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Lesson Plan: Review of Word stress

Teacher: Diana Laura Level: Advanced Date: 15/11/2017 Lesson lenght: 10-15 min
Valdez Alderete
Main objective of the lesson: identify the word stress by pronunciation
Other objectives: improve the pronunciation of
Language to be taught and practiced Work on skills
Structure(s): Which skills will the students practice? (Tick)
Words stress Reading Listening Speaking Writing

Function: make sure that students know how to Specify sub-skills the students will practice:
identify the word stress Unstressed syllables
Lexis: sample, rainy china, direct, relax decide,
empty guitars against alarm argue bathroom How will you integrate the skills and language
control crowded event improve retired jumper work? (General overview of the lesson)
lawyer lovely pavement prefer prevent protect
routine scissors stomach towels wedding without 1. Initially the students will pronounce some
words in order to remember the words stress
2. The students will listen to the information
given by the teacher
3. Then the students will work with a worksheet
4. Finally the students will have a group
Potential problems students may have with
the language: students might confuse the
stressed syllable in the word

How is to be done Procedure: who does what?

Set the context Twenty-three bachelor in Language Teaching
students, the group has fifteen females and eight
males. The students will be sitting on their desks as
they listen to teacher’s explanation and instructions.
In the activity, the group will be divided in two teams
with the same number of students.
Lesson development 1. The teacher writes on the board 6 words
2. The teacher will elicit some words stress by
reading the word out loud
3. Students will try to identify the stress in the
4. The teacher will present the information
5. The whole class will repeat the same words

Further practice 1. Teacher will give a worksheet to each

2. Student will identify the stress on the syllable
in the worksheet
3. Student will classify the words by the
stressed syllable in the worksheet

Correction phase The teacher will ask students to participate to check

the answers of the activity
Materials needed White board
White board markers
In English, we do not say each syllable with the same force or strength. In one
word, we accentuate ONE syllable. We say one syllable very loudly(big, strong,
important) and all the other syllables very quietly.

 SAMples
 RAIny
 CHIna
 reLAX
 diRECT
 deCIDE

-word stress is part of the language

-what to do if we don’t know where is the stress
All dictionaries give the phonetic spelling of a word. This is where they show which
syllable is stressed, usually with an apostrophe (') just before or just after the
stressed syllable
Rules of gold
One word has only one stress.

We can only stress vowels, not consonants.

Answers :

1. Col.1 empty argue bathroom crowded jumper lawyer lovely pavement scissors
stomach towels wedding

Col.2 guitars against alarm control event improve retired prefer prevent protect
routine without