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3/20/2018 Marketing Practice: Kwid : Live for More

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About Me Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Harish B
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Brand : Kwid
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ardent fan of branding and marketing Kwid is a good example of a successful strategy to challenge a well-
practices. Follow by Email
established market leader. We have seen many so called flagship killers
View my complete profile in the market but also have seen these celebrated launches biting the
dust soon. In the highly competitive car industry in India, many firms Email address... Su
have been timid to challenge the monopoly of Maruti Suzuki in the small
car segment. Maruti holds around 45% share in the car market.

Alto has been a bestseller for Blog Archive

Featured Post Maruti all along. The brand had
► 2018 (3)
a strong equity in the market
Marketing Strategy : Branding and unmatched value ► 2017 (18)
Basics for Small Business proposition. No competitors ▼ 2016 (21)
dared to compete with the
In most of the marketing literature, branding ► December (4)
brand because of the low-cost
strategies are usually skewed towards large
base of Maruti. Since the small ► November (2)
businesses. The nature of these strategies
also de... car market is driven by price ( value), unless the challenger can match
► October (3)
the cost of Maruti Suzuki, it is unviable to take on a volume brand like
Alto. ▼ August (2)
Kwid : Live for More
It is in this context that Kwid becomes an interesting brand. The brand
which was launched during September 2015 has really shocked the Honda Navi : Whatever it is, It is
market with the huge interest generated among the customers. Since its Fun
launch, the brand was able to garner around 1,50,000 orders and has
► July (1)
managed to clock a sale of over 9000 units per month. According to
company reports, the brand has grabbed a share of around 15% within ► June (2)
10 months of the launch.
► May (1)
The most affected brand with the launch of Kwid is Alto. So what made ► April (3)
Kwid generate positive consumer interest ?
► March (1)
Differentiation - Renault changed the game of small car ► February (1)
market by launching Kwid with a very bold design derived
from its successful SUV - Duster. Kwid doesn't look like a ► January (1)
small car but looks like a micro-SUV. This has appealed to
many buyers who get the feel of an SUV at the price of a ► 2015 (25)
small car. This (IMHO) is the single major factor that aided ► 2014 (53)
such a positive response to Kwid. Many small car buyers are
► 2013 (49)
the first-time car buyers and Kwid never looks like a
compromise at least in terms of design, ► 2012 (49)
Localization : According to reports, Renault has ensured that ► 2011 (81)
Kwid has 98% localization in terms of the parts. This
► 2010 (126)
ensured low-cost base for the Kwid. So the high volume of
Kwid is not going to bleed the company and the low cost is a ► 2009 (176)
deterrent against a price war by the market leader- Alto.
► 2008 (163)
Besides these factors, Alto as a brand has been around for a while. So
► 2007 (215)
customers are pretty bored with the product. While the value proposition
is still unmatched, Kwid brought in a lot of freshness to the design of the ► 2006 (166)
car. ► 2005 (33)
At the branding front, Renault roped in the star Ranbir Kapoor as the
brand ambassador. The brand is not positioned as a cheap car but as a
city car. The ad focuses on the accessories and the easy
maneuverability of the car. The smart positioning along with the brand Search This Blog
ambassador ensures that the customer perceives the brand as a quality
brand rather than a cheap brand ( lessons from Tata Nano).The brand Se
has the tagline " Live for More" which talks about the value proposition
of the brand.
Watch the ad here : Renault Kwid
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http://marketingpractice.blogspot.in/2016/08/kwid-live-for-more.html 1/4
3/20/2018 Marketing Practice: Kwid : Live for More
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address the issue of lack of power. hain...

So far Kwid has been doing everything right in its challenge against the Fogg Deo : No Gas , Only Deo
market leader. The brand has been able to check the right boxes and is Brand : Fogg Deo Company : Vini Cosm
Brand Analysis Count : # 507 It is
rightly rewarded by the consumers.
raining deodorants in the Indian market.
new player ...

Brand Taglines : A - F
A Amaron : Lasts Long, Really Long, Tin
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 Such a beautiful article. Connect in Facebook
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SarvanaKumar 1 year ago

But the Kwid failed crash test. It will be a disaster
with 1ltr engine. Nit sure if Renault has
addressed this issue. Good for Renault that
people forget the news and most of buyers Categories
actually do not follow auto news..
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3/20/2018 Marketing Practice: Kwid : Live for More

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