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Associate Member


Associate Public Finance Accountant - APFA


1. Passed all the examinations of PIPFA.

2. Qualified Chartered Accountant or Qualified Cost & Management Accountant.
3. Passed ICAP PE-I or Module-E
4. Passed ICMA Pakistan's Up to Professional III or Up to Stage/Semester-5
5. Qualified SAS Examination of Department of Auditor General of Pakistan or
equivalent examinations.
6. Member of IFAC full member body (on reciprocal basis) as approved by PIPFA

Two years relevant/practical experience is mandatory for Membership, applicants who

do not possess experience ‘Affiliate’ status would be granted.

Documents Required

Membership as Associate Public Finance Accountant - APFA:

1. Prescribed Application Form duly filled in and signed.

2. Two passport size photographs with name written on the reverse - one affixed on
the Form the other attached.
3. Attested copy of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).
4. Attested copies of educational certificates from Secondary School (Matric)
5. Attested copies of the qualification based on which membership is applied.
6. Copies of experience certificates.
7. Latest C.V.
8. Demand Draft of Rs. 5,000 (Rs. 3,500 being Admission Fee, Rs. 1,300 being
Annual Subscription for one year and Rs. 200 for PIPFA Journal Subscription Fee)
in favour of PIPFA drawn on any bank branch at Karachi.

Membership from APFA to FPFA

1. Application on plain paper addressed to Executive Director, PIPFA, for elevation

from APFA to FPFA on completion of five years as APFA.
2. Latest C.V.
3. Demand Draft of Rs. 500 for Elevation from Associate to Fellow of the Institute.