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Quick Start Guide

Configuration Steps
Follow the steps outlined below to set up your network and ensure your cameras are added
to the system.

1. Connect network cable(s).

1.1. With network routers.

The network interfaces are set to automatically obtain IP addresses from routers
(DHCP servers) on LAN1 & LAN2 ports (see figure below). Cameras will be auto
discovered with this setup.
a. Connect the power cable and switch on the Milestone Husky M10. Go to step 2.

1.2. Without network routers.

In the absence of network routers, static IP addresses need to be configured.
a. Connect a monitor, mouse and keyboard to configure static IP addresses on the
Milestone Husky M10, before powering it on. Consistently operating Milestone
Husky M10 with a monitor will affect the optimal performance of the system.
b. Connect the power cable and switch on the Milestone Husky M10.
c. Configure static network settings for LAN1 & LAN2.
d. Configure the IP cameras static IP addresses (see camera manuals for more

For more information see the Milestone Husky M10 Administrator’s Manual.
Milestone Husky M10 starts up in about 2 minutes.

2.1. Open Windows® Explorer (not Internet Explorer®) on the client personal
computer (PC) or Macintosh® computer.
2.2. Click on Network (see figure below).
2.3. The Milestone Husky M10 will appear under “Other Devices”.
2.3.1. If you do not see it, refresh the window.

Click to refresh

2.4. Double click on the Milestone Husky device icon listed under “Other Devices”.

For optimum performance use Firefox* with the Milestone Video Viewer plug-in
on your client PC.

For optimum performance use Safari with Milestone Video Viewer plug-in
on your Macintosh.

2.5. Your PC client’s default web browser will open and take you to the login

3. Click the Login button and accept the end user license agreement (EULA)
3.1. For Firefox (PC) and Safari (Macintosh): Click on Settings  General and click
“Click here to install the direct streaming plug-in for your browser” (see figure
3.1.1. Download and install the Milestone Video Viewer plugin.
3.1.2. Restart your web browser and go to the Milestone Husky M10 login

* Download Firefox at http://www.mozilla.org/firefox/desktop

3.1.3. Click Allow and Always Remember. Then click Login.

3.1.4. To verify that the Milestone Video Viewer Plugin is functioning, note
the “DS” in the upper right corner of a video stream.

4. Milestone Husky M10 auto-discovers cameras. Click on Settings  Cameras to see

what has been discovered so far.

5. To add a camera manually (if the camera was not automatically discovered).

5.1. Click on Settings  Cameras, then click on “Is your camera not listed?”
5.2. Enter the camera’s IP address in the pop-up window (if the default port has
been changed enter [IP address]:[port number] e.g. and
click on the magnifying glass (enter the cameras user name and password, if
it was changed from default).

5.3. Once the camera is added, you can click on

Configure to change its settings.

6. Please see the administrator’s manual for more in-depth information on Milestone
Husky M10.

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