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Lesson Reflective Summary

Teacher Candidate for Science Endorsement: Reginald Tahet

Instructor: _____________________________________________________________

School: Sawyer Road Grade: 5th

Lesson Topic: cell lesson

Write a brief summary of your experiences teaching this lesson, addressing the
following questions:
I had the pleasure of being overserve by Dr. Roneisha Worthy on the 10 th
of November 2017. The lesson was on cells; my students were tasked with a
problem. A scientist was visiting our school to discuss cells, but he forgot his
model, therefore, the students had to create an animal or plant cell. The
class was broken up into 2 groups to accomplish this mission. I was able to
incorporate a reading lesson into this activity. We read Vampire and Cells.
Some things went very well with the lesson. Students were given all
materials from the previews day and were introduced with all the materials
they needed.

 What went well? What did not go well? (Cite specific examples)

Many parts of the activity went well. For example, students were able to
use their selected materials from the day before to symbolize the various
parts of the cells. However, I had those students who felt like they needed
more, which wasted a lot of time looking and walking around in search of
more supplies. As a result of this exercise, next time I will not offer the
option of getting any extra supplies. Most students were able use their
notes to label the correct cell parts. As a benchmark or starting point, the
students used their circular material for their nucleus. On the other hand, I
also had a few students who chose any supporting details. They chose not
to take advantage of using their notes for help. At the beginning, I asked the
students to a draw preliminary model before they had to construct the
actual model. By drawing, the students were enabled to help them in the
construction of the models and to alert them of what material to use for
each part of the cell.

 How well were the lesson’s student performance objectives attained

Most of the students were able perform the objective; especially the
students whose tasked was to decipher the animal cell. It seemed like the
group who worked with the animal cell model finish their model quicker
than the kids that were tasked with plant cells. All of the students prepared
their models earlier that week by cutting out the circular and rectangle
cupboard. The earlier preps made the task a little easier to get the lesson
moving along quickly.

 Did classroom activity center on science understanding, inquiry, and sense-

making by all students?

The students had a sense of understanding and what was expected of

them during this activity. The science concept was clear and explained by
me, the teacher. The students understood the standard that was taught and
“why it matters?” All the components of this lesson were applied in the way
I taught based on my experience with MSP

 Did your scientific content knowledge enable you to support students’

construction of knowledge and understanding of important scientific concepts
and processes?
Yes. I believe my scientific knowledge enabled me and gave a grasp of
the science content I was delivering. This lesson touched the cross cutting
concept. Students investigated science concepts through three dimensional
learning strategies. Students used science language and the language of the
standards to communicate their science thinking and ideas precisely to their
peers, teachers, and others. For example, Students discussed and used
terms such as: nucleus, cell membrane, mitochondria, vacuole, and
cytoplasm. As the facilitating I went around and nurtured discussions and
ensured that each student groups were establishing dialogue.

 When you have the opportunity to re-teach this lesson, what will you do
differently (strategies, teaching tools, assessments, etc.) to improve student
learning for all students?
In the future, when I re-teach this lesson, I will use most of the same
strategies I used during this lesson. I will also assure that ever child is clear
on the direction and have the materials readily available.

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