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Procedures for new sites integration (2G & 3G)


1. Before Power On the NodeB, make sure that the Ethernet cable from NodeB to IDU is

2. Power ON the NodeB

3. Change your laptop IP as required (,17,….)
4. Connect your laptop to NodeB maintenance port and login NodeB using LMT.
5. Download the CME file to NodeB (make sure CME is successfully downloaded)

6. Upgrade the NodeB software (make sure that software is successfully up graded)

7. After downloading CME and software upgrade NodeB will auto reset. After site is up,
check the site status and query NodeB Device IP using MML command “LST DEVIP” to
confirm that new CME is downloaded properly. To check software is successfully
downloaded & activated use “LST VER” MML command.
Confirm that site is normal by checking the color of all the boards. It must be green
and should be no alarm.

8. Make sure that the Device IP is same as NodeB IP in RNC data plan sheet.
9. Verify the 2G & 3G ports with Transmission engineer (FO/BO) and make sure the ports
information are correct.
10. After completing and confirming all above steps, connect the transmission cable
(Ethernet cable) from NodeB to IDU.(make sure 2G cable is connected to 2G port & 3G
cable is connected to 3G Port)

11. Check the site status with FO and proceed for the next steps as before.
Please Note:

The most important thing is that, connect the transmission cable from
NodeB to IDU only after the CME is downloaded and NodeB software
is upgraded successfully.

Parameters to be checked through MML commands

- LST DEVIP ( to check the NodeB IP)
- LST OMCH (to check OM IP for NodeB)

- LST IPRT ( to check destination IP)

- LST VER ( to check the software version of NodeB)

2G integration

 Setting laptop IP address&mask and Log in by Network port

You can set the IP address of the laptop as:
IP address:,76,…)(same subnet of port
IP: (BTS3900 only), (,17,000) same
subnet of port IP: (BTS3012 only),
 The user name and password
User name: User
Password : Omc
 Log in the BTS LMT.
 Choose site0 and Press the “F5+CTRL”then put the time
to log in the LMT as super user

 Click“site management right” to get Operational right .

 Download the software:

Click “forced software load”for download software for the
boards (including DTMU,DTRU ,DDPU,GPTU).and then fill in
the boards version.

 Check the board version and report the DPTU serial No. to BO

 Release the management right