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Lechoco, Gillian Faye L.


FD 329 3:30-5:30 Th



Name of the upscale shop: GAP

Gap is an American clothing store that caters to people who prefer classic, comfortable
clothes that are on the go. According to Gap, their garments “are a modern interpretation of our
denim roots and signature pieces that are a staple for every wardrobe. Gap embraces a youthful,
infectious spirit and the freedom to express individual style.”

As observed, the primary products of the store are denim wear— jeans and denim shirts.
They commonly use breathable fabrics, with cotton as the leading fiber, and with other fibers
such as polyester, elastane, nylon, spandex, and others as blends. Rayon is quite used in their
shirts, also, as it is lightweight and breathable. There are also other fabrics such as jersey knits
that are also used in their tops.


The women’s section makes use of pastel colors on their shirts, but there are also quite a
few bright colors such as reds and oranges, and some muted hues.

Colors: (neutral colors such as gray, white, and black are already present
From left to right (top then bottom):

1.) Amaranth 5.) Cello 9.) Maverick

2.) Armadillo 6.) Chambray 10.) Oriental Pink
3.) Bay of Many 7.) Cherokee 11.) Patina
4.) Biloba Flower 8.) Clear Day 12.) Tomato


The men’s section leans towards darker hues such as grays and unsaturated blues. However,
they also have bright, primary-colored shirts and a few pastel ones in their collection.


From left to right (top then bottom):

1.) Payne’s Gray 4.) Mauve Taupe 7.) Silver Sand 10.) Valencia
2.) Persian Plum 5.) Tawny Port 8.) Smoky
3.) Matterhorn 6.) Bunting 9.) Mountain Mist

Unlike the men’s and women’s clothing, the children’s garments has more loud prints. In
the girls’ section, they utilize quite an amount of sequins on their shirt graphics, as well as
familiar cartoon characters. As much as there is an abundance of graphic tees, the girls’ section
also has loose tops with decent sizes of ruffles. Moreover, there is also the presence of peasant
blouses. The boys’ section has more vibrant prints, as these try to fill the whole front part of the
shirts. Like the mens’, they also have plaid and checkered shirts, as well as raglan tops and
sweatshirts. Indeed, the children’s section is more colorful than the former categories.



From left to right (top then bottom):

1.) Albascent White 4.) Cavern Pink 7.) Putty

2.) Black Russian 5.) Deluge 8.) Scandal
3.) Can Can 6.) Mahogany 9.) Stark White


From left to right (top then bottom):

1.) Beauty Bush 5.) Ghost 9.) Outrageous Orange

2.) Chelsea Cucumber 6.) Gorse 10.) Pear
3.) Cream Can 7.) Mandy 11.) Robin’s Egg Blue
4.) Downy 8.) Mariner 12.) Tropical Rain Forest

Name of the retail shop: Island Souvenirs

Island Souvenirs is a local souvenir shop that showcases fresh, vibrant designs inspired by
Filipino culture. Aside from a few local delicacies, the store also offers a wide variety of clothing
items for men, women, and children. Most of the clothing items are shirts, sleeved and
sleeveless, graphically printed with colorful texts inspired by Philippines’ tropics. Although they
offer garments for the three categories, most of the shirt designs are the same for all— the only
difference is the juxtaposition of graphical elements.


From left to right (top then bottom):

1.) Wasabi 5.) Hippie Pink 9.) Lochmara 13.) Tulip Tree
2.) Green Smoke 6.) Tacha 10.) Fun Blue 14.) Old Gold
3.) Calypso 7.) Buttercup 11.) Grenadier 15.) Royal Heath
4.) Cadillac 8.) Bourbon 12.) Galliano