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Diálogos 1 a 6: Talking about life and habits

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Com estes diálogos de inglês mais básico,

faça perguntas e fale sobre si mesmo e sua vida;

sobre o que você gosta e não gosta;
e converse para conhecer melhor uma pessoa.

Imprima os diálogos clicando no ícone da impressora embaixo do título; e baixe aqui o áudio em mp3 (clique
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Página inicial dos diálogos

1. Two people chatting at a party (00:01)

Duas pessoas se conhecem em uma festa.

[Tom] Hi, my name’s Tom.

[Mariana] Hi, Tom. Nice to meet you. I’m Mariana.
[Tom] Nice to meet you, too. So, where are you from?
[Mariana] Well, originally I’m from Bolivia…
… but my family moved to the United States when I was five years old.
[Tom] Do you live with your family?
[Mariana] Actually, no. My parents live in Mexico now. So, what do you do now?
[Tom] I’m a student at San Francisco College.
[Mariana] What are you studying?
[Tom] History and English. What about you? What do you do?
[Mariana] I’m a sales representative for Xenox Pharmaceuticals.
[Tom] Really? My cousin works there too.
Maybe you know him – his name is Jack, Jack Morrison.
[Mariana] Jack Morrison… Blond, very tall, brown eyes?
[Tom] Yep, that’s him! Next time you see him, tell him I said hi.
[Mariana] Sure!

2. Talking about life, habits and family (01:00)

Fazendo e respondendo perguntas sobre sua vida.

[Chuck] Hey, Ana. Where are you from?

[Ana] I’m from the United States, but my family is Brazilian.
[Chuck] And where do you live?
[Ana] I live in São Paulo, Brazil.
[Chuck] Do you have a big family? Brothers, sisters?
[Ana] No, actually I have a small family. I have only one sister.
[Chuck] Where does your family live?
[Ana] My parents live in a small town in São Paulo and my sister lives in Europe.
[Chuck] So what do you do? You’re a teacher, right?
[Ana] Yep, I’m a teacher, and I have a website.
[Chuck] Is your sister a teacher, like you?
[Ana] Nope. She works in a hotel.
[Chuck] Do you work at home?
[Ana] Yep, I do. I work at home and sometimes I go to a cafe and I work there.
[Chuck] So, do you work from… what? 8am to… 5, 6am?
[Ana] I usually work from 9 to 6.
[Chuck] Do you work at night? Sometimes?
[Ana] Sometimes, yeah. Sometimes I work at night.
[Chuck] What time do you usually have lunch?
[Ana] Usually, around noon.
[Chuck] So, where do you go during the week? Do you go to the grocery store, to the pharmacy,…?
[Ana] Yeah, I go to the grocery store every week, definitely. I don’t go to the pharmacy very often… Once
a month, I think. I usually go to the bank every week.
[Chuck] Do you like books, do you like music?… What do you like?
[Ana] I love music, I like movies. Books… I kinda like books.

3. Talking about life, habits and family II (02:37)

Fazendo e respondendo perguntas sobre a sua vida.

[Ana] So, hi… What’s your name?

[Chuck] Chuck. Really, Charles, Charles Castleberry. Chuck.
[Ana] Hey, Chuck. Where are you from?
[Chuck] I’m from Oklahoma City, in the United States.
[Ana] OK, and where do you live?
[Chuck] I live in São Paulo, Brazil.
[Ana] Do you have a big family?
[Chuck] Uh, two brothers, two sisters, a half-brother, a half-sister, three children.
[Ana] Wow, OK… Um, where do they live, your brothers and sisters?
[Chuck] They all live in Arkansas, Fort Smyth. Um… I have a step-brother who lives in Carolina.
[Ana] OK, North or South Carolina?
[Chuck] North Carolina.
[Ana] So, what do you do? You’re a teacher, right?
[Chuck] Yes, I’m a teacher and I also work with translations.
[Ana] Are your brothers and sisters teachers, like you?
[Chuck] No, one works in construction… A few others work in factories, some work with accounting and
[Ana] Alright. So, how many students do you have right now?
[Chuck] I don’t really have any students right now.
[Ana] Do you work at home?
[Chuck] Yes, I do. I work at home.
[Ana] So, what are your work hours?
[Chuck] I work, uh… all hours of the day and night, it’s… there’s no real schedule.
[Ana] Wow… but usually, like, from 8AM to…5, or from 7 to…
[Chuck] It’s not a, a normal schedule. It’s really crazy.
[Ana] So, do you work at night, sometimes?
[Chuck] Yeah, I do.
[Ana] And what time do you usually have dinner?
[Chuck] Sometimes I have dinner at six o’clock, sometimes at ten o’clock.
[Ana] Where do you usually go during the week? Do you go to the grocery store, to the pharmacy…where?
[Chuck] Ah, OK. Grocery store, once a week… I get to the gym several times a week… and out and about
once or twice a week.
[Ana] Alright. Do you like books, do you like music? Um… What do you like?
[Chuck] I like music, I listen to music, um… almost every day, all day long.

4. Habits, likes and dislikes (04:54)

Likes (substantivo) = o que a pessoa gosta

Dislikes (substantivo) = o que a pessoa não gosta

[woman] So, what do you do in your free time?

[man] I read a lot. I like suspense and biographies. I also travel a lot on weekends.
[woman] Yeah? Where do you go?
[man] I usually go to the beach. I have a beach house. Sometimes I visit my parents… they live in New
[woman] Do you like movies?
[man] Yes, I do. I usually go to the movies Monday night.
[woman] Why?
[man] Because the theaters are empty Monday night.
[woman] Do you go to bars, restaurants..?
[man] Sometimes I do. My favorite place is a pub near my house. I go there once a month.
[woman] Do you eat out sometimes?
[man] Nah… I usually eat at home. I cook, ah… so I’m fine.
[woman] How often do you cook?
[man] Oh, every day. I’m a good cook.
[woman] What are your favorite foods?
[man] I like pasta, and I really like meat.
[woman] Do you watch TV every day?
[man] Yes, I do. Every night, actually.
[woman] What do you watch on TV?
[man] I watch news, shows.. and sports.

5. Habits, likes and dislikes II (05:59)

Likes (substantivo) = o que a pessoa gosta

Dislikes (substantivo) = o que a pessoa não gosta

[man] So, what do you do in your free time?

[woman] I listen to music, yeah, I like music. Not the radio, I usually listen to CDs. I go out with friends
sometimes… We go to a bar or to a restaurant. I travel… Sometimes I go to Rio and visit my friends.
[man] How often do you watch a movie?
[woman] Hmm… probably twice a month. But I usually don’t go to the movie theater, I watch a DVD at
[man] What kind of movies do you like?
[woman] I like comedies. I love comedies. And I don’t like dramas or horror movies.
[man] Do you like books?
[woman] Hmm, no, I don’t. I don’t like books, and I don’t like magazines either. The truth is, I don’t read very
[man] So you never read the news…?
[woman] I like the Internet and sometimes I go to news sites and I read the news.
[man] So what kind of food do you like?
[woman] I like pasta, I like salads and I love fruits.
[man] What are your favorite fruits?
[woman] Mango, figs, strawberries, banana, papaya, pineapple… I think I love all kinds of fruits.
[man] How often do you eat fruit?
[woman] Oh, every day. I have fruit for breakfast, and I usually have fruit at lunch.
[man] So when you go out with friends… Where do you go?
[woman] We usually go to a bar, or to a nice restaurant.

6. Two people having dinner for the first time (07:35)

Nessa conversa, um homem e uma mulher jantam em um restaurante e conversam para se conhecer.

[man] So are you from the area?

[woman] No, I’m originally from New York. I moved here in 2002, so…
[man] Really? What part of New York are you from?
[woman] Brooklyn.
[man] What a coincidence! I was in Brooklyn last week!
[woman] Wow! What were you doing in Brooklyn?
[man] Just visiting a client.
[woman] So what did you think?
[man] Well, Brooklyn is great, but the visit with the client didn’t go well.
[woman] Oh…
[man] That’s OK… Um, my friends told me this is a great restaurant. Do you like Italian food?
[woman] Of course! It’s my favorite. I eat Italian almost every day, actually.
[man] Can you cook?
[woman] Yeah, I’m actually an excellent cook. What about you?
[man] Hmm, no. Zero. I can’t cook. I buy all my dinners at the supermarket.
[woman] Oh, no!
[man] It’s true. But that’s OK, there are some excellent supermarkets in my neighborhood.
[woman] So, what do you do for fun? Do you like movies?
[man] I do, I love movies. I go to the movies almost every weekend.
[woman] Really? Wow… I love movies too, but I like watching them at home. Movie theaters are always so
[man] That’s true. My brother is like you. He always watches movies at home. His DVD collection is

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