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ACO ShowerDrain S-line

Setting new standards for bathroom drainage

ACO ShowerDrain S-line

ACO. The future

of drainage.

The ACO system chain provides the drainage solutions for tomorrow’s
environmental conditions.
Increasingly extreme weather must be counteracted by more complex and sophistica-
ted drainage concepts. ACO achieves this with intelligent system solutions which have
a dual purpose: protecting people from water, and water from people.
Every ACO product within the ACO system chain therefore safely controls the water
as it passes along the chain to ensure that it can be ecologically and economically
reused in a viable way.
Within the ACO group it is ACO Haustechnik which supports the overall system chain,
and combines system solutions for drainage, separation and pumping in order to
create total drainage solutions for buildings.

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Bathroom drainage Starch separators Pumping stations
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The ACO system chain

in action
ACO ShowerDrain S-line

Slim cover piece just 2 cm wide Minimum installation depth of 55 mm Impressive drainage capacity of up to 0.8 l/s

Every product from ACO Haustechnik integrates into the ACO system chain

ACO ShowerDrain S-line –

new standards for bathroom drainage
The ACO ShowerDrain S-line made from stainless steel slots into place as an almost invisible shower channel in any type of bath dé-
cor while ensuring reliable drainage. The shower channel combines design and functional aspects in one. Well-being areas created
from wood, ceramics, natural stone and glass are cleverly lit with a combination of artificial and natural lighting, bathroom equip-
ment and technical elements are built almost invisibly into the overall bathroom design creating a technically and optically elegant
solution. Slot channels are a key component of the architecture of an easy access bathroom – after all they offer an optically elegant
solution, even going as far as a barely visible shower channel.
ACO ShowerDrain S-line

An unframed shower channel

Narrow cover piece
With a visible width of just 2 cm a slot
channel fits effortlessly into your shower
area and can be fitted elegantly either ac-

ross the room or along the wall. A choice
of two stainless steel designer gratings
is available for the visible part.

Minimum installation depth
With its tiny installation depth of just
55 mm, the ACO ShowerDrain S-line is the
obvious choice to use in renovation of old
buildings. A choice of various heights – 55,

64 or 80 mm – enable the slot channels to
be included in any shower scenario – in
either old or new buildings

Impressive drainage capacity
The narrow slot channel has an impressi-
vely high drainage capacity of up to

4 0.8 l/s with a 20 mm build-up, and
0.5 l/s with 0 mm build-up. The water is
always drained away reliably.

Custom dimensions
The new ACO ShowerDrain S-line is
available in standard lengths of 700,
800, 900, 1,000, 1,200 and 1,500 mm.
For any installation you can think of – in-

mm cluding a wheelchair accessible ba-

throom as defined by DIN 18040-2.
ACO ShowerDrain S-line

High-quality materials Thin bed flange made from Included in product

Stainless steel is a high-quality material stainless steel The product as delivered includes the
which not only defines the visible lines of The cast-on surrounding thin-bed flange shower channel and the selected desig-
the ACO ShowerDrain S-line – even the in- is ideal for binding in using the alternative ner grating, as well as a drain sieve and
visible body of the channel is made from sealing process. adjustable feet to set the height (11, 14,
this highly durable material. 16 and 22 mm) to suit all common thick-
nesses of tiles. In addition you are sup-
plied with two gully bodies (from 1,000
mm length upwards) which already inclu-
de a connection between the gully bodies
for direct connection to the drainage line.

Gullies Foul air trap Gratings

For reliable drainage, two gullies are sup- The foul air trap has a removable submer- A choice of two stainless steel designer
plied whenever the length exceeds 1,000 sible pipe for ease of cleaning. Access to gratings is available for the visible part.
mm. All the components are included in the waste water line is possible via an
the product when delivered. Designer opening in the foul air trap.
grating S-line Stripes
Designrost S-line Plate

Designrost S-line Stripes

ACO ShowerDrain S-line

Product information

Product benefits Flow rate

55 – 110
Sound protection tested to  DN 50: 0,8 l/s (with 20 mm build-up L1
DIN EN 4109/VDI 4100 as per DIN EN 1253)
Minimum height for installation: 55 mm  DN 50: 0,5 l/s (without any build-up)
Barely visible drainage for your  DN 40: 0,65 l/s (with 20 mm build-up
bathroom as per DIN EN 1253)
Sanded cast-on surrounding thin-bed  DN 40: 0,5 l/s (without any build-up)
flange  DN 32: 0,55 l/s (with 20 mm build-up

Impressive drainage capacity of up as per DIN EN 1253)
to 0.8 l/s  DN 32: 0,35 l/s (without any build-up)
Standard lengths as per DIN EN 18040-2 Channel body width: 94 mm (incl. sur-
Fixed height: 55 – 80 mm to flange on rounding thin bed flange)
the upper side Visible channel body width: 34 mm
Adjustable height: 30 mm Channel body length (L2) = L1 + 60 mm
Made from stainless steel, material Surrounding fixed shape thin bed flange
grade 304 Outflow DN 50/DN 40/DN 32 suitable
Load class: K3 for all push-fit pipe socket connections
Outflow capacity tested to DIN EN 1253 Includes drain sieve and adjustable
Sound protection kit for more stringent height feet
sound protection requirements to DIN Side sockets can be turned through
EN 4109/VDI, 4100 included in product 180° for flexible connections

Channel body
Length Item Price/RG
[mm] number [EUR]
Height: 55 mm/DN 32
700 9010.75.00 286,00/6
800 9010.75.01 294,00/6
900 9010.75.02 298,00/6
1000 9010.75.03 309,00/6
1200 9010.75.04 333,00/6
1500 9010.75.05 367,00/6
Height: 64 mm/DN 40
700 9010.75.10 286,00/6
800 9010.75.11 294,00/6
900 9010.75.12 298,00/6
6 1000 9010.75.13 309,00/6
1200 9010.75.14 333,00/6
1500 9010.75.15 367,00/6
Height: 80 mm/DN 50
700 9010.75.20 286,00/6
800 9010.75.21 294,00/6
900 9010.75.22 298,00/6
1000 9010.75.23 309,00/6
1200 9010.75.24 333,00/6
1500 9010.75.25 367,00/6

Stainless steel designer gratings

Design Length Item Price/RG
[mm] number [EUR]
700 9010.75.50 112,00/6
800 9010.75.51 119,00/6
900 9010.75.52 126,00/6
1000 9010.75.53 134,00/6
1200 9010.75.54 146,00/6
1500 9010.75.55 151,00/6
700 9010.75.60 112,00/6
800 9010.75.61 119,00/6
900 9010.75.62 126,00/6
1000 9010.75.63 134,00/6
1200 9010.75.64 146,00/6
1500 9010.75.65 151,00/6
Overview of the ACO ShowerDrain


ACO ShowerDrain S-line –

the elegant channel
Because of its minimalist design the S- dings with very low height available in the
line can take a back seat to the interior floors, while the version with a height of 80
design of the bathroom, or can contribu- mm (50 mm foul air trap) is ideal for public in-
te design focal points of its own. stallations. The S-line with a height of 64 mm
The ACO ShowerDrain S-line has the right is a good all-round solution (34 mm foul air
height for all installations: trap) – neither too high nor too shallow, crea-
With a height of only 55 mm to the flange ting good drainage capacity.
on the upper side in the version with the
25 mm foul air trap, the S-line is perfectly
suited to renovation projects in old buil-

ACO ShowerDrain E-line –

the versatile shower channel
Thanks ACO ShowerDrain E-line's modu- Thanks to the large range of covers you
lar construction approach it can solve al- can set design focal points, or can use
most any construction challenge. Inclu- the tileable grating to blend the channel
ding fire prevention, a variety of different into the surrounding tiled area. Using the
heights, and shower channels with verti- ACO Shower-Drain Lightline module you
cal sockets – the products in the ACO can add extra illumination to the shower
ShowerDrain E-line range can provide a area. Special solutions are also available 7
solution. in addition in a variety of forms.

ACO ShowerDrain C-line –

the functional shower channel
The ACO solution for property develop-
ment is called C-line. This product soluti-
on offers a good basis for designs when
equipping major projects. A choice of 3
designer gratings, the stainless steel
Quadrato, Wave and a tileable grating,
is available for the visible part.

Every product from ACO Haustechnik
integrates into the ACO system chain

ACO. The future
of drainage. Floor drainage systems

Bathroom drainage

Backflow systems

Roof drainage

Balcony and terrace drainage

Multi-storey car park drainage

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