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ADAPT-EdgeTM with Integrated Wall Design

Automated Design and Code Check of Walls using Tributary and/or Finite Element Loads
Streamline your concrete building design process by using ADAPT-Edge 2017’s integrated wall design option.
Load walls using ADAPT’s patented geometry-based tributary load takedown module, 3D Finite Element
solution, or the envelope. This wall design module seamlessly delivers unparalleled automated design and
code check options within the Builder environment. Detailed wall section properties are defined as Piers,
simplifying the management of walls in your large building models, including combined wall groups. As part of
an integrated design workflow, walls in Edge can be designed for any combination of gravity or lateral loads
solution sets. For projects with post-tensioned slabs, the secondary post-tensioning forces are automatically
included in the wall design loads. Live loads can be reduced using the results of the tributary area module.
Wall design results are presented in schedule format and exported as XLS tables.

Design Group Manager used to define section properties

Key Features:
• The user can select each individual component of • Color coding of design results in model
load contribution from various FEM solution, including • Wall loads and capacity shown graphically for
single-level or global, and with any defined stiffness individual walls and grouped Piers
modification profile, as well as tributary loads • Option to open wall individually to review
• Includes secondary post-tensioning forces • Supported codes:
• Accounts for slab/wall interaction o ACI 318-2011, 2008, 2005, 2002
• Manage individual and grouped walls using Piers o BS8110 1997
• Define vertical and horizontal bar configurations o CP65 1999
• Automated check of rebar pattern consistency level o CSA 2004
to level • Design using Native ADAPT-Wall feature or
• Automated design and code check integrate with separate third party section designer
• Detailed code check report software (Contact your ADAPT Sales representative
• XLS-based wall schedule for more information)
• Live load reduction

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