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University of the East

College of Law

Syllabus for Partnership, Agency & Trust

by Atty. Manolito S. Soller, CPA

(Arts. 1767 to 1867 of the Civil Code)

I. Introduction
a. Brief Historical Background
b. Sources of Philippine Partnership Laws
i. Old Civil Code
ii. US Uniform Partnership Act
iii. US Uniform Limited Partnership Act
iv. Code of Commerce
v. Spanish Civil Code

II. Contract of Partnership

a. Definition
b. Concepts
i. Philippine setting
ii. Western setting
iii. British setting
c. Elements
i. Consensual
ii. Nominate
iii. Bilateral
iv. Onerous
v. Commutative
vi. Principal
vii. Preparatory

d. Features
i. Valid contract - requisites
ii. Legal capacity
a. Individuals
i. Who cannot enter into a partnership
b. Partnership
c. Corporation
e. Mutual contribution to a common fund
i. Property vs Capital
ii. Credit
iii. Possession/use
iv. Industry
f. Lawful/unlawful object
g. To obtain and divide profit as primary purpose
i. As compared to division of sales or gross income/collection
ii. How about losses?

h. General Professional vs Business

i. Fiduciary relationship – delectus personae
III. Juridical Person
a. Liability of partnership
i. To the partners
ii. To third parties
iii. To the State
b. Representative
i. Law on Agency
c. How authority granted
d. Commencement
i. Registration vs recording with SEC
ii. Consensual Partnerhsip
iii. Statute of Fraud

IV. Rules to determine existence of Partnership

a. Burden of proof
b. Presumption
c. Test and incidence of partnership

V. How partnership is formed and managed

a. Consensual
b. Formalities
i. In public instrument; recording with SEC
ii. Contribution of Php3,000 or more
iii. Contribution of immovable property
a. Inventory – public instrument
c. General Partner vs Limited Partner
d. Capitalist Partner vs Industrial Partner
e. Managing Partner vs General Partner
f. Continuing/Surviving vs Retiring /Incoming

VI. Partnership term

a. With a period
b. Indefinite period
c. At will vs fixed term
i. How/when terminated
VII. Universal vs. Particular
a. Coverage
b. Who can/can’t form
VIII. General Partnership vs. Limited Partnership
IX. De jure vs de facto partnership
X. Ordinary or real vs ostensible or by estoppel
XI. Secret vs open
XII. Professional vs business
XIII. Partnership compared with –
i. Labor Union
a. Purpose
ii. Business Trust
a. Principal-agency
b. Ownership of property
iii. Co-ownership
a. Creation
b. Juridical personality
c. Purpose
d. Duration
e. Disposal of interest
f. Power to act with third party
g. Effect of death
iv. Conjugal partnership of gains
a. Parties
b. Governing law
c. Juridical personality
d. Commencement
e. Purpose
f. Distribution of profits
g. Management
h. Disposition of share
v. Voluntary association
a. Juridical personality
b. Purpose
c. Contribution of members
d. Liability of members
vi. Corporation
a. Manner of creation
b. Number of members/incorporators
c. Commencement of personality
d. Powers/Management
e. Effect of mismanagement
f. Right of succession
g. Liability to third persons
h. Transfer of interest
i. Term of existence
j. Firm name
k. Dissolution
l. Governing law

XIV. Kinds of Partners

a. Capitalist
b. Industrial
c. General
d. Limited
e. Managing
f. Liquidating
g. Partner by estoppel
h. Continuing partner
i. Surviving partner
j. Others
i. Subpartner
ii. Ostensible
iii. Secret
iv. Silent
v. Dormant
vi. Original
vii. Incoming
viii. retiring

XV. Rights and Obligations of Partners

a. Among Themselves – fiduciary
b. To the Partnership
c. Property rights
i. Conveyance
ii. Authorization
iii. ratification
d. To Third Persons
i. Firm name
ii. Name in the firm name

XVI. Obligations of Partnership to Third Persons

a. Torts or breach of trust
b. Criminal
c. Contractual
i. Pro-rata
ii. Subsidiary or secondary
iii. Liability vs loss

XVII. Dissolution, winding up, termination

a. Effects
b. Causes
c. Change of partners
d. Rules in settling accounts between partners
e. End of legal life of the partnership

XVIII. Limited Partnership

a. Definition
b. Concept and characteristics
c. How limited partnership is formed/amended
d. Rights and obligations of a limited partner
i. Contribution
ii. Share in profits
iii. Return of contribution
iv. Act of administration
v. Name in firm name
e. General partner compared with limited partner
f. Dissolution of limited partnership

(Art. 1868 – 1932 of the Civil Code)

I. Definition of Agency, elements

II. Powers (Arts. 1877-1878)
A. To bind principal (Arts. 1897-1902)
B. Exception (Art. 1883)
III. Express vs. Implied Agency
IV. Agency by Estoppel
V. General vs. Special Agency
VI. Agency Couched in General Terms
VII. Agency Requiring Special Power of Attorney
a. Agent filing a case against a third party or a seller’s agent filing a case vs buyer
b. Sale with SPA requires higher degree of prudence
c. Agency coupled with interest
VIII. Agency by Operation of Law
a. Partners in Partnership
b. Directors in a Corporation
c. Government Officials
IX. Rights and Obligations of Principal
a. How principal is bound in a deed thru SPA
b. Imputed knowledge theory
X. Irrevocable Agency (Arts. 1927-1930)
XI. Modes of Extinguishment

(Art. 1440 – 1457 of the Civil Code)

I. Definition
II. Concepts
III. Parties
IV. Properties covered by trust
d. Purchase made by a Trustee
i. Personal/Trust property
e. Sale of property paid by another
f. Property donated for the benefit of another
g. Inherited property in the name of a party not the heir
h. Co-owned property
i. Property secured for the performance of grantor’s obligation
j. Property acquired through mistake ir fraud
V. Character/nature of office of Trustee
VI. Classification
VII. Elements/kinds of Express Trust
VIII. Elements/kinds of Implied Trust
k. Proof of implied trust
IX. Distinction between Express and Implied
X. Repudiation by a Trustee
XI. Laches in action to enforce trust
XII. Termination of Trust


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III – Trust

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