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Pre-intermediate Student's Book
David Gra nt, Jane Hudson & Robert Mcl arty

Interactive Workbook material

by Gareth Davies & Shaun Wilden


Wo1kmg wrth words language al Prachcally Business ca dudy t Outcomes - you can:
work speaking commun~calíon Activlty

1 Compantes

2 Contacts

3 V•sitors

18- 23

4 New

5 Employrnent

6 Customer

7 Travel
nuun• rct('fdiOn

8 Orders

Workmg w1th words L;mguage Pnctically Business C4St! &tudy l Outcome.s - you can:
at work !.peaklng communication Actrvlty

10 New
Cl eas

11 E11tertamtng

12 Pertormance



15 Tra101ng


Pracuce f1les
lrregular verb hst 134 Aud10 sc.npts

Working with words l Campany facts

Starting point
1 Look at the pictures
on this page. What do
you know about these 1 Read th ese descriptions of some companies. Complete their n ames
Thrs campany provides many drfferent Internet c;ervrccs. mcludtng news. orslrne
2 Do you think ifs better
to work for a large or a shoppmg. and em ari Most of sts sales come from advcntsrng on tlS websrte Jts
small company? head office ís m Sunnyvale, Callfornra

3 What klnd of company v -----

2 fhrs campany produces ty res for cars and other vehtcles ll is based rn Fr<~nce,
do you work for?
but n has more than 125,000 employees aU over the world It ts also weil knowo
for rts red and green travel gurdes.
M - - - -- -- -
3 This northern European campany operates ln lhe rctall mar ket. ll speciafizes ln
low price products, Induding furntture. bathrooms, md krtchens
4 trs a subsidiary of the European Aeronautlc Delenec and Space Campany lEADSl
The campany makes planes for the commeretal atrera fl market. whcre tts main
competitor ls Boerng
A ____ _
5 This campany makes ma ny drfferem electrrcal and clcctromc products. sueh
as TVs. computers. and moblle phones It ts South Korca's fargest campany and
ex porter
s_____ _
2 Complete these senteoces wi th the words ln b old ln l .
l Some companies make or _ _ goods
2 Other campames or olier service:;.
3 If you 1n a parucular product or serv1ce. ifs you r ma1n 1:1ctivny

4 Ir you work for a company, you are an _ __

5 lryour het~d orlice ism o1 part1cular city, your compaoy - - - - - -- -
t here
6 Ir you work lo a _ _ ~ you r company 1s part or a bigger gl'oup
7 ll you se ll a lot of products. you r a re very good
8 Ifanother company operates m the same market as you. 1t 1s you r

)) Forrnore ~;xer~. ~o to Practice file l on page 102

3 Work with a partner. Make sentences using t be words ln the table.

Gazprom produces l makes
PíreJU specialízes ln .
AOL operares m
Mltsubishl prov1des l ollers ..
Volluwagen sell$ ..
UNICEF 's compeucors are .

4 OU> An employee is talking about her company. L isten and complete the
mformatlon ln the table.
Name of company BE SAM
Products ' A- - _ __ mec.hanisms locks and
Js systems
Group Assa Abloy
Nationahty 45
Number or employees ~ .OOO
Sales 1 € __ billton
Number ot subsicLaries 7 in 40 countries
Other ~nformaoon Mam c __ are the Eastern Company
lngersoii-Rand, and Master Lock

5 Work wi th a partner. Talk about Besam, using some or alJ of these phrases
and the Information ln 4 .
lt's a(n) . . company l organtzatíon.
lt's a substdiary ol . lts heud office is
It make~ l produces It provides l offers ..•
h has employees It ope ra tes 1n
It ts based m . It spec1alizes tn
lts main comperitors a re It ha, sales of

6 Now ta lk about your company us ing the phrases in S.

Cll )) lnteruc:uvc Workbook )) Glossary

Language at work l Presem stmple
1 Work wi th a partner. Ask and answer th ese quest1ons.
l Do you work for a mulunauona.l company?
2 ls It a new company?
3 What does n do?
4 Does It operare to many coumnes?
5 Where do you work?

2 Mate h the questions in t to answers a- e .

a Yes, It does _
b It provides engineering servtces to the car mdustr y.
c l have an offlee in London and anather 10 Tokyo _
d Yes. Ido _
e No, it lsn't _

3 We use the present simple to talk about general fac ts or regular actions.
Find examples in 1 and 2 for each ofthPse rules.
l ln the third person s1ngular (/w l sht> /It), l he verb t!nds in -sor 11s.
Exomple: - - - - - - - - -
2 Wi th l l you l
Wil l they. t here is no ftnal ·S
Example: _ __
3 ln most quesnons. use do Wlth ll you l we l they and does wnh he l she l u
Bxample: _ _ _ __ _
4 Don't use dD ~d does l1l questions wnh 1he verb to be
Example: _ _ __

)) Fvr more mlormauon and CXl rc1scs, go to Praelice file l on pngc 103

4 Read the text. Discuss the questions with a panner.

When you see the name Nestlé, perhaps you thmk of breakfast
ce1edls, Nescafé 1nstant coffee, or Nespresso rnachmes But what
else do you know aboutthe company' What other products does ll
seU. dnd whcre' How many people work for the campany cmd why
do the~ ll ke warking t here? What does the campany do to protect
th~ environment?
Listen to Nest/é m Focus tonlghl at aoo p.m to get answers to
1hese and ma ny other questions

5 Work wi th a partner. Make questions a bo ut Nestlé using the prompts below

Exomple: How old is the compan.v?
l How old l company?
Tip l Questtons with 2 What products l company l specJalize m?
preposttions 3 What l itS annual sales?
ln a quesllon w1th a 4 W bere l lts head office?
prepos1l10n, the prepOSIIIOn IS 5 How many faccones l have?
usually the last word, not the 6 company l sell l products l ali live contmcnts'1
hrsl. 7 How many people l employ?
l'r'hete ts t... from ' 8 What l offer l 1ts employees?
Who do VOl-' w ;(J( for 9 cornpany l a lot of work 111 the communny?
What marilet do vou !>~"ll m? 10 How l protcetthe envnonment?
6 02t> Match answers a- j to questions 1- 10 in 5. Tbeo listen totheradjo
programme and check.
8 780 r Ma ny possibilllies for rrammg
b More t hon 140 y~ars old _ g Yes. il gives money and other help
c Yes. u does h Food and beverages. _
d 276,000. i Vevey Sw1tzerland
e More t hon 107 b1lhon Sw1ss j By using Iess energy and
lrancs packagmg _


7 Make senlences about Nestlé, u sing the questions in 5 and answers in 6.

Example: The compony ts more thon UO years old
8 Work with a partner. As k and answer the questions ln 5 aboul you r
9 Work with a different partner. Tell t hem about you r first partner's

Practically speaking l How to make polit e requests

1 Compiete th ese ques tions wi th l or you.
1 Could .. peak to you for a moment?
2 Cun _ tell me you r name?
3 Can _ have .utother dn nk, please?
4 Could _ call me agam tomorrow?
5 Would repeat that. please?
6 Could help me for a moment?
2 031> Work w1th a partner. Match the questions in 1 to responses a- fbelow.
Lísten and check your answers. Then practise the conversations.
a Yes. sorry. The reference ls 1256 K d Sorry. but I'm very busy
b Yes, of course e Certainly. Same aga1n?
c I'm afraid I'm on holiday. f Sure. lt's Woody Netlson
3 Work w ith a partner. Take tu ros to make and respond to requests, using
the verbs in brackets.
Example: Can l have you r telepltone number, please?
1 J want your telephone number (have) Tip l can. could. and
2 l want your address (g1ve) would
3 l don 1 understand you (speak more slowly) Coutú and would are generany
4 l need your s1gnnrure on th1s document. (s1gn) more pohte and forrnal tha11
5 l need t wo ch ..urs for my table You have two free charrs at your table (take) can.
6 l don t have um~ to speak to you now. (talk later) Would IS not used Wlth /·
7 t need your pen to :s1gn the visnor's book. (borrow) Could 1speak to you?
NOl Woukl-t ~tlii-WV'l
8 l dtdn't hear what you sa1d (say)
Busíness communication l lntroducing yourself and others
1 041> Gianluca Donatelli is at a con ference. Listen to h im jntroduc íng
hímself to Jana Frkova. Make notes about
l Jana's naoonality
2 her ;ob
3 why she 's a r the conference
2 051> Complete what Gianluca says. listen and chec k your answe rs.
l Excuse me. _ _ this seat free?
2 Thanks very much. Can l my~elf? I'm Gtanluca Donatclll
3 Ntce to meet you , J ana Where are you ?
4 And do you work for'
5 Oh really? And what do you 7
6 So are you atthis con ference?
7 T hal's im eresríng. A fnend of mlne works fot an Ituhan serviCe provtder. Can l
mtroduce to ?
8 Roberto Ca n you come here fot a mmu te? T his is . Sorry, what'!: your name
_ _ _?
9 Roberro. _ __ ts Ja na. She's wntmg an artlele on Internet serv1cc prov•d~.
3 051> Listen to Gianluca again. He asks Jana eight questions. Match Jana's
responses to each question. Then work wil h a partner and practise the
t ' a l am a JOurnaJtst
2 b Ja na Ja na Frkova
3 c Yes, tL IS.
4 d Ntce Lo meet you l am Ja na Frkova
5 e I'm here to research an atuclc on Intemct scrv1cc provl(icrs
6 f l am self-employed
7 - g Yes. of course. That would be mce.
Key expressions 8 h I'm from the Czech Republtc
lntroducing yourself 4 Why don' t we learn much about Gianluca Jn the conversauon m 17
Can l mtrOduce my~~>lf?
Mv name's l I'm 5 061> Lis ten to two extracts fro m a díffe re nl ve rsJon oC the conversetio n
l What do we learn about Gianluca thts llrne?
lntroducing others
2 Undedme the st ressed words m Jana·s quesuons
Can l •nl roduce you to . . J
1 What about you? Wha t do you do?
Th•s ir.
2 What about you? What are you here ror?
N1ce to rneel you 1 )) Formore exercises, go to Pract lce me l on pngc 102
llow do you do.
N•ce to 111eet you too 6 Work with a partner. Have s hort conversat ions. Ta lk a nd ask aboutthcse
Asking about a person / rob l
compa ny Example: A Wilere ore you from?
B I'm from Spam What about you7 Wilere ore you }rom?
Whill aboul vou
A I'm from Jap an
Whilt's you r name <agatnl'
Where are you lrom7 • name • company • reason lor bclllg here
• country • jOb
Who do you work for?
Wllöt dO you do? 7 Work in groups. You a re at a party at a conference. lntroduce yours elf and
Why are vou here' fmd out aboul another person. Then introduce this person to other p eople
in the group.
GJ )) lntenu.:llve Workbook ))
Pbruebank ® )) interactiVe Workbook )) Eml'lll and )) Enrclsu and THIS
Work with a partner. You a re both at a con ference. You a re competing
for a big customer. The first person to finishis the winner. Thm to File Ol
on page 135 for the rules of the game.

Start Start

Who are
Where are you I'm asales Yes, l am N1ce
you r main la lhta aeat free?
from? manager. to meet you

Sorry, what's
We make c11r Who do you
& JoKER J,
No, lt's a Freneh
window' work for?
- yourname
agai n?

Can llntroduce Does you r

you 10 my boss? lt's 1263 Gray I'm Spantah
campany operate Ital y
Rd, Carmel What about you?
in l!urape7

~ JOKER ~ ~
........ JOKBR dt
-- -
Yes. sure. ll's Yu,lt '•
How dc you do?
Jan Olsen. ....... 07 45 32 19 66.

How many We operate ín

What tu·e you r W hal don you r
ln Mllan. 1m1ployees do Europe and
;,nnual Söles? companydo?
you have? North America.

No, l worlc Do you use

~ JOlCER d;,
m one ol our
subsldlarles. -- - Enghsh 10 your
Yea, lam.

W here·~ you r
No, we don't What does
What do you Yes, of course
We're a servlee you r campany
béad office? specialize \n? Please ta ke tt.
com pany spec•ahte ln?

No, I'm
l worl<: ror
Goodyear ~
....... JOKBR d, ~
l m ln the Hotel
Cap Verde

Can you tell me Does your That's 11 very

My w lfe? She's a
you r hotel room company have a personal
number? webslte? quesliont

~ JOKER d,
Yes. or course
Yu, we do l No,

- -
Can l borrow You speak very
we don't you r pen? l' llgive you my
good EngJisbi
phone number

Cong ratulations! You made contact with th ~ custom~r first!

Working with words l Describing your job and job contacts
l What do these people do in their work?
l 8 retail buyer
2 8 pubhc relations oflicer
3 an occupational psychologral
2 Read the text quickly a nd compa re you r answers to 1.

Starting point
t At work. who do you
usually s peak to
l by phon"?
2 face ·lo lace? l work for a SUpelmarket l work for the police, but rm ~etr employed
2 Do yo u prefer chrun My Job lnvolves I'm not a polleemart A Basleaily l deal wíth
communicalang with buylng prepared salads lot of my wor~ con.slsls probiems ot relitt lons
peoplt! by email or on and vegetablcs rrom local of answertng queSLJons bf>tweeJl sra/f At the
the phone? and natronaJ supplters. 1 from journahsts when the moment, for examplc,
aiso take part rn dirferant pollee ar e Ir r l he nuws I'm I'm tfo1118 a !ludy on
3 How much or you r da y loglslics projects. For also lnvolved ín a new virtual teamwork for
do you spend
example. at the moment project to attract new one of rny Indusirlal
l speuklng with pt•ople?
we're workmg wlth an people to lhe pollee force customars l hey work with
2 working ulone?
extcmal consu/tanc. He's For l hls, I'm wo rkl ng Wil h many 5ub contmctars
looklng at ways to gel our senlot pollee olflcers and an over the world. and
salads and vegetables to wlth outside employment t heu manugcrs wan\ to
the supermarket shelves ogenetes communicare beUG" Wllh
more qulckly. lhcrr collt'Ogues abroad
l work a lot wil h trammg
organlzations which
provide the courses my
customt:rs nt>ed
3 Read the textagain a nd complete the table.
Whtcb person or people .. . Sara Benjamin Heid i
work(s) on problems of
work(s) wt th people outstde
the company?
work(s) wuh products?
works wtth compantt' . but
not for, compa ny?

4 Work w ith a pa rtner. Mate h thewords in italics in the text to definitions a-h. c:
a compantes which seUtheir products to you =

b o rg.1mzauons which nnd new employees for you N
c compan1es whtch do work for you whtch you can't do yourself ()
d people who work m the samc tompany as you o
e organtzations whtch offer cout ses to company employees CJ
r a person ft om oulstde acompany who giVes expert advice n
g compames whtch buy you r products
b alithe people who work for acompany
5 Work with a partner. Which people or organizations do you have contact
w ith ln your job?
6 081> Sang Cbun ls talktng about htsjob in a software company. Listen and
d ck (,1) the people that he works w ith and the jobs that he do es.
People J o bs
Cw.tomers Answerlng calls
Supphers Vtsning
Sales re ps Developrng new programs
Progr<~mmer:; Discossing old programs

7 OS t> Complete this description of Sang Chun's job w itb a form of the
phrases in bold from the text in 2 Lis ten aga in and check you r artswers.
This unswerlng calls from customers who a re having
problems wlth thetr sollware It dlso working wíth sales reps from
time to u me
He isn'l developíng new programs. .But when
programmersa re preparing new vers•ons of old products. he _ _ __
in the discussion:;.
Typlcal problems
He lnstallnuon issucs password problcms. bugs. ele.

)) P'or marc ex~:rclses,l!U lo Praelice File 2 on page 104

When a V<'rb tollaws a
8 Work wt th a partner. Tell your partner about you r job. Wbat is similar to prepos•uon, ti aiwavra ends
you r partner's job, and what is different? w1fh ·mg
• Main JOb • Typica l problems My JOb cons,sts of ans1veting
• Other tasks (prOJCCts, etc.) • People you work wlth •ns•de and outstde the phone: to c:ustomers
the company He's mva!ved in developmg
new soltlt<Jre.
Language at work J Present continuous
1 Work with a partner. Answer these questions.
1 What do you do?
2 Wllat a re you workmg on th1s week?
3 Wllat a re you domg at the moment?
2 Match the questions in 1 to answers a-c.
a I'm lookmg at ways to get our products to customcrs more qu1ckly
b BasicaUy. my JOb conSlStS of answermg customer calls _
c I'm trymg to 1mprove my Engllsh
3 ln 2 , sentences a andcare in the presenl continuo us a nd s entence b is in
the present simple. Which tense do we use totalk obo ut
1 a presem action? _ _
2 a temporary project?
3 a general fact or regula r ocuon?
4 Complete thls rule about the pres ent contmuous.
The presem conunuaus is forrned WJlh the verb + mgform
5 Work with a partner. Look at these signs. Where wo uld you s ee them?

l'~u. ID111o
Please check password
on d trY 110al"' _

J"\ f;E'fltJ lf trJ • l am oul
AurOITllltlc reply:
d the offlee untfl 19th March.
p. .wr IIIH"Ilt.

6 091> Listen to two cooversatlons and ma t ch Lhem wi th two o f the signs

in 5.

7 091> Complete con versation 1 wi th the p resen t c onti ouous form of the
verbs in the list. Then listen aga ín and check your answers.
have accept try speak work
A Who l to?
B Sorry. tbt.s IS Nadua. l to access my cll.'itomer fil es. bUL
the computer my password
A . There·s a problem wnh the server
B somebody on 11 at the momcnt?
A Yes l am But it's not easy, becau.se I'm on my own here Evcrybody else
lun ch
B 09t> Work wlth a partner. Listen to conversalion 2 again. Have a
conversalion using the prompts below
A Excuse me
8 Wha t? MeetJogi
A Who?
B A suppher New pnces Why l d1sturb?
A Somebody l room
8 Th1s room l every Monday
A Sales D•recto1 l pnonty
8 He l wait l now?
A Yes c:
B OK l l leave. =
)) for mnre intormaunu md t>xercises. go to Prnctice Füe 2 on pa•te 105

9 Work wi th a partner. Take tums to ask and answer questions, u sing the
presen t simple or presenl conlinuous form of the prompts b elo w.
• spedk l Enghsh at work? • receive l any visitors l this week?
• travel i a lot for your work? • boss l work l every day?
• traveli onywhere this week? • he l she l work l today?
• some time.~ l work l speclal projects? • he l she l travel l a lot for work?
• do l any Other training courses • he l she l travel l this week?
at the momem?

CD >> Interneu ve Workbook >> Email

Practlcally speaking l How to say phone numbers and

spell names
1 101> Listen and write the phone numbers you hear.
l The code lor England IS
2 My mobtle number IS
2 Work wi th a partner. Say you r home. work, and mobile phone numbers to
you r partner. Wri te down what you r partner says.
3 lll> Listen to two conversatlons and write the n ames.
4 Work witb a partner. Spell you r first name, last name, and the name of
your company to you r partner. Write down what he l she says.
Tip l Saying phone
We usually say eae h numbet
sepmately, cxcept whun two
consecut111t> numbers a1e the

The code tor Thatland ls

double oh double St.t (OD 65).
ln Amc11can Enghsh, we sav
zero anu not oh for O
Business communication l Makmg and receivmg
telephone calls
1 t2e> Listen to t wo telephone c onvers atio ns a nd ans we r the qu estio ns.
l Whrch conversauon ts bet ween
a a consuiting company and a sub-contmctor?
b a suppher and a customcr7 _
2 What is the reason for each call?
2 12C> Match sentenea s 1-5 with responses a - e. The n liste n to Conversallon l
again and check you r answers.
l ls Mrs Ackers there. please?
2 Who's calling please?
3 What can l do for you?
4 Can l call you back lomorrow?
5 Thank!i lor caJllng.
a Th rs rs Simon llago from AOS.
b I'm callmg about a spucra l pnce on ou r prmter s.
c Speakrng.
d You're weJcome. Goodbyc.
e Sorry. buti'm out of the offlee tomorrow
3 121> Which sentences and respons as in 2. a re s aid by the caiJe r a nd w hich by
the receive-r? Listen to Conversetion l agai n and check y ou r an swers.
Key expressions
Asking to speak to someone
4 Work wlth a partner. Take rurns to be the calJer a n d the r eceiver. Ha ve
similar conversations u s mg your own names.
Cuuld l .peak to (nameP
ls CnJ(l) •) tllNr., please? Call 1. You want to arrange a meeung to presem you r products
Call 2 You wan t to ask about paymem ol an mvotce
ldentifying the caiJer
Could l havt.: your name, 5 121> Work witb a partner. Make five ques t ion s us ing the word sin the table.
please? Listen to Con versation 2 agajn and check yo u r a n s wers Wba t a re the
Who's calhng, please? responses to each of the questions? Prac tJse the q uestio ns a n d resp onses.
Th 5 IS IVOür namr•l speak Leo to call me bacl<?
GIVing a reason for the call lea ve me what il's obout'J
I'm callrr1g Jboul l
Could have your name plea~;e?
I'm phOnrng to you
a sk to Leo Kellher plea!;e?
Saying the person is f isn't free tell a mes~a~c?
I'm wrry, bul/ l 'm atrard she's
1101 here today. )) r:or more exerctses go ro Praelice Ft le 2 on p.tgl' 10·1
Can l take d messi:lge?
Leavlng a message 6 Work in g roups ofthree. Have three phone c onversatlo ns.
Can l Could l lcave a message? Student A Call Student B. Ask to speak to Sludcnt C You're un ex-colleaguc..
Can l Could you ask 111m l her You want to meet h lm l her for lunch or dinner tornot row. You're only an wwn
to call rne belek? for one day.
Student B Student A calls you You work Wt th Srudent C. He l she 1s very
busy and wan tS you to answer ali phone ca lis Ask who's calhog and why. then
c.11l Student C and give h im l her the message
Student C Student B ca lis you L1sten to the massage then call Studt!nl A
Decide logether if you can meet tomorrow

@ )) Inter IIVt: Work.book )) @ )) lnteracrive Workboolc )) Exercises and Tuu

Ph rastbank
DeaUng with a public retatlons crisis

l Crisis? What crisis?

Somelimes a CriSIS 1n a compélny can be used as Oln opportumly tor good pubirc
ln 1982 seven people dted after talung med](:me produced by a btg Amencan
pha1maceuttcal campany They had bought the contammated medreinc from
dtllcrent shop:> tn the USA. It was d1scovered that somebody had put cyanlde
po1son 10 the bottie
The company's sales qutckly fell to fUSt 8'!4 of the total market The campany
knewthat rt hud to deal wil h the situeJtron qutckly to protecl lts customers r.~nd
IlS good name lust stx months later, ll was once again the market leader wlth
35% or sales ln ll~ markel

lmagine that you a re one ofthe dtrectors of this company.

What can you do
l to protect you r customers7
2 to develop you r business agai n?
3 to stop a criSIS li ke this happening again?
1\am to File 02 on page 135 to see what really happened.

You work for the local branch of an international cosmetics company.

A hospital nearby has recently had several patien ts complaining of severe
skin reactions to a new moisturizer you produce.
Work with a partner. Have two phone conversations. Student A, lum to
File 03 on page 135. Student B, tum to File 36 on page 142.
Work in small groups.
l Discuss who else you need to tell about this problem, wi th in you r
campany and outside you r company, and why.
2 Decide what action you will take and why.
Share your ideas with the rest of the class.
Working with words l Campany structure
l Read the text and answer the questions.
l What was the aim of the customer visi t prc1gramme?
2 How was il different from other prog1ammes?
3 Which departments participa ted 10 the visits?
4 Was the programme a success? How?

Starting point The importance of

l Do you visit other
companies? tr so, why? customer contact
Who do you go with? The Amencan computer manufactuter Hewlett Packard ran a very svccessful
2 What sort of people customer VISI l programme. The Idea of t.he visils to HP customers was not to selllhe
v i sit the department company·s products, but slmply to listen and learn
you work in? W h y? The vts1ts wereconducted by mJXed teams who visited between lesi and fort y
customers. These teams lncluded a project englneer from the Research and
3 Make a list of five
departments you find in
Development Department, and a person from Marketmg who played a part ln putting
a company. the product on the market ln most
cases, a sales rep who was respons1ble
for each customer was also presenl.
ln a quesuonnalte, 88% or staff
mvolved m the programme satd that
custome1 satisfaclion w as belle•
as c1 result of the visits About 90%
Indleated thatthe vÍSits gave Lhem
ideas for changtng lhe products or
services offered to customers
This programme showed the value
of customer contact for ali employees
ln an organlzalion. ln somany
companles. 1t Js only those who work
tn Sales, Markeung, Customer Serv1ce,
or Techmcal Support who have dtrect
contact w1th customers
2 Which department in the text in 1 u suaily
l seUs the products?
2 looks for new markels tor new or ex 1sting products? - - - -
3 c~ate.~ new produt.:ts?
4 answers techmcal quesuons from cu:.tomers? - - - -
5 answers ali other questions from customers?
3 Complete the s entence s about other departments wi th words from the list.
/i11ds buys checks aRangs mamli11!!S dl!als organtzes
l The Logtsucs Department acranges the transport of products
2 TheTraming Department _ courses
3 The Purchasmg Department from suppfiers
4 The Human Resources Department new staff. w
5 The IT Department the computer system
6 The Finnnec Department wuh alithe money. !!!.
7 The Quality Cont1 ol Depanmenl _ _ that t.he products have no defcctrs. o.....
4 Work wlth a partner. Take turns to make sentences about different people
who work ln acompany and to guess which department they work in.
E:xampfe: A She deafs with alt the mone)l
B She worlcsín the Finance Department.
5 131> Tbree people a re receiving vis ltors ftom other departments in their
campany Ws ten to the three convers ations and complete the table.

Person Which department does be l Which department does his l

shewo rk in? her visitor work in?

6 131> Wsten again and complete thes e s entences.

l l have a meeung today with Anno Neves. who's ou r
2 Ou r com pa ny is three business u nits.
3 He's the person tn buymg for the wbole group
4 J a lot of 1raíning organizatjons
5 l the HR Director.

)) Por nll)fC l'XerClS( ~. go to Practlce me 3 on page 106.

7 Work wi th a panner. Ask and enswer questions about your ownjob.

l Whtch department do you work in?
2 What ore you responsible for?
3 Who IS 10 chargc of you r department?
4 Who do you report to?
5 Wh1ch dcpart ment(s) do you have most contact wtth? Why?
6 ls your dcpartmenl dtv1dcd mto d1rterent sections or units? What a re Lhey7
8 Work w itb a d.ifferent partner Take tums to descn"be you r job and
department. Then des cn"be the other people and departmentsaround you .

~ )) lntmu:uve Workbool: )) Glouary

Language at work l Askíng queslions
1 Work with a partner. Complete the questions. Then take tums to ask and
answer them.
l people doe:; your cornpany empfoy?
2 dtd your company open in you r town?
3 department do you work m?
4 often do visitors come to your comp;my?
5 a re you workmg on al the moment?
2 Look at the word order for ques tions an the tabte Then complete the table
with the questions in l .

Qu estion Auxiliary Subject Main verb Rest of

word or verb qu estion
Howoften do you spr•nlr E11gltlh'l

Howmcmy does your c1Jmpa11y t>mplov?


3 14 e> An employee is showing a visitor round her company. L1sten to extraelS

1-4 and decide w here they a re or who they are meeting in each one.
l Where: 3 Wher~;
2 Who 4 Who·
4 Work wi th a partner. Put questions 1- 8 in the nght order.
l this l often l use l How l does 1 omce l he '
2 from l does l he l come l Wherc ?
3 long J a re l here l slaylng l t low l you ?
Tip l wl1ich and whac 4 sce l you l here l whtle l wam l do /to l you're l Who?
Wh1ch and whdl dre very 5 open l dtd l it l W h en ?
o;rmllar, bullhere 1s oné mam 6 do l receive l calts l a day l How l you l many?
dtlferentl' tn meantng. 7 you l do l Which l visll l coumnes?
Wa us" whrcfl when !here ts a 8 abou r l much l you l market l know /the l How l Poti!;h l do 7
trmrted • hoice of <~nswcrs.
Which t. IlY do ~u pret~r­ 5 14 1> Match questions 1- 8 with responses a-fbetow Then listen again and
R10 or BUf'nOS Atn?S7 check your answers.
Wh1ch 1lepartmenr do a One or two people m Sales And Marketmg e .lust two days _
}OUWOIII m? The Sales b tn January. _ r New York.
Department c Sweden and Denmark mostly _ g About one day a wct!k. _
We use wh.)l when we are not d Not very much. h About 500
t·· nkmp of a chorce
What does )f)U' Catnf]Uny )) Formore mformatlon and cxcrcises. go to Practice tale 3 on pasc 107
6 You have a new employee in you r department. He / she has a lot of
ques tions for you. Make complete questions using the prompts.
1 Person tn charge ol department? 5 Photocopier?
2 Openmg l closmg hour:s? 6 Number of people?
3 Nearest toilets? 7 Key or secunty pass?
4 Lunch? 8 Coffee or tea breaks?

7 Work with a partner. Take tums to ask and answer the questions in 6
about you r departments.

Practically speaking l How to welcome visi tors

1 I St> You work for the Freebírd Corporation in Lisbon. A customer is w
visiting you for the nrst time. Complete semences J- 7 with pbrases from
the list. Then listen and check your answers. <
Did you júul .? Where .? Did you ger . 7 Welcome
How long 7 Did you have .. ' Would you /ike . .7

to t rccbl r d.
2 n good tri p?
3 you r way here ali right?
4 n ~ou avt,f
5 a re you here for'?
6 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
something to drink before we start?
7 t rn n l~ ) 1

2 151> l.tsten agai n and write down the visitor's responses. Then praclise the
conversetion with a partner.
3 161> We often ask follow-up questions to develop a conversation. Listen
to a Ionger version ofthe con versation in 1. Then complete follaw-up
questions 1- 7.
m Ltsbon?
2 What time - - - - -- - last night?
3 How d id you - by car?
for you
5 Will you have time - - - - - - - - around Lisbon white
you re here?
6 How do you ?
l \Jol dd l l ~~~ t('

4 Work wi th a partner. lmagine someone is coming to visi t you in you r

company. Have a conversetion with them, using the questions in l and the
ronow-up questions in 3 .
@ )) ImeraClive Workboo~ )) Email
Business communication l Pres<!ntinC) visual tnformation
1 Look at the information about Le.novo. the computer manuracturer.
l Wh1ch slide í!> 10 the lorrn ol
a a dtagram? b a graph? c a p1c chart?
2 Which s.IJde shows
a nses and falls rn market share?
b the breakdown of sales by markel"/
c some key figures in Lenovo's orgam:l.tllonnl structure?

1 2 Lenovo PC Markel Share 3 Lenovo m Chína

(Mainland Chma)
G1eater 4V~T-----------------~ Mam office/salu
Ch ma

30% R& D Producúon Arter-sales

5 Cl!Jl!S 1' 111 1!~
24/7 call
Amenc<ts '- -% tcchmc:al
l.enovo 2007111 n:sull' ' FY2004/05 market :Jhare Informuticin n!tl~
• Europe. Middle l!a~l. Aft1CJ> c:ombrncd shures ol l.t>novo ond l BM PCO

2 t 7 r> Listen to a presentation about Lenovo and complete the 1111Ssmg

information o n the s lides.
3 l 70o Work wi th a partner. Which slide t-3 do es each sentence re fer to?
Listen and check you r answers.
a Thts ptechart gntes you the breakdown of l.enovo"s sales. _
b Nott that the company has operauons m ma ny dillerent cit res. _
c This groph shows the cha nge 10 market share.
d This dtagrom summafizes the company's main opcrauom;
Key expressions e The Important thlng here isthat Lenovo IS su ll the marketleader m China
Referrin& to visuals r As you con Sf!f! 27.6% or sales !.IrC m tht AmeriCII.li
Th ts lable' p1e chdrl l graph l g But nottcethat Ch t na represents 37 5% ol worldwide sales. _
diagram s•ves you J shows l 4 Which phrases in italfes ln 3 a re use d to
summanzt.!S ...
l describe brieny what is in each shde?
Let's look at th•s •.•
Have d look .:11 lh1s •.. 2 say what rs important in each slide?

Checking 5 Work with a partner. Choose t wo slides in l . Cover the phrases in 3, and
Can cvcrybody see that OK' take turns to present a s lide. Describe eae h s lid e briefly and s ay what is
l!> that cfear' important about the information.

Focusina on Important polnts )) Formore exercrc;e~. go to Praelice lile 3 on PllRC lOU

As you can see•.
NOtiC!! that ••• 6 Work wi th a partner. Smdent A, tum to File 04 on page 135. Student B,
Note that ••• tum to File 31 on page 141. Cive a s hort presentatlon to yourpartner, using
The 1mportant lhmg here is ... the slides. Say what is important or interes ting about the Information
~ )) lnteracuve Workbook )) @ » lnterac:uve Workbook >> Exerdses and Tests
Workwith a par1ner. One of you is visiting tbe otber's company. Take
tumsio be the visitor and the hos t. Have a convers atien in each ' place' in
the table below. The a im of the game is to ask more ques tions than your
The host starts each conversalion with the 'conversation opener'
Use a qu estion form in the 'Ques tions' column to continue the
3 Use theideasin the 'Subjects' column to help you.
Tick (.l) the ' Polnts' column every time you use one of the ques tion
fonns. You can u se the same forms as o ft en as you like, but try to us e
t hem ali before the end of the game.
The winner ls the person who has the most points.
RECEPTION Ho.~ t: Nice to see you aga in. How are you? (J point)
V/sitor: I'm jlne Sorry I'm a lllt/e late. What time is it exac tly?

Place Conversalion opener Questions Subjeats Po ints

Reception Nice to see yo u again ls ? • Visitor's JOumey hotel,
Alt' . ? ett.
Do .. 7 • Programme for visit
Ho.st's office This 1.s where l work. Does ... '? • Host Job ond department
ordesk Dtd '?
• Visttor' JOb a nd
Can ... 7 department
Wherc .. '
Colleague's My colleague 1sn't here • Colleague's JOb
WhaJ .?
offlee or d esk today, but he l she • Visítor's work colleagues
Who .7
An other Now we're 1n the (name) Why 7 • What u does
department department Wllen :> • Relauons wa th host's
How .? departmen t
Meetlog room This alide shows the How often .7 • Company st ru~:tu re and
struc lUre of ou r company. Howmany . ? key people
Howmuch .. 'l • Key people in vtsator's
How long . 'l company
Restaurant Th1s ts the best restaurant Would you Ilke ,7
• Town where company
in town as tocatcd
• Vlsitor's home rown

Total pol n ts*

• Grve yourself l point for each t lek

Oeduct l pomts for cach queslion
form you hoven·l ust:d
Working wíth words l The development process

Starting point
1 What new products
can you buy at the
moment? Thi nk ab out
the followmg areas
• electronic gadgets 1 t St> Listen to an interview about the development of a ra nge of clothing.
• food and drink Fa t Face, and answer the questions.
• health and beauty l Where were the two lnends workmg?
2 Why did rhey stru t makmg T-sh irts?
2 How do companies
creote new products? 3 Where did they print the T-sh irts?
4 Why did rhey call the company Fat Face?
3 What makes a product 5 How do they descn bc the1r product?
2 18 1> Complete the n ow chart for the development of Fal Face with the
4 Do you oflen try new words from the list. Then Us ten to the interview agaln and check your
products or do you answers.
usually keep to one brand rhe producr design tlle product have the origmaltdt:a
1 2 Do market research

4 Do product trials 3

5 8 Launeh the product

3 Work wlth a partner. Discuss why each stage in 2 is important
Example: You do product mals to [ind out 1[the public like the producl.
4 Look at texts 1- 4, wbich describe four new products. Matcb the texts to
pictures a- d.

A well-designed plece of off&ce furmtme. Comes wlth ve&y user-friendly

ilssembly lnstructlons

mple and runctlonal item. rrequent travellers like ll as ll ls compact

2 A s&
and can f&t easily ln to a washbag or overnight bag.

3 Trüvel in style Wllh th lS brand new stylish and attractive,

yet practical nem
4 If you haven't already made the switch. do ll now, 1f
only because trs more economica l

5 Match 1-8 below to definitions a- h .

l practical a costing Iess to run
2 I!CODOmiCIII - b easy to use
3 auracuve _ c fashionable and good to look at
<l funcuonal _ d useful
5 styllsh e small
6 user-friendly f useful with llnle decoration
7 well-des1gned g beautifui
8 compaci h planned and made weU
)) For mnrc ext.'rc&:;es, I(U to Practice Ole 4 on page 108

6 Work with a partner. Take turns to describe different products you have or
use, for example you r mobíle phone, car, co at, b ag, or PC.
Examp/e: My car wasn'r cheap. but It is very economícal becauseit doesn't use
much pet ro/
1 Work in a smaiJ group. Your campany is launehing a new product or
service. Describe this product or servlee to your group. us ing the ideas Tip l cheap or
below to help you
• product or serv&ce brand econom1cal
• product or serv1ce development Che<tp means tnat somet111ng
• descnpt100 or the produci Or SCTVICe does not c~t very much
Econom,caf means spendlng
@ )) ln1eracuve Workbook )) Glossary les.s on someth&ng ovet a
perlod ol time
Language at work l Past s1mple
1 Work with a partner. Look at pictures 1- 4 and m a tch the inventors witb
inventions a-d.

a 195J Contact lenses c 1991 World Wtde Web

b 1973 Mobile phones d 1996 Hotmail
2 191> Listen to the heginning of a radio programme about ínventors and
check you r answers.
3 201> Listen to the second part of the radio programme and answer the
l What did Sabeer study in Califomia?
2 Where did he get h ts first job?
3 Who did he meet t here?
4 Why did Sabeer tell Jack to hang up h ts cell phone?
5 Why dtd they call the servtce Hotmrul'?
6 How much did thetr first sponsor invest tn thetr tdea?
7 When did they launeh Hotmail?
8 How much did Microsoft pay for Hotmail?
4 Look at these sentences about Sabeer Bhatia a nd mntch th em to tb e rules
about the past simple.
l He arríved ín the USA ín 1988
2 He didn't linish his doctorate
3 He sold the co mpany ln 1997 for $400 million
4 Why did he leave Microsoft7
Use the post simplt to ta lk about flnlshed acttons ln the pnsl.
a The past simple form of regula r verbs ends in ·Cd
Tip l pronunciation b T he past slmpiP form of irregular verbs does not end ln ed.
Example: _ __
ot regular past -ed
end1ngs c The negative is forrned by using dtd/l t w1th the inllntiiVI! ot the mam vcrb
Example: _ _ _ __
The -.ed endmg ts only
pronouneed as an extra syllabte d ln questions we generally use did+ subJect+ tnlinitive or the muin verb
wheo lhe lmal ound ol !he Example: _ _ _ _ _ _
.n limlive tS It/ or ldl.
need needt.>d
dectdt! dectded
v.11n1 wanted
tnVtle- mvtled
5 Complete the textabout Tim Berners-Lee usíng the past simple form of the
verbs ln brackets.

The Man Behind The World Wide Web

Tam Berners-Lee 1 (be born) in London, England on
8 June 1955 He 2 (study) physics at Oxford University where he
- - - - - (buald) has first computer He • - (have) several JObs berore
he t (become) un mdependent consuitant Durmg this u me he
' - - - (spcnd) six months an Geneva, Swrtzerland. where he _ _ __
(wrilc) hrs first program for stonng informallon He ' (call) the
program 'Enqu1re'. but he (not pubhsh) rt ln 1990 he
111 (start) work on the World W1de Web proJeCt. which first
11 (appear) on tht: Intemet ín 1991
ln 199., Tam (set up) the World Wrde Web Consortium
alt he Massachusetts lnsmute of Technology Today he is the D1rector of thrs
Consortium, which coordrnotes web development worldwide

)) For mor~o informatmn <1nd c xercises, go to Practice file 4 o n page 109.

6 Work w l th a partner. Ask and answer questions about Martin Cooper.

Student A, turn to File 06 on page 136. Student B, tum to File 37 on page 143.
7 Work wlth a partner. Take turns to write d o wn an important date, place,
and person in you r life, preferably not connected. Ask and aoswer as m a ny
questions as possible about the words.
Bxamplt: A Why IS Spam 1mponant? B l worlcedrhe~
A flow long did you work there? B For a year

Practically speaking l How to show Interest

l 211> Tick (./) four phra.s es which we use t o show interest in what anotber
person is saylng. Then lis ten and check your answers.
Oh Oh really?
D1d you? No. it wasn't.
Yes l d1d _ Thanks
Thot's Interesungi Was it?
2 lll> Listen agai n and complete the extracts wi th a phrase from t .
1 A We went away ror a change. B
2 A We went to Monte Carlo. B
3 A It was resily excrtmgl B - - - - - - -- - - - - - -
4 AThe weather was lantasttc. B- - - - - -- - - - - - - -
3 Work wllh a partner. Practlse the conversations in 2.
4 Write down four things you did last weekend. Then work wi th a partner.
Take tums to have a conversalio n about the weekend. Make the
conversalion las t as long a s possible by askíng questions wi th What?, Who?,
Whe~?. When?. How?, and Why?

Business communication l Giving a report
1 Work with a partner. Look at the pic t u re of a Pod pad. What do you th ink it's
used for'? Compare you r id eas w1th the advert m File 07 on page J 36.
2 221> Listen to a meeting of festivat orgamzers. The speaker IS g1ving a
re port on her research in to the u se of Pod pa ds. Answer the questions.
t What was the purpose of the research?
2 Why did they choose Podpads?
3 Who put the Podpadsup and took them down?
4 How many Podpads d1d they order?
5 How d1d tbe researchers <lltract people to t<~ ke part m the research'
6 How many tunes dtd they speak to the people m the Podpads"'
7 W hat did the farmers thi nk of the Podpad t eum?
8 Was the experiment a success or a fatlure?
3 221> Work with a partner. Matcb l-9 wi th a-l to make sentences Then
listen agai n and check. you r answers.
l The purpose of ou r research was
2 We wanted to find out
3 Why did we choose Podpads?
4 First, _
5 Then, _
6 We spoke to _
7 Fmally.
8 We asked Lhem _
9 We found that
a we visited the larmers who let us use thetr land
b Because they arc much st rongerthan tents.
c they were popular w1th both res1dents and farmers
d wh1ch accommodarion would keep people dry 1n bad weather
e for thetr op1mon o f the campany
r to find the most comfortable accommodauo n lor vtstto rs to o utdoor fest1vals
Key expressions g ou r Podpad residents after one ntght
h ... we contacted Podpads.com and ordered 50 Podpads
Stating aims
... we organized 50 people to sleep in t hem
The purpose of Ih is research
was ••• 4 Work with a partner. Put phrases 1- 9 from 3 ln the correct category
We wanted to lmd out •.
Aim ofthe Reason for doing Order of the ReporUng
Giving reasons research something process
Why did wu .7 Because
Explalnlng the order of the
First, we ••
Thert, Wf! .,
Fm:1lly we •• )) For morc cXl!rcíses go to Prae lice file 4 on page 108
We :oPGI<e IO ••• 5 Work wi th a partner. Your company has asked you to research places where
We asked ... employees can have a short sleep in the middle of th eJ r working da y. Give a
We found !hal ... report on your research at a meeting. Student A, tum to File 08 on page 136.
Student B, tum to File 38 on page 143. Then dec1de which one IS better.
(lJ >> lntt racuvc: Workbook ))
Pbrasebanlt @ )) lnteracuv(' Workbook » Email and >> Exerc1ses and Testa
Re-launching an exhibition centre

The Millennium Dome disaster

lhe MO!ennlum Come was buOt 1n London to celebrate the begmnlng or the new
mtllenmum The butldlng housed a mator exhtbltlon wh1ch opened to the public
on 1 January 2000 Many VISitors were dtsappotnt.ed Wil h the exhlbltlon and
access to the Dome by car was dtfflcull Consequently. the numbet or VISttors
was approxtmately ha tr that expected and the prOJect made a loss .BI!cause of
t:.s unpopularuy, when the Dame elosed on 31 December 2000, lhere were no
plansfor 11s future and no sponsars to pay for lts mamtenance. As a result, It was
reported that the empty butldtng cost lts owncrs El mtllton every month

Why did the Millennium Dame project fai!?

Why were no companies Interested ln investing in the Dome?
What could the site be used for?
'1\Jm to File 09 on page 136 to read what happened.

You r city hosted Ex po last year, butsinceit cJosed, the site has been empty.
The planning department of yo ur local government wan ts the site to be
re-developed as soon as possible. You work for a campany which would like
to do this.
l Work in a small group and decide what you could do wi th the site.
• what 1t could be • how you did you r research
• how you decided this • who you talked to
• what beneflts it woutd bring
Thrn to File 10 on page 137 for some possible ideas to help you.
Prepare a re port to presen t to the plan n ing department of you r local
goveroment. IncJude your aims, thereasonsfor you r choice, how you
did you r research. and who you talked to.
Work in a different group. You are in a meeting of the plaoning
department. Take tums to give a report at this meeting on your
company's cholce. Then have a vote on lhe best choice.
Go back to you r original group from you r campany and explain which
one was chasen and why.
Working with words l Job benefits and employment
proced ures
l Read the text. A re th ese sentences true or false'?
l A majorily of semor managen; prefer heu l th bencllts to more money
2 Most young employees would ll ke a higher salary
3 At OST International. ali employees have gym membershaps
4 Most employees at Major Players ore not anterested an pension schcmes

Choosing your
Starting point
own benefits
l What benefits do What benefits are most popular
employees have in wath employees? A recent study
companies, apart shows thattl depends on the
from their salary? age and posítion of the person
Think about holidays. ln the company For example.
traanang, extra 63% of sentor managers are more
money, etc. Interested an pnvate Ilealthcare
than a hagher sala.ry However, c.1
2 Whichjobsor majorlty of employees under 35
lndustries have the
best benefits in your would prefer more money to extra
country? days of pa ld hollday
More and more companles are
3 Th ink of one benefit operating Oexlble systems where
which you don't have, sta ff choose their own bene flts At
but would llke. OST lntematlonal, each IullUme
member or staff receives ESOO a year, which they can $pcnd on a numbet of things
These IncJude pnvate healthcare. childcare vouchers to help puy ror their ch1ldmrs
prMchool eosts, or gym mernbershaps for t hose who love spon
Jack Gratton. the Managlng Dlrector of Major Playcrs, says most people ln has
campany are young. and they are not anterested ln pens1on schames Employees
usually sta y only rar three years, so pens1ons are a waste of money What his staff
of ten prefer as mobale phones, gym mcmbersh1ps, and ex tm pa ad hohday

30 l
2 Matc:h l- IO to a - J to give the names often job beneJits. Some of th ese
benefits a re in the text in l
l matemlty 6 c:ompany a car f hours
2 flcxJble 7 moblle b heallhcare g bonus
3 pa!d 8 annual - c: membersh1p h scheme
4 pnvatc _ 9 subsJdtzed d hohday childcare
5 gym 10 pensaon e leave j phone

3 23!> Listen to three people desc:ribing their job benefits and check your
answers to 2.
4 231> Lis ten again. Wh1ch benefits a re useful or not usefuJ for Anna, Mark,
and Valerie? ,-=
5 Work wi th a partner. Look at the benefits in 2 agai n. Which benefits a re
these people desc:rlbing?
l 'l can Retto work early and lea ve early too.'
2 'l use it for ali my business calls.' "'
3 'l get morc money if the company's results are good· 3(t)
4 'If l have a baby, l get six months orr · :l

6 Work witb a partner. Take tums to describe and guess the other benefits
ln 2 .
7 Work wi th a partner. You a re starting a new job in a new company. You can
choose six ofthe benefits in 2. Which do you want to have, and wby?
8 Work with a partner. Look at the table below and decide ifa candidatc or
an employer does the different things in the list.


Who candidatc employer
l 1s 1>hortltsted for tntervaew?
l oflers you the job?
3 goes for an mtervtew?
4 updates theJr CV?
5 asks lor rhe namesof referees?
6 epplies for the JOb?
7 advertJses the posmon?
8 Ittism li n appltcuuon form?
9 looks through the apphcatlons?

9 Work wi th a partner. Put the stages of getting a job in 8 in the right order.
Example: First, tltl' ernpfoyl!r advcrtfses tht- positiori
Thl'fl t/re ca11didate
Tip l get
)) For more e.xrrctses. go 10 Pract ice Cile 5 on page liO.
rt1e vero get has many
dtlferenl rnean1ngs
10 Work wi th a partner. Tell h im l her about when you got you r presen t job. l get to work al e1{1ht tn the
rnommg <= atrlve)
• how you heard about Lhe JOb • whal lnterviews you had He cets 8 bonus Dl lile end of
• how you apphed for it • wby you accepted the job the ~' (= r~c,vesl
C,1n you get tum Dl the stJt1011
th1s evcnrng' (:::: go and meet)
Language at work l Presen t perfect (l l
1 241> Listen to two people discussin g a new t ype of ev.
l How is ít different from no nnal e Vs?
2 Do you thínk ifs a good idea?
2 241> Lis ten aga in and l!rulerline the verb forms you hear.
1 Dtdyou ever see l Have you ever seen il v1deo e v ?
2 l never saw l 've never seen one
3 l read l have read an artlele aboutthem il few days ago.
4 Some comparues a/f'f!(Jdy staned l have alreudy )(Uneti offenng V Ideo ev Services
5 Someone ematlad l has ernalied me ll ev today.
6 l didn't wa cell l haven'twatcl1ed it yet.
3 Work witb a par tner. T he past s im ple a nd the presen t perfect both describe
past ac tíons. Lo ok a t the s entences in 2 . Decide if the verb formsarein the
past s imple or presen t perfect. T hen comple te the r ules.
l Use the __ to talk about past acllons
where the n me mcludes the presen1.
2 Use the whon the 11me does not
!nclude the present.
3 The presem perfeci 1S form ed w1th l _ _ + 1he past parríc1ple
of the main verb.
4 With the present perfect use the tollowmg time exprcsslons FVer,
- - -· - --
4 Look a t the time expressio nsan sentences 1-7 and decide If they take the
pas t simple or the presen t perfect. T hen complete each sentence about
l This month l - - -- - - -- - - - - - - -
2 Yesterdayl _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ ____
3 L~tyearJ _____________________
4 l never _ __
5 When J was at school l ---------------------------
6 Today, l already
7) _ _ _ _ _ _ __
5 Wo rk wi th a partne r. Ta ke tums to say you r sente nces without the t ime
expression and fo r your partne r to g u ess wha t t he time expression is.
6 25 t> Naomi HasseH n is applying fo r a jo b as project ma nager for a big non-
p rofit o rg anization with o pe ra tions in Africa. Lis te n to Lhis ext ract from
her v ideo CV. Where has Naomi w or ke d?
7 251> Make the ques tions t hat the interv iewe r on t he video asked, using the
promp ts to help you. Lis te n a gain and check you r answers.
l when l start l non-prof1t sector?
2 ever l work for l b1g orgamzarion?
3 Afnca l m the las t year?
4 what l do there? ____
5 happy l results? --------
8 251> What were Naomi's an swers to the quest ions? Listen and check your
answ ers.

)) t or more mformauon and excrcises. go l o Prac tice lih.' 5 on page lll

9 Work wi th a partner. Take tums to a s k and answer questions about your
experiences, usmg the prompts.
Exampl~: A Have you ever mrerwt!Wed someonefora job?
B Yf'S, l haw
A Who did you tmerview? Whac was lhejob' Did you enJOY u?
• tmerv1ew someone for a JOb • give someone a relerenec
• go to an Enghsh-speaktng country • take matemny l patemlty leave
10 Work w itb a partner. Look at questions 1-8 below. Decide which questions
are not acceptable an a job mtervtew and w by. Are the other questions
easy or diffic ult to answer?
l Have you ever had any problems wtth your boss'
2 Why dtd you choose you r presem career?
3 Why dtdyou teave you r fast JOb?
4 What docs you r portner do? m
6 What have you enJOyed the rnost tn you r presenl job? 3
6 What have you learn! 1n you r present JOb? o
7 How old a re you?
8 How have you changed inthelast five years?
11 Work wlth a partner. Choose three questions each from 10 and take tums ~

to ask and answer these questions.

Practicatty speaking l How to delegate work

1 26 Paula is as king her assis tant Antonio for help wi th the preparati on of a
tra ining course. Lis ten and complete the sentences.
l l make a list ot pamcipants
2 allthetr mobtle phone numbers.
3 l'd phone the Sales Otrector
4 tell htm that the welcome party is at s1x th1rty?
5 _ _ ..._ to go to the party too?

2 Which sentence is Iess direc t? Why does Paula use it?

3 26t' Listen and matc h responses a-e to questions 1- 5 in 1. What other
informallon does Antonio give w h en the enswer is negaöve?
a Yes, of course. Anyihtng else'? d No problem. _
b OK 1'11 do thnt riglll now e I'm not sure l can do that.
c: l m afnud l cnn't
4 Work witb a partner. Choose Box A or Box B. Take tums to ask you r
partner to do the dífferent tasks ln the list and to respond. Say ' no' to at
least one, giving a reason.
Go to the sandwich bar and get you Go for lu neh with one. of your
somethmg for lunch custome.rs.
Wn te your end· ol-month progre.ss Get you a coffee from the collee
report lor you th ts weekend mach me.
Check an ematl you·ve wru ten for Phone the IT depanmenland ask
spelhng mlstakes them to come and nx your computer
Business communication l Dtscussing progress
1 271> Na tas ba Pierom is the HR Manager of an e ngmeenng company. She's
discussing the re cru itment of e ngineers with Ben Coulson, the Project
Manage r. lt's Friday 16 J u ne. U s ten a nd complete lhe notes an t hereport
Task Date
Ben a nd Nalasha 10 shortlist condtdares Already done
Na tasha to ct~ ll candidates to arrange interviews Early 1

Ben ro read ali CVs

lnterviews will ta ke placc
Ben to confirm avaitabilit y for mtervtews
Natasha to prc:pare det1tled JOb description
Ben to speak to MDabout salarles •
2 27!> List en agai n , the n ma tc h J- 8 wfth a- h to make complete s enteaces.
l Where are we a runmng o ut
2 We've already b the salories issue?
3 t ernalied them to you c wt th me
4 l've been very shorl olume d s honhsted rwcnty c.tndtdclles
5 Time's _ e .. limshed the JOb descrtp!lon vet?
6 Leavett _ f wtth recrullmcnt?
7 Have you _ g thts week.
8 Can you deal wtth h last week
3 Work wi lh a partner. Which phrases in 1 ha ve a s imaJa r meaning Lo the
followi ng?
a What progress have we l you ma de? d Cun you do n?
b The work is l tsn't fl nishcd e It surgent _
c 1'11 do it
4 Work with a partner. lt's Monday 19 June. Natas ha is askmg Ben ú he has
done the different thmgs. Have th eir c onversauo n, ustng the notes beJow
and lhe phrases in 1 .
Key expressfons Example: When: a re we w /Ih the C Vs? Ha ve you ~ad tllem'

Asktng about progre.ss No~tuha Olt n.ad thcm?

WherL are we ~•th •.•• &tn ~ l<\ '' .,.rrl..(.nd - \ll ~1)01\ undtl\.ttet.
What about ••? NAtuha 1hnrb ~ut ~pe.t• ro Ml??
Have you don~ yet?
e.,n Nni j•l- nn hrnr ~~ llltrl•ll•J IJel ~n\Jf
Descrrlbing progress No~ta.ha nht IMI'Illfl!)? tlrt)l nil
Wr'vc already done .. &~n OK h lcrvot'ltl f\t~l ~o~et~ Nr,t ;~rrJf\9'•1 rbtrL
We háv!:!n't done •. yel. Natuha No. r rt d If) fl10"'1011r av:1tl11t l olt
l dtd 1! !ast week. t!rtn 'bc•l'l't - wt; wo ll tollform \>oj1T111~1\~ 'Prt IJArtdjiW c\t$lnvtoon?
Saymg somethlng is urgent Nat.Jt.lu Vra
T m~·s runnín~ out.
Wt.'re v.:ry s~l or l!me
)) For more exerca es. go lo Praelice file 5 on pnge liO
Deciding who will do What
lt!ave ti wtth me 5 Work w itb a partner Ma ke a list of what you have and ha ven't done at work
Can you deal wtth that? Uús mont h. Then take turns to ask you r partner about progress on his l her
list. If you haven't do ne so mething, then you can a s k you r partner to do It.
(J2 » lnlt.mu;llve Wotl<book »
PhTBscbank @ » Interac: UVt' Workbook » EmBilllnd » Exert:ises and Tests
Recruiting talent fast
Oxlam ls an NGO (non govemmental organlzatlon) whiCh deals wtth humanitarlan
OiSt'.S abfotJd As wllh ali organtzattons, every p.ltl of the orgamzauon has
dtfferentr"ocruttment needs Fmance and rr have problems recrutttng top quaitt y
profesSJonals because ol the law pay Markeling and FundraJSmg have to recrutl
qutd ly tn respon se to an InternatiOnal ertSIS Because at ts an NGO. Ox fam has to
SlJCnd ·~ Itttie money e~:. posstbleon recrutlmenl and at the same ltme milke su re
lhilltt hos ddtverse workforce and equal opportunlties To help wtth these tssues.
Oxfilm unroduced Global Successor a web-lx!~ e-recrulünentsolutfon

What kin d or recruitment problems does Oxfam have?
ln what ways ls Oxfam different from companies?
How do you think e-recruitment belps Oxfam deal with lts recruitment
1\Jm to File 11 on page 137 to compa re you r a nswers to •.

You work for an tn ternational organization which employs 500 people. It

has recently had problems recruiting and relaining staff.
1 Work wt th a partner. Read ab out some of the problems the organizatron
had and what it has done in the !ast s ix months. Student A, tum to File
12 on page 137 Student B, tum to File 39 o n page 14-3.
Take tums to discuss the problems and the pmgress made. Then decide
on en action plan of what the o rganization needs to do next.
Working with words l Customer sattsfactton
1 Read the six rules for good cu stomer service in the text below. Does
your company follow these rules? Do you have experlence of them as
a customer?

Six rules for good customer service

l Answer your phone
The golden rule IS 'never miSS a phone call; so someone should always be ovatlable to
p1ck up the phone Your company may havelO set up a call centre to meetthe needs
Starting point ofcustomers.
2 Keep your promises
1 What problems can you
have when you contact Customers want a reliable service, so always do whéll you say you will do. Keep to
a company? your delivery dates and you'll gel repeat business from you r souslied customers.
2 Read the comments 3 Usten to your customers
about poor customer Conduct SUl'Veys penodlcally to flnd out what you r customerst hl nk Learn from then
servtce. Which ofthese feedback and change your stralegy ll necessary
experlences have you
4 Give compiaints your full attantion
had? Which one is the
most annoying? Dea1 with compiaints quickly and efficlently If you have to g1ve a refund. do 1t w1lh a
You huvc to wail ~o long sm1le. SaUsfied customers will recommend you lo friends and get you more business
10 speak to <;oml'onc • 5 Take the extra step
'They put you on hold Offera personalized service to you r
and you can't tum off customers and they wíll feel more im porta nt.
their awful muslc.'
Deal w1th the! r requests on a personal basis
'They ask you t(.l repeat and make sure lhey know whattheir opt1ons
the mformatlon so ma.ny
are at ali tlmes.
timcs and then nobody
can help you · 6 Give customers somethlng extra
'They try and sell you Encourage customer toyatty by gtving you r
Other S I!TVICC<; ' regutar customers somethlng exua. Vou r
3 What is your idea of customers will be happy to get somethíng
good customer service? they dldn't expect.
2 Match these quotes from a company employee to the six rules in the text in 1.
a We des1gn every machrnt: to meet the specd ic needsof customers _
b Wc negotíute :.pecial priccs for our loyal customers _
c We g~ve customerst heu moncy back uthey a re not compietel y satisned
d We send ou r customers quesuonnatres every t wo years to get the1r opmions
e We employ 40 people to ensure we deh ver on u me
r We he~ve four receptiomsts takmg ca lis at a ll u mes.
3 Match the phrases in bold in the text in 1 to definitions 1- 7 below.
l Try to make sur e customers stay w1th your company.
2 Des1gn a servtce su1table tor each person
3 Ask customers questions.
4 Provide the serv1ct: people Wilnt
5 Make su re you tükt the goods to the customer on time. --~--
6 Solvu problcms.
7 Ma ke u customer use you aga ln
4 Work wi th a partner. Complete the questions about your com pa ny l
compames wi th a suitable verb. Then t ake turns to ask and answer the
l Docs you r com pa ny the needs oftts customers? Why? l Why not?
2 Does your company always to Lts delivery dates? Why? l Why not?
3 How ollen does your company surveys?
4 How does your campany Wlth complamts?
S How does you r com pa ny 1ts customers a personalized servtce?
6 How does you r company customer loyalty?
5 281> lis ten to three speakers talking about their experiences of bad
customer service . What problems did they have?
6 28 Complete the sentences with a word from the list. Then Ilsten and
check you r answers.
dJSSallsjied helpfui tmposstble loyol unreltoble
l 'llley said tt was to gwe me a refund
2 Actu<~lly they weren't at ali
J I'm not going to use that taxi company aga in because they're so
4 We: ve bccn to the sa me company for years.
5 Wt wert wíth the :;ervice tius ttme.
7 Work with a partner. Take turns to explain and guess thewordsin 6.

)) For more cxerCISes. ~o to Prac ticeme 6 on page 112.

8 Work w itb a partner. Ask and talk about good or bad experiences you have
had wt tb custom er service, using the prompts below to help you
• what l buy? • sattSfied l dissansfied? Tip l Negatlve preflxes
• why l this company'l • feel about expenence? U!>e the prciiKes dts, un·
• rewards 10 regula r c::ustomers? • do repeat busmess? 11nd 1m· to make adj<>dtves
Q)» lnrt!ntwve Workbook )) Olouary sartsfted dJSSéJtislied
rellablc unreltable
poss1ble 1mposs1blc
Language at work l Compansons
1 Work wi tb a partner and answer th ese questions.
l Do you buy many things on h ne? If not why7 fr yes have you hüd good
customer service?
2 What is the quickest way or contaciing an online rctailer?
2 291> Llste.n to an extract from a rad ro programme about con surner affain
and compare your answers.
3 291> Listen again and underline the correct word m ita/tes.
1 Onltne retallers are Iess dlf/icult l more dl/licuit to contdet tha n beton:
2 The cheope:st l the most expcns1ve way to contuct an on h ne relailer is by ema1l
3 The returns pobcy ofmost on h ne rcta1lcr:, 1s bl!rtRr l wor;i"e now
4 Customer service Isi isn't as cflicient a:-11 should b!!
4 Complete the rules about camparrsons us ing the adject•ves 10 3.
l The comparauve form ol one-syllable od)etllves hke clleap 1<: chrapt~rand 1he
superlative form is __
2 T he comparalive forrn olth ree-syllabl~ ndjectives like difficult ls - - -
_ _ _ and the superlative form IS thi! most dij/IC'IIIt You can nIso use les.'
dífficu/t and 1he least difficulr
3 Good and bad have rrregular comparutrvc und supellutrve form:>
good, • cha best
bad. the worst
4 Use as + adjecnve + os to compare rwo thJORS wh1ch arc s1mtlar and not
+ adjective + _ to camparc t wo thmgs which a re cüiTerent.
5 301> Petr and Ludmila work for the Customer Service Department of an
Intemet provider company. Listen to Petr reporting the res u lls of a recent
s urvey to Ludmila and answer the quesuons.
1 Which age group and sex uses the Internet the most?
2 What are the t wo most popular acuv1t1es?
3 Where do we usually log on?
Two-syllahle ac11ectrves end1ng
4 Why don't we u!>e the Intemct more?
ln -tul, Iess. mg. -ed. -ous
5 What do we buy the most of online?
usually lorm the•r comparat1ves
and superlalives W1lh more and 6 301> Work witb a partner. Complete the results w1lh o comparalive or
the nl0$t. supe.rlative form ofthe adjectlve ln brackelS. Then listen agam and check.
tmng - more Ilfing - the most l The age group wi th (low) number o l Intemct users s the
lmng 65+ age group.
carefut more carefut the 2 Sending and rece1ving ernails 1sn't (popuh:ar) a:; searching
mosl caretul for in fonnaiion on goods or services.
A small number at two syllable 3 Women are_ {intere!lled) lhnn m~n in lot1krnR for Ilealth-
adjeclives form lhtw related mfonnauon
cornparC:tllv~.>S and superlatives
4 1t's (common) for Internet users 10 access rhe lnremer
wrth f>f and -est. from work than from home.
qu1et - qwetet - the qweresl 5 (importunt) reason why Internet users do not use the
elever- cfeverer - the Intemel mo1e ts that they don't have tr me
cJevt!rest 6 Sale~ ol traveL accommodatron, and holtdays aren 1 (high)
as sales of films musrc, and DV Ds
Two-syllable adJi!Cirv'->s end1ng
111 r form l heu comparaltves )) Formore inlormuuon nnd cxerc1ses. go to Practtce file 6 on page 113
and $Uperlai1VCS wrlh ver tnd
7 Work with a partner. Make sentences about the best place to buy goods,
using the ideas in the table.
Example. /[you b11y n plane ttcker online. it is o[ren cheaper. but rhe servlct! 1s Iess

goods pl ace adjectives things to think about

"laptop on h ne fast l !!low choice
some Oowers ln a supermarket <:heap l expensive pnce
a CD ln a small shop w1de quality
adesk rehable serv1ce
a book lrcsh del1very dates
a plane uckct personalized staff
a mobile helpfuJ
a SU It good /bad

Practicatty speaking l How to respond to complaints

1 311> Listen to three phone calls where people are making a complaint.
Number the compiaints in the order you hear them.
a A supplter makes a mtstake w1th an 1nvo1ce
b _ A supplter doesn t deliver an order on rune
c A supplter hus sen t the wrong product.

2 311> Listen aga in and match a response to a compiaint in 1.

l _ That IS .1 problem
2 l see
3 Oh rtght
3 311> Lis ten again and complete the apologies.
J I'm about
2 h's ou r - - - - I'm - - -
3 Ido that.
4 Work with a partner. Look at situations 1- 4. Take turns to complain and
reply, using the apologies from 3 and the responses from 2.
l You retumed a book to nn online retatler, but you have not receíved a refund
lor It. Your order number 1s AX347219.
2 An IT tcchmctan 1epalred your computer yesterday. but ll stlll doesn't work
The techmcian·s nome was Luc
3 You orderfold u taxi for 10.00 It ís now IQ 15 and 11 st ill hasn't arríved
4 You ordered 50 desks, but nJCe1ved fi ve. You r order number IS OP32497

Business communication l Askmg for and giving opinions
l 321> l..isten to fo ur managers of an Internatio nal h ig h s treet ret ailer t alking
in a meeting and answer the question s .
1 What three compiaints have customC'rs made?
2 What two plansof actton do the managers agrec on?
2 32 1> The verbs in the box are often used in phrases for askingforand giving
opinions. Listen to the conversallo n agai n. Comple te the b ox with any of
these phrases you hear.

thin k ag re e fe el

l l tlunlc l don 'r agree l don t fre/

2 2 2

3 3 3

4 4

3 Which phrases in 2 are u sed to

ask for an opiruon? gi vt! an opuucm?
l l
2 2
3 3
agree? dJsagree?
l l
2 - 2

4 Work with a partne r. Ask for and give opinion s on the fo llawin g ideas.
Key expressions using the phrases tn 3.
Asklng for an opiníon l Staff s hould always be pohte to customer
What do you lhtnk? 2 The best customers should get the best servlee
How do you 1~1 abrlul that? 3 The custom er is always righl
Do you dgrec7 4 Cus tomer compiaints a re good lor il company
Giving an oplnion 5 Cus tomers don't always Lelithe trU!h tn questtonnah es
t lhtnk we ~ould . 6 Call centres are very popuhlr wtth c u!ilomets.
lllon'l thilik we shouttJ
)) f·or more exerc1ses. go to Practice file 6 on pagt- l t :t
Personalty, l feel Wf! should ...
l don' t teel we should .••
5 Work wi th a partner or in s mall groups . You wo rk for Pa n-European 011
Agreelng (PEO), which has petrot stations m you r country l count ries . PEO wants to
l agree Wtlh you improve cus tomer service in i ts petrot s ta tions . Have a mee t ing to discuss
l thtnl« you'rE> t1ght. the proposals and decide whic h one is the b est.
DtsagreeJng • To tntroduce a new loyalty card c ustomer~ g L•t o nl' tree htre or petrot for
don' t ·w ri·· e very 200 lit re~ b olJght
t don' t agree at ali • To tmprove the quality or lhe loou ln pet ro! StllliOn Cdies
l d•sagree. • To employ new s ta ff to opera te the petrot pumps tor customers
• '\:q a {(e.t a ha\f-q tice. car wash wh e n customers buy 40 Ittres o l perrol.
Ql }) \nt<:tbt\lVt Wtn\.baoJ(
n Phrasebank @ n lnteracuve Workbook >> Email and )) Exerc.Jses and Tests
Rewarding good customer service

B gr und

The WOW Awards

Th~ wow factor, or the clblllty to 1mpress or surprlse people. ts someth1ng
which Derek Wllhams beheves ts Importamm cusromer care. tn fact. Derek
ls Mr wow. whose m15s1on 1n life IS to tnsp~re great customer servtee tn the
UK He belleves that pnce competilion and product promotion are not as
Important as employees and ex1st1ng customers He says companles should
make cu!>tomers fali ln love wlth them to achieve greater sales and prof1ts. ln
1998 ht: help<.od estabitsh the NeJlional Customer Servlee Awards, which have
an <lllnual Oscar·style ceremony at a top London hotel.

DIS l ,CjJQn

What do you th ink are the benefits to a campany of winning a

customer service a ward?
What estegories of award do you thi nk then could be?
Can you thi nk of any companies you would or wouJd not nomina te?
1\Jm to File 14 on page 138 to flnd out aboutlhe dlfferent estegories
and one w inning company.

You are on the committee for the National Customer Service Awards.
1\Jm to File 13 on page 137. Student A read about Campany l, Student
8 read about Company 2, Student C read about Campany 3, Student D
read about Campany 4.
Have a meeting. Take turns to present
your company's story. Then decide which
company you thi nk has given the best
customer care and should be given the
Working with words l Travel
1 Read the text and answe r the questions.
l How are Yotels dirterem from other hotels?
2 When might passengers wa nt to use ll Yott!l?
3 What facillties are Lhere?
4 How do Yotels save passengcrs li me?

Yotel: the ultimate experience in airport hotels

Starting point
1 Wh1ch form of
tranlo-port do you
usually use to
• go to work?
• travel on business?
• go on holiday?
2 'The average business
travelJer takesseven Yotells a new chatn of budget airport hotels where guests sUly tn smalllrtd1vtdual
tri ps per year.' How cabms Sltuated m one of the terminal bulldmgs at Gatwlek Nr port, the first Yotel m
many trips do you take? the UK olfers passengersa place to catch up ontheir sleep ti they have an early flight., a
delay, or a long watt between connectlons. You can check ln for a four hour bloc.k attd
3 What do you like aboul
you don't have lo make a re servallon
travelling? What do you
not llke? Check·in happensat a machine ln Reception where gucsts pick up a key card to then
cabln Fadlities IncJude a techno wall contalning a TV scrl:!en wtt h a wtde selectlan or
illms. radio. games, and the 1!1ternet The 10m premtum r:ab1ns have a double bed
wtuch converts 111to a com!orlable sofa and ~he 7m standard cabms have a smgle bed
1nstead Both cab1ns have shower rooms, and luggage can be put under the bed There
ts no need fora safe.
To check out guests use a aed1t card 1n the mach1nes to pay their bill Whtle guests
m other hotels have to take a shuttle bus to the alrport. Vot~lguests walk strar!!ht to
the check·in desk, through the deparlt~re lounge, and waste no ume 1n boarding
2 Work wa th a partner. Dlscuss t he advantages of s tay ing at a Yotel. Think
• the locat1on
• the radlitles
• the u me

3 331> Lis ten and complete the three texts


BA7293 Singapore 14.4S untll 16.30. Walt in

UA0472 Bos t o n lS. 30 Jt3.

Guests are requ1rcd to ~c _ berore 12 noon and return Lhe <
~k to reception Please remember to remave ali valuables
hom the 's _ beloreyou payyour ' b_ _ __

___ ~l4!J') from L.orW!n Suow.J to l.cf>t.t ~1agen

o lii.UI
Pcplr1$ "00
l ai1S4S "i 1

4 Work wi th a partner. Put thewordsin b o ld from the text in 1 and from 3

into these categories. Some words may flt in both categories.

hotels airports l air travel

Tip l cravel. crip, and

Use travelin a general srmse to
)) For 11101 e ••xerctscs. KU l o Practace rit e 7 on page 114 taik about vasttlng other places
It IS " noun md a verb.
5 Work with o par tner. Stu dent A, tur n to F'ile 15 on page 138. Student B. Au travet ls cheapet /f{)W t/Jan
turn to File 40 on page 143. Then have two conve.rsations. ti has Wt't bP.en.
l travel .1br011d lot work once
6 Work with a partner. Tell eae h other about you r l ast business trip or
holiday. Talk about
ot twtc"' · month
• the JOU rnr.y Use trtp to talk nbout the wt;olc
• where you s tayed vastl to a plo:~ce we go lo
• anything that went w rong She's gone on a busmess trip
to Pans
@ )) Inaemelive Workbook )) Glos;;;y
Use JOumey to ta lk about the
act of tr av •thng from one place
to anolher.
The joumey to my p111ents'
house tdkes ftVe traurs
Language at work l Countable and uncountable nouns
1 Work with a partner. Read the Frequently As ked Questions (FAQs} sent to
an airport. Which or the questions can you or you r partne r answer about
you r nearest airport?
l Can l get to the atrpot t on pubhc transpon 7 If not, how rnuch docs u ta xt c:ost7
2 How much time wtlll need to travel betwccn rermtnals? ls there a shuttle bus?
3 l need to get ready fot a meeung How ma ny shower room:; arc ther e?
4 l need to get some money Where a re the cash mnchmes7
5 J don't need my swtcase Are there any lockers where l can lea ve my luggage?
6 My moblle phone ISn't workmg Can l rcnt one to use on my tnp?
2 341> Listen to a representatwe from Tokyo Narita International Airport
giving information about the ajrport. Which quesUon in l dQ..esrú he

3 34 t> Listen again and answer the FAQs in l about Narita International
4 Nouns in Englis h can be countable, for example job(s) or uncountable, for
example work. Complete the rules with the words countable or uncountuble.
l _ _ nouns have a piural form (e.g. bank bankii)
Tip l nouns that can 2 nouns have no piural form (e g mjormatton- mjormation)
be countable and 3 Use How many? with nouns. nnd 1/ow much? wi th nouns
uncountable 4 U se ls there' w1th singula r nouns and nouns.•md Ar..
Some nouns m Engfish can tilere7with piural nouns
be countable or uncountable
5 Look agai n at the FAQs in l . l.lrulerhne alithe countable nouns and~
depend•ng on their me.~~ntng.
the uncou.ntable nouns.
l haverft got Ume to ,~I'!Swer
ali my ema!ls t()(Ja,
~ ~> :J/fed our suppJ1ers three
t1mes today.
6 Work with a partner. Are thewordsin the lis t countable (C) or unc ountable
(U)? Choose six and put each o ne into a sentence.
ucket C taxi níg/11 bank _ research _
Pqutpment mmuu: producr hour _ business mp
travel JOb work _ news _ information _
7 Complete these questions with How much ... ?, How many . .. ?, fs there .. ?,
Are there . . ? Then work w ith a partner a nd ask and answer the questions.
l __ a bus stop nea r you r office?
2 u me do you spend packing for a holiday?
3 business traps do you make in a year?
4 many emptoyees from overseas in your company?
5 work do you have a t the moment?
6 a good restaurant nea r you r office?
)) Formore Information o1nd cxercise!>, go to Prac tice Ole 7 on page 115, ~
8 Work wi th a partner. Take turns to ask and answer some travel
Information ques tions. Student A, turn to File !6 on page 138. Student B,

tum to File 41 o n page 143.

Practically speaking l How to report to a company reception

1 3St> Listen to a conversatlan between a cUent andacompany reception ist.
ls the cUent poli te? How could he bemore polite?
2 351> Listen to a second conversetion and order the information the ellent
gives the first time she s peaks.
a the name of her company c the name of the person she JS meetmg _
b the llme ot the appoantment d her own full name _
3 351> Complete these sentences from Conversation 2 with words or phrases
from the list. ls the c ustomer (C) o r the receptio nist (R) speaking7 Listen
agaln and check your answers.
~eu rity pass an appointment a seat sign in l ín from
l _c_ My n~me's Heten Edwards and Ciubank.
2 l have w1th Susana Kechel at ll o'clock.
3 Wou ld you hke to take while you're walting?
4 Do l need to ?
5 liere's your
4 Work wílh a partner. Take tums to be a c us torner checking m at a
company Reception and a company receptionist. First use your own
names and then thenames and companies below.
l Judith Kerr lAvava l Lewts Ferrero l 12.30
2 Leony Granger l Samsung l Ruth Chan l 2.15
3 Yann Jaffrey l Nokta l Ned l-lussem l 9.45
4. Pano Ten l UPS l Carmen Winters l 10.30

Business communication l Making small talk and
develop fng a conversatien
1 Work with a partner. Look at the to pics below. Which ones ls 1t norma! to
talk ahout in your country when yo u mee t someone from ahroad for the
f'lrst time?
work thejourney money the v/sllor's rountry
family poluics mteresc~ holidc1V$
2 361> Lis ten to Dan Ford meeting J ozef Dropins kJ a t the at rport. Wh1ch
topics from t do they ta lk about?
3 361> Complete the ques tions from the con versatJon in 2 w1th do, did or a re.
Then lis ten and check you r answers.
l you bave a good Otght?
2 _ you often travel <tbroéld on bus mcss?
3 you see the Alhambra?
4 What you thlnk of 1t?
5 you intere.ated ln architecturc?
6 When you us ua ily take your hollduy?
4 Complete the table with the questions in 3 .
Asking about ajoumey Asking aboul experiences
How was your joumey? ls th1~ your flr~ t tune m Tokyo?
Have you bc~n here before?
Was the night delayed?
As king aboul babits Askmg about opinions l interests
Do you ever go skimg?
Key expressions
Asking about a joumey
How wa' vour JOt.Jrnf.!y1
Old you have n good tnp? )) Formore exerctsl's.. ~o to Praelice file 7 on p<~gc l l~
W:tr ltl"' fhr.,r J l;,wed'
5 Work wi th a partner. Choose tbree of the to ples in 1 ond make fo ur
Asklng about experiences
ques tions about each topic.
ls ttus your ft rst tune 111 Tokyo?
Have you been here before? 6 Work witb a diffe rent partner. Take turns to as k a nd o ns wer you r
Ord you ~e tha mate h las t questions.
7 Work with a partner. You are visiting each other's countries. Ta ke tu m s to
Asklng about habils make smalltalk and develop a conversation. using the ideas below.
Do you ever go sotilng7 • the hotel • food
Do yo11 oltan go abroad on • Lhejoumcy • their ra mlltes
business? • t.he1r interes ts • holldays
When do you usually take your
holida y' @ » Intetilet tv~ Workbook )) Email and )) Exerc1st&and Tes ts
Asking about opmions
Wlul d td you lh1nk ol 11 ?
What ktnd ol tood do you llke?
ArP you mt er ~ted in tennrs?
(!2 » IntcmlCll VC Workbook ))
Work with a partner. You a re both traveliing to Chris Stein's office in Prague. Student A
takes one ro ute and Student B takes another. Use a counter and throw a coin. lf the coin
l~tnds on heads, move forward one space and role-play lhe conversat ion with your partner
on that space. If the coin lands on tails, stay where you are and pass the coin to your
partner The winner is the first person to reach Chris's office.

- - ~ .......
Buy 11 plllnll;tl.clcet:1 Buy a ticket
10 Prií,Ue Ít 'th~l for the Airport
ar'*~'ofnc~J Express tmln.

Aak where you

Ask what time the
can change
next train leaves.

Make arnalicaik
Order a d ri nk and
wil h the person
something to eat
snunx n ex t to you
on the plnne.
on the pl~~ne.

A~lc which bus

Check into
to the Old
your hotel and
Town and how
ask what time
much " ticket
breakfast is.
Make small talk
Checkinto CHRIS STEIN 'S wi th Chris Stein
OFFICE wben he picks
you up
Working with words l Orders and delíveries
1 Read the text and answer the questions.
l ln what ways are Amazon.com and UPS simalar?
2 What do customers expect from Amazon com?
3 ln what ways does UPS help Amazon meet these expectauons?
4 How does this relationship help Amazon.com?

The Amazon.com and UPS relationship

Two market-leading companaes whach were rounded an the sa me ca ty an the USA,
Seattle, one almost a hundred years berore the othes, s•gned animportant business
deaJ ln 1995. UPS, founded m 1907 ls now the largest express dehvery campany
ln the world and Amazon rounded tn 1995, has became the world's most popular
1 What goods and online retaaler
services are often On Amazon.com, customers can purchase goods 24 hours a day, seven days a
bought online? Why? week after they have ched<ed that they are ln stock Once the customer places
2 What do you buy an order, Amazon ls expected to delíver lhe goods quickly and orfer customers
online? cholce, competltlve prlces, and excellent customer servtce at the same ume. UPS helps
Amazon meet ali of these needs.
3 ls th ere anything you
would not buy online? Flrstly, UPS allows Amazon to process the customer•s order faster With UPS
If so, why not? Online Tools on rts website, Amazon can quote its customars prices for a Wide choíce
of dehvery options. Secondly, customars can track their shlpment, usmg lhe UPS
order tracking system. Rnally. customecs can 11se UPS's excellent Returns on the Web
services If t here is a problem
wlth the product on delivery.
These tools a re not only
popular wíth customers. who
can make an enqulry aboul
the status of their order online,
but they also help Amazon
cut costs. Nearly alt customer
contact is made vta the website,
lncludmg btlhng, as customers
pay the in voice online berore
UPS makes the delivery.
2 Match 1- 10 below from the text to defin1tions a- j.
l to purchase a a questran
2 10 stock b thrngs you buy or sc ll
3 1:oods c transporung products to a customcr
4 to process d a requebtlor someth1ng to bé sen t
S 1111 order _ e to say how much sometbing w1ll cost
6 to quote _ f tO deal Wlth. e.g. an order
7 ashlpment g to buy
8 an enqu1ry h goods wh1ch arc being transporred
9 an mvoice i a documen t you rnust pay
10 a delivery j ready to sell c:
3 Work with a partner. Complete 1- 10 wrth a suitable verb, u sing the phrases
tn bold in the text to help you. Then take tums to put the phrases into a

l a price 6 an order
2 an inVOICC 7 d shlpment ....
3 _ _ an order 8 a delivery
4 _ _ a produci ls ln stock 9 _ an enquiry
s goods 10 _ _ the goods
4 371> Work wi th a partner. Put the process of ordering in the right order.
Then lasten and compare you r answers wi th a manager from an online
retall company.
a .lu. eu lamer trac.kst he prograss of the order onhne
b l The customer makcs an enqutry aboutthe supplier's products and
thi." prrce
c The customer pays lhe lnvoice.
d . " ... tlaces rtlr the suppl!i!r by phone, fu, or email
c The suppUer prov1dc.s informallon and quotes a price lor the product
OT ~fl ni\CU.

The supplJer dellvers the goods to the customer.

8 Th oJpph ·• il 1ft t o rd r r Wil' ll lom e-r.
h The supplier ~ h cks that the product rs in s tock.
l The supplíer gtves the custom er a date for delivery of the goods.
l Tht! 5 j r r- .J-- l .e order

)) For more exerciscs. go l o Practice file 8 on pnge 116.

5 Work with a partner. What w as the las t th Ing you ordered by phone, fax ,
or the Internet? Take tums to explain what happened, us ing the words
and phrases from the unit.
(D >> lntllnlcttvc: Worklmok » Glossary
ln entrsh Englrsh Wt! 11'\e
mvotce 1n more rormar Engll h
and bt/lm •n1ormat Engh~h.
ln a restauran t we use bt/l
ln Amencan Enghsh a
restaurant bill es called a
checJ... and a banknote IS a bill
Language at work l will l go1ng to l presem continuous
1 381> Listen to a customer p honing a supplier about a delivery and complete
the information on the message pad below.

C.l1tfll --------------l.c'"''\lin9
Ordtr 1'\tlmbtr:
Orig•nal rk\•wl'f !Utr _ _
Ne-.. dr\!Vff'( <Ut~ - - - - -
Acl!On. thangr dtllvl'l"j tlatc t o - - - - -

2 Read these sentenc es from the phone conversatien and compiet e the rules
ab out future verb for ms.
a We're going to deliver the cards next Thursday mornlng.
b We're attendlog the campany conference in Toronto on 5th Mnrch
c As soon as l've spoken to tum, 1'11 call you bac:k.
Use to make o dectston at the momem ot speakrng
Exampfe: _ __ - - - -
2 Use _ _ _ _ _ __ __ to talk about a plan that's already dectded
Exampfe: - - - - - -
3 Use for an arrangement wnh a lixed rm1e or pl ace
(Vou can ofien use gomg to here mstead.)
Exampfe: _ __

3 Match sentences 1-6 to responses a-f. Then put the verbs in bra ckets in
a-finto t he correct form.
l Do you have any plans for the weekend? _
2 I'm afraJd J can't answcr you r questton _
3 Have you dectded what to do about the new sales post? _
4 Can you stay a bit later tomorrow mght? _
5 J can't come to the meetmg in the mornlng
6 Have you though t about how to get to you r new job?
a OK. J _ _ _ __ (change) ll to the: allernoon.
b No, sorry 1- - - - - - - - - - - - (meet) some fnends lor
a drínk.
c Ves, J have. 1 __ (buy) a cHr
d Ves, it's my birrhday and l (have) a
party. Do you want to come?
e Don't worry. l _ _ (a!'k) somc:one ebe.
f We _ __ (udvertise) in the nutionül
4 Work w ith a partner Take turns to ask the questions and to respond, using
the pro mpts in italfes wi th going to, preseat continuous. or will.
l A Shall we go for coflee?
B Sorry l l meetthe manager at ll
2 A Can you bnng me to work tomorrow?
B OK l l ptck you up at 8 o 'clock
J A Whal 's gomg 10 happen oboUI you r JOb?
B 11 /ook for a new one
4 A Can we ta lk aboutlhl:> next week?
8 Yes J / gll'l: you a ca ll
5 A Are you happy where you live? c:
8 No. l l /ook for a new nat
6 A Canwehave lunch togcther?

B Sorry J l go to the gym

7 A Whtll d fe you domg tomght? o
B ll play lennis wi th a Iriend ro
8 A Have you thought about you r holiday yet? VI

B Yc:~ Wc l book a cruise

9 A Can l hu ve a glass of water?
B Yes l l go and get you one

)) Formore rnfonnatton nnd exerctscs, go to Practiceme 8 on p.:a.:e 117.

5 Work w itb a partner. As k and answer the questions in 4 wi th you r own •d eas

Practically speaking l How to make arrangements

1 Work with a partner. Look at the phrases from a con versation in A below.
ls lhe conversat ion formal or in formai?

1 l'd like to meet you - - - - _ _ _ _ tor lu neh next week?

_ _ _7
2 When ore you dVarlable?
3 Ooes •. su rt you? Thesday OK
4 I'm arraid I'm not cJvallable on 1\iesday. Sorry, l can't __ on 1\lesday
S Shall we <Jay .. ? Thursday at 12.30 Jnstead?
6 Thut sutts me _ _ _ good.

2 391> Listen to Fenola Young using the language from 1 to talk to a supplier
on the phone. Why and when are they meeting?
3 401> L1s ten to Penola now using more informallanguage to ta lk to a
colleague, Sven. Why ond when are they meeting?
4 401> Listen aga in and complete column B in 1 with the equivalent inCorrnal
phras es Check you r answers wi th the audio script oo page J53.
5 Work witb a partner and role-play the follawing situations.
l A suppher cal h n g a new cuswmer to arrange a presentatson.
2 A colleaguc calhng unother collcague to arrange a tennis match .
Business communication l Makmg and respondmg to
1 Work wi th a partner. Ta lk a b o ut you r company logo Do y o u llk e it?
2 41 1> Listen to a meeting betw een four c olleagues who a re d is cussing
ch anglng the logo of their compa ny. What decisiens d o they m a ke ab out
t the campany name on the logo?
2 the des1gner o f the logo?
3 41 1> Listen again and matc h s ugges tions 1- 6 witb re s pons es a- f.
l Why don't w e 7 a I'm not sure abo ut that
2 May be we should .. _ b OK. Let's ...
3 We could . . _ c Fine.
4 How l w hat about ..? _ d l don't th ink that w1 ll work
5 l suggest .. _ e That's a greatJdt;u!
6 Shall we ..7 _ f Yes. lthmk we should
4 Look at lhe respons es in 3 . W h ich respons es are used t o a cccpt a
suggestion and which res ponses are used to reje ct a s uggestion?
5 Work with a partner. Look al s ituations 1- 6 and l ake turns to m a ke a
suggestion and respond, u sing the idea sin t h e b o x.
Example: A Shall wehave /unch tn that new Itallan rutaurant?
B Yes. thatsa great idea l fancy a ptua
Situation Su ggestlon
l You want to have lunch wil h a colleague. The new ltlthiln restaurant.
2 You are launchmg a new product An ernatito oll customers.
3 A friend is un happy wi t h her salary. Ask lor t1 pay ri se .
4 You need a new suppl! er. Search on the Internet.
5 A colleague looks unwell and tired. Leavc early
6 There a re communication p robiems in you r A w eekly meeung
)) !'or more exerc1s~. go to Praelice file 8 on p.1gc 116
Key expressions
Maktng suggestions 6 Work wi th a partner o r in s mall gro ups. Your compa ny is going to o pen a
Why dr n'l WI' (do) .? cante en and would like y ou r s uggestions Have a m eeUng t o discuss what
Maybe we should (dO) ... you would like, using the pro mpts below to h elp y o u. Pre s en l yo ur tdeas to
We could (do) the class.
How J what about (do.ngl •. . ? • locat1on
Shall we (do) .. ? • hours - ali day sta1t mg w ith breakfast?
l ~up,gi'SI Wf! (dO) •• • cost - avernge price or a mea l?
Accepting suggestions • types of food
Yr> l th1 1k we should (dol ... @ » lnu:ructive Workboolc )) Email and )) Exen:1ses a nd TeJtt
OK . let's (do) ...
f hat'· a great Idea.
Rejecting suggestions
l tn not .ure about lhal.
l don't lh mk Ihat will work
(D )) lnterac:tlw Workbuok
)) Phrasebaok

Company sets up online

retail service
DOOlns ls a lead~ng electneul rllatler and part of t he OSCi International Group.
wtúch owno: stares ac ro~ much of Europe, lncludtng Electro World Dtxons once
tud a star l' 111most towns and citles across the Ul< and Ireland ln response LO
thcatsfs ln th!! rctalllndustry. the campany IS now concentrating on lts online
servt~e ll has seen lts Irtternel sales grow SO% each year dunng the last four
ycJrs, and ttnow gets over one mllllon viSttors per month. The company's Cto
hissfitt~l ed th<Jt the campany tnlends to became 'the most successful electocc~ l
retatler on the web'

D ssron
Why are companies like Dixons setting up an online retailing service?
What do you think would make a good online retail service?
What does an online retailer look for in a delivery com pa ny?

Listen to a log1Stles ex-pert taJking about what online retailers

should consider w ben cboosing a delivery company. Listen to the
Interview and number the foUowing characteristics in the order you
hear th em. Were you r answers to simita r?
spted of deltvtry traeleing system delivery opuor~s _
frnttunt' dc/r very ratt• pnce _
You work lor a campany which wants to set up an online service. You
need to flnd a suitable delivery company. Work in groups orthree.
Student A, tum to File 17 on page 138 for information on Interglobal
ltd., Student B, turn to File 42 on page 144 for information on Stable &
Sons, and Student C, turn to File 54 on page 146 for information on Nova
Solutions, Look at you r information and decide on the main advantages
and dlsadvantages ofthe company.
Have a meeting to presen t the mronnation about your company. Decide
which campany you th ink is best.
Working with words l Sa les and adveruslng
1 Read the textabout Carrefour, the Freneh supermarket group. Are these
sentences true or false?
l Carrefour is lncreaslngly successful in Ch ina
2 Ali of the Carrefour stares in Ch ma se ll the sa me products.
3 Chinese consumers have <tlways drunk wlnt~ wlth thetr food .
4 Chinese consumers can buy Carrefour products dnd p.ty later
5 Internet shopping ts now posstble at Carrcfou~

Starting point
l A global retailer
1 'Everyone tB an sales. Carrelour is the sec:cnd lar~:est ret••l comp.1ny tn the wo1ld uod wa.s the firt.t to open a
It doesn't matt er what hypermarket1n Chma.lt cnlered the Chlnese markel ln 1995 It now h.l, aunual sales tn the
area you work in, you country ofmore !han €2 btlhon and IS opcrllng anlncJca~tng number ol ~tOil'5 to Improve its
market share (currently S"~<.).
bave chents and you
Carrefour has attracted customers by adapliiJ8 to and copying local rusroms For example,
need to se ll ' Do you
C.hll1t:se CO~UmeJ:> triidlt JOnaily boughl hve h~h ill rnillkt IS. SO Cartelaur llllrotiuced IM! r!Sh
at stares neat Lhe sea. However. tn stares hundreels ol mtles from the sea l1VI.' 11$11 wOtJid not btc
2 Which oflhese do you prurtiCill Frozen hsh was Int roduced ln:.U!dd .md thi!> boosted sales of l15h by .30-<10"
agree wil h? Cötrefour hoiS trred to stay "head of the cu:>tom"r by not lntroducrng products and tdcas
'There ts too much thcJt are so new and radtcal thcJt
ndvertism~ 011 TV ond they don't sell. butnot beJng too
l hu Internet' late eithet One way Carrelcur has
'Advt!rtlsmll is nucessary done th ts ts by ml rodur:mg Chmese
tn n free world · consumars to the Idea of drfnklng
wtne wil h atnec11 by seiUng a rew
' r here should be StriCI wrnes which go wcll wtth rtsh clnd
controls on what is seafood It has also expanded lts
advcrtlsed. llnd to who' range of serv1ces. mtroducmg
loyalty cardsas a way to offer
discounts. tJnd prov!dmgconsumcr
eredll ln 2006 U Jaunehed an
advett.ising campaign 101 onhne
shopp1 ng Ali ol these have helpt.-d
promote lhe Carre[our name.
bo•h tn dMa and around the world
2 Match verbs 1-8 to a- h to make phrases. Then look at the text to check
your ans wers.
l totmprovc a sales
2 to enter b new customers
3 ,,, eltract c a dtscount
4 to launeh d a new market
5 to expand e the company's name
6 tootff.!r r an advertising campaign
7 t opromoc~ g you r range of products or services
8 10 bOOl>t h market share

3 Whrch verbs 1- 8 in 2 mean to

a n tke someone like something? d mcrease? ~
b sum sdhng m? _ e start an activity?
c: give pubheli y to? Vl

4 Whichwords or phrases a - h in 2 mean

l 11 sencs oladver tlsements usmg different media? _

2 the number of ttems sold?

3 ~ lower pnce? _
4 your!;31es m companson with your compeutors?

5 Work wt th a partner. Complete the questions wi tb verbs from 2 . Then ask

and answer the ques tions.
1 When dtd Carrefour the Chtnese market?
2 How drd il sales of fish m Cl11na?
3 ln whdl other way did it more c:ustomers?
4 How h.u 11 its services?
5 Whut did 11 m 2006?
6 Mntch plctures 1- 3 to th ree of theformsof advertising from the list.
ptt!/3 ads on/me adverts outdoor advCrllSJng
duect m01lmg word·of·mouth TV adverusemenrs

Tip l ad, advert.

7 Work wt th a partner. Word·of-mouth advertising is often described as the Advert1sement ts a tounli\bte
beSl form of advertising. Why do you thlnk this ls? W h en ls il not true? noun. Wr c:,.,. an advctltr.••rnent
for a produci 10 the IIE.'WS(léipE>J
)) l·or morc e.wrcises. gu to Pract tc~ me 9 on page 118.
on TV. etc. fhe short fr.tms of
the word atc an adVL..,t 01 sn ad
8 Work wtth a partner and answer tb e questions
l What can the comparues below do to Advett1smg IS an uncountablc
a nuract new customers? noun. lt's the general word
b advcrrrse thetr products or servtces? to descnbe the act1cn ol
• clothes !lhops • mobile phone comp<~mes • computer mnnufacturers oromotlng compantes,
2 What does you r company do to ottract new customers? Ho w docs 11 products. or Set'Vrc •· .
There·s;, /(It of ad~rtislng on
He wOII<s m advertising
Language at work l Modal verbs
1 Read the text and answer the questions.
l How ls Sao Paulo dtflerent from belore7
2 What do you thmk of the mayor's 1dea?

Sao Paulo - the city that

said 'no' to advertising
Th~ residents or sao Paulo ln BrazU don't have to loolc at advert lSmg tn t he
~w·~t any more. Companles can't advemse outdoors any Ionger That means
an end to t he aty·s 8,000 bnlboards
The law w as Jn troduLed by the Mayor of sao Paulo. Gilber to Kils'öllb, ln
lt~nuary 2007 He satd that the Ctly authordtes rteed to light polluttOtl. c!Md
that the 'vlsuttl pollutlon' or outdoor adveniSing ls one or sao PaLJio's bfggest
Advert•~~us who don't respett the new law havelo pay c1 Ime. lnlhll llrbl
nlne monlhs the city colleeted $8 mfllfot1 from cornpanle1.1 who contlnued to
odveruse Shopscan conunue to pur ads ln r.helr wtndows. butthey arert'L
allowed to usemore 1han l 5% of their window space to promote t hett
products Jnd se r vlces.

2 Look at the text in 1 agai n and put the verbs in b old tn the table below.
It 's necessary
lt's not necessary don 'tilo ve to
lt's possihle l pennitted
lt's not possihle l pennitted

3 Complete the ta b le in 2 wi th ore allawed to and don't ne~>d to.

4 43 e> listen to fo ur people tal km gabout advertising Which speaker thinks
a some advert1srng laws aren't good'l
b online adverttsmg IS impori ant?
c outdoor actverusing 1sn't anractivc?
d advertising laws are necessary?
5 431> Complete the sentences with verbs from 2 . Then work with a partner
and discuss your answers. Then listen a nd com pa re you r answers.
J Companies odvcrtise tosell rha1r products
2 You have big billboards everywhere
3 You have laws on advertising
4 You stop campames udvertismg products wh1ch are bad
for you.
5 ln my country, you - - - - - - advert iM~ cigdrettes
6 You advertrse beerand nicohol on IV but you
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ do 1t beJore 8.00 p.m
7 When we use the Internet. we usually pay to get the
information we need
8 Many website owners make their profits from advertising, so we
use their websltes ror free
9 There are a lot of ads onhne but you look at them
6 Work with a partner. Look at t besesales and advertising messages. Say
what they mean, using the verbs in 2 .
E.xample: You can buy now, but you don 't have to pay before next year


Pay next year ONLY

4 l
NB This ticket ls non- ALL MAJOR
refundable. Cllck ~ for CREDIT CA RDS
cancellatlon insurance. PLEA~EI

)) For mon.• 111torrnauon and ~xcrc.:ls<!s, go to Prac ttce file 9 on page l IfJ.

7 Work wi th a partner. Ask and answer questions about advertising laws in

you r country, us ing the language from the list and the prompts below.
Can you ? Are you al/owed to ? Do you have to . 7
Do you need to ? I'm not sure. but/think . .
• compare products wlth you r compet1tors
• i1dvert1se cred u cards and loans
• promote products d1rectly to children
• have a health wurntng on certam roods
• advert1se alcoholic drmks
• advert1se shmmmg products

Practicatty speaking l How to mterrupt and avoid interrupt1on

1 44 1> Listen to two people talking about relocation and answer the questions.
l Wh11t exuctly arc they talkang about? 2 Do they agree or not?
2 44 1> üsten agai n and number these phrases in the order you hear them.
l Can l JUSt say sornelhang here? _ 4 Can l just nntSh?
2 Please lel me lanish. 5 Sorry, but .. . _
a Sorry. go ahead
3 WhJch phras es in 2 are used when you wantto
l interrupl someone who is spcaking?
2 continue speak ing?
3 tellthe other person to contmue speakmg?
4 Work with a partner. Choose a subject from below and prepare a few ideas
ahoutat on you r o w n. Then take lurns to talk about it and interrupt each
• supermarkelS
• producmg 111 low-cost countnes
• advert1smg to ch1ldren

Business communication l Con trolling the discuss1on in
l 45 ~ Three managers ofFitstart, a s ports·shoe manufacturer, are discussing
a new sales campaign ln Central Europe. Listen and complete the notes.

• Mrm1 ~lt•tl 1M11c.l\"' - - - - Thl$1'ar • %

• t'>ud.)f t 1\lr:.ic.;lt • l'ltll 1'1<0 1t.al'f.

• E~tr.l mone1 lo be. uHd for _ __ • K~111l<n1:rt• Int C..ud V.tpub\•t

2 45 ~ The senteoces in B are the foUow-up sentences to A. Match 1-6 with

a-f and then listen and check you r answers.
We're here today to talk a bout a Can wc sum up what we've
Central Europe. agrced'~
2 Sorry, l didn't catch that b Could you be more specific?
3 We're getbng off the subJeCt c What was thut you said?
4 OK. l thmk we've covered d Can we move on to the next pomt'~
Key expressions advemsing. _ e Can we come back to t hot late~
5 Sorry, I'm not wt th you. _ r Wc need to dt:;cuss ou r new
lntrocluctng the subject 6 l Lhmk that's everythmg _ markeling campargn
WP rt h· ,.. · today to ta lk
about .. 3 Work with a partner. Put the phrases from 2 into these categories.
We nel!d tr dtsc::ss
l mtroduce the subject
Saying you dtdn't hear 2 say you drdn't hear somethmg _
Sorry l dldn't c-atch that. 3 say you didn't understand somethmg _
Wh.:lt v.n• that you :>atd? 4 keep to the nght subject
Saying you dldn't underst.iJnd 5 c han ge to a new subJeCt
Sorrv. I'm not w1th you 6 close the meeting
Could you be more Spt!Ctflc?
4 Work with a partner. You are in a meetlng. Ta ke turns to say the sentences
Keepmg to the right subject and to th1nk of different responses. using the phrases ln 2
We're ~thng off tht subject Exampfe: Sorry. l dídn'r catch that What do you want to dfscuss?
C'.an w.: come back to tha t l We need to discuss sales ligures
later? 2 We need a few rnore people in the depurtment
Changmg the subject 3 Can we talk about the Christmas party now?
l lhmk we·ve covered (tius 4 The figures were 17.9% for May, 19.3% for Junc. oJnd 18.8% for J uly
po•ntl 5 Does anybody have anything else to say on adverrtsing7
Can wt! move on to (the nellt 6 lt's 12 30 now. Any other business?
)) Formore exero..e:. ~o to Practrce me 9 on pa~te 118
Closing the meeting
l lhtnk that s everyth1ng. 5 Work in smaU groups. You work for a smaU regional chaJn of SlX
Can we sum up what we've supermarkets. You w ant to boost sales. Have a meeting to d iscuss bow you
agrel'd' are going to do this, using the ideas below
• expand ali stores • lntroduce new products • have an ttdvent ~i ng campalgn
(1l » lnteracuve Workbook
>> Phrasebank @ )) lnterncuv~ Workbook )) Email and » Exereans and Te,ts
Promoting to the yout11 market

Companies target young people

't'oung people aged 14 24 spcnd between 21 and 31 hoursonlíne each week. 111e majOnLy
Cll lhem commumcate wn h h IPnds cvery um,.. 1he y go on hne. The average young ~n
has 78 comncts 1n hts or her 'dtgltCII communny' (moblle phone. Instant mess.Jgtng. etc.)
lnle!~ungly. TV ts one olthemost common sub)eCtS of ontine conversatlons and watchlng
tv IS Ulilihe mosl popllar p.1st1me for young people
Tl\e5t'are stausucs from the largl'St ever global study on the youth markel underteken
Ir( MTV llrld ~tekelodeon ll 1s, thereforo. no surprt:.e that compdnles a re havlng now to use
alluv~llnble new media to try and reuc.h youlh audlences.
To ptomot!' t wo nrw bumds ol sporls shoe. Adidas created a dy nam le onlinP soccer
g~mt!: 13 mtlllon games wcre played in the stx week campargn. Levl's advert1sed on Hotmail
Jurlng lhe 900 12.00 am and ó.OO 900 pm. time slots, wh.en lts farget audlence were
u~ u~ Ily w11tmg emc.JIIs. ln ad dll iOn belore the launeh ol l he ·chtcken Un te· movte. users ol
M.'iN ln~t<~nl Me~~enger C01.1Id download daneirtg chtcker1s tosend to their friends.

Why a re some companies advertising their products
Do the res u lts or the study surprise you?

Which otherforms of advertising can companies us e to

target you ng people?

ln six weeks' time you r bank is launehing a new credit card

for a target audience aged 16- 21 : the 'Cool Casb Card', or the
JC'. You have to decide bow you a re going to promote the
card m the six weeks preceding the launch.
Work in smaJJ groups. Student A, turn to File 18 on page
139. Student B, turn to File 43 on page 144, Student C,
tum to File 55 on page 146.
Have a meeting to discuss the best ways to promote the
·ac· Your total promotional budget is €500,000.
l Choose the best ldeas wil hi n your budget
l Oedde the best time to launeh each promotion or
Working with words l Green initiatives
1 Read the textabout Greeneitizen and find ou l what service it offers

GreenCitizen: the solution

to electronic waste

1 Has you r company

introduced any new
green tdeas recently?
lfso, what?
2 'We ali need to do more
about the environment.'
Do you agree?
The dispos-al of old computer5 has always been a problem for companll'S Now wrth the
3 What is the best green mrroducuon or lines rn many counlttes lot campames thAt do not respcet the envuonment.
policy you have heard the problem IS even greater One c:ornpany ln the USA Greenctuzcn. has comt• up Wil h a new
of? Why? lnltilltive to deal Wil h the equipmenttn an atrordal:lle wJ r!'~ponstbll' WiJY
GreenCUJ.Zen provirles eJ convenlent servrce lor busrnesses by prckrnl! up the machitles from
the workplace and taking lhem iJWay for recycllng GreenCIIIzen uses only regtste~ed rt'CVdtng
companles, which process the components so lholltht•y ccu11Jo used aga in soori It hopes ro
createasystem whrch lracks alithe unlts It deals wtth
GreenCttlz;en's origin al serVlee ts good value for money for romp.:~nles who ne!!d to 1.1r>date
their «Jmputersysmns and at 1he ~ilmE' ltmo marntaln an environmentilly lrlendly lrn;rge

2 Work witb a partner and answer the questions.

l Why do compames have to take care when they dsspose ol ther r old
2 Ln what ways is GreenCrtJzen <1 responstble rccyclcr?
3 What are the advantages to a com pa ny of using GrecnCitizen?

3 Work wi th a panner. Match a word or phrase in bold from the text to a
quote from a customer.
l The cost of Lhe serv1ce was easily w1thm ou r budget.'
2 'It wns so easy and qu1ck •
3 'h's ü new and Interesting service'
4 ·wcgo1 an excellent service for relattvel y httle money.'
5 'The process enobles people to re-use old components.'
6 'It helps to protcel the planet l rom damage.'
7 ' gening nd of the uems we no Ionger need'
8 'Th~· new plan 1s an excellent idea·
4 Work w1Lh a partner. Take tums to explain and guess the words and
phrases m bold from the text.
5 461> Listen to four people talkmg aboul green initistives in their compani es.
Match the speakers 1- 4 to piet u res a - d .

6 461> Listen again and complete the table.

Speaker Green inltiative Advantages

l l
2 1
3 l
4 1

7 Match adjectives 1- 4 from the listening in 6 to meanings a - d . Which

initlatives were the adjectives describing?
l lt's unusua l a ILworks
2 lt's uselul b People llke IL
3 It'~ popular c lt's d llferenl
4 It '~ effcclive. _ d lt's good and helpful.

)) r:ur rnme exerc1scs, go to Pract ice file 10 on page 120

Tip l green
8 Work wlth a partner. Discuss the initistives in 5. Wbat do you think of th em? We can use the word green
9 Work wi th a partner and answer the questions. to descr~bll things that help
t What does you r company do to help the environ ment? protcet the enwonmenl.
2 What other measures could your company rake? My campany hasn't got a W?JY
3 Wlmt do you do at home to help the environment? Wha t more could you do? clear green poliCy
Sales ot green products have
(Y ) ) l nll'rntuve Workbook >> Glossary mcteJsed m tecent yea~
language at work l The passive
1 Read the textabout the 'G i ve 1 Get t ' (G!Gl) amtiative and onswer the
1 What problem did the OLPC have?
2 What makes the XO laptop suitable for underdeveloped countnes'
3 How did the G IG! anauarive help the OLPC?

Give a Laptop and Get One

An affordable $100 laptop for poor countrfe.-; seemN:l a good Idra untlit h~ cost of
producmg each computer rose to $188 The b1g quest1on then became how to pay for
the distribution of the laptops.
The XO laptop IS airned at children tn underdeveloped counwes It uses very hule
power and 1t can be chargeci by sola r panels The screen rs desrgned to be used
outSide m the sun and there a re no moveable parts The computers arc produced by
Quanta Computer ln Taiwan.
How dld the One LAptop Per Ch1ld (OLPC) orgamzatron salve the problem of pr ace?
They carne up wtth the 'Gave 1 Get l' (G1G11 tnlttatrve The laptops were soldin the USA
at a price or $399 for two for a penod of t wo weeks. One Wil'> glven to th!! customer
and th~ other was sent to a child tn Afghanlsl<ln. Cambodaa, Hartl, or Rwanda OLPC
are currentry studyrng salesllgures to (udge t hí' surccss olt he lnitiattve.

2 Complete these sentences from the text with the correct passive verb.
l The XO laptop ul children m underdeveloped countraes
2 The computers by Quanta Computer "' Tulwan
3 The loptops in the USA .at 11 Pl ice of $399 for t wo
4 One 10 the cut~lelmer
3 Complete the rules about the passive u sing the sentences in 2 to help.
Tip l by tUse the passive when it is not arnportunt to s,ly who h.1s dom: l>Omethlng We
When w~ say who ttas done are more mtercsted in what h'ls heppened to the subject
somethmg an a pass1ve 2 Form the passiVe with the verb .and lht> pa!it parllcrple of another
~nt••nce , wt~ use the
prepos1taon by 3 For the present passrve use or ar~+ 1he past partrcrplc
The mactunes all' m.1df.' by Example: is 01med and a re produced
Quanta 4 For the past passave use was or _ + the past par llcrplc
The xo laptop WclS developed Example. was g~ven and WNT: sold
by NICholas Nf!Bropontc.
)) Formore n1ormauon and cxerc.:ascs, go to Prae t lee Ille 10 on p11ge 121
4 471> Listen to Tony Ch an, who works for an advertising agency, and Bianea
Reynoso, who works for a small pharmaceutical company, discu ssiog
what is outsourced in the1r companies. Ti ck (./) the services which a re
outsourced for each company.
Advertlsang agency PharmaceutJcaJ
Outsourced? Reason Outsourced? Reason
Cleantng (clean)
Maintenance (do)
IT (prov1dc)
Human Resources
'lTalnmg (carry out)
Food + caterlng (cook)

5 471> listen agai n for the reasons why the services are or a re not
outsourced and complete the table.
6 Work wlth a partner. Student A, ta lk about outsourcing in the advertising
agency. Student B, ta lk about outsourcing in the pharmaceutical company.
Use the passive form of the verbs in brackets in the table.
Exampl~: 111e advertising agency is cleaned by a private cleanfng service

1 Work wi th a partner and answer the questions.

l What services a re outsourced ln you r company' Why'
2 What other servtces do you thmk could be outsourced?

Practicatty speaking l How to ask for clarification

1 481> Listen to a conversalion between an office manager. Guido Tito, and
a bead of department. Teresa Bordon i, about cutting carbon emjssions.
IJJl!k.r.ü.w: the correct altemative.
l Guido is 1cfernng to Teresa's drparcmcnt l the who/e CQnrpany.
2 The company has 10 c ut i ts carbon emissions by the end of this yeor l 11~1 ~ar
3 Guido wants to tell people they can l can't open the windows.
4 Teresa agrei.!J l disagrt'es that they should tum the heatlng oll for pa n of the day
2 481> Listen agai n and complete l-4 as king for and giving clarification.
l in my department, or in the whole company?
2 by the end of thiS year?
3 we should tell people they can't open the wmdows?
4 part of the day?
3 Work with a partner. Ask for clarification using an expression from 2..
l the 21st l 31st October?
2 ali our customers l JUStour VlP customers?
3 we should cancel ali our orders w uh that suppher?
4 15 l 50?
S the :;ti! If on the hrst lloor l ali the staff?

Business communication l Giving a formal presemation
1 Wo rk wi th a pa rtner. Discuss the a dva n tages for companíes who have
g reen policies.
2 49 t> Carbon Re ductions is a com p a ny w hich works w it h other companies
to help re duce c arbon em issions . Listen to o ne of their representalives,
Chris toffer J o nsson, giving a tal k. Compiet e h is notes. How many ofthe
a dvanta ges did you talk a bout in 17

l hlt.rfoi!.t. (Clllp.l111 - -- - ~ h ·J'I'OVt rt~l~lill ;It lll --~

1. ~Urit.l morr _ _ <\ t'>r totrpJnd lfll' ''r"' _ __

3 49 t> Wo rkwitb a partner. Ma tch l- 8 t o a - h to make complete sentence s

from the lis tening. T hen lis ten again a nd check you r a ns we rs .
1 I'm here today to tell a . about your rcputation os an cmployer
2 1'11 ta lk about _ b for listemng.
3 First of ali. w e're go mg c you'll make btgger proflts 1r you start
lO - sav ing energy
4 Le t's move o n to _ d to the e nd of rny ta lk
5 My next point is _ e the new rcgu lattons later
6 As l said before, _ r you about the advantages ol gomg green
7 Tha t brings rne _ g the question ol your campany tmnge
8 Thanks very much _ h look a t the beneli t!; o t a c Iear green pohcy

4 Put phrases 1- 8 from 3 in to tb ese categories Then work w ith a partner to

rem ember t he p hrases in eacb category.
l Starti ng the t a ik _
2 Moving on to a no ther subject
3 Referring backwards and forwards
4 Firushmg the talk ~
5 Work wi th a partne r. You work in the Accounts Department of your
Key expressions company. Your campany has decide d to s witch to 100% ebilling Take
Starting a lalk tums to present this Id e a to yo ur de pa r tment, u s ing the notes below and
I'm here todav to tel l VOtJ the phrases i n 3.
about •..
first ol ali, we're go1ng to
Movlng on to anather subject
Let 's movE' on to .
My ne~< l poml•s aboul .
Referring backwards and
A~ l said belore, ...
t'll talk .1b0ul lhétl later.
Fimshing the talk
That brmr.s me to the end of
mv talk. )) Formore excrcis s. ~o to Prac tice file 10 nn P'"'*' 120
Thanks very much for h5tentng.
6 Work wi th a partner. G ive a formaJ presen tation to your partner Student A,
@ )) lntemcuve Wori<book >> tum to File 19 o n page 139. Student B. tum to File 44 on page 144.
Ph roseban k
@ )) lntemctwe Workbook » Email and )) Exerclses and Tests
B ckground

Reducing a company's
carbon footprint
Now that people a remore awarc or global rnvest tn green measures Irke hybrtd cars solar
warmtng. busmesses need to <ihOW what they are power tnstallauon, or the use or public transport,
dorng to reduce lhP.tr Impact on the environment up to a maxJmum ol 5,000 Swrss francs
The rollowtng ar e examples or measures
compames have tal<cn
Chess, a Lelecom servlee compeJ ny, set up a ·green
Commerzbank team' to organlzc •green days whtch locus on
Commerzbank Cer many's second largesl bank a panlcular envtronmenlal t hemt: On l hat day,
c:ommssstoned d bUllding for Ils head olfrce rn employees have to make a special cfhmto take
rrankiLHL whtch tncluded wintcr gardens in ils measures to help the planet ln the t~rea strggestcd
design. l he gardens clllaw nalurallight to enter by the lhcme. tr lhey take part, lhry receive a Ulti!!
ali ot the otflces ln tht> buJid1ng, maktng It a much rewatcL ln addruon, to save paper, a new websit (l
more pleasant and ecologtcal place to work tn, encourages customers to order on the Internet
Swiss Re and ali billing rs now done online.
Swtss Re. the world'slargest retnsurance company.
fnlroduced the ·coyou2 reduce and galn' scheme corbon {ootprml ~ th!! measu1r of the Impact ill campa1'1V
to relund tts employees hall of lhe money they é!Ctlvtt.es have Ott the env~tonml'nt

Do you agree that people are respensihle for global warming?

Which human activities a re thought to be the main causes of
greenhouse gases?
What can businesses and employees do to reduce their carbon

T c;k

Your campany would li ke to improve its 'green' image and reduce ils
carbon footprlnt. lt has appointed three 'green teams' to come up wlth
suggesüons. Bach green team has a different 'green' issue. Group A,
turn to File 20 on page 139. Group B. tum to File 45 on page 144. Group
C, turn to File 56 on page 146. Read the information and discuss ln your
group what you r com pa ny can do. Make notes on what you deci de.
Pre pa re a presentation a bo ut your issue, using you r notes. Then work in
a different pa ir or group and give you r presentation.
Discuss aJI the ide as in you r group and decide whjch on es would work
best ln you r company.
Working with words l Corporate entertalnment
1 Read the text and find seven examples of corpora te events.

Corporate entertainment
Why ls It tmpossible to get Uckets formost major sports ond cultural events? Because
somany of the tlckets are boughl by nrms to entertaln thelr dtents and other VIPs
It IS called corporate entertalnment. but why do compantes do tl'
Corpora te entertalnmenlls a markeling tool Companles use It to Improve
relauonshtps with thelf customers,
supplíers, or staff. 'l work for a law
firm,' says V.trgírua Allen 'EVery year,
lmvlte my best dlents to a caneert
t 'Corporate sponscred by the hrm l hope to
entertainment ls onJy remforce their pOS1Ltve feehng
about making money.' towards us.' So the mam purpose of
Do you agree? corporate entertainmentiS to make
2 What sort of customers feel good. lnvlle them to
entertalnment do a special event and you will ensurc
companies oiTer? thetr loyalty for the coming year
The venue for corporate evenls
varles from counlry to counLry ln
the USA guests mlght play goll wil h
a professfonal player ln France they
could go on a wme-tastmg CrUISB ln
lapan they mtght watch some sumo
wreslllng. O\ her events depend on
the budget or the host campany
but possibiliues tndude parachute
JUmplng, paintballlng, or a mght at
the opera The list ÍS endless.

2 Work with a partner and answer these questions.

1 Which events tS 1t often dtfficult to get uckets for? Why?
2 Why do campames spend money on corporate entertamment7

- 66
3 What should a host campany constdet first when 11 plans an event'
3 Complcte the table with thewordsin bold from the text.
Information DetaUs
HSBC bank
Leading VIPs from banking world
To retnlorcc relnuonshlp with eliems
Wimbledon L.iwn Tennis Club
Wimbledon Men's Singles Final

4 501> L1sten to t wo people talking about corporatc events they have

attended. C(lmplete the table.

Host cornpany
Gues ts

5 501> Match verbs 1-6 to nouns a-f. Then listen again and check your
l hold a cllents
2 remforce b an lOVIIBIIOn
3 arrange _ c n venue
4 emenam d n relationship
5 book e a trip
6 acccpt r an event
6 Work wi th a partner. Which phrase in 5 has a slmllar meaning to
o make a connectJon stronger? d orgamze a JOumey to a place and back?
b say yes to a rcquest? e finda place?
c look after guests? r orgamu: something speculilor you r chents?
7 Work with a partner. Take tums to explain and guess the phrases in 5.
Example. A Wllen you organiu somethmg special for your clients
B Hold an eve111

)) F'm rnore exe•c•ses go to Prncttce file ll on page 122.

8 Work in small groups. Vou work for a corpora te entertainment company.

Plan a corpora te event for you r company or one of you r compani es, u sing
the ldeas beJow. Tip l customer anti
• budget • guests • time eliene
• venuc • BCIIVIhCS • accommodat1on A custome1 buys a produci
• rood and drink • emenammeni • transport rrom a CXlmpany
9 Work wilh a partner. Have you ever bee n to a corpora te event? Tell you r Tl1e strop gtves loyaltv cardS to
partner about 1t. If not, what would your idealevent be? tts regufar c~nto~rs
A cltcnt receJVCS a se~10C from
a comparw or profcSSlowtl
My 1.1wver IJU:> m1ny
tmpmtanr cllents
Language at work 1 First conditional
1 Work w ith a partner. Decide what you need to consrder when choosing a
restaurant to entertam a guest.
2 5 11> Listen to Luigi, Francesca, and Jacquie discussing where to take some
visitors for dinner and complete the table.
Restaurant Benlto's La Galette
-yype offood Continemal
Pricerange €35-40 per bead '€
Entertainment Singerevery night
Opening omes -11.30 p.m 7 30-10 30 p.m

3 5 11> UnderBne the correct answer from the words rn italics Then hsten and
check your answers.
l If it will be l 's ni ce. we 'll be ub/e l 11re ab/e to Sit outs1d1.;
2 If we choose l 'll cltoose La Galette, il C'OSIS l 'l l rost us 11bnut f 300
3 But if we go l 'll go to La Galelle on Thursday. thcre /,\ l 'll be hve JHZZ
4 But it won't br l fsrt't full ifwe get/ 'll get t here for JUSt d Iter . even

4 Look at the sentences in 3. Then complete the rules aboutthe first

Use the first conditiOnal whcn somethmg w11l probably happen 1n the

2 Form the first condiliOndi wir h

If+ - - . will/ won't + ~--~---- ___

3 When you change the ord et of the sentence, don'! use the

Example: ft will be an expenstve evemng if we go to La Calettt•.

5 Work with a partner. Look at the situations below. Take tums to ask
questions and respond usmg the first conditional
Example: A What wtll your custome~ tltmlc t[you L'UI vou r prtet•s?
B l thmlc thcy'll be very happy.

Situadon Question Response

You cut your pnces What l eu tomcrs Be t"tappy
th ink?
2 You r fllgh1 to Paris ls caneillled How l get there? Renl a cur
3 Your campany doses a How l staff rcact? Bll very warned
4 You r campany changes locauon. What l benell tS be? Be easJer to park.
5 You change you r JOb What l hOJppen7 Eam mo1 e money

) ) For more mformauon and exerc1r.es. go to Procuce file ll on page 123

6 Work wlth a partner. Ask and answer questions us ing the promp ts.
Example· A What will your boss do rj your compony makes a loss 1h1s yeur?
B lm not sure. but he'll probab/y ask us to worlc overtlme.
boss- campany makes a loss thts year
2 you- don't get a pay nse soon
3 you r company - makes a large prolit next year
4 you l al the weekend- sun ny

Practically speaking l How to ta lk about food and dri nk

1 52C> Listen to t wo colleagues discussing what to eat. Tick (.1) their choices
on the waiter's notepad.


ParMa hAll! Spaghatll urbon•r• R1d

Mlxld nia d surood pizza Ro' á
TOllillOfOIIp Yl(jllltble fu1g"a Willte

2 520> Listen again and match questions 1- 3 to responses a- c.

l What do you recommend7 a l thmk 1'11 have the lasagne.
2 What are the pt2Za.S hke? b Vou must try the Parma ham
3 What are you havmg? c They re not bad but l recommend
the pasta
3 52 D> Work wt th a partner. Und~e the stress in the phrases m 2. Then
listen and check you r answers. Take tums to practise the questions and
4 Work wi th a partner. Have a simHar con versation using the menu below

l Ilf llMON fR! 1:
\ f Af!JI I' \

(;'rll/i( ll/U flítVtii/H

.~t:t!/mw s(/(,zJ
Cfitr~ru suup

M<\ 11 ll>t JI,~h

Sil futtm
('fiecs.- ullt!Mwu pw We use the woru the tn IDOd
expresSions when we are
\ \ INI
talk1ng about speoftc fOOd, for
c~ample. food on the menu
The cheese IS dellcrous.
rt lu t~ wnat ~ thE' Silimon ItW
Business communication l lnvttations and offers
1 531> Listen to fo ur conversations and match each one w lth a pl ace a-d.
a outside a hotel
b by a hot drinks machme
c m a company Receptton
d m a manager's omce
2 531> Complete invitations and offers l- 4 and responses a - d from the
conversations. Then match eae h mvitalton or offer to a response. Listen
again and check your answers.
t JOIO us?

2 get you a glass of water?

3 a coffee?
4 book a l1cket lot you?
a Yes please. That's very of you
b No, thanks. l'd have tea.
c Yes. please. That would be
d Thanks for the _ _ . but ..
3 Put the phrase.s in 2 into these categories.
a lnviling _
b Offenng _ - · _
c Accepting _ _
d Decllning - ·_
4 Work with a partner. Look at these situauons and take turns to make and
respond to invitations and offers, us mg the phrases in 3.
l Your vtsitor IS lookmg u red
2 Your VISitor doesn't have enough copies of a document she needs tor her ta lk
3 lt's tbe openmg mght of Madame Buttcrjly. You know you r visitor loves opera
4 The meeting IS over and you1 VISilOr's hotel JS on the other s1de of town
5 lt's lunchnme and your visitor hasn't eaten since breakfast at 8 .00.
6 You r v1s1tor wants to set up a PowerPomt presentauon, but they need help
7 There's a Picasso exhibilion at the an gallery and your v1sitor has a free
Key expressions afternoon.
)) for rnDií! exercises. go to Practiceme ll on pci.RC 12l
Would you likc to ••. ?
Offering 5 Work with a partner. You a re going to visít each other's companies. Think
Would y~u llke ,? of s ix ideas to look after and e ntertaln you r partner. Then take tums to be
Would you ilke me to ... l the host and invite and offer, and to be the visitor and acceplor decline.
Shall l ., 7
@ )) Jru:eractlvc Workbook )) Bm ali ond )) E!xorc1scs nnd Tosls
Yes. please. That's very k1nd
of you.
Yes, pleas~ That would be
Decli ning
Thanks IQI the 1nv•tahon, but ..
No. lhanks l'd rather <dol ...
@ >> lnteracuve Workbook.
)) Phraseban k
Organlzing a successful corporate event

A hospitality disaster
When SFO, a leadmg bank. orgamzed an event to entertam d!ents al a UEFA
Champrorts Lcague football match last year,lhrngs did not go as weil ilS
expcCLed Ftrst of <lll. the corporatc hosprtahty company dldn'l offer guests
coffee and brscuns when they arrtved, and t here were no free newspapers
Secondly, SFO was extremel y drssattsfted wrth the meal arrangement!..
complatnlng that the stilllCI'!i were too smaU, the pasta was cold, and lhe
dt!SSI?rt arnved too late On top of lhts, SFO found the servlee very slow and was
unh.tppy that gucsts wcte not provrded wlth ctgars or clgarettes. Anally. the free
beer tildi. SFO hctd arranged to be served throughoutthe match was warm and
ran out eady.
SFO pard f900 for eae h of the 71 cllents and 28 banl<ers who auended, but
suys th.at the event has causcd the company a considerable fmandalloss.. sro 15
currenLiy Slrlng the cor porarc hasprtallt y campany for nearly€135,000.

D cus tOn
• Why was the SFO corpora te event not a success?
How could SFO have avoided these mistakes?
., What other problems can cause a corporatc event to fail?

You are on the committee to arrange SFO's next corpora te event.

Work in small groups. Group A tum ro File 21 on page 139, Group 8 turn
to File 46 on page 144 , Group C tum to File 29 on page 141, and Group D
tum to File 58 on page 146.
Oiscuss the possihle problems that could occur du ring your event and
how you could avoid them.
Work in a different group. Have a meeting. Prese.nt you r event incJuding
you r ideasfor de a li ng wi th poss ib le problems. Then decide which event
wo uld be best for SFO's next corpora te event.
Warking with words l Evaluatmg pcrformance
1 Work with a partner. Read statements 1-5 and discu!ls whether you tbmk
they a re true or false. Then read the text and check you r answers
l Everybody loves a campany that makes money
2 Tfs not enough for a campany to have good sales u~sults
3 Companies have to show that they look after t herr employt•es.
4 Employees would work hdtder and for a lowl·r salary 11 they were wuh a
soc1ally responsrble company.
5 Only a small mmonry or employees thrnk they work lor a soc1allv responsrble
com pa ny.

1 How can you measure

the performanec of o Company performance in a
company? Put these
in order from the most socially responsible world
important (J) to the
Every Jnvestor loves a company when it acbieves lts sales targels. manages ltS
lea st important (5).
costs, and performs weil on the stock market and therclor~ m.1kes rnorrey
llow much money th u
campany make.c; However, a company nowadays alsoneeds to thtnk about lts reputatlon WJth
how green the the pubile and iiS own stalf ln other words. 1t has to bf> soc1ally responsrble For
company is example, It rs expccted to 1rnprove 1ts enviTonmental performance. ln addruon.
who 11 employs 1t rs often fudged these days on the diversity of rLs workforce th • number of
how rt Ireats rts Nl ulf wornen, people from ethnlc mlnonttes. and
disabled people ln ali posu ions, rnelutiing senlor
how sa te rt rs to work
t here
management This has becorne an Important
factor ln recrWlmenl nnally. a company needs
2 How can you measure tO have a good safety record both ln termsOf IlS
the performanec of workers and the products It produces
a a govemmem? ln a recent survey, 40~ ol workers sa1d they
b an t!lllployce? would work Ionger hours and 48" would work
for Iess pay wlth a sacrally respansilile campany
lnteresttngly. 46~ or employees belleved they
alreildy work for a :;oclally rt!!>pOn!irble company
Wrthout doubt. proflts a re no Ionger the only way
to measur-e a comp«ny's success Employees and
cuslomers expecl a lot more
2 Complete t he sentenees wath w ords and phrases in b old from the text in 1.
1 If J com pa ny is open to both sexes .md ali races, 1t belleves tn the

2 A company whach proteels peopl~ and nd tu re 1s _ _ - - - - -

3 If you r campany has good resuhs. íts shares usually _ _ _ __ __
4 If people ll ke or respcet the company, it has a good
5 If the com pa ny doesn-t spend too much, it _ _ _ ats

6 1fthere arent many aecadems, the company has a good - - - - - - -

1 If the compony sells whm n plans. it tts

8 If acompany dot!sn't poliute too rnuch. it has a good

3 Work wa th a partner. Which of the performanec factorsin 2 are imp ortant ~
m your plaee ofwork, and why? N
4 541> Listen to five people talking about their employers. Which aspects of
the company's performan ec is each person evaluating?
t ö'
2 3ru
3 :::>
4 ro
5 541> Complete the sentences with these a dJec t ives. Then lis ten again and
check you r answers.
poor I!Xcellent san~factory t!ncouragmg disappointmg
J lt's very - l really thought l had a btg future here.
2 !.ast year WoiS bet:aur.e t he number of serious IOJu nes wem down
3 We've had a reali y - - - - ycar, much better tha n we expected,
4 lt's been a very performanec - J don·t like to tell people who l
work for
5 l suppose l could say we've had a - - - - yea1 .
6 Whtch adjecuve ln 5 means
l good enough? 4 very good?
2 poSIUVe fo1 the luture? 5 bad?
3 not as good as we wamed?
Tip l dtsappoinced l
)) For rnorc cxcrC I~CS 1!,0 to Practice m~ 12 011 page 124 encouraged or
7 Choos e three oflhe rollowing topícs and evalu ate their performanec in the
dlsappolnung l
!ast year. Then w ork w l th a part ner and explain your answers. encauraging
Example: My company's perjormance has been disoppoinlfng. We /ost an A t hint: rs dls.ilf'fXJifltfng or
tmporcam et1stomer ln June. t>ncotlrt~ging, but .t r>erson as
• your compen y tftsappomted or t.>ncour.1ged
• your depurtment The compmw s PP.rtormance
• your government 1S C!1sappomting

• your country's economy 1/te tJmplovees Dre

d1sappotnted by lht'
• the stock market
c:cmpany's pertomumce.
• a sports personahty or sports team that you like
The 1esults were encouragmg
Q2 >> InterAclive Workboo~ >> Otossary The CEO WtJS encouraged by
the results.
Business communication l Describing trends
1 581> A consuitant is presentmg the graph below about ca r producuon an
fo ur countries. Listen and la bel the g ra ph wi th the n ames of the co untries
from the list.
Japan USA Cermany Chma
Production of Passenger Cart
(milllons of vehicles)


o L.'95. .o==------
'97 '99 'O l '03 '0 5 '07 '09 'l l

2 Look at the verbs in the rable. Decíde if they descrlbe an upwa rd

m oveme nt ("f'), a downward movement[,J,), or nochange [~)7

ri se grow
decrease fali
remain srable decline
drop lncrea~>l

3 Work wttb a partner. Take t ums to as k and a nswer questions about the
g ra pb in 1, using the verbs in 2.
Example: A Did produciion risem Cluna at the end ofthe mm•tles'
B Yes, ttdtd
A Has productton mcreased m the USA stnct' /99 T?
B No, it hasn't lt's dtclmed
4 581> Look at these seoten ces from the audio. Decide which country they
a re desc ribing. using the graph in 1. Then listen and check yo u r answers.
l Car prodoction grew from fi ve to fi ve pom t f1ve m1llion at the tnd of the
Z Smce 1999. u has remained s table at JUBI under st x m1lhon vehtcles per year
3 Ln lact. new car producuon has lallen by two rn111lon stncc 1997
Key expressions 5 Look a t how from, lo, at, a nd by a re used 10 4 . Then camplele the
Descrlbing changes description of a company's sales below, using eae h word once.
... rose l 1nrreased l grfYw Ou r sales wenr up __ 500 uni ts. 2,500 ln Octobcr
.•• fell / decteased l dechned 1 3.000 in November. They stayed __ 3.000 units m December
has rnmilmeCI stabh~ )) Formore t'xercJse:;, ~o to Practlce file 12 on p.tge 124

Giving figur·es 6 Work w ith a partner. Compare the sales of t wo car producers. Student A,
r~ e t y 10 l<,, from $20m to tum to File 22 on page 139. Student B. tum to File 47 on page 144.
7 Find or draw a gra ph describing the recent performance ofyour campa ny
or de partment, or you r country (inflallon, unemployment. etc.). Then
presen t it to you r partner.
al )) Interaclive Workbook
)) Phrasebank
Work in groups. You are starung a new company which manufactures plastic tables and
benehas from recycled plastic. Your furniture looks like wood, but is stranger and la.sts
Ion ger. lt's also more expensive. Yo ur main customers will be local councils, who will buy
you r products for parks, schools, and other public areas.
Your objective is to achieve the highest level of pe.rformance. This means excellent sales
and profi ts, but a Iso a good reputation for soclally responsible action.
Discuss the questions below and agree on the best answer. After each question, go to the
number of your choice in File 24 on page 140.

Wh~ are yoú going to locate your S<Jies have been very dlsapf!Olndng ln Ye ar 3, your buslneas has g rown
factory? ln VeM 1, !Ind you need tol'educ:l! so qu lek ly tha~ you r factory IS l'crw
a ln atn nld lndustrla l towH with hig h your salary costs. What will you do? roo small What wtll you dn?
unemploymem? Go to 6 a Ask your producuon workers to 110 11 Elnend your ex•stln!!laCto n; rh,
b ln il plllllau nl mtddll'-Cl!UIS lOWII WIÜJ part·llme? Go to l l Wlll glve Y""
21l"'• marc c:: w ty
U r~putUIIUO lur 'tolJt!lm' J,JOIICie!!? b Lay off five m wle pruduc:tu.m wortlws Co to 5
Oo to 16 bccnur.e thl!y earn mílré t11.1h th~ - b OUIJIOUnro p<~rl nl vnut proeiucll n
wornen? Go to 18 10 1 illW·L'W1 cuunt ry? Oo to ll
r l

Whot will your recrultment policy Your results in YeM 2 &nl more You want to promot~ your1milllll to
be? encouraglng, but the price lhe pubUe u a soehllly responJible
n Equalnumbersof men ond wome n? of recycled piasUe ls ri& ng c:ompany What will you do?
Go to 3 ·, dramatieaUy. What will you do? ~ l!l lnc:ludt- nrw pngJ-s on Yl ur l'tt:b te .
b .lust advem se a nd roke rh;
e bc.st7
% \ 8 lncreose the pnc:e& ol your produ<:"ta?,• .:~boUl Y(Hll employm<·lll rn<l

GotoiO _,;' Go to 8 "' e nvlrnnmemal polic•.,s7 Go to 4 /

~ Ub~ cllt!Bper tecycled pl11stlc f"11T1
~ Asia? Go co lS l ./ b V1slt Jthool:.ln lowns Which h.wc ·
bou11ht you r products ro trAch
children about rrcyc:llng7 Ci•, o to 9 ~

What will be you r lcey advertising Two people are iJuured whcna It's Yeat s. and you hu ve two oflén
mwage to promott you r produet.5? bench eollllpsea. You discover lhllt to buy shares ln your company. Who
a Helps to pre~~& ve the éllvitonml:l117 this ls due to a etefeci irllhe sc:rews will you $ell t.hiUll to?
Goto 1 you bougltt from a suppllerln Year 1 •• a A comp;my which mo~nulu)-lll!C ind
b Hlgh quality ilnd dur.tble7 Go to l Whllt will yo11 do? recych~\ p~tlc pücl«tgtnt? Go to 1
a Réplace allt hl" 200 beocllr..s YQ\J '(lld b Amu Irinational o,l comrli!lv
m Yf!ilr t wlth new on~~' Go co 14 wh1eh wan t l() rmprov. 1ts 111 g
b Replftce an}' da mnged bene hi!S by Investing ln envtrotllnl!llttolly
/ whic;h iltefl.!tumed? Oo to~ ,/ friendly compo1nics? Gott 12 /

J. How did you score?

21-17 ptllnr~ ll-20 pnlnrs tl-10 (Xllnt•
VCIIJ hnve eumbulf'd Y()u'v" mu.de some Yout sales pcrtorllllU\cc
aucc~UI ~aii!JI pollc:ol~ good Ind l>nd ded~lon$ har b~en dlaappolntltlg
Wt th 11 gr~al 3ensc: ot fo oprlmlze yout .md ynur public rmagu
•~allllJI'l)onelbillty l hls perfauruulcf.' tn the 1s very pllOI If~
Will help you to ~chrcvc rutu nl. you should look probably un1e to make
e\'l.'lll!elter growthln Ute b~ck ond J~omlrom vou r ;ame oh ung~• lu your
nuxl fi:'W venrA , mlntnke• rnanagument teaml
Working with words l Gtobal lssues
1 Read the text and find out when the global olt crisis is predicted to start.

Countdown to crisis
Oli ls runntng out and the race ls on to llnd an alter native source ot cnt'rgy over
the last 40 years oil has been used worldw1de to gwc us tood, warmth cherntcals.
Starting point medtone. clothtng and, most of ali, mobthty But now leroen van der Veer. CEO of rhe
otl multmatJonal Royal Outch Shell, has named theyearthat ou r needs w1ll exceed the
1 What global1ssues supply of 011 He predlcts global demand for o1l Will nsc drolurltltiC..dlv 10 the next few
are m the news at the
years due to popuJation growtn and the rapid economic development of counufes.
such as Ch Ina and lndld He forecrll>lS t hdl, becau.•e t~f th1s, the world supply of od v.1ll
2 Wbicll issues are you no Ionger be able to meet that demand as early as 2015
most worned about? Despite the urgency of this problem and 1he mlllions tnvested ln renewable eneTgy
Wby? Are there any you usmg sources. sud1 as wind, waves, and sunlight, world governments are far from
are not worrled about? rlnding a solution This means lhat tfwc don'ttake the oil shortage serlously, the
3 Which one!i affect energy crisis will happcn soone~ than wc thlnk
you r company, your
worlting nre. and you

2 Work wi th a partner and answer these questions

l What is oil used for, apan from cars?
2 What reasons does Jeroen van der Veer gJVe for the ri se m the demand for oll?
3 What measures are governmems taking to prevent the energy cns1s?
'l th\~\\ \h~ -phrases
in bold in the text to deflnitlons 1- 7 below.
l cnci'}IV whose source will always extst
2 the need for something in the world
3 an improvement m financtal conditions
4 a üme wl\~n eM.t?.':l W\\\ ~auo;,e ?tob\~m~ - - - - - - -
5 an ancrease m the number of peoph: - - - - - - -
6 a suuation where ther e is not enough oil _ _ _ _ _ __
7 the amount avati<Jble m the world
4 Work wtth a partner. Take turns to say the ítrst word ofthe phrases tn 3
and for you r partner to say the second word.
Example A ~/oba/
B demand
5 591> Listen to Judy Collins, on economic analyst, discussmg the effects of
the oll crisis on the economy. Number the effects she mentions in the order
you hear th em.
o Meettngs will be by vtdeo conference
b Fewcr people will own cars
c More employecs will wo rk fro m home.
d Oli prices will n se
e Consurner goods will becomc more expensive. _
6 591> Lis ten agai n and complete each sentence witb a verb.
l Economists t hat d 5% reduction will cause the price of oilto r i!le
2 Ali piasite gOOds wtll becomc more expensive as the oil stans to
3 Experts _ _ that only <1 few people will be able to run carsin the future
4 Recem advances in technology will _ working condítlons for ma ny
5 The sttuatton w til unni a subsmute for oiJ is found
7 Work with a partner. Repiace the words and phrases in bold witb a verb
rrom 6. Then take turns to uk and answer the qllestions.
l How much do you thmk a mobtle phone will cost tn ten years' ume7
2 Do you thmk your workmg condttions will get worse because ol the ml cnstS7
3 What do you do dl work when l he mk for you r pn nter comes to an end?
4 How could your campany make lis rmagc better?
5 What do you predlet you r cornpany wrll be like tn 201 5?

)) For morl' exc:rtl~c~. !(O to Praet tce file l 3 on page 126

8 Choose the three global lssues from the list that concem you mosl. Wrile
a senten ce about eae h issue. Then work w itb a partner and compare your
poverty tht· t!nergy crfsr.\ populaiion growth
cllmatt change sex equalily racism
9 Work with o partner look at your list ofissues ln 8 . What action could you
take? What action would you li ke governments to take?
language at work l Future predict tons
1 Work with a partner. Discuss what trends you thmk there will be in the
workplace in the future. Then read the text and compare your answers.

Adapting to future trends

in the workplace
Campames who adapt to changtng Technolegical changes
trends m the workplace are more likely to Advanccs m technology w1ll mean that
survave thdn those who resist a change employees won't need ther r own desk
So whattrends should compames be any more. ln the future, cmployers wall
looktng at and how can they adapt) need to rcdeslgn work area:. so they
Business pressures can be ustd lor mcctmgs and letsUr!!
Competitfon between businesses will acl1vtt1c:;
be much stranger in Lhe future and the
winner will be the first to get ats products
on to the market Managers may have to
constder restructur1ng their companles.
Age of employees
ln the future employees might not retlre
at the age of 65 because or a poss•ble
pensaons crísls Employers will have to
adapt the workplace to meetthe needs
of an older workforce
Work- life balance
Employees w1ll expect more flextblltty
from thett companles so thatthey can
spenel more time wlth thear fam1Ues
Managers Will have to destgn new
timetables m order to keep t herr staff

2 Choose the correct answer from the words in ítalics. Then read the text
agai n and check you r answers.
1 Managers may 1 mav uor have to cons1der restructunng thear campames
2 ln the future employces migltt l mlght 11otrettrc nt th t> age of 65
3 Employees will 1 won't expecl morc llexibillty from t heh compunres
4 Employees will/ wou't need thcar own desk n ny more,
3 Complete the rules about roaking future predictions
Tip l short forms of 1 Use + lnlinitive when we arc su re somcthrng will happcn
will Examp/e: _ _ _ __
The short forrn of wt/J IS '// 2 Use or + inl1nillve wh~: n wc lhink
and the short form of wt/l not that perhaps somethmg will happen.
ls ~n t We usually use short Example:
forms ln spoken Enghsh and 3 Use or t rnJmnrvc when wc thmk
tnformat wnllnr. that perhaps somethmg will not huppen
I'm 5Uie 1'11 enJOY worhmg E.xample: - - - - -
from ht:~mr 4 Use + ínfimuve when we nre sure somcthtng wdl not
We won't fidile enough t~rne to happen
(mtsh the mport.
4 601> Listen to a representative from the Work Association give a ta lk on tbc
typic:al workplace in the year 2020. Tick V) the correct column in lbe table.

ln 2020 •.. will may l may l won'l

might might
Thi! warking popolalion l be older
There l bernany manogement pos•uons
Cnlteagues l see each other on en
Most people l work from home
TI1ere l be a lot of oflices in office buildings (

Office buildlngs l contain a gym =
Employees / sta y wtth the :;ame campany '..
Employers l offer bettcr condition r; L
Employees l take eareer breaks

5 Work wi th a partner. Compare you r answers by roaking sentences abou t

lhe typica l workplace in 2020, using will, may, mighl. and won 't.

)) For more tnformatton and exerclr.es, go to Pru.ctice lile l3 on puge 17.7, c


6 Work with a partner. Make predictions about yourjobs u sing the ideas
below. Which ofyour ideaswere similar?
• hours • technology • office
• salary • benentS • penslons

Practicatty speaking l How to respond to Ideas

l Work wi th a partner. Put the responses in order from the most positive to
the most negatí ve.
a That's a good idea. _ d I tbink that's a great Jdea. _
b I'm noc happy about rhat at aU _ e I'm not sure aboUL that. _
c That m1ght work
2 611> Lis ten to manager Luis de Sousa discossing how to reduce staff
turnaver wíth his colleague GlnaRona1do. Mat~h the responses in 1 to
suggestions 1- 5 below.
l have a team-building weekend _
2 hold a weekly department meeting _
3 orrer specialized courses _
4 g1ve everyone a pay rise _
5 mtroduce a bonus system for employees who stay _
3 Workwith a partner. Yourcompany is havingproblems with stafftumover.
Look at these id eas and take turns to make a suggestion and to respond
• improve theofficeenvironment • offer Oexitlme
• recruít the rlght stttff • stop ali overtime

Business communication l Predlctmg
1 Work wi th a partner and answer the questions.
1 What1s teleworking?
2 What are the advanrages and disadvantage:. olwleworkmg?
2 621> Listen to three people asking their manager ab out their company's
new telewarking seb eme. Compare you r list of advantages from l wi th the
ideas the manager mentions.
3 621> Listen again and put sentences a-h in the order you hear th em.
a r hope employees will feel more mouvat~o:d
b Hopefully, productivity won'1 decrcase becau~l.' olt he new o;cheme
c The new scheme will definitely save the company a lot ol money
d Do you think people will do more work rrom home?
e It probably won't be easy for some people to start wlth
f So is ou r offlee bullding llkely to close?
g _ Just how mueh are we llkely to save?
h The offlee is unllkely to close complctcly
4 Complete the table with the words in bold from the sentences in 3

Asking for predictlons Maleing predlctlons Expressing hope

l Are .. l1ke ly to .? l .. will definttcly .. 1
2 2 2
3 3

5 Work witb a partner. You are taking part m the telewarlong scheme in 2.
Take turns to talk about the changes in you r life, us ing the language in 4
and these ideas.
• get bored? • have more lree t1me?
• miss your colleagues? • save money?
• get up early? • enJOY workmg nt home?
• work more? • go out mo1e?

)) Formore e xercises. go to Praelice file 13 ou paRc 12fi

6 Work with a partner. You have receíved an instruction from the Head
Office ofyour company to stop ali business rrips abroad and make use of
Key expressions videoconferencing instead. Have a meeting to pred1ct the effects ofth1s
measure on you r com pa ny. us ing the ide as below.
Asking for predictlons
• reduce costs?
1~ likely to 1
• buy new equipment?
Are . . hke ly to ••• ?
Do you th10k . will .7 • where to put equipment?
• leennical problems?
Making predictions • eliems have v ideo equ1pment?
w1ll probab ly l deflmtely ... • clienls like idea?
•.. probably l deflnltely won't •••
1s likelv l unllkely to •.. @ )) Interneríve Workbook )) Email and » l!xerc1su and Test!!
Expressing hope
l llope w111, won't •
Hopefully, ... Will / won'l ..•
BMW transforros its Cowley plant
When BMW took over theRover stte at Cowley, Oxford. the planrs low
pJoducuvtw wasa maJOr caneern The outelated factory machlnery meanilhat
lhe manut.Jcturtng process was exuemely expenslVe Many or the car patts
wcre lillported from abroad, wh1ch was both lmpractlcal and expenswe The
II'Ofklorce at Cowlcy had spenl many years fighung to keep theJr tobs. and so
rrfatiOOS w1th management wcre poor. Flnally, one of Rover's main brand~>, the
Mmt could no Ionger meet theneedsof the customer regarding safety, no•se.
and envtronmenwl concerns For the Cowley car plant to continue produci Jon.
radical change was necessary


What problems did BMW face when it took over the Cowley car pia nt?
Wbat changes do you thi nk BMW made to transform Cowley into a
successful plant?
Thrn to File 25 on page l 40 to compare yo ur answers w ith the changes
BMW actually made.

Textiles Inc used to be a s uccessfullextile manufacturer, but it is now

losing out to comperitors.
Work with a partner Thrn to File 26 on page 140 to find out more
about theproblemsat Textiles Inc. You a re consultants for a campany
which has been employed to rry and solve these problems. Discuss
the problems and decide what the campany needs to do to become
successful agaln
Work wi th a nother pa ir and have a meeting to presen t you r poss ib le
Choose the six bes t ideas to present to the management of Textiles Inc.
Worklng with words l Managmg ti me
1 Look at questions 1-3 a nd answer t hem. T hen work wi th a partner a nd
discuss your answers.
l What percentage ofworkers read email while speaking on the phone?
a a third b more than half c more than three quarters
2 'Multitasking' means doing more tha n one job al the samc time c g wriung
an email and answering the phone. Doe.'> 11 allow you to work more quickly?
a Yes b No c Sometimes
3 What's the worstthang about people who mulutask?
a They don't really listen b They make lots ol mistakes
c They think they're the best
Starting point
2 Read the text and compare your a nswers.
1 'T here is never enough
time tn the day' Do you
agree with this?
Multitasking: time-waster or time-saver?
2 Are the se sentences
always, sometimes, or On the other end of the phone. you hear We ali have to meet deadlmes. but
never true for you? the sound of flngers on a keyboard. IS multJtasktng reaUy the soh.Jt1on for
'l organize my workmg Ounng a Monday department meeting, a fimshmg everything on time' Not really,
umc weil · colleague has h ls head down, plannlng If you belleve the sclentlsts We thlnk we
l huve ,, lot ol his schedule for the week Al home, you r save Lime by doing two tasks at Ol'lce,
mten upt1ons ar work' husband or wife ls answerlng ema1ls but studtes show that the bra1n ts Iess
'Whcn l hove 1mporton1 while helping Lhe children wlth the1r cHictent when performmg sunilar rasks,
work to do. l finish It on homework. such as reading ancf lfstenmg. And each
time' We have alllearntto mullllask because llme we switch to anothOI'tdsk. wc have
3 How do you feel about we feel we don't have enough time to to aUow time for ou r brains to adapt to
people who are always get everyt hmg done. 45% of workers the new situallon
late or early? feelthey are asked to work on too ma ny Perhaps t he worst thmg about pE-ople
tasks at once. aceording to a study by who mult1task ls the leefing thdt they
the Families and Work Institute Anolher ure only giVIng you halfan ear So next
survey by ComPsych, a provider of t1me you ask a Cclllcr to repeat 5emethmg
employee assistance programmes, bec<Jusc you <J re rcad1ng you r ernalis and
reports that 54% of workers spenel time notlistcnang to htm or her,JUSt remember
reading ernali wh1le on the phone and one thmg yotJ'rc wasting lame. both
11% make to do ltsts du ung meeungs yours and t he callef's
3 Work wi th a partner. Look at these sentences about ma naging time.
Choose the correce answer from thewordsin italics, using the words and
phrases 10 bold in the text to help you .
l Ir you waste l save u me on something. you don't u se your tr me weil.
2 Berore you plan l ml!ct you r schedule. you need to know the deadhnc
3 When preparing a prcsentauon. you should al/ow l spend time to pracuse it.
4 If there's on l enuugh um e to do everythrng you'll meet your deadlmc l task
4 Ma~ simitar sentences wi th these expressions.
l save umc
l spend time
J on ttme
5 Work wilh a partner. Give advlee on how to run a su ccessful meetJng,
wung the vocabulary in 3
6 Read this advlee on how to run a successful meet ing and complete t he
sentences with a suitable word or phra se. How do these ideas compare 3
wtth yours m 5? ro
l your meeting ln advance. so you know exactly whal
subjects you wunt tocover
2 Don't wa it untilihe meeting st<1rts to tell parlicipants lhe agend a.
ume by sendmg 11 co them in advanec
J Start your meeting
4 time gelttng everybody's oprnions on the drfferent
S For each subject decídt: who will ra ke the necessary action and what the
6 Don't - - - - time talkmg about subjects that aren t on the
ugenda But a rew mmutes at the end to d1scuss thcse
points brieOy
7 If you don't have _ _ _ _ _ _ _ to drscuss ali the rmportant subjects.
a~r:ree on a date lor n new meeung

)) Formore exerc St!S, go to Pmcuce Ide 14 on page 128

7 Work with a partner. Discu ss what problems you have wit h lime
managemen t, uslng the ideas below to help you. What could you do to
solve the problems?
• meeung dead lrnes
• gellmg to work on tr me
• plannrng you r schedule ror each day
• muhrtask rng
• berng rotor ruptcd by l he phone or ernari

CD )) lntt<recllvce Wmkbnok )) Clossary

We use enough belore nouns.

but after ndt•ctrvcs.
We don t trave enough 11me.
The meetmg wasn't long
Language at work l Second conditfonal
1 631> Silvia has JUSt retumed to Argentin& a fter w arking on a project in
New York for three months. Listen a nd answer the quesrions.
l Did she enjoy her time m the USA?
2 Would she li ke to work lhere?
2 631> Listen again and underline the words 1n Italtesyou hear.
l /'1/ l /'d go crazy if liived l live m the USA
2 What would l wtll you do 1f they offer l offered you a JOb ther e?
3 If ir is l was only for a year or two. l would l mtght say 'yes'
4 If they want l wanted me lor longer. l wouldn 1 l wan t ilecepi It

3 Look at these two conditional sentences and complete the rules.

If they ga ve ml' a promo//Oll. l would11 't/ca ve (sccond condiuonal)
If they grve mea promouon,J won 't /cave. (fusi conditi onal)
l The 1s used totalkobout somcthmg whJch JS probabic and
its result (they will p1obably gJVe her a promotion).
2 The __ ls used to talk aboul somellling whichisIess probable
and lts resuli (they probably won't glve her 11 promollon)
3 Wc form the second cond1tíoMI Wllh lj+ __, would +

4 Look at the sentences in 1 agai n. What do we use lnstead of would when we

are unsure ofthe result?
5 Complete the questions in the second conditional with the cornet form of
the verbs in brackets.
l ff (you l have) the chunce to work in auothct countrv,
wh1ch country _ (you l choo:;c)?
2 How _ _ __ (you l fcel) 1f (your boss l ask)
you to work at weekends?
3 If (you l can) study lull·llme for a year, what subJect
(interest) you most?
4 If (lhere l be) an extra hour m your workmg day. how
(you l spend) il?
5 (you l be) happier if (mobile phones l
not eXJsl)?
6 lfyou - - - - - (not l have) a ctock or w at ch [0 sce the um e ar
work. _ __ _ __ (it l be) a probll!m for you?
6 Work with a partner. Ask a nd answer the questions in 5 .
Example: A ifyou had the cl1ance ro work m anather rountry, whtch country
would you choose7
B l don't know, but l mlght choosc Chfna What about you?
A l think. !'d go to Vietnam

)) Formore information and I'XNcisr.s, go to Practlce file 14 on page 129

7 Read the text. Then wo rk wi th a pa n ner and answer the questio ns.
l Do vou thi nk people 10 you r country hve on 'event ri me' or 'clock tr me'?
2 Would you h ke to hve rn a coumry wllh a differenttime culture to yours?

The idea of time

The social psychologist Roben levine, who has
spcnt ye<~rs st udytng people's ldeas about time,
says thilt cultures can be dlvldcdlnto t hose which
hvc on event ume·. where events are aIlowed
to d ctate peopte·s schedules, and those whtch c::
hvc on 'clock ume', where people's schedules
olctate evenrs People who hve on clock u me' a re
more punctualthan those who do not. and their
untrtes tend to bemore successful economtcally
If pert1.1ps Iess fun at night - t han t hose which
llvl' on ·event time·

8 Work with a partner. Do you live on 'event time' or 'clock time'? Student A,
tum to File 27 on page 141 . Studenl B, tum to File 48 on page 145. Then
tum to File 57 on page 146 for the aoswers.

Practicatty speaking l How to use time expressions

1 64 ~ Wsteo to two conversations about deacllines. ln eac b convers ati on,
what do they have to do?
2 641> Ws ten agaio and match 1- 7 to a- g.
1 by a away
2 wrtlun b as posstble
3 belore c have nme
4 assoon d ~onday
5 rrght e the end ol next week
6 on f a week
7 whcn you g Fnday
3 Look a gai n at the phrases in 2 . Which t wo phrases do not give a specific
deadline? Today is Wednesday. Put the other phrases in the rigbt order,
from the mos t to the least urge nt.
4 Work with a partner. Take tums to ask ror rhe things in 1- 6 , using the
wo rds ln brackets.
Example: Can yougiveme an answer wltlun two days'!
l Today 1s IJthApriJ. Youwantan unswer by ISI h Apríl. (withm}
2 lt's 900 am You wam to rece1ve the n:port today (by)
3 lt's Tuesday You want confirmalion of the meetrng Fnday evening (end}
4 It > 3rd December You want the budgctligurcs within four weeks. (before)
5 h ·s foriday You want 10 see the new produci nowl (right)
6 Today ls Tuesday You wantto have a meeting the day art er tomorrow ton)

Business communication l Negotlatmg condltlons
l 651> Hans-Peter Berg w orks for a machine tool manufacturer He receíves
a phone call from one of his foreign suppliers. Luca Pcrettt Listen and
complete the informalion.
First solution:
Disadvantagc of first solotton _ _ __
Second solution
Who will pay? _ _

2 651> Match 1- 10 w ith a-J to make complete sentences from the Jistening.
Then listen again and check your answers.
l We have a problem a be poss1ble
2 Bastcally, b pay the extra co~t7
3 Wo1,1ld 11 be OK c wtth dellvery
4 Yes. that would d ... we've got a tony d11vers st11ke
5 What if e .. get the parts w the fucrory on ume
6 Could you f . be acceptable
7 lthmk we g . we transpotted them by t ram to the border7
8 That would clllaw us to _ h send a lorry to ptd: t hem up?
9 Would you agree to tfwe sent them by trom?
10 Sorry. that wouldn't j could do that
3 Which phrases tn 2 a re used to
l mtl'oduce the problem?
2 propose soll.lttons?
3 descnbe the consequences of a solution? _
4 ask if someone c<m do t;omothrng lor you'!
5 agree to a solullon?
6 •eJect a solutton?

Key expressions 4 Work wi th a p a rtner. Student A is a supp Uer o f computer processors.

Student B is a computer manufacturer. Have a phone conversation. usmg
Oescriblng the proble m the notes below.
Thcre's We have a prob1em A Descnbe problem processor ordered (Vers•on 2 l) not m r.tod: Propo!>e
Wllh, solution send veNton 2 2
Bas1cally, B Accept solulion Ask it A can send 11 by end ofthts week
Negollatlng conditions A Reject proposat Ct ve reason rumi tests on VersJon 2.2 No Alock unu l next weekc
What 11 we d1d X1 B Propose solution dellvery by Fnday or next week ti ~nm t• pncl' as Verston 2.1
Would vou agree to do Y? ($30).
CCJuld you do Y' A ReJeCt proposal Propcse unll pnce of S40 for Ver:;ton 2.2 (normally S50)
Would 11 be OK If .. ? B Accept or reject proposal
Respondmg )) For morl· exerc1ses. go to Pra~:llc~: fil~: 14 on pr1gc 128
Yt tnat would be posstble.
l thmk we could do that. 5 Work w ith a partner. Ha ve a phone conversat ien to negouate new
SC>rrv. llut wouldrl'l be conditions for an order whtch has been placed. Student A. tum to File 28
acceplable on page 141. Student 8 , tum to File 49 on page 145
Descrlbíng advantages
Thdt would allow us l you to ...
@ )) lntoractive Wotkbook
)) Phrasebank

The world's tallest (unfinished) building

The Ryugyong Hotel tn Norlh Korea has Festival of Youth and Students, but problerns
1051loors, mak1ng It the fargest bwldmg w1lh buíldtng methods and matenals delayed 11
1r1the counlry and one of the tallest m the BuJiding work stoppcd tn 1992 ln recent
world However more tha n 20 years after years the North Korean government has t ned
COI1strucuon began. 11 Wd~ sllll unflníshed to 1nv1te foreJgTJinvestment of US$300 mtlhon
Started m 1987 the Ryugyong·s 3.000 to Improve and ltmsh the hotel However the
rooms and seven revelving restaurants were fínal cost couldbemore If ll has to be rebulit
$Cheduled to open ln June 1989 tor t he World due to structural problems


Why is the hotel stlll not nnished today?

Why is It so difficult to meet deadlines in t he construction lndustry?

Why are projects like these often much more expensive than planned?

Phoenix Office Destgn cons tructs and designs office buildings. Phoenix
constructs the outside ofthe building, but subcontrac ts alt the interior
work to Mctropolis Construction Today is Monday 24 September. Phoenix
is having problems with the bul lding of the roof and the site ne eds to be
elosed for at leasta mo nth before work can start again .
look at the Gann c hart showing the project schedule for to day
'PMENIX Off iCE DESICH Clte.1t Od~n~ D4tii>IIV d~tadllne ll OKember
"!'lloOfiU .,..~ ...
Iul) AUQIISI Septt•mber 0 ( tObel Novemb.. r O~Pc•mber
E>tern~l w•ll) •
Roor· r- ~

~::~~;.~us· -
- -
Hoors• -
Pocordtlao •

Work with a partner. Use the Gantt chart above to plan a new
construction schedule. 1\trn to File 30 on page 141 formore Information.
Work with a different partner. Student A, turn to File 23 on page 139.
Student B, tum to File SO on page 145. Then negotiate the conditlons of
the new schedule, IncJuding the extra costs.
Warking with words l Personal development and traíning
l Read the text. Would you like a business coach?

The benefits of business coaching

ln recem years bustness coaclung has

grown. wlth companies such as Unilever
and KPMG taktng part IL can cost up to
E3,000 a day However,the results are so
lmpresstve that some comp<mles want ali
the1r executtves to enmlto Improve then
What do busmess coaches do' Basteall y,
they let you taik about lhe problems you
1 What skills do you are havtng m your professtonal hfe and
need foryour present help you set new goals They then meet
job? Did you r company or speak wlth you regularly to see If you need to develop you r skUis
offer you any special are achleving those goals For example, The coaching expencnce can be an
tra in ing? they can ffnd waysfor you to geL bet tm Idea l opportuntty to take 11 step back
sales results,to moUvate you1 team to and evaluate you r llfestyle. The result IS
2 What new skills would work better. or to imp1ove you r promotion of ten a better work-llfe balanea leremy
you like to learn for prospects ln you r campany Coaches do not Lang, forrtiCI Chief Executtve of Chllprufr
you r professíonal actually make decisiens for you but give the underwear manuJacturer. satd. ·t am
and l or personal you feedback on you r tdeas They can a iso werking so·~ more on my business and 50%
development? help you idemlfy what trafnfng you mlghl Iess /11 my IJusluess l am 100% happler'

2 Read the text agaln a nd answer the questions.

l What's the maximum you ntlgh1 pay lor a day's coachmg?
2 What are some campames asklng their top managers to do?
3 Do business coaches usually
a help you organize you r warking t tme hetter?
b listen to you r problems?
c make written recommendauons on what acuon to take?
d help you get better resuhs?
e recommend JObs for you tn other compantes7
4 What does Jeremy Lang mean when he says 'J am workmg SOYo more on my
business and 50% Iess tn my busmess'?
3 MblCh words and phrases ln b o ld in the text to meanings t- 8 below.
l thmk aboul your life 10 a ca lm way
2 gtve somebody the desire 10 do somethmg - -- - - - -
3 1~ tm how 10 do things better - - - - - - -
·1 do you r JOb heller
5 dectdll on your ObJecuves
6 r achlng you r Objectlvt:s
7 tncren.<>e the posslbllitles of a bene r job m your company
8 ti!ll someone what you ttunk or their performanec
4 Complete the se sentences wi th a form of the words and pbrases from 3 .
Then work w ith a partner. Take tums to ask and answer the questions.
l What thmgs you to do you r JOb weil? ;:;:
2 When was you r tast annual appnusal? Otd you __ any for ....
th ts year? What a re you domg 10 try and _ _ them?
3 flowolten does you r boss you on you r perlormance? ....
4 Do you thtnk trnmmg IS the bes1 way to your __ 7 :J
What other ways are t here to move up ln 1he company? :J
5 Whenls the best time to a _ _ _ from your job? 1.0
6 What new _ would you like to in you r prolessionni life?
7 Have you done any training courses reccnlly to _ _ _ your at
work? How have rhese courses helped you?

5 Match acompany training course from the list to 1-5 below.

ProJect management Managmy stress Mouvatmg empfoyeer
Commumcallon sktlls Time management


flvt• tr aining courses to help you ilthtcve yout personal and profcs..,lonal goal~
1 to ach"""' a won- life bal<tnc"' and take a step back
2 - - - - - - - to be a better listener and run effecove meetlrlgS.
3 - - - - - - - to spt'ed read and dcal wtth ematls.
-t - - - - - - - to gtve better feedbaci and set dear gools.
s - - - - - - - to plan work schedules and leam to delegate

)) Formore exerctse.c: go to Prael ice file IS on page l.iO

6 66 t> Listen to Scott Wesley, a s ales director, speaking with dlfferent

colleagues. Match conversations 1-3 to situations a-c.
o At the collee machtne _
b At an annual appra1sal
c At a mcetmg
7 661> Work wi th a partner. Listen again and answer the questions
l Why aren L Scou's colleagues happy Wllh what he says?
2 What cour.;es m 6 would you recommend lor bim?
8 Whtch of the courses in 5 would be useful for you? Wby?
9 Work with a partner. Take turns to describe what skills you need and to
recommend a course.

(]2 )) lnrcracu"e Workboo1c: )) Olosanry

language at work l Modal verbs for gtvmg advice
1 Read the advice on how to conduc t an a ppraisal with a n employee. lgoore
the gaps in the senteoces for now. Do yo u agree or disagree w ith the
düferent point.s ? The n work wi th a partne r a nd com pa re your answers.

Advice for managers

1 You use your own ofnce for the tntervtew
2 You do most of the talktng
3 You start Wtlh one or two queshons al)()ut the employees
personal hfe.
4 You glve negatlve feedback nrst.
5 Vou dlscuss ll the employee achleved last year's goals.
6 You olier solutlons when goals haven't been achieved

2 67 t> Listen to a Human Resources manager g iving a presenta t ioo to

department managers o n ann ua l appraisals. Compa re he r advice wi th
your opinions in 1.
3 67 t> Listen agai o. Complete the advice in 1 with the mod al verbs which the
HR manager use s. Cho os e from this list .
musc muscn 'c should shouldn't could

4 Complete the sentenc es with a modal verb fro m 3 .

l If it's realiy important to do somethmg. you do 11
2 If tt's a good idea to do u. you _ do u.
3 If It's possillle. you _ _ do 11.
4 lf u·s not a good idea. you do it
5 If 1t's a ve ry bad tdea, you do ll
5 Look at the ad vic e fo r improvlng yo u r pro motio n prospects. Are the po ints
a imporra nt? b a good 1dea? c posstblc?
d not a good idea? e a very bad idea?
1 Work Ionger hours !han your colleagues
2 Apply for every management postlion advertised ín llte company _
3 Tell colleagues whtch jobs you a re applymg tol
Tipl l1ave ca and must 4 Get to know you r boss personally
/"/ave to descrlbes llllngs lhat 5 Tell your boss you are t hmklng of leavmg
our "mployers, the government, 6 He lp work colleagues wilh thetr problems as much as posstble.
ele ask us to do 7 Ask for Lraining courses alleast on ce a year
l have to work 39 hours a 8 Always send cop1es of your work to you r boss
week 9 Speak loudly on the phone so your boss can hear your conversauons _
We have to P<JY tax three
t1mes a ye2r. 6 Work wi th a partner. Discuss yo ur ans wers, usiog a mo d al verb from 3
Musl de!.Cnbes thmgs that ate Example: You shouldn 't work Ionger hou r~; l han you r colleagues because
urgent or personaily tmportant
for us
Yo• · must pay our lax b11/ Ilus
l must 1rv to work harder
7 Work with a partner. Read about Marek and Klaudia. Decide what
problems they have at work and what advlee you could glve them.

Marek Podolskl: 45-year.old proJc<;t rnanager

lor a sottware company Works 60 70 hours Klaudia Wojclk: 28-year old sales rep for an
a week and 1s very )tressed. Ha~ too many Insurance company ln the JOb tor ltve years.
pro,ects to manage eJt the same time. ali wlth E:<cellem s.Jles resulls CEO promrsed her qu lek
1mpossib\e deadllne!>. I-Hs team retusc to do promctron when she amved. but her boss says
extra hour~ and his boss refuses to recruit she's too young to be a manager Applted three
•mother team member. His wlfe complalns momhs Clgo lor lhe postlion of Sales Manager•
but dldn't get the job. Her boss was on the
that she and the c.htldren neve r see hlm.
mtervu~w panel. but the CEO wasn't -"-"

)) For morc lilitlimallon and excrc1ses go to Practice file 15 on page 131

8 681> Listen to two experts talklng about theproblems in 7 and compare

their ideas wi th yours.
9 Work with a partner. Take turns to explain the problems below and to give
• Improve you r personal performance
• develop you r sk1lls
• get the most from you r annual appraisal
• get a better work hre balance to have more lree ume

Practically speaking l How to say thank you and respond

1 What would you say in these situations?
a An ex-colleague mvued you to a restdura nl and has JUst pa1d the b1ll
b ll's you r dnnual appraisal wil h you r boss The meeung has becn useful.
c A colleague has spent t wo hours showing you a computer progrnm.
d A supplier you work wil h has just sen t you a birthday messagc
2 691> Listen to four conversations. Match each one to a situation in 1.

3 691> Listen agam to the conversations and complete the sentences in A

Then mate h the two pans of the responses in B.
It was very n1ce o( you \.o ------~ 'lou· re at alt
1 n7nK: liJT That s problem
llp l nh.t:
Thanl: you rm N!Ce has many dtllcrent
4 Whu:h of the sentences and responses in 3 a re more in formai? menntnt;S '" Enghsh
It was níce of you to tnvtte
5 Work witb a partner Say thank you and respond in the situations in 1. me. !n1ce: k1nd>
8 Work wlth a parl ner. Have simítar conversations for these situations. Dtd wu llave " n/ce mne m
Beijmg' (nice . Pntovable)
1 Som~onc has helped you carry a heavy box to you1 office. My colleagues are ~ry nlce.
2 Yoo vc spentthc- weekend on your boss's yacht (mct!.; tnendlv)
3 A collcague has helped you write a report Tha/ blochute /ooks nice
!n1ce =attractrve)
7 Work w&th a partner. Read about Marek and Klaudia. Decide what
problerns they have at work and what ad vice you could give them

Marek Podotskl· 45-year old project manager

tor a softw<1re company Works 60 70 hours Klaudia Wojclk: 28 year old sales rep for an
a week .tnd 1s very stréssed. Has too many msurance company. ln the job for live years.
projects to manage at the samc time. an wlth Excellent sales results. CEO promlsed her qUJck
tmposslble deadllnes. His team retuse to do promouon when she arrfved. but her bos~ says
extra hours and his boss refuses to recrutl she's too young (O be a manager Applled lhree
another team member His wtfe complatn~ momhs ago for the postuon of Sales Manager
that she and the children never see 111m but dfdn't getthe tob. Her boss was on rhe
tntervtew panel but the CEO wasn't.

)) l·or rnorc tnfom1atton nnd cxcrci~e~. go to Prnctice me 15 on pare 131

8 68C> Listen to two experts talking about theproblemsin 7 and compare

their id eas wi th yours.
9 Work wttb a partner. Take turns to explain the problems below and to give
• 1mprove your personal performanec
• develop your sk!lis
• get the mostlrom you r annual appraisal
• get a better work-hfe balanec to have more free time

Practicatty speaking l How to Sdy rhank you and respond

l What would you say in these sltuations?
a An cx-colleague lovited you to a restaurant ttnd has JUSI paid the bill.
b ll's your annual appraísaJ wlth you r boss The meeting has been usetul
c A colleague has spent t wo hours showtng you a computer program
d A ~upplier you work wnh has just sen t you a btrthday message
2 69C> Listen to rour conversations. Mate h eae h one to a situation in 1
3 69C> Listen again to the conversations and complete the semences in A.
Then malch the t wo partsofthe responses in B.

h was very ni ce of you to You're at ali
1"hllnks No welcome.
Th,mks for That's problem
Thunk you for Not OK Tip l mce
N1ce 11as many dtff~ent
4 Which orthe sentences and responses in 3 are more mformal? meanmgs '" Enghsh
5 Work with a partner. Say tha nk you and respond in tbe situations in 1. fl \-\-as nlce of you to tnVIte
me. (ntce ..- k•nd)
6 Work wi th a partner. Have simitar conversations ror these situations. D1d you have a mce ltmc tn
l Someo ne has helped yo u carry a heavy box to your office. Beljmg' (mce = ertJOVttble)
2 You've spcnt the weekend on your boss's yucht My colle.,gues .m1 vet y mce
3 A colleague has helped you write d repon (ntce = friendly)
That brochuro lool.!> n/ce
(nlce::: uttracltwl
Business communication l Showmg understandmg and
suggesting solu[lons
1 Work with a partner. Answer the ques tions
l Why do people somelimes have to work late?
2 Do you ever work late? If so. how oftcn and why?
2 701> Marisa is talking to her coUeague C len. Listen and answer the
l Why does Marlsa's boss Tom wan t her to work late today?
2 Why can't she do 11?
3 W by can't she work late romorrow?
4 Why is l t taking her so long to flnish her work?
5 Why doesn't the campany want to gtvc her rr.untng?
6 When does her work have to bt flntshed'f
7 What does Tom say about deadltnes7

3 70!> Listen agai n and number th ese phrases ln the order you hear th em.
t Rlght. _ 5 l sue.
2 lt's not easy for you 6 l unden;tnnd lotc~lly
3 I'm sure Lhere's a solution. 7 l know how you feci
4 Don't worry. _ 8 lt's not your liJUil
4 Work with a partner. You are both having some problems at work at the
moment. Take tums to explain you r problems and show understanding
Student A, turn to File 34 on page 142. Student B. tum to File 51 on page
5 7 t t> Work with a partner. Discuss what you lhink Marisa should do. Then
listen to Glen talking about Mansa's problem.
Key expressions l What solutlons doos he suggcst?
2 Wh1ch tdea docs Mnnsa accept?
Showing that you are listening
l~e 6 711> Listen agai n and complete the s ugges ttons and responses.
Rtght Res pon ses
Expressing sympathy a No, l _______________
l Ul'\dt!rsl~nd totallv
go to your so n's school ...
l know how you teel
lt':o not eac;y for you. 2 b 'l hl.ll
Reassuring c01rung ín ru. the weekend?
I'm surf' there's n <>olutlon.
ll'"- not your taUII.
3 c Ves, - - - - - -
tell Tom that you can wo rk on
Don'! worry.
Suggesting posslble solutions
P~rhap~ you co•Jid do
)) Formore excrc•scs, go tel Pracuce me 15 on P<~Re 130
Hí:llle you thoughl ol dotng .•?
Why don't you do 7 1 Work witb a partner Take tums to explaln some problerru;, suggest
Responding to suggestlons solutions. and respond. Student A, turn to Flle 32 on page 142. Student B.
Yr" lthdl'S ·1) good ·-lea turn to File 05 on page 135
That rntgllt be posstble.
No. l can t do ttlat
(D )) lntcr:tctwc Workbook
)) Phl'liJiebank
Introduting personal development programmes
Bd kground

Helping employees to
succeed and grow
LSI Corporillfon a leading provldl!r of innavalive sll•con, systems. and sollwa re
Lechnologles, belleves that personal development benef1ts both employees
<Jnd the campany ll knows lhatlack ol skills and low morale can reduce
pcrformance. quality or work. and effioency For thiS reason. it olfers il wide
range ol programmes wh1c.h g1ve staff the opportuniry to
• have qwck access to the tcchnlcaltnlormallon they need. Wlth an onltne
dc1tabase of mentors who can be comacted to giVe help and advice on speclflc
• continue or complete their higher educat1on wllh assisled prograrnmes at
ateredited unlversities
• ldentlfy and develop the skills necessaty lo Improve their job prospects in l he
campany wllh online tools to create a personaljob and skills analysis
• be rccognlzed for except1onally good performance w1th spec1al award


Ho w can a la ck of skills cause problems for a company?

What do you think ofthe programmesthat LS! has?
, Do you have a ny personal development programmes in your company?

'ío\) wor\t for \.e'KtT8, an \n\ematlona) flrm of engineering consultants.

The H R. Department is concerned that many emp\oyees are dt.ssatisfied
wi th their personal development in the company.
Listen to some of the employees' comments. What aspects of
personal development does the company need to work on?
Work with a partner or in small groups. Discuss what programmes
and ideas could be introduced to improve personal development in the
compa ny.
• Present your ideas to the rest of the class. Choose the th re e best ldeas
to suggest to management.
Working with words l Careers
1 Read the text and nnd out which j obs Greg Mortensen does or has done.

How to move a mountain -

the story of Greg Mortensen
lt's been over ftfteen years stnce Greg
Monensen atternpred to elimb K2 the
Starting point world's second hignest mountam At
1 What a re the most the time, Greg was workmg as a trauma
popuhlr careers in you r nurse tn t.he USA. but his adventure 1n the
country? Hlmalayas set hun on a new career path
Durlng t.he climb, 50 year old Greg
2 Which careers have the
became lll and lost the rest of htS group
longest training7
He walked to a local viliage and whlle
3 Are there too many recevering the.re. he realized that the
graduates in any one children ln the vUiage dfd not have d
career area? proper school He made the decision to
4 'A chnnge ls as good as relurn Lo the USA and concenlrate on would buy a pencll for a child 1n South
a rest.' Do you agree ra1stng money so that a school could be Asra Tagether the class colleeted more
with this idea? bu1llln the Vlllage. When he got home, than 62.000 p!!nnlel> Next, u Seattie IT
hislife changed dírectlon dramatlcally specie~ list ~~w an at ucle about Greg'<
He ga ve up his house, li ved tn t he back or expeJ lence on K2 .md ~ent hlm a cl1equc
his car, and wrote hundreds ollctters to for$12.000
celebnlles ask!ng tor money HowevCI, al Slnte then Greg hd~ spent six monlhs
f1rst he had Urtle success of every year rrtthP .Hed. bullding over
Greg's luck changed when a swdent 00 schools hr2000 he completed a best
m h1s mother's class m a school rn seUing book Tl!rt>e Cup~ o/Tea. about htS
Wisconsin found out that one penny advent ures

2 Read the text again. Then work wi th a partner and a nswer th ese questions.
l When and where d1d Greg Martensen life change
2 What were h1s fundrarsmg methods?
3 How does Greg spend h1s t1me now?
3 Match the words or phrases in b o ld in the text in t to these delinitions.
l stopped havmg or domg
2 l1m11hed
3 a planned sen es of Jobsor profess1ons
4 took tl d1fferent way
5 dccided (to do sorneth1ng)
6 g1ve ali you1 attention to somet hl ng
7 passed (ume)
4 Work w lth a partner. Look at the quotations from p eople taJking about
the1r ca reers. Take turns to u se a word or pbrase in braclcets m the c orrec t
form to report what each person said.
Exampfe: A l chose to go to Oxford and not Cambridge Umwrs11y
B He made the decisiali to go to Oxford and not Cambrtdge.
l cho!;e to go to Oxford and nm C.lmbndge Unavers1ty: (make the deCJSion)
2 l f1nlShed my stud1es m 1989.' (complete)
3 ltramed ln an arch1tect's studio tor t wo years." (spend)
4 I'm gomg to srudy medicine, go abroad for some work expericnce, do my
exams. and qualify as a family doctor ' (career péllh)
S ' llen my JOb in the ct ty and moved to the counrry' (give up)
6 ' l was studying maths but l hated it, so ltned dra ma and became an actor
loslead ' (change dtrecuon)
7 'Ali l w ant to do IS paint ' (concentrate on)
5 731' Listen to four people talking ab out care er changes they have made.
Which s peakers are happy w ith the ch ange?
6 731> Lis ten again and complete the s entences with one word each .
l Deahng wi th the public 1s one of Spedker l s
2 T1me management 1s her grea tesr
3 Speaker 2jomed the drmy at 16 because he had no plan
4 Speaker 3 Mudied human resources because she wa nted a
5 To hold an exhlbition of his o wn plctures was Speaker 4's

7 Match the words and phrases from 6 t o meanings 1- S.

l A new and d1fflcult thmg that needselfort
2 A fau h in you r character Tip l qualtficatton.
3 The good quaJ1ties that you have. _ __
degree. and dtploma
4 The d1recuon you want co go 10 you r warking h fe. - - -- - - -
A quahtJcatton IS an exam you
5 Something that you really want to do
have passed or a course yoo
)) For mon: excrcll;es, 110 to Prncticc Ille 16 on page 132. have compioted
Jack lelt <;Ct/ool wil/l no
8 Work w1th a partner. Take turns to talk ab out your career path, using the formal qualificatlons
id eas below to heJp yoll. What do you have in common? A deg,-ee 1$ the 1L ahiicahon
• vou r 8I rengths and weaknesses you l'eCeM! when YOU have
soccessfully compteted a
• you r carcer plan
course at unrvers1ty
• eballenges m your work
My biother tS doing R
• you r ambiuons
chem1slry degree
(12 >> ln1erac11ve Work.book )) Glossnry A diploma 1s a shorler and
more praclrcal course. ohcn at
a college
Chloe's slmtymg 101 1 diploma
ín horel managem<:mt
Language at work l Revis1on ot grammar and tenses
1 Read the text. Why do ma ny people decide to cbange the1r career path?

Career changes that make a ditference

An Amencan unrvers1ty has recently carned out a survey lnto why people decide to
cllange dtrectlon 111 tht'lr career The results show that 61% of th!! people tntefVieWed
would prefer to do somethlng more useful w1th their hves Most of thern th111k that
they would have more Job .sallslactton If tlwy could gJVe someth1ng back to the
A typlcal example or this ts left Short, whose ongtncll c11m wh(!J1 he ~-et up hts own
company was to make money. However, alter 18 years runrung the tomPdnv. he
realized that somellling was m1sstng ln hl5life. Aller his comp.my was sold, he jorned
a teaching programme onlme and now g1ves classes tn tndustnaltcchnotogy at hts
local h1gh school
Nowadays therels an lnereasing numbel or cducallonal programmt'Sthat giVf!
people the opportunll y to make a dlflerencf'. Many or t hem a re part time so that
you only have to gtve up your current job once you become qua1Jf1cd If you go
back to studylng. you'll f1 nd <~JOb that makes you happy; says the head of one ot
the programmes. 'Those people who have doubt!> t1bout thetr current job shauld
get ln touch Imrnechately w1th their local universit y to flnd out whttl's on orfer; she

2 Read the text agam and find one example of l-7 below.
l the comparauve form of an adJecuve .Ptur1 U5 [ul
2 an uncoumable noun
3 a madai verb used to talk about obhgat1on

4 the past passive form of a verb - - - - - - - - - - - - -

5 a first conditional sentence
6 a second conditional sentence
7 a modaJ verb used to giVe adv1ce
3 74 1> Listen to pa n of a business documentary about successfu l people who
give some oflbe1r money to good causes and answer the questions.
l What does Ulises dl! la Cruz do'
2 Where docs he come from?
3 What has he spe nt his money on?
4 74 .. Work w i th a partner L ook at the informatioo sbout Ultses de l a Cruz
and choo se the correct ve rb fo rm in ita/les. T hen listen agai n and c heck
you r a nswe rs.
l Scveral ttmes a week he s sendmg l sl!nds money back to his hometown
2 Uh~;c:; grew up l :S grown up ma very poor vlll~ge in the Chota V<JIIey.
3 Smce then he set up l :S setup a medical centre
4 At the moment he bulldsl 's bmldinR a spot ts nnd community centre.
S He'// opM l 's openmg it at the t.!nd ol the season if u's linished
6 Next hc's gomg to build l 's bwldlng 40 new home.!> for rhe villagers

)) For mure mror rn<tlion nnd cJwrcl:.c..'i, ~-to to Practice file 16 on page 133

5 Student A, t u m to File 33 o n page 142 Student B. rum to File 52 o n page

145 Ta ke rums to r ead out a s entenc e. You r partner mus t decide if it ts
rtg h t or w ro ng. If the s entence is w rong. you r partner mus t correc t it. G ive
you r partner one point fo r e very correct answer.
6 Work with a partner. lmagine a frie nd ofyours is locking fo r a job and
there is 8 v8C8ncy in you r partner's comp8ny which would be perfe ct fo r
you r frlend. Tell your partner about you r friend and recomme nd bim l her
for the job. u sing the id eas bel o w to help you.
• how you know him l her
• your friend's currentjob and why he l she wants to leave
• h1 l her educauon and quahfications
• hi l her prev1ous jobs
• h1!C l her strengths and weaknesses
• his l her amb1tions
• hi~ l her pl<tns for the future

Practlcally speaking l How to say goodbye

1 751> Work w itb 8 partner. M8tc h waysof s aying goodbye t - 4 to respo nses
a-d. Then listen and check you r answ ers.
l Bye then Sec you on Monday a Bye Bnan See you romorrow
2 h was mce meeung you. b Bye. Have a good weekend.
3 Rye, Sue I'm off _ c Thanks and goodbye. Dylan
4 Goodbyc Have a good trip. d And vou too. See you next ume.
2 751> Listen agai n a nd decide If the conversatfons are formal or more
mform al.
3 Work w lth a pa rtner. Pracúse s aying goo dbye ro each other in the
follawing situat1ons.
l To your Managmg D1rector at the a1rport
2 To vou r offíce on a Fnday evemng
3 To someone you havemet for the first t rme after a conference
4 ro the colleague who srts next to you

Business communication l Givmg a personal presemanon
1 761> Listen to two people, Thorsten Richter and Amy Chang, giving a
presen tation about thernselves at the bcginning of their ta lk at acompany
confereoce. Who gives the most information about lhemselves?
2 761> Listen agai n. Which speaker says the following?
l Last year l was promoted to this posuton J
2 l studied economtes and business -
3 Recemly l have werked on scveral succe~sful cases _
4 ln my previous role l ran the Creauve Department tn Bonn
5 Up to now !'ve managed to find solutronll for dllthe compames l have worlc~
6 Over the last year J've met wtlh all the coumry manngers
7 ln my currentrole as consuitant to your company I'm lookmg to lmprove
yoursales figures
8 At the moment we're worklng logether wil h a consuitant
9 Over the nexr year 1'11 spend t wo weeks ln each department
tO ln the future we may havelo t.rrgel a d illelent murkf'l
3 Complete the table wíth the time phrases from the sentences ín 2.
TaJking about Talking Talking about TaJking abGut
the past about recent the present the future
Last year

4 Work wi th a partner. You have bee n asked ro introducea speaker at a

conference. Student A, tum to File 35 on page l 42 Student B. tum to File
53 on page 146. Take tums to glve your presentation

Key expressions )) For more excrcrscs go to Practrce file 16 on p~~gt• l ;,:l

Tatking about the past 5 Oive a presentation about yourselfto a partner lnclude:
ln rny 1 t11s t ht>r prevtous • you r education
rofe . • your prevíous employment
From 2002 to 2005 ...
• yourrecentexperiences
L~~~ year
• your presenl role
Tatking about recent • your plansfor your future .
Up to now @ )) lnreracuve Workbook » Email and )) Bxercl11es nnd TI'~ ts
Over the fast year •
Talkmg about the present
At the momt nt .
ln my l hl l hur current role ...
Talking about the future
ln the rut He
Work with a partner You need two coins and two copies oitbe Student's
Book. Use the board in one book to play the game. The object of the
game ls to reach the final square first and become the M.D.
Start on the FIRST DAY square. Studeot A. toss your coin. !fit lands on
heads, move one square. If it lands on tails. move two squares. Follow
the instructions w ritten on the square you have landed on.
Student B. toss your coin, and so on.
Refer to the second Student s Book, if necessary. to remind yourselves of
the language you need to use.

lmroducl' vourst'll Ask polrtely what your ~ti a clrem ro conhrm Spell your llrsr namto.
lo ~ partner and tell coUeague·s phone a deUverv He she Istn surn~me. and t11e name~
thom somel hlng about number ls. ln the offlee ot yuur comiMIIY

Dlsc:uss VIM prngrcss Oeleqat~ rhrce tobs to You are off slck. W€'loome a visitor to 'Y our I.1PIOP ls siolen
on the new compilny you r pa n ner MtSS A TURN your tompany M' ) r 1
cat Jtogue
Chosen phoro~ ./
Wntten te~t 11
seot to pnnrcrs 1

Vou ~re SACKlll CMü ln d l ~ com~ny M~ktl :a lunch Suggest how to lle~l G•vt a short form~!
lor losing a cltent Receptton atrilngement wuh your wrth t he numbl!r of ptt~~OIIIIOII ~boúl yow
GO Bl\Cii TO STAilf partner lor next week d•ys otltaken by start tompany
tn your departrnl!nt
Respond to your
p~rtner'' ~uggeslfons.

hpt;am thi! tfl!nlb and Tell vour partner lovile your partner to You are having ~ You illi! SACKEU
l:h~nges ln one ~1ca of l the number ot go to the t he.ltre with busrness lllneh tor m1sstng a meeting
voor c:ompany to Y<! Ur employees tn your you rhis weekend Recornm~·nd \Umt.o food GO BM!< 10 STARl
parlner Choose lrom tompany to <l partnl!r.
Stt~ emnloyl'es· sati.'~ 2 thr fX'rtl'n tagJ• of
m-;n.eu. women
3 the poouldtron of
you• c:ourwy

'You r tompany rs gorng Vou go on holldnv. Tha nk your partner lor You are al an rntorvu1w
to OU ISOUrCt' the ll ~ll' !o A lll P.. showing you arcund lor lile post ol
Oel).lnmr nt Mnke the11 campany and say Milnaglng Dtrec.tor Otvr
pr~'illcllons about wh•t goodbye. a presento~llon about
wrll hdPPtm yoursell
Working with words Business communication
1 Match 1-6 to a - f. 1 Racbel Steadmnn meets Gldeon Lack at an
l O ur annual sales a re ..JI_ international car show Complete the conversahon
below wi th sentences a- j .
2 Werebased _
3 Wemake _ a N tet to meet vou IlX.
b Can l mtroduc~ you to heJ?
" Wesell _
5 We spectalize _ c And what do you do7
d What 5 your name a~am?
6 Weprovidt
e What about you?
a phone servtce$.
r Thts IS Rachel
b 10 ma ny different countnes
g So w ny are you at an International car show 7
c 111 phonesfor children under twelve.
h Gftn+tnt1'0tltK:t~m)''<('W?
d ,.,.,..-t 300. mtlllen
Ntce to meet you
e mobtle pliones
Whut dot•s tht· compuny do?
r IJI the rlOI Lh Ol lto.ly
Rachel Excuse me Ca11 l sit here7
2 Choose the correct word in iralics to complete Oideon Yos, of cour~e
the text. Rachel rhAilk~ very much 1 ~ I'm llachcl Stcadmdn
Gideon l'nt Otdron L..t~k
My r.ompany 'proeiures l (H'/)dllt+!l ~pecral!zed sof twate
Rachel Oldcon Wht•re arc you rrom?
for the film Industry Our hPod l based offlee ts near San
fr.:tncl!>CO, but we olso spectalize l opetatem Europe éUl d the Oideon I'm from Swtl7.Ct land origmally But l hvc mrhc
C;~.ec:h Ke pubile now And 4 ? W here are you bascd7
F.u East whE>rr wehave two •serVIces l subsldtanes. Tlrere a re
•ISO omploys l omployces tn the compa ny We se/ll sales Rachel ln roronro
ou r produrc l goods 10 cornpames Itke Dreamworks whiCh Oideon And who do you work lor?
'p1T1VIdt l make anim.Jled move 0\lr technology ls very Rachel Sos Pcrho~ps you don·t know u
new, so we don'l have mdny 'competttors l (Omponfes Cideon No. l don't 1
Rachel It 'san advcrusmg ·lgcncy I'm here wnh Hondll
3 Complete the sentences usiog a s uitable word from 2 It , on~ of our eliems •
m the correct form Gideon I'm u teiKhlr ot Gteek litl!llltute
l Wt have annual saiJ:J._ of S25 mtlhon. Rachel l hat's unusu .. l
2 Not many m the worldhave more lhan Gldeon I'm here wtth mv wtfe Shc works for BMW
100.000 employees. Ah there ~ht: is now •-
3 Totalgaz ts one ol the _ _ orTotal Group Rachel Yes. ot coum: That woutd be ntc~
4 Wf! only se IIthesc - - - - '" Europe and North Cideon Sorry,
limertcll Rachel Rachcl. Kachcl Steudmt~n

Old eo n Un; u la 1 Shc works for an adverttsmg agency

5 W here cxttct ly is you r com pa ny .7
6 H&M ln good-quality clolhes aLlow pr1ces tn Canadil

7 A 101 or pl7.z:t restauran ts home delivery

8 The TAT/\ Group on <J ll six comlnents.
9 We olier ll wtdt range of consuiung _ _ __
10 What ex:~ctly doe:. your company ?
Language at work l Presem s1mpte

Pr~'>sem s1mple 1 Compl e te the s entenc:es wilb a v erb from the llsL
~• rt start 11 url-. ,., or~ '
ap•·' 11111 'l ·pcc .r h zes have.' lt!tl1
Posltlv e: Add t or ·e• after the vcrb wuh Irti she l fl
J l yrru l WI' / lile}' sped alize lll Latm Ammcan musrc l he company hal rnree sub~td l.lttl":• rn rhe Far 1 :ISI

lit l Sirt lit specfo/ízes in hlgh-tcch productj 2 She rn Manchester today

3 We tn the advertl!lmg ol tlllh.lrcu's loYJI
Nept lve: U .e the ..ux ílut ry do l do~s + not + verb.
4 The mcclln& always .u 2.30 p m
It d~$n 't produ~ St){tware.
5 Shc lor an engineenng corup.1ny
n don't produce mobtl.: phona
6 nu:y usuallv work 111nbour 700 am
Quest ion s
7 l one office rn Purrs and a nother rn Bucnos
1 U~· do and dOf!s, but don't cha n ge the forrn ot the ma~ n ve:rb
Ar re!!
8 Ht•'s a luwyer He rn comp.my l<~ w
Does ll have n ~uöstdiary m Ch ma'
9 MoNt of our competit or:~ --~- rn Europe.
Do you hav&! mor1y compe111ors'
10 l tn sales
2 Wil h quc:;llon wordll (lvl!o, what. wilere. flow. etc.). usc do 11nd
t.lnrs aJ tcr th~ questton word 2 Choos e the c orrec t words or phrases in itolics, tht!O
Whi!rr do you work? match the ques t ions to ans wers l 10 in 1.
What does !tr do? a Wh111 do l rkm you ~p~iahzc rnl ..J._
3 To grvt' 11 ~hort answer 10 qu~uons tn t he prcsent $1mple, b Who do l does you r wrle work lor1
~ the subJect + ~ l do or donn ·t l don 't .
c Ha ~~e you l Du _vuu ha'Jie an ot hec m l'arls?
Ch! ~u worA: fur o trwltmatlona/ rompony'
d Where be l rs shc?
Yn. l do l No, l don 'L
e What do l doe3 you do?
Do~s vour campany operate 111 South Amertc:a7
f Who eJu be l arc you r compt:tttun'l
tes ll d ou. l No, ít doesn 't
g Wherc ltas l docsthe campany ht!Vl'IIUbsJdlane.'l1 -
h Whrn do they ~tart l starts work?
l The vcrb b! Ili m egulor
What ttme do l dovr the meeting 1111111?
I am
What IS l dot'Ji ht: do?
You l Wt' l They ore
J/r i Shr l It ts 3 Complete lhe miss ing words. Th ~ Iasi letter of eacb
2 ln quC$tlons wrth ~. do not us.e do and does word is g1ven.
ls h Sponuh' A l s you r Heo~d Office rn London·/
Wilere ore rh<" 5ubstdumes7 B No, ou r tompany J;n_ t Bnmh ll's Amencan
3 ln nellaUve sentenc:es wi th be. add not or ,,.t 2 I'm sorry but we _ _., h<~ve u snlc~ olfice m rhe
l 'm not )rom Chma. Mrddh: E,tst
lllt"JI urrm't 111 tltr campany róday 3 Wh.u sort ol produ~;l.$ you r r:umpanv ~dl'
4 A Ile 't work tn Munl~h u ny more
B Reali y So why s he hüVC .t !lat the re7
1 !o to lk abourloc:ts or things whrch n re genera lly t rue
5 l'hcy 't rn the campany today. l'hev're on a
Tit" romporry provid~s /nsurano. suvtco1
busln.,s!> tr tp
2 fo talk about n :gular actJon
6 l t know how many L'mployces lht y have
Wt' ha w wfa mtrtings 11111!'1)' momh
3 Do nut use the prest:nt S-Imple to t alk about acuons m
progreu at t hts moment Use tht: prcsent continuous for rhis
($U p.1ge 105)
Working with words Business communication
1 Match thejobs or organizatlons in the lis l to the l Se th Guterson wan ts to ~penk to Yo landn Ca sca uno,
people talking in 1- 7. but she isn 't there. Complete his phone con versallon
1 cu~tomr t .uppllct ,, subcontrac tor wlth the receptjonist u sing the word s ln the liM.
11 consuU tnl rtrt•llt!'rll!l"' nn rmttloymcnl ·II!CIIt:Y h Ip ~ .t It r 1 Ilii
IIIKC bad: nucs Th b
If you wam to leave early. l can Hmsh that for you Set h Could l .fPtP4 to Yolandct Co~canno please7
Q COI/tUJ!Ut Rec eptioniSt W ho'~ 1 ple<~se7
2 Set h rs Seth Guterwn
Rec eptionist I'm ' Yolanda llrn o meenng Ill.Ült
3 We now h.1ve those chaira you orderl!d 1'11 send them momcnt Can l a message'
today _ _
Seth Ves. surc. Can you' her 10 Cllll me
4 l h<lve l wo more CV\ which look Interesting for that su les _ _7
JOb _ _
Recepti onist OK So th.ll's St!th Gutcr~on 1 she
5 I'm cúrald we can·t act:eptnny mor ~· work from you this ht~vc your number?
rnomh. Set h Yes. she doe$
6 I'm interested tO you r products Can you send me some Receptionist OK Set h 1'11 " - - - - her the mC$$.lgc.
more mformauon?
Selh Thanks for your ° Coodbyé
7 lll emuil you a report on Monday •.md then we can la lk
about n 2 A few hours later, Sethis s till walt ing fo r Yola n da to
call He phones her agai n Put tht> words io rtalio 10
2 Match 1- 5 to a - e to make c omplete s entences. the correct order to c o mpl ete the con ven;allon .
l My JOb mvolves l}
Set h please l Yofanda l rhrr. ll~
2 ldeal_ 1
/< YíúJJ.ttda tlwt n{nru
3 My JOb constsiS Yolnnda Seth l rs l •pealt.m!o! l rlrut l Ye1.
4 I'm involvcd ?
5 l m takinH pan ln Seth Yes, h ls Hl, Volandu
a of taktng ordera l rom customers Volaoda Hl. Seth
b m rrammg new sta n customer l about l vou l Japunese l phonmg l A re l ;hat
c an lilleresung new prOJeCt --------------------1
Set h Yes l am l hovc his contaci detaíls
d ~~"Xhottrt
lm l rm l tu /that llt:lldmg l Hlllmg l them l you I t.: Ul
e wlth a Int o l cuMomer problems

3 Choos e the correc Lword in italics. Yolanda Great, Set h

He's ~l mvolvtd tn t wo 0 1 tluee btg research callmg l very l Thonkl l for l much
2 l wan t to dl'rtl l talt.tJ part w lth my email berore l lea ve Seth You'tc wdcomc
3 Her JOb conJists l mwlves ll ovclllng ali round the world or l romorrow l you 1/au:r l ,., l marin• l SPfaA
4 l-le can't mvofv.- l take part h1th1s morntng's meeu ng -
he's too busy
5 Hl$ work comrsb l 11n-c>lllo!J of findmg new amomers m
Eastem Europe
Language at work l Presen l continuous

rrrsrnt contínuous l Complete the sentences wa th th e presen t contan uaus

form o fthe verbs in brackets.
(wc l dcv~Jop) W~ Off' drv.:IIJJ;!.!JIJ> ll Of! W folllj!(' al
PosltJve: Use am l1s l arr+ · lll}! ronn producls lor South Amenea
lft:'s pr11paring Jus pri'Stm/011011
2 (he l stay) at
Ntgatlve; U~e am l ls t Of'P + nor + 'IIJI fom1 the lnrtrconunental Hotel?
111 •v'rt: not worlring today 3 (you l not l hslen) _ _
l l o m.1ktc questions WTth the presenl conunuous. put um l il l 4 (l / leavej -------~--­
o!tbt'fore the aubJC:CI. now Sec: you tomorrow
An you staylng ín thiS hot.!f? 5 Why (thos~ German c:nganeer.. l vas rt) - - - - - -
Wh~l'l is sht worlcfng' --~-- rhe: company?
2 lo gave a short answer to yes Illo qucsuons tn l he present
contlnuoUb, U!ic the subject +am IM l ore
2 Matc h q u e s tio n s 1- 6 witb aMwers a-f.

4rtYf)U worklfiJl on thiJ now? l Wh,ll ar. sho domg? -'.

Yes l om l No. I'm not 2 Whnt doeb she do

Use 3 Are you workmg th as week?

4 Do you work ar week~nds?
l To de <nbt' acttons ln progre>s .11 the moment ot speaking.
lllrm ~fing vou from my car 5 Why do you leave the offic;c: so lau:?
6 Wh)' arc you lc:avmg the OlfKc ~o late?
l To de ,.;nbc acuons tn progrelill around the pn:sent ttme but
not ltlway~ at the moment ol speakmp a She'~ a tcach••r
Ile 's domg o very inU!I'estmg course thlf month b Yea but only tour days
3 To de-;, r ibe currCitt trends c A Mo!lti:r's rrrBttstR~I\.'~
lht rompatryls doing wt'llm So11th·Emr Alla d My boss ulways usks to see me about 7.00 p m
e We hud a very long meeunJ!.
language tfp No, nr·vcr

IJsn the presem s1mpte to talk about regutar or repeated

3 Read t has e mail and choose the correct form ol the
DC IIom (M'<' page 1031
verb in Italfes
Do sav SI~ ca/ls me Mr.e 01 twiCe a month.
Oon't say. S he't Clllllifi me IWICI' lJ monlh.


t wn(fJ l om MJtmg to ask rf you llilve l dre hJvrfiQ a sales

ofl1ce or Silles rep tn Argenuna. 1 worA tam worAmg lor a
sm1.1ll comput.cr producer here and we 'look 1 <~re looJ<Ing for
a new 6uppher ol sound cards. We usually ,b11y l l! rt! buy!fl!}
from a suppllel tn Ltle USA, b.utt11e1r products bi!come /att.>
becomlng too f!)(pcnslve for us.
We have over 30 shops tn Argenuna ano we open t 8re
o~nrng anothef hve tt11s year.

We also regulany 'get 1 are getting buSiness by mall oróef Via

our website.
We •try l are tryrng to hnd a new supphl!f bcfort! the end ol
thi~ month, so please conmct me as soon 1~ pos'>lble

Bcst regards
Oena Suarez

Working with words Business communication
1 The people in sentence s 1-10 alt have problems. 1 Look at the three d lagram s Whic h dtagram
Matc h problems 1-10 to thedepartmentsa-j that they l ts a pte chart? b
calJ for help. 2 1s a graph?
l 5" o of lht: producl:. we made today were defecJJve ...1L 3 '' a tdble? _
2 My phone docsn 1 work 4 show~ rlses m ~~~~~·~?
3 l need a new ass1stant tn my department - 5 show• nse:. 11nd falls m s.-1les?
4 l wa nt to do a course to trnprove my English 6 ~howsthe b~akdown of sale5 by regton?
5 l don't know If wehave enough cash m the bank to pay 7 doe:.n't gtve o~ ny Rgures 7
tht& suppher
6 l w11nt customers to know about tbJs newproduct. _
a Export s ales

7 l want 10 buy some new furmture for my offlee _
8 A custom er has JURI ca lled to say he tsn't happy. _
9 J wan t to know If we can u anspot L an order to a
cublomor be foro Fnday
10 l neod a new pro)lram whtc h works more quickly b Export sales
AmeriCita ( 17%)
a Costorner Services
b !.OgISI lCS Al nea (10'1o)
c Techmc.tl Suppon
d QtHthty Gont rQI
e Ttatntng
r Ftnance c Totalsales by qunrter
g Human Resource.~ Ql S24 5 ro
h Mukellng Q2 $22.3 m
l IT Q3 S25 lm
Purcht~~tng Q4 S28 2m

2 Choose the correct answer from the pbrases in italics

2 Put the words ln Italles in the right order to compiet e
The company ts diVIded mto l dmda on/o /ts dlY!de
the sentences from a presentaiion
~Hot- thret: bustnelill umts
Here's o1 dingnsm or our campany 5tructute that l clt•ar l
2 Sho 's C"hargt!d of /ln chargt of l charge forthe Logisucs
ls _ b that c:lt:u.r 7
Dcp.Jrf ment
2 Here are out sa le~ llj!urcs OK /Irt' l r~vtrybody l
3 The Sales M,tnagcr ls l"''ported to l l"''ports ta l reports at
that/ Cun
the Saleli nnd Marketing Director
3 ~et• l you l As l can
4 T he IT Manager ls responAiblefor l of l to developing
wehada JlOOd year
new ~oflware solutlons
4 riiii~S l T/Ip l /tert ll~ l unporrant
5 W<' have a lot ul contact to l 011/ with the Plnance
th u number of new customel'll
5 at 1/ook l Hullt! Itab/e l u l thrs
It ~huwsour
sa les figure~ fot the first qu1trte1 of the ye.u
6 hreokdown l o} /tab/t• l tlr~ l Thu l sl!ow1 l sales
-~-------~- Can you
sec that 7

Language at work l Asking questions

Ourstions 1 Choose the correct que.stíon from a or b

11 Where doe~ your bOs$ work?
b Where wetlt:. yeu~
l fht- normlll order of words ln t.1 qucstlon IR
2 a What do you rnuke products lll'tt!'i
qu r .tlan word or phru~~e + nuxllinry 1 sulljl!ct + vero
b W hat products do you make here?
Whrr" do you work"
Ho w many day1 fs he sray(ng' 3 o Why •s chang1ng you r logo·{
2 The Dl' del of wordsIS the sameo even when t~ SubJect b Why r~ your logo c:hangrng?
constats of scvl!rnl words 4 a Do you have a c:ante.en here?
Whatllme art eire CEO and tht Production Manager b Ho~ve you a canteen here?
a•rf111ng1 5 o How often the comp,my dul!~ ld u neh new products?
3 ln quo.:suons wuh o yes l no <mswer, the order ol w ords JS: b llow often does the campany launeh new products?
Quxtllary + subject + verb 6 a W ho docs the Sales M11nnger rt pon to?
Do/:1 ht work ln prrxluctton? b Who rh~ Sale& Manager n:porr11 to?
Arv you opening a nt'w offi~?
7 1.1 Ooes t he compo ny opeomg iHW new lllctortcs7
4 Tht nuxllillty nnd verb fo rm a re d!flerentlor each lense b ls the comptmy opemng any new lactottes?
Preaeot simple: d(J l d~ + wrb 8 a l low lonq ago did you move her!!?
Wht "' d OI.'S h~ live"
b How long you did move hete ago7
Present contínuo w;: am /ts l a~ + rng
9 a When do you r ofhces otTC open?
Wh)' ortt )"J/1 colling"
b When att· your oflices open7
Pu t s imple: dtd • wrb
H ho fltm. did you orrrve • 10 "' How m.1ny people arc work tn thiS department?
b llow n111ny people work ln th ts d!!partment?
Formore Information on the past simple, ~e page 109
Bxc:eptlon a 2 A manager ofWrlgley's. famous for illi chew lng gum,
l When theverbbe ts tho motn vcrb. rhere ts no iiUXJha ry T he ls answerlng questions about the com pa ny Look at
order ol words tn a quefition ts: his ftnswers and decide what questions the journalist
quc~tlon word(s) + ve~ b +subject. asked. Use thewordsin ltalics to help you and add any
Wh.r11 it tile m~ting1 other words you need.
Wh.rl'f' wos hr yestrrrlay?
l YOur l Wlu.·re l stt/1 l productJ l
l Whrn the qu~ríon word (or words) ls the su!IJecl of the Q W~Jer ~.lVJI sd/ vour proch•w 1
t "nten«. the t t- IS no auxihill')' The order ol words ,,.
A ln morl' th.Jn 150 countr~~s
queMton w ord(sl + vcrb
2 rhl' vmponv l wlrt:tr l start
Who wom h.i re?
How mony pttopltt ore cominiJ' Q 7
A ln 1891
3 1/s lu·ad ujftu l ha lit' l whert Itt
Q 7
A h1 Chlt.tgo
4 peopft• l rmploy l mml)! l the cOfllfi(IIIY Illo w
Q 7
A Abou t 15.000
5 clll'wmg gum l mu(h l AmeftC'rlns l llow l tnt
_ _7
A About JBO servmgs of gum ~r Vt'ftl

Working with words Business communication
1 Complete the text by finisbing tbe words. 1 A ca tering campany has done some research into
buying a new marquee. Put Lhe s entences ln the
Masal Barefoot Technology report about the research in the right order
The Swrss engrneer. Karl MuiiN. had the aonzmal tdm for MBTs a _j_ The purpost of our research w<~ tu hnd J n"w
whr•n he nutrced that walktng rn Korea wuh no shoes helped hrs m<~rquec to repiace ou r old ones We Wl\Oicd

back patn. Back ln Swttzl'lland he started expenmenung wtth b Ftnally. we tntcrvtewed the cu~tomer and our
shoe) that copu..'<l barefoot walktng. He d1d some 'u.m.___ __ employees Wt: asked
L Alter ten ycars he complet~ the 'd of c _ our technu;ran:. what they thought ol the marquce
hiS rust slt!X' th<> Schntt Masar IMasal Stepl, but he did many more Wetound
•p l _ belore 1t went on the market. When
d thnt the T-system wns eastcr to pack and transport
he waH~ttslicd he 11 the wrrh the nome
than ou r old ones
ol 111 East Afrlccln trlbe the Masal, who are welt l<nowt'l fol runnrng
barefoot through the bush He 6 the shoes 10 2000 and e to the Snles Dlrecror who agreed ro let us have one
sol d 20.000 pJlrs ttlal year Slnce rllen, Karl Mullm has sold over a on t nal
mllllon pdlr~ ol MB1s ln 20 diffcrent countries rn the world f Why d1d we dtoose the l-system Marquce·l B~cau:;e
of lts ~pacious dest!{n
g _ Then, we took the murquee l o ou r next venue and
2 Complete the clues to the crossword. Then use you r put h up
answers to complete the crossword. b _ First, we conrtlcted Bond Filbrlc<tttons which
Clues across produ~es marquees We spoke
4 Ou r carpoehog system IS much cheaper for t.be sta fl lt's _ to flnd out how easy the marquec would be to
more •,.o,lomlrnl trunsport
6 Ou r new car 1& much easíer to park h 's very _ _ __
for dnvtng m the centre. 2 A restaurant has done some research in to buying new
7 The new rec••ptton area looks more modern lt's qwte uniforms for ils staff Complete the report about the
research u sing t he phrasu below
8 They took a Ion l! ttme plannrng the new model lt's very ftn ll) Wc l< o eJ ll V.r o -d
Then Why do we need Wc 5poke to
CJues dow n F111ot :n"' lttlf ~ W a ~.cll custorne~ 11nd s
The new offlee rurniture ls exa~:tly what we needed lt's
very I'm here to repon on our rescarcll ln to compani e~ that make staft
2 The operating system on my computer 1s easy to use. It s umforms.
very 1 Ih.f.PJI!]XJ>P_ of our re.~l'otldt was to !Ind a comp.~ny thd\
3 Jack's new PDA flt:; in his pocket lt's qulte - - - - creates ongtnal destgns J I a reasonabiP pnce
5 l rea lly Bke our new unaforms. They're reatly - - -- _ to hmlt he best
com pa ny to de~1qn our nox t S!ll ol un1forms
l nf'w unlforms~
BecaUS\' customers h.we compllltnetl about the ~ppcarance or ou•
2 serving staff. • we
made il llsl ol alltile pos~lble comptinics we c;ould llnd.
_ _ _ wc chose the too
threc companlt>s. _
the Sa le~ DepJrtmtmt of I'Jch of the cornJ)d•ue~ é:Jnd o~sked Illem
to senrl us a Sdmpt~ design
- -- - - -- - - - - - rhrc;e members
6 of slilll wore the ~mptes ln thn rest<J.IIanl for a week

of the unlforms ·- -- - -
the most poputar umtomt wtth customer~ was the one deSigned
by Bus1nuss Stylc bt•cause nl us brrght colaurs and modem design
The stAlll ilho preterred th1s unlfOITTI becauso It was comfortabl>!
and easy to wash
Language at work l Past simple

P sL stmple 1 Compiet e the text wlth the past simple form or the
verbs in brackets.
Form Lust week l t (Ile) very busy. On Monday morning ou r
Posltlve: Add ed IP the lnllnitive ol r~gulur verbs. llrggcst cwnomer (vrsH) ou a flc lory
Wt ftartHJ wnrk at 7.00yesterduv l (meet) her 111 the atrport .at 700 111
Add -d ro the mhmltvc or regu tar verbs cndang 10 ·t t he momanR and • - - - - - - - (take) h~ r to the
Slrc ln·od m Swuurland planl ln the tftcrnoon we ' (h.ll!e)a
Changr the · l' to ./ and ndd ·N Lo regular ve rbs endrng ln mceung whrch ·-------~ (not fm tsh) late, and
consonant 1- ·Y she - - - - - -- (want)to ~ee., show altcrwam s
H~ trltd tu fiud a "~"'job. On Thesdoy l ' - - - - (H y) 10 Her h n for 11
conference ln the .rltemoon l ' - - - - - (make)
Duublt' the final con5onant ot short regul ar v e.rbs endmg tn
u prcscntnrlun which ' - - - -- - - (not go) VNY
vowel +- consono nt
weil The next da y l ' _ _ (go} 10 Stul!gart
l stctpp«< thr cur
to meet o supplter On Thursday wc
Ma ny ver~ 1rc Jrregulu.r, lrregular vcrb torma do not end in (intcrvtcwl cundidnte~ for lhe new salell job~ but Wt!
td (nPtllnd) anybody sualitbh.• ln
For lrreguJa.r ve.rb forms see page 134 the evenang 1 14 (plilY) iquu•h 111 the
Negatlve: Put dtdn't beiore the inllntuve ot both regulor and comp11ny tournamem , but unlortunarcly l
arregular verbs (not wm) On Fnday l • (reply) 10
l dldn't want to b# laJt for tht mettrrtg ali my emarls and 11 (wt arc) a
Tht ~ dldn't SH ll~ managrr propo~''' for an Awmlan company ln the nltemoon l

Queatlona · · - - - - - - - -(attend) a plunnrng meeung whach

1' (end) very lutc an the cvcnrng.
l Put didbt!fore the ~ubjecl and thl! rnfinítive or bOth regutar
1 Jo (not get) home untal mrdnrghtl
and 1 regutar vcrb~
!VItt~~ did they arrivt? 2 Complete t he question s.
Wlltrt did you go? l What III!.rt dtcfr)wj•_.,u'lJ
rrctJn~oe:_ _ __ 7
2 To glve" short 11nswer to yes l no questions in the pHSI They arrlved at Q o 'clock.
srmplL-, ur;c th<' 'ubjecl +did l drdn't 2 mm __________ ~ _,
DldhumO/Iyou_~.stmlay' }L-J, ht! dld l No. ht dldn't
We hod lunch 111 the staff canreen
Use 3 Who v....
at the
U rh pll:iltllmplt" to desartx: •JinisiH!d ilt:tll.'ll tn th~ past conference?
Tlrt)' unt tht patr~/ 011 Monday, but 11 didn't omvt unni l s.~w our colle.1gucs from the Bul'noso At~ ofhce
Frtday "....
4 Why _ _ the V!
Wl.!rth and phrn~ we often use with the paht simple ,m: mcetlng7
Y"'• rrltl)•, ltllr wee4 lasJ. yoor, '" 2005, /h'< ytan D 'IQ. The mcm<lger left the meeung bccaUSL' he h.Jd •Hl urgc:nt
phone coli .

language tip 5 Which howl _ _ at 7

Th!.! vP.tb VII doe~ not <Jse l he auxthary var b dtd to form They sroyed <~l the Htlton
lile fleí:dhVO Ol QUeSilOilS 6 When _ _ _ _ _ _ the
r: n tn.Ji'l'( w.un't m t~ off/Ce yestl!fday compt~ny?
Werr the prr;dt, t• .wlf·cleSJgned? She jained the campany last ye<tr
7 How long
wrrh the vt•llors7
l ~pen1 ali day wíth them
8 How many ernails ?
We sen t nbout ,, hu11dred

Working with words Business communication
l Name t bese campany beneflts by matching a w o rd t Cho ose the correc t res pon se
from A to a wo rd from B Where 8J"C we wtth the LutthoiiSll COI'llract?
A B a W~ Mun«lll
materruty membor~tnp b Thl'Y haven 1 s1gnt•d yct
fleXJble ch1ldcur!.' c *'"· "'~ are lhi!Fe
p.! ld ~ch em t' 2 l dn't contaci the IT M11n11g1.'r - h ts hne':; always busy
private phone a l'rn very busy at the mom~·nt
aym h ou ra b Cotn you call htm?
comp~o~ny kolid.ty c OK, leavc 11 Wil h me
mobtle leuve
3 Have you prep.tred the Job des~;npllon )'t:t1
pension car
annual a l d td 11 las t week
subs1d1zed bon u:. b l can deal w1th t hal
c You'rc very ~hort nr t•mr
1 l get llvt! weeks c1 ye.tr JlJJ.Id h9(1c=ta.,.v~- 4 Can you dcal W lth th.ll custonte• ln Lu Ros (or me7
2 l don't pay any medical bills a Have you done rt?
3 l use 11 durrog the week tor work. but l can also use 11 at b 1'11 leavc 11 IYIIh you
thl' wel!kénd rar fam1ly trips - - - - - - - - c l've u Ireadv spoken to h tm
4 l don't thi nk about 11 now. but 11 wt ll be very uselul when
5 ll's Fr1d.ay, and we havcn 1 c ven hntsht·!l the hrst p.Jrt of
I'm 65 - - - - - - - the presentauon
5 My daughter h..un't stoned school. ~o it's great ro have
a Ve· , llme's running out
help Wlth the.
b We'w: Hiready donr. 11
6 ll's a new club, so nilthe cqutpmcnt ls teaily up-to-date
c Where 111e we?

7 Wt get an extra t wo days' pay tf our resultll arc S"te 2 Stella Wu and Anto nio Broccl are distussing t~
h1ghcr thun the last yea1 intro duction of a new flexlllme s y11 te m in thei r
8 t do ali my hours from Monday ro Thursday Then l hnvc c ompany. Complete these sente nces from their
Fnday free ___ - - - c onversatie n wi th the word s ln the list.
9 lt's a really 1mportant btmefit for women who want a .h lll i] PJcJy OOU
Iamily _ Where out wtth
10 l caneven warch TV on the new one they've gíven me' Le>~ vc ltttli!H yet

l rhc clock·ln machm• am ved yet.

2 Complete lhe text fro m a company 's j o bs website w lth 2 Can you deal th ut rssue?
a s uitable word. 3 _n w11h me
4 l ve bcen very ol time Ih ta week
How do 1 ' fJRPb for the job?
5 are wv w1th 1he new flt•xiiiiTIC system?
Go to the ·o ocuments' page reltek here! and print a 6 l've _ _ _ _ 1olked 10 the llumun Resourcc;s Man4g~r
t;; OPY of 1he
; form ' m the form,
7 Tlme's runnmg - - - -
and attach an updated verston ol your • _ Thrs
8 What the clock·tn ystem7
~hould intJude a descrlpuon of your w ork experlence
educatlonal qualilfcauons and the names of three 9 Have you talked to tht• &IRti ..:J
_ _ _ lOgether wuh their contact detaJls. Send
both documents to the address at the top ol this page.
What happens next?
ll you are shonllsted for this _ _ we will contact
you by phone belore 31 Marth to arrange an _ _ __
Unsuccessfu l ' -- wi ll be lnform!!d by tetter, also
bv 31 March
Language at work l Presem pertect (l )

Pr Sl?nt perfec[ 1 A cus tomer service manager is talking abo ut the

situntion ln hi s department. Complete the text w lth
Form the present perfect form of the verbs in breck e ts
PoaiUve: 11a~~r l hns f past pnrticiple form T hrs mon th 1 lt<"'l l bftf!L (be) :1 verv good one fo• ml.'
l ha \ll! (1'1111) finished m.v work Thrcc mote members of my team
1111 htU (1/t's) wrtlten three /tttl!f3 todO\' (tell) me l hu t lhey art: leavang lhe campany 1\vo ol thcm
Neaative: ha'"' l hm+ not + past pa n lel))le - - (not l find ) a notht·r JOb vet, but
Tllty llav11n 't done tht' ..'<11'4' thiS Wff4 they 'laV th ot the pressure or work •
po.sr ham 't arrivl!d )'t' t
Tie (bccome)ton much tor t hem h 's tr uc 1hutthc11:
Questions - - - - - - - - (be) a b1g rncrca! tJIO tlu•rr work
this year beCilU5r l WO otht:f CU5Iomer f>CIVI(C .1 SUtllnt S
1 l utilaw ' /taj berore the subject
- - - - - - - - (already / leuvc) thc dcportmt nt
/law you tecn thi!' fiC!W Produrrtan Manag~r?
and we (not l recru1t) onybody to
Wlu• ff' has ~h t b«n ttJday1 fcpl<tct t hem l • (•ISk) my bo~'
2 1'c 111ve .uhorl~tnsweno }'•'S l nu que~t lons ln t h~ presl:!nt sewr;ll time~ if wr. can employ ~omt' m·w people for the
peticel U'l! the subject + has l het lill or haAn~ l haven't learn. but eadt llmt he _ _ _ _ (Ray) th.1t
llnvt you rtrn that repart yttl we need to reduce ou r saltuy cosrs But l know we
rn. t hQW l No. l h<JVen't u _ _ _ _ _ __
(lose) somtl bu srncss becaust: wc
Has t Irt HR Manag.:r seen tltt Cl's' (not l have) cnough people: 10 deu l
wuh cuMo mcr calls
tó-s. slt1 hM l No, slte ham 't "a
The $ltu.!llon can't conunue hke th ts l
Use @
- - - - - (not l m11de) a llnal decbionon t!U3 n
1 To ta lk about past act10ns where the time tncludcs the yet but I 'm thmksng or leavmg the com pa ny myself ~.
presen t n
l 'vc mQdl' rhn:c• p~manons today Ithl.• wtek 1 tlrfJ manih 2 Choose the correct answer from the worda ln /talccs
to complete questions 1- 8. Then match thcm w lth
2 To dc~cnbe progre~ 1r1 a list of thlnWJ to do, we use alriiCldy
olnd (nat) }'<It? respons es a - h .
HOI'f! you 11/slll'll thut rostomer yet' l Dtdyou r11ad l Htr~'I!)'CtJ . ~crdthnt arilele übuut
No, l ha1wr1had nme (JI('t) But l'vt already made an e ttcrunment !ast week?
CpfiOtnltf/(fll Wíth him 2 Dtdyou St't' l Havt you set'n th•l new Du h cxhtbU 1on vet?
3 lb a Ic tomrone about general cxpt"rlenccsm his l her life, 3 Ha w: ~'Ou tl't!r l Ord you~~ apphed lor 1 JOb onltne'
we use twr 4 Ha•~ you had l Did I'OU have any wurk .:xptl rn:nct: whcn

Hollit I'Oll ever Ji"'n IM 1bj Mal/al? you JOlned thrs co mpany?
No, nt."wr 5 Has l Havr she milde many ca lis tod<:IV?

-.1 Use the pn.-sent perfect to tafk about ocuons which stortt:dJn 6 llaw l Dtdali the candtdatcs cocnc for lnrcrvww yestcrday?
the p.ut11nd Utt.!o contmumg now Formore Information, see 7 lia vc you rccctved l Dtdyou l'('('t'IVC 11 bonu:s Ifi Utc Iasi 6 1X
Pilllel 1:.!5 mnnth:;?
/'vt> work~d llen jár fhre. )11!01'$ (aud I stlll wo r/r lll'rt' ttCIIV) 8 llaw you/c>amr l Old yot1 leorn o.1 Int ln your !1:1~1 rob?
S For pJst .sct1oru. whcre tht. ctme doesn·c mclude the ptl!llent a Nu. ncvcr
u:.e the past ~lmple
b No, l havcn 't Our resuhs h.ivcn't bc11n very •ood
t hfJvtn 't sun hlm today. but/ saw Jum yuttrt/Qy
e Jusl one or t wo tht.~ morntng
d Yes. l d1d J d1d aeverat JObs whcn J wa~ a srudcnt
language tip e No. l drdn t l d1dn t have much respons1b1hty so 11 wa a
Fer re ular 11erbs the past partrc1ple form IS always the verybonng _
same as the Jl.1SI Simple· verb ~ (fM Yes, It w"' very well-wntten .J_
for 1rreaul.~r vorbs. tha past partrcrple and past Simpia
g Just one pe1110n wasn't then~ _
form~ tllt somelimes the same. For a Ust of trregutar
V<'fbS , SI e Pllge 134, h No. l ha11en't hud time _

Working with words Business communication
t Matc h the verbs t-6 to nouns a - f. 1 Choose the correct a n s w er in t talles in sentences 1-6
a a personalized service Then mate h the sentences to responses a-f.
conduct "'
2 encourt~ge _ b repeat busmes~ What l /law do you th Ink \boutlh.lt propusal?
3 of ter c customer loyahy 2 Art l Do you agrcc that we should contact them llOW?
4 deal wuh d compiaints J l th1nk you 'rt l you ha w r tght
5 get e~ 4 l don't teel wc .shflulrl l •houldr,.t do anythmg now
6 meet r the needsof customers 5 I'm not l J do11't agree wuh you
6 WItat l How do you fcel a.bout clo~mgthe tacrory?
2 Com pl e te the textabout the Customer Service
Departme nt of a telecommunications campany w it h a a Good l m gh1d you 11grcl.' with me
s ultable forrn of a phrase from l. b l don't agrec wtth 11 at ali . ..L.
O~velopment s ln the telecommuniCatiOns mdustry happen c Yes, l do
so fast. thut we ure ulways 1.-J:Qru!uct/ng sui'WV> to flnd d l ugrec with you Ir' roo eurly.
out cxactly what ou r customers want e It seems hke 11 ~ood tdeu
Wc ln 1he 2 tsl century f Whv not?
by orren ng quick and easy connect íons to Intemet users.
Wc have a call centre which is open 24 hours a day to 2 The partlclpants ln the meeting below a re dlscusslng
_ _ _ _ and we charge nothing idea.s for lmprovlng phone skllls Sabina Dusek
tor the call. We by does n 'l agree wi th the oth e rs. Complete the dtalogue
g1vmg free local ca lis to customers who have been wnh w ltb phrases from t.he list
us ror more than t wo years 1d ",t tn in~ l \hu l you're rii;ht
We _ _ ----------------bysuggestmg do you lh111k personaily ll
waysol reducmg thc1r phone b1llto rnd1v1dual customers dn yuu lee l l cton'r ogree r nil
and tius me.tns wt • Hhlfl• ~lult~~;,.,kl I D reo
from them Albert If u cuMomer ha~ a complarnl.
1 _ 1 tltmJc ~t<Jlll!lrlJJ/d ~av sorry tmmedtalely
3 Decide if the word in italia l n each sentence is right
(.l) or w rong (X) Ch a n ge the words which are wrong. Sa b ina rm so1 ry. but
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ lf tltev sy
l ll was possrble to contact the manager, so l sem h 1m .ln
sorry. t hot means 1t's ou r fault
ema11 l I"IJ'<mtblc__
Janek Oh 3 sa
2 W1•'re very happy wuh ourcourierserv1ce because the
Wc'rc JU~t st1ymg that wc on· sorry th"Y have a probkm
drrvcrs ure so reliablr!
Customers hke to hcar tht~l.
3 Tht person on the phone was very helpful, so l made n Alben ~ w1th
complat nr
you . Ja nek ln .1 survey wc did rcc..,ntly mnny of our
4 We cnded O\JI cleantng contract because we were customcrs said that the parson they spoke to dido t
5attsjurdwith the servu:c. underst.1nd the difiicuilles they wcrc havmg
5 The bo nk gave us a s pecra l rate because we a re /ovo/ Janek Wha1 ~
abCIUl this. Tomus?
To mas Weil. "
there's sorncthul!l ewn more Important here roo rnany
Sitil f a re leliing customerathal tllrre's nothing they can
do They say the problem ls the c:ustomer's f;Ul\t That s
Jus t not acceptable
Albert Yes ' - - - - - - - -
Ho w
dll th1s. Sabma? Don·l you agrce?
Sabin a No. I'm illra1d l don' t l rhrnk that some c:ustameB
try to make us pnv for l heu m1s1akes But l agre" that Ifi
Important to be pohte and hM cn careiuily first
language at work l Comparisons

ComparJtlve &llld superlauve forms

Form 1 Complete th ese sentences u sing the comparatlve or
1 Add rr or of!St to one-syll.3ble and some t wo.syllnule s uperlatíve form of the adjective in bracke ls.
>JdJt.'CllVL:ll. l Ou r Munaglng Dirtoclor IS .JIDII~ (young)
chrap r:hroprr th~ choopest than rhe frnancmiOtrec!or.
qu n qutc:t11r tht q11terr~t 2 O ur company was _ {proHtollle) t.ut
Ihn lldjccuve ends m -y. chang\' 1he y 10 an r 1111d add cr or year !han llHs year.
•Cll 3 We have scvcn factones· the
1\'liV l'lllin r/w «Uill~ t (large) onr• rs tn Mexrco

2 Double a censonam alter B vowel nt the end of short 4 Horels 10 London are -------~ (exp~:nsrve)
!han tn Puris
5 llhmk our nc:w brochurt:. ls - - - - - - (gnod)
hot hotl l!r the lzctte~t
thnn uur compethor's bme hun:
'•r, b1q}/er Ih bJgg<!SI
6 O ur (famoub) product ru 1ho.- VS 520.
3 Sornl" udjcct lves 11re 1rregutar
7 1995 wa a (b.rd) y r .11 for ou r
ri .. l ' tlr b..lt
cumplln)' cvcr.
bad ~'Om' Ih~ "'"'ft 8 Gt'rmany is - - -- - - _ (big) countr'' tn the
4 Add mafl! and most to lwo- or more syllablc adjccdves EU
~nJ VI!' mor~ ezptmsrv,. rll.. most rxprn:n~r
5 Add r/ton after the comparallvt' to comp.m~ two thm~ l
2 A com pa ny is laoking for a new office building. Read ...-o

the ln fonnatron about the three posstblhues. Tu:k (.1)
the sentences which are true and correct the fal5e
Thr Salt'J Marragu iJ marr popu/arthan tht Finonelal 11)

Note: ln the aupellauve tonn, you can also usc m.v. our tlrtlr, Bullding I'D
etc lnstr:lad ol the. Master Edison SorJa O'\
To wer Bulld ing Polace
Use n
Bulit 2000 2009 1989 c:
l U tthe comparutJVI! 10 compate t wo thtngs.
Size 500m1 300m1 1.000m1 ,.....
Fnd(1)'1 art bettuthan MonduyJ o
Cos t 25.000 8,000 25.000 ::l
:l UR" the superlauve to eomparc one thmi to many other -'
€ l month E l momh €1 momh ro
Sarurdays art rht bnt Dtstanc e 5km 20km Okrn ro
fro m c ity -.
3 To say somettung lll the same. use us + adJecU ve ~ as <
J.(y cJJfil'& IS OS big O$ )IOUr'S
centre n
4 To 1ny ~onu:thlng ls d iITueni use n(}l UJ+ adjt:cuvc: + tJ.t Tht Mo~stcr Towerismore mndcrn t han tht• Edison
f/us macitint i.tn '1 as comp/lcall'll as the old on11 Bulldm11
T/re Ma~t~r rcm.c•r ls not as modcrn as /t$/I'U mmlcrn tlmrr
tIrt Edisora But/ding
2 The SorJa Pdface IS latger than the Ma11c:r Tower
3 rh~ Edison Bullding ls the muM t'XPl'nSIVC
4 The SOrtil l'alace ISmore dtltícultto gr t to horn the Cll}
centre t han the Master Tower
5 The Master Tower r:m't as modem as the Soua Palace
6 fhe Edison Bullding is the l11rgcst olt h" lhrce bulldmgs
7 The Soriu Paluce ls more cxpcnslvc lhun the M11srcr
r y
8 The Edl~on Building ls urther from lht• ett ccntn· thnn
the Sor ta P11locc
Working with words Business communication
1 Complete the sentences 1 Match 1- 8 to respon ses a-h
1 Our ~~ • lands tn Helstnki at 19 30 l Otd you have a good Joumry? .L
2 l hopc we w til make ow to New York m 2 1~ th ts your ftr51Ume m Tokyo?
l·rankfun 3 Did you ee the pnlace?
3 Wh;u 1101e does the t nun to the atrport __ 7 4 Do you olt en go away on business?
4 Wou ld .til passengers tor Fhght LH 129 go to - - - - 5 Where do you usu~lly go on holtday?
lb"? 6 Ar e you lnterestc:d ln wotc:r s poll&?
S Wc hu ve a _ _ for a double room fon wo ntghlll 7 What kmd ofmustc do you hke?
6 Excrctse _ _ _ _ tn the hotel tnclude a pool. a spa, 8 Whatdtdyou thmk of the: Dall muscum?
il Od a gym.

7 How ma ny pteces ol hand - - - - can l take on the a Ye~.l.sm l love wlnd .urlinij and Jct-~kung
plane? b Oh, anythtng really And l love going tcr conrerts
B PassengerR wt th small childten usuolly the c lthought It was xrllnt
pia ne flrNt d No, Utlfonunnwly l dldn't ~et the chancl!
9 Wt Wtlre lJ tc: bc:cause ou r plune wus - - - - for an e Yt.".t.lt Wtlt. 1\n.Hht.Ul~ llltil u,jhoti~t.'flly•itH11rr~
hour ln Stockholm r No. l cum c a few limes whe n l wus <~ student
10 You eu n put vuluable~ in the: _ _ in your room g l usu(IIIV go to Greece wil h rny Iam tly
h Yes l hove two or three mps a momh
2 Match t-9 to a-1 to make phrases. Then complete the
scntences with the phrases. 2 Complete the conversallon wt th a word from the hat
l stnglt b l a bulldmg bl'!'l [)1 ll ~l l 111
2 ~huule _ b bed
A Otd you have a good '-l!iil - l
3 dcpurture _ c tnp
B It wasa btt unng llctu"IIY We werl' delayed for 1\\0
4 key d bus hours at Heathrow
S termmal e de!lk A You must be fed up then H:we vou ,,_ _ _ _ to
6 double _ r room Marrakech bt:lore?
7 onc·way _ g lounge B No. thts ts my fir..t vrs11
8 busrnen _ h card A Do you travel abrond on busmess?
9 check·in Iteket B No hordly cver Jpr eiN gm ng abro:~d on hohdav
My hotel room was so small that t here was only space A Really? Whete do you usually '----I
lor u mr~/, t>rrl B Wc go ~omewhcre dtllctent every year wt year we
wcm to TI1a1lund
2 Wc dtd some shopptng m the
bcforc we wen t to ou r gate A D•d you the Hecllntng Buddha?
3 Shc couldn't get mto her hotel room because she didn't B Yes. l d1d Ban11kok w as renily tn teresung
hnve hvt· A • you vt~tl the t•t.mds. too?
4 Thcre"s ol betwet:n termmals every B Yes Wc wt•ntto tht.> ISiilncllrum thr fllm 'The Beach·
nve 1!1111Uil'S A What did you or 117
5 J.ttk's wl fc uccompan1cd him to Paris. so the company B It Wil& a bit dlsappolllllng re~ Ily There were too many
bookcd ol touriNts
6 l hr• tllld droppcd us orr outside the A What - - nl films uo you llke?
7 He bought a __ to Rome because he B l prefer action films reali y And you?
dtcln"t know when to come back. A Ml' too And thrtller$
8 l' he m.ut.sgcr ol the ol hec ts ~way on a
- - - - - - - - th ts week
9 They told us at the - - - - - - - - thatour flight
was cancelled
Language at work l Countable and uncountable nouns

"i C> UIlS 1 Wrlte the wo rds from the lis t 1n t he c o rrec1 p la ce ln
the table
l NouM nrto either c:ountable or uncountablt• Countable nouns
bill J11ght hutcl mfnrtnálrnn lu&!:••!'C
murwy 1' .:rvrmun ~uu~., ," trnvcl w rk
have a 91Mgle and plurnt ronn Uncountabk nounll hove one
lnrm Countablc Uneounteble
Cou ntable nouns · room (roomJ1. bus (bu~s), c11y {Cit/es)
Uneou ntable n ouns money, mformatlon luggQ#
l ., piural counwb1e nouns end 10 ·~ bw some are U'regular
f'"IOtl -+ propil' woman -+ K!Offu•n chtld -+ chtldtrn
l U$1l u 01 a11 wíth ~mgular counwble nouns
o f'I.'HrWJ/Ion an appotmmem
U. -omt with pluNI countable noun• and uncountable nouns
som t fa(l/1/tll~ some Irifor matlan 2 Choose l he corrcct a n s w e r rro m the word s l n irall~s
4 Srngul11r countdblc nuuns use ll srnguhu ver lJ forrn l don·t need to take much I111Utry luglll.ll(l' ~~~ rm only
lJ tltm• a shuttlt bus IQ Termmal J.' .itllylrrg lor un e mght
M1jllght ts deltiYNI 2 Ali my mon<:y u l arr lll the ~a re lll my room
Piural c:ountablc noun~ us e a piural ~rb tonn 3 There ts l Ort 11 lot of trathe today

AIW' tht" mamrpeop~ QJ thlt chtck·tn da k7 4 How manvl much people arc warung lor the &hull h: bllli7
The tfcbu ann't ~t~II!UW

UncountJble noun~ use a smgut,u verb lorm

s We got a l some bad news when we .urrved at ou r
deslln.tllon n"'.....,

b th• n time for u.1 to loolc ín thi D111y Fru .rhop? 6 My wo r k ti l arc very near my house ;:;·
7 How much l matr.v ttme hnve we got betore we board? ~

Our tuuage is ulreudy on the piunt
8 The mlormatron Lhe hotel recepuonrsr gave us wnr l wer11 ::!!
Many l mucll w rong
Use 3 A possenger ls chec king l n fo r a Right. Complete th e
l U e ma ny only w1t h piural co untable nouns con vers atio n w lth a sultable wo rd :;u
How many garrs a"' Illi!"' in Termmal 17 A Good mornrng Can l have you r passp<Jrt, please'/ (t)

Not mMy 8 Ilelio Yes, o l cou rse . Here you are

2 Use much only w1th uncountable nouns A Thiink you llow 1_..!Zll:I.IU'- surtcases h.we you got7
How much money did you rpend? 8 Ju~l thrs oue ü.rn l have a wandow seat plc:ue?
Not much A l m llfrard lhcrl! t my wrnduw Sl',rts, but l c •• n
3 Murh nnú many ore mostly used ln questions o r neg.ttive Il lYe you _ _ a rsle Selll
.wte nrent.s B OK Thar's Ime
How ma ny tmrploye«s are rhl!no 111 you r rnm{l(my7 A fl ow hand luggage a re you c.m ymg?
Ho w mudr lttJIId lUJIJlage ha~'t' you gut? B J vegol lapt op and a roat
Thrr# arrn 't many ~'Oplf at tht JIOit' A l"hllt's fine Now, here's you r boarding P•1!!ll
Tht un 't mu~h ttmt '-t ~Wtn o ur conntt'lrf!JlJiighU B How mu hume l here- bcforc: the pia nr. tnkt:J
olt ?
A Bortrdmg wtll ~tart 1n about n n hour
language tip B OK. thank you Just one more queJolion l net.'d
Manv 1101.1115 11111 ore C:OUI'Itable '"a lol of ollli!r tangu~ _ _ _ money ' - - - ther e any cash mo~chlnes
are uncountable 1n Engh~h.
ID the dep ort ure lou ngc?
Silv •flf()(m..rtton
Don t 'IBY· ~ H'I""""'I!Cit; lfffMmiWCtl'! A Yes. t he re nro. They" re JUSt pasi the secumv che~k llave
Olller uxamples: advrce. equ1pmenc. accommodlllton " good tliRht

Warking with words Business communication
1 Choose the t wo possible correct answers from the 1 Put the se wordsin the right order to make suggestions.
words ln ita/les. l we l team burldmp l o l Why orgamze aon·t event
l asked tht companv to g.ve me a quo1e l a dellvery úate l Why don !1!'1 ori!flnlua l('am:bwldt~tt: '1
ltft-fflqlttf'Y 2 ilbout l we l order /thtnk l Maybt: l caneclling l the 1
2 The customer a~ked me for a rejund l an urder l Jome should
_ _ _ _ _ _7

3 J nek called our suppher to make some mformallolll 3 ematl/ l lead l <:endm& 1 to l How l .m l about l Office
on t!llQIIII'\' l a eomplamt
4 Wc looked on the website to track the slupmtnt l 4 thrs l tomorrow l Wl' l Itbout ltalk l agatn l Shall
dl'livery l rejund ?
5 They WCie ltllt: paying thetr (ast bt/ll goodsi/liVOICe 5 ln /loca l l newspuper l Wt l the l c ould l udverti~
6 Eve conthmed t he order l price l compiaint by emarl
7 Do you evcr purehabe daltvenes l goods l pTQducts on the 6 Wi l h l dll>CU~S l Wt: l 111dl11lger / this l J / the l SUgge$!
ln temet?

2 Dlfferent customers a re phonln g supp liers in 1-8.

2 Complete the responses wlth a word from the list. Then
C h oose the correct answer from the words in ita/les.
match responses a- f to suggestlons 1-6 in t
Hello, I'm calling to ask aboutthe goods wc q~HJ!ed l
Ftnc l!H!.tl l• urc 1hmk wo r·
purelmsed l rom your store last Monday. Can you tell me
when you w lll pa.v l del/vu them? a Thut ~a ~ar idea! Why don't we go paintbalhng7 _]_
2 We'd ll ke toplau l ordel' a hundred PDAs for customers. b I'm not - - - .tbout 1hal Perhilps w e :$h ou ld try to
but we need them urgently Could you check l trackthat track n first _
you have enough 10 stock? c OK _ _ _ ask ham what he thrnks m our meeung
3 J'd h ke to asle for l make an enqUtry about an order l tomorrow _
rcccntly made. I'm tryrng to procrss l rrqck the shtpmcnt d Yes, l - - - vou should c.1llthem rtght OO\\ and ask
on you r webstte, but 11 iso t werking for n quotc
4 Ct~ n you confinn l enqmre the pnce of the products we e l doo't thrn~. that wall _ _ _ _ Jt san Intemal prob!em.
ordered hom you'' The price you quored l delh-ered as rcolly _
dtflercnt from the prrce on the mvorce r 1'11 call you 111tcr lunch
5 Good morning l m calling to do l make a complruot
about you r latest delivery l'd h ke to askfor l make a 3 Three colleagues are d lsc usslng a recruitment
problem. Put the dialogue in the Tight order 1-8.
re fund becuust most ot the products are broken
6 Hello. l"m phomng to cancel l onq111r1! my order We've a We'vc got too mnnv order nght novo~ l thtnk wc need
lound c~nothcr supphcr who can shtp l track the goods to to take on a new person
us tomonow b Yes, l ugree Why don·t YtlU ma.kt: the phone c!!ll and
7 Cfln l plau l purrhou an order for ten BlackBenys wc' ll w r it o the udvcrt?
please? l'd al so li ke to know iri can co11/irnt l clwngt• the c Good 1deo Thm w ny we' ll ~et local people l auggest
order at l dectde l w am somethmg daflerent. wc c:ull thorn r1ghl now.
8 How long docs 11 ra ke ro qu()(e l process an order? Also, d Agendcs tHC u.soally expenslve We could put an ad
how do you COli/inn l rheclc the order- by em111l7 in the local pnpcr It c:omrs out on Fnday~.
e l"m not5ure abaurthul Most people who vbJt the
wtbsltc n re lnt~re.sttd ln buymg ou r produ~ts no:
workmg for us
f _ What about piaerng an advert on our webstt<'? lila! way
people who arc anteresr('(! tn the companv Will Setl u.
g Weil , we could contact a recruttment öll!.t!ncy 1ns.tead
und get them to hnd some c:andrdates
h L Ftnc
Language at work l will l going co l presem continuous

ll ill t Choose the correct answer.

There's no mes~age /~Ifi/ /'ll cCJII ba ck lu tcr 1hls
Po1ltlve: wfll + verb
2 It'~ her liftlelh bil'lhlluy so slw'&gomg 111 haw l ~lw'/1 hu1>t a
1'1/ mt!ll .Y<1U ottlit r«"eptiOn t!esk ''' )!()ur ltmel
Negatlve won't (will not) + vc:rb 3 You can eu ll nl any ll me bt.'Cause w .. arc~ t f:o111J11 wctl'l
l won 't dirrurb vou go out
Questions wt/l+ s ubject + velb 4 I'm gomg to wa.sh l 1'1/wash my c.tr ton1~hl h s really
Wt// you call m1.1 latl!r' dl rt y
Use 5 Ile can 1 meet us tomorrow because hr'll ~~.111/ h11's wsmng
T m.:1k~ dec1s1on~ o~t tht moment of speaking acilent

A Ccm vouirt me Jw~~ o number to comaCT you on? 6 Don t worry about the taxr h worrt fx-ltJn't bemgl•ttc
B Just a momrm 1'11 g t ve 110u rnv business rard 7 l con't stilnd my JOb nnv lon~:er. so lm P,OinH ro lortic l /'ll
look for 11 nt•w one
qomg w 8 Sht~ plnym~o~ l $hi!'ll play tennrs toni11h1, so she can 1 go to
rhe dinnct
Positlve Subjed +am 1 is l o~+ gomg to + velb 2 Complete the mi ni c onversaUons. Use the wt/l. gomg
I'm go•nz to look for o ".,,.,JOb ojtt r tlrt holttfoys to. or the presen t conbnuous form of the verbs in
Nepbve. Sub;o:<:t +ont l iS l arr + not + JlOingto + verb brackets
H lsn 't fOing to wort lot~ toniglu A l can 1 hear you very weil
QuestJons ant l iS l arr:+ iUbJect + gomJl to + velb B I'm sorry l ll&m __ (s~ak) Ul' a hull!
An th~ty gomg to look{ora n..w htat.l of dtpartntt!llf? 2 A How .src you getung on wnh th.:tt PWJcct1
Use B We

lb Utlk .lbout d plan thatwehave olrendy df.!cldcd on (not fintsh) it on time

Wt'ff! IJOfng to move to thi' new offi~ (n the lprmg 3 A W hen u re you jlOinR to ta lk to you r boss ubout you r
Present conunuous Bl (m~cl)
her tomorrow altt!tnoon
4 A Whcn do wt: h.tvt' 10 pay the mvmcc by?
... p ,1: 105
B I'm not l! ure l
- - - - -- - - - - - (asi:) one
T 1 t•• lk abctul a future arrangement 5omeone hiL' made ol my colleaguc~
The •lT111111!Cment u.~ually has a fixcd nme or place 5 A What ore you doang tomorrow at l o'dud .,
A What Orft you domg tumurrow tifier work7 Bl (h.sve)
B l m taking my dot19h11r ro the dem/.u lu neh wrt h u cu\lomer
6 A Can you ttlll me whcn my order will arrlvc'f
Language tip 8 Just n moment l
A wo ll n the Pfli!>Pnt conllnuoll!., we can otten use (chr.clo:) w n h
gomg to 101 111 tutu1e arrangem•!nt \he dnVCI
7 A How d1d vou get on ut vou r Job intcrvu.ovt?
The MJJfl681"8 Drrector's risitlng ttw off/Ce tomourm·
B Really b,ldly l
TI~e Manag•rw 01teetor's lfOJnl to VISJI the OffiCe
t1J11101r!7r' - - - - - - - - - - - - - (1101 gr:t)
the JOb

Working with words Business communication
l Complete these sentences wil h words from the list 1 M atch 1- 10 with a-j to make ten sentences you can
You may need to c h ange the form of the words. use in a meeling.
•llL ~ll ~hú re l We're here today ú.. a catch that
cxp.md launeh 2 I'm not b you s;~rd?
llllprC>V~ diSCQUIII Uoosl 3 l didn"t c whh you
~ltrBCl 4 What w as that d . to-d~
5 Could you be e to the next potnt?
Nobody knows ou r brand 111 this councry We need 10
promorr n 6 We'n: getung off r mor .. ~pcdfic?
7 we·ve covered g wiMI we've agreed?
2 If you hnvc a loyilhy card. we tan ----YOU a 5o/o
8 We can come back h the SUbjeCt
9 Can we move on cvervthrng
3 W~: only h.w1• B amaliliharc of the European market and
tO Can we sum up J to t hill hit l! r
wc need to 11
4 Wc arc the new produci tn Asia next week. 2 Mlke Thomson has called u meetin g One of the
5 The new brlght colour~ lor our produci have---- ltems on the agenda is the problem ofwastlng ll me
young~r customars in meetlngs. Complete the conversalion with the
6 The very good ~ummer helped tc> _ __ our ice sentences from 1.
erearn sales Mlke OK. t.ll\ w~ stnll? Ws• ,,. llcrr• IJJtfu.JI_JQ.drffiiS~ hu\\ to
7 It w til be tJifhcuh to rh e Chinese markeL muke ou r mcellnRS more eflecuvc John c:an you tell us
because wc have no experience about wh01 you're doing tn you r department?
8 Wehave _ _ ou r product range by mrroducmg John Weil. we've liliioduccd the t:oncept ol the hve-mtnutc
clothcs for chtldrcn meeung And u's workrng very weil
9 If you h"' ve you r student card. we can give you a Pilar lm sorry, · - - - - - - -
___ or 1o• Dtd you ~H~Y a hve-mtnute m~ung?
10 We need to incre<tsc ou r of the European John Yc\. but 11 ~omcumt.os goes on lor hall an hour
market Hachirou Sorry. but
l~ 11 a tiv~ mtnutc mL-ettng or .1 hall 1111 hour one?
2 Match lhe type of advertising 10 desCTiptions 1-6.
John Weil. the rmportnnl thtng ts t hitt 111 short
d. a~hnt dv rt Mike John?
outdoor bdverllslng dttt:'..+mrttl How does the mceung work exactly7
wortl ot mouth l V dvtr1tsem..,nts
John We meet every day alte t lu neh and you inform
t recerved thts brochure 111 the post this mormng cv~:ryonl• ol whet e you are on your WOJ k and .
1/t(l clJ11QI/ Pilar Sorry. '
2 Look o~tthatl>íllboard. They" re 11dverustng tbose runnJn~ J ohn l >aid w~: n1cet evet y d,ly nfter lunch for an updatc
shoes againi S11bíne Why uftér lu neh? Everyonc'r, fo~lllng aslcep lhi!Jl
3 i love ihnt adl They've shownit thrce timest his evemngl Mike l th ink •
Lel's JUSttn ik aboulthe Idealtself Th~ tim!.' ol
4 Let's go to thnt new Jopnnese restaurant Rudi said il was da y lsn't tmpon<Jot ll we hiJVO ume.
very good
5 They pul ou r .ld on page 10. There arcsamany nther ads ( 15 manutes later)
thl!te tt"s dlrncultto see 11 Mike OK. lthtnk
6 How much do wc have to pay to put an ad on that on the
websttc7 .. ubJeCt of tht: five·minutc rn~:eung
- - - - - - - - o n the
agenda how to tnlorm st<~ ll ot dectsrons made tn
(20 mmutcs later)
Mike So, very qurckly
Sab10e and P1lat a re going to
Language at work l Modal verbs
1 Are th ese sentences true or fa lse for you r coun try?
Mod;ll verbs Correct them where nece ssary.
Use You're not aliowed to dnve o cur ti you don'r have a
1 ro d-.Knbe on acuon which is nccessary, or a legal hcence
obhg.mon, woe hav..· ro or need to 2 Car dnvers have to wear a scar belt
You hav• to "~'a JI!O/ btfr whrn you art dnvmg.
3 Car passengers don't need to wear a seat beh
~~~need to rompietc our tax form befort Sth Apnl
4 You can 1 smoke in n•swurants and pubs
2 To descnbe on Ilelion whtch lRn t necessary, u~e don't l S You·re uliowed to votc when you ore lb years old
doesn ., haw to or don., l doesn 'l need ro
6 Products wtth lot~ of sugar nt>ed to carry 11 health
Wt don 'r havw to work at weekends m our compony waromg
1'hl' rtport doesr~'t havi' to lit flntshed today 7 Schoolchtldren don'r to wear .1 unifol m to ~chool
3 For an aclion which ls posstblc or perm ll ted by law. use can 8 You cnn rettre when you are 55 ycar~ old
or /;(' allowf'rl to 9 Adverttsers aren r allowctl to camparc their products
You can /~,>nw early today hecausr wt'l'l' not~~ery busy wt th therr comper il orR
Companii!S ar~ affowed to uavml.tl! u/CJ>!tol after JU.tJO p.trl. 1O Shops can opeu seven day'lll week
4 ll the action isn't permill!ld. 11se can't or am not l isn't l anm't
niluwed ta 2 Complete the rn lssing words in this guide for new
Sorry, but yau can 't smokto ItIre employees. u sing a s u ltable form of have to, need to.
Cyc/ists errlit 't offo wed to ust morvnvays can, o r be allawed to.

Form Working at FTC

1 To usk il qul!stton Wtth havt to or need to. use do or does
f requently Asked Quettlons (FAQs)
Do l have ID wrttt this rtpart now?
Does tltt rompony nl!l'd to Ita w quality Cl'rtt/iCOii<m? WhNe ,a.,i.LJJm luJ/Jl'li..J Ul park my car?

2 fo ask a questton w ll h br allawed to. use am /ts l an. A ln the employee c:ar park behtnd rho mo~ln burldtng =
Art c~gUrttto: rompamtl affohll'd to adventse' 2 Q 1 to WI!.J r lor mal clothes to ID
Am l affowed to park hl'rt1 work?
3 Qu..>tion~ w uh con begin wtth the word con.
Can jortígnrn. VO/t' rn natIrma/ tltcllotls?
A No you don·t lr.an~ ilnd a ~hlrt arc ftn
3 Q What hours do l have to work?

Can l uu my phont for pmonal co fis? A Evetyonl! be tn the comp..oy

lll•twe•·nlOolm nnd4pm Butyou _ _ __
_ _ _ _ to choo>l' whtn you Slilll and hni$h .,..'tlrk,
4 Q __ 1 __ 10 take my pa id hoiJd<.~y
whcn l w.:utt7
A Yes. but you h.:~vo ro take .u ll! as l i hree wPeks tn thi!
s Q Who do l sec til bdvc a problem wil h rny contntcl?
A 'iuu 5pt'cl~ to the HR Manager
6 Q Can l u se the lntt'rnel for persnnd l reseilrch•
A You usP 11 dunng you r lu neh bm::tk, but
you _to use n dultrl!f ofíu:e
7 Q Am 1i.lllowed to us, my olrtce pllOfle lor prlvare a~lis1
A You Cdn m.:Jke local c.tlls to L:mdltnes ar1d you
- - - - - - - - t o P<~Y lor t !tesi_ Vou
- - - - u~e the ol hec: phDlit tor long diWtnceCDIIs
or c.JIIs to mobtlcs

Working with words Business communication
1 Complete the sentences by finis h ing the words. 1 Look at these sentences ta ke n from a presentatlon
1 l he new un11orms seem to be p.JIR!J/m:__- everyone nbout safety at w o rk. Put the sentences in t he order
likt1s thcm they come du ring the presentat1o n
2 Customc:r serv1ce has dcalt wuh any problems 1n d n a Th ill bnng~ me-to thf' enú of my talk
_ _ _ way b l'litaik about the unnual medrcal t.:heck~ later
3 Ou1 compeutor has started producing environmentally c _ My name ., Frcya B ra nea and l wo1 k for the Safety
r tclephones Council
4 Our !IR Muna~er wears very stmnge clothes- they're d _ Thanks very much tor ltstcntng_
quae u e _ F1rs1 ol ali. wc' regomg tolook atJafrty in the office..
5 Most cwnomcrs tound the new tracktng system very r !.ct'~ move un lo ~~~r~ t y off-sue
u g I'm here today to tell you ubout the new r.:~:ulauonl
6 The manager has mlroduced a new ' - - - - to save bemg In troduccd next yenr
l!ner.i(y in the ortlee h J Good ufte1noon. evcrybody.
7 Wehave a special con tamor m ou r orticc fon - - - - l _ My next point 1~ about general heahh 1ssues.
Ink ca ru idgl!s. j A~ l smd bcfore, employc:cs are gmng tu have a
8 Ou r nt•w supplici is very c Their warehouse compulnory mcdlt:nl check·up.
ill wry n~ur ou r fuctory.
9 Thal's the tlrst tlmt l've Ileard that 1dea lt's ve1y 2 A representative from a green eleani ng serv tce
o is giving a talk about hi s com pa ny. Com plete his
10 We got the new laptops ill d good price- they were very presentatlon w lth phrases fro m the list.
good v lor money l ll l 1J~ l ! CTlt t 0 l p.l..ff,., ~""
ll Ou r n<'W furntture wl'lsn't expensiVe. It was quJte Mv next point 1 hank very mu h 1 l ard bdme.
a ____ actually Th111 b1ings me I'm ltt're today Fi r 1 or ali
12 The d ol WAste tR n problem Wc don't know
whCII! to throw 11 away 1_ _Hrlfo pml welrome, I'm Ceorgto Belatoni fl'1lm
Green Sheen 2
2 Complete the conversations w itb a word or phrase to tell you about the udvantages of contracung our cleamng
fro m l servtce 3_ _ _ _ __
A Does you r new hybrtd car cause any polluuon? about the flnanctalsid~· or things lbler
8 No, u·s very l'flJ'lf.Qrtmi'JJJnl~~ ~----- - - - - - - - - - - we're gomg
2 A ls the re nt lor you r offlee expensJVe? to look ol the beneiHs ot employmg Green Sheen to clean
8 No ll's qulhl - -· actually yuur offices Weil, the mo:.t lmportdnl udva nt age ts the
3 A r he new design olt he AS9621s quite srrange, lsn't tt'' clean and hea lthy warking utmospht!rc we crCilte by uslng
only envtronmentally ln r ndly products
B Yt!s ll lb lt's qulte 5 to ou r c1eamng
4 A How rnuch did you pay fo1 your new office fum it ure?
prote~;s1ona ls. We choo~c our staff coretully and you'll
8 H wasreolly cheap, but ft's beautifully made. It was flnd ou r c leanera pol it e and lrfend ly 11 plea~u1e lo hnve m
the building. ~
5 A Do you reuse plnstlc carrier bags? ts about you r campany Image By employJng iJ green
B Yes, we do. We beli.:ve in - - - - clean\ng se1 vtce. you w11l show you r commltmcm to the
6 A How fil r do you h ve from your office? environment. mcreuse your nppetll ín thi' miltket, 11nd
8 Not fu r nt 1111 - l can wa lk to work. lt's very - - - - a ttmct more cu.~tomers Fln.tlly. let's ta lk aboul the- co::t of
7 A Who told you to tum offthe hghls at 6 o'clock'l contracung Green Sheen Ou r eleani nl! servtce IS very good
from He ad Office to try and reduce value lor muney. as we olier 1 per :on!!ll zed pnce And
B It'~ t~n - -
1 _ you are liltely
to get more customers by gomg wcc:n
8 A 'l he new ordcnng :;ystem seems to be workmg weil a_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ to the end of
B Ye,, n's qu1te . 1sn't u?
my ta lk 11 for
9 A Whul do people thtnk of the new canteen? hstenmg Now, are there any queluons?
B Most people hke n lthmk a's very _ _ __
Language at work l The pass1ve

Pa$Sive forms 1 Correct Lhese senlencea

Dchven es a re makt th re.~ umes a week
Vcrb$ m u ntences can l'Jther be a~uve or pa tve.
2. The mvorce senl yc.Me rdlly
The Jl<l$$1VC tS lo1111ed wtth lhc verb bf' + pilbt paruoplc ot the
m:un verb
3 Over 11 thousand gue Ms wa s tnvtto•d tcr the event
Tense PassiVe form
r~ent StmpJe The pltOtOCfJp l t!T {s Strvict!d OIICI! a Je~
4 The post collee l$ nl 10 00 a m e very d.ty
Ot1r offirt s o~ cltontd mtltt ~mng.
Pa 1 atmple Thi! mt'tlinf wos htld .w wrrduy
5 The softwnre IS wro U! by our own cngmeets
Tl~t·ll~ romputus Wil~ lnnoll~rd fast wtl!k
6 The meet mg w na cancelling bcemuc:- ol the s trikc
l ru maki" quest ion~ lll l he passive, pUI/S l Unt l \Vc.!S lwere+
subtect + past part leple
Ar" the p1prs product~d ubmatl?
2 Choose the correct answer from th e wordsin itafic:..
Whcflt werr th ty ma dr bt/tJrl?
Outsourcln!!ts when .a comp.Jny usc) l t!ttffl.'fl ,m ~.:xrernul
2 Tagtve n short dJtswur to qucstíon11 ln the passive, u~e the ~:omp1my to provldl' n serv lee Th ~ idea or lJ Ut MlUrc.:ing b
subject + 1.1 l arr t w.u l wrrt not Ol! W it fi rst SUJJi~Sit'fl l WIJS first WJtgt'lltd by Adam Smith
~~ rt
they drltvtrrd fa.u Wt'"k' tn h ts book 'The Wealth o f Nnllo ns', wh tch pubftShcd l was
y" thty !Wrt l NP they wcrnm't publi~hcd tn 177ti.

Use One or the matn advüntOI(cs of om~ourcmg ls t hilill

l Wh< ·n the ~n who docs the a cuon 11 unknown 'soves l1$ sawd a compuny money, ICSOutccs, 4nd encrgy
Ho we ver, dlr~cl com muntc.ttlon bct wccn acompAny and its
Tht jfo~Wtl o~ chongtd dat/y
customcrs 1S ojttnlust l fl/trn loH'J and customers can soon
(l don 1 know who chungell t hem l
becomc dissanstied
2 Whrn the pt"rson who does rhe ocuon rs ummporram
Tltr hotel was bm/t tn the 19th ctnturr 3 ReWTite these sentences in the pass t ve fonn starting
(h tm t tmponant who but h ll ) wi th thewordsgi ven
3 When the perwn who d~s the a c:.uon rs too obvlou.s to l They serve hor meal• 111 t hl' sta ll canrecn

menuon HolMa/J arr.Jr!l'rd 111 rhr s/al/.fJl!JNfll

bnob wrrt deli w red th~> morn1ng. 2 fht! HR Dep.utmc nt :.ent an e m.ul to ali crnployt.>t!~ ro
(It s oLvtous n dellvery campany broughttht books 1 Anemu11 VI

4 Wh~>n WI' wunt to lillY who doc~ ,omething ln a passtvc 3 Somcone: stole the moncy dunng tht n111ht
llt'lltcmce., Wt U~l! l he prt;po~illon by The rnoney
r/1~ party wo.r nrganlzttd by the social romnmte~. 4 The H~:ads o f De pilrtmcn l tnfortnt!d the ~I dlt aboutlht!
The staff
Language tip S We dlscuss sa l ~rtes wtth employrc•s lrtdtvu.Juttlly
l'ass1ve form~ are usual ly used tn formal wntten Enghsh Sahlrles
1'!1Qit lh1m 1n spCikt>n Engh~h.
6 Ile keeps the key to 1he ~al e tn hUl dc~k
OlniJidJJI<!S fo• t11~ JOIJ are ff!quiiTJd to spea• fiueni T he key 10 the sa le
( fillll5II

12 1
Warking with words Business communication
1 Put the letters in the right order to forrn a word and 1 Put these words ln lhe righl order to make complete
rewrite lhe sentence. sentences.
T he UPREPOS ol the tnp w as to motivate the ru!W team very l you l kmd l 'l hat 'li l of
JI~ iJl.fA-_ I!Juü )'(•Y kmd,m.yo,u.u_ _ _ __ ,
2 We held our last corporate VET EN at the Ammca's Cup 2 to l you l lunch l hke l Would l JOm l for l us

3 T he ENEUV ol the dmner was t he top-class restaurant

f r llon ln Pr •guc. - - --
3 up l l l station l p1ck l the l Shnll l you l from

4 Over 500 TUSEGS were anvn ed to attend - - - - 4 but l get l l'd l some l T hanks l rather 1 sleep
5 We wcre work mg 10 a UTDI18G of €50,000 - - - -
6 l he TOSH OYPCAMN didn't prov1de t ranspon. so w e 5 you l book l hkc l tablc l me l Would /It> l u
hlld to take a l OXI 7

6 water l you l of l Wnuld l ct IItke l glas~

2 Complete the sentences wlth a suitable form of the
vorb from the list. - -1
.1~ct·pl bonk 7 the l hung ry l lor / I'm l i nvltottnn l Thanhl but l not

nt< rt<lln hn!tl "intarce

1 My com pa ny IJ.Q/rJi 11 co rporatc event every June 2 Rewrite the se sentences wlth the word given
2 We mv11cd ou r Vl P cllems ro a luxury spa to - -- -
Do yo u w ant somethmg 10 eat? (llke)
ou r relo11onshtp
Wuu/J YOU bAt '0!/ldl!IIJ.l /$Hal ?
3 r he host com pa ny a mp to the TaJ Mahal
2 Sh all wc stop to r •l break? (ll ke)
4 Ou r bank always 1ts chents at Roland Garros
5 T he venue we Iasi year was wo small
6 l couldn t _ _ the tnvllallon because the dmner
was the sa me day J S m y daughter's grnduanon.
4 Wo uld you hke me to R~ t some tlckets? (shall)
3 Complete the description of a corporat e event wi th a j
suitable word from l and 2 . 5 Shall w e v1~1t the new lnctory now"/ (h ke)

The la st corpora te 1 l' n l anended was a day at

a Champlons leaguc Final The _ _ _ _ was a weil 3 Complete the mini conversauons .
known pullhclty agency who wanted to their A __ID;jld .JOli llkt ;ume water?
VlP cltents. The' ol the event was to B Yes. please Tillll would be mcc
the relationship between the campany and 2 A Wo uld you ll ke to joín us for a d rlnJc?
their cllerm. B invitallon. l>UI l have
The event was ~ _ _ ln the hosp1tatlty area of 1he l o c11ll my basa.
Ata1Urk Olymp1c Stad tum tn lstanbul. whicl t wasa 3 A W ou ld you llke me to Ond out what '.~o on at tht! theatre7
l had always wanted to vlslt. Of course. l B Ve:;. please That \
my iiWttatlon a!> soon a!> it arrlvedJ you
Fortunately the com pa ny had a large • because 4 A Wou ld you rax you
lhe tickets were very expenslve and they had lnvited more the agend a?
t han a h undred They had to " the B Ve~. plea~l! T hut's very k md ol you
seats months ln advance to make sure thare was room for 5 A Shnll l cn ll you o 1.1 x r7
ali of us The tootball match was ln the evening, so they B No Wlllk
a tri p to Topkapl Palace and Ayasofya tn the 6 A Would you hke to see the new sports facthlles7
ahernoon where we had dinner before leavmg for the
B Yc:... pl ease That -------~----
stadtum Everyone had a great day, and the evem was a
complete success tor the publicny agency.
Language at work l F1rst condntonal

Flr!.t 1 Choose the correct answer from the words ln rtalics.
ll they WWf'r p/cm l don 't p lan thll event ~:ar efu lly,
they 1ft> l 'll go over their budget
1h,tt ~t rt t wo p<~rl11 to a sentence ln thc/ifltrondftlonal, the
2 It tht• venuc ls / will bt! too small, wt· dr:m't boull l wr>rl't
·ondlftOllll11d the resuli
book tt
PoJIUve ond negntlve
3 Ile donigeri won't J.'('l a good deallf he '// wall/ wut/S an v
ti~ pr .ent ilmple (= c:and.Jtion) 11 il/ / wan 't + vcrb (= re&ull) Ionget
/fthty irtVItt IM 10 thi! Opt!rtJ /'1/ OCCtpt lht irtVIIO/lOft
4 ll we don., hold 1 won't hold a corporatc event th t~ year
If wr book on apt'nrrw rataurant. "" won 't ha w any money we /ost! l 'lllost some ol ou r chents
for IO%U 5 The maneger tfnn r accept l won't accrptthn tnvu mon tr
The Jen! C'~ ntay bt:gtn wtth the condition or the rc.sult. Put shc "' on'r Illet l doesn·r /lkf Jhr venue
11 comma to ~oeparote the two p.uts whcn the condrtlan comes
6 If we '/1 urron.l(t•l orrange a tn p to t hu Guggenhenn. we
ur t
don 't (l ITIV< / won't Ort/ VI! b<!CJr ,1( the hot.• l ln It me for
If l work lu~ tomg/11 l 'll ntiss tht Jovt/Jo/1 (w uh com ma) dinner
1'11 mfSJ tlw footba/1 ifl work lat/l tullight (no cornmn) 7 Tht:y '// CcJtiCt/ / L'llfft'ot'/ lbe elUldoor UCiiV IIIc~ lill rolm l '1/
Questlo111 rom al the weekend
l nw resuli utiually comes bclore the condllton ln hrst
condtuonal questions The usual word order 1:.. wtll + subJect
2 Rewrlte the sentences using the prompts.
+ \trb. ti l the weather l be l bad l wt 1 not l .uhng
/IfiK• will you get to Paris il you mi.u you r p/unr1 ..fflfJe.MJ.t(lfl'Lil..b<Jd WC II'QIIl J!Q.J.!1./Ji!Js: ~

IVI/Ithr rtqjfgo QlljfnUI(they don·r,~tapoyrist'? 2 1f l the srnger l be /til/they l cancel/the conc:en 'n""

2 To g1ve ll shott answec to yes l no hrst conditional quesuons. ~.

UlitJ the subwct • w1/ll wor,.t J we l not go l to the show 111 l 11 /tuush l law It)

~YI/1 you iJ<IIU thi' roll[eren~ ifyou r boH agrl!cs1

th J will l No, l won't. 4 how / they l travel l ll / the .J!rltne l bt• l on ~Inke
5 he l call l Ih c host company l ll l ht l nu t ll: t Ll vt• l lll
To l.Uk dboul C\lt!111li that will probabiy huppcn ln the ruture. m
tnVI\OilOn ~
lj tht' mumfS ..' rtSigns. prop/t: will bt wry u~~:/ ~

1/w.ofinish the pfOJ«l by Fnday. we wan 't hnvt ro work orthe
6 what l you 1 do 1111 It 1 snow l on t hu da)'
7 ~
7 tf l 11hc l not hkc: /the fOCK!/ fihe l urd•·• /aontcthrng r.o
Language tip dtfTeren t
We ne~ct u~ w11/ won't stratght alter If

Don'l .1y ll 1'1/~ee her wmorraw, 1'11 lt~/1 Iter

Say: 11 l st>tJ ner tomlltrow. 1'11 tell /ler 3 Compiet e the sentences wltb the correct form of the
verb iu brackets.
Don'l $dy ll ile won't $d hts alarm. hl' won ·r ge/ uP on ltme.
Say //IH! dOllsn't set 111s alarm hf! won·t flel up Qll /tme. If th~ fi Ul'SI... "'Cll~ (arrivc) lntc, tlwy
/l_k__ (be) too urcd to au end 11 m~· ll n~
2 U tht: budget _ (not be) bt g ettough,
they {go) aomewhere dt lll'rem
3 Wc (complam) to the organtzet5 sJ
the food (run out)
4 ll the tinanemi cns1s _ _ _ {conttnue) we
_ (not hold) an event this y~ tr
5 They (Ot'JI hnd)lhC VCIIUl ti Wt'
(not glve) lhern 41 mup.

Working with words Business communication
l Match 1- 8 to a-h So ft drlnks sales ln Europe
l achtevc ~ a responstble 500
2 manage _ b repwauon
3 pcrtorm _ c the workforce 400
4 !>OCI•llly_ d performanec €m
5 1aletv e )'6\IMtlfg<w.l
300 This year
6 dtversity of _ r COSt 5
Last year
7 .:ood- g reco1d
200 L-~­
8 tnvaronmcntal _ h weil Ql

2 Complete the mlnl conversations with phrases 1 Look at so ft drinks sal er. for l ast year and compiet e
from l and ch oose the correc t answer from the w ord s the presentatlon w lth preposltions from the list.

in ita/ics. ft l to by lrom 11 1Jy 11

A Why vo you SdY th!ll my sales resu lts are dtsoppoit!ling l

Ld)! ye<lr )dic~ Mdrtcc.J Lhe yeJr • _nt 250 rnrlhon euros.
They ro~(' 2SO mlltllrn ln thC' flt\l qll.lrlrr
B Aecause you díun't JJ.Wtti:f JQU.r.Jrl!iflJ o nce tast year 275 nullton r.urO\ ln rhi' second quar[(!r ln the
2 A Did you r improve laRt year? next three month\, thl'y then tncre<!\etl ' 225
B Yes, our rcsult~ wer~ rxce/lcn/1 poor. We only had m1tllo11 500 m1IUo1, eu ros Unto• wna tely thev
three acctdents a ll year, and none of lhcm were then tell• 100 o!llllon rUio~ • rrnal
tOIJt of 400 rnilllon ruros tn ure lJst thtPI' month~ of the year
se nous
3 A Did the team - - - - - - - -?
B Weil. much bettcr t han IaM week even though they 2 Look at t he sa les for las t year and this year and
didn't wtn cboose the correctanswer from lhe w o rdsin italics.

A W eU. that w as encouragmg l disappomtmg.

As 1)did b!' l ore ou r~~"~ truf' .t th!i llft<!odto SOO ml on
4 A Jl's not sousfactorv lexcelltnt for a campany JUSt to euros tn the thlfd quaner ol la~ t year Why d1d they go up so
make proli ts. dr.1maucally) Thts wa~ th.tnk~ to ti\" succes\lullaunch ot our
B No 11 must also be _ __ _ _ _ and look new ~ports dnnk Vllilhty' But cl~ you kn011o we then hdd that
alter 1ts stall. problem w11h the contammated dnnk~ can and r1ur sales
1grew úroppedin th(• 11011 quarrer to 400 mtlhon euros.
5 A Why were your proflts so encouragmg l poor th ts year?
That contammallon ancldl'nl conunued lO have a fle9dlrve
B Because pnces are ns1ng and n·s verv d1fficult to
effect on our tcp1.11aUot1 at the b1"9lnn1ny ot th1S yeo~r As a
result sales 'di'Creased l mcrea~ed by 50 nullton eu10~ m the
6 A When you evutuated our - - - - - - - - were trrst qu..artcr T11cy then 'rt•m.Jmt-d $t.l/ile OMlo
the pollutíon level s .tcceptable? at 350 milllon eur()) 101 lhe ne~tlhn>e montl1s Ho1,ever
B Weil, t ho res u l t~> were sansfactaryl dlsappalntlng. but slnce Jlmo our tl.!putatton has tmprove<J o1nd our sal~ have
they could be beuer '!/sen fallen Nery month. Jnt:ff1i1Sinp l li~re<Umo to u!acl1
7 A Hns you r com pa ny manoged to l ncreasc Lhe 500 mllllon eurl.l~ cllthe rnd ol l hl~ foLirt hQlldttt't
B Yes. l would say that ou r perrormance here has been 3 Are t11ese sentences true f o r you r co un try? Correct
r•11rlmwglllg l disappaim Ing. Now more than 50% of t h e sentences whi ch a re fnlse.
ou r worktorce a re women and 30% are from ethmc l Ilo u se pr lc:cs hu vr lnlll'n drumntlcally th ts year
mmorítlCl> 2 The price of petrol h·•~ ri sen ín the f<lSI lhree mtmths
8 A Th ts & lllele here says t hm we have a 3 rhe number ot unemployed pt'ople dropped last year
for d1versity 20% of ou r 4 Averugt.• temperuture" have grown in the lilSI 30 yt!lii.r;
employee ore or Hispan•c or Italia n origin
5 The retuement age has mcreased tn the lasttt~n yean
B Weil. thDrs poor l tncuuragmg
6 Food pnces hu ve rem uned &~able tn lt!tcmt months
7 Job~ tn produciron elle declmtng
8 The numbt:.r ot untver su y studcnts has decrcased shghtlv
tn tht last twenty years
Language at work l Present perlect !2) wi th for and since
Presem pertect (2) Namo: Angola LeMero
Form DO B : l Jun IQTS
~ p<ij!e lll. Quallflcatlons
Use 1998 D.;gree •n Bu.; ne!>S Aflm•nlstro~hon from
Unro~ers•tv or P01 tltwrt Ote{)OI'
l To t.tlk.llbout Wl ac:uon that sliln~d tn the past and ts
Work Exporlonce
conunumg now
2( O pte • nt p,-,, !land Runnrng Conrparry Manager
/'w worlc~dfor thts comp1171y for tm )'<'tm' Da) IQ-l1ay management of 1\vo .,hops
l Wc: use fo r wil h a penod of ume Rasponsrble lor satr..'S lJrOV. tit Ortcf COOl
Sht's had thts jOb f ar o ntonth l two VI'Or.f m.rnagemen•
2002..2005 Onf• S\ep Fitness cruu Ass ur t M nag
J Wt: u 111n wuh a p!'ei:isl.' date or point rn ume
R2spons ole tor (Jeveloptng CU IO!fl
Th~y 'w ~tn her-ui na 2007 l Augulf l thts maming acilviiles
19Y8 2002 Sun Snorts Clolhtno S.tles Asst tant
language tip
l How long .. ? and for t t penod ol tr me) are used wrth
út~ prr nt pPrfect 11nd lhP past simpio
1 Look at Angela LeMero's curriculum vitae and cornet
sentences 1-7.
Preseol petfett Past $lmple
l' '+ ng 1\4-.e you hiid How kNIJl d•d you do ,~<~Ur 1·vc 1101 a dcl!rcc: from Portland Umvcrslty tn 19::18
2 l worked as a Manager at Ponl•md Runomg Campany
1011r pre.sent fOb!
l 'vc had,, lot SIX month$.
/ast pb
l dod 11 for fiVfl ;t!M'I. :;rnce 2005 ...
3 l'vc bccn responstble for cost managernem si nec r.cvcml n
2 Sornel r'N!!> we use dtfferent verbs to descnbe the ~.
st,trl ol the actron (past stmoleland the actron rtsetf n
lprl .eni prrlectl 4 l h.J ve be cn illi AI>Sisutnl Manager at One St('p Fu ness ~

Proseol petfect
He~ 11>t1r'ed tor this
Past simple
He /Oirlf'd 1/Jis t:ompany
Club lor three years
5 At One Stop Frtness Club l ve dcvllloped cubtomcr

companr smce 2004. m 2004. N

6 l have werked as d sales ot.SStslilnl for four yca ro
l •'t! b«'n hete for an lrour: l "mved /Jere an hour ~­
He!'s 4nc..-n hr!r smce He ftrst me/ her m 7 !'ve lelt One Step F'ttness Club tn 2005 -o
J.Jnuary January.
2 Complete the questions with the preseol perfect -...
They til! l1ved here tor They rnoved hl!re S!X
.s" montt1s montfls aco or past stmpic usmg the Information from Angela :J
LeMero's curriculum vitae. eu
l!ow long l Angela t work l Portland Runnmg Companv n
Ilo.'" lo.~ has '4n~~:lq_Jm.~Qr 8!r.rkllrd Run nurol ~.,'l!U' 1
2 When l she l jol n l One Step Funcss Club

3 Hnw Ion~ l ~hl! l be l 1\s~lstant M•IMg\·t l On!! St(!JI

l·rtness Club
4 How long l she l be l a manager

5 Wherc l she l work l 1998-2002

6 HtM long l she l be l responsrblc: for s.th:s grow rh

7 How lont; l ·,he l work l Sun Sporls Clothang

8 How long /&he l be l sport~ and htnc~~ Industry
Working with words Business communication
1 Use a word from A and a word from B to complete the 1 Put these words ín Lhe rlgbt order
sentences . find l the / l ~ l hkely l olullon l to l govemmt'nr l e
A B h the llfUit'.c•uttt.mJikrty caJilld.Ju /JnH"I '1
2 l l have l wc l ractory l clo~c l won r l hopc IO / the
ori suppl y
econom ic erl'ts
3 .stafl l suppon l w1il/ Tht> 1 dectston l dchnuc:lv l rhf
poputation energy
world growth
4 you l succes.stull rlu nk l w1ll / 1he l Oo l &trlke l be
renewable dcmand
glob" l ~hrJttagr•
5 probably l oH l Sld!l l shortage l unill l The l wan'l l
~Fgy development

People will take the rni1Jii .nm more ~>enously

when rney elln no lon!(cr .tfford to run rheir cnn;. 6 world 1 unUkcly l 'upply l w 1t"' l Thl' 1 rs 1 to 1 ol /
i nercase
2 Thi.' _ -- or oil and ga& i~ runna ng ou r
3 Where t here''- - the fina ncial
snWitlon or a countr} rmprovcs 2 Rewrrte th ese sentences w lth the words gtven
4 Win d and Wd ter a re ;ources of _ __ _ ____ _
5 means that t here will be nrne
billion people living on the pillnel by 2050.
6 More countnes need more otlthe~e days so the
ha! mcreascd
3 The piastles mdustr y rslikely ro notu:t• the erreelS lirsr
7 Gov~;:mments a re hoplnll to ftnd new oa! /ic lds ro avord on (probabi y)
The plnstics induserv
2 Complete the text wi th the correct form of a verb that 4 Pelrot pnces will probobl~ rluc dr!!moucally (llkely)
means the same as the words ln brackets. Perrol p rtces
5 Th.:y're sure rht: oH suppl y won'r ln sr ton~ver (ddmHdy)
The oil supply
Populatlon growttl and economlc de'lelopment are also
navrng a devastaung effect on the workfs water st.rpply. The 6 l hope thcy'll invest rnore moncy m rencwable encrgy
Slluabon IS •dctmoratme (gettrng worse) rapldly and experts (hopcfully) - - - - - - -
- - - (tnlnk) that two·fifths of the people ln the world m renewable energy
already face water shortages. A Swrss bank '
(prcchcts) that by 2025 around 60% of the poputation Wlll not 3 A and B a re dtscussing elima te change. Complere
have enough water to live on. t he1r conversalion wnh words rrom t he list.
The problem IS not that water ls _ _ (comlng to Hopdullv Ilk t 11
an end), but that there are more or us to share It One probdbly will thtttk
ol the solutlons lles ln (maklng better) the A So. do you •_.lhm!L rlim11te r llunge tJ ~t·r lnus?
management of water dtstnbuuon. tr everyone takes a more
B Ve~.
l do The polllr rcc CIIJ'S hu vc air~ tdy 5 lorted to melr
responsoble atbtl.lde to how they use thiS resource, dlsaster
may be aVOtded
and m.my COil~lltl arru 1 ltkcly to be flooded
ln the lururc 1 • l(ovcrnmr.nts • take
measures to prot!!ct the pcoplr lav ing rn Clile! by rhe sea
becausc tf lhey don't. &ume of lhem Will d1e
A Whut c•m we do to help?
B Weil. the best Wlly ro help cur carbon c:mtSSions. Global
wurmmg IS mor" to sio w down rf companles
~tnd rndlv iduuls n:ducc their catbnn ftlolpnnt The next
few ycilrs will be crucr.111o th1• lutuF• ot the llumnn r '"-e
Language at work l Future predict1ons
1 ReWTite the sentences w ith Will, won 't, may l mtght or
wll won c may not l might not
Form l Perhap~ l the CEO l v1s11 che oftke this afternoon
5te JURC 117 Ih WI.>LlhWJJlt!llf!.O.!L
Use 2
Use wdl to tlllk Itbout somcthtng lhllt ls cerHun to ha ppe n
ln ihl' fu w~ mo~ proplt w lll work jtom home. 3 Perhops l ehe manager l not ln her offlee nghl now
Use '1\'lln·t to taik about somethtng that ls certaln not to happen.
Emplo)""tl won 'Ittay m the samt';ob al/th1nr workmg life. 4 Perhaps l your secrctary l know when the meeun~ 1s

may ' miglu (notJ 5 l m sun~ l J l not l get the JOb t apphed for
ma.1• l tmght (not) + VOl b 6 Perhaps l tiU!Y l not gtve u~ ll pay n~e th i~ year
l Use m(ty or might to talk about ~omethlng that will posslbly 7 I'm sure l he l not go on ' '")' nHJr ~· buslnes~ trip~
Offit:t bullrfings may /ook compltte/y díf!~rent ln the future.
Emplo.ytcs might have to shnrt a dtsk wi til their colitagu~.
2 Compiet e the dialogue wil h will, m ay l míght may not /
m ight not, or won 't and the verb in brackets.
2 Use may noc or m~ght not to ta lk ebout somcthmg that possibly
A Do you th ink you'll be workmg lor lht 5dme campany 10
won't hoppen
ten yea rs' time?
ln the fuiurt proplt may not retmt umil tl1ey'~ 70
8 I'm not sure l 1 muy.Jl15Ji.Jil (lut)k for)
Warken mlghi not comm u/t: so muc:h b«ausc o{the otl t:rlSIS
a dillcrenc job. lf I'm st1ll earmng the s.1me 11alory
3 May and mlf{hl both have the sa me meanmg and are used 10 It depends on my promouon prospec cs, too. l hope J
thcsameway - - - - - - - - - - (be) a
manager by then, and l cert atnly
- - -- - - - - - - - - - - (lcel) .",.ry
language tip
sausfied wnh my JOb If I'm sulltn che same pos1U0n How
Gomg /o IS atso used to make predlcttons, but only vihen
the prediciton 1s based on vtstble evtdence aboutyou?
Be qwet' TIJP spe;~kN is 10/ng to start !She's goong A l don 1 Lh mk my campany
towards the rnocrophone.l (eX ISI) an
Loo~ out r/w wmdaw ll's going to raln (Thcre are a lot ten yeur;' time We make the piastle: c.umg for mubllte
of black clouds.l phones. but wlt hout oil wt• cRn'l manufnc:ture the pli1stlcc
rmnot :;ure. bul l
- - - - (lose) rny
job once lhere·~ un ol l sho1tngc
B Why don'l you t.ry to fi nd <1 new Job now whlle you've gol
the chance?
A I'm th inking dbout It, but l ~ul i htJvon·c tlcctded l
(apply) lor
a new job um ll l rn rcall y ~u re my campa ny 1s go1ng to
closc l' ve secn a lot of R & D )Obs on the Intemct so I'm
SUtl! l (find)
n difllcull to change compan1es

Working with words Business communication
1 Match 1- 8 to a - h to make comp lete sentences. 1 A swimsult buyer, Sue Taylor. is negotiattng lhe
l Compur er shoncuts usually allow you ro --L co nelitiens of a new centract w ith a supplier. Franco
2 l have ro meet _ Nebulo Put ther r conversalion imo the correct order I-lli.

3 Al wcekcnds l don·r have _ 8 l Sue Wc have e problem w at h vou. quotatíon.

4 My job IS 60km from my home, so l _ b Franco l thi nk you'll hnd they sell qurckly But at
that prrce we would need pavmenr wuhrn 30 dayr.
5 h·~ Imporrant to _
6 You should allow _ c Franco Weil rt you ordered 100 swrs or more v:e
could olier you a pnce of El 2
7 Mv 1ra10 neve r arnves _
d Sue OK, then . Wt! have a deal 1'11 fax you the ordtr
8 Multnaskmg tsn r very eflicaent It JUSl
rtgitt dWIIV
a yoUt5ell ume to tuke a break each day. e - Frsnco Oh dear What secms to be the problem
b cnough lame to see fnends. cxactly?
c plun you r work schedule carelully. f Sue lthtnk we cou ld order thut quantilY But what
d spend a lot of time travel lang. ll we tlidn't t.ellth~m nil?
e on 11me g Franco Greuti 1'11 wall to hear from you
f -t~&Ye-Hm&
h Sue Whutlfwo: BJlllltld to pay wilhin 60 d.:lys7 That
would allow us to ~ell more swimsuhs before we
g wasre~ ume
pay you
h deí!dllncs ln my job

2 Complete the advertisement from Drearn HoUday

i - Sue Basrcally. r LS per SUILI:.. too expen. IV!!. If Wt:
agreed to work w l th you could you reduce your
Planners wlth words from the list. price?
llmt ·nu up h Ilo" ~ave ltme j - franco Yes. l suppose wc could liCCept Lhosc
plan <Int t-t on tr me 5pentl Khedulc paymenr rerms

2 A restaurant ordered 50 duc ks and the suppUer sen1

ll you _d2.0.L have nme to plan your
ch1ckens by mistake. Put the wo rds lnto the rigbt
perfect hohday, contact us. You can a lot order to comprete the conversau on
ol _ by allowang us to orgamze everythmg
lor you. Send us you r destanatien you r Interests, and
your budget and wc w1ll you r hohday
• lor you We will _ _ _ you enough
SuppUer dear l problem It hl• l exacrly l Oh l What's
ll me to viStlthe stghts and rela x Vou w dl JI-ISt
yow en1oymg the holtday a nd
Restau rant ducks l 8;lslcully, l ordered l but l filry 1
not worryfrtg dbout the small detatls. So, 1ust send us sent l l l me l ch1ckens l you
yo1.11 rcq~o~lrcments ttght away and we'll send you you r
drearn hollday plan w tth tn a week. Ali you have to do Supplier sony l cluckens l Would l
ts ar11ve at ll te altpor t '_____ agre e l to l keep l you l t he l l m '
Restaurant I'm /Ihat l he l Jcceptuhle l wouldn t l
No l nlrnld
SuppUer ducks l bt' l we l Would l sem l today l
tf /rt l too l the llo:ne
_ _ _ _ _ _?

Res taurant Ihat l have l the l allow l Yes l

me l to l weekend l thcm l would l lor

SuppUer rhcm l OK l send l 1'11/tod.ty

Language at work l Second conditional

se~ond conditiOnal 1 Look at thrs book review and complete 1-9 w rth
phrases fTom the list .
llll)lhl t ll• •y do Uley ~aultJ start
l"Ould on lv 1cild did n 1 kuow
1 /J t pa:n ~lntple would l mrghr + lnllnnivo (wuhout fl)) t h~ y W<JUII.I !liVe )'i~ -:'I'CUr- jOO
lftht!V droppttd therr pm:cs. Wt' would (w~ 'd) buy thc~r wo11hl you thinic 11bout founrlthcnuclveJ
product• wc would recomrul'nd
2 "l h.• word ifcan also appear ln the r.econd part ol the
llenl!·ncc What 'M!uld \lOU do 11 you were 50 Yl. rs old and 1 ....,......,.....,.oxu.'--
Wt' would (Wt'ét) stnd ,",.ma catalogut if w had thrrr /00 1tfyou l _
addrr:.-s yout nc ~t p..y dieQue "~~oas comongfrom
3 You can repl.rce would wit h mJ.Jiht ln this case mtsht means ' setttng up
yuur own buslnl~S~ Joumalut Mdnh~:w Colber t tai~Cll to twenty
successful entrepreneurs who SLiirt ed th1 1r own cnrnp.1mes .trter
lfthty OJ[t•ro mr tht job,/ 1110uld oe<·.·ptll (I'm su re t woutd being rnJde rcdunn.mt ln their SOs He a)kl'il úr ' lll wi~Jt .HfvtCJ!
IICC~pt ll) • to p~:oplo ri th• y
lj thFyClfftrrd me theJOb. l mf6ht OCT:qlt It (Perh.:~ps l would t ln t hr.~me
u"ept ll.) sltUdUr111 ll ' throtr busm~~~
agJin, Lhtng~
Noaat:lv e
If • paM lilmplc neganve, ..'Ould not (wouldn"t} + mfinruve '20 liYl~ That Bcgan At 50' ls .r lasernatlim colléClion ot
Ifht dr dn 't love aty hfr, ht wouldn 'til~ /hae 1ntervr~ lor aeybody over 50 who s tnought ol Stllltllljlthe r ov.n
Use comp.~ny ll you • · - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
0111! busm~s book ttu~ year, th1~ i) the onl! ' - - - - - - -
l To t aik about thmgs whích wtll probabi y not hoppen and the
r~:.~ulu olthe.'e thmgs
Ifth ri' wa.r o ntw job m Nth York. l 'd applyjor 11 (But l h~
proboblv won't be O JOb ovnllnble.)
2 Choose the cor rect word i.n italles to camplele th ese
2 Th lllile <tbout lmpo~~~~ or hypolhetical illuoliana ond their sentences.
l would l wt/l travel around the wurll.lll l hu.1 l hcJd
If m/ dr d n 't txi.tt wt wou/dn't have al/ thesr pol/ution
enough monev.
2 Whut part ot yow JOb do 1 would you dtfcgat~ íi you
3 The second condinonalts difTerent lrom the first condiuonal.
had l would huvt: an asststantto help yuu?
First condmonal; /fl have trmt, 1'11 call you. (It 's posStble
3 ll you were l would bt me. wt'rt' l wou/d vou a~gn the
or probabl< that 1'11 have time)
St:eond conditional If l had tim~. l'd call you (But l
probably won·r have ttme) 4 It we wnuld gtv~ l ga11t t hem more money, they worktd l
nught work durmg their hohd.1y
5 We wcwld ftmslt l finl$httd on nmt rr the rl~ctr1c1an
language tip wtorkt•d l •vou/d work f11ster.
Note that lile past simple "' a .second condttronat 6 Wuu/J l Did we receive th e gcl<Jtls tornm row ti you tttrll
refer, to the present 01 the futute. H doe~n·t
<.~•ntenc ~ waultl und t hem tod.ty?
ICIL'! to ti < PIJ!ot 7 He wou/dtr"l l didn'r work IR&e il you M.~JUidN"t pay l drdn l
If t!ttov offered me lhe cnance ' " wonr Bb~~'>~'d t now ~
pay h rm so weil
)Wt~ l J Di ri
8 l mrgltl buyl mrght bouglll illlat ti l ~urn.-d l wuvld ram
more money
9 Whc::rc do l would you go 1f vou d0111 Gf'l l dtdn :~rrr th.e
pro mon on'
Working with words Business communication
t Matc h 1- 8 to a - h 1 Choose the c:orrect woTd ln ltalics
l gtve~ a cmaployces A They' ve <l!lked me tu ch t ng~ the• chcdule <~gaan
2 promotion b ~kllb B l know llow you lltíHif l ]t•el ll not uay l ~hl lor you
3 Improve c HOOls 2 A T he dendlin e'> next Thutsday 1110 Wl' ~lill don't have
4 dcvelop d t ~t ep back an .mswer
5 tuke e pro.~pcc t~ B l follu14· l ter So wh.tl art> vou goang to do about at?
6 set _ r performanec 3 A l don 1 know how lm going to Un1ah t hall work on time..
7 .1chu:ve _ g f~bdek 8 Don't WtlrT)I l be> watrl' I'm sur c thrre's a solution/ a
8 mouvate _ h Roa ls IHUt'

4 A So they' re comang nr.xt wct:k

2 Complete these sentenc:es wt th a word or phrase B l Oli'''' l RighJ And how long ere they Itayang7
from l
5 A ll's dlfficult when you have cu&tomrt~ c:omplaanLm~
It you always arríve la te ot work. th as won't amprove you r cvery duy.
prt)mOJton,prosp<i:JJ B l undt~rllt and "a/ly llnltllfy But Ir, not ynur faull l
2 The best wuy ICI gJvc ls to dlscllSS the posltlvc rt!.vponrtl>le
posnt.s about an employte fin.t 6 A Why don' t you talk l talk.mR to your bo:;s1
3 Oosng tnttnlng courses usa good WdY t o - - - - you r B No. l can't l do11'1 du that
7 A Ha vc.- yCiu thi11k lthnught ol contaeri cantawng 11
4 l took a month's hohd11y t has year 11 really hclped ~ to rec:rwrmcnt agency?
take a l rom my JOb 8 y._'S, that ean l mtght be possable
5 Ou r boss doesn't - - -- lor the lt!ilm, so 8 A Perhap~ you could take Ita tnkt n short hnhdav
wc don't know where we a re gosng
B Yes al's a good pomt l rdrn
6 One way to employec.~ ts to gtve them an
annual bonus lor good result•; 2 Mariana is a produc:tion m a nager. She's talking to
7 h can be dtfficu h ro you r goa ls ti rhey're roo a c:olleague, Pete, about a problem s he has. Choose
;l rnbiiiOUH phrases from 1 to complele their c onve rsa don .
8 l' vc JUSt done 11 course on umu munagement ll has Pete You look strefiaed
helped me to my p~rlorm.Jnce at work Mariana We haven·l got enough Sto'lllatthe moment
Pete ButUl nllll'OU!]UJ!.:ul_ _ _ _ __
3 Jan Ol sen bas just had his annual appraisaJ wi th his
line manager and ls talkina to his colleague, Anja Mdrlana l know 111~n t, but we're alreAdy hehind cc:hedule
Lund. Complete the c:onvers atton with a word or Pete
phrase from the list. Mariana Mmm Ye~. but whut solution?
th gt. l , 1 ~pr 'vc mv promotion prOSJlt!C:ts Pete ol
mt•Ltvpte ach t Ve dr! velop my slulls employlng some tt:mpclr.uy sto~li?
ftWmtSill gave t hem lef'dh ~ek Mariana No. •
Anjn How d id your PPPIQISII/ go then? ll will t.1ke too long to truln Hu•m
Pete Weil. ~----YOU
Jan It WilS OK She told me l should
a~k some people to work ovcrllmc.o?
my tco~m bcu cr and 1 more oft!!ll
Anja Realiy? l mean. she's not grc.:at at doang that hersclf. Marinna ' - - - - - - - - - - - -
IS ~he?
l don a th Ink 1he company wallagrce to pay th<! extra
ho urs
Jan l know. but l can't tell her that Shc .tlso Sd id that l
n~ed to do more an-comp.uty tnunmg :.nd 8pccuilly
Pete ofler the
IT tramtnl! to '
Anja Yes but did she whach you Maraana Yes,•·-------~-~ --~-~-
need to an the next year?
Jan Yes shc.: dld and ap par ently. 11 l manoge to do th ts, il
will for nc)(t ye;ar
language at work l Modal verbs for giving advice

musr. musrn c.. should. shouldn't. and could r l Match problems 1- 7 to the advíce a- g and ch oose the
correct modal verb ln Italles
Our c:ompctnon new prllduc t IS ehedper tha n ours _J_
2 Our aalary costs a re too h111h
.l modJJis ltrt' U:>Cd 10 ~~v~ Jdvace
J The new JCib 15less mtcrcMtng and 11 pays les.'
l Use musl or muun r lor ~oml'thtng th.uas very 1mportant or
4 Our restauram 1s lostnj~ c:ustomcrs
You look 11/ You must Sff a docro~ 5 They ve asked me t o work .tbroi.ld
6 I'm stressed at work _
You musw'r ttllmy boss/ hav<' a nt'w job (lt's very llTlportant
you don 1 tell htm) 7 J'vc made a btR mt~toke tn r he 1ccoun1

2 Ute 'holl ld oc thouldn 't tor somc1hmg that ls or um l a good a You 5hou/d l shouldn't a ~k for lanRuogc lessons
b You could l mustn t chungc th e mcnua .
You should stop ~moklnfl. (It would be c1 good trlea )
c You rou/d l mustn 1 wo1k ~uch Ion !l hours
You shou/dn't dnnk n/cohn/ utlunchrune (ll'S not a good tdea
d You nuwn't l muGt rrcnlculutc your llgurcll.
to do thiff.)
e Itiunk l don'ttlunk yo u should ·lccept il
3 Use could lot somt!thinR that is u possibia soluuon. but maybe
not the bcdt
r You !lhouldtt'J l could reducf! you t pnce for th~ llr tlhrct
You could ~k to t'l'lUr bun ob<Juttht prob/tm
& Vou .rhould l shouldn't recru11 a ny more people
Posltlve: Thl're ls no chdnge ln the form ormodal verbs 2 Aleksander is gaving Nolalia odv!ce abour writtng a
ll You l Ht l Sht l Wt l Thr.v musr mnkt a dtclnon soon good CV. Three of the verbs ln bold a re correct but
flve ore lncorrect Find the tiv!! incorrect verbs and
Negatlve: Add ·n 't to the modal verb nwe is no d<Jn 't or
correct lhem
do lll l
~Oli mustn't do that (Not tto!nfo11 'r mu~.)
Hr shouldn 'r coli so !att in th t\' nm~. (Not H~'t
tlroultJ )
Oear Natalta
Qu estfons ......
l ro 11: k d quesuon w11h ~h01Jid or rould. use should l C'011ld + You a~ked lor h"IP Wtlh Wrtlln!) yOU/ CV H• IP ilrP. ~OO!P QJ
tdeas 10 help you ::l
subJe t ~ verb
Sitou/d J accl!pt that flt'W job? ObVIOU~Iy. YOU should muJI!Ü lorgN VOU LOntJCt
Could l oslt h1m to c:omt" lrurr' vo1. must __
detaii.S rac!dte~~ phone. rtt l dlld
lnclude your educatrnn. worl-. ·~•PNI n e ,.nd $ktlts You
Who.'Tl we ask for <~dvtce. WI! olten prefer to bcgm the quesuon must - - - lnLiu<Jc .J photogriiPh ti you want , hulli~
Wllh Do } OU litink not o~bsolu rely nc<;e~~a1y
Do you thinit l shouid acc..·pl tltutjob'
lt's a good Ide.~ to wutcttulte" sitnil ev so you ' must
Do you thilik/ COli/d tt.tk 11/m ta t'CimllfOII!r? wriU! rnore th,m l wo page~ and don t lorget vou
2 Wc do not u~unlly make Qllesr lons w it h should"., mus1, or ShOUld StM l wltlt YUUI 11111$1 ICCelll jrrb first
mtJJtn t U• e hfllll! t o !n•lt'•1d or mu1t 1 thlnk you should .Jlso wrttt> \hort sentt•nc:e~.
Do J have to apply {or promot/fJn? and u~c vtorbs wrth tt'TlPil ~ t . !or example, ',Je lifeved rny qDoJh'
rmproved rnv pertormance , "''
Flnallv. vou shouldn t check that you IHivt'fl't
language tip made any sp4!1llng or qrammar rnl\tdkes - and~~
Wtwn l!ivlnK advrce we Oltf'n l>t'grn Ih~ sentence wrU1 Important ly vou could alwdvs tell tM trutttl
1 thmlf ..
l lltmi! vou must should could em3tl 111m Hope t his ·~ u~eful.

2 Do say. l don't thmk ){)U should Rest wlsht>~.

Don t say Hflinlt 1<N flrouldrr't Aleksander

Working with words Business communication
1 Put the stages ofVlad imir's carcer ln the right order 1 Choose the correct a.nswer from the w ords in llDilcs.
1-9 ln my prC'VIOW ro/e I I~HJ~~•'Mf-IIJI. l w ib het1d ut the
a At thts pomthe dectded to help the runner and b ts Pans olhce
c<trcer path ch.m~ed dm~cuon 2 Rtcemly l At the momrnt he'.s des1gnmg some new
b WhC!n he! IOJUr<:d ht5 knee dunng a race. hts career sortwarc for the Pl.lnnang DcpMtmcnt
plans chc~ngcd 3 From 2000 to 2005 l Up to now :;ht'~ bt cn tn charge of
c _ He .:ave up hts tob to IlO back to umvers1ty and Human Resourcc~
litudy physiOiht>rapy 4 Ou r sales flgures nearly doubled lmt vtuu l a~"' tht ftm
d His ambltlon was to becomc a professional runner yeor
5 Up to nuw l Owr thl' nuct Yt'ar wc'll domore test~ on t hP
e He mtldt the dec•~•on to becomc an econom1st
new deqlgn
1nsteod ol ,m athkte
He compicted d n economles degree and started
6 l wallthe CEO l11 u smull compl'lny Iti my pl'l'Vious ro/c t
over the /(1$/ .vear.
work an a b1g mulunrsuonal
7 Sht:'s bec n re~ponstble tor contacnng new cllems
g L VlndJmir's greatelol ~t reng l h was his Htness
n!CI.IIIIfy l Ut lflt! 11/U//ltm/
h Whlle he w.1~ working he spe nt ali hi~ eve1úngs
uamlllg other runners. 2 Complete the sentences w lth a sultable word.
One day, tht' bestothlcte on the team su!Iered a l OY.«.- the next year wehope to open a new ol n~
stm Jin r knee m1ury to Vlndim1r. ln AIM.
2 ln my __ wic. I'm ln char11e of the Markcttng
2 Complete th ese sentences wi th a suitable word or
3 he'a bee n pr omoted to Chtel Acecuntant
l Rna w ams to make tht ctiflt dec!Sioa. so she's taktng her 4 She worked 111 South Amenea 2002 to 200 5
5 - - - - to now J' ve gJVen advlee to SIX maJor
2 She lelt her Job to _ on her wnung. compames
3 l live years at umvers1ty and then t couJdn't 6 the moment she's workmg on her tbcsts.
geLIJOb 7 l n the she 'll be responstble for l he
4 They want to their JObs m the cn y and go and restructunng of the company
run 01 hotel m the count ry
5 My 1s to becomc an a1rlme ptlot 3 Complete this presentat ion w ith phrases from the líSI.
6 I'm lookmg forward to the of learnmg a new dl th•• r v ITI l nt l n t h lul•tr t i'II'IW pre·tlejj~ Fsle
language. 1"1 ~1 y ear Up tu uuw Ovct the n•:Ji l Wct!k
7 Atsushl d!•cided to ch<~ngt! and became a taxi
driver Rtght lhr.n. beiore l mrt 1'11 tell you" bit al:tout myself and my
8 Whcn he Iullcd hib fina l exams ali his plan:; organlzat tnn. My nJme·~ Atnj.Jd K.ualbilsl1 .md l run thr Star
had to thnnge. School ol Management ln_n!JlJl"vw_uuak t was J managet
9 I'm gomg 10 d11 Rome voluntary work when l ln a succe~sfut !'l ectrom~ cornpany L,nrr l dPCid~ ro open J
my degret: school to rram lutut o mnnt~gt!l rnv
10 Annn'llgreJliC~l l~ her personaltry- she gecs coltt!dque~ c1nd l h<1Ve glven LOUr\es ln nearly a hundred dllleront
on wil h evcryonr c;omp.:Jnle~. ilnd aU ot our ch Nm have yon u •w y
.J ~ttsh<XI

ll l'he fu si &~oge ut her canJer was to get a law l tooJ.. on ltve nt w tral ner~ wh1c11 mean~
degree there 01re IWPnty hlghly qudliffed prot~sslonals worhlny at my
12 My only IS my llandwnung - nobody can ~ChOOl'- l\.

reod 111 hope to develop rV(In more tratnlnq cnur~ But for now. t hopo
you'lllind the sess1nns uscl ul • · - - - - -- - - ' " U be
superv,stno the cour~ dnd •m~w.:nng anv questtons vou may
haw about the matenal So now tet rnt' mtrodi/Ce you lO vow
tratm~r • •
Language at work l Revision of tenses

r ')fnt limc 1 Complete lhe text about Richard Branson wlth 11

sultabte form o l the verb ln brac:kets
t Use the presenr simple to t:alk ab out general racts or
regulor octions,
tonderr bor n Richard Bran~on rs onll of Bntain s most weil
fIt! work.r fo• a mufllllolíonal compw1y
kn"wn t.'ntrepreneur:.. Al ~hool he 1didn'r fla/Q!OJ rnm
1/. does11 't ~~Sr~ally drfve to wo'* Pl•rlorrnl weil dull iO nr~ dy)lexaa. but th~t l 10111
Ho" ojrrn does htt go away on busmess'>
l toplium trom stcnung two bU\tness ~1mture.s W the llme
For form 'l'f! p JOJ
hl' WJS 15
2 Use lbe pruent continuous to ta1k about an action tn the 1970i amJ 1980s Bran\nn _ _
happening at the time ofspeaklng or a temporary and lortune through h1s rl'Corll hu~rne~s cnmoiiSII19 il cha an
project ot rt!<:ord ~to<es and h1s record label VIIgan Records. !.Ince
Sht't mQkmg u plwrw roll. then he • tlaunchl ov• r JOO coml.l<lnle) under rhe
Sht lsn 't lntervitwing anyom• thrs wrelr. Vlrp1n tJranu lncludlng VIrgin Atl.,nuc .1ocl V11gm Tr.t•ns ln
lVher<' IS sht> gomgl rJIJdtuon to runntng bus•nesst>s. Brr~nson 1makl21
For form ~cc pl OS. svvcr,ll clltemrlts ln hl~ l1fe to bredk worl ll ~Pt'•!d fC(Orth.
SUth d~ thr ~~~IBSI Al lanlll 0Cl'tl0 c rOHifill
Pht time
On 25 St•pt.:mb~:r 2004 Bran)on •·---- '~•ont
l Us e the past simple to ta lk about flnlshed actfons in a dc:>al to crea1e a new ~p.~ce IOUII\m comfi•'"Y tllll~ll
lhe past
VIrgin GellaCI tC ln lile futur,• Ulf~ t.ona[r,lnV - -- -
W«! /aunchN th<' ntw mark bor Jn 2005 ltJkN propte on a lltqh1 mto space lot the modcs1 sum ot
tr dldn't uti Wf'fl ot fírrt S200.000
Whm did you advertfse your n.· w produN 1
One oiBranson·~ turrem venturc'> t\ Vu g tn fud~ a
For form -;ee pl 09
compJny Which • 11nve~u ln ~~··~rch 11110
2 Use the prtsent petfect to talk about past actions provllling an Jlternauv.: h;fl for Cdrs. Br.m\o 1 ' - - - -
where the time Indudes lhe presen t . hupel to uliN CIH!tlpél fuel!. tD o~lrhno) tn tIle ned•
lle's workld for r/w :ame romprmy for twenty )'C!ars l muro too
ll,. hos11't hod a lio/Iday sfnct! 1995
Hor hee~r thOURht about cltaiiRmR hJ1job'
2 Complete the questions using the info nnation in bold
Por form 'ce p lll
to help you.
FutUrl rlme Hllw •frca Jo th~ld 11 corpomte event 7
l Uae will to make a decision at the moment of 7h.:y hold._. corporate event twice a year
speaking or to make a prediclion 2 - --the nr::\\
/'ll find out tht prktfnr you Will you call ml! back? product?
Du11'1WU"Y· l won'tforget WhCfl will {)r/ run out'? w~·n adverr •~<' the new pr oduet in the mecUa and on
For tur rn sce p t 17. the Internet
2 Use going to to talk aboul a plan that's already 3 thiS year s
declded. cont.:rcnce7
w.. n goíng (0 deliver you r Ort/(•r 0/f Frlday The London offlee ls gotng tu nrr&nge th!~ yc111 fi
Wtt ann 'rgoing to pay thi' lllliO/Ct unlll Wl''H• JOJisfied. conference
Who r11m, l• rh. delrv«y gomg to am ve' 4 nur ne~tt
FOf tonn oee pl l? ml'eting?
Wc're havtng ou r next meeung next Mo nday
5 h1s boss?
language tip
Hc's known hts b"ss for mcsny y ea no
We usually use the present contmuous to talk aoout
6!1<11111emen t~ ln the luture wrlh a l1xed trmcor place. 6 lor the new
I'm vrsitíng a chl'.nt tomorrow mom/ng offl~:e lurruture?
I'm nottmvetllng co New YorN next weelc They pttld nl.larly € 100,000 fo r ! he 11~W <>l het turnnure
A~ vo11 hn'llng l11nCh wrth the man,Jge( Inte~? 7 vou r ot Iice?
·rhe W I person leaves my oftlr•· at 9 00 p m
J 33
Verb Past stmple PRst participle Verb Past simple Past partidple
be wns l wcre bet• n let let let
became became beco me light ht lit
be g ln bt!gan beg un Ios e lost Ios t
break broke broken make made m.ld!!
bring brought brought mean me.Jnt ml'lllll
bu1ld bu•lt bwlt meet me t me t
b um bumt l burncd burnt l bumed pay pnid ptud
buy bought bought put put put
catch caught caught read read fl.'üd
choose cho:;e chosen ride rodc riciden
come ca me come nng ranp run g
cos t cos t COS! rise rose rt un
c ut cut CUI run ran run
do dt d done say s.'ltd sat d
draw drew drawn see sa w SC Cll
drearn dreamt l dreamed dreamt l dreamed sell sol d :said
dnnk dra nk d runk sen d senl Cili
d n ve drove driVen set set ~Cl

e at at~ ca ten shme shone shonr•

fa li fell fallen show show cd show n
feed fed lcd shut shut shut
feel reit fel t sing sang sung
fight fought fought sit S<ll IIJI
fi nd found found sleep slept slept
Ily tlew flow n s peak spoke spoken
forget forgot forgolt en sp ell spelt l spellcd r.pdt l spelled
freeze fro1.e frazen s pe nd spent SI cnt
get got got stand stood srood
g tve gave gtvcn steal st ole at ohm
go wen t gone l been swim swam swurn
g row grew grown take took lilki!n
have had had teach taup,hl tuugitt
he ar heard he.trd tell told told
híd e hid h1ddcn thmk rhought thought
hold hel d hel d throw th re w thrown
keep ke p• kep1 understand undersrood undcrslOod
know knew know n wa ke woke wo ken
lead led led wear wore worn
learn learnt / learned learlll l learned w1n won wo n
lea ve le h left w rlte wrote Wrttlt!O
len d lent lent
File Ol l Unit l File 03 l Unit 2
Attivit y, page l l Case study. Task. Exerctse l. page 17
Ru lu Student A
l You need t wo countersor &m.J ll coms. f'taycr A ploce yow l You .Ul' the Are4 MdMKer lor the cu~mellcs cornpany Cotll
counter or com on the Playcr A, Start squarc Playcr B. place your Producuon Mana~er .11 Hcad Olilee tomform hun l
your countcr or com on the Player B. Start square her of th•~ problem ond suggest thal thc• comp.my s•ops
2 Plncr A. move down to th~ next square an one otthree produciion of lhc produ~:t
di~CII<m 2 You recetve a call t rom a Jnumaht.t Ile l She wams to
know marc aboutlhc problem mot~lunler Answcr h lS l ht.!r
quest10ns and -;ay you'll call hun l hcs back when you have
On a blue squarc, answer the quesuon more mfoJrndliOn
Exampl•: B/u~ Squar•: Whrn! arr you from?
Playrr A I'm {n>m Korra
On a yellow square, glve n quest1on to the ttnswer t here.
File 04 l Umt 3
Examplr Pink Squcrrr: /in a sales mannger Bustness communication , Exerc1se 6, page 22
Playtr A' What do you do?
Student A
3 II you .ue correc1 move down one squarC'

" .... Look at the informallon ln th t• slidr hclow

~ ...
If you <~r~ not cor J cet, movc left or lighl.

4 Now Player B plays

Intem et u sage by world regiCJn

5 If you arnvl! on,, •lokcr' square. you wt ll e1thtt hear a
q~sllon l rom you r teacher or on the audto The ttrst person Nonh
to Jn:.wcr ·CJrrectly movcs down to the ncxt:.qudre. Amenea

" ....
The other player movcs bat:k one square.


Middle East
Ocean!a 19
File 02 l Unit 2 O 50 100 ISO 200 l50 300 350 400 450 500
Case st udy, Dlscu ss•on, Exe rcise 2. pajle t 7 Mllllons or users
The company u,ed tht' med1.s to warn the Arnertcan people not
to usc the mcdJctnc
They recalled 31 million boltles fron lihops at a costol $100
mtlhon File 05 l Unit 15
They sloppcd ali produciton olt h~ mediCI nt.: and designed
n• w paáaging to pmtf'clth•s nntl oth~·r medicanes rrom Busi ness com municati o n , E x erei se 7, page 94
contumina lion
Student B
Th t: y ofl~ rt-d H apecial red u~ IICJn of $2, ~O tu people buyíng the
l Lts len to you r par tnC'I s problcms and make suggestlons
More t hon 2 ~50 ~Jh:s repll mucll· presl'ntations to doctars to 2 Now rlesc•tbc the prnblcms bclow and respond ta vou r
enecurage 1hem to u~e the product ll liO tn pnnner's suggesltons If vuu reject J suggc~tlun. ~~~ve your
a Tomorrow 111 you r annu.11 uppmisal You wa nt to to~llc about
your pronwlion pro~pccl:; Hul ~vo: r v YCdJ, your bos.~ talks o
non-stop tur 45 mlnutt.:s and thcrc'J no tlnte to dtscuss ottld
b You w ant to work parl. wne for t wo ye.ltsto j\1\lc vou tune 10
do an MBA (Mustcrs 10 Uusmess Admrmstranon). Bu1 unu)
now you·w 111w.,ys worked 60 liours a w~ dc, and you know
that the :l.S·year·old ~an olt he CEO tS very tnt~;rested tn
your po~t
File 06 l Uni r 4 File 08 Unit 4
Language at work. Exerctse 6. page 27 Business communication. Exerclse 5, page 28

Student A
>\sk quc~uons to complete the mtssmg mformatton about Martm
Cooper, U\tOI( tlw quc~llon wurds m rrnlics Do not incJude the
mformauon htghhghtcd m ycllow m your questton Tben answcr
St udcnt B·., queR!Ion
Example: Whcr11 was Marun Caopt!rbam?
Martm Cnoper was born m - - - - - - - - in 1928 Where?
He sludted - - - - lU the lllinots lnstiwte of
fechnolo~y What?
ln 1954 he liBrted worklng tor where he
helped devl'lop portabi e products Who?
Ar thatume Motorolo wos marace wlth Bell LaboratOTies to
mah What?
The t mll pttvote testsol l he phone were ln Wash mgto n and
the first public dcmonstrution wtts ln New York on
Studenl A
You haw l'e,earclwd the f.ncrgypod from Mctronap~ Read the
Conper mt~dl' rhe llrst call by cell phone to - - - - - - - -
111 Bell i •J bor diOries Who? notelland JIÍVc .t rcporr un you r reseurcll
ln 1!183 ,, sma11er ver:;lort ot the phone wem on sale for Purpose:
Howmuch ? • Fmd best pwce for cmployees to ht~vc ,, 20-rnmule slt:ep
Cooper IJetnm<· the before he set up his Why?
awn comp.1ny called Armycom What? • Employces work belter m the altt•moon alter a short :;leep.
• Metronap~ can be lnstallt.:d snywhen•
What l did·
File 07 l Unit 4 • Oecrde where 10 an~tdll one R & D Dcparlmt.:l\1
Buswess commumcation. Exercise l, page 28 • Order one horn MeuorMps on trlul
• Orgamle lntcrvaews wuh ernployce$
o Spc.1k to employces who used ll and who dtdn l use at.
If you !ind camping uncomlortab\e, then you'veobvtously
never slepl in a Pod pad. Result
oEasy to sleep an , but wam to be an a nother burldmg
Podpads a re the latest in outdoor accommodallon. A portable
woodton hOU$t wal h btod5. curlc~ins. elec-tricity point, and
sotar pani!! they nta ke len u look posalivetv prinulivel
File 09 l Unit 4
And that's not alt.
Case study, Dlscussaon, Hxercise 4, page 29
When you ar !v" c~ t the carnpslle, you will find your Podpad
wc~atmg tot you; t ransported by us. built for you.
tn December .tOOl Mendían Oclto Ltd proposed a plan to
develop huu~>lng. lihops, undortic ~>on thc t.md oround the
What co11ld bl! easier' Dome. as woll os to r c lau noh the butldtnR it sei! as a spons and
enlerlllinml.'nt ct•nrrc ·1 hey put Anschutz Fntertatnmenl Group
To boolcyuur Podt•ad nuw, log out o www.podpad&.com
(AEGJ an cha1r~" or runnanpthe new buildtnl\! AEG then stJ!W!d
Podpacis 101 comlortabi e camping. a sponso rshap dt~ul wt th t ho mobtlc pilon company 02. und the
bu aldlng bccilmtl knuwn o~ rtu 02
1 he 02 opened on 24 J un c 200 7 a~ a maJOr newspom and
crttertotnmt:nt venue Th~ new l.tualdang c:Ort$1~ts of a central
23.000-capac:uy lndoor Arcna lor livemusic or sporas event:li
surrounded by a wtde boulevard know n us Emertaanment
Avenue Tha~ cuntaan~ n max tur~· ut h:J~ure attracllons IncJuding
an ll·~creen can~:ma, exhtbauon sp.tcc a :smaller live ntustc
vcnue, restaurnnts bars, and cal es l"he summer launeh
tocluded .a Irc.: conccrt by Bon J ov a tollawed by uli-out
pcrtormances by Pnnc:c and Barbnt Streumnd 111 the 02 An~na
The 02 rs now one oll.ondon's top enteuatnmc:m vt:nues and
forms part ol r he London expt.:rtence lor tounsts.
_____ -_} - - ---------·
File 10 l Unit 4 File 12 Un1t 5
Case scudy Task. Exercise l , page 35
Case stu.dy, Task , Exen:ase l , page 29
OptionJ Student A
• an aqu~num • o busrncss park Look at tht •ll UliliOn wrt h thf' rt>cruumenl proce::.a rx montM
• a ihoppms centre • an rndustrtalo:bt.lte ago and lhc progrcss m.adl•,
• ll mulll-purpo:;e IOdOCII olicOli • •l LOnft'renc•• t<'nlre S1X months Rgo Proart>n madt'
• A til!!rne pa ric
Job:; were advt:rltscd tn the H.sd ene mcctmg ro
Poss:tble beneCits nanon.1l press t·very thrce rnMths dtscuss PfoUlems
• provide employm~nt Hundred.~ of npphCiulons Thiked to • campany
• bring rnorc busm<'U 10 ett v Many c:andíd tie:: Wl'Te unsultabl about an e- rccrwunent
• lmprove Image ol Cll y paclc11ge
C~t of lldvcrtr~ln~& Will Vt:IY hrgh
• attnitt vbtton> 1\gr~:ed WhAI the bUdgl!l IS
O nly one pan-umu Hit munaRer
' f JVIdt en i~ tl11nnt<!Ot

Factors to conalder
• t0\1 File 13 l Unit 6
• rtl'
tu! ol
• transpon Case stu.dy, Task, Exercise 1, page 41
• benelllio l JCotl r...~tdr•nl (If dllh:rent .tgell Company 1 Nothina quhe li ke ho me
Hcrw you did the res~arch l bought some furntturc t rom thlb wmp,r•y When l Wl'Jll mto the
shop,thcy olicred rnc ~orne coffee and there was 1 lo<l!D to su on
• ernali • door to-door
When l pard tor rhe lurn11ure, thev ga ve me n n cnvelope whtch
• phone • 10 che J ll cel
had twu l.Jalloons lnsrdc l"hey askt~ me to bi<•W up the balloons
• letter on dehvery ddy dnd pu t thern out:.tdc mv houb~ Thtv sard It
Who you talked to would help the driVer llnd my house 11nd dellver 111111rne Ten
days lutcr they tcnt me soml' vouchn:; lor thnt company to rhank
• Ibe lOe 11 J!Ovcrnmcnl /IOwn council me forhefptnp the drlvl'r
• the ruu10nal govl.'rnrnr.na
• locaJ relid•·nts- wh11t .sse groups. and famthesor single Compa.ny 2 - Cb.gets
people? l buught a g d.,• t lrn11 this cornp.my 7 he llrJt thrnt: thnt
• local bu 111CS5 pcoplt· rtnd comp;tnlt'S happcllcd wu thntlhcy t'llt me the wrong produci l rnng titern
and they S\.'111 me an oth~: r one 1rnm~-dlmel~, but n w as more
expensrve and belle r qua! u y Thton, unlunun.uely, n few days
File 11 1 Unit 5 l arer. J dropp!'d 11 ttnd broke 11 It wa' my l•1uh but when l phoned
the comp<~ny MkiiiJot Int a rc:plar:ernent, th•· y W!'re r.o Irtend ly 1111d
Casu tudy. Discussion. Exerc:lse 4, page 35 offered to gr vc tntl unother free one It trrtvcd tl11: next duy
Ot(lll 1ntroduced nn t•·rccrultlllf'nt 'olut1on
• Allapphcauons ue monnorcd onh ne
Campany 3 - Pooc:hwor\d o....

l bougbt some produtl~ for rny dog iram thi onluw oompany A
• Ali unsucct'SSful 1JlPhC:IIIInns cnn be stored ln n tal;., nt bank 1:0up\t· o( wtcl~~~ .,1\cr \hey nrrwed. l gal •n cm.ul hom 11\e Cvtnt!; 3
• Applu:ams c.~ n updatuthclr $kllls in this bank. ol the compnny uslttnl( me huw my doM Wll.& KClllllR on l was
• When there 11 <U~ emtrl{cnty, .tppllcantr .Jre ~:onto~ctell also n.~kcd to aend •ll ot photo of my dog to gv unto theu webslr.e.. ö'
ahrouJ!h ernuti :l
People can vr~nthu web:oll"' and votf' for th•m ruvourhe dog each
• Money 15 11;wcd l.Jccauhe jous ilrl not ddVNtiscd lnrhlliomtl month Th<! WID lll' l rcr::c1ve• ,, sp ... ct.JillJII. ot dug IJt~t:ulln l fett as
newspi#pcrs rfthtl companv rc.rll v wanted to get to know me llfld my dog.
• Paper applu:n lll>ns u1e pur ont o rhe ~yMelll
Com pa ny 4 - TV news
• The 1111e l~ rn tour uiltl!rcntlnnlludf;(eli, wh1~h help~ recrullment
abro.td l weni t(l thi> hiWp Olll dily looktng for a lll' W IIUI·SCf...t'/1 !'V J
couldn't dcctde whrch on~ to uuy, but thl• owner or the shop s1ud
• Apphcunu L"an hnd out Db<•ut the charily on l he wcb~ue
l could ra ke tw ul tht·m hllmc .snd try 1h~rn There Wll6 no ume
hm u and l drd llOI have to pay lor thern l rang th!! shop 111 the
end ol the firM week and sa ad that l w-.antcd to uuy one of t hl'
TVs and so l paü.l fot rt over tht: phooe l olferL-d 10 come 5lT11ighl
back ln wnh the oa her TV Howc:lll!r they told me to brlng It bad:
whcn l was n<·xr tn the dreo When l wc:nt bad: to the &hop, l w;u
g1ven a cup ol collee and trc:atrd a~ If l was a fnend

File 14 l Unit 6 File 16 l Unit 7
Cut t tudy, Discussion. Exercise 4, page 41 Language et work, Exerc:lse 8, page 45
t. aw!lrd can b~ gtvcn '" dtllucnt dic orle'l mcludlng tcams
Student A
lndtvldual and mno\-allcm l lowcver, the WOW IJWAI'd ts the
only c: tt<"gory where the wmncr IS nomm.tted by the custoll\érs l You .trc ll rcn•pllontstru the hotelln Hang Kong where
Comranlu y, h tc h wm anaward can u se'' to promote ther Srudrut 8 ts stuym.: Usc this Information ro an wer h l he
btJ tni!SS~ qucsr on:s
One re• em wmncr or rhe WOW awurd was l Want One Ol Transport You rtcommend the Atrport Expren mun SC.'"Vl«.
1 ho4e (IWoon. an onhn~ company wh1ch sells gadgeu, gafts, whk h 11 qu teker th11n a taxi ..nd t here ls no problem lnth
11nd toys,ldl'al for ptooph: who do nut ac tuaily ne~ anythmg. the ItafilC
llt•s comp.mv rt'Cetvcd 300 nl'!mtnuunns lor the award tn 23·mlnutc JO\Irnt•y ro the Oltrport Co~ts HKSIOO Trams
sevcn month:. Some olt he cornrncnt5 lrom suttsficd cu:.tomen; tvr·ry 12 mlnutes Fír$1tratn JI 05~0
tnC'Iuded' rhe delivery time wos so qUtck and hassle free' Check-ln: You r!'c ommcnd the llight chrcl<-•n SE'rvtu:~ ut
helplul.utú friendly ~t.tff. · lovln~l y pm;kilglo'cl by Kornai'. Ilunil Kollll nu lway bUllton Th15 t~ lur P•ISJCII!Ier' u u E the
you kt:t:p me mformcd ot c ver y :.h.: p ol my order' wilh a Atrpoli Uxpr r:~s scrvtt:t• (~cvcn chccl.;.m desks for Cathöy
good m~1n~ of trncktng the p.uc:cl' Poc!lic) Oprn .11 5 30 •• m
Shopsat oJrport Ce•ucr, Cucc1. Hcrm~s. MuJ&Io Gu
Orncgo1, r•tt
File 15 l Unit 7 2 You urelookmg tur sluxury hotelln Pollul(.sllor luture
contcreme c l'hone the Ot'm Pedro Palace Hotel tn U!.bon ond
Worklng with word s, Exerc:lse 5, page 43 rmd out the followln~ttnfotrnal1011
Student A Locatlon: Whett:? How IIH Iram tllrpllrt 1 rtulwllystollon'
Hul'e ~onYI1TSnllons wuh your purtncr tor the:K: SIIU11t1ons Fret Ilfllllll $hUlli•; llus7
l You artl cht.'Cktng out of a hot d Stuúcm B u; thi: reccpuorusL Facllltlea. Numbr1 of rcx1ms, Atr contllttonu•Kin rooms7
Ho" rnuch SJ)Iin' lot mt·cunga? Any rc&UiUhlltts? Busmt:Ss
t·ntrt wil h cornputent /lu machineK etc 1 Other liletUt
• to check out
or (•rvtct~s

• lur ynur btll

L~avlng and arrlvi ng Chl'ck·sn llld chcck·out Ctrncs?
• t you cnn bCX>k u room tor ne~tmonth (twu ntghts)
• lor the recepuom~tro Cllltd htxt to lüke you to the anporl
(Tt nninal 1)
File 17 l Unit 8
l You work ln the ucb:t oJnce ot an utrltue 111 your lucal ;urpott
Studetll 8 ts • paS$Cnger f{espond to his l her que:.uon.~ Case study, Tos k, ExerciSe 2. page 53
lnvt·nr your lln$wera
Sludent A
L()()k nr the mlormauon bclow about Interglobal Ltd

Company history: Global carrl(jr &Ince '2000

Type ot compa ny· tntern"hon(ll
Price: (6 p.-r p:~ckaae DUICotllll Sliirts
at t.OOO packJ<)es
Collection. Twice di111y
Speodt Throe worklng dayll
Dellvery options: t0.30 dellvery 1 15 30 rtehverv
(only we••kdoys)
Call -.nd wttoct surv•r.tl
First Ume dellvery rate 75%
Trueking flclllt les Vta call centro

--===== _:::- . -- ~-

File 18 l Unit 9 File 21 l Unit ll

Case 11udy, Task, Ex eret se l, page 59 Case s tudy, TIISk, Exerc:tse l, page 71

StudmtA Group A
Thtte are the idc.u tildi you have lor pr omoung the JC card and
Itallan experlence
thelr toSlll
GJeSI travt.:lto ltoly ln spend a cultural weekend m the benuliiul
• A~ru on a Ra u: h engml' popular wuh young usera Adven
appu11 \\ht•n Y"OIItype 'cool'. 'm<>nl.'y', or 'couh' €/OO.IJOO c1ty or Veruna The,· pend t wo mglus Ul the luxury IIVe·atar
Hotel Ba~tlloni und go uut lvr a trlldiiiDnalaeltlood dinner the first
• Advens on a (lcgal) mustc: 1iownlrn1tl Mle When th~: page
eventost The next mornmg rs ~pentlollowing the Romco and
opcns the una~:e ol the 3C card 'lloats' across the Krcen
JuJiét 111111 bt-fou: Lrav lhng to th<' ancu:-nl Roman ampllllhUUe
t 0./JOO 10 wat ch Verd i'~ uper.r Nuilu<W 10 the evcnmg
• Advc:rts. on a popular IM (ln~to1n1 rnt·~·.ngmg) M:rvttl' bt'tween
500 pm and ll OU p.m ~ IOU./JOO
• Interview wt l h ,, y un~; nlltndg~r Irum vaur bank on a late·
tlfght TV pro~r Jll1ntt >ibout money 1s8ues 101 young people
File 22 l Untt 12
t'IO.(}{)(i Busrness communication, Exerctse 6 , page 7G

St udem A
File 19 l Uníl 10 1 nescr1bo BMW'~ !óales Vou r p;ulll!'l w Jll marie t hem no tus/
hl•t grilph
Buttness c:ommunlc:ntl on, Exerc:u;e 6, page 64 Examplr. ln Janum y, $U/t.'> lllt'r<' juti ovrr 7[J,(}lJIJ /11 FrbrUIJI)':
thq ros< to alJout
Student A 2 1.1-.ten 10 you r p trtnd dt· 1c 1p11on ol Merccd~' nics. and
YQu worlt lm 1 greco (Jllln• c: h: tnlnM compdny Ctve h nmrk thelll on you r ~r.oph
rucsc:ntiUton to Srud.. nt B aboul vou r ~>ervt~:c, ustng the notes
Ul! ®O

l l
File 23 l Unil 14
File 20 l Unil 10 Cue study, Task, Bxercíse 3, page 89
Ca~e study, Task. Bxercl11e l, page 65 Student A
You ore 1he Project Monager lm Phut•ntx Olttc-e Dcs1gn It you
Group A
don't meetthe de111lllne ot JI Ucc:emb•·• you will h~svc: h> po~)
You r t~sut
1\ tronspon Vou thtnk thi! t employt-e~ 'Should be
you r diclll Odcns" $1.000 tor cadl d.ty th,ar tonrnn.acuonto
rnruuragcd to rcrlucc t heu uw ol pdv,tle cur~ und atr trnvel by deluyed Your objc~llve ls to try untJ hmtt y11ur r x tr ll COli"
40% rhese are some ot tha rneasurc. your campany could tu ke
• carpouhog- how~ whtn 7
• U\111g hybrld cM"- IVhu' hnw? nw?
• havmg inceniiVt:S r11r ustng public llansport- ~<lrat1rou7
• ttduc mg number ol busme!ls IriPB-how? alttrnamni1

• • •- - • t w• •'"' • , ,...., .,_..., f '-' 1 ,,.._ .&.V

Ac tiv1 ty, page 77 Case study, 01acuasion, Exerc1se J, page! 83

l Good lor y11ur 1 t•putullon und now you h.tVt.; u ~:heap source
ul rccyclt•d plft~ll• Scoro thre" flPint•
2 An 1mpo11a111 &nic: .trJ!ument Outdoor furn1ture nt."Cds to lnveMed muney -morr. roiJotll 011 productton ltnc
r~ ISI the we.111her -and v.tndalism' Scorc r h tet' pornlS Imroduccd llextble worktng- 3llhllll !'.ICfY dlly 'l dafi 11 wee>:
3 You earn a good reputU11on for prornoltnl! equal oppanuruty -+ morc pto<.luctlon Isours
pohd~ St':Ort: 1hu:e palnl!l Logtstlcs
4 You r web p~~gcs Will main l)' be rend by potenilal employees
Thret main )Upplil'rB reloc11tc:d to near lnetory + •10
or tur un.· customcrs Nol ll very pubhc way 10 promale your
componems now d~;"hvercd lrom UK-+!·~~ ttmC~md mooey
1rru1ge Score ont: pomi
Wl ted
5 Thls Y.nrks lor sr x momhs but now vou're attuli capaCity
ll"atn nd thez<!'ll no morc spat't' to exp.llld Score one patnt Relation.s wtth wo rltforce
6 A good c:ho1cc Local aalancs wont be too lttgh because Ol the Work• ~ organrttd Int o tellms ol 8 15 people rcsponstbl!! fm
cmploymrm suu.u1on Store threc potni s solvtng then own problcms on pmductlon h ne-+ 1mpro'ffld
7 Rt'cychng tsa n nnportanl p.1rl ol cnvtronmenllll prou:ctlon rclauon~ w th m.tnagcment
But m general. piasue 1sn 1 good lor th.: envrronmcnt Score
DO!' ponti Environmental caneems
8 Vuur mMket $h.trc remams 5t•blc because your compemors M1n1 lat Eu rop. tn "'Hr i tranaport et! by raJI
h.we had 1-1 lll< rc.JJ.<' thdr prlco•.s too Scon: threc poirus Cuatomer aoll~fa c tton
9 A goód ~oc;t.tlly respon\lbll" gehtUr e It will aIso make you
Customen. ufl cn•d pt.<nonoli:t.ed ctu and cnn dJODM! t!XIcn~IVt.:
more populu r wil h your loco l counc1l "USLomer~ Score three
ranRt: of optton& cvcn illtcr ord,.r l~ plau:d
10 Not u GO<'h.tlly rc!IT>On~lblj; ucrton. but you'll be au re ro have a
good re.lm If yclu wo~ nl lhr bcst. your wage b11l muy be htgh,
though St(lll! !'ll<' point File 26 l Untl 13
ll You now hnvc: 1111111y psoblenu w tt h dc lay~ ln dellvery Also. Case study, Tesk, Exerctse l. page 83
1mnsport l'OhlN ute rrsmg dll'lmattcnlly l s this really Biow-cost
solution? Lo t• om· pol nt P robiems al Tex illes Inc.
l l You seilllt il good pr.ce. but your nsCX'Ia!lon wuh 1he ot l Productívlty
mdustry ts n r good for vou r Image Lose one poínl • low produtllvtly
13 The workr.rr. .t('(Cpl you r proposal prefemng to work four • hlgb produc Ilon cos ts
days u week thanto loM.' their job5 Scuse threc pornts • melltCIC'OI
14 The afc~t wny to preveni any morr. necidc-nl Your
cu5tomcrt arc very happv wil h you r SOCJaUy rc~pon~1ble
• lactory rn rundownurea on outskrrtl oltown
gesturc, und you r ex-supph!!r ngrecs to pay hallihe cost
• no publ transport hnkl
Scttrc three point l
15 Alter s1r. months your .:us11uner5 slo~rt c:omplamrng thru the Relattens wtth workforce
qu<~ hl y ol you r lusmturc um l the su me as belore Lose one • t.ugcly lcn111le pnrt·llme l'mploycr:s
point • h1gh level ol d1ssuusfoctron
16 'The local coundl say they don 1 Willll illiOther l~ctory tn lhe1r • hll!h blilllturnuvcr
beauliiul town Lose t wo pomtJ Rro.~ d the qu•·~uon o~gam and Envlronmental caneems
choose anolht'r opuon • teltlile und fh< tory very d·fu hto ned
17 Your custnmt·r~ Irt very dtsappamtcd thl5 doesn't ~olve the • hned recen1ly lor not conlormm~ 10 envrronmcnralle-g~slauon
problem Who l ht~pp!!nS il omcbody gets ~cnously lnluted7
l.u!!e 1wo pom t~ Custom er satilfaction
• poor - le)Cillt•, du no1 mec1 cu~tonwrs' needs
18 You r good rc:putuuon ls d4nt tgcd when the prc~s hear oboul
• ma ny goods rel ur m:d
your liL"XIst polteJes Lo~e thtcl! point:.
File 27 l Unrr 14 File 29 l Un1 t l l
Lanauage 111 work, E.xerctse 8, page 87 Case study, Ta sk, E.xerclse l , page 71

Studl!nr A Group C
1 Rc.ad the qu~uon5 bt luw und 11nswc1 rhem for yoursell
The Freneh Con nec tion
2 AJkyou r partner lhe pme queMions 3tarung Wlt h If
ú. ompl~. Ifyou WV'!II-d to eu/l u cu/I('C)fiu!' at homt'. ..·hat ..-ou/d bt< Gue .t ~tc- t akt.n on tr Jll(l '"" Champugn lt.'giOII of Fzance to
tasle the exqu•sue Wtnt!S o l the urea They u. y tn a pnvllle c:a•tlc
~la:nt po.utbk 11mt ro plr011t. 900 pm. 10 30 p nr, or 11 dors.fll
whert rhe lOad 1s prrp1n:d by fllmOtl5 Freneh chcls The hn.r
mommg ts spen t playmg golf or cnJO\'InH rhu rc:ldXInl( 5paln the
3 Comp;uc: yuur m~wcraant.l s..w why rhey .are the sam e or
ca sr le T hen gucst.~ Me tolken un u tour ol an cxclus!Vc vineY!'td
by d let~dmg wme expert 11nd chcy rrv 11 number of dllfertot
f Ched your Karc m Fil~ 57 un pas.:e 146 champJgnes
l hnngme you want ro ett ll a collea~o:ue ol home Whar's the
latesi po5~1bll• urnc yuu would phone?
4 9 00 pm b 10 30 p.m.? C JI dOt!SII't IIHlller? File 30 Unit 14
2 lma~:me" customer asks you lor ,1 quotullan by the end ol the Case study, Task. Exerclse 2, page 89
W•rll Wh.:n woultl you em.tilifi
11 Ttmr~ay? b fraday? c wltcn you llnd the ume?
Who l what Time Notes
3 lruagtn~ vou're ma met:rlng wh1ch started lll 9.00 a..m l t's Intemlll wall~ 3 Wt!Ckl lnu:m11l wull~ mu l bt hnt~>hed
oow l OD p m . Wnu ld you llr bt.
11 J ugg•·~• ;roppmg for lu nr h? Plumbe1 l week Cun wo ak lll ~>ame elme .c.
b too•: 111 your watch e vcry flvL mtnutt.:a? elcct rtc•nns
e not "'O"Y about It? Eleccrlc:U)I 2 wet'kl Intemlll wall a mull be li nt hcd
4 lma •toP your hlends and htm1ty advile you t o slow down md fit t.
wotlc Iess Would you
Floor 2 weeks 8UJidms must be empty fim
a ~Y tt's not pos~ublt• t~cüuM~ t here's roa muc:h to do? week.
b rry la follaw rheu advlcr?
OecorotQrS 2 weeks On hohday luc w~k ln
c sav you·re surpn$ed- your work 1sn t stressl ul ar ali?
M•ght wort-: then 11 offc:rt:d
enoug.t1 mono::y
File 28 l Unit 14
Business communication, Exercisc 5, page 88

Scud~nc A
file 31 l Unit 3
You work for S1gma Supphc.\ You 1\;Jve nked P1xcl Pnnung co
p: !Ot yuur t1e w caldloguc rnr nt!.XI yeat but you now wanr to
Business commun icall on. Exercise 6, poge 22

Student 8
changc tho: dttall~ of the- onk r Phonr the cornpany cxplaln the
Situallon und ncgoclal c thl· nl!w condtllon ~ l.ook 111 t he 1nformawm ln 1111' ~hd<' bt'lnw ...3
Orag•nal You nowwant 20 Top Coun111u m lntrr ncl Utna• Cl
order o
Na ut paRe 300 350
Chinit lill
No pf r.~ talnill.les 5,000 ti,OOO
Dc.hv ry By l~ Dec By 15 Nov
Pn C pt r Cllliilog Ul' 1:.'3.00 Tht" Ja me pnce
Indlll 41
You th1nk yPu !hould pily t he ~me pracc pt:r Cut.l loguc as you
1rr lncrr11s1ng your ordt>r UK
Pixell'r1n11ng 11111 good qunluy iuppherwuh rca50ndble pnces


File 32 l Uni[ 15 File 34 l Unit 15
Bu11ness communicat ion , Ex~rc:ise 7, page 9 4 Business communac:ation Exercise 4, p.tge 94
Studrnt A Student A
l Desuíbl! the prolllems bctow and respond to you r panner's You wo • u the IT Departmclll These arc your problem
suggesuon~ ll you re1ee1 a :.uggesuon, gtvc you r reasons • Vlrus 1n com puter Jy:.tcm
a Your comp.. ny hols patd lor you to do a one·week trcunmg • 25 ca lis rrom users
cour e Wht·n you arn ve Jl the tnun mg centre on the tini • Only rívc people 10 IT dcp.1rtmen1
day, you diSCOVCT you VC m:tde ü mt~take. l n ract, the COUI'K
ts next week. whtch is aIso the first we.!k of you r summer
holida y
b One c a Yt.'clr your compnny orl(nntzt>s an F.nghsh test for
File 35 Unit 16
employee! who wt~ ru to work ln th c lntemauonal DtVlSton Busmess c:ommunicau on, Exerc:rse 4, page 100
You re re til~ Interested m ~ nl'w post '" the USA . and you
h•w a gool.l Ic: v~ l ol Enghsh But on the day olthe test you Srude:nt A
don't tecl weil und you onlv ~re 52%. To work abroad. l.ook nt the anronn.lllon m Paolo lt•C{IIInd JITI~psrc a ah\ 11
you nt'Cd l tnl nlrnum ol 65°" presentuuon 11bou1 hlm
2 Now 11~ 1<'0 to your po~rtncr '~ protilems und mukl' ~uggeslion~.
Paolo Ricci (mafl'} Cornputcr Sc1cm:c: dcgret.> - RonlC
M11~1e r's dcgi'C'c: - N!!W York

File 33 l Unít 16 PrevtnUJI l'rogmmm!'r- K;upm•ky Ltd

cmployms:nt l lead f'rogrommr:t - f'<~nda Sottwllrt'
language at work, Exercise 5, pnge 99
Rece ni Helpcd dl"Vclop new I:Oftware for
Student A expencnces odvcrll•mg andu~t ry
St!n tencell Points Dcsrgned new program lor Spol-on
Adv~'f!IS ng Inc
l ftlrs hotel ts the chr:~per l could ltnd.
Presem rolt Hca<l ol IT Media Str iltegy Group
WRONC /Jm lto/1'1 I t tltt t'ht'OMJI l could flnd
Dl!'vclopang ·~w solt wore for pl&nn n;;
2 IC l wtll go to J1umc's party l'll &ee you~ departmc.nt
WROVG /fl go toJamrt'J porry, /1/sn)'Oflll~ Pidils lor the hJture lntroducc new souware
J They gave me aorne good tdvl,~
Devdop new progra m ror Acxounts

4 You mu 110 fmtsh the repor11od.!v

\1 RONG You muH Jrnult lhr rrport. today
File 36 Unii 2
Case study. Task , Exerclse l, page 17
5 Enllllsh ts :ipeaktnll uli over tht world
W RONG Englilii 11 ~polrrn alt twet th<' world Student B
6 Th•: parceJ dldn t came unul vcslcrd 1y You work .ti Hend Olilee us tht' Pcr~uoo~l Assutiint to the
Produc:uon Manager You r boss ls an a nu::t'lmg at thr momcnL
W RONG 1'/t(' partel rlrdn't rom. un/ll yr•stmloy
J',lke u me:.,. ogt
7 l.cok ,,, J~:~hn lle's we..ring )run~ ugntn! 2 Now you nrc 1joutnillifil You w.mt rnure mrormnnon 1houc
RICilll thiS Cr15l5 You ca ll the Altlll Mdflili!Uf or the loc:al branc:h
You wnnr to ~ now hO\\ nm ny Jlt'Oplt~ havoll<'t:n affllCicd, how
8 r~ managet hiiS t tm l ~n email to ou r suppl!en: bad ly l hev Me lflt:~t~-d. nnd whatthe ca mpany ts go111g to do
yetcrr:l4y tbout ll
WRUNG n,.~ manew••t um an l''rlatl to out !rupplwrs
9 l ll go on a bu11ness tnp next wr:ek
W RONG l r.t 1:01111 0 11 a btuml'SS mp n.-xt '"'"'*
10 l dtdn t spe11k to my hne manager y< t
WRONG. l httl·en t •pobn tn"'" hnt monagu vtt

File 37 J Untt 4 File 39 l Unit 5

L.anau•ae ll work, Exerctse 6 , page 27 Case study, Task. Exerdse l, pa&e 35
Student 8 Student B
Answcr Student A'a quo• t ons ab<1Ut M.utm Coopet Then Look .ti tht ol u.llton Wt l h rctntmn :>talt IX month~ 11go anc11he
qucstiOO,. tO C:ompJetc tlu! mlssmg mrotmilliOn, USlnJI progress m .. de
qua.tlon words ln tra/tn Do not lnclutle the tnfomladon
ighUghted ln yellow ln your question Sue months ago Progros made
&arnplf 11 htn WGS Marmo Cooptr bom' 85'. of etnployees- wooten Now 20'1iornen
under 35. Extcndcd lu ll puy lor worncm
Ma nm Cooper was horn tn Ch tc<~ go USA m
Ave rage length of st lY ln on tnlltc:rntty le4vc to 20
organtz.~hon- !8 months weelts
HeliliO lod decuiail l!l!gll\t'~li\J olt ~-----­
Whtrrl Bcn•·ht.s-20 days pald lncrc:ll!t.'d hclhdlly 10 25 U.ys
hollday a year a year
whrt c he helped
Full pay for women on
matemlly leove for ~r x wccks
At thdt 11m1 Motorolu w1u ln 4 I<ICC wtrh
to moke lhn hr51 cell phone Who ?
'rne 111111 pnva1c tcsls ol the phone wc re tn - -- - -
tnd Úll' ftr~t public demonstrallon Wall tn New York on 3 April File 40 l Unit 7
um Wh11rr?
WorkJng with words. Exer else 5, page 43

Student B
ln ., muller verston ol the phone weni on llave convertiilllons wil h you r partner lor thclie suuattons
u le tor S:!o!OO Wh!!nl l You o1te" hotel recepilonast Studcnl A b a wucst Rcl;pond to
Coopa bcc.lmt. the Corporlit <l Olrector or Research 1lJld ltts l her quesuon~ lnvcnt you r alUWel :l
~~ for Motorol• bt'lore he ~et up h lJ own compan)•
2 You a re u pas~engcn 111 an au port and vou need to r! y to O lo
callcd What? urgently Student A wotks 11thc IICk•·t niltet Aal:
• for l ht' t fm!! o ( l lit• llt: )ll pl Hn~ 10 0~10
Exampl~ · Whatttm~don th,. nat plant1 to Oslal~a•or'l
File 38 l Unn 4 • l o.<~ cmc·WüY tlc:kC't • whatumc the pl•nc: l.:~nds
Businna commumcauon. Exerc:ise 5, page 28 • whtch term•nallht' plilnrrlands Bl

File 41 l Unit 7
Language ot work, E~tercise 8, page 45

Student 8
l You Me ;,t.ty ng ar ll hut c: l ne H Hon g Ko nR ll ~rwn Ym1 hdve a

Cllght hClm\· l rom Cht'k l.llp Kok Altpurl tnmo1 row morntnl! st ....
Student B
10 30" m ftnd ou r th~ followtng rnlormatum 3
Yuu huvc rtlSt'urched tht Yl!lo~:Jb tn the Yelo camplex opposne Transpon Be~l wuy to t:\· r tlll're? Tuncnrt:tlcd to gd therf!1
l'OU• offlee buoldmg Rend tn e nnte!' nnd 11•ve o re port or your Cost~ Number ol tr.unspcr hour7 Fir&r tr arn 111 rnornmg1

Check ln· Whl'fe? Cht•ck-ln dll:lks lor Cal hu y P.u·•flc7 Op"lltnl!
tim\' of ctwck-•n dc~ks7
• Ftnd besr plnct> ror cmpluyc•r..s to have,, 20 muaue m•dduy sleep. Sbopprng. Presents for Ium ily 't ny ~nNI ahnps nl uupotl7
2 You ore u recepllonlt.l at the Dom Pedro htlo~l! Hotelln
• limployt·ct worlc bctto..'f m th&: nltc:monn IJftc:r a short sleep Lillbon Stud•·nt A w1ll ali you to ask lor mt ~nrntllon UIIC th•,.
Wbatl dtd mformauon lu ;,nswcr lus l twr quc>Mtons
• Chook lt•n c:mpiOY{'Clltn try ll out Locauon: ln ct."ntr" ollrsb<'" 7 km hom It !>ort Internoll tonlll
• R('flr a Yelotub lor Olll' month A•rporl Low-co~t mtntbu to hotel
• Put11 ouutdt• the m t ln olttce butldtns. f'aci\iuesmc:lude: 26J room (ali a1r.c:ondmuned w uh
• lntervtew 1hese ten cmplovCi' on dttlerent da vs Intemet tcce •s) 20 mrcung rooms l tullan reslaurnni
Resuli cocktatl bar "J)<Ht nnd heallh lac:thttes. hops
• Yclocabs arc very rclaxmg. b!Jt emplo)e~ are not h.'J>pV nboul Other business fnciliuu Busmeu centre on 2nd floor
payrn~ for Lhem themsclvt:$. l..eaVlng 11nd amvmg Check nut belore mtddnv check tn IlfleT
• Spc.1k to Sales Dtrector to neguuutc .1 de11llor ali employecs 200pm
File 42 l Umt 8 File 45 l Un1t 10
Case study, Task. Exerose 2, page 53 Case study, Task, Exe.rcise J page 65
Student B Group B
l JXI~ at the tnforma.uon bclow about St.Jble & Sons. Yuu1 •~ ue 11. 1e~ou~ces You thmk thntlht c:ompnny could reduee
IL conijum p!Ion of P<IJ>t!f and water by 25% Th t <'n tc om" of
Campany history. 30 }'f)Bt6 tn the bus1neu 1he meiuurl'!> yoUT company couft1rakt-
• cutttnf pa per wa.~tage- ha.. 7
Type of company· Naltonal
• llltlrt< tc c:ydmg- what,
Pru:e: €10 per package
• l'Un~t r vtng and recycltng wn tcr - ho w? wf1t rt?
01scount stnrl! ot 500 packages
• reducrng wnste ln rhc C:IIOil't'n how?
Collection: Oa1ly
Spe od FOYr worl<tng dayS
Dellvery options: Oa ly de •very (tndudtng Saturdays) File 46 l Unit 11
Early motntng und late even•ng
spcoa• <;erviCe Cue st udy, Task Exerdse l, page 71
First time deUvery rate: 80'11 Group B
Tracking tacllltles: V1o ornml The Bont Roce
Gut:sts Mt· 1/tvr.n the plece:~ <ll a IUII·a•z.., boru which they h wc
to butld nnd brnnd ln tcums w.lnr.tht.!lr own tm.•gtnl•taon The)
thtn h .•ve lhe opportunny to rac l! tn then bo.lt ogalrtstlh<e other
File 43 l Unit 9 tcurns to sec whose boatil rhe f,JStc:JI At th end ol tbc r ce the
wmner11 celebmre rherrvu.rory wlth a boulc 01 ch mpagne The
Case study, Task. ExerCJse l , page 59 d.sy c:ncb wub 01 fanta.m c b~~rbecUt and bultct-stylc: dinner wtth a
ftL'tl bar
Student B
The:.., a re the tdeds that you h.IYe for prom<mng the JC c:11rd and
their co~t.S
• Outdoor udv~rusmg on bu~t'S r11ktng you ng P\.'Ople to school
File 47 l Unit 12
and uniVersity €8,000 Business c:ommunícallon, Exen:lse 6, page 76
• Nauonal compew •on for best photo token by 1 mobtle phone
Photos posted on you r b11nk'$ wt'bsue 100 wtnner~ get .., Student 8
JC cttrd and S300 111 c:ush EB. ono l l IMI n to your purmcr'a de~crtplton nl BMW'Iaalc:J, ond mart
• Ten 30·&<.-<ond TV udverts on popular youth mus1c channel thcm on you r gnlph below
t Q dOO 2 Ot ~cnbt: Mercede:>' :so lel! Your pallnt'r wtll mrttli: tht:m on
• Frl.'c concert uckets for the first 1.OOO pl·ople to take out cash ha~ l her praph
wnh the card on a parucular d.ue f6,()(}() lixamplt! ln January, salt•s wrrt alJOut 65 OOO ln fo'dm.nry thtv
ro to IU$1 awr

File 44 l Unit 10 11!11000

Mcrcedo and OM~ alo.,..llolln

• BJoiW • M.".ftl, 1
Buaaness communication, Exercise 6, page 64
Sludent B
Ymt work fnr a complHiy o rwct.:llt:Onsultnnlto Clvt• u presentation
1<1 Stut.lcnt A about you1 ~tlt'vtc:e. uRi ll)! tht: notc:~ beluw
1011 OOO


- - - - - - - - - - -- -----~

File 48 l Unit 14 File 50 l Un1t 14

Language ar work, Exerc1se 8, page 87 Case study. Task, Exercise 3, page 89
Studem 8 Student 8
1 R~.atlrhequPstrnns hc<low and 11n~wer rhem 101 your.~elt You J re rhe ProJecr Mun.tger tor Mctropolis Cnn•~rurrron You
2 Adt your panncr Ih~ sume quesuons. •tartlng wuh If •• Wollll Phot'niX Oli rel.' Dcs•gn to pll\ the.n~ COSI
&alflplt•lj some fr~tt~dJ trnmtci }'f)ujat Surrday lutrrh at l 00 pm l SI.OOO lor ll n llddtttOfllll ele cltK lll rt
~har /Imi' 'WOuld yo11 arrn'f'- l ()O pm, J 30 pm arrhr larest. or 2 $600., day morc tor r he decoratars to work tn the lal>! week of
""Y Irtn f' btforr J 1111 p 111 ? D~:u:n•bcr
3 Comp111c your mswers md say why they iHé the Siimt.' or 3 $4.000 tocover the s.•tuncs oltht: burlders who '"~'e
d•ffcrrru unemployed ror thrcc wceks rn Stptember l Octobt-r when
4 Check your score ln Ftle 57 on page 146 worlc II!Opped

l lmngme vour lxls.~ tnvttes vou lor Sunelay lunch ,fl 1.00 pm
What time would you urnve? File 51 l Un1t 15
a l 00 pm 1 b l 30 pm ut thi! lutt•st?
c: 11ny rrme berore J 00 p m ? BusU\ess communjcatlon. Exerctse 4, page 9·1
2 lmallllit ymt re lr.tvclllnl! to wotl 11nd your tmln stop~
betwel!rt tatton~ b<Jcause ot prublt!nts outlw htlt What would
Student 8
you do7 You work ln l he Sa le• Ot·pattnwru Tilt'SI! arl· you r problc111S.
a~~ reali y imtalll<•? • Computer v1rus lo~t 1mporr nm documcnt
b loukItt your w atc h7 (cuslomer propo:sal)
c reud 01 book or Hstl•uto musrd • Ros.~ threw a:wny only p 1pt•r cvpy by íiCt:ld~ttl
3 lm11guw you h>~ve llthrt•e-doy buatnt'ss lrip t hot .tarts • Cu.~tomcr needs propo~ultomu11c•w
IOI'IIOttOW W ou ld you
a wntt· a 11~1 or rhmgs ro rake7
b have: e h$1 ln you r hL·od ol who t } ou need? File 52 l Un1t 16
c have no h)t ill uli?
Language al work, Exercise 5, pagl' 99
4 ltru~gln•· you re 1n the 'upcrmarkcl on Sa•urdoy and yol.l huvc
ltn ltems ro pay lor Alithe ched:outs are very busy Would Student 8
a leave rlw tlt•ms and go out wllhout pt~ymg?
b hnd the ~:han~~~ Itueur nnd hopc 11 docsn t tl\ke too long? l My colleaguc'• R•tllncnd work 10 logtsucs
c &O to the ne.are$1 qul.'ut' and ret.sx -lr's the ~kend? WRONG My coll~agu~'s glfl/f'ltrrd worb 111 logiSites
2 Wlu:re youwenton hohday f,t 1 ycar7
~~·RONG Whm~ dül )'OU go on huildcty Icm war?
File 49 l Unit 14 3 He work~ here smcc ll' n years.
WHONG Ht's workrd h~" Jor ttn ~'a~
Business communtcarIon, Exerclse 5, page 88
4 Vou r mobtlc phone tsn r RS ~mailt han mmc ...o
Student 8
WRONG Your mobrlr phon. rm 1 os sma/1 as mmr
You wurk rar Ptxel Prtntlng S•Rmu Supplles huvt 11~kcd you to ~
prmt rh,· tr new cJtule~~ueo ror next yt'ar rney will phone you to 5 The gond~ wer<· dellvrred r his mornmg
il'lc tor some chdii!,I!S Complctl.' r he: lotblc bdow md dec•dc who~ t RIGHT :J
c:ondnrons you can acrepr or olier u~mJ! the notes to help you 6 Hc'd ger the job 11he would speak Gcrman.
WI-lONG /lál get the JOb t/ he Ipnkr (,m11a11
Orlglnal order Slgnta now wan t
71fow 11111ny Informoli Ion' are th •n• m the bool<!7
NoClrp, cs 300
WRONG Ho w mut:h m)cwmaltotr ''t~ ri! /ll tht bo<•~ P
No of Clltalogucs 5,000
8 We don t can rece tV{ personal ce Ils at \\erit
Del tvery By 15 Dec WRONG IVe can t rralwo pl'rsonnl mlls nr wotk
Pnce per catalogue inOO 9 r may be late tor thto m,.~trng lllmorrow.
You a1l' v.:r}' busy ln Novernber 10 l he campany w•ll close ti lhey wan 'l «olv lhe.
For a pnnt order ot 5,000 ti OOO c.llnlogul!'$, l hl.' norma! pnce l& problem
t: l per 100 p.1gö
WRONG Th.- compali Y will close íj thty don't sol.-r tht
Srgma Supplres IS a Vt'ry cood eu l o me r problrrn
File 53 l Untt 16 File 55 l Unit 9
BuSi ness commun1tauon Exercise 4 page 100 Case , tudy, Tas k, Exerd.se l, pag" 59

Stud ent B Student C

1 ook oJtthe uuormuuon on Asarru l'akdhusht a nu prcpare a short '1'hc\t '\re the 1dcas that you have rur pronmung lhe!!3C ca1d nd
pre" rua11on aboul her lht!ll COli ~
• Arlvl'rts '" bouum ul t'malls 1 limes w hen young peaplt' use
Atam l Ta kahasht Psychnlogy dcjlrcr:- Tolcyo Untvcr$1ty em<~tl mosl (9 00-12 00 a..m. 6 00- 11 00 pm ) U ~>L• r& can cl lek
(l ~~~) Masler's dt:glcl' tn Human Re~oun:cs on ,, hnlr to the JC wcbsrte 1:'6,000
MonllgemerH • Advens on most popular naliOnill rv ch.mnels betWI!t!n
11 00 p 111 und mulnight EB OOO
Pn:v1ous HR Oep.lrtmt:nt Sanya ZOOI 2004
(mploymenl As:;rst.tnl HR Mlln.tger Sony l004-2007 • Du cet matlmg ro a ll school and un•v r&Hy IUdcnts. €.S OOO
Cave coun;~'ll on call motwauon • Advert a on populdt soct.d nelworldog ac used by young
~oplc between 800 pm ant.! mcdn1ght f/0,000
cxpenences lmroduced prot~durcs ro 1mprove
employee·managcml!nt relat1ons
t• r e$• nt rot e Head of l IR
File 56 l Unit 10
Oevelnp1n~ plan 10 ~~~1rucum.•
dtpartm~nt Casll study Task, Exerc ise l , page CiS
Plan• for rhe ruture Olo;cus.o; p robium wh h head:o ol
Group C
Vou r ~~~ue 1~ ener11y You thlnk you r • ompo~ny should red oc c 1ts
Make c:h,mges lo 1mprove st atr momle
etleflly con~umpuon bv 40%. TI1esco arc ume (l( the mea su res
yow ~:ompany could take
• ucung electneu y consumpilon - how7.,.1Jtrr7
File 54 l Unit 8 • flnding alternau ve rc:newablc sources of energy- wlwt' to '
Case s tudy, Task, Exerc ise 2. page 53 • mollvatlng employccs to save energy- ho w? whor
• rcplacmg old sy~tcrm and machrnc~- ~t.htrh?
Student C
Lo >k JI tht: Information below o~bout Nova Solution~
File 57 l Un1L 14
Campany lllstory: Foun<l• >d laat year
Language ot work , E>rercise 8, page 87
Ty po of compa ny: National
Price. €8 per packnge vou You
Moatly 'a 's Doin~ things on umc. 1s \'~ry 1J!tpOriJnl lor
O•scounl '>!arts ;ll 100 J)<tekages oet.d 10 hve 1n d ci~>Ck ttme' cuiiure
Mostly ' b 5 You would probably be lt.~ppv m 11 c:lod: ume' or
Collection On d maod on ne 'evem ume' cuhure
Speed; Two worlurg days Mostly 'c's You·re verv relaxedl An I!Vcnt umc culturc'Yfould be
Dellvery optJons: Every day delivery (tndu<.ling very good lor vou
Nohile Jhon ol dehvery aerv1ce
(by IBkl to customer) File 58 l Unit ll
Fl rit t imo d ellvery rate: 90"-. Ca:.e study, Task. Sxercise 1. p uge 7 1
Tracki ng f oclllt los: On websilo
Cro up O
M otoGP
Gu dl'-' lovilcd l o spend a d.1y tn l he ha:;puahty rea or the
MoluliF' Th.,y will en oy a tulliÜiy ol dclcoous lood and plenty
of drlnks ln a marquce whrch i:l in lh•• nuddlc ol the adiDn Ali
m.uquc • h.1ve" mugmficenl VIeW o(thr uart/ flnlah lrnc so
th.tt ~ueslli can ee the most exc:oung rnon1cnts oltherace Tht"
rverll mdud• a l! udP.d vr~n to 1hc ph lane where mechanlt$ wtll
g1vc a dcmonsmmon of a wheel ch ange

by U~tng li!S$ Water, les11.'fll'fi!Y • nd lt!U 7 Íhul 1 tntt:re:.1tnll A lntnd c.l nunc wa!kt
Unit 1 fl"Ckogmg Suay tuned lot mo~. an Nr>~k 111 lor an Italtan eetvtcc provsder Ü11ll
fucus. 11ght aner ohe break. tntrodu~ you ta htm1
01 8 R~rt Can you come hete for a mtnutr
Jamu W h ch axnp;~ny do you wrtrk lor, 03 l It IS Sorry 101~ s )'IlU~ tWIW "l;lU
riO~ 1&\alltd lksatn B·E·S.A·\t You 9 Robert o Th tus Ja no She"l Wntllli f.ll
probab!y don'l know 11 11nldc: on l nr~ ~rvtce proVIdtri
A C Jld 1lpt'llk to vou tor a fhOfTI<'IIt1
James • l don l W Iul! ~' tht! ComPI'"Y B "t. Cl!counc
dO 06
riOftO We ;>t"dlltm tn DUW!mtlc door 2
mt!dlanl1nu Rut we ma ~diary ol Au. A ~ 1 )'OU tell mr. )"tiUl' 1Wtlli:7
Atlloy ~lapi you know th ll n.tme? B S..re. h 'a Woody !':ethan Ctanluc:a W Ital do you do
James Ncuony l don t Jan a l am a JOurnal 1 l wnt Artld ror
J ,.. ., urnf!J' rnqAl&ne:l •.vtu~t .wout ••
Flona It n Swedtslq:roup h ma I'S toc a A C~n l h.l>-" lioCllhez dnnk ple.t~7
~rld a«urttv 11 rc:ntl l m •urt' you know
W h <t do you Ilo?
B Cenutnly Sam~ ag~~an7 Gian luca I'm 11 a-1 CJ tlllHI"it:r
sarne ol uur prD<Iu<"tA Y11le hxb or
ClntbiJ or Vao:hc-11.,_ lot rxampl"'' 4 2
Jamu Nn,l'm nltatd l rlnn't l l u • v~ry btll A Could you c~ ll me dgaln tomorrow'l Gianluca Why llrt' ynu lllhiS tQnf,.rMcc?
~roun Ih-n? 8 I 'm ufr11ltll'm on hollday Jana l rn hfr~ 10 rawrdoun <lll telt! [lD
Ftono Y~. uta !'here are about JO.OUO 5 lntrrll"lllt'rvtcc ptovtll•'Tl Whatlillout
(rll$•1uy"~'" .,..u·• Wttat .ue )'t.otJ hf"te lot'/
A Wuuld V<•u ' ' pu1 Ihat ple.t~?
Jem~• 1hat .. biJt B y,., $0ITV l he reterenc.:•• I~Si,i K Oianh•ca We w11nt '" litld lll!W C\Uh1~ ln
Flono And llnmal ul~-s 111 tbctul 1111~~ hllhttn Ilu I'Urt>JICJIII mnrket
A Could you help me fDr a moment'
James So art'! ynu m~tnly 111 the European
n ,'>orry, but l "' very busy Dlrt n wn•t?
Jour queJolion 1 Tha11nrcmetlt"%VI
l'lona No. w·e openue tn •o d tilerem
coontn WOtldwtdt' Tit,.re lift 150 04 cromrany h IlS 111 Head Otlace ln Moo.nuun
V cw C.hfomaa ll you re lool:ln~; lor
dili •~nl cump;anld tn 1he Asu Abi"Y Gianluca ExCUM! me ls this"~"' Jrc-e? mlornvtlll>n oJt Ih~ lntellh1 &o to th
lltoup Jana Ve .. 111• Go 11heud ~ •mpany'a pAgeflr~t Wh4111lht- narnt'e>f
Jamc1 Who Mlt: yO\Jr maUl com~tllor• Glilllluca lluonh very much Cdn ltlltroduC't'
1h companv'
lhc'll1 my 1'11'11'm Gtanluea Donntt'lll
Jaker questton 2 Titll car manulat:IUttt
ftona l' hl' Ea)trm Campany 7 Inge aholl· Jana N!c• to m..et ygu l 11m Juna Fr kov~
t bd.l.<·d tn the UK , bur u I&IIUI>aldi~rv
R.lnd 1 M~MN l.O(k7 Gianluca Ntcf to meet you too, J..nd Whl'lt
olt h~ Germnn campany IIMW h s -11
Jem• Wrll lthtnlcyouc:-~ansl'f nowlhtll ,,,. vou hom7
known tor 111 luxury can:_I>IJtll ft lao
know nothana üboutllte .-.:ur tv busm~ Jana l m from the Czech Republl~ But l 100rl.
mak.cs • n n~ lor the aa-llftllutic' aná
f lota So Who do )'011 IOOTk ((lr? •ll n-r f:.tt~ m1utnt! tndllS!rks What s the name: clrlw
Jamu MierDK~ll Ga•nlucA And whn do you worl for? eompany?
r Mma And w11nt does your c;omJiolny do7 Jana I•Jon t " vrk foa "companv l arn Kir·
.J.ma Y, r nuake Ah..thau DJOke. rtGht7 Jolcer q<~.n1ion l Tha ~OC".e c;omp:~ '
spedaiW!s ln audio. vidco and
Caanlut'e Oh t<!~·? And what do yoo do?
c:ommuniatuons produc:ts h ha rmmd
02 J.an. Iam llJaum.elist l wnl\' enld•J lor
ltiO OOO emplo}'ed One ol lU nxnt wdl-
ron~umtT mapur..s
n NMtlfll:mn~ 10111 erearc l '" 1866 lmown ptll(flleu b l'layStnuun Whal • the
by ll"11n Ne ll 1"h<l fint Nl'Stlé ptOdut"l Cl.snluc:a So why 01re you &J t hb c:onltrm~?
Mllte of Ih" cnmp.~n~
WIS baby 17Ulk "''" CC'mpllny lllll p!'odlltn Jnn~ l rT' here 10 rnearch ~tn rtlcl" an
Joktr qu...ltiDn 4 nm Amenun CU!np:my ):a
hi>b~ nrodu~t• tod nv bultbts is)U\t ont tn a lntrrnl"t Jerv•ce prov1ders
Ca11nlue.a Thutstn!Ne~<ttng A fltertd <of"""'" hM' ti' l h.•.td Ofllte tn ~lill It, W~h tljjtnn c
wide ranGe: ol Ji>tJd und beventJlt products.
•ncludtnll bottl..-d Wilter breaktoM cer~ JI~ wooo lm nn lt<~li<ln 'ervlc~ paovld• t Cun l
hs f•mduns tncludeth 737 747 767 and c.
~ntllcn rn.tm ll 1 r very aucceA~Iul ntr tdULt' you l o h lm?
l he n••w 7117 lll tht• m,un comftf:\110! nl o
A ol l> u Wh l th n•mn ol ti "comp;mv7
y,., of c:-our"' That would hHtk•
~oanpnny wath suh:3 lot!l vec1r ol rnore th11n
107 bllllul'l SWIII!I lr,mc~
Olunluaa Roberto Can you come- h•··~ for 1
Jn ker quesifon 5 l hl'. ''OIIIJI411'0J ttelftltU':'J
ln lY l•'' lot c dl' bulit .. hl '' wrll known lor
N!!!! l,.. la u ll ul y gl•tiliti U>mpnny Ils IlUltd nunule:7 f'h .. IS Sorry. whut 'your nnm~ "C
11 •.sh·mltu 11'8 d <·orupemoc 111 Mkltcl"'
Qllllt!l 111 Vevt:y ln ~Wit7rtlolltd but ll It~ >11117 [ri
qnd Got>dveM and at a bü<ed ln h•ly
manul.tciUtClllln 780 IAttUrtef .nound the Jann JuttiL Juo.1 Frkova
\VIt.n lll•· ""m" "'Illi! a•tt•~Mnyl
wariri and ~.<•Ili on •lllave conun•·nt Fu< Gi11nluca !l(tbclle>. Thb s .lttntt She'& wrumg
Jokrr qu<'~lion 6 rhtl Northl.'rn Eur<>~lrt
thr11.11 d~r~nd• on ua 27b.IJOO ''"'l'lo\'c.!l 411 orllr.le <lltlnh.'tntl ·~niKe provtrll'ra.
tnp 1~Y 1• • lu s rntrbil" pl u no
Ne:~ t lll lx-hi'Vl!$ Ih ill lll~ tmpotlctnt tu tnvt t
!n UJ ~mploytc"CS Tr amin ls ltn lmi>Orta!lt os ruuiLttt>cJI lY • wd wuclos
nelworb ln l he mabtlc pllonll m:arktt.
p;m of ats phtl0$0ph~ ln 2001. 6~ ol na l Excw~ me. ls th ll k.ll ~~ ttsn>~un cornpcttiOfSate l'.fiCIJon
i!!TIJ-.Iclno tt«JH-d surne form ot Ulllnlu& 2 Tnanks vev muc:h. Can I mi rvdun- nnd MO!DroiJt What a 1he namt." of the
Tlw'l onn r""::on11hy Icu lh•n ~.ol rnywU71 m GWtluca Dona teU t C:OmJlllnY7
t:rnployr.rJt lav.: t!VefY yt:lll 3 Ntc• to mt.ort ynu too Inn rt. Wh~n: art~ vou J o ur qun tion 7 Th11 F!t:rtelt gr®fl b •
N~tlt&llo mvotam !>''<>Pl'" outside fre>m? Yrofitllc:btlel tn da•ry pod Jll1, rn ud11~
llw CQIIIpMy ll'""8 fTIOnl'} md help • And who do you worlc lor? YDJ:huru d1eee and rlcSR'rt1 It 1 the
IO Illo! C01Tittountlta 'fh.-,< Dntpomy 5 Oh o:ally7 And wlutr do you do? nutnber t WO tn botifed WGiet and 1111!.0
olier NUColll01111llllJtrltlllll ~nd l Mhh 6 So why are vou atthis t;'Ollfcrenco1 ptuduces basc:-un What 'l the name of Ih!!
progtam nu~ atl<l gtws lu:!! f(I(HI h el"> c:om11 my?
pia)'l .. role rn protetUng 1he envoronmcnt
J 47

Audio scripts l 08-20 - . ---- -~ - - - - ~

Unit 2 ll lOUware She'll cor n ma ro Ú10Yi l!W 11 new

PIOJir~m ne wuntJIO buy Shc 18}'5 11 wt
l hd p ua 11 lot wil h ttll our l nant'llll tt'pOnlnl;
08 A ONid you gt>·r '"" VOUl(HtllW:I dél~lll?
8 s.= My 1wnn G<"Ofl fcclnton Titau 2
lnrrrvte w~ Wilerr do you Worfc1
E-double C·L·E·S l O N Our campany d vldcd lnto thtt:!! ~
Sa:nJl Chun ln Hw Thclm r:al Suppon
1:' ""lllrllllt'nr A Eccleston Wrth a double C'/ Honte. lntlu rrt41 rrnd Publ~:

lnrrrvt•w~ Só wh.u elo you do n tiv7 8 l114ll r .,bt SftviCo l wor\: 111 1"" lndustrt:ll 8usi
Sa:na Chun !la ICll!ly my Job <X>II,';;l u ol A And vour f U'll ~Wne Gcol! ü tll.ú CroiT Unu l orpntte lll the 11 a ;>Oft Irc;
w or h a G or J<"ll wuh • J? luppllen ro our rac rono,11nd rrom cx:r
11 WNIIIS ca lis from eu romera whO ure
8 W•rh 1 G G·E·O·douhl l I.J<IOtia IO etC 1(1Jile15
mwlng problem• wuh rhdr IOhw.ur. llut
A O._ l ve go t th.lt l'od1y l have • vis11 rrom Ralf OulJnj:
ll uliO ln'olvt:s "~"& wuh lllln re ps
He s l he ~rJOn ln charge Dl buym; lDl' thr
from ume w llmt' W•• vb~ rww cmromtu 2 whule r.tOIJ!l He "-'llnu l o tul: ju~ ~
toll"! her
A Can l have your namn, ple>5e1 or l<>ur btr; >nt~ll.Jhomalt••n:.porteralilf
L Interviewer Oo vou dcvtlop aottware roo''
8 Y" rtsBrounvRhv• ThnrsR·R·l O NY • lrllrce ol our billllleSS unltJ He tlr.nla
Sana Chun We rren~ rr.-olvo.'d w di"i.,l.>f>ll'i
A 8-R·I·O·N Y AndyouriiUrll•lft'1Rhn dnS rt wt ll t:O!It lesD r h.vt! 11 mlllll munber ot
I1C'W progra•n• ll ut wh<-n fi'OII'anHn"tl "'" youaay' • , tupplr~ra
pr rpnr 1n1111~W YI'INIOII$ OJ o/d prutJUCI)
8 Yt>. rturú R-H·Y·S
Wt! take p~~rr on rhe dl:~e."Uu"on~ Wc llt!.rk 3
to< 1 me oa "'~'Y IJ.ry .,,.,.,. knnw tln l ha vr <'(lfll.il!.l wrrh ll lot of 11111111n
ti" Imreni tn•res verv wt• ll
lnrervlt•wrr So wlo.ot wrr ui Jttt>hl~m, du vou 12 •UIInnltA!Imo; Wt' h4Ve • lm ''' l>róiJle
loornlng(ngh hh"'" Wun:<~lso
h~v..- to olvr ·1
Slinil Churr Oh,lh~ IISUAI w~ ,J, JI wrth
C>ll!olnl%11tg A lot ofl r COUIJ<!"&ttiiS YL'.'U
A Ackcmi ~nd Shrrmn ll<1w cnn l htl11 yuu1 l>t>Oill•r: "'"' clomt~ns or.t n rtic<'lllltJ
u.r.rllnil•n '"'"~· fldt•\lll>lllprnhl•·nr• 8 ls Mts Acke~ rhete, plen>w7 B<>IIWhll' lll the 1nun~ent J t<'pot1 to the ll R
bu~; lhlnJl• Ji~~ llllit A Spr!Dlctng Who a ~llng. p ll!ao.e' Dirr< t Cll She a e<nnlng h-re Int~ m.."CCrtll
8 Th b Srmon ll.lgo from AOS- Ace Olloce rod.y w" re <!tnployl~ a lal oiiii!W pe1J111e
Strpphes thi' ye;" and ahe rtunn lhcV h:ivrspe~
A W hur can l do lor you Mr lloogn1 traunn11nel'd• W11 re oalkiiiJIIIIoou• what
8 lm 01lllng 11bou1 a spe<.-sul pm·e on our COUI'SCI Wl!t:lln <J! let tllrnl
A Tr ehmclll Supt><JH Aki• n Pf'a king
pnntl!fS, Mn .Ackers
8 tli, Ar1•n
A Who nrn hJ>' nkrng U>?
A l m .sorry, but l can t dlscuu th1s n<>W 1 14
hll~f' a Jn«tlOJI lnll\·r mrn1.11cs
8 Souy, tius 1.t Nadlra lm Ilyinc to an:tu
my eu tornrr hlrs burrhe tompllln nni 8 c.n l call vw bock r.omorrow7
A SGny bur I'm QUI ol rht: ofhn~ lDmOrruw A H~ on the Illat floor web:! vr ali tlle
ctt"ptlng mv p;t\ word &llmlnllltrat .,.~ nil iCeS ThU la ~ CEO'"•
8ul lillinh lor <:Aihng GOQ<lbv"
A Y~. lllunk vou r., th" hith nr .. xth prn<>n oll•eo ,JUli hem on rt.e right l-te'$11C11hert
8 Er You re wclcom~ Goodbye.
r rcrlmc.rhal iherrsaprob~mwlllllhe
"l' l 2 B Huw olltm doeahe wt Ülli Qffia:
B l Qmtbody wwlllng on h at rhe momcmr7 A SFC CnnsuJung Rntr Gu~luYIIon ,r,..akarg A Oh ho 1 h~ ilbOUt one da> • week
A Y< /11m Butils I\Oit".a•y, t.ec.1u 1! lm 8 H~llo Could J tp~4k to leoo K..llht-r plr.ne? 8 Whcore d•>d hf! comr l rom'? Ile.& America
on m~ own hec: EveryboJyr(J(: ts haYifl& A m •1'11•d ~~e·s out of rhe olilee as the b:n l lt(o?
hrnch Try n~m ln 11.111 n hc>ur ..,hmtnt A Y Ile • l rom Nr:w YOrir.
8 O~ A1d.1n Thanb
8 Could llcu\le •• me$S<tgto1
A Ye.... o( C'OUI"R Could l have Y<IUr n.tme. 2
plt'.t~7 A TN:lla ou r HH Mannget Club Broal•
A l • uw mr. Culo:l
B llli2 t• Not4lle Kt'tll.lrom N l Con1ultu1g C •1•. thr 11 Robtm Sielrcla tt.'l nre.r cd
8 Ya, whul~ th• pcoblllrn1 C.mlt wall'! J'no
Cuuhl yuu .._,~ l.e" ID c111lrncb.rd? lr'a rn do•nl! ll(lme m•rk..rtn~ Wtllk for IlS to
ha\ '"ll 1on~tlllll( ln hcr~l l'ol.rnol
qurrc. 11rgc:n1
A Who ne voul.elktng to7 C: Ah rh 11'1 ~ n..v.a N~e r<.; mtort you.
B A uppll<'r Wu ru .J <:•IUIRJI ot'W pr~· .. for A Y~ tUn: Could Y"' l tell mr w h 11 11
Jbout7 Mr
rhl• Yt'•H Why ~n· you di~l ur bm~ me'/ 8 Swli1 kl Hur plt- oa• call me 1\ttbctl Nrce !It
8 Yc.,, I'm phonifill to nu er hit n •om t •uh
A It tu' t rlt~L "'"'~btldv ~~ 1skmRto Ulti! lhe llll'l'l ~Oli !(>O, Cufl,,
cot~trncttnl: wo1k
A OK 1'11 Kl\'~.< Lra lhr mr ~.1111 C Ht>w Ion& ~re you rnytnJl hC1'r.. Rohen7
R Ru1 lu'~<' this 1'011111 nor1y Morlduy !.ol\\ 1oy~
O Thnnl:z. fm yuu h~lp G111•dbyt 0 Jusr rwo ''''~ -Lc,doy 1nd lr11t1o)rt01\"
havr. 11 nw~ungllt·J or C AntJ Whll oto yuu w~nt ta let' whll .. you"'tt
A Ye~. lwt you know rh•r t lu Sal." Dorf'\'lol h!!re?
úlw 1\'ló hit p110111y R W~ll, vnr or IWD ~le n S1lö and
8 Y~ H.now l• he "·lllrng IIWI't' now7 Unit 3 M•riwtorq; fiut l d aho hke rosee )'Dll
A v~•. h~ ll
la rtr llJOO<,Iblr, lm '''"'Y Jntnebled '"the
8 OK OK l m l avrng
13 uatnll\!l pro;:ramrnn :rou
I~:~~Yt! tJCre

10 3
l The code Int F.~tl!l~ntll• dnublo oh doubt.! ln our d'1'ltnmcnt "'"do r.-pons ~• t hj! md A W e n! uow ~ln& Intott C! new p.1n of tht:!
four oltoL"h mvnlh ,.fuch ~how 1111 the ITIC)MJ bu11d.:no; Thb b w bne- baw our nr-w
2 \ly rnolnle numbab oh cb&blc sewn. ~nJllniO and our of t he c:omp rny Ir tAI:es o. Ucerure far customrn. from al! liftlihe
do u!JI•• oh. nr ne. double oh thrrc, Jmv '" r!'ally long llnrc l h.rv<'tt n • • ttng tod•y world
aevcn w1th Anna Ncvn who's rrapcn11bk f« out 8 Whtn d1d ''~7

AJuallwonwmh• n~to ln .lanu.uv A l supr~"" yvu drdn 1 lhtnli; of do;nng 11ny

A Wh"~ Ir<~ you >lRYtnit?
B And how morty cqlls • da y do you u·,eovt'? B Al l he Cortrlllt'nldll lou•l mbrkt•r rneorch u rh• t1me
A l thmk: ll nbour ~00 n day Leu a~k thi'! A And" ll cmnlortablr <'nough lt~r you? B No Wil JUli ord••rcd tOO 1'·J.iurt•a"a wt::e
Cu tomr:r Se.rvtce Manuger 1ncredrbl\ surprrsed ar how qutdtly we
B Yes. thanks. h s very comlon.Wit:
A I'm pleased to hearthat So how long arc m3n l gM ro sellrhtm
4 A Who tieSigned the T..Wiruth•n7
A Can l ilotroduce yuu to Alex l ~nton? At... x you h~·~ lot?
B WC'. did We dccided ,.., cr~ :.te our own
B lu." thret' days
b rt:SJIOMlblto lor new blatnt>SS an Nouh,·rn Ih U they would ~morn nngrnal Wtt gm
A And Will you h.we 111111' to k'IOI. dl'I)Und
Eumpe He'a on th~ rood lllQ!.I hllh<' tun~ n manuls(lUTCT rn rh• UK to pnm th~'llllor
lJ bon whlle you·re bere7
llllkílllJ t n•w ~tnmen us and r bensend t hemover ro Menbel We
B Yes. l hnpe >0
B lltllc> Alelt So wh!th <Ountr~e~ do you d1d prt>dud lllAls by SH·n~& wn>elt dl!f!rgn
A Weil I'm $111'1! we an armnge ~mer htnl!
!Sit 7 Would VOll hiel! S<>mrtrung l o rlnnk be lor,. 110ld rhe qu•ci;C!t
D Sweden 11nd Oenrn.tr~ mustly llut \'it''" A Sc why lloe Mme F:at facc'
we itW17
~ v~ry ,,.,,.,..,.tr.d "' Poland 8 When wc <fl'Cidt'rf tn open our flnr shop
B Yes please A coffel! would be mte..
B Hc.>w nwch do you know 11bour thi' Poll•h we Qbvlowr!v n......-dcd a n.•mc Fnt F3c.:r
A How do you ltke u?
lllblht7 cnm~~ lrorn on!' of nu r tavoun~ ~kt sinpel
B Black please, no lll!WlT
D Nll'L vm murh lthurk W<l II<!Vt' 'mr•o·ltnll tn Val d' l ere called La hce
It IS 4flemunn lU ra lk 11114111( ,, A OK. 1'11 frx that tor you Now. drd you s:ct
A llow wouhJ you descr,be your ci0tbln~7
the programme l sem vo11?
B Yes. l d1d, thanics
B Prdtllt::ll 11nd ~IYh•h 111lwo Alllt Unu!.
15 A And would yQu Uke to make anv c:hangc$1
f'cople unorratc ou r bmnrl wt th an IICU\'"-
l'lllduor lllcstyli At the ame umt the
B No. everythmg seems fine
dC..IJln~ ur e 1nre•~•lln'l and nnrno;uve
A Welcomelo Fret·bud A Oh good, so perbnps we can get atllf1ed.
A When did V<lu a~ruelly l3unch Fnr Face
8 TII~nkll vMy mut~h Ir '~ nwe to he here ( H.l7
17 B J ht~ 1hop oprru<d •ll 1993 ""d .dt"S wero>
2 Tht5 ple charT grves vou the breakdmvn ol lllllf' •low ltHt.rrl Wil h bu rhe\ ao 1 1101
A DJd yuú have 1 J!O(•d trip 7 Lenovo 's sales worldwrde. Can evcrybody
B Y.-s, lh•uk.( ll w.t fiut bt'ltet .:~(1l!<:r411y 111111e ~~rnnlng t•lrhe
see Lhnt OK7 As you can see 27.6% ut so les Y<M lOOO S·d~ 111<: oow exTf\·mely llllod
8re ln the Amerlcus. bul notlee tlwt Chillol so wf! w com~ il long wav l Ince our .lcung
repreSI!niS 37 SOJ., of worldWide ldiP.S Juv in Mt•libl?ll
A And d1d yCJU fl nel ynur w.ty Ile oe •ll 111!1111
Th Ili graph show• the change rn markel
9 No problem ''ou r M.'< rrt.~ry L<: nt m" , V<'IY
good rNlP
5harc 111 the ldSt two or three ye,n' As ynu 19
can see. rn 2006 l enovo s m.trl<~t sha~
P~aenter Welcome ro ou• ne" set ,.
4 was 35 8 • Aner a bad startlll 2007 t l "ent
up 3$laiD 1.0 36 1% Iti Ibe .eoond h3U of ll~
BuuhnJ fcun.tutron w here"'' r~ rng
A T~ 'l ROOd Wnrre ure you $1 avmtfl l<> rak" t tookar rh<' invrniQ1l.,..il0114H'
8 Atthf' Conllnt•nt.ol Hotrl year h went down ;,ga rn at the end ol the
mad~ ou r h~d so druertnt tod.!~ Pmple
~ar, bur ro~ •garn tn 2008 Howcw~ the
h ke! Sübcei AliAlla On l! ol r he 10\llldera ol
5 •mportant thmg here tS that Lomovo rs sull
llormarl who laun<h'"<i lols onllne emaJI
A So hc>w klll& '"" vc•u herrlor 7 the marketleader rn Chu•~. wlth abour il
$rr VI! f' rn 1'196 Mdrlln COCJ)'IeJ who made
B Just th= d.1y1 tlurd ol ali PC sales
the l nM nu,briC' phon" c:nll n 1!173 Ttm
ThiS dragram summanze~ the cornpa~ry"$
6 mam Jl<'l'iliiOI'IS So ..alt-• drt! based Hl
R•·rn•r•·l.t'e wh<J d~vr•l Jl<'dlhc World
Wu1~ Wtlttn IQ'! J and Ono\\ IChldl
A Would vwllke ")lllt'thmg to drmk bdort' Re,JIO& wh ..ro·thL'rt' illrr: "''" fae~IJt•~~ 101
who m•oe tht hrsl conracrlcns tu 1961
wc lhrl7 manura.rurtng re*an: h anrl rkvt•I"J>mcnt,
'" wi1er wa.~ 1~1:11 Czcchoslt>\alcta Today
B Ves. plM-se A rull~e wuuld br• n•rc and •fle:·saii!S But note thatthe ·ompany
has oper:mons rn manv drflerenr crues we ve ~:or IT 1'~1''"• N..rllf 11 ns rn tbC' ):a
7 Thrr< ar.._ R & D CeiJtres ln ftvc t.líflcn:nl ruuro tc• rrll u~ rh.- ''"'Y col S4he•T AhlltiA c
N••tl wh~n did "•hert' •me If> thr. USA? c..
A OK lll !lx rhat lor vou Now, did ynu llCI
Ih<' pro~tramm~ l o·nr ynu'l
8 y,.. l dHl th lllkft
citi~ and produnron untr~ ln th" sam<>
nurnl•e1 ollocmmn• Our csll ctml"'
opetllles 24 hou~ a d.w ond we bov.. mfllil
A Cond, ,., pt·rhup3 1vc c;a11get sturtcd l h11n 3.000 lt'chnrcal support en11rneers ro
deul Wllh uustomer proiJiems
Nl'll who•n drd S.•ht·er come to llw ...-a·n"'
16 Netl Weil. S.rocer 8111ved ln rht IJSA 111 1988
A Wekomc to l·r~cbinl WII011 hl' gotO j lllléC tO UJUV rlc.:lliclll
l!ngtnee 1n11 111 C•rlTedt, tht C:thlomld
B 1'tu111juj verv much. Ir ·~ mCt• to be h~•re
A ls th la vour ltrtt llme 111 Lt•bon?
Unit 4 ln~! llllit ol Tl!chnnlniiY Aller rhut h" w~nt o
8 Yt: ll t:. on to ,)1," "'""'"" nr!Jtl'•
Ql sc~nford

A Old vou h.IVt· a aood lrlp7 18 Unl'cr•llv

8 Ve..,rh.tnks It w.rs line A So how ctid Fat. Face start'/ Pri! lenter Whm drd h• do theu~ o
A Wh.. r um" did you urrlvt !.ul nr $Ih l 7 B Weil. we had the onwnal1dea oné n1gh1 Nell Wrli he du1n't hn!!h h~ uo torii~ Jl

B Oh.. l was ar my hotel at ubour c•Rhl o ctock ln 1!1118 Wc were both worlunK rn a bar rn Sinnford t.cc411!1C: he d•ctded ro 111ke up
A Th:u'at good Nor roo late. then And drd vou n skr reson colled Mcnbclrn the freneh "JOb olier w n h Applr. flete hl' mcSJ~~rlc
rmd VOU! WUV htl~ 1JI rtght? Al !>ll We w ere worklntt et ru~tll so th.lt w~ Smuh. dnd l4ter th,.rwo of rhem.Jil!n•"-'
B No probltm You r ~c retary l«! nt 111~ a v~rv could skl alJ day. butthe late ntJ~htaand a M.trt-up romp.mv Cllllecl hrepowtr
good m:sp early mornmgs wcre 100 much. We needt.'<l Svstl!mS Inc At thrs pom! Sabc.l!f and Jack
A Th•! g"od Huw dtd you gel het t'- by to hnd llllOthet way to pay lorour kíinl!. so t u ted wcr~.1ng logdh('r on nt"N !<.It= lor
Cl!? we hrl upan the idea of selling l·slurts ll•t l 1 m•·t
8 Ve~; l reml!d a c;ar 0111~e aorport. Presenter !'. >how rltd thry ~t the ick4 for
H >lm rl7
Nett A(lu&lly u-~ Jack Smnh who thought also h:we an muallnuun t~rtrn 'Whu put
oluiir 1 H~w~~b«a• . h up the Podp3dJ ~lou: Lll«! I!VI!flt and t.Jkt:
coulrin l u.'1\d on nl\lltl pnvutrly .at w >r~ thrm down apsn •h•rwards A H•ve you evrr ~fff~ a Y1d C\
He Clllied S~r on hl• t~ll rhn!1r WIth 411 Fu 1 v. e '"nt;u;ted l'odpdd cr.rn nnd B No l ve nc\er ~een one. but l have h~é.!rdd
ldc.liOf "pm 41t' "tmlll ~ 1b r '"'d onl.!rt'd !iO Podpaili. lor th" Summt'fhwsc t hem ln r lll l rClld ... Illiide llbt:lll the:;
l•t:k tu har tg up be<;liu•c ~I)01t'!llle mt!(ht fCSitvul Tiwn 00 IlU l WCbSI!t• Wt! olfe1 cd a few daya tgo It uad th n peoplé' hllve
henr that r converanuon Wh en Snht.~r )!ut tree nccommodouon tu bO vovhora tit h~\ ti J' ttd rn.tktnl! vtolt'O tlrpu UJ p.1t1 otllte~.t
home the two dhcm d !loe •llr. o tn mmr took part ln u'"' re 1 nrett J<•L •Pflhmtlmll And"'""' eot~n10
ú"ta1l ond tht!n Silb~G' c11n~ up wlth a Wt· $poke W DUl l'ntlp od tr11hltn~ .1!111' on~ hit\~ aircarl v'"'''"' :d olier ng vlá1'.o ev
uu meu pl.,n nrahl 11\d tho·n :.tlll!:n ahr·r uo:cond night StrYIH'S
Pruentu Hov. did tlw:y dccldr on the !lll '71C? AU <JI rhnn 14\td tlu~y wwld C'Onsldr:r lunng A \\ell someone has enallcd me a CV IOdq
Ntul Tiwy rned ollltmd' ul nllrnl"S endmam a Podpad attlit ll"~' lo~tovalthc:y "~"'to MJ the ru a lrn~ to • vtdeo on ber bJo&. bul
rh~ v.'C!rd 'nuil' tn the end thev decideci on l h~ven t \Utcloed t vt"l
Hntm:lll lli'OJ\Ue t1 conuuned the leurn Ftn.11\) v.l' Ylfllcd l he! fatrnl'tS
who ld U$ B WeU. &!ut l wt ~law a tool 81 aaw7
IITMI~ tim cod1nQ on ali wrb p 1gea. Ui(' !.hem wnd Wr: tllt..d litern '"' thtlr
Presenter When dW Sabt•J!f and l•d:: l.wtU:h op n 'ln o4 the campany Thcoy commcomrel 25
ll ~mal!? ru. 1 .. t!lr~ncv ol l he tea111 who put up lruc-rvl~rwer Sowtwn did )"C>Il \U.tt watbni
Netl Wrll hr<t they had to ll• t tundmg but th" Podpu<U ""d tht:n toolc tlwm down m Ih" non·pn: hl ~CC l r?
thrv dtdn l wanttO tell too manv poopl" as soon rsa tlw IL'SIIval Wil$ o•e: llhmk Naomt Wh n lleflumvenhy tn 1998
dbvullh tr JdM bo nu "JOrnt'OM mtght we c.on say Ih~ t the h:tt.!p.>ds w~"' 1 hU);f! lnt~rvt~wer A rod cr tun-c: )'1)11 .,..-a- ..~
mpy It I'vl!lltWIIIY 1< npuouot ttjlfi"~O ll1 SUCCtU Wt lOUfid titlll they W<' l t! IJUI'UI u fOl ll bW Ofi!UIIIt.~tllll1?
lm est $300.000 ln tbl'ldt';o S.lbt.'<lt ~and wllh bl' rh vbltur• arul r,rrmtr •nd. n~<~~e Nooml NQ. l hnvrnt llut l v" wntlced
J4d:. Ltundled H<:>tnwll un July ~th, 1!/!lb. tmpo1111n1ly tho•y Wt !l pto4t l l hl pi"OJiftl l~ r thr~ ltroaller 11110 with t•p!'! tonm
lndepcnornc:c OQV. ;md tnle$s Uum $IX u>íntltht:m l rom hurJ w~lllh<l 111 Ahl~a Su l'w 11lte•rly twlal01 cl
monlhs they had ~ molhon U'<-r& <"J ....... l:!tl4tt ln llr neld
PrMentu Whm 3b<lut tito ot'"' lrom lntt!nlt!'Wtr And hAva you bern 10 AfriQIII
M1Crosolt7 Unit 5 th~; lnst year7
Ntll Wcll MíeTosclt soon~ tmw wc!l Naomt Vo. l have Th ya.r t ve be t
llotrrulll wu doln& and tn the IIUlumn ol TiiM~~n\41 ltrpent ~ montl workilli on 1
1!.1117 they mo&de tilt: If h not olkr lur the
23 Cottl,trUCtl n ptojc:cl
t'Omp;il1)' It tDOk thml ,.,.o mam bs to Anna lm a t"llOiher wtth t wo yqll"l! chttdr~u lntuvlrwcr WIW did you t1o t~ e&IIO
nt!goU.,tl:! .tn ~rr.,ment wi! h S~bmor V.lto l tool thiS job becawti' t oflt·rcd m.. Oe:oublc Naoml Wt'll tnyjQUWll IOt:upaVtselhe
nnanv wid Hotm;;JI on Dt!€tml>t r 30th lor houns l get tu work 11 tilthi n th.: momtng bu•l<lrnR C•! t new u !tool ll opc~ed tnJune,
arou.nd S-400 mllllon It'""'
•wccd lhal but then l 01n lravtt otlour on th" lllremoon
to getthe choltl~n Irum 1Cht:~ol l •lw
lntd'YII'W"r Anll wrtí' you l appy wttll L'>e
~.rb<oer wuuld l'onunut •• CEO >lllotrnutl, tt"StJlts?
but he only !ltaY\-d lor 11bnur " yNr liovc J:Jllt w~uks pot d ltCJilt!JJy which ts very Nauml Vr.• l w 1 lltr u hoQI wns rr4dy l wo
rrcMnler Why Old lu! IC<IV< Mlcruso117 u•cfulln the mtmntPr wh,.n lllf ltool.s ur rnoruits t:ltiY And th t sa'llt:tl u• SIO,()!)O on
Nell Nobody knowt but ht'• •tili buw ln''"' ctD:;erJ l gP.I privttle h~ oh h~:<~ ll 1111 ali !l~ Hw ronsli uc l wn c ,,.u
w •tld ol ll He tuu gre<l.l Jll~ittlht IHS hOll•<' l.unlly. und l hul nves ''" ., Iul ul lt1QII<'Y l
...,unt" -h~· wnnr to devclop a Q nil Lu don r plan to hove any rnorc tlllidren u~r 26
locauun to Sthcon Vall•~ tn India the mntemrty IP.eveo ls alao llOOd he n: - JIX
Paula Antorur• lnt"1)11 you ro mul<D allfl r:;f
P reN" nl er L:t"a hopc lu! l:lllh'S ut n.: n N"tl montllt on full puy
P• 1 panu 101 tomorruw tua ""lll
Harns. thanit you IClt JOlllliiG us Marlt ltnvd D lot becaus., l m n Illi~ So l
AJtton to 01; 1'0 do that rtgitt now
get a atmpally Olt wuh the job l elln u c
Plt u la And pl~ lncfud~ alltheir mobt
21 n ill ~lceodiloo whlch isgroot u l t••t
phofll, nurnbcors.
chcap petrot l hC'y Ita gtve ITICl o laptop
A Did you h~ve a~ we<:l:.,nc17 Antonio I'm not •ure t cnn do t!w l ha~'t
D y~ ti \Voll areJI! We Wf'lll .twov '"'H lor datnil ali my ft'p<llll ~nd il rnouole
phone l can use the ph•ml' fut JM!rlOMl
go& • h>l Oo wt: have onell0/llrwhcrt'7
dl "R" Paula Yet.. )U tlook tn the gn:en fiZe on my
<olb tvo... ruth" u~lul And fire todt t'3rt
A Did y..u > Wtwrl!' did )uu.:o' d~<>e And l d !:ke \'V' O lu tilOne lhc Salrs
u~e t !ol' Loptop ri Wf'rkrntl:!. l11l~n g~lltt"<
B W w~ntlo Mnlllr Cor lu
~ym mt•mbf!r,h:p A hu Cll Pl'"!''" KO to
Dtrc-tor tor""' rhl, ulto·ruuwt
A 111M 'mto·r~.,.!lngl To~.. the c..rmcltt)l•t AntoniO Nr~ pr<~•lrrrt
th~ xym rn tlw lunch hour m•l ItiteJ W(Jt~
B Yeo.thar 1 rt~ht ll wn• rratly ex~ttrnyt Paul• (~n youtell hom t hul the wtlt:Qtn
flot ll f not mu~h lll'fld Int mn. hLOColU~" I'm
A w... u71'Vl! nevet bo.<rn ID MörtUCO 11twuy5 on th• ru.~d
p~rty r~ ut''~ th•ttv 1h1 ~r.nma
B It WIIS my Hnt '''"" tl(lU4IIV lldlly Valm~ What Int ut' wd me ttl'l't 111b< ut th ~J:~
Anton to Yes. ol C'OUml An7ttunc r.lx~
rnJ••y~d u and th" wo:arhf't wa•l .. nrnuic j •b WoL~ th~ ltdllllll • CO\lrses. Ih~) ollerf'<l
Paul" Yrt Coold l ntk ynttto ~to tbtr nr
A Oh t !!lilly? ll ralnetlltr:re all ... ~·l-.enrl l l ~ri danr C<RUleS ll lll<'l~mlt'nl,
h.O l know It 'l lAte IMI c=n 1 be lht::e
rlonkyou .". ntto th4! tlihl p o
teJontwur\. and cuMornu att •K'e And tttt brcaw..e l haV\' • rn«1lll:
compan)' n bo ollt•J'S uh:rul :tt'ld chtldcll'<'
Antonio lm tlruld l cant P.W. h-e~u
22 l had ll b..by J;a t Y<'lU sorhar s bern really
,". 10 Clltdt lll 5U
"'"to tcpori on our C'llr>etrtnC'ttt w it h uaetuiiOI' me We Iso have a vcry SOOCl
f\J<.Ipod& ill~ Surnmerltou'e ll'atrvalloar comp.ony pen11nn achrmr but I'm CJnly 28 27
rnorúh The~ ol our rrts~rclr wa.s ro 10 t.hJI's not re olly lmpoo tu nt now W hbt Nalulla Ben l warut.'lilO llt!k to )'Vt.lll!loul
frnd lhé rf\Oilt cumlnrtablo: pl•• cc lar Vl"tor a toten.-• ts me mo '" u he rttarncttl u tilt' lio !> rn pr ClJc< t
to$lay durlnx (l\lttfllur ~~~~~·~ls Wo wanlrd •nuunl holtuo llt.u nw 1111 mtuc money fol Ben Ah ye:. Whort!~·~ we w•lh rrc:rUllm~t
to Imet out whrclom:comrn"'l rlt<ltt wuuid Oltll;lmu pll'•rnu tn Dr<~her .. If the <!X ll~?
kcrp p<:opl~ dry ln b;od Wl!ulher curnpany·~ Jl!&tJhJ JI t ..'()(~ Nata•ha w..u wc VI." •l ready l;anlt~t~
Why dtd wa choose J>odpoda? Becnus<! thrv lw. nl) 1. .ondlduti!S
111" muth slf'On&C!Ilt.tn trmtL TM ntnkl'n Ban • Irat '1 good C4n yuu glvtl me l~ r CVC
- • .
N~taaha J C'm:ttlr.:d t hem tn yuu J.ut we~J. c"mp.1ny l.:lr Y"~,-, Howc·vr.r .,..,. wc·r~ Prtr Fthm iltllltttuale. 'l%aay ti
H....., you\ ked al VOU! emalb? d~llshed wt th the ~1Cttthls ''""' MJ ba"' ht hlms,flliWC,or DVOn í'ni}J
Ile: n , MifTY N 111 M h-to l t'cn "-''V hort wc ve chan!!•'d to • d•lf~nmt compun y whmr.a 4t v th111 thq h•vo pur
of llllle l hU wet:"k t ro vel nccollllllOd.UJOI\. IIDd hc!ld:)'l
Natulla Wcll ttmc'J ruruung out J nt<'<l 29
to c:nll the c:nndidata cwty next Wf't!k to And ll~r.lmal 1!iiCNV 011 Coru.ult1<'t N~ 31
IUl nce the in• •'!TYWWJ. tomgitt tS llboul CU1lQmer serv a and th<!
~n \\ell lll ro;ad rvcrythmjltlu' wl't·krnd lntNnet Broadbll~l'! Soltw-dr" t·uuduci<'U
Doa l worry lr.a>~ It wl.lh mc1 Sup p hu Can l hr. p )'OU
a surwy m1o how online ~rs are
Niluha And whillni!OIIt the Ultrn-K'Wlal Cuuoml!r Yes. lm c:alllllabcau:e }W'Ve
ue.ued ll AJ.Xed ~ 10 buy a produ 1
the end 01 thCI momh'll'd Illu! vou to 1~11 ~ umt fM 20 lvlmu tnl: amr~o in D!
Ir '"'an onh ne te1atle• and thl'n 111 um u
when you m lrn: J ll need )'0\J lor t wo ot 20blulr.o~
ll co"'., lhry recoved ll Tilt-y 'l'iCTe al w
lhreedAva SuppUer l att Can you glvt me yaur CJríla
askrd to uy And m•tke cornoct wuh r h~ 11\lrnbel, ple:s •7
~n \\dl lm 1101 Jurr ul the roomeni l ve
gt11 on.: all-dmy ~n« ll nj t• l !iN l th.tl week, Cu•lom~r Yes ui WI<~174S
The: t<"sult• ol !hl! ltrrvt'y u re gr.n<•rully
butiiUiv~n'hl'lr'tl wMr d~l•• r111 SuppUer Yo l rrt •r• v J nr ty obOutlhlll
el~CP\lr.!~ln~ lOr C'\n&u!N'rL Ttu,y can
Nataa". l.ooit.llen. thc tmervtt'ws •ne \-erv ammbody roun.t l!lnl()fnM w Itb lhr
c.ont..ctallth" · ompau•rlellh"t by em1rl bl..~k camrltlgrs 11th n Ot;?
•'"'" CHI vuu Irt ml'l ~n11w tty Mnurl.ry or through,, c<~ll <<'OITC. nd, wlth ll!l' • ol
mormng at IM IUlesti Cu~tomcr Yc:s llwnk )'tJ\1
tbcm. custom~!!'$ tan chocne how to rt tum
Den OK OK.IIIduttllyth .. w;,y,hmvcyou ,t:eod~ But 29''' til L'OmJlolnle•lnk" lll<lt" 2
lint~hnJ th Jhb ut• rrtJ IIon y..& 7 th tn !WO bUMOt' d4y to U01Wt•r t<mUIIt.
N"uha NL' J hn~ -nt hud 11m1 "'·101 Cu tom r r Hdlo l m e.tlltng b<.'amc ll~
Tht ln~I!OS liliiilf CIIMOI!Il'fl WllOI ll ., rn«r~l:t: wuh my 1nvo11 u h liiiYJ St OOO
10 WO!il Cili ll tili' UIICII!llOn l "''0 llC11d qutckrr rcspnnse, tlwy h ov~ to ~rwnd ntrtr••
to ~k 1 th• Ml> Illi! ru t 1l.mt • And
ln .It> uJ ur i lOCI
morwy by m.. ktnll•l lo.J.,phono c.ll Suppll"r Oh filliti Ca11 you J:IVt.' mt' tbr
Ileneh ll ll ~"ms lh•tl you tod he dun·l The ""'uh~ o;how t hu• the u•turn, pohcy ••untlt~r 1•11lht• Jn~ul( 1•?
liiifC- or on h ne ll:tall.en IS flet ll nil b.!nc•r, but
lJton lm havlllg a trlt.'t'liflll wuh h1m thiS Cu•tom~r 11 • Rl-1107124
Brwdba5e Sollwa:rt• belt~Vt'$ ll "' Uli not Suppller Yf!'ll, 11.. (lll( m !Ake I'm terrib!Y
~llornoon öbsolutl'l)' JatlifiiCIOry
NatDJhll Ot: liO Clln VUII dL'Ill Wil h Út e
l Illóend ygu all('W mvo!ce.
Cu"omer Th.mk you
c.'lart<'JI!Sua wiM n yuu sre htm7 30
Bt n No problem 3
ll.atuha írun•4, lkn So Iluita sallion Ludmila So, ean you trll u.aomrth ng 1\bout
the 1 u lis "tlhl$SU"'"Y lot o the Utc Oli h t SuppUu Optunum Oli la! Supp!!e:. Uow cm
10 ll.:CU'I11h1$ Hlternoon, CV•tll re td
Intem"' PE-tr7 l ltclp you
thb weekend llnd )'OIIf av-~tlnbillly lOr Cuatomer Hd!Q rm
c:aUtna bc:a:nc l
ntL'fv•ew• b v Mond••v lli0Tllll"4l You won l Perr \~f!IJ.ItT"Jr ol ali. l< ts laok ruth<: dllitidll
age l!fOU()S Tht>rebJtill u IM&e tldh•rt'n t1 mdl!r<d ICJIII~ pupct IIW<"ek fti,'OAndltAlJI
lorgel all1ha11
b<-•wee:n th<' numher ol youllg and older ham 11uTJYlld
~ No, lwont
!'t'Of'le who a:(ess lh,.lnt~rn"l '1\l'Y. ol Suppll!!r 'Tillst "u
proibiern W lim wu the
tlome '"Ibe lf>-2411gt: group ".ve used ll•" drltvery Wúl'!?
lnrernt.:t lll Ih lasJ thrt" m<>rtths Wllt'ft:.U Cuatomer Yestoday morn~
Unit 6 the J'f't~·en~e tn du: 65+ agt· group ts (>rtlv Supplter IIJo AJ)!•Io~ lor til4II We'rc h:lva.::
i4 r. t.l.m wftb ou• ddi\ouy DttmJ. ru an
thun to hnd 0111 "hat h~• happene:l
28 Ludmila 'J'lwt'' not thut surpn •ngthough IS
Cuatomer Ilon 1 worry Ittlink 1,1 enned
h' Allr .tiL ~oung pt'OPI<l h.&•elJOWIIUII
wnh th" lnrrrncl th c: der h 1 nollhe Lnttrn" !us
la.\t y~.tr l bou"ht a book tboutlh• p.unler Petr Th.,,., tru~;. And ai!IO. M yotr mt,•ht h.tVllt'rtt•tt
~tlrnn· • ~ •ll-o.>kllh<>p Wt.cn l &Ol p,~ l. the 1110$1 popular IIC11vlfy ll
hOI'IU.' Ituund tht· bo<tk WUK Irt Sp,11.,h 1101 earchtng lor tnformauon ohomaood~ oo 32
tn [fljllli!h l Wfht b~tk tn th~ Jhop hut thrv ,...vu-<"1 \\hi~h Dl<t>' up Bll'l~ ot oUI tunn
d~tln lh•tvo. th" F.nal •h v"r•wn 1n ~tud: tJnhn~ ·1 he "'-'Ctltld tn<>lit pupul.n ttltVIIY
rl!t'Y snl•lll w u l npuuthht 10 IJtYP tn r 1 It •<~ndinV,llttd t:cc-lvlnw .-rn tilt ,t ss••
t<lfund Artwally, lhfY Wrt~n'ltllllll h,.lpful !.it:nl:'fiiJI)' rrtl>ll Uhc ti '"""'~' l ho1n WQIIICil.
but Cll" "' ''"' faw ut llvlllo~ lhftt W<Jm~n 1111
2 more mtcr~tcd rn th4n men os lookma lur
l boohd ~tU lio !W to thr arrpoM ln ue.tlth-relawd rnrotm.uton 3 t% U•l!d tht•
cul€h an ~arly llil!ht The taxt WJ nved Intern-t for Ih ls 45 uppo~ed h> 2•1 • <•l ln<"tt
at mv hcuse altriO)t an ltoUt fdt and l ludmila Whnt about where "'' ,tt'Ct:n l hl!
OIISS('d rny lilijiU I'm nvlj;UIIttl ICI11M t hul lnternl·t1 O<> we •JX•nd d lr.tultlnu 111 wo1k
ru i Ct>mp.tnV •g~ on b«-.11u • t h< v ll • on h nt whm we ahould be w'nrbnQ7
amdtílbl Petr No. at:tually, Bi% lnJI on h om hume.
whf!f1!tls ouly ~<4% acces 11 rrom wmk
52'Y• ol llltt!mtot UM!riiLI)' ll• •l the most CUSI<>!IW!L
W~ bought ll Oc:'W CXetUII\1: Cit31f f"' nur
lmpon•n• rc<~~<>n why t hev don't u c Kifliten lcloo'l ng~ee Ali Ml n~ Jo ilo
olfoce. bv• ali ef Jtul • week • ,.iled c-n me the Intemct ll1llfl' ts bec.au e they don t gtve OUt an ld st lill a11<1:1:h's 11111n~
alt l pitOnOliilli C<>mpany IO CUmpill ll hav tlmr, but ool~ 10% wmry oihollttln! Ilu,-y l DM
1111d t~y aold they woutd • od 11n0th~t •ecu r n y und l heu pm'iiC) Cna llowcloyou fcrl.abou! úw Svc:O
imllltd tclyln tb<~ md ttt!XIk ntne ludmila OK. One 11m quesoon Whtch Svl!ll 1-.,"'f'Ce w !th ~- Kimt:11 Atrnlnine
phO~ lis and r10rly '"'o
months to grt prodlll:r& lw.ve thi!' h~J:h~l u tc.-J? courK' wmtld t~h our lc's lll&fl how w
a new chA tr We'vc bttn loVlll to d~ llllnct
~!cal ~~nt h Cll omcn a wtllas (tiVUl& lhmt
som~ mlurmatlon tbuut th~ compan)' Passenge r Only one way. pll'ase l don t Customer no l need to Sl!;n m7
n,".,. wuuld bt• hilppter lll thcuJol>s ond so know when rm comlnll back. Rtcl'piiOnls l Y~ C;n yml tLlSI ~ ~
tl.,y'd l>e mor<' pulrt~ to eu tomecs Ticket detk OK That's (4<1 99, piN~e l' ' l 1
Crll l thrnl.. )'UU·,..."ght Sv..., OK. ro !t'l's l'assenger C.m vou trll 111~ whrll llnll' th~ Custom tr or COlJIU
n ~~On ID ourrl'lun<IS pohq• Cu ,tom~r. Otghl lands ln Copcnhagen7 Receptiont t Thauk you And llerrt your
lwve complatned thattiltoo MnCI, and Ticket derk Yes Ir lands dl 15 45
""' l aS$
we ve lent ~lot ol busrry,n rl!<·~ntly Whdl Passrnger And at whteh termmal7 Customer Thon~ you vel)' much
do you thmlc. Krrlltn7 Ticket d erit Tet muul 2
Kt"t«m Perrorrrlly l t.·el wc ~huull KIVé ll U Pass«mger Thilllles a lot 36
eu lom<'~ lhru ntotl<'Y blldt tl li•~'Y·,., not Dan l:xcu ,. me Ar e vou Jozc:r Dropmski"l
•ll · · ~ wnh then l•urrh.nc: 34 Jo~d Vr.$. l >m And vou mu:.t Ile Dan Ford
J ran nr lllonl •grc:c bt or ll Thtnk nl tht· n.., t WO bcst tra in ~c:rvw;~, h> ti~ illipert Dan Thota r1ght Pl"•~ ro mttt )'OU Jou:f
• • P" n · l dn111 l hmlt wc ~hnulrl grv,; ~re theNunta Express nnd A1rpo11 N orilll J oz.er NM~ tu nwet y•1u Dan
r~hmd to c:us1omcr1 If they cun l produte
(R•tp•d Serv)Ce) and l he Jnurno•y t.1ke5 <lbciUI Od ll OK t hon l.!!U au end &tili Ic XI
a~ • •pt.
an hour A more expen$1VC: aptlon ' ' to laké Jouf R1ght l ll tolicM you
Klrstrn W• ll pcrh~ps we'lliould ~xchang<" 4 tax• Farcsstart ot 14.000 ven Dan OK. the rut~ a re OU15tde.about rwo
thr prc><luclrf tht•rt•s nu rcn•tpt Oo you Thlli"e are f"'e pnvate showcr rooms 111 lntiiUh'! w ulk Irum ht'rt! So c!ld voo h.wt! a
T~Dlllllll 2 wlllch come wtth&hümpuo, •ood llight, )ozd?
Jranne l h 11 iOUnd• bt•llt•r bath rowcls. ond hllitdrycrS rht", CIIJI b<' Joz.ef l lmm ll wn• dd.tyf'd lor hntl ·111 htmr
Sven Yt•s.lhnt ' much l>cfl~r med by passengers nrrivmg • t •l! drpurtlnl( but IJI<IM ltom tlt.tt evtrythmg wa ftné
Crla ü~ then Iram tht: uilport A JO-mrnul~ ac·~•l"n cnNIS Ohn W~ll. l 'uppo''" hall ~n hnosr lsn'r ao blld
~00 yen. l>o y<ltl nil~ fl travel ubroad on bU!Imcss'
Passengers can exchanAc moncy ot the Jozet l'robnblv Kbour once o month. realh
Unit 7 many bnnks Ln the likport Cash madune) l Allt mfl!\1 h l Wil'· ln Gr-11nadt
aH! woJlablt in tht• Chctk·in nr..~ of D11n l{•••llyl l:íntn.,d..:S l>r.,Juttlullsn't t?
Depliltur~. but lhcft' arr nnn~ mthc Jozel Ve • ltis Hav.. yotl b~en Ih<""'- thrn?
33 dt•patture toungl' Dan Ye•.l Wlmt tb~re Wil h my will' lor a
1 Passengers can leave luAAB~ tn the 111rpon weekend u couplr• of vc ~~r• a go n.~ vou &e~
Thi• l$ li llt)lhl otnnounccmentlnr lltWW; lor a mruumum ol thrce dnvs. rlte lockcrs the Alhambra1
)<"ht~Ultd It""'
to Trnnmal l ln the nt' >ti coS1 JOO Vl!n pe1 dny lm " rmnll b< og nnd Jo7el Yes. toliUMtelv WI! tn d tl""'to do u b t
ho ur on be found m both trnninal.!o <o) ~~~~~<:JOg, 110 l W~IIO ha' • ll (Qal:
l"h~ht BA729lto Sm~ppotc: at 14 4~ has A ltliDibe of dillerrnt campames olie• Dan What !ltd you rhtnk c:ln
l>errt do•la\cd unlll 16.30 I'aJSCllj;l"TS are mobll;, phonl!lltO rr:n1 tn the &urport J oz.ef l rhoughlll wa1 bc:nutuul And rally
a ked tn wall lntlw d~pallUrt' lounge and Passengers sbould go ro rhe mJormanon t>"ac ·hJ too ln tact, llov~tllt
Wilich th••len'em Icu l urth.-r tnlonnauon desk m Ocpanures m fmd out whcre the1r Dan the ilrt'hltt!(:ture ts amaZJng. ~n 1 117 An:
fl1gh1 RA72!13 ro Smg;opvre del.ryed ttmU cbosen companv IS located yuu tniCieilt:'d 10 nrchttccture,Jozef?
16 JO Po~ngcrs should w dtt m rhe Jo2.eC To be honesr, l don't rrally know mudl
depanure lounqc 35 about it, but l d" er.tov v1•11mg new plaus
Fli~ht UA0472 to Beaton r1oow btJútdrng wh n l c:an W~1 •boti•
tl Gate JIJ Filght UA0472 ro BoMun now Dan Yes, me roo but l've onlv 0:01 trme to
~cept:lonist Good mommg. C11n l help you•
IJo.lrdmg al G.ue J 13 tmvel dun n!! the hohdaya V. hcn do you
Cuitorner Yes l w.1nt to see Susana Kl'c~l u.•u.ollv Ilike your hel ul n 7
2 Recepl:lorust Can l have yow nnmc plc.s·,•:"l Joul l u trall\ have a fortnrl;ht ln the
Cu1tomer (Jh hdlo C on you rr:ll m•· wilolt Customer Jrm. Jtm Kmg ummo 1 ldntl ~ wetk 1n eotrly l'tprmg Haw
Receptionist Do yuu huve un .1ppomtrncn1,
lim•· l have "' ch~t:k t'lll plco'lf' ;tbOUI you?
Recepriomal Yea You have toleave your Dnn l ulways rtn aklmg for 11 wvck m
room by twelvl' And t·c:t um vou r key c.trd ro CustomH Yes ficbruurv
recept um Receptionist OK Which cornpttny nru you Joz.et Oo you l Wilere do vou u.•nMil~ (!.o?
trom Mr Klu11?
Cusromer W11Uid It bt pv~tiJio to lcuvc Dan ro AlltleJtra lllere ...re ~ome e..:~ellcm
my ~u ltr.n•.e here unttil hnvc logo to t lu! Customer Flymfl H1gll Ltd kl \ IU1lt'11hen C-111 you ~kJ?
oltport? Receptionist Thank you Plcosc ~IP. n locn· Jozcl Ve. l reali y cn,&oy u LluJL ye.tr v.1 w.:or
Rec~pliOnl$1 v~s. ol tourso. !Iul ple<~Ml don'l
and 1'11 see 11 Ms Kechc l 1s avaduble. lo Sluvcnl.t ln Morclt . It w.t bnlliunt nnd
leove nnvthl ng vnlunble ln It 2 l he tu Wt\!1 plcnty ol ~now
CtUtomer No ol cout c not. l U take my Dan Wall. here at ú thi! LaXIS Let s t:rt lll tJu;
Receptionist Good mornon~ C.1 11 1 h~lp you?
vuluublc~•JUt ullhc ~nh• •tnfl pul lhrm ln queu t
Cuatomer Ye« l 1"11<1 My num~·· Hrl~n
my bil JI C4 n l po y my bt ll by eredll card?
Edw111d.' .111d l'rnlwn• Ciltb~nk J havi"
Receptiomat Vo•, nf coun.<.
.m aPJXIfntmcnt Wtlh Su'><!nu K~chrl 111 ll
3 o'clock Unit 8
Pau enger Oh,gnud moo mng l lll'1.'d tu gel Recepuootst OK.I'II call Susnuo Krchc1 ilnd
ln Cnpenhagen ·• :;cxm ns posstble
tell hur you ~ ll<•re Could you I r ll tnfl ynur 37
Ticket clerk Wt>ll Fltghl ll XJ41l5 tlep.tlls al nam~ a~tn. ple<Uc'
Cuatome.r Yes. It s Heim Edwards. It oll t nr u when a polcntt;al eusto~r
13 00 SIMlll t·rlrthcr" <th any ,c.rts fr<'<' phon!'t u~ 01 email• us to lndiOI!4n cnqurry
ln ~OII•lffi)'CI.tu? Rec:eptiooist Thank you Woul<l yuu h~.., 10
tak~ • sem whtle you re V.illltnf!? 1boUt our produ~u Wc providethem w11h
Pu\en~n Yl's, pl~-" t' l he lnlönrutllon.. lhcll quolet hem u pnce.
Ticket elerit Yes th~l J Ime Would you llke a Customer Yes l hanks
Recepúon11t Susana will come and mret you nonn • ly Wilrun 48 hmrrs, ll they w11nt
Olll'·WAY IKkel or a rl'tUrn1 aatnndard pruduct T~ eu tonw rllw
w tibout fivt! mmutes
pl~~ th order, 11nd we ~1n to proas:
~ = = -- = :;_ -- - -------~---------- -- -- -- -..------- -- ~----=--- -_ -
It Obviouily wr (ht:tk llnt olalllhttthc! fenola Yes Goodbye Whe~ Lhel• Booc1l &re 10 an eHit::ic%11
product or produrb at ll tn Jtock, antltMn onhne tllld:ln $J ~-b~
Wt tonlumthr order wtlh th•· eu tol'll<'r 40 It:. 111JICI1111l\1 WI fQUf delr<cy ~
llflllttYC t !u-m • <khVO'Y datft. ll tll<"v ftgTI!C Fmola Ht Sven? c4ters a nambeor at dJlJemJf <ldM:ry
wrtlltht! date, w, packqe the lf>OCis and Svw Hl Fenttlil How'' II go~ n~:? oprton lt.kc enrly mortlllll or btt cYWirl
th!t' t hem to thr customer Our cusromer FI!JlOia Not too bad L!su;n Can""" m..-et lor to mnkc thr delivuv ~(:)r thr
can truclt tha prosreu ulthe11 order ut IUlich nel<< w«k? cwtutner Sotml companlcuend a teJo;t
a:ty moment ln t~öl u~ U \Irti! aw cml.ne Svm Crnt ido.&. Whftl art' vou tree7 ~Of Illi rm:tlltD tlwt~ ID
t~btg servtcr Wt then tlehwr the f('llold r~ 1\u!!<day OK rar you? 1~1; thrm when to Upcd Ibe r goocb Th
shapmcnt to atu: c:uuamer, ~rullv 10 the Sven Sorry l 0111 1 malce t on 'IUesday How obvl~y mprovn thdtltl1l ~ d:!IV~:IY
ngln ~r ess "1111 the anvot~ uedwd oaboul Thurld.ay al 12 30 msteud7 111te ll yt)U ha\T.IO ddnlrt th!!satnte
Wc Ihm ll5k thr-m to p tv the in vo te«! Wtthm FenolA Sound' good Sutne pl.tn! u tUUd 11 produ< trnorl! than on«, the del1"-ery
30 Cl.l)"'l futtun~t ly mmt olthem •h Svu Vu S.ame plau: ill 12 lO !>et' yQu tlwn rnore eiJI<!Il$l\T. for the e- FlnallY
Fenola Sei) you on Thursdnv Bye Pted ol the Llcl111 !11 an 11!Jo be improWd
38 tit hl' f!OOd arc cellwed Itam lhc rd.IIJH
Supplter JPII pnntan~ llow <<~n l lt!!lr• )'ou? 41 du tl) twl~ llatly or nn ~nd
Customu llrlkl Thrs Lll Hoo~tuon Hulher O K then Irt • start ~h~ ll we7
ConsulttnRhm: H·O·U·G·H l'·O·N I'm Wr!.t" here to decldt' on •l lillY> luRu lor th.,
calholl ahOlll 4II order lot !llltn•• bustr\C'~s
card l"d hke to kno-.. w heon wr Cll n oxpect
comp.my Any lde111? Unit 9
To ny Weil. P..'f1iOIIOll) l qullt lik• lht o lrJ
Illem one Why don't Y. c l~N dllinge Ih<· c<1lnun..
Suppll~r Could t Itu~• thr nrder numb<!r make '' f(lO!( a b11 morc mr>dern. onc11r IV<'
pl~a,,r mfttlnm7 11 at thut?
Cw.tomttt Y• n· 1U2/2111l Heat her l don"l thi nk tll.lt"U work, l '•• ny Wr
5lJllph•r Ont• mom,•nt pic • If llltt.t>t chucK.
ll rtow that comp4n • lllr..., tuldvrttr&t'
Wdnl omethtn& rt.. lly m•w hf'fr A JI th ID ~clllhrtr jlrodUCI5 1\ut you don t need
Rt~hl hm; It 1 76 U 298 vou A lll>
c>l -t~drt dt!stlln that ~howt how tar we'vr. lu h'"" lng btiiiKllltd, ~vl!fywbf,te They rt
Cuctom~r Vc· th~t lijútl Thed<"ll\~f)' dute
com~ It no. wc •tart"d rr.11ly hunlbl" 1tnd Ih!."\' get IJ1&grr&ud
y, .u Mond~y l hl' 26th ul J'rbtlturv, t>ut th~
lngrrd Muybe we should ch·•lll!" thn nam~ t•tgger r vr y veJti l thlnlr thi! Mayot d Sio
I.>JUOC'.U ni dtdn tl'lt n ve then
or th" companv too l '"""" Rollutwn 11 l uto .. 4" ahttodo~ l!!t did
Suppllttr Yo, lhcreol111 lt'C>ntltt C>ldt·r AudJOvtsual SolUlJoM' "qu lll' luna. "n l it 7
lm airDid thc!tc:'s t""'" 1 probll!m wllh K.erl Yet l thtnk we hould sh•Jfl~n n w., 2
the quanllty you ordcred W~ re t;Otn,s to toold JU'I h,,...., th<'lnlllal\ R·A-S tnthr. lthtnk you ne :d to hdve laww on
drl11r.." the cant. n•·xt1 hursday tuuming
"'&o odvc:rtt lill Y(lU ha Y{! toSlop an::ptlllln
lmteDd That ''h"' 8111 of Marc h lnand Th"t's'"llf""' sd•• Karl! R A·S llclv~til n" producu wluch a re bad lbt
Cu.tomar Oh""· th •tat no l•tt' Wr. re
mW!d ng lit<! CQI!lParr; conlctenct: ln
T~t • >~.~nds aood. doesn t n~ How ubout you l n mv count ry you an:n t aDowed to
t.. n~>llj.( our .name to R-A S7 'Cfthc rfguetta, fm eutnple
Torunio oott\ Sth ul M•rch and"'' ntod HelUher lm not ~u re Aimul th 11 ln11rill One
thi! buslneU c:ard:lto take w1th ua th u~ •l he company logo ~nd 11r101h~r 3
Suppltrt So whcn ll the bt!!il WC! can d.-ltvcr thmg n the nam.: l11uggt:$t we u:~e th~ lt•·rnkwmeod~n 112 bm a~ r~r:.!ly
thecards? ISIIIWII H·A-S n the logQ. but ~p ou r t<~pldWt"" 1 hvc, Y®arct oliowed to
Ct&atomtr On Ptiddy the 2nd ••l Mnrch nt the name so that P"'J)leaull know who wear" advnu~ be&!r Ind alcOhal on TV bt4 yw
latest WIMI do you Ihm~? atn t do 11 belore 8 00 p. ru. The Idea 11 10
Supphl'f OK lll•pr•• to the mana •T ~ K.etl Fín. l thmk thAt m~~~ mse protea ch J Ir"" tJut tnent ch l ren watch
•~ ol w" .:.tn ctwnwr th~ •Hovrry d.ue A• Htather Ct~<>d Now let'11 rnove ontlll he TV untll at J" tá 10 00 pm
< n u l'vr apolern to h1m. l'll call vou que <11nn ol who's gotn~ 10 dellill the log<l
o;~ l OK?
Tony Wrll 11 WI' want "complrtt' ~~~ mg~
Cu•tomer Yr:t tholnk yuu 1'11 ~xpr<t )'Qu r we ll need co hná a dillell'm dcslvner
•ll ... ry oon th~n l tl~nb Sh.sll Wt' d>lc n ftw luc.tl d~,.'R"~'• to l'lld
ut~ sample of lhetr wotlc. und lnkl'lt lrvm
39 then•1
Fenola Hcllr lv t hul Mtrh.t~l Wun? HCllth~r OK let'&look at >0111" lo~·al
Mlt:hnel Spt-.tktnll compani c tll"'lt 1nrl ""' wh •l fOn "l w •rk
Fenola lf~llo Mtrhurl h '~ fl·noln Vmtnlllll're they pnxfuce rony, Will )'OU lt)(lk 11110 Ih 111
(rutn r:.. w Arlhllt " Tony Yrs. or cuu~ No probl~m
Mlchael II~Jio l • nolo~ lfow Clin I I"'IP vrro1 Huther IUghtlltct~ What <1bout '1)1.-.7 Whnl
Ftnola l 'd ll~!' l o 111~1 1 you autlt~ llllit twxt arr W1! Jctullllv looklllll fut lu-tr
week w tltKIID (IUl Idoeas 1ur th r Ilo· w 44
1oft"''" tpph~lltmn 42 A l dn11 l IHII!t ol ali lthmk ot> wn:mg
Mtchul ~es ol coursc Whr.n loln.' you One at l~ IDOM oln.'l0\1$ CCII~olllnn~ toc" - •ll 1hoc ltctwteS and r~
11~1Uitl1~7 ploducuontoleo"-c~ counlrla..
lor J ll online rt·!Atl<.'f "llen d10011n
f f'nola lloes 7\.t!:lJd.ty mmn"tlliWI \OU? " !ellvl'ry com (\IUl}'~ the pr- ol t he 8 Sorry but wi n )'Oli produec tlJOdt m
M~ehul lm 11fntid lm not availAble on xrvtc:e. Ha..'l:VU a low·COII compnny la Cflina fof C.Iamplt!
TuesdJy Sh.tll wc lillY Wednesd.ly t ll only a good chota.' 11 the Krvln.• u 1.1 t A Cún ljrul flnl h
m:telld? Ctnt~ want th<: products th<'Y <mier u 8 Sony to ahead
Ftnola h•.., t hot $U lll me 'lluank you I<O Jo<Jn a:J posS>blr and Sc> <l n~•t ·d.Yy ,,~rviCt! A l nol'an, at 'l ali happeniiJSIO qu ldy
moch n tM l'l)(6t populn They al so It ke to know FliC1oriel art! cbl~~g ond ~art no new
M~thul íhllnk yw So lll:lt 'J Wcdne.Jday 111 j~ lor fA( tor)' wwbtn bern.
ll then
B Can l ju~• snv somethmll here7 Relocnung on anather day Edward dtdyou hu v~ Tony Vt • 1<O$tS us le~s to C:L•fltrJCia
tu luw-ccnt counn!es h~lp5 to tedtll:~ ptiCell •IJ'JYthtnl! elo:e ro say? p11vare campany t han to empiO)' our own
for us ln the West And tho~e 'nuntnes Edward No. l thlnk t hat'' evt'fythtnr, Can wt' 1\..11011'11011((! pe(•ple
A V• . but 11 yOú Ilon t have l Job yoo don t um up what w~\or agu:t'CI7 Blrrnc• W h laoout IT? Who loob ultc your
·~.avt; any Sonyo~ Sure So Edward, \l(lu'rc gmng tu computer~?
B Pl~s~ let me hntlh h llht: loYo·<~l pH•pare a detatlo:d'Sdle• lorec;m, counuy Tony We'vc. got aut own rr department
countrlcs hke Chtn& or lnd1.1 wh1ch wtll by country. and Anrnn. vuu re gorn1 to trenunol! Ih• prograrnsötre so specllriiT.ed
be the brg m.1rkru ln the future If vou l low ubout vou?
PfodUu! t here, h • o gC>Od w.ty to lllifiiCI Bia nea No \\t! outsourc<" lu a leaallT
IUluru cu"orncn .tntl earn ITUirkel dLl11! cnmpany Wt' h:wm 1 g.t( "naugh
A Ves, but rompanles nt"'d tu boa. l su: c•
Unit 10 rump<•ters 10 ne•'<l ou r own teduuaans
here tov r\rul1l po:ople don 1 have tobs Tony How fibout hum •n res~~
46 Bianea Wc v•· no ly gor tiJOUI 50 employee&
45 1 Jn wc 'vc &nl un lll!< OCY whtch hrn!s ile\\
Sonya So wr: re h~re today ro to lk uhou1 ~IHtffor u wh~n Wtl "<'!'d l hem l .upposr:
Wr"w: got some r nt her unu,Ulll dnnk.~ vuu mpluy you t awn tali''
Centr.ll Europe w~ n~•d to dt!.<:USSOUt mu•·hfnl!!i rn ou r o flt~ wh1r.h rr ·ycle
~~w m.ukt·tlng,·••tnfMIIlll To ny Ab.>olur el y The l IR Department l$
boltles nnd Clfn5 fhey're c.olh:d rever•t!
Anton So whu'•gum~ to '1111? qu!lt' brg t;cJlll'U!I cln allt h~ empl•1ylrtg
vendmg machmcs W hcn you 've hlll~hed ll.t'll Wr "'il30ur <' th .. tmtnmg.th<lugh.
Sonya Mhybr· you, Anton Cun you lull u~ vour drink vou put the con hnek tnro th~
tbout the "dvllrfl.,n!IIIUIIIIl't'l ht•cüusc the rt·~ •n much of 11
mochm~ rhey'n: quitc popuhu ucwu.Jlv. u.s
'8111nc a Wr JUisnurcc Irtilill ti~ 100 btlcause
Anion Ves, OK Tn '>~IJ1111lrl t ile new &.tles ou r offke producea 1C!.'Ill wu~\1' md ynu f~d
rflll!fl•IIRO we llolVC lo Sji<'IIU ITilll ll 011 Wll tfOU'I nt•e<JII VC I YIJllCit
ns If yuu're helpmg th~ envtranment 1'ony Whnl ~J ..1 1 knnw 1111 untctn IIIVI.l
4UVIltttslng thi~ VNI. l •~l yt>ar ou r
.p~ndinjl ln C~ntral f.UIUjl'' Wil& 28 6 2 yn• gut ynurnwll conkil
mtlltun '""'" l'hl~ yr•ar wr• hnve dl"<:tdt•tl We d•dn't do much ln hdp thv rrrvtrr>nm.,nr Bionea N n th~ OIIN1ng., "ut~ur~d to
on • bud~! ol 37 S mtllll'lll m my offlee unttll>!llll!!(JO<· stm t t• d 811 ennther ~''"''"'"Y bc~"u"' nulv •le"
Edward :inrrv, l dtdn't tiliCh ih(lt, Anton mrllatlve to turn the li!:hll oh It 'su reallv emplovces u<e tht: ~crvtc(' l\n d vou?
WhAt was that vou natd? Tony y,s. we uutsowcc, ti){)• .JO thar v. e~~~
eflecuve way to sav~'> "'"'r&li •• nd tUl c:u'rs
Ant on Vu., ll<>fTV Out ~Pl'tldJng la ·t ye 11 btttt!l wrvtl~ l il1~lnJl <•f lood J m lrungrv
W•l' lll 0 IntiilOn CiliCIS r\ncJth11 Y<'Jir OU! 3 Ot• you l .UIC Vgm ng out ln r lunch
bud&•·l J& 37 !i mrlllnn ~IHM WI'. want to The mostl'JIVlronmentallv fnmtlfy .111:u m
spend thr• t'l<IIP money ou a btll t>U!<Wor rny eomp~ny ls probllhly the canleen Most 48
rdvr ntllng c:amp;ugn work canteens use pld.wrc knrvt·J and fork l, Tere• • Ht'llo. Guldo You said you willlied to
Sonya Ycs.th.ll 's drrlnuely a Road rd•-'4 but the ones we use a:re b1odegmdabiP, •~;It to me
Anton OK ll wc now look 411 he bodget tor nnd so nre the cups l thmk 11 s a useluf Cwdo v.~. come m lcreoa l wnmrd tu uill;
We~trr n Eu!Oflt'· \\C c th llldSl ve.tr wc way orteactung ~ople aboutgl't't!n tUUt!S to VOU abDUl Ute gr~n tru:l.urves proposed
hacl lltld ru the same ume m.rlttng rubbt'<ltlcss by t l cll d Ollrct! WhiCh proposals do rou
Edward Er 10ny Antnn butlthmk wi' re lutrmful. tlnnlt: would b< molol ellcwve?
gt>tUng olithe bubteCt ""ll! Can wr• eome Tercsa Do you trwoJnlnrny dcpanmö~: or m
baci. to that lmer? 4 the ""hole comp~ny?
Anton Ves OK But r reali y thmlt wo: nred to We've start L'<! a c:~~rpooltng ~YJI<'m 111 my Culdo l mean m the wholc comranv Head
1 oc u"" Wnt<'rn Eurupe rno olfice. $O t !wi we don"t alt <lnvr our -.u.. tu O ll !Cc wo nu tu to cui uur carbon emtSIIOIU
worlc rvery day The tdea ts Qllll<' popuf rr by \Cl% lxiore the end ol llte ve.ar
Edward OK. l thmk w" vc <OY«'If'<l .rctually. and dbout 60"~ or the stalltdke ruua Surry diLI yuu aay b)' th ~od cl Ittl
<J..,., ttstng c.m
w r move on to thr n~x t p<IFI Al least t wo people trovl'ltn ~.lch vcar'l l thouJ!hl thi! propo5.ll$ .atd by thr
por nt <•It, whtch memts we·re cUIIIttllllllr carbon rnri nl next ycar
Sonya Sure Do vou W<~nl to 111lk ubouLsulcs "'""~\mu by mort' th~n hall It' .11~ 11\l'ful GuIdo Vc~. you"' ub,..,lutelv nr.ht Wc w 11:01
nnw, Edward1 bec.lUM! we don 1,,mvt' M> t,u., d l tilt' uli It cl umll rhe end ot next veor l've been loolung
Edward 1\lltlghl Weil. we trm.'<:llM 1? 10% thNJUgh t hl ult'.l~, uud l ll lilik ll wuul<l be
tncrt'H!It' 111 dnnuul s Ilu& lcrr t hl~ yeor, and 47 n,,tliV <!U.l~ fur WIIO ltccp IIW Wlt1MWJ
wt·'" e lnokrng lur ,, stmlia r Ag ur~ lor thl• Bianea Su. Tol'! y, w hlll services doe" your Cftlol•d whr•n Ih h~lllin!l" VII
t wo lollnwtnR ye~r"!l l'hm's m the mu rkcts ad vet us.ng agency ootsouree7 Terua St' ut> yuu J~aylng we nhould tdl
w he rt) w~ hu ve a 111 roul!t!I presen cc Tony Weil cleamn11 fnr o ~t ort We contract o perlplt th~y can 1 opt·n the wtntfny,J?
Sonya Sorry. Edwar ct, J m not wtlh you ptivrur elenomg ;.crvlee to cl~un ou r olhte\ Culdo Yw- Alleast nol whcnthe lleHimg's
Edwnnl Whnt tlo you mean'/ bt!CIIU~e thi' buikllng •~ so btg on Albt' pNh.rf'' WI! euuhltum 111~ h!MIItJa
Sonya C~Juld you be morc •Pc<:lltc'/ Which Bianea A-ih That wt)ltldn't wurk lur U 5 Yuu 'lll lot pm t' I rh~ u.,y
coumnr .an "'~ t;~lking rbout' see the machmcs tn 1hL lnctory need ro ~ Tereaa Whal do yuu rnenn by part~·( th·
Ed wa nl l mean l 'ol und Huu~otu 1), ~nd the elenned by protesstonal,, so wc t:rnpluv uur d ly 7
C;<'ch Republtc own cleaners. Culdo h1 t 11 tourio ol hoJilrJ ln tl>e
Sony a OK thar ~.s.. Tony Really'/ And how obout m.rmlcrwn<e' altrrnoon bet w"en '2 liO antl-4 .00 let 'a 5ii]
Edward Weil llnY"·'Y 8laru:a We outsoun:ed this untllln~t v~•• Terese Wdl l suppus;; that m~l work TM
bur now \\T employ thrre I~'Chmctnns w., ufhce does u uolly [!el very worm lbcn
Anton Can l JuitiiiiY IOmtthmQ7 As l urd need experu 10 look at\tr the machtm•..s
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Sonya Ok 1\ntort. l agree but l thmk "f! 8la.nca Do yoú! Jnnuon from Cll!'bon Reductlllfl' end lm
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of gomg t;n:en ll you 111ke ől(! IOn llO'o\
vou ll bt •~adv rur rhe: gov~nmern'lr Unlble to go au~ ól~d mr tu go ln hol
new lllren ~ l 'U ralk Dboullh~ " _ pille e. l ao:cptN Lhc lnYit.ttoon and llew
r~ul.otiOn• l orer llnt of ali wt!'tal;{llllf,! 10 to Mil.sn h' n monúu ~11rr The eve-111 w as
look utthtl bentilis ola cl•!.llt green JM>IIcy the •>pcnm& ntghl Cll7rntatl u"d llf.Jid~ It
\\..:U tbc mcm unponanrlldvant~ ol wn1 wondt'rfW and alt~ tht- Jl(ffomunct' 53
becomlna mo1c e!lVuDnrnrmtall) Ir lt'ndl}' w e h.1d a tour ol1be b\uldonJ! l he C!\·erung
llllntncrtoue tn vnur campany proloti lino h•d 1n 1he mosr rxclusrvt' rcslllUI"'Inr
JU11 by ttHnlOi; ofllll:ldllnt2 w bm~ ll!! n MIIJtn wbeft' ~ t lb d blcini'..SS over a A So. !ll!fe we ne. l ll )'CliiJ bold.
nct IU!na lhrm and mmlngt..., he oting cldidou.1 hve-cOUTM!IneAI :accornplln rd Ily B1t nu ' eJY much ror pidj111: Illi! f1l) •~t~~t
ú wn ." WMm ...,,. othc,l yuu cun 1t'doa: thll~l w1nu aurpon
yow eic1:tnC11Y WI ll you pa, 20'\'olc:s A My piC'.IWie J1111 bérot., you~ snmr
lor energy vour btwrn:ss will g~>t• 5 • 51 l$ ro tm'e!lng lor dinner tcn1i t Wauld
lnCIINI!e ln proflll It ke 10 jol fl us?
fruncu eu W here dn you IhInk we ah<~ul<t
(.(-ts rn(IVIJ on 10 l hl:llfoesllnnnl vom B Th unb I•Jr lhll \n v lilllen, bul I'm
t.Jc• lh~m?
comp.my 1~ An lncrt".4-ÚI•i numbe-r ol ex~<l1t~ Irtunk l UlllSt gd lOIIlfÚ!Il18
Jacqule Weil Benno alJ J:Ood l wrnt th<'re
conlllmttl•an•l bu"llt:'IS ru romer~ 1uday lhLi hutd andthen huve a.u catly 111
l.isl week
wolluroly buy hum ur lnvt 1 tn com~>o.nle& l·''~ VOU 1011101 IOW uoud ntttll
Fmnce.sea Huw mu.:h tilt pt•r pto(JQII?
who hl'lp ptult!C'IIIIl' p!JII"'I Ily showon11 Jac qwe F.r, ~tbout €35-~0
you art" rrymg to r<'<luce curbun emraarons.
yuu w tlllnctt·~~r. yuur uppa rl ltr t hr.llllltk~l
Fmnc:esca Suuneh i<><'d Wn1o1 dn youthmk.
l Ul&l7
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and trr cof11&1rr ruól<>m"Jll ll l hllll~:JI

Lul111 Weil aoually. l thmk we ihoul<IIIO tn A Sh411 l ~rt you•J:Iauufw~fn?
My ll'!lll><llnl t·. .tbolll ynm ll'fiUI.IIoun"" 111.11 n.•w S1!'31umt plt1Ct 1 R Gulrl lc? 8 y,. , pl,.·~ Th nl \IYliUid be: nore
an tlllplnvr·r ll YUII IIhlk. 4 c11onmltnwnt tu Jacqule 11'1 C!~petllilV!' l huugl\, lvrl'l It?
thr. cnvr1onm••n1 y11u w• Ucn< ourag; mou• l.ulgl Ye• ti'art11wt €6Qnlwlld nut 11 t'• 3
people tn comt' ond wol'\. lor vou r!!opl~ nrcu. w<''ll bo; nble tu •" ~>Ul ld,. A Hello Slllnllnlha, r.ntll
rlun l juli Wilnilu huy Irum ll!,p<.n•lhlo
bu~n.,:u•·l th~y 11 u w lllilu wurk lur
Jecqule Ve~. bur rheru ll btl hvr. \>l UK,"'""" B Yes. rhar a nght
dmov,. La Calen e r! ll c:o~r 11• nbo:lUI t lOD ll lll l m r1lop Woo W vou likt 1call '?
ti'K-rn tnc:Judrnloó Ibe Wll\e flenllo's Wt li fw, olbn\ll 8 No thanb l d ralher hav~ la.
Thcre b Oli l' IlKI! C lrnpm1ünl lt~UII holl! thi>l
lor yo>UI bUllll~sa ll yc•u Al lll ~•J<>pHog Luigi Attyway whtch rv~nlng ahotil wc .,'<>7 4
rn\ uumn~r~.tltJChcles now ln the llt'OI Fra.ncnca How illbout Frklay7 A Did you ~now t h~ Chlncse Stm Cln:lll b tn
lotUI<' plnnntnglu lmng
lulgl Mmm, butil we go to l.a Caletlt' on r""n?
ln O"W ltAUIIItont lur tl~ thllil Wllh rltmolt' rhur.day, lh«e'll be! hve Jazz 8 N" l c;hd'1 1 Oh llove them l ~ se<'ll tnan
chalige Béln" pt~rrd l011h Will lll•" Ja.cquHl Weil tilere 1811111:'". ar Bcnuo's thlrcWhn
you tli'TII' nnd num..,. wbm t h r - rula nMitlv ··~~n I"Venl"jt A WeU ,.ouldyoulkemt!lobookatldu:tfor
are tnlroducerl And O$ l aaod bdort:, you ll Franc~sca So wh3t tim<' dun Bt'fllto a or~C~~' vou?
makt biggt•t proiti H yuu S14tl AVIIQI Jacqule Au..-... rn.lthmk B VQ. plc>.uc nw very }.tnd a1 ,rou.
~rgy llj;;lrt I!Oio
Frant a a And do wo:: hav to bo1Gl a l 1blc?
i'hbl tm n • tne to Ih~ ~rod ol my l4lk. Jac:qult' No, l don 1 Ih nk they Ul~• booklng•
rhllnlta very much lot lurrntng Now lit<' But n WWl~ be! tuU ti we t-er rherr lor JU~l
lik-re 11111 •1uelloru? l.lf,..•~ven
Unit 12
Francrsc:a OK Lrt"• go to llomtto't,lhm It
rh~l OK Wlth ycru LUijli1 54
Unit 11 Lutgi Yes. fin,.

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50 52 tntervlcw thll)' 1011d thar thr.lr lllfi"l w; 10
Teo l don tl:now whJtto h~A'e AmiD WIP• luwe .c:, ol rruth41;\i!1Tlf!nt putttloto Illiert
1 do you n!<:omll'll!nlf t-v wc·m~n Butlrv~ y~ rt lllter J'tn lilii
l.ital Junuorv n lnr~t elccrrontr compn ny Antta WeJI. you must try rhe r•ormu hom It h~ ol:' ln Ih~ ••rn~ Pl lt'e ~url l wo 111~11 WhU
IJI Spaln ~•·ld O C<lql<> tiC t' YNil lor il llbstrlutrly d.l!lklou.s•
11n "' utlh• "" lon.eas me hewbc::n
Jt,odlirgl'lr\1< und l ...u luc ~ y rntlliKh 1<1 Teo OK thar Jl<rund.> grmd 1'11 hllvt Ih• ll~oro pu>rnuto d"""' m•· 11'1 w:ry drlllflPOiflllr
brlnvurd l hl' purpti t• uf 11'11' t•vo•nt w.o~ ns 11 l l;lllet llc.ollv lhn~twhtll111d • brr, lurure hn111
lo ,,,nlnn c thr r~luti<Jn hip bl'lw~n th!! Anita l't>tha))l' W<' can sh•l te lhl! h~m and
comp.apy ~1\1.1 11 dh·nh anrllh' venu.. w.u oodr•t 1 aalad. U' weU 1 2
ft ~~~~·SIBI hOlel ln !Ir olZII r he y arran~~ed Teo GoO<IIdea. ancl then we can ~Jch order u Wn Vt ll'llurmlllo uumbrr ul et:odrnr lot
alrw tnpalot us. lno lmlln~ o Yllll to lht• llL11rt coune l ln piunil by :.10 We h1vcn 1 otJikvel.l
be4utllul Cll)' ot Salvadot d~ Ildi&. und Anita Rt!lhl What tlo you fancy·• OU l llllltt'l ofleu than 100 ICdderts ~
•n aur.rnnon fldtne <Ju•d ln~ alonf!t 11.~ Teo 11111101 re411) surr F.r. \\h.u ar e thr ye.tr but ~rc~u ngthcn l.ui:;nr
d·• ertL-d !Je,., h l h.od •ll•~•• tunc pozz..uh~~? Will "neon r •ll'"S. bo CllUIC tho numbtf ol
2 loruta Wrll. they r~ T101 b;>d butil t:atmt11~ntl <lous U\furta -~~~down d!aliWilcrllt)
'The bel CO!pOr<il< c\'\"nt l ve l'Vt!l amutded Ibe JlMUI lJ.\; ~ccllent hM'e- ~y maki' n
fhj"tnst•lves 3
wou • VISiliO lla ly Ont: ol the btJl bnnka
IJt Ccrmanv decideci IO elllr:t1 t ln lll VlP T eo Mmm, ddiCIDU.$.. Whutaw vou h4vlng'? w., vr hllll • ~allv rxt\!n rn ~ar lllliCh
.Anna lth1nl; l ll have the la'l.'gnt! Wlw l ld ta 1hall we expectcl We r~ !hé d&rlJnt
cllems by lnvttlng tht!m to th• opd'll l he
libQUI\'<lU? c.lth IMJ;:rruu·.. Althrmomnu If~
Vl'lllll' ll~y bocJ"-.1 wa' the Wl>lld·lamout
Openl fl®sc t.. Sc IUl ~ lllVIIlll Ion Wil'
Teo r11 h ve th" r;p ~hl-ttt carbonlino w;u;tto buy ""'" ln l he tOm ny It
Aruta .,._ Sh411 we ordrt • bo!lk ol w me? YOU :lhould do il nqw bdort the prio> p:t
actuall'i adil r~ to mv bo#. bu1 he wa&
Teo Y..- Whv 11011 llt•luohtgh
4 '"" niMtics Put sJ no:.. t ll~ Jxo&•"""'ll r tlu will Ile oldrr ln "nmal M ny WOt\üni
Tbc 13 l litrH! Yt.';tl1 h~•l!nl brt!n Yf'ty 0'11tury. producrlon h 11 rbtn hutn ~;gl-.1 womcn v.ill ~ mo~hn~ thrv w
~ood Ani 11\o:n! wu th.tl polllllion mllhrm to tiliUnd len mtllton ln t~ USA O<<:upy lht! tncrra>Jng nUmbet l fiA"
ln 01111 tour btlU!~.!IIfote:l•\fY Th~n lhere prod...chon aho •lruppt'd "' u~ ""d • rhe t1me1 >bs.VIIIatllr 'Titere"'~ t be rnJny
Wd lillhAl m~d11 crtlict~m lnr nnlll\ltll( ntneues. But s1nee tnt n. rhc Jutnber ot cnrs manugrmrnt pu 1110ns nsemployet't wrlr
~'"'" lrlt" '"htc:~ It~ bt-en d vny poor htU contrroucd lo ti~IT•tr ln Idet rrt w C•"
Jl!(>ducunn IllUildiir-n by t nullhm llin'c
wor' '"t' tht1 tn d.l·mlltrdj!~ lelltns
ln add11ton, worl. wrll bt' m re n~yJhl•
p~ r for rnanre> l don'r It ke ro u•ll Jl~opl~
19q7 ~nol wlle<t~tue• rnt~r:lrt rll!l noe "IK h Oli v•
w~ o l wor> ""
Th~ pctform.•nn: olt h.: Gt'"ll•n ar ollu1.U !tWl J>é' •ple will wnr\: from
5 mdu•t r y has b•'<' ll l"'iM lliiiiPfl<llllltn)lthlltl trOlilit CurtriHint W<ll 11111 h•"!O!IICI!
WI'! l Ir hun't ba'n u.~ m r!Ir 11111 thto USA Car produc 11on gr~ w l rom fr v~ bu1ldmgs. butthey wtll be! mucb amallc
rwelve monlh• 1 h~ PI"W Cf:O told"-' 10 to fi ve potnl five milllon 111 lh!l<:nd {ol lht' and too r won 1 be m ny offact:~ l
rcducet c>Utet.IUS by 10""• ln lhtH~n·l w~ ntn<-tles Sincc 10'19. 11 hA.I rt moined liilile lllt' butld1n1:1 m!ght contJain lhr COilJPIZ1Y
only manatr,.j to reducf' lhl'm by rrv •l ~\~eU u~~Ckr 11x nuHton v~hitks IJtl )""'' gym and a tm liiC'.A, ar aimrlll.
Rurrh~:1n wal qune> a good vear lor So l• t's rum to Chmn Aa you o.:~~ n sm-.tn ~"''Ilf
buslnru.. l SIIJlPOS<l l could ~v- ve tta<la rtm f•rst laur ye:.11, cl~ numher ol n~w FmAIIy r.mplqyen n IlY not IllY w
lllllllll ll( tory yebL cars tncrl!ased ro JU 1 over lu t la molhon one coml\llny 111 2020 ond IIQ enr;lk'YU"
vehtcles ll ur tn 1h~ 1.1~1 ll·n Vt <1'1 or l~·~ w1ll h ave ro c·ltl'r much bC'rra wtlflmg
55 l!fDWn dr m41IC.IIIyCur Jlfodu< 11011 r~ to <'QOI!!ttmu More <!mploycm ma y llkr
Rnul Wht'l\ di<l yuu ~rnrr sr•lllnt~ h~H tn lim~ e mllllon in :l005, uuoJ 11111~e ah~n.
ll h11' cnr""' trrc"k.•.trultntheluturl.' ll•·) ,..,n
l~t~ö<'<l by one mlllhm vchll'l..". • yc•r t... fllrh t •orJOtn Hr~tr cnmp41ry rn rIle
'lub~r. Linn~l1
Lionel WI! um opelwd ourflrst inlr• ofll<~ a..rne t•osll Pn and''"''" t ho Amc aalary
tn l004 they f 111 trof.,ru ln 1• rwral C(lmpnn~e~
w1ll hAv" to Oghr hanitu \rt'll lltJ:IIIIall
Ra ul And how lang did u ruke 10 g t 1 vour Unit 13 <111d •v employrd w til l>~ Ir• e nru h beltet
loot ln th,. mtUet1
lton~l W~l. wet had dlsappomllt1J!rcaulla fiOSihOII

Int the lU !ll t WO ytMt5 Rullfr~ 2006, CJ\11

moul•1Sh.afl! hó&J 1(<10(! up to nrorly ~ Pre""t~r W~me ro e)'t' on lht' 61
What nbout you, Raul7 How Ion~ ha w vou lnvironmem, Mnd today dn•IV1ot Judy Lu t• So Cln;a, wttnu ll' WI: CQ~ng
...~~!!d hm!? Colluu 1• hrr" au tell u1 úbOutlhr c !tecta I"JIJI probll'!TII \\llhiUtlltutnbVI!I
RAuJ l'vto ~ 111 Dllbaltor thlt..>e veorsn<"' nithor o.! t"TU.I1 Júdy. IIOw wOlthe Ilii C1UI5 Crna Irh nk,. ahould Of'EliiiU:e •
t"IU r Ily ulfe<:t thi> L-..""Onomy? butklrng weekend
lionel Do Vt u ha~ .. 1 l•m•ly h<' re' Judy Colhna w~n Andy, «ononusu Lu ta v.,. llutt nt'ih! wark. l wpposr: B•.t ll
Rnul Vu. my Wllc lllld c hltdn'fl ttl<Jvrd '"'"' l!' ttmaU." tll.lt d~% redULilOR Will CoiUI~ cuuld E'"' ~Jp<rt lve.
ld•l y tr Wiliri ~bout vnu? 1111 prlt:e ol ollto rlse> oy tHort•tltJn t OH" o. CIna Wrlllhon ltQw 11lüut lu•ldm.: A weeklv
An.! C:WoiO!I'ltl~ Will h.w~e 10 fill)' mur~ fm d"P fllliCTIIA I lnt:<:IIOI wt.l:f'll peci'f'W cauld
56 COII~iltllf'f good~. 100 l·< lk 11.luutth~lr pwhlcme/
n" po1m1 rhr~ n•ne per cl:'nl
Presenter Can you explorin? Lu1a lm nntaur~ ahcn1r 1ha• l thtnk """ryotte
Judy Coliina Weil uol bAst-d ~uh,uaru:e lliOO bl.liV 10 5Pt'n•l u ooupl" or houn a
l 111111JINI potnl oh thrre lhttl'
.reu~ed 10 make piasue ond o ttll ploilliC w.,.-k ln tnWihtr mtelltll;
3 Ont! lwlldr<!d 11nd t w"'
go AU r l Nocolue II'IOnl t<xpensr•e u l he Gtna OK So. why ktn1 "'c atr~:t ~
4 ~wn rbou!lllnd lour hundr~ and ,1xty·
olt c1~ns 1< run out ~um~ ~f>IXIAhted rours ln 1Jtnguagt5 Ol
Pl"'fknttr A. J ohvliltl-.1)' tiM:'arlmlu 1ry IT :s.lclllt?
~ n•ne lrun<t•cd ~nd stx thO\lSilnd hw W1 be on,. ro aullrtr L.ura Thu'a a good Idea. Wecnuld are tww
ll•cnclrcd cmd ~v~nty
Judy Collína Vts Not 1'1\1&11\ p;:<oplcl know rnuch il woulcl roil An\ oth<'f adds
tlut twt'f 20 bartt!ls ol Ol lit() u lOd to mak" GIM Wcll WI: C'Otlld 1:1 ·~ everyone a Pl!}' nx
57 ••nat" c or /Ind tho11 Ih< c.1r~ 11<'<'<1 '"'
un• LUia No. I'm ll<ít hnppy abotn 11 11m ali
h 5 !15 pm ,arulh<!resthe wurld IUOCk ll l uo-t ExJkn lor...:~ l dmi •mly" ,.,..., r<' arc people who lltlri'!W ll &'111
mwk!'t oumn•ary P« plr wtlllrt' nbl· lU nm car~ ln lh1·1~1ur~ peoplo who drm l
111 Tokvu Ilus mwrlinR th~ Nll.k"l elo• ed ul Pre~enler Wh>llroll...:l wtllllu.t h••~ ••n tltt; C inn OK tht•n Wh<ltubc!ultnlroduclng ..
IMRI! 2H, th•t '111-1 up >t. y~ trrda~ workpla.:c? bonus •Yllcm. Jo thi! pcopln wt10 a ray
clu~IIIK lljUft' rho PTSI: 100 Wl11 38 ü J udy Cclhns !·on unnielv l l'tcnr .rdvam c~ ).,n~cr ll< l póltl lrtt>t·~? Wollldllt.JI work1
il<>!llt up nr !>.!112 2 l h• OAX aiM~ rn rrchnoll•I.'Y w1l 1mpw"t weill :111 L.ula lthtnl;: tlt., l'u &l ttid!!'ll U:t'ltry ttlnd
lm1shl!d the day sllj!htly up. ~16.!104 85 ~onditil'ln. lor m 1ny rmploy•••co ." ~" wiMr hupp<:ttl
liw! s n n<t! ol JUS! O 07" t'l mpank•Jo w1ll hav•• ln hotroduc: •
At mlll<loy Nt'W Y~ 11me 1~ Dow loo tekworl(lngsdlw ," Atr lt11\d W•lla 62
wu down by 69 85 po11usro 11.35741 And
t !>e Nald&q was aba duwn by 10 111 J'OinU
be' limtied bt.'CBU:e ol''"' eu~ nilUett Jean So tt'a ua n shuU wr1 lu~ l:now
a 'ld r;o ~ bus.ncss Will be conduc ted
lC) 'l .l l !.i !ll -11\\1 u föll ol o 4 .J • 1\t\(~ the
lhéot>,'t!d of tilomeeting IOiliiSWrT
lnh·rn3!1oMlly by vrdoe<><."Onlt'fenclng Til<'
SIJUI oltradcnrt ny quest10ru you luvr about the new
sltUil110n wUI dctt'ftor ric unt1l• auMittull' trleworklllJlldll'ltle WI'! re Introd
lor 011 ts found wf1rch ••01ú beo •n u1y ra\lc
58 ll J ot ll$ U\t:tl rn lltl rn my ohflr!J eni w ays
hon• next m '"'h. lllmka, would you li.ke
Pre$enlu ludy Colll!ls,rh rn~ you lor t•lkma '' r.ut?
lu•e tiOOk alth ts &rllPh Ir how Ita• Hitoko V~ th4uk you, kan l \\ollllrcltu a k
numuo t úl cnn prt>dutcd m Chtnu to u~
11Imiit ml)n<·y l und• '"'dlld 1h •llel••.,."rkm
ml"'ll~l Wlllt thi! utlun lhto Irulfill wutld
wrlltC'Iu<.- c:o ot lor'"" O:Urtlp3ny J1r hr>w
produt••n-th,. USA Jupmn, mtl G~ many 60 n1uth ""' wtr hk••ly tu •avt·?
l .,t·~ r.. rl wiH'dllfl<lll A' you can ,. • ln 2020 tnorc womtn wt ll wmk tllltn Jtoa.n l 1 ut't ttll yo1J t ho• ei(Jl(llrllW~ rogbt
t• 1 ;cn~cr cur pn>dufllonlcllut the t:Jid ul 1!!\'tr before and Ih,. wotkrna popul•hon 11 " titral:o, bul Ih<! r• w stlll!lltJ:1'>11
ildinlel) ~<~•-e the COmJ!Urrv Jolol ol mur..,y 8 n ·y 4AI:d '"" 11 l6$ aoon 11a ~~bl" 2
pcc:lrlly ln hPallrtg. hghung. And otru·e A OK. nt stan wurlúnR on 11 r.ght IIWdy
8 D vou th ln\: lt11 be rudv on Mono.by7
·~ So ts Oút oll 1 buoldlniJ hk~ly to
Reb«~a A Ye.. lth1nk w
closr7 8 Oh jw.t on" c HM.'T Ih ~-Cin yw $eni.! ITIIO
JHn No, rhe clfk" b uutrl<coly tu dose you r hours for J unr whl'n you h'v" urr.e7
comple1ely 11ltl10<1&h we wun't n«'d \Kir A Yell..su.n:
1 big butlolmiJ ftnv IT)I)Ie Wc! md)' look rnto
tlltl ponlh•l•l\ ol movn1111o o ~w b!.uldmg 65
orwt!niU(htr~toursom c~ thl!!otli~e
Luta H1. Han!J-Peler tu l.uca lm c~lhn)l remembcr7
Sp;l~ Wel lion l l1t'ed l>f' "'"' ~~have a problrm wtth dr.hvery Scort N ltll'fJ' l clon l Nevrr mu>d Um
IYIIn l w11ntrd l<• 11 Aboul produ.uvuv Ou Hani·P.,ter Oh. lt!U rnf! m01" Robcuo OW rit you do a lrpofl on lhe
you rlunl.: peoplo w1ll domow wor~ f•<•m Luca Weil, ba.\IC"ally, .-<•e l:lflalorrv South Arnmean ma!W e 1:w 'IUecl:s II!P
home? dnver5 Jlrtke here They re blcroc;i(lnllall r lit: Robert o Vo bullth•lrll know we ~
J~an ll~ l'mlloY•'' !l Will ft•~ ITII>Ir.
IIK•liVIolecf wMn they C lll Ofl'... llfu tlro•n ()W n
11\tljorro.•d l am 1IIIWun(('e r h•• "'"an lllllltiiC Mtla.ll Ih l tod.W l don tl..rve W
aehvettoday 1 order on urne fiRIIII::l here.. Th<y rc on my tornputet ..
llmt' T~lewruklng lll1 s•gn thnr W<t lru'l Haruo-Peter Oh r101 Wr. rt<!t!d those P·lll> by horn r:
011.1 worlteta tu d•, thdr WQ<\: tnrkpendenll~ t.omorrow
wllhPUIIIOIJlt•om ll mdtnn nver tlwm 1111
Luca Va. ll now Buc l havt' llliothtor 3
1he- n nu! h prob4bty ~~o·nn ''" cQ•Y lor r>ömc :wluunn Wcrutd 11 tr.. OK tr wr. ~nlth•·1n Mart.<S ltt.i.c'Otl lll h'! enrlljrJr lal me
pt'•Jf>lr. ttll 1.111 wuh Irul l'nt HUll t•eople bylruln?
will be hupptN WOiklllll lrotrr hotrw J-lnn•·Petc:r \'ea Ihol would bl' JlllliMlllt• llut
l van ll ut 1111 you ~xpt•ctll111lll1lrr~n· •It' lu could vou get thr:m to us tn ume
pn '"'U\' ll y?
Jun Vo. J nm 1\pp.ucntty mnst cnmpAn t~'J
Luca Yes, l ve l:tledccd. lbty"d ornve at
11buut 6 OQ pm IUMlll rnw
repo" 1n lllClr..l ol lll ~If w hnpr.tully Hans-Pecu ~tx o lll<:kll\w we n""d toll411
prodUCIIVIIV W Uli l dt•t·reu•c hl't:AUSe Of lhC
produc11un rrnd·JftrmDOII
,. hfon,,.
Nr• t qU~llttOn~ Lu01 Alt, lllldn'l tcnow Ihm Weil wrwl tl we
Htroko l wanted ru 111k abuuliiru ~mplllYN"I. tran"PQrtrd !.hem by tr am to Ibe bordet l
\\h 1 dvant JIO Will l he) gd lrcm thr. Could vou~ alorr~ topKic tht:m up?
JCh.-mn? Hans-Peru Yes 1tbink \ille c<>uld do th111
Whlll IUJit' ....ouid the dmer need 10 be
then r
Unit 14 Luca Illetram ~tm lal "' ~3~ n the
Han..-PeiN OK good That ,.ooldalloY> us
63 to i'" the paru 10 tbt r.,aorv on ttme 67
Franea H• Sllv ~ So you'n: baclc lrom N~ Luca Ol course. ralltnuuporl ts mar" Flnl 1hmk libcJut wbere tbc !!p;n1löil
Vooc lio w w'ls u? txp.,nnrve lhlln ro.>d Would ynu ·1jlt.,e to Wlllllikt: JIlA• r. llp0$:»bh. )'Oil&.'lauk!
St lVII Quo.! It a gtt'JII city CO Vllll And l pay 11>1- f!Xtrl C011 1 u ")'OUtownofla.,brcmmo~~
mclaom,. really rnlt•ti!Stlnl( P<~ lll~ t work H.:ms-Petc:r No. aorry. LuCI! tluu wouldn t be eomt'ttm~.t 11mill d•lliollt 10 t.IIJ)(
8111 l 'st go era~ il l ltvrd tn th!! US r\ 1Xrptllhl ThiS lonv dnvrra Inke ls you: ThcrtotllllfliiDr~uc Ita
1'111nc• Why '"•·•l ll•~n? problem, nol oun l WO W.ty <'OOVr.:l'IIIIIOII bctwt;cn )'1;11 llld~
Sllvta Well r a Ih<' PliCfl ct hl., !herl! l.uc:a 01\, l undensand dnfllo) n! So you rmmn'l do of tht
Fvrrybudy 'Alw~Y5 nrnn11111 No time to tulk1n11. rvrn r the pc:~ll<\n ln lrortt Cll you l$ :l:a
1 t ond llunk. 0<1 Y<)U lmow "'"·'' l mt:an? ~l')' qu el Of ahy If )'OU know Mllllft a::
Fnanea Y.-a vl .:um~c.o St• wh••' wuuld vuu
' •flhryolleredyoua)• tll~rt'?h',q•ll•
l""''hlr llwy'r" 1111•k1n1 fnr no·w P"t>J!h 11!1
Unit 15 UbCIOI l hl! t lltlllll)'t'C l ~lDl fr ~
coukl bo-gin by n; tllmt llbau11
t.rmtly l' r n '"tt'nl hnlldlt'f lor rnniJllr
IM tlrm 66 llu~wtlltmtl~ JlOSll~at~ "'
Silvia Weil. ll 11 nnly lnr o ycor ur 1wo, l
WoiN 1 Nnw wlwn you bqiiR to talk •hem! )'Imf ::L
Mlllll .ly ~M It Wót.lt.l lte gond lor my CV rrnplovrr. a pc"rtormun«; you llhouldn 1 'C
franc:a Ilu t only lur ••ht~rt ll nu''
S~ll l leIlo. Thn:rry
Come •n anrlldkt." a
1.1r1 wtlh n"W'IIV• h•edbnck. r nl )'Illi r;:
Sdvl" Vr It llley w•nt~d tm lmloiiR''' l Thierry l'hat1ks thould lool( rltltrir pcrtpll\.llpb lat lasJ.
wvulrlntll o·pill It would lll' 111<1 •lrn Iul Yl'llr, nnd ll'! tlll'IUIIIV hoW Ih!:)' hM or
Seol! Nnw, Ih l> i~n'l ra~y rot nw 1n
d)'. nlreny &:... •Ily, l've be~n ..... f
ha•·enl ..:ltt~ftl lileiTI And If lbey ltiWm l
64 drwppolntf"d wrth your pNformanet thi ,, h tt'\1 od 1h<m nll vou mUJl dm:u ,.'by
t lm hu n 1 h •t'J'C•ICd ond l>lkr rellduuoos
y co~~ m Eastc:rn Europe l wal hot 1111 lc>r
A Cun \'IlU ltnllh l he rt'pOfll>~ hid.oy7 ntuLh llellN result•tn lhul r.,glon
ThJtorry Weil rm urpru. d, Scott Yc•u 81.~t'd 68
8 Wl'll, J m lltlllUIIt1 fheRl 1"\vl CO do on ll
A Weil Wllh111" we~k lht!n u 10 bon\lllrle. ,,nd w~ .ach•rv<-'il th 11 3%
8 Ustrn lll do It !M'Inre l hl'~ of next p >l"lh~)"t:al rst, l t hm Marelit chould ny to l.tUta
y,~ t pr1lltltt~ Woul&lth~t b,. 0~7 Seoll y,._s Inn l ~a!Jy wantrd lo ~ 10% of bolldnv lllld lpl'nd .some
Wt""('k Ol' t \Illo
A \\dl l IIIPfl'IIICliO Th•erry Wdl vou n••va rnld mt!thlll..,laen littie wtllt hls wlft! and dr ldrc:n It'll
we spt ke 1h1'1 ttml! last ye11r nlr.tt grvc h1111 um~ 10 tnk~ n sttpb.'ICk
2 nnd &htnk nhoullhe ~far hb poar
A Wirell dn we nri'd to se111J the quo.•IIICIOn? P•"r tot lflAlN.:t

W hmM ~tums to work. h~e nee<h to~\. 70
On his ~~W~;~gmlefll Cldlls fírlt ~ OIUU
ft•arn 10 mtU14!;e Itta own worl< bt ner lit• Olcn You look ~lff.SSt'd Wh.u a h3ppt•ndl l
lhbukt a.'}( l()C' tr1UIIlUI& tn t uru~ m.t nag' lr1(9nt Marisa Weil Toau ..ked "'''tr> wtltk l1te
llt1d m.1n tP.Jrlg p.:ople It mtj~hl b., un •dc• • ~at n tll<llllhl
Gl cn l$ th.ttlot th r UlfltoUI rrp<>tt7
Ht lill~ ll r.ersur111i COI~h
Th"u ~ rNII)' mual t>~lk to lll• h•.Hn Marisa Ve~~ but l &~t 11lnn 2
1-1~ Qhr)<llif ,f!l cIear go.al lnr rtwm an<! Olen Rtllht Why \lhur7 h ritlitroll toknow what proleo man.q
ene h J~l10(ln •ll9uld knuw th11tth,.y Mnrtse Bec.•u.- l h.ove. tllttflug tlmy ~~~ & tt:nllv th1n ot your pt:tf.xman e. 11wy
'"' lt'Sp<ln<oblti ror mrt'tlnJ1tlir·u uwn •chtl(>llhl:, t Vt'lliiiR only tdl you If thirtilt tte gQtng badly Wr.
dead ln~ U u..,y can do allthal betwccn Gltn l ,If haH ruy •em ot nmual UPJlfltl3b Inn
!l OQ n ru an•tS 00 t•.m , tluu \1 t 111r If 1101 Marb.a And tbmonow s FrlcLiy, t!ld llulvc ltloiiUijlcra IWn'lalwaya elo than Thr)' &:1\"
lhC) wt ll h•v~ to ct•nlidl'.t m•lt. ng the I~QIII to lt'iSVl' lll Sil< becuuet! I'm &0108 10 the th• re'& no 1 rnc but l don\ llln\ they IJ!o;t:r
b:sgrr tbratl'!' l don 't know whv litelso bltd dotngthcm Actually l lhlnJ.:~~Dmrcithmt
ty,ut 11 l ha,'t'n 1 '-n h<!llt~ be toll:' tune
an: just 1101 ftiJI:OOCI.-r cornmumcmltli
2 odockonce l hit rnonth W]lh~
l<.l:ludw "vou ng illld aucce:s Iul M.sv!Ml her G len llu10w hnw you h:ti Sotn•lln~s l tl11nló
bau th Sala M~. 11 atratd ot her Ot 11 on hr bo- an klr!A ro have a bed hae! 3
pe~llltJ.lll hl! JW!l doesnl want 10 losc nu bc:~l Ma n sa Thr "-msllhang la -l don 1 When l fan.! JOtttet1 th co:npaO).I !WI
Ul~., •~p Klnudi•!Jtoulcllalk tu hirn lirMI undenmnd thi' new wlrwnre wt rc usmg week ot tr.chnn:alllatnmg Allcr thHt l
1>-'11 ~h., nN:dlo his hrlp to Jtt'll'l b.:ll•·r Th 11 1 whv '"" roporttst•kmg 'l! t luna wJU on my own r •lot~\ ~ 11 tolle3JUCS
JOb tn 1111' comruany lill< t"<hlid ~ htm OleD l ulldt.:ntllnd Illiuily ~c:ry mu-:h txoc.. IUe we'rc ozu•Uv wlth
~h 11 he c.tn do ro rmp•ov~ her pn>mollun Mnrisa lml!nn !'ve • ~.t•d thtt~ tunc R fm 11 .u.tom~u Allllt sa•nurallh~herr l hnvtlao
pro p< 1:1.. It tt 'a a qu~ uon ot tratntnl' he uatnmg thi> v~ <tr lun tht•y ~l" ·•Y JIIY tht-y many quttStlt 111 to 11 · h 'a dllfttult wt>.. 11
ahoold ofll!l' 11 to llt!l' <Icm 1 hav., the muney lor 11 <IIth projeu 11 dlltermt -at ll u~
l hr other pouibilit v t• to spt-al< lll tlu Ghm l knuw It 1 neH 1:'1\liy lor you Whe n s thi' I'm wo•l(lna ort • nt'>\' m torwnv • bndJ;C.
CF.O She lhouldn t do thiS tnllnrdiQtelv deadllnt' ror the rrport? an·j 1 JII'I!OIIIntlon Th •e rt"' 1011 of
bec'ullSfl hB bau won 1be bappy Ilutil MIU'islt Nt'lll Mondltv comu.tanu wlth c:.•~lit'noe n thclsf fidch,
her bou do-·m t help he• llh<! should tell Ci len Ustcn. u's 1101 you r laull The wmpany hul u~ey !le\'1:1 have time 10 lll\Wff )'011
tM Cl.O tlunetter liveyears ln r twl seme should l~ you dt> tlwtrr-atntnll•"'''""' q~~e 11 ru
b. &he wt~~ ld l'!'~llv Ir ke manas;t'J1\t:nt Marua Vc:s, but the repor1stlll ruttiD btt
l.'llpc:nrnc~ Sh< COUld s.ay that Ih eo would done And Tom 1Uty1that "''=
tm:n.o 1 a
dcadllne to mct! t wnrk corriet llr:tt . And
w. . worl: on th &ll!ne fliTIJI'(t but ~e
pu•trt tu stay wtth the J<trt"' comp4ny, but
ti lll noc po 1bl• ~r Wlll ~I&V<:. he' rlihl don'l reali v worl: to ther If Jometlun~
Glen Ll tc:/\, l m'"'" th~"' J ll aolutlnn Let'• goeswfDIIII IIIAlwiY"tomebotty clDs
69 IlU lor 11 cs:~lfec: M·f thtnk •bout n Anll ,Jon' l problrm. Wn h.we ·~ 'cmpl•l\'t" ot
worry the Mnmh' IIW•ud heir E., It mnnth.
t lll\" Project M.tnn;;cn arn ch~ r.nt
A Hey, l jus1 (lfl1ln<:d mv em.lll.md snw vout 71 employe~ wim~ perionmam hu been
mni<lgc How o.JJd vou km•w1 cxcqHao11ul l lm wmn• r rl!ctiVI lhrte
Olen P~rhilPA you could jlo to you r aon's
8 Weil la~t UmA M! ma YOU told m~ you d huncfred pounds more tn his pay padtel l
..cbool then come bitele to rhe .;:IIce latenn
~ol O on tht' hnl oJ J ''' the t!Vrntng <9llydoutth•l\kUJagood dea-u
A l dun l wn mbt,: that nt til Wrll, 11 Wftl Marin No, l can't ll•l Utot llc:'ll wa nt to t aik .rncour.g•~ mploy<U t thin' líbout
"f!fY nlcn of VIN 10 thlnlc c:.l me lhllttlsc y nel not bout Olhtl
·~...-'~~~out hlt te3~hen< altilf r he rnt>~ln.ll.
B • J'n! welcarne
l ..m t JUSttell htm l m gotng bek tn wott
2 Olen Have you thOuaht ~~ cO'ITUnl! tn .u th,;
A -J. llth;ll " 11 j;QOd
"'cekcod7 Unit 16
8 Yes. • wa! Thania VI'I'Y much Next llmt' Menaa Wtll that mtJolhl be pasatbJ.. But
Tom !Jdo to be th~ rt' too lthtnk lll' a gnt a
you t·ortJe,ll 'un me
,,,..~Ing on S..tutd.sy nr rutrnt•lhtnjl. ,\nd
A No prubltm JI WDl err. ti to htoar 411 ycrut
I'm not Ir • Jtt Suncld)'
"'"'ll Gltm Bul M Tom •) wh•,n tlwre' t l Wll~ workiiiJ: tur a f:uwpean 111rUnu ".,Jen
3 dt:iidlin~ lb Illi!<!\ WOl~ CCI1Tll lll$! 1 drctded lnr1 dm~ CIUrn:tthan~: i Will
A O you thUtk yuu ll be OK wath ti now? Manu That 't lilit! 4~ .!Ind 11~1 ru the l w &.\tuy and ant
8 Yt.'ll lh~l's 8"'"' l thtnk l C'MI by "'"'"'il" Olco So w!>) don t voottll r<>tn t holl vou crut
work on S.1tuuLay? tr h<' l'llrft, th 1J. h"
hourt m thr. tlrpatt l npphed lar n Job
m~U now 1h~nko tor hdpmll tnt' Wil h llravt'lli~t~JCY 'W hete l could 1Ue
A That'tOK C•llmPtfthtore sanvthm ciS«! Jl{ablml my &trentl ho an dt'almg wnh 1 pubile
you 11eed co tnow Marin Vn. JllOd Idea l ~ the job wtucb paJJ mud! better
IhM nt) pr<:vlous ont' huri'm tíndinj
4 72 vtrv lltr Iul UnlortUMtely my ~
A So •eU donf, ~w'"" d 11 a gm•nJob And wt'al:nos b tlmt! mm~m..-nt.so l "
l ll )>Co lk to lll<! UR M1snagr:r abo.1111 yout IIW•I)o'$ INI l Olt mud1 WOl l d n t know
111111111111 need s
l' vc upphPd tor thr~ll(ob& tn th•
h •w l(lllgllht y t crtt
8 G•e.. t WrU thoUik Vt•u fm ~ll your ht'lp and lmemallonal Otvt 1011 l h d l he 111Jht
atiVI(tt It~ b«n rt!4U)· usetul
xpent'nt• lu• thr je~b bul ( oc h 11m~ l 2
A Norw. JI! Amllclmel<nowiltll<lll'~n wdll r"Jccl~d becnu•.c my ll11atllsll Woll<lll Wh~nllrrt 11th<10l 11 lll l had no Cd tur
prnbklm Wtlh thtl!lt'lllnlnj! Cll UDc' JpUd VlwYI!h fiut lll nty lill YPII" Wllh Ih«! pllln
8<J lwrnt slrdlllht amo 1111 11rmv By
omp;111y theyvro<>lll)' atvrn m••one to. Ul<'lllne l wu 28 It callltd tlu!t l di<1111
hour F.nglt h courJ<
l SS
w•mlo spmd my wttOI h h thal!. ao l ha~c· a COittplrte facdin and the mat1 ln my c'UITCnt ro l•• u consuiiam u.
c!eclrled 10 leJvt' l Wt'IIIIO nrght IChelOliO töf>IMUthlc fOJ that~ Ul t~ 1l" t. Cru t 1 nonp~ny l m loolllng t1;) 1ll1jlf'OYC your
l;tiiiH fllla]ÚIOIIIOI\IIO JIO tn Ul\1\'1 r$11)' aak'l rts:urrs and rcduc your COli 0vtt
1uld 5tudv muth~ b1 c IU'tt l Wittllt'd Uo go 75 tlw '" xr y• tr 1'11 Jpcnd !wo weeksin radi
1m o tuuung Now l m Hl'dd ol Mmhs .11 dt'Jli11UIII!II bttore la t down anll"'' t
asecood~r' sch•)Ol und l th tn le: l rttUdCl thr my recon mendlltlons report I'm ioc*1ni
rl;:;hllkd:uan tnlea\'Cl tlll'army A W••ll It • hull past f111e Ttrne ll> r,o home. lorWllrd to wor~ n witb a l ,ou
Slulll ..,,,, fer Y~N'
3 B No don 1 worry lm ~na to ""V and íin ~'l
l Ileell yrafiiiii:'JIIc.it my leb
n the ciVIl o1ttb1 ~~
""K<!JO tb:n l could luo111! thíldrc:n. \\lhi'Jl A OK R~ thom See you on Mnnday
they wrre old enou&~no go to IChool l Q flyc li~VC ll good Wttkt:!ld
Jned lookllljt tor pan-tunll work 10 1ho1
l wouk! b<! hmtlflln 11n1n to p1 ·k lhrm up 2
ln th~ ~ltrrnoon l he only jubt IIVllll.lble A Weil. lhlll w&s mt.e.ro;sung w.u11 t 11?
'ftfl' n the loc:ulalJprrman •·t hull B v~ • ot " u Hut 1real y must g11 now
Wll\t~d more ol a thalt.:ng" lll• !erd• d Hl A Niltil Weil ti wasnoce mN~mg Y'OU
doacour•elnhuman rcsaur1• aliile 8 And veu too Sa you tlf!xtthrttl.
loaol collflil"· nnd now l run Ih• ll11num 3
Raaurc"" 0\>o;utmmt C• lll locftl ,·ompanv
A ll~t' $Ut:, I'm ölT
l r.-alfv love my )1•t1
ll Ryl! !ltl1111 St't' you lOIIltlltOW
l;ut ycur l drctdt:d tu M'Y" up mv hiRh·
J~<~wr.rrll b~nklngjnb •tnd rnnvt hl th•·
A Wt'll. h•m.'s younwu
U Rlllht l'h•1 nk yo11 lor evervthong
countrv to.:onc•.n•• ••••onmv r>1•m•n11 h
l1nd ntway1been my ambttlunto ht>ld on
Uhlbi!IOO Dl my OWII JllCIUid, but l tl OCVI!r
A You're w~lcome Goodbye II•W~ 11 GOOd

B l'll•lniJ 41ld i!OOdbY~ Dylotn

IQd l!llOUGh Ulll<' to piJtnt Union uiUltdv l
dtdn 1 rrAlize how rtrulh l wnuld mlu my
old hl!!. l don 1 "'*'Y putnuru:: now that l du
lllUli llme 110 I'm thtnkmg about calling
lht bank and askmR lor my nld job bitek Good momlnr; nnd welcome tu tilt• nnnual
runh·rcnrl' nl W1r~ :2 Play f:tllcll.lmmo·nt
74 Ltel My name 11 Thar;t n R•chh r 11nd l m
and 111 notJU 1 popllan who SIVe llleit He.t'J ul lhr WroJ>"an OovWc;.n
~y to good Clluset; IpOl ll f!CT'OMhiiH l ve bern wuh 1hr ~v lor lllleen
m cettinamvolVt'li 100 l.tl s looll at the yeatJ, !ld WI yur l "'M pron•nt~ to
a~ Ollntl"''n.bonaiiOOtb.al cr Ulbe~ dc! la this ~hon ln mv p~~D&n rolrl ran th
Cnll Sn...,. t•mn • ~k he 1ends mon..y Cn:~ "" O"J>41tnwnt tn Rcrm w here we
b.\:Jo; til lu~ ho~wn ln Ecu JJOt llllies ck\.-.:loped thr bd<t·scllmg K•m R1f1ers tn
crrw up on a""')' poor vtlla,;e 1n lile Chota the Stt.rm' and 'Kmgdom Com.,'
Vlllley and ~.xpo-ru:n rd r.:xtrt~e rov ..nv Over the last yeat I'W! met Wllh uli the
wh"" hl' wns ~au ne A• nn .uh• It, h.. lprllils COUillty rtldMgi!I"<IO WS<"UD OUI Wil• lill
11\ULh ol •~·· !.'lOn.ooo IM:'<'·'"" JIC'r ye.1r 111lo:s ltgur'lS. At th r: momo:rtl wc: re wcnkrn
trylill Ul Improve hfe ln dl(' rummunrly togt:lhcr wtl11a COIUulutm Aruy Ch.ong.to
Wl'len I'C\Ja Jor '"t d ll~ Wmtd Cup ana ly;..: ou~ m..tln pro!> rrns ln the lUf u"'
Fin~l~ lor the illlllintem lOOZ Uhaes peld y;e mby ha'~~! to u.rget Ad•tltu:nl n1nket l«
( a n W IYJ-Itm Pl'O\Ihl1n11 W~ll!l ltll t~ 11\Cti!IU(' U !ell l'd be gTIIleiUI tor 0\0Y ldeas
Ylll!l);t' ln t..-.ad ol bu~ 11111• l l new t 11 you rntt;l1l lt1Ye here
S.ttc~ thrll h•· ~ "<'t UIIUIII'd .11 trntrr So thlii'A f'nough dbout me l.c:t m~ tell you
Ind het ptovlclrd lhC11.1 lu><•l wit h b<"'" nb nu t th t~ salt!>. ngurr.s l mrnuunerJ
111td • new rnol lit· puys tht ·uthlll"' •'ll h!'
doctor. l he nu ro~ nntl1hr· dclllt>lln l hl' 2
rnrtll<'•llt (mllt.', mrl hr buv htl'ollct~•t nnd fllghtlh•·rt bt:rore l ~nrt, 1'11 1!·11 yc•u
Junth for 4lllhr • h<lth•·n wha IC" lu Khonl bu ,Jbotd rn'(\<'11 My nnnu:'~ Amy
illiilf vtllat:c Cl~o~n~ ·Ind I'm a frr,.lanc~ consuihint
U~ tunentpfllJer! (J lüCI!Sed Oli l llulu•d econom le> dntJ b u onL"P ar
IOfllttl\lniJ wh dltJ ~cr vimprm mtto h 1m lleljtOil Umv~ntty lrom 20021o 200'!
ptJn At the mom"nt hl' 1 bu1ldm)l a sporu antlilltet dmn11. nl)' MI\A.I jo111~d
llllll curnnmml y Cl!' nll r.dur )us llti!n,•e. Ile Prkrw•lcthou ...Coor• n l ldl I'N-r wh ..n
lliVI he ll opt•n tt llttht' end ulti! tM; un ll llt.td lhc t:>ppcrtUJl•IY to RO htdoln' t
tl'81tn~ heil tn t urt• l It lm t ho• 200 1.nn1ho Ron· nt ly 1have work.ed on 1\I:Vr.lul
tnthr vtllage has1mpruv. ct.:r~:ally 1hnnki: urcesslul C43I!S Wllh d1~n11 ot yourt,
to thr IOOtbo•llcr. bot Uliun ha n t lm llcd Wh!th b hoW l cam~ Ini O COnlati WlUI
~ Nt'.XI ""5 gorng tobUlltS40 rmw home5 vou• compan)' Up to riO\., 1v11 I1UI1Uigt!d to
l.ll' Ih!' vili~ Th<:r VtiiDJ:d lJ gotn 10 find aolutiOIU for .U tilo: tvmp~~n l Iul~