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Network Security Analyst

Managed network system and application security policies and provided enterprise-
wide technical support.

 Demonstrated a high degree of competency in performing network security duties in

successfully preventing breaches to the enterprise's networks, systems, corporate
files and patient data during a nine-year tenure..
 Responsible for managing and monitoring individual security policies for 30,000+
end-user clients.
 Recognized by management team on multiple occasions for exceptional
performance in carrying out duties.

Network Security Analyst
Served as primary systems security for customers in various industries including
financial, healthcare, and energy industries utilizing tools like tcpdump, ngrep,
nessus, and Invision SIEM

 Monitored, tuned, configured, and supported 1800+ Snort IDS and log sensors
 Analyzed, investigated, and escalated security incidents to customers
 Conducted analysis of network traffic and event management on average of 15
incidents per hour
 Used Debian and Redhat Linux for support, pcap analysis, Parature ticketing
system, and bash scripting

Network Security Analyst / Supervisor

Network Security Analyst

Monitored and managed all systems and data access requests requiring review and
approval. Created, modified, and deleted user profiles and other access controls.
Worked closely with technical support teams to coordinate security database system

 Improved efficiency by investigating and documenting security incidents.

 Facilitated productivity growth by assisting with creation of cross-training documents
and procedures.
 Contributed to increased issue resolution by assisting with escalated trouble tickets
from helpdesk.
Network Security Analyst
Overall responsibility are to provide information assurance services for 2500
workstation users, more than 200 enterprise servers, 250 network devices, data and
applications critical to the safety and success of the HA/TMA mission. My primary
function as a Security Analyst consisted of organizing and managing the processes
and tasks related to the security of IT systems within the HA/TMA environment.
Coordinated the required security efforts in support of the network operations center
and collaborated with the end client and customer to their satisfaction. Instrumental
is using DoD VMS (Vulnerability Management System) for all information assets and
ensure that they are compliant per STIG (DoD Security Technical Information
Guides) consensus and baseline standards for software, equipment and devices in a
distributed environment.

 Provided Incident Response on all managed network devices, workstations and


Network Security Analyst

Managed and maintained anti-spam and Internet access servers, including
monitoring & managing user accounts and system updates.

 Assisted with light Cisco firewall/IDS/IPS and VPN monitoring and configurations as

Network Security Analyst.

 Monitored 190 computer terminals for intrusion detection and user violations at DISA
Headquarters using UNIX OS.
 Served as a HOCNET Help Desk Technician at DIA trouble-shooting hardware and
software problems for a Global Area Network

Performed analysis of threats and network anomalies in a 24x7 environment and

responded to security threats during on-call rotation

 Created string based filters for Snort intrusion detection systems

 Provided support for computer security incidents, active monitoring, and preventative
 Participated in periodic audits, regular monitoring, and performed vulnerability

Network Security Analyst
 Monitored Securas internal network for intrusion using Reflex IPS
 Provided Level 2 support for client computers and networks by monitoring client
networks, cleaned viruses/spyware from Windows XP/Vista workstations, troubleshot
loss of internet connectivity and a range of other computer issues.
 Wrote training manual/FAQ for Network Security Analyst team to enable them to
troubleshoot client computer issues that occurred during evening and weekend
 Led team effort in expanding Network Operations Center to increase client base.

Computer Network Security Analyst
Conducted vulnerability assessments on US Naval information systems using Nmap,
Fport, Scanline Vulnerability Scanners and provided computer/ network security
incident reporting along with packet level analysis.

Computer Network Security Analyst
 Performed Intrusion detection analysis with Snort and Real Secure while monitoring
intrusion detection sensor for malicious activity.
 Performed password auditing assessments using Passfilt, Pwdump2&3, and
Nutcracker for Naval ships involved in USS WASP Expeditionary Strike Group

Network Security Analyst
Identified, troubleshoot, and resolve issues related to firewall rules.

 Created, tested and maintains new and existing firewall rules.

 Consulted with users to determine requirements, and provide security solutions to
meet needs.
 Supported Wide Area Networking, DNS, DHCP and Proxy server technology.
 Interact with technical and non-technical business users to provide understanding,
interpretation and documentation requirements.
 Performed and assisted in development of risk assessments and risk mitigation
 Provided risk assessment analysis for the protection of systems and data.

Cisco Network Security Analyst
Created assessment of client's current network topology and security design.

 Developed documentation and diagrams of as-built data network.

 Redesigned architecture for improved security and availability using multiple VLANs
and Cisco ASA firewalls.
 Implemented pilot deployment of Cisco ASA 5510's for firewall and VPN services.
 Contract completed.

Network Security Analyst Incident Responder

Monitored and analyzed security alerts (primarily from IDS, Firewall, Windows, Web,
Antivirus, etc.) using security tools and escalated them to local support personnel

 Logged event correlation Security Information Management (SIM) tools such as,
ArcSight, Niksun, Websense, Wireshark, HBSS, and McAfee to analyze network
traffic for malicious intrusions
 Reported the daily IDS numbers from automated predefined reporting tools

Network Security Analyst

 Administer activation and Splunk network security systems, maintain reports, and
validate of network service security.
 Perform different duties like checking and overseeing operating systems with proper
maintenance of Microsoft activation methods.
 Created tickets using qualyguard remedy to document all troubleshooting and
changes performed on devices.
 Prioritized workload to ensure that Service Level Agreements were always met and
improve efficiency and service excellence.

Network Security Analyst
Provided support to enterprise IT management staff in the areas of practice and

Answer phone calls to the security monitoring center and handle requests and calls.

 Conducted network systems security auditing.

 Managed Active Directory (created accounts, reset passwords, and allowed access
to different directories).
 Perform system backups and restorations & Perform onsite security assessment.
 Identify and create processes for tracking and measuring alarms, calls, emails,
Remedy, and system issues to be evaluated and monitored systematically for

 Detected and interpreted various network threats to include malware, viruses and
intrusive applications.
 Interpret DoD security guidelines and instructions
 Performed technical security training for newly hired security analyst.
 Performed network troubleshooting techniques to determine network latency and
 Performed system risk analysis and developed risk assessments reports.