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Bathhouse Site at

Request for Expression of Interest
Community Board 3, Parks Committee
Presentation March 15, 2018
Baruch Bathhouse
Opportunity to revitalize Baruch Playground by bringing a derelict space
back into use and integrate park spaces by redeveloping a vacant, decaying
physical structure adjacent to the playground.

Baruch Playground & Bathhouse Site

Park 3

Bathhouse History
According to historical records, the main portion of the bathhouse
structure was open to the public in March 1901. Dedication to Dr.
Simon Baruch occurred in 1917 and the rear portion of the structure
and playground was constructed and opened in 1940.

Dedication of Simon Baruch Bath House, 1917 Baruch Bath House, Present Day

Existing Interior Bathhouse Conditions
The building was shuttered in 1975 and is sealed with concrete block in all openings, and is
surrounded by chain link fence.
• In 2001, NYCHA commissioned an inspection of the interior of the building.
• The inspection found the following:
 Weak roof deck
 Strong presence of moisture in the building
 Floors and floor finishes severely damaged
 Roots and trees have grown inside the structure and have caused damage to the floor structure and a
potential risk of structural failure
 Interior steel columns and connections are extensively corroded
 Beams are extensively corroded, thus a weak structure
 Interior walls extensively deteriorated or missing
 Doors and windows missing or completely deteriorated
 Suspending ceiling completely deteriorated
 All sanitary fixtures, fittings and plumbing are missing or destroyed
 Electrical system is nonexistent. Cables, conduits, distribution panels all missing
 HVAC system is completely damaged and/or destroyed
• The basement was inaccessible due to flooding
• Assumed the building may contain both lead paint and asbestos containing materials
• Significant amounts of trapped water which may indicate the presence of mold

Existing Interior Bathhouse Conditions

Extracted imagery from 2001 Condition

Inspection & Evaluation
Existing Interior Bathhouse Conditions

Extracted imagery from 2001 Condition

Inspection & Evaluation
Existing Exterior Bathhouse Conditions
• The north, east and west facades, exhibit extensive cracked, loose and missing bricks and
mortar loss
• Numerous trees can be seen growing from or through the roof and skylight as well as side
• The roof stair bulkhead is partially collapsed and open to the elements
• The roof’s waterproofing has completely deteriorated
• Brick walls are extensively deteriorated and pose a potential danger of bricks from the wall or
parapet falling

• Many rat burrows are visible in the soil around all sides of the building
• Additional presence of pigeons and pigeon excrement

2001 Recommendation

The structural condition of the bath

house building has deteriorated to an
extent that is not practical or
economically feasible to undertake
renovation. Therefore, we
recommend that the building be
demolished, and land reclaimed for
future planning and use.

Existing Exterior Bathhouse Conditions

2018 satellite imagery shows an abundance of trees and

vegetation growing through the building’s roof and west
and east terraces 10
Existing Exterior Bathhouse Conditions

Existing Exterior Bathhouse Conditions

Existing Playground Conditions

The last renovation to Baruch Playground

was in 2002. Current playground amenities
include a basketball court, handball court,
play equipment, and two turf fields

There is a non-operational shuttered

comfort station located in the playground
which has been shuttered for almost half a
decade. Parks is in the procurement 13
process to reconstruct the comfort station.
Request for Expressions of Interest
What Is An RFEI?
 Method of obtaining ideas from the public for a given space
 Parks ideas may include but are not limited to:
 Food Establishments
 Indoor/Outdoor Recreational Facilities and Programs
 Markets, Fairs and Events
 Recreation Activity Rentals (i.e. – Bike Rental , Roller Rink, Ice Rink)

 Certain scenarios may give consideration to ideas for Non-Parks

 Community Centers
 Affordable Housing

 Parks reviews all idea submissions and may conduct interviews

 Parks discusses idea submissions with community board
 If idea is Parks appropriate, a publicly solicited Request for Proposals
(“RFP”) may be released
 If idea is for Non-Parks usage, Parks will discuss with community
board and may partner with another agency to discuss next steps and
move forward
Bathhouse Next Steps…
Release a Request for Community
Community Consultation to
Consultation Expressions of Interest
(RFEI) Discuss Results

CB 3 CB 3

Determine How to Proceed

Potential Release of
a Request for
Appropriate Idea
Proposals (RFP)