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BOOKED ON 14/03/2018 21:59 (BOT NO.


Thank you for booking with BusOnlineTicket.com. Please retain the following ticket
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Passenger Information
Name : Mohammad Adam Shamsol Anuwar
Contact No : 0198682355
ID No : 960126135575
Payment Status : CONFIRMED


Departure Dropoff Seat Ticket
Company Operator Code Route Pickup Point
Date/Time Point No. Price
Lot 2922 & 2923,
Biaramas BASZ3VM6Y7 18 Mar 2018 3 1/2 Mile, Jalan
Express Sdn Ticket No : 02:00 PM Datuk Tawi Sli, 20 RM50.00
Bhd BOT1803002928 (14:00) 93250, Kuching
Tel: 082 - 456 999

*Note :
- Kuching - +6082 456 999 Info Line - +6082 411 111 Please note that YOU MUST
PRESENT THE IC / PASSPORT that you key in during the booking process to the counter
staff. All the booking cannot be cancelled / changed. For any other inquiry, passenger can
approach the counter to request, subjected to approval. For general inquiry on booking via
busonlineticket, please email to sales@busonlineticket.com

Payment Information
Payment Type : Credit Card
Total Price : RM50.00

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schedule information carefully before check out, ticket purchases are final and are not
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transactions block other customers from purchasing tickets. There will be no refund for any
unused or partly used services.

 Tickets sold are not refundable

 Neither drugs nor illegal item is allowed. Passenger will have to bear responsibility for the possession of forbidden items if
 For cross border bus service, the coach would only wait for no more than 20 minutes at the custom should the passenger being
held by custom for whatever reason.
 Passengers are obliged to comply and accept the company's final arrangements in the event for coach breakdown, causing delays
in departure / arrival or change in seating arrangement. Neither refund of tickets nor claims will be entertained by the company or
agency involved.
 You may required to present the NRIC/Passport Number/Driving License and electronic receipt to the check-in counter at least
30 minutes before departure to obtain the boarding ticket(s). Failing to do so, passengers may not be allowed to board the
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BusOnlineTicket.com will not be responsible for any sudden change in coaches, schedules, departure date & time, arrival date &
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prevent such things from happen again in the future.
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