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Kaitlyn Ridgley

123 Info Dr.

York, PA 17250

March 18, 2018

Ms. Paula Kepes

Director of Employment Services
University of West Georgia
Aycock Hall, Rm 112
1601 Maple St.
Carrollton, GA 30118

Dear Ms. Kepes,

While looking on, I came across your posting for an eCampus Academic
Advisor at the University of West Georgia. While my resume will educate you on my
previous work history, I would like to meet with you in order for you to get a better
picture of who I am and what I can bring to the position. After viewing the website for
the University of West Georgia, I saw a common theme - diversity. I fully support the
University of West Georgia’s mission to be a more diverse school and wanted to let you
know I am ready to assist with this task. My history of working with families from all
across the country has prepared me to work with your increasingly diverse student

From viewing the website, I also found that you are hoping to provide the academic and
student services that are required to meet the needs of distance learners. Having
worked in distance education for the last 3 years, I believe that I bring a unique
experience to this position. My team and I facilitated the academic placement of over
10,000 students last school year while maintaining personal connections to the students
and their families. We would proactively reach out to these families to discuss any
concerns about course schedules and making the transition to distance education.
Additionally, I am a distance learner myself. I will graduate with my Bachelor’s degree
in Educational Studies from Arizona State University being a fully virtual student. Being
a virtual student myself, I feel better equipped to work with distance education students.
I have a more accurate understanding of their concerns and needs since they were
ones that I have possessed myself. Not only am I professionally equipped to work with
these students, I have a personal connection to them as well which sets me apart from
other candidates.
I would enjoy speaking with you further about how my unique experiences with distance
education can assist the University of West Georgia with servicing their distance
education students. I will be contacting you to follow up in two weeks, but if you have
any questions please feel free to contact me at 443-992-1836 or I
look forward to speaking with you.


Kaitlyn Ridgley