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MasterSeal 7000 CR

360° Protection for Extreme Conditions

Challenges in Wastewater Treatment: MasterSeal 7000 CR

Dealing with Aggressive Environments 360° Protection for Extreme Conditions
MasterSeal 7000 CR is the waterproofing and concrete protection
The concrete infrastructure of wastewater treatment systems Master Builders Solutions from system with a unique combination of application and performance
is subject to complex physical and chemical corrosion
processes. MasterSeal 7000 CR is specially BASF for the Construction Industry MasterSeal 7000 CR properties that meet the challenges of aggressive wastewater
environments. The performance-proven MasterSeal 7000 CR system
designed to address these challenges. 360° Protection for significantly extends the life cycle of concrete structures.
Complete solutions for air-
entrained concrete
Solutions for precision grouting
Solutions for water tight
Solutions for set control
Extreme Conditions Product benefits at a glance:
MasterBrace Comprehensive solutions for fiber- MasterPolyheed Solutions for sand and gravel
The complex nature of wastewater treatment and its In addition to BSA corrosion in the headspace, chemical Solutions for concrete strengthening reinforced concrete Solutions for mid-range concrete in concrete
degradation process creates challenging problems for attack is also caused by the wastewater itself, either from MasterCast MasterGlenium MasterPozzolith MasterSure
the surrounding infrastructure. The rate of chemical attack the organic acids generated as oil and fat are broken down Solutions for the manufactured Solutions for high-performance Solutions for water-reduced Solutions for extraordinary Specific chemical resistance,
depends on various factors related to the conditions in both or from other contaminants.
concrete product industry concrete concrete workability retention including high concentrations
the wastewater and the environment and can decrease the MasterCem MasterInject MasterProtect MasterTop of biogenic sulfuric acid *
Solutions for cement manufacture Solutions for concrete injection Solutions for concrete protection Solutions for industrial and
pH level below 1 in some cases. commercial floors
MasterEase MasterKure MasterRheobuild
Low viscosity for high-performance Solutions for concrete curing Solutions for high-strength concrete Master X-Seed
Biogenic sulfuric acid corrosion can concrete
MasterLife MasterRoc
Advanced accelerator solutions
for concrete
lead to structural concrete damage MasterEmaco
Solutions for concrete repair
Solutions for enhanced
Solutions for underground
construction Ucrete
Flooring solutions for harsh
MasterFinish MasterMatrix MasterSeal environments Excellent curing Crack-bridging
Uncoated concrete is particularly susceptible to so called Solutions for formwork treatment Advanced rheology control for Solutions for waterproofing
and surface improvement concrete and sealing
properties, which for gaps of up
biogenic sulfuric acid corrosion (BSA) leading to structural,
rather than just cosmetic concrete damages. reduce downtime to 0.7 mm

BSA corrosion is caused by bacteria from the genus

Thiobacillus, which metabolizes hydrogen sulfide (H2S)
and liberates sulfuric acid. H2S is generated in wastewater
systems where sulfur compounds are broken down as

part of the general microbiological degradation process.
Let the numbers do the talking: we have portrayed some of our most eco-efficient product
This degradation to H2S requires anaerobic (oxygen-free)
solutions for concrete and precast production, construction, civil engineering, and flooring.
conditions for the bacteria to thrive 1 . These conditions The illustration above represents the different reactions Fast and easy Maximum
can be found where there is minimal airflow, turbulence, involved in the process of biogenic sulfuric acid sustainability.master-builders-solutions.basf.com application by moisture tolerance,
or water flow.
corrosion. rolling or spray including application
BSA corrosion is a result of the second process, in which at temperatures from on humid substrates
H2S is released into the headspace. This release from 5 °C to 35 °C
the water also depends on sewer conditions, such as BASF Construction Solutions GmbH
European Marketing
turbulence. Accumulation of H2S in the headspace varies Durable for a minimum
Salzachstrasse 2 – 12
with airflow, but even low concentrations are sufficient to of five years – proven 68199 Mannheim  Germany Fields of application:
promote Thiobacillus colonization 2 . Metabolization of under real conditions www.master-builders-solutions.basf.com
H2S by Thiobacillus deposits sulfuric acid directly onto the
concrete or iron surface being colonized. Chemical attack MasterSeal 7000 CR has been tested at the
then takes place very quickly. On concrete, the expansive Fraunhofer Institute under conditions that simulate
The data contained in this publication are based on our current knowledge and experience. They do not constitute the agreed contractual quality of the product and, in view of the many factors that Urban and industrial Secondary Biogas plants Sewage effluent
generation of salt causes surface erosion, while the decrease those of a real sewer during 5 years. The results may affect processing and application of our products, do not relieve processors from carrying out their own investigations and tests. The agreed contractual quality of the product at the time of transfer
of risk is based solely on the data in the specification data sheet. Any descriptions, drawings, photographs, data, proportions, weights, etc. given in this publication may change without prior information.
wastewater treatment in both containment in pipes
in pH of the normally alkaline concrete creates the ideal of the test show no significant changes on the It is the responsibility of the recipient of our product to ensure that any proprietary rights and existing laws and legislation are observed (03/2017). in- and industrial plants
environment for successive colonization of Thiobacilli. properties of MasterSeal 7000 CR.
® = registered trademark of BASF group in many countries. EEBE 1715en outflow areas

* ”Specific chemical resistance” refers here to the chemical resistance to BSA and also organic acids
MasterSeal 7000 CR MasterSeal 7000 CR
360° Protection for Extreme Conditions 360° Protection for Extreme Conditions

Xolutec—a New Your Access to

Dimension in MasterSeal 7000 CR More Support and
Durability The Solution for Extreme Challenges Relevant Information

Our new and unique technology

for durable solutions was developed Discover more about
to solve the problems of challenging
MasterSeal 7000 CR
technical environments.
Find more information about MasterSeal 7000 CR
and its applications and watch the video on our campaign site.


Xolutec is an innovative and smart way of combining

complementary chemistries. When the material is mixed on
site, a cross-linked interpenetrating network (IPN) is formed,
enhancing the overall material properties.

Xolutec can be designed in a wide variety of compositions to

achieve unique characteristics. These can provide seemingly Specific chemical resistance Plan your wastewater treatment project
contradictory properties, such as attractive aesthetics and MasterSeal 7000 CR fully bonds to: 1 Primer 2 Membrane With its unique combination of application and performance including BSA* in an easy, fast and smart way
MasterSeal P 770 MasterSeal M 790
excellent abrasion or chemical resistance combined with properties, MasterSeal 7000 CR is the right solution for
effective crack-bridging. Thickness (approx.) Thickness (approx.) waterproofing and protecting wastewater treatment concrete It takes only three steps to create a customized specification
0.25 mm 0.7 – 0.8 mm
structures and sewers. report of your project with our Online Planning Tool. Plan and
Consumption (approx.) Consumption (approx.)
By controlling the cross-linking density, the properties of 0,3 kg/m2 0.8 – 1 kg/m2
organize your construction challenge, define your working
Xolutec can be adjusted to suit the product performance Steel Concrete (with primer Performance area, and get a detailed project report – whether from your PC
required. For example, a formulation of materials with MasterSeal P 770) in the office or your tablet on site.
varying degrees of toughness and flexibility can be created. MasterSeal 7000 CR’s high resistance to abrasion and
MasterSeal 7000 CR is suitable for: biogenic sulfuric acid corrosion are ideal to withstand Downtime www.online-planning.construction.basf.com
Xolutec is very low in volatile organic components (VOC) the severe conditions that occur in pretreatment and
and is quick and easy to apply with both spray and hand aeration tanks, digesters, or sewers. Its dynamic and static
application equipment, depending on the requirements. crack-bridging abilities protect concrete from cracks thus
It cures rapidly, even at low temperatures thus reducing prolonging the structure’s life cycle.
application time and enabling fast return to service with Horizontal, In- and outdoor Technical support and services
minimal downtime. vertical and application 1 Application
MasterSeal 7000 CR Our Master Builders Solutions experts collaborate across
The technology is insensitive to moisture and tolerates application The easy application of MasterSeal 7000 CR by spray or Polyurea multiple areas of expertise and regions to draw on the
a wide variety of site conditions, greatly expanding the roller, as well as its compatibility with damp substrates, Epoxy Novolac experience gained from countless construction projects
application window while reducing the potential for delays suit the conditions of wastewater facilities particularly Vinyl ester worldwide. Our knowledge and skill are available to you from
and failures. 2 well. Downtime – which is always critical when stopping a the conception through to the completion of your construction
wastewater process – is also reduced because of its fast- project.
* ”Specific chemical
Long maintenance cycles and lower life cycle costs curing properties that allow contact with water only 24 hours
resistance” refers here to
significantly reduce the total cost of ownership. The two MasterSeal 7000 CR colors – red after application at 20 °C.
and grey – allow safe application even in
the chemical resistance to Fast and easy Substrate moisture
Xolutec’s extreme versatility and capacity to formulate a environments with poor visibility.
BSA and also organic acids. application tolerance
wide variety of solutions for specific requirements create a
new dimension in material technology for the construction