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ASTROLOGY & ATHRISHTA FAREWELL ADDRESS TO THE EDITOR ON 31-10-66 omer nen ‘AT NEW DELI Perce rs el ana Grn eect GONG aurioet Sutnd "et femegn su ti | soday } We fel sorry making the sky very cloudy and the Ti lnke rt SS ic Ee reine a CONTENTS uy aya oi wl be fave Ade Ero 31046 «Nw De" Bee fon yee ate 5 slag seaternscreenrectag 0 ferar ere or faoiee Sot te > hier Tig Been of Servet 7 SSS Et ae et hen Win tm Se Aaa? ra a Surat pie be cen en 8 rwenia Oe St Ev y Peper (ud) é Erg eels ate Se cams udm tt apa SENyocmepatin st ipuan nes 3 cteeaeeumene mimi e poaeee ae So hr > | Seti! aA Ses ; : See See saat mae {| EET ooe Se es Se oes ee, 2 | ieee eons ERE aiden WELCOME TO SRI VITHALDAS MAKAN]I PRIVATE LIMITED (ek 1943 Regd. Oifice & Factory MANEKLAL ROAD, NAVSARI—W.Rly, INDIA MANUPACTURERS: ALL SORTS OF HICKERY WOOD PICKING ALL SORTS OF BOBBINS AND ‘TEXTILE STICKS WOODEN ARTICLES FOR COTTON, WOOLLEN ‘& SILKMILLS, HEALTH aria at Soi osetia | ‘Sire hy te aba by || Seay ee eer act rahe mane of Sr ianotenreesl we wale tr eras aoa Tae eee Coen nt thet ese oy : ag ped LOVELY ATTRACTIONS DESIGNED FOR SSE yes i vot Li ia is own constelation and st TRA AAS Seater sate ae a ce wet ee ig ama ai SHRI VIVEKANAND MILLS LTD., agg 888 | SPAN OF LIFE > (© Lats of tne bss ©) Ras a pt ye Si money fae be cease JYOTI LIMITED sarooa och me pete phan ped ain + ne hte ost a a te oes am, son tan ia ciao Seen a a, ae ‘ha Wher he emery i Mitta eh pter butane sata dea cor. Mans's'Sery Hajar pi ot pe DOR Peseta an ered Sea ee te Satna ince ide “OS Soe i ‘ge tet pt ith toad of iy Noon i ge of ie 008 gees Soir a Latta eaNEe ieee = oo pies Das years, 2mm, 2 ye LR tetioneositer Bones 2, 6 For Tyanafer Bout 3 of 9 of 12 ao obese No ptt May srs Jair ad Natur tte ibs dette Goer ‘TRANSFER WHEN? coty Du Stare But Ven Aa To cont his, tw ae esi of pase hen eds secret of SHENG Oo ord of8 adi "Wisi thea att t's ae co eras. fee eats ein tro tn Sores hee Sree ie egg rome ie WILL I GET EXTENSION OF SERVICE? oie Boast and Th nite te hee oi a om per ease umd Man Vere. Hees nak ne Spo een Eta 2/Seusi0c Recawuctisiogeata Slo f'3; ote pe you, tee" oe aoe Gre islet ‘ihertoe Rabe Yo Mere ‘You will get exeson. With 60st Compliments from i UNITED CORPORATION HARI-SADAN—CHAR RASTA, AHMEDABAD DISTRIBUTORS OF DYES I i I | Ment J ASSOCIATED CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES COMET DYESTUFF PRIVATE LTD. UNIVERSAL DYESTUFF INDUSTRIES LTD. renner WHEN WILL I GET INTO SERVICE AGAIN? (Wonany AstroLocy) SENIORITY te Rady, Moon, i Signy gution a ents Hotor “gle sup cops panos facia Sch pots Reta cope Na oe ake (pass sea ©) RP pouel i te comin: yn ot Baas Meet ak Se ota ae, tlre ot Sows we cerpans of tee ows tobe ‘Blagh foray ‘ater at be Sch Ea Re aio ‘oor 22.12.66 wil te the tit Busty snerooked aioe proms: ‘Negi seat wil the fre of 3° Sone wil te waesiene ‘hese wii Behe denotes adn hen Ve (00d age aad celine od Saree seen ‘i prove ob Soret ‘evade and S00 pris) situate is te Brat fais eee cca ei a iee ee erence 2 opener = caneicg ti eee ‘ended by second houe= fname, Tey shomenate ee hc Se mio or to, Sceopeucd, Spice ee (0 Moa in So's ar Karthik (0 ape ia Merry Aiba (© Keita le Ven sar. Bhar Esa aout opt Sov srpe sie ce nd oir Thea Moon nthe one. iol oo ake ee SS Tat hy hope oni to satire ows Feptein coca wih 2605 ws if og to a se eet ‘ode ‘hm feo to Sates Riou "the Moos propel spats Siod i Thain cagntand she ues SES ott, Gacd of 32 ES saa sts" itp ae SES Moog ib ft seid overt any Tad by eta frien “Fee Cua Sete ‘As prea, Moco wi ee Rar ‘Tata ovn war Rab oh Wes ‘bie Sar Vo ee is Rae aT he eit wl dard TIMING OF EVENTS BY PROGRESSION-oms) bet ipod of on ear whe thor of ‘Sally ePepited, or mot or many yer, ora aa Seep te ‘or spss sone Pio St es st Se fi deeh act rd of Pa ‘pihagmatts 5 "aot gape ate fen Sept oe main “S Ege lead Soar, maamgetcceate a Bae Raaliy fice lace aaah ‘Ste ter due eau a Sore gh aia de oa cs ay Satin 6 a pier fg a male sme oo Pent ai et Tat god seer we dy sepia WiraetPen ae ofa Te teas tat pe sees Moen eerie ih or ape by Seca rt Bessemer ge Oe ‘mckooed. If de Moon In ite (Les) Hsin RinteSie'ty Sue’ SL [iets adi ore ld, en oy ehegee” Sty vse ae (0 5,10 od cone ® o ® ® o 7 yt prtin bu ‘uly acoret judgment exe be ave i of lat athe tansy eae ‘Sctcas a given ie ay ete at'¢ Sekiiod oy hela Be Wine chart ot te cartel "Zadaty epoca melon ‘heh. Tope and hes recite nthe 2a i a ct Tae cet eet peated by ama ‘Sn itdepends apes the plane aa Sze te mate rae by SSE tts Ach it mone The somstry fe sche Sees Gate nari ee ae anes a SSAA cat “Mae mpet ue cate wren forms"sood ota aspects a Stas. whieh w of permanent ase ln facet ct pana Sas Seadiacd sentence Det cre ral ct of eee arts 7 atalatet ha es na ys Beem te i allt itt ar barste Meepel fre ote” Ato Aly flrs ha hape in 3 ‘lp ween ag Rinne tae enn cece pia | aa ee ‘major or minor. Conjuactionisexceediogly Ey fibor events which can ENaVe ieatberaect Sone een ser ate Be Sapes _Payoaaeetonte taser foe ah esr Esmee Ee Seine Piste fe en ea tr Shoretommad saree Samana or ia by renew See ca cee Gers aavane farsa names det i omy la ye eel Sees RS oa deel cee = teh hth tbe Se GOLDEN opronTUNITY ELECTION APPROACHES PAST. KNOW WHERE YOU STAND. GIVE ANY NUMBER: WITHIN Gt; OR SEND’ YOUR HOROSCOPE; OR BOT 100% CORRECT PREDICTION ‘WILL BE OFFERED BY THE EDITOR HIMSEF REPLY WILL NOT ME SENT DY VP-P SEND CHEQUE OR H.0, FOR Re 5 IN ADVANCE To Sit K. S, KRISHNAMURTT sce a cl yh e importa bg st en scram stumicaycweteg Rata og out STOO as ROL, es Me tne PROFESSION ahs mer gerbe deca pet a he Cat tae Ping on Ss See Ee EE orto, “Oee Std daca ete i an gion, ie of hens «(Wie Sear go Be Gtr nas Vaan, eg oa oe Phos iene ‘Slain ofc Eid Sa usmuants | | rosin: of punts of he slr ye ne as cleat hsb onthe in and ‘nica tapi the far ogee Sopa foe rade aig eget fo ake Seeiikeces | ee iit: Gene eemen maaraetors | Ga Sires Sar antes Sues Gowen emteeg | RE eco ene Secs Reso | orem: enw No sine iseray wt eae Gelinas Saray £ gb bee oy a sytemeaesies faa aia te . Mineekien eee teenie: fsa cenn res he as cee oe | 1 epee Sed air a et ae lp tito poet problem Any it ‘Sea daly moves ines seellicenarigeciea Ss mystica wea tn'titey || seth ete ee‘ og Eplmame ear ahi ske ode liis Aeclret! ee is tgansen Are wid le anes icweessuccuritage eeactentue lhe fx Sime mune tad ectay fds Nera? eel eee Stel ee aes AYE The priaile i lei undrood by teem ae amens THE SINS eat rears ictal s Sekegemnii ernest ie tor ae ERGarer ies Qamaoe ee Sea teat Ata Eas Seed OE a Rio opens stent est ee ee a eee oe a ae Reece a alate teeta Slaves sig ae veel port tee | ‘esterated duty pes Seep carte poe Tia [Ag wage me mit Ss somethin sje eee a seat the ngveme of he pet et a a {nctetiogus'San' af ow sae Sem, infer panc mote 0 ir shy ‘musta seus eqns Gaz St mote emealn a ate Tae tree grat SSR oie? Gyeeecemes | Beth ge ects SiS teers ge {Gro though Bn! aly bret ‘Sues poner from’ dase soutee Seat pea tt bea oe — fee ae ss ee a4 ere see Se 1 Ae tod ee abi re tn ey at Fite orga equipment fon tha monty of ete manuisetures nid, so caren i “Ate 3 Eas me Se SHAN & an08. ©) LD. Saba ceed COMBRTORS er, Tegal, he teat NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION Be Gatun fo weer ee qb neet 2 tte “sg ed ote ait ot Some “corel BSvufot Maine tema ie te (coun nie roe 13 Kinane Peta aor of Asoo aod Astolegr Eisen aah, ad of he et ous SoeeEhetar ai 8 Soa Ueh Teas eiRiaedtig See : sd hese Ug a Sinzene sf penn seston SP die Speen ot Bibi oore ‘Sy ely LN tad oe SEEN tad Me ecu cea eam at ei 7h ean eS EAS rood come Tax Ofer, tm 110 fori A e'rttonene wich ite oa ron Se, Keignamer dd renrh and hd ci ae nb Teco, Kiana dort 8 Sicha honpiosomeatccomest: {Giaws te avis of Swart Viekonand heute sete td opto eGo See EAS IG Seb ugar! Te oad SIR CP. RAMASWAMI IYER ee ” aoa | Ses eo ral wee at aa ial aca got ate teaoe teers site Eicdcwricmeta mates Satan eae edo gee gy 0 nhgh £07 98 138 Rrshrats Pad sti doco ood ee ‘ohn epoca ing on he 1 fled poate sara ose ree (Sow ae “ate Hinde Syiem 027 ars, Uda sg ned Bia sy “Mac ‘Sih Shiai fet yuan mime roe ‘SreeuselHoa, Mir ©. Patiabicasan if quote spect and popeaioa inde sian igre tad aie, Sloe taion snd digo of cack ogeela’ AM Stow te tndian Uson Goverment Shobane ova poruoded by Kenge fas ‘Heer original Gob ted by ters | oriole ie pubis Se CP, Raa Se ae Aer Keio ederoar le 10 mts adele srgeome_ i see () Qpeigyeaive trader ded Site grpesnd Wy “ee? Seb See ‘wocomeconrsive ii (6 ow 07a 7 6 dering Beast er pare, WHILE AT HYDERABAD STAY COMFORTABLY AT HOTEL DWARAKA Modern Well-Furnished rooms with attached bath Finest Dishes served CENTRALLY SITUATED Moderate Charges A WELCOME AWAITS RELIABLE SHOPPING CENTRE’ FOR ALL KINDS OF TEXTILES Munaga Seshachalamaiah Chetty Venkatarangaiah Chetty Fancy Cloth Merchants B.K. M/STREET, CUDDAPAH (A. Pj ‘ast, ites What the in ey ‘hae i tows sity? 3 ‘Taky nembae, Lk day ee Vranas ‘ oman a ke sien KRISHNAMURTI PADHDHATI STAG STANDS FOR QUALITY \ Insist On Ace dudecs:, STAG BRAND ATTA * MAIDA SUI ‘THE DELHI FLOUR MiLLs co, LTD. THE JEYPORE SUGAR COMPANY LTD. ARAYAGADA ~ KORAPUT, DIST. «ORISSA. STATE Mangaiie Mines, Kuttngn, Rayagads Th, Ferro-mangancse Factory, Reyagada CCalsium Carbide Factory, Rayagada G. 8. R. Sugars, Rayagada V.V.S. Sigars, Chagalla (W. G: Duy, A.B: swerve oo: (Se) Capita R. Ss INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION PRIVATE LIMITED Meazing Dre AAMAKRISHNA BUILDINGS, 38, Mount Read) Hadrané DAILY GUIDE FOR JANUARY, 1967 Rate ber Gros ine: SAM, HRPM, ‘Gecd aay to pO, (0 we ‘Goo ay ey one Sapna Sk ‘See aaungh ih 9 A (Seriya Stiayoram ons Poca Cee NOW TRE Boos" 190 Pts ‘Gao ting 1252 PM to buy Goss une: 269° PL, wo este | estan toatetereereeracree aranpoge 9.23 AD, as a = MaDpEAE Ril Sea . sein 3 Grow More Food! Protect Your Crope! Set heated mation, Advice and supplies of 4 ie Pestle, ance ad Agroctemte ; ta oS PR a ai Messrs. ASPINWALL & CO., LTD. | Spite im Sai Kerala State Se sins “rsa: Asta i221, 7 Mf avg 26910 750 AM, a 130 ENGINEERS’ CHOICE AND CONSUMERS’ SATISFACTION 3 ‘Good rae Eattous Retr Reheta Pe Bic “DURGA BeAND FORTLAND CEMENT” Sime ganas teil eat ay ton feed ang Beeches SAE setae ie none ieee, | ee eat wave’ sey rattle eee URGA BRAND a aie tation PORTLAND CENT 0 San mots. RIGS, Ment alt ge Soe THE ANDHRA CEMENT COMPANY LTD. Sean er ie ae fo tn Aste amar. ett “navies SUL = MUMTAWAOR ‘Sook 7AM 7 iad a6 Te ae ry int et tot ears ‘SHPO Noo wo 1 rae, eed yt ey ati, to ough. ay ent iy cso ln, Ee m8 FM sey 4 cela sop er bg = HEIST Seta Pg “HTEETEE2 3 a é es MONTHLY PREDICTION FOR JANUARY 1967 worms wstaearta K. GANAPATIE CABLE CORPORATION OF INDIA WTO. - SESS ae net op “TROPOOUR’ WIRES AND-CABLES |} AND PAPER INSULATED CABLES: seg aman rom in Mason ltt 2 SEE Rite Feet tomes REP seats So Serre is caeet the work oad ‘SSR eeu avon lngations aad e ‘awaite you at RITZ CHAIN OF HOTELS eae oe ey a : 3 Sor x. ci and sister il aainaid norma belt Ate th ere EPreanceng teow, 1, KRISHNA INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION LIMITED 38, MOUNT ROAD, SADRAS-6 Ten Sameer V. RAMAKRISHNA, 14, 014,105. (Rett) NIDADAVOLE (ett Gaara Disc) (Co? Pacey: YUYYURU (kite Disco SULPHURIC ACID, SUPER PHOSPHATE. Ro SUINDUSTRIAL CORPORATION PRIY. aa 3, MOUNT ROAD, MADRAS. sire ‘Alega ors Kena els ‘Shea wil tl you gent te You aes eee tenis Speed ek ton do iene Sak one arenas ee oe ase nae mane FOR ALL YOUR REQUIREMENTS.OF i + AGRICULTURAL & DOMESTIC PUMPSETS “te ——— Pleaié Catiet: SALEM TRADING COMPANY TRICHY ROAD, ‘ATTUR ROAD NAMAKKAL, TURAIYUR Trichy Due pu ca Atle im L a | : i i | | i [| EE eee ach hep i tobe amas fpf Frm, ee BANSIDHAR’S TEXTILE PROCESSING MACHINES for: TEXTILE MILLS i SS Sore ped "she Specialist in Manulachiring #4 6 & 8 COLOUR PNEUMATIC VERTICAL CLOTH PRINTING MACHINE * PNEUMATIC PADDING MANGLE Bates fea hip Saanegt wagaivg : SACS rata each es + BLANKET WASHING MACHINE b Season meta +: BATCHING MACHINE See Giana omy Sent e oe * POLYMERISING MACHINE SMe Seat rer cet telah REST Bh + GERAVBANSIDHAR CLOTH CROPPING & Soe alee. ‘SHEARING MACHINE, ee eS mont, “DiingsW woof 2) Masham s08 Chava # SAMPLE PRITING MACHINE Sree Saino te ae | maa acehemrs | sn reat" at Saha etiar, See da: Seeman | [Spee cy SEG Se hee Eis a Ray “aa a BOS a he ae elt a gee, Soe at BS diehae + CHEMICAL VESSEIS, KETTLES. DRuES FTC For further Particulars Contact SHREE BANSIDHAR ENGINEERING LTD. UIT Bensidhar’ House, Kankaed Road ~~ AHMEDABAD.7 Office: 5241-2. . - Factory 8279-2 3 tory at NATIONAL’ HIGHWAY: z is aelephons: ° Clo, 24696 fr ey of 1 ad 6 jn 11 assures yo [se esr riS oealnt ena we COMET DYESTUFFS PRIVATE LIMITED Maas of Ye zea eh in ty cha ey eave agente Solublised Vas, Seabed Azoies& Direct Colours sie tat zt el sa ae eee et coe The Bn on ya te Compound fisted” Teee oat fr ‘Devkaran Nanjee Banking Co.. Led.’ Naroda Road, Ahmedsbad-2. Thar forenihe worry Soe acces = Sea 2 Sees hae eeaat COMMETOGENS AND METASOLS He ecto come Eat “ea INSIST. ON Comet: Dyestuffs Private Li 21 stan apa ian? ea [Sire chase fee eens ‘ment tea eee, nce cod favourably in the later Sed cece ees Sires tah ; Boachewaait 5 ites, het Corarsen _ HeashegnyCaperaen ee id eres i i i i | i / i i i ely Ra) Ro Esscotpusaosonssdoctennsnaanecerneetns “ seth eat at a FULLY PROTECTED issccemy) q A.C. SWAMY & SON (BULDERS “Waresiouse) H.0.: ‘119, 7-H. ROAD,, MADRAS Branch” 117, pINROZE ESTATES, MaDRas? FOR PAINTS, RADIOS, HARDWARE, BLEGTRICALS, “Gopkey STEEL’ FURNITURE, CUPBOARDS, - REFRIGERATORS, ‘TYPEWRITERS, FANS, CYC ASHING MACHINE & RATES OF ADVERTISEMENTS axwval aveTTaEee Lo Of: ayes Bhavan, [ALCOHOL {Indus ACETIC ACID BUTYL ALCOHOL BUTYL ACETATE (GROUNONUT OIL Managing Agent snags ASaMNAEALERANaENAR Send! us your Lorry Receipt and we will clear & deliver the consignment at your door just a8 we delver Ratway consignments ‘Ae ws, * Goods are ako collected and booked by roed by he lorry sarvice of YOUR CHOICE * 117, MOUNT ROAD, MADRAS2. : SRI RAMA VILAS SERVICE LIMITED 4 \ | 4 Taephanes 04, 7 8 Alera: ROADMAUL, reel wie ne rate senate ROR BET Ne ‘Shimoga oa Serer rtieteeie eit teen esc fot the sign occupied by Heese have (0 receive ep on ‘them Then EGR Geweae et gee pean ele ciate ioe Eee Gea wks eh marty ab Keb, borat aine wig Aan ay ih eth Peeceeese maaan age ease Shimetienaet SST AEG Ara Eo wit Eee eS Roast cities sian mee | Soe tamer Reoerbcce sae Fae lie Sa sists carne mat Repent Sid, ‘ois Cormac sane ces nik note Sl ae toca lhe forming ey god admit, Teil te wie stato Svea Qu cee, ok ‘9f12, itsmeans that itis lord of (0 t8 the Seatpie (denoting chemical or medica), SOgMSm Oath eso iete e etn ena etc Grommets Sue eh Rbnwa!tee Whe ris Euan ene ee RE ke marae as oe sve i Bier ee sng nile roa Este eter Setar fe AS TARET AG? Niemann nnn ser an Bee ce Spa eab e frau el aot ue lao tees wil fig. ‘ie above wl 3 tl 918 wer ie tetaita kote mayne, ane et, eae ge if vee” ME ee seen Eat RFI MRE THR AS | Chil Goveaor fo trae, oy eat HE ene ke aby da Saturn Miu,” LISD", en cui te pted ef! see SEit ce tae) Gata crac needs Hecate ace aioe att te tecame if tet 'Now ee ate to coe Stes Ts erase cates eee aie ead ea ah te Baa Se ans 2 seauns'39, “Get Kath Sony he nes Geel foe bia pride wil bed Mose irda agate ic ns ‘So wil be psig {ant Jo 'Capricorn owned 8 “Saturn, ‘is plod whed tn fm aka ‘Bist beta bo mpi be bar tS eat eke pee Sur gree owt oe ‘Sencha Bear ley fe Seeded upped Seely te tne Qe a, plaset. ia whose Sub) theGase-tordis- 7 ‘Sathabish are Doane ie ‘Ster pervon whe thiaks, spenks and does frre Rt. San tad 03 ah Scottie Sic Tot ot 12 ae atabes Str The tig pant of is ie shouldbe Hun om voltae ts oo = SPREE | maaan Bee eg oa “heefre Rees Eaors Sun ant ff ernest cei re oe a eo ee a SEAS ‘Soa having the ral am "No Tage cei by. eee SGheees sob oteia eat Uo ES oert some ed apap siete Hee Rag Sp easeee Soca ‘edeSat_Tuptr ml be in Ket cone tir, ech Si aos bel of wie ecb expe Saas hersoaet ie “tee Yar selling ilo atta” one ste ees dre alle Soar he Sb bowen eas Sef nap Ea 8 han Sn oof pod Be See ee ie peliads of eld ‘oe i doer Sie ‘Sina! ane iper daenJupte? Bhat ane Le sh ia aa ih ae HEA hnael ie ray ESM ae tn tsi. ‘AsMacs sony aspen ase, it 2a at aad Oct seciet Sptertaanae by Re Ae Dupe ows Noth Shatter, key Es Gauge geo own wah Ome ay depen a | ‘aks eos At wove inh ca end be at Yes Beet ae Keen tl ate (SS obi et tone csi bm Mars NO OE Soon o are eh tose eacant Kona by wit atcs etis the cones 1 see Tap, i, eae the ee ? fo ak iis ae ommansn Sain he ices Ar seit, iad eaters Erte ° Hee ec Sser ma Epa torte ENGINEERS CHOICE AND CONSUMERS! SATISFACTION. ‘THe FAMOUS DURGA BRAND PORTLAND CEMENT” Need for sength, stably and ssficon sod and eg ee et Sane in Giga Profs 18S MR ALWAYS BUY DURGA BRAND, PORTLAND CEMENT Mnafecared THE ANDHRA CEMENT COMPANY LTD. ag. 0 “enamannisha BUILDINGS” STAG STANDS FOR QUALITY sist On STAG BRAND C0, ATTA >< MADA > 9001 ‘a pe rig ms oO 7 cass of Moos Das, 6 hoa rat. ian oneal ree on eR Seika mete Meg. Fen Wey caerpeamarsinat Ske WHICH PERIOD WILL BE THE BEST IN MY LIFE? tk bifaot ue, pence a reson mi cacbson shat ng emma HT | oo $ Sytem diet 12 ar intake te its" Duing Vere AAESEAMUSNE cebtsyagt At om ol aot ot st, at tne pe etl 0 Tel) ee Bet ie alin a {Bag reap ie rat fete eae te tttad Be it bade Sidcup 19" 1 Cae Jy. Steep 260 Lar, ) Sev saing Tete piss” tn one ee ona mt te fo to and Hagrigsrani el Ta i ec else. Shed see-— Mao eh osetia of fr of Seed cate ad” tseaton of Enuseatnr cea comenrores, ai cari. an ie i «Wes Sau eB mA as js fat ‘itn : ‘wil be fixed st eer i or one Se = moment of Sreekumar! eee Hea’ ee St oct al Se Min, Da Mey i eee ois peo ate spot Mine Foheba gas? ou wil a Parga © or {SYOT! LIMITED satooa> WILL I'TAKE UP ANY AGENCY? i 0a greater ex ‘dining the 3 ei ee, Seca a Ser eeseeeiine eee 3 anise Aon el Sa Sune ra te seaetcr Kahane tone pee Shrek eat wate SO ea ates Soe ee -sagitarin). ‘ "Tomoyo te, lagt a eit Seuss cets is sana Sota or aes Be ong mrp aes at ee Bees woud have bern onde From BEE eat ca it oni he, any ee ca em ee ete kt i a al Sop iate in Vitor erry doo 2 peed Ae ae isa he homed Norges afer 3 ane 6 beh SESS Real! Tihs Wen Seep ado pave gia of tres heey, by sates, fer soc rev sensi ti SS ee Ce ese err Be reed eae een Mc 988 Sec Bese rere sae Een oe sn ae Welneday, Sem any ab Seo seta ni a toes eh chee orang ee ots a taseweneng fer ae SR See he Engg? 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SLE ees moe oe ote tpn co TE We GEL NOT BE SENT. DY, VF F toe ie ay, Ee er See Ae, Fou eS ADVANCE ahaha obec ado ‘yen nd ats os he ann EER STay Gate teeter nnd “To Sa K. 5. KRISHNAMURT 19, Brn Se, Sea ‘Bofors anh co ot eet er | WHERE IS.MY ASCENDANT? y AND TIME OF BIRTH 1S TIN LEO OR VIRGO? : 76 FIND OUT THE DA’ sone sent te aly ebee a ey Ca "Zon iad aime "Yaut Tod gut tae aed a ar ir sol nb eb Kat aa Sen ee me niceties 4 ‘Stel ee err Hades fae 19 FS =f Shi ae | tac | nur coi Ameo, 09 Sau, ack en ints that So 23 os seta eae St Hick ‘i ets bik ips daa alace SESE he er i eon | pannetae PAS de ine IS: SSrbetm eo ‘ae: monet | SUS Bh Scheie “hen emernlss | arf —| Se ae ‘insane meted fu aay an. wil eet ich wo Be tte 8y SUNG Se, te fal) inca ‘aw ts wich | i 7 See td Shans OS Sinn cctmehch ty iia es i TN ase nets cra Sateen igs @mesmhomt es | Blamaccar sm Sie re, et cee We SLm om tactemeame, Ogi Mrn Med iy i. 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INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION PRIVATE LIMITED sip 3 mene | coe sa ee ee tengo se apgents | Rots On | Mar anny ata —S™™ on Mos BANSIDHAR’S TEXTILE PROCESSING MACHINES for TEXTILE MILLS Specialist in Manufacturing * 46 8 COLOUR PNEUMATIC VERTICAL CLOTH PRINTING MACHINE + PNEUMATIC PADDING MANGLE * HOT AIR JET DRIER * BLANKET WASHING MACHINE 4 BATCHING MACHINE * POLYMERISING MACHINE * GERA/BANSIDHAR CLOTH CROPPING & SHEARING MACHINE + SAMPLE PRINTING MACHINE * CHEMICAL VESSELS, KETTLES, DRIER ETC. ~~ For ficihier Particulars Contact. SHREE BANSIDHAR ENGINEERING LTD, Bansidhar House, Kankaria Road ‘ABMEDABADI7, : Olice "52418 Teeshone | Retry: 82498 NAROL, AHMEDABAD 3 5 a TD. STRIES LTD, HAR RASTA, AHMEDABAD, iBUTORS OF DYES DYESTUFF INDUS: Kerala State Protect Your Cope! ®t For information, Advice and supptics of UNITED CORPORATION ‘ASSOCIATED CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES COMET-DYESTUFF PRIVATE L: UNIVERSAL Grow More Food! HARI-SADAN. Messrs. ASPINWALL & CO. Matic JREDICTION FOR FEBRUARY, 1967 sot Ks GANAPATITY QUALITY conscious ‘MONTHLY PI [AND MERCERISED AND PRINTED VARIETIES IN “HIGHER MEDIUM” COUNTS. oot, Tit Loven ATTRACTION DEKaNED OR seein Es east te ere tes ‘LASTING SANSEACTION Ei Se pati ce eresmaee vt SHRI VIVEKANAND MILLS LTD., Sciieem ee ciety ecm | mer oh ena: WHE vi FOR YOUR REQUIREMENTS OF BARYTES POWDERS. (OF ALL GRADES Phase ply M/s. THE CUDDAPAH STAR BARYTES (PRIVATE) LTD. (Groatere Barres Produce in, nda) Secreta ULI aa mea See Reece pcet Nam” Beco anon ste Sarin en encanto oa nD ad unger aang #8 UDDAPAH (Andhra Pradesh) weecrsatatidiee Bah cetera ot se a toe ae Srelen ot cae sa ated at wee PS eiarcemene | : 2 ei gaat sepematounae retin Sa eran ec ccuaiew gts, dats gece tae eat a aor of the native wil mata Sr gia econ tee fe pa eats 20d ve : Ses eS oe sits Sac. Seah cons ar Shei ton cy. ‘seca saree ee a ‘Site sent R. 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SATISFACTION THE FAMOUS “DURGA BRAND PORTLAND CEMENT” Noel for strength, ably and safc sated and belng ted'in unl of fone in Giant Projets im the country DURGA BRAND PORTLAND CEHENT Mansfacared by THE ANDHRA CEMENT COMPANY LTD. ec: vusvawaon (nen ret) Lieoeeeosresss: With the fast compliments, fiom: mann THE DIRECTORS MIDEAND THEATRE GENERAL PATTERS ROAD, a MADRAS-2 COMPETITIVE EXAMINATION fuen, Force cami ae se Ss SoG ce ao ee eo Pcenion at ee eee wet ug your ssany pe ites tec seme ey Sancta, TEE Sahib vi pe wold be tary CO ow do Tod # sve ote 2 Mow do tena Tey B Nata. 98 Spee Sate Sete Soles fag ed of lion of Suara. 1 eta ie cor ee Moe See saerag OR te gags came Ot aa ea Latency youn PROGRAMME oe ent, Bank f Ti i TROBE apap VIZAG io Sd. esate D2 t96-YEIANSERRAM oy uy, Buea 2 Sas eta sigs rime ca na SG BA USTs coset Sater costs CHANGE IN PROFESSION (LEAVING ONE AND LONGING FOR ANOTHER Pee at tore see een tg, he eto Moe tarts to he sly Cory Sanday i * 7 e TEP Rr afk Clem gene Soe race, Sore rh Seana oe meee SOS, et mie Bs ‘loan anda whe: onsen He tad fete drag Rabu Das, ear no Ra Aa op Wisecateite ota ihe th pd TMUG' hy Refers tata Se, Sara hl MRE See ecto, Supe OTF dk hin Cap i ie Gay, Ths Soe writen on we crm Henekian pte cry ot a (ibe 1 (Ronee toler aoaertce te) tems As you are runsing Mercury Dist Ts he gave the whole story to a lady (a PH.D ‘aradhra sas day, you wilt be Be Bye Ae tpt ec, aS Seeean nore Aeon hoa a 2 ee ace oy Ral Mea arene ae rece 08 ltiaate Wetem alata ers QuaLiTY conscious consotn s1.0 FIND ULTDAATE OUR COMED AN MENCIGHER MEDIUM" COUNTS. LOVELY ATTRACTIONS DESJONED FOR TASTING SATISEACTION. SHRI VIVEKANAND MILLS LTD., [RAKHIAT ROAD, AHMEDABAD 21 moa oS : wpa: VIVEK z THE JEYPORE SUGAR COMPANY LTD. Loss’BY THEFT OR WHAT? TRAYAGADA -KORAPUT DIST - ORISSA STATE ncnomsnpste sn hp Manaacucrs of Suga, Can Cai en Ferro-wasoce ADR BTRGL GE Sat, Te ‘iw Ones BS Bliws: Mangancse Mines, Katings, Rayagada Tk. YFerro-mangancee Factory, Rayagnds Calcium Carbide Factory, Reyagada G, S. R. Sugars, Rayanada LV. Y, S: Signs, Chagallo (W. G, DE AP. veges only ane if, Bai Bp atl nes ioe ulasmetingce ok ‘sume: (SENS fey: yin ‘Tato [itn Kamer R; S, INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION PRIVATE LIMITED: berespaaceitas a SPP does wot paged tet enter 35" mean Caner wate RMS GRRE soe as cS wet mt Tie as der: oe Soe Spt ote 6 ‘QUALITY consé1ous [AND MERCERISED AND PRINTED VARIETIES IN TASTING SATISFACTION. SHRI VIVEKANAND MILLS LTD. MISTER OR MINISTER |, Sucre vancoa wien wie te tacr> A aia Se Sed vol obec sa cn Scorpio a Ketbu Sains ica! 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KRISHNA INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION LIMITED (Chama: V, RAMAKRISINA, MA, 18,168. (Red) Fertlne Division: NIDADAVOLE (Wet Goda Dist) Cea Facog: VUYYURU (Kcitoe istic Manas of SULPHURIC ACID, SUPER PHOSPHATE, INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION PRIVATE LIMITED ast 2 ie ade 2 Ee oe tetoovemmat i eli ‘lens oer pen vets Howe egs a goes ieee eg Rr eos meme ae Se ulate ee er oo ‘Bee gmat widen favourably owed ‘ou omg betes sie, ete eee Sort wong dee ragtgns 308 A. Sentai kane a uae ah ti, Lae oy ‘ce ean be bad, Prom th ny et eye te al ey al BANSIDHAR’S TEXTILE PROCESSING MACHINES for TEXTILE MILLS Specialist in Manufacturing: * 4,6 & 8 COLOUR PNEUMATIC VERTICAL CLOTH PRINTING MACHINE PNEUMATIC PADDING MANGLE HOT AIR JET DRIER BLANKET WASHING MACHINE BATCHING MACHINE POLYMERISING MACHINE GERA/BANSIDHAR CLOTH CROPPING & SHEARING MACHINE SAMPLE PRINTING MACHINE CHEMICAL VESSELS, KETTLES, DRIER, ETC. For further Particulars Contact SHREE BANSIDHAR ENGINEERING LTD. Bansidiar House, Kankaria Road, AHMEDABADI?, Office : 52418 _Teevbove | Fagory: 82192 Factory at NATIONAL HIGHWAY NAROL, AHMEDABAD — rei, anf towne tei ae para eco mere a es ‘stant coma BESS M Noam at Seu cee basntctie ical poe pn esousd Tey an tne Fe ees ike ncmancaton Frog Seite Seer rnc ce ‘secrete ee enon of Soop ame ee ee ate sen ta thn aa a ae ierarnagactrateiatys FOR YOUR REQUIREMENTS OF BARYTES POWDERS OF ALL GRADES * Plas spy M/s. THE CUDDAPAH STAR BARYTES (PRIVATE) LTD. (Greatest Baryes Producer in Ins) Post Box Ne, 12 CUDDAPAH (Andra Pradesh) Grow May Fe | Pris Yue Col or information, Advice a supplies of Pesticides, Insecticides and Agrochemicals Contact { Messrs. ASPINWALL & CO., LTD. COCHIN at Kefala State oe ee ES Some, Pot enero Sign (haar Ra, Reo 0 im ty ron sol pedis ‘lame irowgh couveyance and anoed ‘ieciog wih" tae unc Coot sty mle wt et, Youn mn gS Wilk est Compliments fiom: SALEM MAGNESITE PRIVATE LIMITED ‘OWNERS OF MAGNESITE & IRON, ORE MINES Corcore (kare Re ee fo Ra ‘Regine opie: oe: 251138 viene: {yg Qt! BE ‘Tegan: “PANORAMA” Tolgom: “PANORAMA” Suppliers & Exporters of MAGNESITE: Raw, Calcined & Sintered in Granular and Powder “ars teas i favourabe 6 | ferm-Yor ore In various industries CHEMICALS, RUBBER’ REFRACTORY & BUILDING sass psGonse MTB G 7 CT vornsstar OL Adi dy oO ASTROLOGY & ATHRISHTA OW AKT CHLDEEN SHOULD A COUPLE HAVE? ——— vous Tare? ee CONTENTS ee e Eni SES coh ria Be Sy toe vara ane coe | ent A win ay Te Sat | Se ea 8 PROMOTION OR RETIREMENT! WHEN ? | APSARAS approved retollers of : 1 il MAFATLAL GROUP OF MILLS; HE oe » ie rein jndte he Howes Vavewa- See POWER HOUSE ROAD, TRIVANDRUM4 (Kerala). Mom be hroors dnt heat "tie mH ~rmt: ARULOTHI --— "Phony: [OMe 2h 8 A / : HT : | ia soatee tourer ee HGH COURT 1UDGE—WHEN? fob tecome Heh Spi ine te, ah B cow : The foro farited ea sicily nee neiae fictebyavee wee 1, Te fab ot moot, ee (st) Lek SAVE SAFELY at SMART CHIT FUND ‘TELEPHONE: «90; 400 * Branches BOMBAY, KANPUR, LUCKNOW EER STTSe ile ose ot CAN I HAVE AT LEAST ONE CHILD STAG STANDS FOR QUALITY Insist On ‘em STAG BRAND ATTA MAIDA * SUL ‘THE Deu PROMOTION—ANY mand slo either’ Lagan oF CAN I BECOME A SANYASI? Moga bin Aung, Ie not cosjola: GO "IE 4 ox more stan cosjin Ser tation, de eae ‘eed Bogle, Rais; abother etre Ces eGo tle aol chery Pee: Sei be" Nagan-Nude,, ‘Digambara ” Senyas Sitges, atroee Setags Stan iSan Sad enue oe ip" ka uefor9 ye tad ‘Bese Kame Venu far tjeues Sey seeing teen: semaine nstrsrnas tor tae ariasa ops wih ‘eke tbe rig punta eS eer eens rc Lage ss wach pl Hew at ed by ed f° age rd pda wher emt o say na Soe et ‘ego dasa ys TESS din Vat Myc ie "ths ad Ven el, danas, you have wl sone eae Stns eways 7 OE RECTIBICATION OF BIRTH-TIME: AN APPLICATION OF KRISHNAMURTI PADHDHATI » Rays Paes ERS. espe sae orca ay te se ieee ha Fewer 38 ‘een heim na fo ‘atten, ‘Eetur appt wie eae “OEE Tears a are spi Sieh ane ‘how uber se Bhp ee apes Shela 9OARG, fore Beet ‘it perp, Sone exis, hich other eral 900 Saket (7) shreds. ail ie ra ad Sie eer meee | | Sea acs : | | Raaerpatee mince: Saints tener men ga PRAGA INANA | | | Shvtrteecliin cach” hula ewer Fs tm hss ie t | | RE ies .coumure a fsa artic Ba \ | SS ce ESR Mh Ge eee | | ate ie eels eri ait ours | [Wie See | Eee mice res ie canes eee ean se eee eee, scat dpe oy ' Zook eee SEGA SUN ome re nadie aca sa SS we La seen or et teas tt Move vite Mare ex upitee yellow. 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Be really refreshed ENGINEERS’ CHOICE AND CONSUMERS’ SATISFACTION THe ‘FAMOUS “DURGA BRAND PORTLAND CEMENT” Not fr sient, subiey and setacion soe and elag sed In thou of tonnes in Gian Projets the county DURGA BRAND PORTLAND CEMENT Meaford by THE ANDHRA CEMENT COMPANY LTD, eh: ie ca 3 boine Mount Mettur Pharmaceuticals Private Ltd, RAIA ANNAMALAIPURAS, 7.0, MADRAS * ested en, 7 be om Cees loca _mespeti treats Cie a sec ce Penasco et Pata na seer ee Sree aes gosmciies wrayer aes et on the conclusion that oe ee ry amir of te ett eof Se arrec ghee ae EE RSUY so November, eat ae a al weve see clo Laan Caio se ine of dh, oe a } “Tu ironed hal sete sate erate Oe ‘ti sod a oth tegen Tew VIJAYA ELECTRICALS "F LICENGED BLECTRICAL COWTRAGTORS ee er teas ere OHBOUR HAS rr, WtY Nor Your ee Date Line, Loneide, ae : Sn KOSANGAS COMPANY Company Private Led. * 2, Moledina Road, POONA, KRi! Sik amaisstor Sten Tne ° ‘boon Volumes Rs, 251. (Postage Free) cons escent worgusiee | MELEREYS GAAS i Tabular form aa se chet St Ty 15 iret Te atte Ti of Bit steiae fei : Sane Steward Hensymbols of otic ae ae ea "So i oe ee Bo Pam come & IR Session: cee goat f aveloga Tem Gee ae oy S prot waar “signin 10 6B me We Seren a 4 4 4 4 4 } 4 4 4 m With best compliments from: KRISHNAMURTI PADHDHATI ioc cieomsane i reed. Tow he ete Uitte ume) Rend Fos 2 Signe of ch Sob a Nar: gre of Sa Say, pane 5 matte FS toni Gaetan Rea Bete tel a Addisons Paints & Chemicals (P) Ltd. sy for O28 Y MADRAS. 11 Snare eaueee | Ei Los Gack if & >. ma an be Se aN ety 6 Moats of — t SPARTAN QUALITY PAINTS FOR Me cere 4 ALL PURPOSES { et rer orertovintes an mtan:_Sow flee earn arti forrest genes Cae } FOR ALL YOUR REQUIREMENTS OF | 2 ean, | AGRICULTURAL @ DOMESTIC at i PUMPSETS 2) eae i BL Che at Fees j FO Ste tnme nn 4 bP k meses tin i i ie te g i a i 3 eee & i i # = i i i i i =| i i Pease Contac i — SALEM TRADING COMPANY { z ‘TRICHY ROAD. ATTUR ROAD. i 3 NAAMKKAL TURAIYUR | i ‘em Die Tray Die | ot tnd for Quay Bote i | ee Rage ei Ce ee eay gall ope of Brae oe f roe goes panes = i Qnaty ow Cred YOTI LIMITED" so Eacnetneesenentmennees seed te mn in et po , 1967 DAILY GUIDE FOR APRIL, sere: eM so 1240 Nos apis ea 535 AM, t wet 38 Baty bave FEDOERS-LLOvD ase Se ee ‘he congnment at your door just at we elver Ralvay consignments Goods ae ako colcted snd books by rong by the lorry service of I | I SRI RAMA VILAS SERVICE LIMITED 7, MOUNT Roa MADRAS Telephon 05, 7 & Telegrams ROAD. HAUL 4 | 2 iawn Se ot your Lowry Rept and we wi erg elver: } toby cates, Ge yt pln, byte, etme: 1188 AM, we br ct eit ese Se ‘oo AM 1290 News 2 Nee 2G gall ‘a Te wu srg DAM. x Sear fecton, UF ennnnnntnannnat nanny With est Compliments from: | SALEM MAGNESITE ‘OWNERS OF MaGNESiTE PRIVATE LIMITED © IRON ORE MNEs. ose: 254138 Pon: {yO 5 Suppliers & Exporters of MAGNESTTE: Rew, ced 8 Sintered in Granular and Ponder: forms or we tn varius industries CHEMICALS, nUnaen REFRACTORY & BUILDING pert 2 gmty Cob, 28 tee apieam Se ee wee ee oe serra ns Cid 7.39 wo 240 AM. an 1030 sy 0s Goode! 729 AMS 946 P 2. Sayer Sse mannsn Fa 045 PM. HIT PM, aged Sine weyers go dihie Site Saat ie Sede SES by soot i Teas relent? 04 Teo eonlpe 3-46 e 2 3 g 3B! 4 af) Se 8 aGa § vorneaitun 01 évea den naQLe, MONTHLY PREDICTION FOR APRIL, 1967 be aid Reeves il mann sora Hah lena A neg An Industry & Nurtured by Research alsin rl decrease owl THE JEYPORE SUGAR COMPANY LTD. a . Bed, Fees cosine oe RAYAGADA « KORAPUT DIST - ORISSA. STATE aya Manure of Supt, Calelow Cabite sad Feo-manet See te Sonnet te Mine Osa 4 ‘ ¥- nausea, 108 ne tiara sess co mri ae Monpnee Mie, Kuti, Raa Th sone ere evomungrese Fey, Word een fen roby (Caleium Carbide Factory, Reyagnde : G.S. R. Sugars, Rayagada Yous younse be V. VS. Sugars, Chagallu (W. G, Dia, A.P. ee ee ae Rae Sa ee apart Moning Agent RS. INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION PRIVATE LIMITED { 3) Scopntveronniear eens me eh al Be ew ce fein viniee Foci tana uo wi have to 38, Mount Road, Madras-6 Sheeerrce Scr te eee spent So ie oo “itlan ua apa age oer RITZ CHAIN OF HOTELS Sweretomtn cates, See vase lst Shee ieee nae er Sg om a oi Has: ot ons, a ls 3s Sia oh nb ne Hate ita Sarma en oust aie Spin aarener pang oe: eset ett ma N. _ JAMNADAS & co. 1, DANK STREET. FORT, BOMBAY. Soc uth Jor ata tiie BANSIDHAR’S TEXTILE PROCESSING MACHINES for TEXTILE MILLS SiiSophes nt ate pesciesetiadicenewee pat. feine, Yow w nea maTt ioe Sata Specialist im Manufacturing: * 46 & 8 COLOUR PNEUMATIC VERTICAL CLOTH PRINTING MACHINE PNEUMATIC PADDING MANGLE HOT AIR JET DRIER BLANKET WASHING MACHINE BATCHING MACHINE POLYMERISING MACHINE i | i i | i | GERABANSIDAAR CLOTH CROPPING & SHEARING MACHINE i } “etn an a ‘chy to connor bighr sai un tee fo] EMSs eect Relat tithe iri | i mg gee ge’ Las aS | | RSPR RSE Hated For frer Particle Conta | | BPseriegr ee meet oe i | i | ! SAMPLE PRINTING MACHINE ‘CHEMICAL VESSELS, KETTLES, DRIER, ETC. ‘ernie Syma peamie sain ou ee beduon teeioad Gp. ei of eae wl SHREE BANSIDHAR ENGINEERING LTD. Bonsidhar House, Kankarla Road, ‘AHMEDABADI?. Ollice : $2418 Tateohone { Sry! 82795 Factory at NATIONAL BIGHWAY. NAO, AHMEDABAD ace esa ‘Bay pee tones sje sd taal apie or ti tore a Nita. Pome ‘Biktadaa it pode otis Dhanar ages cr a inattLgnon il om ‘A WELCOME AWAITS RELIABLE SHOPPING CENTRE sci poon cer FOR ALL KINDS OF TEXTILES Munaga Seshachalamaiah Chetty Venkatarangaiah Chetty i Fancy Cloth Merchants | KM STREET, CUDDAPAH (AP) Et a ! SRR OE eae ln “ero mation aay tat QUALITY conscious ‘CONSUMER SHOULD FIND HS ULTIMATE IN OUR COMBED [AND MERCERISED AND PRINTED VARIETIES IN “HIGHER MEDIUM COUNTS. LOVELY ATTRACTIONS DESIGNED FOR fe = ee SHRI VIVEKANAND MILLS LTD., ASTROLOGY x8 KRISHNAN SWEETS CONTENTS KRISHNA Sweets| 4 hhysionically manus factured from pure CANE SUGAR gives that extra eneey. 4 cvsuonen ove e ADULTS ADORE ITI! MANUFACTURERS: C9 THE K. C. P. LTD. 38, MOUNT ROAD, “Opening Shortly” Newly Constructed Well equipped with comfortable furniture HIGH COURT ROAD, PATHARGHATT HYDERABAD — Phone Now: 47123 L | { ; | { PALACE CAFE i } t ‘ } } & HAPPY NBW YEAR AND OUR RESULTS 2) Ane © eats ae shire cat ren ase (Bh Sena eet sce eed. Dir Sac ‘Ayn 20 18- ‘ibe sa wo Horaryaeology. the suvants of the (For queer aa 2 era ae eee in 2 cg a oe rt a ind wt ened Mars eons bh ada ee mrmbio e Seem home of fea ites Grae Speak Benes oo omit Se iat po: Peet foe Gein "Wok fast, sit Settlers BD lit _Notde tring of faa, a Tae sgt tal an ae Seip See, Nowa, Quen aS et aa. Saat obi: Al ~ Ee ares ot Gene ice i ee Se eer Ranta ST ya ae a ar ee ean ot heaee. te = Whenever a planet tennis 9 coestthe ‘Theat, young woaen, oversee” physicians oder, bensiful peony ae Sa St Sau, es, mobs, ser datos, cia, peal i ahaa eS i lt ei ma mma: Mise ey Porm: Asi ‘iain: Cossing, ie, solit"Bejaanr eked yn, Tose. ‘swe Asie baie en sce sere th mt Assinar, etl, Ric, angrier, a, peor Ted bits, ‘tepbat, apna: Steps, arte poe Tonos soo te ade ofthe WD. Tacsprt, siping ot, eh i en oe" areal ate Ge tana Head of esbow. 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(Rett) jon: NIDADAVOLE (West Got ies R. S, INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION PRIVATE LIMITED i i i i Manag Diectir: Min RAJESWARY RAMAKIUISHNAN, 2 USE ESO GAS KOSANGAS COMPANY The Natural Gas Company Private Ltd, A WELCOME AWAITS RELIABLE SHOPPING CENTRE FOR ALL KINDS OF TEXTILES Munaga Seshachalamaiah Chetty - Venkatarangaiah Chetty Fancy Cloth Merchants _prttooeeeenenaaaennsatostnieensnteennensecentnenssenen ? THE JEYPORE SUGAR COMPANY LTD. BAYAGADA - KORAPUT DIST, - ORISSA STATE Masts of Sui, Calm Cate aed Feracgaee ¥ RAMaxaasins nen c4n, 108 dy Manganese Mines, Kuitingn, R Ferro-manganese Factory, Reyagada Calcium Carbide Factory, Reyegnda G. S. R. Sugars, Rayagada Te V.V,S. Sugars, Chagallu (W. G. Dt), AP. etaact 2) ciemnsan oe goa R. S. INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION PRIVATE LIMITED AMAKRSHNA AUILDINGS, 38, Mount Road, Madi MONTHLY PREDICTION FOR MAY 1967 “oman snanartK. 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LOVELY ATTRACTIONS DESIGNED FoR we (St gas vev8i i | SHRI VIVEKANAND MILLS LTD., | FOR YOUR REQUIREMENTS OF BARYTES POWDERS (OF ALL GRADES Please aply 0 1 M/s. THE CUDDAPAH STAR BARYTES (PRIVATE) LTD. (Greatest Barytes Producer in Inia) Post Box No. 12 CUDDAPAH (Andhra Pradesh) coerce nececnecec ‘rend in hs out, he che Fie ete ge tet ‘ait tg, tpi tore a, Mola, Foods, ‘Sa eta tt Dann asin be beak, “Your cosoan ‘iol bee Guck ed ectrigag ‘Sea ot ps po aa Eee iter in Rakin cotsage ment of Sit or per aie Bae pet fe inp ep 350, oe ni gore bal Pinal po igh comneyan ni ny vil be sound throughout ile Ne ese tame ere BANSIDHAR’S TEXTILE PROCESSING MACHINES for TEXTILE MILLS Specialist in Manufacturing: * 4.6 8 8 COLOUR PNEUMATIC. ‘VERTICAL CLOTH PRINTING MACHINE i i PNEUMATIC PADDING MANGLE | HOT AIR TET DaLIER i BLANKET WASHING MACHINE } BATCHING MACHINE i POLYMERISING MACHINE : j | i i ‘Be Gocmmetrelvted hoot eae Sipescegomemneatine The Peey ea GERA/BANSIDHAR CLOTH CROPPING & SHEARING MACHINE SAMPLE PRINTING MACHINE CHEMICAL VESSELS, KETTLES, DRIER ETC. For further