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A. Provide panelboards including circuit breakers, transient voltage surge suppression

(TVSS) and cabinets, as indicated and specified.

B. Power system studies are specified in Section 16359. The study shall be reviewed before
panelboard submittals will be reviewed.

C. Transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS) shall be integral to the panelboard cabinet.
TVSS shall be as specified in Section 16400.

D. Manufacturer of the panelboards shall be the same manufacturer of the switchboard

provided under Section 16366 and the motor control center provided under Section


A. Division 1: General Requirements

B. Section 16050: Electrical Work – General

C. Section 16359: Electrical System Studies

D. Section 16400: Transient Voltage Surge Suppression

E. Section 16998: Field Inspection and Acceptance Tests

1.03 REFERENCES - As specified herein or equivalent IEC or BS Standards:

A. National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA):

1. PB1- Panelboards

2. AB1- Molded Case Circuit Breakers

B. Federal Specifications (FS):

1. W-P-115A - Panel, Power Distribution.

Libya Infrastructure Master Spec 16160-1 20-Nov-08

2. W-C-375B - Automatic Circuit Breakers.

3. QQ-S-365B - Silver Plating, Electro deposited, General Requirements.

C. Underwriter's Laboratories, Inc.:

1. U.L. 67 – Panelboards

2. U.L. 489 – Molded Case Circuit Breakers

D. Equivalent British/European codes and standards may be used; however, the equivalency
shall be demonstrated and submitted by the Contractor and approved by the CM/CS.


A. Shop Drawings: Submit the following in accordance with Section 01300 and as specified

1. Submit shop drawings and manufacturer's product data in accordance with

requirements of Section 16050.

2. Submit time current characteristic curves, short circuit rating and data for each
circuit breaker type and rating.

B. A copy of this specification section with addenda and all referenced specification sections
with addenda, with each paragraph check marked to indicate specification compliance.

a. Failure to include copy of the marked-up specification section will result in

return of the entire submittal without further review and consideration until the
mark-up specification are re-submitted with the entire package.


A. Conform to the requirements indicated on the structural drawing S-1 and as specified in
Section 01900.


A. Provide in accordance with Section 01400 and as specified herein.



A. Square D Company.

Libya Infrastructure Master Spec 16160-2 20-Nov-08

B. Eaton Cutler-Hammer.

C. Siemens, Inc.

D. Or equal.


A. Provide factory assembled deadfront type panelboards.

B. Provide panelboards with branch circuit breakers and a main circuit breaker or main lugs
only as indicated.

C. Furnish panelboards with full capacity separate ground bus, separate insulated neutral bus
and furnish panelboards connected to a 3-phase, 4-wire service or single phase, 3-wire
service as indicated. All buses to be tinned copper.

D. Provide panelboards with the voltage, frequency and current ratings as indicated
conforming to NEMA Standard PB1, Federal Specification W-P-115A. U.L. 67, and the

E. Furnish the panelboard main and 100% neutral buses, with 98 percent conductivity
rectangular copper bars provided with bolted type lugs.

F. Drill buses to fit either "A", "B" or "C" Phase connectors, and make sure that connectors
are inter-changeable and installed in a distributed phase sequence.

G. Silver plate copper buses connections and terminals, to a thickness of 0.005-in.,

conforming to the requirements of Federal Spec. QQ-S-365B.

H. Prevent terminal lugs from turning per NEMA standard PBI and verify they can be used
for the conductor material and size.

I. Provide main bus-bracing for each panel board for 65,000 amperes symmetrical short
circuit at 380/220 volts unless otherwise indicated.

J. Provide typed panelboard directory cards with the following information:

1. Panelboard name designation.

2. Panelboard voltage rating.

3. Panelboard ampere rating.

4. Panelboard short circuit rating.

Libya Infrastructure Master Spec 16160-3 20-Nov-08

5. Panelboard pole/circuit numbers and branch circuit description as wired in the

6. Indicate 2 pole and 3 pole branch circuit breakers.

7. Label spare circuit breakers “spare”.


A. Furnish bolt-on type branch and main circuit breakers. Furnish frame sizes, trip settings
and number of poles as indicated. Clearly and visibly mark circuit breakers with ampere
trip rating. Furnish breakers meeting the requirements of F.S. W-C-375B and NEMA
AB1. Branch and main circuit breakers with a short circuit requirement higher than 10
KA symm shall be current limiting. Provide circuit breakers marked with ampere trip
rating that can be read at a distance of two feet from the panel. Provide breakers meeting
the requirements of Fed. Spec. W-C-375B and NEMA AB1.

B. Furnish all breakers with quick-make, quick-break, toggle mechanisms and thermal-
magnetic, inverse time-limit overload and instantaneous short circuit protection on all
poles, unless otherwise indicated. Automatic tripping indicated by the breaker handle
assuming a clearly distinctive position from the manual ON and OFF position. Furnish
breaker handle that is trip-free on overloads.

C. Do not use single pole breakers with handle ties or bails in lieu of multipole breakers.

D. Furnish handle lock device on breakers to prevent the manual opening of the selected

E. Furnish padlocking device on all breakers to prevent the opening of circuit breakers.

F. Voltage and interrupting rating of all breakers in a panelboard shall not be less than
voltage and short circuit rating of the panelboard main buses, as indicated. Series rated
circuit breakers shall not be used. Furnish breakers to operate satisfactorily at the
frequency indicated.

G. Furnish ground fault interrupter circuit breakers for circuits as indicated. The circuit
breaker shall be UL listed, Class A, Group I device (5 milliamp sensitivity, 25
millisecond trip time or 30 ma for heat trace circuits).

H. Furnish single pole breakers with full module size. Do not install two pole breakers in a
single module.

I. Furnish time-current characteristic curves and catalog information and data for each size
of breaker furnished.

Libya Infrastructure Master Spec 16160-4 20-Nov-08

J. Provide transient surge protective devices in accordance with Section 16400, as specified
herein and as indicated.


A. Provide cabinets without knockouts. Drill cabinets only for the exact conduit entrances
and mounting bolts. NEMA rating of panels to match areas as denoted on the drawings.

B. Finish cabinet fronts, trims and surface-mounted boxes in ANSI No. 61 or 49, light-gray
enamel over a rust-inhibitive primer. Front covers shall be hinged to cabinets and shall
be double door (door in door) construction. Provide cabinets for surface or flush
mounting as indicated.

C. Unless otherwise specified, construct panelboard cabinets of code-gauge galvanized,

sheet steel and equip with gutters for the risers and outgoing circuits. The cabinets shall
not exceed 78-in. (1980 mm) in height.

D. Provide all panelboard locks keyed alike.

E. Provide cabinets drilled only for the exact conduit entrances and mounting bolts.



A. Mount panelboards such that the height of the top operating handle does not exceed 6 ft.
6-in. (2000 mm) from the floor.

B. Hang each door of the cabinet on semi- or fully-concealed hinges with a combination
catch and lock.

C. On cabinets 48 in. high and over, install a 3 point catch assembly latching at top, bottom
and middle.


A. Provide checkout, field, and functional testing in accordance with Section 16050, and


Libya Infrastructure Master Spec 16160-5 20-Nov-08