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Telinno MS Delivery Improvemen

Plan Current Standing Action

Holds weekly meetings Improve meeting

MS Governance with the vehicle and schedule, to be
with Logistic and resource suppliers to held more
Resource Suppliers discuss project challenges regularly; weekly.
associated with logistics

Budget are prepared and Get budget and

Forecasting approval only when funds approved
budgets for
Operations failure has occurred and and avail same to
maintenance work is proactively hand
Excellence required. field operations

To initiate monthly Forecast monthly

Spare Part and Spares are procured on a Spare
Consumable requirement and
need a basis.
forecast and procure
procurement accordingly

Monthly training
Training of team Irregular team training and performance
on fault handling and development evaluation to be
and management schedule planned and

To engage more
Dimensioning and Team members about resource and fill
filling resource gap 90% filled up teams to

Weekly material
There is no feedback reporting already
Inventory mechanism that enable initiated. spare
Management and team to track stock and consumables
Restocking plan standing for restock tracked to
planning. support better
delivery of

Guinea leadership
restructured 1st month of Communicate
Management Q4, 2017. To updated Telinno
reorganisation and communicate the MS organisation
fill the gap in the updated MS structure and and the
MS management escalation matrix to escalation matrix
expertise smoothen communication to Huawei MS
flow between Huawei and team
Submission of
Data collection process acceptance
now complied to. Support PAC withinand
Complete MS required from Huawei week of
acceptance timely side to complete and completion of
validate completed each month MS
acceptance document operations
Telinno MS Delivery Improvement Plan and Result
Improvement Result
1. Better business relationship now fostered between parties for smoother operations of
the MS program
2. Supplies now understands and aligns with the vision of the MS program.
3. Challenges associated with logistic and resource are resolved as they occur.
4. Time to repair or change vehicle has reduced from days to hours.
5. Availability of logistic vehicle for project purpose has increase from less than 50% to
over 90%

1. PM and CM work are schedule and realized at record time; within SLA
2. MS team member has now, E2E view of project costing and appreciates daily funding of
3. Team member now makes contribute into the budgeting, thereby ensuring that every
part of the operation is catered for in funding.
4. Funds are now readily dimensioned, cost benefit analyzed and promptly availed for
running of the operations
5. Team now are able track the cost of running operations from expense history, thereby
providing efficiency in costing and availment of funds that greatly improved our project
support system.

1. MS team now have overview of spare and consumable requirement to support

operation, monthly.
2. Funds are now efficiently planned and dimensioned to cater for spare and consumables
3. Restocking schedule are now easier to be projected and fulfilment planned
4. Spares and Consumables now readily available in the region for PM and CM works

1. Team has developed more effective and efficient way of responding to PM and CM
2. Fault troubleshooting and problem solving skills has also been enhance among the
team and this has improved the MS operation
3. Team now understand their contribution in the entire MS scheme and contribute more
to attain the vision of the MS program.
4. WFM/WO tools usage has improved drastically to capture team activities in the field.
5. Appraisal system initiated, team Performance are now tracked, rewarded and furnish as
4. WFM/WO tools usage has improved drastically to capture team activities in the field.
5. Appraisal system initiated, team Performance are now tracked, rewarded and furnish as

1. Expatriate staff recruited to develop new operational process, tools, structure and
policies to further the efficiency of the team and Guinea operation performance.
2. Backend staff completely filled up and they adequately supporting the field team.
3. Qualified field resource identified and interview process to be initiated, shortly

1. Inventory report for spare parts and consumables are now availed weekly.
2. The exact position of stock in the regions are now tracked and restocking, planned
3. Financing plan for Spare/ consumable are easily justified, dimensioned from the report
and promptly avail to ensure the continuous MS operation.

1. New MS Manager recruited, operational structure realigned to efficiently harness all

resources and tools for operational excellence.
2. Team dimensioned such that team performance are easily tracked and enhance
3. Communication and Escalation matrix developed for better event and incident
1. Data collection now completed by the end of the month
2. Data analyses, review and acceptance by Huawei team completed 3rd - 10th M+1
3. PAC Signing and SCS approval secured between 5th-12th of the M+1
Tools Owner Output Frequency
1. Meetings with logistic vehicle providers
schedule every Tuesday, 3pm.

2. OS meeting scheduled every Thursday 2pm

1. Zero Based Budgeting.

2. Maintenance log and history

3. Case study

1. Spare parts dimensioner

2. GE Logic utilization frame.

1. Regional meeting and team bonding

2. Class/Online room training.

3. Training material collaboration
4. Performance Appraisal

• HR resource evaluator

• Work scope and responsibility matrix


• Stock unavailability report.

• Inventory management form.

• Spare utilization log.

• Forecasting and Budgeting tool.

• Organizational structure

• Team composition

• Communication and escalation matrix

• Monthly PM and CM work report

• WFM System
• PAC documentation

• Supplier Collaboration System