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Communication Interface Units

CIU Prime & CIU Plus

“The Tank Gauging People”
CIU Prime and
Tank inventory information in liquid storage CIU Plus
terminal and refinery automation is increasingly (rack mounted)
critical for operational and environmental reasons.
The primary requirement is high reliability and
uninterrupted availability of data. Enraf offers fast
data access for environmentally conscious operation
of liquid bulk storage sites.

In the past it was quite normal to run all functions

like data acquisition, data processing, alarm-
handling and communication to third party systems
via the same Tank Inventory Management System on
one PC. All these functions, together with the
demanding graphical display requirements, limited
the speed and efficiency of information availability.

The unique Enraf ‘Three layer concept’

To create an open system and to improve the data

availability and easy interfacing, the tasks have been CIU Prime and CIU Plus features
separated into three layers including:
• 19" Rack mounting
• The primary layer - CIU Prime • Wall mounting
The extensive real-time data scanning and • Table top model
acquisition tasks now runs in the CIU Prime. • Hinged cover for service
In this way time critical scanning can run smoothly • Sealing facilities
without delay. Concurrent polling and parallel • Configurable connections
processing of the field data guarantees data
throughput independent of the PC activities.
Full Year 2000 compliance
• The secondary layer - CIU Plus
The complex and specialized real-time inventory Of course the CIUs are fully Year 2000 compliant.
calculations now run independently in the CIU Plus. The internal hardware clock, used for time stamping
This guarantees fast availability of inventory all field data in the database, supports the full date
information. and time format. Any PLC or DCS can synchronize
date and time via either one of the host ports.
• The top layer - Entis Pro
Today’s Tank gauging systems are required to
provide a Windows NT based Graphic User Time synchronization
Interface (GUI). Entis Pro creates clear and detailed
graphical displays of tank inventory data. Automatic and transparent time synchronization
Kernel activities, like hard disk and network access over the whole system (Entis Pro, CIU Plus &
and the increased number of graphical tasks, CIU Prime) is an important new feature.
run smoothly. For detailed information see our
Entis Pro brochure.
Rugged and reliable

The use of dedicated hardware, without cooling fans

and spinning hard disks, assures a reliable operation.
Time synchronization is one of the many Continuous recalculation of all inventory data and
new features flow rates in synchronous data sets on a ‘per tank’
basis prevents potentially misleading and out of
phase data presentation.
Management information
• All data from plant control for

Plant control
• All data from Entis Pro Host protocol
• Open connectivity
• Enraf 45 E host protocol
Inventory Management • OLE automation
• All data from CIU Plus
• Inventory presentation and
• Alarm handling
• Trending and logging
• Hot standby management Up to 4 host ports
Calculated Data • Entis Pro
• All data from CIU Prime
• Volume calculations
CIU Plus
• Mass calculations 2 Field ports
• Flow rate • CIU Prime
• (Full redundancy)

Communication guarding
• Watchdog
• Host reset relays (CIU Plus)
Collected Field Data • Configuration
• Level • Gauge commands
• Temperature
• Pressure
• Observed/dipped density 2 Host ports
• Alarm status • PLC
• Interface/water level(s) • DCS MODBUS
• Vapor temperature
• Vapor pressure
CIU Prime • CIU Plus

• Gauge status
Up to 50 field instruments
• EN Fieldbus
• RS232C / RS485
Field Data from • CIU (series 858)
• SmartRadar Level Gauges • Converted Microlect
• Advanced Servo Tank Gauges

Information Level Communication

• Available data • Protocol
“The Tank Gauging People”

CIU Prime

The CIU Prime is the interface between the field

instruments (tank gauging instruments) and the
control room. Up to 50 tanks can be connected to
a single CIU Prime.

Main task

The new CIU Prime offers the ideal tank scanning

and data acquisition unit for all tanks in both
storage terminals and refineries.
All measured field data from the connected gauges
will be scanned continuously.

For this task, the CIU Prime can be equipped with a

maximum of four ‘Field ports’. Each of these boards
has its own processor and interface to field wiring.
Parallel operation of these processors allows
concurrent scanning to achieve a very high update
rate of the field database. Nerefco

All scanned data is stored in a local real-time PLC connectivity

database for access by higher level computerized
systems. Separate boards are available for The PLC interfacing capabilities makes the CIU Prime
interfacing to various physical layers. ideal for very high reliability in alarm processing.
In older tank gauging systems, all alarm processing
was done at one of the higher system levels, with a
Interface (in) lower inherent reliability. It is now possible to link
hardware alarms directly to the unit scanning all
Boards are available for connecting directly to the tank data. Any PLC can retrieve all primary measured
Enraf tank gauge range via the Enraf Fieldbus: data via MODBUS and compare them with own set
serial ASCII coded, Bi-Phase Mark modulated (BPM). points to generate alarms on pre-programmed
Interfacing for third party tank gauging systems will
become available in the future. Independent alarm functionality has
finally become reality

Connectivity with existing Enraf inventory


An RS-232C / RS-485 input board and CIU emulation

allows connectivity to existing Entis+ and Microlect Connectivity
tank inventory systems
Connectivity is a prime requirement for any new
tank gauging system. The use of the worldwide
Interface (out) known MODBUS standard for communication
guarantees compatibility with your system.
The CIU Prime offers two completely independent
‘Host Ports’ for connectivity to Programmable Logic Dual host connections allow a simultaneous
Controllers (PLCs), Distributed Control Systems (DCS) connection for local or remote service via a modem.
or Enraf’s CIU Plus. Support of programmable modem initialization
The communication is standardized on MODBUS strings even allows for automatic dial-in and connect
with a fully memory mapped configuration. at start-up.
The Primary Layer

Enraf offers a quantum leap forward

with the ‘CIU Prime’, ‘CIU Plus’ and
Windows NT based ‘Entis Pro’.
Intelligent This is a totally new concept based on
Management the field proven Enraf CIU (858 series)
System and developed with more than 50 years
Entis Pro experience in Tank Gauging.

The CIU Prime is ideal for interfacing to

any PLC, DCS or SCADA system

Supervisory Control
And Data Acquisition

Distributed Control
and Supervision

CIU Plus

Programmable Logic

CIU Prime
“The Tank Gauging People”
CIU Plus

The CIU Plus is a standalone inventory calculation unit, for use in combination with the CIU Prime.
Tank inventory of up to 50 tanks can be monitored by a single CIU Plus.

Main task

The main task includes inventory calculation of volumes (TOV, GOV, GSV, NSV), flow rate and mass (both total
mass and vapor mass if applicable) using the appropriate formulas according to the international standards of

Any Distributed Control System (DCS )or Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system can
interface to a CIU Plus and retrieve all inventory data of all 50 tanks. Host communication is fully standardized
on MODBUS with a memory mapped configuration per port.

Full redundancy

Hot standby & Redundancy

Both CIU Prime and CIU Plus are completely prepared for hot standby & redundant operation. In a redundant
configuration, secondary communication links or even hot standby CIUs optimize availability and routing of
tank inventory data. Redundancy can be constructed at any or all of the CIU levels.
The Secondary Layer

Interface (in) Connectivity

The CIU Plus has standard two ‘Field ports’ for Enraf has given extra attention to provide a high
interfacing to one or more CIU Primes. The serial link level of connectivity to the CIU Plus. The unit is
between the CIU Plus and the CIU Prime can consist equipped with up to four host connections allowing
of a simple null-modem connection, but can also simultaneous connection to PLC, DCS or SCADA
make use of line-drivers, long haul or dial-in, or even systems. Also, remote service communication via a
fiber optic modems. modem allows configuration and diagnostic support.
This flexibility makes it possible to install CIU Plus Programmable modem initialization strings allow
and CIU Prime at separate locations, which is ideal automatic dial-in and connect capability.
for connecting to off-site tanks or pump control
rooms. The use of the worldwide known MODBUS standard
for communication guarantees compatibility with
your system.
Interface (out)

The CIU Plus can be equipped with a maximum of

four RS-232C / RS-485 output boards. Each of these
boards has its own processor and offers truly The CIU Plus is ideal for interfacing to
independent host communication. Parallel processing any PLC, DCS or SCADA system
of these processors allows high Baud-rates of up to
38k4 baud.

Designed for the future Safeguarding the host link

The new CIU Plus offers the ideal tank calculation An external watchdog capability is available via
unit both for terminals and refineries. Connected to relays (per host port) that are activated when a host
a CIU Prime, it offers the superior solution for all link failure is detected by the CIU Plus.
modern tank inventory applications.

Easy configuration with Ensite Pro Ensite Pro

Configuration of the CIU Plus is simple and
straightforward with the Ensite Pro program.
Ensite Pro is a Windows based service utility,
which can be used for local or remote configuration
and diagnostics of CIUs and all connected gauges.
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