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Bicol farmers get LTO, DepEd set

road safety modules

P 33.6-m equipment
of the most dynamic
and goal-oriented gov-
ernment offices have
teamed up to bring
road safety campaign
SAN AGUSTIN, machineries and post- ies to aid farmers in their land The Corn program headed right in the doorstep of
preparation, harvesting and by Lorenzo Alvina, regional every classroom in Bi-
PILI, CAMARINES harvest equipment to program coordinator, turned
portharvest works. col region.
SUR – As the dry crop- farmers’ associations over P24,645,000 worth of
The Rice Program headed Bound by a common
ping season starts, the regionwide. by OIC RTD Rodel Tornilla machineries consisted of 5
DA Bicol Regional Execu- units Four Wheel Drive Trac- goal of preserving and Dir. LUTEY
Department of Agricul- turned over 4 units rice trans-
tive Director Elena B. de los tor, 2 units corn combine protecting the lives of chil- project in Bicol.
ture hastened the turn planter to four farmers orga-
Santos said she directed the nizations and 43 units hand harvester, 5 units mechanical dren, Land Transportation Lutey successfully
over a total worth of immediate mass distribution corn sheller, 2 units mobile Office (LTO) Regional
tractor to 43 farmers organi- launched STRUT in Naga
P33,654,432.00 of farm of equipment and machiner- corn dryer, and 3 units corn Director Noreen Berna- City in 2014 to raise the
zations, totaling P6,564,000.
mill to 14 farmers’ organiza- dette San Luis-Lutey and awareness of the public,
tions. Department of Education particularly of students re-
The Organic Agriculture
(DepEd) Regional Director garding safety on the road
(OA) Program led by its focal
person Adelina A. Losa turned Ramon Fiel G. Abcede col- with the mission of drop-
1 unit power tiller worth laborated to integrate road ping the percentage of road
P230,000 to the provincial lo- safety education through accidents particularly those
cal government unit of Albay. the Students Today, Road involving the youth.
Albay Provincial Agricultur- Users Tomorrow (STRUT) (Turn to page 8)
ist Cheryl Rebeta personally
received the machinery.
Under the High Value
Crops Development Program
(HVCDP) led by regional
program coordinator Rosita
Imperial, a total of P2,215,432
worth of farm equipment
were turned over to farmers’
organizations. Equipment dis-
tributed were 6 units power
sprayer to six cooperatives
and vegetable growers asso-
ciations; 4 units power tiller
to 4 farmers organizations; 14
units water pump to 14 farm-
ers groups; and 2 units cacao
grinder to two farmers organi-
Dr. Edgar R. Madrid, RTD
for Research and Regulations
urged the recipients to prepare
a guideline on the use of the
farm machineries and equip-
ment to maximize its and use
and ensure that all members
of the association will avail
of its services. He added that A snake electrocuted and entangled at Pole #86 of NGCP’s
the DA is distributing these Naga-Tinambac 69-kV line segment caused the line to trip at
machineries to farmers groups 12:44AM on 20 September 2017. Parts of Camarines Sur II
FARM MACHINERIES TURN-OVER only as the limited funds of Electric Cooperative (CASURECO II)’s franchise area sustained
A total of P33,654,432.00 worth of farm machineries were turned over to farmers’ organizations the agency will not suffice to outage. NGCP personnel worked on the restoration of the line,
regionwide by the regional office in Pili, Camarines Sur of the Department of Agriculture. and completed the work at 6:24AM on the same day.
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K-960 Aries St., Villa Grande Homes, Con. Grande, Naga City • TELEPHONE: (054) 884-93-76 • CP 0921-3183720 / 0929-245-7353 / 0920-5337766


de Peñafrancia
NEVER AGAIN (Atty. APA – chairs Acyatan & Co., operations. During the weekend, PRRD

political flagpoles. Many Filipinos now

Last September 21, 2017, the Ateneo de Naga CPAs-DFK International – is past chair accused SRA for hiring consultants recognize the good things that the so-
University community marked the 45th year of of ASEAN Federation of CPAs, PICPA and overpaying them with monthly called dictator did for the country. We
the declaration of Martial Law by the late dictator past president and Hall-of-Famer, compensation worth P200,000. could see them now after cleansing
Ferdinand E. Marcos, with the unveiling of the and ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement He called on Congress to look our hearts and minds of debilitating
marker for the planned Martial Law museum at Awardee). into the issue and study the possible hatred!
the University. MARIKINA HURRAY! The Phl abolition of SRA, including other PRAYERS TO INA! During the
Newly-named Jesuit Provincial and current government has requested the USA similar government agencies. DA Sec. Traslacion, we lit two colored candles
University President Fr. Primitivo Viray Jr., S.J. for inclusion of footwear products in its Emmanuel Piñol didn’t directly oppose followed by our prayers to the Virgin
said that the plan for the museum took off from Generalized System of Preferences Duterte’s call but he also doesn’t think of Penafrancia. One was green –
the failure of the government to make good its (GSP) scheme. DTI reported this after it’s the best way to deal with the issue. representing my hopes and spiritual
promise to build one. his bilateral meeting with US Trade Created via EO No. 18 in 1986, SRA is a solicitations for “Ina’s” intercession.
officials on the sidelines of the 49th GOCC mandated to promote the growth The other was red – expressing my
“We thought it a good idea to localize, that ASEAN Economic Ministers Meeting. and development of the (vital) sugar thanks for all the blessings that the
is, gather the experience of the Bicolanos in Presently, the US slaps a 15% tariff on industry. Opinions Unlimited now says: Lord has granted me – guided by our
a museum while at the same time avoiding the country’s exports of footwear. Phl “Don’t abolish SRA, but hold corrupt beloved Virgin. Candle-lighting is a
reducing it to a good vs bad showcase,” he said. hopes the inclusion of footwear comes officials accountable!” revered tradition by both Christians
Historian Dr. Stephen Totanes, who will curate under a new US-GSP law as the existing MARCOS PA RIN! The opposing and even non-Christians. But the
part of the museum, said that Presidential Decree GSP expires in December 2017. public reactions on the celebration of real essence is in the sincerity of our
1081 was announced on September 23, 1972, that The Philippine request followed after the 100th birthday of former president prayers. Ask and you will receive!
is two days after he signed it on September 21, DTI Sec. Lopez met with the American Ferdinand E. Marcos showed just that. The Traslacion, and more so
purportedly prompted by the “ambush” of then Apparel and Footwear Association to There are people who continue to the Fluvial Procession in honor
Defense Secretary Juan Ponce Enrile. push for the inclusion of footwear as revere the former “Anac ti Batac” as their of our “Ina” indeed show that our
among the eligible products under the “hero”. On the other side of the plane Virgin is the regional Patron Saint
The latter, eventually admitted during the
US-GSP scheme. The USTR was very are the bitter citizenry who still cannot of Bicolandia. Opinions Unlimited
EDSA 1 revolt that the so-called ambush was
supportive to his proposals just like forgive what the late “dictator” has however, hopes even as we suggest
really staged.
what happened to travel goods. The done to our country. Whether you like that we must have more order in these
These two facts alone show us the kind of USTR puts emphasis on the Philippine it or not – Opinions Unlimited believes proceedings. People and officials
deceptive and dark regime that would befall on standing as a longtime ally of the US that Marcos was a great disciplinarian should upgrade learning about crowd
the Filipinos when the young Francisco Tatad and trade partner. This is based on “long president, before his abusive subalterns demeanor and control. The solemnity
appeared on national TV reading the Marcosian historical relationship”! mired his administration. of the occasions are downgraded by
decree. SRA ABOLITION: ,Even though His decision to declare martial was a undisciplined people who are blinded
This paper’s publisher alone would recall, how nobody is directly telling Pres. Duterte “necessity” to instill respect for law and by their wrong belief that borders on
as a young worker in a Naga city printing press that abolition of the Sugar Regulatory order. The Duterte basis in declaring discourteous fanaticism. Disiplina ang
he would make sure he had his Curfew Pass on Administration (SRA) will have negative the current martial law in the whole of kaipuhan nyato!
each time he would go home late at night after impacts on the entire sugar industry, Mindanao has a pattern in the 1972 KNOWLEDGE: Light and subject
work, overall desire is still to have the agency regime. Many oppositionists of old took are inseparable. When they are
around even as efforts are intensified to advantage of the people’s indifference well integrated they become a
It was not only annoying and inconvenient. It eliminate the corruption that pesters its against Marcos as they launched their masterpiece!
was also foreboding of what the regime was.
Yet, Martial Law was not a mere temporary
inconvenience. It led to the arrest and Fr. Chito Saganub’s rescue, FROM MY
incarceration (like the famous Stalag group
of Naga who were detained at Camp Canuto), 45th Anniversary of Martial Law WINDOW
as well as the disappearances of Filipinos,
many of them in their young. So the Spanish

word, desaparecidos, became also part of our

I wonder why there is no jubilation cannot happen in communist countries. system in Libmanan, Cabusao and
vocabulary and our racial memory. on the part of the Catholic Church for I recall that President Ferdinand Calabanga, Manila South Road,
It was a regime when evil and inequality was the rescue of Fr. Chito Saganub by Marcos declared Martial Law as Tiwi Geothermal Plant, Philippine
the rule of the day: a First Lady partying on a the AFP soldiers from the ISIS – Maute provided in the 1935 Constitution International Convention Center,
yacht with a famous American pianist while an group who held him hostage in Marawi. “in case of invasion, insurrection or BLISS Housing Projects, MRT in
emaciated Joel Abong was dying in Negros. I found the answer in the Daily Inquirer rebellion or imminent danger thereof, Manila and so many more. What I’m
Yet, it was not without good Filipinos coming dated Sept. 2017 which reported the when public safety requires it,” We trying to say is that the Martial Law
forward not to let the light die in the night. In following: “Bishop Edwin dela Peña of had the 1973 Constitution and 1987 declared by Marcos has two sides:
Bicol, we had the likes of Atty. Luis General, Cagayan de Oro said, Saganub talked Constitution oftentimes called Cory the positive and negative sides. I also
Jesus Antonio Carpio, Ramon San Andres, to him the facts of his escape and of Constitution, both containing also a feel sorry for the victims of Martial Law
Liliosa Hilao or even Kumander Tangkad, who a teacher from Dansalan College, in provision for a declaration of Marial and they should be compensated. But
an area of Maute group. The military Law. Why is Martial Law included in the when talking of Martial Law, both the
kept the fire of freedom and resistance burning.
saw them. They were recognized and Constitution if it is bad or wrong? negative and positive sides should
Indeed, it was the worst of times, but it was rescued. The Catholic church was not I remember that when Marcos be considered in order to have a
also the best of times to be a Filipino. fully happy because there were still declared Martial Law, we were staying complete picture of those years –
Let us therefore not forget about the evils that many hostages held by the terrorists in Tigaon, Cam. Sur. The hot-seat of watching the high school students
men do in times when it stalks the land. and thousands of people displaced by anti-government activities because the who spoke on TV, it seems they only
Never again to Martial Law! the fighting remained in evacuation leaders of the said movement were from know one-sided information.
centers.” Tigaon; the Jallores brothers. I observed President Rodrigo Duterte’s
Is this the only reason or they just there were teach-ins in barangays in declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao
don’t want to give some credit to the Partido teaching about Maoist theories. to quell the rebellion of the ISIS and
forces of the government that rescued There were teach-ins in barangays Maute Group that want to make
Fr. Chito? Me, I’m very happy that this nationwide specially in Luzon. Marawi and Mindanao a caliphate of
Catholic priest was rescued alive, Fr. The most important accomplishment the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria
Saganub can save many souls as of the Declaration of Martial Law is that had the approval and support of the
minister of God. Thank you Lord, for the it prevented our government from falling Senate, House of Representatives,
rescue of our brother in Christ. in communist hands, according to the the Vice President and the Supreme
***** book Reflections on Martial Law by Court. The government forces are
As I write this column, it is the Rod Capunan. That is why we are still a winning but not yet completely. Now,
45th anniversary of the declaration of democratic country. Is that bad? Duterte is being called a dictator like
Martial Law. Anti-Duterte groups and Not everything that President Marcos. It is good that he has a sense
organizations are staging rallies against Ferdinand E. Marcos did was wrong. of humor and a strong conviction.
the Duterte administration. President Beside being able to keep our May God help President Duterte
Rodrigo Duterte also declared this day democratic government, it has many protect our nation from the ISIS and its
as a National Day of Protest so that accomplishments during the Martial allies from foreign and local terrorists,
anyone who has a grievance against the Law years that serve the people until this from illegal drugs and narco-politics,
government including him can protest. time like the road network throughout from criminals, from Abu Sayaff, BILF,
As expected, there were speeches the country, the Philippine Heart Center, MILF, NPA, MNLF and others who
with anger and hatred. That is a sign Lung and Kidney Center, Children’s may surface in the future. Let’s pray
that we are a democratic country. This Medical Center, massive irrigation for our country and the whole world.



KANTONG Bakong Aksidente

Nanggad *KURSO
PUTIKON! Liwat kaming nagkahilingan kan Icarus, o an mga bulod sa Tsina na

na natatapok sa sarong lugar. Igwa

parasurat na si Merlinda Bobis sa Ateneo nagpagiromdom saiya nin mga ina, o pirmeng dahilan iyan.
Maximize Café de Naga kan ilunsar si saiyang bagong
librong, Accidents of Composition.
an sarong ina sa Albay na nawaran nin
mga aki huli sa bagyo.
Sa Accidents of Composition,
mababasa ta an pangapudan ni
Senior Citizens Center Sa koleksyon na ini, pinahaling ni
Merlin an espasyo asin heograpiya na
An parasurat, siring sa peryodista,
parasaray nin mga pangyayari sa
Merlin para kabootan asin paglaom
sa tahaw kan luway-luway na
piglalakawan nin mga hawak asin lawas paagi kan saindang sinusurat. Alagad, pagkawara kan mga ini.
na nasuhay sa saindang tinubuan na mantang an peryodista ginigibo ini Bakong aksidente man
daga. sa pagsimbag kan mga hapot kun nanggad na an pararawit-dawit na
Hay padi - Mamundong basahon ang versa mong Bikol; na
garo na bagang na aalang na dahon; giromdomon mo padi kan Bakong garo manananggal kundi ano, sain, kasuarin, ta ano, si isay, an mangapodan kaini. Ta siring ngani
mga panahon; na kita baga ang mga oragon! Haen na si kosog sarong mata, pirmeng presente asin pararawit-dawit pigpipino asin hinihimo kan sabi niya: Because water,
kan saimong puso na maski na gapo dai makatorog; mga aki ni marigmat sa kapalibutan na sarong ini nganing an matatada iyo si matadom air, land/have sprouted elemental
Eva interong sororog sa pagomaw baga kan saimong lawog! Ay kimlat minatao nin momento asin rason bako sana sa isip kundi si matudok barricades/no flipper, fin, tai or wing/
padi, ay padi dai paglingawan mga aldaw na ika samo sa enotan; na makasurat. asin malugad kan satong puso. can cross./then we can stop the
mau ning Rodolfo, Gerry man o Shulan, Ernesto man Nicanor Halimbawa, an sarong gamgam Memorya ini kan gabos na boats,/stop the urge to feed, to mate,
mau kaming saysay; siisay man na lider kan satong banwaan sa kalangitan na garo hinahalon kan nagtataong rason kun ta’no kita tawo. to nest,/stop the wish to greet/a
simong kinabanan dai kinatakutan! Ano ta nagbago doros kan saldang na nahiling niyang garo si An pararawit-dawit bakong rambang kinder sun. (Migrations)
amianan pati mga bahod toraok nin manok man; madya na sa

Revolution and Naga City

luwas satong pagolayan maoogmang aldaw na yaon na ngonyan!
- o ha! Ano padi?
Buhay o gadan, talagang mapuli digdi sa Bkol an sikat na
parasurat/awtor nin mga libro sa Australia si Renato Perdon kan By NATHAN SERGIO
Nabua and Sipocot. Papuli na sa Pinas kaiba an tugang, sakay
sa Qantas Airways kan sya bawian nin buhay 30 mins antes Change, as they say, is in Barangay Dayangdang, names like Bagumbayan Solidaridad, Jose Maria
magtugpa sa NAIA kan Miyerkoles. Pigcremate tolos sa Manila constant, being naturally probably to honor Gregorio Street, aside from the two Panganiban, another national
Memorial Crematorium, an abo ciertong ipupuli digdi sa Bikol. occurring among living things Del Pilar, one of the youngest barangays bearing identical hero and a pride of Bicol.
Kun noarin iaanunciar na lang, sabi n Fred Perdon kan GNN TV in their habitat. The concept generals in the Philippine names Bagumbayan — Another place in Centro
Naga, pinsan kan gadan. An abo ni Perdon isasaray sa Bikal, of change is nowhere more Revolutionary Forces during Bagumbayan was the name Naga is Plaza Quince
Caramoan - bakong sa Nabua o Sipocot. May harong sya sa Bikal, pronounced than in Naga the Philippine Revolution and of the place where Rizal Martires, to honor Bicol’s
naenot nang pigpadara mga gamit nya duman. May tugang saka City. the Philippine-American War. was executed in Manila. Fifteen Martyrs. Some of
paryentes duman na pinaaradal nya, tinaan pang mga barotong Take a look at the names of Places that figured in Then there is Blumentritt these martyrs were also
panhanapbuhay. Dati syang opisyal kan Philippine National Naga City streets, particularly Philippine history involving Street in Barangay Tinago honored through street
Historical Institute sa Manila, archivist/prof/editor sa Australia in the built-up areas. One the Katipunan can also (after Ferdinand Blumentritt, names like Lerma Street
antes magadan. Duwa sa dakul nyang librong sinurat an 'Australia will notice many names be found in Naga, like the an Austrian scholar and (for Florencio Lerma) in
& the Phil' saka 'Caramoan is Paradise'. Tapos syang college sa associated with revolution. Balintawak and Biak-na- Rizal’s friend). Rizal’s co- Barangay Lerma; Melgarejo
University of Nueva Caceres. To start off, Elias Angeles Bato Streets in Barangay writer/propagandist at La Street (for Mariano
******** Street in the downtown Tabuco. Remember our Solidaridad is Marcelo H. Melgarejo) in Tabuco; Arana
"Reputation is only a candle, of wavering and uncertain flame, Naga, and Felix Plazo Philippine History in the Del Pilar, honored thru his Street (for Mariano Arana) in
and easily blown out, but it is the light by which the world looks Street in Barangays Igualdad grade school? The Cry of pen name Plaridel in Plaridel Barangay Santa Cruz; Jacob
for and finds merit." -James Russell Lowell and Sabang. Corporals Elias Balintawak (alternatively Street in Barangay Tabuco. Street (for Camilo Jacob) in
Magandang buhay! Angeles and Felix Plazo The Cry of Pugad Lawin), Not the least, is Panganiban Barangay Bagumbayan Sur;
Hapi 25th silver wedding anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Diony/ of the Guardia Civil were with Balintawak as the place Drive, to honor Rizal’s co- P. Diaz Street (for Reverend
Merly Diego of Mlaor. From Ninong Ernie V. the leaders of the rebellion somewhere in Caloocan writer/propagandist at La (Turn to page 8)
******** in Naga on September 18, or Quezon City where
Flash! Nagtalikod na sa kinaban kan Lunes na hapon 1898, a feast day for the
Virgin of Penafrancia; this
the Philippine Revolution
against the Spanish Empire
Sunday Gospel: Mt 20:1-16a
si Honesto C. General, Inquirer columnist, insuranceman,
sportswriter, Bkolano, Naguenyo. Tugang kaidtonng depuntong rebellion toppled the Spanish is said to have started, This story throws light on the kingdom of heaven: A
journalist/law professor Luis C. General Jr., uncle ni Atty. Ruben government in Nueva and symbolically depicted landowner went out early in the morning, to hire workers for
Luis General and Jojo General. Please pray for the repose of Caceres, which eventually led by the tearing of cedulas his vineyard. He agreed to pay each worker the usual daily
his soul. to the collapse of the Spanish personales by Bonifacio-led wage, and sent them to his vineyard.
******** rule in the Bicol Region. Then revolutionaries in defiance He went out again, at about nine in the morning, and,
An simpleng bahay kubo sa likod kn harong ko sa barangay there’s General Luna Street, of their allegiance to Spain seeing others idle in the town square, he said to them, ‘You
San Jose nahirahay na kaya bukas na nganing gamitön kan in honor of General Antonio amid patriotic shouts. Biak- also, go to my vineyard, and I will pay you what is just.‘ So
mga senior citizens, kape-kapehan, tiriponan kan mga wranglers Luna who chaired the War na-Bato, on the other hand, is they went.
nganing magkahurogos. Sako an kape. Imbitado ta kamo. - Ernie Department of the Philippine a place in Bulacan province The owner went out at midday, and, again, at three in the
Verdadero Revolutionary Government where the first Philippine afternoon, and he made the same offer. Again he went out,
******** under General Emilio Republic was established in at the last working hour—the eleventh—and he saw others
Padi Columnist/insuranceman Honesto de Castro General, Aguinaldo during the twilight 1897, with General Emilio standing around. So he said to them, ‘Why do you stand
died peacefully in the hospital on 11 Sept 2017 at 5:14pm. He years of the Spanish colonial Aguinaldo as the president. idle the whole day?‘ They answered, ‘Because no one has
was 91. government. Unknown to Remember the Pact of Biak- hired us.‘ The master said, ‘Go, and work in my vineyard.‘
His wake is at San Lorenzo Ruiz room, Funeraria Paz in many, the old name of now na-Bato? To cite further When evening came, the owner of the vineyard said to
Manila Memorial, Sucat, starting Wednesday. 13 Sept, to Sunday, Abella Street was Calle places, two of the three-part his manager, ‘Call the workers and pay them their wage,
17 Sept. Arellano (as gleaned from motto (Liberte!, Egalite!, beginning with the last and ending with the first.‘ Those who
His interment will be at Manila Memorial Park- Sucat after the a 1944 Naga map), probably Fraternite!) that were used had gone to work at the eleventh hour came up, and were
9:00 AM Mass on Sunday, 17 Sept. 2017. named in honor of Deodato as slogan or battlecry in the each given a silver coin. When it was the turn of the first, they
Please pray for the eternal repose of his soul. Arellano, the first supremo of French Revolution of 1789, thought they would receive more. But they, too, received one
Thanks very much.- TXT KAN PINSAN KO NI PADI. Katipunan. can also be found in Naga silver coin. On receiving it, they began to grumble against
KUMPLETO INI. MABALOS! There are many more particularly in the name the landowner.
******** names of streets associated of Calle Igualdad (now J. They said, ‘These last, hardly worked an hour; yet, you
INAY: Anak lutuin mo na yong sardinas. with revolution. To cite further, Hernandez Street) in Centro have treated them the same as us, who have endured the
ANAK: kakaliskisan ko po ba? there was Calle Mabini (now Naga and in the name of heavy work of the day and the heat.‘ The owner said to one
INAY: tanggalin mo na rin ang hasang ng masulit ang Penafrancia Avenue), named Calle Fraternidad in Tabuco. of them, ‘Friend, I have not been unjust to you. Did we not
katangahan mong damuho ka! He3 in honor of Apolinario Mabini, We have yet to see old map of agree on one silver coin per day? So, take what is yours and
******** the adviser of General Naga or document identifying go. I want to give to the last the same as I give to you. Don‘t
MGA MANLILIGAW: Aguinaldo, President of the or stating Calle Libertad I have the right to do as I please with what is mine? Why
AIR FORCE: "Nanay, sagutin lang ako ng Anak nyo, ililipad Philippine Revolutionary to complete the three-part are you envious when I am kind?‘
ko siya hanggang langit. Government. Mabini Street is motto. But if there is none, So will it be: the last will be first, the first will be last.“
NAVY: "kapag ako ang sinagot ng Anak niyo, not lost completely however maybe the city council can REFLECTION:
Isasakay ko siya sa Barko at lilibutin namin ang buong mundo." as it was relegated to a enact an ordinance naming Read: God‘s mercy surpasses human categories. Paul
MARINES: "Matapang talaga ako Nanay kapag ako sinagot short alley in Barangay San or renaming an appropriate expresses his deep desire to belong to God in and through
ng anak nyo, walang Masamang mangyayari sa Anak nyo." Francisco leading to the city street as a Calle Libertad Christ. Jesus gives the parable of the workers in the vineyard.
POLICE: "kapag ako ho ang sinagot ng Anak nyo,Magiging Naga River, and this was so or Libertad Street. Reflect: The movie Three Idiots has a revealing moment
mapayapa po at tahimik ang magiging buhay niya." until sometime 2014 when Furthermore, even for that sums up human psychology very well: when two of
ARMY: Maiba nga po tayo ng usapan? Asan na ho ang Anak the new Mabini Street is re- reformists, there are places the three engineering students notorious for their campus
nyo"? named Hinawasan Street, and streets in Naga named gimmicks go to check their examination results, they look for
NANAY: "Wala na...Itinanan na ng CAFGU nyo kagabi" He3 by virtue of a city ordinance. for them. There is Rizal their names, as expected, at the bottom of the list displayed.
******** Poor Mabini, a national hero Park, which is also declared Not finding their names, they feel bad. But then, finding the
Sarong grupo nin mga prominenteng Bikolanos na debotos ni twice dishonored and pushed as a freedom park, right name of their friend topping the list, they feel miserable.
Inang Peñafrancia an nagpoon nin bagong tradisyon kan Viernes, to oblivion ironically in the at the heart of the city, in The voice-over then comments: “When our friends fail, we
bisperas kan pista, sa harong ni Mr. & Mrs. Beda Realuyo sa “Heart of Bicol”. To continue, honor of national hero Dr. feel bad. But when they succeed, we feel worse.“ Today‘s
Balatas, Naga City. Sa taonan na tiripon kan USI HS ‘72, UPLB there is Bonifacio Street Jose Rizal; a Rizal Street parable is about similar dynamics of envy. Do you suffer
alumni, Sarong Banggi Org. saka mga amigos y amigas, antes in Barangay Tinago, which in Barangay Sabang; and from shades of envy?
kan ano man na aktibidad lalo na an cena (karakanan), antes kan street was perhaps named a Dimasalang Street in Pray: Pray for a heart that delights in the wellbeing of
grace before meal, kinanta ninda an 'resuene vibrante', himno to honor Andres Bonifacio, Santa Cruz (Dimasalang the other.
para sa Patrona kan Kabikolan. Segun ki Nelson Hidalgo Caceres the third but the most popular is Rizal’s pen name). Even Act: Make an act of genuine appreciation and delight in
taga Milaor, promotor kan aktibidad na balikbayan retiree, poon supremo of Katipunan. Then place and people associated the blessings received by someone in your circle of friends.
(Turn to page 8) there is Del Pilar Street with Rizal, do have street

CARD clients vie in ASEAN Business Awards 2017

As an institution that to of Bahag Footwear, Myrna Regional Winner for Luzon
celebrates the successes of Frago of Forestwood Garden in 2015.
its microentrepreneur cli- Garden ,Victoria de Torres of “Our CARD Nanays have
ents, the CARD Mutually Princess Rasec Garden, and really gone a long way. It has
Reinforcing Institutions Adela Rivadera of 3 Sisters’ always been our dream for
nominated its five clients Homemade Banana Chips/ our clients to be empowered
to the ASEAN Business CARD Bank Client. All four that they can compete with
Awards (ABA) held on are clients of CARD Bank. other remarkable and com-
September 6, 2017 at the Meanwhile, Maria Andal petitive economic players in
Solaire Resort and Casino of Andal’s Barrio Meals, a the country and even in the
in Parañaque City. The CARD SME Bank client, ASEAN Economic Commu-
award-giving body rec- was nominated in the SME nity,” said Dr. Jaime Aristot-
ognizes the outstanding Excellence Category. le Alip, who was also present
enterprises in the region “While we were not able in the event.
that serve as a platform to bag any of the awards, we With various endeav-
to spread information on take this as a big leap for mi- ors including trainings and
the ASEAN Economic croentrepreneurs like us who seminars, product develop-
Community, and spotlight really came from humble ment, and marketing, CARD
SMEs that have the poten- beginnings. Representing MRI prepares its more than
tial of becoming global eco- the more that 4.3 million 4.3 million clients composed
nomic players in their re- CARD Nanays in this presti- of MSMEs from rural and BUSINESS AWARDS NOMINEES
spective industries (www. gious awards is already a big urban communities like the Microentrepreneur clients of CARD who are nominated to the ASEAN Business Awards 2017
aba2017.com). achievement for all of us,” five nominees to be globally include (from left to right: Esther Shiela Vitto (Bahag Footwear/CARD Bank client), Victoria
Nominated in the cat- said Esther Shiela Vitto, who competitive in support of the de Torres (Princess Rasec Garden/CARD Bank client), Adela Rivadera (3 Sisters’ Homemade
Banana Chips/CARD Bank Client), Myrna Frago (Forestwood Garden/CARD Bank client), and
egory Women Entrepreneur was the Citi Microentrepre- envisioned ASEAN Eco- Maria Andal (Andal’s Barrio Meals/CARD SME Bank)
Award are Esther Shiela Vit- neurship Awards (CMA) nomic Community.

Road project gives hope to Sipocot village Health Education

Begins with the Young
By LORENA B. AZCARRAGA, Master Teacher ll
“Magsasaka lang (Just a pagtanom-tanom baka maka-
farmer),” farmers sheepishly bakal man ako ning maski se- San Juan Elementary School, Iriga City
reply when asked “What’s gunda mano sanang awto (It is
your occupation?” Ironically, our longtime dream to have a Education begins with the young. With our first graders
in a country where 35 percent concrete road. As luck would who are only six years old, it is never too early to begin
of the economy depends on have it, if I get a good fish catch educating them on health. They are in their formative years
agriculture, majority of the and harvest, hopefully, I could and learning comes very easy for them. When their young
rural population living below buy even a second-hand vehi- minds are very receptive to learning.
poverty threshold are farm- cle),” Palo said, his eyes spar- Health is wealth. This is something that could strike their
ers. Their hand-to-mouth ex- kling, as he surveys the area young mind and become very interested.
istence hold them back from where the road is projected to Health education builds students’ knowledge, skills and
aspiring for more. Thus, their be constructed. positive attitudes about wellness, it teaches pupils’ physical,
poor self-image. Binahian Baranggay Chair- mental, social and emotional that make them improve their
This is how Municipal Ag- man Noe Ilan said that the well being, prevent sickness and reduce risky behavior.
riculturist Judith Mangalino PRDP’s FMR subproject which Health education makes the pupils learn skills that they
of Sipocot, Camarines Sur de- will traverse his baranggay is a will find useful to make their healthy lifestyle throughout their
scribes the current situation of significant development. life. It promotes learning significantly higher, their attendance
farmers in her municipality. A SIPOCOT FMR HERMITO ANTONIO PRIVALDOS “Dakulang diperensya good, and they have better grades and even perform better
first class municipality in the The Concreting of Manangle to Caima Farm-to-Market Road, samuya na magkaigwa ning in tests.
first district of Camarines Sur, the only PRDP I-BUILD subproject with a resettlement site tinampo gibo kang saro na Children have a much better chance of becoming better
Sipocot is a gateway to Metro nationwide, is projected to support the rice, corn, coconut ngani: emergency. Saro pa, citizens in the future with their good health and healthy
Manila. About 20,954.09 hect- and vegetable production in seven barangays with 4,966 ang pagkakaigwa nin tinampo living style that were developed in their early years in the
ares or 86.85 percent of its population along the road influence area. samuya dakulang kauswagan elementary even and during their pre-learning years.
total land area is devoted to kan baranggay. Sa ekonomiya, Health education provides skills-focused instruction that
agricultural crop production kilometers away from the town struction of the 19.15-kilometer dae na gayong magastos ang follows a comprehensive and culturally appropriate K-12
including coconut, rice, corn, proper of Sipocot, Camarines Concreting of Manangle to Cai- pag-baggage kang mga produk- Health Education program that addresses particular needs
vegetables, crops and cut flow- Sur shared that such situation ma farm-to-market road (FMR), to. Dakulang pagbabago ta ang of children and communities.
ers. The municipality is also is aggravated by limited oppor- Palo and other farmer-residents oras--ang distansya kang Sipo- A healthy body in a healthy mind. This is a well-accepted
considered as the province’s tunities to generate income due in Brgy. Binahian started saving cot sa Binahian, minuto pa lang adage that teachers in the elementary grades explains
livestock center. Despite its ag- to high transportation cost. To up money. For them, it’s time to yaon ka na sa banwaan bakong eventually raising the awareness of children hoping that this
ricultural potentials, the 2008 reach the town proper, farmer- build a new dream—buy their arog kaito, maglakaw o mada- will work out for them and carry this conviction when they
Community Based Monitoring residents of Brgy. Binahian own vehicle to transport their gat halos kabangang aldaw grow up and become responsible citizens.
Survey (CBMS) results show spend around P50 to P300 to families and their products to bago maabot sa banwaan (The The government has not stopped in its programs designed
that 6,988 or 54.90 percent of get to Brgy. Tagbac in Ragay the town proper. road will make a big difference to improve the general health condition of all its constituents.
the municipality’s households via boat. From Brgy. Tagbac, “Iyan ang haloy mi nang firstly, during emergency cases. All year round we are all witnesses to the many thrusts of
have income below the poverty they take a tricycle ride going pangitorogan digdi sa lugar Economically, it will reduce the government on health. No smoking has been carried out
threshold. to Brgy. Banga for P100 and a mi—ang magkaigwa ning hauling cost of our products. with the hope that children even in their early years would
Rice farmer, fisherman and jeepney ride worth P25 from konkretong tinampo. Ako baka It will cut the travel time go- be aware of the strong consequences of smoking and they
sari-sari store owner Daniel Brgy. Banga to Sipocot. suruswertihon makadakop man ing to the town proper unlike as children can be the ones who can help older members
Lee Palo, a resident of Brgy. That is why when they have ning magayon-gayon dyan sa before that it takes half day of of their own families who might be smokers.
Binahian, which is located 15 heard about the ongoing con- dagat, makaani ning kadikit sa travel whether by land or sea Basically, children as young as four can be taught at
to reach the town proper),” he home with basic health practices. Parents can be very
elaborated. strong welders of good health habit for their own children
Romeo Domiquel, barang- like washing their hands before and after eating, after using
gay chairman of Manangle, the toilet, taking a bath every day, brushing their teeth after
Sipocot, Camarines Sur, is every mean, cutting their fingernails, getting rid of lice in their
convinced that the Concret- heads…these are basic health habits that children learn at
ing of Manangle to Caima will home and made even more stronger when they go to school.
lead to progress not only of the Studies have revealed that children with healthy life styles
residents but the baranggay, in tend to do better and because of pronounced health habits,
general. they are freed from diseases, are active physically, are
“Malaki ang dala ng proyek- cooperative and could easily adjust to environment.
tong ito para sa karagdagang Encouraging children to eat vegetables and fruits, not
pag-asenso ng baranggay dahil patronizing junk food, drinking 8 glasses of water or more
ang baranggay namin ay entry everyday, doing some physical activities…these are health
point at exit point. Yung mga habits that children can learn and develop at a young age
produktong galing sa Caima, and can be carried over in their adult years. It is likewise to
Binahian, Carayrayan, Gabi teach children to pray upon waking up and before retiring in
at Bulawan, sa amin dadaan at the evening. This will contribute to their good health.
maaaring magkaroon ng nego- Physical exercise is very important for children, there
syo sa Brgy. Manangle (This are games that need physical activity which children find
project will certainly contrib- very enjoyable. Parents can buy their children bicycles and
ute to our baranggay’s prog- together they can have a wonderful and healthful time cycling
ress since it is an entry and exit which is a very productive health hobby for both young and
point. Products coming from old. Families can enjoy weekends ds in some beautiful spots
Caima, Binahian, Carayrayan, in their own community bonding together relishing energy-
giving food that could ensrue a healthy life together.
MUSEUM GROUNDBREAKING Gabi and Bulawan will be
Health is wealth. Wealth is not having lots of money. It
Newly-named Jesuit Provincial and current Ateneo de Naga University President Fr. Jun Viray transported via our baranggay.
and erstwhile VP Rebecca Torres unveil the marker for the the Martial Law Museum which rise Possibly, more businesses will is having a healthy body and with it is a healthy mind. That
at the AdeNU ground to mark the atrocious chapter in Philippine history. is wealth.
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DTI props Luzon
coffee industry
Following President Ro- pinos.
drigo Duterte’s directive to The Philippines envisions
bridge various gaps in the a coffee industry that is cost-
supply chain to make the competitive, aligned with
local coffee industry more global quality standards, reli-
competitive, the Depart- able and environment-friend-
ment of Trade and Indus- ly, and provides sustainable
try recently gathered coffee benefits to farmers, proces-
farmers, processors, manu- sors, traders, and exporters.
facturers, Regional Council Some of the proposed strat-
Chairs, national govern- egies to achieve the target are
ment agencies, and mem- to improve quality and avail-
bers of the academe from ability of planting material,
the Island of Luzon for the enhance farm efficiency and
Luzon Island Coffee Cluster investments, and improve CLOSING RITE JRM-PIA5/CAMARINES SUR

Assembly. competitiveness, market price, The send-off ceremony for the 2017 Penafancia Inter-Agency Task Force Joint Operations Center (JOC) at the Metropolitan
Cathedral, Naga City, September 18, 2017 started off with a Thanksgiving Mass officiated by Msgr. Badiola, followed by the
The assembly aimed to and coffee standards.
awarding of certificates of commendation led by Mayor John G. Bongat.
present the national and local-
ized version roadmap of each
region, establish an institu-
tional mechanism of roadmap
localization and implementa-
tion, and learn about coffee
quality standards and market
National Coffee Coor-
dinator and DTI Cordillera
Administrative Region Re-
gional Director Myrna Pablo
explained the current situation
of the industry, especially the
gap between demand and pro-
“The Philippine coffee
production is far from serv-
ing coffee consumption of the
country. Currently, 90% of the
demand is imported for about
Php 12 billion. The demand is
still increasing with expand-
ing consumption based among
younger generation and night
shift workers. Likewise, cof-
fee shops are increasing, and
specialty coffee market is ex-
panding,” Pablo said, adding
that while coffee production
is almost all over the country,
the country’s production is
very far from sufficiency.
In March, DTI Secretary
Ramon Lopez and Depart-
ment of Agriculture Secretary
Emmanuel Piñol signed the
Philippine Coffee Industry
Roadmap 2017-2022 to bridge
the gap between the steady
high demand for coffee and
the slow decline in produc-
tion, and to provide aid to cof-
fee farmers.
Pablo said that the Cof-
fee Roadmap is focused on
optimizing income for Fili-
pino farmers and the micro,
small, and medium enterprises
(MSMEs) in the industry.
The activity also discussed
the Philippine Coffee Market
vs. World Market Behaviors,
Consumer Demand Innova-
tion, Coffee Science Research-
es, Coffee Development Pro-
grams of the Department of
Environment and Natural Re-
sources and the Department of
Science and Technology, and
the High Value Crops Devel-
opment Program of the De-
partment of Agriculture.
Coffee is among the prior-
ity industry clusters that DTI
is targeting to develop in the
next five years, given its high
potential to accelerate the
region’s economic growth.
While the sector has so much
to offer, development remains
In 2016, DTI has assisted
2,695 coffee MSMEs while
providing 19,232 jobs to Fili-


Since then, LTO has Severino Diaz) in Santa ngonian na taon sagkod pa man dapat yan guibuhon sa mga
tect the lives of many. As part of its continuing
Cruz; and, Prieto Street in harong sa Naga durante kan pista, pati sa Ms Bkolandia beauty
initiated numerous infor- “Director Lutey and I commitment to promote pageant saka iba pang okasyon kan pista para ki Ina. Mas
Barangay Dinaga, could be in
mation caravans, visiting have already presented this safety and comfort to the honor of Rev. Gabriel Prieto makahulogan an pista sabi nya. An proyekto suportado ninda Mr.
every nook and corner of concept as one of our best motorists, LTO seeks to en- or of Tomas Prieto. & Mrs. Jorge Palma, Judge & Mrs. Junet Ayo, Boy Claro, Totoy
the region including even practices way back our Sa- sure that innocent lives are The Filipino secular Bermillo, Ernie Verdadero, Bogs Balmaceda, Kity Monasterio,
priests GOMBURZA, who, Sarah Imperial & Dr. Delfin Rosales.
the remote island provinces lamin-Diwa sa Pagliling- spared from any untoward ********
implicated in the 1872 Cavite
just to disseminate road kod (SALDIWA) training incidents particularly those mutiny and charged with Sa tahaw kan kasiribotan kan milyones na Bikolanos asin
safety information. course in the career execu- caused by ignorance on the subversion, were executed debotos digdi sa Naga/CamSur pagcelebrar kan taonan na
This year, LTO is tak- tive service board. We have existing basic road courte- by the Spanish colonial kapistahan ni Inang Penafrancia, kan nakaaguing Viernes Sept.
15 nagpoon an 9 na aldaw na misa asin novenario para ki Nuestra
ing its campaign to another the same advocacy so we sies and safety laws. authorities, and for which
they are now considered Sra. de Peñafrancia sa Cebu, an Queen City of the South. Segun
level by partnering with thought of coming up with The integration of road sa dyaryong SunSTAR daily, an aroaldaw na aktibidad reliyoso
by some historians as the
DepEd regional office and this idea. But more than safety education in the inspiration of the 1896-1898 guiniguibo poon 6:15 pm sa Our Lady of the Sacred Heart
the DepEd schools division that, I would like to em- curriculum is an innova- Philippine Revolution. They Parish sa N. Escario St, Bgy. Capitol Site, Cebu City. Natapos
office in Camarines Sur. ini kan Sept. 23. Antes kan ika-9 na novena mass nagkaigua nin
phasize that this is a perfect tive intervention. It seeks are honored through the
street names Zamora Street prosesyon hali sa Capitol Parish Church poon alas 4 nin hapon.
DepEd Assistant example of collaboration, to put in place or integrate An kaaldawan kan Peñafrancia fiesta sa Cebu Sept. 24. May
(for Fr. Jacinto Zamora) in
Schools Division Superin- engagement and partner- precautionary measures Barangay Sabang and P. concelebrated mass an mga Bkolanong padi alas 5 nin hapon.
tendent Susan Collano said ship between the two gov- to promote road safety Burgos Street (for Fr. Jose An hermano mayor asin hermana mayor ngonian na taon si
that the partnership was ernment agencies with the through the integration of Burgos) in Centro Naga. No Victor/Cynthia Dy & Mrs. Maria Aguilar. An Bicol Assn. of Cebu
an organiser kan gabos na fiesta activities. Imbitado an gabos
inked out of a common ad- same advocacy for life,” modules to the basic educa- street yet for Father Mariano
na debotos ni Nuestra de Peñafrancia.
vocacy to preserve and pro- Gomez.
Collano added. tion program particularly in ********
While many city streets
the senior high school cur- have already been named Legazpi City- Planong bilogon/pakusogon an panrehyon
Republic of the Philippines riculum. for heroes, martyrs, na organisasyon nin mga senior citizens kan mga gurangan na
aktibista nganing matawan kahulogan an pagtao nin galang sa
LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRY OFFICE “The program cuts patriots, revolutionaries,
mga magurang susog sa ley. Sa tiripon kan mga dating miembros
Province: Camarines Sur across year levels. It covers reformists and practically
City/Municipality: Libmanan those who prominently got kan Khi Rho (Christ) Movement of the Phils. na aktibo kan dekada
Kinder, Grades 3 and 5 and involved or saw action as 60/70 sa okasyon kan birthday ni Mrs. Grace de los Santos,
NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC the Senior High School. We active participants in the bisperas kan day of protest, haros mga tema na may relasyon
are still finalizing the mod- Philippine Revolution or in sa seniors an pigorolayan -- dieta, exercise, wellness, reseta kan
In compliance with the publication requirement and
the Philippine-American doktor pati libreng sine sa mga malls. Presente si Bishop Joel
pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1 ules. We want to ensure that ‘Bong’ Baylon D.D., kan Legazpi pati dating Khi Rho members
Guidelines in the Implementation of the Administrative War, they are by no means
all of the components of the sa Naga asin Legazpi na anas professionals, negosyante,
Order No. 1 series 2012 (IRR on R.A. No. 1017), notice complete as clearly there’s
is hereby served to the public that DIWATA JOVEN SER-
program are also geared to- no street nor monument mababagsik pa asin aktibo pa sa komunidad. Pero dae nang labot
wards disaster risk reduc- yet for local heroes like the sa politika. Bcol Union of Seniors o BUS an apod sa grupo, sabi
VENTO has filed with this Office, a Petition for Change of
Arejola brothers, Luduvico ni Jim Arejola kan Naga. Imbitado an gabos na magsakay sa bus
Date of Birth from “October 7, 1954” to “October 8, 1954” tion management since it nganing mag enjoy kan senior years, dagdag pa kan beteranong
in the certificate of live birth of DIWATA JOVEN, who was involves hazards along the and Tomas; they have yet
to be given appropriate aktibista na nagpapakakan sa kaakian digdi sa Naga.
born at Potot, Libmanan, Camarines Sur and whose parents
road,” Collano concluded. recognition for their noble ********
-LSMacatangay-PIA5/Ca- contributions to the city and Media (radyo, tv, diaryo, social media) sana an nagtatao nin
Any person adversely affected by said petition may retrato kan kamugtakan saka mga pangyayari sa banuaan,
file his written opposition with this office not later than marines Sur the region. But in recent
years, it is observed that nasyon asin kinaban. Kun minsan may katotohanan, minsan putik
October 7, 2017. man, pamalomalo. Anas propaganda. Depende sa circumstancia.
some streets in Naga were
Bahala na kitang magatidatid. Diyos sana an katotohananan,,
BICOL FARMERS... named or re-named to honor
ilaw asin dalan.
(Sgd.) EMILIE S. AGNES-DAIRAO provide said machineries to former Barangay Captains
Municipal Civil Registrar -- this move is a departure
individual farmers. and the “stars” who appeared 1865 (2nd edition) by Colegio
from the traditional focus on
After the turn over, there those whose prominence or in the national or regional de Sto. Tomas in Manila (now
Published: September 24 and October 1, 2017 were demonstrations on the impact reached the national constellations have the UST) , through the efforts of
use of the small equipment. or regional levels. franchise, or the priority slots Msgr. Francisco Gainza,
Prior to the mass distribu- I deliberately tend to set in the naming of streets in Bishop of Caceres, 1818-
tion, the banner programs aside in this short piece Naga? Can those outstanding 1879. Lisboa’s dictionary
have already conducted some the prominent people in people in other professions, preserved much of Bicol’s
contemporary history (within not in government service but suanoy terms; it now serves
training on the maintenance
the past 50-75 years) as their undeniably did great public as a goldmine for scholars,
and use of big machineries service, be also honored
true deeds, contributions cultural workers, and those
particularly the combine har- perpetually and prominently sincerely interested in Bicol
and impact would still be
vester and 4 wheel drive trac- evaluated objectively, away in Naga through street name? language, history and culture
tor. -Lovella P. Guarin from partisan politics. Will scholars and writers – to illustrate Lisboa’s far-
So, from the foregoing, have a similar chance? Can reaching impact to us. And
there ever be a Lisboa Street yes, what about Gainza?

Bicol’s Naga City, very clearly,
has a lot of street names in Naga? Father Marcos Remember, there was “Via
associated with revolution. de Lisboa, a Portuguese Gainza” before; gone now.
Franciscan missionary Will these questions -- or

Some questions need to
be raised, however, at this assigned in Bicol, wrote the perhaps, rumblings to some
point. Do people who were “Vocabulario de la Lengua -- start a revolution of some
once in government service Bicol”, which was published in sort? The Future will see.



World Bank hails resettlement site
“You’re one of the few along subproject areas. One of suportahan man po (I am very ter Concreting of Manangle in seven barangays along the Sur. “We raise the expectation
Projects in World Bank that the environmental and social glad because I have witnessed to Caima FMR is projected to road influence area namely of the people by starting the
has my confidence. Social standards that PRDP SES unit their unity and cooperation. As benefit 6,691 population and Manangle, Bulawan, Bulawan implementation work so let’s
and environmental safe- adopts is the Land Acquisition a group, we initiated the es- 1,437 households. The P131.03 Jr., a barangay of the neighbor- not fail them,” Ladia under-
guards set the standard for and Resettlement Framework tablishment of potable water. million-worth FMR subproject ing municipality of Lupi, Gabi, scored. -Annielyn L. Baleza,
what an international agency designed to ensure the proper We are very happy because we will boost the rice, corn, coco- Carayrayan, Binahian, and DA-PRDP RPCO V InfoACE
should be… and you are able and just compensation for all received all the support needed nut and vegetable production Caima in Sipocot, Camarines Unit
to meet that.” This is how involuntary losses of PAPs. by the community).

SSS commends top employers,

World Bank Social Safe- The said framework also guar- “With regard to relocation,
guards Specialist Mavi Ladia antees that people displaced the worst is through. Tapos na
described her general find- because of developmental yung hardwork ninyo (You’re
ings about the resettlement
of Project Affected Persons
projects are resettled and pro-
vided with assistance to im-
done with the hardwork) on
relocating the affected persons.
best employees in Bicol Region
(PAPs) for the Concreting prove or at least maintain their There are just a few more things
of Manangle-Caima Farm- pre-Project living conditions. that we need to do,” Ladia said.
toMarket Road (FMR) in Si- According to Ladia, among PRDP Bicol Deputy Proj- celebration of the 60th
pocot, Camarines Sur. all PRDP subprojects na- ect Director Adelina Losa ex- anniversary of Social
Ladia, together with Social tionwide, the Concreting of pressed hopes that the project Security System (SSS),
and Environmental Safeguards Manangle-Caima FMR has the implementers will not break Luzon Bicol Division
(SES) unit teams from the most number of Project Affect- the World Bank’s trust. She Office conferred this
Philippine Rural Development ed Persons (PAPs) relocated. also assured the contractor and year’s top employer
Project (PRDP) National Of- Fifteen families were relocated the Provincial Project Manage- and best SSS employees
fice headed by Angelita Mar- to the 6,955 square-meter re- ment and Implementing Unit during the Balikat ng
tir and Project Support Office settlement site provided by the (PPMIU) of Camarines Sur of Bayan Awards and Em-
South Luzon led by Ma. Iris municipal local government the PRDP-Bicol’s open and
ployees Awards which
Millendez, were in Bicol on unit (MLGU) of Sipocot in regular communication as well
August 15-17 for the World Brgy. Manangle Sipocot, Ca- as full support and commit-
were held last August
Bank Review Mission to In- marines Sur. The MLGU also ment. 29 at the Villa Caceres
frastructure Development (I- provided each household with PPMIU Head Renz Gonzalo Hotel in Naga City.
BUILD) Subproject in Cama- 10 galvanized iron sheets, one Refe thanked the WB and the Dreamland Farm was
rines Sur. unit water seal toilet bowls and project collaborators for the hailed as Balikat ng Bay-
The review mission kicked two sacks of cement. Mean- experiences gained through an’s Top Employer for
off with a dinner meeting on while, they received a total PRDP that equipped them in Luzon Operations Group
August 15 followed by a site of P484,680-worth financial doing other national projects. under the medium ac-
visit in Brgy. Manangle in Si- compensation according to He also acknowledged the ef- count category. They also
pocot on August 16. Ladia, their dwelling classification forts given by the PRDP teams won at the division level
along with the SES teams and from the provincial local gov- from the national, cluster and
together with Yya’s Res-
all Project stakeholders from ernment unit (PLGU) of Ca- regional levels to guide them BEST EMPLOYERS CITED
both the provincial local gov- marines Sur. in achieving their mutual goal
taurant and Catering Ser-
Bicol’s top employers were awarded by the Social Security
ernment unit of Camarines The project collaborators to develop the province’s agri- vices.
System as part of its 60th anniversary celebration. Top photo
Sur and municipal local gov- also facilitated the establish- fishery sector. Beda O. Santos, Head (from left) shows representatives from Yya's Restaurant and
ernment unit of Sipocot con- ment of electrical and lighting “We have noted that you of the Tellering Section Catering Services Cyril Solares, Philip Trinidad and Ellen
ducted a series of focus group facilities, potable water system have come so far from your be- of SSS Daet Branch was Trinidad; and Dreamland Farm representatives Jean Ravalo,
discussions with PAPs to look and conduct of trainings on ginning. Sipocot is one of the named Best Supervisor Raymond Ravalo and Agnes Oluya. Bottom photo shows
at the relocation, grievance vegetable gardening in the re- first subprojects approved un- for Operations Category SSS Best Employee Awardees Ralph-Kenrick T. Imperial
redress mechanism, labor in- located community. They also der PRDP and so it was a learn- (center) and representative of Beda O. Santos, Abegail J.
while Ralph-Kenrick T. Septimo (4th from right). Joining them were Antonio A.
flux and emerging community received grafted pili seedlings, ing process for all of us and it Imperial, Junior Adminis- Casimiro of SSS Sorsogon, Elizabeth A. De Guzman of SSS
benefit aspects of the I-BUILD mahogany seedlings and veg- is special because of this full trative Assistant of the Of- Goa, Engr. Ermina Maria P. Robredo of SSS Masbate, OIC
subproject implementation. etable seeds. resettlement that you were able
fice of the Branch Head of Head for Luzon Bicol Division Elenita S. Samblero, Claribel
The review mission was Emerlinda Naje, barangay to really pull through… Let us L. Rebueno of SSS Legazpi and Rolando G. Gomez of SSS
capped with an exit conference councilor assigned in the re- continue to adhere to the Safe-
SSS Naga, was identified
as Best Support Service Iriga. Also present in said event were SSS Naga Branch
held in Pili, Camarines Sur on settlement site, said: “Ako po guards Framework of the Proj- Head Virgilio A. Santiago and OIC- Assistant Branch Head
August 17. naoogma ta yaon po an sain- ect… Let’s hold on to what we Employee. Jogar B. Tosoc.
SES is one of PRDP’s proj- dang pagkasararo, koopera- have learned and apply them in
ect support units mandated syon sa lambang saro. Nagra- the future,” Millendez said.
to identify, prevent and miti- rabos po kami sa tubig po dyan With a physical accomplish-
gate harm to communities or naayos mi po. Naoogma po ka- ment of 4.64 percent as of July
people and the environment ming marhay ta an gabos po na- 31, 2017, the 19.15- kilome-

ROAD PROJECT GIVES HOPE . . . port the rice, corn, coconut and
be established in Brgy. Manan- poverty. vegetable production in seven
gle),” Domiquel said. “Once na-open ang mga kal- barangays along the road influ-
Josefa Agnote, baranggay sada, kahit papaano ang poverty ence area namely Manangle,
chairman of Gabi, Sipocot, Ca- sa kanayunan talagang maiib- Bulawan, Bulawan Jr., a ba-
marines Sur said that the FMR san kasi yung mga farmers na- rangay of the neighboring mu-
subproject is the fulfillment of tin pag nakita nilang maganda nicipality of Lupi, Gabi, Ca-
their longtime dream. She said na ang kalsada tapos yung mga rayrayan,, Binahian, and Caima
that finally, farm produce from buyers pupunta sa area nila in Sipocot, Camarines Sur.
her baranggay would reach the kahit paano mai-inspire sila “This project will help shape
market of Sipocot since farm- na magtanim (Once roads are the future of our farmers para
ers opt to sell their products in opened, poverty in the country- ma-encourage sila, sabihin nila
Lupi, Camarines Sur to reduce side will be alleviated because na ’Ako ay isang magsasaka!’
their hauling costs. having a better road and see- maging proud sila (This project
Mangalino views the FMR ing buyers coming to their area will help shape the future of our
subproject in Sipocot as a privi- will inspire the farmers to plant farmers to encourage them to
lege. She said that having a more),” she added. proudly say ‘I am a farmer!’),”
world-class quality FMR will The P131.03 million-worth Mangalino added. -Annielyn
be very beneficial to alleviate Concreting of Manangle to L. Baleza, DA-PRDP RPCO V
farmers and fisherfolk from Caima FMR is designed to sup- InfoACE Unit

The Ateneo de Naga University recently hosted the launching of the recent book of Australia-
based Bicol writer Merlinda Bobis, Accidents of Composition.