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 Involved through all the phases of software development life cycle(SDLC)

 Requirements Gathering, Analysis, Design
 Prepare technical specifications
 Participated in design , development ,implementation , maintenance of interactive web
applications using .net,C#,ADO.net, MVC framework Analysis of the Initial Requirements
 Responsible for creating new properties in existing classes to enhancing their
 Responsible for writing stored procedures in SQL SERVER 2012.
 Report Generation using SSRS2014.
 Responsible for designing web forms using different ASP.NET Server controls.
 Used ADO.NET to connect to the database using the SQL Server .NET data provider.
 Responsible for Testing - unit testing, testing of all modules during any enhancements.
 Worked extensively with data bound controls like Grid View.
 Used Asp.net validations Controls for server side validations
 Used Java Script validation for client side validations.
 Involved in creation of stored procedures in MS SQL Server

Develop databases including queries, triggers and stored procedures for Web based application

● Created ASP.NET pages with web server controls for the presentation layer.
● Developed web applications using ASP.NET and AJAX Extensions.
● Used ADO.Net for database programming.
● Database transactions were achieved through Datasets, Data Reader and SQL Data
● Participated in Team Meetings and updated my status reports daily and weekly to my
● Involved in reviews meetings
● Understands technical/business and functional design requirement documents.
● Mentor the new joiners about processes and expedite their learning processes.
About Project:
For every project there is a software developemet life cycle (sdlc) which cosists of different
types of following phases reuirement,planning,analysis,development implement and testing and
code review and delo
Understanding business requirements,needs and functional reuiements
 Requirements Gathering, Analysis, Design and functional requirements
 Prepare technical specifications