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Ethernet Routing Switch 4500

PoE Firmware 4.0.0

1. Release Summary
Release Date: 19-Aug-2008
Purpose: Switch PoE firmware to be downloaded if PoE firmware becomes corrupted.

2. Important Notes Before Upgrading to This Release


3. Platforms Supported
Ethernet Routing Switch 4500 (all PoE models).

4. Notes for Upgrade

If the switch stop providing PoE to all ports on the switch (even after a reboot or reset of PoE) and a show sys-
info command indicates the PoE firmware revision is not reported; then the PoE firmware may have become
corrupted. In such situations the customer can usually recover PoE functionality by reloading the PoE
firmware down to the switch. This should be the only time when a customer should need to load the PoE
firmware to the switch.

The PoE firmware can be downloaded to the PoE module in the same way as an agent code is downloaded to
the switch. The following provides an example of downloading new PoE firmware from a USB drive connected
to the switch: 4550T-PWR> download usb poe_module_image 4500_PoE_400.img

File Names For This Release:

File Name Module or File Type File Size (bytes)
4500_PoE_400.img PoE Firmware Image 77,766

5. Previous Release / Compatibility / Changes in This Release / Outstanding Issues /

Known Limitations
No Previous Release
This is compatible with all ERS4500 PoE models.
No New Features in This Release
No Problems Resolved in This Release
No Outstanding Issues
No Known Limitations

10. Documentation Corrections

For other known issues, please refer to the product release notes and technical documentation available from
the Nortel Technical Support web site at: http://www.nortel.com/support .

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