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Honest Abe the Werewolf Slayer

On the day of February 12, 1809 was the birth of Abraham Lincoln1. And on that day he
was known for greatness to be a fine young man. But meanwhile lurking in the darkness
creatures of the undead had other plans. The birth of a werewolf2 that would bring mankind to a
end with a army of werewolves that man would be known as Silver Fang3. It would be fate that
they meet and in battle in a stand-off to see though would be victorious. Abraham would be born
in the North and Silver Fang in the South each born different. When Abraham turned 4 years old
he went into the forest where he encountered a werewolf that chased him down until his father
Thomas Lincoln4 had found him and fought off the beast and ended up wounded after the battle.
The last words he gave Abraham was you must now protect the people from the creatures that
lurk the night my son. At the same time that happened Silver fang was training to become the
most powerful werewolf in his pack. At age 10 Abraham started training with a silver axe5 and a
pistol that used silver bullets in order to keep the promise he made to his father that he would end
the rain of the werewolves. For Silver fang it was a completely different story he basically was
hunting now and his first kill was a runaway slave that had found out their secret. Later on,
Abraham became 15 and decided to start hunting werewolves that were in his hometown because
he didn’t want to leave his mother Nancy Lincoln6 alone because of the werewolves. On the
other hand Silver Fang started to learn about what his father did on a daily basis with his slaves
which then his father the leader of the werewolves also told Silver Fang about the prophecy of
him and Abraham Lincoln. Silver Fang seemed confused at first but then his father told him it is
his destiny because he was told that Abraham will one day become president of the U.S., would
end slavery, and would also end werewolf kind. So they decided it would be best to end
Abraham Lincoln once and for all by killing him when he becomes 26 years old. So years
passed, Abraham had become 21 and was out shopping for groceries. As he was coming home
Abraham realized something was weird, he saw that the door was cracked open so what he did
took out his axe that he keeps hidden on him. He then enter the house noticing a site he will
never forget. The death of his mother with werewolf over her body blood on his mouth, so
Abraham screamed out a huge battle cry and charged the werewolf chopping of its arm as the
werewolf turned to block his attack with his arm unsuccessfully. So then werewolf howled out in
pain and knocked Abraham down and rushed out the door soon then Abraham picked up his dead
mother’s corpse in his arms and cried over her lifeless body. People soon heard his cries out
anger,pain, and suffering they rushed to see what had happened and saw Abraham crying over
his mother corpse. Later that day, Abraham went to his mom’s funeral in suffering and anger, he
then vowed to avenge his parents by hunting down every last werewolf he found. Years passed

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president
a person who changes for periods of time into a wolf, typically when there is a full moon.
Soon to be leader of the Werewolf clans
Abraham’s father
Silver is a werewolf’s weakness
Abraham’s mother
on even more, Silver Fang had become stronger at 25 years old so had Abraham both were
training even harder. Later that day Abraham went to get a job as a lawyer so he could make
some money but his boss to be Jack Brownstone7 was a tuff cookie. In the end though Abraham
had got the job by using his skills of knowledge about lawyering to get the job. Meanwhile Silver
Fang was earning money by selling and buying slaves, and selling his produces. A few days
passed and Abraham became one of his bosses number one lawyers and had started to talk to a
woman that he soon became to love and that woman’s name was Mary Ann Todd8. Silver Fang
soon found this out and decide to target her and tell his men to capture her at once in order to
lure out Abraham. Night struck and Abraham was taking Mary home but that’s when it happened
two werewolves appear and third one stayed back and observed. Abraham quick as ever took his
silver axe out as the one werewolf sprung at Mary. When that werewolf sprung Abraham was
ready with his axe and cut of the werewolves head, then the other decided to go after Abraham
but Abraham dodge the werewolf’s attack and cut off one of his legs and then put a huge gash in
his neck with his axe.

Finally the third werewolf was the last one standing so he told Abraham “We will be back Silver
Fang will not be pleased with the results of this battle” .

So he left but before he did Abraham said “ Who is this Silver Fang guy” and so he replied “You
will soon find out (evil laughs).”After the battle Abraham took unconscious Mary home and stay
by her side till she awoke and when she did she had many questions like “Who were they,”
“What were they,” “What happened last night,” “How do they know of you and me” so Abraham
stopped her there and said “I will tell you the whole story of what happened ok but you need to
rest”. The next day Abraham explained the whole story of the werewolves and their plans and
about the promise he made to his father and mother. Mary understood every word and felt sorry
for Abraham, so Mary stayed with Abraham no matter what happened.
Years later, Abraham became 33 and Silver Fang was too both had become stronger and smarter.
Abraham had married Mary9 and Silver Fang decide to marry a woman by the name of Crimson
Rose10. Soon after there marriages they decided that they will later in their future have kids.
Later in the years, Abraham and Mary decided to have four kids: Robert Todd Lincoln11, Tad
Lincoln12, William Wallace Lincoln13, and Edward Baker Lincoln14. But at the same time Silver

Boss of the Daily L
Abraham’s real wife
November 4,1842 is when they actually got married
A werewolf whose pelt looks like crimson
Abraham Lincoln’s 1st son
Abraham Lincoln’s 2nd son
Abraham Lincoln’s 3rd son
Abraham Lincoln’s 4th son
Fang and Crimson Rose had their children: Carnage15, Blood Fury16, Dark Hound17 and Silent
Then soon later after his son’s birth Abraham ran for president at age 38 so he could make the
world a better place for blacks and whites. But Silver Fang also ran for president in order to
destroy the world. But in the end, Abraham Lincoln won and freed slaves after 2 years later.
Then he become number one for all southern’s because they didn’t like what he did. Many
werewolves were sent into the revolutionary war so that they could take the north but Abraham
had a way to win the war. He had his soldiers collect all the silver they could find and turn it into
bullets and bayonets. But there was one problem in order for them to get the supplies to the
soldiers on the battlefield it had to be delivered by train which Silver Fang found out about it so
they were going to try and stop the train so they could win the war. But Abraham Lincoln was
not going to let that happen so when they train was on leaving he boarded in secret and waited
for the werewolves to strike with 5 other men on the train. So Silver Fang began his assault on
the train with 3 other werewolves and they soon found out what awaited them inside. Abraham
had cut on of the werewolves down as soon as they entered and started to fight the other two
werewolves hacking and slashing at them until he finally kill them but all that was left was Silver
They clashed and clashed axe vs fangs but in the end of the clash Abraham came out victorious
of the battle. So as schedule the train arrived to the soldiers and Abraham went home to his wife
and on that day they went to a play and was assassinated19 by someone20.

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Silver Fang’s 1st son
Silver Fang’s 2nd son
Silver Fang’s 3rd son
Silver Fang’s 4th son
April 16, 1865
John Wilkes Booth assassinated abraham
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