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Settle 4.

0 3D
Settlement and Consolidation Analysis
software tools for rock and soil

Settle3D is a 3-dimensional program for the analysis of vertical consolidation and settlement under foundations,
embankments and surface loads. The program combines the simplicity of one-dimensional analysis with the power and
visualization capabilities of more sophisticated three-dimensional programs.


• Easy to use program for analysis of Personal License: Locked to one computer.
consolidation and settlement
• Personal Perpetual: USD $1495
• Modeling of complex soil stratigraphy Purchased outright.

• Full CPT data interpretation • Personal Lease: USD $745/year

Leased annually. Includes maintenance and upgrades.
• Multiple types of loads (embankments,
polygonal loads, horizontal loads, Flexible License: Installed on any number of machines. The
excavations, etc.) license file sits on the server.

• Definition of rigid or flexible loads • Flexible Perpetual: USD $1995

Purchased outright.
• Liquefaction analysis capabilities
• Flexible Lease: USD $1095/year
Leased annually. Includes maintenance and upgrades.

Maintenance can be purchased annually for our Perpetual

Licenses at 15% of the license cost. With Annual Maintenance
you will receive free upgrades and technical support. Contact us
at software@rocscience.com!

Total Settlement Contours for circular load on CPT interpretation results – over 25 different parameters are
non-horizontal ground surface. calculated

Technical Specifications
Modeling Loading • back analysis using preload
or time
• interactive editing • different shape load
• point query
• right click shortcuts • staged loading, pre-load
• easily define arcs and circles • embankment Empirical Methods
• import / export in DXF format • excavation
• Burland and Burbidge
• grid / vertex / object snapping • uniform or variable
• Schmertmann
• interactive sidebar • flexible or rigid
• Peck, Hanson, Thornburn
• depth control • staged loading
• Schultze and Sherif
• undo / redo • horizontal loading
• D’Appolonia
• metric or imperial units
• data tips CPT Data Interpretation
Contour Data
• CPT analysis based on qc, fs,
• settlement
Analysis and u2
• Determine soil profile • secondary consolidation
• non-horizontal soil layers
• Over 25 parameters calculated • stress
• multiple boreholes
• Five SBT options • pore pressure and excess pore
• horizontal soil layers
• pressure
• multiple layers / soil types
Non-Horizontal Ground Surface • Modulus of subgrade reaction
• multiple loads
• Define using boreholes and • Virgin and recompression
• multi-stage analysis consolidation settlements
CPT points
• time-dependent consolidation • Horizontal stresses
based on Terzaghi theory • 3D surface contour
• immediate, primary and • Define soil profile by depth or
secondary consolidation elevation Visualization
(creep) • plan view / 3D view
• hydro-consolidation Stress Computation Method • plot contours on horizontal,
• Westergaard vertical or user-defined planes
Material Types • Vertical ratio (2:1, angle) • plot results on vertical or
horizontal lines
• linear elastic • Multiple Layer
• plot multiple stages, times or
• non-linear • Boussinesq locations on one graph
• Janbu • animate / rotate 3D view
• Koppejan Groundwater • isosurfaces
• collapsible soil • define multiple water grids
• variable with depth • define multiple piezo lines Export
• database of typical properties • staged water table elevation • one click export to Excel
• horizontal drainage • copy to clipboard
Liquefaction • wick drain regions • export image files
• Post-triggering LDI and • Info Viewer
settlement Compute • drawing, annotation, and
• Pre-defined SPT calculation • field point grid dimensioning toolkit
• line query • customize / save view options
• Ground profile for LDI
• point query
• SPT, CPT, VST data
• multiple analysis methods
• comprehensive results