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AP Accountant Job Description: - Responsible for recording all the company's liabilities &

issuing cheques. - Prepares outstanding accounts payable balance, tax deduction from
suppliers and monthly payable tax settlement. - Responsible for monthly analysis of AP,
Supplier down payments, Petty cash, Encumbrances, Notes payable and Pre-paid
expenses. - Transfers AP & GL module & transfers AP & GL reconciliation. AR Accountant
Job Description: - Collects (cash, cheques) transaction in accounts receivables and general
ledger module. - Responsible for cheques clearance, bounced in AR module and
debit/credit memo transaction in AR module. - Responsible for AR (Accounts Receivable)
and GL (General Ledger) reconciliation. - Monitors the application of payment terms and
credit limit. - Responsible for Sister Companies balance confirmations and guarantee
cheques & LG’s for IT Customers.