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Draft Format

Draft is an exciting limited format of play

for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game.
In a draft, each player creates a pool of
eligible cards for his or her deck by selecting
individual cards from randomized draft
packs. After this process is complete, each
player builds a deck from his or her pool of
drafted cards, and the players use those decks
to compete in a tournament.
To draft, each player needs 1 A Game of
Thrones: The Card Game Draft Pack and 1
A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Draft
Starter. Players must also provide their own
power counters and gold tokens.
Setup: Players are arranged in drafting pods
of 5-8 players. Each player opens his or her
Draft Pack at the table and in sight of the
other players, but does not look at or re-order
the cards. The contents of the Draft Starter
are set aside at this time.
How To Draft
To draft, follow these steps, in order:
1. Each player draws the top 10 cards of his
or her Draft Pack.
2. Each player looks at his or her 10 cards,
selects 1 of those cards to draft, and
places it face down in his or her area as a
drafted card.
3. Each player passes the 9 remaining cards
(those that were not drafted) face down
to the player to his or her left. Players
may not pick up or look at the cards just
passed until all players at the table have
completed this step.
4. Each player looks at the 9 cards that were
just passed, and selects 1 of those cards to
draft. The drafted card is placed face down
in his or her stack of drafted cards.
5. Each player passes the 8 remaining cards
(those that were not drafted) to the player
to his or her left.
6. This process of drafting 1 card, and
passing the remaining cards to the left,
is repeated until no cards remain to be
passed. When this occurs, the first round
of the draft is over.
7. Between rounds, each player may review
the cards he or she has drafted.
8. For the next round of drafting, each player
draws 10 cards from his or her Draft Pack,
drafts 1, and then passes the remaining
cards to the right. (All remaining cards
for this round are passed in the opposite
direction than they were passed in the
previous round.)
9. This draft process continues through
five 10-card rounds, until all cards
have been drafted. During each round,
undrafted cards are passed in the direction
opposite to that in which they were passed
during the previous round, so that passing
occurs in a left-right-left-right-left
manner through each of the five rounds
of the draft.
Draft Starter Contents
After a draft event is complete, the contents of the
Draft Starter may be re-used in future draft events.
For your convenience, the following checklist of
cards in the Draft Starter is provided.
• House Baratheon/House Greyjoy x1
• House Lannister/House Martell x1
• The Night's Watch/House Stark x1
• House Targaryen/House Tyrell x1
• The Power of Wealth/Protectors of the Realm x1
• Treaty/Uniting the Seven Kingdoms x1
• The Roseroad x3
• The Kingsroad x3
• House Bannerman x2
• Wildling Scout x1
• Rattleshirt's Raiders x1
• Filthy Accusations x1
• A Feast For Crows x1
• Feast or Famine x1
• Summoned by the Conclave x1
• The Pale Mare x1
Draft format is an exciting way to enjoy A Game of
Thrones: The Card Game in which players compete to
build decks from limited card pools. This draft starter
includes draft rules, as well as the 21 fixed cards that
can be used when constructing a draft format deck.
An A Game of Thrones: The Card Game
Valyrian Draft Pack is also required for play.
These cards were digitally manufactured.
Color and material will vary from regular A Game of Thrones cards.
Players should use opaque card sleeves when combining the two.

to see the cards inside!

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