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B1+ March 18 Mercè & Miryam

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1 Complete the dialogue with a future form of the verb in brackets. Sometimes more than one answer is correct.

Nicola: I’m pleased we’ve got school holidays soon.

Anabel: Me too! I’m fed up with exams. (1) (do) anything special in the
Nicola: Not really. My parents can’t afford to go away.
Anabel: That’s a shame. We (2) (go) camping for two weeks in the New Forest.
Nicola: That sounds nice.
Anabel: Yes … perhaps you could come with us. (3) (ask) my parents?
Nicola: That would be great! Do you think it (4) (be) OK with them?
Anabel: I’m sure it will. I’ll ask my dad when he (5) (get) home this
Nicola: Thanks, Anabel!

Score: /5

2 Complete the text with a comparative or superlative form of the word in brackets.

I want to take up a new sport. I’m thinking about swimming or running but I’m not sure which one to choose. People say that
running is one of the (1) (good) ways to keep fit because it can help prevent heart disease. It can also make
your knees (2) (strong) and even make you (3) (happy). In contrast, swimming is good
for your mind and your whole body, but I don’t think it’s (4) (stimulating) as running. It’s true that going up
and down a swimming pool is not the (5) (exciting) thing you can do in your free time! I think I’ll choose

Score: /5

3 Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.

1 If you want to learn more English, try/you try watching some TV series.
2 I’ll tell Matt about the meeting if I see/will see him.
3 If you don’t/didn’t go out so much, you’d have more time for studying.
4 If I were you, I won’t/wouldn’t open that box.
5 They let him watch TV as long as there is/will be something educational on.

Score: /5
4 Complete the second sentence with one word so that it means the same as the first sentence.

1 If you don’t hand in the form by tomorrow, you can’t go on the school trip.
You can’t go on the school trip you hand in the form tomorrow.
2 We’ll go to the beach if it isn’t raining.
As long it isn’t raining, we’ll go to the beach.
3 You could learn to play the guitar quickly by practising for half an hour a day
If you for half an hour a day, you could learn to play the guitar quickly.
4 Take some fruit because you might get hungry.
Take some fruit in you get hungry.
5 Don’t get rid of those old books unless you’re sure you don’t need them.
Only get rid of those old books you’re sure you don’t need them.

Score: /5

5 Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.

1 That’s Mr Brown, which /who was our maths teacher last year.
2 There’s a boy over there that/whose has the same trainers as you.
3 My dad’s car, that/which is 15 years old, is in perfect condition.
4 The girl whose/who phone was stolen was very upset.
5 The hotel where/which we stayed had wonderful views.

Score: /5

6 Choose the best words to complete the sentences.

1 I hadn’t seen/hadn’t been seeing any Pixar films until last night.
2 I could see she had cleaned/had been cleaning all morning because the floor was still wet.
3 By midday, we had waited/had been waiting for an hour.
4 The food wasn’t ready because he had started /had been starting cooking too late.
5 They had played/had been playing half the match when the referee stopped it.

Score: /5

7 Complete the text with the correct past perfect form of the verbs in brackets.

My last birthday was better than I (1) (expect). I wanted to do something special to celebrate, but I
(2) (not be) able to make plans with my friends. Everyone had an excuse. Jack
(3) (promise) to help his dad in the garden all day. Barbara (4) (work) on her
school project for the last two weeks, and she needed to stay in and finish it. I ended up going hiking all day with my family
and my best friend Tom. Afterwards, Tom suggested going to his house and ordering a pizza, but when we got there I had a
huge surprise. All my friends were there! They (5) (plan) a huge party for weeks and kept the secret!

Score: /5
8 Choose the correct words or phrases.

1 Even though/Despite he can’t swim, he loves going in the sea.

2 The food in this restaurant looks very nice.Although/However, I don’t think we can afford it.
3 They’re still best friends despite/although they argue all the time.
4 The teacher asked us to work on our projects over the holidays in spite ofwe were complaining/our complaints.
5 There’s nothing good on TV. I watch it every evening,however/although.

Score: /5


The New DIY Movement

DIY is a hobby which has been increasing in popularity in the last few years. DIY means Do It Yourself and DIYers are
people who make or fix things that are normally repaired by professionals. An example of this is someone who maintains
their own bicycle instead of taking it to a shop. Nowadays, DIY is also used to describe more artistic hobbies like making
your own jewellery or upcycling – taking something old and making something new out of it, such as a bookshelf made
with old wooden boxes.
DIY has not just appeared in the last few years. People have always made and repaired things and, until the 1980s many
people had the attitude that you should mend broken objects rather than throw them away. It was also common for
people to learn subjects like sewing and woodwork at school. Towards the end of the 20th century, however, it became
cheaper and easier to buy something new than to repair it. At the same time, the younger generation started to spend
their free time doing more passive activities like watching TV. DIY became a thing of the past and it was only the older
generation who did it themselves.
That all changed in the 2000s when young people started to take up this hobby again. Knitting and sewing, home repairs
and electronics all became fashionable. However, their increased popularity was not for financial reasons – you can get
goods and services online more cheaply than ever before. The main reasons were the concerns for the environment and
the wish to do something creative. There was a growing belief that cheap, short-life goods were bad for the
environment. At the same time, people did not want the same possessions as everyone else. They wanted things that
were original and said something about their personality. Furthermore, the internet and social networking sites meant
that it was easier to share ideas about making and repairing things.
In recent years, people have started to think about how hobbies like DIY can help improve their lives. Some people
argue that it’s important for us to spend time away from modern media like TV or social sites. Instead, they recommend
activities like yarn bombing (knitting onto trees and street furniture) or scrapbooking (creating a scrapbook connected
to your interests) which help you disconnect. On the other hand, some people believe that hobbies such as robotics or
computer programming can increase your understanding of the world. They don’t believe in disconnecting from
technology but in using it to do something creative. As people become more aware of the benefits of DIY, it will almost
certainly continue to gain popularity.

9 Read the text. What do the underlined words refer to? Choose the correct answer (A or B).

1 An example of this …

A people who make or fix things B things that people make or fix

2 … rather than throw them away …

A broken things B new objects

3 … it became cheaper and easier …

A repairing things B buying new things

4 ... started to spend their free time ...

A the older generation B the younger generation

5 … people started to take up this hobby again …

A DIY B watching TV

Score: /5

10 Read the text. For questions 1–5, choose the best answer (A, B, C or D).

1 What do DIYers do?

A buy old things in shops
B repair broken things
C make bicycles
D do professional repairs
2 Why did young people stop doing DIY at the end of the 20th century?
A It was a very expensive hobby.
B They started learning new things at school.
C They were more interested in watching TV.
D Only the older generation could do it.
3 What does ‘At the same time’ refer to in the second paragraph?
A the 2000s
B young people’s free time
C the end of the 20th century
D the 1980s
4 Why did DIY become popular again in the 2000s?
A Because a lot of houses needed repairs.
B Mostly for financial reasons.
C Because people wanted more possessions.
D For various reasons, including the environmental ones.
5 Why do some people recommend activities like scrapbooking?
A Because they can help you to relax.
B Because it can help you learn about the world.
C Because they can help you learn about technology.
D Because they’re gaining popularity.

Score: /5


11 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets.

1 He doesn’t seem to (equal) hard work with success.

2 I’m (despair) to see the latest Star Wars film.
3 My dad (decor) the living room every spring.
4 We are very (fortune) to have Miss Walters with us today.
5 My new puppy loves people. She’s always very (affect) towards everyone.

Score: /5

12 Match the sentences.

1 I don’t like the way he puts me

2 If you don’t feel
3 Sometimes my mum’s so tired that she drops
4 I had a great time when I look
5 I’m sorry about the problems. We’ll try to sort them

A off in front of the television.

B back on my school days.
C down when he talks to me.
D out as soon as possible.
E up to going to the theatre, we can stay in.

Score: /5
13 Choose the correct words to complete the text.

I spend a lot of my free time on social (1) networking/blogging sites. I know it’s not a very (2) active/activate hobby but I like to
know what my friends are talking about. My parents think I should get a different one, preferably a physical activity. My dad
goes (3) scuba diving/mountain biking a lot so he says I should go with him. However, the truth is I don’t like being underwater
and it (4) puts/gets me down when my parents keep telling me what to do. I like talking to my friends and I think it’s
important to have good social skills. I wish they would be more (5) inconsiderate /considerate of my feelings.

Score: /5

14 Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

against of of to to

1 He doesn’t approve students using mobile phones in class.

2 My parent’s house dates back the 17th century.
3 The doctor advised doing any sports for a month.
4 My brother is allergic some medicines. If he takes them, he can get very ill.
5 I’m going to get rid my video games because I never really use them.

Score: /5

15 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets.

1 Martina will (hopeful) win a prize in the writing competition.

2 This new game on my phone is (extraordinary) difficult.
3 Fresh fruit and vegetables are delivered to your house (day).
4 She (accidental) knocked your cup off the table.
5 It’s (relative) easy to make your own yoghurt with a yoghurt maker.

Score: /5

16 Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.

1 I sprained/bruised my head when I walked into a cupboard door.

2 I’m quite worried about her. She’s had a temperature/allergy of 39°C since yesterday.
3 He stayed out in the sun too long and got sprained/burnt.
4 You can sometimes get cramp/cut if you do too much exercise.
5 A lot of people at school have had a stomach allergy/virus. They think it’s from the water.

Score: /5
17 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in the box.

forgive get on gossip rely on share

1 A: I’m really sorry about your book. I think I left it in on the

B: Don’t worry. I you!
2 Ryan and Nathan are always about the other students. They know everyone’s business.
3 I can’t eat all of this sandwich. Do you want to it with me?
4 My brother and I very well. We’ve got different interests and we argue about everything.
5 The best thing about Natalie is that you can always her. Whatever the problem, she’ll be there
to help you.

Score: /5

18 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word in brackets.

1 If you need any help, there’s a website which provides (assist).

2 Despite everything, our (friend) has always been strong.
3 Beyoncé gave an amazing (perform) at the concert.
4 Darren’s a little bit nervous but if we give him some (encourage), he’ll be fine.
5 Scientists weren’t aware of the (exist) of the planet Kepler-186f until recently.

Score: /5

19 Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

after along in round up

1 I wanted to drop on Alison but I think she’s gone out.

2 I’ve always looked to my brother because he’s so clever.
3 A lot of people say I take my mother; we’ve got similar personalities.
4 Do you want to go to Sarah’s house later?
5 She tends to get with most people. She’s very friendly.

Score: /5

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