebar), coldsteel
Barbarian,Bst26 CR 26; Medium-sizehumanoid [barbarian] (7 ft., 10 claevedhundwaps (see AppendixTwo), harpoon (see“Equip-
in. tall); HD 26d8+78; hp 204; lnit +4 (Dex); Spd 4 0 ft.; AC 21 [flat- ment” in Chapter One), hunting knife, pendant ofanimism
footed17, touch14](+4Dex,+7armor); BAB+26;Grap+29;Atk+2?/ (see Appendix Two), prayerbook.
+26/+23/+20/+17 melee (ld4+3, unarmed), or +32/+29/+26/+23/
+20 melee (ld4+5, coldsteel clawed handwrap) and +27/+22 melee Keven lceclaw (buffed with deftness, health, ragingstrength, and
(ld4+3, off-hand coldsteelclawedhandwrap), or +30/+27/+24/+21/ shiftingshield): hp 282; lnit +8 (Dex); Grap +32; Atk +32/+2?/+26/
+18 melee (ld4+5, coldsteel clawed handwrap) and +25/+20 melee +23/+20 melee (ld4+6, unarmed), or +35/+32/+2?/+26/+23 melee
(ld4+3, off-hand coldsteel clawed handwrap) and slam +27 melee (ld4+8, coldst~lclawedhan~wrap) and +30/+25 melee (ld4+5, off-
(ld4+3), or +30ranged (ld10+3, crit x3, harpoon); SA spells; SQ +2 hand coldsteel clawed handwrap), or +33/+30/+27/+24/+21 melee
cold saves, animal speech, animal skills, animal aura (7/day), warder, (ld4+8, coldsteelclawedhan~wra~) and +28/+23 melee (ld4+5, off-
disciplines (Resistant, Fearless), barbariantraits; Resist CR 23, DR 6, hand col~steelc/awedhandwra~) and slam +30 melee (ld4+6), or +35
FR 3, PR 8; AL ON; Fac Field Priests of the Tribunal; SV Fort +14, Ref ranged (ld10+6, crit x3, harpoon); SQ damage reduction?I-;SVFort
+14, Will +14; Str 17, Dex 19 (16), Con 16, lnt 10, Wis 17, Cha 12. +17, Ref +24, Will +14; Str 22, Dex 26, Con 22.
Skills: Animal Empathy +18, Balance +8, Channeling theFrostlra,FemaleWhiteWdfWarder,TypaQ(buffed
storm): CR -; Huge magical beast; HD 24d8+264; hp 378; lnit +7
+12, Climb +lo, Handle Animal +20, Heal +8, Hide +IO, (+3 Dex, +4 lmproved Initiative); Spd 60 Ft.; AC 28 [flat-footed 17,
Jump +7, Knowledge (nature) +6, Knowledge (religion) touch 141(-2 size, +3 Dex, +17 natural); BAB +18; Grap +39; Atk bite
+3, Listen +13, Meditation +lo, Sense Heading +7, Sense +29 melee (2d8+13 and spirit o f the storm) and 2 claws +27 melee
(ld10+6 and spirit o f thestorm); Face 10 ft. by 20 ft.; Reach 10 ft.; SA
spiritofthestorm, improveddragdown,magicattack+S; SQlow-light
vision, scent; AL N; Fac none; SV Fort +25, Ref +17, Will +lo; Str 37,
Dex 17, Con 33, lnt 9, Wis 15, Cha 15.
Skills: Hide-5*, Listen +15, Spot +15, Taunt +14. Frost
Ire receives a +15 bonus on Hide checks in snowy or icy
Feats: Cleave, Dodge, Improved Initiative, Mobility,
Multiattack, Power Attack, Slam, Spring Attack.
Spirit of the Storm (Su): A successful melee attack may
proc (DC 22) a blast of 5d10 points of fire damage (Fort
half, DC 22). Whenever the proc effect causes damage,
Frost Ire may make a free Taunt checkversus the opponent.
Note that she gains a +5 bonus on this check for having
dealt damage in the same round, and this spell grants an
additional + 10 bonus to the Taunt check.

[21]bun’s Rose GarBen

This house in the Merchant’s quarter has a beautiful
garden full of roses, despite the constant cold and the
frequent snowstorms. The building is actually the local
Rogues’ Guild, and rogues in Halas are sometimes referred
to as the White Roses (though usually not to their faces).
Dun McDowell is their guildmaster, and he controls the
local rogues with an iron hand. The most important rules
of the Guild are (i) Never steal from other Northmen, and
(ii) Never harm a victim except in self-defense. The guild
Quest:Capturethe Blasphemer
I aL.L."I,.
G o l A Princrc
I L C L U I ,&COW "
1 L l l r ,. " r a n t \
n F the Trihitn-1 r+fl
L ILVU..". L UL.,

Fielb Priests' LeatherTunic NPC: Hoyce Mactaegan.

Description: This armor is made by the Field CR: 4.
Priests of the Tribunal from the specially cured hides Reward: + 1faction rank with Field Priests of the
of polar bears. Tribunal if this quest is completed twice (maximum
Powers: This armor is the equivalent of +I leather +2 from this quest). +1 faction rank with Shamans
armor. of Justice if this quest is completed four times (maxi-
Field Priests' Leather Tunic (AC +3, max Dex +6, mum +2 from this quest). Field Priests' leather tunic
check +O; hardness 3 , 3 hp, Break DC 23) (see "New Tailoring Items" sidebar).
Str +l. Consequence: -1 faction rank with Rogues of the
White Rose (maximum -2 from this quest).
Bmus types: None.
Quest Summary: Granin O'Gill (mak barbarian,
Caster Level: 3rd.
Shm 3/E@ 3 , DN, no faction), a former shaman
Market Price: 3,160 gp. magistrate in the Hall of Justice, made a series of
Slot: Body. very questionable pardons that raised the ire of
Weight: 12 lbs. Margyn McCann. O'Gill drew attention himself
Components Required: 2 high-quality polar bear with derisive comments regarding the City Council,
hides, 20 whale-bone bonings, 10 flasks of yew leaf and thus instigated an investigation into his activi-
tannin. ties. He soon went missing, as did the scoundrels he
Trade Skill (DC): Tailoring (23). had freed. The details of the plot are left to the GM,
but Granin is a barbarian shaman with excellent
Ice Lizarb-Hibe Armor knowledge of the area, including the nearby Ice
Description: If properly tailored, the tough armor Roads. In addition, he might reach an outlying
produced from the hides of ice lizards (see Appendix village ahead of news of his crimes, thereby insinu-
One) offers significant resistance against cold-based ating himself among the villagers before they realize
attacks. his treachery.
Powers: This armor is the equivalent of +4 hidx The quest could be performed more than once,
a m . though criminals other than Granin O'Gill would
Ice Lizard-Hide Armor (AC +7, max Dex +4,
check -2; hardness 7, 10 hp, Break DC 25)
Cold resistance (8),cold save +2.
Bonus types: None.
Caster Level: 12th.
Market Price: 18,765 gp.

Components Required: 2 high-quality ice lizard

hides, 5 silk cords, 10 flasks of drake-egg oil.

also supplies its members with tools of the trade, for a price.
A wily woman named Ysanna Macgibbon (female barbar-
ian, Rog 12/E@ J 1 , N G , Rogues of the White Rose) does
much of McDowell's bookwork.

bun MCbOCUtZll
The rogue guildmaster is relatively small and wiry for a
Northerner, with golden curls and a mischievous grin. His
beard is close-cropped, which many Northmen consider
scandalous yet many women seem to find enticing. He
sometimes offers white roses to lovely young maidens.
Dun McDowdl, Rogue Guildmwtsr, Male Barbwisn (Seal Tribe),
Rog 25Nar 4: CR 29; Medium-size humanoid [barbarian] (6 Ft., 7 in.
tall); HD 25d8+75 (Rog) plus 4d12+12 (War); hp 225; lnit +13 (+9Dex,
+4 lrnproved Initiative); Spd 3 0 Ft.; AC 22 [Flat-Footed 22, touch 161
(+6 Dex, +6armor); BAB +24; Grap +27; Atk +36/+33/+30/+27/+24
17-201x2, +3keendagger),or +34/+2?/+24/+1~+14ranged(ld4+1, Spellcraft +9, Spot +9, Trade Skill (alchemy) +23, Wilder-
100 ft., + I sling of distance); SA backstab +8d6; SQ sense traps, ness Lore +8.
evasion, rogue abilities (improved evasion, uncanny dodge, opportun-
ist, skill mastery [Climb, Disable Device, Escape Artist, Pick Lock, Languages: Barbarian (6), Common (5).
Search]), disciplines (Counterattack, Deadeye, Nimble), berserking, Feats: Healing Adept, Iron Will, Leadership, Mental
Taunt bonus +2; ResistAR2, CR 11, DR 2, ER 2, FR 2, MR 3, PR 12, SoR Clarity, Mystic Capacity, Quest Spell, Quicken Spell,
2; AL ON; Fac Rogues of the White Rose; SV Fort +15, Ref +24, Will School Specialization (alteration), Spell Focus (evoca-
+lo; Str 17 (13), Dex 28 (18). Con 17 (14), Int 15, Wis 12, Cha 17. tion).
Skills: Alcohol Tolerance +11, Appraise +lo, Balance Shaman Spells Prepared (mana cost, modified for Greater
+:16, Bluff +19,Climb +25,Diplomacy +9, Disable Device Specialization [alteration] and Healing Adept feat): As-
+25, Escape Artist +41, Gather Information +11, Hide siduous vision (8), chloroblast (271, cripple (35), deliriously
+29, Knowledge (street smarts) +11, Listen +16, PickLock nimble (231,form of thegreat bear (21; as giant polar bear),
+25, Profession (gardener) +8,Safe Fall +24, Search +20, gale ofpoison (40; quest spell), icestike (42),paralyzingearth
Sense Motive +6,Sneak +24, Spot +2, Taunt +12, Tumble (16), stamina (16).
+20, Use Rope +lo. Prayerbook: Alluringaura, assiduous vision, blast of poison,
Languages: Barbarian (5), Common (4), Thieves’ Cant blizzardblast, charisma, chloroblast,cripple, deliriously nimble,
(5). disinfecting aura, enstill, extinguish fatigue, form of the great
Feats: Combat Reflexes, Double Attack, Dual Wield, bear, furious strength, gale of poison, greater healing, hamess-
Improved Initiative, Parry, Riposte, Weapon Focus (ra- ing of spirit, ice stike, listless power, nimble, nullify magic,
pier), Weapon Finesse (rapier), Weapon Specialization paralyzing earth, resist disease, resist electricity, resist mgic,
(rapier). scourge, spiritquickening,stamina, talisman of Tnarg, Togor’s
Possessions: Haze panther armor, +2 rapier, +3 keen dagger, insects, ultravision, vigilant spirit, winter’s roar, plus 90%
+1 sling of distance, 10 sling bullets, ring of roses (see chance of any shaman spell of 7th level or lower.
Appendix Two), thieving tools, 100 pp, 20 gp. Mana Pool: 307.
Possessions: Robes oflustice (see Appendix Two), Staffof
Church OFtheTribunaL the Highlustice (functions as +3 heavy mace), spirit pouch,
This is the local shamanic temple as well as the unofficial enhancement potion (Con +4, Str -I), enhancement potion
guildhouse for the Shamans of Justice. Anyone may enter (Cha +4, Str -l), potion ofpassage (Halas), prayerbook, 15
here and worship, and merely stepping through the doors gP.
automaticallyinvokesguest-right(seeChapter One, “Laws”). MstglynM a n (also buffed with deliriouslynimble, shie/ding, and
The shamans split their time between the Church and the stamina): hp 301; lnit +12 (+7 Dex, +5misc); AC 28 [flat-footed 17,
Hall of Justice within the Council Building - the Hall is touch 211 (+6Dex, +7 armor, +5dodge); SQ +1 magic saves; Resist CR
for dealing with crimes and civil cases, while the church is
10, DR 4, FR 3, MR 6, SoR 3; SV Fort +16, Ref +15, Will +22; Con 21.
a house of worship and a place for private reflection.
Though High Priest Margyn McCann hurries back and
forth between the Church and the Hall of Justice, her
assistant Jinkus Felligan (male barbarian, Shm 19, ON,
Shamansoflustice) is always on hand here to attend to those
seeking her.

Margyn McCann
The leader of the Hall of Justice and the most senior
shaman in Halas, Margyn is a tall woman with strong
features and lovely dark red hair. She personally handles
trials for the most severe crimes and is known to hate
necromancers with apassion. Margyn is also well known for
her friendship toward the Rogues of the White Rose, and
she once pardoned Dun McDowell (see Area 21) from
charges of theft.
Margyn McCann, High Justiceof Hdas, Female Barberim (Hare
Tribe), Shm 25 (buffed with harnessing ofspirit [totem spirit spell]):
CR 25; Medium-size humanoid [barbarian] (7 ft., 2 in. tall); HD
25d8+50; hp 214; lnit +7 (Dex); Spd 30 ft.; AC 23 [flat-footed 17,
touch 161(+6 Dex, +7 armor); BAB +18; Grap +24; Atk +27/+22/+17/
+12 melee(ld8+12, Staffofthe High-lustice),or +26 ranged; SA spells;
SQ spirit mastery (messenger spirit [see sidebar in Chapter One],
totem spirit, hungry spirits, spirit alchemy), alchemy mastery, Greater
Specialization(a1teration);Resist CRlO, DR4,FR3,SoR3;ALNG;Fac
Shamans of Justice; SV Fort +13, Ref +15, Will +22; Str 23 (13), Dex 24
(16). Con 14, lnt 13, Wis 22 (17), Cha 17.
Skills: Channeling +26, Climb +9, Heal +22, Knowledge
(folklore, nature, religion) + 10, Knowledge (mysticism)
+16, Listen +8,Meditation +32, Sense Motive +33 [robes],
Faction: Shamans of Justice (+1 rank).
NPC: Jinkus Felligan.
C R 3.
Reward: +1 faction rank with the Shamans of
Justice (max +l).After the first completion, each
character also receives ld6 gp. After the second, the
party receives an initiate symbol of the Tribunal (see
Appendix Two).
Consequence: -1 faction ranks with the Circle of
Unseen Hands, the Coalition of Tradesfolk Under-
ground, and the Hall of the Ebon Mask (max -1
Quest Summary: Jinkus is in need of someone to
perform an errand of importance to the Shamans of
Justice: He has a recently hung a scroll with sketches
depicting a handful of those criminals most wanted
by the Hall of Justice, and a copy of this “wanted
poster” must be delivered to the city of Qeynos as that
city’s information is woefully out of date. The poster
must be delivered to the bank in Qeynos, where the
guards will probably have an updated poster of their
own or something similar for return to Halas. The
one(s) who perform this errand are surely the sort
who will find more work from the shamans.
This quest can only be completed twice. The
second time, the characters should have to bear some is a massive club made from the rib bone of a strange
other minor paperwork or contract rather than a creature he once slew.
second wanted poster. Warriors of Halas and the North resDect and admire
Kylan greatly, and not only for his fighting skills. The
master warrior is a good judge of character, an honest man
who speaks his mind and despises lies and deception. He
teaches his warriors not only strength of arms but also
[23]WoLvesor:theNorth strength of heart and nobility of Dumose.
This is also known as the Warriors’ Guild of Halas. The Kylan O’Danos, Gtildmastsr of the Woks of the North. Mde
guildhouse stands next to the Pit of Doom so that the b r i m (Bear Tribe), War 27: CR 27; Medium-size humanoid [bar-
Wolves can use that area for practice, and older members barian] (7 Ft., 8 in. tall); HD 27d12+108; hp 296; lnit +3 (Dex); Spd 3 0
regularly offer training to their younger brethren. Various ft. in armor, 4 0 ft. base; AC 21 [flat-footed 18,touch 131 (+3 Dex, +8
armor); BAB +27; Grap +38; Atk +441+381+321+261+20 melee
combat competitions (armed, unarmed, spear-throwing,
(2d10+23 and taintedbreath proc. crit 19-201x2, Iron-Rib club), or
are Often and sometimes gather to watch +42/+36/+30/+24/+18 melee (2d10+23 and taintedbreathproc, crit
the displays of skill. 19-201x2, Iron-Rib club) and slam +36 melee (ld6+11 and daze), or
The Wolves’ guildhouse is generally the place visitors are +30 ranged; SA disciplines(Warrior’s Charge, MightyStrike, Furious,
sent if they are looking to hire one or more Northmen Precision); SQ damage reduction 31-, berserking, Taunt bonus +6,
warriors. area Taunt, disciplines (Resistant, Fearless, Evasive, Defensive); Re-
sist CR 17, ER 5, FR 3, PR 9; AL OG; Fac Wolves of the North; SV Fort
Kylan 9ron-Rib” O’banos +19,Ref +12, Will +13; Str 33 (24). Dex 17 (14). Con 19, lnt 11, Wis 18
The undisputed leader of the Wolvesof theNorth, Kylan (13), Cha 14 (13).
is a large, powerfully built barbarian with long Skills:Alcohol Tolerance +12, Balance +7, Climb +14,
red-brown hair and a thick beard of the Same shade, both Diplomacy ‘4, Handle Animal + 5 , Intimidate Jump
braided in the Northern fashion; the knots on each braid +15, Knowledge (warcraft) Listen +lo, Sense Motive
are held in place by the teeth of giant polar bears and other +9, Swim +16*Taunt +18,
fearsome creatures he has slain. Kylan’s warrior’s name Languages: Baharian (4)sCOmmon (4).
“Iron-Rib,”in typical Northman fashion, has several mean- Feats: Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Double Attack, F i n i s h
ings growing out of the warlord’s personal history. Most Blow, Hand to Hand, Improved Critical (greatclub),Improved
obviously, it comes from the simple fact of his incredible Slam, Leadership, P q ,Power Attack, Slam, Swift, Weapon
toughness - when he is teaching, he often allows young Focus (greatdub),Weapon Specialization (greatclub).
warriors to hit him in the chest and stomach with clubs to Possessions: Arctic wyvern-hide armor, Iron-Rib club (see
demonstrate the physical hardiness to which they might Appendix Two), torc ofmight (see Appendix Two), enhance-
aspire. But more interestingly,hisunusual weaponofchoice merit potion (Con +4, Str -I), potion ofpassage (Halas), large
drinking horn of OlTujim’s fierce brew (6 drinks), 30 gp.
found creeping over the tundra or through the plains, no
Legenbsor!theTunbra large massing of the giants occurred again until centuries
If the legends speak truly, the giants were the first race to later, in the time of Gristag Winetongue.
walk the northern end of the continent. But in those days
giants were wise and their mastery of magic great, and their Terrainan0
castles sprouted among the lush valleys and fields as trees in
a forest. The ogres grew even more powerful than their Weather Conbitions
larger, older kin, until their empire covered the lands with The northern edge of Antonica is divided by the Everfrost
towering castles and mighty palaces. But when the ogres Peaks, a tall mountain range that slices up from the south-
and giants were slain in their multitudes by the Rathe, all western edge of the Northern Nation and runs to the
their great works were laid to ruin, the giant castles likewise middle of the northern coast, ending in a series of jagged
crumbled to dust. The Rathe diminished the wits of these cliffs high above the water. The rest of the Northlands can
two races, weakening their link to magic and removing the be divided into three terrain types: tundra (cold desert),
threat of a second giant or ogre empire. But this was not canyons (cold hills), and wilderness (cold and temperate
enough - the Rathe cast a curse upon the land itself, forest).
bringing an eternal winter to the north where once the
Most of the terms and conditions used below are ex-
heart of the ogre empire had sat. And thus the Northlands
plained more fully in either “Condition Summary”or “The
were born.
Environment” in Chapter Two of the EverQuest: Gume
Even this did not end the grip of the giants on the land, Master’s Guide; any terms not defined in the EverQuest:
however. Many of them became ice giants, through whose Gume Master’s Guide are defined within the text below.
very veins ice water flowed, frozen creatures comfortable in
You can roll on the weather tables in each terrain section
the new climate their own pride and lust for power had
for any given day. You might wish to roll for several weeks
wrought upon the lands. They created new castles, not as
in advance, although this requires more bookkeeping.
grand as their former dwellings but still large and solid, and
Alternately, to reduce the number of rolls, you might roll
continued to claim the Northlands as their own.
ld6 at the same time to determine the number of days the
But the gods had other plans. The Marr twins developed current weather conditions will remain in place.
a new race from human stock, the Northmen or “barbar-
Note that the ranges listed on the weather charts for each
ians,” who were also well suited to the Northern climate.
region are annual averages, and temperatures and precipi-
And the Northmen were blessed, not cursed as the ice
tation will of course vary depending on the season.
giants had been by the Rathe nor deserted as they had been
by the Warlord once his plans for conquest were foiled.
Northmen and giants clashed immediately, each recogniz-
ing that only one race could dominate the North. For many Tundra is by far the most widespread type of terrain in the
long years they fought, clan against tribe, with neither frozen North after the mountains. Very little can survive on
gaining the upper hand. The ice giants were stronger as the tundra - the ground is frozen solid and generally
individuals, of course, more powerful of body, but the covered by snow and ice; the only plants are stunted scrub
Northmen were more numerous and more agile, and their brush, and even these are rare. Some rivers and pools have
minds were more adaptable. Finally, a tribal chieftain ice so thick a mammoth can charge across, while others are
named Dugan the Golden emerged, and the Marr crowned no thicker than paper, easily torn by the weight of a small
him King of the North. Dugan united the Northmen human child. Thus, the rivers and lakes pose the twofold
beneath his banner, and his army swept the ice giants from threat of drowning and hypothermia.
the land. Their castles were tom down yet again, and
though individuals and even small bands could still be
Weather ontheTunbra
d9( W& ‘lmperatue(OF) Wind Speed (mph) Precipitation(in.)
01-50 Normal’ 3d10-30 5d10 ld3-1
51-65 Mild 3d10-3 4d10 ld2-1
66-85 Harsh* ld10-40 6d10+10 ld4-1
86-100 Severe’ 2d10-50 6d10+30 ld6-1

’ 10% chance of snow storm.

20%chance of snow storm.
’40%chance of blizzard.
Movement: Any creature that does not have “cold of snow and ice: Fortitude save (DC 10, +1 per previous
desert” in its Climate/Terrain entry moves half speed over consecutive daily check) for every day’s travel through
tundra. sunlit tundra to avoid being blinded for ld3 days.
Spotting Distance: 6d6x20 feet (unless reduced by pre-
vailing conditions). FrigibPLains
Foraging: WildernessLore (DC 16);for every3 points by The most famous portion of the tundra is the Frigid
which this exceeds the DC, the character may find enough Plains, a vast area to the northeast consisting of long,
food for one other being of the same size. unbroken sheets of ice. Even the barbarians rarely venture
Avoiding Hazards: Wilderness L~~~ (E 18); most there, as little food or shelter can be found on the Plains
commonly, hidden crevasses or thin ice. themselves. Those who do have to cross the Plains usually
follow the Peaks up to the north and then cut along the
Getting Lost: Wilderness Lore (DC 12); check every
coast, rather than attempting the long trek through the
center of the frozen wasteland.
Snow Blindness: O n the rare clear days (10% likely
during normal weather, 30% likely during mild weather),
All Wilderness Lore checks made in the Frigid Plains
suffera -4 circumstance penalty; however, a character with
any character may be blinded by the glare from the leagues
Weather in the Canyons

’ 10%chance of snow storm.

15% chance of snow storm,
30%chance of blizzard.

Canyons can be found along the base of the Everfrost unless one wishes to slide down the rock face and risk
Peaks, threaded throughout the lower portion of the moun- breaking bones from the long drop. All Wilderness Lore
tain range, and closer to the coastlines. These breaks in the checks made in the Maze suffera -2 circumstance Penah’,
glacial tundra are usually rocky valleys, though some can- although a character with at least 5 ranks in Knowledge
yons are formed in the ice alone, and have little or no dirt (local lore [the Maze]) gains a +2 synergy bonus to such
beneath them. Although cold, canyons do provide shelter
from the winds and thus are far more livable. They also have The Maze is discussed in greater detail below, under
more plant life, though this is still limited to small ever- “Landmarks*”
greens, scrub, certain vines, and various lichens and
mushrooms. Many of the Northmen’s villages are located Wilberness
within larger canyons, particularly in the center of the “Wilderness” is used here to represent slightly more
Northern Nation. temperate forested regions, and such regions are found only
Movement: Any creature that does not have “cold hills” along the westem sea coast or along the banks of the
in its ClimatefTerrain entry moves half speed through Serpent River as it wends its way south toward the Misty
canyons. Thicket. Most such wilderness in the North consists of
Spotting Distance: 2d8x10 feet (unless reduced by pre- evergreens, both tree and bush, and the ground is often
vailing conditions). covered by needles instead of leaves. The forested wilder-
Foraging: Wilderness L~~~(E 15);for every2 points by ness is a welcome respite from the rest of the north, and the
which&is exceeds the E,the charactermay find enough home of the largest of the Northmen villages. The soil here
(as opposed to the rock or ice prevalent elsewhere) is also
food for one other being of the same size.
less frozen, and caves and other underground dwellings can
Avoiding Hazards: Wilderness Lore (E17); steep be carved easily.
slopes, cliffs, crevasses.
Movement: Any creature that does not have “cold
Getting Lost: Wilderness Lore 15); check every forest” in its ClimatefTenain entry two-thirds its
base speed through Northern wilderness.
The Maze Spotting Distance: 3d6x10 feet (unless reduced by pre-
vailing conditions).
The collection of canyons between Halas and the
Blackburrow Downs are often referred to as “the Maze.”

Weather intheWilberness
W& Temperstwe(T) Wind Speed (rnph) Precipitation (in.)

’ 5% chance of snow storm.

* 10%chance of snow storm.
25%chance of blizzard.
Foraging: Wilderness Lore (DC 13);for every 2 points by
which this exceeds the DC, the character may find enough
food for one other being of the same size. Much of the Northlands are featureless plains, monoto-
Avoiding Hazards: Wilderness Lore (DC 14);deadfalls, nous sheets of ice and layers of snow. The Northmen can
steep slopes. usually find their way around, often using landmarks both
Getting Lost: Wilderness Lore (DC13); check every natural and manmade.
hour. The Everfrost Peaks are the largest “landmark” in the
area, of course. They run from the southwest to true north,
Southern Coasts cutting a swath across the Northlands. As long as travelers
Along the southernmost coasts, toward the Hatchland remember which side of the mountain range they’re on,
and the Lavastorm Mountains, the wilderness occasionally they can use the peaks to determine which way is north.
turns to lush grass or even sandy shores with tough weeds The Serpent River also provides a clear landmark. It runs
and vines poking through. Temperatures average nearly 10 from Loch Lir in the north down across the continent,
degrees milder here, and that fact, coupled with the re- cutting it almost exactly in two. The LavastormMountains
duced wind and more plant life, makes these the most are sometimes visible to the southeast, belching smoke and
habitable regions in the North. The trees along the south- ash high in to the air. This range is beyond the edge of the
western coast, in particular, grow taller and closer together, Northlands, but it does provide a useful directional marker
eventually leading into the Unkempt Wood. for those in the southern and eastern Northlands.
Movement: Any creature that does not have either “cold On a clear day, giant eagles can be seencircling above the
forest” or “temperate forest” in its Climateperrain entry Nest. This portion of the Everfrost Peaks lies right along the
moves two-thirds its base speed through Northern wilder- Serpent River near the southern border of the Northlands.
ness. The coastline itself is a good guide, provided travelers
Spotting Distance: 2d6x10 feet (unless reduced by pre- can reach it - in many places, though, the coast consists
vailing conditions). of sharp cliffs, and the oceans are not visible until one
Foraging: Wilderness Lore (DC 12);for every 2 points by stands on the cliffs themselves. The other problem with
which this exceeds the DC,the character may find enough using the coast as a guide is that it runs around three sides
food for one other being of the same size. of the Northlands - combined with the Peaks or some
Avoiding Hazards: Wilderness Lore (DC 14);deadfalls, other landmark, the coast can show where you are, but by
steep slopes. itself you could be anywhere along the outer edge of the
NorthernNation. Still, ingeneral, thenortherncoast is the
Getting Lost: Wilderness Lore (DC 14); check every
highest and the most mountainous, while the eastern coast
is filled with rocky beaches and small islands and the
western has more greenery and soil.
The Maze brothers. A tall, forbidding Northman with long blond hair
and a thick beard, Bandl speaks very little and treats most
Barbarians do not actually dwell in the Maze, but they do non-Northmen as enemies until they prove otherwise. He
guard its more accessible entrances, for dangerouscreatures is quick to rescue people from attack by known hostiles such
including both gnolls and goblins wander these canyons. as goblins or gnolls, however.
The Maze Guards keep these creatures from using the
RobMcmarren (male barbarian,W a r 7 ,D G , Wolvesofthe
canyon to reach Halas or any of the other Northmen
villages in the area.
North) is the youngest of the Mcmarrens. Barely more than
a youth, having just begun to braid his sandy beard, Rob is
The Maze is a particularly narrow and twisty collection nonetheless already a capable warrior. He fetches supplies
of caverns in the Everfrost Peaks. It’s located between the and runs errandsfor his elder brothers. Rob is excitable, and
city of Halas and the Blackburrow Downs, within sight of loves the idea of adventure. He also admires his eldest
the Serpent River (which lies to the east). If one can find brother, but hates being the youngest, and resents being
the Maze itself, she should also be able to locate the river, bossed around by any of his siblings but Bandl.
and then follow that to Halas or back down to the southern
border. Southern Guarb Station
Western Guarbhouse To the southwest of the Maze stand three igloos, small
domed houses built from blocks of ice, although these ice
A Northman guardhouse stands by the western entrance huts have underground portions constructed in the same
to the Maze, roughly three weeks from Halas itself. At all manner as in a Northman village. The igloos bar the Maze’s
times, 40Northmen live here and keep watch, with at least entrance to the Frigid Plains, and are occupied by 30
15 on duty at all times. They’ll let travelers pass freely, and Northmen guards. The leader of this force, Karg Icebear, is
will even provide directions to Halas or to the Serpent not a Mcmarren, but he works closely with the brothers and
River. Central among the guardsmen are the six Mcmarren regularly trades supplies and information with them.
brothers, whose family has traditionally been responsible
Karg Icebear (male barbarian, Mil 8/War 8 , OG, Wolves
for this post from its inception. Three of the Mcmarrens
of the North) is a friendly sort, always happy to talk with
will be here at any given time, while a fourth, Lish Mcmarren,
travelers. He’ll offer directions and advice, and has even
travels back and forth between the outpost and Halas,
been known to provide food and minor equipment to those
being responsible for supplies.
in need. His weapon is an unusual one, a gigantic blade
Bonn Mcmarren (male barbarian, War 1 6, DG ,Wolves of known among his (Shark) tribe and the other Maze Guards
the North) is the second eldest of the Mcmarrens, and is as the Z w i e l h a h (see Appendix Two).
officially in charge of the guardhouse by the western en- Martar Icebear (male barbarian,Mil 16,D N , Wolves ofthe
trance to the Maze. Tall, with dark hair and a wide grin, North),Karg’s twin brother, is as antagonistic as his brother
Bonn is a goodmatured fellow who takes his job and his is amiable. Martar only offers directions if pressed, and half
family -but little else -seriously. the time he deliberately gives bad information. He has a
Dom Mcmarren (male barbarian, War 13, DG ,Wolves of foul temper, and attacks anyone who provokes him (which
the North) is the third eldest Mcmarren. He has blond hair happens often, and for trivial reasons). He is a powerful
and a quiet manner. fighter, though, and good at blocking creatures from exit-
Gam Mcmarren (male barbarian, War 1 1 , D G , Wolves of ing the Maze, so his behavior is tolerated. Karg is the only
the North) is the fourth Mcmarren. He has dark brown hair, one who can talk to Martar without danger, and, despite
an eye for the ladies, and a penchant for good mead. their differences in outlook, the two are devoted to each
LishMcmarren (male barbarian,Exp3/War9, N G , Wolves other. Martar wears a cloak of the ice bear, although he
of the North) is the second youngest of his family. Leaner inherited the item from his great grandfather.
than his brothers, and with hair a touch redder, Lish is also Talin O’Donal (male barbarian, War fO/Rog 2 , N G ,
the poet of the family. He’s soft-spoken and well-man- Wolves ofthe North), one of the other men stationed at the
nered, and is usually the one chosen to great anyone who three igloos, is quiet and mild-mannered for a barbarian,
looks important, or to deliver reports to and collect supplies and quite shrewd. He answers questions honestly but never
from Halas. volunteers information, and he’s always interested in mer-
chants and their wares, often curious about what they’re
EasternGuarbhouse carrying as well as the goods’ price and quality. Talin also
O n the opposite side of the Maze is the home of a second makes his own mead, which he brews for his fellows in the
guard detachment of 20 men led by Bandl Mcmarren, the Maze and occasionally sells to those passing through.
eldest and strongest of the Mcmarren brothers. This en-
trance is narrower than the one on the western side, which Flattop
is why a smaller force can secure it. Occasionally, the One of the smaller mountains of the Everfrost Peaks,
remaining brother, Rob Mcmarren, who is remarkably fleet located on the eastern side of the Maze, this peak has a wide,
of foot, runs errands. The Mcmarrens and their men know level top that looks almost like it was carved. Bandl (whose
every turn in the Maze, and the other brothers often visit guardhouse is nearby) usually has a few men posted here as
Bandl (who is only a few days away, for someone familiar a lookout. From Flattop, one can see across the Maze,
with the Maze) to bring supplies andnews and to relieve the locating not only Bandl‘s guardhouse below but his broth-
monotony. ers’guardhouseopposite and the igloos further to the south.
Bandl Mcmarren (male barbarian, War 19, OG , Wolves The southern edge of Loch Lir can be seen as well, though
ofthe North) is the eldest and the strongest of the Mcmarren Halas itself is hidden.
The Point dinner with Megan, and pay her back by getting supplies for
her when they travel to Halas.
On the other side of the Maze stands a mountain peak
with gently sloping sides, but which ends in a narrow spike Megan generally relieson the Maze Guards (Particularly
that can be clambered up by a go& climber (Climb 15). B a n 4 who, rumor has it, was once her lover) or on Tundra
This is known as the Point, and one of the Mcmamens can Jack (see below) for defense. She has a pet Wolf, Snowflake
often be found here, arms wrapped around the spike itself, (a 5-HD snow trained for her by Tundra Jack), Who
looking out over the Maze. A skilled archer with a good guards the tower door*
longbow can hit the Point from Flattop, and on calm days
the Maze Guards on either side sometimes climb these
perches and shout across the intervening distance. The second tower, further to the south, is believed by
manv to be uninhabited, although this is not the case- the
TheTrooTowers South Tower is the home of Tlndra Jack (male barbarian,
Bst 8IWar 12, DG, Field Priests of the Tribunal, Wolves of the
Two solid stone towers stand on the Frigid Plains, a bit North) and Iceberg, a female giant polar bear. They do not
east of the Mcmarrens' guardhouse but north of the igloos. allow travelers to stay with them, sending wanderers to
The larger of these is the one to the north, which is most Megan instead, but they will help people in other ways.
commonly known as Megan's Tower. Some say Iceberg is Tundra Jack's pet, while others claim
Megan's Tower she is an.equat partner -a few even whisper that the bear
is Jack's lover, cruelly transformed by an evil spell. Regard-
A handsome named Megan O'Reilly (female
barbarian, D G ~Merchants Of Of*
North) lives here, providing food and shelter for travelers in
less, she is extremely friendly, and will not attack anyone
without cause (this does not apply to gnolls, o r a , and
goblins). Once threatened, however, the bear does not
need. Her home is not quite a hostel, but she does tend to back down until her foe is dead or Jack calls her
cook fnOfefood than she can eat, and the tower (which was
Althoughnot officiallya h,fazeGuard,~~~d~~~~~koften
here before Megan took residence) has floors and a helps the Guards and other travelers against the creatures
great many extra rooms. Her rates can vary quite widely -
that come out of the Maze. Whennot lending a hand there,
Northmen are charged very little, as is anyone she likes,
Jack wanders the Everfrost Peaks, or spends time with
while those who are rude or overbearing wind up paying
Megan at her tower. He can be relied upon to help anyone
exorbitant prices. The Mcmarrens and their men often take
being attacked by monsters (but likely not by animals), other orcs, and even a few other races. Before the icy orcs
provided he’s nearby and hears the fight. arrived, even humans could be found here. In recent years
the area around the temple has begun to resemble an actual
The Statue village, and many local Northmen begin to fear that the
When crossing the Frigid Plains, one of the most striking orcs are now organized enough to pose a genuine threat.
landmarks one might encounter is the Statue. This impos- The leader of the Ice Clan Orcs, Redwind (maleicy mc,
ing object is a life-sized stone representation of an ice giant, SM 10,OE, Ice Clan Orcs),is as big as any barbarian, with
fist raised as if in defiance. It appears to be carved from a a powerful frame and a square jaw, and is more intelligent
single massive boulder of granite, and the edges have been and disciplined than most orcs. He wears masterwork
worn smooth over time. It lies to the east of Megan’sTower chainmail and fights with two weapons: a wickedly hooked
and a little to the south, and those brave enough to climb sword and a serrated axe. Redwind also carries the ivy rune
it can see her tower and the South Tower beyond the river (see Appendix Two). Occasionally, he leaves the Temple
in the distance, and the Everfrost Peaks beyond them. to wander on his own, though whether this is for solitude
Visitors from the South often wonder why no one has or after some personal mission is unclear.
toppled that statue of the Northmen’s ancestral enemies.
Some Northmen reply that the statue reminds them they Tamshinthe Vcnbor
can never let their guard down. Others say it was simply too Tamshin the Vendor (malehalf-humanlhalf-barbarian,
solid to topple. Still others claim a giant shaman enchanted Shm 3/Nec 10, DN, Orc) is a former shaman of the Seal
the statue, and that destroying it will invoke a curse that Tribe who was forced out of his village when he was
could topple the Northern Nation altogether. And then suspected (rightly) ofpracticing necromancy. The villagers
there are those who claim that the statue is not a statue at chose not to find out whether the charges were true, for if
all, but one of the great giant kings of ancient days, turned they were, Tamshin would have been put to death. Now he
to stone by a spell. These Northmen claim that destroying makes his living selling herbs, poisons, and disease spells to
the statue would simply free that king to gather his armies travelers. For many years, he sold from a small stall next to
and attack the North once more. “Better to let him sleep,” the Orc Temple, and his clients were mainly orcs and
they say, and nod their heads sagely. goblins. But then the Ice Clan Orcs appeared, and they
soon chased Tamshin off. He’s recently found some old
OrcTempLe ruins near the temple for shelter, though, and has set up
shop there. Tamshin is one of the only humans the local
Common orcs do live in the Northlands. They don’t like
orcs (aside from the icy orcs) will tolerate, since they know
cold any more than humans do, but they enjoy ambushes
him and have done business with him for many years.
and looting every bit as much as goblins, which draws them
to dwell anywhere they can find prey. Orcs are larger than
goblins, however, and more dangerous in combat, though Ruins
individually they’re no match for the larger Northmen. TheNorthlands seem uninhabitable to most southerners,
The orcs were not part of the Devastation, and so they are who are surprised to learn that many different races have
not hated as much by the Northmen -individual orcs are dwelt here over the centuries. The lands, which seem so
usually considered more pests than threats, and they’re featureless and barren at first, are in fact dotted with
allowed to live if they provide useful information or some remnants from previous cultures. These ruins are often hard
service. The orcs have proven adept at mountain climbing, to find, but most Northmen know every ruin near their own
and can often be seen wandering about the peaks in search village, and many young Northmen wander the plains in
of goods or treasure. Some are shamans, as well, and these search of new ruins. They are usually less interested in any
are particularly dangerous. treasure than in being the first to locate a ruin and fight off
Though most orcs dwell in caves or in crude huts within any creatures who have taken up residence there -unless,
the canyons, one orcish group is both larger and more of course, the treasures they find help them to locate and
visible. This is the Orc Temple, controlled by the orcs of defeat even more foes.
the Ice Clan. These orcs, often called icy orcs, seem as The ruins in the Northlands can be divided into five
comfortable in the cold as any ice goblin. They are rela- types, as follows (in roughly chronological order of con-
tively few in number, perhaps three or four score at most, struction): the eldritch giant castles; the ogre cities; the ice
but they are considerably stronger than common orcs and giant keeps built after the Rathe had cursed the giants and
far more organized. Worse, many of the icy orcs are appar- the land; the ruins of the ancient Northmen; and the ice
ently spellcasters of some sort, and they are starting to giant keeps built after the Devastation, craftedby Northmen
dominate the other orcs in the area. The Northmen are carvers in bondage to the giants.
watching them closely- thus far the icy orcs haven’t posed
a real threat, but if they start organizing too many lesser orcs Elbritch G i a n t Keeps
under their banner, the Northmen will have to eliminate
These enormous fortresses were built earlier in the same
age as the ogre cities, when giants and ogres were still clever
Their temple, though crude by most standards, is none- and talented. These were once places of great magic and
theless solidly built, and has withstood decades of the harsh beauty, filled with items both lovely and potent. The giants
weather common to the region. The temple stands in view were less interested in conquest than the ogres, so rather
of the Statue, near the base of the Nest on the side away than create large cities, they shaped solitary keeps for
from the Serpent River. The temple is a meeting place for themselves and their extended families. The massive struc-
tures were complex, filled with slender towers, twisting buried WaterRing within the rock. Some of the passages
staircases, and vast gardens. Most were said to have walls currently running around the city -part of the Northmen’s
coated in gold and other precious metals, so that a single “Ice Road” (see Chapter One) - are more graceful than
candle’s light would be reflected everywhere and could turn most dwarven work. These are actually remnants of the
a dark room into a gleaming chamber. These castles, like ogre dwellings, which the dwarves unearthed and incorpo-
the ogre cities, were destroyed by the Rathe, and the giants rated into their own construction. Anyone mining in this
were stripped of their intellect and magic at that time. region could stumble across pieces from the WaterRing,
Though largely crushed, some of the original giant castles trapped in caves deep beneath the surface. Some of these
remain today, although most are in poor repair. Though the areas are surprisingly well-preserved, while others are mere
Rathe bombarded each keep with their magic, the giants rubble. Ofthe other ogre cities, anything not shattered long
possessedmagic themselves and had woven mighty spellsof ago is buried beneath a dozen or more feet of ice.
protection around their homes - these spells could not The ogres were obsessed with conquest and created many
fully withstand the wrath of the gods, but they did preserve powerful weapons; being mighty mages, many of their items
some portions of the giants’ homes. Most of these castles focused on mastery of magic and the elements. Unfortu-
were built atop mountains, overlooking what were then nately, the ogres were also a paranoid and jealous race, and
rich fields and proud forests, and on the highest peaks of most of their belongings were enchanted to resist the will
Everfrost some of these ruins still remain. These generally of others. The more powerful items often carried magical
resemble caves, since most of the exteriors have been traps designed to ensnare or even kill any non-ogre who
buried beneath rocks and ice, but the openings seem dared claim the item in question. Northmen who found
strangely symmetrical and the cave looks smoother than some of the buried ogre cities knew of these perilous traits
naturally possible. through their oral legends, so they were wise enough to
Once inside, walls of polished stone are revealed, with leave these objects alone; many ancient ogre artifacts may
graceful columns, doorways, and arches all delicately carved still be lying about beneath the ice and snow of the North.
and beautifully crafted. The giant ruins are a mixture of the The ogres’ ruins are generally not inhabited, unless one
well-preserved and the tragically destroyed, and exploring counts the Northmen who use portions of WaterRing’s
them is difficultbecause a perfectly intact archway can lead sunken tunnels. Rumors tell of a Northman village whose
to an unsafe room without warning. Although any artifacts carvers found strangely beautiful roomsbeneath the ground
and objects found therein would be sized for their giant and who used those for the underground portion of their
creators, many were also enchanted to adjust to the size of huts. If this is true, those rooms could be parts from one of
their owners, so they could be wielded and worn by those the ogre cities, apparently not as deeply buried as the rest.
of other races as well. Many of the giants were less warlike, But no one knows if this story is true, and even fewer know
however, and their magical possessions more geared toward to which village the story refers. (In fact, one Northman
knowledge and defense than destruction. Even without village in the Otter region does have underground rooms
magic, however, the giant ruins have value. Their walls reclaimed from the ogre ruins, and another village in the
were often coated in gold or other precious metals, and Mammoth territory has rooms which border on and link to
utensils and doorknobs were crafted from these and inlaid fully intact ogre buildings.)
with gems. Near the northwest comer of the Northlands, close to
Most of the original giant keeps are uninhabited, since Land’s Tip (described later in this chapter), a band of orcs
few travel so high into the mountains. However, a few of have recently found a small ogre building beneath the ice
the “caves” have been claimed by creatures such as polar and have dug it out to serve as their own headquarters. The
bears, and one has become the home to a band of ice goblins orc chieftain is tom between keeping the magical artifacts
that recently fled from Permafrost. They’re just beginning they found there for himself or turning them over to
to understand what it is they’ve found, and have no plans Redwind, the leader of the Ice Orc Clan, in exchange for a
to return to live under Lady Vox’s yoke. good position in that growing army.

OgreCities OLb Ice Giant Ruins

These vast settlements covered the land back when the These castles were crude structures to begin with, for the
ogres ruled, and legends say they were made from polished giants no longer had the skills or the ability to build well
stone carved and painted with delicate scenes. The cities and they had not yet thought of enslaving Northmen to
were destroyed by the Rathe after the followers of Rallos work for them. Many of these keeps crumbled in the
Zek dared to invade the Plane of Earth, and little now onslaught ofwind and snow, and the rest were destroyed by
remains of their once-great civilization. The ancient ogre the Northmen after Dugan the Golden united them and
cities, like the ancient giants’ keeps, were lovely and routed the giants from the land.
graceful, yet they were far more expansive (if less tall). Nothing remains of the ice giant keeps built immediately
Most of the ogre cities were built in valleys and meadows, after the Rathe froze the Northlands, or at least nothing
the grandest of all being the empire’s capital, whose name that can be recognized as such. These buildings had no real
would translate to WaterRing, for it was built around a large foundations, and Dugan the Golden’s men launched quests
lake -now called, in the Barbarian tongue, Loch Lir. The to ensure that no trace of the land’s former owners re-
ogre city covered that valley and more, with slender bridges mained - the ground itself shows no sign of their former
crossing the lake and the river just below it and buildings presence. Sometimes people find boulders that seem more
strung along both sides. When the Rathe struck, they square than normal, or a little smoother, and these may be
remnants from an ice giant keep, but only a master stone- Of the rooms placed around that central chamber, one
carver or a lore-master would be able to guess, and even was the head priest’s study and contains a collection of
then the stone might simply be unusual. divine scrolls. Another was the office of the two assistant
priests, which holds two more divine scrolls and a minor
The Losf TecnpLeso~fheNorfhmen item of the GM’s choice. A third was set aside for the King
In general, Northman ruins are simply old villages that of the North to use during visits, and is covered in fine
were abandoned for one reason or another. The huts tapestries and fursand expensive furniture, now most likely
aboveground were either removed (for use in the new ruined. A fourth was used as a storeroom, and contained
location) or fell as time wore on, but the underground food and drink (spoiled and decayed long ago). The fifth
dwellings survived unharmed as long as the walls remained was the temple’s treasury, and is filled with gold and jewels.
intact and the trapdoor above was not removed. Yet rumors The sixth was set aside to house holy relics, and within this
and legends speak of the lost temples, though none can say small room are two golden holy symbols of the Marr, old
(or at least no one is saying) whether the stories are true. priestly vestments, a holy censer, and the fabled Horn of
Long ago, the Northmen did in fact build three great Dugan (see Appendix Two), with which the first King of
temples. Now in disrepair and largely forgotten, they re- the North summoned the other tribal chieftains to his side.
main, though each is at least partly in ruin.
Templeofthe Six Hammers
T€mpl€O F t h e Marr Connall founded the second great temple after he de-
The first temple was initiated by Dugan the Golden to feated Killian Blood-Axe. This imposing structure is
commemorate the birth of the Kingdom of the North and dedicated to the Tribunal, who answered Connall’s cry for
the land’s freedom from the giants. This temple was placed help and assisted him in overthrowing the tyrant. The
along the eastern bank of the Serpent River, near the edge temple was very beautiful, with every surface carved to
of the Northlands in a small mountain range, and was show great battles and mighty warriors and the totems of
dedicated to the Marr twins who created the Northmen every northern tribe, and it was from the tallest spire that
Connall was said to watch over his people.
long ago. Portions of the temple’s two main towers still
stand, though the rest of the structure is barely recogniz- Surprisingly, the temple survives intact, although it is
able, but its underground chamber is almost completely not accessible - a snowstorm no doubt sent by the Six
undamaged. Hammers long ago buried the structure in snow, which
then froze, creating a massive wall of ice. The temple now
Unfortunately, the ruin is not easily accessible, for its
stands deep within the glacier near the northwestern edge
valley, in a region now known as the Nest, was claimed long
of the Frigid Plains, its outline just visible to those outside.
ago by a great number of giant eagles (see EoerQuest:
However, to reach it one would need to carve a way through
Monsters ofNurruth, p. 167). In order to reach the temple
the ice mountain itself. Unfortunately, the great double
itself, adventurers would have to climb the peaks, locate
doors of the temple open outward, so the passage would
one of the two narrow caverns leading into the Nest, and
need to be wide enough for the massive doors (12 feet high
then survive the trip into the valley itself -and the eagles
and 10 feet wide) to be swung open.
do not take kindly to visitors. The remains of the temple’s
spires are accessible once the valley itself has been reached, The temple itself has been miraculously preserved by the
but the stairway leading to the underground chamber has ice -all the windows and doors were sealed just before the
crumbled over the centuries. Using the two partially stand- storm struck. Even the tapestries and altar cloths are intact
ing towers (now used as nests by the eagles) and the rubble and undamaged. The main worship hall does have several
denoting the position of the dozen or so smaller towers, items blessed by the Tribunal, including 3 minor to me-
adventurers can trace the circular outline of the temple dium magic items of the GM’s choice (that would be found
itself. in a temple to the Six Hammers). The most powerful
treasure in this temple, however, lies atop a golden chest
The stairs are located between the remains of two of the
within the temple’s treasury. The shards of the Blood-Axe,
smaller towers near the back of the valley, and if the rubble
the symbol and weapon of Killian Blood-Axe, are housed
is removed the stairwell itself can still be navigated. The
within the chest. This axe was a powerful weapon, capable
underground portion consists of one large chamber, with
of killing with asingle blow and of ignoring armor and other
six small rooms sprouting along its perimeter.
defenses. Legends claim that the Blood-Axe will be restored
The temple was built to honor the Marr twins, and no one day, and that Killian himself will be reborn to wield it.
expense was spared in its construction. The underground To prevent that from ever happening, great Connall’s own
walls are covered in beaten gold, once covered by exquisite blade -known to sages and skalds only as Connall’sSword
tapestries (tatters of which still remain), while mosaics of oflustice (see Appendix Two) - rests atop the chest.
precious stone and glass still fill some of the windowpanes
cunningly carved to allow sunlight into the underground Temple Ofthe Crown
space (although these window shafts are now filled with
Also dedicated to the Tribunal, this ancient temple of
rubble and debris). The underground chamber was in fact
the Northmen was built under Ian Malcomson, who be-
the temple’s chief worship hall, and its altar is an enormous
came the first King of the North after Connall refused the
block of marble covered in gold and precious gems. The
kingship upon Killian Blood-Axe’s death. This temple was
chalice resting on the altar is a solid piece carved from an
known as the Temple of the Crown, for it was shaped to
enormous ruby, and the golden platter beside it is encrusted
resemble Ian’s Crown ofthe North, with six tall spires spaced
with exquisite diamonds.
around the circular base.
TheTempleoftheCrownwasbuiltinasmallcanyon just Crown of the North (see Appendix Two) remains safely
northwest of the valley where Dun Lir once stood, and the hidden here under the protection of the Tribunal.
passage carved between the two was lost in a landslide in
the time of Lars Firetooth, father of Gristag Winetongue. It The Six Giant Keeps
was assumed that the ice giants destroyed the Temple of the Very little is known about the Northlands before the
Crown when they crushed Loch Lir, but in fact they did not arrival of the Northmen, and before Killian Blood-Axe,
notice the temple, for it was built under an overhang and most of the barbarians’ history is mere legend. The period
no trails linked it to the Northmen city. of the Devastation is well documented, however. This was
The temple still stands to this day, although it has seen the time when the giants, goblins, and gnolls combined
some damage from the region’s fierce storms. To reach it, forces to strike down the Kingdom of the North, destroy its
the cavern linking the temple to the valley of Halas must capital at Loch Lir, and enslave the Northmen. The gnolls
be reopened, or the Peaks themselves must be scaled. The were content to return to their downs afterward, claiming
small valley of the temple is barely noticeable from above, only the Maze as their own. The goblins roamed the tundra
however, because the rocks overhang it almost completely- freely, but only in small packs, and did not desire possession
the temple is completely sheltered beneath the largest of any particular area. The giants, however, felt that the
overhang, and cannot be seen from the peaks. Once in the Northlands were still their own, and claimed the Kingdom
valley, the ice will need to be cleared away from the door, of the North as their domain once again. Large keeps were
as it has buried the door to a height of 4 or more feet. Once built in each region, their construction overseen by the
cleared, the doors can be opened. The outer rooms have giants but the bulk of the labor performed by their Northmen
suffered some damage from the snow and ice that have slaves. Six of these keeps were built, and their names would
blown in over the years, but the inner rooms are completely translate to Valley Hall, River Watch, Island Rock, Ice
unharmed. Castle, Mountain Peak, and Land’s Tip.
The Temple of the Crown is still filled with treasures,
some of which have survived the centuries. Rich hangings VaLLey H a l l
and cloths once adorned the rooms, and fine rugs lay upon Valley Hall was the central keep and the home of the ice
the floors, yet many of the tools and implements crafted giant king Icemane. Valley Hall was built on the ruins of
from gold and silver and inlaid with precious gems are in Dun Lir, in the valley before Loch Lir, and from here
perfect condition. The temple contains only one truly Icemane ruled his subjects and summoned his regional
magical item, but that is a potent one indeed, for the true lords. The castle was three giant-sized stories tall, and built
against the sides of the valley itself, so that the outer walls them to horses, bears, and as many men as they could
were the rock of the mountain. Valley Hall was crudely muster, all buffed and bolstered by their mightiest shamans.
constructed, made from rough slabs laid atop one another Then everyone hauled on the column at once, all pulling
and wedged into the spaces, but its floors and walls were to the west. After several hours of effort, the column finally
completely covered by rich tapestries requisitioned from shattered from the stress, and with its destruction the
the Northmen and from other races as well. The back room center of River Watch had no support -the massive keep
of the top floor contained a massive stair which led out onto sagged in the center, and then the middle portion broke
the Everfrost Peaks behind the valley, and Icemane would free and plummeted into the icy waters. The giants, trapped
frequently climb to the top of the peak directly behind and in SkyEye’s chambers, sank with their keep.
there turn to view his domain. Eventually he had a chair With the center of the building gone, the remains on
carved into that spot, so that he could sit and view all the either bank were easily dismantled and these followed the
Northlands at once. first section into the river. This area of Serpent River is still
After Burke Wingfoot and the rest of the Northmen known as River Ruins, and provides some defense for the
routed the giants, Valley Hall was dismantled. This proved Northern Nation because the ruins of the giant’s keep still
a surprisingly simple task, since most of the walls simply poke up from the floor of the river. Boats have to slow and
rested against one another - once a wall or floor was navigate carefully to avoid being tom open by the jagged
shattered, those leaning against it also collapsed, and the stone shards. Northmen along the river still scare their
entire structure fell like a house of cards caught in a strong children with tales of SkyEye rising from his watery grave
wind. The larger pieces of stone were hauled out of the and attacking passers-by, and strange noises are often said
valley, and the smaller pieces were used to build a low to be the giant tearing free from his underwater prison.
plateau at the valley’s center. Riverwatch‘s central rooms are still largely undamaged,
One portion of Valley Hall remains intact, although it owing to both SkeEye’s ingenuity and the skill of the
was not actually part of the keep proper. The throne-like Northmen carvers who built the keep for him. In order to
chair Icemane had carved into the Everfrost Peaks still explore the ruins, however, adventurers must swim to the
stands above and behind Halas, though its outlines have bottom of the Serpent River and then dig into the sediment
been blurred by centuries of exposure to the elements. around the River Ruins until they can locate the ruins
Finding this chair involves climbing high above the city themselves and uncover a door or window.
and then locating the seat beneath its coating of ice. Once Riverwatch is not strictly inhabited, but the River Ruins
found and cleared, however, the chair provides a fantastic are infested with their share of fish, crabs; shrimp, clams,
view of Halas, Loch Lir, and the Serpent River. Large oysters, and also sea snakes. On the other hand, the core of
portions of the Everfrost Peaks can also be seen, and most the ruined keep is filled with treasure. SkyEye was a clever
of the Frigid Plain is also visible. Ancient stories among the and greedy giant, and he often confiscated choice items
giants claim that the chair was enchanted, and that who- from those who passed beneath him on the river. Most of
ever sat there could command the wind and all the birds these items were kept in his private chambers. Among the
and beasts he could see. Even among the Northmen, a few treasures within the rooms are a great deal of gold and silver;
ancient legends of the Chair of the Four Winds exist, several bags of gems; and drinking horns of precious mate-
though few realize this object and the lookout point for rials, many of them bejeweled. SkyEye’s guards each wore
Valley Hall are one and the same. masterwork breastplates and carried masterwork weapons.
SkyEye himself is said to have worn an enchanted suit of
River Watch plate armor and a magical helmet that let him breathe
River Watch was the keep located directly south of Loch underwater (unfortunately for him, it couldn’t save him
Lir, built to guard the Serpent River. The keep actually from suffocating after months in the tightly sealed environ-
straddled the river itself, resting on both banks and on a ment of his sunken chambers). He also carried enchanted
single massive pillar sunk into the center of the river itself. weapons (GM’s choice or design) and wore two magical
The lord of River Watch was a fiendishly clever giant, rings: a ring of animal charming (see Appendix Two) and a
SkyEye, a throwback to the powerful giants of an earlier ring of translocation (see Appendix Two; unfortunately for
age, who designed the castle himself. Consequently, River SkyEye, his bind point was in his personal chambers.. .)
Watch was more carefully constructed than Valley Hall, that currently holds only 3 charges and is thus only worth
with sturdier walls and more detail. The base of the keep 43,000 gp.
was arched, forming two large tunnels through which boats
could pass along the river, and the single floor had a wide lslanb Rock
stone balcony built along both sides so that guards could Island Rock was built in the extreme southeast of the
stand watch and spy any approaching vessels. Woven Northlands, and completely covered the easternmost of
screens blocked the wind at the windows, and heavy rugs the islands along that shore. The island itselfwas little more
and cushions covered the floors, while the walls were often than a single large rock, and the keep was built from shore
bare. Doorways were carved into a variety of shapes, many to shore, so that no land remained beyond its walls. Island
by Northmen carvers but some by the giants themselves, Rock was controlled by Stonegrip, an ice giant so large and
and SkyEye’s own rooms were located in the exact center powerful his hands could shatter boulders.
of the structure, directly above the column. Stonegrip was not particularly intelligent, but he was
Riverwatch proved too difficult for the Northmen to large and fearsome and loyal, so Icemane sent him to guard
take because of its location. Finally, the Northmen tied a the eastern border of their lands: The ice giant king was
multitude of ropes about the central column and lashed concerned about his neighbors in the Lavastorm Moun-
tains, and Island Rock stood not far from these fiery peaks. the atrocities of the rest of his race. But Frostblood could
The proximity made the island far warmer than most of the not tolerate the heat, and so, after some discussion, an
Northlands, and to block out this unwelcome heat, Island alternative was given. The giant lord was allowed to leave
Rock was built with narrow windows and no balconies Ice Castle, taking a massive boat and heading further north
along the west or south sides. Further, the castle had great toward other lands he hoped would prove as cold. He was
ice pits in every room, each filled with blocks of ice to keep the only giant allowed to leave freely, and in truth many of
the temperature comfortably cool. The ash from the his subjects would have let him stay in his castle if the
Lavastorm Mountains coated the southern and western choice had been theirs. They also asked that Ice Castle be
sides of Island Rock, turning those walls a dark gray. allowed to stand undamaged, and since it was a testament
Stonegrip was a cruel master hated by all the Northmen to the skill and artistry of Northern carvers Burke and the
under his control, and when the rebellion occurred they elders agreed. In the centuries since, though, the castle is
took their revenge for his brutal ways. The ice blocks were presumed to have fallen to the constant attack of wind and
replaced with raging bonfires, similar fires were placed just snow, but no one among the Northmen knows for certain.
within the doors, and then every door and window was Actually, Ice Castle was found a few decades ago by a
sealed by jamming massive boulders into their frames. The band of wandering frost giants. Delighted to discover a
giants were roasted alive. Stonegrip himself attacked the ready-made home built to their size, the giants moved in.
boulders at the front door, and actually shattered them with They have been hunting the area, focusing primarily on
his fists before finally succumbing to the heat and smoke - fishing but also trapping any animals they can find. The
his fist is said to have cleared the doorframe before he giants have no idea why the keep is there, or who built it,
expired. Fortunately, the combination of ash on the outer and they don’t expect anyone else to wander that far into
walls and alternating cold and heat within had weakened the Frigid Plains, so they don’t worry much about guarding
the structure, and Island Rock was quickly dismantled. their new home.
Northmen had never lived on the barren island before the Ice Castle contains little of real value other than intri-
return of the giants, so they were happy to leave that place cate ice sculptures, since Frostblood was not interested in
again, with only the foundations of the former keep re- wealth. He did, however, leave behind a +5 Huge flaming
maining. Some Northmen carvers tell tales of hidden greatsword - the giant lord had confiscated the weapon
basements at Island Rock, but most admit that carving from an enemy years before, and had locked it up in his
rooms from the rock of the island would have been an deepest dungeon to keep anyone else from acquiring the
amazing feat even for giants. dangerous blade.
Ice Castle MountainPeak
Ice Castle stood at the northeastern edge of the Mountain Peak was placed to the southwest of the
Northlands, overlooking the ocean behind it and the Frigid Northlands, facing the Hatchland -the giants fear drag-
Plains before it. This structure belonged to Frostblood, who ons more than any other creature, and Icemane worried
had his keep constructed not from stone but from vast that the young dragons born in the Hatchland might
blocks of ice chiseled from the plains around him, cun- attempt to invade his territory. The lord of Mountain Peak
ningly assembled by Northman carvers. Oddly enough, was called Shardspear, and he had the sharpest eyes among
Frostblood was the most genial of the giant overlords, who any of Icemane’s brethren, as well as the best aim. His name
in fact treated his subjectswell as long as they did their work was earned by his preference for using hewn stalactites and
properly. He gave the carvers a great deal of respect, and stalagmites as oversized spears.
asked rather than demanded that they do their best work. Mountain Peak was carved from the rock of the Everfrost
As a result, Ice Castle was by far the most elegant of the Peaks, essentially a collection of linked caves. The exterior
giant keeps, with tall towers at each comer and sweeping of the keep was barely touched, to conceal it from the eyes
staircases connecting the two floors. Many of the interior of the dragons, but the interior was leveled to provide
support columns were carved to resemble animals or even floors, and great vaulted ceilings were cut to create space
warriors, and the doors were built so well that not a single and to let the air flow freely. Slit windows were cut facing
shriek of wind could penetrate them once closed. No fire the Hatchlands, and Shardspear’s throne was placed by one
pits were ever built, and only a handful of torches were lit of these windows - the stalactites and stalagmites from
at night, but because the walls were polished ice those few throughout the keep were piled close by, to provide him
lights could be reflected from room to room, and the light with ready ammunition, and the windows were wide enough
was usually caught and magnified by the faceted ceilings to allow those great spears to pass.
above. Shardspear cared little for the Northmen, and once
Few Northmen lived on the Frigid Plains, so Frostblood Mountain Peak was finished he dismissed them to their
had commandeered carvers and other Northmen to ac- own devices - as long as the villages provided food and
company him to his new locale, but the giant proved to be drink for him and his men and made no trouble, he ignored
so mild that many of the conquered Northmen willingly them altogether. This may explain why many of Burke
accepted his commissions. When the Northmen finally Wingfoot’s more outspoken supporters hailed from the
rebelled and reclaimed their kingdom, they approached Ice southwest, for they had been allowed more independence
Castle and called Frostblood to surrender. The Northmen than most of their kin in other regions. Some even argued
promised him safe passage south if he would swear not to that Shardspear should be left alone -as long as food and
return, for none of them could stomach killing him despite drink arrived regularly he would not even notice that the
giant nation had been overthrown, and he would provide Lanb’s Tip
a solid defense in case the dragons ever did invade. But the
Land’s Tip was the last of the ice giant fortresses built by
giant’sown fighting skills were too impressive for him to be
the enslaved Northmen, and it stood in the northwest
allowed to remain, so ultimately the Northmen invaded
comer of the Northlands. Its purpose was to control the
Mountain Peak. This proved ridiculously easy, since the
many Northmen villages between it and the Everfrost
giants concentrated on the Hatchlands and the dragons,
Peaks, and its ruler, Stormclap, was by far the cruelest of the
rather than on the villages to their backs. Their food and
giant overlords. Most of the Northmen lived in his region,
drink were laced with various herbs and poisons, and most
and Stormclap drove them mercilessly, taking the bulk of
of the giants died without a fight. Shardspear himself, due
their food and demanding constant labor from them. Any-
to his great constitution, still had enough strength to hurl
one who dared to talk back to him or his guards, or who
a stalactite from his window before he died. The missile
paused even an instant before obeying his commands, was
imbedded itself into a nearby peak, and remains there to
punished harshly. Stormclap’s name came from the fact
this day. Mountain Peak itself was sealed with boulders and
that he often tookcruel pleasure in slamming his two hands
rockslides, though some of the caves themselves might still
together in front of an unsuspecting Northman’s face,
exist intact.
creating a thunderous clap that deafened the individual
Mountain Peak can only be reached by finding one of its and knocked him from his feet.
original cavernous doors or windows and then removing
Land’s Tip was built from blocks of stone not because it
the boulders wedged into those spaces. The area has seen
was the most efficient method but because that required the
several landslides and many storms since the Devastation,
most work from the Northmen forced to construct it.
however, so most of the entrances are now buried beneath
Stormclap and his guards did no work themselves, but
layers of rock and snow and ice. The easiest way to locate
shouted orders and bullied the carvers constantly. The keep
the keep is by finding the Spar, the last stalactite Shardspear
was well built, with solid walls and wide rooms, and the
threw before he died. This enormous wedge of rock is still breeze from the ocean kept it surprisingly mild in tempera-
embedded in one of the higher peaks facing the Hatchlands, ture. A wide balcony was built facing the ocean, and
and once located its path can be traced back to the window Stormclap often held audiences there rather than in his
in Shardspear’s throne room. Finding any of the other massive throne room. More Northmen rebelled against
entrances would involve hours or even days of searching by Stormclap than anywhere else in the Northlands, but each
adventurers with strong backs (for moving rocks), sharp time the giant and his guards ruthlessly crushed the rebels
eyes (for noticing the outlines of an ancient door or and then made examples of them in horrible ways.
window), and skill withstone (for being able to distinguish
between carved stone and rough rock). Once inside, how- Burke Wingfoot was born and raised in this area, and his
outrage at Stormclap’s cruelty is what sparked him to rally
ever, Mountain Peak is surprisingly easy to navigate - its
the Northmen together. Once the villages had united, they
halls and rooms were built for giants, and have survived
converged on Land’s Tip, washing over the guards like
untouched all these years.
soldier ants smothering a rat. Stormclap was dragged from
Mountain Peak is close to the Blackburrow Downs, and his throne room, blinded by spears, and then tossed from
the gnolls of that area have discovered some of the former the balcony onto the jagged rocks below. His cries of fear
giant keep’s outlying rooms. They have not yet found the and pleas for mercy are said to still echo along the coastline,
stairs linking those rooms to the rest of the structure, but but no Northmen ever felt the least drop of sympathy for his
eventually they will, and then Mountain Peak will most plight. Despite the effort involved in its construction and
likely become part of the gnolls’ domain. The gnolls may the quality of the work, the Northmen unanimously agreed
not be alone in the keep, however. The caves within are to disassemble Land’s Tip, and it was tossed block by block
part of a large system which branches downward, deep into the ocean below.
beneath the mountains, and all manner of creatures live
there hidden from sight. Some of these unknown beings
may have wandered up into the keep itself, and may even Creatures o ~ t h e
have settled in its wide, cool rooms. That may even explain
why the gnolls have not yet claimed the keep- it’s possible Northlanbs
that they’ve already found the entrance to the main struc- The Northlands is a barren and infertile place, yet some
ture, but that these other creatures have prevented them sturdy creatures do make it their home. Most native crea-
fromgoing further. Gnolls are proud and territorial, though, tures tend to be aggressive and territorial, since food is at a
so such resistance will only make them more determined to premium. When your party is wandering the Northlands,
claim Mountain Peak and to eliminate any opposition. you can use the list below to help you determine random
Mountain Peak was left largely untouched when it was encounters. Be aware of Challenge Ratings, however: A
sealed, so most of Shardspear’spossessions remain. Most of party of 1st-level characters should not run into several ice
these materials are not valuable, however, being roughly giants unless they are part of a carefullycrafted non-combat
made from stone or wood. The only items of real value are encounter. The listings below do not include numbers of
Shardspear’s ruby-encrusted golden goblet and his silver creature encountered, as you should adjust the number of
fork and carving knife, and the masterwork weapons and creatures to something that will pose a suitable challenge
armor left on the giants’ bodies. Shardspear himself had for your party. Location is also important - gnolls can
enchanted armor that was said to reduce the wearer’s move about, but usually they’re found near their portion of
fatigue, a magic (Huge) longsword, and a pendant of sharp the Everfrost Peaks; as a result, anyone wandering along the
sight (see Appendix Two). western coastline is unlikely to meet them.
Native Creatures
The following are creatures native to the Northlands. Mammoth, tundra**
Many can be found in EverQuest: Monsters of Nmath, Mammoth, woolly**
while others are similar enough to a creature from that book Orc, common (use Deathfist orc stats)
(listed in parentheses after the Northlands native) that it Orc, icy*
can be treated as the same monster. New monsters from Skeleton (use appropriate skeletal companions stab)**
Appendix One in this book are also noted. Skeleton, fear-bone*
Skeleton, ice-bone
Bear, polar (use tundra kodiak statistics)** Snow leopard (use pumastatisticswith tundracreature template)**
Snow spider (use desert tarantula statistics with tundra creature
Cold shade template)**
Dog, arctic (see tundra creature template)* Terror, ice-spawn or icy*
Giant, frost Vengeful Bard+)*
Giant, ice* Walrus*
Gnoll, Blackburrow Whale'
Goblin Wolf, dire
Goblin, ice Wolf, white (use snow wolf statistics)**
Gust of wind Zombie, lesser or greater*
Ice lizard' * See Appendix One: Bestiary herein.
** See appendices in EverQuest: Monsters of Nmath.
Out on the Frigid Plains, a great distance east of Halas in were collapsed. But the ground floor and sub-levels proved
the absolute center of the Frigid Plains, stands an ancient, too solid for even the Northmen carvers to dismantle, so
ruined castle. This shattered structure is known as Perma- the entrances were sealed instead and the ruins left behind,
frost Keep. Few dare to venture within, for unlike many of with every Northman cautioned as a child never to ap-
the other ruins in the Northlands, Permafrost is still inhab- proach the place.
ited, and its denizens are not friendly toward the Northmen
or their allies. History
For centuries the ruins of Permafrost sat vacant, its stone
L€g€nbs slowly crumbling and the building’s outlines gradually
Some sages tell that Permafrost was the first dwelling weathering to dull, vaguely rounded edges. Many of the
built by the ice giants at the behest of their first king, known Northmen forgot of its existence, as the ruins themselves
only as Glacier, after the Curse of the Rathe removed both were largely hidden beneath snow and ice. Then came the
their intellect and their former homes. The giants had not Devastation, when the ice giants and their allies returned
yet forgotten all their skill, so the massive keep was well and destroyed the Kingdom of the North, enslaving the
constructed, even if it lacked the beauty and ornamenta- Northmen to their will. Ice giants roamed the land freely
tion of their previous castles. Permafrost took nearly two once more, though in much smaller numbers than they had
decades to build and is said to have stood at least four stories during King Glacier’s time, and a young ice giant scout
tall when finished;from its highest towers the guards could named Cavewalker stumbled upon the concealed ruins.
look down on the nearby peaks and see across the whole of Recognizing the artisanship of his forebears and piqued by
the North. what it might conceal, he chipped away the snow and ice,
When the Northmen first appeared, the giants thought revealing the remainsof theonce-great castle. King Icemane
them mere pests, hardly worthy ofnotice. But theNorthmen was informed, and in fact briefly considered rebuilding that
quickly grew strong and numerous, and they began to wage keep as his new palace, but in the end he decided to settle
war against the giants, until finally King Glacier was forced atop Dun Lir instead.
to order out his troops. Their battles raged for many years, Icemane did grant Cavewalker leave to settle at the
with neither side gaining a clear victory. During that time ancient keep, however, and to take with him a small band
the giants began to feel dread, for they sensed that these of ice giant scouts for company. This group relocated to
smaller beings had been sent by the gods that struck them Permafrost, and worked to restore it as much as possible.
down as a further curse, one that would supplant them and They forced the Northmen from nearby villages to aid
wrest control of the land from their large hands. Then them, and after several months the front gates became
Dugan the Golden united the northern tribes as the King- accessible once more.
dom of the North, and suddenly the giantsfound themselves When the Northmen rebelled,Cavewalkerand his friends
fighting a foe more organized and numerous than them- saw at once that their own nation wasdoomed. Rather than
selves, and often nearly as hardy for all their smaller size. die for a doomed cause, they retreated into the keep. The
Many of the giants retreated to Permafrost,and here they Northmen knew that to follow would be folly, so they
made their final stand. Glacier himself joined the fray, and simply sealed the entrances again and left the handful of ice
slew many Northmen before Dugan stabbed the giant king giants to die within their own castle. But one of the giants
through the eye with his gold-tipped spear, called discovered a second entrance, hidden in a canyon close to
Brightblade. Glacier fell, and with his death the remaining the keep, and through this they foraged covertly for food
ice giants lost their resolve and fled before the Northmen’s and drink. Thus the giants remained deep within Perma-
wrath. Permafrost itself was tackled next, lest it attract host, unable to reclaim the Northlands but unwilling to
more giants in the future, and the towers and upper floors leave their ancestral home.
Another century passed, and the giants’ children still Uneasy Housemates
lived deep within the keep. But one day they were no longer
Permafrost is not a peaceful place. The ice giants are the
alone. A party of goblins had discovered the ruins, and
original inhabitants, and still feel that they should control
chose to investigate. The giants slaughtered many of the
small intruders, but those who survived returned with more the keep -most of them believe they should still rule the
Northlands as well. But their numbers are far too small, and
goblins, until they had brought enough to pose a genuine
threat. They examined the castle with great interest, and the giants at Permafrost have lived apart from the rest of
finally decided to settle there, despite the objections of their race for so long that they now feel little if any kinship
their larger neighbors. The giants knew they were effec- with the other ice giants whosometimes wander the North.
tively powerless to stop the goblins, so they reluctantly The fire giants and the ice giants loathe one another,
formed a pact instead, agreeing to share the space in each viewing the other as a mutant offshoot from the
exchange for the goblins’ aid in foraging. proper giant race, and they fight every chance they get. The
As the years passed, the goblins and giants settled into an fire giants also abuse all of the goblins, and if not for Vox’s
uneasy alliance. Together they restored the front gates protection the entire keep would unite to slaughter them in
again and repaired much of the first floor and the first their sleep. Every day at Permafrost contains a series of
basement level. The upper floors were gone, and neither debates, arguments, quarrels, and fights, as members of
race had the ingenuity or the resources to rebuild them, but these five different groups battle for control of the castle,
the remains of Permafrost offered more than enough space the lands, and the attention of the Lady Vox herself.
for their combined needs. And slowly more creatures began The goblins have lived in Permafrost for several centu-
to appear at the front doors. Bears and wolves were captured riesnow, and feel they are responsiblefor restoring the keep
and trained as pets and guards, and icy terrors found their to its current state of repair. They clearly dislike the giants’
way in through the wells deep below. Then a band of ice continued presence. But even those few giants who remain
goblins arrived. They moved into the first basement level, are too powerful for the goblins to attack easily, so - for
opposite the giants, and began to bully the regular goblins. now - the goblins must put up with their towering and
But the largest and by far the most powerful of these new arrogant neighbors.
neighbors arrived one day and announced that Permafrost The ice goblins are only one small tribe, but they’re larger
was now her own. The great white dragon, Lady Vox, and stronger and smarter than their common goblin cous-
selected the keep as her home several decades ago, and even ins. After stumbling upon Permafrost and seeing how well
the giants were too frightened to refuse her. situated it was to dominate the plains, they decided to take
vox claimed the lowest level of the keep, graciously control and moved in, completely ignoring the objections
allowing the giants and goblins to stay - provided they of the other goblins or the irritation of the ice giants. The
worshipped her. Ice lizards also began to appear in the area ice goblins sneer at their smaller cousins, who have never
after this, drawn by the Lady Vox’s presence. Finally, a been truly comfortable amid the snow and ice, and bully
band of icy goblins appeared - these powerful goblins, them at every opportunity. They mock the giants con-
calling themselves the Cyth, were worshippers of Lady stantly as well, calling them oafish and clumsy and slow,
Vox; they settled in among the ice goblins, whom they and the only reason they have not attacked the larger race
bullied in turn. is because the ice goblin tribe is too few in number to risk
More recently, a fifth group has added to the chaos of the battle with such imposing foes.
castle’s daily life: A band of fire giants appeared at the door The Cyth goblins have worshipped Lady Vox for centu-
and demanded entrance. The ice giants, seeing these bar- ries. They would not have bothered with the keep, but Lady
baric-looking strangers, were prepared to attack them (and Vox summoned them and they live to obey her. The Cyth
the goblins were actually willing to assist in this en- could easily dominate the other goblins, and possibly even
deavor- anything to avoid having more giants present). the giants, but they are only interested in fulfilling Lady
But Lady Vox announced that these visitors were welcome Vox’s commands, and she has not instructed them to take
guests, so they were admitted to the throne room and then control yet. Until that happens, the Cyth live among the
to her own antechamber. The fire giants have since settled ice goblins, and they simply take whatever they need and
in Permafrost, even though they despise the cold. They are ignore any protests.
priests of Lord Nagafen, the great red dragon who dwells in Technically, the variousgoblins control PermafrostKeep
the Lavastorm Mountains - Lady Vox’s lover. The fire itself, or rather the keep and the surrounding lands are their
giants were sent by their master to attend his paramour, and kingdom. The Goblin King answers to Lady Vox, however,
to maintain communication between them-she, in turn, and is allowed to keep his throne as long as he acknowl-
has sent a handful of her Cyth to Nagafen’s Lair in the edges her sovereignty. The ice goblin tribe follows its own
Lavastorm, to attend him in a similar manner. lord, who considers Permafrost to be his territory, while the
Permafrost Keep is now openly inhabited, and both Cyth have a leader but do not bother claiming territory,
goblins and ice giants guard the massive front gates. The since as far as they are concerned everything belongs to
Northmen have considered attacking the place and sweep- their Mistress. The ice giants have been forced to admit,
ing it clean again, but this would require a major force and over the centuries, that they no longer control the keep,
they are not ready to reveal their own strength to the world. and have settled for maintaining their ancestral rights to
Lady Vox controls the keep and its immediate area, but she live there and to participate in the organization of the old
has made no attempt to extend her dominance beyond that castle.
small region, and thus far the Northmen are content to Fortunately for everyone, Vox rarely pays much atten-
leave Permafrost alone. tion to the smaller races, lost in her own thoughts and
schemes. She issues orders occasionally, and expects to be walls were swept away, along with debris from the former
obeyed promptly and well, but as long as she receives food towers, and most of the buildings were repaired.
regularly and is attended by the fire giants and her own The giants had heard tales of Permafrost, and knew stories
Cyth, she is content to ignore the rest of the castle’s a b u t its centralspire, but rebuilding that was beyond their skill,
inhabitants and to overlook their petty squabbles. so they settled for connecting all of the remainingbuildings and
Ofall Permafrost’s denizens, goblins are by far the most forming a single roof across their tops, transforming the central
numerous. Nearly 140 common goblins live within the courtyard intoone wide room.The buildingswhose second floors
keep’s walls. In addition, nearly 40 ice goblins reside here, couldbesalvagedwereunitedbyaseriesofwalkways, butnothing
along with a roughly similar number of Cyth. The ice giants a b v e that level had survived save a single portion of the
total about 30 in all, and 9 fire giants attend Lady Vox on westernmost tower. The underground rooms had been better
Nagafen’s behalf. If some of these creatures are slain as preserved, requiring little more than cleaning and some minor
random encounters, be sure to reduce that number from the repair. These were restored first, and the giants moved into the
total available in the keep. lowerlevelwhile they worked on the portionsabve. As the years
passed and work progressed, they grew accustomed to their
Structure undergroundchambers,sothatevenwhenaprtionoftheground
floor b e habitable they decided to remain beneath the
The towers of Permafrost were all shattered centuries ago surface.
by Dugan the Golden and his men, and the bridgescrumbled. When the goblins first discovered the keep, they didn’t
The outer walls proved too thick to destroy, however, as did realize it was inhabited because none of the giants was
the first floor of the many buildings. The central spire, with above ground. They took possession of the building, set.
its arches, was demolished, leaving only an open space in tling in on the ground floor, and by the time the giants
the center of the castle. re-emerged they were already entrenched. After an initial
By the time Cavewalker found the ruins, there was little period of skirmishing, both giants and goblins realized
left to reveal the keep’s former majesty. After Icemane neither could overcome the other (the giants were too
approved Cavewalker’s mission, he and his allies returned strong, and the goblins were too many and too adept at
and attempted to restore Permafrost Keep. They cleared hiding), so they eventually formed a truce, agreeing to
the outer pit of its snow and ice, and then cleft the rock share the enormous complex. The giants kept their under-
again to make a steep descent along the edge. Ice was ground level and the goblins held the ground floor, but the
chipped from the walls, and the gates were bent back into two worked together to dig new tunnels and rooms beneath
shape, with new hinges holding them in place. Ruined the current basement, providing more room for everyone.
Then the ice goblins arrived. They immediately claimed man, ending in wicked points that fit into grooves lined
half of the basement, which the giants were not currently across the floor, and it can be dropped with terrible speed.
using, and the giants simply decided it was not worth fighting C h r Wak 30 k t h i i Hardness 8;5400hp; &e$CDC80;Climb DC 40.
over something they didn’t really want or need. The ice Outer Pit: CR 1; no attack roll necessary (5d6); +10 melee (ld4
goblins also helped with the sub-basement, and even did jagged spires for ld8+5points of damage per successful hit); Reflex
somework on the secondfloor,though they tended to oversee save not necessary; Climb DC 40. NoteXharacterscannot Fall into this
other goblins rather than laboring themselves. moat-like pit as they would a trap, since it is not concealed in any way.
They are in danger only if somehow thrown or knocked into the pit.
The Lady Vox noticed the keep from high above as she
hwbdga 5 k t h i i Hardness8; 900 hp; Break DC 65;Climb DC 40.
passed through the skies above, and she soon descended
into the Throne Room (as the goblins had designated the PabaG:3 k t h i i Hardness 10;1,080hp; Break DC 70; Lift DC 55.
large chamber at the center). Approving of the location
and its defensibility, she claimed the keep as her own and Entrances
ordered a new portion of the sub-basement to be dug for her Permafrost’s only obvious entrance is its massive main
lair. When her Cyth arrived, they took command of the gate. This imposing opening, with its enormous drawbridge
construction, and the lair was completed quickly. and gigantic portcullis, are intimidating enough to keep
most travelers from daring to cross. The gate is usually
DeFenses guarded by at least 2 ice giants, making it even more
The most prominent defense of Permafrost Keep is its difficult to enter the keep proper.
outer wall. This imposing structure wraps around the entire
keep,andstandsmorethananastounding110feet tall.The L€V€LS
wall is constructed of granite thick enough to withstand a Permafrost Keep can be divided into five levels, although
prolonged assault by giants, its lack of seams suggesting that the Basement is actually divided into two distinct portions.
the keep may actually have been carved from a solitary It is important to remember that this castle was constructed
mountain or plateau rather than quarried and constructed. by and for giants -all of the sizes given (such as saying a
The giants who restored the keep chipped the ice away and room is small) are based upon that scale unless otherwise
smoothed the wall again, then splashed water across it - noted. Thus, a “small” door could still be 20 feet high and
the water froze instantly, creating a slick shell several 8 feet across, while a “large” chair might stand 13to 16feet
inches thick. Thus, even if someone were to reach the high at its back.
walls, they would most likely not be able to climb them.
Oddly, the outer wall has no towers - apparently the Level One:Grounb FLoor
giants who built the keep preferred to erect towers just
within the perimeter, so they could overlook the wall but
not link to that shell in any way. I t is possible that the giants
walked along the top of the wall, since it is wide enough to Exits: Hidden door at Area 3 (leads up to Area 1,
easily accommodate 3 giants walking abreast, but if so the Upper Level); ramp on west wall of Area 3 (leads to
stairs or bridges for access have long since crumbled away. Animal Pens); stairs up from Area 6 (to balconies in
The second defense is the guard tower. Atop the lone Area 3, Upper Level); stairs down, northeast of Area 6
remaining tower a single ice giant alwayswatches the plains (to the Basements); stairs down, northwest of Area 6 (to
surrounding the keep. Lady Vox’s Sub-Basement).
The third defense is the outer pit. This is similar to a Random Encounters: Check once every 30 minutes
moat, in that it surrounds the entire keep. But the pit is not
filled with water, or with anything - it is simply a deep
chasm dug into the ice and rock. The pit begins abruptly,
the ground dropping away in as close to a perfect vertical as
any builder could desire, and these walls have also been 1-2 fire giant priests (see Area 11)’
smoothed and then coated with ice to prevent those falling
No encounter
in from finding handholds. The pit descends roughly 50
*See Appendix One herein.
feet, ending in a forest of jagged rock and shattered stone.
Detections: None.
The only way across the pit is the drawbridge by the front
gate. This massive platform is cut from the same stone as the
walls, and it is controlled by thick coldsteel chains that run Continuous Effects: The temperature on this level is
into the walls above the gates. The giants who first built the below 0”F (see EverQuest: Game Master’sGuide,p. 46),
keep still possessed enough knowledge to rig a system of except in Areas 11 and 12 (where it is merely below 40”
pulleys and levers, and a single guard from within the
gatehouse can lower the drawbridge. When closed, the Standard Features: Unless otherwise noted, doors on
drawbridge fits snugly into a recessed portion of the wall, this level are of stone, 24 feet tall and 9 feet wide: 18 in.
and is almost flush with the stone around it. thick; Hardness 8; 270 hp; Stuck DC 27; Locked DC 35;
Behind the drawbridge stands the massive 40-foot-high Pick Lock DC 30.
iron portcullis. This is controlled by a second set of pulleys
and chains that retract along the high ceiling of the flag
room (Area 3, Ground Floor). Its bars are nearly as wide as
r quare = rofeet
The first floor of the keep is one of the largest and best- Vox; SVFort +26, Ref +8,Will +lo;Str 40, Dex 13, Con 30, lnt 12, Wis
preserved levels, though in part that is due to the work of 16, Cha 10.
Cavewalker and his allies. Most of the foundations sur- Skills: Climb +12,Hide +2*, Listen+16,Spot +lO,Trade
vived Dugan’s men and portions of the lower walls remain, Skill (blacksmithing) +6, Wilderness Lore +7.
but the ceilings were destroyed and many of the less sturdy Feats: Alertness, Cleave, Power Attack, Skill Talent
interior buildings also fell. Cavewalker was not as expert a (Wilderness Lore), Track.
craftsman as his ancestors, and the Northmen carvers he
used, although capable, were unaccustomed to dealing [2] Winch Room
with such thick blocks of stone, so the repair work was not A lever built into the wall near the door of this room
as smooth or as graceful as the original. controls the main portcullis, and another below that oper-
A character who makes a Knowledge (construction and ates the drawbridge-raising the lever opens the appropriate
engineering)or Intelligencecheck (DC10) can spot original portal, while pushing the lever down closes it again. These
sections and even distinguish between the earlier repairs (by levers are operated by an enchantment crafted by the
Cavewalkerand the Northmen carvers) and the more recent original giant builders; a successful dispel check against
modifications (by the current ice giants and the goblins, caster level 30 will cause the targeted lever to cease func-
respectively). The single largest change to this level was tioning for 2d6 minutes, but otherwise the levers always
roofing it to create one massive floor instead of a collection of function. Still, they are giant-sized, and a Strength check
smallerdetachedbuildings.Enormousstone slabswere hoisted (DC 25) is required to move a lever.
onto the walls and laid flat across several rooms, transforming
the former causeways into wide interior halls instead. 131 FLag Room
This floor belongs to the goblins, the most numerous of This is a large, smoothly tiled chamber that branches on
the races inhabiting Permafrost. Although they consider the north side into three passages. The flag room itself has
themselves the lords and owners of the castle, and some- no furniture - it is primarily used to muster troops for
times wander the other floors, most of the goblins prefer to battles or raids. The walls are hung with various tapestries,
remain here on the ground level, closer to their king and however, all depicting battle scenes of some sort; many
their kin. Lone goblins have been known to wander into show ice giants defeating other foes. Though many travel-
the giants’ area, or even into Lady Vox’s lair, and not ers think the name comes from the flag hanging high above
return - despite the truce, the races still despise one the center of the room, the room’s name actually comes
another. from the smooth flagstoneson the floor, and it is one of the
only places on this level to still have the original paving
111Gatehouse (EL19+) built by the first giants.
This is the first room in Permafrost simply by virtue of its The easternmost of the three exits leads to a metal gate,
location. The huge front gate, carved from the same stone which bars the entrance to Jail Row (Area 4).The west
as the outer wall, is located just 10 feet inside the outer passage leads to the Goblin Living Area, which is always
portcullis. Slit windows in the gate face out over the moat- noisy (Area 17), while the central passage goes directly
like pit. toward the Throne Room (Area 6), halting at a massive set
Gate 5 ft. thick; Hardness 8; 400 hp; Break DC 65. of ornate stone double doors, carved and inset with gold
The guardhouse is not particularly large by giant stan- and jewels.
dards, but it can fit at least 4 giants without being too Thtwa Room Doors: 2 ft. thick; Hardness 8; 3 6 0 hp; Stuck DC 30,
crowded.The room is furnished with asmall table and three Locked DC 45.
chairs, and has at least 2 giants present at all times. The west On the west wall of this great hall, a wide stone gate bars
wall has a strange iron plaque mounted upon it, just left of the entrance to a ramp, which leads directly to the First
center, with the remains of some Ancient Giantish runes Sub-Basement: Animal Pens. The gate is normally kept
carved into it. unlocked.
A character who examines the ceiling and makes a Spot Gate 2 ft. thick; Hardness 8; 3 6 0 hp; Stuck DC 30, Locked DC 45.
check (DC 18) notices numerous odd-looking stones over- Along the south wall, in the comer to the west of the
head. (These are the murder holes that can be operated archway from Area 1, is a hidden door concealed behind a
from Area 1 on the Upper Floor.) tapestry - it can be found with a successful Search check
The giants in this room are armed with a good supply of (DC 25), and is opened by pushing the tiny round stone cut
boulders and ice blocks they can hurl through the “slits” in into the floor before it (the only non-square flagstone in
the gate. The south end of the west wall has a large iron rack this room). This hidden door leads to a narrow stairway
mounted upon it, holding several more throwing rocks, as going up, passing through a trapdoor in the floor of Area 1
well as several Huge coldsteel greatswords and greataxes. on the Upper Level.
Gate GI& (2). Male Ice Giants, War 2: CR 18; Huge giant [cold];
HD 22d8+220 (base) plus2d12+20 (War); hp 364,360; lnit +1 (Dex); [41JaiL Row
Spd 4 0 ft. in armor, 50 ft. base; AC 30 [flat-footed 24, touch 41 (-2 This area was set aside years ago as the goblins’ jail,
size, +1 Dex, +16natural, +5 breastplate); BAB +18;Grap +41; Atk+31/ although ages ago it was simply a series of great storerooms.
+25/+19 melee (2d8+15, crit 1?-20/x2, Huge greatsword), or +16/ The area is closed off by a huge iron door at the end of the
+11/+6/+1 ranged(2d8+15,110 ft., throwingrock); Face10 ft. by10 ft.; hallway from Area 3 , which is usually left ajar enough for
Reach 15 ft.; SA rock throwing; SQ damage reduction 7/-, cold a Small creature to pass through; a Medium-size creature
subtype, SR 30, fast healing 3, infravision, rock catching; AL OE; Fac
must make an Escape Artist check (DC 15) to get through.
Otherwise, a character must make a Strength check against
the door’s Stuck DC to push it open another several feet. Joyan is an overweight goblin who loves his job- he gets
However, doing so also creates a loud squealing noise -all to sit around all day, has several people to order around, and
creatures in Area 4 are alerted to the strangers’ presence, he can torture prisoners whenever he has some in custody
and the GM should check for wandering monsters, which and he’s bored. Joyan hates to do any work, so he makes his
will appear in ld4 minutes. Assistant Warden handle most of it while he sits at his desk
Jail Row Door: 1 ft. thick; Hardness 10; 3 6 0 hp; Stuck DC 30. here (far enough away that, by the time someone important
The area beyond the door has a single narrow corridor reaches him, he can look like he’s busy with something
running southward toward the outer wall, and on each side important) eating and drinking and taking long naps. The
it has a row of doors. Each door leads to a relatively small only work Joyan does himself is to search each new prisoner
square room. The materials held within these storerooms for treasure, and he keeps the best items for himself unless
have long since vanished, either rotted or looted or claimed enough others have seen them that he cannot pretend the
by Cavewalker when he first arrived. The goblins rarely items don’t exist.
take captives, actually, but they will drag back prisoners Joyan, Chief Warden, Male Goblin. Rog 6: CR 6; Small humanoid
who they think have valuable information, or anyone they [goblin] (3 ft., 8 in. tall); HD ld8+1 (base) plus6d8+6(Rog); hp 42; init
think can be sold for a good price (whether ransom or +6(+2 Dex, +4 improved Initiative); Spd 3 0 Ft.; AC 17 [flat-footed 15,
simply slave-trade). touch 141 (+1 size, +2 Dex, +3 studded leather, +1 luck); BAB +4; Grap
+2; Atk +7 melee (ld8+3, heavy mace), or +8 melee with dagger
Just within the Jail Row door, against the very north wall (ld3+2, crit 1’?-20/x2, masterwork dagger), or +7ranged (ld3+2,20
of the hallway, stands a goblin-sized table and chair, at ft., dart), or +?ranged (entangle, 2 0 ft. [max], woollyspidersilknet);
which sits the Assistant Warden, Glip. Glip’s job is to stop SA backstab +2d6; SQ sense traps, evasion, rogue ability (chaotic
people, goblins or otherwise, and ask their business. If he stab), ultravision; Resist CR 7, PR 5; AL DE; Fac Vox; SV Fort +5,Ref
feels they have a right to enter the jail, he sits back and +Q, Will +l;Str 14 (13), Dex 14, Con 13 (12), Int 12 (ll),Wis 8, Cha 7.
waves them in. If not, he tells them to go away. Skills: Alcohol Tolerance +4, Appraise +4, Bluff +2,
The two northernmost Jail Row rooms (both labeled 4a) Climb+3,DisableDevice +3,Hide +7, Jump +5,Listen+2,
are not jail cells. Instead, these two rooms house the Jailers, Pick Lock +6, Pick Pocket +8, Search +4, Sneak +7, Use
10 burly goblins armed with iron bars (treat as heavy Rope +4.
maces). The Jailers will respond immediately to the Assis- Languages: Goblin (4), Giantish (31, Common (3).
tant Warden’s call, either stepping out to support the Feats: Great Fortitude, Improved Initiative, Parry.
visitor or leaping out to attack an intruder. Possessions: Studded leather armor, heavy mace, master-
Glip, Assistant Warden, Male Goblin, Rog 1/Mil 3: CR 3; Small work dagger, 3 darts, woolly spider silk net (see Appendix
humanoid[goblin]; HD ld8+1(base) plus ld8+1(Rog) plus 3d8+3(Mil); Two), etched ivory charm pendant (see Appendix Two), 25
hp 32; Init +2 (Dex); Spd 3 0 ft.; AC 16 [flat-footed 14, touch 131 (+1
size, +2 Dex, +3 studded leather); BAB +3; Grap +O; Atk +5 melee gP*
(ld6+1, light mace), or +6ranged (ld3+1,20 ft., dart); SQ ultravision; [SIArchaeology Lab(EL8)
Resist CR 8; AL DE; Fac Vox; SV Fort +6, Ref +7, Will +O; Str 13, Dex
14, Con 12, Int 8, Wis 8, Cha 7. Most people assume that goblins are stupid creatures
Skills: Alcohol Tolerance +2, Appraise +1, Climb +2, with no interests beyond killing, eating, drinking, and
Hide +7, Intimidate +3,Jump +4,Listen +0,PickLock +3, reproducing. This estimation, however, while often accu-
Pick Pocket +4, Sneak +5. rate, cannot be applied in every case. Goblins do have other
hngmges: Goblin (4), Giantish (2), Common (1). interests: One of these is archaeology. Most goblins are
fascinated with ruins and antiques, in fact with anything
Feats: Great Fortitude, Skill Talent (Intimidate).
that harkens to an earlier time. This is partially because old
Jailers(10). Male Goblin, Mil 2: CR 1; Small humanoid [goblin]; HD things are often valuable, and partially because some gob-
ld8+1 (base) plus 2d8+2 (Mil); hp 23.22 (x2), 20,1?, 16 (x2). 15,14
(x2); Init +O; Spd 3 0 ft.; AC 14 [flat-footed 13, touch 111 (+1 size, +3 lins actually realize how much knowledge and magic they
studded leather); BAB +2; Grap +O; Atk +5 melee (ld8+3, heavy and other races have lost over the centuries - ancient
mace); SQ ultravision; Resist CR 5; AL DE; Fac Vox; SV Fort +6,Ref magic is often more powerful. As a result, they spend a great
+2, Will -1; Str 14, Dex 10, Con 13, lnt 8, Wis 8, Cha 7. deal of time digging for these items. This is one of the
Skills: Alcohol Tolerance +2, Climb +3, Hide +5, In- reasons why they chose to settle in Permafrost Keep - in
timidate -1, Jump +5, Listen +0, Sneak +3. addition to its excellent location, size, and defensibility,
Feats: Great Fortitude. the structure is ancient and could contain a variety of
materials, items, and information from the giants of old.
[4bl The lab is where the Archaeologists study anything of
In this room is another slightly larger goblin-size table
interest they’ve found. I t is a large room with several
with a more comfortable chair. This is the office of the
smaller chambers off to the sides. Each of these smaller
Chief Warden, Joyan. The chamber has been outfitted like
rooms is used to hold a specific type of items, although the
a bedroom, complete with a bed and achest ofdrawers. The
room to the far north is the bedchamber of the Chief
jail cells don’t contain anything of value, although at the
i Archaeologist (see Area 5a).
GM’s discretion they might hold a few prisoners who might
offer help or advice if released (or perhaps simply some The 6 junior Archaeologists sleep on bunks along the
goblins put in the cells for crimes committed against the north wall of the room.
tribe, or even just to “cool off for the night”). All of a Several long tables, sized for goblins, lay side by side
prisoner’s valuables are claimed by the Chief Warden and throughout the room, and these tables are strewn with
kept in a large iron chest under his bed (but there is nothing items that have not yet been studied, catalogued, and
there of any real value). stored. Most of these items are worthless, too old and
damaged to function or to retain any artistic value. They SA spells; SQ ultravision; Resist CR 10, MR 5, PR 5; AL NE; Fac VOX;
include old torcs, bracers, rings, earrings, eating utensils, SV Fort +8, Ref +7, Will +lo; Str 14 (13), Dex 14, Con 14, Int 16, Wis
needles, brushes, mirrors, craftsmen’s tools, and weapons. 11, Cha 7.
Most of the items are giant-sized, but some are from Skills: Appraise +11,Channeling +lo, Climb +8, Dis-
Northmen and a few are from other races. Bronze is com- ableDevice+ll,Forgery+9,Hide+7,Jump+5,Knowledge
mon, as are stone, bone, and ivory -wood items tend to (art and literature) +8,Knowledge (construction and engi-
disintegrate after a century or two, so few old wooden neering) +6, Knowledge (history) + 16, Knowledge
objects survive. (mysticism) +16, Listen +3, Meditation +lo, Search +15,
The room also contains four desks, one near each corner, Sneak +9.
where the archaeologistscan sit and write notes about their Langwlges: Goblin (5), Giantish (4), Ancient Giantish
discoveries. The desks have stacks of scraped parchment ( 3 ) , Draconic ( 3 ) , Common ( 3 ) ,Combine (2).
sitting off to one side, and quills and ink pens near the back Feats: Alertness, Great Fortitude.
center. Within the desk drawers are sheaves of completed Wizard SpeUs Prepared (mana cost): Frost bolt (2), minor
parchments, detailing previous finds. T h e Chief shielding (2), sphere of light (2), true north (1).
Archaeologist’sdesk is the one farthest from the door, and ManaPool: 12.
in the top left drawer is a set of keys. These unlock the Possessions: Cloth armor, short sword, 4 darts,
cabinets in each of the smaller rooms. archaeologist’s puck (see Appendix Two), dented bras mask
Treasure: Each Archaeologist carries ld6 gp. (see Appendix Two), archaeology tools, spell component
Archdogists (6). Male or Female Goblin, Exp 5: CR 4; Small pouch, ld4 gems (GM’s choice).
humanoid [goblin]; HD ld8+1 (base) plus 5d6+5 (Exp); hp 32,32,27, Miln (buffed with minor shielding): hp 74; AC 15 [flat-footed 13,
25,24,22; Init +O; Spd 30 ft.; AC 13 [flat-footed 12, touch 111 (+1 size, touch 131 (+1 size, +2 Dex, +2 armor).
+2 leather); BAB +3; Grap -1; Atk +4 melee (ld3+3, crit 14-20/x2,
dagger); SQ ultravision;Resist CR 5; AL DN; Fac Vox; SV Fort +4, Ref [5b-f] Sub-Rooms
+3, Will +4; Str 11, Dex 10, Con 12, Int 11, Wis 10, Cha 7. There are five of these smaller rooms in all, not counting
Skills: Appraise +4, Climb +1, Disable Device +5, Fore the Chiefs quarters. Each room has shelves covering the
ery +3,Hide +5, Jump +3, Knowledge (art and literature, two side walls and a massive cabinet of stone occupying the
mysticism) +2, Knowledge (construction and engineering) entire back. The shelves are covered with items applicable
+4, Knowledge (history) +6, Listen +1, Search +4, Sneak to the room, all of various ages and in various states of
+3. (dis)repair. The more valuable items, both in terms of age
Languages: Goblin (5), Giantish ( 3 ) , Ancient Giantish and value, are kept within the cabinets.
(3). 5b. Weapons: This room holds axes, swords, hammers,
Feats: Great Fortitude. spears, knives, daggers, and maces (and perhaps a few other
more exotic weapons). Many of these are reduced to mere
[5a] Miln’s Room (EL 11)
points, heads, or blades, since the handles were often made
This is the Chief Archaeologist’schamber, and contains of wood and leather and cloth. As with the generic items,
only a bed, a dresser, and a nightstand. There is no cabinet, most are giant-sized but not all.
but beneath the bed is a false panel (Search DC 25), and
The cabinet holds several weapons with gold and/or
within that are Miln’s personal treasures (see below).
silver trim (5d20 gp-value each), most intricately crafted
Miln’s wife (female goblin, Corn 2, DN, Vox) lives here as
and some with precious gems in the hilts or scabbards
well - both are well beyond their child-rearing years.
(5d100 gp); a +1 Huge greataxe, currently covered in rust
Miln is a tall, thick goblin with greenish skin, darting and deposits, but otherwise in good repair and easilycleaned;
eyes, and an oily smile. He is very good at his job, and can a granite axe (a Northman battleaxe carved from solid
decipher many ancient runes and recognize antiques even stone, but which has Hardness 10); 2 Huge two-handed
when they’ve been mauled, and the goblin king values him hammers with silver-plated heads; and a Huge longbow, a
highly. Unfortunately, Miln knows this, and he uses the (man-sized) longbow, and a shortbow of some strange bone
king’s favor to its fullest. An extremely greedy soul, Miln or horn that has not turned brittle even through the
often filches the more valuable finds for himself, although centuries (all three are dragon-horn bows; see Appendix
he’s careful to give the king just enough to keep him (and Two).
his soldiers) satisfied. Lately the king has begun to suspect
5c. Armor: The armor room holds pieces of armor, from
this thievery. The only time Miln can be trusted com-
battered breastplates to bits of scale to handfuls of chain
pletely is when he’s examining anew find -then he forgets
link. The cabinet contains more intact pieces, including a
all pretense or personal gain, and becomes lost in his
well-preserved bronze breastplate (blind eye breastplate; see
appreciation for the object itself.
Appendix Two), and 5 gauntlets and 4 helmets (all giant-
Treasure: Most of Miln’s treasures are scrolls and books, sized) adorned with gold leaf and etched with protective
including a spellbook that contains his four spells, but also runes (nonmagical; 4d20+200 gp each).
in this hiding place are a masterwork silvered dagger, a
small diamond ( 1,400 gp), and a dragon chum (see Appen-
5d. Jewelry: This room has all manner of adornment,
although the pieces on the shelves are of bronze, copper,
dix Two).
and bone (but hidden among them [Search DC 241 is adirt-
Miln, Chief Archaeologist, Male Goblin, Exp lO/Wiz 2: CR 11; Small covered and seemingly worthless human-sized silver black
humanoid [goblin]; HD ld8+2 (base) plus 10d6+20 (Exp) plus 2d4+4
(Wiz); hp 77; Init +O; Spd 3 0 ft.; AC 14 [flat-footed 12, touch 131 (+1 sapphire brucelet). Within the cabinet are heavy gold torcs,
size, +2 Dex, +1 armor); BAB +8; Grap +6; Atk +10/+5 melee (ld6+2, intricate rings, pendants, and bracelets of silver, gold, and
crit 14-20/x2, short sword), or +10/+6 ranged (ld3+2,20 ft., dart); even platinum, beautifully carved shapes encrusted with or
made from precious stones, and even a crown of some 50% chance that Hoarfrost, the ice giant diplomat (see
strangely dark metal that seems to absorb light (shadow Area 4,West Basement) is here while court is in session,
crown; see Appendix Two). For simplicity’s sake, to set and an 80% chance that High Priest Zaham (see Area 10
values for the treasures listed above, roll ld10+25 times on on this level) is present. Finally, there is a 20% chance that
“Table 4-6: Art Objects” in the E v d u e s t : Game Mater’s ld4 ice giants and ld3 fire giant priests (see Area 11 on this
Guide. level) are present (if the ice giants are here, so are the fire
5e. Tools: The tools room is perhaps less exciting than giants, as neither group is willing to let the other get the
the others, since most of its contents are either eating upper hand, diplomatically).
utensils or utility items of some sort: chisels, needles, When court is not in session, 4 elite goblin guards are
trowels, forks, drinking homs, etc. The cabinet only con- here, one at each stair up and two guarding the door to the
tains a handful of items, but it does include one complete king’s chambers (at Area 7).
set of solid gold giant-sized eating utensils (2,600 gp as a The Throne Room currently has five exits. The first is
set); 2 golden ruby-encrusted ogre-sized goblets (4,500 gp the main set of double doors at the south end of the room,
each); a magical Northman drinking horn (The Host’s leading from the Flag Room (see Area 3 for their stats). The
Horn; see Appendix Two); and a set of masterwork stone- second is the smaller set of doors in the northwest part of
carving tools apparently of ancient Northman manufacture, the room (the first doorway clockwise from the main
made from some type of strange milky-white rock, cold to double doors), which lead to a hallway and then to a wide
the touch and harder thansteel (Hardness 13)-while not staircase cutting down to the lowest level of the keep; this
effectively magical, these tools were carved from a magical stair leads directly to Lady Vox’s sub-basement, and is used
stone found within aglacier (700gpto an interested party). only at her behest. Another set of double doors in the
5f. Miscellaneous: This room has all the items that northeast part of the room (the third set clockwise from the
could not be identified or that did not fit in any other main double doors) lead to a second descending staircase,
category. Most of these things are warped beyond recogni- which goes to the center of the Basement Level (this is the
tion, but the room does have some ancient toys, trinkets, stairway that separates the East and West Basements). A
and pieces of art. The cabinet here is empty save for a fourth set of elaborately designed double doors on the
poorly-faceted ball shaped from a single massive sapphire southeast part of the room (the first set counter-clockwise
(400 gp; it’s an interesting curiosity, but in very poor from the main double doors) open onto the Goblin Temple
condition), and a small statue of a giant warrior (this is (Area 8), and a single smaller door connects to the king’s
actually a magic item called The Wam‘or’sAide; see Appen- private chambers (Area 7a).
dix Two). The only other items of note in the room are the massive
brazier standing directly before the throne. This object is
161Throne Room (EL8+) carved of the same dark stone as the dais, the fire within it
Located in the exact center of the keep’s ground floor is burning constantly, casting dim light around the room and
the throne room of the goblin king Thex’Ka IV. The back warming the king and those near him. Directly behind the
wall of the Throne Room has a massive slab of gleaming king, on the back wall, is what appears to be an enormous
black rock laid flat at roughly its center, and this forms the icicle growing from the rock itself -cold radiates from it,
royal dais. Atop this slab is a throne of beaten gold (actually freezing the very moisture from the air. Beside the icicle is
a layer of beaten gold over stone), and it is here that the a torch, which bums without smoke. The heat of the torch
goblin king sits when holding court. To his left is a smaller is intense, and yet the icicles never drips or shrinks. These
chair, also covered with gold, for the ice goblin patriarch objects are the icicle of Vox and the torch of Nagafen (see
and ambassador, Scripin, who is generally attended by his Appendix Two for both objects). Touching either of these
son, Tensiel, the ice goblin champion. To his right, at the items will immediately draw the attention of the Lady Vox
foot of the dais, rests a much larger chair of stone for the ice and also the ire of every giant or Cyth in the chamber.
giant diplomat Hoarfrost. A simple stone stool to the When in court, the fire giant priests sit clustered as near the
immediate right of the throne is reserved for the goblin torch as they can, basking in its heat, while the ice giant
high priest Zaharn, who often advises the king. The rest of diplomat’schair is close to the icicle so that he can enjoy its
the room contains a variety of fancy chairs, many of them refreshing cold. None of the giants spend much time in the
arrayed in clusters around circular tables. The balcony level Throne Room, however, preferring to avoid the goblins
(Area3, Level 2) has more chairs and tables, so that goblins whenever possible.
can sit and relax and watch their king control the nation- Tactics: If the King is present, the elite guards’ first
this level is reserved for the more important members of the priority is his safety - they immediately surround him if
race. they can, providing cover for him. If Zaham is here, he also
Court is usually in session starting at mid-morning every looks to the king’s defense, buffing the king and then
day, breaking after an hour or so for a 2-hour lunch, and himself at the first opportunity, casting whatever offensive
then in session again for 4 or 5 hours (until the dinner spells he can after that, and if necessary standing with the
hour) - while it is in session, 4 elite guards watch the king against any melee attackers. Any giants present will
stairways (2 to each stair). Another 6 elite guards stand attack intruders, but are not as concerned with the goblin
arrayed around the edge of the dais, facing forward to ward king’s safety - they are concerned about the integrity of
off any attack on their king. At such times, King Thex’Ka Permafrost as a defensible home for themselves and their
IV is always present, of course, but there is a 60% chance own people. Scripin and Tensiel, if present, do not care in
that Scripin is here as well, always attended by his son (see the slightest for the giants or the lesser goblins, and they
Area 3, East Basement, for their stats). Further, there is a
..,..-.. - ^ . -

will seek to make a fighting escape, if necessary, to warn and her minions will overrun Permafrost or the ice giants
their own people of attack. will rise up and reclaim it. To prevent this, he stays alert to
Elite Guardt (4 OT 10). Male Goblin, Ww 5: CR 5; Small humanoid anything that can shift the balance of power, and he tries
[goblin]; HD ld8+2 (base) plus 5d12+10 (War); hp 49; lnit +5(+1 Dex, to conceive an heir with a new wife every year or so before
+4 lmproved 1nitiative);Spd 30Ft.;AC16[flat-footed 15,touchl2] (+I failing and divorcing her out of frustration. Still, he keeps
size, +1 Dex, +4 armor); BAB +5; Grap +3; Atk +Q melee (ld8+3, crit his people numerous in other ways and also keeps them
x3, silver battleaxe), or +8ranged (ld6+2,30 ft.,Javelin); SQdamage ready to fight so that the other races cannot overrun them,
shield (3), berserking,Taunt bonus+2,ultravision; ResistCR 11;ALOE; and he always for a better position against the
Fac Vox; SV Fort +8,Ref +4, Will +O; Str 14, Dex 12, Con 14,lnt 8,Wis giants, the ice goblins, and the Cy&.Lady Vox is the single
8, Cha 7. biggest threat, and Thex’Ka is always respectful toward her,
Skills: Climb +3, Hide +6, Intimidate +3, Jump +5, knowing the dragon could wipe his entire race in a
Knowledge (warcraft) +l,Listen +3, Sneak ‘4, ’pot + 2 y heartbeat. But if he ever finds a way to neutralize VOX,he
Taunt +5. won’t hesitate to use it; with her out of the way, the king is
Languages: Goblin (4),Giantish (1), Common (1). sure his people can destroy or fight off their other unwel-
Feats: Alertness, Great Fortitude, Improved Initiative, come neighbors and finally own Permafrost completely.
Weapon Focus (battleaxe). Although he sometimes wears fine silk clothes when at
Possessions :Bronze chain shirt, icy greaves his leisure,Thex’Ka is a warrior at heart and prefers his
(see Appendix Two), silver battleaxe masterwork bronze plate armor when performing offi-
(see EverQuest: GameMaster’s Guide, p. cia1duties. His crown is made from platinum and bears
211), javelin, amulet of spirit sight (see ts center, and is in fact
Appendix Two), ld6 gp. enchanted, although it does not benefit the
171King’s Chambers (0o r 9 ) KingThex‘Ka lV, male&lin, Ari 6Nar Q:
These are the king’s CR 15; Small humanoid [goblin] (3 ft., 3 in.
ters, housing the ruler a tall); HD ld8+3 (base) plus 6d8+18 (Ari)
queen (female goblin, An 4, plus 9d12+27 (War); hp 147; lnit +5 (+1
DE, Vox) and his 3 con- Dex, +4 lmproved Initiative); Spd 20 ft. in
cubines (femuk goblin, armor, 30ft. base;AC20[flat-footed
DE, V o x ),as well as his 19, touch 121 (+1 size, +1 Dex, +8
armor); BAB +13; G a p +12; Atk +19/
5 non-royal children +15/+11/+7melee (ld8+6, crit 19-20/
(noncombatant) - the k silver longsword), or +I5
concubines’ children cannot be rec- rserking, Taunt bonus +3,
ognized as heirs. ultravision; Resist CR 10, PR 7; ALOE; Fac
The firstroomisasittingroom (7a), Vox; SVFort +13, Ref +8, Will +Q;Str 16(15),
furnished with seve Dex 13 (12). Con 16, lnt 12, Wis 13, Cha 10.
chairs, and couch, Skills: Alcohol Tolerance +12,
large brazier for warmth. Beyond Climb +4,Diplomacy +lo,Hide
that are a garderobe (a bath- +6,Intimidate +13,Jump +6,
room, 7b) and the king’s Knowledge (history,peerage)
bedchamber (7c), with a mas- +3, Knowledge (warcraft)
sive bed, a cabinet of ornately +8, Listen +4, Sense Mo-
carved wood, and a matching tive +8, Sneak +4, Taunt
dresser. The king spends much of his
time in these rooms when not holding Languages: Goblin (4),Giantish (4),
court, often inviting one or more im- Common (4),Orcish (2).
portant goblins to dine with him or to Feats: Double Attack, Great Fortitude,
relax in the sitting room and sip wine or Leadership, Parry, Skill Talent (Diplomacy), Power At-
mead. All of the furnishings are expensive and well-crafted, tack, Weapon F~~~~(longsword), Weapon Specialization
the choice plunder of generations of raiding. The king’s ( longsword).
most valuable treasures, however, are kept on his person at possess~om~ Masterwork bronze plate armor, masterwork
all times. The bedchamber has a secret door hidden behind silver longsword, symbol of loyalQ to vox(see Appendix
a tapestry on the wall beside the bed, which leads into the white
T ~ ~ ) , clod, amulet
goblin temple (Search DC 25). ofspirit sight (see Appendix Two), 20 pp.
King Thex’Ka IV, “Ruler of All Goblins and Master of
Permafrost Keep,” is shorter than average for a goblin male, [SIGobLinTempLe
but quite broad and muscular. He always keeps his master- This room is usually empty and dark, but then the goblins
work longsword if not On him, and its is are not particularly religious. Warfare is considered a better
Clearly Well used. Thex’Ka is a truly exceptional goblin, pastime than meditation, and they pray by dedicating
reasonably intelligent, and a good ruler -he often Places victories and riches to their patron deities. Nonetheless,
the welfare of his people above his own happiness. they felt it was wise to establish a temple in their new home,
Thex’Ka is consumed by the fear that he will be the last and this room was chosen mainly for its connection to the
goblin king, since he has no heir and he believes Lady VOX Throne Room. The temple does have a high ceiling, one of
the few left on this level; it does not stretch a full two floors Skills: Channeling +5, Climb +2, Heal +5, Hide +5,
like the throne room, but the vaults are roughly halfway up Jump +5, Knowledge (mysticism) +2, Knowledge (reli-
the second floor, and several massive columns support the gion) +6, Listen +5, Meditation +6, Sneak +3.
ceiling in a row running from north to south. kngwges: Goblin (4), Giantish (1).
The northernmost two-thirds of the room has several Feats: Great Fortitude, Mental Clarity.
rows of stiff stone benches set on either side of a central Ckric Spells Prepared (manacost): Courage (2),endurefire
aisle. In front of the chairs, in the southern portion of the (3),flashof light (2),firor ( 3 ) ,holy armor (3), light healing ( 5 ) ,
room, stands a low dais cunningly carved of wood and reckless strength ( 5 ) , word of pain (8).
covered in thick white fur so that it resembles an enormous Prayerbook: Bindafinity , courage, endure fire,flash of light,
dead polar bear. The altar itself, in the center of the dais, is furor, holy armor, invigor, light heding, minor healing, reckless
carved from a single limestone stalagmite found in the strength, srrike, true north, word of pain.
caves below, and its flattened yet twisting form has been
enhanced instead of concealed, as if the altar had grown
Maw Pool: 36.
from the floor, through the polar bear’s body, and into this Possessions: Studded leather armor, enameled black m e ,
room. runed circlet (see Appendix Two), iron unholy symbol,
prayerbook, 13 sp.
The east wall is covered in a mosaic showing the goblin
Grestin(buffed with courage, holy armor, and recklessstrength):hp
deities blessing their followers. The door at the north end
50;AC 17 [flat-footed 17, touch 131(+1 size, +3 armor, +1 divine); Grap
of the east wall leads to the Priest’s Room; the southern +3; Atk +10melee (ld8+6, ename/edb/ackmace); SQ damage reduc-
door leads to the High Priest’s office. The aisle in this room tion 3/-; Str 17.
is covered by a tightly woven red carpet with threads of gold
creating a crisscross pattern, and the west wall shows a 1101 High Priest’s Owice (EL131
series of smaller mosaics depicting the favor of the goblin The goblin High Priest Zaham lives and works in this
deities. Halfway along the smaller north wall is a mosaic room. Although technically in charge of the GoblinTemple,
showing the crowning of the first goblin king, and this Zaharn leaves that aspect to the Priest and concentrates on
panel hides the door to the king’s bedchamber (Search DC assisting the king instead. Although furnished much the
25). same asGrestin’s room, thisoffice is scrupulouslyneat, with
every scroll tucked away on the shelves and organized by
[9]Priest’s Room(EL 6)
subject and title. The desk always has a single blank sheet
The Priest’s room is a small square chamber, cluttered of parchment sitting on it, with a crystal inkwell (10 gp)
with shelves and tables and a desk and a small bed. Books and a gold-tipped quill (30 gp) just above. Zaharn’s scrolls
and scrolls cover every available surface, including the are largely religious, but cover a much wider variety than
polar bear rug on the floor. The priest who dwells here, the Priest’s, touching on the religions of various other races
Grestin, spends his time here poring over these manu- and describing the practices of all manner of priests. In the
scripts, studying treatises about his gods and also perfecting wardrobe along one wall hang the High Priest’s vestments,
his worship of them. made of silk studded with gems and cunningly crafted so
Grestin is short and wiry, yet has enormously wide that the whole thing seems to glow when exposed to bright
shoulders and surprisingly strong arms. His thick hair is light.
usually sticking in every direction, and he always looks as As the religious leader of the goblins, Zaham is generally
if he slept on the floor or simply didn’t sleep at all. This isn’t considered Thex’Ka’s equal. Fortunately, Zaharn is not
far from the truth, for Grestin is filled with religious fervor interested in political power, and he actually respects
and frequently forgets to eat, drink, sleep, or bathe. His Thex’Ka’sleadership for the most part. The two goblins do
chambers are filled with every manuscript he can find about not always see eye-to-eye,but they agree it is necessity torid
goblin religion, and he pores over them constantly, looking the keep of the giants as well as the ice goblins and the Cyth
for anything new about his gods and how best to serve them. and, most of all, of Vox. Zaham considers the Lady Vox an
He is a true fanatic and a powerful preacher, exhorting his interloper, and her presence blasphemy -her Cyth and
fellow goblins to obey their gods and to overthrow the Nagafen’s fire giants are heretics, attempting to corrupt the
infidels who have appeared among them. Grestin has a goblins into worshipping foreign powers.
warrior’s spirit, fueled by the knowledge that his gods love Zaham is a tall, slender goblin of great age and solemnity,
him. ill-suited to personal combat, and he does not wear a
At the king’s orders, Grestin is no longer allowed into the weapon. His robes are blood-red in color, and upon his head
throne room- the last time he was there, he assaulted one he wears a rustecolored coronet, its single red stone matched
of the fire giants, claiming the creature was a demon sent to by that set in a heavy golden ring upon his finger.
devour goblin souls - fortunately, the assault was negli. High Priest Man. Mde Win, Clr 13: CR 13; Small humanoid
gible and the king was able to intercede before the giant [goblin]; HD ld8 (base) plus 13d8 (Clr); hp 78; h i t -1 (Dex); Spd 3 0
crushed the little priest. ft.;AClO[fIat-footed9,touchlO](+lsize,-l Dex);BAB+’?; Grap+4;
Gestin, Male Goblin, Clr 6: CR 6; Small humanoid [goblin]; HD Atk +9 melee or +’? ranged; SA spells; SQ divine powers (celestial
ld8+2 (base) plus 6d8+12 (Clr); hp 47; Init +O; Spd 3 0 ft.; AC 16 [flat- healer, receive divine aura), ultravision; Resist AR 4, CR 9, OR 3, PR
footed 15,touch 121(+1 size.+3armor);BAB+4; Grap+l;Atk+8 melee 5;ALOE; Fac Vox; SV Fort +9,Ref+5, Will +16;Str 8 (7), Dex 8, Con
(ld8+3, ename/edb/ackmace),or+5ranged;SQdivinepower(receive 10, lnt 14, Wis 22 (20), Cha 15.
divine aura), ultravision; Resist CR 7, FR 3; AL DE; Fac Vox; SV Fort Skills: Channeling +9, Climb +0, Diplomacy +6, Heal
+7,Ref +4, Will +8;Str 12, Dex 10,Con 14, Int 10 (8), Wis 17 (15). Cha +8,Hide +5, Jump +2, Knowledge (history) +13, Knowl-
12. edge (local lore [Frigid Plains]) + 14, Knowledge (monster
lore [dragons]) +13, Knowledge In total, there are currently 8 fire giant priests in Perma-
(monster lore [giants]) +13, frost (not including their leader, Kindleheart, who spends
Knowledge (mysticism) +15, all of his time with Lady Vox). Be sure to subtract any fire
. ..
0- .--
(relieion) + 17.Lis-
0 I -.I- giants slain in random encounters from the total of 8 in the
ten +lo, Meditation +19, keep (and thus from the maximum number that might
Sense Motive +7, Sneak +2, be encountered here).
Spellcraft +3. Eachfiregiant typically carries ld3+3 throw-
Languages: Goblin (4),Giantish ing rocks and his or her prayerbook (which
(4), Barbarian (3), Common (2). contains the 8 prepared spells).
Feats: Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Fire Giant Priest. Male or Female Fire
Mental Clarity, Mystic Capacity, Giant, Clr 4: CR 24; Huge giant [fire]
Quest Spell, School Specialization (24 Ft. tall); HD 25d8+250 (base) plus
(alteration). 4d8+40 (Clr); hp 420; h i t +1 (Dex);
Sod 40 ft. in armor. 50 Ft. base: AC 34
Ckric Spells Prepared (mana cost ;;3 # rfiat-footed 33. touch 91 (-2 size. +1
modified for celestial healer di- dex,+20 natural;+5chain~ah);6ABi21;
vine power): Bravery (12), Grap +47; Atk +381+331+281+23/+18
celestial remedy (29),endure cold melee (2d8+27, crit x3, Huge masterwork
(3), enstill (lo), greater healing areataxe). or +211+171+131+?1+5 ranaed
(23), hummer of striking (17), (id8+18,j40ft., throwingrocks);Face16Ft.
holy might (lO),spiritarmor(12), by10 ft.; Reach15 ft.; SA improvedqrab, rock
wave offear (15). 'I th;owinq. spells: SQ divine Dower- (receive
divine aia),'damage;eductioi lo/-, fire sub-
Prayerbook: Bind afinity , bravery, type, SR 35, lesser mantle of power, rock
celestial remedy, courage, endure cold, catching; Resist CR 10; AL NE; Fac Nagafen; SV
endurefire, enstill, flash of light, furor, Fort +27, Ref +2O. Will +18; Str 46, Dex 12, Con
greater healing, hummer of smking, 30, Int 12, Wis 18, Cha 14.
holy a m , holy might, invigor, light Skills: Channeling +11, Climb +19,
healing, minor healing, reckless Jump +18, Knowledge (mysticism) +3,
strength, spirit armor, strike, wave Knowledge (religion) +5, Listen +17,
offear, word of pain. Meditation +9, Spot +17, Trade Skill
Mum Pool: 160. (blacksmithing) +9.
Possessions: Robes, coronet of buried bloal Languages: Giantish (4), Ogre (3),
. improved
- ._ heding II; see Appendix Common or Goblin [50/50] (1).
Two), goldjasperring, iron unhol Feats: Alertness, Cleave, Double
prayerbook, 25 gp. Attack, Improved Slam, Iron Will,
zshan (buffed with spirit armor an Power Attack.
using hammer of striking): Atk +lo/+
Clericspells Prepared (manacost):
melee (ld8, crit x3, hammer of strikr
SQ damage reduction 71-. Divine aura (2), gate (12), flash of light (2), light
healing ( 5 ) ,lull (2), reckless strength ( 5 ) , stun ( 6 ) ,yaulp (1).
- - HaLLor:Worshi~(EL24-26)
. . Manu Pool: 32.
This large room has become the fire giant priests' Hall of Fire Giant Priest (buffed with reckless strength and yaulp): AC 35
[Flat-footed 34, touch 101(-2 size, +1 Dex, +20natural, +5 armor, +1
Worship. On the back wall, the giants have placed the
deflection); Grap +51; Atk +421+371+32/+271+22melee (2d8+33,
massive Fire-Rod (see Appendix Two), whose upper end crit x3, Huge masterwork greataxe), or +21/+171+131+4/+5 ranged
burns white-hot. The eyes of the carving ofNagafen on that (2d8+22,140 ft., throwing rocks); Str 54.
same wall are two huge rubies (4,000 gp each), which
reflect the light from the fire-rod in a sinister way. The rest 1121 FireGiantQuarters(EL0or24-25
of the room is covered with tapestries, rugs, and thick
cushions, and is surprisingly warm (about 30" F). At any
given time, ld3 fire giants can be found here, kneeling on The smaller rooms off the Hall of Worship are bedrooms
cushions and muttering strange prayers. They do not take for the priests, each containing a bunk bed along the side
kindly to visitors, and consider unwelcome intrusions as walls and a chest along the far wall. Two giants share each
blasphemy. room, keeping their clothes and other belongings in the
Another ld3+2of the giants are in their chambers (Area chest and their weapons hanging from the bed posts. These
12), so if combat or commotion occurs here, the others will rooms contain nothing of any real value.
enter within a few rounds. 1131 Kitchen
When the fire giant priests first arrived, they demanded
This is a single large room with a massive fireplace at
a room on the ground floor where they could worship
either end and many long goblin-sized tables in between.
Nagafen. Reluctantly, the king agreed, and granted them
Goblin cooks labor here, preparing food for their king and
the room in the southwest comer of the keep, as far from his
the other goblins present. They clean and cook whatever
throne room and his people as possible. The fire giants
meat their hunters can find, along with vegetables and
actually prefer this, since it allows them to observe their
bread, and then send the food on platters carried by
rites in private.
servants. Most of the goblins eat in their own quarters, and melee (ld6+2, crit 19-20/x2, masterwork short sword) and +11 melee
at roughly the same time. Only the king and the High Priest (ld4+1, crit 18-201x2, masterwork kukri); SQ ultravision; Resist CR
can dictate what they want for dinner or when it should be 7, FR 9; AL DE; Fac Vox; SV Fort +9,Ref +6,Will +6;Str 14, Dex 10,
served. The goblin cooks are armed with long carving Con 14, Int 9, Wis 11, Cha 9.
knives, if they should have to defend themselves. The only Skills: Alcohol Tolerance +8, Climb +3, Hide +5, In-
items of value in the kitchen are the fresh food. timidate +5, Jump +5, Listen +1, Sneak +3, Taunt +6,
Cooks(ld4+5), Maleor FemaleGoblin, Com 2: CR 1; Small humanoid Trade Skill (blacksmithing) + 11, Trade Skill (tailoring)
[goblin]; HD ld8+1(base) plus 2d4+2 (Corn); hp 12; lnit +O; Spd 3 0 ft.; +5.
AC 11 [flat-footed 11, touch 111(+1 size); BAB+1; Grap -3; Atk+2melee Languages: Goblin (4).
(ld3, carvingknife); SQultravision; ResistCR 6,PR 4; ALDE; Fac Vox; Feats: Ambidexterity, Great Fortitude, Power Attack,
SVFort +3, Ref +2, Will -1; Str 11, Dex 10, Con 12, lnt 8, Wis 8, Cha 7. Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus (short sword).
Skills: Climb +1, Hide +5, Jump +3,Listen +0, Sneak+3,
Trade Skill (baking and brewing) +O. 1171GobLinLivingQuarters(EL9-16)
hnguuges: Goblin (4). Just past the armory is the area in which the bulk of the
Feats: Great Fortitude. goblin families in Permafrost live. This is a large, oddly
shaped room crammed with bunks and pallets, with small
1141Winecellar chests and tables between them. In total, 73 goblins live
Just off from the kitchen and against the outer wall of the here, including not only 17 guardsand hunters (makgoblin,
keep is the wine cellar. Actually, this room contains very Mil 1-3, DE, V o x ) but also 3 lesser priests (male goblin, Clr
little wine, but the name has stuck anyway. The room is 1-2, DE, V o x ) a n d 3 junior wizards (male goblin, Wiz 1-2,
filled mostly with barrels of mead, along with the odd keg DE, V o x ) ;there are also 33 noncombatant goblins (male or
of wine or beer. Hooks along the inner wall hold mugs and female goblin, Corn 0-3, DN, V o x ) and 16 young (Tiny
goblets. The goblin cooks also function as brewers and goblins, J/2 HD each). Essentially, any goblin who doesn’t
tapsters, drawing mugs of liquid to send along with the have a private work room or office, including Istan, the
meals. goblins’Chiefwizard (see below), lives here. Privacy is not
Treasure: The lone wine bottle on the bottom row along remotely one of the luxuriesof a common goblin. Of course,
the east wall does not actually contain wine, but an al- not all of these goblins are here all the time, but usually at
chemical elixir: it holds 3 doses of elixir ofdivine endurance. least 30 goblins are in this area.
The ‘Chief Wizard,”Istan, is barely more than a tall, thin
l151 Well youth. His master, Lim, was killed by the fire giants; Lim
This is not so much a room as an open well-shaft -the and his students once lived and worked in Areas 11 and 12
well was carved down through the basement levels, and.the on this level, and they refused to vacate when Thex’Ka
door opens directly into its curving wall. A bucket on a rope granted that area to the giants. The head priest, Kindleheart,
hangs alongside the door (on the outside), and the cooks summarily crushed Lim’s skull with a single blow, then set
drop the bucket, then haul it back up with the rope fire to his books and scrolls. Istan and the others ran for
whenever they need water. Although the well contains their lives, grabbing whatever they could manage. Now
nothing of value (beyond the water itself, which is cold and they are forced to live with the “lesser” goblins, even
pure), the well does open onto the underground river, and though Istan has become the Chief Wizard (simply by
could be used as a last-ditch escape route. virtue of being Lim’s oldest surviving student). He knows
very little real magic, and may never learn more, since his
Il6lArmory(EL10) master’s spellbooks were all destroyed.
This area is the domain of the goblins’Royal Blacksmith, Istan does have one thing in abundance, though, and
Hetch, a grizzled old fighter who long ago won the respect that’s hatred. He hates the fire giants, and would happily
of the king. Hanging from hooks along the wall are a variety roast each and everyone one of them alive - were that
of goblin-sizedarmors, mostly studded leather but also some possible-one piece ata time. He hates Voxfortakingover
chain and scale armors. Most of the armor is made of the keep and for allowing the giants in, and he hates the ice
bronze, although some have iron worked in as well. The far giants for keeping the basement area themselves and for not
end of the room is the forge, and before it sits a large steel killing their hot-tempered fiery brethren. He hates the ice
anvil. The blacksmith is also responsible for weapons, and goblins and icy goblinsfor lording over the rest of them, and
these hang along the hooks on the wall opposite the armor. on bad days Istan even hates his own king for allowing the
Most of these are normal steel swords, hammers, axes, and giants to move in at all. Fortunately for everyone, Istan is
spears. Below the anvil itself, though, is a hole in the floor limited in his spells, and has yet to carry out any of his
(Search DC 18), and within this hiding spot is the elaborately conceived plans for revenge.
blacksmith‘s greatest treasure -a weapon he forged from Treasure: Each of the chests contains personal items for
just the right mixture of enchanted materials to produce a one or two goblins, though there is little or real value:
+3 spear with the spell resistance [fire] 11 quality. ld10-1 sp, ld3-1 gp, and a 10%chance of a gem (4d4 gp)
Hetch, Royal Wicksmith, Male W i n , Exp 6 / M i l 5 CR 10; Small and a 5% chance of a semi-valuable trinket of some kind
humanoid [goblin]; HD ld8+2 (base) plus 6d6+12 (Exp) plus 5d8+10 (ldlOxlO gp). Most goblins own little of real value beyond
(Mil); hp 79; lnit +O; Spd 30 ft.; AC 14 [Flat-footed 14, touch 111 (+1 their clothing, armor, (cheap) jewelry, and weapons, and
size, +3 masterwork studded leather); BAB +9;Grap +7; Atk +14/+9 these things they always carry with them. Each wizard has
melee (ld6+2, crit 19-20/x2, masterwork short sword), or +12/+7
a spellbook, usually beneath his pillow or wedged beneath LeveLTtoo: Upper FLoor
his feet, while priests often have personal holy symbols. -

lstan, Chiif Wizard, Male Goblin, Wiz 4: CR 4; Small humanoid

[goblin]; HD ld8+1(base) plus 4d4+4 (Wiz); hp 19; lnit +1 (Dex); Spd Entrances: Hidden stairs up from Area 1, Ground
30ft.;AC13[flat-footed12, touch121(+1 size,+l Dex,+l clotharmor);
Floor; stairs up from Area 6, Ground Floor.
BAB +2; Grap -2; Atk +3 melee (ld3, crit 17-20/x2, dagger), or +4
ranged; SA spells; SQ quicken mastery, ultravision; Resist CR 4, FR 6; Exits: None (although there are many breaks in
AL DE; Fac Vox; SV Fort +4, Ref +4, Will +3; Str 11, Dex 12, Con 12, lnt the upper walls that might be climbed through).
14, Wis 8, Cha 7. Random Encounters: Check once every 30 min-
Skills: Channeling +7, Climb +1, Hide +7, Knowledge utes on ld20:
(monster lore [giants]) +4, Knowledge (mysticism) +5, 1-5. 5-10 goblins
Jump +3, Listen +1, Meditation +9, Sneak +4, Spellcraft 6-8. 5-8 ice goblins
+6. 9-10. ld2 ice giants'
Lunguuges: Goblin (4), Giantish ( 3 ) , Common (1). 11-20. No encounter
Feats: Great Fortitude, Mental Clarity. *See Appendix One herein.
WizardSpeellsPrepared(manacost):Fade (2),frostbolt (2). Detections: None.
glimpse (l),minor shielding (2), icestrike ( 5 ) , numbing cold Shielding: None.
(2), O'Keil's rudiution (3). Continuous Eff ects: The temperature on this level
Prayerbook: Fade,frostbolt, glimpse,minor shielding,icestrike, is generally below 0" F, although portions exposed to
numbing cold, O'Keil's radiation. the outer air should be considered below -40" F.
ManaPool: 16. Standard Features: Unless otherwise noted, doors
on this level are of stone, 24 feet tall and 9 feet wide:
1181EL& Barracks (ELL-11) 18 in. thick; Hardness 8; 270 hp; Stuck DC 27;
This smaller room off the main barracks houses the 14 Locked DC 35; Pick Lock DC 30.
elite guards who protect the king. Each elite has his own Interior walls are generally of masonry: 2 ft. thick;
bunk, each with a large chest or even a cabinet alongside. Hardness 8; 180 hp; Break DC 40; Climb DC 15.
The floor is covered with fur rugs, and a single tapestry Exterior walls are generally of weather-worn ma-
hangs on the far wall. sonry: 2 ft. thick; Hardness 7; 150 hp; Break DC 35;
During court (see Area 6), only 4 guards are here, and Climb DC 15.
they are 80% likely to be sleeping. At other times, ld6+4
of the guards are present, and each has a 40% chance to be
asleep. Otherwise, they are chatting, cleaning weapons and
other gear, etc.
Treasure: Each chest or cabinet holds one guard's mis-
cellaneous belongings, plus3dlO gp, ld10-1 pp, and ld3-1
valuables (2d6x10 gp).
Elite Guards (4-10). Male Goblin. War 5 CR 5; Small humanoid
[goblin]; HD ld8+2 (base) plus 5d12+10 (War); hp 49; Init +5 (+1 Dex,
+4lmprovedlnitiative); Spd 30ft.;AC16[flat-footed15, touch121(+1
size, +1 Dex, +4 armor); BAB +5; Grap +3; Atk +9 melee (ld8+3, crit
x3, silver battleaxe), or +8 ranged (ld6+2,30 ft., javelin); SQ damage
shield(3), berserking,Taunt bonus+2,ultravision; ResistCR 11;ALOE;
FacVox;SVFort+8,Ref+4, Will+O;Str14,Dex12,Con14,Int 8,Wis
8, Cha 7.
Skills: Climb +3, Hide +6, Intimidate +3, Jump +5,
Knowledge (warcraft) +1, Listen +3, Sneak +4,Spot +2,
Taunt +5.
Languages: Goblin (4),Giantish (l),Common (1).
Feats: Alertness, Great Fortitude, Improved Initiative,
Weapon Focus (battleaxe).
Possessions: Bronze chain shirt, icy greaves (see Appendix
Two), silverbattleaxe (see EveQuest: GameMaster's Guide,
p. 211), javelin, amukt ofspirit sight (see Appendix Two),
ld6 gp.
The second floor of Permafrost is the most intact of the upper Skills: Climb+12,Hide +2*,Listen+16,Spot+10,Trade
floors,but it has never been properlyrebuilt. Very littleabove the Skill (blacksmithing) +6, Wilderness Lore +7.
ground floor survived Dugan the Golden’s attacks, and mmt of Feats: Alertness, Cleave, Power Attack, Skill Talent
that has long sincecrumbled from age and exposure.Cavewalker (Wilderness Lore), Track.
never managed to complete more than a few moms a b v e that. 121Halls
Asaresult,theupperfloorsareajumbleofpartialrooms,withlarge The floors here are intact because the entire ground floor
gaps in the walls and no ceilings and in many places floors has been roofed over, but all of the rooms along the outer
consisting of planks or strong nets. edge of the halls (away from the Flag Room) are in ruin. In
fact, large holes and gaps appear in the outer walls all along
[lITheArchRo~~(ELlO) these hallways, making the air here bitterly cold and often
One of the only upper-level rooms to have survived from depositing drifts of snow and ice into the hall. The two
the original keep, this is the room directly above the hallways reunite just past the Throne Room.
archway by the front gate (Area 1, Ground Floor). The
floor tiles here are laid down in a patchwork pattern, dark 131Throne Room Balconies
and light stone alternating. The lighter tiles are actually ThegobliiThroneRoom(Area6,GroundFloor)hasanopen
small doors, which can be lifted open to reveal holes ceiling, and thuslooks up into the balconies, and thisspace is one
looking down on the archway area. Guards would sit in this of the only places on this (second) level to have a solid ceilingor
room and, in case intruders made it past the gate, they roof. The two hallways fromthe Arch Room (Area 1) runalong
would pour burning pitch on their heads through these either side of the second floorbalmy, and on each side is a door.
“murderholes.” A brazier in the center of the room was used Thesedoors areobvious and easilyopenedfrom the balcony,with
to heat the pitch, although it is now used merely to produce paneled doors and carved h a ,and caneasily be seen from the
heat for the soulswho dwell here: The goblins maintain this upper hallways, aswell, but they canonly be openedfrom the hall
room as a secondary guardhouse and a backup barracks. sideby pressingdown on the poliheddiscsnearthetopofthedoor
In total, 22 goblins (mak goblin, Mil 0-3, DE, Vox)live in frame (Search DC 13).
this frosty chamber. Many of them prefer to sleephere despite
the chill, since they have more space and more privacy than 141PracticaYarb
they would if they remained in the goblins’ common area The ice goblins have selected this open, wind-blown
(Area 17, Ground Floor). Beds or pallets now take up the west space for weapons practice, since it’s flat and solid and
wall of the room. Along the south wall standa few crude tables allows unrestricted movement. They also like the fact that
with stools for the goblins to sit on while on duty - they they canenjoy the cold while they fight. Just inside the door
simply station themselves over one of the murder holes and are several racks of weapons, covered with crude wood
keep watch down below. Two doors lead out of the room, one panels so the weapons inside are not exposed to the ele-
to the east and one to the west. There is also a secret trapdoor ments; these are mainly blunted training weapons, but a
on the floor (Search Dc 20) that opens onto a ladder and few have sharp blades and points.
then a narrow stair, which in turn leads down to the secret The practice yard is controlled by the Weapons Master, an
door in the Flag Room (Area 3, Ground Floor). ice goblin called Zerkram. He not only controls the practice
Observation Deck (EL 18) area, making sure no one enters at the wrong time or with
Since the Arch Room has an intact ceiling, the room inappropriateweapons, but he lives here as well. Fed up with
above it has a solid floor. The “room” above is one of the the politics and bickering of his fellowswithin the keep (and
only floors on that level solid enough to walk or to build perhaps a little addled to begin with.. .), Zerkram set up a
upon. A massive ladder (sized for a giant) in the northeast small hut at the edge of the Practice Yard and vowed to live
comer of the Arch Room allows access to this third floor out here in the brisk winds of the Frigid Plains.
through another trapdoor. This uppermost area is the The Weapons Master is a tough old goblin, thick and
“observation deck,” and it is just high enough to allow a strong, but he’s a little too old and deaf to go hunting and
giant standing upon it to see over the top of the great outer raiding any more. He’s been given this job instead, and
wall of the keep. An ice giant guard sits up here at all times takes out his frustrations by beating his students into shape.
(this is arotating duty among the ice giants, taken in 6-hour Zerkram was a member of the Honor Guard until he was
shifts), and carries an enormous horn shaped from a mam- forced to retire. He carries a masterwork whip, which he
moth. If anyone were to attack Permafrost, the guard would uses to get the attention of or to disarm wayward students.
blow his horn and alert the entire castle. Goblins climb the Zerkram, Wegpom Master. MaleIce Goblin, War 5: CR 7; Medium-
ladder a few times a day to bring fresh food and drink to the size humanoid [cold, goblin] (4 ft., 8 in. tall); HD 5d8+10 (base) plus
guard, grateful it isn’t them forced to sit in the bone- 5d12+10 (War); hp 92; h i t +1 (Dex); Spd 2 0 ft. in armor, 3 0 ft. base;
numbing wind for hours on end. AC17[flat-footed16,touch11](+1 Dex,+l natural,+5armor);BAB+8;
Guard.MalelceGiant.War2:CR 18; Hugegiant [cold]; HD 22d8+220 Grap +lo; Atk +12/+6 melee (2d6+4, crit 19-20/x3, silvery two-
(base) plus 2d12+20 (War); hp 330; init +1 (Dex); Spd 40 ft. in armor, headedaxe), or +10/+6 melee (ld3+2 subdual, unarmed), or +10/+6
50 ft. base; AC 3 0 [Flat-footed 29, touch 91 (-2 size, +lDex, +16 ranged(ld2+2subdual, 15 ft., masterworkwhip); SQ berserking,Taunt
natural, +5breastplate); BAB +18; Grap +41; Atk +31/+25/+19 melee bonus +2, cold subtype, ultravision; Resist FR 9, SoR 4; AL DE; Fac
(2d8+15, crit 19-20/x2, Huge greatsword), or +16/+11/+6/+1 ranged Vox; SV Fort +12, Ref +3, Will +2; Str 14, Dex 12, Con 15, lnt 10, Wis
(2d8+15,110 ft., throwing rock); Face 10 ft. by 10 ft.; Reach 15 ft.; SA 11, Cha 10.
rock throwing; SQ damage reduction 7/-,cold subtype, SR 30, fast Skills: Alcohol Tolerance +4, Climb +3, Hide +4, In-
healing3, infravision, rock catching; ALOE; Fac Vox; SVFort +26,Ref timidate +4,Jump +4,Knowledge (warcraft) +2, Listen +3,
+8,Will +lo; Str 40, Dex 13, Con 30, lnt 12, Wis 16, Cha 10. Sneak +4, Swim +3, Taunt +5.
Languages: Goblin (4). The corridor from the stairs (which descend from just
Feats: Cleave, Endurance, Great Fortitude, Hand to northeast of Area 6 on the Ground Floor) leads in two
Hand, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (greataxe). directions.To the east lie the rooms of the ice goblinsand the
possess~ons:B~~~~~ silvgrt w o - h d d a x e (+I Cyth, while to the west lie the oldest rooms in the Basement
keen greataxe), masterwork whip, 11 gp. Level, those still controlled by the ice giants themselves.
Originally,the entire basement level belonged to the ice giants
East Basement of Permafrost Keep.But when the ice goblinsarrived and decided

The Basement is in better shape than any other floor in

Permafrost,including the Ground Floor: Dugan the Golden
never discovered the basement rooms, so the only damage
No encounter to the basement was the result of the occasional shifting of
*See Appendix One herein.
the great glacier. Further, when Cavewalker and his kin
arrived, they immediately restored the minor damage in the
Detections: Lady Vox can sense the presence of any
basement rooms first and settled here, planning to work on
being in Areas 12 or 13 on this level.
the rest of the keep once the basement was finished.
However, they became so accustomed to living in the
Continuous Effects: The temperature on this level Basement that, even after the mound floor became habit-

able, they put off moving. Then the goblins arrived, and the
Standard Features: Unless otherwise noted, doors ice giants found themselves trapped underground.
on this level are of stone, 22 feet tall and 8 feet wide: 12 The Basement shows signs of its earlier construction, just
in. thick; Hardness 8; 180hp; Stuck DC 2 1;Locked DC as portions of the Ground Floor can be recognized as the
30; Pick Lock DC 30. work of the original giant builders. These rooms are more
solidly constructed,with tightly chiseled stonework,smooth
walls, and solid doors. The hallways are not as wide as on (female ice goblin, Ari 2, NE, Vox) and infant son. Origi-
the ground floor, but they are straight and level and the nally this was one large chamber, but walls of wood have
doorways are recessed to keep from taking up extra space. been erected to create three smaller rooms.
3a. This is a sitting room that the Patriarch‘s family
[ll Meeting Hall (ELO-6) shares. It contains four comfortable chairs around a low
The first room from the stairway is the ice goblins’ table, on which rests a crystal brazier. Tensiel, the current
Meeting Hall, a wide, square space they claimed as their ice goblin Champion, spends most of his time here with his
central room. Chairs ring the room, with small tables in family when he is not accompanying his father to court (see
front of each group of three. The ice goblins generally take Area 6, Ground Floor). As Champion, his job is simply to
their meals here (eating their food cold, of course), and also protect the Patriarch and to kill anyone who attacks him.
discuss anything that affects the tribe as a whole. Tensiel - a large, powerful, good-looking ice goblin,
The Meeting Hall has one door in each wall. The west extremely vain but not particularly bright - is perfectly
door leads to the stairway to the Ground Floor, and also to suited to this job, since it means a lot of standing around
the tunnel to the East Basement. The east door leads to the with time to pose and look intimidating, and every so often
ice goblins’ War Room and the north to the Sleeping he gets to kill something. He wears a masterwork breast-
Quarters, while the west door leads to the rooms controlled plate when “on duty,”but otherwise prefers leather trousers
by the Cyth. The ice goblins hate the fact that the Cyth and gleaming silver bracers which cover his thick forearms.
have to pass through their Meeting Hall constantly to get As the Champion, Tensiel carries one of the tribe’s greatest
to the upper levels, but unless someone carves a new treasures, the crystalline blade, which never leaves his side.
staircase up they can’t do anything about the arrangement. Temiel, Ice Goblin Champion, Male Ice Goblin, War 8: CR 10;
A t any given time, there are 2d4-2 common ice goblins Medium-size humanoid [cold, goblin] (4 ft., 10 in. tall); HD 5d8+15
here. (base) plus 8d12+24 (War); hp 106; lnit +2 (Dex); Spd 30 ft. (20 ft. in
breastplate); AC 14 [flat-footed 12, touch 121 (+2 Dex, +1 natural, +1
Ice Goblin: CR 2; Medium-size humanoid [cold, goblin] (4 Ft., 6 in. armor), AC 18 in breastplate; BAB +11; Grap +14; Atk +18/+14/+10
tall); HD 5d8+5; hp 27; lnit +l
(Dex); Spd 30 Ft.; AC14 [flat-footed 13, melee (ldlO+Q, crit 17-20/x2, crysta//ineblade), or +14/+11/+8/+5
touch 111(+1 Dex, +1natural, +2 leather armor); BAB +3; Grap +5; Atk melee (ld3+3 subdual, unarmed), or +13 ranged; SQ damage shield (3),
+5 melee (ld6+2, crit 19-20/x2, short sword), or +5 melee (ld3+2 berserking, Taunt bonus +3, cold subtype, ultravision; Resist FR 4; AL
subdual, unarmed); SQ cold subtype, ultravision; AL DE; Fac Vox; SV DE; Fac Vox; SV Fort +15, Ref +5, Will +4; Str 17, Dex 14, Con 16, lnt
Fort +7, Ref +2, Will +O; Str 14, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 8, Wis 9, Cha 8. 8, Wis 10, Cha 8.
Skills: Climb +3, Hide +4,Jump +4,Listen +2, Sneak +4, Skills: Alcohol Tolerance +5, Climb +4,Hide +5, In-
Swim +3. timidate +8,Jump +5,Knowledge (warcraft) +l,Listen +3,
Feats: Endurance, Great Fortitude. Sneak +5, Spot +2, Swim +4, Taunt +5.
Languages: Goblin (4), Giantish (1).
121IcsGobLin War Room Feats: Brutish, Cleave, Double Attack, Endurance, Great
This is the closest thing the ice goblins have to a throne Fortitude, Parry, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (bastard
room. They call their leader the Patriarch rather than King sword), Weapon Specialization (bastard sword).
(since, technically, the ice goblins recognize the crown of
Possessions: Icy greaves (see Appendix Two), crystalline
the goblin king Thex’Ka IV), and the Patriarch holds most
blade (see Appendix Two), silver bracers (30 gp).
meetings out in the Meeting Hall (Area 1). However, he
sometimes summons the other tribal elders to this room for 3b. This is the bedroom of Tensiel and his wife, and has
private discussion, and afterward they present their col- a thick polar bear rug on the floor and a wolf pelt across the
lected decision to the tribe as a whole (dissenting opinions bed. A small crib rests in the southeast comer, near the bed.
are usually handled with fists or clubs). A polished silver disc hangs upon the west wall for a mirror,
above a stone dressing table, and a chair sits before it so that
The War Room is relatively small, with a single large
the Champion’s wife can sit and admire herself and brush
table at the center and chairs spaced all around. A stone
her long glossy hair. A silver hairbrush and comb (40 gp for
cabinet carved into the west wall holds the tribe’s treasures
the set) sits atop the table.
(seebelow).Thecabinet islocked,butnotwithakey-the
front panels are made from a series of stone slabs which slide 3c. The third room is Scripin’s, and contains his bed, a
together. To open the cabinet, the panels must be moved small table, and a large metal chest. The chest contains the
in the correct sequence; this requires a Pick Lock check Patriarchal Record, a thick, leather-bound book recording
(DC30), but use Intelligence for the skill modifier rather the births and deaths and other major events of their tribe
than Dexterity. from its first formation. Scripin himself can often be found
sitting in the Throne Room (see Area 6, Ground Floor).
The War Room has two doors -one leads south, to the
Patriarch‘s chambers, and the other east, to the Worship A large ice goblin starting to thicken at the waist, Scripin
Chamber. is still powerful, and, having once been his father’s Cham-
pion, keeps in practice with his weapons. Scripin can be
Treasure: In the cabinet rest a set of 4 platinum drinking
cruel, and enjoys bullying the lesser goblins at every oppor-
goblets (800 gp each); a golden diamond scepter (grants the
tunity, but in fact he feels that the regular goblins are his
wielder recast haste I; 6,500 gp); and a 3-foot-long chain of
people’s “little brothers,” and that they should be con-
velium links (4 lbs; 10,000 gp).
trolled not only because it’s fun, but also to keep them from
131Patriarch’s Private Chambers(EL 11) getting hurt by their ownstupidity. Scripin doesn’t particu-
larly like the ice giants, and he’s not at all fond of the
These are the ice goblin Patriarch Scripin’srooms, but he arrogant Cyth and their scaly mistress. He’d prefer to
shares them with his son, Tensiel, and Tensiel’s wife
remove all of them and the fire giants from the keep, so that Grap +11; Atk +11/+6 melee (ld6+2, crit x3, bronze handaxe), or +10
only the goblins and the ice goblins remain. Then he could ranged; SA spells; SQ divine power (turn undead), cold subtype,
ultravision; AL NE; Fac Vox; SV Fort+12, Ref +4, Will +12; Str 14, Dex
simply tell Thex’Ka what to do and leave the goblin “king”
12, Con 15, lnt 10, Wis 16, Cha 14.
to handle most of the details. Scripin rarely wears armor,
preferring simple leather trousers and, his only adornment, Skills: Channeling +9, Climb +3, Diplomacy +5, Heal
a pair of thick iron bracers. +6,Hide +4,Jump +4,Knowledge (mysticism) +2, Knowl-
Scripin, Ice W i n Patriarch, Male Ice Goblin, War 5/Ari 3 CR 9; edge (religion) +3, Listen +6,Meditation +9, Sense Motive
Medium-size humanoid[cold, goblin] (4 ft., 7 in.tall); HD 5d8+5 (base) +5, Sneak +4,Spellcraft +2, Swim +3.
plus 5d12+5 (War) plus 3d8+3 (Ari); hp 43; lnit +O; Spd 30 ft.; AC 11 Languages: Goblin (4).
[flat-footed 11, touch 101(+1 natural); BAB+10; Grap+11; Atk +13/+8/ Feats: Endurance, Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Mental
+3 melee (ld8+1, crit x3, warhammer), or +12/+8/+4 melee (ld3+1 Clarity, School Specialization (alteration).
subdual, unarmed), or +11 ranged; SQ benerking,Taunt bonus +2, cold
Ckric Spells Prepared (mana cost): Cancel magic ( 5 ) ,
subtype, ultravision; AL DE; Fac Vox; SV Fort +12, Ref +3, Will +7; Str
13, Dex 10, Con 12, lnt 13, Wis 14, Cha 10. center (7), endure fire ( 3 ) ,holy a m (3), light healing ( 5 ) ,
sanctuary (4),soothe (5), stun ( 6 ) .
Skills: Alcohol Tolerance +4,Bluff +4,Climb +3, Diplo-
macy +5, Hide +3, Intimidate +4,Jump +3, Knowledge Prayerbook: Bind affinity, cancel magic, center, courage,
(history) +2, Knowledge (warcraft) +3, Listen +5, Sense cure disease, endure fire, gate, holy armor, light healing, lull,
Motive +5, Sneak +3, Swim +3, Taunt +6. minor healing, sanctuary, soothe, stun.
Languages: Goblin ( 5 ) , Common (l),Giantish (4). Manu Pool: 48.
Feats: Endurance, Great Fortitude, Leadership, Parry, Possessions: Bronze chainmail, bronze handaxe, unholy
Power Attack, Weapon Focus (warhammer). coldstone (see Appendix Two), copper unholy symbol, belt
pouch, prayer book (holds the 8spells Adagar has prepared,
Possessions: Iron bracers, warhammer, frost goblin totem
(see Appendix Two), belt pouch, 20 gp. plus reanimation), 13 gp.
Adagar (buffed with center,endure fire,and holy armor):hp 96;AC
[4] WorshipChamber(EL10) 18 [Flat-footed 17, touch 121 (+1 Dex, +1 natural, +5armor, +1 divine);
SQ +2 fire saves, damage reduction 3/-; Resist FR 8 .
Ice goblins are not a particularly religious people as a
whole, so their room of worship is appropriately small. This [51Living Quarters(EL6+)
tiny room is really not much more than a shrine, and it has
All of the common ice goblins sleep in this large round
doors in eachof its five walls. Because of this, the ice goblins
room. Wooden screens and hanging fur partitions divide
pass through this room often, and each time they make a
the chamber into small rooms, one for each family or single
sign of thanks to their gods. The room’s only decoration is
individual; these “walls”are too thin to keep noise out, and
the low stone altar in the exact center, with a long, low
they don’t reach the ceiling, but they provide the illusion
ivory figurine resting atop it. The figurine represents Lady
of privacy. Each such room is roughly triangular in shape,
Vox and, through her, the rest of the gods as well.
and is divided by further hangings into small private spaces
There is a door on each wall of this room, and the for sleeping areas. None of the rooms have much in the way
southeast one leads to the ice goblin priest’s chamber. of furniture, usually just a bed or sleeping pallet along with
4a. This is the sparse bedchamber of Adagar, the Chief a box or trunk having a flat top for a table. The floors are
Priest of the ice goblins. The room contains some sleeping covered with various ancient and decrepit rugs, furs, tapes-
furs,a few goblin holy relics (mostly worthless carvings and tries, and blankets, as are the beds.
the like), and a simple stone table and stool. The room is lit In total, 29 ice goblins live here: 8 guards and soldiers
by a pale purplish luminescence, which comes from a small (mak ice goblin, Mil 1-3, DE, Vox);1 lesser priest (mak ice
gem sitting among the holy relics (see Treasure). goblin priest, NE, Vox); 1 apprentice wizard (femak ice
Adagar is young for his position; his predecessor was slain goblin, Wiz 3 , DE, Vox);12 noncombatant adults (mak or
by the fire giants for accusing them of blasphemy. Adagar female ice goblin, Com 0-2, DN, Vox);and 7 whelps (Small
is smarter than his mentor was, however, or at least more ice goblins, 2 H D each). Not all of these goblins are here all
prudent, and he knows not to antagonize the oversized the time, but usually at least 15 ice goblins are in this area.
invaders. He does take his religious duties seriously,and can Few of them have anything of value beyond weapons and
usually be found standing next to the idol in the Worship armor, and they generally carry these with them. The
Chamber, encouraging his kin to take a moment for reflec- spellcasters have spellbooks, which are generally kept on
tion on the glory of their gods. Ofcourse, this also means he their persons.
sees everyone who passes through, and Adagar loves to The room has three doors: one leading to the Meeting
collect gossip (and then to dole it back out in small, rather Hall (Area l ) , one to the Worship Chamber (Area 4),and
malicious portions). Adagar is stocky, with close-cropped one to the Kitchen (Area 8).
hair, and he wears chainmail under his robes.
Treasure: The glowing purple stone is a gem of sight (see [a]Alchemist’sLaboratory(EL12)
Appendix Two), although Adagar is wholly unaware of its This room has a ceiling lower than most of the others. It
divinatory power -he simply thinks it is a holy object that houses the ice goblins’ alchemical work, and has two long,
glows with his gods’ power. goblin-sized tables along either side, each one covered with
Adagar, Chiif Priest, Male Ice Goblin, Clr 8 CR 10; Medium-size alembics, cauldrons, and other tools and containers. A rack
humanoid [cold, goblin] (4 ft., 5 in. tall); HD 5d8+10 (base) plus of various liquids sits on the table to the left, and a rack of
8d8+16 (Clr); hp 83; h i t +1 (Dex); Spd 20 ft. in armor, 30 ft. base; AC
minerals and powders on the table to the right. At the far
17 [flat-footed 16, touch 111 (+1 Dex, +1 natural, +5armor); BAB +9;
end of the room is a stone cabinet, locked in the same
fashion as the one in the War Room but with a different between the Worship Chamber and the Alchemist’s Lab is
combination (Pick Lock check (DC30), but use Intelli- a patch of wall that seems rougher and less finished than the
gence for the skill modifier rather than Dexterity). Inside rest. This is the door to the Scrying Room. The rock swivels
this are all the potions and powders the ice goblin alche- aside if one spot on it is pushed in exactly the right way
mists have created thus far (see Treasure). (PickLock DC 25, but use Intelligence for the skill modifier
Master Itxicar, the tribe’s Alchemist, is the oldest surviv- rather than Dexterity). The room beyond is pentagonal in
ing member of the ice goblin tribe, and widely respected (or shape, and the floor dips slightly toward the center. The
feared) for his wisdom and skill. Although he is going blind, walls are completely smooth, and the ceiling forms a perfect
Itxicar can still peer at a potion vial and tell instantly if it dome -the stone in this room is not the native granite, but
needs a pinch more gold dust or another 5 minutes simmer- darker and smoother, with flecks of crystal embedded into
ing in the alembic. He and his 2 assistants Grishn (male ice it.
goblin, Exp2/Mug2, OE, Vox)and Shakis (femaleicegoblin, This room belongs to the ice goblin wizards, primarily the
Exg 2/Mug 1 , NE, Vox)have sleeping spaces sectioned off Chief Scryer Wenstlain and his apprentice (found in Area
in the east end of this chamber, using wooden screens and 5), who meditate here and also use the room to practice
furs, as in the common area. Itxicar’s assistantshandle most their magic. Master Itxicar and his apprentices sometimes
of the more strenuous work, while their reed-thin mentor participate in these activities, as well. At the center of the
oversees and provides instruction. The Master does not room stands a low table of polished wood, and all around it
deign to wear weapons, but he will call up a staff of tracing are cushions for seating. On the table stands an opaque
and buff himself if he senses trouble; if necessary, he will crystal globe on a silver pedestal (Wenstlain’s ice crystal
quaff his useful potions. ball), and to one side of the table is a large case containing
Iki,Master Aldremi Male Ice Goblin, Exp 5/Mq 6: CR 12; a variety of magical components and tools.
Medium-size humanoid [cold, goblin] (4 ft., 2 in. tall); HD 5d8-5 Wenstlain is the master wizard of the tribe. Although
(base) plus 5d6-5 (Exp) plus 6d4-6 (Mag); hp 51; Init -2 (Dex); Spd almost as old as Itxicar, he looks at least 20 years younger,
30 ft.; AC 10 [flat-footed 10, touch 81 (-2 Dex, +1 natural, +1 armor); and is still agile and strong. Wenstlain believes firmly that
BAB +4; Grap +8; Atk +8 melee or +7 ranged; SA spells; SQ cold knowledge is gained by doing, not by reading, and he forces
subtype, ultravision; Resist FR 6, PR 5; AL NE; Fac Vox; SV Fort +8,
Ref +2, Will +13; Str 8, Dex 6, Con 9 (8), lnt 20, Wis 16 (14). Cha 13.
his pupils to practice their craft whenever possible. His
specialty is divination, and he spends a great deal of time
Skills: Appraise +9, Channeling + 12, Climb +0,Heal +6,
scrying through his ice crystal ball (see Appendix Two).
Hide +1, Jump +1,Knowledge (history) +lo, Knowledge
(mysticism) +16,Knowledge (planar travel) +lo, Listen Treasure: In the wall directly opposite the door, a
+9, Meditation +23, Sneak +6, Spellcraft +16, Swim +0, hidden compartment (Search DC 25) can be opened by
Trade Skill (alchemy) +22. pressing several tiny knobs in the correct order (Intelli-
gence or PickLock DC 20, but use Intelligence modifier for
Languages: Goblin (4),Ancient Giantish (4),Giantish
the skill check). Within are Rune of Neglect, a Rune of
(3), ogre (3). Disassociation, and a Rune of Banding, along with
Feats: Endurance, Enlarge Spell, Great Fortitude, Men- Wenstlain’s two spellbooks.
tal Clarity, Mystic Capacity, School Specialization Wemtlain,ScryeramlMaWi~,MalelceGoIin,Wiz~:CRll;
(alteration). Medium-size humanoid [cold, goblin] (4 ft., 6 in. tall); HD 5d8+5
Magician Spells Prepared (mana cost): Burn ( 3 ) , fire flux (base) plus 4d4+4 (Wiz); hp 53; Init +2 (Dex); Spd 30 ft.; AC 17 [flat-
( 3 ) , fzame bolt (71, flare (11, gate (12), lesser shielding (4), footed 14, touch 131(+2 Dex, +1 natural, +3 armor, +1 dodge); BAB +7;
shield offire (7), staff of tracing (3), summon dagger (2). Grap +4; Atk +10/+5 melee (ld6+3 and shockoffrostproc, icecrystal
Spellbook: Burn, burst offlame, elementalkin: air, flare, fire staff), or +4 ranged; SA spells; SQ quicken mastery, cold subtype,
ultravision; Resist AR 2, DR 3, ER 5, FR 6, MR 8, PR 4, SoR 2; AL DE;
flux,flamebolt, gate, lesser shielding, minor shielding, shield of
FacVox;SVFort+Q,Ref+5, Wi11+8;Str14,Dex14,Con12,lnt17, Wis
fire, summon banduges, summon dagger, summon drink, sum- 12, Cha 4.
mon wisp, stuff of tracing, true north.
Skills: Appraise +5, Channeling +12, Climb +3, Hide
Manu Pool: 60. +5, Jump +4,Knowledge (history) +6,Knowledge (mysti-
Possessions: Mammoth-hide cloak (see Appendix Two), cism) +12, Knowledge (planar travel) +7, Listen +4,
mammoth-hide leggings, belt pouch, spellbook, spell compo- Meditation +15, Read Lips +7, Sneak +10 [slippers],
nent pouch, alchemist’s kit (as medicine pouch), potion Spellcraft +12, Swim +3, Trade Skill (pottery) +5.
belt (holds 5 potions), enhancement potion (Con +6, fire Languages: Goblin (4),Giantish (4),Draconic ( 3 ) ,Bar-
resist (6);Str -l), enhancement potion (Con +6, fire resist barian (4),Orc ( 3 ) .
(6); Str -l), unti-weight potion, Etheria’s poison antidote,
Feats: Combat Casting, Endurance, Enlarge Spell, Ex-
potion ofspirit shield, flint and steel, 10 gp.
tendspell, Great Fortitude, Mysticcapacity [bone necklace],
lkicar (buffed with lesser shieldingand shield offire, and with +2
Con bonus from staff of tracing): hp 74; AC 12 [flat-footed 12, touch
School Specialization (divination).
81 (-2 Dex, +1 natural, +3 armor); Atk + 8 melee (ld6-2, staff of Wizard Spells Prepared (mana cost): Bind sight ( 3 ) , cancel
tracing); SQ fire save +1, magic save +1, damage shield (2); Resist FR mugic (5),column offrost (6),fire bolt (7), gate ( 12),gaze (2),
10, MR 4, PR 5; SV Fort +Q, Ref +2, Will +13; Con 11. root ( 5 ) ,see invisible (41,shock ofice (5).
Spellbook: Bind ufinity) bind sight, cancel magic, column of
I71Scrying Room (EL11) frost, eye of Zomm, fire bolt, frost bolt, gate, gaze, glimpse,
This is the only toom in the basement with a hidden door icestrike, identify, lesser shielding, minor shielding, numbing
(Search DC 20), crafted by the goblins once they took over cold, root, see invisible, shock offrost, shock of ice.
this part of the Basement: Halfway down the passage Manu Pool: 62.
Possessions: Shielded robes (see Appendix Two),ice crystal clan fairly small, each of the Cyth has his or her own space
staff (see Appendix Two), wolf-fur slippers (grant spell haste (or a slightly larger space for the few families among them),
I), bone necklace (see Appendix Two), belt pouch, spell with a bed, achest of drawers, a table, and sometimesasmall
component pouch, 10 gp. chest or even a chair. The room is divided by the use of
Wenstlain (buffed with shielding and see invisible): hp 65; AC 18 woven screens hung upon bone frames, and many of these
[flat-footed 15, touch 133 (+2 Dex, +1 natural, +4armor, +1 dodge); SQ have pictures painted upon them, like a free-standing
magic save +1, see invisible; Resist AR 2, DR 3, ER 5, FR 6, MR 14, PR tapestry.
4, SoR 2. In total, 24 Cvth live here: 1 wizard (female icr noblin
Wizard, OE, Vox);the Cyth Master Wizard, DeliaGn; 6
[SIKitchen (EL0-4) soldiers (male or female icy goblin, Mil 1-3, OE, Vox); 13
The icegoblinsprepare their own food, which they prefer adults (& female icy goblin, corn 0-2, ON, vox); and
to the cooked fare of the goblins on the Ground Floor. 3 whelps (smallicy gob[im, 1-6 HD each). Not all of these
Their kitchen is not as large, but they have fewer m d ~ goblins are here all the time, but usually at least 14 Cyth are
to feed. The ice goblins never cook their food over flame, in &is area. F~~ of them have anything of valuebeyond
although they do occasionally boil certain meats; they do weapons and armor, and they generally cany these with
this by heating water over a large brazier, which bums a them, including the priest’s prayerbook.
charcoal-like alchemical substance that Itxicar makes for ~ ~the M~~~~~ l wizard,~ is small for ~ a Cy&,~barely ~ ~
them when 'Pori to do So. There is a long table in the larger than an ice goblin, but nearly as wide as he is tall. This
‘outhern end Of the O ‘m for food Preparation*The area girth is not fat, however, as rivals have often learned to
beneath the table is used to hold cold water, kept in liquid their chagrin --for a mage, ~~l~~~~~is surprisingly strong,
form by salting, and various utensils hang from the ceiling. and than willing to fight. Deltayan is not as religious
A small door in the northeast “comer” of the room opens as many of his brethren- he does recognize voxas a
Onto the which Opens Justfeet beyond the door; a greater power, and acknowledges that she has chosen their
bucket hangs beside the door for this purpose. race for her servitors, but he suspects her promise of an
There are “COOks” ( f e d ice goblin, afterlife is not true. But he keeps these notions to himself,
0-2, DE, VOX) Working away in here, except during and goes through the motions of worship.
the wee hours of the night. Dekayan.MasterMage.MalelcyGoblin, Wiz Q:CR 14; Medium-
The Cyth don’t have a kitchen, but they have no size humanoid [cold, goblin] (4 ft., 10 in. tall); HD 4d8+18 (base)
need to cook their food either. O n the plus Qd4+18(Wiz); hp 46; lnit +2 (Dex); Spd 30 ft.; AC
rare occasion they need such facilities, 17 [flat-footed 15, touch 121 (+2 Dex, +5 natural);
they simply use this kitchen. BAB+lO; Grap +13; Atk+14/+10/+6 or+16/+12/+8
melee(ld3+4 orld3+6, crit 14-20/x2, daggerof
191CythCounciLRoom night), or 2 claws +13 melee (ld6+3), or +12
ranged; SQ damage shield (l), quicken
A hallway leading from the ic mastery, cold subtype, ultravision; Re-
goblins’ Meeting Hall opens sist FR 4; AL NE; Fac Vox; SV Fort
onto the Cyth council room. +10,Ref+ll,Wi11+10;Str16,Dex14,
Here the icy goblins of the Con 15, Int 17, W s 12, Cha 8.
Cyth clan gather to dis- Skills: Balance 4*,Cham
cuss their plans and neling +14, Climb +5, Hide
activities. The room is +5*, Jump +5, Knowledge
large enough to fit the (mysticism) + 12, Listen
entire clan o n the +6, Meditation +23,
benches against the Sneak +6, Spellcraft
walls, but small +15, Spot +6, Wilder-
enough that they can
all hear one another. Languages:Goblin(4),
The center of the room Dragon (4),Elder Dragon
is empty save for a great (4),Elvish (2), Giantish
white bearskin rug. There are
three more doors from the room, Feats: Alertness, Corn-
one at each corner. The first leads
bat Casting, Endurance,
to the Cyth Living Quarters, the Extend Spell, Great Fortitude,
second to the Honor Guard bar- Quest Spell, School Specializa-
racks, and the third to the Cyth
Wizard Spells Prepared (mana cost): Can-
1101Living Quarters(E1 cel magic (5), column offrost (6), Garrison’s
mighty maana shock (15), O’Keil’s radiation
11-16) ( 3 ) , see invisible (4),shielding (12; ex-
This room houses the entire -- tended),shockofice(5),shockoftightning
Cyth clan except for the Honor
Guard and t h e clan leader, Spellbook: Cancel magic, column of frost,
Pramahar, and his family. Because the room is large and the frost bolt, G ~ ~ . ~ shock, ~ ’ ksser
~ icesaih, ~
ing, minor shielding, O’Keil’sradiation, see invisible, shielding, not clever, and in combat he prefers instinct to planning. Lady
shock of fire, shock of frost, shock of ice, shock of lightning, Vox has chosen him and his people as her personal servants, and
sphere of light. heknowstheywillberewardedfortheirdevotionbyaplaceinher
Munu Pool: 54. heaven when they die. Thisgives him the murage to charge into
Possessions: Robes, ring of granite skin (see Appendix near-hopeless situations.
Two),dagger ofnight (see Appendix Two), spell component Thus far, his strength and skill have saved him and his
pouch, spellbook, 35 gp. people each time.
Deltayan (buffed with O’Keil’s radiation, see invisible, and shield- Pramahar,CythLord,MaIelcyGoMin.Clr6/WarS:CR 16; Medium-
ing): hp 108; AC 21 [flat-footed 17, touch 121(+2 Dex, +5natural, + 4 size humanoid [cold, goblin] (5 ft., 6 in. tall); HD 9d8+27 (base) plus
armor); SQ [cold] damage shield (l), [fire] damage shield (l),
fire save 6d8+18(Clr plus 5d12+15(War); hp 164; lnit+6(+2Dex,+4 lmproved
+1, see invisible, magic saves +l; Resist FR 11, MR 6. Initiative); Spd 30 ft. base; AC 17 [flat-footed 15, touch 121(+2 Dex,
+1 natural, +4armor); BAB +15; Grap +19; Atk +21/+17/+13/+9 melee
[ll] Honor Cuarb Barracks(ELl4-16) (ld8+8, crit 1?-20/x3, Aeenspear), or +20/+15/+10melee(2d6+6,
crit x3, masterwork silver greataxe), or 2 claws +19 melee (ld6+4), or
This room provides sleeping quarters for the Honor +17 ranged; SA frost bolt (at will, Wound); SQ damage reduction
Guard, 12 elite Cyth warriors who protect the Cyth Lord 5/-, damageshield(4), divine power(receivedivine aura), berserking,
and, while off-duty, lead any scouting or raiding parties. Taunt bonus +2, cold subtype, ultravision; AL OE; Fac Vox; SV Fort
The Honor Guard’s barracks is very similar to the Cyth +15, Ref +11, Will +12; Str 18, Dex 14, Con 16, lnt 10, Wis 16, Cha 13.
Living Quarters, except that the woven screens here are Skills: Balance 4*,Channeling +lo, Climb +6, Hide
even more elaborate, the personal rooms they create larger, +5*, Jump +7, Knowledge (religion) +2, Knowledge
and the rugs and furnishings more expensive. A door in the (warcraft) +4,Listen +5, Meditation +lo, Sense Motive
back of the Honor Guard barracks leads to the Cyth Lord’s +7, Sneak +6, Spot +4,Taunt +3, wilderness Lore +2.
chambers, so that anyone attacking him would have to get Languages: Goblin (4),Dragon (4),Giantish ( 3 ) .
past the Honor Guard first.
Feats: Alertness, Combat Casting, Double Attack,
At any given time, ld6+6 of the Honor Guard warriors Endurance,Great Fortitude,Improved Critical (spea
are here, and each is 60% likely to be sleeping. Otherwise, Improved Initiative, Mental Clarity, Power Attack.
they are chatting, cleaning weapons and other gear, etc.
Cleric Spells Prepared (mana cost): Center
The Honor Guard have no personal treasure beyond their
divineaura (2), endurefire (3),fear (7), light heal
arms and armor, since there only pleasure is to serve Lady
(5), reckless strength (5), root (5),yaulp (1). I
Vox and Pramahar.
Cyth Honor Guard, Male or Female Icy Goblin, War 5: CR 10;
Medium-size humanoid [cold, goblin] (5 ft., 3 in. tall); HD 9d8+27
(base) plus 5d12+15(War); hp 115; Init +2 (Dex); Spd 20 ft. in armor,
30 ft. base; AC 18 [flat-footed 16, touch 121 (+2 Dex, +1 natural, +5
armor); BAB +11; Grap +14; Atk +15/+10/+5 melee (2d6+4, crit 19-
20/x3, masterwork greataxe), or 2 claws +14 melee (ld6+3), or +13
ranged(ld6+3,10 ft., throwingaxe); SQdamageshield(4), berserking,
Taunt bonus+2,coldsubtype, u1travision;ALOE; Fac Vox; SVFort+12,
Ref +9, Will +5; Str 16, Dex 14, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 8.
Skills: Balance 4*,Climb +5, Hide +5*, Jump +7,
Listen +5, Sense Motive +7, Sneak +6, Spot +
Wilderness Lore +2.
Languages: Goblin (4),Dragon (4),Giantish
Feats: Alertness, Combat Reflexes, Double At-
tack, Endurance, Great Fortitude, Improved Critical
(greataxe), Power Attack.
Possessions: Bronze breastplate, icy greaves (see Appendix
Two), masterwork greataxe.

The Cyth Lord Pramahar does not bother with fancy belong-
ings. His room is extremely spare, with only three items of note:
his bed, itsbroad framemade frompolished but unadornedwood;
a low table of the same wood, with a single cushion in front of it;
and an exquisite plaque beanng the image of the Lady Vox,
worked in ivory and pearl, with sapphire eyes (1,250 gp).
pramahar won his position as lord of the icy goblins and head
of the Cyth clan through his devotion to Lady Vox, his strength
of arms, and his cunning. A tall, powerful Cyth,Pramaharbears
a deep scar acrosshis left cheek. This is the result of his first test by
his head betweenher razor-sharp teeth. hmahar is cunning but
Prayerbook: Center, courage, divine aura, endure fire, fear, Treasure: Currently, the room contains an enormous
furor, gate, holy armor, invigor, light healing, lull, minor opalglobe (2,65Ogp), adaggerofsoliddiamond (7,OOOgp),
healing, reckless strength, root, stun, word of pain, yaulp. a clouded jade bracer (see Appendix Two), a brooch of
Mana Pool: 36. wariness (see Appendix Two), a pair of crystalspectacles (see
Possessions:Bronze chain shirt, icy greaves (see Appendix Appendix T W O ) , and a small Statue of a bird wrought from
Two), +2 k e n spear, masterwork silver greataxe, bracers of a strange, light silvery metal, With tiny emerald eyes, that
the dragon (see Appendix Two). sings Elvish folk songs upon command. Deltayan is con-
PBm&ar (buffed with center, endure fire, reckless strength, and vinced more to this last than these songs and
yaulp):hp 177;AC19 [flat-footed 17, touch 141(+2Dex,+1 natural, +4 SO spends much of his time here listening to it*
armor,+l divine, +1deflection); Grap+23; Atk+25/+21/+17/+13 melee
(ld8+14, crit 19-20/x3, i 2 keen spear), or +24/+1'?/+14 melee
(2d6+12, crit x3, masterwork silver greataxe), or 2 claws +23 melee
(ld6+8); SQ fire save +2; Resist FR 8; Str 26.

from the stairway northeast of Area 6 , Ground Floor.

The Cyth frequently conduct raiding parties. They share
Random Encounters: Check once every 30 minutes

No encounter
*See Appendix One herein.
Detections: None.
sized) tables on every side. On these tables the tribe's
various treasures are displayed, and Cyth members often
come here to gaze upon these marks of their mistress's favor,
especially Deltayan, who spends much of his time in here
studying the various items. Standard Features: Unless otherwise noted, doors on
The treasury chamber has two doors. The first leads back this level are of stone, 22 feet tall and 8 feet wide: 12 in.
to the Council Room (Area 9), while the second leads to thick; Hardness 8; 180hp; Stuck DC 2 1;Locked DC 30;
a stairway going down, to the Sub-Basement - and the Pick Lock DC 30.
antechamber of the Lady Vox herself.
Many of these rooms here have carvings along their walls the small sleeping area along the west wall from the rest of
and inlays in the floors and ceilings. Several also have the chamber.
crystals imbedded at the comers, to capture and enhance Nightshine, the current Champion, is unusual for an ice
the light from torches or lanterns. Unlike most of the ice giant in that his hair is almost black, rather than the usual
goblin rooms, the ice giant area also has more ventilation, grayish-white or ivory. His eyes are glacier-blue, however,
with thin shafts rising from their rooms up to the ground and his skin pale as bone. Amighty warrior, Nightshine was
floor -upon close examination these holes, no more than trained by Lord Rockfall and was in fact betrothed to the
an inch or two in diameter, can be seen at the base of several lord’s daughter before she was killed - he considers the
walls on that level. lord his father in all but name, and would gladly die to
The ice giants are very comfortable in their rooms - protect him. Nightshine is not a deep thinker, but he has a
after all, their ancestors built this keep originally, and their surprisingly good heart, and he delights in helping others
later ancestors restored much of it. In fact, the only thing almost as much as he does in playing jokes on them.
the giants don’t like about their rooms is that they’re Nightshine, Male Ice Giant,War 10:CR 26; Huge giant [cold] (21 ft.
limited to this area, instead of possessing the entire castle, tall); HD 22d8+220 (base) plus 10d12+100 (War); hp 448; lnit +2
as is their birthright. They’re extremely possessive of their (Dex); Spd 5 0 ft.; AC 34 [flat-footed 32, touch 181(-2 size, +2 Dex,
rooms, as well, and few goblins or even fire giants dare to +16natural, +8 deflection); 6A6 +26; Grap +51; Atk +44/+34/+34/
wander in uninvited - they might not wander back out. +24/+24 melee (4d6+29 plus reptile-bane and dragon-daying, crit
14-20/x2, dragon-bone hammer), or +27/+23/+19/+15/+11 ranged
111 Great Hall (2d8+17,120 ft., throwing rock); Face 10 ft. by 10 ft.; Reach 15 ft.; SA
rock throwing; SQ berserking, Taunt bonus +3, dmagereductm7/-,
The ceilings in this vast space seem even higher than cold subtype, SR 30, fast healing 3, infravision, rock catching; Resist
their actual 45 feet, but that’s simply a trick of the light and FR 12; AL ON; Fac Vox; SVFort +30, Ref +12, Will +14; Str 44, Dex 14,
the clever barrel vaults and arches. Columns run around Con 30, lnt 10, Wis 15, Cha 12.
the walls, and between each set of columns stands a statue, Skills: Climb +15, Hide +3*, Listen +15, Sense Motive
a mosaic, or a tapestry. Numerous chairs in this room -all +7, Spot +9, Taunt +15, Trade Skill (blacksmithing) +4,
giant-sized,of course -are arranged in rows, facing the dais Wilderness Lore +6.
at the far western end. This marble platform holds a throne Languages: Giantish (4),Goblin (2).
cut from the same stone and carved into fantastical beasts. Feats: Alertness, Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Double At-
Beside the throne sit two tall chairs, one on either side, tack, Great Cleave, Improved Critical (two-handed
intended for the Chief Mage and the Head Priest (see Area hammer), Iron Will, Parry, Power Attack, Skill Talent
7), respectively, both of whom are usually here throughout (Wilderness Lore), Track, Weapon Focus (two-handed
much of the daytime. A third chair, slightly smaller but
more comfortable, stands to the left of the mage’s seat,
reserved for the use of Hoarfrost, the Diplomat (see Area 4).
In front of the throne stands a massive table of stone with
a polished marble-tile surface, and on the table lies a small
hammer (it is the size of a human’s warhammer) made of
gold (16 lbs; worth 1,800gp). This is the Speaker’s Ham-
mer, and whomever the king permits to hold this during
meetings is entitled to speak and be heard.
A secret door (Search DC 30) on the south wall leads to
the ice giants’ treasury; a similar door on the north wall
leads to their kitchen.

[ZITraining Room
This is a large, round room with a door on either side.
Racks along tL walls hold various Huge weapons, and the
center of the room is covered with several thick rugs to
protect falling giants from the hard stone floor. The ice
giants use this room for combat instruction, and also for
testing out weapons or even spells.
O n the north side of the room is a sliding door, which
opens onto a closet - this holds a rack with spears and
other polearms. A second door just west of the weapons
closet leads to the giants’ common area.

[SI Champion’sRoom ( E L 2 6 )
The ice giant Champion is the fighter chosen to protect
the giants’ Lord (and also the Diplomat, when he is in his
room), and their rooms can only be reached through his.
The Champion’s room is not particularly large, but it has a
comfortable bed and a well-made stone wardrobe, as well as
a small bedside table. A colorful tapestry screen separates
[4]biplocnat’snoom (EL 0 or 21) done in a shimmering pattern but with no real images.
Concealed behind a tapestry (Search check DC 15) on the
This relatively small room contains a massive bed which
west wall is a door into the treasury.
fills most of the space, and an ivory and horn table beside
it. A stone cabinet takes up the far wall alongside the bed, Rockfall is a lonely ruler. His wife and only daughter were
and this holds the ice giant Diplomat Hoarfrost’s clothes killed many years ago during an ambush by a band of
and other belongings. In addition to his robes, the cabinet Snowfang gnolls, and Rockfall has been alone ever since.
contains several small trophies of Hoarfrost’s younger war- He devotes all of his time to his people, but there is little to
rior days (see Treasure). be done for them - they need more space to move, and
that means either leaving Permafrost or reclaiming it from
Hoarfrost is unusual for one of his race, even though
Vox and the goblins. Once a powerful warrior, Rockfall has
physically he looks the perfect ice giant, tall and muscular,
grown gaunt with worry, and his once granite-gray hair and
with ice-blue, faintly crystalline skin and frost-colored hair
beard have begun to turn silvery-white. He is still a capable
and eyes. Hoarfrost thinks too much. He’s very calm and
fighter, however, and always wears his magical golden
patient, and rarely loses his temper. This is why he was
chainshirt, although he refuses to use his hereditary weapon,
chosen as Diplomat - because he can put up with the
the sword Stoneckft (see Treasure), until he wields it in an
goblins and ice goblins, the Cyth and the fire giants, all
effort to win back Permafrost Keep.
without going insane and attacking everyone in sight.
Hoarfrost actually enjoys his work, although he doesn’t get Treasure: Leaning in its massive scabbard against the
to do much; mainly he sits in the goblin throne room and bed is Rockfall’s famous sword, Stoneckft - a +3 Gargan-
listens to everything, then repeats it all to his own lord later tuan sonic greatsword that ignores the Hardness of rock.
that day. Of course, Hoarfrost does try to block every Rockfall, Ice Giant Lord, Male Ice Giant, Ari 9: CR 24; Huge giant
suggestion or request made by the fire giants, and he’s [cold] (20 Ft. tall); HD 22d8+176 (base) plus 9d8+72 (Ari); hp 387;
lnit +1 (Dex); Spd 50 ft.; AC 3 0 [flat-footed 29, touch 91 (-2 size, +1
careful to keep the ice goblins and Cyth from gaining any
Dex, +16natural, +5 armor); BAB +22; Grap +44; Atk +36/+31/+26/
more control over the Basement Level. His favorite method +21/+16 melee (2d8+23 and 2d6 fire, +ZHugef/ayminghea~ymace), or
of diplomacy is simply to suggest that one of the other races +22/+17/+12/+7/+2 ranged (2d8+14,100 ft., throwing rock); Face 10
will profit too much from a suggestion they made, and then ft. by 10 ft.; Reach 15 ft.; SA rock throwing; SQ damage reduction 7/
to step back and let the other races argue against the -, cold subtype, SR 30, fast healing 3, infravision, rock catching;
proposal. Dressed in long, stately robes, Hoarfrost’s only Resist FR 31; AL OE; Fac Vox; SV Fort +24, Ref +11, Will +16;Str 39,
weapons are the throwing boulders he keeps in the pouch Dex 13, Con 27, Int 14, Wis 17, Cha 18 (15).
at his belt. Skills: Bluff +lo, Climb +11, Diplomacy +13,Hide +2*,
Treasure: The cabinet holds, among Hoarfrost’s per- Knowledge (local lore [Permafrost])+ 15,Listen + 16,Sense
sonal belongings, an ice blade (see Appendix Two), a small Motive +12, Spot +lo, Trade Skill (blacksmithing) +19,
(19-lb.) jade carving of a porpoise (900 gp), and a pair of Wilderness Lore +7.
archer’s gloves (see Appendix Two).
Hoarfrost,Malelca Giant,WarZ/Expk CR 21; Hugegiant [cold] (19
ft. tall); HD 22d8+176 (base) plus 2d12+16 (War) plus 4d6+32 (Exp);
hp 339; lnit +1 (Dex); Spd 50 ft.; AC 29 [flat-footed 28, touch 131(-
2 size, +1 Dex, +16natural, +4 arcane); BAB +21; Grap +42; Atk slam
+32/+27/+22/+17/+12 melee (ld8+19), or +21/+16/+11/+6/+1 ranged
(2d8+13,100 ft., throwing rock); Face 10 ft. by 10 ft.; Reach 15 Ft.; SA
rock throwing; SQ immune to mind-affecting effects, berserking,
damagereduction71-, coldsubtype, SR 30, fast healing3, infravision,
rock catching; Resist FR 12; ALOE; Fac Vox; SV Fort +25, Ref +9,Will
+15; Str 37, Dex 12, Con 26, Int 16, Wis 19, Cha 16 (14).
Skills: Bluff +12, Climb +lo, Diplomacy +15, Hide +2*,
Intimidate + 15, Knowledge (local lore [Permafrost]) + 10,
Listen +17, Sense Motive +13, Spot +11, Trade Skill
(tailoring) +7, Wilderness Lore +8.
Languages: Giantish (4), Goblin (4).
Feats: Alertness, Cleave, Great Cleave, Power Attack,
Skill Talent (Diplomacy), Skill Talent (Wilderness Lore),
Possessions: Robes, belt ofprotection (see Appendix Two),
turc of benevolent mien (see Appendix Two), belt pouch, 10
throwing rocks.

The ice giant lord’s private room is a little larger than his
champion’s. A large sleeping pallet on a raised stone dais
takes up one wall, and beside that stands a polished stone
and ivory desk with a matching chair, and a wardrobe made
from small blocks of marble in varying shades and colors.
The walls in this room are covered with tapestries, each
Languages: Giantish (4), Goblin (4). Skills: Hide +3, Listen +8, Sneak +7, Spot +7, Wilder-
Feats: Alertness, Cleave, Great Cleave, Power Attack, ness Lore +3*.
Skill Talent (Wilderness Lore), Track, Weapon Focus Feats: Alertness, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (bite).
(greatsword). Poler &ar: CR 10; Large animal; HD 18d8+144; hp 225; lnit +1
Possessions: Huge ornate golden chain shirt (see EQ:GMG, (Dex);Spd40ft.;AC22[flat-footed21, touchlO](-lsize,+lDex,+12
p. 211), +2Hugeflamingheavymace,beltpouch, 5 throwing natural); 6 A 6 +13; Grap +27; Atk 2 claws +22 melee (2d4+10, crit 19-
rocks. 201x2) and bite +17 melee (2d10+5); Face 5 ft. by 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.;
SA improved grab, maul; SQ scent; Resist CR 8; AL N; Fac none; SV
161Treasury Fort +19, Ref +12, Will +lo; Str 31, Dex 12, Con 27, Int 2, Wis 18, Cha
The ice giant treasury is not as full as it could be. Still,
Skills: Listen +9, Spot +9, Swim +15.
there is a king’s ransom in gold, silver, platinum, and
various gems and jeweled objects; in total, somewhere in Feats: Cleave (claws only), Improved Critical (claws),
excess of 50,000 gp in value (in practice, the GM should Power Attack.
exercise her discretion here, and reward the PCs with as Area 7b (EL 26)
much or as little as they deserve). This is the abode of the ice giant magus, Silverfist. The
Two giant-sized, enchanted spears stand crossed at the magus is an old giant now, but still hale, and his eyes remain
far end of the room -the giants’ histories say that the one bright and alert. His hair is completely white, and, interest-
on the left belonged to Cavewalker himself, and the one on ingly, his hands look as if they have been dipped in silver -
the right to his cousin Riverbright (both are +3 Gargantuan the side-effect of a botched spell when he was still an
keen spears). Rich tapestries cover the treasury walls, but apprentice. Silverfist loves magic and his people almost
they are in poor repair and would hardly be worth the effort equally, but his pet polar bear Rug comes a close third. He
to transport them, which is virtually an impossible task for enjoys teaching, and he has 2 or 3 prospective apprentices
non-giants in any case. among the younger giants, but he occasionally loses his
patience; in fact, he secretly wishes he and the icy goblins
[7] Living Area were on better terms, for he’d dearly love to compare notes
with their chief wizard.
Except for Lord Rockfall, Hoarfrost, and Nightshine, all
of the ice giants share this common lounge and social area. SilverFist,MalelceGiant,Mag7IWiz3CR 26; Hugegiant [cold] (19
Ft. tall); HD 22d8+176 (base) plus 7d4+56 (Mag) plus 3d4+24 (Wiz);
Other than the giants themselves, the only creatures to hp 387; lnit +2 (Dex); Spd 50 ft.; AC26 [flat-footed 24, touch 101(-
wander this area are the polar bears and the dire wolves they 2 size, +2 Dex, +16 natural); 6 A 6 +20; Grap +41; Atk slam +31/+26/
keep as pets; most of the family dwellings have one or the +21/+16/+11 melee (ld8+19), or +21/+16/+11/+6/+1 ranged (2d8+13,
other lounging near their front door (see Area 7a, below). 100 ft., throwing rock); Face 10 ft. by 10 ft.; Reach 15 ft.; SA rock
Doors on the north and west walls both lead to family throwing, spells; SQ quicken mastery, damage reduction 7/-, cold
quarters, a row of smaller rooms occupied by whole families subtype, SR 30, fast healing 3, infravision, rock catching; Resist ER 5,
and connected by a long corridor. FR 15, MR 5; AL ON;Fac Vox; SV Fort +24, Ref +12, Will +19;Str 37,
Area 7a (EL 17-18 each) Dex 14, Con 26, Int 21 (l‘?), Wis 18, Cha 15.
Skills: Channeling +14, Climb +lo,Diplomacy +4,Heal
Within these smaller living quarters, mobile tapestry
+9, Hide +3*, Knowledge (local lore [Permafrost]) +11,
screens can provide privacy and color when desired, and
each giant has at least a bed, a chest, and a small table. Knowledge (mysticism) + 15, Knowledge (planar travel)
Many have chairs or dressers, and the floors are covered +7, Listen +17, Meditation +29, Spellcraft +13, Spot +11,
with a variety of rugs, tapestries, and furs. Trade Skill (jewelcraft) +8,Wilderness Lore +8.
There are 2 ice giants who live in each chamber marked h n p g e s : Giantish (4), Dragon (4), Goblin (3).
7a, a male* (icegiant, Mil 1-3, OE, Vox) and afemale (ice Feats: Alermess, Cleave, Mystic Capacity, Power At-
giant, Com 0-2, O N , Vox), with an additional 6 juvenile tack, Quest Spell, School Specialization (evocation), Skill
giants (Medium-sizeicegiant,4-9 HD, orhrge icegiant, 10- Talent (wilderness Lore), Track.
18 HD each). The GM should feel free to place these Magician/WizardSpells Prepared (mana cost, modified for
juveniles as she sees fit among the available chambers. A t gold ruby ring): Column offire (16; quest spell), fade (Z),
any given time, 3 male giants are away on duty in the upper &me bolt (5), frost bolt ( l ) , gate (121, glimpse (11, lesser
keep (at Area 1,Ground Level, and Area la, Upper Level, shielding (4), see invisible (4), shield offire (7).
respectively; other giants may be away as well (especially if Spellbook: Bindaffinity, burn,burst offlame, column offire,
any have been encountered randomly elsewhere in the enchant gold*, enchant silver*,fade, flare, fireflux, flame bolt,
keep), at the GM’s discretion. frost bolt, gate, glimpse, lesser shielding, minor shielding, see
In addition, there is a 70% chance that any given family invisible, shield offire, shock offire, shock offrost, sphere of
will have a pet: If such a pet is indicated, it is either a dire light, summon bandages, summon wisp, true nurth, ward
wolf (65%) or a polar bear (35%). summoned.
*However, one of these male giants should be replaced Manu Pool: 100.
with Whiptooth, the bear tamer (see Area 5 in the First Possessions: Robes, amulet of wizard’s might (see Appen-
Sub-Basement: Animal Pens). dix Two), firestick (see Appendix Two), Huge gold star rose
Dire Wolf: CR 6; Large animal; HD lld8+66; hp 115; Init +5(Dex); quartz coronet, Huge gold ruby ring, 2 Huge spellbooks (65
Spd 60 ft.; AC 23 [flat-footed 18, touch 141 (-1 size, +5 Dex, +? lbs. each), spell component pouch, belt pouch, 3 throwing
natural); BAB +8; Grap +19; Atk bite +15/+10 melee (ld10+7); Face 5 rocks.
ft. by 10 ft.; SA drag down; SQ scent; AL N;Fac none; SV Fort +13, Ref
+12, Will +5;Str 24, Dex 20, Con 23, Int 2, Wis 14, Cha 12.
SoR 3; AL OE; Fac Vox; SV Fort +26, Ref +12, Will +20; Str 38, Dex
16, Con 31, Int 14, Wis 20 (18), Cha 16.
Skills: Channeling +14,Climb +11,Diplomacy +8, Hide
+4*, Knowledge (local lore [Permafrost]) +5, Knowledge
(religion) +7, Listen +19, Meditation +15, Spot +13,
Trade Skill (blacksmithing) +9, Wilderness Lore +lo.
Languages: Giantish (4), Ancient Giantish (3).
Feats: Alertness, Cleave, Double Attack, Iron Will,
Power Attack, Skill Talent (Wilderness Lore), Track.
Ckric SpellsPrepared (mana cost): Center ( 7), courage (2),
invigm (3)’ light healing ( 5 ) ,m i w healing (2).
Prayerbook: Center, courage, invigm, light healing, minor
Manu Pool: 60.
Possessions: Polar bear-fur robes, coldsteel chain shirt,
masterwork Huge coldsteel morningstar, sapphire of souls
(see Appendix Two), Huge prayerbook (60 lbs.), spell
component pouch, belt pouch, 5 throwing rocks.
Windfire (buffed with center): hp 420; AC 32 [flat-footed 29,
touch 121(-2 size, +3 Dex, +16 natural, +4 armor, +1 divine).

* These spells are listed in the EveQuest: Game Master’s

Guide, p. 238.
Silverfist (buffed with lesser shielding, see invisible, and shield o f
fire): hp 394; AC 29 [flat-footed 27, touch 101(-2 size, +2 Dex, +16
natural, +3 armor); SQ magic saves +1, see invisible, fire saves +1,
damage shield (2); Resist ER 5, FR 19, MR 9.
“Rug,” Pdar Bear: Use stats in Area 7a, above.
Area 7c (EL 22)
Windfire is the chief priestess of the ice giants, though
that means little -most of the giants gave up on Rallos Zek
long ago, and don’t even have a shrine or hall of worship.
Nonetheless, Windfire does her best to make sure the other
giants are happy and healthy. Fortunately, she’s a friendly
giant who listens well, and she’s well-liked by her kin. Tall
and graceful, with fine white hair that seems to dance in the
air even without a wind, Windfire is rarely called upon to
be serious and stem, but she is capable of it. She despises the
fire giants but pities them at the same time, seeing them as
lost cousins damned to eternal suffering, so she takes every 181Kitchen
chance she can to speak with them and offer them a chance
to break free of Nagafen’s sway and return to a better way Although they rarely raid, ice giants do hunt a great deal,
of life. since they need enough food to sustain their large bodies.
Their kitchen is easily the size of the goblin kitchen above,
Windfire, Female Ice Giant, Clr 6: CR 22; Huge giant [cold] (19 ft.
tall); HD 22d8+220 (base) plus 6d8+60 (Clr); hp 407; lnit +3(Dex); and has two massive fireplaces plus several large braziers for
Spd 50 ft.; AC 31 [flat-footed 28, touch 111 (-2 size, +3 Dex, +16 cooking -unlike the ice goblins and the Cyth, ice giants
natural, +4 armor); BAE +20; Grap +42; Atk +32/+27/+22/+17/+12 do prefer their meat cooked. At the south end of the west
melee(2d8+21, masterwork Hugecoldsteelmorningstar),or+22/+18/ wall is a door leading into a smaller chamber filled with ice
+14/+10/+6 ranged(2d8+14,110 ft., throwing rock); Face 10 ft. by 10 to keep drinks and meat (very) cold, and this room also
ft.; Reach 15 ft.; SA rock throwing, spells, lull(at will, Vround); SQ contains a drinking well. The river rages not 10 feet below,
divine power (receive divine aura), damage reduction 7/-, cold sub- so that the giants use a large ladle with a long handle rather
type, SR 30, fast healing 3, infravision, rock catching; Resist FR 10, than a bucket and a rope to fetch water.
First Sub-Basement:Animal Pens

Entrances: Ramp descending from Area 3 ,

Ground Floor.
Exits: None (except perhaps out through the
terror-infested river at Area 1).
Random Encounters: Check once every 10 min-
utes on ld20:
1-4.2-5 dire wolves
5-8.1-3 polar bears
‘?.Padfoot (see Area 3)
10.Whiptooth (see Area 5)
11-20. No encounter
Detections: None, although most of the inhabit-
ants of this level have the scent ability and sharp
senses - it is difficult at best to move undetected
Shielding: None.
Continuous Effects: The temperature on this
level is below 40” F (slightly warmer than elsewhere
in the keep).
Standard Features: None.

This level was created entirely by the ice giants and the
goblins. It is far less polished than the Basement level or
even the Ground Floor, with rough-hewn walls and uneven
floors and rounded ceilings - it’s clearly a series of caves more than half speed or trying to fight on this surface must
linked together, as opposed to rooms hewn from solid rock. make a Balance check (DC12) to avoid falling prone. Any
The ice giants have no interest in living on this level, which creature grappled by a terror suffers a -4 circumstance
is darker and danker than their own chambers, and which penalty on grapple checks, unless the creature has some
is also too crude and uneven for their tastes. The goblins way of finding purchase on the ice or gaining leverage
have no need for the level themselves, since they still have against a wall, etc.
enough room, and, besides, this area is used to house the
1cyTenw:CR 8;Largeaberration[aquatic, cold]; HD 12d8+60;hp
various animals and creatures kept by the giants, which are 114;Init +4 (Improved Initiative); Spd 20 ft., swim 30 ft.; AC l‘? [flat-
liable to view goblins as rather delectable. Footed 17, touch ‘?](-1 size, +10natural); BAL3 +‘?; Grap +18;Atk 5
tentacles +13 melee (ld8+5),bite +8melee (2d6+2); Face 5 Ft. by 10
[l] Pits (ELS-11, o r 13-1 5 with ice-spawn ft.; Reach5 Ft. (20 ft. with tentacles); SA improvedgrab, constrict; SQ
terror) cold subtype, pulse, tremorsense 60 ft., faceless, light-sensitive;
Resist ER 5, FR 15, MR 5; AL NE; Fac none; SV Fort +‘?, Ref +4, Will
An underground river cuts close to the surface beneath +Q; Str 20, Dex 10, Con 20, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 8.
some parts of Permafrost, and part of it runs through the
back portion of this cavern. The GM should feel free to
Skills: Climb +9,Hide +8*,Listen +7, Sneak +12, Swim
decide whether this might provide an alternate means of
exiting the Keep; however, the inhabitants of the river (see Feats: Improved Initiative, Iron Will.
below) will most certainly present a grave danger to those
seeking to use such an exit. [2]WoLFPenS (ELll-14)
At any given time, there are ld3 icy terrors hidden in the This cavern is known as the “wolf pens,” where most of
river here, which will attack any creature approaching to the ice giants’ dire wolves are kept. Those that have been
within 20 feet of the shore. There is also a 5% chance claimed as pets by ice giants live with their owners up in the
during any given week that a mighty ice-spawn terror (see West Basement, but the remaining 19 are here in large pens
Appendix One) temporarily makes its home in the river built from severed stalactites and stalagmites. These wolves
here, staying for ld4 weeks, during which time even giants are bred and trained for hunting (and for draggingprey such
approaching too close to the river are in danger. For this as mammoths and the like back to Permafrost), as opposed
reason, no Permafrost giant ever intentionally approaches to the pets in the Basement, and are somewhat larger and
to within 30 feet of the river, although an animal or a more savage, if perhaps also somewhat more content -
wandering goblin does go missing from time to time. they’re allowed out regularly to run and hunt across the
Frigid Plains, and when they come back they’re caringly
To make matters worse, the floor of this cavern is covered
brushed and fed.
with a thick layer of rough ice, and any creature moving
Just beyond the wolf pens themselves is a smaller cave Feats: Alertness, Cleave, Double Attack, Hand to Hand,
(Area 3 ) , which houses the “wolf lord.” There is a 30% Improved Hand to Hand, Power Attack, Skill Talent
chance each day that the wolf lord takes a number of the (Animal Empathy), Skill Talent (Handle Animal), Skill
wolves out to hunt, leaving only ld4+6 wolves here. Talent (Wilderness Lore), Track.
DireWohm[advancedHD](lQ):CR7; Largeanimal; HD 14d8+84; CkricSpells Prepared(manacost): Curedisease (3),drowsy
hp 147; lnlt +5(Dex); Spd 60 ft.; AC 23 [flat-footed 18, touch 141 (3), Keshuval’s rejuvenation (5), minor healing (2), sense
(-1 size, +5Dex, +9 natural); BA6 +lo; Grap +21; Atk bite +17/+12 animal (11, strengthen (2).
melee (ld10+7); Face 5 ft. by 10ft.; SAdrag down; SQ scent; AL N; Fac
none; SV Fort +15, Ref +14, Will +6;Str 24, Dex 20, Con 23, lnt 2, Wis
prayerbook: cure disease, drowsy,Kes~uva~~srejuvenatim,
14. Cha 12. minor heuling, sense animal, spirit ofKuhlir, spirit of Keshuual,
? - ~

Skills: Hide +3, Listen +8, Sneak +7, Spot +7, Wilder-
ness Lore +3*. Mana Pool: 54.
Feats: Alertness, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (bite). Possessions: +I Huge studded leather, coldsteel longsword
(wielded as dagger), dire wolf-fur boots* (see Appendix
[3]WOLFLorb Quarters (EL251 Two), Large prayerbook (35 lbs.), spell component pouch,
belt pouch, 5 throwing rocks.
The ice giants’ “wolf lord” is a tall ice giant named
Padfoot, so called because he moves as silently as the * This particular pair of boots is sized for a giant (and thus
animals he tends. He is considered something of a misfit, weighs 19 lbs); a character may attempt a Trade Skill
although never to his face, and both he and the other ice (tailoring) check (DC26) to alter them to fit a Large
giants are happier if he remains here with his charges. creature ( 5 lbs), or DC 33 to fit a Medium-size creature. In
Padfoot has a gift with animals in general, and with wolves either case, if this check fails, the boots are ruined and
in particular, so he was given the job of keeping the dire rendered nonmagical.
wolves happy and healthy. He loves his work and spends Padfoot (buffed with strengthen):Grap +48; Atk +3?/+36/+33/
hours playing with the large, dangerous beasts, who treat +30/+27 melee (ld8+16, crit 1?-20/x2, coldsteel longsword), or
him as one of their own. Padfoot often goes hunting with +2?/+25/+21/+17/+13 ranged(2d8+16,110 ft., throwing rock); Str 43.
them out in the tundra, and always returns with a wide grin Skills: Climb +13, Swim +17.
and a mouth covered in gore. His warder, Greysleet, never Greysleet,PadfootsWarder, Male Dire Wolf: CR 7; Large magical
leaves Padfoot’s side, whether in the Keep or out on the beast; HD 14d8+84; hp 160; hit +9(+5 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative);
Plains. Spd 60 ft.; AC 23 [flat-footed 18, touch 141 (-1 size, +5 Dex, +9
natural); 6A6 +lo; Grap +21; Atk bite +17/+12 melee (ld10+7); Face 5
This room is really just an extension of the wolf pens, ft. by 10 ft.; SA drag down; SQ scent; AL N; Fac none; SV Fort +15, Ref
with a pile of furs tossed in one comer as a bed and a small +14, Will +6; Str 25, Dex 20, Con 23, Int 6, Wis 14, Cha 12.
chest beside that. Beneath his bed furs is an item one of his Skills: Hide +3, Listen +8, Sneak +7, Spot +7, Wilder-
wolves recently brought him, a small weapon clenched ness Lore +3*.
between its massive jaws (see Treasure).
Feats: Alertness, Dodge, Improved Initiative, Power
Treasure:The wolves’ gift is a strangely shaped sword, its Attack, Weapon Focus (bite).
blade slightly curved and wider near the tip, the handle
fashioned to resemble a running wolf. Padfoot knows the
Note: Greysleet is technically a “spirit of Keshuual,” but
uses the stats for the dire wolves above wherever those of a
weapon must be old, and possibly valuable, so has kept it a
typical type 3 warder are inferior.
secret here; he has no idea that it is in fact the legendary
scimitar of the Mistwalker (see Appendix Two), nor would 141Bear Pens
he recognize the name if he were told, being no scholar.
The wolves found the artifact and felt their young friend This cave is very similar to the wolf pens, except that it has
was most worthy of it, although he has not yet used it for fear a large pool to the rear, which is actually an opening into the
of another of the giants seeing him and laying claim to the underground river that is too small for anything bigger than
blade. a Tiny creature to enter or exit. The 9 polar bears who live
here can sit here and catch fish for themselves-they’veeven
Padfoot,MaleIceGiant,BstQ:CR25; Hugegiant [cold] (22 ft. tall);
HD 22d8+242 (base) plus 9d8+?9 (6st); hp 479; hit +5(Dex); Spd been trained to catch fish and toss them to the animal trainer,
50 ft.; AC33 [flat-footed 28, touch 141(-2size, +5Dex, +16 natural, who then has them sent up to the cooks.
+4 armor); 6A6 +25; Grap +48; Atk +38/+35/+32/+2?/+26 melee Along the side of this chamber is a smaller cave, which
(ld8+15, crit 1?-20/x2, coldsteel longsword), or +29/+25/+21/+17/ is the animal trainer’s room.
+13ranged(2d8+15,110 ft., throwing rock); Face10ft. by 10ft.; Reach P d a 6xrs(9) CR 10; Large animal; HD 18d8+144; hp 225; lnit +1
15 ft.; SA rock throwing, spells; SQ animal speech (beasts), animal (Dex); Spd 4 0 ft.; AC 22 [flat-footed 21, touch 101(-1 size, + l Dex, +12
skills, animal aura (2/day), warder, damage reduction 7/-, cold sub- natural); 6A6 +13; Gap+27; Atk 2 claws +22melee(2d4+10,crit 19-20/
type, SR 30, fast healing 3, infravision, rock catching; Resist MR 10; x2) and bite +17 melee (2d10+5); Face 5 ft. by 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.; SA
AL N; Fac Vox; SV Fort +2?, Ref +18, Will +15; Str 40, Dex 20 (l?),improvedgrab, maul; SQscent; Resist CR 8; AL N; Fac none; SVFort +1?,
Con 33 (32), lnt 10, Wis 17, Cha 10. Ref +12, Will +lo; Str 31, Dex 12, Con 27, lnt 2, Wis 18, Cha 9.
Skills: Animal Empathy +15, Balance +8, Channeling Skills: Listen +9, Spot +9, Swim +15.
+13, Climb +12, Handle Animal +15, Hide +6*, Knowl- Feats: Cleave (claws only), Improved Critical (claws),
edge (nature) +4, Listen + 16,Meditation +7, Sense Heading Power Attack.
+7, Sneak +9, Spot +lo, Trade Skill (tailoring) +7, Swim
+16, Wilderness Lore +lo. 151Bear Trainer’s Room (EL19)
Languages: Giantish (4). The bear trainer is an immensely strong young ice giant
named Whiptooth. His room has a simple cot, plus a small
table and two chairs. Unlike Padfoot, Whiptooth sees his job
as somethingseparate from his life -in fact, the two trainers
don’t much care for one another on a personal level. After
working with the bears for at least a few hours each day,
Whiptooth washes carefully and then returns to the giants’
Common Hall (Area 7, West Basement), and to his private
chambers there (7a),to spend time with his friends and family
(he has a wife, but no children).Whiptooth does take his job
seriously, and he’s careful to make sure the polar bears are
always in good shape and eating well.
Whiptooth, Male Ice Giant, &t 2Nar 1: CR 19; Huge giant [cold]
(20 ft. tall); HD 22d8+220 (base) plus 2d8+20 (Bst) plus ld12+10; hp
353; lnit+l(Dex); Spd50ft.;AC2‘?[flat-footed28,touchQ] (-2size,
+lDex,+l6natural, +4armor); BAB+l?; Grap+45; Atk +35/+2?/+23/
+17 melee (2d8+18, crit 1‘?-20/x2, Huge coldsteel greatsword) and
+30 melee (2d8+9, crit x3, Huge coldsteel greataxe), or +18/+14/+10/
+6/+2 ranged (ld4+18 subdual, 25 ft. [max], Large whip), or+1?/+14/
+?/+4 ranged (2d8+18,125 ft., throwing rock); Face IO ft. by 10 ft.;
Reach 15 ft.; SA rock throwing; SQ animal speech (beasts), animal
skills, animal aura (l/day), berserking, damage reduction 7/-, cold
subtype, SR 30, fast healing 3, infravision, rock catching; AL OE; Fac
Vox; SV Fort +29, Ref +18,Will +15; Str 4 7 (46). Dex 13, Con 30, lnt
12, W a 16, Cha 13.
Skills: Climb +15,HandleAnimal +&Hide +2*,Knowl-
edge (nature) +4, Listen +16, Spot +lo, Trade Skill
(tailoring) +6, Swim + 19, Wilderness Lore + 10.
Languages: Giantish (4),Goblin (1).
Feats: Alertness, Cleave, Dual Wield, Hand to Hand,
Power Attack, Skill Talent (Wilderness Lore), Track.
Possessions: Coldsteel chain shirt, Huge coldsteel This section eep was built specifically at the
greatsword, Huge coldsteel greataxe,Large bearehidewhip, request and under the direction of the Lady Vox, to her
necklace (see Appendix Two)1 pouch’ l5 explicit specifications. Initially the goblins and ice giants
throwing rocks. did the work, but later the Cyth appeared and completed
the construction themselves. As a result, this floor is more
Laby Vox’s Sub-Basement finished in appearance than the rest of the Keep, with
perfectly level floors,gently curving walls, and high arched
Entrances: Stairway behind the goblin king’s throne
111Antechamber (EL28)
This room is large and circular, its walls faced with white
marble, and the ceiling forms a dome 80 feet overhead. A
single flame bums within a faceted crystal globe that hangs
Random Encounters: None. from the ceiling - the light was a gift from Vox’s lover
Nagafen, and bums continually without heat. The facets of
the crystal cause the light to refract around the room,
casting a thousand rays of rainbow color everywhere and
awakening answering gleams from the marble on the walls.
her Champion immediately. This room is almost always watched by the Dragon’s
Note also the powers granted her by Lady VOX’S Champion. Although the Cyth Lord Pramahar is the Lady
dragon-bone bracelet (see Appendix Two). Vox’s high priest, he is not her Champion. That honor
belongs, surprisingly enough, to an ice giant. Iceheart is
perhaps the ice giants’ greatest warrior, but he is too
Continuous Effects: The temperature on this level
arrogant to get on well with the rest of his kin. Upon the
Lady Vox’s arrival, he sought her out and offered his
Standard Features: Unless otherwise noted, ceil- devotion to her. Vox was touched, and put the young giant
ings in this area are 60 feet high, to allow Lady Vox to to the test. He slew three of the Cyth barehanded, and then
extend her wings fully and to leap around when the lay without moving while Vox herself carved three even
mood takes her. furrows across his chest. For his strength and loyalty, she
Likewise, doors typically have the following charac- rewarded him with the title of Dragon’s Champion.
teristics: 2 ft. thick; Hardness 8;360 hp; Stuck DC 30, At the far end are a set of massive doors, decorated with
an etched, gold-filled relief shaped to resemble a dragon in
flight. These lead to Vox’s receiving room. Iceheart stands
before the great golden doors, unless summoned, and pre- dix Two), white dragon scale (see Appendix Two; this is
vents anyone from walking past without his mistress’s Iceheart’s secondary, lighter set of armor, carried in his
permission.Nagafen’shigh priest, the fire giant Kindleheart, large pouch, for when he wishes to relax), Gargantuan belt
nearly died before he learned this lesson, and these two pouch.
giants hate one another as much as they love their respec- lceheart(buffed with heroicbondand shieldofwords, cast by Vox):
tive dragon masters. Iceheart is tall and broad even for an hp 620;AC 41 [flat-footed 40, touch 131(-2 size, +1 Dex, +16 natural,
ice giant, with ice-blue hair but coal-black eyes. He dis- +12 armor, +4 divine); SQ damage reduction 16/-.
dains ranged combat, not bothering to carry throwing
rocks, always wishing to engage his foes in melee. [2]Receiving Room (EL32or 34)
The room has several comfortable chairs, both giant- This is a long room that appearsnarrow and low-ceilinged
sized and Cyth-sized, placed between the stairs at the south relative to the enormous Antechamber. The floor here is of
end of the enormous chamber, for guests to sit upon while white marble flagstones, and the walls are covered with
they wait. beaten gold broken by colorful tapestries of dragons. At the
lahart, Male Ice Giant, War 12: CR 28; Huge giant [cold] (22 ft., far end of the room is a low dais that spans the entire width,
6 in. tall); HD 22d8+242 (base) plus 12d12+132(War); hp 520; lnit +2 and atop that sits an enormous couch-like ledge of stone,
(Dex); Spd 50 ft. in armor, 60 ft. base [Swift]; AC37 [flat-footed 36, covered with huge golden velvet cushions and the furs of
touch 91(-2size,+l Dex,+16natural,+l2armor);BAB+28;Grap+54; enormous tundra creatures. It is upon this ‘‘couch”that Vox
Atk+47/+44/+41/+38/+35 melee(4d6+31 and 2d6cold,crit 17-20/ receives her visitors.
x2, frostbeam); Face 10 ft. by 10 ft.; Reach 15 ft.; SA rock throwing; Kindleheart, the High Priest of Nagafen, can almost
SQ berserking, Taunt bonus +3, damage reduction 7/-, cold subtype, always be found here, along with a dozen ice lizards (see
SR 30, fast healing 5, infravision, rock catching; Resist FR 34; AL ON;
FacVox;SVFort+30,Ref +12,Will+14;Str46(43),Dex14(15),Con
Appendix One) of the most enormous size, attracted here
33 (32), lnt 10, Wis 13, Cha 12. by Vox. An archway to the east leads to the Meditation
Skills: Climb +15,Hide +3*, Intimidate +27, Knowledge Chamber, and another to the west leads to Vox’s private
(warcraft) +6, Listen +14, Spot +15 [amulet], Taunt +16, lair, both openings filled by golden cloth hangings.
Trade Skill (blacksmithing) +4, Wilderness Lore +5. Kindleheart spends a good deal of his time conferring with
her here in her receiving room.
Languages: Giantish (4),Dragon (3).
A towering fire giant with red-edged black hair and
Feats: Alertness, Brutish, Cleave, Combat Reflexes,
flame-orange eyes, Kindleheart is a giant of great passion,
DoubleAttack, Great Cleave, Improved Parry, Parry, Power
and he longs to become the chief servant of his own master.
Attack, Skill Talent (Wilderness Lore), Swift, Track,
He reveres the Lady Vox for her strength and beauty, but at
Weapon Focus (greatsword), Weapon Specialization
the same time he is far too proud to grovel to her or even to
Possessions: Dragon-plate armor (see Appendix Two),
An enormous mirror of pure, smooth ice stands behind
Frostbeam (see Appendix Two), amukt ofsight (see Appen-
the couch and to one side, frozen by Vox’s power and held
in a frame of silver. No other chairs or furnishings are
within the chamber - Vox prefers her guests to stand
when they speak with her, to reinforce her control of the
Tactics: If Vox notes intruders approaching, she will be
in this chamber with Kindleheart and her ice lizards, fully
buffed and awaiting combat: She casts heroic bund on
herself, Iceheart, Kindleheart, and 3 of the ice lizards, and
shield ofwords on Iceheart, and then she swaps out those two
spells for two others. In doing all of this, she spends 120
Ice Lizards [advanced HD] (12): CR 8; Large magical beast [cold];
HD 18d10+72; hp171; lnit+2(Dex);Spd40ft.,swim3Oft.;AClQ[flat-
footed 18,touch IO](-1 size, +2 Dex, +8natural); BAB +18; G a p +28;
Atk 2 claws +24 melee (ld6+6)and bite +22 melee (2d6+3); Face 5 ft.
by 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.; SA breathweapon, pounce, improvedgrab, rake
ld6+6; SQcold subtype, snow tread, scent, ultravision;AL N; Fac Vox;
SV Fort +30, ReF +12, Will +14; Str 23, Dex 14, Con 18, lnt 6, Wis 13,
Cha Q.
Skills: Balance + 7 , Climb +lo, Hide +8*, Jump +12,
Listen +13, Sneak +11,Spot +12, Swim +14, Wilderness
Lore +3*.
Feats: Alertness, Multiattack, Power Attack, Weapon
Focus (claw, bite).
Breath Weapon (Su):A Large ice lizard can breathe a 25-
foot cone of numbing frost as an attack action once every
ld6 rounds. This deals 6d6 points of cold damage to all in
the area, although a Reflex save (DC 23) halves this
damage. In addition, any creature in the area must make a Maw Pool: 96.
Fortitude save (DC 23) or take ld2 points of temporary Possessions: Red dragon scale (see Appendix Two), Fire
Dexterity damage. Hook (see Appendix Two), hva torc (see Appendix Two),
lceLizards(3)(buffed withheroicbond): hp271;AC23[flat-footed belt pouch, Huge prayerbook, spell component pouch, holy
22, touch 141 (-1 size, +2 Dex, +8 natural, +4 divine). symbol (red gold image of Nagafen; 24 lbs; 3,000 gp).
Kindleheart,HighPriest of Nagafen. Male FireGiant, Clr 12 (always
buffed with endure cold): CR 32; Huge giant [fire] (24 ft. tall); HD
25d8+275 (base) plus 12d8+132 (Clr); hp 566; Init +1 (Dex); Spd 40
Kindleheart(buffed with heroic bond, symboloFTransal,andyaulp):
hp 666 + 7d6 ave. 690; AC 42 [flat-footed 41, touch 141(-2 size,
+1 Dex, +20 natural, + 8 armor, +4 divine, +1 deflection); Grap +54; Atk
ft. in armor, 50 ft. base; AC 37 [flat-footed 36, touch ‘?I (-2 size, +1 +47/+42/+37/+32/+27 melee (2d10+31 and flame shock proc, crit
Dex, +20 natural, +8armor); BAB +27; Grap +53; Atk +46/+41/+36/ 19-20/x2, fire Hook); Str 49.
+31/+26 melee (2d10+30 and flame shock proc, crit 1’?-20/x2, Fire
Hook), or +26 ranged (+27 with throwing rocks); Face 10 Ft. by 10 ft.; 131 Mebitation Chamber
Reach 15 ft.; SA improved grab, rock throwing, spells; SQ cold saves
+2, divine power (receive divine aura x2), fast healing 1, damage Vox has set aside this room for her private meditation
reduction lo/-, fire subtype, SR 35, lesser mantle o f power, rock and magic-wielding. Since she is small for a dragon of her
catching; Resist CR 21, MR 5; AL NE; Fac Nagafen; SV Fort +31, Ref stature, the room is angled instead of round, with six sharp
+13, Will +22; Str 46, Dex 12, Con 33 (32), lnt 14, Wis 18, Cha 14. corners and walls that angle upward to a central peak. The
Skills: Channeling +17, Climb +19, Jump +18, Knowl- room looks like the inside of an enormous crystal, and to
edge (mysticism) +lo, Knowledge (religion) +11,Listen reinforce this image the walls are covered in crystals of
+17,Meditation+31, Spot+17,TradeSkill(blacksmithing) various sizes, each one fitted perfectly against its neighbors
+9. so that no rock shows through. The floor is covered in silks
Languages: Giantish (4), Dragon (4), Goblin (4), Com- and luxurious furs, and more massive silken cushions are
mon (2). piled about for Vox to recline upon. A t the peak of the
room is a second crystal light like that in Area 1. Beneath
Feats: Alertness, Cleave, Double Attack, Finishing Blow,
the cushions are Vox’s many prayerbooks and scrolls, so
Improved Slam, Iron Will, Mental Clarity, Power Attack,
that she can sit and read at her leisure. (Assume that her
School Specialization (alteration).
books have a 90% chance to contain any cleric spell of 13th
Cleric Spells Prepared (mana cost): Cancel magic (5), level or less, in addition to those she currently has prepared,
daring(lO),gute (12), heu~ing(l0),root(5),smite(12),stun which are of course in her books.)
(6), yaulp (1).
Prayerbook: Cancel magic, center, daring, divine aura, [41Vox’s Lair (EL33o r 0)
endure cold, fear, gate, flash of light, greater healing, healing, No one but Lady Vox herself is allowed in this chamber,
lifeforce, light healing, lull, minor healing, reckless strength, so it does not need to impress anyone. A small circular room
reparation, root, smite, stun, symbol of Transal, true north, with a domed ceiling, its walls are covered with thick furs
yaulp. and the floor with carpets, rugs, and more furs, beneath
mounds of cushions. The furs are all dark, so that Vox
stands out among her bedding as a great burst of white in the
darkness -even the golden curtain covering the archway
from Area 2 is covered by a darker curtain on this side.
Vox is extremely dangerous. First, she is ancient and
immensely powerful. Second, she is a cleric to the first
dragon, Veeshan the Crystalline, and can call upon her god
for awe-inspiring powers. Third, and perhaps most impor-
tant, Vox has lost much ofwhat she considered important-
society, reputation, and love. She is extremely bitter, and
has very little left to lose. The notion of some day hatching
her egg and gaining her revenge is all that prevents her from
launching herself at the Dragon Lords now, seeking to
crush all of Antonica into the Ocean in a massive block of
Vox tends to reserve mana for her complete healing spell,
and she will generally use a quickened spell-like ability
each round in addition to attacking or casting aspell. Note
also her Combat Reflexes and Riposte feats. She also uses
Power Attack judiciously to cause as much damage as
possible, often targeting healers and spellcasters first. See
EverQuest: Monsters of Norrath for a full description of
Vox’s history and her other favored tactics.
Treasure: While Lady Vox has little interest in vast
amounts of mundane treasures such as coins and gems
(there’re only about 30,000 gp,8,000pp, and 300 gems and
bejeweled objects in her hoard), she does have a keen
interest in magical treasures. The following can be found in
here: crystalline spear, Kayruul's mystic pouch, McVaxius' +49, Sense Motive +33, Spellcraft +74, Spot +53, Swim
horn of war,runed bolster belt, Tobrin's mystical eyepatch, and +55, Taunt +49, Wilderness Lore +33.
a Rune of Frost. The greatest "treasure," though, is perhaps Languages: Dragon ( 6 ) ,Elder Dragon ( 5 ) ,Barbarian (4),
the most innocuous: a large silvery egg (see sidebar), Common (4), Elvish (4), Giantish (4), Goblin (4), Ogre
roughly 4 feet from tip to tip, the result of the union (4), Old Erudian (4).
between Vox and her lover Nagafen. Feats: Cleave, Combat Reflexes,Extend Breath Weapon,
Lady Vox, Female Great Dragon, Clr 25 (always buffed with resist Extend Spell, FinishingBlow, Great Cleave, Healing Adept,
fire): CR 33; Gargantuan dragon (53 ft. long, PIUS 30 ft. tail); HD Improved Critical (claw), Improved Initiative, Improved
40d12+360 (base) plus 25d8+225 (clr); hp 1,000; Init +20(+I3 W k Slam (wings, tail only), Mental Clarity, Mystic Capacity
+4 lmproved htratrve, +3 enhancement); Spd 40 ft. (can't fly inside);
AC 44 [flat-footed 36, touch '?I (-4 size, +1 Dex, +37 natural); BAB (x2), Power Attack, auicken Spell, Spell-Like
+58; Grap +86; Atk bite +65 melee (4d6+16), 2 claws +60 melee Ability, Riposte,School Specialization(alteration), Snatch.
(2d8+8, c r i t 1'?-20/x2), 2 wing slams +60 melee (2d8+8 and daze), Breath Weapon (Su): Every ld6 rounds, up to 40/day -
and tail slap +65 melee (4d6+24 and daze), or +55 ranged; Face20 ft. 80-foot cone deals (3d10+ 1)x10 points of cold damage
by 5 0 ft.; Reach 15 ft.; SA crush 4d6+24, tail sweep 2d8+24, dragon (Reflex half, Dc 30), and all in area are subject to a cancel
fear (Will DC 30), breath weapon, spells, spell-like abilities; SQ fire magic effect as if C a t by a 40th-level enchanter.
saves +4, damage reduction 30/+4 and 15/-, mantleofpower, dragon
Senses (blindsight 400 ft.). dragon mass, dragon agility, SR 30,
spells(maria modified for G~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~
immunities, icy tread, fast healing25,cleric abilities; Resist AR 30, CR
Banish undead(37), (61), eeel
200, DR 75, ER 75, FR 16, MR 75, PR 30,SoR 75; AL DE; Fac Vox; ( 2 2 ) immobilk
~ (12), nul& 'W% (24; quickened),
SV Fort +43, Ref +35, Will +47; Str 43 (40), Dex 12, Con 2 4 , M 28, Oflife (11),resistfire (8),resumection( 1 0 6 ) WmdChine
~ (5019
yaulp ZV (1). Save DC 23 + spell level.
Skills: Appraise +31,Bluff +49, Channeling +77, Diplo- Spell-Like Abilities (mana cost): Elnerick's entombment of
macy +49, Escape Artist +41, Hide -3, Intimidate +49, ice (38),froststonn (52), identify (8),lure offrost (53),sense
Knowledge (folklore) +49, Knowledge (geography) +49, summoned (1). Lady Vox may summon any creature to
Knowledge (history) +59,Knowledge(locallore[Everfrost]) within 15 feet of herself as if by the wizard spell &cession
+74, Knowledge (mysticism) +59, Knowledge (religion) (20); she neednot be able tosee the target touse thisability.
+74, Listen +53, Meditation +78, Read Lips +19, Search Allspell-like abilities have asaveDCof 19 + spellleveland
use the same mana pool as Vox's spells.
Maw Pool: 1,320. Vox (buffed with heroic bondandyau$ W): hp 1,100; AC 50 [flat-
Mantle ofpower (Su): Anyone trying to cast a spell or use footed 44,touch 131 (-4* ' size,
' '
Dex, .+37_natural,
.._ ~ -+4
-. dlvlne,
a spell-like or supernatural ability upon Lady Vox (or upon deflection);Grap +pa

any other creature within 20 feet of her) from beyond 20 and tail slap
melee (2d8+9, crit+

feet from her will find his spell or ability utterly ineffectual; tarl sweep 2&+27;
similarly, someone within 20 feet of her cannot cast spells
on anyone outside the aura. This aura in no way affects Lady
Vox's ability to cast spells or use her own magical abilities.
Note: Where
hereand that iI -

stat block takes pLcLcUCILLC.

Possessions: Drugon-bone bracelet (see Appendix Two).

Only two great dragons are known to live on Antonica. Lord Nagafen the Red is one, and the Lady Vox the
White is the other. Long ago, Vox was one of the queens of the dragon society, beloved by all and equaled by none.
But she dared to do the unthinkable, mating with a dragon of another color, her lifelong comrade Nagafen.
Because they had broken one of the two Great Laws of dragonkind, Vox and Nagafen were imprisoned and held
so that they could be executed (even though killing another dragon is forbidden by the first Great Law). But the
pair escaped, and fled to a faraway land -Antonica. There, to evade pursuit, they separated.
But Vox was not merely hiding, for she had an important event to await -the spawning of her egg, created
by her forbidden love with Nagafen. Because the two parent dragons are of different colors, the egg is doomed
to hatch a prismatic dragon, the rarest and most powerful of all dragonkind. Unbeknownst to Vox, the Dragon
Lords had indeed followed her, and they cast a spell on Vox preventing her from leaving her new keep. And so
Vox continues to wait and to scheme, unable to rejoin physically with her lover, who is similarly imprisoned. Vox
learned some time ago of the spell binding her here, but has yet to learn how to break it.
In the meantime, she busies herself planning her revenge, and taking occasional amusement from the antics
of the giants and goblins around her. She and Nagafen have exchanged some of their servitors to provide both
a token of their alliance and an increased sense of communication.
And, of course, she bides her time, knowing that her egg is soon to hatch, and that the young dragon that
emerges will change the face of Norrath - and possibly of reality itself.
“Sothis is my home for the night,” he thought. His head began to swim and he sat in the middle of the circle. The taste
of the strange, thick liquid still coated his tongue. He blenched as a draft swirled through the room, threatening what
little warmth he possessed. The fire from the torch flickered then began to diminish. Jens’ eyes widened. He raised his
hand in an attempt to guard the flame but did so in vain. He blinked and the fire was gone. A short time later, his head
grew heavier and he searched the darkness. This was no night sky where the guardians of the north peered down from
the constellations above, nor did snow blanket the ground to light the way. This was darkness like no other, and it
smothered the young barbarian like the embrace of a great black bear.
“Spirits, true spirits, be with me,” Jens whispered into the still darkness. “Bring me into the way of the heyokah like
my father before me and his father before him. Hearken to me and bid my service welcome in the halls of the north.”
He squeezed his eyes shut and repeated his words over and over into the dark, willing his mind to believe them with pure,
unconditional faith.
“Jens, son of Johma,” a voice spoke in Jens’ mind, a warm voice, full of wisdom so profound that he nearly wept. He
opened his eyes and saw before him the spirit of a wolf cloaked in auroral light, floating effortlessly above the ground.
“Great Thalger!” Jens gasped, and then quickly lowered his head in reverence.
“You wish to be like Thalger?” the spirit asked.

“You desire this with all your heart?”

“I shall give you what was once his, Jens, son of Johma,” the spirit said.
“I accept it freely,” Jens whispered.
“Lay down and close your eyes,” the spirit told him. “Close your eyes and see. And may the visions of fate awaken you,

Jens lay upon the cold ground. Light filled his mind and he saw the world from a great distance as a round and blue
circle, half-covered in mists. Then he began to fall to the world; the vast north suddenly stretched before him. The peaks
of the Everfrost stood tall and jagged below him. Closer and closer he fell, until he went through the snow and rock and
into the mountains themselves. Through them he went, faster and faster. More images came into his mind, overlaying
upon one another, entering his vision only to disappear into nothingness. Faces and sounds accosted him: screaming and
wailing, biting and gnawing, fire and blood.
‘T\To!”he cried to the darkness, his eyes opening wide. The gnolls came, armed with swords and spears; they came in
numbers unheard of in the northlands. Snarling and filth-covered, the beasts tore through the village, destroying man,
woman, and child.
and the spread of necromancy into the western regions of
Antonica and beyond. His mentors spoke of Miragul’s self-
Blackbuwow is an adventure for 4 to 6 characters of levels imposed solitude in the frozen mountains of the north;
4 to 5. By subtracting or adding gnolls to various encoun- somewhere, they said, beneath the snow and ice, lay the
ters, the adventure could also work for parties of levels 3 to master necromancer’s laboratory.
6. The adventure takes place south of the Everfrost Peaks The eye of Tranixx was thereafter ever fixed on the
near the Unkempt Wood, in the northeastern portions of north, and he urged Elgnub to send gnolls into the frigid
Antonica. The characters face a clan of gnolls who have plains in search of Miragul’s treasures. Elgnub complied,
fallen under a dark power. but not with the fervor that Tranixx desired. Years passed
There are several possible ways the player characters as Tranixx continued to push for more exploration of the
might be called to arms for this adventure. If the PCs are in north, but the gnoll chieftain had little desire to disturb the
Halas already, they will have heard reports of the gnoll barbariansettlements.Elgnub‘s rule provided the Sabertooth
attacks on southern barbarian villages. If the characters clan with just enough raiding to keep Blackburrow’s caves
have a barbarian among their ranks, then perhaps this well-stocked with food, armor, and ale - and nothing
character’s clan was killed or captured in a gnoll raid and more.
the few survivors call upon the PC to exact vengeance or Thus, while Elgnub ruled his clan with a loose grip,
attempt a rescue mission. Similarly, human, half elf, or Tranixx continued to learn the way of the necromancer
Erudite characters might have a relative who was part of a and to have dealings outside of the clan. The necromancer
merchant caravan from Qeynos that was plundered by even went so far as to arrange the business of the gnolls
gnolls as the caravan was e n route to Halas. Avenging or brewing Blackburrow stout and selling it to the Qeynos
rescuing a loved one who traveled with the caravan might underground. (This trade makes Blackburrow and all of the
draw the PCs into this adventure. Darkpaw family a nice profit and also keeps Tranixx ap-
In any case,Johma, an oracle in the Halas shaman’sguild, prised of current events in both gnoll and human affairs.)
is calling on adventurers to put an end to the gnoll attacks Existing in Elgnub’s shadow, however, did not suit the
(see “Starting the Adventure,” below). ambitious lieutenant.
Weary of his lesser position, Tranixx finally betrayed
The RiseoFTranixxbarkpau, Elgnub and murdered the liege of Blackburrow. Aware that
Until recently, the gnoll lord Elgnub was the leader of the stronger gnollsof the burrow (and ones far more dim-witted
Sabertooth gnolls, having overseen his clan’s growth and than Elgnub) would seek to take leadership, Tranixx called
prosperity for the past decade. The shadow of the all-too- upon his own dark magics to prevent a struggle of power.
recent past, however, once again looms large over After days of toiling in his cave, Tranixx revived Elgnub as
Blackburrow and its inhabitants. There was a time, not a walking corpse. With a figurehead thus in place, Tranixx
more than a few decades ago, when the Sabertooth knew dominated the gnollsof Blackburrowand all the Sabertooth
nothing but oppression. into submission under his rule. Tranixx is now free to
The cruel Splitpaw gnolls once ruled Blackburrow, forc- ravage the lands to the north, sending gnoll war parties in
ing lesser clans to mine for precious metals buried deep search of Miragul’s laboratory and in search of victims to
within the mountain. Tranixx Darkpaw, a relatively feeble use in his necromantic rites.
but cunning gnoll driven by hatred of his captors, planted
the seeds of rebellion in the minds of his fellow clansgnolls Startingthe AOvenfure
and spurred an uprising against the Splitpaw. Blackburrow For the past several weeks, reports of gnoll attacks in the
became the first battlefield in a movement that eventually southernmost part of the Everfrost Peaks have flourished.
spread into widespread revolt throughout the Splitpaw- Barbarian communities are being ransacked and frontier
controlled burrows of the mountains. families on the tundra are being slaughtered or dragged
The bloody gnoll civil war ended with the defeat and away in the night. Barbarians have begun moving north
exodus of the Splitpaw. Tranixx and his ally Elgnub spent toward Halas in hopes of finding a stronger sense of secu-
the following year establishing leadership among the rity.
Sabertooth gnoll clans and burrows. Naturally, the new Most recently, a young barbarian named Galia ODonal
hierarchy featured Blackburrowas the capitol of Sabertooth. (female burburiun, Corn ]/Mil 1 , N) survived the harsh trek
Though Tranixx ought to have been in a position to earn to Halas, bringing news that agnoll war party had wiped out
leadership of Blackburrow and the Sabertooth, Elgnub her village of Grumaedan, along with a merchant caravan
possessed a clear physical advantage over the rest of the from Qeynos that had stopped for the night in their village.
Sabertooth. None dared challenge him. Tranixx was em- The gnolls killed all but a few prisoners, whom they dragged
bittered by the decision, but used his intellectual superiority away screaming into the darkness.
to advise Elgnub and serve as his second-in-command.
News has spread rapidly through Halas that Johma, an
While the gnolls quibbled about the land around them Oracle of the Shamans of Justice, will be making an
and the extent of their respectiveland entitlements, Tranixx announcement at the guild hall tonight concerning the
made secret allieswith acult ofhumans inQeynos, learning gnolls.
the art of necromancy from them. Although his physical
prowess failed him, Tranixx more than made up for any lack The Oracle’sTest
of strength in an aptitude for dark magics. From his
Bertoxxulous-worshippingmentors, he learned of Miragul Johma is an Oracle of the Shaman’sGuild and one of the
most respected elders in Halas. Those who have spent any
A reckless young barbarian warrior named Caeden
McDougal also steps forward from the crowd, announcing
like a proud rooster his intention to save Halas from all-out
war with the gnolls. Anything the GM can do to role-play
Caeden as a loud-mouthed, brash, self-important bully
should bring some levity to the encounter. Anyone else
who has already volunteered for the test of courage will be
patronized by young Caeden: “You, there! No need for you
to exert yourself -a McDougal is here to take up this task.
You can return to your warm hearth and your mending
TO BE READ ALOUD TO THE PLAYERS work and leave the work of war to the McDougals.”
A tall figure emerges from the Shamans of Justice All entrants into the test of courage are paired up
hall. His dark eyes scan the crowd from left to right,
randomly in a sort of single-elimination tournament, each
regarding each assembled person carefully. As the
match settled by a quarterstaff duel. If multiple PCs volun-
dark gaze falls upon you, it seems to pierce through
teer for the test, they may end up dueling one another.
you to judge the courage in your soul. After judgment Depending on how involved the GM wishes to make the
has passed over the silent crowd, the man finally
encounter, she may have other barbarian NPCs volunteer
speaks. for the test as well.
“I am Johma, Oracle of the Tribunal, and I speak for ]ohm instructs the combatants that whoever knocks his
the elders of Halas tonight.
opponent senseless will win the match; however, as this is
“Four days before the last new moon, my son ]ens a time of war, when every able body is needed, no one is
entered the ceremonial cave and emerged a heyokah. expected to deal serious (Le., lethal) damage to their
In his spirit walk, he witnessed the destruction of our opponent. The expectation is that combatants will deal
villages and the murder of our people. He saw a great subdual damage instead of normal damage with their weap-
darkness moving into our lands from the south. He ons (incurring the standard -4 penalty to attacks with a
saw blood and death brought to every hearth in Halas. regular weapon; see EverQuest: Player’s Handbook, p. 372,
“Since the last new moon, villages near the south- for details). Anyone who does not comply with this unspo-
ern peaks of Everfrosthave been attacked by gnoll war ken mandate will suffer -1 faction rank with the Shamans
parties. This is more than the gnoll raiding we are of Justice. Combatants are not allowed to use magic in the
accustomedto. These gnolls bring a force large enough duels. Johm magically heals all damage to the victor of each
to destroy our clans. Four villages they have con- match before the next match. The winner of the test gains
quered so far. The survivors who have reached us all +1faction rank with the Shamans of Justice.
speak of the depravities which befell their villages. Tactics: As Caeden McDougal is a braggart and bully,
Those who did not escape the gnolls were butchered taking any advantage he can from threats and coercion, he
or enslaved and taken south into the hills and bur- will make an Intimidate check just prior to matching staves
rows. with any opponent. He will then Power Attack for -2 to
“Our trackers have followed the gnolls’steps as they attacks and + 2 points of damage. If things begin to go poorly
return to their lairs. The trail led south into the after the second round, he uses Parry for +4 AC and -4
Qeynos Hills to the gnoll lair of Blackburrow, whence attack, but also stoops to dealing normal damage instead of
the p o l l chieftain commands all of the Sabertooth subdual damage (and thus does not suffer the -4 penalty for
burrows throughout those hills. My son’s vision shows attacking to subdue). Once he begins to cheat in this
us that if the dark heart can be cut from Blackburrow, manner, there is no faction penalty should his opponent
the passion for war will leave the Sabertooths. We can counterattack with normal damage, as clearly justice is
best our enemy short of going to war against all of the being served upon the cheater, although the winner cannot
Sabertooth clans if someone has the courage to enter gain any rank with the Shamans, either -only by defeat-
Blackburrow and cut out the dark heart which con- ing Caeden while still “playingby the rules”can a character
trols it. gain their high regard.
“Who will take up the test of courage to claim the Caeden McDougal, Male Barbarian, War 3: CR 3; Medium-size
honor of this task? Who will be written into the humanoid[barbarian]; HD 3d12+3; hp 24; lnit +O;Spd 20 ft. in armor,
hearth songs of Halas for the ages to come? Who 30 ft. base; AC 13 [flat-footed 13, touch 101(+3 armor); BAB+3; Grap
among you is prepared for this task and for the rewards +6; Atk + 6 melee (ld6+3, quarterstaff), or +6melee (ld3+3 subdual,
that the gratitude of Halas will bring?” unarmed) ,or+6melee(ld3+3,crit 1?-20/~2,dagger);SQ benerking,
Taunt bonus +2; ResistCR 3; ALDN; Fac Wolves of the North; SVFort
+4, Ref +1, Will +O; Str 17, Dex 11, Con 13, lnt 13, Wis 9, Cha 16.
Skills: Alcohol Tolerance +6,Climb +6, Handle Animal
This of course is the moment of reckoning, when one of
+5, Intimidate +8,Jump +5, Swim +7, Taunt +lo.
the PCs should step forward to take up the challenge of
courage. Any icy stare from ]ohm challenging the bravery Feats: Parry, Power Attack, Slam.
of a PC warrior or the urging of NPC clan mates may be Possessions: Hide armor, quarterstaff, dagger.
needed to prompt reticent PCs to step forward. Anyone
who steps forward is handed a ceremonial quarterstaff by Following theTest
Johm. Assuming one of the PCs wins the test of courage, Johma
provides him with a written voucher usable in the local
supply store. The voucher states that the bearer may obtain Ice Goblin whelp: CR 1; Small humanoid[goblin] [cold]; HD 2d8-2;
two weeks' worth of water and rations and also allows him hp 6; lnit +O; Spd 30 ft.; AC 14 [flat-footed 14, touch 111 (+1 size, +1
to acquire minor items such as rope, torches, oil, and flint natural, +2leather); BAB +l; Grap -3; Atk+2 melee (ld6, light mace),
and steel. The availability of these items is left to the GM's or +2 ranged(ld3, dart); SQ cold subtype, ultravision; ALDE; Fac Lady
discretion. Vox;SVFort+4,Ref+O,Will-l;Str11,Dexll,Con?,lnt7, Wis8,Cha
If a PC does not win the contest, the winner approaches
the PCs in any case -even if the winner is Caeden -and
Skills: Climb +1,Hide +5,Jump +2, Listen +0,Sneak +3,
Swim +l.Feats: Great Fortitude.
asks them to join the mission.
Snow Wolf Pup:CR 1; Small animal; HD 2d8+6; hp 15; Init +3 (Dex);
Johma also gives the PCs a make-shift map and jots down Spd 4 0 ft.; AC 18 [flat-footed 15, touch 141 (+1 size, +3 Dex, +4
basic directions to Blackburrow. All the PCs need do is natural); BAB +1; Grap -2; Atk bite +4melee (ld6+1); SQ scent; AL N;
follow the river to the south and veer into the hills when Fac None;SVFort+6,Ref+6,Will+O;Str12,Dex16,Con16,Int2,Wis
they see the carving of a great gnoll head set into a hill. 11, Cha 6.
Players may ask questions of Johma before beginning the Skills: Hide +3*, Listen +4,Sneak +3, Spot +3,Wilder-
adventure. The Oracle is an aging tribesman very familiar ness Lore +O*. Snow wolf pups receive a +4racial bonus on
with the frigid plains of the southernmost Everfrost Peaks. Wilderness Lore checks when tracking by scent; they
He explains that the route is difficult, but with the proper receive a +12 racial bonus on Hide checks in snowy or icy
supplies the party should have no difficulty reaching regions. Feats: Weapon Focus (bite).
Blackburrow. He will offer one serious warning regarding Gndl Scout: CR 2; Medium-size humanoid[gnoll]; HD3d8+?; hp 22;
the Unkempt Woods, which the barbarians of the north Init +O; Spd 30 ft.; AC 15 [flat-footed 14, touch 101(+2 natural, +2
have avoided for generations. The Oracle describes the leather,+l shield);BAB+2; Grap+4;Atk+4melee(ld8+2,crit 19-20/
woods as haunted, a place where the curious enter never to x2, longsword), or +2 ranged (ld6+2,30 ft., javelin); SQ infravision;
be seen again, and advises the PCs to keep their distance at AL NE; Fac Sabertooths OF Blackburrow; SV Fort +6,Ref +1, Will +l;
all costs. Str 15, Dex 10, Con 17, lnt 8, Wis 11, Cha 8.
Johma tells the party to return to him with the dark heart Skills: Listen +4, Spot +4,wilderness Lore +3. Feats:
of Blackburrow's leader, at which time they will be richly Alertness.
rewarded. Skeleton: CR 1; Small undead; HD 2d12; hp 13; lnit +1 (Dex); Spd 30
ft.; AC 15 [flat-footed 14, touch 121(+1 size, +1 Dex, +3 natural); BAB
+l; Grap -2; Atk 2 claws +3 melee (ld3+1); SQ undead, infravision, see
\ Quest: ThebarkHeartoF invisible, immunities; AL N; Fac None; SV Fort +0,Ref +1, Will +2; Str
13, Dex 13, Con -,Int 2, Wis ?, Cha 1.
Blackburrom Skills: Listen + 3 , Spot + 3 .
Faction: Shamans of Justice (-2 ranks) Bat, "Great" ( h e d HD): CR 2; Small animal; HD 3d8+3; hp 16;
NPC: Johma, Oracle of the Shaman's Guild lnit+2(Dex);Spd5 Ft.,fly40ft.(average);AC 13[flat-footedll, touch
CR: 5 131(+1 size, +2 Dex); BAB +2; Grap -1; Atk bite +5 melee (ld4+1); SQ
blindsight 120 ft., hover; AL N; Fac None; SV Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +3;
Reward: + 2 faction ranks with Merchants of Str 12, Dex 15, Con 12, lnt 2, Wis 14, Cha 4.
Halas, Shamans of Justice, and Wolves of the
Skills: Hide +8, Listen +9, Spot +9. Feats: Weapon
North. 160 pp.
Finesse (bite).
Consequence: -2 faction ranks with the
Sabertooth Clan
Quest Summary: Johma tasks the heroes with
The Lair or BLackburrotu
going into the p o l l stronghold of Blackburrow Blackburrow is a network of tunnels and caverns that
and returning with the heart of the gnolls' leader. wind beneath one of the taller peaks in the Qeynos Hills to
If the heroes can return with the heart of Tranixx the southeast of the Unkempt Woods. Blackburrow is
Darkpaw, they will be lauded as champions and unique among the many gnoll warrens that riddle these
rewarded by the elders of Halas. hills in that it is the command center for the Sabertooth
clan, as it was for the Splitpawclan before them. Blackburrow
no longer conducts the mining work that still goes on at
SoutthwarbBounb other burrows, instead serving only as the headquarters for
the Sabertooth military command and for the chieftain of
The players set out south, probably equipped with the the entire clan.
supplies offered to them courtesy of the Merchants of
The description for the gnolls of Blackburrow can be
Halas. The GM may wish to include encounters along the
found inEueQuest: Monsters ofhrmuth, but is reprinted for
way to Blackburrow, and should use the encounter chart
the GM's convenience in Appendix One of this book. In
below as she sees fit.
general, gnolls are extremely aggressive; lone gnolls might
d20 Roll Encounter
engage an opponent that is too tough for them to defeat
1-3 2d6 ice goblin whelps alone, trusting in their comrades to come to their aid.
4-7 ld4 white wolf pups Though not sharp-minded, they are cunning creatures
8-11 ld6 gnoll scouts capable of using effective group tactics, ranged attacks, and
12-13 ld4 skeletons flanking strategies when they can. Their morale breaks
14-15 ld4 great bats easily, however, unless a strong commander is present.
16-20 No encounter Blackburrow itself is broken into three levels. Level One
is on the surface of a hilltop, nestled among the craggy
tripartite peak of Blackburrow Hill, with a few caves into the grounds surrounding the entrance particularly well, so
the hillside. A large pit on this upper level opens onto a any Hide checks made by characters 70 feet or more from
water-filled cavern in Level Two; a burrowed passage also the carven gnoll’s head gain a +4 circumstance bonus
winds down into the hill into the subterranean Level Two. relative to the guards posted there; opposed Listen/Sneak
From there, either a passageway or a ladder takes the checks should be handled normally. In all cases, be sure to
characters back up to Level Three (which is positioned apply the usual modifiers based on distance (see “Listen)’
underground between Levels One and Two). and “Spot” in Chapter 4 of EveQuest: Player’s Handbook).
Blackburrow contains a few trapped areas to better pro- Characters approaching the hill from the north (as the
tect it from intruders. Most of these traps are large and PCs most likely will) cannot be seen by gnolls on Level One
relatively obvious to the careful adventurer. due to the plateau’s position at the top of the hill. Charac-
Aside from the treasure hoards and individual posses- ters who for some reason approach the hill from the
sions detailed in specific encounter areas below, each gnoll southwest might be spotted by the guards at Area 1-1, but
generally has coinage (or an equivalent value of other trade only if the characters are not attempting to conceal their
goods) on it according to the chart below. movements.
old1Type T~asUN! Climb: PCs might attempt to bypass the main entrance
Gnoll PuplWhelp 2d6 sp altogether, instead climbing the hillside up to the burrow
Gnoll 2d10 gp itself, aiming for the path that winds upward beyond the
Burly Gnoll 2d10 gp and 1dlO pp sight of the gnoll guards (the guards lose sight of the trail
Gnoll Elite 2d10 gp and 2d10 pp when it reaches 140 feet of elevation). The climb is up a
steep grade, and thus Climb checks (DC5) are necessary to
BLackburrow in EverQuestOnLine traverse it. Any falling damage taken as a result of a failed
If you’re familiar with Blackburrow in the EveQuest Climb check is applied as subdual damage rather than
online computer game, you’ll note that the Blackburrow normal damage because the character tumbles down the
presented here is both the same as and different from the slope rather than plummeting into the earth; however, a
online version. You’ll still find ladders up to snake-inhab- falling character must make a Sneak check with a --x
ited ledges, gnoll brewers, and carnivorous fish-infested circumstance penalty, where x is equal to one-half the
waters, but the general layout and many of the encounters amount of subdual damage taken, to not alert the guards at
are different. These differences are intended to provide the entrance by the noise of the fall. Safe Fall or Tumble
players who have enjoyed Blackburrow online with some skill can reduce this damage, but does not reduce the
new and unique challenges that are not spoiled by an associated penalty to the Sneak check to alert the gnolls
intimate knowledge with how Blackburrow is “supposed to (i.e., roll what would be the normal total damage for the
be” according to online play. fall, and then apply any reductions to damage after finding
the Sneak modifier).
Entering the Lair Climbing the 420-foot vertical cliff above the path to the
Traveling to Blackburrow from the north is a relatively hilltop above is a much more dangerous task (Climb DC
simple affair. Following the river southward through the 17). Any character who actually succeeds in climbing the
Qeynos Hills, characters will eventually see a huge gnoll’s cliff (as opposed to following the winding path) should be
head carved low on the side of one of the hills. positioned randomly around the perimeter of Level One.
Approaching Blackburrow undetected, however, is a Disguise: PCs might disguise themselves as gnolls to
difficult feat. A path winds through the maw of the carved approach the entrance, or perhaps as one or more gnolls
head and up the steep side of the mountain. At all times, and their prisoner(s). Note that a typical Blackburrow
there are 3 gnoll guards standing guard around the maw gnoll stands between 6 1/2 and 7 feet tall, so some charac-
(although it appears more that they are simply loitering, ters may not be able to attempt this ruse (see “Disguise”in
yipping and cackling in their native tongue). The largest of Eveawest: Player’s Handbook, p. 112). When the gnoll
the 3 guards has a horn that it will blow as an attack action guards see the disguised PCs approaching, especially if they
(thus, it can do this even during a surprise round if it is not bring “prisoners,”they will begin to slam the butts of their
surprised) to warn the burrow if intruders are spotted. In javelins into the ground and howl cheers and greetings to
addition, once every ld3 hours, gnoll scouts return to the the characters. Those who do not speak Gnoll or who do
entrance to report in and then disappear back into the not read the gnolls’ actions correctly (Sense Motive DC
Qeynos Hills. PCs might also see an ox-drawn wagon being 15) might mistake the action for aggression or a raised
loaded with kegs of Blackburrow Stout, which is then alarm.
carried away to the south toward Qeynos, or they might Once a group in disguise closes to within 20 feet of the
witness a gnoll warband returning with a handful of barbar- guards, conduct the usual opposed Disguise/Spot checks.
ian slaves in tow. Characters of standard PC races (i.e., humanlike, not
The players might try a number of approaches to enter doglike) suffer a 4circumstance penalty to such Disguise
checks, however, as they have to assume an alien canine
the lair, eliminating or bypassing the guards before they can
cast to their features; this penalty stacks with the usual -2
sound their warning horn. The more likely tactics include
penalty for imitating someone of another race.
the following:
bolls (3) CR 2; Medium-size humanoid [gnoll]; HD 3d8+9; hp 28,
Stealth: PCs might sneak up on the guards, although 25,17; lnit +O; Spd 30 ft.; AC 15 [flat-footed 14,touch 101(+2 natural,
note that the gnolls’ infravision makes darkness relatively +2leather,+lshield);BAB+2;Grap+4;Atk+4melee(ld8+2,crit 19-
meaningless for stealth. Still, the gnolls have not cleared 20/x2,longsword),or+2ranged(ld6+2,30ft.,javelin);SQinFravision;
AL NE; Fac Sabertooths of Blackburrow; SV Fort +6, Ref +1, Will +l; a Reflex save (DC 12) to avoid falling off the cliff, plum-
Str 15, Dex 10, Con 17, lnt 8, Wis 11, Cha 8. meting 270 feet for 20d6 points of damage.
Skills: Listen +4,Spot +4, Wilderness Lore +3. Feats: Beyond Area 1-1, the path opens onto to the upper level
Alertness. of Blackburrow. A stream runs down the west wall, passes
If these gnolls manage to raise the alarm, then a squad of under a wooden bridge, and cascades over the edge of a huge
6 more gnolls and their burly gnoll commander come down pit. Due to the mist here, any character on the wooden
the path from Area 1-2 to investigate, arriving in ld20+10 bridge has half concealment (20% miss chance) against
rounds. creatures on either side of the bridge.
To the east, a rope bridge crosses the pit and leads to a
L€V€LOne cave entrance inside the east wall. Two other cave en-
trances lie just off the main area, one to the west and a
1-l.TheEntrance(EL3) second one across the rope bridge to the east.
The path carved into the hillside reaches the hilltop and Once a character crosses the bridge, to the north she can
enters Level One of Blackburrow here. There are 2 gnolls see a sort of earthen cove nestled amid two rocky arms of the
stationed here, one on either side of the entrance. The hilltop. A giant tree sits within the nook in the northern
northernmost of the two has a reasonable vantage and can wall. Next to the tree sits an open-sided tent that houses a
see approaching figures at the foot of the hill (on the large rectangular table and four chairs. A firepit outside the
southwest face) or on the path starting roughly 50 feet tent has some sort of charred humanoid carcass turning on
away; the other can see only about 25 feet down the path. a spit over the flame, and several more gnolls linger in and
If either guard hears anyone approaching, he rouses his around it.
partner and they both step out onto the pathway to get a Tactics: If the gnolls observe the PCs ascending the
better view. pathway, they throw their javelins and then flee into Area
Characters who enter this area from the path notice a 1-2 to warn their comrades; regardless, the gnolls at Area
fine mist in the air, and can hear the sound of the waterfall 1-2 should receive Listen checks to hear the sounds of
immediately to the north. This mist provides one-quarter combat from this area. If the PCs somehow lure the two
concealment beyond 30feet (10%miss chance), but has no guards down along the path from their post, the gnolls fight
effect on creatures or objects closer than that. to the death, hoping to take as many of the party with them
A character entering this area in the daytime who makes as possible. If the gnolls are badly outmatched, one of them
a Listen check (DC20) can hear the rhythmic clang of may try to grapple an opponent and, out of desperation,
ringing metal from Area 1-7, even over the sound of the drag her off the path with him to plummet to the rocks
waterfall. below (for 20d6 points of damage); this requires 2 separate
Anyone on the path who rolls a natural 1 on an attack attack actions: a successful grapple attack to get a hold of
roll or who is successfully struck by a critical hit must make the opponent, and then a bull rush attack to move them
over the edge.
Gnolls (2): CR 2; Medium-size humanoid [gnoll]; HD 3d8+?; hp 25, encounter areas may change as detailed in individual
21; lnit +O; Spd 3 0 ft.; AC 15 [flat-footed 14, touch 101(+2 natural, +2 encounter descriptions.
leather, +1shield); BAB+2; Grap+4; Atk+4 melee (ld8+2, crit 19-201
x2, longsword), or +2 ranged (ld6+2,30 ft., javelin); SQ infravision; 1-4. The pjf:(EL1 or 5)
._NE: Fac Sabertooths of Blackburrow; SV Fort +6, Ref +1, Will +l;
.AL The stream spills over the edge of this crater and tumbles
Str 15,’Dex 10, Con 17, Int 8, Wis 11, Cha 8. 50 feet down into the pool in Area 2-6. However, vision
Skills: Listen +4,Spot +4,Wilderness Lore +3. Feats: into the Pit is obscured due to the thick mist rising up from
Alertness. the waterfall. Creatures in the water below are considered
to have nine-tenths concealment (40% miss chance) from
1-2.Blackburrow GuarbArea ( E L 5 or 6) those above, and vice versa.
A squad of 6 gnolls and a burly gnoll sergeant wait in and The rocks around the edge of the Pit are extremely loose
around this tent in case the guards at Area 1-1 require and slippery with condensation; anyone stepping up to the
assistance or the warning horn from the guards at the edge must make a successful Reflex save (DC 12) to avoid
entrance is heard. falling, taking ld6 points of subdual damage and ld6 points
If the horn has already made this group respond and of normal damage from hitting the water below. Worse
march down the path, then they will be replaced by a than the fall itself, though, are the razorgill fish that live in
reserve of 4 female gnolls and a burly female gnoll called the water below (see Area 2-6 for details).
from Area 2-5, inside the burrow. A character who spends 2 full rounds looking can find a
Tactics: If the gnolls are alerted to the intruders, one will solid position near the edge from which she might lower a
run to the tree at Area 1-3 intent on ringing the alarm bell. rope to fallen party members in the water.
The rest of the gnolls will tip the table over to form a Connecting Areas 1-2 and 1-6 is a 6-foot-wide rope
defensive wall in front of them (with their backs to the suspension bridge. The walkway of the bridge is con-
Area 1-3 tree alcove). This grants 50% cover (+4AC, +2 structed of wooden boards lashed to two stout, parallel
Reflex saves) for up to 4 gnolls as long as they remain ropes fastened at both ends by pairs of large iron rings set
behind the table. From behind their wall, they will throw into the rock. Each side of the bridge also has safety netting
javelins first, and then defend themselves with their along it that hangs from another rope strung across the pit
longswords. and attached to the top of 6-foot poles set in the ground on
If fighting occurs here after reserves have been sum- either side of the pit. Since the bridge sags in the middle,
moned from Level Two, or in any case if one of the gnolls the netting runs 6 feet high at the ends of the bridge and
here rings the bell at Area 1-3, see Area 1-6 for the actions nearly 12 feet high in the middle.
taken by the gnolls there. While stable enough for foot traffic and even some cargo
Treasure: There is a stash of 20 javelins in the tent and hauling, the bridge does tend to sway precariously; if
the clothing from the barbarian captive who most recently anyone tries to cross at a speed greater than 10 feet per
met a culinary fate at the hands of the gnoll guards. Amid round or makes a melee attack on the bridge, all on the
the clothing is a silver Tribunal holy symbol worth 150 gp. bridge must make a Balance check (DC 12) or fall prone.
Gnolls( 4 ~ 6 )CR: 2; Medium-size humanoid [gnoll]; HD 3d8+Q; hp For every additional character on the bridge, the DC of this
22; Init +O; Spd 3 0 ft.; AC 15 [flat-footed 14, touch 101(+2 natural, +2 Balance check increases by 2 (for example, if three PCs are
leather,+l shield);BAB+2; Grap+4;Atk+4melee(ld8+2,crit19-20/ on the bridge, the DC is 16). Further, any character hit
x2, longsword), or +2 ranged (ld6+2,30 ft., javelin); SQ infravision;
AL NE; Fac Sabertooths of Blackburrow; SV Fort +6,Ref +1, Will +l; while on the bridge must make a Balance check (DC10 +
Str 15, Dex 10, Con 17, lnt 8, Wis 11, Cha 8. damage taken) to avoid falling prone.
Skills: Listen +4,Spot +4,Wilderness Lore +3. Feats: Finally, any character who moves more than 5 feet on the
Alertness. bridge in a given round loses his Dexterity bonus to AC
&IrlyGnoll(l):CR 2; Medium-size humanoid [gnoll]; HD 4d8+12; hp until his next turn, due to the erratic swaying.
37; lnit +O; Spd 3 0 ft.; AC 15 [flat-footed 14, touch 101(+2 natural, +2 Tactics: If the warning bell is rung at Area 1-3 or if the
leather,+l shield);BAB+3; Grap+6;Atk+6melee (ld8+3,crit 19-20/ gnolls at Area 1-6 hear fighting in Area 1-2, the two
x2, longsword), or +3 ranged (ld6+3,30 ft., javelin); SQ inFravision; regular gnolls from Area 1-6 rush to the east end of the
ALNE;FacSabertoothsofBlackburrow;SVFort+7,Ref+l,Will+l; Str bridge and untie the anchor ropesof the netted bridge sides,
17, Dex 10, Con 17, Int 8, Wis 11, Cha 8. lettingout enoughslackso that the netting along the bridge
Skills: Listen +4,Spot +5, Wilderness Lore +3. Feats: falls down to dangle under the bridge. It takes 1full-round
Alertness. action to loosen the ropes and then another full round to re-
secure the ropes once the gnolls have let out enough slack
1-3. Holloweb-Out Tree so the netted sides hang down.
This large tree has been hollowed out so that an opening Meanwhile, the three gnoll archers spread out, each
in its east face allows access to its interior. Inside, the gnolls taking a readied action to shoot the first non-gnoll that
have mounted a crude ladder to the interior side of the tree. comes onto the bridge. Once they have re-secured the
The 20- foot ladder leads up to asmall 5-ft. by 5-ft. platform. ropes, the regular gnolls wait for attackers to get halfway
Hanging from a tree branch over the platform is a large across the bridge before hurling javelins at them or, if
brassbell, which is the mainwarning alarm for Blackburrow. enemies have already crossed, they close for melee.
If a gnoll manages to sound the alarm, then the burrow Once the bridge’s safety netting is down, anyone who
will be on alert for the next 12 hours. During a state of alert, falls prone on the bridge must make a Reflex save (DC15)
all gnolls throughout Blackburrow will be wary (+2 circum- or slip off the side of the bridge. A character who slips off
stance bonus to Spot and Listen checks), and some specific
face of the ledge will find
1-5.Obbsanb EnbS(EL1) a bone key resting on it. This
This natural cave leads to a dead end. There is little of key unlocks both-this door and the
worth here: broken wheelbarrows, leaky barrels, bones, and door at Area 2-1.
gnoll detritus. Nothing more of value can be found in here. The door itself is a stout portal of brass-reinforced wood
If the PCs poke around through the rummage (i.e. make a (3 in. thick; Hardness5; hp30; Break DC 20; PickLockDC
Search check), they will disturb 2 very large rats lurking 20).
beneath some of the refuse, which attack immediately Tactics: Upon hearing either fighting on the west side of
unless presented with a strong flame. the bridge or the ringing of the alarm bell in Area 1-3, the
Rats(2) [advanced HD]: CR 1/2; Small animal; HD 3d8+6; hp20,15; gnolls here act as described under “Tactics” in Area 1 4
lnit +l (Dex); Spd 20 ft., climb 20 ft., swim 10 ft.; AC 12[flat-footed 11, above.
touch 121(+1 size, +1 Dex); BAB +2; Grap -3; Atk bite +4 melee (ld4);
SQ scent; AL NE; SV Fort +5, Ref +4, Will +2; Str 10, Dex 13, Con 14, If neither of the above conditions occurs, the gnolls and
lnt 2, Wis 12, Cha 4. archers here should be allowed the usual Spot and Listen
Skills: Climb +9, Hide +9, Listen +3, Sneak +8,Spot +2, checks to notice the PCs’ approach. Upon noting enemies,
Swim +12. the archers will space themselves out along the east side of
the pit (but not too close to the edge) and fire arrows at
Feats: Weapon Finesse (bite).
opponents on the western side or on the bridge. They will
1-6. Guarb Post(EL5 or 0*) concentrate fire on any opponent who appears to have
ranged attacks and secondarily on any opponents attempt-
‘This encounter is EL 0 if the gnollshere were drawn to fight the PCs
at Area 1-4 (in which case that area’s EL was raised to 5).
ing to cross the bridge. Each archer has 20 arrows.
&olls (2): CR 2; Medium-size humanoid [gnoll]; HD 3d8+9; hp 21, character who makes a Search check (DC 12) can sort the
18;Inlt+O; Spd 30 ft.; AC15 [flat-footed 14, touch 101(+2 natural,+2 valuable items from the clutter: 10 sets of silver cutlery (5
leather,+l shJd);BAB+2;Grap+4;Atk+4 melee(ld8+2,crit19-20/ gp each), an antique book by the revered sage Hathorn
x2, longsword), or +2 ranged (ld6+2,30 ft., javelin); SQ infravision; Smegh entitled The Barks of &nos (15 gp, perhaps more
AL NE; Fac Sabertooths of Blackburrow; SV Fort +6,Ref +I,Will +I; to some scholars), a masterwork brass horn ( 100a), and an
Str 15, Dex 10, Con 17, lnt 8, Wis 11, Cha 8. uncut star ruby (500 gp).
Skills: Listen +4, Spot +4, Wilderness Lore +3. Feats: Near the kegs of Stout, a crude table leans against the
Alertness. earthen wall. Papers lie scattered across the table. Looking
Gnoll A d W S (3):CR 2; Medium-size humanoid[gnollI; HD 3d8+Q; through the pages, the PCs find little more than the chaotic
hp26,21,16;lnit+2 (Dex);Spd30ft.;AC16[flat-footed 14,touch12]
scribbling of someone who had at one time attempted to
(+2Dex,+2natural,+2leather);BAB+2; Grap+3;Atk+3melee(ld8+1,
crit1~-20/x2,longsword),or+5ranged(ld6,critx3,60ft.,shortbow); keep record Of the goods. The records have since been
SQ infravision; AL NE; Fac Sabertooths of Blackburrow; SV Fort +6, abandoned. A successful Search check (E12), however,
Ref +3, Will +l;Str 13, Dex 14, Con 16, Int 8, Wis 11, Cha 8. will produce the following letter, half-torn, buried among
Skills: Listen +1, Spot +4, Trade Skill (fletching) +1,
Wilderness Lore + 1. Feats: Weapon Focus (shortbow).

1-7. ScnifhingArea (EL3)

The cave entrance along the northern section of the east
wall leads to two cavernous alcoves, whence, during day-
light hours, comes the din of smithwork. In the center of
Area 1-7 is a circular forge about 3 feet high. Scattered
about the room are wooden shafts, crude metal bars, several
unfinished longswords, two tubs of mucky water, a table of bKlnS; TblS Up TO YOUK SKpEKIOKS.
smithing tools (hammers, tongs, shovel, etc.),a small stack
of charcoal, and an unlocked medium-sized chest.
Inside the chest are two sets of unfinished lockpicks and The author's signature, however, has apparently been
somemetal scraps.Anyone attempting to use these lockpicks scratched away.
suffers a -1 penalty to Pick Lock checks.
Two gnoll blacksmiths operate the forge. During the day, 2-1.beeper intotheLair
these two will be working diligently on weapons. A t night, This long, sloping passageway descends away from Area
they will be found sleeping near or around the cooling 1-6, heading deep into the earth. The smell of malt and rot
forge. The smiths will not hear the sound of any activity mingles in the air. The malt smell comes from the distiller-
occurring elsewhere over their own banging and hammer- ies within that produce the Sabertooth's Blackburrow
ing unless the noise is truly earsplitting. Stout and the rot from the general filth in which the gnolls
Tactics: The blacksmiths pick up unfinished longswords live. A character who makes a Listen check (DC15)upon
(treat these as poor weapons; see EoreQuest: Player's Hand- entering the tUnnel hears the yelping ofgnolls from further
book, p. 157) and fight to the death unless they see an along the way-
opportunity to escape towards the door at Area 1-6 and A round room sits at the end of the passage. O n the west
thence to retreat down into the burrow. wall is a locked door of brass-reinforced wood (2 in. thick;
Wl Smiths (2): CR 2; Medium-size humanoid [gnoll]; HD 3d8+Q; Hardness 5; hp 20; Break DC 18; Pick Lock DC 20). The
hp 22,19; lnrt +O; Spd 3 0 ft.; AC 14 [flat-footed 14, touch IO] (+2 howls and yips of the gnolls is unmistakable from beyond
natural, +2 leather); BAB +2; Grap +4; Atk +3 melee (ld8+2, crit 19- the door; a PC who makes a Listen check (DC 15) at the
20/x2, longsword); SQ infravision; AL NE; Fac Sabertooths of door can discern that the gnolls' voices are echoing loudly,
Blackburrow;SVFort +6,Ref+], Will +1; Str 15, Dex 10, Con 17, Int 8, as ifwithin a large cavern or cave system, and she also picks
Wis 11, Cha 8. out the faint splash of water beyond the door.
Skills: Listen +1, Spot +3, Trade Skill (blacksmithing) The PCs must use the hidden key found above the door
+5, Wilderness Lore +1. Feats: Skill Talent (Trade Skill in 1-6 to open &is door T~~~~to break down
[blacksmithing]). the door or pick its lock triggers one of two different traps
on the door.
1-8. StorageArea
Anyone attempting to pick the lock will trigger a small,
This room is for Storing '0th finished weapons and spring-loadedpoisoned needle that is concealed in the door
barrels of brewed Blackburrow Stout. From here, the Stout lock.
delivered to near QeFoS and the weapons and P o - M ~ T t e p : C R 2; +8melee (1 pluspoison[injury, Fortitude
armor are distributed to gno1lS as needed*There are cur- DC 13; initial and secondary damage ld2 temporary Constitution]);
rently 3 barrels of stout, 6 longswords, 2 small steel shields, Search (DC 22); Disable~~~i~~ (DC 20).
and 10 javelins here. Anyone who attempts to break down the door and gets
In addition to the weapons and kegs of Stout, a mountain a check result of 12 or more shocks the door enough to
of boxes and crates is Piled high in the back of the area. trigger the second trap. A large camouflaged net filled with
Closer investigation reveals that these boxes were part of a rocks hangs in a concealed groove in the ceiling just above
Shipment from QeYnOS intended to reach Halas. Most of the door and will be released to crush anyone standing near
the contents have been removed, with the exception of a the door.
few items the gnolls consider useless. Given 15 minutes, a
FallingRock Trap: CR 3; +12 melee (4d6); Search (DC 16); Disable Non-aquatic creature sattemptingto fight while swimming
Device(DC20). Note:Can strikeall characterwithin10 feet of thedoor lose their Dexterity bonus to AC (if any) and may not make
on the east side. attacks of opportunity;further, they suffer a -8 circumstance
penalty to attacks, although this penalty is reduced to only
2-2.Uribges Over Troubleb Water (EL3-4) -4 if they use a piercing weapon. A character trying to cast a
A large pool fills most of this enormous natural cavern. spell in the water must make a Channeling check (DC15 +
In the southwestern section of the cavern, a rocky outcrop- spell level) as part of the casting action.
ping sits 10feet above the water. On the north wall, 20 feet There is a ladder up out of the water set into the north
up, is a ledge (Area 2-3). Rope suspension bridges identical side of the southwestern rock island. Characters can also
to the one at Area 1-4 connect the different ledges. These attempt to climb the slick rocky cavern sides (Climb DC
require the same Balance checks (DC12+) for crossing at 20). Comrades might also lower down a rope.
speeds greater than 10 feet, for fighting, and for taking
Tactics: In this room are 4poll whelps (older than pups,
damage while on the bridge.
but not fully grown). If the alarm has not been sounded,
If the warning bell in Area 1-3 has been sounded, then then they are using a rope and winch to lower buckets into
the side safety nets on both bridges will have been dropped the water and then carting the full buckets up toward Area
and a trap set in the first bridge (as noted on the map) is also 2-3 (eventually taking the water to the brewers in Area 2-
armed: The middle 5-foot stretch of the bridge has had false 4).If they perceive intruders, they will immediately rush up
floor planks inserted so that any weight over 100 pounds the plank leading north in order to alert their elders in Area
crossing the trapped section of the bridge will fall through 2-3, and then continue on toward Area 3-2.
the bridge floor. If the alarm has been sounded, then the whelps will
6rtdge Trap: CR 3; no attack roll necessary (no damage - bridge already have retreated to Area 3-2 after setting the bridge
floor collapses and victim Falls into water below); Reflex save (DC 18)
trap and lowering the safety netting; several planks ofwood
avoids; Search (DC 16); Disable Device (n/a).
(the solid planks the whelps removed from the first bridge)
Anyone who falls into the water takes no damage from lie on the southwestern island.
the fall; however, there are 2 hungry razorgills in the water
Small Razwgills (2): CR 2; Tiny animal (aquatic); HD 3d8+3; hp 16,
that will waste no time investigating a splash and devouring 15; lnit +2 (Dex); Spd swim 50 ft.; AC 15 [flat-footed 13, touch 141(+2
a thrashing swimmer. size, +2 Dex, +lnatural); BAB +2; Grap -7;Atk bite + 6 melee (ld6-
Creatures without a natural swim speed that wish to fight 3) or rake +l melee (ld8-3); Face 2 1/2 ft. by 2 1/2 ft.; Reach 0 ft.; SQ
or cast spells in the water must first make a Swim check (DC scent; AL N; SV Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +l; Str 4, Dex 15, Con 12, lnt 1,
15)asamoveactiontodoso(andthus theycannottakeafull Wis 11, Cha 3.
attackactionorcastspellswithlongerthana1-actioncasting Skills: Hide +lo, Listen +5, Spot +5. Feats: Weapon
time while in the water). Be sure to apply weight modifiers to Finesse (bite), Swim-By Attack (rake only).
all Swim checks for characters with heavy armor or gear (see
“Swim” in EverQuest: Player’sHandbook, p. 122).
&ollWhelps(4):CRl; Small humanoid[gnoll]; HD2d8+6; hp18,15,
14.12; lnit +O; Spd 30 ft.; AC 14 [flat-footed 14, touch 101(+1 size, +2
natural, +1 cloth armor); BAB +l; Grap -2; Atk +2 melee (ld6+1, crit
19-20/x2, short sword); SQ infravision; AL NE; Fac Sabertooths of Description: This dark, almost pitch-black brew
Blackburrow; SV Fort +6, Ref +0,Will +O; Str 13, Dex 10, Con 16, Int is infamous throughout Western Antonica. Out-
7, Wis 10, Cha 7. lawed in and around Qeynos since it is a known
Skills: Listen +4,Spot +4,Wilderness Lore +2. Feats: income generatorfor enemiesof the city, Blackburrow
Alertness. Stout can be difficult to find.
Effects: In addition to standard effects of inebria-
2-3. The E l i t e Lebge (EL5")
tion (see sidebar, EveQuest: Game Muster'sGuide,
'This EL has been increased by 1 point to indicate the tactical p. 212), Stout grants the imbiber a +2 metabolic
advantages of the gnoll elites posted here. bonus to saving throws against poison. However, it
Two elite gnolls inhabit this ledge, ostensibly overseeing can also produce hallucinations and imposes a -1
the whelps hauling water and also serving as an additional metabolic penalty to all Will saves.
line of defense for the burrow. A low wall of rough stone
Market Price: 5 gpbottle.
blocks has been built up around the outside of the ledge,
providing half-cover (+4AC, +2 Reflex saves) for the Alcohol Tolerance DC: 17.
gnolls while firing their bows. Components Required: Giant snake venom, malt,
Tactics: If alerted, the gnolls are ready to fire their hops, water, brewing barrel.
shortbowsat oncoming intruders. Once intruders reach the Trade Skill (DC): Brewing (14).
southwest platform, one of the gnolls changes to longsword
and shield to meet opponents at the edge of the ledge so
that the intruders must fight o n the unsteady bridge. The
other keeps using his shortbow for as long as he is able. If the 2-5. L i v i n g Area (EL4-8)
battle turns against the gnolls, they try to retreat to Area 2- This large cavern serves as one of two main living areas
5, either hiding there or joining reinforcements. for the gnolls of Blackburrow. Dirty piles of animal hides
GndlElites(2):CR3; Medium-sizehumanoid[gnoll]; HD 5d8+15; hp form dozens of beds throughout the cavern, and a few crude
39.36; Init +1 (Dex); Spd 20 ft. in armor, 30 ft. base; AC 20 [flat- stools and a table round out the primitive furnishings.
footed 17, touch 101(+1 Dex, +3 natural, +4 scale mad, +2 shield); BAB are normally elderly and pups here,
+3; Grap +6;Atk +6melee (ld8+3, crit 19-20/x2, longsword), or + 4
melee (ld8+3, crit 19-20/x2, longsword) and + 4 melee (ld4+1, shield along with 5 female gnolls, one female burly gnoll, and the
bash), or +4 ranged (ld6, crit x3,60 ft.,shortbow); SQ infravision; AL shamanGrefikk; if the d a m in Area 1-3
NE; Fac Sabertooths of Blackburrow; SV Fort +7, Ref +2, Will +2; Str has been sounded, then the Young and the elderly &Polls
17, Dex 12, Con 17, Int 9, Wis 12, Cha 8. will have retreated to Area 3-2. If the horn at the foot of
Skills: Listen +5, Spot +5, Wilderness Lore +3. Feats: Blackburrow hill was sounded and the gnolls from Area 1-
Alertness, Bash. 2 went down to investigate, then the burly gnoll and 4 of
the 5 female gnolls from this area were called to Area 1-2
2 4 . Brewers' Area (EL2) to replace them.
This cavern is where the gnolls brew their Blackburrow Tactics: The gnoll pups generally avoid combat, if they
Stout. In the center of this room sits a crude distilling are present, retreating to the east and lurking around the
apparatus. Empty buckets and wooden mugs are scattered exit. If easy opportunities arise to aid their elders by
throughout the area. A freshly made barrel of Blackburrow flanking attackers, then the pups might engage in combat.
Stout sits near the door, the barrel still warm to the touch. Any female and elderly p o l l s present will defend the lair
During the day, the 2 gnoll brewers can be found tending to their deaths to cover their young ones' escape. The
to the still. At night, they make their beds on the floor of shaman will stay behind if possible, healing his allies and
their work area. While sleeping, these gnolls may be a bit casting fZeetingfw on his burly p o l l mate (or on the lone
harder to wake, due to the fact that they have a tendency female gnoll or even on himself if she has gone to Area 1-
to test their brew throughout the day. 2). If the brewers have fled here from Area 2-4, they will
Tactics: If the pcSarrive here during waking hours,the also make a stand here with the shaman and the other
brewers will immediately attempt to flee through the east- gno1lS*
e m door in the room (heading to Area 2-5). The brewers Treasure: Stashed in the corner (near the burly gnoll's
surrender if cornered, but try to flee at the first opportunity bedroll) is a large wooden box (Hardness 5,15 hp, Break
(as opposed to fighting) unless and until they join another Dc 18)with a crude iron lock (Pick Lock 16;Hardness
group of gnolls, at which point they will stand and fight.
GdI&ewsn(2):CR 1; Medium-size humanoid[gnoll]; HD 3d8+9; gP, and 3 games (each worth 6d10+10 gP)+
hp 20,17; Init +O; Spd 30 ft.; AC 12 [flat-footed 12, touch 101 (+2 GnollPups(5orO):CR1/2;Small humanoid[gnoll];HDld8+2; hp6;
natural); BAB+2; Grap +4; Atk+4 melee(ld6+2, club); SQ infravision; Init +O; Spd 30 ft.; AC13 [flat-footed 13, touch 111(+1 size, +2natural);
AL NE; Fac Sabertooths of Blackburrow; SV Fort +6, Ref +1, Will +l; BAB +O; Grap -3; Atk 2 claws +2 melee (ld3+1) and bite -3 melee
Str 15, Dex 10, Con 17, Int 8, Wis 11, Cha 8. (ld4); SQ infravision;ALNE; FacSabertoothsofBlackburrow; SVFort
Ski&: Alcohol Tolerance +5, Listen +1, Spot +2, Trade +4, Ref +o, will +o; Str 12, Dex 10,Con 15, Int 7, "1s 9, Cha 6.
Skill (brewing) +4, Wilderness Lore +l.Feats: Skill Talent Skills: Listen +3, Spot +3, Wilderness Lore +2. Feats:
(Trade Skill [brewing]). Alermess.
Gnolls, Elderly (3 or 0): CR 1; Medium-size humanoid [gnoll]; HD cansomehow be located), and halfconcealment (20% miss
3d8+6; hp 17; Init -2 (Dex); Spd 30 ft.; AC 10 [flat-footed 10, touch chance) within that distance. The middle of the cavern is
81 (-2 Dex, +2 natural); BAB +2; Grap +3; Atk 2 claws +3 melee open to the sky, so the area is well-lit during daylight hours,
(ld4+1) and bite-2melee(ld6);SQinfravision;ALNE;FacSabertooths even though one can only occasionally make out the bridge
of Blackburrow; SV Fort +5, Ref -1, Will +2; Str 12, Dex 7, Con 14, Int spanning the Pit above.
10, Wis 13, Cha 10.
Surrounding the pool is a 10-foot-wide ledge that runs
Skills: Listen +5, Spot +5, Wilderness Lore +4. Feats:
around most of the perimeter of the cavern. Following the
ledge north along the west wall will lead to a spectacular
Female W k (5 or 1): CR 2; Medium-size humanoid [gnoll]; HD view of the waterfall created from the stream tumbling
3d8+?; hp 22; Init +O; Spd 30 ft.; AC 15 [flat-footed 14, touch 101(+2
natural, +2 leather, +1shield); BAB +2; Grap +4; Atk +4melee(ld8+2, down from 50 feet overhead. Following the ledge around
crit 17-20/x2, longsword), or +2 ranged (ld6+2,30 ft., javelin); SQ the east wall leads to an area where the floor of the cavern
infravision; AL NE; Fac Sabertoothsof Blackburrow; SV Fort +6,Ref slopesup away from the water’s edge and turns south toward
+1, Will +l; Str 15,Dex 10, Con 17, Int 8, Wis 11, Cha 8. Area 2-7.
Skills: Listen +4, Spot +4,Wilderness Lore +3. Feats: Characters may attempt to climb up the walls of the Pit
Alertness. to reach Area 1-4, particularly if they have fallen from
FemaleGnoll (buffed with fleeting Fury): Init +2 (Dex); AC 18 [flat- above during combat with the gnolls. Climbing is possible,
footed 15, touch 131 (+2 Dex, +2 natural, +2 leather, +1 shield, +1 once a character gets out of the water, but the walls are
insight); BAB +2; Grap +6; Atk +6 melee (ld8+4, crit 1?-20/x2, sheer and made slippery by the heavy condensation. The
longsword), or +4 ranged (ld6+4,30 ft., javelin); SV Fort +6, Ref +3, Climb DC to scale the walls here is 20, and the wall can be
Will +1; Str 17, Dex 14. climbed at only half one’s usual climbing speed due to the
Burly Gnoll (1 or 0): CR 2; Medium-size humanoid [gnoll]; HD slimy and treacherous surface of the rock.
4d8+12; hp 31; Init +O; Spd 30 ft.; AC 14 [flat-footed 14, touch 101(+2 Anyone examining the crystal-clear water from within
natural, +2leather); BAB+3; Grap+6;Atk+6 melee(ld12+3,greatclub);
SQ infravision; AL NE; Fac Sabertooths of Blackburrow; SV Fort +7, 30feetofthenorthwalloftheroommaymakeaSpotcheck
Ref +1, Will +l; Str 17, Dex 10, Con 17, Int 8, Wis 11, Cha 8. (DC IO) to notice the entrance to the underwater tunnel
Skills: Listen +4, Spot +5, Wilderness Lore +3. Feats: there that leads to Area 2-8. A successful Spot check
Alertness. opposed to the Hide checks of the razorgill fish allows a
character to notice the 30-inch predators swimming in the
&.lr Gndl (buffed with fleeting Fury): lnit +2 (Dex); AC 17 [flat- water waiting for their next meal.
footed 15, touch 131(+2 Dex, +2 natural, +2 leather, +1 insight); Grap
+8;Atk +8melee (ld12+7, greatclub); SV Fort +7, Ref +3, Will +l; Str The water in the pool is 23 feet deep at its deepest point
21, Dex 14. near the waterfall, but averages only 15feet or so elsewhere.
Grefikk, MaleWl Shaman(1): CR 3; Medium-size humanoid[gnoll]; The depth rises gradually toward the edges of the pool, so
HD 3d8+?; hp 23; lnit +O; Spd 30 ft.; AC 15 [flat-footed 14, touch 101 climbing out of the water is an easy matter (Climb DC 3).
(+2 natural, +2 armor); BAB +2; Grap +4; Atk +4 melee (ld6+2, club), The water in the pool empties through a natural drain in
or +2 ranged; SA spell-like abilities; SQ infravision; AL NE; Fac Area 2-8 that creates a strong current near the bottom of
Sabertooths of Blackburrow; SV Fort +6, Ref +1, Will +4; Str 14, Dex the cavern pool (see area 2-8 for details).
10, Con 17, Int 9, Wis 16, Cha 8. For purposes of Swim checks, the water in Area 2-6 is
Skills: Channeling +8,Knowledge (folklore) +2, Knowl- “calm” (DC IO);the water within 10feet of the waterfall or
edge (mysticism) +2, Listen +7, Meditation +8,Spellcraft the entrance to the tunnel to Area 2-8 is “rough” (DC 15);
+1, Spot +6, Trade Skill (alchemy) +5, Wilderness Lore and the current in the tunnel itself is “very rough” (DC20).
+4. Creatures without a natural swim speed cannot do any-
Feats: Alertness. thing but try to stay afloat in the rough water. Those who
Spell-Like Abilities (mana cost): Cure poison (3),drowsy wish to fight or cast spells in calm water must first make a
(3), endure cold (3),fketingfury (2), and minor haling (2). Swim check (DC 15) as a move action to do so (and thus
As the spellscast by a 3rd-level shaman (save DC 13 + spell they cannot take a full attack action or cast spells with
level). longer than a 1-action casting time while in the water). Be
Manu Pool: 20. sure to apply weight modifiers to all Swim checks for
Possessions: Leather armor, club, spirit pouch, iron key characters with heavy armor or gear (see “Swim” in
on neck-thong (opens locked box in comer of room; see EuerQuest: Player’s Handbook, p. 122).
“Treasure”), bronze spider totem. Non-aquatic creatures attempting to fight while swim.
Grefikk(buffed with fleetingfury):lnit+2(Dex);AC17 [flat-footed ming lose their Dexterity bonus to AC (if any) and may not
15, touch 131(+2 Dex, +2 natural, +2armor, +1 insight); BAB +2; Grap make attacks of opportunity; further, they suffer a -8
+6; Atk +6 melee (ld6+6,2-H club); SV Fort +6, Ref +3, Will +4; Str circumstance penalty to attacks, although this penalty is
18, Dex 14. reduced to only -4 if they use a piercing weapon. A
character trying to cast a spell in the water must make a
2-6.CavernPool(ELOor 6 ) Channeling check (DC 15 + spell level) as part of the
Characters approaching this area can hear the low rum- casting action.
bling of the waterfall ahead (the water coming down from SmallRazorgilk(4): CR 2; Tiny animal (aquatic); HD 3d8+3; hp 16;
Area 1-4 above). This room expands out into another vast lnit+2(Dex);Spdswim50ft.;AC15[Flat-footed13,touch14] (+2size,
pool of water, but vision is obscured beyond 30 feet by the +2 Dex, +1 natural); BAB +2; Gap -9; Atk bite +6 melee (ld6-3) or
mist in the air, so the PCs will not be able to discern easily rake+l melee(ld8-3);Face21/2ft.by21/2ft.;Reach Oft.;SQscent;
how large the pool might be. The mist provides total AL N; SV Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +l; Str 4, Dex 15, Con 12, Int 1, Wis 11,
concealment beyond 30 feet (50% miss chance, if a target Cha 3.
Skills: Hide +lo, Listen +5, Spot +5. Feats: Weapon Immunities ( E x ) : Skeletons are immune to cold damage
Finesse (bite), Swim-By Attack (rake only). and take only half damage from slashing or piercing weap-
As the PCs near this small cave, the stench of rot and
2-8. Watery Cove (EL6)
decay becomes progressively stronger. The stench in the If the PCs attempt to swim through the underwater
cavern itself is unimaginable, and PCs must make success- tunnel from Area 2-6 to 2-8, they will discover that -in
ful Fortitude saves (DC 12) each round they are in it to addition to the razorgills in 2 - 6 -they must contend with
avoid being nauseated (unable to attack, cast or concentrate another danger in the water. A strong current that can
onspells, or take any action other than asingle move action barely be felt near the surface of the pool in Area 2-6 turns
that does not require concentration). into a powerful undertow as the tunnel narrows.
The room serves as a prison area for captives brought Prior to running this encounter, the GM should refresh
back from gnoll raids, and Tranixx has turned it into a place herself on the rules for the Swim skill (EuerQuest: Player’s
for his experiments. The floor of the room is lined with Handbook, p. 122) and for drowning (EverQuest: Game
bones and the half-eaten body parts of a dozen former Muster’s Guide, p. 45).
captives. Maggots can clearly be seen eating away what is For the purpose of Swim checks, the water within 10feet
left of the flesh on some of these bones. Three dead of the entrance to the tunnel from Area 2-6 is “rough” (DC
barbarians are still manacled to the walls. 15); thecurrent inthe tunne1itselfis“veryrough”(DC 20).
Even the gnolls pass quickly through this room and know No Swim check is required, however, as long as the swim-
better than to disturb the bodies here. If any of the bodies mer is moving with the current. Once in the rough waters
are disturbed, 4 skeletons (statistics as type 3 skeletal near the tunnel entrance, a swimmer who fails his Swim
companions) will rise up to attack any living creature in the check is pulled 10 feet further into the tunnel (if he is trying
room. to swim in that direction, he adds 10 feet to his movement
There is a false door of sorts on the west wall of the room for that round).
where the gnolls had once tried to excavate a tunnel to Area 2-8 itself is a natural chimney. The bottom of the
connect directly into Area 2-6. The rock proved to be too chimney is filled with 20 feet of water, the top 10 feet of
unstable, so the gnolls closed up the area with a heavy, which is “calm” and the bottom 10 feet “very rough.” The
brass-reinforceddoor (3 in. thick; Hardness 5; hp 30; Break current comes into the pool here and empties through a
DC 18; Pick Lock DC 20).If the door is opened, a rockslide narrow fissure in the bottom. The fissure is too narrow for
tumbles into the room. even Small creatures to be pulled into it; however, the
RockslideTrap: CR 4; no attack roll necessary (4d6); Reflex save current will suck a swimmer down and pin him to the
(DC 16) halves; Search (DC 20); Disable Device (DC 25). Note: Can entrance to the fissure. The razorgills in Area 2-6 cannot
strikeall character within 10 Feet of the door on theeast side. Anyone be trapped by the current, although it speeds up or slows
who Fails the Reflex save is also knocked prone and trapped under the down their swim speed by 10 feet, depending on whether
rubble. A Strength or Escape Artist check (DC 20) is required to they’re swimming with or against the current, respectively.
escape, or a Strength check (DC 16) to free a trapped companion. Once through the tunnel into this chamber, each swim-
Tactics: The skeletons will mindlessly pursue any living mer gets one Swim check (DC 15) to break free of the
creature they see until it or they are dead. current and ascend to the upper depths of the pool. Anyone
Treasure:If the PCs choose to poke around in the bones who fails to pull free of the current is sucked down and
and filth after they have dealt with the skeletons, they can automaticallypinned (see Grapple in the EverQuest: Player’s
attempt a Search check (DC15) to find ld10+5 cp; if the Handbook, p. 374-76) to the fissure opening. To break free
check exceeds DC 20, they also find a fire opal worth 500 of the pin, a character must first make a successful grapple
gp that one of the captives had evidently swallowed and or Escape Artist check against the fissure’seffective grapple
which now barely shines through the former owner’s de- bonus of +14. Then, in the subsequent round, a Swim
composing abdomen. check (DC 20) allows that character to swim up into calm
However, any character picking through the filthy re- waters or stay in place and avoid beingpinned. If this check
mains in this room is also exposed to filthsickness,a horrible fails or if the character spent the round doing something
disease that affects the lungs and nervous system (Infec- other than swimming (such as aiding a comrade; see be-
tion- contact; Fort DC 13; incubation ld2 days; damage low), then character is sucked down and pinned once
ld2 Con). again.
Skeletons (4): CR 2; Medium-size undead; HD 4d12; hp 26,23,23, Up to three other swimmers who are also at the fissure
19; lnit +1 (Dex); Spd 30 ft.; AC 14 [flat-Footed 14, touch 101 (+4 may assist a comrade in breaking free, as long as they
natural); BAB +2; Grap +3; Atk 2 claws +3 melee (ld4+1 claw); SA themselves are not pinned. As a full-round action, each
magic attack +l; SQ undead, infravision, see invisible, immunities; AL assistant may make a Strength check (DC 10) and, if
N; Fac None; SVFort +1, Ref +1, Will +3; Str 13, Dexll, Con -,lnt 2, Wis successful,grants a +2 bonus to his comrade’sgrapple check
9, Cha 1. result. Of course, the assistants themselves may then be-
Skills: Listen +4, Spot +4. come pinned by the torrent.
Magic Attack (Su): For purposes of overcoming a target’s Fastened to the side of the chamber wall, starting 5 feet
damage reduction, the skeleton is considered a +1 magic below the water line and ascending fully 30 feet up the
weapon. This ability grants no actual bonus to its attack or north side of the chimney, is a wooden ladder that leads up
damage rolls. to Area 3-1. Anyone who attempts to attach a rope to the
ladder to trail it down to trapped swimmers must spend 2
their venom t o make
Blackburrow Stout. The snakes live on the
lower two ledges of this area, and Keflinszk, the
wily old snake-handler, uses the upper level as his
(DClOj to make sure the rope is workplace.
secure enough. h e to the powerful current, getting Outward-leaning iron spikes fitted so close together that
the loose end of the rope down to a pinned swimmer they almost touch line the rim of the top ledge; these
requires a special attack roll (BAB + the thrower’s Intelli- prevent the snakes from climbing onto the third ledge.
gence modifier) against AC 10,-1 per previous attempt; on Creatures without limbs and digits cannot find purchase to
a miss, the rope is pulled down beyond the reach of the climb up, and others must make a Climb check (DC 15) to
pinned character and must be drawn up as a full-round ascend; a check failed by 5 or more does not result in a fall,
action before another attempt can be made. Alternately, a but in ld4 points of piercing damage from the spikes.
PC might swim while towing the rope down but will need The snake-handler uses a 15-foot-long pole with a Y-
to make a Swim check (DC20) once near the bottom shaped end to manipulate the snakes from the top ledge.
(there handing off the rope) or become pinned at the fissure Tactics: If any non-gnoll climbs the ladder from Area 2-
as well. 8, the snake-handler immediately begins to agitate the
A secured rope (or similar implement or strategy) grants snakes, pushing them toward the PCs with his forked pole.
swimmers a +8bonus to grapple and Swim checks to break The snakes will immediately attack the party. In fact, the
free of the current. A rope tied to a swimmer and pulled snakes need little provocation to attack anything that
from the other end allows the swimmer to use either his surprises them in their lair; they fight to the death, as two
own grapple check result (with the +8 bonus) or the of the snakes have laid eggs.
Strength check result of the character(s) pulling on the Once the snakes are spurred into combat, the handler
other end, whichever is higher; the same rule applies to the will go to the western side of his top ledge and attempt to
roped-off swimmer’s Swim checks to then swim free of the use his pole to push intruders off the bottom ledge so they
current. fall back down the chimney to the water below (ld6 points
of subdual damage for landing in the water, and the char-
3-1. Snake L€bg€ (EL 5 )
actermustmakeaSwimcheck[DC 151orbepulledinto the
The floor of this vaulted cavern is broken into three step- undertow, as described in Area 2-8). Treat these push
like ledges rising from the lowest southern ledge up to the attacks as bull rush attacks, except characters may make an
northernmost (and highest) ledge. Each ledge is 10 feet attack of opportunity only against the pole itself (Hardness
higher than the one before it. 5 , 15 hp), not against the gnoll, as he is out of range. A
The gnolls of Blackburrow raise a breed of giant venom- character who readies an action to do so may attempt to
ous snake known as the Blackburrow shovel snout (stats grab the pole when it comes within reach; she and Keflinszk
should then make opposed grapple checks. If the PC wins, 3-2.Living Area (EL7-8)
she pulls him down off his ledge; if he wins, he knocks the Half a dozen stools and one large round table adorn the
PC back 5 feet (which may result in her falling over the center of this room. Bedrolls and furs lay about amidst
edge). Either of the two may let go of the pole at any time battered, useless armor, rotted meat, bones, and other bits
during his or her own turn as a free action. of junk. This large cavern is the second of the two main
If the snakes are killed, the handler will try to flee to Area living areas in Blackburrow. This room is reserved for the
3-3 to join reinforcements. families of elite and burly gnolls and the mates of the gnoll
sn$<es, "Blackbumow Shovd Snouts" (3): CR 2; Medium-size commander.
animal; HD 4d8+8; hp 24, 23, 17; lnit +8 (+4 Dex, +4 lmproved Normally, there are 2 elite gnolls, 5 female gnolls, and 6
Initiative); Spd 30 ft., climb 20 ft., swim 20 ft; AC 18 [flat-footed 14,
pups in this area. If the burrow is in a state of alarum, then
touch 141(+4 Dex, +4 natural); BAB +3; Grap +4; Atk bite +7 melee
(ld4+1and poison); SA poison; SQ scent; AL N; Fac None; SV Fort +6, the 5 gnoll pups and 3 aged gnolls from Area 2-5 and the
Ref +8, Will +2; Str 13, Dex 18, Con 15, Int 1, Wis 13, Cha 3. 4 gnoll whelps from Area 2-2 will have retreated here in
Skills: Balance +12, Climb +12, Hide +12, Listen +8, addition to the other occupants.
Sneak+12, Spot +8, Swim +12. Feats: Improved initiative, Tactics: The elite gnolls will fight to the death in this
Weapon Finesse (bite). room, as will the female gnoll warriors. They hurl javelins
Poison ( E x ) : Bite, Fortitude save (DC14); initial and and fire bows to lure attackers into the room so that the
secondary damage 2d4 hit points. younger gnolls can either get behind the opponents to flank
Keflimzk, Male Gnoll, Exp 2: CR 3; Medium-size humanoid [gnoll]; them with harassing attacks or escape back down to Level
HD3d8+Q(base) plus2d6+6(Exp); hp34;lnit+1 (Dex);Spd30ft.;AC Two.
15 [flat-footed 14, touch 111(+1 Dex, +2 natural, +2 armor); BAB +3; Treasure: Individual gnolls keep their personal loot in
Grap +5; Atk +5 melee (ld4+2 or bull rush, reach 15 ft., snake-handling bags and boxes all around the room: in total, 46 cp, 78 sp,
pole),or+5melee(ld6+2,crit 1?-20/~2,shortsword); SQ infravision; 83 gp, 40 pp, 2 flasks of Blackburrow Stout, and a gem-
ResistPR 5; AL NE; Fac Sabertooths of Blackburrow; SV Fort +6, Ref encrusted ceremonial dagger (500gp;-1 penalty to attacks
+2, Will +6; Str 14, Dex 12, Con 17, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 8. due to poor balance).
Skills: Animal Empathy +5, Climb +4, Handle Animal Gnoll Pups (6 or 11): CR 1/2; Small humanoid [gnoll]; HD ld8+2; hp
+2, Knowledge (nature) +2, Listen +4, Spot +4, Trade 6; lnit +O; Spd 30 ft.; AC 13 [flat-footed 13, touch 111 (+1 size, +2
Skill (poison making) +4, Wilderness Lore +3. natural); BAB +O; Grap -3; Atk 2 claws +2 melee (ld3+1) and bite -3
Feats: Skill Talent (Animal Empathy). melee (ld4); SQ infravision; AL NE; Fac Sabertooths of Blackburrow;
Possessions: Snake-skin leather armor, snake-handler's SV Fort +4, Ref +0, Will +O; Str 12, Dex 10, Con 15, lnt 7, Wis 9, Cha
pole, short sword, Etheria's poison antidote (see EuerQuest: 6.
Game Master'sGuide, p. 204), earthenware pot that con- Skills: Listen +3, Spot +3, Wilderness Lore +2. Feats:
tains 5 doses of Blackburrow snake venom (black market Alertness.
value of 50 gp per dose).
Gnoll Whelps (0 or4): CR 1; Small humanoid [gnoll]; HD 2d8+6; hp Skills: Listen +4, Spot +5, Wilderness Lore + 3 . Feats:
15; lnit +O; Spd 30 ft.; AC 14 [flat-footed 14, touch 101 (+1 size, +2 Alertness.
natural, +l cloth armor); BAB +l; Grap -2; Atk +2 melee (ld6+1, crit
19-20/x2, short sword); SQ infravision; AL NE; Fac Sabertooths of 3-4. Storage
Blackburrow; SV Fort +6,Ref +0, Will +O; Str 13, Dex 10, Con 16, Int
7, Wis 10, Cha 7. The gnolls store supplies in this alcove: currently, there
Skills: Listen +4, Spot +4, Wilderness Lore +2. Feats: are 12 kegs of water, 2 kegs of Blackburrow Stout, 300 feet
Alertness. of rope, a pile of wooden planks, and 3 buckets. Hanging
from the ceiling are two large salt-preserved carcasses that
Gndk. Elderly (0 or 3): CR 1; Medium-size humanoid [gnoll]; HD
3d8+6; hp 17; Init -2 (Dex); Spd 30 ft.; AC 10 [flat-footed 10, touch might once have been barbarians or large humans.
81 (-2 Dex, +2 natural); BAB +2; Grap +3; Atk 2 claws +3 melee
(ld4+1) andbite -2 melee(ld6); SQ infravision;AL NE; Fac Sabertooths 3-5. Commanbers' Room!(ELI)
of Blackburrow; SV Fort +5, Ref -1, Will +2; Str 12, Dex 7, Con 14, Int This large open area serves as the command center for
10, Wis 13, Cha 10. the Sabertooth military. In alcoves off of this room (Areas
Skills: Listen +5, Spot +5, Wilderness Lore +4. Feats: 3-6,3-7, and 3-81, the gnoll Commander, Baraz, and his
Alertness. two generals, Mannan and Socho, keep their personal
Gnolls (5): CR 2; Medium-size humanoid[gnoll]; HD 3d8+Q; hp 22; bedchambers.
lnit +O; Spd 30 ft.; AC 15 [flat-footed 14, touch 101(+2 natural, +2 A large, wooden table surrounded by many stools and
leather,+l shield); BAB+2; Grap+4; Atk+4 melee(ld8+2,crit 14-20/ two chairs dominates the center of the command room.
x2, longsword), or +2 ranged (ld6+2,30 ft., javelin); SQ infravision; Spread across the table are crude maps of Qeynos Hills with
AL NE; Fac Sabertooths of Blackburrow; SV Fort +6, Ref +1, Will +l; markings to indicate the locations of various Sabertooth
Str 15, Dex 10, Con 17, Int 8, Wis 11, Cha 8. gnoll warrens. Other maps crudely represent areas close to
Skills: Listen +4, Spot +4, Wilderness Lore +3. Feats: Qeynos and southern areas of Everfrost. Rocks of different
Alertness. sizes and colors are placed carefully around the maps to
GndlElites(2):CR 3; Medium-sizehumanoid[gnoll]; HD 5d8+15; hp show gnoll troops. Commander Baraz and his generals will
42,32; lnit +1 (Dex); Spd 20 ft. in armor, 30 Ft. base; AC 2 0 [flat- be here reviewing the maps and feasting on salted meat and
footed 17, touch 101(+1 Dex, +3 natural, +4 scale mail, +2shield); BAB stout.
+3; Grap +6; Atk + 6 melee (ld8+3, crit 19-20/x2, longsword), or +4
melee (ld8+3, crit 1'?-20/x2, longsword) and +4 melee (ld4+1, shield Tactics: The Commander will try to parley with invad-
bash), or +4 ranged(ld6, crit x3,60 ft., shortbow); SQ infravision; AL ers in crude Common or in Gnoll. He will congratulate
NE; Fac Sabertooths of Blackburrow; SV Fort +7, Ref +2, Will +2; Str them on their daring raid and invite them to have an
17, Dex 12, Con 17, lnt 9, Wis 12, Cha 8. audience with Lord Elgnub, motioning to the door to Area
Skills: Listen +5, Spot +5, Wilderness Lore +3. Feats: 3-9. (He will try to usher some characters through the door
Alertness, Bash. so that they fall into the snake pit trap there). The Com-
mander and the generals then attack anyone remaining
3-3. Scout Quarters(EL3 Or4) outside the pit, attempting to bull rush more characters
This is a staging area for gnoll scouts reporting to the into the pit if the situation allows it.
gnoll commander, doubling as a place for gnolls from other SochoDarkpaw, MaleGnollElite, Mil1: CR 3; Medium-size humanoid
burrows (here to pay respect to Blackburrow's leader) to (6 ft., 9 in. tall) [gnoll]; HD 5d8+15 (base) plus ld8+3 (Mil); hp 45; lnit
sleep. +2 (Dex); Spd 20 ft. in armor, 30 ft. base; AC 21 [flat-footed 17, touch
121(+2 Dex, +3 natural, +4 scale mail, +2 shield); BAB+4; Grap +7; Atk
Currently in the chamber are 2 gnoll scouts waiting to +7 melee (ld8+3, crit 19-20/x2, longsword), or +5 melee (ld8+3, crit
report to the commander and one burly gnoll from Irontooth 19-20/x2, longsword)and +5 melee(ld4+1,shield bash), or +6ranged
Warren seeking audience with Elgnub and Tranixx. (ld6,critx3,60ft.,shortbow);SQinfravision;ALNE; FacSabertooths
Tactics: The scouts will attack any intruders, but flee to of Blackburrow; SV Fort +9,Ref +3, Will +2; Str 16, Dex 15, Con 17, Int
Area 3-5 if outnumbered. The burly gnoll will withdraw to 7, Wis 12, Cha 8.
a side wall and let the invaders go by unharmed so long as Skills: Knowledge (warcraft) +1, Listen +5, Spot +5,
he is not attacked; if attacked, he responds in kind. Wilderness Lore +3.
Treasure: The burly gnoll carries a necromantic Word of Feats: Alertness, Bash.
Eradication, brought as a gift to Tranixx. Mannanof the sabertooth, Male Gnoll Elite, War 1: CR 4; Medium-
Gndl Scouts (2): CR 2; Medium-size humanoid [gnoll]; HD 3d8+9; size humanoid (7 ft., 5 in. tall) [gnoll]; HD 5d8+15 (base) plus ld12+3
hp 26,23; lnit +O; Spd 30 ft.; AC 15 [flat-footed 14, touch 101 (+2 (War); hp 48; Init +1 (Dex); Spd 20 ft. in armor, 30 ft. base; AC 20
natural, +2 leather, +1 shield); BAB +2; Grap +4; Atk +4 melee (ld8+2, [flat-footed 17, touch 101(+1 Dex, +3 natural, +4 scale mail, +2 shield);
crit 1'?-20/x2, longsword), or +2 ranged (ld6+2,30 ft., javelin); SQ BAB +4; Grap +8; Atk +Q melee (ld8+4, crit 19-20/x2, longsword);
infravision; AL NE; Fac Sabertooths of Blackburrow; SV Fort +6, Ref SQ berserking, infravision; Resist DR 3, PR 2; AL NE; Fac Sabertooths
+1, Will +l; Str 15, Dex 10, Con 17, Int 8, Wis 11, Cha 8. of Blackburrow; SV Fort +9, Ref +2, Will +2; Str 18, Dex 12, Con 17, Int
Skills: Listen +4, Spot +4, Wilderness Lore +3. Feats: 10, Wis 12, Cha 12.
Alertness. Skills: Alcohol Tolerance +4, Intimidate +3, Knowledge
BurlyGnoll(1):CR 2; Medium-size humanoid[gnoll]; HD 4d8+12; hp (warcraft) +I, Listen +5, Spot +5, Wilderness Lore +2.
34; lnit +O; Spd 30 ft.; AC 15 [flat-footed 14, touch 101(+2 natural, +2 Feats: Alertness, Weapon Focus (longsword).
leather,+l shield);BAB+3;Grap+6;Atk+6melee(ld8+3,crit 19-20/ Commander Ba#az, Male Gndl Elite, War 2: CR 5; SZ Medium-size
x2, longsword), or +3 ranged (ld6+3,30 ft., javelin); SQ infravision; humanoid (7 ft., 2 in. tall) [gnoll]; HD 5d8+20 (base) plus 2d12+8
AL NE; Fac lrontooths of Blackburrow; SV Fort +7, Ref +1, Will +l; Str (War); hp 66; lnit +1 (Dex); Spd 20 ft. in armor, 30 ft. base; AC 20
17, Dex 10, Con 17, lnt 8, Wis 11, Cha 8. [flat-footed 17, touch 101 (+1 Dex, +3 natural, +4 armor, +2 shield);
BAB +5; Grap +lo; Atk +12 melee (ld8+5, crit 1'?-20/x2, longsword);
I SQ berserking, infravision; AL NE; Fac Sabertooths of Blackburrow;

12, Cha 12 (13).

Skills: Intimidate +3, Knowledge (warcraft) +1, Listen
+5, Spot +5, Wilderness Lore +3.
three planks hidden behind a tapestry along the west wall
S V F o r t + 1 1 , R e f + 2 , W i l l + 2 ; S t r 2 0 ( 1 ~ ) , D e x 1 2 , C o ~ 1 8 ( ~ ~ ) , ~ ~of~ the ~ ~ (Search DC 8); anyone inside the room can
~ ~ ~room
“disarm” the pit trap by sliding the three planks of wood
into grooves set in the floor, thereby supporting the false
floor from collapsing.
Languages: Gnoll(4), Common (2). Spiked PitTrap(20 R deep): CR 2; no attack roll necessary (2d6),
E,,+, . A I,,+,,,, D , . . . , ~ ~ A ++QpL \ylPlnnn Fnrllp +lo melee (Id4 spikes for ld4+2 points ofdamaqe per successful hit);


terwork) longsword,goldringofOpfop”ll”
1 1

climb 20 it., swim 20 ft;‘AC 18 [flat-f&ted 14, touch 141(+4Dex, +4

GoLb Ringor OpoLLa natural); BAB +3; Grap +4; Atk bite +7 melee (ld4+1 and poison); SA
poisoniSQ scent; AL N; Fac None; SV Fort+6, Ref +8,Will +2; Str 13,
Dex 18, Con 15, lnt 1, Wis 13, Cha 3.
Skills: Balance +12, Climb +12, Hide +12, Listen +8,
Sneak + 12, Spot +8,Swim + 12. Feats: Improved initiative,
Weapon Finesse (bite).
Description: This simple gold band was made by Poison (Ex): Bite, Fortitude save (DC14); initial and
secondary damage 2d4 hit points.

Powers: Str +1, Cha -1. 3-1O.The Forbibbenchamber(EL8)

Bonus type: Ability scores = augmentation. This is the personal chamber of Tranixx Darkpaw, the
Caster Level: 2nd. dark heart of Blackburrow. The room is furnished with a
Market Price: 1,100 gp. rectangular table, three chairs, and a large pile of furs that
Slot: Finger. serve the gnoll necromancer as a bed. Parchments are
scattered about the table. Books are stacked haphazardly
throughout the room. A cupboard full of oddities (eyes,
ears, teeth, foul-smelling powders, scrolls, vials, and so
forth) with missing doors is propped against the eastern
3-6,3-7,3-8.Bebchambers wall.
Tranixx’s skeletal companion rests as a piled jumble of
These three alcoves are filled with piles of furs, empty
bones in the southern part of the room, just where the
Stout bottles, and several bags.
corridor widens into the chamber. The skeleton will arise
Treasure: If the PCs take at least 30 minutes to rifle whenever an intruder comes within 5 feet of it, thereby
through the bags and furs in these rooms, they will uncover alerting Tranixx and his consort of intruders.
a veritable horde of fleas, as well as 297 cp, 154 sp, 65 gp,
72 pp, 5 silkcushions (eachworth lOOgp), agem-encrusted A large gnoll clad in dark banded mail slowly paces the
floor roughly 15 feet into the chamber. This gnoll, actually
urn (325 gp), and a minotaur horn.
a zombie, is what remains of Lord Elgnub, whose mind is
3-9.ThroneRoom(EL3) completely gone. Now merely an animated servant of
Tranixx, Elgnub hovers near his master, awaiting his next
Dirty cloth tapestries hang over the walls of this room. command.
At the southern end of the chamber, a chair crafted from
iron and dark wood serves as the throne of the Sabertooth Two prisoners (male barbarians, Mil 3 and War 2, N,
clan. Here Lord Elgnub sits and holds audience - but Wolves of the North) lie nearly comatose in their shackles,
recently, such audiences are mere mockeries, as the undead which bind them to the western wall. Both are nearly dead
Elgnub sits mutely in the throne with Tranixx standing by from the effects of necromantic diseases.
his side “speakingon his liege’sbehalf’ to visitors. Sabertooth Tranixx himself and a female gnoll shaman he has taken
gnolls play along with the mock audience for fear they as his consort examine the two prisoners and bark excitedly
might otherwise share Elgnub‘s fate. about the pox marks on the barbarians’ flesh.
Tranixx seldom holds such audiences now. He spends Tactics: Tranixx orders Elgnub and his skeletal compan-
the majority of his time in his chamber (Area 3-10) ion to form a barrier in the southern end of the chamber to
practicing his necromantic arts. Even if the burrow alarm keep attackers at bay. While the shaman buffs and heals
bell at Area 1-3 has been sounded, he will assume that no Tranixx, he unleashes an onslaught of necromantic at-
intruders could reach him and will be in his chamber, tacks.
leaving the throne room vacant. The door to Tranixx’s lair Tranixx will parlay with invaders should they initiate
is covered by a tapestry, but is easily found (Search DC 10). discussion, but he has little to offer in conversation except
The entire northern section of the floor is false, collaps- scorn for the barbarians who live among Miragul‘s legacy;
ing once 150 pounds or more is placed upon it. There are he feels the barbarians squander the chance to uncover
Miragul’s power. In order to win the favor and attentions of
the Plaguebringer, he boasts that, having reached the LordUgnub, Zombie (advanced HD): CR 4; Medium-size undead(7
“heart” of Blackburrow, the PCs shall now be destroyed. ft., 1 in. tall); HD 8d12; hp 51; Init +O; Spd 20 ft. in armor, 30 ft. base
Ornate box. Inside
(can’t run); AC 21 [flat-footed 21, touch 101(+5 natural, +6 armor);
Treasure: In the is a
BAB +4; Grap +’?; Atk 2 slams +9melee (ld8+6); SQ undead, damage
the box are 30pp’ (700@)’ and the scraps Of reduction 5/+1, piercing resistance, see invisibility; AL OE; Fac
letters* the characters the task asked Of them Sabertooths of Blackburrow; SV Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +6; Str 20, Dex
by Johm, they will find Tranixx’s heart to be a cold, black 10, con-, lnt 4, wis10, Cha 4,
muscle that beats for long minutes after pulled from his Skills: Listen +13, Spot +13.
Feats: Alertness, Power Attack.
Piercing Resistance (Ex): Zombies take half damage from
piercing weapons. (Halve such damage before applying the
1have followed him as far as the northern lands, zombie’s damage reduction.)
but the cold and the snow will require better See Invisibility (Su):Zombies can see invisible objects and
creatures normally, although this ability does not apply to
those protected by invisibility to undeud.
Possessions: Banded mail, silver fire emerald brucer (+ 1

Shouris, FemaleGndlShaman:CR 3; Medium-sizehumanoid[gnoll];

HD 3d8+9;hp 22; lnit +O;Spd 30 ft.; AC 14 [flat-footed 14, touch 101
(+2natural,+2armor); BAB+2; Grap+4;Atk +5 melee(ld8+3,critx3,
Combme warhammer), or +2 ranged; SA spell-like abilities; SQ
infravision; AL NE; Fac Sabertooths of Blackburrow; SV Fort +6, Ref
+1, Will +4; Str 14, Dex 10, Con 17, Int 9, Wis 16, Cha 8.
The legends are true. %he secrets to Bliragul’s Skills: Channeling +8,Knowledge (folklore) +2, Knowl-
pomer lies in the northlands. $5erue the plaguebringer edge (mysticism) +2, Listen +7, Meditation +8,Spellcraft
and find the old master’s lair so me can unlock his pomer +6, Trade Skill (alchemy) +5, Wilderness Lore
and make it our omn. Bill mer! barbarian if !ou must:
find %Iiragul’s secrets and me mill share his pomer mith Feats: Alertness.
SpelLLike Abilities (mana cost): Cure disease ( 3 ) ,fleeting
fury (Z), minor healing (Z), scuk skin (4),and sicken (5). AS
the spells cast by a 3rd-level shaman (save DC 13 + spell 'Tranixx Darkpaw, Male Gnoll, Nec 6: CR 8; Medium-size humanoid
level). (6ft.,4in.tall)[gnoll];HD3d8+6(base)plus6d4+12(Nec);hp43;lnit
+3 (Dex); Spd 30 ft.; AC 18 [flat-footed 15, touch 131 (+3 Dex, +2
ManaPool: 19. natural,+3armor); BAB+5; Grap+5; Atk+5 melee (ld8,morningstar),
Possessions: Leather armor, Combine warhammer (see or +8/+4 ranged (ld3,20 Ft., darts); SA spells, death mastery (Fear
sidebar), spirit pouch, silver jade earring (+ 1 hp, + 1 mana). storm [Will DC 131); SQ infravision; Resist CR 3, DR 4, PR 2; AL NE;
Fac Sabertooths of Blackburrow; SV Fort +8,Ref +6,Will +8; Str 10,
Dex 16, Con 14, Int 18 (16), Wis 10, Cha 9.
Skills: Channeling +12, Diplomacy +0,Heal +2, Knowl-
CombineWarhammer edge (folklore) +5, Knowledge (monster lore [undead]) +7,
Description: For its brief time, the Combine Knowledge (mysticism) +6, Knowledge (peerage) +5,
Empire shone. One of its lasting legacies is the Knowledge (religion) +5, Listen +4, Meditation +14,
magic weapons now possessed mainly by Norrath's Spellcraft +lo, Spot +4, Undead Empathy +2, Wilderness
gypsies. Although these weapons are of simple con- Lore +3.
struction, solid iron, their magical nature makes h n p g e s : Gnoll(4), Common (3), Barbarian (2).
them very useful to adventurers. Feats: School Specialization (alteration), Iron Will, Spell
Powers: This warhammer has a +1 bonus to Focus (alteration).
attacks and damage. Necromancer Spells Prepared (mana cost): Deadeye (61,
Combine Warhammer (ld8+1, delay 5; AC 7, disease cloud (2), fear (7), leach (12), lesser shielding (4),
hardness 11,26 hp, Break DC 26) lifespike (3), mend bones (4), shadow step (2).
Bonus types: Attack = enhancement. Damage = Spellbook: Bone walk, cavorting bones, coldlight, deadeye,
enhancement. disease cloud, endure cold, fear, gate, invisibility to undead,
Caster Level: 3rd. leach, lesser shielding, lifespike, lifetup, mend bones, minor
Market Price: 2,312 gp. shielding, shadow step.
Slot: Blunt. Manu Pool: 48.
Weight: 8 lbs. Possessions: Damask robes (extended enhancement I),
morningstar, 6 darts, batskull euning (reagent conservation
I), spellbook, spell component bag, vial of snake spirit oil,
Word of the Spoken, Word of Radiance, key ring
(bone key that opens the prisoners' shackles, bone
kev that opens door in Areas 2-1 and 2-2).
EViLOUt O F L€g€nb into death. The plague spread, but it was no natural plague.
When we, the People of the North, were freshly sundered
The spirits panicked, for Miragul had created a dark hole, a
slowly expanding zone of black energies that meant death for
from those now called humans and Erudites, when H u h was
man and spirit alike. This panic led to a premature expedition
a child among the cities of Nowath and Qeynos was but a
distant rumor, then did Miragul come. He passed through
by Northmen and spirit guardians. A dozen of each, brave and
powerful, ventured into the black hole, which shredded their
H u h like a fever, bringing a chill to all who set eye upon him, souls and flesh as with a thousand knives.
and leaving them forever weaker when he had gone. He spoke
The black hole expanded,forcing a great migration out of the
to no one, and none confronted him: No Wolf of the North
Frigid Plains. Miragul’s shroud reduced those who stayed
drew his blade, no Shaman of Justice invoked the timid spirits
behind, mun or beast, to piles of bones and molderingflesh.For
to approach him, and no White Rose pursued him when he left.
some, a worse fate befell them, as the fell energies animated
For this spiritualfrailty -unprecedentedin the history of our
their bones, transforming them into mindless , murdering skel-
people -we suffered, and we suffer still. Even with Miragul’s etons, some of which still wander Everfrost to this day.
passing, that faint taint of cowardice is now as deeply felt within None doubt that Miragul’s shroud would have engulfed the
us as our love of the fierce north wind. Each of us bears this
world if left unchecked. A few brave souls banded together
defilementofour heritagenot withpride, but withgreat sadness. against the black hole, but lost their lives and their souls in the
None speaks this tale but as an assurance against pride; though effort. The spirits decreed that only a mortal exalted by the
it is our history, we abhor it. powers of the spirit worldcouldprevent totalannihilation. That
Miragul came to Everfrost, and he looked upon us with eyes mortal was Thalger, a powerful hero devoted to serving the
like circling carrion birds. What he sought from us none knew. spirits and bringing them closer to the barbarian people. The
Perhaps he wished to learn our lore or observe our livelihood, spirits, in their wisdom, knew that only the most extraordinary
that he could gauge our strength in the event we might interfere
shaman could succeed against Miragul’s shroud, and so they
with him. He visited many villages once and H u h no less than put forth a series of tests. Thalger surpassed their expectations
nine times, always silent, always observing. And then Miragul in every one, so the spirits aided him in creating a magical
disappeared, andwefeltatpeace, forwedidnot yetknowwhat weapon, one crafted specifically to contend against the abomi-
shame our moment of cowardice would bring us. So it was that nation of Miragul. Thalger called it the Spear of Fate, for it held
when the Shamans oflustice eventuallywarnedus of Miragul’s the fate of Nmath in its sewated blade.
presence in Everfrost we listened but did not act. In some manner few men could understand, the Spear of
Yes, the spirits were indeed timid among us at that time, wary Fate channeled some force capable of tearing a hole into the
not only of Miragul but still uncertain of these people who fabric of the Arch Necromancer’s shroud. Thalger rode the
soughtpartnership with them. They were ourallies, yes, but we wind through the peaks of Everfrost , calling upon the spirits to
had not had the opportunity to prove the trust between us. We enhance his sight, to show him a weakness in the shroud. With
wished merely to forget this man who had brought such a strength and precision enhanced by the blessings of the spirit
trembling to our hearts, and so we did. But the spirits did not world, Thalger plunged the Spear of Fate into the mantle of
forget , and they watched him from afar. darkness, creatinga rift between the planes. This tiny tear into
Generations passed, and our concerns faded like summer absolute nothingness shattered Miragul’s black hole, its nega-
snow. Even the spirits relaxed their vigil, so our first warnings tive energy countered by an absolute void. Sadly, Thalger was
of Miragul’s shroud -unsettling visions and dreams -went lost, but his legacy is the world, and his name is our greatest
unheeded for too long. Finally, the plight of distant fishermen legend. It is said that the Spear of Fate survived, but if the spirits
woke us from our reverie and forced us to action. Those who know of its location, it is a secret they share only among
lived on the northernmost stretches of the Iceflow River found themselves.
their nets teeming with sickened, emaciatedfishthat smelled of Miragul did not die with his failed effort, nor did he seek
rot. Soon, the crystalline waters themselves turned rank and
vengeance for his shroud’s destruction. Generations passed,
lifeless. The folk of one village grew ill and quickly wasted away
and, supposedly, so did Miragul, but none who have ventured
beneath the ice and into his cavernous hideaway have ever who came in contact with him. Throughout this chapter
returned alive. His evil remains within, so we watch and we are interspersed various writings of ancient Norrathians
wait. who encountered Miragul, providing a glimpse into the
Never through cowardice or lack of vigilance shall we fail our early life of the Arch Necromancer and his impact upon
people again. That is the Oath of All Halls, and it remains those he encountered.
unbroken to this day. Certain characters may know of Miragul due to class or
cultural ties. Erudin's scholars consider his name a curse,
1nfrobucf ion while their diabolical brethren in Paineel revere him as a
Miragul's Menugerie is an adventure for 4 to 6 characters gifted genius and city founder. Barbarians rarely speak the
of level 25+. The adventure is set in the northernmost necromancer's name, but skalds, experienced shamans,
lands of Antonica. The material presented here is for the and elders of the guildhalls are certainly aware of it, as are
Game Master's eyes only; players will find their adventures those whose parents irreverently frightened them with
greatly dulled by reading further. nighttime tales of his evil. Miragul's indelible influence
Miragul's Menagerie introduces the characters to the upon the field of necromancy ensures that any student of
story of one incredible man's obsession, and how that the dark arts recognizes the paragon of their profession, if
obsession marked both the man and the world forever. On only as an historical figure.
a grander scale, the characters become embroiled in a plot T o most scholars not of barbarian or Erudite lineage or of
that transcends the mortal realm, and the characters' a necromantic bent, Miragul simply passed from history,
decisions here may mean as much to Norrath as their merely one of many frightfully powerful creatures that at
success or failure in carrying them out. Even a successful last succumbed to mortality, his final resting place a great
ending to this adventure raises questions for the characters mystery. The Shamans of Justice and their spirit allies know
to pursue. Thus, Miragul's Menagerie includes information better. The darkness within the necromancer's lair remains
of value to the GM and characters both prior to and powerful despite centuries of quiescence, and recent events
following their actual journey into Miragul's lair. suggest that the darkness awakens. Therefore, positive
faction with barbarian society grants the characters a
The SearchFor theArch powerful resource in learning legends of Miragul, - such as
the one that opens this adventure.
:romancer At the GM's discretion, those who lack such faction may
prove their worth by destroying the Blight, introduced
&OWLAM OL4 O S i b I qtceGkOM'%kA
Miragul's 13Light
mwe? *eLJrAw$rned mr s
The Arch Necromancer spent centuries applying his
&bbliM3ib s e d m r e s e ~ a kMe
. led w iM Rewl+-follm- knowledge to the design of unliving creations, whether as
I M D+mro's
~ +mdw3.&I5 r l h l s Aefleded h e guardians, byproducts of a genius's imagination, or research
oet,tjema &dic1: JLG+ look ido +bMole b see mr into the secrets of immortality. Certain models he favored
f A k W l + h f &"AhJLd. over others, particularly the more tractable creatures ca-
/ZcleMeeQkim,JooAMi. M e w ~dbeo+U(e~ries+kood, pable of securing his lair from outside interference.
h+le s e ~ e LG
f b s e s ~ m dreams
s ~owfbiess. see kin iM
3 dreams,

+LA++res~w+leMole, PaiMeel, AM^

The creature he dubbed the Blight (see Appendix One:
Bestiary) resulted from experiments carried out following
Miragul's creation of the black shroud over 1,000years ago.
The necromancer infused a mass of bone and flesh with
negative spiritual energy drawn from the shroud itself. The
resulting abomination proved a powerful guardian, one
virtually insurmountable to most would-be explorers of the
- cO//&/&i &#M5 A d bkIOL45 .f dk?Adh lair. Recently, Miragul's acolyte Sulon McMoor freed the
creature from its bonds and ushered it into Everfrost,
hoping to draw attention to events transpiring within the
Despite early effortsby Erudite scholars to purge Miragul's The Blight journeyed south along the Iceflow, destroying
name from history and despite the Passage of a millennium all the fishing villages in its path. The few survivors fled to
since the black h o u d first appeared, the Arch other communities, which formed a sturdier force to com-
N e c r ~ r r m m Ainfamy lives on+It is a suTrisinglY quiet bat the menace. Yet this mission also failed with great loss,
infamy, however; for even those aware of M i r a d rarely so runners sent an appeal throughout Everfrost and the
speak of hime How might adventurers come to learn of Frigid Plains for the strongest warriors and most revered
Miragul and his fabled retreat? shamans to come do battle with the terrible thing. Charac-
Clever GMs may take advantage of earlier scenarios in ters present in Everfrost or in contact with the barbarians
the campaign to introduce awareness of Miragul to the hear of the menace and of the reward being offered for its
characters. For instance, while searching in ancient librar- destruction.
ies for the answer to some other dilemma, the PCs might
stumble across words written in his hand or that of those
Constrict ( E x ) : The Blight deals automatic tentacle and
lifedrain damage each round to a held opponent. While it
Quest:ABLightonthe Lanb holds an opponent, the Blight is not considered grappled;
Faction: Shamans of Justice (-1 rank) it may simply extrude another tentacle from its mass to
NPC: Tanrif, Oracle of the Shaman’s Guild threaten and attack other opponents.
CR: 23 Rampage (Ex): Once every ld6 rounds as a full attack
Reward: +2 faction rank with Shamans of action, the Blight may make a single slam attack at its
Justice and Wolves of the North. 10,000gp. highest attack bonus against every opponent within 15
Consequence: -2 faction rank with Miragul. feet.
Quest Summary: Tanrif tasks the heroes with Lifetap Damage Shield (Su):Any creature that strikes the
finding and destroying the Blight. He himself Blight in melee takes 2 points of damage (no save), which
leads the characters to the recently devastated is then transferred to the Blight. Thus, if a warrior hits the
village of Armulk, from which he hopes to track Blights for 11 points of damage, the Blight effectivelytakes
the Blight to its resting place. The hunt for the only 9 points of damage, while the warrior takes 2 points.
Blight is left to the GM’s discretion. It may be a This ability otherwise functions as the liferup spell, so, for
grand affair involving scores of barbarian soldiers instance, creaturesprotected by spellsof the rune orshieldskin
or a darker encounter, with the Blight flowing lines are immune to this effect.
beneath the ice as it circles those few daring to Opaqueness ( E X ): In darkened or shadowy areas, a crea-
give chase. As the expedition progresses, the ture must make a Spot check (DC25) to see the Blight at
characters’ dreams grow more disturbing, a symp- distances beyond 30 feet; within 30 feet, the DC is only 15.
tom of Miragul’s return shared by other denizens Note that normal modifiers for distance apply to these Spot
of Everfrost. checks in either case.
Immunities (Ex): Due to its immense bulk and flowing
nature, the Blight cannot be snared or rooted. The Blight is
Tanrif, a 17th-level Shaman of Justice, survived an immune to piercing damage.
assault on the Blight and serves as the party’s guide in Resistances (Ex) :The Blight takes only half damage from
leading the characters to the menace iffaction issues allow. blunt attacks (halve such damage before applying the
Alternately, evil characters may come upon a terminally Blight’s damage reduction).
injured Tanrif and hear his appeal for aid. He recites the Blindsight ( E x ) : The Blight’s entire body is a simple
legend that opened this chapter if the characters have yet sensory organ, allowing it to detect prey and other objects
to hear it. He then adds the following: T h i s monstrosity is within 60 feet through vibration and heat, or by sensing
the sign for which we have waited, the sign of Miragul’s living creatures’ life-force. All sorts of invisibility (includ-
return. It is not a fact we know by the mind, but a truth we ing invisibility to undead) are wholly useless against the
Shamans feel in our hearts, a truth that stirs forth our Blight, and, further, it can actually sense perfectly the
ancient shame and the taint of fear. We will not be whole relative life energy (i.e., the Constitution score) of all
until the necromancer joins his slaves in death.” creatures within range.
%Blight: CR 23; Huge undead [ooze]; HD 30d12+20; hp 320; lnit Undead Ooze: Immune to poison, sleep and paralysis,
+6 (Dex); Spd 20 ft., climb 15 ft., swim 15 ft.; AC 14 [Flat-footed 8, death and necromantic effects,stunning, and shape-chang-
touch 141 (-2 size, +6 Dex); BAB +22; Grap +39; Atk tentacle slam ing effects; not subject to critical hits or flanking. Immune
+29/+24/+14/+14/+9 melee (2d6+13 plus lifedrain); Face 15 ft. by 25
to subdual damage, ability damage, ability drain, or energy
ft.; Reach 15 ft.; SA lifedrain, improved grab, constrict, rampage; SQ
lifetap damage shield (2), opaqueness, immunities, resistances, dam- drain, and to any effect that requires a Fortitude save unless
age reduction 20/+4, blindsight, tremorsense, SR 29, undead ooze; that effect specifically targets objects. Immune to all mind-
Resist CR 40, FR 20, SoR 40; AL NE; Fac None; SV Fort +lo,Ref +16, affecting spells or effects unless they normally affect both
Will +8; Str 29, Dex 23, Con -, lnt -, Wis 6, Cha 1. oozes and undead.
Lifedrain (Su): The Blight deals 1 point of temporary
Constitution damage with any successfulslam attack. Fur- Having Slainthe Blight ...
ther, the Blight can process (Proc DC 23) an energy drain Tanrif informs the PCs that the Blight is known to have
attack, which bestows ld4 negative levels on the target if come from the lair of Miragul. He admits that the guildhalls
successful.For each negative level inflicted in this way, the have yet to call forth champions to invade the lair, and that
Blight gains 5 temporary hit points, which last for 24 hours time is precious.
unless lost before then. Any opponent slain by the Blight’s “We will act, of that I have no doubt,” Tanrif continues,
energy drain discorporates, its spiritual essence joining “but I hear the whispers of the spirits who say we must not
with the Blight and granting it an additional Hit Die. wait another day, nor another hour.” How he entreats the
After 24 hours, an afflicted character may attempt a characters to descend into the lair is left to the GM, but if
Fortitude save (DC 35) for each negative level. all else fails, the chance to acquire the legendary trove of
Improved Grab (Ex): To use this ability, the Blight must Miragul may sway them. Adulation and other rewards from
strike its opponent with a tentacle attack. A held opponent the barbarians of Everfrost is also an incentive, and honor
can be constricted. is at stake for any barbarian member of the party.
Entering the Lair
The only physical entrance to Miragul’s haven is an
underwater passage beneath the peaks rising from the north
of the Frigid Plains. Any attempts to enter the lair of
Miragul thus begin with breaching the ice covering the
river’s surface. The arctic chill freezes the river to depths of
2 to 10 feet depending on the season, possibly requiring
J n h r d i o n garneredjom uariom dourced dddtan- more than a simple ring of torches to pierce (see EueQuest:
Player’s Handbook, pp. 379-80, for details on damaging
tiate4 w h Ot-o 3dreen L recent4 cLimd substances). Despite this impediment, adventurers should
~ AJtra!(
L y i c i c u l ; Cm-4 Or,mpa( en- -
have no trouble Denetrating the ice, whether by axe or rains
of fire. Such attempts do not go unnoticed, however -see
cLter; ad U l m r , wizard are one d t L d a m e “Guardian of Bone” below.
perdon, Jthperdon id T @ i r a p ! g t id a d o evident Characters moving through the snow do so at only half
speed and cannot charge or run. Further, creatures of Large
thtLid once promiding initiate Lf & . d C J i n witL size or smaller who move more than 5 feet in deep snow
a n d e r o/dupporterd. J n L i n g do /$ ;(ucedd/u!4 during any round lose their Dexterity bonus to AC for that
round and also suffer a -2 Denaltv to anv Reflex saves for
m y i r e d doma of tLe city j greatedt treaured aJ each size below Huge, to a maximum of -8 for a Tiny
aLdcomAdwitL t L m to p a r h unknown. Ynitiatinued- creature.
tigatiom Law uncoueredeuidence o / a u a t cor;rpirmy Those fighting on the ice suffer the same penalties as
above for deep snow, plus they must make a Balance check
linking mamLerd o/a!!tLree LramLd oftLe CornL u g , (DC10)each round or fall prone; those struck while on the
inuohing not o n 4 tLe LremL ofdmredtrmh i n d a r i y ice must make a Reflex save (DC10 + damage dealt) or be
knocked prone.
t/$ decreh o/idiuidua!gui&a!d, Ld a d o tl,covert
creation of a hurtL gui&!! Luoted to dtdied
Guarbian OF Bone (ELZO)
Miragul obsessed over his privacy, constructing numer-
Lreticaldpro/!-. ous traps and lacing his lair and the surrounding area with
cw.*8nt4, /3amekeeperd w a t A every dtreet aJ sentinels. He favored powerful undead due to the relative
lack of upkeep required and the opportunities for experi-
Xa!!o/CJin, L L c L i y a!tentrame or eyre+ aJ mentation they provide. Confident of his protection from
.Deepwater X n i g L h pairo! tL Lardor, L!reporh casual intruders, Miragul still feared a concerted effort on
the Dart of his enemies to destrov him. The lich thus crafted
corn in dy tL Lour o i n e w happearamed, LotL in his bone guardian from the skeleton of an ice giant and
perdonne!aJproperty, A o f m c m c LLd Letween placed it near the entrance to his lair as a delaying tactic
and a means of gauging powerful adversaries.
Lyakdh J reded. 7 L mfar, interrogation oppridon- The guardian lies deeply buried in the snow just above
erd L y i e k d kttL inhrmation, Ld tL A i g L the entrance to the underwater cavern; due to its colora-
tion and position, it has a total Hide bonus of +26 until it
Cowit;approua!ofdterner mawed u a i h imp&.- first moves. at which Doint the bonus drom to +16. Sense
menfation. undead indicates the gLardian’s position if Ao other undead
are in range of the spell.
7h WiraguPid tLe primzipa!/?mx L e L i d tLid Any gathering of creatures near the lair’s entry awakens
mouemnt d e r e id kttL Ldt,dd Low tLid journeyman the bone guardian to attack.
Bone Guardian: CR 19; Huge undead; HD 29d12; hp 189; Init +4
o / t L craf! - even one do U d / w Lid genim - (Improved Initiative); Spd 40 ft.; AC 31 [flat-footed 31, touch 81 (-2
couUP,o!tL $erne5 o f t L mater4 id w k m w n . S o m a size, +23 natural); EA6 +21; Grap +41; Atk slam +25/+21/+17/+13
melee (2d8+18 and daze plus lifedrain proc, crit 1?-20/x2), or +15/
worry tLat a L i g L r power work3 i h wil!tLroyL Liq +11/+7/+3 ranged (2d8+12,100 ft., rock); Face 10 ft. by 10 ft.; Reach
15 ft.; SA rock throwing, magic attack +5, lifedrain, improved grab,
Lut in tLi3 regard repredentaiiued of Que!kom aJ constrict 4d6+12; SQ undead, infravision, see invisible, immunities,
f l e x m remain d i k n t . . . resistances, SR 25, damage reduction 20/+3 and 8/-, fast healing 1;
Resist AR 10, ER 10, SoR 20; AL NE; Fac None; SV Fort +Q, Ref +9,
- J n i t i a ! K p o r t on tLe . D i d a p p e a r m e of Will +15; Str 35, Dex 11, Con -, lnt 3, Wis 9, Cha 1.

W i r y u ! d l/ariom O t L r d , v A , S , r i L e to tLe Skills: Hide +6*, Jump +17, Listen +19, Spot +19. The
bone guardian receives a + 10 racial bonus on Hide checks
A i g L Cmi!o/Cmi!in in snowy or icy environments. When actually buried under
the’snow. as when it is first encountered. it receives a
further + 10 circumstance bonus to its Hide’checks.
Feats: Blind-Fight, Double Attack, Improved Critical jewelry to ward against the cold, the bitter chill drains all
(slam), Improved Initiative, Improved Slam, Power At- warmth from their bones and stifles illumination.
tack, Weapon Focus (slam). In game terms, the PCs must swim along the subterra-
Rock Throwing (Ex): The bone guardian retains the nean passage until they find air. From the closest possible
giant's ability to hurl boulders. point to where the river disappears beneath the earth, one
Lifedrain (Su): The bone guardian's slam attacks can must swim for roughly 10minutes to the cavern's openings
process (Proc DC 18) a vitality-draining power that deals (and thus evedusting breath or similar magic is a necessity).
ld6 points of temporary Constitution damage. The victim Because it is assumed the PCs will have such magic, they do
receives a Fortitude save (DC24) for half damage. not suffer the usual cumulative -1 penalty to Swim checks
Improved Grab (Ex):To use this ability, the bone guard- for each previous check made while underwater. The water
ian must hit with a slam attack. Once it has a hold, it may is considered fairly calm (Swim DC 12), and the GM
constrict. should have each character check only every minute in-
Constrict (Ex): As an attack action, the bone guardian stead of every round. Characters with 5 or more ranks in
may constrict any Medium-size or smaller opponent it Swim may simply take 10.
holds with a successful grapple check, dealing 4d6+ 12 However, the unnaturally bitter cold of this water con-
points of crushing damage. It may still slam as part of a full sumes body heat at a tremendous rate, dealing 3d6 points of
attack while constricting. [cold] subdual damage per minute. A successful Fortitude
save (DC 20, +1 for each previous check) halves the
Immunities (Ex):The bone guardian is immune to cold
damage. Emerging from the water offers characters little
damage and takes only half damage from slashing or pierc-
solace. A wet character must build a sizablefire or gain body
ing weapons.
heat in some other way or suffer the above effects plus those
The Way In of cold conditions below -40" F. (See E v a u e s t : Game
Master's Guide, pp. 45-46, for more on water and cold
Not surprisingly, the water beneath the ice is murky and
unbearably cold; without protection the characters cannot
survive immersion long. Worse yet, they must traverse this
darkened underground waterway for a considerable dis- The Upper Caverns
tance before surfacing,and once free of the water they must Unnaturally high walls characterize the upper level of
immediately warm themselves lest they be stricken with Miragul's lair; even with the most potent light sources, the
hypothermia. ceiling remains unseen beyond the forebodinggloom above.
The water itself is completely dead this close to Miragul's What incredible force Miragul employed to carve these
lair. Even the hardy plants which thrive in the frigid depths unnatural tunnels can only be imagined, for the stone
a mile to the south fail to grow here, and no fish are visible recedes smoothly into the darkness without hint of pick or
to the characters. Despite light spells and abjurations or maul having ever touched its surface.
Difficulty Level: 25-26.
Entrances: Underwater passage from outside to Area 1-1.
Exits: Spectral stairway to Lower Caverns (see Area 1-20).
Random Encounters: Check once every 30 minutes on ld20:
The Keening Woman* or, if the characters are in Area 1-1,l-16, or 1-16a, the hungrycube from Area 1-12.
ld3-1 dreadbone skeletons’ (min. 1)
ld3-1 frightbone skeletons’ (min. 1)
ld3-1 terrorbone skeletons* (min. 1)

No encounter
*See Appendix One herein.
Detections: None.

Summoning Ward: Due to the spiritual deadness of the lair, shamans and druids cannot summon companions to
aid them by such means as spirit of the howler and nature walker‘s behest. Magicians, necromancers, enchanters, and
shadow knights may summon pets normally, but only at the cost of one extra reagent (material component).
Continuous Effects:
Unnatural Cold: The most salient feature of Miragul’s lair is the unbelievable cold; without a strong heat source
or protective spells or items, characters suffer the effects for an environment below -40” F. The seemingly
inescapable cold seeps past even the strongest defenses to chill the characters’ bones: All living creatures in the
lair suffer a penalty of cold resistance (-15). [A resistance penalty can never reduce a creature’s resistance to less
than (O).] Further, any creature whose cold resistance is reduced to (0) in this way also suffers a slow ( 1) effect; this
cannot be dispelled or otherwise magically removed, although haste spells or items may counter its effects.
Stifling Darkness: All light sources, magical or mundane, have their illumination radius cut in half. As well, all
creatures suffer double the normal penalties for Listen and Spot checks at distances beyond 10 feet. Thus, at 50
feet, a creature suffers a -10 penalty to Listen and Spot checks, rather than the usual -5.
Negative Energy: Due to ambient negative energies circulating throughout the lair, all undead creatures gain fast
healing 1. This benefit only functions while inside Miragul’s lair and is in addition to any other fast healing or
regenerative properties the creature might also possess. Also, all turn undead checks made in the lair are made as
if by a character 4 levels lower than the turning character’s actual class level, and turning damage rolls suffer a
-4 profane penalty.
Miragul’s Miasma: The Arch Necromancer’s deeply embedded local magics may corrupt skeletal and spectral
pets, causing them to betray their masters in a fashion determined by die roll every time the pet is ordered to attack
a new creature. The die roll determines the pet’s behavior through the course of a single combat. If the pet is ordered
to change opponents or if the current victim is defeated and the pet’s master indicates a new target, then another
roll is required. Note that in Miragul’s Inner Sanctum (Dungeon Level Three), strangely, this effect does not apply.

Pet isdiminishedbythemagicalforcesatworkinthedungeonandmorphstoapetfivetypeslowerthanoriginal
(minimum type 1). Consider an emissary of Thule to be a type 15 pet For this purpose.
Pet does not act and obeys no further orders.
Pet attacks its target until one or the other is destroyed, and then, if it remains, attacks the next closest target
at random (even an ally); it continues this pattern until destroyed or dismissed.
Pet is warped by the magical energies of the place: It gains 25% more hit points and a +l profane bonus to all
attacks and damage, but a -4 profane penalty to AC.
Pet attacks its master until destroyed. If the caster dies, the pet crumbles into powder.
Standard Features: All walls have a Hardness of 11, unless otherwise noted.

The architecture consists primarily of smoothly curving out certain portions of the lair with great precision in an
walls; there are very few comers throughout the lair’s upper effort to better channel magical energies); the character
caverns. A character who spends at least 10 minutes thereafter gains a +1synergy bonus to Channeling checks
studying any one of Areas 1-3, 1-15, 1-18, or 1-19 and and flowing thought I (see EverQuest: Game Master’sGuide,
then makes a Spellcraft check (DC 30) discerns the p. 115, sidebar) while within the lair.
geomantic design in the lair’s construction (Miragul laid
Throughout the adventure, the GM should impress upon numerous items of their once-powerfulmagic, so that they are
the characters the unearthly nature of the caverns. Miragul’s now little more than worthless trash. Even their jewelry,
lair is a frozen hell. In places where water leaks through consisting of diamonds, peridots, and other precious stones,
from far above it crackles midair and falls to the ground in has lost its power. Still, in all, the party can gather precious
a rain of frozen tears. Frozen sweat locks eyes shut and full rings, bracelets, and the like worth up to 12,000gp.
waterskins burst as their contents freeze and expand. The As the characters finish warming themselves and taking
darkness literally swallows the characters as they pass in the hellish atmosphere of Miragul’s lair, they hear a
through it, muffling their steps and stifling cries for help woman’s tortured scream from somewhere to the north or
from anyone more than a few dozen yards from their northeast. It echoes distantly through the caverns, and
companions. And in the distance, seemingly immune to after a few minutes is repeated as a long, pained howl. This
the muting effects of the darkness, the keening woman’s is the cry of the Keening Woman, a sound with which the
cries echo through the caverns. PCs will become very familiar with as they explore the
upper caverns. (The GM is encouraged to loose a frightful
scream periodically to startle the players. Let it go without

K r
GranPa s un the Mira I yarn tonight for the
youngers as e does m e easts.No one tells it so
well as that dear oldun. h e has the perfect voice,
explanation other than it’s akin to what the characters hear
echoing through the lair.)

old and crackling like old leaves tossed in a fire. 1-2,AStatueo~lBone

And he sets himself up a inst the firelight so his
shadow stretches tall a n dark behind him. Gives
rs a fright ’ust like he used to
The tunnel leading to this area is long and narrow but has
walls like the rest of the lair, soaring up out of sight into the

and y”uY
the 1 a m i t to a chii!1 when he tells of
sneaking up on Miragul by night. What a shock!
darkness above. It culminates in a circular room dominated
at its center by an 18-foot-high statue of a hooded man.
Sculpted entirely from hundreds of bones and bone frag-
N o wonder his hair turned gray and he died so ments, the craftsmanship is excellent, if lacking in certain
young. I wonder if the dung pies and g u t stew details due to the nature of its component parts. A plaque
really drove the old necromancer awayor if some- at its base reads, in Old Erudian, Miragul.
thing else ke t that strange one from our burrows. Any living creature that touches the statue, even merely
caps off to &+debane either way, for w e need brushing against it, triggers a trap.
none of that! Bone Statue Trap: CR 1; no attack roll necessary (calls monsters);
I’ve learned the whole story well now; it’s a Search (DC 30); DisableDevice(DC25). Note:This trap causesa panel
yarn I’d like to do the spinning for in another in the statue’s chest toopen, revealingadesiccated heart thesizeof an
dozen feasts. We’ll see w h a t months end brings! ogre’sskull.The heart beatsslowlyand glowsfrom within withaneerie,
Rivervale Diaries, Vol. I X , Enneap crimson light, which acts as a beacon to nearby guardians of the lair:
Wheatbrow The GM should check immediately for wandering monsters; if an
encounter occurs, the creature(s) arrive in 2d4 rounds. Also, when the
heart begins to beat, Miragul’s War Machine (in Area 1-16) activates
and moves toward this area. If it reaches this room and does not find
1-1. The Grotto the characters, it performs a circuit of the Grotto and then returns to
its station, but remains alert for 1 hour.
From the water’s edge, the walls of this unnatural cavern
turn smooth and fade into the darkness.Very powerful light 1-3. HalloFbreab
sources or a little exploration reveals multiple tunnels
leading away. As the party members warm themselves and This hallway is characterized by long, curving tributaries
illuminate the area, several piles of debris become appar- that appear to have been excavated by the swings of a
ent. Investigation reveals the scattered, skeletal remains of monstrous scythe. A t roughly the area’s center, as noted on
previous adventurers, 22 in all. Their armor and garments the map, is another statue of a massive, 15-foot-tall,golem-
mark them as a variety of races: Erudites, barbarians, like creature. A worshipper of Cazic-Thule who makes an
humans, and dark elves primarily. Amazingly, most of their Intelligence check (DC 15) or anyone who makes a bardic
clothing, armor, and weapons are intact, lacking rust or knowledge (DC20) or a Knowledge (religion)check (DC25)
fraying, although most are caked in a layer ofpowdery water can recognize the figure as one of Cazic-Thule’sablest min-
ions, the great golem called Dread.
This lack of decay makes it plain - through a careful There is a magical effect in place on the statue that can
analysis of the styles of the garments -which individuals be discerned by any character who makes a Spellcraft check
belong together as part of a fallen adventuring group. In this (DC 30) or by a rogue who makes a Search check (DC 35).
way, with a successfulIntelligence check (DC20) or Trade There is no way to disarm this effect, although a successful
Skill (tailoring) check (DC 15),acharactermaydetermine annul magic or the like against caster level 33 will cause it
that the last attempt to explore the lair took place probably to become inoperative for 24 hours. Any living creature
a little over two centuries ago. that passes within 10 feet of the statue causes conduits at
the tips of the hallway’s tributary passages to open, permit-
It should be apparent that these were once powerful ting the entry of 30 feeble spirits into the lair.
individuals with garb reflecting their station and potency.
However, their gear lacks the luster of magical metal, and the Feeble spirits ( 1 hp; Fort +I ,Ref+l ,WiU+4; NE) are beings
fabric of the garments seems bleached and faded. In short, slain by Miragul in life and enslaved by him in death. They
time and the negative energies of this place have shorn the were once powerful wraiths, but over the centuries they’ve
grown too weak to significantly affect or be affected by the
material world; they now appear as faint, ghostly, tattered 1-4. Upper Laboratory (ELZ3)
figures that flit through the air, mostly visible only in one’s Here, Miragul created many of his undead guardians. The
peripheral vision. The feeble spirits do not require a creature room contains wooden tables, with several tables in the
stat block, as they cannot harm or be harmed by the PCs by center of the room serving as an operating suite. Hundreds of
normal means. For game purposes, they are vulnerable only to carefully stacked bones line the northern wall, and nearly a
spells of the spook the dead or ward undeadspell lines; they can dozen full skeletonsstand freely, some of them clad in archaic
be turned as if they were 12-HD undead (but note the armor. The tablesbear dozensof surgicalimplements,particu-
penalties to all turn checks made within Miragul’s lair). Such larly bonesaws,flensing knives, and the like. A couple of large
assaults drive the spirits away quickly, but they always hover books, preserved by the lair’s chill, lie closed atop the eastern-
just out of sight, appearing unexpectedly during critical most table. A wooden barrel stands in the corner, filled with
moments to interfere with the party’s advance. some acrid-smellingliquid. In contrast to the orderly arrange-
Now, they merely whisper in dozens ofancient languagesonly ment of the room, the walls and floor are spattered by ancient
scholars could hope to decipher; a character with at least 2 ranks droplets of blood, eternally frozen in the form of rivulets that
in any ancient humanoid tongue or any character who makes a give the walls the appearance of bleeding.
Sense Motive check (DC25) canrecognize the general intent as After any living creature has been in this room for more
oneofmenace.Thespiritsattempttointerferewiththecharacters than a round, 5 of the standing skeletons animate (they are
in what littleways they can,which are left largelyup to the GMs dreadbone skeletons; see Appendix One).
imagination. Their constant whispering might disturb concen-
tration, imposing a -1 penalty to some Channeling and skill
All woodenobjectsin the room aref f r o m a ~ ~ c a l l y -
treated form of wood that is both as hard as stone and immune to
checks as the situation warrants.
acid. The liquid in the barrel is acidicand deals ld8 points of acid
The party may escape the spirits by several means aside damage per round to any creaturecoming in contactwith it. The
from destroying them all. The spirits cannot pass through surgical implements are quite sharpdespite their age:each actsas
Miragul’s firepots, cannot follow if the party teleports away
a +I ponderousdagger (delay5), in the unlikely event a character
via spells like evacuate, and cannot descend the spectral
chooses to wield one.
stairway at Area 1-20.
The books, entitled Exercises I and Exercises II, are The sarcophagus’ lid attaches seamlessly to the base of
written in Old Erudian and contain the secrets of creating the tomb with no hint of any means by which it might be
the fearbone skeletons and lesser servants. The simplest opened. Breaching the coffin’s lid or destroying the metal
tasks require 23 levels of necromancer to perform properly, rod that illuminates the area requires a significant display
while actually creating a skeleton such as a dreadbone of force. However, merely attempting to damage either
requires the practitioner to be a necromancer of at least causes the torch to flare, dealing 10d8 points of fire damage
28th level. The GM is encouraged to further develop these to all within the room (Reflex half, DC 30).
mystical works, particularly if there is a necromancer among If characters persist in defiling the tomb, Miragul’s War
the characters. Machine (located in Area 1-16) activates if it has not done
Tactics: The 5 dreadbone skeletons begin circling the so already, and comes this way. It does not rest until the
characters as soon as they activate. One of these skeletons intruders are destroyed. Inside the coffin lies the body of a
(the one with the fewest hit points), its primitive thought human male dressed in rich but nonmagical garments. The
processes decayed by centuries of existence, has an equal body is well preserved, but otherwise unremarkable. Any-
chance of attacking any given party member or dreadbone one may make a Knowledge (history, local lore [Erudin or
skeleton (check every round, rolling randomly among all Paineel],or mysticism)check (DC25) toremember Kamagli
targets within the skeleton’s reach). as an ancient and powerful necromancer and an ally of
Note that all undead in Miragul’s lair gain fast healing I . Miragul, one who made great strides in advancing the craft
D d b o n e Skeletons(5): CR 20; Medium-size undead; HD 25d12; prior to his assassination by unknown hands; a necroman-
hp183,172,169,150,142; lnit +4(Dex); Spd 30 ft.;AC28 [flat-footed cer gains a +5 bonus to this check.
24, touch 141(+4 Dex, +8natural, +6armor); BAB+12; Grap +19;Atk Coffin Lid: 4 in. thick; Hardness 30; 300 hp; Break (DC
+22/+17/+12 melee (ld8+9, crit 19-20/x2, +2longsword), or bone 45).
lance +19/+14/+9 melee (ld6+10 plus greater lifedrain), or +20/+15/ Torch: 2 in. thick; Hardness 25; 100 hp; Break (DC38).
+10melee (ld8+9, crit 19-20/x2, +2longsword)and off-hand bone
lance+17/+12melee(ld6+3 plusgreater lifedrain); SA greater lifedrain,
magic attack +5; SQ undead, damage reduction 8/-, resistances, 1-6, The Pit(EL24)
infravision, see invisible; Resist CR 30, FR 30, MR 30; AL NE; Fac The hallway leading to this area reeks of rotting garbage
Miragul; SV Fort +8,Ref +12, Will +14; Str 25, Dex 18, Con -, lnt 10, and waste. The stench is unbearable, and PCs must make
Wis 10, Cha 1. successful Fortitude saves (DC16) each round they are in
Skills: Hide +14, Listen +25, Search +8,Sneak +14, Spot it to avoid being nauseated (unable to attack, cast or
+25. concentrate on spells, or take any action other than a single
Feats: Ambidexterity, Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Im- move action that does not require concentration).
proved Two-Weapon Fighting, Power Attack, The room itself is elliptical, like most others in the upper
Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus (longsword). caverns, but the floor slopes sharply downward from the
Greater Lifedrain (Su): The attacks of a dreadbone walls to its center. Thousands of smashed and shattered
skeleton’slance-hand can process a vitality-draining power bones, with intermittent desiccated corpses of all sorts fill
(Proc DC 18) that deals 2d4 points of temporary Constitu- the pit. Due to the bizarre rake of the floor and the horrible
tion damage. The victim receives a Fortitude save (DC 22) detritus, anyone fighting or moving more than half speed
for half damage. while in the room must make a Balance check (DC17)
Resistances ( E x ) : Skeletons suffer only half damage from each round or trip and fall prone. Obviously, levitating or
slashing and piercing attacks. flying creatures are unaffected by this condition.
At the surface of the heap of bones and grayish waste,
1-5. The Tomb roughly 25 feet into the chamber, the skeletal remains of a
This slender tunnel mirrors that which leads to the statue human arm lay clearly visible atop the heap. Upon its
of Miragul near the Grotto, but with a pale light visible at thumb is a ring that emits a reddish glow in the darkness.
its end. This corridor leads to another shrine, in this case a The ring is, of course, a lure for the unwary. Magically
great stone sarcophagus. The tomb rises from the floor as if bound in the pit is a massive bottomless gnawer, which
Miragul carved the room around it. From the wall behind savors the chunks of flesh and corpses Sulon McMoor
the tomb extends a metal rod that bums from its tip like a occasionally brings, but much prefers fresher meat. The
bright torch, yet without any open flame. creature is ravenous.
This room is unaffected by the stifling darkness (see the Tactics: The bottomless gnawer waits just below the
sidebar at the beginning of this level) that pervades the rest surface of the bones to grab at any adventurer that comes
of the lair, though all other properties of Miragul’s lair still within 5 feet of the glowing prize. The gnawer gains total
apply. cover until it acts, and can only be seen by a character who
The sarcophagusbears an engraving in Old Erudian upon makes a Spot check (DC 25) -and note that Spot checks
its lid: suffer double the usual penalties for distance due to the
stifling darkness of Miragul’s lair. It pulls its unfortunate
victim behind it to be constricted, while fending off other
KAMAGLI assailants with its powerful bite and, if necessary, with its
0 LL€AG U E, C O M P A N I O N , COLLAB 0 R A T O R , RIVAL remaining 2 tentacles.
H E R E LIES O N € 1, M I R A G U L , W O U L D N O T R A I S E Treasure: In the unlikely event that the party searches
through the entirety of the pit (this would require at least
10 hours), they can find 47 pp, 112 gp, 157 sp and 422 cp.
Of far greater interest is the readily apparent bonespun fire Feats: Blind-Fight, Deflect Arrows, Dodge, Flyby At-
opal ring (see the “Bonespun Jewelry”sidebar near the end tack, Improved Disarm, Improved Parry, Improved Trip,
of this chapter). Anyone who makes a Trade Skill Parry.
(jewelcraft) check (DC 25) realizes at once that this ring is Waking Paralysis (Su):Tentacle, Will save (DC 30) or be
set and enchanted in a manner identical to that of crafted paralyzed for as long as the dreamreaper maintains its grip.
magical jewelry: someone has obviously uncovered a means A character who makes his Will save is immune to that
of substituting shaped bone for precious metals in the dreamreaper’s waking paralysis for 24 hours.
fashioning of magical jewelry. This ring grants arcane Nightmare Charm (Su): 2 tentacles in the same round,
bonuses of +2 AC and + 17 hp to any undead creature that Will negates (DC 30); target sees all around him as vicious
wears it, and, if worn by a necromancer’s pet, does not creatures intent on his destruction for 2d4 rounds.
disappear when the pet is destroyed or dismissed. Improved Grab (Ex): A dreamreaper must hit with a
Bottomless Gnawer (1): CR 22; Gargantuan aberration; HD tentacle to use this ability. A tentacle that is currently
54d8+486; hp 694; lnit +1 (Dex); Spd fly 4 0 ft. (good); AC 26 [flat- holding a creature loses its Dexterity bonus to AC (and is
footed 25, touch 71 (-4 size, +1 Dex, +19 natural); BAB +40; Grap
thus AC 17).
+66;Atk bite+50 melee(4d6+14)and 3 tentacles+48melee(ld8+7);
or bite +48 melee (4d6+14), 3 tentacles + 4 6 melee (ld8+7), and slam Stranglehold ( E x ) : If a dreamreaper’s attack roll exceeds
+ 4 8 melee (2d6+14); SA improvedgrab, constrict ld8+14; SQ damage its target’s AC by 10 or more, it grabs its victim by the
reduction 40/+3, malleable body, scent; AL N; Fac None; SV Fort +27, throat, cutting off the victim’s air (and thus preventing
Ref +21, Will +30; Str 39, Dex 13, Con 28, lnt 5, Wis 9, Cha 5. both cries for help and the completion of somatic spell
Skills: Escape Artist +35, Listen +26, Spot +26, Wilder- components). A strangling victim may make an opposed
ness Lore +9. grapple or Escape Artist check each round to break free, per
Feats: Alertness, Cleave, Dodge, Improved Dodge, Iron the normal grappling rules, but suffers a cumulative -1
Will, Lightning Reflexes, Multiattack, Power Attack, Slam. penalty to this check for each round after the first. Further,
ImprovedGrab (Ex) :Touse this ability, agnawer must hit due to the tight hold of the tentacle, the dreamreaper gains
with either its bite or tentacle attacks. a +4 bonus to these grapple checks. A character strangled
Constrict (Ex):This gnawer automatically deals ld8+14 in this way can hold his breath for a number of rounds equal
points of crushing damage each round to a creature it holds to his Constitution score (not 2 rounds per point of Con, as
with a tentacle, or 4d6+ 14 points of crushing/piercing usual, since he does not have time to catch his breath fully),
damage with its bite. after which time he runs the risk of suffocation (see
EveQuest: Game Master’s Guide, p. 45).
Malleable Body (Ex): Gnawers may squeeze their bodies
through openings up to two sizes smaller than their actual Dreamreaping (Su): At will, requires 10 full minutes of
size would normally allow. uninterrupted contact with the victim; Will negates (DC
30); victim gets no rest for the night and suffers a-2 penalty
1-7. ThebreamreaperRoost (EL25) to Strength, Dexterity, and Wisdom, as well as a slow (1)
High above this crossroads, 2 dreamreapers (see Appen- effect the following day. See Appendix One for more
dix One)keep watch. The darkness of the lair is particularly
unsettling here due to the longtime presence of creatures Dreamworld (Su): At will, as a full-round action - 140-
from the Plane of Nightmares. The GM should plant footradius; Will negates (DC30); lasts ld4+1 rounds. This
images in the darkness, ones familiar and unpleasant to the power is difficult to quantify or qualify, since it can be used
characters. Any character chasing after such a phantom to produce a short-lived illusion of virtually anything the
immediately becomes a target of the dreamreapers. dreamreaper wishes. See Appendix One for more details.
Dreamreapen (2): CR 24; Small