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Removing the Drum Unit

1. Open the Inner Cover. (Refer to "Removing the Primary Charging Assembly")
2. Remove the Primary Charging Assembly. (Reference)
3. Remove the Pre-transfer Charging Assembly. (Reference)
4. Remove the Process Unit. (Reference)
5. Put paper on the Photosensitive Drum, so that it is not exposed to direct sunlight.
6. Remove the Drum Cleaning Blade. (Reference)

When handling the Process Unit and Photosensitive Drum, be sure to follow the following points to note.
1. When removing the Process Unit, be sure to block light to the Photosensitive Drum. Cover with the Photosensitive Drum
wrap 5 or more papers around the drum to block light.
2. Do not place the Process Unit and Photosensitive Drum in a location where is exposed to direct rays of the sun (e.g. ne
3. Do not store in a location with high/low temperature/humidity, or in a location where temperature or humidity is dramatic
4. Do not store in a dusty area or in a location full of ammonia gas or organic solvent gas.
When installing a new Photosensitive Drum, be sure to remove the Lightproof Sheet after installing the drum to the main b
sure to rotate the drum counterclockwise at removal of the Lightproof Sheet. If the drum is rotated clockwise, the Drum Cle

1) Remove the Drum Retainer Plate (tentative name).

3 Screws

2) Push to move the rear side of the Photosensitive Drum with your fingers and pull out the Drum Unit to the front to remov

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