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Goals for Professional Semester II Name: Stephen Primeau

Goal #1:

To observe my classroom surroundings putting theory from classes into the practice
with students, teachers, and administrators by creating strong relationships and
working collaboratively.

Teaching Quality Standard Reference:

k) They recognize their own professional needs and work with others to meet those
needs. They share their professional expertise to the benefit of others in their
schools, communities and profession.

j) Teachers establish and maintain partnerships among school, home and

community, and within their own schools. They work with others to develop,
coordinate and implement programs and activities that characterize effective

Strategies Timeline Resources

Observe how own classroom Daily My teacher associate
teacher interacts with students, School policy manual
colleagues, admin. Poster with established
What kind of feedback is Daily classroom rules
Other teachers and
provided to students/peers.
Look for classroom routines to Daily
manifest interaction.
Help uphold and maintain pre- Daily
existing classroom and
behavioural expectations.

Goal #2:

Utilize constructive feedback/suggestions and weekly reflections to enhance my

abilities in my future profession while referring to and revising my own philosophy of

Teaching Quality Standard Reference:

k) Teachers are career-long learners. Teachers engage in ongoing professional

develop to enhance their: understanding of and ability to analyze the context of
teaching; ability to make reasoned judgements and decisions; and, pedagogical
knowledge and abilities.

d) Teachers know there are many approaches to teaching and learning.

Strategies Timeline Resources
Journal daily and reflect at the Daily, Weekly My TA
end of the week to pull key Journal reflections
incidents and lesson. Lesson feedback from TA and
Face to face conversations with Daily university consultant
Other teachers/administrators
teacher associate and university
Feedback from students
consultant, as well as other Textbooks from courses over
teachers. Daily PS1 such as “50 Literacy
Look for distinct ways other Strategies”
peers manage classroom Weekly
Bouncing ideas from other PS1
students (classmates) to pull
different ideas for lessons.

Goal #3:

Discover and utilize innovative ways to teach materials that will engage students in
the learning process while maintaining the specifics of the curriculum.

Teaching Quality Standard Reference:

a) Teachers’ analysis of contextual variables underlies their reasoned judgements

and decisions about which specific pedagogical skills and abilities to apply in
order that students can achieve optimum learning.

g) Teachers translate curriculum content and objectives into meaningful learning


Strategies Timeline Resources

Browse educational websites to Weekly Educational resources from
look for interesting and engaging websites such as
plans for students. TeacherPayTeacher, U of L
Collect and build own classroom Daily, Weekly Curr. Lab, LearnAlberta, etc.
library by saving website URLs
and different books for students to
Pull successful lessons from Weekly
other teachers with permission to
build a plethora of lesson