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Unitrends Compared to Datto

Data Sheet

Unitrends Compared to Datto

Customers Choose Unitrends for a Comprehensive Single Vendor Solution with
more Advanced Recovery and DRaaS Options

Top 5 Ways Unitrends Datto Unitrends

Datto solutions are pieced together Unitrends offers all-in-one physical
Beats Datto from several vendors with an MSP that and software products that protect
stands between you and the people who both physical and virtualized servers.
1. Single Vendor Solution know the product the best - the vendors. Unitrends also provides the most
2. 100% Confidence in your Once you select an MSP you are locked comprehensive cloud DRaaS in the
Recovery. into that relationship with no option to industry. With over 19,000 customers and
change without starting over. Also Datto continued rapid growth, Unitrends was
3. Enterprise-Grade DRaaS does not offer fully featured DRaaS, just an early adopter of cloud technology. In
4 Simple File Searching “offsite virtualization”. You are limited to fact, Unitrends gives you the ability to
Capabilities just 2 CPU / 4 GB memory VMs with no fail-over to the cloud with a 1-hour SLA.
guarantee of recovery success. In fact you No competitor can match Unitrends’
5. Local Data Retention can’t even fully test recovery capabilities breadth of backup, recovery, and cloud
Options as Datto only offers “screen shot verifi- backup and continuity options.

Key Feature
or Benefit Unitrends Datto Why Unitrends Wins

Single Vendor
Solution ü X • There is never a question of who to call. Unitrends series of
all-in-one backup appliances are fully supported by Unitrends
Support and their 98% Customer Satisfaction Rating.
• Datto solutions are sourced from several vendors and support-
ed by an MSP, not the companies who know the products best.

100% Confidence in
your Recovery ü X • Know where you stand at all times. Unitrends Recovery Assur-
ance automates backup verification, multi-system recovery
plans, and compliance reporting for ensuring recovery SLAs.
• Datto only offers “screen shot images” with no automated way
of fully testing your recovery or ensuring you meet your RTOs.

DRaaS ü X • Unitrends is the only DRaaS vendor to offer a 1-hour SLA
guaranteeing mission critical apps will quickly recover from a
• Datto has no true DRaaS, only offering “off-site virtualization”
and smaller VMs.

Simple File Search-

ing Capabilities ü X • Unitrends allows you to search your backups for particular files
just like you would on your servers.
• With Datto you have to know exactly where the desired file is
located before you can recover it from a backup

Local Data Reten-

tion Options ü X • Unitrends has local retention options including disk-to-disk-to-
any (D2D2X) to removable media, including tape and SATA disks
• Datto only supports data storage on the appliance or in the

Unitrends compared to Datto
Data Sheet

Details: Why Unitrends administrators to perform full site DR Datto only offers “offsite virtualization”
tests, measure RTO/RPO SLAs, and and no way to test recoveries to gain
Beats Datto generate crisp compliance reports for DR confidence your business will survive a
auditors. site-wide disaster.
Single Vendor Solution
Unitrends builds, integrates and Simple File Searching Capabilities
Datto does not support full recovery
supports every component of our One of the most common requests
testing. Datto only offers “screen shot
backup solutions. Unitrends backup made of IT is to recover lost or wrongly
verification”. Datto testing does not scale
appliances integrate server hardware, deleted files. With Unitrends you can
and can test only one machine at a time,
operating system, security, server/OS/ easily recover a missing file in less
not complex, n-tiered applications that
application monitoring, backup software than five minutes, from logon to a fully
run across multiple servers such as ERP
and the cloud. Our Customer Support functional restore. The user interface is
and MRP software.
organization is based in Columbia, South so easy that any IT person can perform
Carolina, co-located with the engineers the recovery, with no special training
Test as often as you want and have
who design and build our solutions. Our or manuals to consult. You can easily
total confidence that you will recover
Customer Support organization has a search backups to find the missing file.
as needed with Unitrends Recovery
98% customer satisfaction rating, solving With Datto file recovery is complex. You
most issues on the first call. can’t browse backups to find files so
Enterprise Grade DRaaS you need to know in advance the exact
Datto uses a combination of products location of the missing data.
With Unitrends Cloud, organizations of all
(some requiring additional licensing) to
sizes can completely offload their burden Local Data Retention Options
provide a solution to their customers.
of maintaining a cloud-based disaster Datto can store data only on the
With multiple vendors in the path, more
recovery program, freeing them to focus appliance or in the cloud. They have
vendors often lead to more complexity
on what they do best - support their no option for local data retention
and lower customer satisfaction. The
business. They can rest assured that if so companies that want to maintain
total number of responsible parties for
they have a site disruption, their business some form of local backups using tape
supporting Dato products is a minimum
will be up and running within an hour – or removable drives must perform a
of 3 – MSP, Datto, and the 3rd party
guaranteed. With unlimited retention, 1 complex work-around.
component vendor.
hour disaster recovery SLAs and Recovery
Assurance compliance reporting, Unitrends supports local data retention
100% Confidence in Your Recovery Unitrends Cloud offers an unparalleled programs with an interface to tape and
As complexity within the IT solution to businesses who seek the removable hard drives. This is ideal for
infrastructure increases, administrators benefit of a comprehensive business small and mid-sized enterprises that
are often skeptical whether they continuity solution with the smallest do business only in a single location,
can recover from IT disasters with total cost of ownership. Unitrends can are not yet ready to jump to the cloud
minimal disruption. With Unitrends, also suport failing over and recovering in but still require getting backups off-site
the scepticism ends. Unitrends offers hyperscale clouds such as Azure or AWS. for disaster protection and compliance
Recovery Assurance, true automated purposes.
Gartner’s DRaaS Magic Quadrant attests
and orchestrator recovery verification
Unitrends compelling cloud offering by
software for use on premises or in
naming it a “Visionary” in this space.
the cloud. Recovery Assurance allows