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Observation Paper

Taytay sa Kauswagan, Inc. (TSKI) or “Bridge to Progress” was established on

September 1, 1986 to serve poor microentrepreneurs in the Visayas region. It is
registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a non-stock, non-profit
Christian development organization. It was organized to lift out of poverty the least
privileged Filipinos through microfinance. Presently, TSKI is one of the largest MFI in
the Philippines with services ranging from group and individual loans, microinsurance,
and business development services. TSKI on its Mission Statement which is “To
make the love of Jesus Christ be felt by the poor in our midst by providing opportunities
that promotes spiritual transformation and total human development. Its ultimate
dream is To see self-sufficient families responding to the needs of their community and
pursuing a collective effort for their development. One of its main objectives is To
develop small and micro-scale enterprise by providing financial assistance for
additional capital needed to increase productivity and income. Furtermore,
TSKI wants To create employment opportunities for the unemployed and
underemployed through the expansion of business enterprises.

** Findings / Problems ** Recommendations

TSKI initiate the opening of TSKI

Kauswagan Packaging and Design
Center. Its main purpose is to help
TSKI Micro entrepreneur clients improve the products of the
faced the hardship on marketing clients through presentable design
their products because it is not and packaging, labeling that
presentable, poor packaging, lack would be pleasing and can
of labeling and not pleasing the compete to other products that
consumer. are available in the market.

They want maximize profit at TSKI purchased equipments and

reasonable cost on processing machine to cater client needs in
their products. developing their products. The
following were purchased:

1. The form and fill seal

machine- It is used to pack
granular and powder

2. The Shrink Machine- It is

used for packing products
that are sealed or already
packed by other form or

The different designs were made by TSKI artist for our beloved clients.
It has a great impact to the clients because through the help of TSKI
they were able to increase their sales and able to minimize the time
allotted for marketing their product.

Attached vedio is for reference of the above recommendation.

Observation Paper



Submitted to:

Dr. Anthony L. Agdon