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DATE: 17.02.2018


Jacques Garnier

Levis Lugo

Alicja Lewandowska

Violeta Hoyos


1) Clarify roles and responsibilities

2) Determine needs for support
3) Discuss monitoring and record-keeping systems
4) Discuss risk processes


1) Person in charge of:

Budget : Alice
Risk management: Violeta
Communication / stakeholders : David
Scope / planning : Jacques

2. Everyone knows their role to play and task to do in order to achieve the project.
We will to weekly meeting to review the planning and the delays associated in order
to help Jacques to produce a reliable planning

3. During the meeting we agreed that the followings performances bellow will be
KPI will be created and their results reported weekly to adjust the strategy of the
- Budget
- Delay
- Quality
- Client satisfaction
- Concerning records keeping, all the participants agreed to keep at the end of the
project a ring binder and electronic archive with the following documents:
- Quotation
- Order
- planning
- Specification and invoice of the materials used
- Weekly meetings report
- Certificate
- Outcomes deliverables
- Lesson learned
- Financial records
Roles and responsibilities

Role Name/s Responsibilities Signature/s

(if required)
Project client Demin Responsibility of
James the client is to
provide proper
information which
helps in the
preparation of the
project according
to its requirement.

Project sponsor Max Lionel It is the

responsibilities of
sponsor to provide
and look after the
funds and financial
transactions of the
project. And
observing the
budgets for cost
centres and for
viewing budget
variation reports
and for the
incorporation of
the information in
to financial
statements and
projections for the

Project manager Kim It is the

Sweeney responsibility of a
Les Goodale manager to look
after the day-to-
Sam Lee day operations of
the project. They
Pat Misfud are responsible for
Peter Mitchell functions of the
organisation. The
responsibilities are
to review
system and
projects for
achieving benefits
of team spirit.
Human resource
manager is
responsible for the
capacity and
welfare of people
and work with
manager in
system and
project. Manager
residential realty is
responsible for
managing all the
aspects of
residential realty
and monitor and
control the
activities of
residential agents.
commercial realty
is responsible for
managing all the
aspects of
commercial realty
and the activities
of commercial
agents. A
investment is
responsible for
managing all the
aspects related to
investment realty.
And is responsible
for the
management of
activities related to
investment agents
Kim Managing the day-
Manager of the project Sweeney to-day activities of
manager the operations of
the company so as
Les Goodale to ensure the
execution of the
Sam Lee project in right
Pat Misfud

Peter Mitchell

Project team members Kim Guiding the

Sweeney project towards
the right path and
completing it in an
Les Goodale effective and
efficient manner.
Sam Lee

Pat Misfud

Peter Mitchell

Steering committee Max Lionel It is the

Officer responsibility of
Riz Mehra committee to
provide advises
for the
improvement in
the project and to
which helps in
enhancing the
implementation of
the project plan.

Project Title: Project Planning and Project Client: Date: 17.02.2018

Management Demin James
Project Project File Name:
Sponsor:Max Manager: Risk project
Lionel Kim Sweeney,
Les Goodale,
Sam Lee, Pat
Misfud, Peter

Risk register

Risk Likelihood Impact Risk response Responsible

Lack of proper Low Hight Arrangement Planning
resources of quality department
Not complying Low High Checking the Managers
with th acts implementation
process at
every stage

Poor Medium High Adopting Project and

environment effective management
of workplace monitoring team

Changes in High High Preparation of Operation

the economic contingency manager
policies funds for
meeting the
impacts of


The risks associated with the project at hand include schedule risk and resource risk
as earlier outlined. The repercussions or instead consequences of such risks are
detrimental to the completion of the project. Firstly, if the project’s schedule does not
conform to the required tasks at hand, it will be completed outside the set deadline.
When there is insufficient funds and personnel in terms of resources needed for the
project, the project will not attain its objective and may not even be completed.
Final Report

For the project to be successful, it is important that adequate strategies are applied in
monitoring it. Firstly, record keeping is an important attribute or rather variable
necessary for the monitoring of the project’s progression. Through record keeping, the
shortcomings and areas of improvement concerning the entire project can be efficiently
established. For example, the progress made in terms of work done individually and
as a group can be recorded in week one in order to set a benchmark for the second
week. All group members should record their allocated funds and account for their use.
The records will help guide the client regarding the activities being carried out and
ensure that everything is within schedule and budget. Monitoring of the project’s
activities will be facilitated by the project monitor as assigned.

Risk is an unavoidable circumstance for the entire project. The risks associated with
the project is either incurred individually or by the entire group which may jeopardize
the accuracy and validity of the entire project. The first risk that may be incurred
individually is schedule risk. Schedule risks refers to the risk that tasks may not be
completed within the set timelines. As a result, it might take the project more time to
be completed than earlier scheduled. The next risk that exists is resource risks.
Resource risks entails the inadequacy of the resources at hand such as finances and
personnel necessary for the completion of the project. These risks have a negative
impact as they will derail the project and minimize its quality.

Overall support of the project is essential for its overall success. The person selected
to provide this support is Jacques. As the person tasked with planning and developing
the scope of the project, Jacques is in the best position to provide support to the project
regarding diverse variables. The first type of support is intellectual support. As the
planner of the whole project, Jacques is well equipped with knowledge regarding
various risk factors and schedule of the project which is essential expertise needed for
the project’s success. Jacques can also offer coordinative support by integrating the
tasks and duties of individual members with the project’s goals.

Delegation of duties and responsibilities is essential for the success of any given
project. Consequently, individual members are tasked with certain roles and
responsibilities based on their assignments, qualities and abilities. The project is
divided into four parts which include budget, risk management, communication and
planning. The member in charge of budget is tasked with coming up with an efficient
and sustainable budget for the entire project. The member in charge of risk
management is responsible for identifying all the risks at hand and coming up with
relevant strategies of mitigating them. The member responsible for communication is
tasked with communicating the progress of the project to all stakeholders involved.
Finally, the member assigned to plan the project is accountable for the project’s
duration and quality.


Item Responsible team member

Quality Violeta Hoyos

Client satisfaction Levis Lugo

Budget Alicja Lewandowska

Delay Jacques Garnier

Project Title: Monitoring Project Client: Date:


Project Sponsor:Max lionel Project Manager: Kim File Name: Monitoring


Record keeping

- Specification of the material

- All meeting support
- Certificate
- Financial record
- Qualification
- Planning
- Outcomes deliverables
- Orders

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