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Dominique Jackson

Public Relations


To obtain an internship with a leading marketing company which provides the opportunity to expand my knowledge

as a communications major. My experience as assistant marketing intern of the campus student activities board in
addition to my strong writing skills, photography skills and video editing skills ensures I will make a positive
contribution to Warner Music Group Company.

The Hair Temple, Charlotte, NC
Owner Operator | June 2013 – Present
(980) 230-9894
• Maintain accurate customer accounts in the company computer system by
keeping track data, personnel information, inspections, audits, and local
and state policy changes
• Compile and maintain record and bookkeeping
• Maintaining company website with up-to-date with product specifications
North Carolina 2 Agricultural & and availability

Technical University • Preparing sold products for customer delivery prior to shipping, ensuring
that the customer receives quality products in a timely manner
Candidate for Bachelor of Science
• Disclosing terms of sales with vendors and reviewing inventory
Major: Public Relations

May 2018
Graduation Date: NxtLevel Lifestyle and Entertainment, Greensboro, NC
Assistant Marketing Intern | Jaunary 2018 – Present
• Managed, developed, and edited content for social media platforms,
including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat
• Facilitaed events with over 2,000 attendees

• CPR Certified • Crafted and disseminated pitches to numerous music artists, managers, and

• NAACP Membership companies to increase awareness and attendance at multiple events and

Chair(2015-2016) festivals, including CIAA tournament and HBCU homecomings.

• Lady B.U.G.S Mentoring
&Committee board (Building

and Uplifting and Guiding our North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, Greensboro, NC

Sister)(2015-present) Social Media Marketing Internship | August. 2016 – Jan. 2017

• Deans List (2014-2018)
• Manage content, develop media plans and update social media, including
Facebook and Twitter, with a focus on increasing awareness and

• Managed various media accounts to maintain brand image and provide

entertaining content for viewers
Social Media | Sales Pitching |
| Strategic Planning • Brainstormed ideas for new ways to engage and reach consumers and
Media Pitching
implemented strong ideas to target students
| Microsoft Excel | Budgeting |
Adobe Premiere | Photography |
iMovie | Video Editing |
Branding|Strong written and
communication skills|