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Penguin Underwear

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UpdatedMar 11, 2017
PublishedDec 20, 2016
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Forew ord

Chaeyoung didn't expect anything in particular to happen as she waited outside her dorm during a fire drill at 3AM.
She especially didn't expect to end up sitting next to an unclothed Mina, and she definitely didn't think one awkward encounter would end up
changing their relationship forever.

Written with KassidyRayne. <3

We hope you enjoy it.

1 Fire Drill

Fire Drill

It was a cool, calm night on the campus of JYP University; the many young people dwelling within its halls were sleeping
soundly in preparation for whatever responsibilities that awaited them once the sun rose on the horizon.

Son Chaeyoung was among these slumbering students. The young redhead was curled up underneath her warm covers,
dreaming of beautiful scenes and beautiful people. She unconsciously let out a deep sigh, sinking deeper into her warm
bed; her dreamy exhale seemed to only add the relaxing, quiet night that surrounded the school…


“Attention, students. This is a fire drill. Please exit the building through the designated areas in a calm, orderly manner. I
repeat, this is a fire drill.”

A unanimous groan could be heard from all the students in the building as they slowly climbed out of their warm beds and
stepped into the cold evening air.

Chaeyoung, on the other hand, was still sleeping soundly.

Minatozaki Sana, Chaeyoung’s roommate, huffed as she began to make her way out of her own bed, turning on the light as
she did so.

“Chaengie-yah~” she groaned as she saw her unconscious roommate. Lucky…

After putting her bedroom slippers in order to keep her feet from completely freezing, Sana shuffled over to her friend’s
bed and began poking the younger girl’s face.
“Son.” poke “Chae-” poke “youuung…” poke poke poke

The redhead groaned and tried to pull her blankets over her head in order to prevent anymore poking from disturbing her
peaceful slumber, but Sana wouldn’t have that. She quickly grabbed the blanket and flung it off the bed, causing her
roommate to gasp at the sudden chill in the air.


Before she could protest any further, Sana began pulling her off the bed. “C’mon, c’mon. It’s a fire drill and the quicker
we get outside the quicker we can get back inside and go back to sleep.”

She couldn’t really argue with that logic (though she wanted to). Huffing, as her friend had done just moments earlier, she
sluggishly got out of her bed and put on her shoes as she followed her friend out the door.

Looking at the clock as she walked past, she noticed that it was nearly 3AM.

They’re trying to kill us.

The two girls stepped into the hallway and joined the crowd of half dead– I mean, asleep students exiting the building.

It looks like a scene from a zombie movie out here, Chaeyoung thought as she looked around, crossing her arms as she
began to feel the cool breeze. There were dozens of people standing and sitting around the outside of the dorm building, all
looking as tired and grumpy as she currently felt. Not really paying attention to where she was going, She found a spot
under a nearby tree to sit until they were told they could go back inside.

She looked around and noticed Sana talking to Kim Dahyun and her roommate. Chaeyoung grimaced and looked away.
She had never been able to understand what her roommate saw in her childhood friend. She had known Dahyun since they
were little, and Dahyun hadn’t been that bad back then, but as she grew up she got more and more annoying.

Maybe I’m too hard on her, she thought for a moment as she looked back over at the pair, only to be met by Dahyun
looking at her with a stern look on her face. The redhead quickly dismissed her previous thought. Nope, she is. She looked
at her dryly before looking away again. I don’t know what she wants and I don’t want to.

Yawning, Chaeyoung closed her eyes and leaned against the tree behind her. Wake me up when we can go back inside, she
thought to absolutely no one.

After a few minutes, the redhead heard a sigh come from her right. She opened her right eye to be greeted by a sight she
had definitely notbeen expecting.
Right next to her, in all her glory, stood Myoui Mina. However, it was not the person nor the proximity that caused
Chaeyoung to go red from head to toe. No, it was the fact that not only was Mina standing right there, but also she had no
pants on.

No. Pants…

Chaeyoung swallowed hard as she willed herself no to keep staring, but that proved to be almost impossible.

This wasn’t the first time that Chaeyoung had seen the brunette beauty that stood beside her. In fact, they had several
classes together and she reacted pretty much the same way internally whenever she saw her.

Myoui Mina was, for the lack of a better word, extremely hot. Her skin was a pale, creamy color that looked so soft that it
would put every baby’s bottom to shame. The adorable moles on her face reminded the redhead of the bright stars and
constellations in space but made Mina shine like the north star on every occasion. Even now: half-asleep, hair pulled into a
messy bun, an old t-shirt, and penguin-covered underwear – Mina still looked exquisite.

Unaware that she was still staring, Chaeyoung noticed how completely unphased the other girl – no, woman – was at the
fact that she was half-naked in front of half of the school. Though she did seem cold, which makes sense considering the
whole no pants thing…

Chaeyoung chuckled nervously to herself as she continues to basically check out the woman beside her. However, her
laughter quickly ceased when she looked towards Mina’s face only to meet her steady gaze. The redhead's throat went dry
under the scrutiny of the other woman, feeling every bit like a deer caught in the headlights.

Is she mad? She’s gotta be mad! Chaeyoung panicked internally as the brunette beauty continued to look at her with a
blank expression. Totally mad…

As if hearing the cry let out within Chaeyoung’s head, the announcement was then made that the students could go back
inside. Mina immediately looked away and began walking back towards the building as the announcement was made.

As if released from a spell, Chaeyoung let out a breath of air. Woah.

She watched the penguin underwear-clad Mina as she headed back inside, either not noticing or not caring about the stares
and snickers that followed her as she passed the other students.

At that moment, Sana joined her roommate and followed her gaze.

“Wow, she really doesn’t care about anything, huh?” she said with a chuckle, looking back at Chaeyoung, only to find her
gone. “Eh? Chaeyoung-ah?”
The redhead in question had already begun making her own way back into the dorm building and, as if against her own
will, was following Mina.

At least we live on the same floor, so this isn't too weird…

Even under that reasoning, the redhead still felt like a creep. However, she knew she wouldn't stop. When she saw Mina, it
was like she was under hypnosis and the only thing she could see, hear, think about was Mina. Mina, Mina, Mina…

The two had never spoken, never even made eye contact before that night. They had three classes together and they sat on
opposite sides of the room in all of them, but Chaeyoung always made sure to sit behind the other so that she could look at
her without having to turn around. Needless to say, the red-head had a very hard time concentrating in those three classes.

She already knew where Mina’s room was, it was only five doors down from her own, on her left. She had seen her leave
there on many occasions, whether she was going to class, to do laundry, or go to her part-time job. In fact, Chaeyoung had
subconsciously begun going out for errands of to “get some air” at times that she had usually seen the other walk out of
her room. The brunette woman had held the door open for her one day as they left the building at the same time.
Chaeyoung had blushed profusely, but she was sure the other didn’t notice (or she hoped, at least).

Basically, the two were strangers. Chaeyoung knew that she knew it better than anyone. Nevertheless, she continued to
follow Mina up the stairs, with no idea why or what she was even planning to do once they reached the other's
room. Almost there…

Mina reached their floor and made her way to her own room, Chaeyoung followed.

The brunette stopped at her door and began unlocking the door, but only stopped when she noticed a presence beside her.
She looked up and saw a blushing Chaeyoung standing a few feet from her with a determined yet scared look on her face.

Chaeyoung opened her mouth to say something, but quickly closed it. She opened it again, again, and again, but still
nothing came out. Mina waited patiently with that same blank look on her face as before.

The redhead swallowed hard and said – or squealed – the first thing that came to mind.

“I-I like your underwear!”

Oh. My. God.

The two looked at each other, both with similar looks of surprise on their faces, though Chaeyoung may have looked a bit
more surprised.

“U-um…” Chaeyoung tried to salvage the situation, but frankly, she was afraid of what else she might say. So she settled
for sputtering a “Goodnight!” and dashed off to her own room, not daring to look behind her.

After getting into her room as quickly as humanly possible, Chaeyoung paused and leaned against the door. She then
groaned and covered her face with her hands, completely immersed in embarrassment.

'I like your underwear' ?! What was that?!

Letting out another long, miserable groan, Chaeyoung made her way to her bed and flopped onto it, grabbing her blanket
and hiding underneath it. She groaned once more before sticking her hand out from the cover to turn off the light, ready to
fall back asleep and forget the night completely.

That settles it, I'm never talking to her again.

With that thought, Chaeyoung did her best to sink back into a peaceful slumber, although not as nearly peaceful
as before. However, unbeknownst to Chaeyoung, her brunette counterpart five doors down fell asleep with a much
different thought in mind.

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

2 European History

European History


The voice was but a faint whisper, but she recognized it instantly. It sounded so distant, yet felt so near, like she was right
next to her. However, Chaeyoung knew no one was there, for when she turned, she was only greeted by darkness.


This time it came from the left; she turned, but again – nothing.

At that moment, she finally saw her. Standing right in front of the redhead, only an arm's length away, stood an angel. She
was dressed in a white dress which complimented her pale, creamy skin that seemed impossible. Her brunette hair flowed
as if a gentle breeze was passing through, though Chaeyoung was sure there was none.

Then, in a blink of an eye, the angel was right in front of her; so close she could feel each shallow breath on her face.
Chaeyoung, on the other hand, couldn’t bring herself to take even a single breath. The angel raised her hand and placed it
on Chaeyoung’s cheek, looking her straight in the eye.

“Chaeyoung.” The brunette angel leaned in even closer. “I–”


The redhead gasped and jolted up from her bed, hitting something hard as she did so. She heard a shriek and looked up to
see Sana holding her head. Oh, so that’s what I hit…

“Aaaah, that hurt!” Chaeyoung watched with a yawn as Sana danced around the room with a hand on her forehead. She
stopped and pouted at her roommate. “That’s the thanks I get for trying to keep you from missing class…”

With a small squeal, the redhead jumped off her bed and ran to her side of the closet in order to find something to wear.

Sana sighed. "Honestly, Chaeyoung," she said in a soft, yet playful voice, "Hirai-sensei is gonna kill you one day for
always being late to her class."

Chaeyoung ignored her friend for the time-being as she threw on a pair of sweatpants and an old t-shirt.

Sana was right though, she had to admit. Momo Hirai-sensei was the youngest and, in the opinion of almost every boy,
and girls, on campus, the hottest professor at JYP University. Due to this, most people assumed she was also a very laid-
back and nice professor. Not to mention the rumors that she's a professional dancer. That thought made Chaeyoung scoff
to herself as she ran to the bathroom and brushed her teeth quickly.

Hirai-Sensei was anything but laid-back and nice; she was the most irritating, unfair, unpredictable professor – no, person
– on the planet. Her class was European History, which, when she had first signed up, Chaeyoung was sure would be an
easy A. Boy, was I wrong…

At this point, the redhead was barely managing a C- in the class. C for Chaeyoung, amirite?
It also didn’t help that she was late about half of the time, which resulted in having her to slip into the class during the
middle of one of her oh-so-interesting lectures. Which then resulted in her stopping mid-sentence to give the redhead her
famous passive aggressive “you’re totally dead” smile until she sat down.

With an exhale, Chaeyoung finished gathering her things and ran out the door, only sparing a slight wave in the direction
of her roommate, who had been watching the redhead with not-so-slight amusement as she rushed to get ready.

The sprint to history class had become a tradition on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, so Chaeyoung had learned the
perfect route to get there as fast as possible (though she was usually still late).

Finally, with only two minutes to spare, Chaeyoung reached the door to Room 16.

“Here!” Chaeyoung signed, leaning against the door frame. She looked up and was surprised to see that the blonde
professor hadn’t arrived.Well, that’s a relief.

The redhead made her way to her usual seat in the back, attempting to catch her breath as she did so. She flopped down
onto her usual seat and leaned her head on the table. Glancing up towards the front row, she noticed that Mina hadn’t
arrived yet either. Sighing for what felt like the millionth time since she woke up thirty minutes before, she closed her

Another reason that she was so very annoyed by the class she was currently waiting to start, was that she hadn’t even had
any interest to take in it in the first place. During the first semester, she and Mina only had one class together and one row
apart. On occasion, the redhead would overhear the other’s rare conversations with those around her.

At this point, Chaeyoung’s crush on said person had already become quite prevalent, so when she heard that Mina was
planning on taking European History in room 16 with Hirai… well, long story short, she was only in this class to get more
of a chance to see Mina on a daily basis.

At that moment, the memories of last night began flooding her mind.

“I-I like your underwear!”

Groaning, Chaeyoung put her hands over head in a futile attempt to hide away from the rest of the world. Maybe I should
drop this class. I mean, after last night, I don’t think I’ll even be able to look at her without…

She groaned again and contemplated leaving the class right then and there.

At that moment, however, she heard the door open and looked up to see Hirai-sensei taking her place in front of the room.
“Good morning, everyone!” she greeted in her cheery, yet probably fake voice. She was greeted with a few half-hearted
replied, queuing her to begin taking roll. She began calling out each student’s name in her ever-so-polite voice, causing the
many to almost tremble as she called out their names. Gross.

“Son Chaeyoung.”

“Here,” the redhead replied lazily. At her reply, the blonde teacher looked up with a somewhat surprised look on
her face as if to say “Oh, you’re actually on time today?” This caused a slight grimace to form on Chaeyoung’s face. So

She continued calling out names as the redhead closed her eyes once again and started to get comfortable in her seat,
preparing for a long and boring hour and a half.

“Myoui Mina.”


Chaeyoung’s eyes snapped open and she quickly turned to her right, where there was usually an empty seat. Today,
however, the seat was occupied.

Not only was it occupied, but sitting only a foot away from her was none other than the brunette angel herself. Chaeyoung
swallowed, unable to fully understand what was happening.

At that moment, Mina turned to meet Chaeyoung’s surprised look, causing the redhead to quickly look away with a
flushed face.

What is going on!?!?

The professor soon finished with roll and began lecturing. However, Chaeyoung barely noticed this because she was still
having a hard time breathing correctly.

Usually, the brunette sat at the very front of the class, never even looking back for a second. Chaeyoung was used to this,
she liked this because she was (obviously) not very good at actually dealing with the other woman. Hell, they had barely
made eye contact before their awkward encounter the night before. Honestly, Chaeyoung was pretty sure Mina had no idea
who she was before then. So why did she choose to sit here all of a sudden?!

The redhead, who at this point had completely given up on napping throughout the class as she had intended to before, was
trying her hardest not to look to her right. Yet, this was proving to be an extremely difficult task. The other woman was so
close that Chaeyoung could faintly smell her perfume, which surprised her. I didn't know she wore perfume…
It had a very distinct smell, like jasmine mixed with a hint of regular soap, however, there was also another smell mixed
within the others – something that seemed to be strictly Mina. It was intoxicating.

Not only could she smell the brunette woman, she could sometimes hear her breathe slightly, calmly. Sometimes she
would let out a very quiet sigh when she miss-copied something the professor said, or when she others in the class would
begin giggling quietly to one another.

An hour went by and Chaeyoung was sure it was the most stressful hours her life. She spent the entire time trying her best
(well, maybe not herbest) to listen to the blonde teacher as she talked about…something historical, but just ended up being
hyper-aware of the person next to her. Every shift, sigh, adjustment, or movement in genre caused Chaeyoung’s eyes to
flick towards Mina. Luckily, the redhead was almost positive that the other hadn’t noticed Chaeyoung’s struggles. Just
another thirty minutes, I can do this…

Fate didn’t seem to want to give the girl a break, however, for at that moment Hirai-sensei made an announcement.

“For your midterm grade, I want you all to develop your own research on a European culture of your choice," she said as
she began handing out the outline for the assignment. "The research should include the history of each culture and how it
is incorporated in that culture today. You will have to present your information in front of the class, so please keep this in
mind when you begin preparing."

An audible groan was released from the class at Hirai-sensei's declaration, causing her to chuckle. "I understand this is not
ideal, but I promise you it won't be too difficult. In fact, I've decided to make it even easier on you all."

This caused the class to come to attention. As she finished handing out the papers, she turned to the class once more.

"I will allow you all to choose a partner to do this project with so that one person won't have to do all the work." A wave
of excited and relieved whispers erupted from the class at that time. Hirai-sensei raised her hand as to silence the room.
"Choose your partners wisely, students. You don't want to be stuck with someone who will slack off and make you do all
the work."

At that, Chaeyoung could have sworn the blonde looked directly at her for a moment. That better have been my

Hirai then clapped her hands together, “Alright, for the rest of the class you may get together with the partner of your
choice and begin deciding which culture you'd like to research. When you're done, tell me who your partner will be and
your topic, and then you may leave.”

With that, the students began looking around for their partners; some already had someone in mind, while others simply
waited to see who else was available. Chaeyoung was among the latter group.

Wth a sigh, she propped her head on her hand and waited until she could spot someone else who was in need of a partner. I
hate this kind of stuff.

The redhead stopped breathing. Was that..?

She slowly turned to her right and almost fell off her chair when she met Mina’s eyes with her own.


“That’s your name, isn’t it?”

All Chaeyoung could think about was the fact that this person's voice was so beautiful, so rich, so sexy. It took few
minutes for her to register what the brunette had actually said.

“O-oh! Yeah. Chaeyoung, that's me." She cleared her throat, trying to cover up her awkwardness – it wasn't working.

Mina nodded once and then turned to the open textbook sitting in front of her.

”I was thinking we could do either Ireland or Romania since they both have a lot of interesting and easily accessible
information.” She then turned back to Chaeyoung with her usual blank expression. "What do you think?"


Chaeyoung's mind was blank.

Was Mina talking about the project?

Why would she talk about that with her?

Shouldn't she be asking her partner about–?

The redhead's eyes went wide. Wait. Is she...? Am I…?

“W-wait, so are we…partners?” Chaeyoung asked warily. Mina’s expression remained blank, however, there was a hint of
mirth wishing her eyes as she looked at the redhead.

“Of course.”
Oh. Okay.

And that was it. Chaeyoung remained still as the latter continued to talk about the assignment.

The redhead slowly came back to life and looked at her brunette counterpart as she wrote down their names and topic,
which Chaeyoung hadn't caught when the other was discussing it just a moment before, on a sheet of scrap paper. As she
watched, she couldn't help but notice the way Mina wrote her name. The woman's handwriting was unsurprisingly very
neat, with cute little flicks and curves at the end of every letter. Chaeyoung thought that her name had never looked so
beautiful on a piece of paper before then.

“–so that we can talk about the project later this week.”

Chaeyoung blinked and looked away from her name, realizing she had missed what the other had said. “I-I’m sorry,

Mina didn’t seem to be annoyed with the redhead’s lack of attention as she began to repeat what she had just said. “I was
saying that we should exchange numbers so that we can work on the assignment later this week.”

However, all Chaeyoung really caught form that was “exchange numbers.”

“U-um yeah, sure!” The redhead fumbled to reach for a pen and paper so that she could write out her number in her much
messier handwriting. She handed it to Mina as she accepted the other’s number at the same moment, which, of course,
looked a lot better than her own.

Chaeyoung looked down at the assortment of numbers on the paper in her hands as if it was Willy Wonka’s Golden
Ticket. This Mina’s phone number. Her actual number.

She looked up and noticed the other girl risen from her seat so that she could give Hirai-sensei their topic. Following the
other’s lead, Chaeyoung shoved her belongings in her backpack and clumsily left her own seat.

She watched as Mina handed the paper to the professor and then headed for the door without looking back, Chaeyoung’s
number in hand.

With a dumbfounded look, the redhead watched the other leave for a moment before snapping out of her reverie and
headed for the door herself.

However, as she looked at the number in her hand, Chaeyoung gave a small smile and decided not to dwell on what had
happened and instead to just enjoy the fact that she now had an excuse to talk to Mina outside of class.
Then again, that’s just more opportunities for me to make a fool out of myself again…

Cringing slightly, she decided to push that thought away from now and focus on the walk ahead of her.

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

3 Smile


Thursday morning could not come any sooner for Chaeyoung. Ever since the miracle that had occurred two days prior, she
had been uncharacteristically excited for the next class. In fact, she had actually arrived ten minutes early, which she
almost regretted as she waited for the majority of the class, including both Hirai-sensei and the only person she actually
came to the class for.

With a yawn, Chaeyoung looked down at her phone for what was probably the thousandth time since that Tuesday. Ever
since she and Mina had exchanged phone numbers, she couldn’t stop hoping that the other would text her or call her
or something. She realized that she could have tried contacting Mina herself, but merely laughed at the idea. I'm not nearly
brave enough for that.

Eventually, Hirai-sensei arrived, followed by Mina, who took her seat next to Chaeyoung like last time. Though she had
been hoping the other would sit there, she still couldn't regulate her breathing as she watched Mina take out her supplies.

Hirai-sensei called out roll as usual and then addressed the class. "Today will be dedicated solely to working on your
assignment from our previous class, so get to work."

This both excited and scared the hell out of the redhead. A whole hour and a half talking to Mina…

Swallowing hard, Chaeyoung turned to Mina in preparation to start the conversation. However, she stopped when she
noticed something about the other, something that she really didn't want to notice for her own sake.

Mina looked up at the redhead, completely unaware of the other girl’s struggles. “Have you done any research yet,

Chaeyoung didn’t hear what she said though, for the redhead was simply trying to stare at anything other than Mina…or
rather, her chest.

Today, the brunette had chosen to wear a slightly wrinkled white dress shirt with the top buttons loosely undid, almost
revealing her…you know what I mean. Chaeyoung knew that this was nothing to get worked up about. She knew that she
shouldn't be so distracted by something so simple as cleavage. She knew this, and yet was unable to look at the other
woman for fear of her own terrible will power. It didn't help that Mina's hair was tied in a low ponytail only to expose her
neck and...and...


With a start, Chaeyoung locked eyes with the other woman, trying to keep her best to keep them there. “U-um yes?”

“Have you done any research yet?”

Not trusting her own voice – or eyes, for that matter – Chaeyoung simply shook her head no.

With a nod, Mina turned to get out her laptop. “I’ve done a bit, but it’s not much.” She turned back to Chaeyoung and
gestured towards the computer. "You can have a look at my notes if you’d like."

Clearing her throat, Chaeyoung pulled the laptop closer. “S-sure.”

Oh, so that's what our project's about, she thought, reading the perfectly-written notes, but only to be distracted by the
interesting stickers next to the trackpad. First penguins, and now ketchup? 0.0

Chaeyoung glanced to her right and saw the brunette sitting with her head in her hand, staring at nothing in particular,
probably waiting for her to finish so that they could get started. Shaking her head, Chaeyoung turned back to the computer
and focused on the words in front of her.

After about two sentences, however, her eyes drifted back to Mina. Blushing, she glances at the other woman’s
chest. Wow…

Surprisingly enough, Chaeyoung had never really paid much attention to Mina’s body in that way, for she had been too
distracted by her face, her eyes, her hair, her skin, her voice; but now, she saw what she had been missing out on.

Mina was not only extremely beautiful, she was sexy. Chaeyoung assumed the other had to work out because her body was
wonderfully slim, but not too much so. She had curves in all the right places, demonstrating her felinity perfectly.

I don’t know how it’s possible to be that perfect, Chaeyoung thought. But I’m so glad it is…I bet she has abs...

Completely consumed in her exploration of the other, she didn’t notice when Mina glanced towards the redhead.
Eventually, however, Chaeyoung looked up and, to her horror, met brunette’s eyes.
Chaeyoung froze, trying very hard to believe that the other hadn't seen her completely checking her out, although she
knew there was no way that she had missed it. She was about to come up with some sort of excuse, apology, anything, but
stopped when Mina simply looked away again.

The redhead blinked, unsure if the other was angry or not. Deciding to take her lead, however, she looked back to the
laptop and struggled to find where she had left off in the notes, her face burning.

Eventually, she finished with the notes and both girls began quietly working on the assignment. All throughout,
Chaeyoung kept her eyes on her own work, making sure not to lose herself in the other again.

Class passed slowly, but soon it was time for them all to be dismissed.

Chaeyoung had just finished packing up all of her things and was about to head for the door when the brunette blocked her

“Do you have class after this?”

Yes. “No,” Chaeyoung said hastily. “Why?”

Mina hummed, turning away from the redhead. “We’re going to lunch.”

With wide eyes, Chaeyoung watched the other head for the door. Unlike last week, however, Mina turned just before
leaving and looked at Chaeyoung, leaving,

Taking her cue, the Chaeyoung scurried after the brunette and followed her out the door; and with a mixture of confusion,
excitement, and anxiety that had become the norm when she was around Mina, the two set off for lunch.

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

Twenty minutes late, Chaeyoung found herself in a position she never thought she’d be in: sitting in a restaurant across
from Myoui Mina, who was browsing her menu as the redhead pretended to do the same. Of course, because she wasn’t
actually looking at the menu and had never been to the restaurant before, she simply ordered the first thing that her eyes
landed on when the waiter approached the table.

The two didn't speak, but it wasn't an uncomfortable silence. As they waited for their meal, Chaeyoung decided to take a
break from her constant scrutiny of the brunette woman and to instead gaze out of the window beside their booth.
I’m not sure why I’m here, she thought as she watched a squirrel, that resembled her roommate, scurry up a nearby
tree, but I’m not complaining.

Glancing at the woman across from her, she was surprised to see that Mina had already been looking at her, her ever-
present blank expression plastered on her beautiful face.

Blinking, Chaeyoung kept eye contact, though she was tempted to break it as she felt her cheeks burn. However, in an
effort to keep the situation from becoming awkward on her own account, she let a small, uncomfortable smile form on her

Just then, the redhead was surprised once again when Mina did something she had never seen her do before. Did she
just…smirk at me??

Keeping the mirth-ridden smile on her face, Mina turned to greet the waitress as she brought their food. Chaeyoung, who
was still in shock, simply watched as the other woman began eating her meal.

After a few bites, Mina looked up at the redhead and let another small, enticing smirk grace her face. “You food will get

Chaeyoung sputtered and quickly began eating her own food as Mina looked on, letting out a chuckle that was too quiet
for the other to hear.

They didn’t speak any more until it was time to part ways.


Mina turned, looking at the blushing redhead as she waited patiently for her to say whatever she was attempting to say.

After taking a breath, Chaeyoung smiled at the woman that had too much control over her. “See you later?”

This time, Mina didn’t smirk, nor did she look on with a blank expression. No, this time she smiled sweetly at the redhead
– another thing that Chaeyoung had never seen.

“See you later.”

With that, the brunette walked away, her hair flowing as it swished back and forth with each step.

Chaeyoung watched her until she was out of sight, her face burning and her legs weak. Eventually, she turned and headed
in the direction of her dorm; all the while, she thought of more ways to see that rare smile once more.
♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

4 Childhood Friends

Childhood Friends

The rest of the week held more than Chaeyoung could have ever hoped for. The day after Mina’s impromptu lunch invite,
she had texted the redhead and told her to meet her at the library to work on their project. Chaeyoung, of course, was quick
to reply and even quicker to completely disregard all of the other work she had been planning on doing, discard her barely-
eaten strawberry cake, and rushed out of the door to meet her crush.

Unfortunately for the redhead, they actually worked on the project.

Despite her disappointment, Chaeyoung was more than happy to be in the presence of the brunette woman outside of
class; and, as if reading Chaeyoung’s mind, Mina had then surprised the girl once more as they left the library that night.


“Hm?” The redhead turned towards her counterpart so quickly she was sure her neck would hurt in the morning (it did).

“We’ll do this again this Friday.”

With that, Mina gracefully made her exit, leaving Chaeyoung as she usually did, flushed and gawking after the retreating

When the next morning came, Chaeyoung once again made an effort to actually get to class on time and was very proud of
herself when she was a whole two minutes early!

She had taken her place next to Mina, who was unsurprisingly already there, and the two began working yet again.

All throughout class, Chaeyoung had been hoping that the brunette would invite her out to lunch again. However, her wish
did not come true. Hirai-sensei dismissed the class, Mina gathered her things, gave her partner a short nod, and left.

Sighing, Chaeyoung gathered her own belongings and began to head for the door. At least I get to see her tomorrow,
The redhead lifted her head slightly and brought a fist to her chest as she exited the classroom. Optimism!! Don't be like

“Chaeyoung-ssi.” A voice interrupted her self pep-talk, causing her to spin on her heel in the doorway, looking for who
had said her name. She paused her lips as her eyes scanned the room, no one was looking at her. She away about to turn
back around when a pair of eyes met hers. She gulped.


With a (probably condescending) chuckle, the blonde professor beckoned her towards her desk with one hand. Groaning
inwardly, Chaeyoung approached her. What did I do this time?

“Don’t worry you’re not in trouble.”

The redhead’s eyes widened slightly and then narrowed. Hirai…are you in my head now too?

The professor gave no indication of hearing that thought, however, and turned fully to face Chaeyoung.

“I just want to see how your project is going, the deadline is coming up very soon, you know.”

Chaeyoung had to stop herself from rolling her eyes and instead smiled as naturally as she could. “It’s going fine, Hirai-
sensei. In fact, Mina and I are meeting up tomorrow to work on it some more.”

Despite her attempts at being somewhat respectful to her professor’s face, she couldn’t stop the small smirk that formed on
her face when the blonde’s eyes widened in surprise at her comment. That’s right, Hirai-pabo-jokbal-sensei. I’m not as
much of a slacker as you thought, huh?

To Chaeyoung’s surprise (and confusion), Hirai’s look of surprise was followed up by genuine laughter.

Is she…laughing at me?

Before Chaeyoung could get angry, Hirai-sensei sobered up and looked at her with another gaining and surprising look:

“You and Mina-chan, huh?”

Drawing her eyebrows together, Chaeyoung looked around, wondering what was so amusing. “U-um, yeah, Mina and I
Then she realized, 'Mina.'

I called her Mina.

Chaeyoung could feel herself blushing, which only seemed to amuse her professor even more, much to her chagrin. Then
she blinked.


She looked up at Hirai-sensei. She blinked again.

She called her Mina-CHAN…


At her sudden outburst, both parties jumped.

“U-um, I mean–” The redhead rubbed the back of her neck, fumbling nervously. “Y-you just…I didn't – I’m not…”

Another laugh came from the professor. “I apologize, Chaeyoung-ssi.” She attempted to hide her laughter from the student
as she spoke, which didn’t work. “Allow me to explain.” She finally stopped laughing and looked away from the redhead,
hiding the hint of mirth in her eyes.

“Mina-ssi and I have known each other for quite a while, and she’s always been very…well, alone, I suppose is the right
way to put it.” Her eyes found the redhead’s once again. “So hearing someone use her first name…Well, it was just a
pleasant surprise, I suppose.”

Chaeyoung blinked. Then blinked again.


“Anyway, I just wanted to make sure you two were getting along alright. I was a bit worried that she’d be taking on all the
work herself, but now I see I have nothing to worry about.” Another smile, genuine or fake? Chaeyoung would never
know. “That’s all. You’re free to go.”

With that, the blonde professor turned back to her papers. After a few seconds, Chaeyoung regained her senses and quickly
scurried out of the room.
I’m not sure what exactly just happened…

I still don’t like her though.

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

“Waitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwait. What?!”

“Okay, first, calm down, Sana-unnie,” Chaeyoung whispered, looking around the cafeteria and then back to her friend who
had just jumped from her seat in excitement. “Second, you heard what I said, right? Please don’t make me explain all of
that again.”

Sana sat down with a huff. “Yes, I heard you. I just can’t believe it!”

“I know.” The redhead returned to her meal, now that her friend had calmed down a little. “It’s pretty crazy to think that
Hirai-sensei and Mina have known each other for that long. She called her Mina-chan, unnie!”

“Nonono, no that!”

Sana jumped from her seat once again, drawing attention from the students around them, much to the Chaeyoung’s
embarrassment. She reached across the table to force her friend back down onto her seat, shh-ing her vigorously in the

“I said calm down!”

“Hai, hai~ Anyway! I can’t not believe that Hirai-sensei and Mina-san know each other, what I can’t not…not believe

The redhead raised an eyebrow at her friend. She confused herself again..

Sana drew her eyebrows together for a second, thinking to herself. After a few more seconds, the younger girl almost saw
a light bulb turn on over her friend’s head as her eyes flew open wide and she exclaimed a-ha! turning back to Chaeyoung

“What I can’t believe is that you got to have a real conversation with Hirai-sensei!” Sana squealed in perfect fangirl
fashion, “I’d die if she even said hello to me…”
The redhead rolled her eyes and took a bit of her food. “Believe me, it wasn’t as great as you think it was.”

“Oh, you just say t hat because you hate her,” Sana said, swatting her hand back and forth as if something smelled bad.
“Which I still don’t understand. I mean, she’s so dreamy…”

Sighing, Chaeyoung begrudgingly returned to her meal as her friend drifted off to Dream Land, taking larger bites than
were probably necessary.

“Yah, keep shoveling it in like that and you’ll choke. Slow it down, pabo.” The redhead looked up at the sudden voice
coming from her left and felt her whole body deflate.

“What do you want, Dahyun-ah?” Chaeyoung grumbled, eating an even bigger forkful just to spite her lifetime friend
(read: nuisance).

“Just stopping by to say hello,” the rainbow-haired girl said as she sat down to the shorter girl, much to her annoyance, “or
am I not allowed to do that?”

“Do whatever you want, I don’t care,” Chaeyoung said, ignoring her as much as she could.

Sana cleared her throat softly as she looked on at the duo across from her, slightly uncomfortable due to their overt
animosity towards one another.

Chaeyoung sighed as she looked at her friend, who had wiggled her way into a conversation with Dahyun in order to
relieve the tension.

She really couldn't believe that Sana had a crush on this girl. I mean, sure, she wasn’t that bad of a person, but she was just
so annoying! How could anyone go all googly eyes over such an idiot!

The redhead sighed quietly. I guess it’s none of my business, though. Can’t help how you feel about a person, after all…

At that, a brunette angel appeared inside Chaeyoung’s mind, causing a blush to spread over her face. I’m really gonna go
crazy because of that girl.

A small smile formed on her face at that thought, because she realized that, even if she did go crazy, if it was because of
Mina, she wouldn’t really mind it.

“What’s that face for?”

Chaeyoung jumped and looked up at Dahyun who apparently had caught the dreamy look on her face. Gross.

“None of your business, weirdo,” Chaeyoung retorted hastily.

Dahyun scoffed at her remark and gave her that look; at which Chaeyoung glared as hard as she can.

Looking back at her Japanese friend, the redhead smiled sweetly. “Sorry to leave you with this jerk,” she quickly shot a
glare towards her right, then turned back to Sana with a smile, “But I’ve got to get going.”

“Wae?” Dahyun asked, causing Chaeyoung to roll her eyes for the second time during that particular meal.

“Because I want to,” she said with a smile.

Gathering up the remnant of her meal, she stood and left her (one) friend with a small wave.

After throwing away her trash and leaving her dishes in the designated area, Chaeyoung made her way outside. She didn't
really have anything to do, seeing as she was planning on getting the rest of her homework done over the weekend like
usual (why get work done when you have the time when you can procrastinate and stress about it, instead?).

Might as well take the long way back to the room since I don't have anything else to do.

It was mid-autumn, which meant that the weather was pretty much perfect in her opinion. The wind was blowing, which
added a slight crispness to the cool air. Looking around, a content smile spread across the redhead's face as she took in the
colors of the leaves as they swayed in the breeze. As she looked around at her surroundings, she yawned suddenly, causing
her eyes to water. I'm definitely gonna take a nap when I get to the dorm.

At this thought, Chaeyoung’s steps quickened a bit, ready to be in her warm bed.

As she passed by the Social Studies building, she picked up her pace even more, not wanting to run into a certain annoying

Fate didn't seem to want to give her a break, however, because at that moment, she spotted the history teacher walking
down the steps. Groaning, Chaeyoung turned her head, hoping to avoid any eye contact.

She was almost past the building when another head of brunette hair caught her eye, causing her to stop in her
tracks. Mina?

The two seemed to be having some sort of conversation, which, Chaeyoung supposed wasn’t that weird, especially since
they apparently knew each other somehow.
She was about to start walking again when she noticed the pair’s conversation seemed to take an unpleasant turn.

Hirai-sensei seemed to be trying to say something, maybe trying to convince her of something it seemed, but Mina wasn’t
having it. Chaeyoung saw Hirai’s shoulders rise and fall softly as she sighed at something the younger girl said. After
making a soft remark of some sort, then turned away.

Chaeyoung tried to turn away, not wanting to be caught eavesdropping, but she was glued to the spot. Hirai-sensei started
down the stairs but stopped suddenly. Chaeyoung’s breathing hitched as she realized why she stopped. Mina had gripped
onto the back of her sweater, her head downcast and her hair covering her face. Chaeyoung was sure she was saying
something thought, because the professor inclined her head slightly, as if trying to hear her quiet words.

The blonde then sighed once again, turned around, and placed a hand on her shoulder. After a few seconds, she turned
back around and started down the stairs, this time successfully making her exit.

Chaeyoung looked at Mina, who was still standing still, her head still down. For a moment, the redhead thought that she
could be crying. Her feet were itching to run towards the girl, to check and make sure she was okay, to wipe any of her

Just as she was about to give into her desires, however, the brunette woman raised her head high, huffed quickly, and
started down the stairs. Chaeyoung watched her walk away, still stuck in the same spot. She stayed there until the other
was out of sight.

Once she was no longer in view, Chaeyoung looked down at her feet, drawing her eyebrows together. Slowly, but surely,
she continued down the path towards her dorm; all the while, her head remained lowered in silent contemplation.

Eventually, she reached her room, letting her backpack fall limply off her back as she fell onto her bed. She crawled under
the covers and huffed, knowing that she wouldn't be getting that nap that she had been so excited for.

What was that about…?

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

5 White Dress

White Dress

Chaeyoung hadn’t been able to get the image of Mina and Hirai-sensei out of her head since she had willed herself to leave
the scene of their conversation. She knew she wasn’t the brightest nor the most attentive when it came to most things,
especially when it came to reading into people’s emotions that were hidden under the surface; she had been known to take
everything for face value, which was why she had such a hard time understanding people like Mina, who never let their
thoughts show on their faces.

This characteristic caused the redhead to suffer through many open-mouth-insert-foot moments throughout her life, she
never thought through such things as she should. However, this time, it was different.

She had thought quite a lot about the encounter that she had witnessed the day before, in fact, she had ended up spending
most of the night dwelling over it. She wasn't exactly sure why. She knew that the two had some sort of history, so it was
only natural for them to have a conversation outside of class.

Even so, Chaeyoung couldn't help but notice the thick tension that seemed to pool around the two as they spoke on the
steps of the Social Studies building.

That was all she could really gather from the conversation, unfortunately, and it drove her absolutely crazy.

What could they have been talking about? Why had Mina seemed so upset by it? Did Hirai simply give her one of her
thinly-veiled insults that the redhead received on an almost daily basis? That didn’t seem to be it, though. Even if she had
said something like that, she doubted Mina would have reacted in the way she did. She had seemed so…pathetic.

Chaeyoung shook her head. No, not pathetic. Her brunette angel could never be pathetic. Hirai-sensei looked at her as if
she thought otherwise, however. She had looked at her as if she was a puppy crying to be held by a stranger walking by.
Like a child crying after dropping her ice cream on the ground. Just the thought of her face at that time made Chaeyoung’s
blood boil.

How could she have treated her like that, not giving her the least bit of sympathy when she was clearly upset about

Her disdain for that professor was growing more and more each day.

However, her worries for Mina grew even more. What could have possibly made her react in such a way? Chaeyoung had
only ever seen a smirk pass over that lovely, blank face once she since she first saw the woman several months ago before
– the redhead knew that Hirai had to have said or done something terrible to get that kind of reaction from her.

Chaeyoung huffed. She hadn’t stopped nit-picking the situation for one minute since it happened, but she was getting
nowhere; she had only managed to make herself even more frustrated.

But now I need to calm down, she thought. Now's not the time to dwell.

The redhead was walking as fast as she could to the library where she was supposed to meet Mina to work on their project
once again. The two had worked very hard each time they met, so much so that they were nearly finished.
Chaeyoung had to admit that this was pretty disappointing, she was hoping it would take them longer so that she would
have more excuses to see Mina.

Just as she was about to let out a sigh of displeasure at her future lack of reasons to see her crush, the girl in question came
into view.

The redhead cheered up immediately as she spotted the familiar dark wavy hair, which was put in a waterfall braid. Nice.

“Mina-unnie!” she shouted, as she sped up to trot alongside the girl walking into the library.

Her feet came to a halt as the brunette woman turned her gaze onto Chaeyoung. The redhead gulped. Today, Mina had
decided to dress up more than usual for some reason. She was wearing a white sundress that flowed right over knees,
along with white sandals that showed off her perfectly pedicured toes.

The thought that the girl must have been cold popped into Chaeyoung’s mind as she gazed at the latter’s exposed skin,
considering the weather conditions as of late. However, those thoughts were quickly swept away as all she could really
think was, Woah…

“Good afternoon, Chaeyoung.”

The woman’s voice snapped Chaeyoung out of her reverie, causing her to blush and smile awkwardly, seeing as she had
overtly been checking her out (once again).

“Y-yeah, afternoon!” The redhead cleared her throat and looked away from the beauty standing in front of her. “Ready to

With a small nod, Mina turned away and entered the library. Chaeyoung trailed behind her, attempting to catch her breath
and marveling at just how much of a creep she was.

The two found a comfortable spot in the library, which wasn’t nearly as full as it usually was due to the fact that it was
Friday, and most students were out getting ready for parties and such. Chaeyoung didn’t mind the privacy, of course.

They quickly got to work, with Mina doing most of the actual work while Chaeyoung simply gave her input whenever the
other asked, which was only about half the time.

Beautiful and smart, she thought, watching the girl type with quick precision. That’s so not fair…Neomu hae, neomu hae~

Chaeyoung let out a small huff and rested her chin on her hand, pondering how she had been so unlucky to fall for such a
perfect specimen – it was just too frustrating!
“Is something wrong?”

The redhead started and looked to the subjects of her thoughts, surprised that she had heard her. “O-Oh! Yeah, yes. I’m
fine. Just…thinking about something,” she stumbled over her words, laughing nervously.

Mina’s eyebrows smushed together ever so slightly, causing a small wrinkle to form in between them. “Do you not like
what I wrote on this part?” She gestured towards the screen, where she had been forming the conclusion slide for the

“No! No, I, Uh…” Chaeyoung scratched the back of her head, blushing. “I haven’t even been paying attention, really…”

Mina paused. Her expression became blank once again, but then, much to the redhead’s surprise, she chuckled slightly.
“You’re very honest, aren’t you?”

She turned back to her work and began typing again, an ever-so-small smile still lingering on her lips.

Chaeyoung wasn’t sure if she was laughing at her or not, but she didn’t really care. She laughed!

The redhead made a mental note of the sound, making sure to keep it saved up for forever, Who knows when I’ll hear that

Mina continued wiring on the project, still asking for the latter’s input as she went back through to ‘polish the edges’ as
she had put it. However, something strange seemed to start happening as she and Chaeyoung worked on the project after
their small interaction.

Mina started teasing her.

The redhead wasn’t even sure if she was imagining it or not, but even she didn’t have that wild of an imagination.

It started small, with a few “paying attention?”s and “do I need to repeat that?”s, accompanied with small smirks and
mirth-filled glances. Then, it got to the point where she was even laughing at Chaeyoung’s reactions and awkward
comebacks. That’s right, actual laughing.

The icing on the cake came when Mina asked her a question about one of the main historical figures they were to be
discussing during their presentation, to which Chaeyoung gracefully replied “who?”

This caused another chuckle to come from the brunette woman’s lips as she stated, “You really are the worst.”
Chaeyoung was sure she had somehow been impaled by her pen or electrocuted by the computer and been sent to heaven,
that was the only logical explanation. However, a few subtle pinches to her forearm when Mina was looking the other way
confirmed that she was, indeed, alive.

This went on for a while, but eventually, they had finished the assignment and had no other reason to remain at the nearly-
deserted library.

Chaeyoung couldn't help but become distraught as she watched the other girl pack up her things, she didn't want this
moment to end. However, she couldn't think of any reason that they would have to meet up again outside of the pretense of
doing school work. With a frown, she prepared to say her goodbye’s.

It was nice while it lasted, now back to watching her from far away every day like a creep…


Chaeyoung glanced up as she finished stuffing her backpack, “Hm?”

“Let’s go get something to eat. I’m starving.”

And with that, the brunette angel began walking towards the exit. Chaeyoung blinked at the spot where Mina had just been
standing, muttered a small waitwhat, and then rushed off to follow the woman out of the building.

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

Mina had silently led the way to a small diner on the outskirts of campus, with Chaeyoung trailing behind her like a lost
puppy (especially since she was a little lost, she didn't really get out much so she had absolutely no idea where they were
going). Once they arrived, the two made their way to a booth in the corner and began looking over their menus quietly.

Well, Chaeyoung looked over her menu. It seemed that her brunette counterpart had been here quite a lot, for she never
even glanced at the menu, and once the waitress approached them, she ordered her meal without a second of hesitation.
The redhead, on the other hand, hadn’t been paying as much attention to her perusal of her menu and therefore fumbled
with it for a moment before spitting out an “I’ll have the same!”

As per usual, the two sat in silence as they waited for their food to arrive, with Mina gazing out the window and
Chaeyoung gazing at her.

As she watched the subject of her affections watch the leaves fall outside, her mind wandered back to the encounter she
had witnessed the day before. A part of her wanted to ask about it, worried Mina may be upset about the situation;
however, she knew it wasn’t her place. Besides, as far as the other girl knew, she had no idea that Mina even knew Hirai.
Taking a sip of her strawberry lemonade, Chaeyoung decided to go with her better judgment and avoid the subject of the
history professor altogether.

“What do you think about Hirai-sensei?”

The redhead choked on her drink in surprise. She coughed and grabbed her napkin, blushing ferociously. Mina simply
looked on with an eyebrow raised slightly.

“W-what?” Chaeyoung sputtered.

“Hirai-sensei,” Mina repeated blankly. "What do you think of her?”

Chaeyoung didn't know what to say. Why is she bringing her up all of a sudden?

“Uhh, I don’t know.” The redhead chuckled slightly, feeling awkward and nervous suddenly. “She's a good teacher I

Mina raised her eyebrow once again, as if to say, Really? Come on.

With a sigh, Chaeyoung looked away from Mina to look out the window, resting her chin on her hand. "I don't know.
Honestly, I think she's a little overrated."

If Mina agreed or disagreed with this statement, she wouldn't let on. "How so?"

By now, Chaeyoung was feeling very uncomfortable. She wasn’t sure why, but she didn’t like talking about the professor
with Mina, she’d rather sit in silence like they had been before.

“I guess she’s just…not my type or something,” the redhead said, waving her hand dismissively. “Plus, she’s kind of a jerk
so, yeah, I’m not really a fan of her.”

At Chaeyoung’s seemingly honest reply, Mina simply nodded thoughtfully and looked back out the window. However, the
redhead didn’t miss the way her eyebrows knit together slightly and her lips pursed. Oh no, she’s mad. Is she mad? I think
she’s mad.

“B-But that's just my opinion, of course!" the redhead said quickly, trying to regain the calm and content atmosphere that
had once been surrounding them. "I know many people really…look up to her…and stuff."
“Yeah, I suppose they do,” Mina replied calmly, still looking out the window.

Chaeyoung blinked. She wasn't sure what that meant but she hoped it wasn't anything bad. Before she could dwell any
more on the matter, however, their food arrived.

The two ate in silence, not daring to look up at one another. Chaeyoung did note, however, that Mina definitely had
different taste in food than she did. She had ordered – and consequently, Chaeyoung had ordered – some sort of tofu dish
that the redhead had never seen before. It was quite terrible, actually. She still ate it, though, as to keep from offending the
other girl any more than she possibly had already.

She just hoped that Mina wasn’t noticing how difficult it was for her to get the meal down, it really was terrible.

“I look up to her.”

Chaeyoung stared at her sudden words. “Huh? Who?”

Mina looked at her with a small amount of amusement in her eyes. “Hirai-sensei,” she said as if it should have been
obvious. Which, Chaeyoung supposed it probably should have been.

“Oh,” the redhead stated lamely, not sure what to say. There was no need for her to say anymore, though, for Mina wasn't

“I’ve known her since I was a child, she’s a family friend,” she stated as she reached for her class and took a small sip of
water. “I’ve looked up to her all my life, she’s always been very smart and talented.”

She wasn’t sure why, but Chaeyoung didn’t like where this was going for some reason. She hoped that Mina would leave
it at that, but of course, fate wouldn’t have it her way.

“We spent a lot of time together when we were younger until she went off to college. Then, we didn’t talk much.” She
looked out of the window once again, resting her chin on her hand as Chaeyoung had before. “I guess that’s when I
realized I was in love with her.”


Chaeyoung didn’t even flinch as her fork landed on her plate with a loud noise. She didn’t breathe. She didn’t think. She
simply looked at the girl in front of her. The girl was eating dinner with. The girl she was in love with. The girl that was in
love with someone else.

The redhead swallowed hard, unable to process the information she had just been given.
She hadn't thought of that. It had never even crossed her mind that Mina could be in love with someone else. Many other
things had crossed her mind, like whether or not the girl even liked her in general, let alone romantically – whether or not
she even liked girls in that way which was indirectly confirmed; but never, not once, had she thought that Mina could
possibly be in love already

Now she realized that that should have probably been the top priority of her worries.

She looked at the girl sitting across from her, she was still staring outside. She hadn't looked Chaeyoung’s way once. The
redhead barely processed the dull ache that had settled in her chest as she looked down at her barely eaten food.

Unable to think of anything else to do to try and look normal, the redhead slowly picked up her fork and went back eating
her unappetizingmeal. She didn’t bother to say anything in response to Mina’s confession, she knew nothing would come
out right and it didn't seem like the girl was expecting a response anyway.

So the two simply sank back into silence, Mina continued to look out across the expanse of trees outside the window while
Chaeyoung forced herself to eat every last bit of her meal.

Eventually, she finished and the two paid for their meals. They stood up and headed for the exit. Once they reached the
outside of the diner, Chaeyoung muttered a small "see you later" and began walking in the direction of her dorm.


The redhead turned back to the brunette angel behind her, who really did look like an angel as she stood under the street
lamp in her snow-white dress. She sighed quietly, “Yes?”

“Next time,” Mina smirked, “You don’t have to eat the food if you don’t like it.”

With that, she walked off in the opposite direction, leaving a blushing and flustered Chaeyoung in her wake.

This girl is gonna be the death of me.

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

6 Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love
The walk back to her dorm felt longer than ever before that evening. So many emotions were swirling around
inside of the redhead; sadness, confusion, frustration, annoyance. With each step she took, the ache in her chest
grew deeper and duller.

I shouldn’t even be this upset, Chaeyoung thought with a huff. It's not like we dated or anything. It was just a
stupid crush…

She kept this thought on repeat on her mind, Just a crush, just a crush, just a crush…

Despite her efforts, though, she knew she was lying to herself. It wasn’t just a crush, she was in love with
Mina. Head over heels. She didn't know when it had happened, how long it had been, or when she had realized
it, but she knew that it was true. She also knew that it would take a very, very long time to get over it.

The redhead let out another frustrated huff as she entered her dorm building and trudged up the steps.

As she walked past her brunette love’s dorm room, Chaeyoung briefly wondered why Mina hadn’t come the
same way she did, seeing as they lived in the same building. In fact, she had never gone back to the dorm at the
same time as Chaeyoung when they had been together.Probably went to go visit Hirai-sensei or something…

Yet another huff left Chaeyoung’s lips as she opened the door to her own room, ready to spend the rest of the
night in her tiger onesie, eating all of the ramen and strawberries in her mini-fridge, and watching cheesy
romance movies (or gory horror movies, she hadn’t decided yet).

Or at least, that was what she had been planning to do until she opened her door to find Sana in her most
revealing outfit, finishing up her makeup. Oh boy.

Chaeyoung knew where this was going, so as soon as she opened the door, she slowly began backing out
again, praying to anything andeverything that her friend wouldn't notice her presence.


As fate would have it as of late, the redhead was not that lucky.

She sighed. “Hi, unnie.”

“Chaengie, Changie~!” The blonde was practically bouncing off the walls as she greeted her friend. “Go get

I knew it. "Sorry, Sana-unnie, but I think I'm just gonna stay in toni–"


Sana bounded over to her roommate’s closet and began searching for an appropriate outfit for the night’s
festivities. Chaeyoung groaned as she watched her friend wreak havoc on her clothes, knowing that nothing
would stop her now.

Sana was not what one would call a “party girl.” However, every once in a while, when she didn’t have any
tests or projects do, she would go all out. She would wear her cutest, shortest dress, her highest heels, cake her
face with makeup, and even curl her hair as much as she could considering its length. These nights would
usually entail going to as many frat parties as possible, drinking until she could barely walk home, and ending
the night on the floor of the bathroom (not always their own).

However, these nights could not be complete without one specific detail: dragging Chaeyoung along, whether
she wanted to or not, and she usually did not want to.

Tonight was no exception. In fact, tonight was the night that the redhead least wanted to go out. Why can't I
just wallow in self-pity like a normal heartbroken person…..

Chaeyoung knew she shouldn’t blame Sana for forcing her to go out when she was in so much pain because
she didn’t know she was in pain. She didn’t know because Chaeyoung hadn’t told her, she hadn’t told her
anything. Hell, the girl didn’t even know Chaeyoung was gay!

At that thought, she paused. Wait. When did I even know I was gay?

The redhead had never really thought about it. It's not like she had any reason to think about it, really; one day,
she just sort of knew. It was the day she first saw Mina. It was a week after school started, she was in the
cafeteria for breakfast, she looked up from her bagel and there she was. Walking past Chaeyoung’s table like a
goddess with her bowl of fruit, not gracing anyone with her attention.

Looking back on it, Chaeyoung hadn't even questioned herself, she knew right in that moment that she was
attracted to the woman and it didn't feel wrong or weird – it felt like the most right thing in the world.
She never thought any more about it, there was no need to. Now, however, she decided maybe she did have
some thinking to do.

I mean, it’s not like I’m Mina-sexual, she thought, only half joking. I’m sure I could find other
women attractive.

At that thought, Chaeyoung decided to embrace the fact that she was currently being forced into her tightest
skirt and tank top. Tonight, the redhead decided, tonight I'll be like a normal college girl.

Tonight I’ll check out some chicks.

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕


That was all Chaeyoung could think as Sana let her into the fraternity. All she could smell was sweat and
booze, all she could see were grinding bodies and glistening skin, all she could feel was uncomfortable.

She realized now that she should have known it wouldn’t be so easy to just turn into a party animal in an hour.
She was still her awkward, socially awaked send who hated parties.

Just as she was about to make a break for it, Sana grabbed her arm and led her to the alcohol. “U-unnie, I don't
think this is such a great idea," she said as the blonde shoved a red cup in her hands full of unknown liquids.

“Oh, c’mon, Chaengie~” Sana whined, pouring herself a cup as well, “You need to relax for once! You’ve
been so tense lately, you know?”

Chaeyoung sighed. “Yeah, I know.”

She watched her friend down her cup like a champ and looked at her own cup anxiously. She wasn’t sure if her
friend knew this, but the redhead had never actually been drunk before. Sure, she’d had a glass of wine or a
can of beer here and there, but she never even finished those all the way (they were pretty gross, after all).

She looked up at Sana again, who was now pouring her second cup. Lord…
Sighing, Chaeyoung looked around at the sea of sweaty bodies surrounding her. She looked back at her cup
then back at the people. Oh, screw it.

She took a large gulp of the bitter liquid in her cup, causing her face to scrunch up together. "Ugh, that's

Sana laughed at her friend, already feeling a bit tipsy, it seemed. ”Yeah, this frat doesn't have the best

However, she downed the rest of her drink after making that statement, which caused Chaeyoung to shake her
head in amazement.

Deciding that she might as well take a tip from her friend, Chaeyoung managed to finish her own cup, albeit
much more slowly than her roommate.

“Alright!” Sana cheered, shoving another cup into her friend’s hand. “Now, time for phase two.”

At Chaeyoung’s confused and slightly scared glance, the latter grinned. “Dancing!”

Before the redhead could protest, Sana pulled her along to the middle of the room, pushing past the hoard of
sweaty people. Once they were in a place that suited Sana’s liking, they began to join the rhythm of the room.

Or at least, Sana did, since she was literally screaming out the lyrics to the song that was playing, along with
the party animals around her.


Chaeyoung was still feeling awkward, even if she did feel a slight warmth tinge her cheeks.

However, looking at her friend enjoying herself, the redhead couldn’t help but smile slightly. Pursing her lips,
Chaeyoung made another decision: she was going to have fun tonight.

With that, she downed her cup a little faster than her last one and tried her best to join her friend on the dance
♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

Okay. So, she might have gone a little too far with the whole "have fun" thing.

Chaeyoung had ended up having two more drinks at the first party, making her successfully tipsy. Then, Sana
brought her to another party that had jello shots. Chaeyoung had no idea that she loved jello shots so much,
but apparently, she did for she had five of them. Not to mention the other two drinks, which were fruity and
delicious and very vodka-y.

Needless to say, by the time the two girls made it to the third frat house of the night, they were both slurring,
stumbling, shambles – and they were loving every minute of it.

So, of course, when the several men of the parties found their way to the drunken women to flirt shamelessly,
Chaeyoung didn't care enough to tell them she wasn't exactly interested. Instead, she enjoyed the attention and
even let herself dance with a few of them. However, the redhead was a bit disappointed that she hadn't really
gotten around to the whole "checking out chicks" thing. Nevertheless, she was enjoying her time in blissful

Everything was going smoothly until a certain girl found her way to the tipsy redhead.

“Daebak. Now this is something I didn’t think I’d ever see.”

As soon as she heard her voice, she let out a long, overdramatic groan. Turning around, Chaeyoung gave her a
lopsided grimace. “What doyouuuu want?”

Dahyun simply laughed and took a sip of her own drink, "Just checking up on you, you are plastered after all."

Chaeyoung scoffed at the girl in front of her, “I’m not plastered, silly Dubu!”

She laughed at the redhead. “Yeah, okay.”

She brought her cup to her lips but was intercepted by Chaeyoung as she grabbed the latter’s cup from her
hands. “You shouldn’t drink this stuff, Dahyun-ah,” she slurred, bringing the cup to her own mouth. “It’s bad.”
This made Dahyun laugh even more, which caused the redhead to frown. She’s laughing at me! How rude!

With a hmmf, Chaeyoung turned around, looking for Sana. Of course, the rainbow-haired girl followed.

“So, what made you decide to finally do this?” She asked as they made their way through the crowd.

“None of your bee’s wax.”

Dahyun laughed again, much to Chaeyoung’s chagrin. She turned around quickly, startling the older girl
slightly. “Why are you so annoying?”

Her eyes widened slightly, offended. “What did I do?!”

“Everything,” Chaeyoung sneered.

Dahyun sighed. “You're drunk. Now isn't the time to talk about this."

“Yes, you're right,” Chaeyoung slurred, finding her way to the cooler full of different booze and grabbing one
at random. "Not about me being drunk, of course, about the other thing."

The rainbow tried to grab the drink from her hand but she slapped her away.

"See! There you go again. Always trying to control everything I do and get in my business!"

“I’m not, I’m just–” Dahyun tried to defend herself, but the drunken girl was having none of it.

“Noooo, no, no, no, nononononooooo," the redhead wobbled a bit and almost fell over, but Dahyun caught her
before she could.

Chaeyoung groaned, "See, there you go agaaaaain. Always trying to be the knight in stupid armor."
“You mean shining armor.”

The redhead glared as best as she could at the girl that still had her arms around her, helping her keep her
balance (which, though she wouldn't admit it, she did need help with at the moment).

Sighing, Dahyun led Chaeyoung towards the door. “Okay, I think you’ve had enough fun for tonight.”

The redhead wanted to protest but was afraid her insides may find a way out if she opened her mouth.

As they found their way to the door, Chaeyoung spotted Sana dancing with a guy from the frat they were
currently in; or at least, Chaeyoung thought he was in the frat. Were they in a frat anymore? And was that
really a guy or a girl with short hair? She wasn't entirely sure anymore.

She was about to call over to the girl, but the other spotted her before she was able to. For a moment,
Chaeyoung thought she saw a flash of something pass over her face, but she quickly covered it with a smile, a
wave, and a wink. Chaeyoung may have been completely out of her right mind at the moment, but she still had
enough sense to get what the other girl was implying. Go get ‘em, unnie. The redhead gave her friend a
determined look and a thumbs up as she left the building.

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

The walk back to her dorm with Dahyun was a blur, though she didn't really do a lot of walking, seeing as she
was almost dragged the whole way there.

Somehow, however, the girl managed to get Chaeyoung up the steps to her floor.

“Almost there,” she muttered, a bit tired from carrying the girl up the steps. Jeez, why isn’t there an elevator??

“Yeah, duhh,” the redhead slurred. This only caused Dahyun to chuckle quietly, she was too drunk to even
come back with a proper retort.

“Wait,” Chaeyoung said suddenly. She pulled herself away from Dahyun and wobbled over to the nearest
door. She looked at the door longingly and sighed, causing Dahyun to raise an eyebrow.
“What’s wrong?”

“Noooothing," she said, sighing once again. Dahyun gave her a ludicrous look, she wasn't fooling her one bit.
In fact, Dahyun was pretty sure she wasn't even trying to.

“Come one, tiger. Spill it.”

She huffed at the nickname, but gave in anyway, the alcohol making her a little less secretive. "Girls," she said
pathetically. "Girls are impossible,Dahyun-ah.”

This caused the girl to snort. “Don’t I know it.”

Chaeyoung ignored her and went back to staring at the door. Feeling her heartache returning, she decided
Dahyun was right for once. "Yeah, I think I need to go to sleep."

“Glad to hear it," she said, trying to keep the "I told you so" from her voice. "C'mon, you drunk."

Dahyun put the latter’s arm around her shoulders since the redhead obviously couldn’t make it to her room just
five doors down. They were almost to the room when they heard another door open from behind. They both
turned around to see the occupant of the door Chaeyoung had just been fawning over. The redhead froze as her
eyes met Mina’s.

They stared at one another for a moment, then Chaeyoung saw Mina look to Dahyun then back to her. She
wasn't sure why, but something dark took over Mina’s eyes at that moment.

Chaeyoung squeaked suddenly and jumped away from Dahyun, causing her to stumble and almost fall –
Dahyun caught her once againbefore that could happen, however.

“Jeez, tiger! Take it easy!”

Chaeyoung was about to tell her to let her go when she heard a door shut suddenly. She looked up to where
Mina had just been standing and saw only the empty hallway.

Unaware of what exactly was going on, Dahyun grabbed Chaeyoung’s keys from her hand and opened her
door, leading the girl inside.
“Okay, here you are. Now go to sleep." She turned around to leave the room but stopped in her tracks when
she heard a small sniffle come from Chaeyoung’s direction.

Dahyun turned around quickly and widened her eyes in surprise at the sight before her: Chaeyoung, the
Chaeyoung she had known all her life, who she had never seen cry even when she broke her own arm in third
grade, was sitting on her bed with her head bowed, silent tears flowing down her face and dripping onto her
exposed legs.

“Chaeyoung?” Dahyun softly inquired, not sure what to do in this kind of situation.

She simply shook her head and continued to cry, bringing her hands to her face.

Dahyun hesitated but made herself approach the girl, sitting next to her quietly. She was sure Chaeyoung didn't
want to talk about it, after all, she never wanted to talk to the older girl about anything. So instead of asking for
an explanation, she simply sat there next to her crying friend.

After a few minutes, Chaeyoung took her by surprise by leaning against her shoulder. She was still crying, so
the latter decided to put an arm around her, doing her best to comfort the person who had never needed
comforting before.

She let her cry on her shoulder, not caring that the redhead’s snot was getting on her new shirt, or even that she
would probably pretend that this had never happened tomorrow. Dahyun didn’t care. All she cared about was
helping this girl in any way she could, as she had always tried to do.

Of course, it was probably because Dahyun loved her. Not as just a friend, but in a romantic sense. She had
loved her since the redhead first told her off when they were ten years old. Of course, then, she had no idea
how to handle such emotions, so she resorted to being as annoying as possible to her.

It wasn’t like she was going to live her life pining after a girl that clearly didn't feel the same way; no she
wasn't that pathetic. She was sure she would fall in love again, get married, make a life with someone else that
would feel the same way about her. However, that didn’t mean she would stop loving Chaeyoung. In fact, she
was should she would never stop loving her.

So, she had made the decision to express that love the only way she could: by protecting her. In any way she
could, Dahyun would try her best to keep the beautifully stubborn redhead from hurting, or at least, she would
try to ease the pain as best as she could.
So in this moment, as Chaeyoung fell asleep on her shoulder, even if she had no idea what was hurting
Chaeyoung so much that she would cry on the girl’s shoulder, she would do as much as she could in this one
moment that Chaeyoung was allowing it. She wiped away the drying tears from the redhead’s cheeks and
helped her to bed, taking off her shoes and placing a trash can next to the bed just in case she was sick in the
middle of the night.

She grabbed a cup and a bottle of pain-killers, filled the cup up with water, and placed it on the
redhead's nightstand for when she woke up the next morning.

Sighing, Dahyun figured that was all she could do for the girl that would most definitely be hungover the next

Looking at the sleeping girl in front of her, she smiled bitterly. Whoever caused those tears to fall from her
tiger’s face had earned both her disdain and respect; disdain because how dare anyone make her hurt that
much, and respect because, well, Chaeyoung must really care about this person to actually cry over them.

Dahyun turned slowly and made her way out of the room, turning off the light as she departed. As she walked
to her own dorm, she tried his best to push away the third feeling that had crept over her since she saw those
tears: jealousy.

Sighing once more, Dahyun lowered her head. At least she has someone to cry over now, she thought. Serves
her right, though.

With a bitter chuckle, Dahyun lifted her head. Now you get to know how it feels to have your heart broken,

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

7 Presentation

Chaeyoung was sure she was going to die. Her head felt like it had been hit with a hammer multiple times throughout the
night, she couldn't sit up without the room spinning all around her, and she could barely take a sip of water without feeling
like she was going to puke out her guts.

How can Sana do this so much?

The redhead groaned as the sun shone through her window, hitting her straight in the face like a stray baseball. She
attempted to reach up and close her curtains, but that only managed to make her turn right around and empty her already
empty stomach into the trash can by her bed. She wasn't sure how it had gotten there, but, boy, was she glad it was.

Just when Chaeyoung had come to her peace with her inevitable death, Sana entered the room with a bag in one hand and
a bottle of water in the other.

“Good morning!”

She was greeted by a groan from the hungover redhead beneath her blankets. Sana was sure that translated to something
like, “what’s so good about it?”

The blonde chuckled and made her way to her suffering friend. "Here," she said, setting the bag and water bottle on
Chaeyoung’s nightstand, "you need to eat something or else you'll be miserable all day."

Chaeyoung was sure she had to be kidding. How was she supposed to eat when she couldn’t even swallow without feeling

Sana wasn’t about to let up, however. “Come one, sleepyhead,” she said, pulling on the covers.

“It's for *pull* your own *pull* good!” With that, she successfully pulled away the blanket, revealing a very grumpy

“Unnie!” Chaeyoung complained, glaring pitifully at her roommate, who simply giggled at the girl’s expression.

“Come on, you’ll thank me later.”

Chaeyoung wasn’t so sure about that, but she knew her friend wouldn't budge so she begrudgingly grabbed the plastic bag
from the bedside table and examined its contents.

Sana had brought her a fruit bowl, a bagel, and some sort of sandwich; she knew she wouldn't be able to eat it all, but she
figured she might as well try to get some of it down. Deciding that the fruit would be the easiest to handle, she started with
The older girl looked over at her friend, who was changing into more comfortable clothes. She wasn't exactly sure where
she had gone the night before, but she figured it was none of her business; Sana was smart enough to stay out of any
dangerous situations anyway.

“So,” Sana started, sitting down at her desk. “How did the rest of your night go?”

“Eh, it didn’t really go anywhere,” Chaeyoung replied, trying her best to keep down the grape she has just eaten. “Dahyun
just helped me get back here, then I went to bed.”

Chaeyoung had been extremely drunk, so she wasn’t too clear about the details, but she definitely remembered what had
happened before she had gone to sleep. She had to stifle a groan as she thought about the tears she had shed in front of
Dahyun. She’ll never let me live that down.

Even worse that than, though, her encounter with Mina. She wasn't sure why the thought of their brief meeting the night
before made her cringe so much, seeing as nothing really happened. However, she couldn't help but get the feeling that
something was wrong with the other girl.Maybe she got into a fight with Hirai-sensei, she thought bitterly as she took a sip
of water.

“Woah, what’s that face for?”

Chaeyoung looked up suddenly. “Oh, uh, it’s nothing,” she said quickly waving her head dismissively. “I guess I got a
little too drunk last night.”

Sana looked at her disbelievingly but didn’t say anything else about the matter. Instead, she turned around with a hum and
opened her computer.

Pursing her lips, Chaeyoung looked down at her half-eaten fruit bowl, deciding to give up on trying to eat the rest of it.
She put it back on the table and laid down with her back towards the door, hoping to get some more sleep so that she
wouldn't have to think or feel anything.

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

A few hours later, Chaeyoung woke up to an empty room. She wasn't sure where Sana had gone, but her headache made it
impossible to worry about anything other than the shooting pain in her temple. Groaning, she reached over and grabbed
the bottle of painkillers next to her head.

Though she still felt terrible. She definitely didn't feel nearly as bad as she had earlier in the day, which she was ever so
grateful for.
After taking a sip of water with the pain-killers, Chaeyoung laid back down with a sigh. Now that she was awake, she
couldn't stop the thoughts that she had been trying to suppress from swirling around in her mind.

She didn’t know what to do. She was sure now that she wouldn't be able to get over Mina anytime soon, for last night, she
hadn't even been able to look at another girl without the brunette angel popping into her head. Because of this, she wound
up dancing and talking with guys instead, knowing full well that it was only a distraction for that moment.

Even more so, when she finally had a moment without Mina being at the forefront of her mind – because she was too
drunk to think about anything other than not puking – the girl just had to show up in person.

It felt like the world really did want her to suffer at the hands of this woman.

Chaeyoung was about to attempt to go back to sleep when she heard a known at the door. Groaning, she managed to get
herself out of bed, taking her blanket with her and wrapped it around her body.

Opening the door, she half expected it to be Sana (the girl forgot her keys more than she cared to admit) but was surprised
to find a brunette haired girl instead of blonde.

“U-um…” Chaeyoung stuttered, unsure of what to say. “Hi…?

“How are you feeling?” Mina asked, voice as blank as her face.

“Fine, I guess,” the redhead replied slowly. She wasn’t sure why, but she felt guilty under the other's heavy gaze.

That doesn't make sense, though, she thought, frustrated. I don't have anything to feel guilty about.

Mina hummed in response, her eyes shifting up and down Chaeyoung’s figure in the doorway. This, of course, caused a
blush to form on Chaeyoung’s cheeks.

The two stood across from one another for another quiet moment, the redhead felt awkward. "So…" she started, hesitantly.
"Did you…need something?"

Mina smirked lightly. "So rude," she said, though it didn't sound hateful – just as if she was making an observation.
Nevertheless, Chaeyoung’s eyes widened, feeling like a child being reprimanded by an adult.

Mina sighed slightly, flipping her brunette hair over her shoulder, "I just wanted to make sure you weren't lying on your
deathbed," she said simply. "You were in quite a state last night."

The younger girl blushed once more and adjusted the blanket around her shoulders awkwardly, "Yeah…I don't drink
much, so…"
Mina chuckled dryly, "I got that.”

Chaeyoung’s eyebrows drew together at Mina’s remark, feeling like there was something she was missing. "Did I do
something wrong?"

The brunette’s blank look resurfaced and she straightened her back slightly, "No, not at all," she said tightly. "Anyway, I
see that you're doing fine, so I'll be going."

Chaeyoung simply replied with a small, “Okay.”

Mina turned away and began her departure, but stopped after a few steps, turned, and said, "Don't drink anymore.”

With that, the brunette woman stalked off into her own room, leaving Chaeyoung dumbfounded.

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

Much to the redhead’s relief, she was feeling much better by the time Tuesday rolled around. Well, physically, that is.
Emotionally, Chaeyoung felt as if she was nearing her end.

Her encounter with Mina Saturday afternoon had only left her even more frustrated and confused than she already had
been. She was beginning to think the other was doing it on purpose, really.

She was trying her best to keep from thinking about such things at the moment, however. It was the day of presentations in
Hirai-sensei's class and the least Chaeyoung could do would be to help her partner explain their project – seeing as she
barely did any of the actual work.

To say she was nervous about this would be the understatement of the century. The redhead was not very good at public
speaking, or speaking in general, for that matter. On top of that, she wasn't too confident about her knowledge of the
material, even though Mina had gone out of her way to make flash cards for her. The icing on the cake, however, was the
fact that said partner was so extremely calm that it made Chaeyoung wonder if she was even human.

“You don't have to do any talking if you don't want to, you know," Mina said softly as another team was presenting.

Chaeyoung jumped slightly at her words, "N-No, it's okay," she tried to convince her partner (and herself). "I can do this."

Mina simply smirked at her slightly and then turned back towards the front.
The redhead took several deep breaths, trying to calm her nerves. Calm down, Chaeyoung, she thought to herself
sternly. It's just reading off a slide, no reason to get so worked up.

Another deep breath.

Inhale. Exhale.

Okay, nope, this isn't working. I'm gonna throw up, I'm gonna pass out, I'm gonna–

“Alright, next is Chaeyoung and Mina-ssi.”


Standing up on shaky legs, Chaeyoung did her best to follow her partner to the front of the classroom. With each step, her
anxiety grew. Oh, god. Oh, god. Oh, god.

She stood awkwardly as Mina inserted the flash drive into Hirai-sensei's monitor, allowing it to project on the large screen
that was now right behind the redhead. Directly behind her. In fact, she was blocking it. However, she was too consumed
in her own nerves to realize this.

Mina cleared her throat softly. No reaction from the redhead. Sighing slightly, she turned to their professor. "Can we have
a moment, please?"

She nodded with an amused look in her eye, which Mina expertly ignored. The brunette girl turned towards her partner,

At the sound of Mina’s voice, Chaeyoung’s head snapped up suddenly. She had no time to react, however, because all of a
sudden her hand was being pulled towards the direction of the door.

Once they reached the hallway, Mina turned on her heel and soon right in front of the shorter girl, giving her no room to
escape. Chaeyoung held her breath. What’s happening…?

Before the redhead could even blush, Mina’s hands slapped down on her cheeks suddenly. She kept her hands there,
causing Chaeyoung’s face to scrunch up; that, along with her wide eyes, made her look like a pufferfish for a moment.

“You’ve got this,” Mina said, her hands still on the other's face. "We've gone over the material several times, you have the
note cards.” Her hands slackened slightly on Chaeyoung’s cheeks, now simply holding them in her palms. ”And I'm here
if you mess up."
At that, she slowly dropped her hands from Chaeyoung’s face and let them fall to her sides, "Are you ready?"

The redhead swallowed, unsure of exactly what had happened in that moment. However, she had to admit that it did make
her feel better, so she nodded. At this, Mina gave her one short, determined nod and then headed back into the classroom.

Chaeyoung blinked, then smiled, then followed her partner back into the classroom – ready to get this presentation over

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

8 Misunderstandings


Chaeyoung let out a long, relieved sigh as she walked out of Hirai’s class alongside her partner. "Ahh, man. I thought that
last pair would never stop talking!”

Looking over at Mina, Chaeyoung tapped her wrist. "I mean, just look at the time! We got out a whole ten minutes late!"

Mina looked at the other girl's wrist as they walked down the steps of the Social Studies building. ”You're not wearing a

Chaeyoung’s eyes widened and a blush tinged her cheeks. "I-I know that." The redhead looked away from the girl that was
now smirking in her direction with a pout. "I was just emphasizing my point, sheesh…”

Mina simply chuckled at the pouting girl to her left.

Neither was sure where exactly they were going, but they kept walking, side by side nonetheless.

Chaeyoung smiled slightly. Man, this girl really has me wrapped around her little finger, doesn't she?

Just the other night, the brunette beauty had Chaeyoung in tears. She couldn’t figure her out, she caused her so much
heartache, she never had a single clue as to what the girl was thinking; hell, she wasn't even sure if Mina even liked her or
if she just enjoyed tormenting her! Yet here she was, walking next to the very source of all of her recent stress, and she
was elated.
After all that Mina had put her through, Chaeyoung thought that she should be avoiding her at all costs; and yet she found
that she couldn't no matter how hard she tried. It was like a magnet was pulling her to her silent counterpart. She figured
she must be a sadist, for she couldn't seem to leave the person that was causing her so much pain and frustration.

Wait, or is it a masochist? Ahh, I never remember which is which! Her eyebrows drew together, trying to remember which
word would suit her inner monologue.


The redhead snapped out of her contemplation at the sound of a voice calling out to her from somewhere behind her. Her
face quickly transformed into a scowl as she realized whose voice it was. Oh, great…

Mina looked back and began to slow down, Chaeyoung grabbed her arm and quickened their pace. Mina looked at her
counterpart with a confused look. "What are you doing? Someone was–"

"I know, I know,” Chaeyoung said hastily, ducking her head and trying to pretend that she couldn't hear the rainbow-
haired girl calling out to her as she pulled the brunette along with her. "Just ignore her.”

Mina continued to look on at the redhead in confusion but didn't question her. If she had learned anything from the small
amount of time she'd spent with Chaeyoung, it was that she was quite the oddball and there wasn't much use in trying to
understand her actions at times.

“Yah, Chaeyoung-ah!”

The voice grew closer as Dahyun neared the girls that were almost running at this point. “I know you can hear me, Tiger!”

With a groan, Chaeyoung stopped and turned on her heel, causing both Mina and Dahyun to stop suddenly as to avoid
running into the annoyed redhead.

“My name is Chaeyoung, pabo.”

Still trying to catch her breath, Dahyun gave the girl a sloppy smirk, "Oh really? I wasn't sure if it was anymore, seeing as
you wouldn't answer thethousand times I called out to you."

She sighed in frustration, knowing that arguing with her childhood friend was pointless. The redhead always seemed to
win, anyway. "I was just coming to check on you. We haven't talked since the other night so–"

"I'm fine. So you don't need to worry about it," the redhead snapped, about to turn away. However, she was held back by
Dahyun’s hand on her arm.
“Hey, what’s your problem? I was just–”

Chaeyoung looked up when the rainbow girl stopped talking mid-sentence. She was about to make a sarcastic remark
when she noticed Dahyun staring at the space between the redhead and Mina, who had been silently watching at the two
bickered. Furrowing her eyebrows, Chaeyoung followed Dahyun’s line of sight and paled instantly as she realized what
she was staring at.

The redhead had gotten distracted by the boy and had forgotten to let go of Mina’s hand after trying to make their escape.
A small noise of distress left her mouth as she quickly dropped the girl's hand, blushing furiously.

Dahyun looked at Chaeyoung as if she had seen a ghost. The redhead swore she could see the cogs turning in the latter’s
head as she looked at her with wide eyes. She knows.

Swallowing hard, the redhead opened her mouth to tell the girl to get lost, however, she was interrupted by the brunette
girl who had been silent throughout the whole encounter. “I’m leaving.”

Chaeyoung’s head turned in surprise. “What?"

Mina didn’t humor the girl with an answer, however, for she had already begun walking away.

The redhead began to call out for the girl as she took a step in her direction, but was once again held back by Dahyun.

Jerking her arm away from the girl, Chaeyoung glared at her. "Why won't you just leave me alone? Can't you tell I don't
want you around?!”

She turned back towards the way Mina had left but saw that the girl had already made quite far away, walking at a very
fast pace. With a sigh, Chaeyoung closed her eyes in frustration. Why can’t I just have one good day?

She glanced back at the rainbow-haired girl who was still standing there and was shocked by her appearance. Chaeyoung
wasn’t sure what to make of the mixture of emotions that were being displayed on Dahyun’s face; anger, sadness,
confusion, frustration. Chaeyoung was sure she had said meaner things to the girl in the past, so why did her face make her
feel so bad in this moment?


At her sudden inquiry, Dahyun blinked, as if coming out of deep thought. She looked at her with eyes full of emotion and
gave her a bitter smile. "I'll see you later, Chaeyoung."
Chaeyoung watched the girl that she had grown up with walk away and couldn’t help but feel guilty. She wasn’t sure why,
she had never felt guilty for hurting Dahyun’s feelings before, but for some reason, the look in her eyes, the look of pure
hurt, it made Chaeyoung wish, for once, that she hadn’t said what she did.

She wondered briefly if she should follow her and try to apologize, but pride quickly pushed that thought away. She had
never apologized to that girl before, and she wasn't about to start now (though she recognized how childish that thought
was, she still stuck to it). Turning back the way she and Mina had originally been walking, the redhead slowly left the
scene of the crime.

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

Chaeyoung didn’t know what had made her want to do this. She didn't even remember making the decision to walk in this
direction. She hadn't even thought about where she was going until she looked up and saw that she had stopped right in
front of the steps of the Social Studies building. Now, by some force of nature, she was unable to move away, as she had
only one thought in her mind.

As if she had sensed her reason for coming to this certain place, the woman in question had just opened exited the building
and stopped suddenly as she saw the redhead standing in the middle of the steps, Chaeyoung's hard gaze landing on her.
The woman swallowed slightly, then furrowed her eyebrows. Why am I getting intimidated by one of my worst students?

Expertly hiding her slight of fear in the girl in front of her, Hirai put on her usual smile and walked towards her student.
“Good afternoon, Chaeyoung-ssi,” she said politely. “Did you need something?”

Chaeyoung looked down then, unsure about what she should say. She knew what she wanted to ask the blonde professor,
it had plagued her mind for days on end. She had woken up thinking about it, fallen asleep thinking about it; and
apparently, she even thought about it when shewasn’t thinking about it, considering the fact that her feet had taken her to
confront the woman that held her animosity against her own will.

Clearing her throat and lifting her head slightly, Chaeyoung decided to take a leap of faith.

“Are you hungry?”

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

Okay, so she didn’t mean for it to come out the way it had. She just wanted to be able to have a conversation with the
woman! However, as soon as she saw the look on Hirai-sensei's face (a look of pure confusion and terror), Chaeyoung
realized that she probably should have gone about things a different way.
Luckily, Hirai-sensei had simply chuckled and led the way to a nearby food vendor and the two were currently sitting on a
bench enjoying their meals; albeit very awkwardly.

The redhead had no idea how to go about bringing up the subject of the professor and Mina’s relationship, whatever it
was. She was sure the woman curious to know why the redhead had asked her to eat with her, seeing as the two had barely
even spoken to each other unless Hirai-sensei was reprimanding her for something.

This was a bad idea. I should have just my curiosity eat away at me for the rest of eternity. I should have just ignored how
much it bothers me. I should have just…

With a sigh, Chaeyoung looked at the woman next to her. She knew she couldn't stall for much longer, they were both
almost finished eating, after all.

The redhead opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. She tried again, but with no results once again.

Hirai-sensei watched as her student opened and closed her mouth seven times, looking like a fish out of water. Chuckling
slightly, Hirai tilted her head to the side and flashed Chaeyoung her signature smile (which unbeknownst to her, annoyed
the redhead immensely).

“Whatever it is you wish to know, I’m sure I can give you an answer.”

Scowling, Chaeyoung looked down at her feet. She mumbled something quietly and then quickly turned her head away
from from the history professor.

Hirai-sensei leaned forward slightly. “What was that?”

Chaeyoung mumbled once again, although a bit louder, though still inaudible to most human ears. Hirai-sensei tried to
maneuver so that she could see the girl's face. "What?"

Turning to the professor hastily with a frustrated look on her, Chaeyoung opened her mouth to repeat what she had said
yet again but, instead, let out a yelp as she realized how close Hirai-sensei had become. The two jumped apart,
Chaeyoung’s flushing and Hirai scratching the back of her head awkwardly.

Another uncomfortable moment passed as the two sat side by side, a bit farther away than before. Eventually, Chaeyoung
cleared her throat, deciding to get all of this out of the way.

“What is your, um…connection to Mina?”

Hirai-sensei looked surprised as if she hadn’t expected Chaeyoung to ask such a question. “Mina-ssi?”
The student nodded, not meeting the older woman’s eyes. Hirai-sensei shifted slightly in her seat, pondering the question.

“Well, like I’ve told you before, we’ve known each other for quite a while,” the professor stated simply. “Our fathers’ are
good friends, you see.”

Chaeyoung looked up, interested in the new information she had jus been given. “Really? so you are, like, family friends
or something?”

Hirai-sensei looked ahead, seeming thoughtful. “Yes, I suppose you could say that.”

Looking at the redhead, Hirai-sensei sighed as she realized that she wasn’t satisfied with that answer. Such a stubborn girl.

“When I was a teenager, my father took my sister and I to visit a friend of his. Apparently, they hadn’t seen each other in
several years, so it was sort of a reunion for the two of them,” Hirai-sensei began. “He introduced us to his friend and his
family, Mina-ssi included. She and my sister became fairly close, since they were closer in age. I was quite a bit older,
however, so I was sort of the designated babysitter whenever we went to visit.” The blonde woman chuckled,
remembering her teenage days.

“Mina-ssi and I weren’t particularly close back then. There were times when she would get hurt or sad about something
and I would do my best to make her feel better. We even played music together from time to time, but that was about it.

“Eventually, I went off to college and only saw Mina-ssi and her family during the holidays here and there. Then years
later, her father contacted me to let me know that she was planning on becoming a student here, and to keep an eye on
her," Hirai-sensei looked at Chaeyoung with a small smile, "He's a pretty protective father, you see."

The history professor looked out over the campus with a small shrug. “That’s about it.”

The redhead nodded and looked down, furrowing her eyebrows. She didn’t know why, but she felt like Hirai hadn’t told
her all of the story.

“So, that’s it?” She pried, uncaring as to whether she was crossing the line that was between a teacher and her student.
“You guys aren’t…you know…”

In that moment, the side of Hirai-sensei that Chaeyoung rarely saw, though she knew it was there, reread its head as she
slowly let a smirk take over her face. She looked at the redhead with mirthful eyes and raised brow. “‘You know’?”

Chaeyoung sighed out of frustration. Now she’s just messing with me.

“You know,” she said, annoyed. “Like, together…”

Hirai-sensei chuckled at the redhead’s annoyance and patted her on the head, causing a scowl to cross over her feature.
“You sure are nosey one, aren’t you?”

Removing her hand from her head, Chaeyoung glared at the professor. “I’m serious,” she said, turning to the blonde fully.
“Are you guys a couple of not?”

Smirk still set on her face, Hirai-sensei looked Chaeyoung in the eye as she replied. “No, we’re not.”

Chaeyoung tried to hide the relief from showing on her face with little success. Okay, well at least that’s good to know.

“Were you guys ever in a relationship before?”

Hirai laughed outright at this, amused by the fact that her student was asking such questions of her own professor. “No, we

With a short now, Chaeyoung turned back to sit forward again.

“She told you she liked me, huh?”

Chaeyoung’s head turned back to Hirai-sensei in an instant and was greeted by his casual smile which was back in place.
For some reason, the redhead wanted to deny it, but she knew there was no point.

Hirai-sensei nodded thoughtfully. “Yes, I figured she did. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be asking such questions.”

Chaeyoung had to stop herself from giving in to the urge to hit the woman next to her. So cocky…

Obviously amused by Chaeyoung’s awkwardness, Hirai-sensei smirked once again and leaned back and looked away from
her student. “Yes, she told me herself, after all.” Looking back to the redhead, the woman had a look of slight haunting in
her eyes. “That was one conversation that I never want to have again, with the anyone.”

“I’m assuming it didn’t go well?”

With a chuckled, Hirai-sensei nodded. “No rejection goes well, I’m afraid.”

So Mina’s heart had been broken by the woman she loved. She had laid out her heart and Hirai had, her oh-so-annoyingly-
polite way, broken it in half and handed it right back to her. Probably all the while with that sickening smile on her face.

What. An. Ass.

Chaeyoung was having a hard time hiding her dislike for her teacher after learning all of this new information, so she
quickly stood and gave a bow, startling the blonde woman slightly. “Thank you for letting me know. Have a good day.”

She quickly set off in an any direction that would take her far away from the terrible woman sitting behind her but was
interrupted by her call for her to wait. She hesitantly slowed, huffing. “Yes?”

She heard the professor walk towards her but didn’t dare turn around, knowing she wouldn’t be able to hide her annoyance
on her face.

“Since I answered your question, how about you answer mine?”

Chaeyoung could hear the smirk in the teacher’s voice. Through clenched teeth, the redhead replied. “And what’s that?”

“When are you going to tell her about your feelings, Chaeyoung?”

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

9 Girls, Girls, Girls

Girls, Girls, Girls

"When are you going to tell her about your feelings, Chaeyoung?"

The question rang in Chaeyoung’s ears as if her teacher had shouted them. She was sure she had because surely she never
heard her voice soloudly.

Along with the ringing in her ears, the redhead’s face was burning as if Hirai had slapped her as well. Had she slapped her
too? No. That wasn’t possible, the redhead was still facing away from her.

Chaeyoung jumped and squared her shoulders, finally processing the question fully – and registering the heat on her face
as being due to unrelenting embarrassment at the realization.

“Um..!” She spluttered, unable to form a coherent response to the sudden question. She cleared her throat and turned her
head a fraction towards the professor. "I…have no idea what you mean."

Hirai-sensei merely hummed as she turned away. “Alright, then.”

Chaeyoung turned slightly to watch the blonde woman walk away from her, blush still in place. She watched as Hirai
stopped slightly and turned to her student with her signature smile – her endless annoyance. “I’ll see you in class next
week, Chaeyoung.”

With that, Hirai-sensei left Chaeyoung to her own thoughts on her own walk back to her dorm.

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

“So of course, after he said that to me I had no choice but to shove my half-eaten corndog in his…” Sana’s story of her
encounter with an especially dedicated fan of the rival football team at a recent game trailed off as she looked up at her

“Chaeyoung-ah~” the blonde whined, causing the spaced out redhead to jump slightly. “You’re not even listening to my
super great story,” she said with a pout. “Neomu hae!”

Chaeyoung sighed as she smiled apologetically at her best friend, "I'm sorry, Sana-unnie. I'm just a little distracted, I

"No kidding," Sana said with a laugh as her pout vanished and made way for a genuine smile. Sensing that it was time for
some Super Friend Support, as she liked to call it (though only to herself), the blonde leaned forward in her seat, which she
had spun around so that she could lean on the back of it.

"Sooo," she pressed, knowing it would take quite a lot of prodding to get any information out of her friend. Good thing I'm
the best at being nosy!

“So, what?”

With an overdramatic sigh, Sana spun around in her chair, flinging her appendages out, adding even more unnecessary
dramatics (though the blonde would adamantly disagree, "Dramatics are always necessary!”).
“So, what’s got you so distracted lately?”

Chaeyoung flushed slightly and looked away awkwardly, which only made Sana even more curious.

This is gonna be a good one, I can feel it, the blonde thought with a sly grin.

"It's nothing, really," the redhead said, shifting in her place on her bed across from her friend. "I've just been stressed
because of - uh - school…and stuff."

Sana looked on as her friend tried to come up with a valid excuse, she was quiet for a moment, her face looking thoughtful
as she considered what Chaeyoung had said. Then, her pensive demeanor was replaced with mirth as she began laughing.

The redhead looked up with furrowed brows as Sana continued to laugh, doubling over until she had fallen off her chair
and was clutching her stomach on the ground, tears forming in the corners of her eyes.


The blonde held up a finger at her friend's inquiry and stopped laughing long enough to mutter a quick, "One second,
please," before she continued on with her bout of laughter.

Chaeyoung rolled her eyes and waited until her friend calmed down, which took a bit longer than she felt was necessary.
After a few more mirthful-ridden moments, Sana’s laughter began to come to its end as she climbed her way back onto her
chair with a contented sigh, sitting correctly this time.

“Okay, I’m done now.”

Looking at Sana with the driest look she could muster, Chaeyoung raised a brow as she waited for her friend to elaborate.
Sensing her friend's impatience, Sana smirked playfully. ”You don't care enough about school to be distracted by it, Chae-

The redhead thought about that for a second and decided that her friend was right. Could have thought of a better excuse
than that, idiot, Chaeyoung thought to herself with an inward groan.

"Okay, okay, you got me," Chaeyoung sighed. "It's not because of school, but I really don't wanna talk about it, okay?"

Sana nodded for a second with pursed lips but then surprised Chaeyoung once again. "Nope, still not good enough. Try

No getting out of this one, I guess…

Chaeyoung didn't hold back her groan this time as she flopped back onto her bed and covered her face with her arm, "It's
this person, alright?"

At this, Sana’s eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. She jumped up as quickly as she could and hopped onto younger girl’s
bed, causing the redhead to let out a surprised squeal.

"I can't believe this!" Sana exclaimed, grabbing one of Chaeyoung’s pillows and hugging it to her chest "Chaengie has
a crush!"

Groaning once again, the redhead stood and took Sana’s previous spot on her computer chair. "I do not have a…"

Oh, what’s the point?

"Okay, maybe I do have a…" Chaeyoung hesitated, not looking forward to how Sana would react once she actually said
the word.

“You do have a…?”

Chaeyoung was glad she was facing away from her friend so that she couldn't see the grimace that graced her features in
that moment. However, she knew she couldn't avoid the inevitable forever; after all, Sana had successfully cornered the
redhead with nowhere to run.

Well, actually, the door is right there…

Shaking her head, Chaeyoung braced herself as she muttered the words, “A crush…”

She wasn't even too sure Sana heard the admittance because the second the words left her mouth, the blonde had let out the
shrillest, loudest squeal Chaeyoung had ever heard (and that was saying something, for she and Sana had been friends for
a very long time).

"You have a crush!"

Sana hugged her friend as tightly as she could as she cooed over her in delight. She just couldn't believe that her best
friend – her littleChaeyoung – had finally caught the Love Bug! About time, I thought she'd become one of those lonely cat

Then Chaeyoung realized something. Pulling away from her friend – who was very grateful for the ability to breathe again
– the blonde held onto Chaeyoung’s shoulder as she looked at her with serious eyes. "Who is it?"
The guilty look that crossed over Chaeyoung’s eyes did nothing to ease Sana’s sudden anxiety. ”That’s, uh…" she rubbed
the back of her head, eyes darting to the side as she avoided her friend's prying gaze. "You…don't really need to know
that, do you?"

Those words felt like a slap in the face to the blonde, in fact, she visibly flinched at them. Pulling away from the younger
girl, Sana turned away and tried to contain herself. She knew this day would come, had seen it play out so many times in
her head, and yet the throbbing ache in her chest still screamed at her as she came to the realization that her deepest fear
was becoming a reality.


Holding back the tears that threatened to fall at any second, Sana plastered a smile on her face, yet she didn't dare turn
around just yet. "You don't have to say anything, Chaeyoung. I get it."

Confusion and fear laced Chaeyoung’s voice as she called out to her friend once more, but Sana couldn't bring herself to
try and ease her concerns. Mustering up all her strength, the blonde forced herself to turn and face her friend. The shock
and concern on Chaeyoung’s facepained Sana more than she thought was possible, but no matter how much it hurt her to
see her friend like that, it couldn't drown out the heartache that had found its home in her heart so long ago. The ache that
had sat and festered for longer than she cared to admit. The ache that had threatened to take her over and make her do, say,
and think things that she would never have if it weren't for the dark feeling in her heart.

All this time, she had done a pretty great job of ignoring the darkness festering inside of her. She had ignored it and
refused to acknowledge its presence unless she was in the safety of her own seclusion; only then would she allow the
darkness of her heart rear its ugly head. Even then, however, she would not let it completely take her over.

That was then. Now, Sana was sure she'd have a much harder time suppressing her dark feelings since the possibility she
had been fearing had finally become a reality.

Chaeyoung liked Dahyun. She knew that was it, why else would she refuse to tell Sana who it was? Even though the
blonde had never actually admitted to her friend that she had feelings for Chaeyoung’s childhood friend, she was sure it
was quite obvious. In fact, overtime Dahyun showed up, the redhead made some lame excuse to leave Sana and the
rainbow-haired girl alone together – or, at least, that’s what she had thought at the time. Looking back, the blonde figured
it was possible that Chaeyoung had left because she couldn’t stand being with the girl she liked and the friend who
liked her.

Oh, Chaeyoung, Sana thought, trying even harder to hold back her tears. Always so considerate of my feelings, even when
I'm sure it hurts her, too…

“Don’t worry, Chaeyoung,” Sana said, smiling as best as she could at her best friend. “I understand.”

Before Chaeyoung could say anything, Sana hastily made her exit, knowing that she couldn't hold back her tears for much
longer – especially not while Chaeyoung looked at her with eyes so full of innocence and anxiety.
She could hear the redhead calling after her, but she didn't dare turn back. As she made her way down the hallway, each
step growing faster and more sporadic, Sana willed herself to keep the darkness from spilling over. Her eyes grew blurry
as she began to run, causing her to run into someone leaving their dorm. She muttered an apology as best she could, but
only a sob left her lips. Her hand flew to her mouth and she looked up to see Myoui Mina with an odd look on her face.

She heard Chaeyoung’s voice from a few feet behind her, but it only caused her to begin running once again, for now that
the tears had begun to fall, she knew that they wouldn't stop for a long, long time.

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕


Chaeyoung called after her friend once again to no avail as the blonde ran past a confused Mina until she was out of sight.
The redhead wanted to go running after her, every cell in her body was showing at her to move her feet and find out why
Sana was so upset. However, she decided against it. She knew Sana more than anyone, and she knew when the girl needed
to be alone – this was one of those times.

Sighing, Chaeyoung tore her eyes away from the place she had last seen her friend and instead looked at the girl that was
now approaching her with slight worry in her otherwise calm eyes.

“What happened to your roommate?”

With a shake of her head, Chaeyoung looked down, "I have no idea, actually."

A soft "hn" was all Mina responded with, leaving the two in a sudden, awkward silence. With Sana’s sudden outburst, the
redhead hadn't even had time to feel tense when she first saw Mina leave her room. Now, however, with no distraction, she
felt nothing but tense.



The two girls shifted awkwardly as they spoke at the same time, Chaeyoung motioned for Mina to speak first, knowing
she would probably make the situation worse if she were to say anything.

Mina cleared her throat softly, "Do you want to talk about it?"

Chaeyoung blinked in surprise, expecting Mina to say pretty much anything but that. "Um, I, uh.."
Sensing Chaeyoung’s apprehension, Mina added in. "If you're not comfortable with that, though-"

“No!” The redhead blurted out, then blushed and scratched her cheek with an awkward smile. “I-I mean, it’s okay. There’s
just not much to talk about, really.”

Mina nodded, though Chaeyoung felt like she wanted to say something. Nevertheless, the brunette woman turned to head
back down the hall.

Watching her walk away, Chaeyoung couldn’t help but feel disheartened. There I go again, ruining the moment.


Chaeyoung covered her mouth, unsure how or why the sound had escaped. She watched as Mina turned, raising an
eyebrow in silent question. The redhead stared for a moment, both taking in the beauty before her (as always) and trying to
think of an excuse for her sudden outburst.

"Um," she repeated, looking down at her fumbling hands. "Thanks."

She peeked up at Mina and noted the slight confusion on her features (she also noted that she looked ridiculously cute
when she was confused). "For offering to talk, and stuff, I mean," she clarified. "Thank you."

Mina’s features smoothed out into a small smile, causing Chaeyoung’s heart to beat faster than normal and her breathing
to become uneven. "You're welcome, Chaeyoung."

With that, she made her way back to her room and Chaeyoung was left feeling even more stressed and confused than she
did earlier that day – which she didn't even know was possible.

Following Mina’s lead, Chaeyoung headed back to her room and sprawled out on her bed, face down.

Chaeyoung knew she wasn't the smartest, nor the most observant when it came to other people and their emotions but she
was sure that she was surrounded by the most confusing people in the world.

First, Dahyun, with her annoying knight-in-shining-armor complex, causing the redhead endless frustration and anger.

Then there was Hirai-sensei, who gave a new definition to word “infuriating” and always seemed to know just how to get
under her skin as if it was a honed talent that she had been working on for years.
Those two were the usual annoyances, though; Chaeyoung was at least used to them. Now, Sana had to join the mix, too?

Usually, her friend was pretty open about her feelings when it came to the redhead but lately, Chaeyoung had noticed a
silent struggle occurring within the blonde. She hadn't approached the girl about it, figuring that she just needed to work
things out a bit herself before she said anything to Chaeyoung. However, her recent episode worried the redhead
immensely and had her wondering if she should have confronted the girl about it earlier; and the fact that it seemed to have
something to do with Chaeyoung made her even more worried.

Had she done something to hurt her friend without realizing it? Was Sana offended because she wouldn't tell her who she
had feelings for? Chaeyoung froze. What if she had figured out who Chaeyoung liked and didn't agree with it? The two
had never really had any conversations about their opinions on things such as homosexuality before, but Chaeyoung had
always figured that Sana wouldn't mind it; she was such a kind person, after all. She couldn't possibly be so disgusted and
disappointed in Chaeyoung for being in love with another girl that she would react so harshly, could she? Chaeyoung
swallowed hard, hoping that she was wrong in that train of thought.

However, such train of thought brought her to the very core of her frustrations and confusion: Myoui Mina. Chaeyoung
swore that the girl must be majoring in Misleading Your Admirer with a minor in Being Ridiculously Hot, because, boy,
was she great at those very things. One second, things were perfect, so perfect that Chaeyoung thought that there was a
small possibility that Mina could start to return her feelings, or at least become her friend. Then, out of nowhere, like a
switch being flipped, she would become distant and act as if she wanted nothing to do with the redhead. Worst of all,
Chaeyoung always felt guilty for some reason, as if she had done something wrong in order to make Mina act so cold
towards her. But that doesn't make any sense, does it? I haven't done anything!


Groaning, Chaeyoung flipped onto her back and glared at the ceiling. All this thinking was getting her nowhere, it just
made her more frustrated at the world and led to no conclusions.

Well, that's not exactly true, Chaeyoung thought with bitter mirth. I have reached one conclusion:

Girls are confusing as hell.

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

10 Know ing & Not Know ing

Knowing & Not Knowing

A week had passed since Chaeyoung’s conversation with Hirai-sensei and Sana’s breakdown, and the redhead had since
felt as if she was oneveryone’s bad side. Well, everyone except for Hirai-sensei, who had seemed particularly amused
every time she had seen Chaeyoung in class –especially when she was anywhere near Mina.
The brunette had been acting very strange since the week before. Chaeyoung had been wracking her mind as to figure out
why Mina had been acting in such a way, but had not been able to come to any valid conclusions other than "she just hates
me" or "maybe she's on her period?"

On top of that, Sana had been avoiding her roommate completely; in fact, the redhead had barely seen her friend since the
day she ran out on her. It seemed as if the blonde had made sure to be out of the room any time she knew that Chaeyoung
would be there – she wasn't even sure if the girl had slept!

Adding to the mix of strange behavior, Dahyun had been especially…normal since Chaeyoung had snapped at her the day
she was with Mina. She had barely even been annoying! Which, in turn, annoyed Chaeyoung even more. After all, the
redhead had gotten used to her aggravating ways and was frustrated to have their routine interrupted (though she would
never admit this, she was much too proud – read: stubborn – for that).

Everything was topsy-turvy in the redhead's life and she was not enjoying it one bit. However, she had no idea how to fix

She had tried talking to Mina , but, per usual, she could barely find the words she needed in the moment and when she
finally did stop fumbling around all she had managed was a joke about their current lesson on Mao Zedong, which wasn't
even funny to her nojam self, so she wasn't surprised when Mina only reacted with a blank stare. Likewise, there had been
no luck in trying to discuss Sana’s behavior, seeing as she hadn't even really seen the girl

Chaeyoung huffed from her seat in the library as she continued to dwell over her current situation, as she had been doing
for days. She had initially come to the library to study for an impending math test coming up later that week, but as she
looked down at her half-filled page, she realized that she had gotten distracted by her own thoughts once again, which was
not the least bit surprising.


The redhead looked up to see a tall, dark-haired girl, with a hint of green, standing beside the table where she was
currently sitting. It took her a moment to place the girl, but she eventually remembered her from a class she and Sana had
with her their first semester at school.

“Ah, Yoda-ssi!” Chaeyoung said, smiling at the odd-named girl who was now taking a seat across from her own. “What's

With a slight blush, Yoda rubbed the back of her head. “Actually, would you mind calling me Tzuyu?”

“Huh?” Chaeyoung furrowed her brows before jumping slightly, her eyes bulging. "Oh, no, did I get your name wrong?
Oh, I'm so sorry! I thought for sure that it–!"
A harsh shh coming from the librarian's desk interrupted Chaeyoung’s outburst, causing her to blush and whisper a quick
"sorry" to the older man who was currently sending her a barely repressed glare.

She looked back over to the girl across from her and saw that she was laughing quietly. After pulling herself together, the
tall girl gave Chaeyoung a sweet smile. ”You didn't forget, unnie. People do call me Yoda, but it's so strange since my real
name is Tzuyu."

Chaeyoung let out a sigh of relief, happy that she hadn't been so insensitive to forget the name of her classmate. "Okay.
Tzuyu it is, then."

At this, Tzuyu – formerly known as Yoda – smiled once again. Then, as if remembering why she had approached the
redhead in the first place, her face became stern. “I was wondering if you knew what was wrong with Sana-unnie?”

At Chaeyoung’s seemingly confused expression, Tzuyu continued. "I just know you two are roommates so I figured you
would know what was going on with her. She hasn't been acting like herself in class lately."

The redhead furrowed her brows and looked down, contemplating what the girl had said. Since she hadn't seen Sana in
days, she hadn't known what sort of state she was in. She had assumed she was her usual, easy-going self and was just too
embarrassed to confront Chaeyoung about her outburst; now, she realized that whatever had gotten to Sana that day must
have been even more important than she had originally thought.

"I wish I could say I knew what's up with her, but I don't," Chaeyoung said, sounding frustrated.

Tzuyu hummed sympathetically, she could tell that the redhead was even more worried for Sana than she herself was. "I'm
sure she'll come around, you two are best friends, after all."

She was surprised when her statement caused Chaeyoung to deflate slightly. “Chaeyoung-unnie? Are you okay?"

Chaeyoung nodded but kept her gaze downcast. "I'm just not a very good best friend, I think."

Tzuyu’s eyes widened as she took in the sullen redhead across from her. "Unnie…"

The tall girl stood from her seat and moved to sit next to the other girl, hoping to console her in some way.

“Do…you want to talk about it?” Tzuyu asked softly, hoping she wasn’t crossing a line with the redhead whom she barely

Chaeyoung took in a slow breath and held it in for a moment. The maknae waited as she watched the other girl close her
eyes, her cheeks looking as if she had stuffed them with acorns like a chipmunk. Then, the redhead's eyes bulged open as
she released her breath all at once, leaning forward until her head hit the table.
Tzuyu continued to watch the odd spectacle, unsure of what to do at this point. Despite her worries, however, Chaeyoung
bolted upright quickly, a determined smile on her face.

“I’m fine, Yoda-uh, I mean Tzuyu-ah!” She held up her right fist to her chest, her eyes ablaze and her face serious. "I will
figure out what's going on with Sana-unnie, don't you worry!"

Wit that, she gathered up her belongings and dashed for the door. Tzuyu blinked a few times as she stared at the redhead's
retreating figure. Then, she simply let out a giggle. How cute!

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

Finding Sana turned out to be more difficult than Chaeyoung had initially planned. After looking all over the library,
dining hall, and other popular areas to no avail, the redhead had begun searching anywhere and everywhere her friend
could be. Her burst of determination to help her friend had long since faded and was replaced with the hopelessness that
had plagued her before her conversation with Tzuyu, nevertheless she kept searching for her friend until the sun started to

After hours of running (and sulking) around campus with nothing to show for it other than her own aching feet,
Chaeyoung decided to head back to her dorm, with a fleeting hope that Sana would change her recent routine and come
back to the room before Chaeyoung went to sleep.

Oh, who am I kidding? Chaeyoung thought pitifully. She hates me now, she's probably at the Housing Office right now
trying to change rooms or something, seeing as she can't even stand to be in the same room as me now…

Realizing that she had made it to her floor, the sullen redhead paused. Looking to her right, she noticed that she had
stopped in front of Mina’s door. Of course.

With a huff, Chaeyoung started walking towards her own room.

One step.


Two steps, three steps.


Suddenly, Chaeyoung turned on her heel and quickly made her way back to where she had stopped before. Standing in
front of Mina’s door, she raised her arm and hesitated before knocking slightly.

She waited for a moment, each second causing her nerves to buzz louder and louder in her mind.

Did I knock too quietly? Is she even home? What about her roommate? What time is it? This was a bad idea, wasn't it? Oh
god, why am I so dumb, how could I have thought this was a good idea?! I should just–

Her frantic thoughts were interrupted when the door opened to reveal Mina; if she was caught off guard by the redhead's
visit, she didn't let on much. The only hint at her surprise was a slight raising of her left eyebrow, which vanished as soon
as it arrived – and, of course, Chaeyoung caught every subtle movement.

"Uh, hey," Chaeyoung greeted awkwardly, giving Mina a half-wave.

“Hey,” the brunette replied.

The two stood there in silence for a moment, neither sure of what to say; Mina, because she had not been expecting a visit
– especially from this certain redhead – and assumed the girl had a reason for coming. Chaeyoung, because she had
absolutely no reason for coming and simply acted on impulse. I've really gotta work on that…

In their silent lapse, Chaeyoung took an opportunity to take in the sight before her – per usual.

Seeing as it was the evening, and a school night, Mina had already changed into her pajamas. She was wearing a simple
white v-neck shirt, pink polka-dotted sweatpants, and light pink slippers in the shape of bunnies. Her hair was pulled up
into a pony–


The redhead’s eyes zeroed in on the other girl's feet, or, more specifically, the ridiculously cute bunny slippers that
covered them.

She’s. Wearing. Bunny. Slippers.

Chaeyoung took that moment to silently thank whatever Gods the existed that she was able to be alive in this moment, for
now she really felt she could die and go to Heaven – because, really, nothing would be any different than this very second.
Her Heaven would simply be her, standing across from a beautiful angel who was wearing pajamas and bunny slippers.
Though she didn't realize it, an astonished laugh had left Chaeyoung’s mouth as she took in Mina’s footwear. At this,
Mina looked down and realized just what had distracted the redhead. She then raised her head, cleared her throat
pointedly, and watched as Chaeyoung’s eyes darted back to her own, as if just remembering that she was there
with her instead of just her slippers.

"Did you just come to laugh at my clothing choices or was there a reason for your visit?" Mina said, obviously put off by
the redhead's reaction.

Chaeyoung spluttered as her cheeks burned. "No, no! I mean, I didn't come to do that. I just-I wasn't laughing at them, I
just…" Chaeyoung groaned and covered her face with her hands, gathering herself. Then, with a sigh, she looked back up
at Mina sheepishly. "Sorry."

Mina simply hummed, a small smirk gracing her lips. Deciding it was time to take matters into her own hands, Mina
shifted slightly and crossed her arms.”So, how's your roommate?"

Chaeyoung deflated at that, causing Mina’s eyebrows to raise. "Not good, I assume?”

"You assume right," Chaeyoung said with a sigh. "She's been avoiding me like crazy and Yoda – I mean, Tzuyu – said that
she's been weird in class and I didn't even know that because I haven't seen her and I don't even know why she's mad!
Well, I guess I kinda do…but not really! And it's not like I can ask her because I haven't seen her! So I've been running
around all afternoon trying to find her but I haven't and I just don't know what to do because I suck and–"

The redhead’s tirade was cut off abruptly by two hands smacking against her cheeks.


"First of all," Mina said sternly, her hands remaining on the other girl's face. “You don't suck."

Lowering her gaze from Mina, the younger girl shoulders sagged slightly. "But–"

“No. Say it.”

"Say what?" Chaeyoung inquired, looking back up at Mina slightly.

“You don’t suck.”


“Say it.”
With a sigh, Chaeyoung raised her head. "…You don't suck."

If the look on Mina’s face said anything, she was not amused. Taking the hint, Chaeyoung rolled her eyes. "Fine. I don't

"Good," Mina said, removing her hands from Chaeyoung’s cheeks and crossing her arms once more. "Secondly, your
friend has been in your room since noon."

Chaeyoung blinked. "…Really?"

The brunette nodded.

After a moment, Chaeyoung shrieked, "I gotta go!" and ran in the direction of her room, only almost tripping on the way.

Though it was admirable for the redhead to run to her friend's side so quickly, she would be disappointed to find out that,
as she ran to see her roommate, a rare sight was left behind on Mina’s doorstep: a brunette angel, laughing as she leaned
against her door-frame; arms crossed and emotion deeply embedded in her gaze.

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕


The blonde in question shrieked as her roommate burst in the room, causing her to fall from her place in her desk chair.


The two froze in their spots and stared at each other, wide-eyed. Then, as one would expect, they burst out into laughter.
The two roommates laughed until their sides hurt and their eyes watered, Sana lying on her side on the floor and
Chaeyoung holding on the desk for support.

After a few moments, they calmed themselves and took their usual spots in the room: Sana on her desk chair –
turned backward so she could lean on the back – and Chaeyoung sitting cross-legged on her bed, a pillow in her arms.

Chaeyoung started out simple, asking Sana where exactly she had been the past few days and why she had been avoiding
her. The blonde replied just as simply, saying that she just needed to time to herself, to think. The conversation was laced
with awkwardness, of course, neither of the girls wanting to address the elephant in the room that had recently tripled in
size due to Sana’s outburst. Eventually, however, they both realized that it was time to talk about it, no matter how painful
it may be.





Of course, that didn’t mean it was easy.

Sighing slightly, Sana looked at her friend. “Look. I know, okay?”

At this, Chaeyoung’s blood ran cold. "You..know?"



Chaeyoung wasn’t sure if it was just her imagination, but she was sure her heartbeat was loud enough for Sana to hear on
the other side of the room. She knew? Was that why she had reacted the way she did? If so, did that mean she judged her
for the way she was? Did she not want to be friends anymore? Chaeyoung wasn't sure what she would do if that happened.

She and Sana had been friends for years, in fact, Chaeyoung was sure that she was the best friend she had ever had, would
ever have. The two got along better than anyone, they hardly even fought and, on the off chance that they did, they always
talked it through immediately and came to some sort of conclusion. They knew each other better than anyone, they always
knew if the other needed a shoulder to cry on or if she needed space, they knew exactly what to do or say to make the
other laugh, they could even basically read each other's minds at times.

The two hadn't even planned on going to the same university, it had just been a coincidence that they had both been
accepted and planned to attend the same school. They had seen the best and worst of each other (even when Chaeyoung
went through her “scene punk" phase, Sana had been there to talk her out of dying her hair hot pink).

Even after all that, could Sana really end it all just because Chaeyoung was in love with the same girl? Although she didn’t
know the latter’s side of the story, Chaeyoung found it hard to believe that her friend could be that cold, that wasn't Sana.

Sana was the girl that joined every club Chaeyoung did, just so they could be together after school (and because she was
indecisive). Sana was the girl that cried her eyes out when a boy once told her he didn't like her because she wasn't girly
enough. Sana was the girl that got back at the same boy by beating him at a race just days later (surprisingly). Sana was
the girl that always let Chaeyoung be Player 1 when they played video games at her house, even though Chaeyoung knew
she hated being Player 2 just as much as Chaeyoung did. sana was the girl that once brought home a wild lizard she found
on the sidewalk as they walked home from school, declared it as their adopted child, named it Shashasha, and still had it to
this day.

Sana was loud, energetic, self-righteous, silly, kind-hearted, and the best friend Chaeyoung could ever hope for.
Chaeyoung knew Sana, and she knew she would never stop being her friend over something so small. She knew it.

"But listen, I just want you to know that…it's okay," Sana said, her eyes downcast. Chaeyoung’s eyes, on the other hand,
lit up at those words as if they were a gift from above.

"I-It is?"

Sighing slightly, Sana nodded. "I mean, I don't like it.” The redhead deflated slightly. ”I wish it wasn't true.” Chaeyoung’s
body sagged even more. “Well, to be honest, I hate that it's true."

Chaeyoung felt every trace of happiness that she had previously felt leave her body in an instant. ”Oh.."

Sana looked up at her friend and saw her distraught demeanor, her eyebrows furrowed slightly. "I mean, can you blame

At this, Chaeyoung wasn't sure what to say, but luckily it didn't seem as if Sana was actually expecting a reply.

"Of course I hate it. Knowing that my best friend is in love with the person that I'm in love with…it's the worst feeling in
the world.” Sana brought her hand to her heart, trying to block out the pain she felt there.

At the same moment, however, Chaeyoung perked up, face contorting into a look of confusion. "Wait, what?"

Sana either didn't hear her or chose to ignore her, however, because she continued speaking, hand on her heart and a bitter
sadness lacing her voice.

"I just..I hate that this has to be a problem. I wish I could make my feelings go away, but I'm sure you, of all people, know
that that's impossible."

"Unnie, what are you-?"

"I mean, how unfair is it that, out of everyone in the world we'd both be in love with Dahyun-ah?”

At this, Chaeyoung froze.

In love?

Chaeyoung’s eyebrows shot up into her hairline.

With Dahyun?!

Shooting up from the bed, Chaeyoung yelled out. "What?!"

Sana jumped and watched as her friend began pacing back and forth, frantically gesturing as she ranted on.

"Wait, wait, wait, wait! You think that I love Dahyun? Are we talking about the same person here?! She’s disgusting!"
Pausing, she turned to Sana and added, "No offense."

She went back to pacing as she put her hands to her head, "I just can't believe this! All this time I thought that
you hated me because of Mina and now I find out that this is all because of Dahyun?! Ohh, when I get my hands on that
annoying little–"

"Hold on," Sana interrupted, holding up her hand and causing Chaeyoung to stop in her tracks. "So…you're not in love
with Dahyun?"

Chaeyoung answered by simulating herself throwing up.

Sana leaned back with a loud, exasperated sigh. “Thank goodness!”

Realizing that there wasn't actually any problem for them to deal with, the two friends quickly went back to
normal; though, Sana seemed much happier and Chaeyoung seemed much sicker ("if I think about Dahyun like that I
might actually throw up, I swear”).

The night went on and the two went about their business; finishing up homework, filling each other in on what they
missed that week, watching the next episode of the drama they were currently binge-watching.

Around midnight, the two were ready for bed.

Snuggling up to her pillow, Chaeyoung released a contented sigh. She was more the relieved about the way things had
turned out with Sana, although the whole Dahyun thing still made her feel ill. Her and Sana had no tension between them
anymore and Chaeyoung was more than happy to go back to their usual routine.
Chaeyoung had almost drifted off to sleep when she heard Sana let out a soft, "psst." Chaeyoung hummed in response,
hoping Sana wasn't gonna go off on one of her late-night rants about lizard-people and how they were taking over the
earth, She really has a thing for lizards, huh.

"Question," Sana whispered. Chaeyoung hummed once again, already falling asleep.

"Why did you think I was upset about Mina-chan?"

Chaeyoung eyes shot open faster than she knew was possible. Her throat ran dry as she remembered her own words
earlier. "I thought that you hated me because of Mina."

"because of Mina."



The redhead didn't know what to do, she didn't know what to say, she didn't know how to breathe. However, she did know
one thing: she wasn't falling asleep anytime soon.

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

11 Side Story – Chaeyoung &

Chaeyoung & Sana

“Chaengie~~” Sana whined, leaning forward in her chair with a pout. "C'mooon, you know you can tell me
anything, right?"

The redhead sighed from her spot at her desk. Ever since she had gotten back to the dorm that day, her
roommate had not let go of the subject of her distractions. Sure, Chaeyoung had been completely out of it
lately due to a certain brunette beauty, but that didn’t mean she had to talkabout it! Especially not to her friend
that didn’t even know that she liked women in that way.
“It’s nothing, unnie,” Chaeyoung said with slight annoyance, hoping her friend would drop it if she realized
how much it was getting on the redhead's nerves.

Sana sighed loudly and turned away from her friend. “Fine~”

Chaeyoung let out her own small sigh of relief at her friend's agreement. Finally. Peace and–

“Buuuut…” Chaeyoung groaned as her friend quickly made a U-turn and leaned on her desk. "Just so ya know,
it's okay."

The redhead's brows furrowed as she looked up at her friend who was currently looking at her with barely
hidden amusement. ”What's okay?"

“That you’re gay!”

Chaeyoung spluttered as she quickly leaned away from her friend, causing her to fall on the ground with a
small humph!

"W-What?" The redhead shrieked, eyes bugging out of her head and face as red as a stop light. "I'm-I'm not-! I
don't-! I-I'm not gay!”

Sana looked on at her flustered friend and could barely hold back her laughter. "Oh, really?"

"Really!" Chaeyoung exclaimed hastily, jumping up from her place on the ground and plopping back down on
her seat. "Now, can we pleasestop talking about this?"

Sana hummed in amusement and strolled around her best friend. ”Alright, fine."

"Thank you.” Chaeyoung sighed once more.

“But just so you know,”

“If you weeere gay~”

Chaeyoung groaned once again and dropped her head to her desk, trying to block out her friend’s teasing.

“If you just so happened to be in love with a certain girl,”

This is it. This is how I die, Chaeyoung thought miserably. Death by embarrassment. And obnoxiousness.

“A certain girl who lived just a few doors down from us,”

Chaeyoung groaned once again, louder than before, and covered her head with her arms. “Unnie, can you

“If that was the case,” Sana said as she leaned over her friend with a knowing smile. “I wouldn’t care, you

Her redheaded friend peeked up from under her forearm quietly and muttered softly. “Really?”

The blonde nodded once and smiled at her friend. “I’ll tell you this. I’m in a similar situation, but let’s not talk
about that now.”

Chaeyoung understood and leaned back slowly, looking down at her lap with a blush still staining her cheeks.
Sana wasn’t exactly sure but she thought she could see the beginnings of a few tears forming her eyes, as well.

“Thanks, unnie.”

The redhead looked up at her friend and hoped she could see the gratefulness that she felt written on her face.
She did, of course, and answered it with a smile.

"But I do have one question," Sana said, turning serious suddenly.

Chaeyoung turned to her friend and nodded. ”Sure, anything."

Sana lifted her head high and closed her eyes, preparing to ask whatever it was she wanted to know.
Chaeyoung swallowed hard, This can't be good. The blonde took a deep breath and then looked at her friend
with hooded eyes, full of mischief.

"Have you ever thought of doing it with me?"

At that, Chaeyoung’s pleasant expression dropped into one of dry annoyance. Ignoring her friend's bout of
laughter at her expense, the redhead left her seat and headed for the door, knowing that she would never hear
the end of this. The last thing she saw as she closed the door to her dorm was her friend lying on the ground,
tears in her eyes as she laughed at her own joke.

I should have known that was coming.

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

12 Unexpected



She heard Sana call to her from her bed but Chaeyoung could do was stare, wide-eyed and unseeing at the wall. Her whole
body felt cold and hot at the same time; as if she was set on fire and then thrown into the ocean in the middle of December,
over and over again.

Her mind was completely blank, but simultaneously ran a mile a minute. How could she possibly worm her way out of this
one? Sana wasn't stupid; a bit slow, perhaps, but definitely not stupid. Especially not when it came to Chaeyoung.
Additionally, Chaeyoung was a terrible liar.

Her brain was working as fast as possible to come up with some sort of conclusion that would cause this to blow over, to
make Sana forget all about the redhead's accidental Mina-slip."I thought you were jealous because I've been spending so
much time with her," "I was sure you were embarrassed about her seeing your breakdown the other night," etc.
A million excuses came to mind, some good, some not so good. And yet, with so many possible ways to cover this up and
get past it, so many ways to keep her life the way it always has been, so many ways to lie - she couldn't bring herself to
utter a single one.

For no matter how many excuses she thought of, the loudest thought in her mind was, She deserves to know.

The redhead's silence must have made Sana anxious because she had sat up in bed at some point during Chaeyoung’s
deliberation and was now trying her best to make out the girl's state in the dark room. "Chaengie?"

She deserves to know.

Sighing shakily, the younger girl sat up without looking in Sana’s direction. She wasn't sure what to say or how to say it,
but she knew she had to say something or else the blonde would worry herself into a stupor.

She deserves to know.

“You deserve to know.”

She hadn't meant for that to come out, but she didn't care. She said it so quietly, barely over a whisper, she wasn't even
sure if Sana heard her. She did, of course, and she sat silently, waiting for Chaeyoung to continue.

The redhead ran a hand through her hair, messing it up even more than it already was. She opened her mouth to speak
several times, but only a few odd noises made their way out. Groaning due to her own inability to just spit it out,
Chaeyoung fell back on her bed lazily and squeezed her eyes shut.


There. She had done it. She didn't know what she expected to feel after saying those two small words, but she really hadn't
expected to feel so…stupid. Or rather, overdramatic. What was the big deal, really? So she liked girls, how was that a bad
thing? How come it had taken her so long to admit such a thing to her best friend? Why did she think she needed to hide

Now, after having admitted it, she realized that it was such a small part of herself. She was Son Chaeyoung: college
student, lover of strawberries and anything strawberries, hater of sweets and math, avid rapper and dancer, art fanatic,
prospective music education major, and she just so happened to be attracted to girls.

It was one small portion of the elements that made her her. Why had she felt it was such a big deal that she had to hide it
from someone so close to her?

Although she was sure she was right in coming to this conclusion, she was a bit nervous about the lack of response coming
from the other side of the room.
Deciding to take a chance, the redhead opened her eyes and scanned the area where she knew Sana was sitting. She let her
eyes adjust as she waited for a reaction, any reaction from her friend.

Finally, she got one.

“Wait, really?”


"So," she could hear the gears turning in Sana’s head, trying to wrap around this newfound information, "the person you
like is…"


"Is she gay, too?"

Sana hummed in response. Chaeyoung could only make out her profile, but she was sure Sana had her thinking
face on: pursed lips, brows furrowed, nose scrunching up a bit to the left. What exactly she was thinking on, Chaeyoung
wasn't sure.

"So," Chaeyoung started hesitantly, "You don't, like, hate me now, right?"

At that, Sana let out a quick and breathy laugh, "Seriously, Chaeyoung? You think I'd hate you after all these years
because you're a lesbian?"

Chaeyoung shrugged, even though she knew Sana couldn't see. The blonde laughed again, more to herself than at

"Of course I don't hate you," she said with a smile lacing her voice. “Who do you think I am? I am a little surprised, but I
guess I'm not at the same time. I mean, you've never really liked boys, now that I think about it."

Chaeyoung snorted. ”Yeah, I guess that's the gay showing, huh?"

Sana laughed, too. "No, I mean you've never liked boys," she continued. "Like, you've always been super mean to them for
no reason. I guess that makes sense now, though.”
Chaeyoung thought about that for a moment. She didn’t think she was that mean to guys. Sure, there was a few guys in the
past, like Jinyoung, and she had kicked that guy in the groin that one time when he came up to her at the bus stop (but,
really, how was she supposed to know he was just trying to tell her that her backpack was unzipped? He could have been a
serial killer! Or a rapist! Or a serial rapist!).

Now that she thought about it, though, she supposed she had always been a bit harder on the guys in her life than the girls.
The redhead shrugged to herself, They deserve it. Guys are lame.

"I guess you're right, but I'm not so sure that's because I like girls. I think I just really don't like guys."

Sana laughed again as she lay back down on her pillow, one hand behind her head. "Yeah, I don't blame you."

The two lay in silence for a while, both lying on their backs, eyes to the ceiling. It wasn't an awkward silence, nor was it
uncomfortable in any way. However, it wasn't peaceful either. It was a thoughtful silence, a certain quiet in which it felt as
if you could hear the thoughts going round and round in the minds of those in the room.

Sana was the first to break it. “Myoui Mina-san, huh?”

The latter hummed affirmatively. Sana hummed back.

They were silent again for a while, but it slowly dissolved into a peaceful quiet - the calm after the storm (although, it
wasn't much of a storm, really).

Both girls were almost asleep when Sana spoke up once again, voice heavy with drowsiness. ”One more question."

Chaeyoung hummed.

“Did you ever have a crush on me?”

If it hadn’t been so dark, and if Sana hadn’t been laughing at herself so hard, would have seen the lazy glare Chaeyoung
shot her from bed.

“Goodnight, Sana.”

“Night, Chaengie~”

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕
The days following Chaeyoung’s reluctant confession proved to be both a relief and an annoyance to the redhead. A relief,
due to the fact that she could now be her full self with her best friend, without anything holding her back; and an
annoyance because said bestfriend was hopeless when it came to being subtle.

Since finding out that Chaeyoung actually liked Mina, not Dahyun (gross), the girl insisted that she hang out with
Chaeyoung and Sana at some point – "best friend approval is crucial for potential boyfriends and girlfriends."

This wouldn’t have been a problem for Chaeyoung if Sana wasn't ridiculously obvious about the whole thing. The redhead
had asked Mina if she would mind if Sana joined them the next time they studied together, which was what brought them
to the library at this moment.

Chaeyoung knew that Sana was excited to officially meet Mina, but she had no idea she would be so embarrassing!

It started out when she began to not-so-subtly interrogate the brunette woman.

“Soooo, Myoui-san,” Sana had drawled, a mischievous smile on her face as she eyed the girl sitting across from her.
“You’re Japanese right?"


“Do you have a boyfriend?”

Chaeyoung was eternally grateful that she hadn't been drinking her water at that moment, because she was sure that she
would have done a movie-worthy spit-take.

"Uhh, Sana-unnie…” Chaeyoung was about to tell her friend to shut it, but was interrupted by a sound that she was sure
she had imagined.

She had looked up to see Mina holding her hand over her mouth, eyes shut, and a smile on her face. She's laughing!

Chaeyoung felt her face burn as she watched the beautiful scene before her, she had never known that a laugh could sound
so amazing. As Chaeyoung continued to gawk at Mina, Sana looked on in confusion. “What’s funny?"

At this, Mina sobered up and looked at Sana with a smile on her face, mirth still swimming in her eyes. "Nothing," she
said with a chuckle. "I don't have a boyfriend."

Sana hummed, as if considering the girl's words, and leaned back in her chair, narrowing her eyes. "Have you ever had
Mina simply shook her head in the negative, bowing her head to continue studying. Of course, Sana wasn't quite finished.

"Do you play any sports, Mina-san?” Sana had asked a few minutes later, catching both Mina and Chaeyoung by surprise.
The redhead tried her best to telepathically tell her friend to please stop talking! but it was to no avail, Sana was on a
mission and no one could stop her once she set her mind on something.

Mina pondered for a moment but shook her head once again, doing her best to multi-task as she continued to copy notes in
her notebook.


Mina looked up at Sana then. Chaeyoung wasn't sure if it was her imagination, but it looked like she was beginning to get
suspicious. Chaeyoung silently prayed that a fire drill would suddenly ring out so that she could get out of this situation.

The fates were not in her favor, it seemed.

"I was in the dance club in high school, since I did ballet,” Mina stated, turning her attention back to her book. "That isn't
considered a sport, though."

Sana hummed once again, stroking her chin like a detective trying to figure out a clue; which, Chaeyoung mused, she
probably felt like she was doing.

"That's funny,” the eldest said, a mischievous smile gracing her features. “You were in dance, weren't you, Chaengie?"

The redhead glared at her friend as hard as she could, but nothing could shake the smile from Sana’s face.

"Yes, I was," Chaeyoung said between clenched teeth.

"I didn't know that.” She turned to see Mina looking at her inquisitively. The redhead's cheeks warmed under the girl's

"Yeah, uh, it was only for a few years."

If "a few years" meant "all of my life until I started college," that is. Chaeyoung chuckled nervously.

The brunette simply nodded her head and turned back to her studies.
After that, Sana continued with her interrogation; asking every question she could think of, from "Do you have any
siblings?" to "Have you ever been associated with a gang yakuza?"

To Mina’s credit, she handled each question with ease – and no, she hadn't ever been in a gang.

Eventually, it was time for the girls to part ways, much to Chaeyoung’s relief. She had every intention of letting Sana have
it as soon as they broke away from Mina, however, the blonde was not done with her shenanigans just yet.

"Ohh, man! I totally forgot!" Sana exclaimed as soon as they walked out of the library. Turning towards Chaeyoung and
Mina, Sana smiled not-so-apologetically, "I've got to go meet another classmate for this project we're doing, bye!"

With that, the blonde was gone, leaving the other two staring after her with shock and annoyance (the annoyance, of
course, was coming from Chaeyoung).

"She's very…energetic," Mina said as she and Chaeyoung walked back to their dorms.

The redhead chuckled at that. "Yeah, that's one way to put it."

"I'm assuming she's okay now?"

Chaeyoung blushed against her own will, remembering just why Sana had been upset in the first place. "Yep, she's good

The two walked in silence for a while after that.

Chayeoung sighed inwardly. Mina had acted normally all day, which both pleased and confused the redhead. Just the other
day, she was sure that Mina was upset with her in some way, but ever since that day she went to her dorm, everything was
just as it was before. Not that Chayeoung wasn't happy about that, it was a huge relief to not have to worry about Mina
being angry with her for whatever reason. Nonetheless, it didn't make any sense!

If anything, Chaeyoung was sure Mina would be even more annoyed with her after the whole bunny slipper thing. No
regrets, though, the redhead thought. Those slippers were adorable.

When she thought about it, however, she shouldn't have been surprised by Mina’s mood swings. Ever since they had
gotten to know each other, that had been one of the girl's most prominent features; one second she would be normal, the
next she would be storming off in anger, then she would be smiling at Chaeyoung like nothing ever happened.

She would be lying if she said it didn't drive her insane, but she also found it oddly endearing. I guess I like the
unexpected, huh.
The redhead was pulled from her thoughts by the very being that inhabited them. "Want to grab something to eat?"

Chaeyoung scolded herself for getting so excited by the offer as she nodded, following Mina to wherever it was they were

A little while later, the two sat in the cafeteria with their trays full of mediocre food, except the pizza, the pizza
was ridiculously good.

Usually, when Chaeyoung went out to eat with Mina, the two sat in silence most of the time, not speaking until it was time
to leave. So, when the girl suddenly started a conversation, Chaeyoung was more than a little surprised.

She started out by asking how long she and Sana had known each other, then she asked about dance, then Chaeyoung’s
friends back home, and on and on.

Though she wasn't sure what to think of Mina’s sudden curiosity, Chaeyoung wasn't about to waste this opportunity to get
to know her more. So, she asked questions back; she half-expected Mina to refuse to answer, but she answered each
question easily.

The two continued to ask each other questions, asking for elaboration on certain subjects, letting others drop. Their food
had long since been abandoned, for they were too busy focusing on each other.

Much to Chaeyoung’s delight, Mina laughed again, showing her gummy smile, during their conversation, and then again,
and again. She had even made the redhead laugh with her dry humor many times.

Sooner than the redhead would have liked, they were standing in front of Mina’s door.

"Well, that was fun," Chaeyoung admitted, scratching the back of her head awkwardly.

"It was," Mina said, a smile on her face.

Chaeyoung stared at her as she smiled, she had been doing that all night and couldn't get enough of it. She was sure she
could stand here for days, just looking at that smile.

Sensing that she had been standing there, staring, for too long, the redhead cleared her throat. "Uh, well, I guess I'll see
you later.”

Mina laughed once again, making latter’s heart clench in her chest. "See you later."

Chaeyoung smiled and hesitantly turned away, returning to her room.

Just before she opened the door to her room, she looked towards Mina’s room, expecting to see a closed door. Instead, she
saw Mina there, watching her, smile still in place. Caught off guard, the redhead blushed furiously and waved. With one
last laugh, Mina waved back and closed her door.

Chaeyoung turned back to her door and rested her forehead on it, sighing. If she was in deep before, she knew that she had
just plunged five thousand feet further down.

With another audible sigh, she unlocked her door and stepped inside, ready to fall asleep to the memories of just hours

As always, fate was not on her side.

There, sitting on her bed, was Dahyun, looking like death itself.

“Dahyun-unnie? What are you doing in here?" Chaeyoung only slightly noted the lack of animosity in her tone. I must still
be delirious from my Mina Time.

Dahyun, however, didn’t seem to notice the change in the younger girl’s tone. In fact, she didn’t seem to notice
Chaeyoung at all. She sat on her bed with a stern look on her face and her hands clasped together in front of her.


She held up a finger. "Just…give me a minute."

Chaeyoung was starting to get worried, she'd known Dahyun almost her whole life and she had never seen her like this.
"Dahyun, what's–?"

She stopped talking as the older girl looked up at her. The look in Dahyun’s eyes made her heart go cold in her chest, she
had never seen so much sadness, anger, hopelessness before.

The rainbow-haired girl closed her eyes suddenly, as if her was preparing herself. Then, she stood, eyes still closed.

When she opened them, the same emotions flooded her features, but they were not surrounded by a certain steeliness.

"I have to tell you something, and I want you to listen."

Unsure if she should respond, or if she even could, Chaeyoung simply stood there, waiting.
Dahyun closed her eyes once more and drew in a breath, she held it for a moment an then let it go quickly. “I’m in love
with you.”

Her eyes were still closed, so she didn't see Chaeyoung’s widen."I know you don't feel the same way, and that's okay. And
I know you like Mina, that's okay, too. But, I just need you to know that I love you, I have for a long time."

Chaeyoung stayed silent, she didn't trust her voice at the moment.

Eyes still closed, Dahyun continued. "But this doesn't mean that I'm always going to be in love with you, okay? I'm not. I
know I'm not. One day, I'm going to get over you. So, don't think you'll always have this effect on me, okay? Because you
won't. Eventually."

Her eyes opened slowly and met Chaeyoung’s own wide eyes. "I don't expect you to say anything. In fact, I don't really
want you to. I just needed you to know.”

After staring at each other for a moment, Dahyun lowered her gaze and cleared her throat – her confidence had run its
course. "Uh, yeah, that's it," she muttered, blushing.

Chaeyoung continued to stare ahead, wide-eyed, even after Dahyun moved from her place. The redhead kept staring as she
walked past her, as she paused, then left the room. Chaeyoung was still in the same spot when Sana came in the room, and
when she asked what happened, she kept staring.

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

13 Tears & Fears

Tears & Fears

After a few moments of Sana’s prodding, Chaeyoung finally slipped out of her fog and told her friend what had happened.
That Dahyun had confessed to her. Dahyun. Dahyun.

Sana was oddly quiet after hearing the news and despite Chaeyoung’s expectations, she didn’t look upset or jealous. In
fact, the girl looked guilty.
“What is it, unnie?

The blonde sighed and looked down at her friend with sad eyes. “I’m sorry, Chaeyoung,” she said helplessly. “This is all
my fault.”

“What are you talking about?” The redhead inquired, completely lost as to how any of this could have been because of her
friend. "How is it your fault?”

Sana looked down at her feet as they shuffled beneath her. ”I told her."

Chaeyoung’s brow furrowed as she looked at her suddenly meek friend. "What do you mean?"

The blonde sighed and looked up at Chaeyoung, tears forming in her eyes. "I told her you liked someone else…"

Sana brought her hands to her face as she began crying, causing Chaeyoung’s eyes to widen, unsure as to why her friend
was so upset. The redhead put her arm around Sana’s’ shoulders as the girl cried. Chaeyoung knew she wasn't always the
brightest, but she had enough sense to realize that whatever her friend was crying about most likely had nothing to do with
telling Dahyun about Mina.

“What’s wrong?” Chaeyoung inquired softly, not wanting to upset the blonde anymore than she already was.

Sana tried to reply but it just came out as another sob. Chaeyoung sighed and led Sana toward her desk chair, hoping she
would calm down enough to explain what was going on. Chaeyoung waited for a few moments as Sana’s cries slowed and
her breathing evened out. Once she was able to speak again, she looked up at the younger girl with a slight blush on her
splotchy face. "Mianhae."

Chaeyoung smiled at her friend fondly. ”It's okay. Do you want to talk about it?"

Sana hesitated for a moment but then nodded, "Well, obviously, I like Dahyun-ah,” she said plainly. Chaeyoung nodded in
understanding, waiting for her to continue.

The blonde took a deep breath before she began speaking again. “Okay, so I was coming home from class earlier and she
was sitting in the hallway outside out room. So, of course, I was like ‘uhh what?’ so I asked what she was doing. She said
she was waiting for you and, well,” she took a deep breath. “I guess I got jealous and I was still a little sensitive because of
the whole misunderstanding we had soI just sort of…let it all out.”

After a moment of silence, Chaeyoung couldn't help herself. "…What did you say to her?"

Sana sighed. ”I told her that she was wasting her time, that you liked someone else and she was just making it worse for
everyone by trying to be with you."
The redhead's eyes widened a fraction; even with all the mean things she had said to Dahyun, she had to admit that was a
bit harsh.

"I know it was mean and uncalled for, but I just couldn't help it.” The blonde’s eyes began to water once again. "It just hurt
so much, ya know? I mean, I got so excited when I saw her here and she just…"

Sana started to cry again, causing Chaeyoung’s heart to clench painfully. I hate seeing her like this, Dahyun doesn't even
deserve her…

"I understand," Chaeyoung said softly as she laid her hand on the other's shoulder. "And don't worry, I'm not angry with

Sana looked up with misty, wide eyes, "You're not?"

The younger girl smiled warmly. "Of course not."

Sana gave a small, relieved smile and hugged her friend with all she had. Chaeyoung hugged her back just as tightly,
knowing that her best friend was suffering even more than she let on. The redhead sighed, I know what unrequited love
feels like, unnie. I understand.

The two stayed in that position for a few moments, enjoying the comfort that the other was giving. It was moments like
these that made Chaeyoung so very grateful for Sana, she wasn't sure how she would be dealing with the stress in her life
if not for her best friend.

The two pulled away after a short while, and as Sana wiped the tears from her eyes, a question popped into Chaeyoung’s

"Wait, so how did Dahyun-unnie get in our room?"

Sana blushed slightly. "Oh, yeah, that was me, too." At the latter’s confused expression, Sana continued, "After I went off
on her, she said that she knew already and that was why she wanted to talk to you. So I opened the door for her and then

With a sigh, Sana stood up. "I guess I just wanted her out of my sight, but I guess that wasn't the smartest thing to do,

Chaeyoung shrugged. "It's not like she'd steal anything, so it's fine. I was just surprised to see her in here, that's all."

"I know, I'm sorry. I should have called you or something…"

Chaeyoung could tell her friend was about to get upset again, so she quickly went over to her and hugged her from the
side, "Hey, it's okay. Really."

Sana looked at her friend for a moment before nodding slightly. Wanting to help her friend in any way she could, the
redhead offered to go get some food for them both.

As she was about to leave, Sana called out to her.

"Yeah?" the redhead said from the doorway.

After some hesitation, Sana looked up at her friend, "What are you going to do about Dahyun?"

Chaeyoung looked down at her feet. ”I have no idea."

With that, Chaeyoung gave a small smile to her friend and left to go find her some comfort food.

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

The next day, Chaeyoung found herself lying the life of a spy on the run; or at least, that's how it felt in her mind. She
walked the long way to class, through the woody trails that went around campus, she wore her darkest pair of sunglasses
and her baseball cap that she never wore (even though the sun was lounging behind the clouds that day).

She knew she was being dumb, she shouldn't be making such a big deal out of things. So, Dahyun liked her. No, she
thought as bile began to rise in her throat, she loves me…

Sighing, the redhead took off her sunglasses. Okay, so, maybe it was sort of a big deal. She had known Dahyun for
basically her whole life, did that mean Dahyun had loved her that whole time? No, that couldn't be possible…could it?
She had no idea at this point. As far as she had known up until this point, the older girl didn't even like her! Well, I guess
that's me that didn't likeher…

Still, this was all too much at once. She had just gotten back on good terms with Sana, and she still wasn't sure where she
stood with Mina; she didn't have time to worry about Dahyun, too!

Chaeyoung supposed she was being selfish, though. It must have taken a lot of courage to tell her how Dahyun felt, who
knows how long she had been holding back her feelings. Even so, the redhead still felt the same way toward her as she
always had. It wasn't like her to suddenly have compassion for the girl who held her contempt for so long. I'm getting
soft, Chaeyoung thought with a groan.
She had almost made it to her first class of the day when she spotted the very girl with rainbow hair that she had been
stressing over all morning; she was sitting on a bench with…


The redhead skidded to a stop and stared wide-eyed at the scene in front of her: Dahyun, sitting on a bench. Mina, sitting
next to her. Both had their heads down, so Chaeyoung wasn't sure if they were talking or not. Maybe they just happen to
be sitting on the same bench…?

Just then, Dahyun’s head snapped up toward Mina as she listens to whatever the brunette was saying; from her spot
several feet away, Chaeyoung didn’t notice Dahyun’s fists clenched in her lap, nor Mina’s rigid form. However, she did
see Dahyun stand up suddenly, she saw her mouth form words that she couldn’t hear and she saw her pick her bag and
leave Mina alone on the bench.

Before she had even thought to do so, Chaeyoung’s feet were moving toward the woman sitting on the bench.


The girl in question lifted her head suddenly. “Chaeyoung? What are you doing here?”

The redhead flushed, unsure as to whether she should tell Mina what she had seen or not. ”Oh, uh, I was just going to class
and I saw you sitting here, so…"

Mina nodded slightly, then lowered her head once again. Now that she was seeing her up close, Chaeyoung knew
something was wrong. Iswear, if Dahyun said something to make her upset I am going to–

"…kill that little jerk…”


Chaeyoung’s eyes widened. I said that out loud…

"Oh, uh, I was just, um…" She rubbed the back of her head awkwardly for a moment. However, once she looked back
down at the girl sitting in front of her, her awkwardness faded and was replaced with concern. "Are you okay?"

Mina didn't respond, she simply sighed. Chaeyoung’s brows furrowed and she took the seat that Dahyun had just recently
"You're going to be late to class," Mina muttered.

"It's fine.”

They sat in silence, per usual, for several moments. Chaeyoung wasn't sure what to say, she had never seen Mina like this
before, like a deflated balloon being held up by a wood board. She didn't look up from her joined hands, it was as if the
redhead wasn't even there. Just as she was about to say something, Mina broke the silence.

"Can I ask you something?"


"Did you see me talking to Dahyun-ssi?"

Chaeyoung stilled slightly before sighing, nothing could get past Mina. "Yes."

The brunette woman nodded. "Do you want to know what we talked about?"

"I'm not sure."

Mina looked up then, a small, bitter smirk gracing her features. "Isn't that why you came over here?"

That shocked Chaeyoung. "I came over because you looked upset."

Mina face went back to the blank slate that it usually was as she looked back down at her lap. "Right."

Chaeyoung anxiety grew with every second she looked at Mina’s sullen state. ”Did…Did something happen, unnie?"

A small sigh escaped her lips, she looked up at the redhead once again. "She told me she likes you."

Chaeyoung could feel the blush burning on her face, she looked ahead, unable to meet the other girl's eyes. "Heh, yeah, I
just found out the same thing."

Though she was embarrassed that Dahyun would go so far as to tell Mina about Dahyun feelings for her, the worry that
was on the forefront of her mind was whether or not she told her about her own feelings.
"She also told me you didn't feel the same."

"Is that…all she said?"

Mina’s eyes bore into hers. "No."

The redhead swallowed hard. ”What else did she say?"

Mina didn't answer for a moment, she simply stared at her. It was as if, in that one look, she was trying to find all the
answers to every question in the universe – Chaeyoung had to remind herself to breathe.

"She said…” She turned away from the redhead, looking out across campus with that blank look. “That you were in love
with someone else already."

She wasn't sure if she should be surprised or not – she wasn't, really – but she couldn't help the jolt of panic that went
through her body in that moment. "Oh."

This is it, she thought as she took a deep breath, it's now or never.

"Did she say, uh…"

"She didn't tell me who it is, don't worry."

Chaeyoung had to hold back a sigh of relief, and yet, she couldn't ignore the small pang of regret in her heart. She wasn't
sure what it was that held her back from telling Mina the truth, especially since the whole Hirai-sensei situation was
cleared up. She could tell her, should tell her.

She should tell her that not a second goes by when Mina isn't on her mind. That even when she annoyed her, she couldn't
get enough of it. That seeing her smile was like watching the most beautiful sunrise the world had ever known. That she
was so in love with her, she didn't even know what to do with herself.

She wanted to tell her that she didn't even know when it happened when she became so enamored by Myoui Mina. She
wanted to tell her that, even though she had no clue when she fell for her, she didn't care, because loving Mina felt as
natural as breathing. She didn't need to think about when or why or how, all that mattered was that she did – and even if
she never told her, if she always remained in the dark, it would always be.

Chaeyoung was interrupted from her thoughts when Mina stood up, gathering her things. The younger girl shot up from
her seat. ”Where are you going?"
"Home," she said, as she began walking away. Chaeyoung scurried after her, concerned and confused by her sudden

"B-But it's, like, noon."

Mina simply hummed in response and kept walking. The redhead wasn't sure why, but she knew that Mina was upset with

"Can you at least tell me why you're mad at me?"

Mina stopped suddenly and turned toward Chaeyoung harshly, causing the redhead to jump back slightly. Mina was barely
containing her anger as she looked at the other girl; she opened her mouth to speak, but quickly shut it and looked away.

After calming down slightly, she looked back to Chaeyoung, blank look fixed on her features. "You should go to class,

Chaeyoung wanted to run after her, but she had no idea what she would say. Instead, she turned toward the direction of her
class, which had already started several minutes before. Seeing as she was going to be late anyway, she took her time
getting there, her mind a million miles away.

She didn't understand where Mina’s anger was coming from; she was acting as if Chaeyoung had somehow betrayed her
or something. Which didn't make any sense to the redhead, seeing as she was pretty sure she didn't do a thing. Still, Mina’s
expression when she asked why she was angry was burned into the redhead's mind. A look full of anger, annoyance, and,
above all else, hurt.

She didn't know what she did, or even if she was the reason Mina was so upset; but she had a feeling in her gut, that she
was missing something. She didn't know what that something was, but she had a feeling it was big. With a feeling of
anxious, terrifying anticipation, Chaeyoung walked into class, ignoring the stink eye her professor gave her as she sat
down mid-lecture.

Save it, Chaeyoung thought bitterly as she got out her textbook, I've got better things to worry about than Geology.

Although, in that moment, the redhead figured she could use a distraction. Even if that distraction was learning about

I'll take rocks over love any day.

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕
14 Breakthrough


Myoui Mina was not an emotional person. In fact, she was well-known for being a cold-hearted robot among those who
knew her. She embraced this label whole-heartedly, allowing herself to look as stoic as she saw fit depending on the
situation. Of course, this wasn't very difficult, seeing as her resting face was as unemotional as people assumed her heart

However, though Mina was not a necessarily as emotional as the average person, that did not mean she didn't feel things.
Of course she felt things, she felt many emotions, they simply didn't show on the surface.

Even so, there are times when even the coldest person is overcome with emotion. This was one of those moments for

She took deep breaths as she made her way to her dorm, away from Chaeyoung, away from the conversation she had just
had with Dahyun.

She didn't know what made her more upset, the information Dahyun gave her, or the way Chaeyoung reacted to it.

"I don't know you and you don't know me, but I felt like I needed to tell you.”

“Tell me what?”

“I love Chaeyoung.”


“But I know she doesn’t love me.”


“Besides…looks like she’s already in love with someone else.”


“How about you ask her that?”

Just remembering the conversation made the Japanese girl’ blood boil. She wasn't one to hate people, she was usually
fairly apathetic toward most; Dahyun, however, she had so quickly dug herself underneath Mina's skin. She couldn't help
but hate her.

After all, wouldn't anyone hate a person who admits to having feelings for their girlfriend?

Well, almost girlfriend, I suppose, Mina corrected herself. I'd have to just outright ask for that, wouldn't I?

Mina sighed. She was so very new to this whole dating thing, she was never sure if she was doing things quite right. She
had barely dated in high school, seeing as most of that time of her life was spent pining after Hirai. Cringing inwardly,
Mina pushed those thoughts aside. It wasn't that she regretted falling for the woman, it was just too embarrassing to bare at
times, so she tried her best not to think about it.

Nevertheless, the brunette woman was definitely lacking experience in the love department; so when a certain redhead-
whirlwind came into her life, she wasn't sure how to handle it.

At first, it was simply amusing.

"I like your underwear!"

Mina chuckled slightly at the memory. That night, when the fire drill went off, she had been fast asleep in her room; if it
hadn't been for, her roommate, she probably wouldn't have even made it out of bed. However, her roommate was a bit of a
basket case at times – the drill freaked her out so much that she didn't even let Mina get dressed before shoving her out the
door. This, of course, caused her to have to walk outside, in front of God and everyone, in only a t-shirt and underwear.

Though no one would have noticed by looking at her, she was absolutely mortified. She hadn't even been wearing decent
underwear at the time, it just had to be the pair with tiny penguins all over them.

By the time they were able to go back inside, Mina was in an unbelievably foul mood. So, when she noticed a random girl
standing outside her door, she was ready to let her have it. Of course, that didn't happen, however. Instead, she was both
shocked and amused by what the girl had to say.

Mina had to admit that she had never really noticed Chaeyoung before then; when she thought back, she could remember
seeing the girl in a few of her classes, but she never really left an impression. That changed drastically after that one

After that night, Mina made a point to find out more about the girl who liked her underwear.

Easier said than done.

Since she wasn't exactly a social butterfly, it was quite difficult for Mina to get closer to the Chaeyoung – but she refused
to give up due to her own inabilities. She wasn't sure why she was so drawn to the awkward redhead at the time; but now,
she realized that it was probably the way the younger girl blushed whenever their eyes met. Or the way she would scratch
the back of her head whenever she was uncomfortable. Or the way she said whatever came to mind with no thought as to
how it would sound.

She could list all of the things that intrigued her about Son Chaeyoung, but none of them could quite explain her feelings
toward the girl.

It didn't take long for Mina to realize that the way she felt toward Chaeyoung wasn't exactly platonic. In fact, she could
remember the very moment her feelings became apparent. They were in Hirai-sensei’s class, working on
their project when Mina felt eyes on her. She had looked up to find Chaeyoung staring at her – not just any staring,
however; the look in her eyes was that of pure admiration and lust.

Seeing such a look directed at her from Chaeyoung stirred something within Mina that she hadn't known was there,
something so deep, so intense, that she was sure it would swallow her whole in that instant. Instead, it was replaced with
timidness once Chaeyoung’s eyes lifted to hers. However, her blush caused a jolt of pure excitement to fly through Mina’s
body, causing her to smile at the girl against her own will.

It was then that Mina realized two things: she was very, very attracted to Son Chaeyoung, and Son Chaeyoung was
very, very attracted to her, as well.

This realization both excited and terrified the brunette girl. She had only had strong feelings for one other person, who
was female but didn’t really thought about her sexual orientation so she just assumed herself as straight. Sure, she had
noticed other women that were attractive, but she never had the urge to actually pursue any of them; but she also hadn't
thought to pursue many men either, so she supposed it wasn't that hard to believe that she was attracted to both.

It didn't take long for Mina to become acclimated to such a realization – in fact, it took her about 30 minutes. By the end of
class, she had made a decision: she would go on a date with Chaeyoung; and since she had no patience, she also decided
that this date would happen as soon as possible. As in, immediately after class.

She wasn't sure how to go about asking her out, though, so she simply invited her to lunch. Mina figured the redhead
would get her drift, since they were both so obviously attracted to each other, so when Chaeyoung went along with her
invitation, Mina figured the redhead would understand what such an offer meant.

And so, they started dating. Mina made a point to hang out with the younger girl whenever they could, and since they were
partners for the project, that was a perfect way to see her often.

For a time, Mina was on Cloud Nine. She and Chaeyoung grew closer and closer each time they spent time together; even
when they didn't speak, Mina was sure their connection got stronger the more they were together. Hell, she even told the
girl about her past feelings for Hirai – which was much harder to do than she thought it would be. She only managed to get
out the basics before her nerves got the best of her, but she was proud of herself for being honest with Chaeyoung,
Then, she fell from her cloud. Or rather, she was pushed off of it – by Dahyun.

She remembered that night ever so clearly. She had heard loud voices coming from the hallway, so she opened her door to
investigate. She had not been expecting to see a drunk Chaeyoung when she opened the door and she most definitely
hadn't been expecting to see said drunk redhead hanging off the arm of some girl.

Now, Mina was not known for her jealousy – possibly because she had never exactly had anything to be
jealous of. Nevertheless, such a feeling was foreign to the Japanese girl; so when a dark, twisted sensation panged in her
stomach at the sight of the girl she liked in the arms of another, she wasn't sure how to deal with it. So, she simply stared.
Then, she ran.

She spent the majority of that night pacing back and forth in her room, wondering what the hell was going on between
those two. Her roommate convinced her to take a few deep breaths and calm down so she could get to sleep; of course,
Mina was aware that the concern was more for her roommate's own sleep and not her own. Despite that, she did her best to
quell her negative feelings.

Easier said than done.

She ended up being somewhat cold toward Chaeyoung the next time they saw one another – she just couldn't help it. The
thought of Chaeyoung being with someone else made her heart clench painfully in her chest, she couldn't bare it.

However, she didn't remain angry with the girl for long, it just wasn't possible. Eventually, they went back to normal.
Better than normal, actually, for not long after that, Mina’s feelings escalated.

Mina couldn't help but sigh as she remembered the night she fell in love with the redhead. They were sitting in the
cafeteria, having the longest conversation they had ever had, when it happened. She wasn't even sure what they were
talking about, it didn't matter, all that mattered were Chaeyoung’s eyes. They drew Mina in while she wasn't paying
attention; the way they sparkled when she spoke of something she loved, how expressive they were when she told a story,
the way they seemed to look at Mina as if she were a God among men.

Chaeyoung had asked if she was listening at that point, and though Mina said she was, that was a lie; for how could she
possibly be listening when she was so busy falling?

After that, Mina had tried to make things official several times, but never quite got there. She had never known her nerves
could dictate her actions so much, she supposed that was the power of love, as they say – or perhaps it was the power of
the redhead, Mina wasn't quite sure.

Then, with her problems with Sana, Mina didn't want to impose on the redhead, so she decided to wait until things blew

Looking back, Mina supposed she should have asked her the night of the bunny slippers incident; but she had been so
absorbed in Chaeyoung, she hadn't even thought about it until after she left.
As she entered her room, Mina sighed once again.

Everything had been going so well up until then until Dahyun had to ruin everything all over again.

She wasn’t sure why the rainbow-haired girl had felt the urge to come to Mina with her feeling. Honestly, she’s rather
Dahyun kept as far away from her as possible (which she told her upon her departure earlier that day). Yet, she was also
relieved Dahyun had told her everything she knew. At least now she knew that Chaeyoung wasn’t the person she thought
she was.

It had occurred to the Japanese girl that maybe she was the person to whom Dahyun was referring when she said
Chaeyoung loved someone else; but if that was the case, why would she tell her?

She and Chaeyoung were practically together at that point, so it wouldn't make sense for Dahyun to tell her that
Chaeyoung loved her, seeing as that would be obvious. So, that meant it must be someone else. Which meant Chaeyoung
had betrayed her. Which meant Mina was absolutely heartbroken.

Of course, Mina wasn't so immature as to jump to conclusions without talking directly to the redhead about the incident,
but at the moment, she wasn't sure she could handle it.

So, she left Chaeyoung standing there by the bench, and she wouldn't talk to her again until she felt ready. Though I'm not
too sure when that will be…

Sighing for what felt like the millionth time in five minutes, Mina kicked off her pants and made her way into bed. She
looked at the clock, saw that it was only 12:24, and decided that she didn't mind missing class for once.

Curling up with her pillow in her arms and the redhead on her mind, Mina did her best to relax and forget the day's events.

Easier said than done.

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

Chaeyoung was just so frustrated. Just when she thought she was beginning to understand the enigma that was Myoui
Mina, she proved to be even more out of reach than before.

This time, however, she had someone on which she could place the blame.

"Yah!" she called out to the girl in question. “Kim Dahyun!"

Dahyun looked up from her book with wide eyes as a certain redhead bound over to her place the ground, where she had
been previously enjoying her quiet study time. “C-Chaeyoung?”

Before she could think to even stand up, the redhead was slinging her backpack at her face. With a shout, Dahyun covered
her head as Chaeyoung continued to berate her.

"What! Did! You! Say! To! Her?!" Each swing was harder than the first, until she finally relented, throwing her bag at
Dahyun’s chest.

Taking advantage of her mercy, the older girl scrambled to his feet and moved away from the redhead hastily. "What the

Chaeyoung took a step toward her with a huff, the latter took a step back. ”What did I do?!"

The redhead's cheeks puffed out in anger. ”What did you do?! What didn't you do, Dahyun?!"

At this, Dahyun’s own anger began to rise to the surface. "Well, everything I do makes you mad so does it even matter?"

"Yes, it does matter," Chaeyoung spat. "When it hurts my best friend, it matters. When it ruins my life, it matters!"

Dahyun’s brows furrowed in frustration. "I don't know what you're talking about, Chaeyoung."

The redhead scoffed as the crossed her arms over her chest. ”Of course you don't."

The two stayed silent for a moment, both too angry to speak to the other. It was Chaeyoung who eventually broke the
tense silence.

"I didn't know," she said with soft frustration.

"Didn't know what?" Dahyun asked though she was sure she knew the answer.

The latter glared at her. “You know."

Dahyun lowered her eyes, glaring at the ground as the shorter girl glared at her. "I know."

Softening her gaze, Chaeyoung turned away from her. ”If I had known, I wouldn't have…" she hesitated, unsure what of
what to say. "I wouldn't have known what to do then, either, I guess."
Dahyun chuckled, though it didn't hold much mirth. "Yeah, me either."

They were silent once again.

“What did you tell Mina?”

A smirk found its way onto Dahyun’s lips. "How did I know that was the real reason you were here?”

Chaeyoung shot her another glare, but the latter simply turned away. "I didn't tell her you like her, so you can't hate me for

"I don't hate you."

Dahyun didn’t have anything to say to that.

More silence. Chaeyoung’s anger had faded for the most part and was replaced with the weight of her nerves, so she
decided it was time to leave Dahyun be (read: get the hell out of this awkward situation).

"Well," the redhead muttered. "Okay, then."

With that she turned to leave; as she walked, she expected a snide remark from the girl, as per usual. She waited a few
seconds and when she didn't hear her voice, she turned back to where she had left her. Her eyes widened as she took in the
scene before her, a girl that looked as if the weight of the world had crashed onto her shoulders. Chaeyoung had never seen
Dahyun look so miserable – and all because of her.

Even if it is Dahyun, she thought as she watched Dahyun stare at her feet, I still hate that I've made her feel this way…

The redhead tore her eyes away from the girl she had grown up with, knowing that even if she had the courage to try to
console her, it would only make her feel worse. She took a deep breath, then continued her departure.

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

Mina was interrupted from her much-needed nap when her roommate, Jihyo, entered the room singing along to whatever it
was she was listening to on her phone. Upon noticing Mina’s state, however, she hastily covered her mouth and muttered a
quick, "sorry."
The Japanese girl simply hummed in response as she got up from her oh-so-comfortable bed. With a yawn, she made her
way to the bathroom, only barely registering the clock which read 3:47.

Guess I won't be going to any classes today, she thought with no remorse.

Looking at her reflection in the mirror, she furrowed her brows as she noticed that her eyes were a bit bloodshot and puffy.
This didn't make much sense to the girl since she never had a history of allergies or anything of the sort. Puzzled, she
decided to wash her face, hoping it would help.

Once she was finished, she went back into her room with the intention of going straight back to sleep. After a snack, of

Passing Jihyo, she made her way to their mini-fridge in order to look for something to satisfy her rumbling stomach. "You

Mina looked up to see Jihyo looking at her with slight concern. ”I'm fine. Why?"

With a slight blush, for she and Mina never really talked about anything personal, Jihyo spun her chair toward her. “Well,
you sort of look like you've been crying or something."

Mina opened her mouth to deny such an accusation, but hesitated, bringing her hand up to her puffy face. Furrowing her
brows, she turned back to the fridge. “I’m fine."

Knowing better than to press such matters with her roommate, Jihyo pursed her lips and turned back to her computer.

Mina stared into the fridge with frustrated confusion plastered on her features. Had she been crying in her sleep? That was
the only logical solution; she was pretty sure she would remember crying if she were awake, after all. Sighing, Mina
closed the door to the small refrigerator – she had lost her appetite. Not only that, but she could also feel a headache
coming on. Frowning to herself, she decided it was time to go back to sleep.

She had just gotten back into a comfortable position when someone knocked on the door. Luckily, Jihyo realized that she
was not about to move, so she answered it herself.

Mina had covered her head with her blanket, so she couldn't see the person on the other side of the door, but she could still
hear perfectly fine. "Uh, is Mina-ssi here?”

The Japanese girl's heart jumped into her throat. She knew that voice, knew it better than her favorite song. Before Jihyo
could answer, Mina got out of bed and went to the door. Turning to her roommate, she did her best to give her a reassuring
smile – though she was sure it came out as more of a grimace than anything. Nonetheless, Jihyo took the hint and returned
to her desk, putting her headphones back on.
Mina closed the door, leaving her and Chaeyoung standing across from one another in silence. She could tell the redhead
had come with something to say, so she remained quiet until she was ready to speak.

But knowing Chaeyoung, she thought, that'll take the whole day.

"Um," Chaeyoung attempted, clearing her throat. "Okay, so, I'm not sure what's going on."

Assuming she had more to say, Mina simply watched as Chaeyoung struggled to find the right words. As she waited, she
reprimanded herself for being so charmed by the display; she was supposed to be angry with this girl, and yet all she could
do was think about how cute she looked when she was nervous. I'm so hopeless.

"I went to see Dahyun-unnie,” at the mention of his name, the brunette tensed slightly. "I asked her what she said to you,
and she told me pretty much the same thing you did."

"You thought I was lying?"

The redhead's eyes looked like they were about to pop right out of her head. "No! No, no, of course not.”

Mina watched as she scratched the back of her head nervously and, in her head, she told her to stop – she shouldn't be
allowed to do such things when Mina was trying so very hard to be angry with her.

"I just," Chaeyoung began once again, looking down at her shuffling feet. ”I just wanted to know what made you so upset
with me."

"And did you figure that out?"

The look on her face was answer enough.

"Look," she said, a serious look overcoming her features. "At this point, I'm sure you know that I'm not the
most…observant." Mina almost laughed at such an obvious remark. Almost.

"So, I don't always pick up on certain things, and I…I guess this is one of those times. I mean, I've gone over everything I
said to you and you said to me, and I just…" Chaeyoung trailed off, looking up at Mina with searching eyes. "Can you
please tell me what I did?"

Mina would be lying if she said she wasn't tempted to just drop everything then and there, forgive the awkward girl, and
pretend like nothing ever happened. She wanted to do that so badly. She almost did. However, right before she was about
to open her mouth and let reassuring words soothe the tension, she remembered the pain in her heart. The pain that had
been dulled since she laid eyes on the redhead, but the pain that was still there, nonetheless.

Looking down, Mina closed her eyes, trying to figure out what to do.

As she had demonstrated so well throughout the current events, Mina was not very good at handling her feelings. She just
didn't know what to do. She knew that she wanted to be with Chaeyoung, she knew that Chaeyoung wanted to be with her
– or at least, she had wanted to be with her. She knew that she enjoyed spending time with her and that she wanted to
continue spending time with her, for however long was possible.

However, she also knew that the redhead had a power over her that not even Hirai had, not ever. This one person was able
to dictate her feelings so easily, so thoroughly – it was terrifying.

It was exhilarating.

It was tiring.

It was electrifying.

It was everything.

She was everything.

Opening her eyes, Mina made a decision: she didn't know what would happen to Chaeyoung and herself, but she wanted to
be around her, no matter what. Even if it caused her pain, she knew that being away from this girl would be even more

"I won't tell you, because if I do, we won't get anywhere."

At that, Chaeyoung visibly deflated.

"But," Mina continued, causing the latter’s eyes to snap up to her own. "I won't be angry with you anymore."


Mina shook her head. "That doesn't mean I forgive you, but I'd rather move past this for now and go back to normal."

She could tell Chaeyoung didn't understand, but the redhead nodded anyway. "Okay."
Unsure of where to go from there, the two stood in silence for a few moments. Surprisingly, it was the younger girl who
broke the silence, once again.

"Um, do you want to go out to eat or something?"

Mina made another decision in that moment, a decision she usually avoided due to her own inability – she decided to
make a joke to lighten the mood.

"Oh?" A smirk slid onto the brunette woman's features. "Are you asking me on a date, Chaeyoung?"

She wasn't sure what sort of reaction she was expecting, but this wasn't quite it. Chaeyoung's face turned the deepest shade
of red Mina had ever seen, her eyes grew as wide as saucers, and she looked as if she could keel over at any moment.

"W-What? N-Um! No! I-Uh, I was just–!"

In order to keep her from actually passing out, Mina put a hand on her shoulder and gave her best smile. "Kidding."

An emotion that Mina couldn't place flashed across the redhead's face as she softly muttered. “Oh."

After another awkward moment of silence, Mina went back in her room to grab her purse. When she went back out into
the hallway, Chaeyoung looked distressed; though she plastered an overzealous smile onto her face when Mina questioned

"Ready?" the redhead asked. Mina nodded, and the two made their way down the hallway.

Mina was going to let the silence remain for the duration of their walk, but the latter’s reaction bothered her. Why would
she react in such a way to Mina’s teasing? It's not like it was the first time she had joked around with her. Unable to keep it
to herself any longer, Mina spoke up.

"You know, you didn't have to get so worked up before."

Chaeyoung looked up at her with a blush. "I-I know, you just…surprised me."

Mina hummed in understanding, though she didn't quite understand. "Well, for future reference, you don't have to be
surprised," she stated.

"After all, it's not like we've never been on a date before.”
♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

15 Penguin Underwear

Penguin Underwear

"After all, it's not like we've never been on a date before.”

Chaeyoung stopped mid-step, heart in her throat and eyes as wide as saucers. She couldn't quite process the words Mina
had just spoken, had she heard her correctly? Chaeyoung was fairly sure she would remember going on a date with the
woman of her dreams, so what exactly was going on?

Mina continued walking, unaware of Chaeyoung’s inner panic. After a moment, she noticed the girl's absence and turned
around, her eyes widening as well in response to the redhead’s state. "Chaeyoung?"

She heard Mina call her name, but she wasn't sure how to respond – or if she even could. The room was spinning around
her, she couldn't make herself breathe properly. What the hell was happening?

Mina approached her with concern. "Chaeyoung, are you alright?"

All at once, the redhead snapped out of her stupor with a start, blushing profusely. "No! Y-Yes! I-uh, I don't…know."

Mina’s brows furrowed, obviously confused as to why she was so flustered. However, she assumed Chaeyoung would tell
her if it was something important, so she simply turned and continued walking.


She turned back at Chaeyoung’s sudden outburst. “Yes?”

The redhead took a breath. "Uh, w-what did you mean?”

Mina raised an eyebrow in question, causing the latter to scratch the back of her head, uncomfortable with asking such a

I should just drop it, she thought pitifully. However, she had a strange feeling that she shouldn't simply let this go, so she
did her best to find the right words.
"Um, well…when you said that, uh, that we've…"

"Been on dates before?"

Chaeyoung nodded dumbly, the blush on her face now seeming as if it was a permanent feature.

"Y-Yeah, I was just wondering what you meant when you said…that."

The brunette woman's brows furrowed slightly, "I meant what I said."

"But," Chaeyoung urged. "You said that we…”

Mina took a step closer to Chaeyoung, leaving barely an arm's length between them. "I said that we've been on dates
before," she said plainly.


She took another step toward the blushing redhead. ”But what?"

Chaeyoung swallowed hard, Mina was so close. She could faintly feel her breath brush against her cheeks as she spoke.

"But…we haven't."

At this, Mina took a small step back, confusion etched onto her features. “What?"

Chaeyoung wasn't sure why, but she felt like she was doing everything wrong in that moment. What else is new…

"Well, I just mean, we…we've never been on a…date before," she said timidly, "…right?"

Mina didn't speak for a moment as she looked at Chaeyoung with wide eyes. Then, her features morphed into that of
understanding, mixed with a bit of…embarrassment?

"Oh," she breathed, a faint blush forming on her cheeks.

"Oh?" Chaeyoung inquired, feeling as if she was missing something.

Mina didn't elaborate, however. Instead, she did the last thing either of them expected – she burst out in laughter. Not
laughter like Chaeyoung had heard before, an amused chuckle or a sarcastic chortle. No, this was an all out, teary-eyed,
stomach-clenching bout of real laughter.

If she hadn't been so terribly confused, Chaeyoung would have been tempted to join her. "Um.." she let out her own
awkward chuckle, "I don't get what's funny."

Sobering up a bit, Mina held up a finger, indicating for Chaeyoung to wait a moment – so she did. After a few moments,
Mina’s laughter had died down enough so that she could speak.

"Sorry," she said, wiping a tear from the corner of her eye, "I just can't believe I'm so stupid."

The redhead’s brows shot up to her hairline. “What? You're not–”

Before she could even react, Mina was in front of her; and before her brain could process it, Mina’s face was a mere
inches from her own. It took a moment for her to register the girl's closed eyes, and the pressure on her lips.

The kiss lasted a mere two seconds, but it was a lifetime for the girls standing in the hallway.

Mina pulled away and looked at Chaeyoung with a smile. "I am.”

The redhead didn't respond, for she couldn't – all the air had been sucked out of her lungs.

"I am stupid," Mina continued with a laugh. "All this time, I thought you knew.”

For once, Chaeyoung didn't need Mina to elaborate. She finally understood. It was as if that one, small kiss had cleared up
all the fog in her mind and she could finally see clearly.

The meaningful looks, the outings, the teasing, the jealousy – it was all because Mina liked her. Mina liked her.

Not only that, she realized with wide eyes, all this time she's been taking me on dates!

Chaeyoung almost laughed out loud herself, seeing as she was just as stupid as her counterpart, apparently. For so long,
she had been pining for someone who she already had.

"I can't believe it," she breathed, in a daze from such a realization.
The two looked at each other for a long moment, neither quite sure of what to say or do next. In one moment, so many
things had changed, and yet everything was the same. All of her previous worries had been wiped away and replaced with
astonished elation. In that moment, the knife that had been stuck in her heart faded away; putting a hand to her chest, she
relished the feeling of her heart beating so easily once again.

The sound of someone clearing their throat softly brought the girls attention to the end of the hallway. They both had to
stifle a groan. ”What are you doing here, Dahyun?"

The said girl didn't make eye contact with either of them as she approached, blush on her face and a bag in her hand. "You
left your bag earlier.”

Chaeyoung features softened slightly, realizing how difficult this probably was for Dahyun. She intended to take her bag
and thank the rainbow-haired girl so that she could leave as quickly as possible, for both Dahyun’s sake and her own, but
before she could, Mina spoke up.

"I'll go ahead," she said, turning back to Chaeyoung with a reassuring smile – just for her. "Come outside when you're

Chaeyoung didn't know whether to be relieved or annoyed; after all, going out to eat with the girl she just found out liked
her back sounded much better than a morbid conversation with the girl who had unrequited feelings. “Okay."

Then, causing a surprise for both Chaeyoung and Dahyun, Mina placed a gentle kiss on the redhead's cheek before
departing. Oh, yeah, I can definitely get used to that.

Her giddiness was short-lived, however, for she was drowning in tension once she and Dahyun were alone.

"So," Dahyun started, shuffling her feet, still not making eye contact. “You guys are a thing now, huh?"

Blushing despite her efforts, Chaeyoung nodded. "It's pretty fresh, though." As in, it just happened, like, five minutes ago.

The older girl simply nodded in understanding. Not wanting to succumb to such awkwardness any longer than necessary,
she cleared her throat and held out the latter’s bag. The redhead barely got a “thanks” out before Dahyun turned on her
heel and headed for the stairs.

"Wait!" Chaeyoung shouted after her, surprising herself as well as Dahyun. Se turned and locked eyes with the younger
girl for the first time since her arrival.

Swallowing her pride, Chaeyoung stepped closer to her. "I really am sorry, Dahyun-unnie. For everything.”

Dahyun didn't bother to hide her astonishment, Chaeyoung hardly ever apologized for her actions, and she definitely didn't
do it for Dahyun.
"Oh, well, uh," she stammered, looking down once again. “Thanks, I guess.”

"You don't forgive me?"

She looked back up at that, a hard look hidden beneath her timid demeanor. “Ani."

Chaeyoung expected to get angry, but instead, a sharp pang struck her heart. Ouch.

"Not yet," She added. "I just…I can't right now. Sorry."

Chaeyoung nodded, understanding what he meant, even if it hurt her to do so.

It was then she realized that, even though Dahyun was the single most aggravating person in the world, she was still a
large part of her life. She had watched her grow up alongside her, albeit reluctantly most of the time; and although she
would never admit it, Dahyun was one of her closest friends. So, if she needed time, she would give it to her. It was the
least she could do, after all.

Looking up at her with a melancholy smile, Chaeyoung did her best to ignore the guilt on her conscience. "Well, don't take
too long. I need someone to bully, and you're a really good punching bag.”

Despite the pain the redhead was sure the latter felt in that moment, Dahyun laughed and said, "Sure, Tiger.”

With that, the girl with rainbow hair left and didn't look back.

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

"I still can't believe you did that," Chaeyoung said, her mouth full of fries. "I mean, I'm not complaining, but still.”

Mina chuckled as she took a fry from her own plate. "I was just kissing you goodbye.”

"Yeah, and marking your territory," the redhead said with a smirk.
A devious smile matching that of the girl across from her graced Mina’s features as she shrugged. ”I have no idea what
you're talking about."

The younger girl hummed sarcastically, unable to wipe the smile from her face.

If someone had told her months before that she would be sitting across from Myoui Mina, teasing one another about a kiss,
she would have told them to get their brain checked out.

She still couldn't process the day's events. Not only had she found out that Mina liked her back, had been one-sidedly
dating her for weeks, andgotten two kisses out of it all, but things were also unnervingly normal. Though there was a
newfound comfort in their interactions, they were still doing that same things as always. It was as if nothing had changed
whatsoever, yet everything had changed.

"So," Chaeyoung said, a slight blush forming on her cheeks. "What now?"

"Whatever you want," the brunette replied cooly.

Chaeyoung pursed her lips. "What do you want?"

Mina looked at the redhead with a spark in her eyes. "You."

If Chaeyoung had been drinking her soda, she was sure it would be all over the table after that. Oh, boy, she thought, her
mind feeling hazy,she's dangerous.

"Well, you've already got that," she said, rubbing the back of her head, "so I guess we're good."

"I guess so.”

The two locked eyes for a moment, both of them willingly losing sight of anything more than the eyes staring back.
Unaware to them both, they had matching smiles plastered onto their faces.

It was a crazy thing, their love; even though it developed so differently for each of them, it was just as intense, just as real,
just as exhilarating.

Son Chaeyoung – who had fallen for the girl she saw in class, the girl she thought could really be an angel, the girl with
the stoic face but the sparkling eyes, the girl who teased her just as much as she ignored her, the girl who owned penguin-
covered underwear and bunny slippers.
Myoui Mina – who had fallen for the girl who was right under her nose for months, the girl who couldn't go a day without
saying something embarrassing, the girl with terrible manners but a heart of gold, the girl who never knew what to say, the
girl whose hair caught fire to her heart.

They didn't know what would happen next, but that didn't bother them in the least. Every aspect of their love was
unexpected, so it only made sense that their future would be full of surprises as well. However, as they sat across from one
another, each drowning in the love they held for the other, Chaeyoung and Mina couldn't help but feel that, no matter how
unexpected, their future would be something wonderful.

And, in a way, that was all thanks to a fire drill and a pair of penguin underwear.

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕


First of all, I would like to thank KassidyRayne. Without her, this wouldn't even be written. Thank you very much.

Secondly, many of you hoped for SaiDa to follow. However, Penguin Underwear is mainly focused on Chaeyoung and her experiences and love
for Mina. Sana & Dahyun (& Hirai) are simply supporting roles that helped develop the plot and Chaeyoung & Mina's characters, so the story of
SaiDa will be left to your imagination (:

I hope you enjoyed this story very much & it would be great to hear read your thoughts on it! :)

Thank you so much to everyone who gave up their time to read this!

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