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Working with Data

Area of Focus: Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security

Interests / Skills / Traits Associated with this Pathway
• Negotiating: to deal or bargain with another or others • Serving: Attending to immediate needs of others
• Persuasive: Able to influence others • Analyzing: Examining and evaluating data
• Decisive: Capable of using independent judgment • Communication: Oral and written
• Listening/Problem Solving Skills • Courage/Compassion/Integrity
• Mentoring: Advising/counseling, guiding people • Technical Training/Computer skills

Focused Elective Options

Focused electives are only suggestions. Students may explore other areas of study to fulfill elective requirements. Career Choices
Business Mathematics
Accounting 1, 2 Aviation Accident Investigator
Statistics or AP Statistics
Marketing •
Statistics + Coding
College Fundamentals Arson Investigator
Business Innovation •
AP Microeconomics Child Protection Worker
Business Foundations •
DE Chemistry 121 & 123 (Lab)
Entrepreneurship Corrections Officer
DE Chemistry 124 & 126 (Lab)

Introduction to Forensic Science
English/Language Arts Criminal Law
Media Awareness •
DE Physics 140 & 131 (Lab)
Speech, Debate & Public Discourse Criminal Profiler
Leadership Development •
Social Studies
Emergency Management
Post World War 2 America
Family & Consumer Sciences •
Contemporary World Issues
Career Mentorship 1, 2 Federal/Local Law
Social Psychology
World Language •
AP Psychology
AP French 4 Fingerprint Expert
French 5 •
DE French 321 Forensic Psychologist
Sports Medicine 1, 2
DE French 323 •
Basic Strength Training and Fitness
AP German 4 Hostage Negotiator
Strength Training and Conditioning for
German 5 •
HS Athletes
DE German 321 Homeland Security
AP Spanish 4 •
Spanish 5 Military
DE Spanish 321 •
Chinese 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Police/Fire

Extended Learning Opportunities

-Suggestions- • Marketing and Logistics

• Police Officer • Criminal Justice
• Firefighter/EMT • Firefighting/Emergency
• Air Traffic Controller Medical Service

*It is the responsibility of the student to meet all district graduation requirements and/or requirements for the honors
diploma and/or NCAA eligibility. Refer to the Program of Studies for detailed criteria.