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Study on mutual funds as an investment option

Questionnaire on SYBMS semester IV project on

“Study on mutual funds as an investment option”


Age: 18 – 25 25 – 30 30 – 45 45 – 60 above 60

Gender:  Male  Female  Transgender

Profession: Student  Service  Professional Housewife

Retired  Other, specify

Please Tick Wherever Applicable

Yes No

1. Are you aware with the term MUTUAL FUNDS ?

2. Have you ever invested in mutual funds ?
3. Can mutual funds be viewed as risk free investments ?

4. Do you accept the fact that Investing in Mutual Funds will lead to the economic

Always Occasionally Sometimes Rarely Never

5. How often do you invest in mutual Highly Satisfa Average Dissa Highly Dissatisfactory
funds ? Satisfact ctory tisfac
6. Have you incurred loss in any of your ory tory
7. How do you rate XYZ Mutual Fund on
the basis of returns?
8. How do you rate XYZ Mutual Fund on
the basis of Risk exposure?
9. How do you rate XYZ Mutual Funds on
the basis of Fund Portfolio?
K. J. 10.
How College
do you of Arts
rate & Commerce
XYZ (Autonomous)
Mutual Funds
on the basis of Repurchase Price?
11. Your overall experience with XYZ
Mutual Funds ?
Study on mutual funds as an investment option

12. How is your invest pattern :

Monthly (SIP) Once in Six Months Once in a year Very Rare

13. Where do you gather information about the performance of different mutual fund schemes?
Financial Institutions Brokers Financial Consultants TV Channels Magazines Internet

14. You have not invested in mutual funds because:

Its not a lucrative investment instrument
No safety for funds invested
No / Less Liquidity
No knowledge about how to invest

15. Which kind of mutual you would like to invest?

Public Private

16. When you invest in Mutual Funds which mode of investment will you prefer?
One Time Investment Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

17. Where from you purchase mutual funds?

Directly from the AMCs Brokers only Banks Other sources

18. Do you have any suggestion to improve the popularity of mutual funds among the investors ?

Thank you for spending time and making my project’s research complete. Your sincere
contribution has added a feather to my project.

K. J. Somaiya College of Arts & Commerce (Autonomous)