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MARCH 30, 2018

Sleepy Time Spring Style
A Supplement to the Jewish Standard
Spring 2018

VOL. LXXXVII NO. 28 $1.00 2017

Supplement to The Jewish Standard • April 2018


page 26


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Happy Pesach!
Jewish services and amenities at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

Rabbi available for patients and families Electric Shabbat candles

and Sabbath lamps
Chapel, with quiet meditative space
Shabbat and holiday services
Shabbat overnight room for
on patient TVs
family members/friends
Glatt Kosher food and Kosher pantry
Jewish holidays observed
with Shabbat food provisions, and
Shabbat entrance and elevator safe food warming cabinet

Kosher for Passover food options available for patients, visitors and staff.
Page 3
celebrates Pesach
● He hails from the darkest Peru. He lives in England. He got his
name from London’s Paddington Station. With his old hat and bat-
tered suitcase, he resembles a Jewish refugee. He loves marmalade.
And now, he’s spreading that marmalade on matzah.
He’s Paddington Bear, featured in beloved children’s books and
films since 1958.
A film about the bear, Paddington 2, came out in the United States
last November, in time for the Christmas holidays. In Israel, however,
his visit to theaters was postponed for the Passover vacation season.
And on promotional posters and newspaper advertisements, at
least, his menu was adjusted to fit the holiday.
For Israeli movie theaters hoping that Paddington 2 packs them in
during Pesach, replacing the bread in the advertising — though not
the film itself — was only the bear minimum. LARRY YUDELSON

Most Israeli seder-goers go the distance

On the cover: Mirra Oliker’s collage,
“Passover — Yesterday We Were
Slaves, Today We Are Free People,”
● It’s that familiar moment in every Passover seder: The finished the whole megillah — er, Haggadah. was displayed at the juried exhibition
last of the dishes has been cleared away, the leftovers are Passover seders are tied with Rosh Hashanah dinners as “Freedom: An Artistic Interpretation,”
stored in the refrigerator, the guests are pleasantly drunk, one of the most widely celebrated Israeli Jewish traditions; at the Belskie Museum in Closter this
except for that one cousin who always overdoes it, the 93 percent of Israeli Jews observe both holidays with a month. The show also included work
matzah crumbs have been ground irreversibly into the festive meal, according to a 2015 Pew Research Center by the show’s co-curators, Sheryl In-
couch cushions. That’s the point when the participants survey. trator Urman and Fred Spinowitz.
look around the table and say to themselves, “Are we re- According to a 2013 Pew study, 70 percent of American
ally going to get out the Haggadahs to finish the seder?” Jews participate in a Passover seder. Sadly, Pew did not
According to the Jewish People Policy Institute, 64 per- ask how long their seders run. CONTENTS
cent of Jewish Israelis say yes and read the entire seder, in- Why do Israelis make seder night different from all other
cluding the part that comes after dinner. This part includes nights? According to the JPPI survey of 3,000 Israeli Jews, NOSHES ...............................................................4
the traditional Passover songs such as Had Gadya (Just just 25 percent participate in the seder because it is a BRIEFLY LOCAL ..............................................16
One Kid) and Echad MiYodea (Who Knows One). commandment from the Torah. ROCKLAND ...................................................... 18
COVER STORY ................................................ 22
Just 22 percent of Jews who identified as “completely The rest celebrate the holiday for historical, cultural, and
JEWISH WORLD ............................................ 36
secular” said they finish the entire Haggadah, while, un- family reasons. And for the matzah ball soup.
OPINION ........................................................... 38
surprisingly, 99 percent of ultra-Orthodox Jews said they MELANIE LIDMAN/TIMES OF ISRAEL
PASSOVER GREETINGS ..............................44
D’VAR TORAH ................................................ 56
THE FRAZZLED HOUSEWIFE ................... 57
At this seder, don’t talk about the weather CROSSWORD PUZZLE ................................ 57
ARTS & CULTURE .......................................... 58
CALENDAR ...................................................... 59
● Trayon White Sr., the Washington D.C.
OBITUARIES ....................................................60
councilman who suggested on Facebook CLASSIFIEDS .................................................. 62
that rich Jews control the weather, will go to REAL ESTATE..................................................64
a Passover seder.
White will be a guest at the first-night PUBLISHER’S STATEMENT: (USPS 275-700 ISN 0021-6747) is pub-
lished weekly on Fridays with an additional edition every October,
seder of Elissa Silverman, another council by the New Jersey Jewish Media Group, 1086 Teaneck Road,
member, the Washington Post reported. Teaneck, NJ 07666. Periodicals postage paid at Hackensack, NJ and
additional offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to New
He had his choice of seders — he’s gotten Jersey Jewish Media Group, 1086 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666.
Subscription price is $30.00 per year. Out-of-state subscriptions are
invitations from many Jewish leaders after $45.00, Foreign countries subscriptions are $75.00.
he’d talked about the relation between the The appearance of an advertisement in The Jewish Standard does
Rothschilds and the weather. not constitute a kashrut endorsement. The publishing of a paid
political advertisement does not constitute an endorsement of any
White, a Democrat representing the candidate political party or political position by the newspaper or
district’s 8th ward, posted a video early on any employees.

March 16 in which he accused “the Roths- The Jewish Standard assumes no responsibility to return unsolic-
ited editorial or graphic materials. All rights in letters and unsolic-
childs” of controlling the climate to make ited editorial, and graphic material will be treated as uncondition-
ally assigned for publication and copyright purposes and subject
money — an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory to JEWISH STANDARD’s unrestricted right to edit and to comment
that has gained traction on the web. He later editorially. Nothing may be reprinted in whole or in part without
written permission from the publisher. © 2018
removed the video and issued an apology.
The Rothschilds are a well-known Europe-
an Jewish dynasty descended from a Jewish Candlelighting:
banker originally from Germany. White did
not specify which of the many Rothschilds he was accusing cy theorists also think that the Rothschilds, working with the Friday, March 30, 7:01 p.m.
of weather control. Rockefellers, have technology that controls the weather. Shabbat ends:
Several days later, there was another video featuring Silverman, who will host White at the seder, issued a state-
White, although apparently he did not post this one himself. ment describing his Rothschild comments as “hateful and
Saturday, March 32, 8:01 p.m.
In this second video, he said that the Rothschilds control the dangerous.” She told the Washington Post that his ignorance
World Bank and the federal government. about Judaism and anti-Semitism is a call for engagement.
Internet conspiracy theorists claim that the Rockefeller “I want to be very clear that anti-Semitism has no place For convenient
Foundation’s Resilient Cities initiative, which provides grants in civic discussion, but this has shown that there is a lack of home delivery,
to cities, including Washington, to address environmental exposure to Judaism and anti-Semitism … there are strains of
call 201-837-8818 or
and economic problems, is part of a plot to control and re- this, especially in Trayon’s community,” she said. “The way to
duce the population of North America. And some conspira- combat intolerance is to engage.” JTA WIRE SERVICE


“This is very foreign to me. In Ireland, we
would never waste alcohol like this.”
— Irish Vice Cousul John Callaghan, as guests dribbled
plague-reminder wine drops from their fingertips at an
American Jewish Committee diplomatic seder in San


Seriously… jurist
can’t take a joke
prominent British Jewish
Not a fun (She and her ideologi-
family of Iraqi origin and
schmoozer cal opponent, the late
both sisters identify as
Justice RUTH Justice Antonin Scalia,
Jewish. Kravitz’s paternal
BADER GINSBURG bonded over their love
grandfather and mater-
turned 85 on March 15, of opera and were great
nal grandmother were
and that prompted a friends.) When Colbert
Jewish and she identifies
flurry of publicity. Two asked her a semi-silly le-
as Jewish. She proved
items I saw were on the gal question she was fine
she was more than eye
light side. The Wall Street logically, but not funny.
candy with an excellent
Journal (“WSJ”) inter- Frankly, she just isn’t the
performance in the hit
viewed her about her type of person who’s HBO series “Big Little
extensive collection of capable of being cutely Lies.” (Opens March 30.)
scrunchies (the cloth or funny in response to
elastic item used to hold Colbert’s stream of cute Ruth Bader Ginsburg Stephen Breyer Lola Kirke Other TV/
hair in a pony tail). She remarks. (Video all over streaming news
told the Journal that her the Net. Google: Colbert, On March 29, the
collection of scrunchies Ginsburg.) A&E cable station
is very big and that she On the other hand, the will launch a new original
has favorite scrunchie- workout video showed, docuseries, “Marcia Clark
shopping cities and will via her limberness and Investigates the First 48.”
not hesitate to travel to responsiveness, that The seven-episode series
get a good one. The best the justice is in remark- will explore seven of the
ones, she said, come ably good physical and most high-profile cases
from Zurich, with London mental shape. Today, of the last 30 years. The
and Rome taking second we expect celebrities first episode, which aired
and third place. we admire to be every- on Thursday, March 29 at
On March 21, Ste- thing. Well, some very 8 p.m. (many encore
phen Colbert went to competent famous showings), is about the
Zoe Kravitz Ricki Lake Jemima Kirke
Washington to see how people, including Jew- Casey Anthony murder
Justice Ginsburg works ish people, just aren’t case. The episode airing
out with her personal funny schmoozers on was measured in 2005 that it will open at a starlet Heather Anderson on April 5 is about
trainer. He participated talk shows or elsewhere via counting how many theater. Look for it at (ZOE KRAVITZ, 29). Jill murder victim
in the workout and pep- and they shouldn’t be times their remarks that theater near you, or arrives at Heather’s CHANDRA LEVY.
pered their time to- put in a position where elicited laughter at better yet, make a note house one day to find MARCIA CLARK, 64, is
gether with mostly silly they are expected to be. oral argument. Justice to look for it on a her dead from a gunshot Jewish and was born
shtick. I knew from brief The justice never was Scalia was the winner, streaming service in the wound. The police Marcia Klerks. She is
past attempted comedic a schmoozer. A very with Justice STEPHEN near future. The director/ suspect Jill is the killer famous as the prosecutor
interactions with Justice reliable source tells me BREYER, now 79, finish- writer is Aaron Katz, a and she must solve her who lost the O.J.
Ginsburg that the visit that when she and her ing second. filmmaker who has made boss’s murder before her Simpson murder case.
wouldn’t work that well. late husband attended a string of good indies world unravels complete- On March 30, Netflix
When Colbert attempt- fun outings sponsored At the movies on a shoe-string budget. ly. RICKI LAKE, 49, has a will premiere “Happy
ed to liven things up by by the law firm her “Gemini” is a rare Katz, a Portland, Oregon, biggish supporting role. Anniversary,” an original
playing loud disco-ish husband belonged to, indie film, in that it native, may well be Kirke is the star of the romantic comedy/drama
music on a boom box, Justice Ginsburg, then a got such good reviews at Jewish, but bio details Amazon series “Mozart movie. It follows the ups-
the justice objected im- law professor, brought a film festival that it was about him are very scant. in the Jungle,” and the and-downs of a couple
mediately, saying that along law review issues picked up for a limited Basic plot: Jill LeBeau sister of JEMIMA KIRKE, (BEN SCHWARTZ, 36,
maybe she could work to read. By the way, the national release. It’s (LOLA KIRKE, 37) is the 32, a “Girls” co-star. Their and Noel Wells) over sev-
out with opera playing. funniness of justices unlikely (but possible) assistant to Hollywood mother comes from a eral years. –N.B.

California-based Nate Bloom can be reached at

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e r!
app It’s not just our job to serve
every member of our community.
It’s our mission.

• Sabbath elevator • Sunday mammograms

• Sabbath room for family • Hospice programs accredited by the
overnight stays National Institute of Jewish Hospice
• Sabbath lounge with kosher snacks • Recipient of the SINAI Schools 2015
Community Partnership Awward
• Kosher meals
• Sharsheret partnership supports women
• Daily bikur cholim visits
with breast and ovarian cancer

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programs and services, call 877-Holy-Name (465-9626) or visit holyname.org.

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‘Life in the end is memory’
Remembering the remarkably full life and
many intersecting worlds of Rabbi Ozer Glickman
JOANNE PALMER full of luminaries, and many of them, rang-

ing from Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel
he mystery about Rabbi Ozer to Rabbi Saul Lieberman to Rabbi Moshe
Glickman of Teaneck, who died Zucker, taught Tony. And the boundaries
last Monday at 67, was how he between the Orthodox and Conservative
found enough time to do all the worlds, while not negligible, still were far
things he did. more porous than they are today. Still, “we
The personal characteristics that were on always joked about the four-year gap on
view when he did all those things — his intel- his resume,” Ilana said. “If you go to the
lect, quickness, depth of knowledge, empa- wrong school, you can’t redeem yourself.
thy, and overwhelming kindness — could be And the fact is that JTS moved to the left,
attributed to nature, nurture, genetics, luck and we moved to the right.”
of the draw, or gift of God, depending on It was during his time at JTS that Tony
the onlooker doing the attributing, but the Glickman met Ilana Arm, fresh from
question of how his days expanded to allow Southfield, Michigan, the daughter of a
all of them seems unanswerable. Conservative rabbi. She was a freshman
A decade or so ago, perhaps addressing at Barnard, just down Broadway from JTS,
the question, Rabbi Glickman made a CD and she and her friends took their meals at
called “Bain HaZ’manim.” JTS because Barnard didn’t have a kosher
“Bain HaZ’manim” — literally between kitchen then. “I went there one night to eat
the times — is a term that yeshiva students dinner, sitting with friends, and he was sit-
use when they’re talking about the times ting with friends and said ‘I have to get that
between holidays and school terms, the In 2011, Rabbi Glickman and his youngest child, Oren, went to a soccer game. girl’s phone number.’” He did, he pursued
brief but cherished times when they’re her by phone and she was wary, but even-
relatively free of the constraining demands would intersect, others would not. Some was a teacher; they both taught Hebrew tually he was persistent enough so that she
of schedules and able to take advantage of would be huge, others would not. The school, and Bernard earned a Ph.D. from said yes, they had dinner, and she ended
that liberty. number and range of those bubbles would Dropsie, Philadelphia’s college of Jewish up having a better time on that first date
“Bain HaZ’manim,” considered less liter- astonish. studies. The Glickmans were traditional, than he did. “I was impressed with him,
ally, evokes liminality, openness, the time Who was Ozer Glickman? How did he do observant Conservative Jews. but he was less so, and he wasn’t going to
when constraints fade to allow unlikely all those things? Tony was a brilliant student and an ask me out again,” she said.
connections to evolve and different worlds Even his names showed how many unsettlingly quick study. He graduated But she saw him going to the library at
to open up onto each other. worlds Rabbi Glickman inherited and from Central High School, Philadelphia’s Barnard, “I scooped up my books and sat
It is perhaps fanciful but possibly appro- made for himself. answer to Stuyvesant or Bronx Science, a few tables away.” He was courtly, they
priately fanciful to imagine Rabbi Glickman Anthony Scott Glickman, who was an entrance-by-examination public school dated again, “that date lasted six or maybe
as living in such a liminal world, because known as Tony, was born in northeast that gave the students smart and sturdy it was eight hours, and I never went out
he managed to live in so very many worlds Philadelphia in 1950. Although it amused enough to get in an education that was with anyone else again,” she said.
at the same time. It seems almost as if an him to joke that his mother was French, in both thorough and prestigious. Her parents, Claire and Rabbi Milton
hour for us somehow was two hours for fact she was not, but she was fluent in the He planned to go to Haverford, “and he Arm, concerned that their daughter was
him, that in his 67 years he amassed a cen- language, which she, and then he, loved. was accepted,” his daughter Dalia said, but so young to be involved with someone
tury of experiences and friendships. She read him “The Little Prince” in its orig- then “his father died. It was the watershed so intensely, convinced her to spend her
Or imagine, perhaps, a Venn diagram. inal French, he said, as “Le Petit Prince.” moment of his life.” Bernard Glickman sophomore year in Israel. She dutifully
Rabbi Glickman is at the center, in a circle Although he loved to say that his real first was 59, and Tony Glickman was 16. “His went; as it turned out, that was the year
with his family, the center of his life; his name was Antoine, it was not. But the love mother wanted him to be a rabbi, and he that Tony’s rabbinical program took him
wife, Ilana, their six children, and their for literature that he got from his mother got a full scholarship to the joint program,” to Israel. The next year, 1972, they mar-
rapidly expanding cluster of daughters- lasted throughout his life. the academic undergraduate partnership ried. She was a junior in college, and he
and sons-in-law and grandchildren. When he grew up, although he main- between the Jewish Theological Seminary was a third-year rabbinical student.
(To be specific, that’s Tony and Ilana’s tained his love for English literature — and and Columbia University. At shiva for his Soon, the young couple moved to the
children, Dov, Dalia, Ron, Maya, Avigayil, his ability to quote poetry from memory, a father, Tony was persuaded to head off to apartments in Teaneck — home to genera-
and Oren; their daughters-in-law, Shoshana skill lost to most of us — Hebrew literature, New York for college. tions of observant young couples — and
and Aimee; their sons-in-law, Matthew from the medieval to S.Y. Agnon to the “He was very unhappy there his first he got a job as education director at the
Engler and Yonah Heller; and their grand- contemporary, was his real passion, Dalia year,” his wife, Ilana, said. “He was in a Teaneck Jewish Center.
children, Idan, Lital, Oriyah, Maor, Saman- said. “One of the greatest thrills of his life strange place. His father had just died. He It was then, living at the apartments in
tha, Liam, Zoe, Caleb, and Jamie.) was getting a private tour of Agnon’s home went home a lot on weekends.” But he sol- Teaneck, that Tony and Ilana Glickman
Around that central circle there would and study in Jerusalem this past Novem- diered on, graduated, and then entered formed the friendships that were to redirect
be other bubbles — the worlds of Yeshiva ber,” she said; and he was able to “daven rabbinical school at JTS. their lives. Most of the couples there were
University, Wall Street, other financial mincha next to Agnon’s desk.” “It’s a four-year gap in his resume,” affiliated with YU. “I was very impressed
institutions, academia, music, poetry, Tony’s mother, Susan Kaufmann Glick- Ilana joked. Half-joked, more accurately; with them, and my husband was too,” Ilana
Jewish texts, English literature, French lit- man, was 22 when she married, and her although he later went on to become a said. “Many of these young men had smicha
erature, technology, data, race relations, husband, Bernard Glickman, was 39. luminary in the Orthodox world, Rabbi from YU. They were working in professions
presidential politics, Teaneck, Toronto, The couple had two children, Connie Glickman’s original ordination was Conser- — finance, medicine, law. They went to shul,
and so much more. Some of the bubbles and then, two years later, Tony. Susan vative. It was a different time then; JTS was SEE GLICKMAN PAGE 8


From our family
to yours

A Happy, Sweet
and Pleasant





Glickman Wall Street trading desk. Now they are

FROM PAGE 6 ubiquitous, but they weren’t then.
and they learned on Shabbes afternoon. “He was an early adaptor of technology
And yet on Saturday night they’d play pool, in general, for both personal and business
and they’d play football in Votee Park on use. He always could see around the corner,
Sunday morning, and they’d get together to see what would be big next. He was the first
jam on their guitars. It was so very normal. person we knew to have a fax machine or
They learned, and they also were complete a car phone or a cell phone. We had a per-
participants in American life. sonal computer at home probably around
“And they showed us that smicha could 1992. And he was early onto the internet.
be — should be — lishmah. For the sake of “His natural curiosity always pushed
learning. This was our first introduction to him to new ideas, wherever they
that idea. came from — academia or the world of
“We saw the instability in Jewish profes- technology.”
sional life, and we didn’t want to struggle He also had a real gift for music; he was
all the time,” Ilana said, and Tony’s rest- self-taught, played mainly piano and gui-
less intelligence wanted new avenues to tar but could pick up other instruments as
explore. well. “He had perfect pitch and the ability
Tony got a full scholarship to NYU’s to play by ear,” Dov continued. “He picked
business school, and earned an MBA in up a number of instruments — a harmon-
the conventional two years — but at night, ica, a recorder, whatever.
while working full time during the day, This picture, taken on Chanukah 2017, is the last to show the entire family. “He always had a very strong connec-
and already as the father of two young tion to music; it brought together his reli-
children. He worked on a Ph.D. — that one shul that always drew crowds and often their house, and there weren’t any big gious and musical interests.”
he didn’t finish — and eventually he also outdrew the main service, Ilana added. enough close by the shul. Painful as the He also wrote music.
got Orthodox smicha. “I can’t tell you how many people realization was, it was time for them to “He composed the music that accom-
From his first job, as an analyst in a cubi- walked into shiva from West Orange,” she move. They found a nine-bedroom house panied my mother to the chuppah,” Dalia
cle at Value Line, Tony Glickman went on added. “To this day, they say, they remem- in Teaneck — the previous owners had a said. “My sisters walked down the aisle to
to a series of jobs in finance, each more ber the songs we sang, the davening, the blended family, so they needed all that the same scored piece.”
high-level than the one before. The grow- camaraderie. We haven’t ever been able to space — and moved back to the town That’s also where the CD, “Bain
ing young family moved to West Orange recreate that. where they had been so happy. There are HaZ’manim,” came in. He wrote most of
— Teaneck was too expensive then, Ilana “I was happy to criticize Tony, and I 17 years between the six Glickman kids, the music on that CD, his son Dov said. He
said — and “we were there for 13 years. We did plenty of that, but what he was good so by the time they moved the oldest had made it with two friends; although it was
made a lot of nice friends. at he was good at, and he was really good graduated high school and was in Israel, never intended to be a money-making ven-
“And Tony was always into learning. at that. He davened beautifully. He really their next one already was at Frisch, and ture, it was popular in the Jewish world for
We had a minyan on the block; he would knew the nusach, and he also really under- the next three started at Yavneh. The baby, years.
give a little shiur, lead mincha or maariv, stood the words, and you could hear that then a toddler, was in nursery school. Tony’s musical tastes ranged far beyond
and give a d’var Torah. But it was always he understood them. He was a big stickler” It was during this time that Rabbi Glick- the Jewish music that he adored, and that
a hobby, not a profession. He sometimes for that kind of davening, where emotion man began his involvement with YU. He spoke to his soul. “For friends, and just for
was asked to speak professionally.” and meaning intertwined, she added. drove one of his sons to learn there on fun, he was into a whole range of things,”
Her husband led a minyan at a nearby In 1994, the Glickmans had outgrown Sundays, and while he was waiting for Dov said. “Growing up when he did, he
his kid, he would pull out a text and learn liked the Beatles, he liked Steely Dan. He
in the beit midrash. Soon he found him- liked soulful music — a lot of Motown,
self helping students, working with them, Mahalia Jackson, spirituals.”
talking with them, and then that relation- Was there anything that Rabbi Ozer
Rabbi Abraham ship became formalized. Eventually, he Glickman couldn’t do? “He had no domes-
Joshua Heschel, became a rosh yeshiva at YU’s rabbini- tic skills and he had no sense of style,”
right, sits cal school, RIETS, and he also taught at Ilana Glickman said. “We had to remind
across from YU’s law school, Cardozo, and its business him to get a haircut. We made an odd-look-
Tony Glickman school, Sy Syms. ing couple — but we made it work.”
at a class at Teaching was an addictive pleasure for One of Tony Glickman’s passions was
the Jewish Tony Glickman, and according to his stu- reaching out to people; he was active on
Theological dents he had a gift for it. Facebook, although often trolls would pur-
Seminary. In an entirely separate world, “he was sue him into closed groups. He developed
very interested in finance,” his son Dov many friendships that way; he would write
said. “He was an innovator in that space. back to people who wrote to him with
He liked to say that he was one of the first questions or comments that struck him,
people to work with spreadsheets on a SEE GLICKMAN PAGE 60

May this Passover deliver freedom from want,

from hunger, from illness and from loneliness.
Wishing you and your family a wonderful holdiday.
The Board of Directors and Professional Staff of JFCS

For more information about JFCS please visit jfcsnnj.org or call 201-837-9090
Jeunesse upside down 2018.indd 3 2/19/18 2:43 PM

Watch out for space junk

Man from mission control speaks at TABC Book Day

here are words and ideas you
study in the classroom, but you
think you will never encounter
them again after you graduate.
Words and ideas that you are entirely sure
you never will encounter for the rest of
your life.
Often you’re absolutely right.
Until, one morning, decades after you
first heard terms like “elliptical” and
“hyperbolic” in high school math class,
there stands before you an accomplished
professional, talking about his work, his
career, and the crucial role those math- Left, arrow shows Aaron Brown’s
ematical geometric concepts and their seat in mission control. Above, “The
attendant equations play. Because he uses Martian,” chosen for TABC Book Day.
them to calculate the paths of spaceships
headed to and from the planet Mars.
Yes, it’s rocket science.
But as Aaron Brown made clear to the fact, he is only unconscious. He awakens Normally, Mr. Brown is in Houston. He what’s required to get more to the emes”
assembled high school boys of the Torah to the sound of the oxygen alarm going works at NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space — he used the Hebrew word for truth — “of
Academy of Bergen County last week, off in his space suit, pulls out the piece Center, part of the Orion project, which is the fuel that I need to switch orbits. This
rocket science and the design of manned of metal that pierced his suit and leg, building a spacecraft to send humans into is analogous pretty much to any page of
missions to Mars is no longer science fic- and heads back to the now empty base. deep space — first around the moon, then Talmud that you open. There’s a contra-
tion. It’s real. Having fixed his spacesuit and saved his onto the moon, and then, sometime in the diction between two verses, or between a
And it’s also a career you can pursue own life, he next discovers that his food 2030s or 2040s, to Mars. mishna and another text. In the Gemara
— assuming you’re willing to embark on will run out before the next scheduled Specifically, he works on Orion’s we find a contradiction and the Gemara
a lifetime of actually using geometry and mission from earth, and that the radio onboard navigation system. works its way out of it. Here in patched
trigonometry and calculus — while being antenna used to communicate with earth “If we don’t know where we are and conic analysis we work our way through it.
an observant Jew. was lost in the sand storm. what speed we’re traveling, we can’t figure “That skill of holding two contradictory
Mr. Brown came to TABC in Teaneck as Determined not to become the first man out how to get where we’re going,” he said. viewpoints in our mind at the time to get
the keynote speaker for the high school’s to die on Mars, he sets about improvising “Even if I know precisely where the moon to the emes is the same in both Gemara
annual Book Day, when the usual school what he needs to survive. or Mars is, I can’t guide the spacecraft to and patched conic analysis. The takeaway
schedule is cast aside for special speakers, “There’s a wide variety of scientifically ori- get there.” message is to practice this skill anywhere
discussions, and activities focusing on one ented ideas as well as psychological ideas in To figure out where it is, the Orion will you find a contradiction in life, whether
book that had been assigned reading for the book,” Dr. Carol Master said. Dr. Master rely on GPS when it’s close to Earth. Fur- in Talmud or science or relationships or
the entire school. A committee of students chairs TABC’s English department and runs ther out, it tracks its position using celes- politics. This method of holding these two
works over the summer to pick that com- Book Day — which this year featured more tial navigation — figuring out where it is in contradictory points in our mind is often
ing year’s book. This year’s choice was than two dozen different sessions on topics relation to the stars. the only way to get to the emes.
“The Martian” by Andy Weir. ranging from physics to Jewish paradigms of So how does a spacecraft plot its course “NASA is very supportive of religious
It’s the story, in the tradition of Rob- self-reliance, as well as presentations from to Mars? practice,” Mr. Brown said. “I never expe-
inson Crusoe, of an astronaut left for the Coast Guard and an Escape Room. “There’s a classic problem in orbital rienced any anti-Semitism or restriction of
dead on Mars by colleagues who think “It’s a full day, one that’s very exciting mechanics called an Earth-Mars transfer. religious practice.
him lost; they assume he died in the for the students,” she said. “We bring in It’s the kind of stuff I studied in college and “I often get questions at work from col-
sandstorm that aborts their mission. In people who normally would not be here.” grad school,” Mr. Brown, 41, said. leagues about Judaism. One of my good
This is when he showed the students friends there, a mentor of mine, is a very
an illustration of the planets, their orbits, devout Mormon. Not surprisingly, non-
and the path the spaceship would take. Jews don’t really know a lot of what Juda-
Describing the moment when the space- ism is about. I feel we have an obligation to
ship maneuvers from its orbit around the know what we’re talking about when non-
sun, which took it from Earth to Mars, to Jews asks us questions about what Judaism
its new orbit around Mars, he said: “At is or what it believes.”
this moment you can think of your orbit Mr. Brown, who is from Peoria, Illinois,
as being both a hyperbola and an ellipse. and later moved to Buffalo Grove, a sub-
Hyperbolic in respect to earth, elliptical in urb of Chicago, did not grow up observant.
respect to the sun.” That might have made it easier to embark
And there you have it. High school math on his path to rocket science, which began
terms, used in real life. with attending space camp as a child.
Speaking to the high school, Mr. Brown “I started on the path to observance
drew a broader lesson from this bit of from the questions I got when I was work-
orbital mechanics, which is known as ing in NASA,” he said. “It’s my non-Jewish
patched conic analysis. work environment that helped me shape
“Holding these two contradictory pic- and enhance my Jewish identity. On a
Orbital diagram for mission to Mars. tures of the orbit in my mind is exactly SEE SPACE PAGE 56


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Never too old to act

Brightview seniors supported Saturday’s march ‘on canes and walkers’
LOIS GOLDRICH school shooting , and noting that nothing

was done even after kindergarten children
n Saturday, some 30 residents were gunned down.
of the Brightview Senior Resi- “A group of us were sitting and talking
dence in Paramus — many at dinner,” Ms. Bernstein said. “It nearly
between the ages of 80 and 90 brought me to tears. Some of the people
— showed that advancing years have noth- said, ‘What can you do?’ Then it hit me.
ing to do with activism. We can do something.”
Rena Bernstein — who originally was What they could do, she said, was march
from Elmwood Park, then Fair Lawn, then in front of the Brightview on Saturday —
Cape Canaveral, Florida — moved back to carrying signs demanding an end to gun
the area about a year ago, and she lives violence — in solidarity with the people
in Brightview now. “It’s taken me a while marching that day in Washington, D.C., in
to get settled here again,” Ms. Bernstein, local towns from Englewood to Paramus
a former member of the now-defunct and beyond, to Manhattan, to all over the
Fair Lawn chapter of American Jewish country, all under the banner “March for
Congress, said. But clearly — though her Our Lives.” Ms. Bernstein explained that
AJCongress days are far behind her — Ms. given the physical frailty of some Bright-
Bernstein, 86, who helped organize a ten- view residents, who rely on walkers or
ants association when she lived in Elm- canes, they would not be able to join a Seniors rallied outside Brightview Senior Residence in Paramus.
wood Park, still is speaking truth to power. regular march. “We’re not as physically
“About a week ago, after the shooting capable as we used to be,” she said. “But she said. And those who were unable to teachers is ludicrous.”
in Florida, I was aggravated by the lack of we decided to do something.” join the demonstration or choose not to Ms. Bernstein took her idea for a rally to
action by Congress regarding gun violence. One of her nephews sent Ms. Bernstein still can write letters to their members of Samantha Lawrence, the executive direc-
It’s disgraceful that they haven’t done any- some poster board and other supplies. Congress, she added. The activist, who tor of Brightview Senior Living in Para-
thing,” she said, citing Sandy Hook in Con- “We’ll write things like ‘Stop Gun Violence’ was a speech therapist in Ridgewood for mus, who offered her immediate support
necticut as another example of a horrific and ‘Stop the Killings in Our Schools,’” 19 years, also said “the idea of arming for the senior rally. “Being heard in this

Seniors against gun violence

Residents of Jewish Home facilities in Rockleigh, River Vale rally; Schepisi, Gottheimer talk to them
JOANNE PALMER and also questions of whether we are safe

on the campus,” Ms. Elliott said. “On the
he anti-gun-violence marches other campus they got very quickly into
across the country on Saturday the question of school safety and arming
were led by students, triggered teachers. There are a few retired teachers
by the horrendous murders of there, so it was a hot-button issue. They
17 students and teachers at Marjory Stone- said that they were in school to be teach-
man Douglas High School in Parkland, ers, not patrolmen.
Florida, last month. “The discussions went beyond limiting
But the marches drew people of all ages; guns to understanding what leads people
there also were marches and rallies on Fri- to violence, and about bullying, and where
day and Sunday, as huge numbers of peo- bullying plays a role in gun violence. We also
ple in various circumstances tried to make talked about how high suicide rates are.
their voices heard. “It was a very powerful discussion on
Just as rallies brought people together in both campuses,” she said.
Englewood, Paramus, and Hackensack — Given the laws of physics, and the fact
many of them observant Jews who trekked that both discussions were at the same time,
there on foot on Shabbat — local nursing she could be at only one of them, she said;
homes and assisted and independent liv- she was in River Vale, but got near-constant
ing communities also hosted meetings. texts from Rockleigh.
Powered by residents who were not The day after the rally in Rockleigh, Josh Gottheimer (D-Dist 5) talked at a Residents in both facilities “read the news
willing to let their voices go unheard, March for our Lives rally in Hackensack. and watch the news, probably more than
the Jewish Home in Rockleigh and Jewish most people, and they have strong opin-
Home Assisted Living in River Vale — both said. “Probably 150 people at Rockleigh Republican who represents the 39th district ions,” she said.
part of the Jewish Home Family — held and 100 at River Vale. in New Jersey’s general assembly, spoke at Helene Glantz, who is 88, was born in
meetings where local politicians joined “We began with a moment of silence, and River Vale, and Josh Gottheimer, the Demo- Passaic, and moved to River Vale from Mon-
in discussion. then the rabbis on each campus led us in crat who represents the state’s fifth district roe Township, thought of the meeting. At
“We had a very nice turnout on both kaddish. And then on each campus we had in Congress, spoke at Rockleigh. first, she’d hoped for a rally, but “Carol said
campuses,” the Jewish Home Family’s a conversation with a legislator.” “At Rockleigh, there was a lot of con- it would be difficult,” and she agreed. “We
president and CEO, Carol Silver Elliott, Holly Schepisi of River Vale, the versation about gun control in general, have people in wheelchairs, and I’m in a



world has no age limit,” Ms. Lawrence said. “I am so — on the following Rosh Hashanah — placed
proud to be a part of this community where our resi- a greeting ad in the Fair Lawn community
dents live vibrantly, and this activism is a truly beauti- newspaper. The Jewish community recipro-
ful example of their passion for making a difference. cated at Christmas.
Ellie Berg of Fair Lawn, also a longtime member of “What I think is important is the power to
the Fair Lawn AJCongress, said that engaging in pro- protest, and prior to that, to be organized,
tests is nothing new for members of the organization. so that when the need is there, we have the
Off the top of her head, she gave a few examples and ability to act fast,” Ms. Berg said.
recalled a surveillance project, launched together with “Just because of our age, it doesn’t mean
the Fair Lawn police and the now-defunct Fair Lawn not that we’re not interested in the world
Jewish Community Council, to catch those people van- around us and the lives of our children,” Ms.
dalizing local Jewish institutions. (This writer remem- Bernstein added. She is discouraged by the
bers standing in the shadows of Congregation Shomrei current political situation, she noted, but is
Torah at midnight, holding a walkie-talkie and looking heartened by the fact that Republicans who
out for would-be vandals.) have resigned from Congress and won’t run
“In 1968, Fair Lawn AJCongress protested the again finally are speaking out. “I’m hoping
Board of Education’s intention to cancel its contract now that they can convince enough people From left, Rena Bernstein, Rosalie Blumenthal, and Doris Hambro
with the Fair Lawn Committee for Peace in Vietnam, to do something,” she said. organized the rally at Brightview on Saturday.
which had invited the famous pediatrician Dr. Benja-
min Spock to speak at the Thomas Jefferson School,”
Ms. Berg said. “Fair Lawn united its veterans groups
— unfortunately including Jewish War Vets — and
notified the FBI and the John Birch Society to encour-
age the cancellation of the event. While AJCongress
didn’t offer an opinion on the war — although we had
a stand — our purpose was to support Spock’s right
to speak. He did speak, with the FBI on the roof of
the school ‘protecting’ the citizens.
“Another example is when the Borough of Fair TH
Lawn began displaying the Nativity scene. AJCon-
gress protested, resulting in strong negative public- ANNUAL
ity, letters to the editor, etc., but somehow we estab-
lished a relationship with St. Anne’s Church, which
walker.” But she wanted something far more active than
a letter-writing campaign, although she’d participated
in many such campaigns and plans to keep on writing.
“The memorial service was beautiful,” she said. And
APRIL 22, 2018
many people, not all residents, came to the rally. “It was
very rewarding, and very good to know that I still could
9:30 -11:30 AM
pull it together.”
Mr. Gottheimer was impressed by what he saw, both
at Rockleigh and in Hackensack and around the country. RECOGNITION AWARD
“I was moved by the fact that older people in Rockleigh
were coming together, and they had some good signs, a 600 ROEMER AVENUE MOSHE & DENA
really good show of support for the young people and
what they are doing,” he said. “It is remarkably inspir-
ing, no matter what your views are. The fact that young
people are engaged and passionate about an issue gives
me hope for tomorrow. TO MAKE A RESERVATION
“We talked about that at Rockleigh. It was not just a OR TO DONATE: KEYNOTE SPEAKER
desire to remember the lives lost but to show support for
the young people engaged in action.”
And then, he said, “It was incredible in Hackensack. THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE
There were 2,000 people there. I was blown away by it. INTERNET TO VULNERABLE YOUTH
It was inspiring, and these young people were incredible Senior Consultant for Child and Adolescent Trauma at Sheppard
both in what they had to say and in how they delivered
THERE IS NO COUVERT Pratt Health System in Baltimore MD, Executive Vice-President of
it, in how compentent and smart they are. FOR THIS EVENT the Leadership Council on Child Abuse & Interpersonal Violence
BABYSITTING AVAILABLE and author of “The Child Survivor: Healing Developmental Trauma
“I think there would be appetite for the right leg- and Dissociation”
islation, crafted the right way,” he continued. There
clearly is a desire for more background checks and
in closing the gun show loophole, but I think the best
tool in making it happen right now is for these young
people to keep banging the drum for change, to stop
school violence.”
Mr. Gottheimer is a big proponent of across-the-aisle
dialogue and compromise, and he believes the will
to make some compromises and end up with some Stop Abusive Relationships at Home
changes exists. It just has to be nurtured.



A different desert, a different slavery

Jewish woman will speak about her escape from Iran
LOIS GOLDRICH study, speak out, and be a Jew.” a price for that,” she said. “I had to

Growing up in Iran, life was risk my life to get where I am. God
n late 1982, a 17-year-old Jewish girl from Iran “okay,” she said. “We always had never gives us a problem we can-
fled from her home, crossed the hot and dan- Shabbat dinner, celebrated the not solve,” she added. “Sometimes
gerous Kavira Loot desert, spent several months holidays, and my father went to I wish he didn’t trust us so much.”
in Pakistan, and then arrived in Canada, where synagogue.” Still, she said, “we Dr. Goel said that when one of
she lives today. knew something was not right, her two sons, who now are 20
If crossing the desert to reach freedom sounds like a but we lived with it.” and 21, began reading her book,
familiar motif at this time of year, Dr. Sima Goel — keenly As it happens, an incident he accused her of being a “trou-
aware of the biblical story — feels that she too left behind at her school — and Dr. Goel’s blemaker.” When she pointed out
a symbol of slavery. In her case, it was the hijab that the spontaneous defense of a fel- to him that he had easy access to
Khomeini government forced her to wear. low student who was being bul- all the things she had to fight for,
The Jewish people should be a light unto the nations, lied — set in motion the events he eventually came to under-
the prophets tell us. Dr. Goel — who has more reason that led to her flight years later. stand. “It puts things in perspec-
than most to embrace the teaching in the Haggadah Relations between the students tive,” she said.
that tells us that we should feel as if we personally went at the private school — who rep- “Gratitude is the way to go,”
out of Egypt — believes that she too has a mission, “to resented many religious — were she added, noting that this is an
tell this story, the story of what it means to be a Jew.” amicable until extremists in important message for “apathetic
The author of “Fleeing the Hijab: A Jewish Woman’s Shiraz took it upon themselves youth, upset because they’re not
Escape from Iran,” Dr. Goel — who will speak about to cause unrest, said Dr. Goel, Dr. Sima Goel getting the latest sunglasses. You
her life at a meeting of the Bergen County section of now a practicing chiropractor can’t be complacent,” she said.
the National Council of Jewish Women in Teaneck on in Montreal. “If you don’t take action, you will be walked all over.
April 17 (see box) — experienced her first taste of anti- After the extremists burned many homes in the Nobody should be complacent about freedom.”
Semitism when she was 6. “I was playing in a park with Baha’i community, one of her classmates taunted a Calling Dr. Goel a “master storyteller,” Elizabeth
other girls,” she said. “One mother asked my name and Baha’i friend during a game of volleyball, “saying it Halverstam, co-president of NCJW’s Bergen County
realized that it was not ethnic Muslim. She grabbed her was a pity that her house had not been burned as well.” section, said the speaker “will take us on a journey that
daughter and called me names like filthy and impure.” Challenging the bully, Dr. Goel pointed out that “any- speaks to the power of resilience and courage…. [shar-
As Dr. Goel wrote in a 2015 essay that appears on the one who truly followed the teachings of the prophet ing] her belief that an authentic life requires freedom
AISH.com website, “As a child of Iran in the late 1970s, Mohammed would know that his name means peace of choice, the most precious commodity of all.”
I was taught to keep my head down and my mouth and tolerance.
shut. I was free to be Jewish as long as I was discreet “This is not really Islam,” she said.
and silent. My father encouraged me to follow these Dr. Goel was suspended from school for three days.
dictates, which had supported the existence of Iran’s The bully went unpunished. That was not surprising,
Jewish community for thousands of years. Every mem- she said. “People were scared and wanted to make As an Iranian
ber of an Iranian minority knew that the freedom to sure they didn’t get in trouble.”
live — and even flourish — was predicated on remaining After the government changed — when the Shah was Jew, my desire to be
small and silent.” deposed — “we were told to wear the hijab,” Dr. Goel free impelled me to
That, however, was something she could not do. said. “When they’re in the majority, everybody has to
As she wrote, “As an Iranian Jew, my desire to be free follow their rules. They think they have the keys to the leave my family
impelled me to leave my family and heritage, and kingdom.” And yes, Jewish women were forced to wear and heritage, and
travel a dangerous road to a country where I could the restrictive garb, just like their Muslim neighbors.
When a close friend of hers was arrested, she told travel a dangerous
Who: Dr. Sima Goel, author of “Fleeing the Hijab: Dr. Goel’s mother that her daughter was on the black- road to a country
list as well. After six months in hiding, she said, her
A Jewish Woman’s Escape from Iran”
What: Will speak at a general meeting of the Bergen mother gave her into the care of smugglers, calling her where I could study,
County section of the National Council of Jewish existence as it was “a living death.” She is still moved speak out, and
by her mother’s bravery, Dr. Goel said, and feels that
When: On April 17 at 12:30 p.m. she is what she is today because of it. be a Jew.
Why Canada and not the United States? “At the time, I
Where: At Temple Emeth, 1666 Windsor Rd., Teaneck
didn’t have a passport, and Canada was the only place that
Cost: Free for members, $10 for non-members, was open,” she said. “Also, it was shortly after the hostage Dr. Goel said she has an active Facebook presence
applicable toward new membership if paid that day.
crisis,” and America did not look kindly on Iranians. and writes many articles. “It’s my way of giving back,”
For more information on this meeting, or on Dr. Goel feels she has to talk about her experience, she said. She also travels to speak for schools, organiza-
NCJW BCS and its upcoming programs, email especially to young people, so that they will not take for tions, and conferences. “We have to guard our freedom
office@ncjwbcs.org, call (201) 385-4847, or go to
granted the freedom they enjoy in the United States and and our values,” she said. “If we don’t, we’ll be in trou-
Canada. “Our grandparents, or great-grandparents, paid ble. What legacy will we leave for the next generation?”

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A traditon for over 80 years
GROCERIES We’re proud to serve our community for over 80 years
with selection, quality and service
Open Friday March 30, 8-3 · Open during Passover Mon.-Thurs. April 2-5



ROAST TURKEY, Raw wt. Sizes: 13-15-20 +up With gravy.......... 6.00 lb POTATO PANCAKES, 2 per package - by package .................. 6.00 pkg.
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Jewish standard MarCh 30, 2018 15
Coming to Paramus Briefly Local

Rabbi Steven Weil, left, Rep. Peter Roskam (R-IL), and Yael Weil.

Norpac hosts Congressman

The Andy Statman Trio Peter Roskam in Teaneck
On March 18, Yael and Rabbi Steven Republican Israel caucus and the
Come join us for an exciting afternoon of music with this Weil hosted a Norpac pro-Israel meet- bipartisan task force for combating
ing featuring Congressman Peter Ros- anti-Semitism. He is a member of the
acclaimed, multi-instrumentalist musician and his trio.
kam (R-IL) at their Teaneck home. bipartisan Israel Allies Caucus and the
Advance ticket sales through Thursday, April 28: $35 Mr. Roskam is the chair of the Ways Congressional Hellenic Israel Alliance.
VIP seating + meet and greet: $100 and Means subcommittee on tax policy He is serving his sixth term in the U.S.
and the House Democracy Partnership, House of Representatives and is running
Tickets at the door: $40 · Concert starts at 3:30 pm and he also is co-chair of the House for re-election this year.
Special group pricing available.
For ticket info, call 201-262-7691 or go to
www.jccparamus.org Bayonne shul to honor Marc Mutterperl
JCC OF PARAMUS/CONGREGATION BETH TIKVAH On Sunday, April 29, Temple Emanu-El catered many events and festivities in
304 East Midland Avenue · Paramus, NJ of Bayonne will honor Marc Mutterperl Bayonne and other towns.
at its annual Spring Fling. Mr. Mutterperl The annual Spring Fling, chaired by
will be recognized for his many years of Dr. Joseph Ryan, will be at the syna-
generosity and dedication to the Jewish gogue, 735 Kennedy Boulevard in Bay-
community. A shul member for many onne, at 4:30 p.m. Entertainment
years, he has served Emanu-El’s mem- includes a DJ and an opera cabaret by
bership in many capacities. the Montclair Opera Company. For infor-
His many talents include his catering mation, call (201) 436-4499 or email tem-
abilities, which stem back to his parents. pleemanuelbayonne@gmail.com.
For many years, he and his family have

Thursday, April 12
3:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Student Center, Pitkin Education Center

400 Paramus Road, Paramus

Prospective students, families and community

members are invited to join us for an expansive
50th anniversary open house designed to From left, GRJC’s Rabbi Jennifer Schlosberg, Hebrew school princi-
showcase all that Bergen has to offer. pal Rachel Blumenstyk, outreach and communications coordinator
Mindy Osterman, and office manager Michelle Strassberg.
Explore the campus-wide event offering:
Demonstrations • Workshops • Tours and Glen Rock rabbi celebrates
For more information, visit www.bergen.edu/openhouse or
bat mitvzah anniversary
email the Office of Admissions at admissions@bergen.edu. Earlier this month, the Glen Rock Jewish An evening celebration included a
Center celebrated the 25th anniversary catered dinner, a silent auction, and live
RSVP at www.bergen.edu/openhouse of Rabbi Jennifer Schlosberg’s bat mitz- music from the GRJC house band Maca-
vah. At the traditional Shabbat service, roon Five.
the rabbi chanted Torah and haftarah.





Happy Passover

an evening with

See Alan Alda, Live at the J!
Join us for an evening of laughter and
conversation with Alan Alda, humorist,
award-winning actor, director, author and

science advocate. All attendees will receive
Alan’s latest book, If I Understood You,
Would I Have This Look On My Face?
VIP $360 Exclusive for Patron of the Arts
Subscribers. Reserved VIP seating, meet and
Sunday, April 15, 7 pm greet with photo opportunity, and dessert
Annual Patron of the Arts Program PREFERRED ADMISSION $100 Priority seating
Premier Speaker Event GENERAL ADMISSION $50
Photo Credit: Alan Alda

Sun, Apr 15, 7 pm

Visit jccotp.org/alda

This event is supported in part by The Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation



Commemorations Book Lecture and Discussion
Mixtape: The Stories Behind YOM HASHOAH WITH BEN NELSON

Israel’s Ultimate Playlist A communitywide Yom Hashoah ceremony led by

Reading and sharing a book with others brings a
the Israeli Scouts. Ceremony is in English and Hebrew. whole new perspective to the experience. Join us as
Enjoy a dazzling live show including radio-
Ben leads the exploration of these deeply affecting
style storytelling, music, singing and other Wed, Apr 11, 7 pm, Free and open to the community contemporary works.
multimedia magic to celebrate seven YOM HAZIKARON APR 11: LaRose by Louise Erdrich
decades of Israeli life and culture through
Join us as we commemorate the fallen soldiers MAY 9: The Little Red Chairs by Edna O’Brien
Israel’s most, and least, iconic songs.
and victims of terror in a ceremony organized JUN 6: Moonglow by Michael Chabon
Lead sponsor: Congregation Beth Sholom
by community leaders and youth movement 3 Wednesdays, 1:30-3:30 pm, $45/$60,
representatives. Ceremony is in English and Hebrew. $20/$25 per session
Tue, Apr 24, 7:30 pm, Event is organized with IAC NJ and the Israeli Scouts.
$15 general admission, TO REGISTER OR FOR MORE INFO
$12 under age 18.
Tues, Apr 17, 7 pm, Free and open to the community VISIT jccotp.org
jccotp.org/israel-story STAY IN THE KNOW! LIKE US ON

KAPLEN JCC on the Palisades TAUB CAMPUS | 411 E CLINTON AVE, TENAFLY, NJ 07670 | 201.569.7900 | jccotp.org
Heading home
The tale of Team Israel to open in Rockland on April 3
Elliot Rubin five shutout innings, striking out six in a 1-0
victory over Brazil. He threw 83 pitches, two
Going back to Hank Greenberg in the early fewer than the maximum number allowed.
part of the 20th century, Jews have, for He is one of the players who appears in the
one reason or another, been subject to film, which will open at the 15th Annual
various forms of discrimination in baseball. International Jewish Film Festival in Rock-
Whether it was the blatant anti-Semitism land County on April 3.
Greenberg faced in the 1930s and ‘40s, or “Team Israel and the film show that you
more recently, the stigma that Jews are not can be a really good baseball player and
good athletes, it has always been difficult for you can be proud of being Jewish,” Mr.
Jewish players to fit in. Mayo said. Team Israel was ranked 41st in
A new film, “Heading Home: The Tale the world before the WBC began, and it was
of Team Israel,” created by MLB baseball filled by players whom one writer described
writer Jonathan Mayo in partnership with as “wannabes and has-beens,” yet those
Ironbound Films, may help change some of players managed to defeat some of the best Corey Baker signs autographs in New York. MaRgo SugaRMan

these perceptions. teams in the tournament, including South

“Heading Home” tells the story of under- Korea, the Netherlands, and Cuba. found that approach interesting. He always since they were at Jewish sleepaway camp
dog Team Israel’s inspirational journey to “Over the years, I’ve interviewed a ton has been fascinated with learning which together. Mr. Miller, one of the film’s direc-
Israel and its run in the 2017 World Baseball of Jewish baseball players, and often would sports figures are Jewish. tors, views Team Israel as a great metaphor
Classic in Seoul, South Korea. One of Team talk to them about embracing being known Mr. Mayo created the film with Jeremy for Israel, he said; you can’t deny Israel’s
Israel’s pitchers, Corey Baker, grew up and as a Jewish baseball player even if they Newberger, Daniel A. Miller, and Seth self-determination, and that’s also true
attended Hebrew school in New City. In the didn’t really identify beyond that in terms Kramer of Ironbound Films. Mr. Miller, Mr. about Team Israel.
qualifying round for the WBC, Baker threw of their Judaism,” Mr. Mayo said; he’s always Newberger, and Mr. Mayo have been friends see Heading Home page 20

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and Dr. Alan Plumer, President
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Wishing You a
Joyful Pesach
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at Passover

Rockland Jewish Community Campus

tt 450 West Nyack Road
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L ’ Shana

L ’ Shana


Tovah! Tovah!
see full schedule of events online

Wishing you a sweetyou

Wishing newa sweet
year. new year.
Jamie and Steven Dranow • Larry A. Model • Harvey Schwartz
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BVK • SCI • #9a • JobBVK • SCI • #9a

No 025012 • JobHashanah
• Rosh No 025012
5” x Hashanah ad •• 5”
5” • 8/18/05 V2x•5”
ir • 8/18/05 • V2 • ir

Heading Home Jews in their careers and then seeing them

connect with their faith and homeland dur-
Rockland celebrates Israel’s 70th
FrOM page 18
ing the making of this film was fascinating,” A community celebration to Rockland County, “This event
Mr. Miller said that most of the team Mr. Miller said. mark Israel’s 70th year as a will celebrate the miracle of the
never had an opportunity to experience “I think that being with Team Israel and nation and homeland of the modern state of Israel and all it
Israel as Mr. Mayo and the directors had. connecting to the people who were follow- Jewish people will be held on has accomplished in its short
Suddenly the world was interested in Team ing along on our journey was really special,” Sunday, April 15, from 10 a.m. life. Jewish Federation has
Israel when it qualified and the team found Mr. Baker said. “This trip really increased to 2 p.m., at the Rockland Jew- been part of Israel’s story and
itself among the top 16 teams, he said. At my sense of pride.” Though many players ish Community Campus, in success from the beginning
that point, the film about Team Israel’s jour- on the team never had been to Israel, Mr. West Nyack. and we are looking forward to
ney became significant. “Hearing about the Baker had been there. He’d gone on Birth- The celebratory event Ralph Nurnberger a future of growth and tremen-
challenges these players encountered as right Israel. includes the Israel Journey dous accomplishment.”
“I knew we had a good team talent-wise, interactive educational experience, activ- The Israel Journey interactive educational
Who: directors seth Kramer, daniel a. and the trip gave us a little more meaning ities for kids, a petting zoo, and shop- experience is a joint effort of the Rockland
Miller, and Jeremy newberger about what we were playing for,” Mr. Baker ping at an Israeli shuk (marketplace). At County Board of Rabbis, local synagogues,
What: will speak at the hudson Valley said. Asked about the future, he added, “I 11, Ralph Nurnberger, a political advisor and Rockland’s Jewish agencies. Rabbi
premiere of “heading home: the tale of think there are ways we can get involved and professor, will discuss “Israel @70: Jeremy Ruberg, president of the Board of
team israel” with the Israel Association of Baseball, and What to Worry About, What to Celebrate,” Rabbis, said, “This is an opportunity for
When: On tuesday, april 3, at 7:15 p.m. that is something that is important to me sponsored by Development Corporation all of us to show our support and celebrate
and to several of my teammates.” for Israel/Israel Bonds. At noon, attendees the miracle of the State of Israel. Rockland’s
Where: at the regal Cinemas, 5101 Fash-
ion drive in nanuet Mr. Mayo hopes that Team Israel’s suc- will enjoy live music from Israband per- congregations are looking forward to cele-
cess will help grow the sport in Israel and forming high-energy pop hits from Israel. brating with the entire community.”
Why: as part of the rockland Jewish Film
that future teams will be made up entirely of Israeli dancing is at 1 p.m., led by dance The Jewish Federation & Foundation of
native Israelis. The IAB is planning to build instructor Karin Sachs. Israeli food is for Rockland also is celebrating Israel’s 70th
For more information and tickets: go to
two more baseball fields with WBC tourna- sale during the celebration. anniversary with the Legacy Journey to
ment earnings and donations from the Jew- According to Gary Siepser, CEO of Israel, from October 17 to 24. Go to www.
ish National Fund. the Jewish Federation & Foundation of jewishrockland.org/journey.

Wishing the
Jewish community
Happy Passover

The Most Exciting

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20 Jewish standard MarCh 30, 2018


Marking Yom HaShoah Do We Tell These Stories? Connecting the

Holocaust with Humanity.”
on Wednesday, April 11, at 3 p.m., in
the Rockland County Courthouse, Jury
Rockland County’s community-wide Yom HaShoah commem- Ms. Smith is part of a new generation Room, 2nd Floor, 1 South Main St., in
oration is set for Sunday, April 8, at 5 p.m., at the Orangetown of Holocaust speakers who share life sto- New City. Alexander Levy is the keynote
Jewish Center. Jeannie Opdyke Smith is the keynote speaker. ries from their parents’ first-hand expe- speaker. Bring a photo ID. For informa-
The shul is at 8 Independence Ave. in Orangeburg. riences. She is a member and speaker tion, call (845) 574-4099, or email awino-
Ms. Smith is the daughter of Irene Gut Opdyke, a Polish for the Oregon & Washington Holocaust grad@holocauststudies.org.
woman who worked as a housekeeper for a high-ranking Speakers Bureau, a regular speaker for Events are hosted by the Holocaust
German official during the Holocaust and used her position the Anti-Defamation League, the Bearing Museum & Center for Tolerance and
to rescue Jews. Irene, who died in 2003, received interna- Witness program, and the Jewish Federa- Education in Suffern. Call (845) 574-
tional recognition for her bravery. Irene’s life story was told tion of North America. 4099 or go to holocauststudies.org.
on Broadway in the nationally acclaimed play “Irena’s Vow,” The Justice Brandeis Law Society
see more rockland page 55
starring Tovah Feldshuh. has a Yom HaShoah commemoration Jeannie Opdyke Smith
On Monday, April 9, at 12:30 p.m., Ms. Smith will speak
in the Technology Center, Ellipse, at Rockland Community
College, 145 College Road in Suffern. Her topic will be “How

Wishing Everyone
Happy Passover from Best wishes
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Mount Moriah Cemetery Passover
MICHAEL GRANT LEGISLATOR 685 Fairview Avenue, Fairview, NJ 07022
24 Hour phone 201-943-6163 National Council of Jewish Women
GEORGE E. WARGO, JR. SUPT. OF HIGHWAYS www.mountmoriahcemeteryofnewjersey.org Rockland Section
JOHN K. GRANT TOWN JUSTICE www.ncjwrockland.org

Join your community

From and Federation on a
Our Family transformative journey
to Yours…
(Resident, Lillian Grunfeld with her daughter,
Dir. of Community Relations, Debbie Corwin) Oct. 17-24
We Wish You a Very Happy Passover Jerusalem & Tel aviv
jewishrockland.org/journey 845-362-4200
o un and
isc . 15
D r
ird Ap 60!
Come Feel Our Warmth a
B y 3
rly er b e $
E ist av
g S

Jewish standard MarCh 30, 2018 21

A tour guide uncovers Passover secrets
in the Met Museum’s Egyptian wing

have roamed the Metropolitan
Museum of Art’s Egyptian wing
many times, marveling at sarcoph-
agi, statues of Horus and Ra, and
portraits of young men on ancient panels
who gaze back at visitors, looking shock-
ingly familiar and contemporary.
As our readers begin their celebrations of Pesach with
seders on Friday and Saturday nights, we offer glimpses
of the holiday locally and from around the Jewish world.

But on a Sunday just before Passover,

I viewed the artifacts as I’d never before
seen them: through the lens of the Exodus
story, which we retell each year through
reading the Haggadah.
Nachliel Selavan, a Jewish educator
and self-taught museum guide whose spe-
cialty is looking at Jewish texts and history


through ancient artifacts, guided a group
of about 20 of us through the Egypt sec-
tion, pausing at statues, carvings, and the
Book of the Dead scroll. Before we set off
he distributed source sheets with canoni-
cal Jewish texts in Hebrew and English. For
more than two hours, Selavan connected
items and ideas mentioned in the texts
with the artifacts on view.
Selavan had us look at a passage from
Deuteronomy in which Moses details what
will befall the Israelites if they don’t live up
to their end of the covenant with God.
We looked through cases at the Met dis- The Temple of Dendur is one of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s most well-known artifacts.
playing little replicas of Egyptian life dis-
covered in the tombs of embalmed rulers, in boats to Egypt,” they will be so undesir- exist in a vacuum,” Selavan, using a term Philistines or regular Israelites? What were
intended to accompany the deceased on able they can’t even sell themselves back meaning the Hebrew Bible, said after the they seeing as they traded and mingled
their journeys to the afterlife. In the Bible, into slavery. Selavan pointed inside one of tour. “Understanding the context for the with another culture? When you see mate-
the Israelites are told they will be flattened the ancient dioramas to show what those text is key to our identity. Artifacts help us rial culture like this, it makes it real.”
by insufferable ailments and curses, and boats would have looked like. realize that ‘oh wow, these were real people.’ Selavan brought us to several examples
that when the Lord “will bring you back “The Jewish people and Tanach do not “What was daily life like for regular of reliefs carved with the names of the


S OVER yeshiva of Hadar, the egalitarian
Torah learning center based in Man-
hattan. Last year Hadar brought its 45
summer fellows to the Met for a tour
with Selavan. They were studying
Avodah Zara, a Talmud tractate on
idol worship, and they saw examples
of what the Talmud discusses.
“It was great to go around with
someone with knowledge of Jew-
ish sources and material sources on
display at the Met,” Tucker said. “I
found it to be very enriching. One of

the struggles of being in a culture so

focused on text is you can forget texts
are talking about things in the real A plum on the seder plate
world. For institutions centered on
the beit midrash [study hall], to get RABBI JOSHUA S. FINKELSTEIN people should see themselves as an outsider

out into a museum raises the quality in our communities.
and intensity of the experience. ach year in our Passover Hagga- In our discussion, I mentioned that there
Nachliel Selevan at the Selavan is one of a handful of peo- dah, we read, “In every generation are many fissures in our world. Some peo-
Metropolitan Museum of Art. ple and companies offering private we are obligated to see ourselves ple have used the seder plate as a platform
Jewish tours at major art museums. as people who came out of Egypt.” to highlight these fractures, and they use
Egyptian ruler, or paro/pharaoh, not- David Thomas, associate coordina- This oft-quoted statement can the holiday of Passover as moti-
ing how important names were to tor of groups and visitor services at mean many things, but at its vation to help heal our world.
them. In Hebrew, he noted, the Book the Met, said the museum does not core it reminds us that each of People have used a banana to
of Exodus is known as Shemot, or disclose the number of tours led by us should develop a meaning- highlight the plight of refugees.
names, which begins with the names outside guides like Selavan. ful personal connection to the Others have used cashews to
of the sons of the patriarch Jacob, “I’m not aware of any other tour message of Passover. The rituals remind us of our need to sup-
who went down to Egypt with their guides who offer Jewish-themed of the Passover seder can seem port our troops, who are con-
father and their own families. tours, but there may be some,” intimidating, but the intimacy of tinuing to battle extremism
“It was very interesting to see Thomas said. “Many synagogues, uni- a family setting allows us oppor- around the world. I urged every-
actual artifacts, representations of versities, and other Jewish organiza- tunity to search for and seek one to think of what redemption
words we see in the Torah,” said Lori tions also bring groups.” meaning in this celebration of meant to them this year, living as
Rabbi Joshua
Leifer, 37, a Yiddish singer and com- Selavan grew up in the Jewish Quar- liberation and survival. we are in a world of uncertainty,
puter database programmer who ter of Jerusalem’s Old City, the son Recently, I led a Passover work- fear, and political division.

describes herself as Conservadox. of a rabbi who was also a tour guide shop at the Montebello Jewish Center, spon- One of the members of the synagogue
She heard about the tour through and archaeologist. He was educated sored by our sisterhood. At this workshop, made a suggestion. In light of my comment
Chulent, a WhatsApp group for at yeshivas; he discusses references I urged everyone to augment their seders of political division, she suggested that we
Jews who have left Orthodox com- from Mishna comfortably with a Sat- with new rituals. There are so many new place a plum on the seder plate this year.
munities. Everyone else on the tour mar chasid on his tour but dresses songs and readings that can be found online In a world where too often people see a red
appeared to be Orthodox, including more like a Brooklyn hipster. Asked and in books, and many of them can enliven America and a blue America, a purple plum
several charedim. how he identifies religiously, Selavan any seder. In addition, there are a plethora should remind us that there is only one
The Exodus tour is one of five Jew- replied, “I’m on the Orthodox spec- of activities and strategies people can bring America — purple, of course, is the combina-
ish tours Selavan offers at the Met trum, but not sure where I fit.” to their celebrations. tion of red and blue.
through his company, Torah Interme- Like the Met’s galleries, Selavan’s One of the many new rituals that has This year there will be a purple plum on
dia. Another focuses on artifacts from journey took a winding route. After become popular in many homes is the pres- my seder plate, somewhere near the shank
the time of the Maccabee revolt and yeshiva, Selavan, now 34, began ence of an orange on the seder plate. The bone and the roasted egg.
is oriented toward Chanukah. More teaching the Brazilian martial art story behind it is that someone once said that Whether you chose a plum or an orange
Passover-themed tours are planned called capoeira around Israel. At 25 a woman belongs on the bimah as much as or something else to put on your seder
for the festival’s intermediate days. he earned an undergraduate degree an orange belongs on a seder plate. The story plate, I encourage everyone this year to
“When you’re able to not just learn at a Jerusalem teachers’ college and is apocryphal, but the symbolism is meaning- ask what Passover means to you, and take
a text but see the stuff it’s talking in 2013 he came to the United States ful. An orange on a seder plate is acknowl- a few moments to share that at your Pass-
about, the learning goes to a whole to teach. edgement of the alienation many people felt over seder.
other level,” Rabbi Ethan Tucker said In his second year teaching Bible from our tradition. By putting an orange on
in an interview. at the Netivot Montessori Yeshiva our plates, we are making a symbolic state- Joshua S. Finkelstein is the rabbi of the
Tucker is the president and rosh SEE MET PAGE 28 ment that no one who wants to be part of our Montebello Jewish Center in Suffern.



Spanish university’s first seder is organized by American students

MARGARITA GOKUN SILVER “We are trying to establish a more international, inter-
cultural feeling at the university,” Elliott said.
MADRID — Every Passover, Danielle Elliott joins her par- “There are students from all over the world, but there
ents in Chicago. isn’t much of a community for them,” Wells added.
She helps prepare charoset, delights in her mom’s elab- With the goal of creating closer connections among
orate Passover decorations, and enjoys spending the holi- different cultures, Elliott and Wells have organized such
day with her family. activities as Write for Rights, the Amnesty International
But this year Elliott will be recounting the story of the letter-writing campaign, and a cookie-decorating fund-
Jews’ exodus from Egypt several thousand miles away from raiser to benefit Black Lives Matter.
home. She’ll be in Spain — and she is organizing the first The next logical step for the club was an interfaith seder
Passover seder at the Universidad Camilo José Sela in Vil- with a freedom and human rights theme. Elliott and Wells
lafranca del Castillo, a town on this capital city’s outskirts. are calling it “Seder para la Comunidad Global: En la
Elliott is a Fulbright scholar working as an English lan- Búsqueda de la Libertad” (Seder for Global Community:
guage assistant in the university’s film and criminology In Search of Freedom). Elliott modeled the concept on a
departments. She first thought of organizing a seder for similar event at her alma mater, Northwestern University,
her students in December, when she realized how little in which she participated last year.
they knew about a people who had been an integral part “Two of my friends who were involved in Hillel held a
of Spain for so many centuries — that is, until they were Refugee Freedom seder and invited immigrant and refu-
expelled in 1492. Yael Cobano, left, is the president of the Reform gee community centers,” Elliott said. Armed with advice
The idea “blew me away,” Elliott said. She pitched it to Community of Madrid. MARGARITA GOKUN SILVER and materials from the organizers of that seder — Elliott
administrators and the university embraced it. is translating the Haggadah they used into Spanish — and
After “Danielle explained what a seder is (since none of Lab and the Fulbright program coordinator at the univer- with the support of the university and the Reform Jewish
us besides Danielle have ever attended a seder and didn’t sity, wrote in an email. Community of Madrid, Danielle and Wells are re-creating
know exactly what it entailed), it was approved immedi- By the time Elliott approached the university, she and the experience at the Universidad Camilo José Sela.
ately and everyone present at the meeting was very inter- another Fulbright scholar, McCall Wells, had been spear- The Reform Community of Madrid is Elliott’s synagogue
ested in contributing in whatever way they could,” Amy heading the Intercultural Club, an initiative they put while she is in Spain. “At the beginning of my time here in
Baxter Mertzlufft, the academic adviser of the Language together at the school’s request. SEE SPAIN PAGE 30



The Yeshiva Program for men and Seminary Program for women at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Petrocelli
College of Continuing Studies provide a convenient and affordable pathway to your college degree. Achieve your
career goals with shorter terms, reduced tuition and personal support in a program designed specifically for
members of the Orthodox Jewish community. For more information, please visit fdu.edu/jewish-programs.


March 18–April 3 Onsite for Yeshiva only
March 18–April 3 Online for Yeshiva and Seminary
April 9–June 28 Onsite and online for Yeshiva and Seminary 50% TUITION TRANSFER UP TO IN-PERSON
July 16–Aug. 2 Onsite for Chodesh Av Z’man classes PRIOR YESHIVA OR COURSES
Aug. 12–Sept. 7 Onsite and in Jerusalem for Yeshiva and Seminary SEMINARY STUDY


In every generation
A Reading for Pesach 5778*
Rabbi Barry L. Schwartz
In every generation/We come out of Egypt.
Let freedom ring.
In every generation/We stand up to Pharaoh.
Let freedom ring.
In every generation/We part the waters.
Let freedom ring.
In every generation/We march toward the Promised Land.
Let freedom ring.
In every generation/We teach our children.
Let freedom ring.
In every generation/Our children teach us.
Let freedom ring.
Rabbi Barry L. Schwartz
In every generation/We march for our lives.
Let freedom ring.
In this generation/Columbine, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech/We march for our lives.
Let freedom ring.
In this generation/Orlando, Las Vegas, Parkland
We march for our lives.
Let freedom ring.
In this generation/Two hundred sixty five million guns fill our country
We march for our lives.
Let freedom ring.
In this generation/Ninety seven souls die from gun violence each and every day.
We march for our lives.
Let freedom ring.
In this generation/Young and old, black and white, Jew and gentile…said enough; enough.
This flier is promoting an interfaith seder with a freedom and Let freedom ring.
human rights theme to be held at the Universidad Camilo José *Participants at the seder are invited to echo the repeating lines.
0 Sela, a suburb of Madrid. UNIVERSIDAD CAMILO JOSÉ SELA
Barry L. Schwartz is director of the Jewish Publication Society in Philadelphia and the rabbi of
Congregation Adas Emuno in Leonia.


201-530-WINE (9463)
247 DeGraw Avenue, Teaneck
Sun 12-8 pm • Mon-Sat 10 am-10 pm



How matzah became a household

item for non-Jews in the Netherlands
CNAAN LIPHSHIZ Still, Heijs remains committed to making matzah that
is kosher for Passover.
ENSCHEDE, NETHERLANDS — For most matzah baker- “It’s a matter of tradition, and it means a great deal to
ies, Passover is a lifeline, its only hold on financial viability. me,” said Heijs, who is not Jewish. “Even if it comes at
But after the weeklong holiday, during which Jews are the expense of our profit margins, we will continue to
commanded to consume matzah to commemorate their produce Passover kosher matzah for as long as we can.”
ancestors’ hurried flight out of Egypt, demand for the The losses, however, are dwarfed by the boom in Hol-
famously tasteless cracker drops sharply. landia’s sales during Easter, which often coincides with
Except, that is, in the Netherlands. Passover. On the Christian holiday, millions of Dutch buy
A centuries-old and proud Jewish community here has and eat matzah as part of a nationwide tradition that
made matzah a household product that is sold in super- testifies to centuries of Jewish influence on the general
markets and consumed year-round by millions of non- population.

Jews, who swear by it as their breakfast bread of choice. A liberal nation that was home to one of Europe’s most
That’s one reason why Pieter Heijs, a co-owner of Hol- illustrious Jewish communities before that community’s
landia Matzes in this eastern city, probably is the only mat- near annihilation by the Nazis and their collaborators
zah maker in the world who braces for losses, not earn- during the Holocaust, the Netherlands has other exam-
ings, during Passover. A shopper browses for matzah at the Amsterdam ples of interfaith borrowings (take the oliebol, a deep-
Almost all the profits of his matzah bakery — the only Noord branch of the Jumbo supermarket chain. fried winter snack in Holland that many trace back to the
one in Holland — comes from sales to non-Jews; his prod- Chanukah doughnut called sufganiyah).
uct lacks the “kosher for Passover” certification. But for matzah, a variant matzah specialty that is even costlier Such carryovers perhaps were possible in the Neth-
four weeks before Passover, Hollandia also produces because of its stringent adherence to the kosher rules. To erlands partly because many Protestant Christians here
kosher-for-Passover matzah, which “costs more to make prevent even the hint of leavening, the wheat and flour emphasize the Hebrew Bible over the New Testament.
than what we get for it,” Heijs said. never come into contact with moisture, from the time the But, as Heijs said, “it’s because Dutch Jews were so inte-
The factory, which produces about 40 million matzah wheat is harvested until the dough is kneaded and the grated into the fabric of society.”
crackers annually, also makes small amounts of shmurah sheets are baked. The matzah became a year-round household food in


Register or donate at jccotp.org/rubinrun



Questions? email rubinrun@jccotp.org
For sponsorship information please contact:
Michal Kleiman at 201.408.1412 or mkleiman@jccotp.org.




Mother's Day, sunday, may 13

* Trail run open to ages 15+; recommended for experienced runners.

All giveaways while supplies last. Online registration open until Wednesday,
May 9 at 11:59 pm. Thereafter, participants may register in person at the JCC

Supporting individuals with special needs and on race day; please arrive early on race-day.

KAPLEN JCC on the Palisades TAUB CAMPUS | 411 E CLINTON AVE, TENAFLY, NJ 07670 | 201.569.7900 | jccotp.org



recent decades as supermarkets replaced factory in Enschede because it had a large

smaller grocery stores, according to Jonah Jewish community, and because thou-
Freud. In 2012, Freud published a book sands of Jews who fled from the Nazis in
about the Dutch Jewish cuisine based nearby Germany made their way to the
on her research for the Jewish Historical eastern Netherlands.
Museum of Amsterdam. “I think it may be When the Nazis invaded in 1940, the
connected to how matzah is perceived as Woudstras went into hiding, and the Nazis
healthy,” Freud said. closed down Hollandia.
Heijs concurs. Before the invasion, the Netherlands
“Many of our clients want matzah had several matzah bakeries, according
because it’s such a pure product,” he said. to the Dutch Bakers’ Museum. Among the
“No additives, no conservatives, highly best known and oldest was the De Haan
nutritious. What more can you ask of a bakery in the picturesque fishing village
health food?” of Marken, north of Amsterdam. It oper-
In an overture to the health-food crowd, ated only before Passover, and after the
one of the first moves Heijs and his busi- last matzah was baked each year, De Haan
ness partner, Udo Karsemeijer, who also employees would march through the vil-
is not Jewish, made after they bought Hol- lage, dressed in white sheets, as music Pieter Heijs shows one of the products of his Hollandia Matzes factory in
landia in 2004 was to add an organic mat- played and they ceremoniously would Enschede, the Netherlands. CNAAN LIPHSHIZ

zah product to the lineup. The bakery’s extinguish the ovens.

products now include matzahs in two One of the production line machines the prewar Dutch Jewish population of — was a marketing coup cooked up by the
sizes, a whole wheat variety, and one with inside Hollandia, a state-of-the-art factory 100,000 during World War II. The com- Woudstras, Heijs said.
spice herbs. with 18 employees who work year-round munity never replenished its numbers. The matzah became even better known
Hollandia now exports products to inside a three-story building, dates back to The factory reopened after the war. By to the Dutch immediately after the war
Scandinavia, Germany, and even France, 1924. Inside the room where it now oper- then, matzahs had developed a non-Jewish because the Hollandia factory received
where several matzah bakeries compete ates, the local Jewish community briefly following. generous subsidies under the Marshall
for a market with 500,000 Jews. ran a Jewish school for the children who The eye-catching and instantly recogniz- Plan for financial aid to rebuild war-torn
Heijs and Karsemeijer bought the Hol- were expelled from the general education able packaging of Hollandia matzah boxes Europe, according to Heijs.
landia factory from a Jewish family named system under the Nazis. — an orange-colored octagonal cardboard He said the funding also was meant as
Woudstra. The founding family built the The Germans killed 75 percent of box with a nifty camera-aperture opening SEE NETHERLANDS PAGE 28

A&H Passover hot dogs,

salami, and turkey breast
Abeles & Heymann, makers of award- beef hot dogs are OU kosher certified,
winning premium kosher hot dogs and gluten-free, and have no fillers. Look
deli meats, has kosher for Passover for A&H premium beef kosher; hot
products including A&H Hot Dogs, dogs, including mini premium ones,
A&H Salami, and a new line of A&H and beef knockwurst with no artifi-
Uncured Turkey Deli Meats. During cial nitrates in regular and reduced
Passover, think of traditional breakfast fat and sodium options; along with
meals of salami and eggs to an assort- beef chipotle hot dogs and a complete
ment of “sandwiches” and salami for line of salami, cured meats, and sliced
a festive platter, filled with an array of deli including uncured turkey breast
turkey, fresh uncured hot dogs, and products.
salami. Here is a simple-to-prepare fun
A&H’s kosher for Passover line of recipe:

A&H kosher for Passover

hot dog matzah dumplings
1 package A&H all beef hot dogs,
cut into 2 inch pieces
1/2 cup oil
1 cup water
2 cups Passover dumpling mix
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar
4 eggs
Add water and oil to a pan, and
boil. Once the liquid boils add
the dry ingredients. Mix of-
ten until it gets thicker and pulls pieces, and shape around each
away from the sides. Turn off hot dog piece. Put in oven at 325
heat and mix for 5-6 minutes by degrees on a greased sheet until
hand, away from the heat. Add dumplings look golden brown, for
eggs and mix for about 2 minutes about 12 minutes. Check often to
more. Cut dough into a dozen avoid burning.



Met the Davidic dynasty, which is his hometown. same with area day school groups.
FROM PAGE 23 “Then people started asking me questions,” Selavan said. Selavan lives in Crown Heights, the Brooklyn head-
in East Brunswick, Selavan took fourth graders to see the At the start of the 2016-17 school year, he started network- quarters of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, and he
Met’s exhibit “From Assyria to Iberia.” Another visitor, ing with other Orthodox yeshivas to lead tours and quickly is finishing up a long-distance master’s degree pro-
overhearing him, asked if he read Aramaic and led him to expanded into leading adults. Last summer he took about gram in Jewish education at the Hebrew University of
the Tel Dan stele, a 2,800-year-old inscribed stone on loan 20 groups through the Met, he said, and now he leads syna- Jerusalem and enrolling in a Jewish history master’s
from the Israel Museum. Reading what turned out to be gogue and Hillel groups as well. He gave a Jewish tour of program at Yeshiva University.
paleo-Hebrew, Selavan was struck by the power of seeing Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts to members of an Orthodox On the Passover tour, as the group approached the
the earliest known reference to “Beit David,” the seat of synagogue in suburban Newton, and now he plans to do the Temple of Dendur, the massive sandstone shrine set
in a grand sunlit interior plaza, Selavan pointed out a
replica crocodile in the surrounding moat. He noted
that the Hebrew term “taneen,” found in Ezekiel
and Exodus, generally is translated as “serpent,” but

more likely meant crocodile, the animal that infested

ISRAEL SPEANorthern New Jersey
the Nile.
“My dream is to do things like this with museums
around the world,” he said. “In Spain, London, France
and so on. And to live in Jerusalem.” JTA WIRE SERVICE

Jewish Fede0ra tion of

, Paramus
Eisenhower Drive
SIVAN YA’ARI Event Chair
Lee Lasher
a gesture acknowledging Jewish suffering during the
Innovation Africa Founder and CEO
Event Committee Holocaust.
Innovation: Africa Martha Cohen
Andrew and Leah Harary
“But it was also a practical decision: Matzah requires
Innovation: Africa transformed over one Rob and Irene Gottesman no eggs, no salt, no sugar — all commodities that were
million lives in African villages with Israeli Ronnie and Marc Schlussel in very short supply immediately after the war,” he
solar, agricultural, & water technologies. said. Whatever the reason, he added, the reality was
that Hollandia was “one of the first bakeries that were
April 12, 2018 | 7:15pm restored” after the war, thus entrenching its status as
a household brand.
Wine & Cheese Reception
by Royal Wine Corp and The Cheese Guy Heijs, 55, remembers enjoying Hollandia matzah
as a boy just before and also directly after Easter. “I
understand that matzah is not considered a delicacy
exactly among Jews, who substitute bread for matzah
for eight days each year,” he said. “But for us, who had
it in addition to everything else, it was a treat that went


Amanda Zoneraich
very well with chocolate and butter.”
Karina Ahles-Frijters, who lives in Hilversum, near
CNBC Executive Producer Amsterdam, wrote on her parenting blog Trotsemoed-
Event Committee
and Author Ariel Fabien | Mark Hirschberg ers in 2016 that her three children like to experiment
Israel’s Edge Judy Hochsztein
Josef Katz | Lee Lasher
with matzah toppings. (Her eldest prefers whole wheat
matzah with butter and sugar-coated anise seeds, she
with guest Deena Seelenfreund
wrote.) One day a year, the Hollandia factory is open
SHAI KIVITY Evan Weintraub | Helen Zelig
to anyone interested in making their own matzahs.
Talpiot Officer 2007-2016 But not everyone is a fan of the matzah.
Talpiot, the most elite IDF unit, keeps “Frankly I couldn’t tell you why so many Dutchmen
Israel one step ahead of its enemies like matzah — I don’t think it’s tasty at all,” said Roger
through innovation. van Oordt, the director of the Netherlands-based
Christians for Israel group, which organizes matzah-
April 19, 2018 | 7:15pm baking activities in solidarity with Israel and the Jews.
Wine & Cheese Reception “If I have to think about eating nothing but matzah for
two weeks, it makes being Christian look easy.”
Although he is not Jewish, Heijs regards matzah as
much more than a commodity.
“After 14 years of making matzahs, of course I devel-
oped friendships and bonds with many Jewish peo-
ple,” said Heijs, who will attend his first seder dinner
RSVP here www.jfnnj.org/israelspeakers this year; he and his wife will be the guests of a Dutch
Jewish community in northern Holland. “But matzah
is part of the Dutch story regardless.”
Donation suggested
Questions? 201-820-3944


From Our Family to Yours

May your holiday be filled with meaningful

moments around the Seder table.
And, if you’re looking for award- winning independent or assisted living for yourself
or a loved one, come discover the Lester Senior Housing Community.
From our vibrant programs to our delicious glatt kosher* dining to our intimate
Memory Care Suite, you’ll find all the warmth of home with us.
*Prepared under the supervision of Vaad HaRabonim of Metrowest NJ

Join Us For Our Next Open House

Wednesday, April 25 (3:00-5:00 p.m.)
Come tour our beautiful assisted living community and new Memory Care Suite.
Meet our caring staff and enjoy some complimentary light refreshments.
Contact David Rozen to RSVP or to arrange a private tour:
973.929.2725 or DavidR@jchcorp.org

The Lester Senior Housing Community

903-905 Route 10 East, Whippany, NJ
www.jchcorp.org • 973-929-2725
All Faiths and Beliefs Welcome
Owned and Managed by the Jewish Community Housing Corporation of Metropolitan New Jersey



ShopRite dietician cooks up healthy Passover recipes

Christina Kamilaris, the registered dietician at ShopRite of apple rings, and Medjool dates (it’s a perfect go-to dessert Perfect grain free pancakes
Paramus, added copies of healthy Passover recipes in the — simply slice open, remove pit, and stuff with almonds or
store’s extensive kosher department. In addition, she shares walnuts). Organic beets also are a great source of folate,
1 egg
these easy tips for eating healthy during the holiday: manganese, potassium, copper, dietary fiber, magnesium, 1 small very well
Remember never to go more than three to four hours phosphorus, vitamin C, iron, and vitamin B6, and they’re mashed banana
without eating, since this can cause you to overeat once great in salads. Optional ingredients:
you start eating. Some healthy go-to snacks from the Set- Here is her recipe for high protein, quick, and easy Pass- 1 teaspoon chia seeds
ton brand include pine nuts (great for salad), Chinese over — or any time — pancakes: 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon honey

Whisk egg in bowl. Add in banana and mash very
well. Add in additional ingredients, if desired. Cook
mixture for 5-10 minutes on each side. Garnish
with fresh fruit if desired.

Spain I felt very homesick,” she said; that feeling was
particularly strong during Jewish holidays. The Jewish
community that centers around the synagogue “made
me feel very at home and very welcome,” Elliott said.
She wanted to share this feeling with her students.
When McCall accompanied her to the synagogue for
a Shabbat, they talked to Yael Cobano, the congrega-
tion’s president, about their plans for the seder.
“It was a wonderful project, and because I’ve led
many seders and I’ve studied about it, I offered my
help,” Cobano wrote in an email.
The Reform Community has lent Elliott and Wells
their seder plates, and Cobano is helping revise the
Spanish translation of the Haggadah and prepare the
traditional seder dishes.
The two Fulbright scholars will conduct the seder in
Spanish and will include some Hebrew. Elliott will lead
the Jewish portions and Wells the interfaith elements.
“We are adapting the four cups of wine to include
different perspectives,” Elliott said. “One of the cups
will be academic, one religious, one personal, and one
political, and we hope to invite students, professors,
community members and other Fulbrights to speak at
A STROKE STARTS THE CLOCK. each of those cups in order to make it more than just
about sharing a Jewish holiday.”
OUR APP SAVES TIME. For the religious cup, Elliott and Wells are inviting
representatives of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim
communities. For the personal, they are hoping one
Following a stroke, the difference between life, serious impairment and death is measured in of the university students who is a refugee will recount
seconds. At the front line of innovation, Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem is always a personal migration story. For the political cup, a fel-
finding new ways to save lives. low Fulbright will speak about the experience of par-
ticipating in Race Relations, a collective that promotes
Dr. Roni Eichel, director of the Stroke Unit and Neurological ICU at Shaare Zedek’s Helmsley
discussion and expression of race, culture and ethnic-
Neurological Center, conceived of a smartphone application to further speed up treatment. First
ity in Spain.
responders alert the Stroke Unit and transmit crucial patient information from the field via their
“We hope the students and the teachers who par-
phones. When the ambulance arrives at Shaare Zedek, a team is ready to seamlessly continue care.
take in the seder will get out of it that Passover isn’t
Saving lives is our mission. Join us at www.acsz.org/donate, because when it comes to treating just the moment for Jews to reflect on personal free-
strokes at Shaare Zedek, there’s an app for that. doms and the exodus from slavery in Egypt, but really
about the right for migration and the freedom of
movement,” Elliott said.
The university is offering Elliott and Wells plenty of
support by taking care of the logistics, assisting with
invitations, and funding the seder dinner for 70 invi-
tees. Elliott said the menu will be “as kosher as possi-
ble,” meaning they may serve just dairy and fish dishes.
www.acsz.org | national@acsz.org | 212.764.8116
But the preparation of traditional Passover foods
and the seder plates is up to the two Fulbrights. With
Cobano’s help, Elliott and Wells will make everything
for the seder plates, from the charoset to the bitter
herbs. It won’t be exactly the same as back home, but
Elliott is hoping it’ll be close. JTA WIRE SERVICE
Executive Committee
Shira Feuerstein
Debbie Harris
Vice President
Sari Gross
Vice President
Beth Nadel
Vice President
Geoffrey Lewis*
Ron Rosensweig
Secretary at Large Our Children Are In Crisis!
Sue Ann Levin

Past President
his appointment started like so many others. The mom had called and reported that her daughter has been
acting differently at home. She’s become quieter, spending more time in her room. She’s not as interested in her
Board of Trustees friends, and her grades are falling.
Barbara Bender
Gale S. Bindelglass The young girl walked into the therapy room. Her clinician asked her about sharing her feelings. The girl said that she writes
Elizabeth Cole her feelings down in her diary every day and pulled the diary out of her backpack. As she shared it with her therapist, it became
Steven L. Davis* evident that this was not a typical appointment. In the diary was a clearly written plan. This girl intended to end her life. She is
Suzette Diamond
11 years old…
Bruce Egert
Barry Feigenbaum
Sue Feldman We’d like to say that this was an isolated incident; that this never happens. Unfortunately, JFCS clinicians referred four
Ilene Gelman* children, 12 and under, to local hospitals for suicidality in a ten day period last fall. Anxiety and depression among
Michael Goldberg children and adolescents is at an all-time high. None of our children are immune to academic pressure, social pressure
Caryn Goodman and the bombardment of media messages targeting them daily.
David Goodman*
Helen Graf
For most of us, the solution is to spend more time speaking with our kids. But for other children, this is not enough. Our
Joan Krieger
Sue Ann Levin* mental health professionals are equipped to offer the specialized care needed for acute anxiety and depression.
Chuck Lieberman Our offices, open six days a week, can accommodate the most challenging schedules. We accept all insurance, but for
Gail Loewenstein those without insurance, or unable to afford their deductible, we are here.
Lisa Marcus Abramowitz
Susan Nagler We serve everyone because it is our mission to do so. Serving everyone, however, regardless of their ability to pay,
Sheryl Sarnak
comes at a cost to the agency of over $100,000 each year.
Rachel Scheff
Diane Seiden
Paula Shaiman* As we prepare for Passover, please consider the parable of the four sons that we read at our Seder. We are taught that
Ilene Wolff in order for each child to escape his personal “Egypt” we must talk to him – work with him – love him in a way that he
understands – that the needs of each child are unique, and that we, as a community, cannot ignore any child in need.
Chief Executive Officer
Susan Greenbaum
MSW, LSCW Donate today to allow JFCS to help these children – our children. Your contribution will enable us to continue to
provide this critical mental health care to all who call upon us. Let us continue to tell the story of moving from slavery
* Past President to freedom, from fear to safety, from anxiety to security, from depression to peace.

Shira Feuerstein Susan Greenbaum Online donations

Shira Feuerstein Susan Greenbaum can be made at
A beneficiary agency of the


President of the Board Chief Executive Officer

YES, I would like to help. Enclosed is my check payable to Jewish Family & Children’s Services

$3,600 $1,800 $1,000 $540 $360 $250 Please charge my donation to : VISA MC AMEX

$180 $100 $54 $36 Other

Card #

Name Exp. Security Code

Address Signature


State/Zip Online donations

can be made at

17-10 River Rd, Fair Lawn, NJ • 201-796-5151 • 1485 Teaneck Rd, Teaneck, NJ • 201-837-9090 • 1 Pike Dr, Wayne, NJ • 973-595-0111


To serve our communities…
Our Blow Out Bar Passover
will be open Sundays
and Mondays
Starting April 8th - 10-6pm
Lifting Passover spirits
Blow-Outs from $35 with OU-P tequilas
Most people are surprised
1643 Schlosser St. to learn that tequila can be
Fort Lee kosher for Passover. Beer
201-944-8011 and most distilled spir-
its are off limits because
they’re made from wheat,
barley, corn, or other grains

ove r to Our Friend that are forbidden during

ass s& Passover. Tequila is distilled

from the nectar of the agave

y P Pa
p tro plant, which carries no such
Cava Tequila and Hacienda Chihuahua
p ns
restriction. That’s why mar-

(a tequila cousin) are new from Royal
garitas and tequila spritzers
Wine and kosher for Passover (OU-P).
are welcome at a seder and
all-week long. and sotol above, they introduced
Jay Buchsbaum of Royal Wine LVOV beet-distilled vodka, which is
explains. “Tequila, sotol, and mezcal also kosher for Passover and avail-
are similar in character. But like wine, able now.
they’re distinguished by the type of
plant used, the terroir and region Paloma
where it’s grown, and the method of 2 ounces Platinum Sotol
FREE production. And there are strict laws
WE CATER 1 ounce grapefruit juice
DELIVERY about how they can be designated.” 3/4 ounce fresh lime juice
Tequila is the most well-known Mexi- 1/2 ounce simple syrup•
OCCASIONS soda water
can spirit. By law it can be made only
from 7-year-old blue agaves from the grapefruit wedge for garnish
Corporate Accounts Pacific coast region of Jalisco. Jay rec- • simple syrup is sugar melted/
Available ommends using Cava Blanco Tequila reduced down in water over a flame
in a classic margarita. to create a sweet sugary liquid syrup.
641 Main St. · Hackensack, NJ Royal Wine Corp. of Bayonne is
Fill a collins glass (tumbler) with
(201) 489-3287 (Eats) · Fax (201) 489-4442 the leading importer and distribu- tequila, grapefruit juice, lime juice,
tor of kosher wines and spirits in the and simple syrup and stir. Add ice,
Sun-Thurs 7am-11pm · Fri, Sat 7am-12pm
United States. Along with the tequila top with soda water, and garnish
Email: fairmounteats@aol.com · www.fairmounteatsnj.com with grapefruit wedge.

15% OFF DINE IN ONLY WITH THIS AD Classic margarita

2 ounces Cava Tequila
1 ounce Triple Sec
1/3 ounce fresh lime juice

In cocktail shaker, combine tequila, triple

sec, and lime juice. Fill with ice and shake
until thoroughly chilled. Fill a glass with
fresh ice and strain margarita into it. If
serving in a salted glass, salt glass first by
rubbing the rim with a piece of lime and
dipping into a plate of kosher salt.


TENAFLY, NEW JERSEY Want to perk up Passover cooking? Check local Pesach
201.567.7800 aisles for these handy Gefen Spice Grinders, distrib-
uted by NJ-based Kayco, America’s leading distributor
of both kosher & kosher for Passover foods. For great
Passover and year-round recipes, go to Kosher.com.


Dozen, Grade A

Land O Lakes
Large Brown Eggs

2 5 $


Passover from our family to yours.

Fresh, Skinless, Glatt Kosher,
Never Administered Antibiotics

Empire Boneless
Chicken Breast

lb. 4 99
Fresh, Skinless, Glatt Kosher,

Never Administired Antibiotics

Empire Cut-Up
Frying Chicken lb.

Fresh, With Back Attached, Glatt Kosher,
Never Administired Antibiotics

Empire Chicken
Leg Quarters lb.

10 to 16-lb. avg., Frozen

Empire Kosher
Hen Turkey lb.

32-oz. ctn., Reduced Sodium,
Kosher for Passover

Chicken Broth lb.
12-oz., Imported from Norway

ShopRite Trading company

Smoked Salmon

12 99
(Frozen) 20-oz. cont.,
Low Sugar, Sweet, White & Pike

64-oz. btl., 33.8-oz. btl. (Plus Dep. or Fee Where Req.) 4.25-oz. bag, Milk or Dark, Kosher A&B
Gefilte Fish
Any Variety Tonic, Club Soda or Any Variety for Passover, Chocolate Dipped

Kedem Vintage Manischewitz

Grape Juice Seltzer Biscotti 749 1.00

2 2 1 5
Limit 4

99 .70 $ 99 .50
Per Variety

4.375-oz. tin, in Oil,

Skinless & Boneless

Limit 4
Per Variety for Limit 4
Per Variety

25.4-oz. btl. 8-oz. Tray, Kosher for Passover,

49 .50
2 1 3
(Plus Dep. or Fee Where Req.) Any Variety 22-oz. btl., Chocolate Manischewitz

Kedem Sparkling 49 .20 Fox’s U-Bet 99 .30 Fruit Slices 69 .30

Juice Limit 4
Per Variety Syrup Limit 4
Per Variety Gift Pack Limit 4
Per Variety Limit 4

Prices, programs and promotions effective Fri., March 30 thru Sat., April 7, 2018 in ShopRite Stores in NJ, North of Trenton (excluding Ewing, Hamilton Square, Hamilton Marketplace, Pennington and Montague, NJ, and Rockland County, NY), including E. Windsor, Monmouth & Ocean Counties, NJ. Sunday sales subject to local blue laws. No

sales made to other retailers or wholesalers. We reserve the right to limit purchases of any sale item to four (4) purchases, per item, per household, per day, except where otherwise noted. Minimum or additional purchase requirements noted for any advertised item exclude the purchase of prescription medications, gift cards, gift certificates, postage
stamps, money orders, money transfers, lottery tickets, bus tickets, fuel and Metro passes, as well as milk, cigarettes, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages or any other items prohibited by law. Only one manufacturer coupon may be used per item and we reserve the right to limit manufacturer coupon redemptions to four (4) identical coupons per
household per day, unless otherwise noted or further restricted by manufacturer. Sales tax is applied to the net retail of any discounted item or any ShopRite® coupon item. We are required by law to charge sales tax on the full price of any item or any portion of an item that is discounted with the use of a manufacturer coupon or a manufacturer sponsored
(or funded) Price Plus Club® card discount. Not responsible for typographical errors. Artwork does not necessarily represent items on sale; it is for display purposes only. Copyright© Wakefern Food Corp., 2018. All rights reserved.



Second installment in the Divine Passover chocolate coconut

‘Seasoned Moments’ series is available cake from Boys Town
I s ra e l i - b o r n M i c h a l sits on the board. With Pesach in the air, origins to 45 countries
Levison has written Her new book, with Boys Town Jerusalem’s across the globe.
her second cookbook, more than 60 easy reci- chef Avi Chamal is mak- Boys Town Jerusa-
“Seasoned Moments — pes, aims to help read- ing delicacies for the lem is one of Israel’s
Passover: Festive Reci- ers to “spruce up their school’s model seder. premier institutions
pes for Spring.” Her first spring cooking game” This easy-to-prepare for educating the coun-
was the popular “Sea- by adding new ideas for chocolate coconut cake try’s next generation of
soned Moments — Rosh Passover with fresh, sea- is the dessert that every- leaders in the fields of
Hashana & Yom Kippur: sonal, and simple reci- one is awaiting. technology, commerce,
Recipes for a Happy New pes your family will love. The Israeli-born Mr. education, the military,
Year.” Both will give you inspiration for There are also tips, tricks, and insights Chamal has headed the and public service.
your holiday tables and for everyday to inspire you to cook. Boys Town Jerusalem Boys Town Jerusalem Since its founding in
dinners. The book is available on Amazon. For kitchen for 14 years, pro- chef Avi Chamal with 1948, BTJ has helped
Earlier this month, Ms. Levison information, go to www.seasonedmo- ducing freshly cooked one of his 950 “adopted” give disadvantaged
chaired the “Great Family Challah ments.com or follow her on instagram and baked fare daily children. Israeli children happy
Bake” sponsored by the Academies at @seasonedmoments. to the Boys Town Jeru- childhoods and allow
Gerrard Berman Day School, where she Here’s a simple, fun recipe: salem student body, who trace their them to grow into productive citizens.

Schmaltz potatoes Dairy Passover chocolate coconut cake

TORTE: ing to beat until the meringue is
8 Yukon Gold potatoes 7 egg whites firm. Stir in the coconut by hand.
1/3 cup olive oil 1 cup sugar Pour mixture into greased 10”
3 cloves garlic, minced 1 cup shredded unsweetened baking pan. Bake for around 30
2 teaspoons salt coconut minutes. Remove from oven and
1 tablespoon schmaltz TOPPING: refrigerate.
2 sprigs rosemary 8 ounces chocolate Melt chocolate and butter in a mi-
1-2 tablespoons fresh parsley for 3 tablespoons butter crowave or over a double boiler. Add
garnish 7 egg yolks the 7 egg yolks, continually mixing
Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. 2 half-pint containers of whipping until a smooth texture is reached.
Add potatoes to a large pot and fill Drain the potatoes and place cream Combine whipping cream, sugar,
with water until the potatoes are just them on a parchment lined cookie 1/4 cup sugar and vanilla pudding and beat.
covered. Bring to a boil over medi- sheet. Using a cup or jar, smash the 1 teaspoon kosher-for-Passover Remove torte from the refrigera-
um-high heat, then cook uncovered potatoes. Drizzle the potatoes with instant vanilla pudding tor, spread chocolate sauce on top,
for another 15-20 minutes or until olive oil mixture and place rose- and return cake to the refrigerator
potatoes are fork tender. mary sprigs on top. Roast for 20-25 Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Beat for around 10 minutes. Remove from
Meanwhile, mix the olive oil, garlic, minutes or until golden brown and egg whites till they begin to get fridge, add whipped topping, and
salt, and schmaltz in a bowl. crisp. Garnish with fresh parsley. stiff. Gradually add sugar, continu- refrigerate until ready to serve.

Passover chicken schnitzel

SHANNON SARNA cream cheese for, like, the 20th time.
• Don’t overcrowd the pan or the chicken
Schnitzel is one of my family’s favorite Schnitzel tips! will not brown properly. Fry two or three
dishes throughout the entire year, but we • When dredging anything (like chicken cutlets at a time, depending on their size
particularly love it during Passover. With or eggplant), set up a work station before and the size of your pan.
very small changes (as in, use matzah meal you start cooking. Two (or three, depend-
• After you are done frying, sprinkle with
and almond flour instead of bread crumbs), ing on the recipe) large shallow bowls
an additional pinch of salt while it’s still hot.
this dish is 100 percent Passover-friendly. or Pyrex dishes are ideal for the egg and
And it’s so satisfying as the week of Passover bread crumb steps. Dredge all your pieces, • To reheat, place on a wire rack on top of
eating lags on and you crave some serious place them on a baking sheet lined with a baking sheet in an oven heated to 250
eats — not just matzah slathered in whipped parchment, and then start frying. degrees for 10-15 minutes.

2 pounds chicken cutlets (thinly sliced chicken breasts) DIRECTIONS 4. Fry chicken cutlets in batches, 2-3 at a time,
Salt and pepper 1. Combine eggs, mustard or hot sauce, and until golden on each side. Depending on thick-
2 eggs, beaten water in a large bowl. Combine matzah meal, ness of chicken, around 3 minutes each side.
2 teaspoon KP mustard or hot sauce almond meal, sesame seeds (if using), parsley, Take care not to overcrowd the pan or chicken
1 teaspoon water paprika, salt, and pepper in another large bowl. will not cook properly.
1 1/2 cups matzah meal 2. Dredge each chicken cutlet into egg mix- 5. Remove from pan and allow to cool on a
1/2 cup almond meal ture, then into matzah meal mixture, pressing wire rack.
2 tablespoons sesame seeds (optional) down to ensure the entire piece is covered. Lay
2 tablespoons dried parsley flat on a plate or baking sheet. 6. While chicken is still hot from pan, sprinkle
1 1/2 tablespoons smoked paprika each cutlet with additional pinch of salt.
1 teaspoon sea salt 3. Pour oil into large sauté pan to about 1-1 ½ THE NOSHER VIA JTA WIRE SERVICE

1/2 teaspoons black pepper inches high over medium-high heat.

Vegetable or canola oil for frying

Shannon Sarna is the editor of the Nosher, a food blog that offers a dazzling array of new and classic Jewish recipes and food news, from Europe to Yemen, from challah to shakshuka and
beyond. Check it out at www.TheNosher.com.


Spring Style
A Supplement to the Jewish Standard
Spring 2018
Come see the
Largest Selection
of Eveningwear,
Sportswear, and
Accessories, too!

885 Teaneck Road
Teaneck, NJ
Sun & Mon Closed
Tues to Thurs 9:30-6
Fri 9:30-5 · Sat 9:30-6


Jewish Standard S-3

RVL 4.025x5.375 Mag v2:Layout 1 6/17/10 2:40 PM Page 1

Pretty in pastels ............................................. 4

Lighter hues, florals, peek-a-boos, and ruffles define spring season
Diving into Swimwear .................................... 6
RVL 4.025x5.375 Mag v2:Layout 1 6/17/10 2:40 PM Page 1
In Black and White ......................................... 6
Feeling blue .................................................... 8
How to use this seasonal color in your home decor
Tile for a smile ................................................ 8
Looks that will make your room happy
Dining al fresco ............................................ 10
Creating an outdoor space for summer gatherings
Wood siding ................................................. 12
Your home’s wood siding may simply need a cleaning
Snowbirds flock home.................................. 16
How to open your home back up in spring after wintering elsewhere
Luxury Watch Brands & Designer Jewelry
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Watch & Jewelry Repair • Custom Jewelry ‚ Made to Order
We Buy Gold, Jewelry & Watches

on dean

59 East Ridgewood Avenue, Ridgewood NJ 07450

Spring is Here!
59 East Ridgewood Avenue, Ridgewood NJ 07450
201 1800• •www.redvelvetluxe.com
689 1800 www.redvelvetluxe.com
Thursday April 19th – Saturday April 21st Visit Engle Shop
on Dean for all
your upcoming

32 North Dean Street

Englewood, NJ
59 E Ridgewood Ave | Ridgewood, NJ 07450 www.engleshopcouture.com
201.689.1800 | www.RedVelvetLuxe.com
in pastels
Lighter hues, florals, peek-a-boos,
and ruffles define spring season
heidi Mae bratt carries couture daytime and eve-

ning wear, is also selling plenty of
here is always a story for florals, spring tweeds, dresses, and
the new fashion season. daytime shifts in pinks and other
For spring 2018, that colors, brocades, and other fanci-
story is color. ful togs, said Ms. Parlato.
While the winter Among one of its top-selling
weather has lingered, and items this spring, and something
the lion that came in with March that Ms. Parlato says is a must-have,
seems to have been sleeping well is the very feminine handmade lace
into the later weeks of the transi- cotton eyelet dress, which is made
tion month, spring is happening. If in Italy. It comes in white, pink,
not by what the mercury says, then gray, and blue. What makes it very
certainly by the manifold of fabu- special for the store is that the dress
lous fashions, which define the sea- comes from Positano, Italy, the
son and segue the sartorially savvy same hometown as Paula Parlato,
into the summer. the store’s owner, who happens to
be Maria’s mother.
What color is that story? “This is a great vacation dress
Lighter hues, pastels in a rainbow that can be worn even to a destina-
of choices, said local fashionistas, tion wedding, where the wedding
who are seeing the pale pastels play takes place on the beach,” said Ms.
on everything from women’s ready- Parlato.
to-wear to men’s dressy shirts and That pastel color is also being
accessories such as ties. played on the other side of the
Psychologically, pastels are often aisle, so to speak, in men’s fashions,
displayed in all things spring, espe- as well.
cially in advertising to help sum- “The colors for spring in some
mon up an emotional response ties and in shirts are more muted
to the season of rebirth. Why the and toned down,” said Gerard
lighter colors? Pastels are less satu- Rivera, the store manager at Empo-
Floral pastel dress from rated than primary colors, making rio Teaneck.
Engle Shop on Dean in them feel light, soft, and calming. That is just part of the story for
Englewood makes a great For spring, they work well with men, he said. There are lots of
seasonal statement. neutral colors to create a feeling of yellows and blues, especially in
earthiness and sophistication. suit wear (postal blue) and bold
“We are seeing softer colors this patterns.
season,” said Maria Parlato, man- The big difference in the new
ager of The Engle Shop on Dean in spring and forward silhouette, said
Englewood. “There is a lot of soft Mr. Rivera, are that the lapels on
pink, blush and nude.” the suit jacket are wider. While the
The specialty boutique, which suit is still the same fit, snug and
Jewish Standard S-5

New for spring from

Bloomingdale’s, Botanical
Faux Leather bomber and
Celine Lefebure Belt Bag.

trim as it’s been for some time, the fuller are splashes of metallic shine and metal with evening attire and, in some cases,
lapel and the peak or point of the lapel is grommet trims that add a daring accent. “bejeweled” them enough to take you
more pronounced. The trend was started into a gala.
by Tom Ford and has trickled down into What else to look for Sheer, skin revealing fabrics were
other designers. in the spring? shown in diaphanous dresses leav-
For men’s footwear, very big sellers Flowery prints are a spring season ing little to the imagination yet done
these days are leather shoes in black or regular, but this year’s take is a little bit in sophisticated cuts. Transparencies
brown leather and white soles for a pop punchier and a lot more noticeable. Bold are also seen in accessories, like see-
of color and whimsy, said Mr. Rivera. daisies are blooming all over the new through plastic handbags.
At Mishelyne’s Fashions in Teaneck, designs. Also popular are the botanicals, Lucite is also very big. It is big in jew-
owner Sara has always been on top of a plant-based look that says it all. elry and goes with anything.
the spring trends and giving her custom- Floral might be your go-to spring print, Don’t put the white shoes on until
ers fashion-forward looks. This season but polka dots will be a close second spring. And white is might when it comes
is no different with an array of clothing come next year. The print was spotted to footwear this season, as well.
that suits the spring from casual to very everywhere, most notably as a mono- And for some, a great cheer. And oth-
dressy ensembles. chrome color way. ers a great jeer.
The casual chic Carly’z Craze in Teaneck The fanny pack is back! But it’s been
is showing multi-colored prints, stripes, Fancy pants, anyone? dressed up and made a bit more sophis-
and florals in maxi, swing, fit and flair, Perhaps fancy jeans? The all-American ticated in the new carry all looks for
sheath and bubble dresses, said Alene Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from New spring. You can tie the belts onto your
An elegant look in pastel blue from
Brodsky Bloom, who co-owns the store Staple got the formal treatment at the waist and leave your hands and shoul-
Mishelyne’s Fashions in Teaneck.
with Wendy Borodkin. In addition, there spring shows as designers paired them ders free this spring.

New for spring from Emporio Teaneck: white bottomed shoes,

suit jackets with wider lapels, and ties in pastels and bold prints.
S-6 Jewish Standard SPRING 2018 SPRING STYLE

Diving into Swimwear

Sharon MoSley that boring black one-piece, throw caution to the wind,

and experiment with something new. You may not be
t’s summer somewhere... and if you’re lucky enough ready for a string bikini, but a new Baywatch-inspired red-
to escape for a tropical getaway anytime soon, chances hot maillot may be just the thing to put a little sizzle back
are you’ve been shopping for a swimsuit. And whether
into your vacation wardrobe. One-pieces with plunging
you’re suiting up for a vacation in paradise or just want
necklines and high-cut legs are having a moment this year.
to find a new suit before the neighborhood pool opens, it’s
• Consider buying separates. One of the best things
a good time to test the waters and dive into a new season
to have ever happened to the swimwear industry — mix
of fun in the sun... if only in your dreams. Here are some
and match separates. With tops and bottoms that come
tips and trends to get you started:
in a multitude of silhouettes and sizes, you can create
• Dive into shopping. You’ve got to love online shopping
when it comes to buying swimwear. You don’t have to suf- your own unique swimsuit. The possibilities are endless.
fer through the glare of those incandescent dressing room Take one high-waisted boy short and add a bikini top or
lights ever again. Start by browsing through your favor- a cropped tankini or both. Combining several different
styles with coordinating prints and solids gives you a ver-
Personalized luxury from Red Velvet ite retailers’ sites and order to your hearts content. Pour
yourself a glass of wine and try on suits in the comfort of satile way to stretch a swim wardrobe. Let your creativity
Red Velvet proudly presents its line of dainty person- your own home. Take your time making sure the suits fit go wild.
alized necklaces, available in 14k yellow, rose, and and are comfortable. Just remember that there may still • Play up your assets. This is a fashion “rule” that applies
white gold with diamonds. Please allow two weeks be a little glare in all that sunshine you’ll be basking in... to your swimwear as it does to your everyday clothes.
for delivery. • Take a chance on new styles. If you’ve always worn Most of us inherently know what looks best on us...and
Red Velvet Luxe
59 E Ridgewood Ave
Ridgewood , NJ 07450
(201) 689-1800
In Black and White peasant tops that are still fashion favorites.
Sharon MoSley • Dress up with a black and white striped blouse or
blazer. Stripes are one of spring’s biggest trends, and black

f you don’t feel punchy in purple and you feel not-so- and white stripes are inspiring all kinds of toppers from

Savvy Chic
hot in pink, then how about just keeping it simple and long, menswear-tailored jackets to ruffled striped blouses
stick to that all-time fashion classic combo — black and and that all-time favorite — the boatneck tee. Mix and
white? Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is famous for match with solid white or black pants for a whole week’s
saying “Black-and-white always looks modern, whatever worth of possibilities.

Consignment that word means.” The chic combo has been the go-to
favorite of celebs and everyday women for decades. And
• Suit up for all occasions. The black pantsuit and skirt
suit have long been the staples of professional women

Boutique in the Paris spring fashion shows, black and white ruled
the runways.
Here are some simple ways to update black and white
everywhere. Now the white pantsuit is taking center stage
as its rival. And since white is no longer a winter no-no,
this head-to-toe look can be enjoyed year-round. But in
for this spring and summer: spring and summer, the white pantsuit seems like a breath
• Start with white pants. White jeans have become a of fresh air and can easily be versatile enough to incor-
basic staple in warm weather wardrobes, so if you haven’t porate into any working wardrobe or party attire for that
bought a pair yet, find a great-fitting brand and stock up. matter. To get the most wear out of these two classic suits,
FIRST PLACE Cropped is the name of this game this season, no mat- take the separates apart for even more possibilities.
CONSIGNMENT ter what style of white pants you wear...slim or wide-leg, Trend update: jackets that are a little more oversized
frayed or cuffed. And if you are a legging lover, then switch and longer in length.
to jean-like high-waisted jeggings. For a change at the • See it in print. Black and white comes alive in all
office, team a long jacket with a pair of shorter white pants. kinds of prints and patterns this year. Designers are mak-
• Transition with a black turtleneck or leather jacket. ing news with polka dot tops, geometric abstract tunics,

$10 OFF From Audrey Hepburn to Natalie Wood to Jackie O, the

black turtleneck has always been a symbol of cool, under-
houndstooth checked dresses, zebra print jackets, and
gingham skirts. Just one of these newsmakers added to
With this ad stated style. Ditto for the black leather moto jacket. And in black and white basics that you already own will give your
When You Spend the chillier months, these two pieces are perfect matches wardrobe a whole new spin for spring.
$50 or More for white — white jeans, white trousers, a white skirt. You • Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. You can’t say it
can’t go wrong with this look...slip on driving loafers enough. Black and white goes with everything, and that’s
for daytime, and kitten heeled mules for the evening to one of the reasons the fashion crowd loves it. So, if you’ve
lighten up those last nippy days. been a fan for a long time, then you may just want to add a
30 Cottage Place · Ridgewood, NJ
• Top off with a black one-shoulder top. The cold shoul- little extra panache to your favorites. White ankle boots are
201-389-6900 der look is still a big hit, but the latest way to show a little the season’s hot item, but black slip-on sneakers with white
Mon 10-5 · Tues 11-6 · Wed 11-6
skin is on the diagonal. This trendy piece with a ‘70s vibe rubber soles are on every shoe retailer’s trend radar. Hand-
Thur 11-7 · Fri 11-6 · Sat 11-5 is perfect to wear under jackets for work when a dinner bags are another way to put some black and white on your
Sunday Closed date is on the calendar. It also makes a great backdrop shopping list...from python printed totes to checkerboard
for a statement necklace or pair of dangling earrings, just clutches...classic ways to keep it simple this spring, yet so
like last season’s cold-shoulder tops or off-the-shoulder “modern, whatever that word means.” Creators.com
Jewish Standard S-7

it’s all about feeling good in what we wear, no matter what How about taking a little velvet out for a swim? Or grab- of the new cover-ups even double as streetwear. Get cre-
size or age. But if you love your legs, then check out a suit bing some attention in swimwear with glamorous details: ative with board shorts, flouncy swim miniskirts, swim tee
with a higher-cut leg opening to elongate legs. To disguise
ze: 1/2 page crochet, tassels and ruffles? One-shoulder suits are also rash guards, embellished tunics and even swim dresses.
pecs: 6.5"w axlarge waist, the latest suits that feature side slits and cut-
9.5"h attracting the notice of trend setters. Hoodies and loose pants provide lots of comfort and when
outs are great options. Belted suits add emphasis on the • Run for cover. Of course one of the most versatile teamed with cropped swim tops, they are the key to style
waist and halter tops highlight shoulders. All-over prints pieces in the swimwear wardrobe is what you cover up all on and off the beach. And if you really don’t care much
like the season’s favorite fruits and florals, as well as pat- those swimsuits with. Now there’s more ways than ever to about covering it all up? Go for a sheer, see-thru plastic
EWISH LINKterns like stripes and polka dots are perfect for disguising get as much (or as little) coverage as you wish. You can also coverup. Just make sure to use lots of sunscreen... always
ull pg is 10"lumps
x 14" and bumps. find sun protection built into much swim apparel. Some the ultimate cover-up! Creators.com
r Full is 7.437"• Use x color
to flatter your skin. Pastel colors are big
trends in ready-to-wear, and swimwear manufactur-
ers have jumped off the board with pale peaches, light
lavenders, sugary pinks, baby blues and lemon yellows.
White is another big trend. These pastels generally look
788 inches best
wide by 8.75 inches
If you’rehigh.
on darker skin tones. pale, consider wearing N E W S P R I N G A R R I VA L S
brighter jewel tones or dark colors. Use color to your best
V PRESS advantage even if you like the color block effect. Black and
"w x 9"h white is always a winning combination. The finest selection of Italian mens & boys
• Add some glamour. If you’re scuba diving or taking a suits and accessories at discount prices.
water aerobics class, then you might want to stick to the
classic swimwear styles that allow for ultimate function
as well as style. But sometimes, girls just wanna have a
little fun, right? There’s plenty of ways to shine with swim-
wear this season. Metallics are just one way to shimmer.


Savvy Chic
Consignment Boutique
o Savvy Chic Consignment Boutique in Ridgewood spe-
cializes in luxury designer consignment. We carry
Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and more.
t Our high end selection of women’s handbags,
s clothing, jewelry, shoes, and accessories will make
e you swoon. There’s a reason we are voted best in
Bergen County every year! Stop in and find that spe-
cial item to complete your wardrobe. We also pro- BORO PARK: FLATBUSH: LONG ISLAND: LAKEWOOD: TEANECK:
vide personal shopping to assist you in creating a 5020 13th Avenue 1505 Coney Island Ave. 467 Central Avenue 1700 Madison Ave. 215 W. Englewood Ave.
- unique style just for you! 718.972.4665 718.676.7706 516.295.5006 732.987.9480 201.530.7300
30 Cottage Place, Ridgewood Sunday & Legal Holidays Sunday & Legal Holidays Sunday & Legal Holidays Sunday & Legal Holidays Mon.-Thurs. 10 - 9,
d (201) 389-6900 10 - 6, Mon. - Wed. 10 - 7, 10-6, Mon. - Wed. 10-7, 10-6, Mon., Tues. & Thurs. 10-6, Mon. - Thurs. 10-7, Friday 10 - 3, Closed
o www.savvychicconsignment.com Thurs. 10 - 8, Friday 10-3 Thurs. 10-9, Fri. 10-3 10-7, Wed. 10-9, Fri.10-3 Friday 10-2:30 Saturday & Sunday
Jewish Standard S-8

Feeling blue
How to use this seasonal color in your home decor
JoSeph pubilloneS season. This touch of electricity will ener- table or coffee table in cobalt blue or a dis- decoration so that it does not clash.
gize your favorite room. There are many tinct work of art that highlights this celestial Wall coverings are yet another way

obalt blue is a fascinating color and ways to use cobalt blue. tone. With bold colors such as this one, it is to add a splash of cobalt blue to a room.
the only color listed in the periodic Choose the most important, architec- important to think big and make your furni- Scalamandre has an enlarged toile version
table. It is a vibrant color that is tural, prominent wall of the room and paint ture take all the attention. called Summer Palace, a porcelain col-
familiar to most as the accent color it cobalt blue. This wall should not be too Printed fabric will always be fashionable ored background and a mix of navy blue
used in blue and white Delft and Oriental overloaded or decorated, or the result will and give a room a boost and if they are in and cobalt blue chinoiserie print, which is
export porcelain of the 16th through the be too flashy. Choose a wall that is not hid- cobalt blue, better than before. Stripes, breathtakingly beautiful. Pacific Design’s
20th century, and as the color of the blue- den behind furniture, or above all, select a patterns, and prints are fun to com- Midnight Blue grass-cloth color is deep
prints of yesteryear. The color is also evoc- wall that does not have too many pictures bine, but you have to be very careful and blue with a silky sheen perfect for a bed-
ative of the ocean and of the summer. or art. With the bold color of the paint you take into account the rest of the room’s room wall or an entire bedroom suite.
Summer has come to your door. If your compensate for that lack of or minimal
desire is to move your home away from decoration; try Benjamin Moore Champion
the cold winter and start to adapt to the Cobalt 2061-20 or Twilight Blue 2058-10.

Tile for a smile

season of light, adding lively colors is the If you’ve been wanting to redecorate your
way to go. To shake away the cold and living room or any room for some time, now
add impact to your transformation, I sug- may be the time to do it. Re-upholstering the
gest adding an injection of the color of the sofa is one way to start. Buy an occasional

Looks that will make your room happy

heidi Mae bratt At Floor & Door in Paramus, Wayne, and
other locations, design services are offered

icking out tiles for a remodeling for free with experts available to help cli-
project is not so simple. ents wade through the choices and see
There is so much variety in what is best for their renovation project.
design, shape, color, and texture Some of the more popular choices,
that the choices seem dizzying and over- according to the designers in the Para-
whelming. Not that long ago tiles were mus store, include marble and marble-
mostly laid down for their functional look, farmhouse, modern, and wood-
benefits: Is it resistant to water? How look tiles. Also popular are the wood
about durable? Is it low maintenance? looks mixed with marble, which can play
But today, the aesthetics are just as well in a bathroom and kitchen, said a
important as function. designer at Floor & Door.
Jewish Standard S-9

Sandi M. Malkin, LL C
Interior Designer
(former interior designer of model
rooms for NY’s #1 Dept. Store)

Following the lines of the latest interior trends, colorful For a totally new look using
accessories can achieve the result that we want if they are
used correctly — a carpet, a vase, the decorative pillows of your furniture or starting anew.
the sofa, the curtains, or some flowers. Kitchen cabinets
and kitchen appliances are another place where we are Staging also available
seeing cobalt blue emerge. All these add a fresh and sum- 973-535-9192
mery touch to your home without having to transform the
whole environment. Creators.com

Joesph Pubillones’ column, “The Art of Design,” can be found at
creators.com. HOUSE

Also popular are glass mosaics that set off a look that
is unique and interesting.
Matte finishes appear to be on the upswing and they
feature a soft but powerful style that does not get too WE PAY CASH FOR
overwhelming. An advantage of matte tiles is that they
do not show smudges and water marks as easily as SINGLE ITEMS TO
glossy tiles. This makes them ideal for the bathroom
floor, especially in busy bathrooms. The low sheen
makes them easier to maintain. When installing matte
finish tiles make sure there is enough lighting, both • Watches, Clocks, Pocket Watches
natural and artificial, as these tiles are not known for
reflecting light. • Paintings, Prints, Bronzes
Glossy finish tiles feature a more dramatic effect on
the bathroom. They tend to create an elegant, highly • Estate Jewelry
polished look and feel. This is why they are still pop-
ular. They are especially great for small bathrooms, • Coin & Stamp Collections
as they tend to reflect plenty of light and create the
perception of a space that is larger than it seems. But
• Judaica • Costume Jewelry
because they need more maintenance work and are a • Antique Furniture • Lamps
slip hazard, glossy finish tiles are often used on walls
or low-traffic bathroom floor areas. • Chinese & Japanese MOVING or
If you are looking for understated elegance with
unspoken sophistication, the recommendation is to Artwork & Porcelain DOWNSIZING?
Call Us!
choose matte finish tiles. They are also great if you
want an earthy style in the bathroom. But if something
Military • Sports Collectibles
a bit more dramatic and attention capturing is what
Wanted • Comic Books • Old Toys • Records
you want in the renovation, glossy finish tiles are right
Swords, • Cameras • Sterling Flatware Sets
up your alley. Knives,
These days, contemporary designs make big use of Helmets, etc.
neutral colors and this remains the case for 2018 bath- HUMMELS & LLADROS
room tile trends. Bright colors such as blue, red and

yellow are not commonplace in the bathroom and will
not be the shining star anytime soon. Instead, home- TOP $
owners are choosing neutrals and especially nude neu-
trals such as grey, beige, and creams.
for Antique
Grey and beige has become super popular as com- Sterling! CELL 917-887-6465
CELL 917-887-6465
plementary neutrals. So much so, that a new color has
emerged by name and featured in product selections.
So be on the lookout for: “Griege.”
Likewise, whites and grays for a neutral industrial
346 Palisade Ave, Bogota
look are also very hot this season. In addition to the
monochromatic tile palette, fixtures in all black — fau-
cets, tubs, sinks — are finishing bathroom looks.
We buy
buy anything
anything old.
old. One
One piece
piece or
or house
house full.
full. FREE
S-10 Jewish Standard SPRING 2018 SPRING STYLE

Dining al fresco Midcentury string lights are available on the Rejuvination

website, and don’t forget to look at Costco.
Exercise caution with potentially harmful wildlife, such
Creating an outdoor space for summer gatherings as snakes, mosquitoes, or even gators. You know what
safety measures must be taken in your area. Don’t ignore
them. Citronella candles can be useful to keep the bugs
ChriStine brun balcony railing. Folding tables allow you to expand the away, unless you have a windy yard, in which case the

surface area of the entertainment space. Look for a food bugs might not be as much of an issue. Some people are
t’s almost here! Summer is soon to arrive, and with it cart that can hold drinks, an ice bucket, a bottle of wine severely sensitive to mosquito bites; if that’s the case for
all the community celebrations that signal the official or a salad bowl as a functional dining piece. you, you may not be comfortable outside without a screen
start of one of the most pleasurable times of the year. Even if you can only serve four, have fun with the serv- covering the space.
Dining al fresco is at the heart of celebrating the warm ing plates, napkins, and placemats. This is the season for No matter what, you want to be able to sit leisurely in a
weather. Here are a few bits of advice that might add to vibrant color, and you have the chance to capture the comfortable chair, so test chairs out before buying. If you
your overall enjoyment. mood of your favorite travel destination, from Bali to Mex- buy online, you can return any purchases that aren’t suit-
First you need a table. The smallest size that will real- ico! Different color schemes are shown in retail every year, able. When it comes to outdoor furniture, you get what
istically work for four people is 36 inches in diameter. but finding intense colors in accent pillows, chair cushions you pay for. Cheap items will not last more than two years.
You can pick up modestly priced weather-resistant furni- and umbrellas is a reliable choice. Mix it up; you don’t I tossed out plenty of inexpensive stacking chairs until I
ture from a variety of discount retailers such as Big Lots, have to match everything. In fact, you’ll have more fun if resolved to invest in better quality items. I highly recom-
Tuesday Morning, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Marshall’s. you combine a few colors. Begin your inspiration with a mend Frontgate, for there is great integrity in its products
Check out your local home improvement stores like Home multicolored tablecloth or dinner napkin. and customer service policies. Everything you can imag-
Depot or Lowe’s, and don’t forget to visit Ikea, Pottery Don’t forget to add dreamy lighting. This can be in the ine to create a sophisticated outdoor room is available in
Barn, or Crate & Barrel. form of Tiki torches, but exercise extreme care if you the company catalog. Look at the Lorenzo Folding Cafe
For use on a narrow balcony or deck, consider pushing live in an apartment or condo, as open fire can be dan- Table with umbrella hole in particular. It is 41 1/4 inches in
a square or rectangular table up against the wall or the gerous and a liability. It is always safer to use a battery- diameter and can stow away compactly when not in use.
operated lantern or plug-in string lights. Look for these This table sells for $379, which makes it a quality piece
Christine Brun’s column, “Small Spaces,” can be found at
online on the Wayfair, Target, and World Market websites. that is durable and long-lasting. Creators.com

All Roof Repairs

Shingles · Flat · Slate
Gutters & Leaders
Englewood &
Surrounding Towns

Pete McDonnell Contracting, LLC

Free Estimates • 36 yrs exp
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Home • Business
Basement • Garage • Apartment
Yard & Renovation Debris
Fire Damage • Flood Debris
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Pete McDonnell Contracting LLC
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For top quality floors at rock bottom prices,

Floor & Decor has got you covered.
Stop by today and ask about our free Design Services.

We offer flooring, custom granite

countertops, backsplashes and more!

Wayne | 77 Willowbrook Blvd, Wayne | 973-826-1102

Paramus | 50 A And S Dr | 201-477-6044
TJ Maxx
S-12 Jewish Standard SPRING 2018 SPRING STYLE

Wood siding
Your home’s wood siding may simply need a cleaning
Mark J. donovan of cracking or peeling. If it is not, then all you really need caulk and force water underneath the clapboards, where
to do to make it look vibrant again is to give it a good it can end up causing mold and mildew growth.

f your wood siding is a looking a little dull and you’re washing. It is best to use a standard garden hose and a cleaning
thinking that it needs a fresh coat of paint, take a min- Cleaning wood siding, however, has to be done with wand. A Hyde Pivot Pro outdoor cleaning wand does a
ute and look at the wood siding a bit more carefully. It a great deal of care. Do not use a pressure washer on it perfect job. It will provide just the right pressure to aid
just may be that all it needs is a good cleaning. Though unless you know exactly what you are doing. A pressure in cleaning the wood siding without damaging the wood.
homeowners love the look of wood siding, all of us dread washer can destroy not only the existing house siding This said, plan to do some hand scrubbing, as well.
paying the cost of having it repainted or doing the tedious paint, but also damage the wood permanently and poten- Along with the cleaning wand, you will need a garden
and often dangerous work ourselves. tially foster mold and mildew growth. A pressure washer hose, wood siding cleaning product, a soft brush and
Examine closely to see if the paint is showing any signs can gouge the wood, strip the existing paint off, loosen some plastic sheeting to cover and protect any plants or
shrubs around the house foundation.
First, close all the windows on the house and cover all

Granny’s Attic Antiques shrubs and plants around the house foundation to pro-
tect them from becoming damaged by the wood siding
cleaner. Similarly, cover any electrical outlets on the
house with plastic. As you prepare to clean the house sid-
Largest Buyer & Seller/Dealer in NJ ing, pay close attention to any areas of the siding with any
visible mold on it. You’ll want to keep these areas in mind
Complete Estates, Cleanouts & Buyouts when cleaning the siding.
Start at the roofline and work your way down the house
Sell to the largest, oldest, and siding, continuously moving the wand side to side while
applying the cleansing water over all surfaces of the
most reputable antique & estate house, siding, windows and doors.
After applying the cleansing water that contains the
liquidators & auction in the tri-state house siding cleaner, allow it to sit for a few minutes
before rinsing with just clean water.
30,000 sq. ft. Superstore Where there are mold areas on the house siding, apply
Antique Dealer since 1966
the wand for a bit more time. You may also want to gen-

ANTIQUES tly scrub the affected areas with a soft brush; however,
don’t overdo the scrubbing, as you can cause damage to

WANTED the paint. You can also use one of the brushes that come
with the Hyde Pivot Pro cleaning wand.
To address the mold areas, you may alternatively want
PAY CASH FOR: to use a mildewcide that you can purchase from your local
• Collections • Everything • Swords & • Modern home improvement center. Pour the mildewcide into the
• Judaica Asian (oriental Military Items Furniture Decor mixing reservoir that is integrated into the Hyde Pivot
porcelain, Pro Outdoor cleaning wand to easily apply it to the house
• Oil Paintings • Signed Pieces • Musical
• Modern Art bronze, pottery) • Desks Instruments Again, after applying the mildewcide, wait a few min-
• Bronzes • Weird Stuff • Garden • Guitars, utes before rinsing it off with clean water.
• Oriental Rugs • Toys Furniture Violins, Etc. When cleaning house siding, it is best to work in small
• Furniture • Architectural • Bronze Sculptures sections, such as 10- or 20-square-foot sections at a time.
• Fine Lamps Continue this process over the entire house siding. After
• Marble • Stamps Elements • African & Native you are finished and all the siding has had time to dry,
Sculpture • Jewelry • Desks American Folk Art stand back and take a look at your work. You’ll be amazed
• Silver • Chandeliers • Chachkas • All Clocks by the improved difference in the appearance of the house
siding and your home.
So before calling the house painter or pulling out the
ladders and paintbrushes yourself, consider giving your
house siding a good cleaning instead. If you are still unsat-
isfied with the appearance after cleaning the house siding,
at least you will have fully prepared your house for a fresh
coat of paint. CreaTors.CoM

Mark J. Donovan’s website is at www.homeadditionplus.com.

7 Days
We Make House Calls! If You Make Coffee, I’ll Bring the Danish! 10 AM to 6 PM

619 N. Maple Ave. · Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ · 201-632-0102








The most award-winning kosher winery.

BH match ad sizes.indd 15 3/19/18 12:14 PM

S-14 Jewish Standard 0003574344-01_000357434



2009 2011

1S T
#1 Italian #1 Best

Restuarant Restuarant
Restaurant Restaurant RG
E S T PA R T Y &

#1 Family Friendly

Restaurant AL


The Record
RISTOR “Fine Dining in
3/17/2000 2010-2017 a Relaxed Atmosphere”

Before or After Dinner Enjoy Live Music
RISTORANTE in our Lounge Fri. & Sat. Evenings
Parties up to 120 to fit any budget, call Jimmy. Book your Parties Now!
Voted One of the Most Popular Italian Restaurants in All of Bergen County
by Top Vote-Getters from Various Magazines and Newspapers
llent”★★★–The Record, 3/17/2000
Come See Why We Are So Popular!
“Excellent”★★★–The Record, 3/17/2000

Parties up to 120 to fit any budget, call Jimmy.

Parties up to 120 to fit any budget, call Jimmy.
Beautifully Renovated Beautifully Renovated
#1 Italian Restaurant • #1 BYOB#1Restaurant
Italian Restaurant • #1 BYOB Restaurant
#1 Best Prices • #1 Family Friendly Restaurant
#1 Best Best Value…
Prices • #1 Family Friendly Restaurant
Excellent - Zagat
—Bergen Health & Life, Sept 2009 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2014
Even during these economic
—Bergen Health & Life, Sept 2009
Top 5 times, you can Voted afford
“You don’t have to break the bank for top-notch BYOB
“You don’t have to break the bank for top-notch
Top 5 to dine at Il Mulino.
Italian fare at this charming Dumont eatery. All Restaurant
Italian fareSpring
at this charming
‘08 Dumont eatery. All Restaurant
Spring ‘08
regular dinner menu entrées cost under $20, and on dinner menu entrées cost under $20, and on
Mondays through Thursdays from 5 p.m. to 6Mondays
Voted #2
p.m. through Thursdays from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. Voted #3 Lunch 11:30 am - 3 pm · Dinner 5 pm - 11 pm
BYO Restaurant Italian Restaurant
diners can order off the specially priced “Sunset diners can order off the specially priced “Sunset
Dinner” menu, which includes an appetizer choice Dinner”of menu, which includesSpring 2008choice of
an appetizer Winter 2009 Lunch on Saturday from 3:00 on
soup or salad, an entrée, fresh fruit and coffeesoupor tea
or salad, an entrée, fresh fruit and coffee or tea
(price levels range from $13.95 to $17.95)”. (price levels Restaurant
range from $13.95 to $17.95)”.
Restaurant Open Monday-Sunday for lunch & dinner

Winner 2009
132 Veterans—Bergen
Plaza,Health & Life,Dumont, NJ · 201.384.7767


Winner 2009
53 W. Passaic St., Rochelle Park
—Bergen Health & Life, Sept 2009 Sept 2009


• F PA
O O D F E S T I VA L •

Best Value… even during these economic
Best Value… even during these economic
times, you
Not affi canwith
liated afford to dine at Il Mulino. www.ilmulinoofdumont.com
times, you can afford to dine at Il Mulino.
Il Mulino, NY7 Days A Week Open Tuesday-Sunday
Open 7 Days A Week Lunch & Dinner · Closed Monday
erans Plaza, Dumont,
132New • 201.384.7767
Veterans Dumont, New Jersey • 201.384.7767

orner of West Madison Ave.) • www.njdiningguide.com/ilmulino
(Corner of West Madison Ave.) • www.njdiningguide.com/ilmulino

Dine-in or Takeout on Teaneck’s Cedar Lane

Aaryan Bhavan Veggie House Five Star Coffee Shop Sababa Grill
561 Cedar Lane 356 Cedar Lane 456 Cedar Lane
Al’s Charcoal Pit IHOP Sal & Pimienta
540 Cedar Lane 610 Cedar Lane Colombian Restaurant0003574344-01_0003574344-01 10/4/13 4:12 PM Page 1

KFC 477B Cedar Lane

Apple AsianExpress
461 Cedar Lane
Bischoff’s Confectionery
585 Cedar Lane
Sapphire Thai Food Express
445 Cedar Lane GRAND OPENING
446 Cedar Lane Shelly’s Vegetarian Restaurant
468 Cedar Lane
Mortgage Apples Cakes 482 Cedar Lane
Butterflake Bakery
740 Chestnut Ave Subway
448 Cedar Lane
New Asia 559 Cedar Lane CHINESE CUISINE
BV Tuscany Restaurant Chinese Takeout Sweets on Cedar Gift Certificates Available · Catering
368 Cedar Lane 567 Cedar Lane 488 Cedar Lane Daily Lunch Specials · Ample Parking
Coliseum Pizzeria New Teaneck Fish Market Taipei Noodle House Gift Certificates Available
435 Cedar Lane Dine-In/Take-Out
431 Cedar Lane 483 Cedar Lane Daily Lunch Specials Mon. – Thurs. 11:30am – 10:00pm
Dovid’s Fresh Fish Market Noah’s Ark Three Star Bagels Ample Parking Fri.& Sat. 11:30am – 11:00pm
736 Chestnut Ave 493 Cedar Lane 402-04 Cedar Lane Sun. 12:00 noon – 10:00pm
Take-Out / Dine-In
Empire Hunan II Pickle Licious Veggie Heaven Mon. – Thurs. 11:30am – 10:00pm Scan Code for
444 Cedar Lane 384 Cedar Lane 473 Cedar Lane Fri. & Sat. 11:30am – 11:00pm • Sun. 12:00
Runner-Up noon – 10:00pm
Runner-Up MenuBYO
& Website
Best Chinese Best Chinese
Estihana Pizzalicious/BerryLicious Victor’s Pizzeria 3 Franklin Restaurant • 201.529.8288
Turnpike, Mahwah
Scan Code for
Menu & Website
515 Cedar Lane 439 Cedar Lane 540 Cedar Lane Visit our website at: www.imperialdynastynj.com

3 Franklin Turnpike, Mahwah

Sponsored by Cedar Lane Management Group
www.CedarLane.net · Always FREE Parking www.imperialdynastynj.com BYO
Jewish Standard S-15


Featuring an extensive
menu of old-fashioned
homemade diner
classics, fresh seafood,
chopped salad station,
sandwiches, Italian Spanish & Portuguese Restaurant
gelato, delicious desserts Why Go to Newark? Come Once, You’ll be Back!
and a full bar.
■ Specializing in Seafood and Steaks
■ Private Room Available For All Occasions
Daily Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Specials ■ Birthdays, Anniversaries, Corporate Functions
■ Shower Packages
Salads • Sandwiches • Burgers Other Packages Available, Call For Details
Paninis • Wraps • Soups • Pasta ■ Open Seven Days For Lunch & Dinner
Steaks • Seafood ■ Full Bar and Extensive Wine List
Where Good Food
Meets Good People * Voted By The Wine
and Dine Restaurant
the Researcher Society &
vintage The Record ✯✯✯✯
old 120 Terhune Drive
New York Wayne, NJ
201-398-9700 201-943-5664 Call For Reservations Party room available
39-10 Broadway Fri. & Sat. Open 24 Hrs. for
Fair Lawn • NJ 550 Bergen Blvd. • Ridgefield • NJ www.VilaVerdeRestaurant.com
Private, CorPorate and
www.gothamcitydiner.com DAILY SEAFOOD Holiday Parties
Open 7 Days A Week 6am-2am
SPECIALS Call to reserve now

Est. since 1991


Fabulous Traditional Italian Food FRANKLIN LAKES
• Daily Luncheon Specials • Take out or Dine in
2016 • Ample Parking • Reservations Recommended
• Gift Cards Available
CHOICE • Party Facilities Available for up to 100 People
Recommended by: Rated ★★★ “Excellent” by The Record
SUSHI · FRANKLIN LAKES “The Best Chinese Restaurant in the Pasack Valley” Zagat
“Great service, great food, and is arguably one of the consistently
Charming & Casual Atmosphere Best Chinese best Chinese restaurant in the Rockland/Bergen area”
Party Room Restaurant
Rated ★★★★★ by The Courier
25 to 60 people 4 TIMES
Best Sushi Rated ★★★★★ by Gail Gerson for the NY Daily News
Restaurant “Everything on the menu there is good.” New Jersey Monthly
HARRINGTON PARK, NJ 295 Kinderkamack Rd, Hillsdale · 201-358-8685
Tel. 201-767-4245 · Fax 201-768-9271 825 Franklin Lakes Rd, Franklin Lakes (By Market Basket) · 201-891-7866
www.dinoshp.com www.goldendynastynj.com
Jewish Standard S-16

Snowbirds flock home for any evidence of winter damage, and

take this opportunity to trim back any win-
necessary lightbulbs.
In addition to HouseLogic’s advice, it is

How to open your home back up ter growth from surrounding trees, grasses
and shrubs.
crucial to open the windows to get rid of
any stale air and also run water through all

in spring after wintering elsewhere • Restock the kitchen, pantry, and bath-
room, looking for any evidence of rodents,
the appropriate appliances until any rust
or air pockets have passed. Towels and
insects, or moth damage to linens. sheets will need rewashing if they smell
ChriStopher CroWn windows. Although this can take away from • Inspect and plug in all utilities. Follow funky, and outdoor furniture should be
the Labor Day weekend fun, a proper full- this by turning on the water (and electric- dusted and put back out.

othing ruins the excitement of house inspection and some tree trimming ity, if applicable). By following these simple steps, you can
returning to the family summer can save thousands of dollars in roof and • Check all smoke detectors, and replace take the guesswork out of reopening your
home more than driving up to deck repair. Additionally, it is critical to turn batteries. vacation home and more quickly get to
find a slew of things that broke or off your water supply, clean and unplug • Replace all furnace filters and any what’s important: relaxing. Creators.com
leaked during the winter. To avoid this, all appliances, set your thermostat to the
you put much effort into the process of appropriate settings, and pack up all valu-
closing down your vacation home at the ables and outdoor furniture. With these
end of the season — but what’s the most
efficient way to reopen the family cabin?
simple steps, reopening will be a breeze.
When the season finally comes back
Winter freeze sends Jerseyans to Florida
Several home specialists and real estate around and it’s time to reopen your vaca- The recent bitter cold
authorities weigh in on the best tips for tion home, tenant needs are the first left many locals long-
streamlining your summer setup. important factor to consider. If you are ing for the warmth
To spend as little time and effort reopen- renting your vacation home, there will of southern Florida.
ing your vacation home as possible, it’s most likely be more immediate repairs “The frigid temps up
imperative to follow some of the end-of- and improvements necessary to make north have my phone
season closing protocols. Scott Stueber, your home presentable. If it’s just your heating up,” says Ed
blogger for West Bend Cares, says that family, you might have a little more time Lepselter of Remax
the first and most important step is to do to re-stain the deck or polish the floors. Advantage Plus in
a complete walk-around of your property, However, there are some universal steps Boca Raton. “Since
assess any damage, and create a plan for to making a vacation home livable again. the holiday season
dealing with it either before close-down HouseLogic, a resource for home main- passed the activity in
or after reopening. Key areas to investigate tenance, lays out the checklist (although the market has really
include the roof, the chimney, eaves, gut- simply retracing your close-down checklist increased.”
ters, siding, and any trees that are leaning can often cover most reopening needs): Mr. Lepselter is a former New Jersey we have world class dining, shopping,
over your property or have branches near • Conduct another walk-around. Look resident who moved to Florida 15 years golf courses and the best beaches not to
ago. “Many people start out as snow- mention the finest weather in the coun-
birds and ultimately convert to full time try during the winter months and cold
Englewood East Hill residents,” he says. “Would you rather
be on the golf course or beach under an
early days of spring.
“I sell anywhere from Fort Lauder-
umbrella sipping a piña colada, or shov- dale to Jupiter on any given day. If you
eling snow?” are considering making the move to
Mr. Lepselter sells in in all the top Florida some of the best deals are made
active adult, country clubs and beach- during the spring and summer,” he says.
side communities. Call Ed Lepselter at 561-302-9374 to
“It seems to be getting busier here discuss your options. reMax advanTage Plus
each year,” he says. “Everything you
could want is right here. Within minutes Elly and Ed Lepselter

400 Highview Road

Rarely do you see an estate of this grandeur on the east hill of Englewood enter the market. An A fabulous lifestyle awaits you in Fort Lee
impeccable renovation in keeping with old world charm. 10,000 sq. ft., 7 bedrooms, 8 full and
1 half bath, all brick, slate roof, copper gutters, four fireplaces and stained glass windows. The Welcome to The Colony, a luxury Fort and social room with library. All this is
chef ’s kitchen is complete with a custom 12 ft. stainless steel serving island. A 50 ft. loggia with Lee high- rise building overlooking within walking distance to downtown
cathedral ceilings is your entryway into the crown jewel for any family. An Anderson professional
squash/basketball court and full gym. The home also features a 10,000-bottle commercial the George Washington Bridge and Fort Lee and houses of worship. The
temperature controlled wine cellar and a 4-car garage. The property is highlighted by specimen Manhattan. Colony also has street level commer-
landscaping and a spectacular pool located in the center of the estate. The Colony offers spectacular views, cial space. Dentist, oral surgeon, phys-
very large 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apart- ical therapy, full service beauty salon,
THE KOLSKY TEAM ments with huge terraces accessed and more to come.
973-277-1640 (CELL) from every room. It is a full-service For more information call Allan Dor-
201-944-6583 (DIRECT) building with on-site management, fman, broker associate of Prominent
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage 24-hour doorman, state-of-the-art fit- Properties, Sotheby’s International
375 Park Avenue ness center with indoor and outdoor Realty, 201-970-4118, realtorallan@
Fort Lee, NJ 07024 pools, mens and ladies locker rooms, yahoo.com.
201-461-5000 100 seat movie theater, valet parking,
873 Teaneck Road · Teaneck, NJ
(201) 837-8800 · (201) 385-2882

Robert Russo Rhoda Russo

Broker of Record Broker-Associate
201-837-8800 x32 201-837-8800 x33
201-803-3585 Cell 201-321-5691 Cell

A Family-Owned Business Serving the Community

With Personal Service for Over Fifty Years
Colonial on Spacious Colonial. Deep 124’ Sunlit, Sprawling
50’ X 132’ Prop. Property. Living Room with Bi-Level. Country Club
3 Bedrooms, Stone Fireplace. Formal Dining Area. 2 Story Entry,
3.5 Baths. Living Room leads to Screened Porch Grand Living Rm,
Room open to Dining + Patio. Large Kitchen with Formal Dining Rm, Ultra
Room, Den, Ultra Breakfast Room. 4 (2nd Floor) Island Kitchen/Deck. 4
Island Eat in Kitchen, Bedrooms. Huge High Ceiling Bedrms, 3 New Baths
Family Room. 2 Zone C/A/C & Heat, 2 Car Garage. $499,000 Basement. C/A/C. Garage. incl Master Suite. Large
$449,900 Family Rm, New Roof/Siding/Windows. 3 Zone
H/W Heat. 2 Car Gar. $759,900
Presented By: Presented By: Presented By:
Annekee Brahver-Keely, Broker-Associate Steven L. Finkelstein, Realtor® Associate Rhoda Russo, Broker-Associate
Cell: (201) 314-2125 Cell: (917) 804-2618 Cell: (201) 321-5691
annekee13@gmail.com stevenf@russorealestate.com rhoda@russorealestate.com


Storybook Eng Tudor. Beautifully Updated In Fabulous Parklike
Gorgeous Inlaid Oak & Out. Open Floor Plan/ Property. 281’ Deep.
Flrs. Grand LR/Stone Entrance Hall, Sunlit Living Great for Entertaining.
Fplc, Sunlit Library, Room open to Dining Room, LR/Stained Glass
Lg Formal DR, Den, Gorgeous Granite Kitchen/ Windows + Fplc, Den,
Ultra Designer Kit/ Breakfast Counter. Sliders True Banquet DR
Butler Pantry. Master to Party Deck. 3 BRs, 2.5 open to Skylit Fam
Suite/New Bth+3 New Baths. Ceramic Tiled Rm+Brkfst Rm/Deck
more BRs. 2.5 Bths Total. Spectac Blue Stone Basement. 5 Car Driveway. New HVAC. $479,000 overlooking Priv Park, Ofc. 2 Full Bths. Chestnut
Walkways. 2 Car Gar. $689,000 Woodwork, Oak Flrs. Room to Exp. $499,999
Presented By: Presented By: Presented By:
Shirley Sosland, Broker-Associate Angel Chan, Realtor® Associate Ravi Buddhdew, Realtor® Associate
Cell: (201) 394-5614 Cell: (201) 697-3582 Cell: (201) 500-7281
sosland2ds@aol.com achan@russorealestate.com ravi@russorealestate.com


Spacious Bi-Lev. 3/4 Custom Cape. Mostly Brick CH Col.
BRs, 2.5 Bths. Quiet Beautifully Decorated. Expansion Possible.
Cul-de-sac. Lg LR Living Room/ 70’ X 144’ Property
open to Formal DR, Fireplace, Dining Prime W. Englewood.
Mod Eat in Kit. Tiled Room/Built-ins, Living Room/
Fam Rm, Deck. C/A/C, Large Eat in Kitchen/ Fireplace, Covered
Sprinklers, Portable Granite Counters. 4 Slate Patio.
Generator, 2 Car Gar. Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths. 4 Bedrooms, 3 Baths,
Rm to Expand. $548,500 Ceramic Tiled Finished Bsmt. Patio. Gar. $379,000 Huge Basement. 2 Car Garage. C/A/C. $785,000

Presented By: Kamal Kendrick Presented By:

Emeline Betances, Realtor® Associate Realtor® Associate Robert Russo, Broker of Record
Cell: (201) 494-7954 Cell: (201) 982-8337 Cell: (201) 803-3585
emeline.betances@gmail.com kamalkendrick@gmail.com rrusso@russorealestate.com

For Our Full Inventory & Directions, Visit our Website www.RussoRealEstate.com
S-18 Jewish Standard SPRING 2018 SPRING STYLE


Now selling
Valencia Bay

Your 55+ Adult Specialists

Advantage Plus
601 S. Federal Hwy • Boca Raton, FL 33432
Elly & Ed Lepselter
(561) 302-9374


Benzel-Busch expands into New York State
Elevate your standards at Mercedes-Benz of Orange County

enzel-Busch, the Tri-State Area’s premier automo- solutions. With new connectivity services, electric drive
tive dealership, is proud to announce its new Har- and individual hardware solutions for the cargo space, the
riman, New York, showroom and service center large van will make customers’ business in a connected
located near the Woodbury Commons shopping world significantly more efficient.
A fAbulous lifestyle center. Luxury lives at Mercedes-Benz of Orange County, Mercedes-Benz is also proud to announce new innova-
AwAits you where the attentive award-winning Benzel-Busch team
will be even closer to many of their most valued New York
tions of two of its dream cars. Step into a Mercedes-Benz
S-Class Coupé or Cabriolet and experience the ultimate in
Full service building and Connecticut customers providing unparalleled cus- elegance, technical innovation, performance and sporti-
24 hour concierge tomer service and a world-class lineup of vehicles, a VIP ness. The latest features include considerably extended
Views of drive up valet service, a tech-savvy lounge area, and the driving assistance systems, the Widescreen Cockpit mod-
Valet parking most advanced sales and service drive integrated diagnos- ern control and display concept, and luxurious energizing
Movie theater Skyline tic system in the country. comfort control features like ambient lighting, seat mas-
“Benzel-Busch is honored to welcome residents in sages, and mood controls.
Fitness Center
Orange County and beyond to elevate their standards and Benzel-Busch is an industry leader and is on the brink
Indoor and outdoor pools experience the pinnacle of unmatched client services at of announcing an exciting, first-of-its-kind automotive
1, 2, and 3 bedrooms Mercedes-Benz,” said Joseph Agresta Jr., president of Ben- communication tool that will change the way car buyers,
zel-Busch. “Our company’s focus on superior attention enthusiasts, and drivers alike communicate their sales,
Close to everything to detail, the foremost innovative technology and excep- service, and general requests to Benzel-Bush.
Serving Bergen County since 1985 tional interactive response to owner and client requests The technology will allow for better, faster, and easily
assures the ultimate personalized car-buying experience.” connected communications with current and future cus-
Family-owned for nearly half a century, Benzel-Busch tomers. These advancements will forever change the way
offers untouchable customer service at Benzel-Busch users shop and service new or pre-owned vehicles, both
Motor Car in Englewood and Audi Meadowlands Powered in person and online. Look forward to a grand announce-
by Benzel-Busch in Secaucus. Agresta said that Orange ment and an opportunity take part in the advanced prod-
County is an ideal addition to the growing Benzel-Busch uct in the coming months.
brand due to its luxury clientele and remarkable retail Benzel-Busch Motor Car in Englewood was just named
presence. He added that the civic-minded company is the 2018 U.S. Dealer of the Year for the second consecu-
Allan Dorfman Broker/Associate excited to join the Harriman business community. tive year by DealerRater, the world’s leading car dealer
201-970-4118 Cell · 201-585-8080 Office “Harriman is a thriving town with first-rate recreational review website. The distinction further cements the orga-
Realtorallan@yahoo.com and shopping opportunities,” Agresta said. “It is the nization’s superior reputation for stellar customer service.
perfect location for Benzel-Busch and we are thrilled to Fittingly, the prominent distinction is based on cus-
become an active part of the community.” tomer reviews of dealership interactions. Mr. Agresta
Mercedes-Benz of Orange County is the exclusive area promises the same award-winning service at Mercedes-
provider of the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Mercedes- Benz of Orange County. “Our business is dedicated to
Look for the Benz is celebrating the world premiere of the latest gen- offering unparalleled customer care in all areas and noth-
eration of its successful Sprinter model. With the new edi- ing less,” he said. “We look forward to introducing current
REAL ESTATE SECTION tion of the bestseller, Mercedes-Benz Vans now marks the and next generation clients to a new and extraordinary
Every Friday in the start of the digital age in this vehicle segment. automotive dealership experience.”
As the first fully connected integral system solution, the Elevate your standards at Mercedes-Benz of Orange
Jewish Standard third generation of the Sprinter demonstrates the devel- County and experience where luxury lives.
opment of the division from purely a vehicle manufac- We are located at 1 Mercedes Drive, Harriman, New York.
turer into a provider of complete transport and mobility Visit: www.mercedesbenzoforangecounty.com

655 Pomander Walk

Teaneck, NJ 07666
Enjoy a life of luxury at Premier Residences
of Teaneck. From our Five Star Warmth &
Hospitality, to our friendly, dedicated staff,
you’ll love to call us home.
• Providing exceptional Five Star service
for over 27 years
• Five Star Dining Experience, featuring
Signature Recipes and local ingredients
• Choice of 1- and 2-bedroom apartments,
some with balconies
• Lifestyle360 program for a full schedule
of daily activities
• On-site medical suite staffed by
Geriatric Internists and other specialists
• 24-hour security and concierge service


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Supplement to The Jewish Standard • April 2018

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We’re Taking Pediatric ER and Hospital Care to the Next Level

Atlantic Health System has introduced an innovative approach to pediatric care at Chilton Medical Center, the
only one of its kind in the northern NJ region. The Children’s Center offers an exceptional level of care to our
most precious patients, combining pediatric emergency services and hospital care within a brand-new, family-
friendly environment.

With sleeping accommodations for parents, a kids playroom and a family lounge, our team of experienced
and compassionate pediatric physicians and nurses will put your family’s needs first. And, because we are part
of Atlantic Health System, there is ready access to more than 100 pediatric specialists who provide advanced
expertise at Goryeb Children’s Hospital at Morristown Medical Center.

Where You Go For Pediatric Care Matters

Chilton Medical Center · 97 West Parkway, Pompton Plains, NJ · atlantichealth.org

CMC-7208-17 ChildrensCtr_JewishStd.indd 1 10/23/17 12:54 PM



About THERE ISOpen
Registration ANthroughout
the Year
Learn About Theand
A Creative Revolution
Exciting In
In BergeninCounty
APRIL 2018
for Children Grades 3-7
5 Hebrew and 12 ‘Model Students’
Religious Schools Frisch fashion show for tzedakah
Area programs in Jewish studies
6 Hebrew School Listings Maybe not the end goal
Descriptions of Bar & Bat Mitzvah Preparation
the Jewish programs 14 Generation G Big Brothers/Sisters mentor each student
On the sidelines, but not Classes meet Sunday mornings
8 Beddy Bye Monthly Family Programs
Good habits for
a good night’s sleep
15 Wendy Mogel Located in Teaneck (Torah Academy)
Pens New Book
No synagogue affiliation required
9 Breakfast of Champions ‘Voice Lessons for Parents’
Teaches Much
Summer camp nutrition tips
for athletes
Contact Dr. Deborah Rapps, Director 201-833-JYEP(5937)
16 Gallery Or visit us at www.JYEP.org or email debby@jyep.org
10 Putting Together Photos of our children

Care Packages 17 Top Choices

Bar mitzvah boy helps

Great picks for April
women with cancer

11 Chol Hamoed Fun 18 Calendar

Things to do this month All new
! Local options for the break
12 Spring Fashion 19 Simchas
Newer, Better, More Spectacular!
Celebrating the milestones
New looks for the season

MissionStatement Thrilling New Rides!

About Our Children is designed to help Jewish families in our area live healthy, positive lives that make the most of the
resources available to them. By providing useful, current, accurate information, this publication aims to guide parents to
• Giant Slides • Giant Spider
essential information on faith, education, the arts, events, and child-raising — in short, everything that today’s Jewish fam- • Obstacle Course Mountain
ily, babies to grandparents, needs to live life to the fullest in North Jersey and Rockland County. • Air Cannon Alley and Slide
• Sports Arena • And More!

AdvisoryBoard Birthday Parties!

Dr. Annette Berger, Psy.D. Jane Calem Rosen
Psychologist, Teaneck Marketing and Communications Specialist • Giant indoor inflatables
• Private bounce and party rooms Spider Mountain
Michelle Brauntuch, MS,CCLS Barry Weissman, MD
Child Life Specialist, Englewood Hospital, Englewood Pediatrician, Hackensack and Wyckoff • Hassle-free, easy to plan!
Hope Eliasof Cheryl Wylen • Dedicated party pros
Marriage and Family Therapist, Midland Park Director of Adult Programs and Cultural Arts • Clean, safe and secure
Howard Prager, DC, DACBSP YM-YWHA of North Jersey, Wayne
• We clean up!
Holistic Chiropractor, Oakland
Beyond Birthdays! PLACE
Air Cannon Al

• Open Bounce KID’S FUN Obstacle Course
• Create & Bounce Art Camps PLACE
James L. Janoff Natalie Jay Ed Silberfarb • Field Trips
Publisher Advertising Director Adina Soclof
• Class and Team Parties
Heidi Mae Bratt Peggy Elias Denise Morrison Yearian Kosher
Editor Contributing Writers • Fundraisers and more! Available
Janice Rosen
Deborah Herman Brenda Sutcliffe
Paramus· (201)
• 843-5880
(201) 843-5880 Nanuet · (845) 623-5400
Art Director Account Executives
www.BounceU.com/paramus-nj /BounceUofParamus
70 Eisenhower Dr. · Paramus, NJ 07652 424 Market St. · Nanuet, NY 10954
About Our Children is published 11 times a year by the New Jersey/Rockland Jewish Media Group,
70 Eisenhower Drive • Paramus, NJ www.Facebook.com/BounceUNanuet/
www.Facebook.com/BounceUParamus/ 07652
1086 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666; telephone: 201-837-8818; fax: 201-833-4959.; e-mail: AboutOC@aol.com.



musings from the editor

ixteen candles. presents, and having my friends make When evening rolled around, after
The milestone birthday, immortalized in a “memory glass.” It was a goblet (bor- havdalah, Shaina and company met
song and celebration, remains a rite of passage rowed from the catering hall) filled at a subway stop and took the train
for many girls transitioning into womanhood. Similar with mementos and sealed with hot to Times Square for an après-Shabbat
to, but less elaborate or formal than quinceanera, the candle wax. It was kind of like a hand- pizza jaunt, and then a walk through
big birthday bash in Latino communities or the festa made snow globe that contained such the throbbing nighttime action
de debutantes in Brazil, both when a girl turns 15, the ephemera from the party like a flower around Times Square. They snapped
Sweet 16 remains an important marker, whether cel- or a name card. Another tchotchke for pictures, posted, and had a blast. For
ebrated modestly or with a larger affair. a teenage girl’s room. one friend, the evening downtown
I was given a choice. Bat mitzvah or Sweet 16. I Cont rast t hat wit h Shaina’s marked her inaugural ride on a sub-
chose the latter. Sweet 16. way. It was an independent night out
Since my birthday is in January, the Sweet 16 sea- This year, Rosh Chodesh Nisan, with the friends.
son began with me. We picked a catering hall, hired a Shaina’s Hebrew birthday, dovetailed Sixteen had seemed so distant as
DJ, and selected the finger food and other victuals that with Shabbat. While her English birth- Shaina is the “baby.” Sixteen was the
would be served at the buffet. The invitations went out day a few days earlier was marked by our family tradi- age for permission to (finally) wear makeup, a number
and I had my dress, a floor-length navy striped number tion – wake up to a homemade cake (chocolate), funny that I thought was far away. Sixteen is that milestone
that I thought looked, oh, so mature. The only thing we signs taped to various walls, a helium-filled balloon, birthday. Now here it is. And thank God.
didn’t plan for was the snow. And there was a lot. So and of course, communally signed cards and gifts — her Shaina, you’re 16. You’re beautiful. And you’re mine.
much that I thought it would ruin the party. party with friends was Friday and Saturday. She invit-
Thankfully, it did not. The guests came suited ed a few and they camped out and enjoyed a lovely Cheers,
and booted up, and a good time was had. I remem- Shabbat, beginning on Friday.
ber dancing, opening gifts (my favorite was a guitar, On Saturday, one of her friends hosted the group
a gift from my BFF Tina), and following the Sweet 16 for a lavish lunch, and Shaina was celebrated with
protocol of “taking minutes” during the opening of the more cake, a crown, balloons, and lots of attention.



Hebrew, Religious Schools

Enhancing Jewish Identity
Heidi Mae Bratt County and have varying many JYEP alums,
levels of Jewish background; now parents, who

n a time when Hebrew and religious many are unaffiliated and at- send t heir c hil-
school enrollment supposedly is on tend public schools. JYEP is dren there.
the decline, there are several pro- an independent outreach He- One Big Sister,
grams in our area that through commit- brew School serving the Jew- Na’ama Kaye, a ju-
ment, creativity, and love of Judaism, are ish community, and welcomes nior at The Frisch
humming along, and even thriving, filling diversity among Jews and em- School, and a resi-
in the gap that many families want for braces children on all levels. dent of Teaneck ,
their children. The formula of matching said how much she
One such program is Jewish Youth the Bigs and the Littles, said enjoys the program
Encounter Program (JYEP) in Teaneck. Dr. Debby Rapps, the direc- and especially the
Here, there are the “Bigs” and there are tor, is a win-win that ben- relationship she has
the “Littles.” And there is a big, not little, efits the high schoolers, who with her 12-year-old
bond between the twain. The relation- grow in leaderships skills, and Little Sister. “She’s
ship is forged between the “Big Brothers” the younger students, who someone who I can
and “Big Sisters,” high school age yeshiva form a deep connection with Making menorahs for Chanukah at Temple Beth Sholom Religious School in see myself being
day school, and the elementary and mid- their mentors that lasts years New City, N..Y. close to forever. I
dle school-aged JYEP students, whom after they have graduated feel like she’s family.”
they mentor. the program. addition to the high school mentors, the At Glen Rock Jewish Center Hebrew
The JYEP students, who range from Founded in 1986 by Carl and Sylvia school has a crop of “young, creative, up- School, the newest addition to the curric-
3rd to 7th grade, meet weekly at Torah Freyer of Englewood, JYEP was “a new beat and energetic teachers” who make ulum, is a dedicated Jewish art program,
Academy of Bergen County (TABC) in vision for Hebrew schools,” said Dr. Rapps. learning the curriculum interesting. The which is taught by artist Vicky Katzman,
Teaneck, but come from all over Bergen (Mrs. Freyer still supports the school.) In proof is in the generations. There are See Hebrew on page 7

temple beth sholom

Dynamic Reform Jewish Education in an exciting, nurturing & creative environment
TBS Religious School TBS Nursery School
• Link between early childhood • Baby Steps “Mommy and Me”
and religious school experiences • Toddlers 3-Day Program
• Largest Reform Religious School • 3 Year Old 3-Day or 5-Day Program
in the county with enrichment options
• 4 Year Old 5-Day Program
• Fosters strong Jewish identities
with enrichment options
• Social and Emotional learning • Stories, puppets and songs with
through a Jewish lens Rabbi Leiken and Cantor Anna
• Hebrew and Jewish literacy • After School Sports & Spanish
cultivating family pride programs
Call Education Director, Marilyn Fellows at Call Nursery School Director, Lori Scott at
845.638.0770 • tbsreligiousschool@gmail.com 845.638.0830 • nurseryschooltbs@gmail.com

View photos of our Nursery and Religious schools at tbsrockland.org

Temple Beth Sholom • 228 New Hempstead Road • New City, New York 10956


Synagogue membership is not required and we provide a warm, nurturing, enriching, de- Wednesday afternoons and Sunday morn-
transportation is available. There are also velopmentally appropriate environment. We ings, and sixth – seventh grades meet Tuesday
free dues for qualifying families. It’s not too encourage a spiritual connection to our Jew- afternoons. Our staff creates optimal learning
late to enroll for the upcoming year. Classes ish identity and promote strong Jewish values environments for students by blending for-
start in September. Email us at eddirectors@ through our mensch program. Please see our mal and informal elements with a multisen-

Hebrew Schools geshershalom.org or call: 201-947-1735 co-

education directors Myra London and Zeeva
ad on page 5.

Temple Beth Sholom Religious School

sory, station-based approach in a fun atmo-
sphere. Students learn with our music Tefilla
Sklar. Please see our ad on page 7. teacher and clergy, and experience Shabbat
Glen Rock Jewish Center 228 New Hempstead Road programs. Please see our ad on page 5.
Hebrew School Jewish Youth Encounter Program New City, NY
682 Harristown Road 1600 Queen Anne Road 845-638-0770 Temple Emeth
Glen Rock, NJ 07452 Teaneck, NJ 07666 Grades K through 12 1666 Windsor Road
Tel: 201-652-6624 201-833-JYEP (5937) www.tbsrockland.org Teaneck, NJ 07666
Fax: 201-652-6628 www.JYEP.org tbsreligiousschool@gmail.com www.emeth.org
www.grjc.org Grades 3-8 Temple Beth Sholom Religious School is lo- Grades/Ages Served: K–7, 8–12
Grades: Kindergarten through 7th The JYEP is a pre-bar/bat mitzvah Hebrew cated in New City, Rockland County, N.Y. Our Number of students enrolled: 55
office@grjc school for children in grades 3-8, which, in objective and most important goal is to de- Contact person: Dora G. Friedman
Glen Rock Jewish Center is now register- addition to the traditional classroom instruc- velop a powerful and strong sense of Jewish BShaler@emeth.org
ing for Hebrew School for September 2018. tion of Bible and holidays by young and vi- community in our children. Please see our ad Temple Emeth Religious School provides a
Classes from kindergarten through grade 7. brant teachers, matches each child with a on page 5. rich learning environment that flows with
Our curriculum includes instruction in con- tutor/mentor. Our JYEP staff directed by Dr. the Jewish calendar. It builds strong and lov-
versational Hebrew (Ivrit B’Ivrit) prayers, Is- Debby Rapps is committed to creating an Temple Emanu-El ing relationships between students, families,
rael, trips, and special programs along with environment where each child is individu- 180 Piermont Road faculty, and clergy. It builds a foundation of
music and family education to enrich our stu- ally nurtured to his or her own strength in Closter, NJ 07624 knowledge and skills in Jewish texts, history,
dents’ experiences. We offer student enrich- a warm, creative, meaningful and stimulating Tel.: 201-750-9997 ethics, culture, Israel, Torah and religious wor-
ment in the form of music, art, cooking, yoga environment. We offer Bar and Bat Mitzvah Fax: 201-750-1894 ship. Please see our ad on page 6
and more. Please see our ad on page 7. training in the higher grades, where each child Ages: Pre-K–7th grade
is mentored individually by a Big Brother/Sis- At Temple Emanu-El, we nourish a lifelong Temple Sinai Early Childhood Center
JCC of Fort Lee/Congregation Gesher ter regardless of the level at which they enter. connection with our Jewish heritage. We be- 1 Engle Street
Shalom Hebrew School Please see our ad on page 3. lieve that Jewish children should experience Tenafly, NJ 07670
1449 Anderson Ave. Judaism emotionally, intellectually and tangi- 201-568-6867
Fort Lee NJ 07024 The Nursery School bly. Students learn to connect to Israel, cre- www.templesinaibc.org
www.geshershalom.org at Temple Beth Sholom ate lasting Jewish friendships, develop pride Ages: 14 months–6 years
Ages: Pre K–7th grade 228 New Hempstead Road in Judaism, read Hebrew from the Siddur, Where fun and learning go hand in hand!
At the JCC of Fort Lee Hebrew School, we New City, NY study Torah, Mitzvot and Jewish values, un- Devoted, long-term teachers. Developmental
give our students a solid foundation in Juda- 845-638-0830 derstand Israel’s past and present, celebrate philosophy. Full, half and 3/4 day options for
ism in exciting, innovative ways; with highly www.therockland.org Jewish holidays and traditions, practice acts all families. 7:30 to 6 p.m. and new kindergar-
qualified teachers, hands-on learning and Mommy and Me through pre-K of Hesed, and pray confidently in a synagogue ten class for fall. Please see our ad on page 6 .
creative programming. Our established 1 and nurseryschoolTBS@gmail.com service. School is in session for first grade on
2 day programs fit busy family schedules. At the nursery school at Temple Beth Sholom Sunday mornings. Second — fifth grades meet

Innovative Back-to-School Time!

Learning. P

We believe every moment is a teachable moment— H
a time for exploration and discovery. We invite you i
to learn more about our year-round offerings for d
children from four months to five years of age. y
Enrollment is now open for a
our summer program. t

Put your child in the picture
Find it here. at Temple Emeth Religious School.
Free for first-year K-2 students and
then FREE for members!
Call (201) 833-8466 for your private tour.
Temple Emeth is now supported by members’ voluntary pledges.
For more information, contact Director of Early Childhood Education You choose your contributions.
Risa Tannenbaum at rtannenbaum@templesinaibc.org.
201.568.6867 | 1 Engle Street, Tenafly | templesinaibc.org
201-833-8466 · www.emeth.org · www.facebook.com/emethreligiousschool/
5 x 6.5" EC Ad for Summer.indd 1 3/20/18 1:38 PM

Hebrew from page 7 faith mock Seder in preparation for Pass- Jewish values, understand Israel’s past and
where students who range from kinder- over. The Hebrew School students were present, celebrate Jewish holidays and tra-
garten through 7th grade, get a period of asked to bring a non-Jewish friend to ditions, practice acts of chesed, and pray
Jewish art history and studio work each the seder. confidently in a synagogue service.
week, said Rachel Blumenstyk, the prin- “It was really wonderful,” said Ms. Temple Beth El Nursery School in
cipal of Glen Rock Jewish Center Hebrew Blumenstyk . “We wanted to share Closter provides a safe and stimulating
School. The comprehensive twice-a-week the seder with others because we are environment, which promotes positive
program covers the gamut of subjects one community.” learning experiences, builds strong self-
including Israeli history, Chumash, te- In Rockland County at Temple Beth esteem and nurtures inherent curiosity.
fillah, lifecycles, Holocaust, Irvit b’Ivrit Sholom Religious School in New City, offi- Jewish identity is enhanced through cel-
and more. cials said their formula for success — there ebration of Shabbat and the holidays.
“Our goal is for the children to know are nearly 200 students from kindergar- At the JCC of Fort Lee Hebrew School,
the history and tradition and for them ten through 7th grade in addition to a students get a solid foundation in Judaism A “Big” and “Little” at JYEP in Teaneck.
to relate positively to Judaism and make high school program — is because of its in exciting, innovative ways with highly
them life-long learners,” said Ms. Blumen- commitment to “creative, innovative and qualified teachers, hands-on learning and edge and skills in Jewish texts and his-
styk. “They are learning by doing.” dedicated staff that interacts and engages creative programming. tory, ethics and culture, Israel, Hebrew
The school recently hosted an inter- all of the students,” said Marilyn Fellows, Temple Emeth Religious School in literacy, and religious worship. In every-
director of the religious school. Teaneck exists as a Jewish community thing we do, we foster strong and pro-
“When you create an environment in miniature within the congregation ductive relationships among students,
of learning that is a space where a Jew- where the director, teachers, rabbi and families, faculty, and clergy through
ish child can flourish, they will,” said Ms. cantor, build a foundation of knowl- shared experiences.
Fellows, adding that the school’s motto is
“Where relationships matter.”
At Temple Emanu-El in Closter, the
motto is nourishing a lifelong connection
with Jewish heritage. Jewish children expe-
HEBREW SCHOOL  Inspiring Jewish Education
rience Judaism emotionally, intellectually,
and tangibly. Students learn to connect to Give your child a solid foundation in Judaism
Israel, create lasting Jewish friendships,

Small Class Sizes - All Ability Levels & Learning Needs

develop pride in Judaism, read Hebrew
Vicky Katzman and her daughter Eve, at Glen from the Siddur, study Torah, Mitzvot and
Rock Jewish Center Hebrew School.

▪ One or Two Days Per Week ▪ Smartboards & Computers

Should I Take My Child to the ER? ▪ Creative & Innovative Curriculum ▪ Bar/Bat Mitzvah Prep

No Synagogue Membership Required

The Valley Hospital will host a
free community health program,
Pediatric Illness: Emergency
Free Membership Dues for Qualifying Families
Room vs. First Aid Kit, on Thurs-
day, April 19 from 7 to 8:30 p.m.
at The Mahwah Public Library,
100 Ridge Road, Mahwah. Call 201/947-1735 ext 331 or visit geshershalom.org
As a parent, it can be scary
to see your child sick or in pain. JCC of Fort Lee / Gesher Shalom  1449 Anderson Ave
However, sometimes the choice
isn’t always clear about what to
do, especially when it comes to
young children and infants. Treat
your child at home? Make an
appointment with your pedia-
trician? Rush to an urgent care
center or the emergency room?
Often in these case, par-
ents opt for a “better safe than
At Glen Rock Jewish Center,
sorry,”approach and decide to make a trip
to the ER. Yet, in many of these cases a
making sure your children get the very
best care. Learn how to evaluate what
we have so much to offer...
visit to the hospital in unnecessary. situations can be safely treated at home Our curriculum includes:
Join Eric Browner, M.D., Pediatric and when a trip to the emergency room • Instruction in conversational • Art, music, yoga and family education
Emergency Room, for a discussion on might be in order. Hebrew (Ivrit B’ Ivrit) • Our “Gan” class for Kindergarteners
• Prayer study, Israel education meets twice monthly on Sundays
What: Pediatric Illness: Emergency Room vs. First Aid Kit and trips • We will happily accommodate
Who: Eric Browner, M.D., Pediatric Emergency Room students with special needs
When: Thursday, April 19 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. To register and for more information about
Where: The Mahwah Public Library, 100 Ridge Road, Mahwah tuition fees and curriculum, please contact
Cost: There is no fee to attend this program but registration is required. For more office@grjc.org or 201-652-6624.
information or to register, please call 1-800-VALLEY 1 (800-825-5391) or visit www. 682 Harristown Road • Glen Rock, NJ 07452
ValleyHealth.com/Events. 201-652-6624 • www.grjc.org


Baseball Instruction For Adam Derner
All Ages
Baseball Instruction For
Owner/Hitting Di rector
Adam Derner
All Ages

Nighty, Night
Owner/Hitting Di rector

□erner Baseball Academy

Building Better Bedtime Behavior

□erner Baseball Academy
(201 )281-9019 )281-9019
DernerBa@gma i I.com
DernerBa@g ma i I.com
3 New Bridge Road
River Edge, 3
Bridge Dr.
07661 Road
Stephanie Zandieh room. Remember, the key to having your
River Edge, NJ 07661 child sleep through the night is to have your

verall, studies indicate that 15 to 20 child learn to fall asleep on her own, so they
percent of 1 to 3 year olds continue can put themselves back to sleep when they
Stacey’s Studio to have night wakings. Inappropriate naturally awaken during the night.
sleep associations are the primary cause of Have a method for checking. If your child
Piano Instruction frequent night wakings. Sleep associations are cries or yells, check on him or her. Wait for
those conditions that are habitually present as long or as short a time as you wish. For
Stacey Mahpour at the time of sleep onset and in the presence Dr. Stephanie Zandieh some children, frequent checking is effective.
201 401 8166 of which the infant or child has learned to fall For others, infrequent checking works best.
mahpours@yahoo.com asleep. These same conditions are then required in order Continue returning to check on your child as long as she
for the infant or child to fall back to sleep following peri- is crying or upset. The visits should be brief (one minute)
odic normal nighttime arousals. and non-stimulating. Calmly tell your child it’s time to go
Sleep associations can be appropriate, for example, to sleep. The purpose of returning to the room is to reas-
thumb sucking, or problematic, such as rocking, nursing, sure your child that you are still present and to reassure
parental presence. Problematic sleep associations are yourself that your child is okay.

those that require parental intervention and thus cannot Respond to your child during the night. In the begin-

Art of Excellence Studio
be reestablished independently by the child upon awak-
ening during the night.
Here are some helpful tips to help your child sleep
ning, respond to your child as you normally do through-
out the night. Research indicates that the majority of
children will naturally be sleeping throughout the night
Unlock your Creativity with Classes in through the night: within 12 weeks of falling asleep quickly and easily at
Drawing and Watercolor Develop an appropriate sleep schedule with an early bedtime. If your child continues to awaken during the
Structured Lessons - Relaxed Atmosphere bedtime. Ironically, the more tired your child is, the more night after several weeks, then use the same checking
Fabulous Results!
Age 7 to Adult - All levels of ability times she will awaken during the night. As such, be sure method during the night as you did at bedtime.
Art Portfolio Preparation Available your child continues to take naps during the day and set an Take a more gradual approach. Some parents feel that
Artist, Rina Goldhagen 201-248-4779 early bedtime. not being present when their child falls asleep feels like too
www.artofexcellencestudio.com Introduce a security or love object to your child. A big of a first step for them and their child. A more gradual
transitional object, like a stuffed toy, doll or blanket, helps approach is to teach your child to fall asleep on her own,
a child feel safe and secure when you are not present. but with you in the room. This approach may take longer,

Bring in Spring at Help your child become attached to a security object by

including it as a part of the bedtime routine. In addition,
but it can feel more comfortable for some families. The
first step is to put your child into her crib awake and sit on
try to include this object whenever you are cuddling or a chair next to it. Once she is able to consistently fall asleep
comforting your child. this way, sit farther and farther away every three to four
Have a bedtime routine. Establish a consistent bed- nights until you are in the hallway and no longer in sight.
time routine that includes calm and enjoyable activities, Be consistent and don’t give up. The first few nights
such as a bath and a bedtime story. are likely to be very challenging and often the second or

Shop with Pleasure

Create a consistent bedroom environment. Make sure third night is worse than the first night. However, within a
your child’s bedroom environment is the same at bed- few nights to a week, you will begin to see improvement.
time as it is throughout the night, for example, lighting.
Put your child to bed awake. After the bedtime rou- Stephanie Zandieh, M.D., 0is the director of the Pediatric Sleep
tine, put your child into her crib awake and leave the Disorders and Apnea Center at The Valley Hospital.

Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep?

Parents often think that if the child isn’t falling asleep to wake him most mornings? Does he frequently
before 10 p.m. it’s because he doesn’t need much fall asleep while riding in the car? If the answer is
sleep. But experts agree the opposite may be true. yes to any of these, your child may not be getting
Children who are sleep deprived or overtired at bed- enough sleep.
time may actually become hyperactive Following is a list of recommended hours of
To see if your child falls into this category, ask sleep (nap and night included) for different ages.
yourself the following questions: Is my child cranky, Note these are approximations and may vary by
Create your personal style at Carly’z Craze irritable or overtired during the day? Do I have individual.

+birth to 1 year: 10 to 16 hours +2 to 3 years: 11 to 14 hours +5 to 6 years: 10 to 11½ hours

472 Cedar Lane • Teaneck +1 to 2 years: 11 to 16 hours +3 to 4 years: 10 to 13 hours +6 to 7 years: 9½ to 11½ hours
201-342-3398 +4 to 5 years: 10 to 12½ hours
M, W 10-6:30 · T, Th 10-8 · F 10-3:30



Summer Tip: NCJW Scholarship Awards Available

Athletic Campers
National Council
of Jewish Women
B erge n C o u n t y

Need Nutrition Boost

Section is planning
to award several
$1,000 endowed
scholarships to ap-
plicants graduat-
Denise Morrison Yearian consumption. Many very athletic teens ing from a public
don’t get enough calories. high school who

ll children need nutritionally bal- have been accept-
anced meals for healthy growth 4. Eat often. ed into a four-year
and development, but for those Growing athletes need three meals and at college or univer-
involved in rigorous summer sports least two snacks each day to keep energy sity program.
camps, the needs are even greater. To levels consistent and meet their growth Among the
ensure your athlete receives proper nu- and development needs. Plan a snack or criteria that may Last year’s recipients
trition and hydration meal every three to four hours. Snacks be considered are
to fuel his growing should have a protein and a grain or a the candidates’ academic record, par- high school guidance offices and at www.
body and sustain fruit. The protein acts as an anchor to ticipation in school and/or community ncjwbcs.org/advocacy-education/scholar-
him during the stabilize the blood sugar. activities, and financial need. Informa- ship. Deadline for submissions is April 11.
summer heat and tion and applications are available from For more information, www.ncjwbcs.org.
sun, consider these 5. Food to go.
seven expert sugges- Think ahead on how you
tions. can provide healthy
food options in

Your Child’s
1. Count the car. And re-
on carbs. member, nutri-

Summer Memories OPEN HOUSE

Carbohydrates t ion doesn’ t
are the macro- have to be a SUNDAY
nut r ient t ha t
fuels physi-
hot meal. You
can do just Start at Camp Veritans APRIL 15
cal activity, so
make sure your
as well with
peanut butter Day Camp!
child has a con- on whole grain
sistent source of bread and dried
carbs ever y day. fr uit , or frozen
Four, Five, Six, Seven or Eight Week Sessions Available
Whole grains are a chocolate milk that’s
better choice than refined been thawed out in
grains, because they are rich the cooler. Sports foods
in fiber, vitamins and minerals and take marketed toward athletes can fill
longer to digest, which enhances satiety a niche when you need energy on the go.
and prevents a drop in blood sugar. Carb They should not, however, replace other
loading isn’t necessary unless the activity foods.”
lasts more than 90 minutes.
6. Before and after event nutrition.
2. Savvy with supplements. Although young athletes should have Tuition Includes: Wide Variety of Programs:
If your athlete is eating well, he or she carbs and a moderate amount of pro-
• Daily Catered Hot Kosher Lunches • Serving Pre-K • Arts & Crafts • Soccer
will likely get the right amount of vita- tein before an event, they need to know
• Daily Transportation to 10th Grade • Archery • Football
mins and minerals. However, vitamin and what their stomach’s can tolerate. Some • Nature • Mad Science
• Low Camper to Counselor Ratio • …and so
mineral supplements are a good idea and teens can eat right before an activity and • Go Karts • Basketball much more!
can be used as an insurance policy. But be fine; others need at least an hour for • Red Cross Instructional Swim
• Ropes Course • Cooking
parents should never single dose or mega their food to digest. What’s most impor- • Extended Day Option Available

dose any vitamin or mineral without con- tant is that they not exercise on an empty 4-Year-Old Heated
sulting their doctor or sports nutritionist, stomach. Program pool and
because it could do more harm than good. Available air conditioned
7. Hype up hydration. multipurpose
3. Bank on a balance. The amount of fluids an athlete needs Call or Email for a
An appropriate diet for young athletes will depend largely on the climate, age Personalized Tour!
includes getting adequate complex car- and size, body chemistry and the level of
bohydrates, a lean protein source and activity. Offer fluids with every snack and Registrar@CampVeritans.com
plenty of fruits and vegetables. During meal. And if your teen isn’t taking a water (973) 956-1220
dinner, your teen’s plate should have 50 break during practice, speak up.
percent fruits and vegetables, 25 percent
whole grains and 25 percent protein. If Denise Morrison Yearian is the former editor of Registrar@CampVeritans.com
he wants a second plate, let him have his two parenting magazines, mother and grand- (973) 956-1220
favorite food and don’t worry about over mother. 225 Pompton Road, Haledon, NJ 07508



Honorable Menschen

Putting Together Packages of Care

Heidi Mae Bratt the women facing a hospital stay or even a boys and girls have been seeking memo-

short treatment. PJ’s Packages (PJ is Jona- rable, hands-on projects that directly help
onathan Paul wanted to do some- than’s nickname) include pink and teal women living with breast cancer and ovar-
thing meaningful for his upcoming warm, fuzzy slipper socks, ginger candy ian cancer. Our partnership with Holy
bar mitzvah. The 7th grader at Ye- to ease nausea, chapstick, pink and teal Name has created a new opportunity for
shivat Noam didn’t want to simply raise straws, and, importantly, material from b’nai mitzvah to connect directly with
money for a cause; he wanted a hands-on Sharsheret. women at the hospital. We are so proud of
initiative and to be part of the change. “I had raised money in the past,” said bar mitzvah Jonathan Paul whose thought-
Taking his cue from his 18-year-old Jonathan, who raised nearly $400 from a Delivering the first batch of PJ’s Packages at the ful PJ’s Packages are making a difference,
brother, Steven, who had run a marathon hamentaschen sale. “But I wanted to make Cancer Center at Holy Name Medical Center providing comfort items and valuable re-
in Teaneck. Pictured from left, Jonathan Paul,
to raise money for Chai Lifetime for his something with the money, and give some- his mother Batya Paul, Amanda Lipschik, an sources to dozens of women while they are
own bar mitzvah years ago, and from his thing to the patients to give them comfort.” oncology radiation social worker, and Coutney undergoing cancer treatment.”
parents, Batya and Nathan Paul of Bergen- In just a few days, he nearly reached Lozano, program director of the cancer support Jonathan and his mother already have
community at Holy Name.
field, active and altruistic members of the his $5,000 goal. In creating PJ’s Packages delivered the first batch of PJ’s Packages to
community, Jonathan decided that for his and working with Sharsheret, Jonathan cancer at the age of 28, she decided to do the Holy Name Cancer Center. They were
bar mitzvah project he would find a way also wanted to honor Rochelle Shoretz, something to help others and she created very well received.
to give comfort to women who were being who was a close family friend and the an organization called Sharsheret. Said Batya of her son who is follow-
treated for breast and ovarian cancer. founder of Sharsheret. Ms. Shoretz died “Rochie was an important part of our ing in the chesed footsteps of his fam-
Partnering with Sharsheret, the of the disease in June 2015. family. She was always positive and happy, ily, “It really does give us an enormous
Teaneck-based non-profit that supports “Almost 3 years ago, my mom lost a and understood that people needed com- amount of pride.”
young women with the disease, and the very special friend to breast cancer, ” Jona- fort during hard times. I wanted to try and To donate, https://sharsheret.donorp-
organization’s collaboration with Holy than wrote on Sharsheret’s funding page. take Rochie’s lessons and apply them to a ages.com/BarBatMitzvah/JonathanPaul/
Name Medical Center in Teaneck, Jona- “Rochie (Rochelle) Shoretz was a strong, new program at Sharsheret.”
than created PJ’s Packages, goody bags fun, incredibly smart, and wonderful per- Said Elana Silber, executive director Heidi Mae Bratt is the editor of
filled with warm and fuzzy items to help son. After being diagnosed with breast of Sharsheret: “Sharsheret’s b’nai mitzvah About Our Children.



Out and About During

the Chol Hamoed Passover Break
Heidi Mae Bratt Liberty Science Center are bigger. The new planetarium with a retractable roof and endar to see schedule of events.
Liberty State Park boasts a resolution of 88 million provides clean, safe, affordable Look for special events, such as
222 Jersey City Boulevard pixels, a lighting system that can playtime. Float on a Monday, Wednesdays with Friends, and

assover chol hamoed Jersey City produce over 281 trillion individ- celebrate Tim-Buk-Tuesday, Throw Back Thursdays, as well
or spring break gives 201-200-1000 ual colors, and new speakers ca- catch waves on a Wednesday as other specials.
time for the family www.lsc.org pable of producing 30,000 watts or splash with friends Thursday
to explore local fun spots The interactive science museum of digital sound. Check it out. Or through Sunday. Urban Air Adventure Park
and spend time together. and learning center located Jer- check out the science center’s 69 Wesley Street
There are plenty of places sey City first opened in 1993 as other exhibitions. BounceU of Paramus South Hackensack, NJ
in and around our area to New Jersey’s first major state 70 Eisenhower Drive 201-212-6454,
get out and about, have fun, science museum and now boasts Sahara Sam’s Oasis Paramus, NJ 07652 www.urbanairtrampolinepark.
learn a few things, work and hosts countless visitors and 535 North Route 73 201-843-5880 com
out the kinks, or work up cutting edge exhibitions. Its West Berlin, NJ www.bounceu.com The South Hackensack Trampo-
a sweat. newest addition is the Jennifer 856-767-7580 Turn any day into a bouncing fun line Park is a great destination
Here are a few of the Chalsty Planetarium and LSC www.saharasams.com celebration by visiting one of for Bergen County kids, big and
places and spaces that will Giant Dome Theater, the larg- When school is out, visitors BounceU’s Open Bounce events. small, to bounce and have some
keep you and your fam- est and most technologically can get their splash on at Sa- The facility with endless inflat- family fun. South Hackensack
ily busy: advanced planetarium in the hara Sam’s Oasis, one of New ables is a great spot for children Trampoline Park, in addition to
Heidi Mae Bratt is the editor of western hemisphere. Only four Jersey’s premier indoor water- and those older to bounce off the its open time, has weekly events
About Our Children. others in the world, two in Japan, parks and open all year. The walls and burn off all that pent- and kids birthday parties.
one in China and one in Russia, family fun center was built up energy. Check out their cal-

Rock Musical Wonder. This Passover,

Theater find it in the largest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere.




Gymnastics • Silks & Hammocks & Lyra

Fashion Forward
Dance • Acting • Musical Theater • Voice • Choreography

Fencing • Princess Dance • and more • age 2-1/2 to adults

Performing Arts
300 Knickerbocker Rd · Cresskill
Heidi Mae Bratt

Raising funds for asliceofhope.org or the fashion savvy kid, there is magic in the air.
Magic sequins, that is. This spring, the two-in-
one sequin can be found everywhere: on T-shirts,
dresses, patches on denim jackets, backpacks, and more.
Swipe the sequins in one direction and it’s one image;
swipe the other, and it’s another look. What fun! From Carly’z Craze
Also popular for girls, said Susan Silverstein, buyer at
Marcia’s Attic for Kids in Englewood, are ruffles. Ruffles
can be seen on t-shirts and even denim. The hot color this
season is dusty pink. Also popular are retro stripes, star
prints, in foil or not, and the ever-popular unicorn as an
emblem of fanciful fun.
Alene Brodsky
Bloom, co-owner
with Wendy Borod-
kin of Carly’z Craze
in Teanec k , t he
Sunday, April 22 • 3 p.m. store has a variety
Cresskill High School of dresses, skirts From Marcia’s Attic
Summer Performing Arts Camp and tops, includ-
Weekly, Monthly, All Summer ing multi-colored, metal grommet trims are showing on the clothing, as
June 25–August 24 prints, stripes and well.
201 390-7513 • 201 266-8830 f lorals in max i , For young men and boys, the suits keep their slim
swing, fit and flair, and trim silhouette. But just like the spring itself, the col-
sheath and bubble d ors are much brighter. Emporio in Teaneck also carries
resses for the spring the new spring collection from Princeton, which includes
season. To add a bit all-wool washable pants, perfect for kids.
of edge, splashes of

A Reason to Smile From Emporio metallic shine and Heidi Mae Bratt is the editor of About Our Children.

‘Model’ Students
Vogue for a Cause E

Heidi Mae Bratt

t was an evening of fashion for a cause for Frisch
students who took part in the second annual Frisch,
Sharsheret, Lord and Taylor Fashion Show.
TEANECK DENTIST There were 14 student models, an event planner,
stylist, and representative of Sharsheret, the Teaneck-
based nonprofit that supports young women with
We put the Care breast and ovarian cancer, and many fashion fans,
into Dental Care! friends and family members who gathered for the eve-
ning at the department store located in Paramus’ West-
Richard S. Gertler, DMD, FAGD field Garden State Plaza.
Ari Frohlich, DMD The women and girls who attended the event got a
Sami Solaimanzadeh, DMD chance to take a look at the new spring line of clothing The students and pros at the Frisch fashion show.
that Lord and Taylor carries, purchased new outfits — at
1008 Teaneck Road • Teaneck a discounted price — and most importantly, raised money other and the community. And the message of putting
201.837.3000 for Sharsheret.
“Sometimes people see fashion and beauty as su-
your best face forward is a very positive one. I wanted
to use my love of fashion in a way that would positively
www.teaneckdentist.com perficial,” said Na’ama Kaye, of Teaneck, the 17-year-old benefit the community.”
Visit us on Facebook Frisch junior who organized the event. “But it is some-
thing that we can use on a deeper level to help each Heidi Mae Bratt is the editor of About Our Children
Convenient Morning, Evening & Sunday Hours



‘Just Be Happy’
Nah, That’s Not the Goal
Adina Soclof competent. Life is tough it from a perspective of We need to give to our children the
and knowing that you are teaching him/her the skills precious gift of meaning and purpose that

o many parents say, “I just want my able to handle whatever she needs for long-term comes through challenging effort and the
child to be happy.” But that is not life throws you makes authentic happiness. gratification of work.
the goal of parenting. In fact, the you happy. We need to The latest research When your children have a problem,
more you try to make your child happy, teach our children to be in raising emotionally big or small, this is not a catastrophe. It’s
the less happy they will be. problem solvers so that healthy kids tells us that a wonderful opportunity to help them
Children need structure, limits and they feel more invested in their home and not only do children need to feel compe- manage and tackle their problem. It is a
rules. They thrive on this. It ultimately family and will be more likely to listen tent (or resilient), they need to learn self- great time to teach them important life
makes them feel safe and secure. But they and cooperate. control and to delay gratification. They skills, how to deal with big feelings, get-
don’t like them. They don’t like being told We need to change our focus from also need to feel that they are living a life ting along with others, learn how to get
to go to bed or to leave the park. Teens making kids feel happy to making them of meaning. Finally, they need to feel truly calm.
don’t like not being allowed to stay out to feel competent needed, that they have something unique Happiness is certainly important. But
wee morning hours partying with friends. Helping children feel that they have it to contribute to the world and they, as an it’s not the goal. It’s a means to accomplish
Parents have to impose these rules mul- within them to manage life’s big and little individual human being, make the world the more meaningful and lasting goals in
tiple times a day and most kids don’t problems is the ultimate gift we can give a better place. life. Let’s help our kids feel competent and
take this lying down. Almost everyday them. That should be our parenting goal. Children today are coddled and tak- confident. That is how we can ultimately
you have to make children feel sad, (take We need to change our focus from en care of in ways that they never have help our kids be happy.
a bath, don’t eat that cake, turn off the making kids feel happy to making them been before. Children were instrumental
computer) to help them feel safe, secure feel competent. We want to raise inde- in sustaining their family. Everyone had Adina Soclof is a parent, professional develop-
and ultimately happy, healthy and clean. pendent, responsible kids. Instead of tell- chores. This gave children a sense of pur- ment instructor and speech pathologist, and
Not only that, authentic, true hap- ing yourself that you want your children pose. Spoiling our kids lessens that sense founder of parentingsimply.com. She can be
piness stems from feeling capable and to be happy in the here and now, look at of purpose. reached at asoclof@parentingsimply.com.

YOUR CHILD needs special education.

You want her to have a Jewish education.
You want him to be included.



Florham Campus ∙ Metropolitan Campus

JULY 2–AUGUST 10 Serving Children with a Broad range of SpeCial needS

SUMMER NEW! DISCOVERY LEADER IN Special education uniquely integrated within Jewish Day Schools
• Individualization • Educational excellence
Teaneck location only • Meeting each child’s academic, social, and emotional needs
Elementary Schools n High Schools n Adult Services
fdu.edu/campdiscovery www.sinaischools.org/js • 201-833-1134



Generation G

A Seat on the Sideline

But Still Front and Center
Ed Silberfarb of glamorous and skillful athleticism.
“Where are you going? The show is for women only.”

fter a certain age there’s a limit to what one can Was the greeting at the entrance.
do with one’s grandchildren. Another granddaughter in her pre-teens took up
We introduced them to skiing and enjoyed horseback riding at a day camp in the far corner of
carving turns with them. Now, one knee replacement Brooklyn. Here was an unsurpassable picture opportu-
later, skiing for me is in the past while they schuss and nity, a young granddaughter in riding boots and jodhpurs
slide on their own. astride a majestic horse.
Skating with them was fun until I needed help get- We headed for the stable on one of the hottest days
ting up after an embarrassing spill. They kindly stifled of the summer. Instructions to get there were compli-
their laughter. cated so we allowed extra time to provide for inevitable
Running? Forget it. Not when they do their 5Ks rou- errors. From the subway, we crossed Ocean Parkway by
tinely and an occasional impressive 10K. way of the second pedestrian bridge, not the first. We
Biking? Once a favorite group activity. Now my bike knew we were on track because of the distinctive stable
idles and the tires go flat while grandchildren clock bike odor. We arrived early afternoon, the heat of the day. In
mileage to raise money for charity. the barn, horses were in the stalls, and a young man was
Yet there is a challenging and fulfilling role that re- pitching hay.
mains for a grandparent — vicarious visitant. “Where are the children?”
In her adolescent years, my granddaughter was an “Oh, they’re in the park.”
accomplished figure skater, the result of costly lessons “But the horses are here.”
and many weeks of practice. The year-end ice show was a “The kids were riding this morning. Now there’s or-
time for the young ladies to demonstrate their toe loops, ganized play with the counselors.”
spins and salchows. I looked forward to a rewarding night The camera hung limp on my belt. We met our horse-
less granddaughter when she returned from the park,
and stopped for a much needed ice cream cone. One of the many events as the author’s grandson wrestles at a
Our grandson, a sophomore at the high school of Ye- competition.
be adorable shiva University in Manhattan, tried out for the wrestling a scrape on his arm, sustained in practice, had not healed.
team, and he made it. Obviously the wrestling matches We went home only to find out that he had wrestled
would be a high priority in our lives. after all, and won.
The first would be at a high school near City College Though his victories had eluded me, I was still de-
of New York. It would be a round-robin tournament termined. The next match was scheduled at Y.U. against
with six schools competing. The subway took me there an important rival from Long Island. My son, father of
part way. The rest of the trip required my hiking up a the wrestling grandson, arranged his work schedule so
Mt. Everest-type hill. In the school gym was a chaotic he could drive up from Baltimore to attend. My other
assemblage of wrestlers and their boisterous followers. son, the wrestler’s uncle, again arranged to come in from
My grandson was in his wrestling tights with a bulging Brooklyn for the much-anticipated event. This time we
apparatus on his head that looked like earphones. faced not only record-breaking cold with paralyzing wind
“Do you listen to music while you wrestle?” It seemed chill, but also a 9-inch snowfall. It was all in vain. The
to be an obvious question. He patiently explained it was other school canceled the match.
protection to prevent cauliflower ears. I was not having much success as a cheerleading
He was matched against a young man a head taller grandpa, but all was not lost.
and seemed a year or two older. Opponents had to be My granddaughter, a fourth grader in Brooklyn’s
in the same weight class, and our grandson was dieting P.S. 39, was in the school chorus, and the time had
to make the 145 pound weight limit. The lack of food come for the December Winter Celebration. Each class
may have weakened him, and he lost on points. I told would sing holiday selections, then the chorus, in their
him he did well. “Better luck next time.” Assuming he was classy red and white uniforms, would sing the climax
through for the night, I went home. I later learned he had of the program.
a second match that night, which he won. The fourth grade, supported by chorus members
His next match was scheduled at Yeshiva University and accompanied by drum percussion, belted out “Win-
High School, a subway ride to Washington Heights, fol- ter Wonderland.” Then came the chorus. They sang three
lowed by an eight-block walk up a windswept hill in De- numbers, including “The Journey” adapted from a score
cember with the temperature in single digits. His uncle by Anton Dvorak. The audience of some 500 erupted in
traveled in from Brooklyn to meet us. After waiting an thunderous applause, which we assumed was directed at
marcia's attic for kids hour-and-a-half for the opposing team, we learned that
my grandson would not be allowed to compete because
our granddaughter.
My role as a vicarious visitant was fulfilled.
29 n. dean street
englewood, nj
201-894-5701 Ed Silberfarb was a reporter for the Bergen Record in New Jersey, then the New York Herald Tribune where he was City Hall bureau chief.
Later, he was a public information officer for the New York City Transit Authority and editor of one of its employee publications.



The Blessing of Voice Lessons

by Wendy Mogel
Heidi Mae Bratt to want things that are inappropriate to have — goods,
services and freedoms. And parents are free to, and obli-

amed psychologist Dr. Wendy Mogel gave the gated, to say no in a confident way.”
world over, from Brooklyn to Beijing, practical par- Instead, what happened with parents was “voices
enting advice on how to raise self-reliant, ethical, went up a register, their shoulders were shrugged and
and compassionate children in her bestseller, “The Bless- raised, and fingers started pointing.
ing of the Skinned Knee,” and its follow up, “The Blessing “The parent became a child. The parent regressed,
of a B Minus,” which drew on the Torah, the Talmud and lost their stature, lost their confidence. What happened
important Jewish teachings to show parents how to turn is that it became a form of sibling rivalry, and the parent
their children’s worst traits into their greatest attributes. lost. I’ve been doing this for more than 35 years and I’ve
Now the Los Angeles-based Dr. Mogel has a new book, never seen this before. Parents were losing their patience,
“Voice Lessons for Parents” (Scribner), which offers an es- their confidence, their clarity.”
sential guide to the new art of talking to children, showing So she began to give parents voice lessons. The con-
how a change in one’s demeanor can transform the rela- tent of their message may not have changed, but the de-
tionship. Drawing on the latest neuroscience, anthropology livery did. As, did the body language. And, sometimes
and fairy tales, her new book, which will be released April the setting. And guess what? It made all the difference.
17, the same day that Dr. Mogel will give a talk at the 92nd “One of the remarkable things that happened was
St. Y in Manhattan, gives parents a paradigm for speaking that the voice lessons were so effective. It made a big
to their children at every age and stage of their develop- difference. It’s never too late to start.”
ment, from infant to teen, in an effort to deepen the com- Dr. Mogel attributed the breakdown in communica-
munication shared between parent and child. tion to over scheduling, too much digital time, too much
“Children will lead you on an incredible journey if screen time, angst about the state of the world — “Which
they trust you, if you make the time, and if you are will- is going to go first? The government or the planet?” Too
s ing to follow,” said Dr. Mogel, who spoke to About Our
Children from her office in Los Angeles. “These conver-
much stress, and too much anxiety and home life has lost
its joy, lost its sense of humor.
sations are about deepening your relationship with your “Where is the delight?” she asked. “Families were not
children — and enjoying them.” developing in-jokes. They’ve lost the opportunity to look
“Voice Lessons” was born out of what she saw with forward to events and then to look back on them. Even a
greater frequency in her practice, that is parents who be- bad vacation is good.
came transformed “physically, emotionally and mentally” “Hurry, worry and digital distractions have intruded
when discussing how their children had a different point on our conversations,”
of view — “which was most of the time,” she pointed out. But Dr. Mogel offers a way to get them back. She
“Kids were just being regular kids. They’re supposed offers specific guidance for talking to children across
the expanse of childhood and adolescence and
explains the best ways to talk about
your child with others.
“No matter how much the
culture changes, kids develop
at the same rate and they
“The way to protect your
need the same things
they’ve always needed
child is by focusing on what
from their parents,”
she said.
is timeless and providing
Words, or voice
lessons, that are a
the basics children have
, blessing indeed.
always needed: stability,
Heidi Mae Bratt is the
editor of About Our
consistency, tenderness
and acceptance.”
— Voice Lessons for Parents
by Wendy Mogel, Ph.D.



Yes, They ICAN

Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies (BCHSJS) students
attended the ICAN Teen Conference sponsored by the Jewish
Federation of Northern New Jersey. They learned how to defuse
angry conversations with unbiased facts about Israel, and how
Jewish organizations can help them feel safe and at home in col-
A Paw-fect Meeting Blondes Have More Fun
Intense rehearsals are underway for the
Kindergarten students at Academies at Gerrard
Tenafly High School production of “Legally
Berman Day School in Oakland got meet with man’s
Blonde,” the Broadway spectacular, with per-
best friends, courtesy of the Ramapo-Bergen Animal
formances scheduled for April 26, 27 and 28.
Refuge, Inc. Paws In Hand Program, which brought
Mabel, George, and Kip to school to teach the young-
sters how to engage positively with dogs.

Teaming With Teens Like the 10 Commandments

Valley Chabad’s C-Teen group recently joined Students at Wayne’s Shomrei Torah religious school drama
2,500 others at the International Teen Weekend, elective presented a musical comedy showcasing Moses and
which took place in New York City, Crown Heights, the 10 plagues in preparation for Passover.
Brooklyn and environs. The weekend included an
inspiring Shabbaton and performances by Jewish
rapper Nissim Black, and Gad Elbaz.

Ice Skating is Nice Skating

What fun they had as participants in FLIPPER USY went ice-skat-
ing at the Ice House in Hackensack.

The Sounds of Music

Lotza Matzah JCC Thurnauer School of Music recent-
Bris Avrohom of Fair Lawn distributed hand-baked shmura matzah from Israel to ly celebrated its annual Gift of Music
Lego Lady Liberty the children of the CETT Hebrew School in preparation for the Passover seder. Gala Benefit Concert with an evening
Maya strikes a pose in front of the Lego of musical celebration from opera, to
sculpture of the Statue of Liberty on a songs by Leonard Bernstein to Irish
recent trip to the National Museum of ballads and other entertaining perfor-
American History in Washington, D.C. mances by young people.



TopChoices APRIL 2018

Compiled by Heidi Mae Bratt

Healthy Shopping at Liberty Science Center

Attention, Liberty Science Center ers in the grocery store, stock the Liberty Science Center
shoppers! Learn about making smart store with a variety of food choices, Liberty State Park
food choices at “Liberty Grocery run the cash register, and help count 222 Jersey City Boulevard
Store,” a new interactive We Explore money. Ask questions about the food Jersey City
adventure for young learners. Guests and see which are the best choices. 201-200-1000
can dress up as shoppers and work- Great for youngsters 2 to 5. www.lsc.org.

Construction Site Bedtime at bergenPAC

“Goodnight, Goodnight Cement Mixer takes too long Sunday, April 8
Construction Site: The Musical” with bath time, and Dump Truck 1 and 4 p.m.
is based on the book by Sherri just isn’t sleepy. Excavator and bergenPAC
Duskey Rinker, illustrated by Tom Bulldozer find that preparing for 30 North Van Brunt Street
Lichtenheld. Bedtime is approach- bed is a job in itself. Will they ever Englewood. 201-227-1030
ing and this team of construction get some shut-eye before tomor- www.bergenpac.org.
vehicles needs to get their rest. row’s day of work? Find out.
But Crane Truck is getting cranky,

PJ Masks Live! Time To Be A Hero

PJ Masks Live! Time to Be a Hero, their dynamic alter egos, Catboy, Monday, April 23
a musical production based on the Owlette and Gekko, when they put 6 p.m.
Disney Junior animated TV series, on their pajamas at night and activate bergenPAC
features Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, their animal amulets. Together, they 30 North Van Brunt Street
and the Baddies who will delight embark on action-packed capers, Englewood. 201-227-1030
fans of all ages. PJ Masks follows solving mysteries and learning valu- www.bergenpac.org.
the nighttime adventures of three able lessons along the way.
young friends who transform into

Hopalong Andrew at The Jewish Musuem

Hear the down-home sounds of gious harmonies that feature songs Sunday, April 22
Hopalong Andrew and his band of in honor of Earth Day. Former NYC 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Americana musicians as they play- Park Ranger Hopalong Andrew will The Jewish Museum
fully adapt traditional folk songs share tunes such as “The Yodeling 1109 Fifth Avenue at 92 Street
and classic country songs to reflect Ranger of Central Park,” “Outside,” New York City.
city life for urban cowpokes. Clap and many other golden melodies 212-423-3200
and stomp with the fiddle, banjo, that will have you swinging your www.thejewishmuseum.org.
pedal steel, harmonica, and conta- partner in celebration of nature.


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Educator Appreciation Day at Barnes & Noble: Preschool Storytime at Teaneck Library: For will hold an evening of awareness and education
Pre-K through Grade 12 educators, join us in store children 3 years old and older. Come listen to a about the growing problem of substance abuse
every weekend in April and enjoy 25 percent off story and enjoy the company of others. Teaneck and addiction in the Jewish community. Speakers
most books, toys, games, movies, music, and Public Library, 840 Teaneck Road, Teaneck. will include Rabbi Zvi Gluck, director of Amudim,
more. The Shops@Riverside, 187 Riverside Square, 201-837-4171, www.teaneck.org. Avi Shteingart, LCSW/CASAC, Rabbi Larry
Hackensack. 201-488-8037 Toddler Time in Glen Rock: Glen Rock Jewish Rothwachs, director of Professional Rabbinics at
Center hosts a group for children 12 months to RIETS/Rabbi of Congregation Beth Aaron, as well
Wednesday, April 4 2 years old. 9:15 to 10:30 a.m. Arts and crafts, as a recovering addict and a local parent. 8 p.m.
Preschool Storytime at Teaneck Library: For music, songs, stories, finger plays and free play. Torah Academy of Bergen County, 1600 Queen
children 3 years old and older. Come listen to a Time is set aside each week for discussions Swan Lake, see Wednesday, April 4 Anne Road, Teaneck.
story and enjoy the company of others. Teaneck on topics of special interest to the parents and 2 years old. 9:15 to 10:30 a.m. Arts and crafts,
Public Library, 840 Teaneck Road, Teaneck. caregivers of toddlers. You and your child should music, songs, stories, finger plays and free play. Tuesday, April 24
201-837-4171, www.teaneck.org. dress comfortably and bring a smock and a drink. Time is set aside each week for discussions Teen Tuesday at Paramus Library: Make a
Swan Lake at bergenPAC: The Moscow Festival We will provide snack. Glen Rock Jewish Center, on topics of special interest to the parents and Pinterest project. From 3 to 3:45 p.m. For grades 5
Ballet performs the tale of a woman doomed to 682 Harristown Road, Glen Rock. 201-652-6624, caregivers of toddlers. You and your child should and up. Register one-week prior or call youth ser-
be a swan set to Tchaikovsky’s glorious score. grjcnursery@gmail.com. dress comfortably and bring a smock and a drink. vices desk, 201-599-1309. Paramus Public Library,
8 p.m. bergenPAC, 30 North Van Brunt Street, We will provide snack. Glen Rock Jewish Center, 116 East Century Road, Paramus, 201-599-1300,
Englewood. 201-227-1030, www.bergenpac.org. Thursday, April 12 682 Harristown Road, Glen Rock. 201-652-6624, www.paramuslibrary.org.
Cool Kids Cook: Grilled cheese: Special event grjcnursery@gmail.com.
Friday, April 6 for youngsters kindergarten through 4th grade. Preschool Storytime at Teaneck Library: For Wednesday, April 25
Kabbalat Shabbat in Closter: Temple Beth El in From 4 to 4:45 p.m. Paramus Public Library, 116 children 3 years old and older. Come listen to a Teen Wednesdays: Plant a Flower Special
Closter invites the community to join a Kabbalat East Century Road, Paramus, 201-599-1300, story and enjoy the company of others. Teaneck Event. From 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. For grades 5
service at 6:30 p.m. Led by Rabbi David Widzer www.paramuslibrary.org. Public Library, 840 Teaneck Road, Teaneck. through 8. Come plant a spring flower and take
and student cantor July Staple. Temple Beth El, 201-837-4171, www.teaneck.org. it home. Paramus Charles E. Reid Branch, 239
221 Schraalenburgh Road, Closter. 201-768-5112. Friday, April 13 Teen Wednesdays: Cookie Event. From 3:30 to West Midland Avenue, Paramus. 201-444-4911,
Shabbat at Temple Emeth: Family Shabbat Shabbat in Closter: Temple Beth El invites the 4:30 p.m. For grades 5 through 8. Decorate and www.paramuslibrary.org.
Services at Temple Emeth, 1666 Windsor community to join in a Kabbalat Shabbat service design your own cooking using sprinkles and icing. Celebrate Earth Day: Grades kindergarten
Road in Teaneck at 7:30 PM. 201-833-1322 or at 6:30 p.m. Temple Beth El, 221 Schraalenburgh Paramus Library, Charles E. Reid Branch, 239 through 4 are invited to make an Earth Day planter
www.emeth.org. Road, Closter. 201-768-5112. West Midland Avenue, Paramus. 201-444-4911, with a rainforest frog. From 4 to 4:45. Paramus
Temple Emeth Shabbat Music Service: Temple www.paramuslibrary.org. Public Library, 116 East Century Road, Paramus,
Saturday, April 7 Emeth presents a Shabbat music service at 8 p.m. 201-599-1300, www.paramuslibrary.org.
Meet & Greet at The Dairy Queen: Rabbi Debra with Rabbi Steven Sirbu and Cantor Ellen Tilem. Thursday, April 19 Toddler Time in Glen Rock: Glen Rock Jewish
Orenstein of Congregation B’nai Israel will enjoy Sing, dance, and enjoy Shabbat music performed Cool Kids Cook: Create an Earth Day snack: Center hosts a group for children 12 months to
food and conversation at the Dairy Queen, 13 by the Temple Emeth band, 1666 Windsor Road, Special event for youngsters kindergarten 2 years old. 9:15 to 10:30 a.m. Arts and crafts,
Kinderkamack Road, Emerson from 8 to 8:45 p.m. Teaneck. 201-833-1322, www.emeth.org. through 4th grade. From 4 to 4:45 p.m. Paramus music, songs, stories, finger plays and free play.
Stop by and say hi. She will be wearing a kippah Public Library, 116 East Century Road, Paramus, Time is set aside each week for discussions
and a smile. Sunday, April 15 201-599-1300, www.paramuslibrary.org. on topics of special interest to the parents and
Walk for United Hospice of Rockland: Walk caregivers of toddlers. You and your child should
Sunday, April 8 in memory of a loved one or in honor of a fam- Friday, April 20 dress comfortably and bring a smock and a drink.
Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site: ily member, friend or colleague. Walk is 8 a.m., Tot Shabbat in Closter: Temple Beth El Tot We will provide snack. Glen Rock Jewish Center,
Musical based on the book by Sherri Duskey Rockland Lake State Park, Congers, NY. For infor- Shabbat led by Rabbi David Widzer, Rabbi Beth 682 Harristown Road, Glen Rock. 201-652-6624,
Rinker. Trying to get the members of the mation or to learn about sponsorship opportuni- Kramer-Mazer and Student Cantor Julie Staple at grjcnursery@gmail.com.
construction site isn’t easy. Shows at 1 and ties, shenry@hospiceofrockland.org. 5:15 p.m. This Tot Shabbat is open to all nursery Preschool Storytime at Teaneck Library: For
4 p.m. bergenPAC, 30 North Van Brunt Street, Let it Be at NJPAC: Direct from London’s West school age children and features song, stories, children 3 years old and older. Come listen to a
Englewood. 201-227-1030, www.bergenpac.org. End and Broadway, “Let it Be” invites you to and a craft about Israel. 221 Schraalenburgh Road, story and enjoy the company of others. Teaneck
experience the rise of the worlds most successful Closter. 201-768-5112. Public Library, 840 Teaneck Road, Teaneck.
Monday, April 9 rock ‘n roll band, from their humble beginnings Israel’s Birthday in Closter: The community 201-837-4171, www.teaneck.org.
WiiU Games in Paramus: Welcome grades in Liverpool’s Cavern Club, through the height of is invited to celebrate Israel’s birthday as Rabbi
kindergarten to 4 from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. No Beatlemania to their later studio masterpieces. David S. Widzer, Rabbi Beth Kramer-Mazer and Thursday, April 26
registration required. Bring your friends and Adults and youngsters alike will enjoy the show. Student Cantor Julie Staple with the Unplugged Cool Kids Cook: Fun with Fruits and Veggies:
play fun WiiU games. Paramus Public Library, 3 p.m. New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Band and our Junior Choir, Rinat Beth El and Special event for youngsters kindergarten
116 East Century Road, Paramus, 201-599-1300, 1 Center Street, Newark. 888-GO-NJPAC, our Religious School students, lead us in a fam- through 4th grade. From 4 to 4:45 p.m. Paramus
www.paramuslibrary.org. www.njpac.org. ily friendly Shabbat service at 6:45 p.m. 221 Public Library, 116 East Century Road, Paramus,
Holocaust Remembrance Day at Congregation Schraalenburgh Road, Closter. 201-768-5112. 201-599-1300, www.paramuslibrary.org.
Tuesday, April 10 B’nai Israel: High school aged and younger Tot Shabbat at Temple Beth El: Temple Beth El of Free Online Learning for Parents: 18 minute
Little Bookworms in Paramus: Welcome new- students will read stories of children in the Northern Valley hosts a Tot Shabbat from 5:15 to online class for parents lead by Ami Hersh, Rabbi
borns to 18 months with parent or caregiver. 10 Holocaust, some who survived and some who 6:15 p.m. Join us for an Israeli-themed service with at Orangetown Jewish Center and director of
to 10:45 a.m. For Paramus residents. Paramus didn’t. 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. A candle lighting cer- Rabbi David Widzer, Rabbi Beth Kramer-Mazer, Ramah Day Camp in Nyack. Participate from
Public Library, 116 East Century Road, Paramus, emony will follow. Congregation B’nai Israel, 53 and Student Cantor Julie Staple. All are invited. the comfort of your home. To register contact
201-599-1300, www.paramuslibrary.org. Palisade Avenue, Emerson. 201-265-2272, www. 221 Schraalenburgh Road, Closter, 201 767-5112, Roberta Seitzman, director of Adult Education at
Teen Tuesday at Paramus Library: Come and bisrael.com office@tbenv.org. the Jewish Federation & Foundation of Rockland
play Family Feud. From 3 to 3:45 p.m. For grades 5 County. 845-362-4200 x 130, adulteducation@
and up. Register one-week prior or call youth ser- Tuesday, April 17 Saturday, April 21 jewishrockland.org.
vices desk, 201-599-1309. Paramus Public Library, Teen Tuesday at Paramus Library: Join in for Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Daniel and all of
116 East Century Road, Paramus, 201-599-1300, Waffle-mania. From 3 to 3:45 p.m. For grades his friends invite you for a brand-new adventure Sunday, April 29
www.paramuslibrary.org. 5 and up. Register one-week prior or call youth in Neighborhood of Make-Believe where Daniel Shen Yun Dance in Newark: The spectacular
Pajama Storytime: Bring the whole family to our services desk, 201-599-1309. Paramus Public learns just what it takes to be King. The beloved Shen Yun – the world’s premiere classical Chinese
evening storytime from 7 to 7:45 p.m. Read bed- Library, 116 East Century Road, Paramus, characters come alive on stage tell a story full of dance and music company returns to Newark at
time books, sing fun songs, and do finger plays. 201-599-1300, www.paramuslibrary.org. tigertastic f un, valuable lessons of kindness, help- NJPAC. Performances 1 and 6 p.m. Performances
Pajamas optional. No registration necessary. ing others and being a friend. 1:30 and 5 p.m. ber- also April 28 through May 3. NJPAC, 1 Center
Paramus Public Library, 116 East Century Road, Wednesday, April 18 genPAC, 30 North Van Brunt Street, Englewood. Street, Newark. 1-888-GO-NJPAC.
Paramus, 201-599-1300, www.paramuslibrary.org. Toddler Time in Glen Rock: Glen Rock Jewish 201-227-1030, www.bergenpac.org.
Center hosts a group for children 12 months to



Blessing from page 15 of childhood and adolescence and ex-
and too much anxiety and home life has plains the best ways to talk about your
lost its joy, lost its sense of humor. child with others.
“Where is the delight?” she asked. “No matter how much the culture
“Families were not developing in-jokes. changes, kids develop at the same rate
They’ve lost the opportunity to look for- and they need the same things they’ve
ward to events and then to look back on always needed from their parents,”
Bnai mitzvah
them. Even a bad vacation is good. she said.
LILLY GOLDFARB “Hurry, worry and digital distractions Words, or voice lessons, that are a
Lilly Goldfarb, daughter of have intruded on our conversations,” blessing indeed.
Alyson Yashar and James But Dr. Mogel offers a way to get
Goldfarb of Saddle River, them back. She offers specific guidance Heidi Mae Bratt is the editor of About Our
celebrated becoming a
for talking to children across the expanse Children.
bat mitzvah on March 24
at Temple Beth Rishon in

Jenna Lincoln, daughter of
Kaplen JCC Accepting Applications
for College Scholarships
Michelle Levine and Paul
Arden De Vaul, son of Lincoln of Ridgewood, Michael Reitman, son of
Heather and Jeffrey celebrated becoming a Robyn and Gary Reitman
De Vaul of Waldwick, bat mitzvah on March 3 of Upper Saddle River
celebrated becoming a and brother of Stephanie High school students in Grades 9-12, who including students with special needs.
at Temple Israel & Jewish
bar mitzvah on March Community Center in and Melissa, celebrated are seeking support for college can ap- They are open to undergraduates look-
3 at Temple Emanuel in Ridgewood. becoming a bar mitzvah ply for a scholarship offered through the ing to attend a 4-year accredited college
Woodcliff Lake. on March 10 at Temple Kaplen JCC on the Palisades. in the United States or Israel. Applicants
OMER NATHANIEL Emanuel of the Pascack “Our hope is to give local youth the must possess financial need and good
Valley in Woodcliff Lake.
Omer Nathaniel, son of educational opportunities they deserve,” academic standing. Grants are not re-
Ayelet and Ehud Nathaniel says Aaron Atlas, the JCC Youth and newable, but students may apply each
of Closter, celebrated GABBY TEITEL
Camping Engagement Director. “We are year. Support has been made possible
becoming a bar mitzvah on Gabby Teitel, daughter
of Kari and Jon Teitel of so proud to be able to offer the scholar- by the Hildegard & Sidney Schonfeld
March 24 at Temple Beth
El of Northern Valley in Wyckoff and sister of ships, as they make education and impor- Jewish Community College Scholarship
Closter. Dylan, celebrated becom- tant life-shaping experiences accessible to Fund at the JCC. The application dead-
ing a bat mitzvah on March young people who would not be able to line is May 4, 2018.
17 at Temple Beth Rishon in obtain them otherwise.” For more information, contact Aaron
The College Scholarship Fund of- Atlas at 201-408-1484 or aatlas@jccotp.
DEVON FUCHS fers annual grants to deserving college- org. Application available online at: jccotp.
Devon Fuchs, daughter of bound Jewish students in Bergen County, org/teen-educational-programs.
Judah Widzer, son of Karen
Amy and Bruce Fuchs of Loewy and David Widzer
Upper Saddle River and of Haworth, celebrated

sister of Daniel, celebrated becoming a bar mitzvah
becoming a bat mitzvah on March 3 at Temple Beth
on March 17 at Temple El of Northern Valley in
Emanuel of the Pascack Closter.
Valley in Woodcliff Lake.


Putting on the Passover Polish Include:

1 hours of skating (during public session)
Private decorated party room
Rabbi Yael Buechler, who innovated certainly spark curiosity and conversation Off ice party attendant
teaching Torah through the art of nail de- at the seder table. The set also includes Skate rental
Invitations for party guests
sign, and then created a whimsical line of the ten traditional plagues. Also new this Pizza and soda
nail art decals, has added the “Ten Modern year, Rabbi Buechler has created a matzah Personalized Carvel ice cream cake
Favors and candy
Plagues” for this holiday. headband to hold hair in place while re- FREE skating pass for future use
From binge-watching to global warm- clining at the table. For more information, Birthday child receives FREE Ice Vault T shirt
ing, the decals of today’s “plagues” will www.midrashmanicures.com.


Valley Health System, the healthcare provider you know Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, fostering close
and trust, is proud to announce the expansion of its collaboration between colleagues from both organizations.
partnership with the Mount Sinai Health System, the
Working together, physicians from Valley and Mount Sinai
world-renowned New York academic medical center.
are changing the landscape of cancer care for you and your
Our powerful alliance now brings cancer care innovation
loved ones.
and access to clinical trials to the communities of northern
New Jersey.

Now patients can see Mount Sinai specialists for treatment

of pancreatic, head and neck, lung and skin cancers at
Valley’s Cancer Center in northern New Jersey. Valley’s
cancer specialists all have academic appointments at the


To reach a Valley cancer care specialist

today, please call 201-634-5339.
to our Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey community. We did it!
Your hard work filled these pantry shelves.
AngelaCARES, Inc., Jersey City | Center for Food Action, Englewood | Community Food Pantry at
United Methodist Church, Little Falls | CUMAC, Paterson | Helping Hands Food Pantry, Teaneck
Jewish Family and Children’s Services, Fair Lawn and Teaneck | Wayne Interfaith Network Food Pantry

4,000 1,000 200 50

pounds of food kids’ snack packs volunteers synagogues
and groups
Thank you to our sponsors
Shop Rite of Paramus and Englewood
Acme | Fairway
Grand & Essex Market | Kings
Life O’the Party
Rema Foods/Food Import Group
Trader Joe’s | Valerie Maier | Wegman’s
Diana and George Allen
Temple Sinai - Brotherhood and Sisterhood
Geri and David Cantor
Valerie Maier
Jewish Federation’s Women’s Philanthropy

See more photos online at

bethf@jfnnj.org | 201-820-3947


Jewish World

Alex Bregman makes a play in Game 7

of the World Series at Dodger Stadium
in Los Angeles on November 1, 2017.

Alex Bregman is baseball’s next Jewish star

HILLEL KUTTLER which he contributed mightily. He knocked in a run in “While he’s established himself as a major league player,
each of the first five games, added a second home run, he’s not even close to what he’s going to be,” Hinch said.
WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. — Sitting on a couch near threw out a runner at home plate to preserve a scoreless He called Bregman “a true baseball rat,” someone who
his locker at the Houston Astros’ spring training facility tie in Game 4, and had the run-scoring single that ended “loves the game, loves practice, loves being around his
here in mid-March, Alex Bregman is reflecting about an an epic Game 5 in the 10th inning, 13-12. teammates.”
encounter his father had at the World Series last fall. During the 2017 season, the former No. 2 overall draft But his mother, Jackie, will tell you that her son is about
It was in Los Angeles, between innings of the opening pick out of Louisiana State averaged .284, pounded 39 more than baseball. His foundation, AB for AUDS, pro-
game. Sam Bregman was headed for a Dodger Stadium doubles and 19 home runs, and stole 17 bases. vides computer tablets to children with autism and Down
concession stand to grab a nosh, wearing his Astros jersey Two days after the Game 7 road victory, Bregman cel- syndrome. Brady Columbus, a son of Bregman’s former
with the No. 2 and his surname stitched on the back — a ebrated at the championship parade in Houston. Thou- hitting coach and Bregman’s godson, is autistic.
facsimile of his son’s uniform. The young Bregman, a third sands of fans lined streets in a city still recovering from Jackie Bregman spoke of her son’s kindness. “Alex is so
baseman, had just slugged a home run off Dodgers ace Hurricane Harvey flooding a couple of months earlier. patient with people, and I’m really, really proud of him for
Clayton Kershaw. “To see their pure joy gave me the chills,” Bregman said. that,” she said in a phone interview.
A fan grabbed Sam Bregman’s arm. The experience capped a memorable year for Bregman She recalled her son defending elementary school class-
“Are you Alex’s dad?” that began with his playing for the U.S. team that won the mates who were being bullied. And he was also on the
“I am,” the elder Bregman replied. World Baseball Classic title in March. other end: A boy made fun of Alex’s pending bar mitzvah
“Is he Jewish?” Israel’s squad, which finished sixth overall in the WBC, as he was leaving school to meet with the cantor, and a
“Yeah.” had sought his services. In retrospect, he said, “I prob- Chinese-American teammate on Alex’s basketball squad
The man was a Dodger fan, but still he flashed what Sam ably should’ve” played for Israel “because I got just four stood up for him.
Bregman described as “a look of great contentment” at the at-bats” playing as a backup for the American team. The experiences, Jackie Bregman said, “taught him
ballplayer’s heritage. Regardless of who comes calling in 2021, Bregman said, what it was like to be marginalized.”
“I got such a kick out of it,” Sam Bregman said in a he’s unlikely to participate. Years ago, the family attended an appearance by several
phone interview near his home in Albuquerque, New His Astros will start defending their championship on players for the minor league Albuquerque Isotopes. One
Mexico. “It made me feel so proud.” Thursday in Arlington, Texas, against the Rangers. Breg- player was aloof. “Sam and I said to Alex, ‘Don’t ever be
Alex Bregman’s take on the encounter: “It’s definitely man will turn 24 the next day. “There are a lot of things like that,’ “ she recalled.
cool to have fans around the world give their support. I want to accomplish in this game. Winning is right there But Jackie Bregman also knows her son is driven to excel
It keeps you motivated to know that everyone has your at the top,” he said. “We have a great team to repeat as on the field.
back.” champs.” “He would not mince words. ‘I don’t just want to play
Bregman can expect to have more fans — Jewish or oth- Astros manager A.J. Hinch said he expects Bregman to baseball; I want to be the best,’” Jackie Bregman remem-
erwise — on his bandwagon after his strong 2017 season “build off the momentum he generated in the postseason bered her son saying. “He was determined.”
and the first World Series title for the Astros — a title to and throughout the whole season last year. In junior high in Albuquerque, Bregman attended a


Jewish World

University of New Mexico baseball camp. American League MVP. “I liked him since
The Lobos’ baseball coach, Ray Birming- he was at LSU,” where Bregman was a first-
ham, preached dedication to greatness. team All American at shortstop. “I saw him
“Alex took that so literally that he’d hit hit a homer, and I fell in love with him
in the batting cages until he got calluses,” as a player.”
recalled Sam Bregman, who had grown The trio jogged toward
up on the field at Robert F. Kennedy Sta- a batting cage, Bregman
dium, where his late father, Stan, worked stopped to sign autographs
as a lawyer for the Washington Senators. after he finished hitting.
It was Stan, “Grandpa Zayde,” who gave He’ll be signing plenty
his grandson a card set of Jewish baseball more when the Astros

players. come home next week for
Someone else who saw that commit- their opener at Minute Maid
ment was Darvin Ham, who coached Park. His parents will be
the New Mexico Thunderbirds, an NBA there.
Development League team the Bregmans Sam Bre gman joked Alex Bregman signs autographs at the Houston As-
owned. In postgame conversations and at about guarding the champion- tros’ spring training complex in West Palm Beach, Fla.
the Bregman home, Alex Bregman “was ship ring his son will receive.
like a sponge” of information about the “I know that the Jewish commu-
makings of athletic achievement, said nity around the country is so proud
Ham, now an assistant coach with the of him,” Jackie Bregman said. Referring
Atlanta Hawks. to the card collection of Jewish players,
“He was a very good listener. He took she added, “I hope that one day he’s in
mental notes,” said Ham, who considers that collection.” JTA WIRE SERVICE

Alex Bregman “a little brother.”

Bregman explained his early competi-
tive drive. “Coach Birmingham said you
have to decide,” he
recalled. “I woke
up at 5 a.m. to
go to the cage to
school to the cage:
defense and hit-
ting. I did that every
day for years, beginning
at probably age 12 or 13. I never
went to the school dance.”
On this day, Bregman departed for a
practice field and chatted in Spanish with
fellow infielders Jose Altuve and Carlos
Correa, natives of Venezuela and Puerto
Rico, respectively, at second base during
a running drill. Bregman is fluent in the
Jerick Paquinto, a 19-year-old from
Houston wearing a Bregman jersey, was
among hundreds of fans watching. Alex Bregman’s manager
“I like that he’s not the biggest guy and expects the young slugger
he has a lot of heart,” Paquinto said of the to get even better.
6-foot Bregman, words similarly appli- STREETER LECKA/GETTY IMAGES

cable to the 5-foot-6 Altuve, last year’s

Pesach’s here

When Jewish leaders no longer

I speak for their constituents
t’s finally Pesach.
Ever since Purim, we’ve known it’s getting closer.

That huge full moon, giant and yellow-gold in the
sky, is a signal that the next one will be Pesach, and spate of articles has been published suggest- Ron Lauder’s op-ed in the New York Times last week
that the cleaning and cooking will be over and the story- ing that American Jews are turning away from was one of the worst examples of this behavior. Lauder is
telling will begin. Israel. I do not believe it is true, but the behav- a wealthy philanthropist who does much good work for
It’s been an insane month and a half. The Parkland shoot- ior of some of the community’s leaders is doing the Jewish people, especially in eastern Europe. I have
ings were two weeks before Purim — see how the Jewish and nothing to help and a lot to contribute to this perception. personally witnessed his outstanding work. But he has no
American calendars come together! — and last Shabbat it cul- What is especially galling is that unlike the officials in business using his title as president of the World Jewish
minated in the marches across the United States, saying no Israel whose policies they are attacking, none of the lead- Congress to chastise the Israeli government and propose
to gun violence, no to fear, no to making schools into armed ers engaged in public criticism of Israel were democrati- his own ideas for what is best for Israel. The WJC has an
redoubts and teachers into police officers. cally elected, and their comments do not appear to reflect impressive sounding name. But when Lauder publishes
It made me think of some of the books of my childhood. the views of their constituents or to have their approval. New York Times op-eds against Israel he is demonstrating
I don’t remember if any of the teachers in the remote one- The Jewish community is not monolithic, and there that the organization is little more than Lauder’s personal
room Western schoolhouses that I read and reread and read have always been marginal figures who have found that fiefdom. So perhaps he does not have to answer to anyone.
again were part of the Little House series, or Caddy Wood- the way to get attention is to be the Jew who attacks The WJC has no members or constituency that the public
lawn, or by some other writer whose stories and characters Israel, the proverbial man-bites-dog story. In recent is aware of, so perhaps Lauder really speaks only for him-
I’d surely remember if ever I were to see them again were months, however, it is not the extremists self. But in that case he should have omitted
the ones who carried guns, but I’m sure that at least one of from J Street or the Beinerts who have been his affiliation from his byline.
them did. Most of them didn’t though; they just had chalk marching out of step with Israel. It is many I was also struck by the comments made
and firewood and bread and maybe coffee for lunch. establishment figures. by AIPAC’s longtime executive director
And if they didn’t have guns, then most certainly teach- Don’t get me wrong. As Americans, we Howard Kohr at the annual policy confer-
ers today are far less likely to. My sister and my niece are all have the right to speak our minds, and ence. There is no more important organiza-
both New York City outer-borough public high school I have not held my tongue on moral issues tion that AIPAC when it comes to strength-
librarians. They would just as soon bring a gun to school where Israel must be better, like recognizing ening U.S.-Israel relations, and no one more
as I would ride to my Teaneck office on a horse that I’d the Armenian genocide. But when it comes skillful and committed to that objective than
feed sugar cubes to and tie up in the parking lot. (In a to directly condemning Israeli policies, the Kohr. Howard is a friend for whom I have
reserved space, of course.) principal pro-Israel organizations have Rabbi endless respect. Few American Jews have
But this Shabbat was the marches. My shul is close to long held to the convention that the proper Shmuley done more good for Israel then Howard has
Central Park West, so we headed out, behind a banner means for expressing criticism is privately Boteach at the helm of AIPAC.
from the shul, for the fourth march in the last 14 months. and directly to Israeli officials, and that pub- Nevertheless, I was mystified when he
Unlike the first women’s march, which was oddly festive, lic declarations are usually made only by talked about working toward a two-state
or the science march, which was cold, drizzly, and grim, those who have no influence and feel the need to draw solution and the creation of a Palestinian state “with its
or the second women’s march, which was somehow deju attention to themselves and their personal views. own flag and its own future.” It’s not that this is neces-
vu, this one was plaintive, disbelieving, but hopeful none- Israeli officials also broke with convention in the sarily an unreasonable position. The point is that it is not
theless. Something has to change. Children can’t be shot 1980s and 1990s when they eschewed the longstanding even on the agenda at the moment. As Kohr knows, the
in schools. We can’t be a society where children are shot tradition of avoiding criticism of the government when Palestinians have repeatedly rejected this “solution” and
dead in schools. Can they? Can we? Are we? abroad. Initially, it was the Labor Party that was guilty the Palestinian dictator Mahmoud Abbas has refused to
And now, it’s Pesach. of this when it lost power, and it was roundly criticized negotiate with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Maybe, maybe, please, the sun will come out, and the by the Likud. When Labor returned to power, how- for a decade. Why is Kohr advocating a push for two-states
snow will stop, and the clouds will lift, and we will be able ever, some Likud officials engaged in similar behavior. at this time when it has so little support in Israel and the
to bask in family and friends and freedom, and look ahead Israeli politics has been more politicized ever since and PA? Is he really speaking for the members of AIPAC or the
to joy and hope. The crocuses already are out, some par- frequently embroiled diaspora Jews in the internecine broader pro-Israel community?
ticularly foolhardy trees are developing buds, and, at least battles between the parties. What made it worse was that AIPAC did not make pas-
according to their songs, at least some of the birds are Recently, American Jewish leaders have taken it upon sage of the Taylor Force Act one of its priorities at the pol-
ignoring the temperature and going with the light. themselves to adopt policies at odds with the Israeli gov- icy conference. This bipartisan bill, which just was signed
Maybe, if we’re lucky, liberation lies ahead. And maybe, ernment. Again, I have no complaint with them speaking into law, represents a much-needed response to Palestin-
if we’re good, we’ll do all that we can to hasten it. as individuals, but when they express views under the ian intransigence and ongoing support for terror.
We offer all of our readers and their families and imprimatur of organizations they represent, that’s a dif- Howard’s speech about a two-state solution at AIPAC
friends our best wishes for a zissen Pesach, for joy and ferent story. startled many, as all polls show that Hamas would quickly
good food and good wine and good dark chocolate and
easily cleanable matzah crumbs and lots of singing at the Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is the author of 31 books, including his most recent, “The Israel Warrior.” Follow him on
end of the seder. —JP Twitter @RabbiShmuley.

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overrun a West Bank state, sandwiching

Israel between two terror entities. So why When your child speaks

should the foremost pro-Israel organization
in America be talking about this while Mah- he following is a pop quiz on Jewish priorities. Take it investors, community organizing, better laws and policing, empow-
moud Abbas insults and demeans Ameri- yourself or, better yet (for reasons I will explain below), erment of former slaves, journalism that exposes traffickers.
ca’s ambassador to the United States, David take it with someone under age 18. But the main factor is will. Slavery can be eliminated in our life-
Friedman? Last week alone they took the What commandment is emphasized through repeti- time. Whether or not it will be is up to us, based on how we vote
unbelievable and disgusting step of trying tion more than any other? According to rabbinic count (Baba Metzia and lobby, what we buy, and which governmental programs and
to have the ambassador labeled a terrorist 59b), the Torah prohibits oppressing a stranger at least 36 separate charities we fund.
k after Mahmoud Abbas himself called the times “because you were strangers in the land of Egypt.” A big part of the Passover seder is teaching our children, telling
ambassador a “son of a dog.” Such revolt- Which holiday do more Jews celebrate than any other? It’s not the story that they may not yet know, or not know as fully as we
r ing displays of anti-Semitism should be Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur. Though the High Holidays bring do. Yet, the biggest moments of discovery don’t come from adult
condemned by every Arab leader, espe- large crowds to synagogue, Passover is celebrated by greater num- answers, but from children’s questions and challenges. (Think of
cially those who enjoy a close relationship bers of Jews. More than 90 percent of Jews participate in seders most the Four Sons.) That’s why I began this column by inviting you to
with the United States as major allies. The years. A recent Pew study found that 70 percent of American Jews invite a young person into the discussion.
e abominable attacks against an American attended a seder in the last year. Among Jews married to another On the seder night, the rabbinic strategy is to spark curiosity,
n ambassador — and one who enjoys a close Jew, the figure was 91 percent, and 42 percent of those who identify encourage inquiry, and invite everyone — especially children —
relationship with the president of the United as “Jews of no religion” said they attended a seder the year before. to speak. The last word does not rest with the Haggadah. It lives
States — are an attack on America itself. And What is our most influential Jewish story? The stories of around the table, in the mouth of any child or adult who is moved
it’s the pro-Israel organizations that should creation (including Shabbat) and of the giving of the Torah at to interpret, wonder, argue, imagine, or suggest.
. be at the forefront of holding the Palestin- Mount Sinai are essential narratives, but the master story that With almost 900 protests this past weekend, we saw a stunning
ians leadership accountable for incitement shaped and continues to shape Jewish identity is this one: “We example of what children can add to a conversation. Learning and
- against Americans. were slaves in Egypt, and God took us out with a mighty hand growth happen not just when we teach young people, but when
A third example of American Jewish and an outstretched arm.” Morning and eve- we listen to them and encourage them to take the
leaders out of step with the realities on ning, in both weekday and Sabbath prayers, we lead.
the ground, and the government of Israel, describe the terrible tyranny of slavery and reen- The Torah describes that “in time to come” (Deut.
r were the men who accepted junkets to act our relief and salvation at the Red Sea. The 6:20), parents will need to speak (Hebrew root:
- Qatar and gave legitimacy to the emir, story of the Exodus defines us as a people and a.m.r.) about the message and history of Passover
- whose PR media enterprise was spying on also has inspired liberation movements around to children who are born into freedom. Interest-
- American Jews, and who supports Hamas the world over the course of centuries. ingly, this same Hebrew root is used to introduce
terrorists, and who has cozied up to the The other top contenders mentioned above for children’s questions about Passover, along with the
genocidal mullahs in Iran. the title of “master Jewish narrative” — creation/Sab- root sh.a.l., meaning “ask.” Exodus 12:26 describes
The only thing these leaders did by going bath and receiving the Torah — significantly include a future time when children will state (a.m.r.) their
to Qatar was to confer Jewish legitimacy the Exodus. At Mount Sinai, the first of God’s ten Rabbi Debra questions about Passover. Children are not just
on the emir and strengthen his public dibrot (sayings) is: “I am Adonai your God who took Orenstein “straight men,” setting us up for our perfect one-
relations efforts in the United States just you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of liners. As every parent can tell you, children’s ques-
when he was finally facing immense pres- slaves.” The commandment to observe Shabbat is tions can contain whole worlds — and not just of
sure to stop funding the Muslim brother- connected to our liberation: “The seventh day is a Sabbath unto inquiry, but of instruction. One way older generations can pass on
hood and Hamas. They claimed to be act- Adonai your God. On it you shall not do any work — neither you, a better world is to listen expansively and minutely to the Torah
- ing in Israel’s interest even though Israel’s nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your manservant, nor your that the younger generation has to offer.
t ambassador to the United States made woman-servant, nor your ox, nor your donkey, nor any of your Some of my greatest teachers on the subject of human traffick-
clear — repeatedly and publicly — that cattle, nor your stranger who is within your gates; that your man- ing have been children. I was inspired to do my part for today’s
Israel’s government disapproved of their servant and your woman-servant may rest as you do” (Deut. 5:13). slaves because my daughter, at age 7, challenged a modest goal I
amateur diplomacy. Amazingly, during In the Friday night Kiddush, we name Shabbat both a memorial had originally set. As we reviewed our spiritual intentions during
the Presidents Conference trip to Israel, —zicaron — to creation and a reminder — zecher — of the Exodus. the High Holiday season five years ago, I stated my goal to help
Prime Minister Netanyahu said in front of This brief quiz proves what is intuitively felt, but not always con- free 18 slaves. She was unimpressed. “Why 18? Why not 100?” I
Malcolm Hoenlein himself that he opposed sciously known, by Jews: that there is an essential, unseverable con- was convicted by her words. Eighteen might seem manageable
American Jews engaging with Qatar. nection between Jews and freedom. It’s impossible to tell the story for me, but the point is that slavery is chaotic, violent, lawless, and
Jewish organizations have never been of the Jews without telling of our enslavement, our liberation, and in completely unmanageable for the people who suffer it. Why not
- democratic. Leaders have little or no response to those experiences, our duty to protect the vulnerable. aim for a disruptive and ambitious goal?
- accountability to the Jewish community or By latest count, there are approximately 42 million slaves in the We have tolerated slavery until now, but the world is at a tip-
their own membership. Perhaps, at times, world. It’s a shocking number, and up significantly since the last ping point. A united (and uniting) effort by the Jewish community
- that can be construed as a good thing since estimates, now that the International Labour Organization and can free millions of people – and it will require relatively simple
leaders should not follow but lead. But the others are counting forced marriage as a form of slavery. Although changes and modest contributions. If individual Jews do our part,
growing gap between what Jewish leaders slavery is not legal anywhere, it is practiced everywhere, includ- it will begin with raising this issue at our seders — and continue
y are doing ostensibly on Israel’s behalf in ing in the United States and Israel. The Catholic church has made from there. Imagine if, when you opened the door for Elijah, a
direct contradiction to the wishes of their a commitment to end all forms of slavery by 2030. The United family of slaves stood on your doorstep. You would never hand
American Jewish constituents is troubling Nations has taken on the same mission and deadline as one of its them back to their captors. You would not be able to look them
and must be addressed. goals for sustainable development. in the eyes and then turn your back on them. Slavery persists
The Jewish community, whose narratives, laws, and holidays because it is hidden from us. Supply chains are deliberately murky.
inspired the Western value of freedom as we know it, has done We indirectly benefit from a crime that we do not endorse. Once
less than many of our neighbors. Until now. we look the reality of slavery in the face, I believe that each of us
The present moment is auspicious. Hundreds of nations and a will take action to end it.
The opinions expressed in church of more than a billion people have set a deadline to end slav- A short time after my holiday discussion with my daugh-
this section are those of the authors, ery that is just 12 years away. There are many reasons why this auda- ter, I read a story in the Jewish Standard about Jessica Baer,
not necessarily those of the cious goal is in sight: improved technology and communications, then 11. She saw a single presentation about modern slavery
consumer awareness of supply chains, Fair Trade options, activist at Jewish summer camp and went on to free 30 child slaves in
newspaper’s editors, publishers, or
Ghana before her bat mitzvah. I photocopied the article and
other staffers. We welcome letters to To learn what you can do in — 10 hours, in 10 minutes wrote above the headline in sharpie (for myself and others
the editor. Send them to or even in 10 seconds — to remember and rescue
to see): “This is what a child did. What can you do?” (Since
jstandardletters@gmail.com. slaves this Passover, download Passover Prep at www.
Lois Goldrich wrote that story in 2013, the Baers have rescued



God’s finger touched him and he slept

y first column in the Jew- others, was devastated to hear of the unex- Rabbi Anthony Glickman to be a larger-than-life figure
ish Standard was a remem- pected death of Rabbi Ozer Anthony Glick- whose first semicha was in the world of investment
brance of Rabbi Dr. Eugene man, one of today’s preeminent modern from JTS (followed by a risk management and busi-
Borowitz, one of the major Orthodox leaders and role models, about number of Orthodox semi- ness, and who had pursued
theologians of the Reform movement in whom the Standard’s editor wrote so chot from RIETS and lead- graduate studies in philoso-
the 20th century, who recently had died. movingly last week. Unlike Rabbis Borow- ing rabbinic figures). There phy, religion — and finance.
He was also the founder and editor of itz and Pelcovitz, however, whom I knew was the Rav Ozer Yeshayah And, of course, there was
Sh’ma magazine, and I was privileged to for decades and who lived into their 90s, HaCohen Glickman, a rosh the loving husband, devoted
work with him there for several years. I felt aging gracefully while continuing to be yeshiva in RIETS, teaching and adored saba, and the
even more privileged that our friendship inspirational to many until almost the Yoreh Deah, Talmud, and Joseph C. beloved abba of six wonder-
continued until his death. end, I knew R. Glickman only a few all too halacha to undergraduate Kaplan ful children, one who beauti-
On the morning of March 19, 2018, some short years when he was suddenly felled and semicha students. There fully described her parents at
two years plus a bit after this first column by a heart attack at age 67, still influential, was Professor Anthony the funeral with these words:
appeared, I paid a shiva call on the family vigorous, and active. Glickman teaching “Jewish Values in the “When you need a favor go to Ima, when
of Rabbi Ralph Pelcovitz, the rabbi emeri- The deaths of Rabbis Pelcovitz and Contemporary World,” “Business and you’re in a crisis go to Abba.”
tus of the White Shul in Far Rockaway and Borowitz saddened their families, friends, Jewish Law,” and American legal theory All this made R. Glickman different, per-
one of the leading modern Orthodox con- and communities, both narrow and wide, (among other courses) at Isaac Breuer haps unique. But what made him special
gregational rabbis of the 20th century. I but that’s the way the world is supposed College, Sy Syms School of Business, and was his ability to connect with so many
had grown up in his shul in the 1950s and to work; dor holech v’dor bah, a genera- the Cardozo School of Law, where he was different types of people of all ages and
60s, and continued as an intermittent tion departs and a new one takes its place. also the senior resident rabbinic scholar beliefs on a myriad of important issues,
attendee after getting married, listening to R. Glickman’s death, however, in addition and an adjunct professor of law at its Cen- both ancient and contemporary. In addi-
his sermons on Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kip- to bringing grief to so many, was a trag- ter for the Study of Jewish Law and Con- tion to being a superior talmid chacham
pur, and other holidays and Shabbatot for edy; taken at the height of his powers, as temporary Civilization. There was the with an incredible breadth of secular
more than 30 years when my family visited he was continuing to impact increasingly Ozer/Anthony Glickman who was a much knowledge, he was an unyielding sup-
my parents. In later years, I would call him larger and more disparate parts of the Jew- sought after speaker on topics ranging porter of civil rights, an outspoken cham-
from time to time to wish him a gut yon- ish community. He left us when he had so from the stock market to Jewish philoso- pion of the need to purge all vestiges of
tif or shana tovah, and I always received a much more to give, and there was so much phy to Jewish civil law to medical ethics. racism from our community, a strong pro-
bracha and d’var Torah in response. more we thirsted to receive. There was the Tony Glickman who ponent of the need for decency in govern-
And then, shortly after returning home R. Glickman was eclectic in both back- formed deep social and personal rela- ment leadership, and a vocal advocate urg-
from this shiva visit, I, along with so many ground and profession. There was the tionships with so many, who continued ing that honesty, morals, and ethics must

Finding our own free voices

“They’ll talk to you and talk to you and talk “You shall tell your children on that day, majority of campuses, both self-described as deeply pro-
to you about individual freedom. But they saying, ‘It is because of what Adonai pro-Israel and conservative gressive? He taught at Ever-
see a free individual, it’s gonna scare ‘em.” did for me when I went free out of Mitz- speakers are increasingly green State College for more
 —Easy Rider rayim.’” Though I always understood the unwelcome to share their than a decade but was con-
importance of personal identification with views; many times faculty fronted by students when he
John Keating (stands on his desk): Why do this pivotal moment in Jewish history, it members abet the suppres- objected to having white stu-
I stand up here? Anybody? wasn’t until I began to communicate the sion, and the administra- dents ordered to be absent
Charlie Dalton: To feel taller! importance of Passover to my own child tion betrays its cowardice in on campus for a day. As
Keating: No! Thank you for playing, Mr. that this command’s focus on the individ- refusing to confront it. Decla- Weinstein said, “One’s right
Dalton. I stand upon my desk to remind ual, not the Jewish people, registered fully. rations like the University of Martha to speak or to be heard must
myself that we must constantly look at things The individual. The most powerful Chicago’s statement on prin- Cohen never be based on color.”
in a different way.” —Dead Poet’s Society voice, and yet the one that increasingly is ciples of free expression are That didn’t work for these

becoming lost in our world, where group applauded and appreciated students. The video of their
assover begins this Friday night, think and conformity seem to own the day. — but they are rare. confronting Weinstein went viral. A Vice
and soon the familiar smells of And beware anyone who dares challenge The good news is that there are some story featured one student who felt differ-
the seders — brisket, turkey, the conventional wisdom. Could this be a faculty who realize what is at stake and ently worry about being stigmatized. She
chicken soup with matzah balls, reason why we are instructed as individu- have decided to fight. Take the case of said, “I do not have the ability to speak if
and so much more — will fill our senses, als? Is it a warning about the precarious NYU’s Professor Michael Rectenwald, I have disagreements with methods being
unearthing warm, wonderful memories state of freedom and the need to fight for who, according to the Daily Caller, “is used in protests.”
begun when we were so small we could our liberty in every generation? After all, suing NYU and four of his colleagues for This is a college campus? Weinstein
only sit at the table. Never mind the excite- when Jacob and his sons were invited to defamation, alleging that he was subjected since has resigned, as part of a financial
ment we felt when we finally were old stay in Egypt by Pharaoh, they were not to a campaign of ostracism and harass- settlement with the university, and others
enough to sing the four questions on cue. slaves. But after Joseph died, another pha- ment when he criticized campus political have followed. Bullying is nothing com-
That Passover is the most beloved holi- raoh enslaved them. correctness.” Professor Rectenwald, who pared to what is going on.
day for the Jewish people makes sense as We are all too familiar with the intimi- called himself a former communist and ex- As Bill Maher said when discussing stu-
the reading of the haggadah and the seder dation, and even physical assault, perpe- leftist, is known as a free speech advocate dents interrupting Charles Murray’s speak-
remembering our escape from slavery has trated by numerous supporters of the Boy- and became alarmed with “indoctrination ing engagement in 2017 at Middlebury Col-
tied us together, generation to generation. cott, Divestment and Sanctions movement in the classroom.” lege (with one female teacher ending up
And though this happened thousands on too many campuses across the United Or what about a professor of evolu- with a concussion), “Debate him. Opinions
of years ago, we are instructed in Exodus, States and Canada. Though still not on a tionary biology, Bret Weinstein, who is shouldn’t be illegal.”



once again be core values practiced by our He reached out to those with different I only knew him through Facebook I felt When I answered “yup, if you like I’ll be
community and that Hoshen Mishpat must ideas without rancor or animosity and a strong kinship to him, and now deeply happy to teach you how to tie them,” he
still be relevant to our 21st Century lives with the utmost respect, refusing to let regret I never met him personally.” Luckily replied “last time I wore one another
outside the beit medrash. political considerations get in the way of for me, though I too first encountered him diner asked me for her check.”
One other thing that made him, for his love for people, Torah, and ideas. on Facebook, I later met him in the flesh as And one about bittersweet regret. My
a rosh yeshiva, different, unique, and His affinity for those he disagreed a result of his kind “let’s meet for coffee” very last words to him were also in the
special was that he was a force on social with was particularly important to me invitation. I jumped at the opportunity and context of a Facebook discussion where,
media, appearing on Facebook to dis- because, as he recently wrote, “my two delightful hours at Lazy Bean ensued, as usual, we were disagreeing. It became
cuss all these issues; speaking truth friend Joseph Kaplan and I disagree on with our discovering how much we had in too complex for short written back and
to power clearly, openly, and without substantive issues in halacha and Ameri- common (including daughters who were forth comments, so I ended the discus-
fear. And of great, perhaps paramount, can politics.” (The “my friend” touched good friends and later thought it “cute” sion with a simple “we’ll have to talk.”
importance, is that notwithstanding my heart.) And we did, indeed, disagree that we also became friends), how much The bitter part is that I let it slide, not
his passion for what he believed in, — often. But notably, he ended that com- we agreed on, and how much more we dis- picking up the phone, finding him after
he always did this with civility to and ment by observing that “we agree that agreed about. And we continued talking, shul, or this time my inviting him to Lazy
respect for all, including, or perhaps Torah is to be cherished, and that those agreeing, and disagreeing, civilly, respect- Bean to do just that — talk. The sweet part
especially, those with whom he dis- who are devoted to it can learn from one fully, and often with humor, sometimes on is that, unlike those who never had the
agreed. Always. So in a significant depar- another,” but only if civility and respect Facebook, sometimes in shul, and some- opportunity, or missed the opportunity,
ture from internet norms, he refused to are embedded in the disagreement. times after a shiur of his that I attended, to meet him personally, I grabbed that
allow ad hominem attacks and pejora- In the days following his death, my which enabled me to add teacher-student opportunity (or was it just plain dumb
tive personal comments to intrude into Facebook feed was flooded with expres- to my description of our relationship. luck?), thus having the privilege of expe-
serious discussions of issues, and would sions of grief and shock, and warm mem- Let me end (though I still have much riencing what it means to interact face-
unfriend people who violated that rule. ories by his growing international fol- more to say) with two stories: one about to-face with, and be a student/friend of,
His gentle, sweet side, however, also lowing. Many posts and comments arose humor and the other regret. His humor a truly great man.
believed in second chances for those from an appreciation of his deep and sin- was sharp, could be earthy, and therefore A light has gone out and our world is
who were introspective and apologetic. cere acts of kindness, in word and deed, often was meant only for private con- darker. We are truly bereft. Yehi zichro
Like others, he was a critic of certain and active involvement in combatting sumption. But I can share the following baruch.
aspects of open Orthodoxy. Unlike some, unfairness and injustice to those without conversation in a family publication. In
however, his criticisms never had a touch power or prestige. Rabbi Shai Held has the midst of a serious discussion we were Joseph C. Kaplan, a regular columnist,
of condescension, condemnation, or noted that from a religious and human having on Facebook, he suddenly non- is a long-time resident of Teaneck. His
crude nastiness. Indeed, a leader of Open perspective, kindness is more impor- sequitured into “is that a bow tie I see in work also has appeared in various
Orthodoxy with whom R. Glickman dis- tant than anything else. And Reb Ozer/ your profile picture?” (It’s the same pic- publications including Sh’ma magazine,
agreed online recently noted that Reb Tony personified this with warmth, care, ture as the one used with this column, the New York Jewish Week, the Baltimore
Ozer was truly tolerant and open minded, empathy, compassion, and love. though larger, and if you look carefully Jewish Times, and, as letters to the
enjoying people who disagreed with him. Another online thread was “although you can see the bow tie tips peeking out.) editor, the New York Times.

And it happens beyond the campus. Democratic Senator Zell Miller of Georgia.
This freedom of expression exclusion hap- Though he did continue to work, he said
pens within families, in the workplace, that he knew he lost jobs and some friends
and even for volunteers and staff within due to his support of President Bush on
charitable organizations. If you think that this issue. I was fortunate enough to meet
everyone shares one political ideology, life him again about a year before he died, and
is more complex. It just means that some- he was very gracious when I reminded him
one (or perhaps more than one) is afraid that we worked together on that ACLU
of losing your friendship or being ostra- project. Sadly, he passed away nine years
cized from the group if they shared their ago this month. Interestingly, Senator
real opinion. Miller just died.
But there are those who are willing to So why is it important to think of these
take the heat. Remember Ron Silver? He incidents as we read this commandment
was an accomplished actor who was most at our seder table? Each person involved
readily known for his performance as Der- understood that his ability to think and
showitz in the film “Reversal of Fortune” speak freely was important to fight for,
and he won a Tony for his performance in even at the risk of damaging his livelihood
Mamet’s “Speed-the-Plow.” Silver was New and reputation. And there are others,
York-born-and-bred and quite liberal. He including students, who we know risk a
was a president of Actors’ Equity and in lot to stand up for what is right — some-
1989 he founded the Creative Coalition, times doing so more effectively behind the
a nonprofit advocacy group made up of scenes — so that the freedom to think and The 1969 movie Easy Rider was about individualism (among other,
members of the entertainment industry. debate is not shut down and lost to future flashier things).
That is how I worked with him, producing generations. We must join them in calling
a PSA for the ACLU down on Centre Street out these purveyors of tyranny. of a life fulfilled. This is the only road to to bondage. As John Keating said to his
before the turn of the century. Let’s turn the tables and challenge them help them summon the courage to reject students, “You must strive to find your
Everything was great until 9/11 hap- to put their big boy and big girl pants on the prison of conformity, the one that peo- own voice, because the longer you wait to
pened. While still remaining a liberal on and debate ideas, in the open, without ple in Russia, China, Venezuela, and too begin, the less likely you are going to find
most causes, Ron, like many others, took a using derogatory language, demonization, many countries live and die in every day. it at all.”
more realistic — some might say conserva- or physical force. If they are intellectually And for those of us who are shy, remem-
tive — view of security and defense of the honest, they will put aside the rhetoric and ber that this is the only way to assure Martha Cohen is an award-winning
United States. Still a Democrat, he spoke realize that the freedom to think freely and future generations the freedom to think producer and creative executive. She lives
at the 2004 Republican Convention, as did debate all ideas is very powerful and part and express themselves and not return in Fort Lee with her husband and son.



What we teach our children

powerful mystery should haunt core belief and the actions of his students through increasingly critical might want to become sol-
us each year at this time of the may reflect a universal challenge inherent and jaundiced eyes, a world diers in the Israeli army? How
year, a mystery that strikes to in the task of Mesora, intergenerational in which the historical con- do we respond even to much
the core of the Pesach festival transmission. nection between the Jewish simpler requests — the desire,
with its overriding theme of “V’higadeta Perhaps Rabbi Akiva failed to teach his people and their homeland for example, for “shana bet,” a
l’vincha” — “And you shall teach your child.” students the central value of his worldview comes under daily attack. second year of study, in Israel
Consider the following two talmudic precisely because he considered that value In our effort to convey after high school?
assertions: to be self-evident. critical ideas and principles Don’t get me wrong. As the
• Rabbi Akiva declared: “‘Vahavata We often make the mistake of assuming to future generations, we parent of five children and
l’re’acha komocha” — “Love your neighbor that just because something is vital to us can make no assumptions Rabbi their wonderful spouses (and,
as yourself. This is the great principle of the automatically it will be important to our of prior knowledge, feeling, Shmuel thank God, the grandfather of
Torah.” children. We feel that the ideas and beliefs and commitment. We must Goldin many more), I deeply under-
• Rabbi Akiva had 12,000 pairs of stu- lying at the heart of our worldview are so consciously and actively stand the desire to keep our
dents. All of them died in one period, obvious they need not be openly stated and teach each and every one of children close and safe. I also
between Pesach and Shavuot –the Omer taught. the ideas and principles we feel important understand that the decision to make aliyah
period — “because they failed to treat each Nothing could be further from the truth. through open discussion and deed. and the ability to build a successful life in
other with respect...” Our children grow up in worlds differ- When it comes to Zionism in the diaspora, Israel involve many factors at any age. But
How can it be that one of our greatest ent from our own, and within those worlds however, we must admit that the problem we need to ask ourselves what messages we
sages apparently failed to impart his core they form their own personal convictions. runs much deeper. In this arena, even when are or are not communicating both in word
belief to his students? Had Rabbi Akiva’s stu- The basic foundations that we consider cen- we are successful in communicating central and in action. Are we implicitly declaring
dents perished as a result of any other sin, tral to our lives are not automatically givens beliefs to our children, our messages often that our Zionism stops at the door of real
the tragedy might have been comprehensi- within theirs. are inconsistent and contradictory. We pro- commitment and self-sacrifice?
ble. But to transgress the very precept that While I now live in Israel, allow me to fess a deep connection to the State of Israel, As we approach the holiday of Pesach,
served as the core of their mentor’s beliefs cite an example from my many years of yet we remain unwilling to carry that con- with its overarching emphasis upon the
and practices? How can it be? experience as a diaspora Jew, rabbi, and nection to its logical conclusions. conveying of critical ideas and principles
Perhaps the issue is one of chronol- educator. The deep connection that Jews We send our children to schools where to future generations, we would do well to
ogy. We do not know when Rabbi Akiva of my generation feel towards the State of they learn that Israel is the true home of the explore the current character of our own
determined the centrality of the mitzva of Israel will not develop automatically in the Jewish nation. We define ourselves as Zion- communication to our children. Are we
V’ahavta. Perhaps he reached this realiza- hearts of our progeny, who are more tem- ists and bemoan the anti-Israel bias from clearly saying what we want to say, and,
tion only in retrospect, as a result of the porally and emotionally removed than we countries around the world. We involve when we say it, are our messages both com-
tragic loss of his students. Perhaps it is pre- are from the creation of the State. The sign- ourselves in continuing political action plete and consistent? By confronting these
cisely their deaths that led their mentor to posts of our life journey and the journeys on behalf of the Jewish state and express questions, on the holiday of questions, we
recognize the emptiness of Torah obser- of our parents — the Holocaust, the birth deep admiration for the soldiers of the IDF, will come closer to a true confrontation
vance absent a foundation of interpersonal of the State of Israel, the War of Indepen- bravely guarding the borders of our land. with the character and strength of our own
respect. dence, the Six-Day War, the Yom Kippur And yet, what is too often our response beliefs and commitments, as well.
I would like to think, however, that our War, Entebbe, the dramatic aliyot from when our children decide to practice what
tradition is referencing an entirely differ- Yemen, Ethiopia, Russia, and more — are we have preached? How do we react when Rabbi Shmuel Goldin, rabbi emeritus of
ent life lesson through this tragedy, a lesson not the signposts of theirs. Our children live a son or daughter expresses a desire to Congregation Ahavat Torah in Englewood,
of overarching significance for us all. The in a world where Israel always has existed, explore the possibility of living in Israel? recently made aliyah and now works with
stark inconsistency between Rabbi Akiva’s a world in which the Jewish state is viewed What is our reply when they suggest they Nefesh b’Nefesh on Israel education.

donating all the proceeds. Vivienne’s first and they now do in freedom, with smiles on for them.”
Speaks publication is a children’s picture book about their faces, what they used to do in misery, “When your child asks you in the time
her journey in helping others. The title says under threat of beatings and death. One freed to come, saying: ‘What are all the testimo-
dozens more children and helped build a it all: “When Life Gives You Lemons, Change woman declares: “Having our own brick kiln nies and the statutes and the ordinances,
school for them. Go to www.btcte.org to the World.” This year, I gave that book as an makes us happy. And if more freed people which Adonai our God commanded you?’”
learn more.) afikomen prize to the youngest students in work here, I’ll be even happier.” (Deut. 6:20), by all means give the full bibli-
A 9-year-old named Vivienne Harr saw a my Hebrew school. I look forward to being After screening the film, I asked the chil- cal answer. Add the wisdom of the Hagga-
photograph of two child slaves at a quarry, amazed at what they, too, can accomplish. dren: “What connections do you see between dah and all the commentaries you read and
carrying enormous slabs of rock on their About a month ago, I served as a scholar- this film and Passover?” Their replies were invent. “The more you elaborate on the Pass-
backs down a steep hill. She noticed that in-residence at Kehilla Synagogue in North varied: “They were slaves, just like us.” “They over story, of course this is to be praised.” But
they wore torn clothes and ill-fitting shoes, Carolina and spoke to Hebrew school stu- were whipped and they cried.” “We became before the kids get too tired, bored, or intimi-
and that they were holding hands. Vivienne dents about “Modern Slavery and Our Jewish free, and so did they.” “They are able to be dated, take a breath. Pause. Ask what may be
saw their humanity and wanted them to be Problem.” I showed a 4-minute film, available happy now that they are free.” One adult, an one of the most important questions that the
able to play. She told her parents, “Compas- on Youtube, called Building Freedom Brick elder imparting an important detail of history, elder generation can direct to children: “So,
sion without action is not compassion.” By Brick. It features a community of peo- added, “They made bricks as slaves, and we what do you think?”
Vivienne decided to run a lemonade stand ple in Kukdaha, India, who were enslaved, did, too.” The children gasped in recognition. In fact, don’t wait to ask. Start now, with
to raise money for the cause of child slaves. under brutal and violent conditions, to make Pharaoh forced us to make bricks. It is mind- what is at hand. Share this column with a
The story might have ended there, with a bricks. They were terrorized and didn’t see boggling that the work our people did as child or teen and follow where they lead.
small donation to a worthy cause, except a way out until field workers from Free The slaves in the 13th century BCE is still imposed
that Vivienne ran that lemonade stand every Slaves found them, advocated for them, and on human beings in the 21st century CE. Debra Orenstein is rabbi of Congregation B’nai
day, rain or shine, for an entire year. Adults supported them in breaking free. As their Then a young man named Asa spoke up Israel in Emerson and founder of the Passover
were inspired. She got press coverage. She story unfolds on screen, we see them mak- and changed my view of a film that I had Project, which provides resources to Jews
gave a TED talk and attended the Global ing bricks. It’s hard labor, under a brutally hot watched at least half a dozen times. “Moses and Jewish institutions about the mitzvah of
Forum. Within months, she raised more than sun. Gradually, we realize that they are mak- was an outsider,” he said. “We needed some- freeing captives and ending slavery. You can
$100,000. Later, she bottled her Fair Trade ing those bricks of their own free will. Free one to come from the outside to help us download Passover Project materials for your
Make-a-Stand Lemon-aid and sold it in stores, the Slaves helped them buy their own kiln, become free. Now we have to be the Moses Seder at www.FreeTheSlaves.net.



Putin an anti-Semite? It really doesn’t matter

mong Sephardic Those who maintain that Lazar speaks the truth and Yet the welcome absence of anti-Semitism as an
Jews of my grand- those who argue that he is compelled to say such things organizing principle of Russia’s present regime does
mother’s genera- are, paradoxically, both correct. Perhaps the most impor- not mean that the country itself should be regarded as
tion, there was a tant task of a Jewish leader in a country like Russia—with more trustworthy or reasonable on the international
popular, if unproven, belief its authoritarian and violently anti-Semitic traditions—is to stage. The incoming U.S. national security advisor, John
that Gen. Francisco Franco— ensure that the existence of a secure, vibrant Jewish com- Bolton, explained the challenge well in a television
the military dictator who ruled munity remains an important national interest, as Putin interview discussing Russia’s use of a chemical weapons
Spain from 1939 until his death evidently believes it to be. agent in the attempted assassination of a former KGB
in 1975—was of Jewish parent- Yet Putin’s cultivation of warm relations with Russia’s officer, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter, Yulia, in the
age, and that this explained Ben Cohen Jews, along with his regime’s respectful relations with the United Kingdom. The violation of British sovereignty for
why he granted refuge to sev- State of Israel, serve as a reminder that the transnational the purposes of assassination, Bolton said, was part of a
eral thousand Jews who were ties that bind the Jewish people aren’t immune from the larger pattern of aggression that also included Russia’s
fleeing the Nazis. pressures of geopolitics. A century ago, that reality mani- tactical embrace of certain international agreements,
I’ve heard tales of a similar belief about Russia’s pres- fested on the battlefield, with more than 500,000 Jewish like the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, as a cover for its broader
ent republican tsar, Vladimir Putin, along with a similar soldiers serving in the ranks of rival national armies dur- ambitions. Any arrangement that rested on the faith
explanation that his largely benevolent attitude toward ing World War I. These days, the stakes are lower (or we at that Putin’s regime—or other authoritarian regimes—
the more than 1 million Jews under his rule stems from his least believe they are), but the fact remains that the Vladi- would honor their commitments to an agreement was
supposedly Jewish ancestry. mir Putin lionized by Rabbi Lazar is the same Vladimir “doomed to failure,” Bolton argued.
In an interview this week with the Jerusalem Post, Rus- Putin who is regarded by most Jews outside of Russia as The basic insight that dictators cannot be trusted has
sia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar didn’t go as far as to claim a transparently nasty threat to the democracies in which been out of fashion in the White House for more than a
Putin for the Jewish people, but he did laud him as the they live as free citizens. decade. Now that it apparently has returned, it remains
first leader in Russia’s long history “to say that Jews had Putin certainly is a historical oddity. He is a ruthless to be seen whether its application in the case of Russia
the same rights as anyone else.” The rabbi also related dictator with philo-Semitic leanings, who nonetheless is will become a point tension or harmony in the relation-
the story of an elderly Jewish woman who told him that sophisticated enough to grasp the crucial political role ship between Bolton and President Donald Trump.
Putin’s attendance at a synagogue dedication left her feel- that anti-Semitism has played—and still may play—in Rus- In the meantime, what is certain is that Russia will
ing that she could now hold her head up after a lifetime sia’s national development. continue its efforts to confound Western public opinion,
of looking down. But there is a more immediate, overriding point: for the including, when it makes sense to do so, accounts of the
Lazar’s comments were situated in a broader defense of time being, none of this history really matters. rekindling of Jewish life in a country unfairly excori-
Putin against the charge of anti-Semitism, the product of The big difference between now and the Cold War ated by the West for its alleged intolerance. Such a story
a recent NBC interview in which the Russian leader sug- is that Russian Jews no longer are the hostages of their doubtless would be a magnificent example of how a ker-
gested that ethnic minorities with Russian citizenship—he own national authorities, even if Putin’s regime increas- nel of truth can be spun into a web of falsehoods—a craft
named “Jews,” “Tatars,” and “Ukrainians” specifically— ingly recalls the Soviet Union in other ways. Nor is the at which Russians excelled throughout the course of the
were responsible for Moscow’s interference in the 2016 struggle against “international Zionism” an obsessive Putin regime—but none of us should be fooled. JNS.ORG
U.S. presidential election. But while Jewish leaders in the propaganda theme of Putin’s Russia, as it was under the
United States and Europe condemned Putin’s apparent Communist Party. Ben Cohen writes a weekly column on Jewish affairs and
invocation of shadowy Jewish power, Lazar countered that There are few signs that Putin is pursuing policies Middle Eastern politics. His work has been published in
Putin was implacably opposed to anti-Semitism, having abroad that would lead him to turn on the Jews of Commentary, the New York Post, Haaretz, the Wall Street
presided over an unprecedented rebirth of Jewish identity Russia, as happened more than once under his Soviet Journal, and many other publications.
and community in Russia over the last two decades. predecessors.

Valor in Le Chambon colleague of one of the undersigned at Wes- all segments of the disparate, wider Engle- more than lip service to our mission of “tik-
We were very pleased that in profiling the leyan.) What set the villagers apart was the wood community, we could not help but kun olam,” we should take advantage of
young actor Timothée Chalamet in his lead cowardice and anti-Semitism of many of their notice that our own insular Orthodox Jewish every opportunity to engage with our fel-
anecdote in Noshes on March 23, Nate Bloom countrymen and women, typified by the community was grossly underrepresented. low community members in furthering this
devoted some well-deserved attention to the Vichy collaborationist wartime government. One of the Orthodox shuls, Kesher, did worthy cause.
French Protestant village of Chalamet’s pater- Florette R. Koffler, Ph.D., Richard Koffler, make a strong showing, but we were sad- Michael K. Eidman, Englewood
nal grandparents, Le Chambon in south cen- Ph.D., Teaneck dened to see neither members nor leaders
tral France. That village shielded and rescued from the other established Orthodox shuls. Exodus and comets
some more than 5,000 Jewish refugees dur- Why weren’t you at the march? This lack of participation in this particular Regarding Rabbi Engelmayer’s article titled
ing the German occupation of France during On Saturday, March 24, my wife and I partic- event was a mistake because there are many “The Exodus: Debunking the debunkers”
the Second World War. Not much is known ipated in Englewood’s March For Our Lives, community-wide events where it is difficult (March 23) there’s a book by Immanuel
in this country today about Le Chambon and joining hundreds of communities through- for us to fully engage with the community Velikovsky that attempts to corroborate the
its collective courage, which surely deserves out the country and even throughout the due to our religious codes, whether it be plagues listed in the Torah.
your readers’ attention and gratitude. world in a broad-spectrum show of support kashrut, Shabbat, yom tov, etc. I believe that Written in the 1960s, “Worlds in Collision”
Anyone who wants to learn more should for students who were affected by the Park- our low turnout was caused, in large part, tells of other societies that have recorded
turn to an exemplary book about it by the late land murders and in support of gun control. by the failure of the local shuls and religious events that are comparable to those recorded
Professor Philip P. Hallie of Wesleyan Univer- As a member of the local Orthodox com- leadership to publicize or advocate on behalf in Exodus. He posits that a comet passed near
sity, “Lest Innocent Blood Be Shed: The Story munity, I was pleased to see that the march of this event, since a surprisingly low number earth at the time the Jews left Egypt causing
of the Village of Le Chambon, and How Good- had been scheduled to start at 12:30 p.m., of our Orthodox community members knew the miraculous events to occur at the most
ness Happened There,” published by Harper so that it would not impinge upon my morn- that it was taking place. propitious moments. It was fascinating read-
and Row in 1979 and still in print. (Full dis- ing at shul, and was taking place within easy Responsible and sane gun ownership ing when I came across the book about 50
closure: Hallie, the author of several nar- walking distance. ought to be the concern of every commu- years ago, and it is worth examining today.
rative studies of ethics, was a distinguished Although the march was well attended by nity. As committed Jews, if we wish to pay Kenneth Bander, Teaneck


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54 Jewish standard MarCh 30, 2018

Jewish World

French cops: Holocaust survivor targeted for being Jewish

JTA STAFF prevent ative custody. camps, where they were and that we will need to continue fighting
They will face possi- murdered by the Nazis. against anti-Semitism.”
Prosecutors investigating the slaying of a ble charges of “murder French Foreign Minister According to the National Bureau
Holocaust survivor in Paris said the two related to the victim’s reli- Jean-Yves Le Drian, who for Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism, or
suspects in custody targeted her because gion, real or imagined,” is in Israel on an official BNVCA, the octogenarian’s body was set
she was Jewish. as well as aggravated rob- visit, said on Monday after- on fire Friday night. Her charred body
The development in the investigation of bery and destruction of noon, following a meeting also had at least 11 stab wounds.
the March 23 slaying of Mirelle Kanol came property, AFP reported, in Jerusalem with Prime A forensic examination of the apart-
with the arrest of two men on Monday, Le citing judicial sources. Minister Benjamin Netan- ment showed that an arsonist started a
Figaro reported, citing a police source. On Sunday, a spokes- yahu, that France needs to fire in at least five distinct areas of that
“The supposed or actual belonging of person for SPCJ, the offi- “continue fighting against space, the report also said.
the victim to a religion was a grounds” for cial monitor and security Holocaust survivor anti-Semitism. “The barbarity of this murder sends
the attack, the source told Le Figaro, in unit of the French Jew- Mireille Knoll, 85, was “I had a very moving us back to that of Sarah Halimi just one
addition to her being “vulnerable.” ish community, told the found murdered in her and difficult moment year ago,” Francis Kalifat, president of
One of the suspects in custody, a 29-year- 7sur7 news website that a Paris apartment last when I had just concluded the CRIF umbrella of French Jewish com-
old man, was one of Kanol’s neighbors and preliminary examination Friday. SCREENSHOT my visit to Yad Vashem,” munities, said in a statement Monday.
knew her well, Le Figaro reported. of the crime “does not Le Drian said. “I heard CRIF is organizing a memorial march in
In addition, Kanol’s son told the French reveal an anti-Semitic characteristic, but about the outrageous murder of Mirelle Kanol’s memory Tuesday.
news agency AFP that one of the suspects this possibility has not been discounted Kanol — a Holocaust survivor — in Paris. Prosecutors say Halimi, a 66-year-old
visited his mother regularly, and she as police investigate further.” We cannot yet say if the motive for the Jewish teacher and physician, was mur-
treated him “like a son.” Kanol’s son said Kanol escaped when the French police murder was anti-Semitism but it is rea- dered by her Muslim neighbor in April,
that the suspect had visited her that day. rounded up Jews into the Velodrome sonable to assume, it will not be surpris- at least in part because she was Jewish.
The prosecutor’s office reportedly d’Hiver in 1942; from there, an estimated ing and, therefore, this only strengthens  JTA WIRE SERVICE

has asked that the suspects remain in 13,000 Jews were deported to death the fact that this struggle has not ended,


commemorations at
Rockland Community
Rockland Community College offers a concert and lec-
ture, “Music of the Holocaust,” with Dr. Tamara Reps
Freeman on Tuesday, April 10. Dr. Freeman, a con-
cert violist and ethnomusicologist, will perform and
discuss Holocaust-era music, playing her 1935 Joseph
Bausch viola that was rescued from the Holocaust.
On Thursday, April 12, Holocaust survivor Bernhard Dr. Tamara Reps Freeman
Storch, 95, will tell his story. During World War II, he
was taken by the Soviet secret police, sent to Siberia,
and worked in a forced labor camp. Afterward, he
found a way to join the Polish Army and helped to lib-
erate four camps, three in Poland and one in Germany.
In 1947, Storch and his wife, Ruth, immigrated to the
U.S. The program is sponsored by Duso Food Distribu-
tors in memory of Schabse Gordon
Both talks are at 12:30 p.m. in the college’s Technol-
ogy Center, Ellipse. For more information, call Rabbi
Dov Oliver, (845) 574-4422 or email doliver@sunyrock-
Bernhard Storch
Nanuet Hebrew Center participates
in local Passover media event
“This is not my grandma’s Kosher for what they see today.
Passover aisle! — a special media event Participants included Rabbi Paul Kur-
— was held at the New City Stop & Shop. land, Rita and John Fogelman, Mindy
Video crews and newspaper report- Sayer, and Bruce Pollack from the
Save the date for May 6 RJFS event ers from Cablevision Channel 12, FIOS Nanuet Hebrew Center; Marty Siegel,
Join Rockland Jewish Family Service on May 6 at 5 p.m. for a lavish cocktail Channel 1, the local Patch news service, vice president of supermarket sales for
hour and dessert tasting honoring Dr. Nancy Goldman, Cantor Barry Kanarek, and Journal News were on hand. Those KAYCO, the nation’s largest kosher food
and Dr. Steve and Judy Levy, at Congregation Shaarey Israel. For information, present were asked to share how lim- distributor, and Laurent Szanto, the
call (845) 354-2121.
ited the Passover selections were when perishable food manager of the New
they were growing up, compared to City Stop & Shop.


D’var Torah
The story of the Haggadah

love the Passover Haggadah. Each all around the world and called Haggadah for the Lib- reference to the three leaders: Moses, Aha-
time I find a new edition, I get giddy the Haggadah reflects the erated Lamb. It is a vegetar- ron and Miriam: “…And God brought us
with excitement. I am proud of my environment that we each ian Haggadah that celebrates forth out of Egypt, with joy and singing, and
diverse collection of Haggadot (plural live in. Even our children compassion for all creatures. guided them in the wilderness, as a Shep-
of Haggadah), gathered from different eras have their own Haggadot. Published in 1988, in both herd cares for his flock.”
and from different parts of the world. For Some are accompanied by Hebrew and English, it has no However, given all of these different ver-
example, I have the simple Hebrew Yeynot toys, which stand for the mention of a lamb shank! sions of the Haggadah, how do we deter-
Karmel Haggadah, a very thin, unimpres- ten plagues or the little baby Nanette Stahl from Yale mine how old it really is as a liturgical guide
sive, wine stained Israeli Haggadah (from Moses in the bulrushes. University summarizes the at Passover? Various opinions exist, but
the 1960s), which served my ultra-secular One of the strangest Hagga- Rabbi/Cantor role of the Haggadah: “The the most widely accepted earliest histori-
family in Israel for four decades. I also have dot was given to me as a gift. It Meeka Haggadah is a timeless book; cal reference comes from the 10th century,
the incredibly beautifully illustrated Hagga- is the Tzahal (IDF) Haggadah, Simerly it has given voice to the hopes indicating that the Haggadah was part of a
dah created by the great Polish Jewish artist, published in the 1970s. It con- Temple Beth and dreams of Jews through- prayer book compiled by Rabbi Sa’adiah
Tikvah, Wayne,
Arthur Szyk, first published in the 1930s and tains some of the traditional Reform
out the generations. And from ben Yosef Gaon (c. 892-942 CE). Two early
reissued in 2008. references to the Biblical story medieval times to the pres- known Haggadot, as separate units from
I have developed a special fondness for related in the Book of Exodus ent, artists have expressed the Siddur, were produced in 14th century
Passover Haggadot because they are an of the Israelites’ redemption from slavery these hopes and dreams in the magnificent Spain: The Illuminated Golden Haggadah,
unending source of educational materi- to freedom in Egypt. However, the Biblical illuminations they created. Text and image in the British Library in London; and the
als. Each Haggadah reflects the tradition, narrative is combined with photographs of maintain an ongoing dialogue… Many art- Sarajevo Haggadah, in the National Museum
struggles, history, and local color of its Israeli soldiers in tanks, carrying weapons, ists have specific agendas, be they religious, of Bosnia in Sarajevo.
audience as well as the emotional tenor of expressing the current stories of liberation political, or social. The lack of women in Another intriguing and well known Hag-
the Jewish people at that time, wherever of our strong and brave Israeli soldiers. the Haggadah, for example, has become an gadah is the Birds’ Head Haggadah, the
they lived geographically. One of my most precious Haggadot is issue that many current artists address in oldest surviving Ashkenazi (German, c.
Throughout the generations, the Hagga- called Agada De Pesah, published in 1934 their illustrations.” 1300) illuminated manuscript, currently
dah has given expression to creative Jewish in Istanbul, which is old and falling apart. It Neither Miriam, nor her brothers Aha- in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Its name
liturgy and is perhaps the most popular Jew- belonged to my grandparents, Regina Nassi ron and Moses, are mentioned in the tradi- is derived from the birdlike human figures
ish literary work. Everyone can find their and Avraham Chasid Z”L, Sephardic Jews tional Haggadah, but their roles are integral illustrated in the manuscript’s margins,
own stories reflected in the Haggadah. Each whose families originated from Spain and to and intertwined in the Passover story. exemplifying the Biblical prohibition against
year we are invited to relate to the ancient were exiled to Turkey in the 1400s. When Thus, in recent years, combined within the creating graven images.
story of redemption from exile, from both my grandparents left Turkey to escape the traditional text, particularly for progres- In summary, no one knows exactly who
our collective and personal stories of lib- Nazis in the early 1940s, they packed two sive Jewish communities, editors have been wrote the first Haggadah based on the
eration. We also have the freedom to add Ladino Haggadot, among the few posses- inserting additional stories to represent story in our holy scriptures. The Haggadah
our stories to a traditional Haggadah or to sions they carried with them when they fled our Biblical leaders, especially the role of is ageless and timeless; it is an evolving
develop our own version to express them. to Palestine. (Ladino is the Sephardic lan- women in the story. For example, the Story story that reflects our individual, as well
No single Haggadah represents all of guage that combines Hebrew and Spanish.) of the Oppression, in the CCAR Revised Edi- as collective experiences, as a people and
our people, because Jews are scattered Another unique Haggadah that I have is tion of The New Union Haggadah contains as God’s holy vessels.

supposed to be. I worked with my Russian counterpart

Space to execute burns to adjust its orbit.
“A trajectory operations officer watches out for orbital
practical, day-in day-out level, I bring all my food with me debris, or space junk. If a piece of debris is orbiting and
every day. I go find an unoccupied office and have a siddur predicted to collide with the space station, you have to
app on my iPhone to daven. do a debris avoidance maneuver to get out of the way. It
“Thankfully, Shabbos isn’t a problem in the division I’m changes the orbit of the space station so the two pass by
working in.” safely and there’s no chance of a collision.”
It did come up in a previous NASA posting: From 2000 As for other possible collisions between religious
to 2006, he was a flight controller in the mission control observance and the workplace, “there is almost always a
center for the International Space Station. way to make things work,” Mr. Brown said. “The key is to
Operating a space station, unlike designing a rocket, is be prepared. I try to anticipate whatever religious needs
a 24-7 task. I have, where there might be conflict points. I talk with
“It’s very possible that when you’re working in mission my rabbi about what I need to do and I work it out with
control that you’re scheduled for a Saturday,” he said. “I my boss. It’s always important to be respectful of your
had to have someone cover my shift when it happened.” employer.”
Mr. Brown was a trajectory operations officer at
mission control. “My job was to monitor the orbit of Aaron Brown shows depiction of
the space station and make sure it was where it was the International Space Station.

We offer repairs 1245 Teaneck Rd.

and alterations
We want your business and we go the extra
Tallesim Cleaned • speCial shabbos Rush seRviCe mile to make you a regular customer 837-8700
The Frazzled Housewife Crossword

cannot seem to recall my first test
in school. But I can recall how
much I enjoyed the tuna fish sand-
wich on white bread that they
served in the lunch room — why is that
not surprising? Tests were never my
thing. I vaguely remember doing very
poorly on several Hebrew subject tests
in elementary school. I remember that
I would do well on vocabulary tests and
my friend Michelle, sitting next to me,
would do better on spelling tests. Or it were going to have to take the SATs. So,
could have been vice versa. I am not instead of going the really expensive pri-
even sure what day of the week it is. vate tutor route, we did some research
Sophomore year of high school into Huntington Learning Center. And
was not a stellar one for me in the test we decided that is where we were going
department. Chemistry, French, and to send our precious angels to begin
geometry … oh my! I often their ascent into SAT star-
see my math teacher from dom. Who am I kidding,
that year around town and we are still their parents,
every time I do, I shudder and we would be happy
with fear. When each of my with anything over 1,000.
boys successfully made it Aim high kids. Aim high.
through tenth grade with- Son #1 and Son #2 each
out the threat of summer were given almost a year
school looming over their to prepare, and both of
heads (do they still have them did us proud. They
summer school?) I thought Banji both got into the college
I was safe as a parent. Ha Ganchrow of their choice — some Across Down
ha, joke is on me…you of you might have heard 1. Bank robbery 1. “Lishana ___ B’Yerushalayim”
6. Ivory product 2. The middle of Eilat and Holon?
are never safe as a parent of it — it is the Harvard of
10. Locales with gyms and Torah classes; 3. Touch device
because something is always going to Washington Heights, better known as Abbr. 4. O.K. Corral event
come up. But that is for another time. Yeshiva University. A respectable insti- 14. Not omega 5. Just a bit
In any event, this brings me to the tution, where Husband #1 attended, and 15. Guitar plug-ins 6. Judge who anointed Saul
SATs. I rarely mention first and last I attended the girls school, better known 16. Vera that soothes 7. Barbra’s “Funny Girl” co-star Sharif
17. Alcoholic drink for the First Plague? 8. Mth. for Seders, often
names in my column, but if it wasn’t for as Stern College for Women and Others.
19. The Settlers of Catan, e.g. 9. Eager to proceed, slangily
Andrew Treitel (who now lives in Israel The “others” are yet to be determined. 20. “___ I” (“Ditto”) 10. Black-spotted cat
and most likely does not read this or Anyway, the past summer ends, and son 21. Sharer’s word 11. Chowder no-no, for the kosher keeper
even knows that I have a column) I never #3 informs us that he wants to take the 22. Challah leftovers? 12. Honey structure
would have gotten over 200 on the math ACTs. Sure! Why not! We will look into 24. “Rent” actor Diggs 13. Has a prophecy
26. Where the Mets once played 18. Stringed toys
portion of the SATs. (And 200 is the it! And that is where this story goes ter-
27. Harry Potter treat for the Second 23. Court official, for short
score you would get for correctly writing ribly awry. Plague? 25. Makes like Scarlett Johansson
your name on the exam.) Poor Andrew. I Poor son #3. We really dropped the 33. Some lake fish 26. “Rugrats” dad and “The Simpsons”
honestly felt bad for him, because math ball with that one. His brothers had 34. It must be chewed for kosher status disco dude
just isn’t my thing. Though he probably at least six months to study — and we 35. Target of #neveragain 27. Emulate Mel Torme
36. Kimmel and Corden, e.g. 28. ___ Mubarak, president of Egypt
made enough money off of my inability signed up our sweet little baby boy five
37. Ararat and Everest, briefly starting in 1981
to do simple multiplication to buy a car. weeks before the test. Bad parents, very 38. White shirt woe 29. Daniel Day-Lewis, e.g.
Or a house. Or both. But he achieved the bad parents. But just before you start 40. Many many years 30. Broadcasting live
impossible, and I received a respectable to feel too badly for our inadequately 41. It’s usually taken before chem. 31. Cracks a smile
600 on the math section. prepared genius — the kid does have 42. Paddling 32. Made like a cantor
43. Kid snacks for the Fourth Plague? 33. “Take ___ Train” (jazz classic)
When you have kids, you never his own car. You just can’t have every-
47. 12 and 13 are important ones for 37. Karaoke gear, for short
know what they are going to be like. thing. Which is a life lesson that applies Jewish youths 38. Japanese rice wine (var.)
For example, I always thought I would beyond having parents who never would 48. CBS lead-in to “Los Angeles” or “New 39. Ignore the “Keep Out” sign
have chubby kids. And, miraculously, I have become parents if they had to take Orleans” 41. Like some Scotch
do not. But will they be smart? Will they a test to do so. 49. District 42. Happen
52. 2002 NBA Rookie of the Year Gasol 44. “... falls ___ on the plain”
inherit my terrible math skills? My ter- Truth is, when son #3 leaves for his
53. ___over 45. Way back when
rible study skills? My temper? My sar- year in a bubble, also known as his year 57. Raichel who sings “Mi’Ma’amakim” 46. Darth Vader, once
casm? My oversensitivity? You never in Israel, I will have an empty nest. Just 58. Coffee brews for the Ninth Plague? 49. Copies digitally
know — but as time goes on, it becomes me and husband #1….perhaps I am 61. Alternative to liquid medicine 50. Cut, for Spielberg
more apparent who has been blessed sabotaging his chance of doing well so 62. “The Time Machine” people 51. Hearty party
63. “Have ___” (“Get comfy”) 52. Boat bow
with what. My boys are thin AND they he will never leave the nest. And is that
64. Lisa Loeb’s #1 hit 54. On a boat
are not afraid of math. Truly miraculous. really so wrong??? 65. 1961 novel by Elie Wiesel 55. Daniel Day-Lewis
Unfortunately, the sarcasm has trickled 66. Former Russian rulers 56. Retired fast fliers: Abbr.
down, but that was inevitable. Their love Banji Ganchrow of Teaneck knows that it 59. ___ mode
of minyan has nothing to do with me, is wrong. But she does not know what life 60. Granola morsel
The solution to last week’s puzzle is
but you can’t win them all. will be like without a table full of empty on page 63.
In any event, when sons #1 and #2 water bottles, Jolly Rancher wrappers,
began eleventh grade, we knew they and banana peels…


Arts & Culture
‘Angels in America’ is theater heaven

ight hours long, shown in two
parts on different days, the
National Theatre production
of Tony Kushner’s multi-award-
winning play “Angels in America” is one of
the most extraordinary theatrical experi-
ences I’ve ever had.
Brilliantly directed and staged by Mari-
anne Elliott, the play manages to be thrill-
ing and moving, challenging and funny,
surreal and realistic, all at the same time.
First produced in the midst of the AIDS cri-
sis, at a time when many gay people were
hidden deep in the closet, the play feels as
contemporary today as it did in the early
1990s, even though the disease is now man-
aged reliably and gay people find wide- 1204-Beth-Malone-as-Angel-
spread acceptance in culture and society. Alternate-in-AIA-_Perestroi-
Kushner’s amalgam of politics, religion,
psychology, sex, and American history still
provokes and reveals and probes issues that genburg.jpg
continue to confound us.
The play also provides great, juicy roles
for actors, and this production boasts a
ton of them. Andrew Garfield as Prior,
Nathan Lane as Roy Cohn, Lee Pace as
Joe, Denise Gough as Harper, James McAr-
dle as Louis — all are marvelous. Nine
actors play many parts; they must be in
great physical shape to get through the
three-hour-plus performances. Beth Malone and Andrew Garfield PHOTOS BY BRINKHOFF/MÖGENBURG

Commissioned by the Eureka Theater

in San Francisco, the play first was per- For anyone who saw the HBO miniseries
formed in 1990 as a workshop in Los Ange- starring Al Pacino as Cohn, it’s hard to for-
les at the Mark Taper Forum. The first (and get Pacino’s intense submersion into the
stronger) part, “Millennium Approaches,” character, but Lane’s powerful stage pres-
premiered in San Francisco, then went to ence makes it impossible to look away.
London in 1992. That was before Kush- Unable to cope with Prior’s worsening
ner had completed the second part, “Per- health, Louis leaves him, and soon initi-
estroika.” The entire two-part play came ates a romance with Joe, who is just begin-
to Broadway in 1993. It won the Tony and ning to acknowledge his homosexuality.
Drama Desk awards for best play in 1993 Desperately unhappy, Harper starts to
and 1994 respectively. The revival now at wander, perhaps metaphorically, to dis-
the Neil Simon Theatre comes from the tant continents and locations, where she
West End, with much of the original Brit- runs into Prior, also wandering far from
ish and American cast. his hospital bed. Sick with AIDS, Roy Cohn
“Angels in America” roughly follows the hallucinates visits from Ethel Rosenberg,
intersection of two couples from October the woman he prosecuted for espionage
1985 through January 1986, with an epi- and ultimately had executed. As Prior
logue set in 1990. Uber WASP and former experiences surreal visions, he hears an
drag queen Prior Walter and his boyfriend, otherworldly voice telling him that he is a
the leftist Jew Louis Ironson, are struggling prophet, and he is warned to expect a visi-
to deal with Prior’s diagnosis of full-blown tation. Spiritual beings invade the world.
AIDS. Meanwhile, Mormon lawyer Joe Pitt Widely considered one of the best Denise Gough and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett
is having trouble with his neurotic wife, American plays of the second half of the
Harper. She hides in their Brooklyn apart- twentieth century, “Angels in America” is well as a deep exploration of Jewish Ameri- torment, and both Louis’s socialism and
ment, popping Valium, while he cozies up a great Jewish play as well. It opens with can identity. References to the Torah pep- Cohn’s anti-Communism feel like religions,
to his mentor Roy Cohn, the notorious anti- an Orthodox rabbi conducting the funeral per the play, with Prior actually wrestling in that they inform their beliefs and guide
Communist and secret homosexual. Cohn of Louis Ironson’s immigrant grandmother an angel and incurring an injury to his leg. their behaviors. The drama of celestial
is the linchpin in these relationships and and includes the recital of the kaddish, the Religion, both Judaism and variants of beings evokes awe, as it does in religious
inspires some of Kushner’s most outraged, prayer for the dead, over the body of Roy Christianity, is central to the action, and communities everywhere.
outrageous, and hilarious dialogue. He is Cohn near the play’s end. In between, we true faith is taken seriously. The religious “Angels in America” is a great play, and
a volcanic presence on stage, and Nathan hear all the arguments about socialism beliefs of Joe, Harper, and Joe’s mother, this production at the Neil Simon Theatre
Lane captures that irresistible charisma. that once convulsed the Jewish world, as Hannah, provide both strength and is an unforgettable theater experience.


for Independence,” Congregation B’nai Israel SC 157-158), 1 p.m. Under
including clips from the in Emerson welcomes the auspices of the Gross
1966 film “Cast a Giant guests to join her for Center for Holocaust
Shadow,” starring Kirk food and conversation and Genocide Studies
Douglas, at a meeting after Passover at and Hillel of Ramapo.
of the CSI Scholar the Dairy Queen, 13 (201) 684-7409 or email
Fund at the JCC of Fort Kinderkamack Road in holgen@ramapo.edu.
Lee. Refreshments, Emerson, 8-8:45 p.m.
12:30 p.m., speaker at 1.
1449 Anderson Ave., Fort
(201) 265-2272 or www.
Lee. (201) 947 1735. APRIL 10
Jewelry/gifts/open Sunday Café Europa in Fair
house in Maywood: The APRIL 8 Lawn: Café Europa,
Adler Aphasia Center a social program
hosts a showcase of sponsored by Jewish
handcrafted jewelry Family & Children’s
and gifts, made by Services of Northern NJ
stroke survivors with for Holocaust survivors,
aphasia, at an open funded by the Claims
house, 4 — 8 p.m. Sales Conference, meets at
support the center’s the Fair Lawn Jewish
programs and services. Center/CBI, 11 a.m.-1 p.m.
60 West Hunter Ave. Kosher lunch and music
(201) 368-8585 or www. by the Odessa Klezmer
AdlerAphasiaCenter.org. Band. 10-10 Norma Ave.
Register, Shari Brodsky,
APRIL The Patron of the Arts program at the Friday The Jewish holiday (201) 837-9090, ext. 237,
Kaplen JCC on the Palisades in Tenafly chronicled: The United or sharib@jfcsnnj.org.

APRIL 6 Synagogue of Hoboken
hosts its annual “Premier Speaker Event” hosts a book brunch Film in Teaneck:
at 7 p.m.; the speaker is seven-time Emmy Shabbat in Jersey City: about “My Jewish Year” Temple Emeth’s adult
Congregation B’nai education group screens
and Golden Globe Award winner Alan Alda. The Jacob holds services
with the former PBS and
a Jewish-themed movie,
60 Minutes producer and
internationally celebrated actor, author, director, and at Hamilton House, writer Abigail Pogrebin, 7:30 p.m., as part of a
science advocate offers laughter and conversation 6–7:30 p.m. Supported 10:30 a.m. 115 Park Ave. “Movies That Matter”
by the Shuster family. series. Refreshments.
focusing on the art of improv, the role of empathy, and 255 Brunswick St.;
(201) 659-4000 or office@
1666 Windsor Road.
the importance of good communication. Attendees will building entrance on 10th (201) 833-1322.
receive a copy of his newest book, “If I Understood You, Street where free parking
is available. Rabbi Aaron
Would I Have This Look on My Face?” For information
or reservations go to www.jccotp.org/alda or email
Katz, (201) 435-5725 or
APRIL 9 Singles
nbachrach@jccotp.org. Supported in part by the Henry
and Marilyn Taub Foundation.
Shabbat in Woodcliff
Lake: Temple Emanuel
of the Pascack Valley APRIL 8
holds “Chefs Night Out,”
Ave. (201) 435-5725 or a kosher-for-Passover Senior singles meet in
Saturday Info@bnaijacobjc.org. Wednesday Shabbat dinner, 6:30 p.m.
87 Overlook Drive.
West Nyack: Singles
65+ meet for a social
MARCH 31 APRIL 4 get-together with
Tuesday (201) 391-0801 or www.
tepv.org. refreshments at the JCC
Shabbat in Jersey APRIL 3 Miriam Friedmann Rockland, 11 a.m. 450
City: Congregation Morris
B’nai Jacob marks Courageous women:
Saturday West Nyack Road. Gene,
(845) 356-5525.
Passover during services, Dumont historian Dick APRIL 7 Daughter discusses
10:30 a.m. 176 West Side Burnon discusses father’s art: In
Ave. (201) 435-5725. commemoration of Announce your events
“Women of Courage,”
at a meeting of REAP Yom HaShoah, Miriam We welcome announcements
Monday (Retired Executives
and Professionals) at
Friedmann Morris
of Pomona, N.Y., will
of upcoming events. An-
nouncements are free. Ac-
APRIL 2 the Kaplen JCC on the Dick Burnon discuss “From Chess companying photos must be
Palisades in Tenafly, Masters to Clydesdales— high resolution, jpg files. Send
Lunch and learn: 10:45 a.m. Part one, Edith Mickey Marcus Holocaust Survivor announcements 2 to 3 weeks
Rabbi Aaron Katz leads Cavell and Sally Ride. lecture in Fort Lee: David Friedmann’s Art in advance. Not every release
a special Passover Dumont historian Dick Journey.” At Ramapo will be published. Include a
411 East Clinton Ave.
program over lunch Burnon gives a lecture College of New Jersey daytime telephone number
(201) 569-7900 or www. Rabbi Debra Orenstein and send to:
at Congregation B’nai jccotp.org. on “Mickey Marcus: Robert A. Scott Student
Jacob in Jersey City, American Hero During Ice cream with rabbi: Center (alumni lounges, pr@jewishmediagroup.com
noon. $10. 176 West Side the 1948 Israeli War Rabbi Debra Orenstein of 201-837-8818 x 110


Local Obituaries

Glickman Friedman said. “There was a speaker for Shabbes — it Selma Dubnick
FROM PAGE 8 was him — and so after the meal some friends and I went Selma B. Dubnick, 95, of Old Tappan, died March 24. She
and often he would maintain those relationships. He’d to hear him. He was honest and interesting and he gave earned a bachelor’s degree and master’s at Kean College
answer immediately with in-depth, closely reasoned examples of halacha that he found challenging. He was of New Jersey (Kean University) where she was director of
emails. Sometimes those correspondences would very approachable. I spoke to him, and he was super graduate studies. She was a co-founder of the Mid-Bergen
lead to in-person meetings; at other times a friendship friendly. And he came back the next year, and we made Community Mental Health Center in Paramus (CarePlus NJ),
would develop based only on email. Often, Tony’s cor- sure to stay and hear him. And then we became close.” a long-time board member of the CarePlus Foundation, and
respondents would plan to meet him, assuming that Soon, when Mr. Friedman had some issues that he an active member of Temple Emanuel in Woodcliff Lake.
there would be enough time, sometime in the future, wanted to discuss, he realized that of all the roshei Predeceased by her husband, Bernard, in 2002; she is
only to learn that time had run out. yeshiva he knew, Rabbi Glickman was the most survived by children, Ruth Levy, Joshua Dubnick, Deborah
Elanit Z. Rothschild Jakabovics lives in Washington, approachable, and the one whose answers were Levy, and Jeffrey Dubnick; and grandchildren, Micah,
D.C., where she is president of Kesher Israel, a promi- most likely to provide the kind of support he needed. Gabriel and Luka.
nent Orthodox congregation. “Rabbi Glickman and I “An enormous strength of Rabbi Glickman’s was how Donations can be sent to the Dubnick annual scholarship
never met in person,” Ms. Jakabovics said. But when he listened to you, and in terms of his experience, for single mothers with dependent children at the Kean
her shul hit the news — its rabbi is now imprisoned for his exposure to the world, and he talked about his University Foundation, or the Dubnick scholarship at
spying on women in the mikvah — “he sent an email to own struggles.” the CarePlus Foundation. Arrangements were by Robert
Kesher, and it was very heartening. It was very sweet The two developed a close relationship; mainly Schoem’s Menorah Chapel, Paramus.
of him to send it. they’d email, but Mr. Friedman also went to his house.
“He wrote that someone had sent him the text of “I felt very close to him,” he said. “He was so generous. Marianne Elling
the speech that I gave at the shul and he thought it was He gave his time, his attention.” He also was generous Marianne “Mimi” Elling, 97, of Pompton Plains, formerly of
inspirational. So I looked him up — I didn’t know who financially, treating students to dinners, always pick- Ridgewood, died March 26.
he was at the time — and I saw that he had a presence ing up the check. “He was worldly; he had a mixture Born in Vienna, she immigrated to the U.S. in 1939.
on Facebook. And I started following him. I quickly of the knowledge from his Torah background and his Predeceased by her husband of 46 years, Alfred, she is
became a fan because of what he wrote and the types scholarship background.” And because his career was survived by children, Vivian Dorman (Daniel), George
of discussions he had, the way he interacted with outside the Jewish world, Rabbi Glickman “knew what (Ferne), and Diane Winter (Guyler); and grandchildren,
people. And the fact that he was a rosh yeshiva and it meant” when there was a Jewish holiday coming, Jessica (Garth), Gabriel ( Jennifer), Michael, Lauren, Rachel
still he had an online presence, and he was engaging and no one else understood the complications of that ( John), Ashley, Alyssa (Ryan), and Jeremy.
with people in very substantive conversations, and he day in the non-Jewish world. They grew so close that Contributions can be made to the U.S. Holocaust
always tried to find the nuance. Rabbi Glickman “gave one of the sheva brachot at my Memorial Museum, Washington, D.C. Arrangements were
“Everything isn’t all black and white. It’s easy to say wedding,” Mr. Friedman said. by Gutterman and Musicant Jewish Funeral Directors,
that, but when you are having a conversation that is Mr. Friedman talked with awe about the amount of Hackensack.
getting heated, and people on the right and the left time that Rabbi Glickman gave to tutoring students,
are screaming at each other, it’s not so easy. But you sometimes as part of a program, sometimes outside Sidney Feldman
couldn’t peg him as left or right. formal frameworks. He’d recognize talent and need Sidney Feldman, 97, of New York City, died March 26.
“You couldn’t paint him in a box. It always seemed and help, he said. He was a retired writer for the New York Times and a
like he was trying to engage, instead of living in an As a way to pass on some of Rabbi Glickman’s wisdom, member of the Workmens Circle Branch in Jersey City.
ivory tower. He wasn’t living in an ivory tower.” Mr. Friedman has put together a 182-page collection of He is survived by his wife, Frieda, née Klempner; children,
Ms. Jakabovics was struck by Rabbi Glickman’s some of his online posts. It’s called “His Torah U’Madda Jonathan of Sweden and Rachel of New York City; siblings,
openness and kindness, as well as by his intellect and Life, In All Its Worth,” and it begins with the blurb that Matthew of Maryland and Fay Julis of New York; and two
breadth of knowledge. “There are I would say hun- appeared by his posts. “Very responsive to message,” it grandchildren.
dreds of people who have never met him but who says. (And he was. Breathtakingly responsive.) Arrangements were by Eden Memorial Chapel, Fort Lee.
had interacted with him online or by email or over Tikvah Wiener of Teaneck, an educator who is
the phone, and these people are in intense mourning about to open the Ideas School, an Orthodox high George Kroll
over the fact that he is gone,” she said. school that will meet at the Kaplen JCC on the Pali- George L. Kroll, 93, of Wayne, died March 23.
Malka Zeiger-Simkovich is the chair of Jewish studies sades in Tenafly, also knew Rabbi Glickman. “He has After graduating Passaic High School in 1942, he enlisted
at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. Like Ms. Jak- been a mentor, a colleague, a friend, a real rebbe,” she in the U.S. Army. In 1944 he flew 50 combat missions in the
abovics, she knew Rabbi Glickman only electronically, said. “He got great satisfaction from connecting peo- 15th Air Force European Theater based in Italy and earned
but the bond between them was strong. “He took the ple in a genuine way.” the Air Medal-Three Oak Leaf Clusters, along with two
initiative to get in touch with me regularly in response He was funny, too, she added. “He had a real, genu- distinguished citations for outstanding performance against
to my articles, and he took a real interest in my work,” ine curiosity and openness, and he was a real lifelong the enemy. He attended Rutgers and Fairleigh Dickinson
she said. “And I know that I was just one of the schol- learner. He always was learning. He had a childlike universities and was the former publisher and editor of the
ars he reached out to. I was just one of the many peo- wonder about learning.” original Clifton Journal and Dateline Journal. He was also a
ple he took the initiative to forge a relationship with.” Tony Glickman had deep feelings about politics, and sales rep for the Jewish Standard for many years.
Dr. Zeiger-Simkovich is Orthodox, but she works in was about to reenter that fray, his wife and daughter He is survived by his wife of more than 50 years, Lorraine;
a Catholic institution, and “a lot of people won’t bring said. “My parents shared a sense of justice,” Dalia children, Annlyn of Boca Raton, Fla., David (Robin) of Glen
me in to speak because I work with Catholics every said. “They always wanted to advocate for the under- Rock, and Michael of Coral Springs, Fla.; grandchildren,
day,” she said. “He didn’t care. He lived on the mar- dog.” That could be on a personal level. YU students Lauren, Amanda, and Taylor Kroll, and David and Paige
gins, in an intentional way. He wanted that fluidity, reported that if they sat alone at a meal and Tony came Rind; nieces and nephews.
and I think that people appreciated that fluidity more into the dining room, he’d sit with them. “It hurt him Donations can be sent to the National World War II
than he knew. And that reaching out made him really to see a kid sitting alone,” she said. Museum, nationalww2museum.org. Arrangements were by
one of a kind.” “You look for meaning in the face of tragedy,” she Jewish Memorial Chapel, Clifton.
His relationship with her went beyond the purely continued. “One thing we — the family — always feel
professional. “My mother died very suddenly, and he very strongly is that we appreciate how much he Ira Samson
wrote an unbelievable passage to me about the memo- meant to other people, but he always put us first. Ira S. Samson, 82, of Fair Lawn, died March 27.
ries he had of his own mother, who also died suddenly. There was never a doubt that we were first. We appre- He served in the Army Reserves. Before retiring, he was a
“He said that his mother used to read Proust to him, ciate the things that other people say about him, but printer at the Bergen Record.
and now he reads Proust to remember his mother. the six of us and our mother — he was our protector. Surviving are his wife, Maxine, née Lefkowitz; a son,
And he closed by saying, ‘Malka, life in the end is He was our leader. Steven; and a sister, Barbara Pollack.
memory. So just hang on tight.’” “The rest of my life will be colored by the need I felt Donations can be made to the Opportunity Center, Fair
Ari Friedman is a medical student who first encoun- in life to make him proud,” Dalia said. Lawn. Arrangements were by Louis Suburban Chapel,
tered Rabbi Glickman when he was a freshman at YU. “I feel like I need to keep on doing that. To keep on Fair Lawn.
“How I met him says a little about how he was,” Mr. making him proud.”


Funeral Planning Simplified
Robert Schoem’s Menorah Chapel, Inc
Jewish Funeral Directors You are personally invited to be our guest for BergenJewishChapel.com
Family Owned & managed dinner and a free, informative presentation about
Generations of Lasting Service to the Jewish Community the benefits of pre-arranging your funeral 201.261.2900 | 789 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666
• Serving NJ, NY, FL & • Our Facilities Will Accommodate (Dietary laws observed)
Throughout USA Your Family’s Needs Owner/Manager Daniel W. Leber, NJ Lic. No3186
• Prepaid & Preneed Planning
• Graveside Services
• Handicap Accessibility From
Large Parking Area
Your Life.
Gary Schoem – Manager - NJ Lic. 3811 Your Legacy.
Jordan E. Schoem – Funeral Director - NJ Lic. 5146 ...Plan to Make it Right Seminar
Conveniently Located
W-150 Route 4 East • Paramus, NJ 07652 Thursday, April 19th at 6 pm GLICKMAN - Rabbi Ozer
201.843.9090 1.800.426.5869
Westwood Woman’s Club The Frisch School mourns the sudden passing of Rabbi
Ozer Glickman, who formerly served as the school’s
205 Kinderkamack Rd.
Vice President of the Board of Trustees and Chair of
Westwood, NJ 07675 the Education Committee. His deep vision and insight
Presented By: helped solidify the vibrant school we have today. He
served as a Rosh Yeshiva at Yeshiva University’s Rabbi
201-791-0015 800-525-3834 Gutterman & Musicant Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary and a professor
LOUIS SUBURBAN CHAPEL, INC. Jewish Funeral Directors at YU’s Isaac Breuer College, Sy Syms School of
Exclusive Jewish Funeral Chapel Alan Musicant Mgr. NJ Lic. No. 2890 Business and Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law,
402 Park St. Hackensack, NJ 07601 all while achieving remarkable success in business.
Wishing Everyone 201-489-3800 He is remembered by students, colleagues, family

A Zissen Pesach Seating is Limited. Please RSVP by April 17th

Patrick Biondo NJ Lic. No. 4899
and friends as a giant of intellect, kindness, personal
integrity and religious commitment.

13-01 Broadway (Route 4 West) · Fair Lawn, NJ 201-489-3800 ext. 111 May the Glickman family be comforted
Richard Louis - Manager George Louis - Founder Should this invitation reach your home where there is an illness or among all the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.
NJ Lic. No. 3088 1924-1996 sorrow, we deeply regret the intrusion, for this is not our intention

The Frisch School
Rabbi Eli Ciner, Principal of The Frisch School;
Mr. Paul Rolnick, President of
The Frisch School Board of Trustees.
— Paid Obituary —

A Zissen Pesach to you

and your family
Observing traditions and holidays
like Passover is an important way to celebrate our faith.
In memory of our dear We continue to be Jewish family managed,
knowing that caring people provide caring service.
friend and colleague
We will fondly remember you
and your infectious smile. 800-322-0533
402 Park Street, Hackensack, New Jersey 07601
ALAN L. MUSICANT, Mgr., N.J. Lic. No. 2890
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SituationS Wanted SituationS Wanted Cleaning & Hauling
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A responsible woman looking to CHHA with new Jersey and nY

care for elderly. Live-in or out. Re- lics. looking for 24/7 live-in posi-
liable! Pleasant! Experienced! Ref- tiion. 9 years experience. Referen-
erences. Waiting for your call 347- ces. Lt cooking/cleaning. 908-275-
816-1363 7728
CLEAN OUTS In the heart of New York City is Ramaz - a Modern Orthodox Day School with a rich
AIDE available to do elder care. Home or Business
Cleaning SeRviCe history of Jewish education, academic distinction, and nurturing of individual abilities and
Warm, loving, caring, experienced, Basement-Garage-Apartment aspirations. Anchored in the teaching of Torah and mitzvot, students’ lives are enriched by
reliable, excellent references. Live-
in or out. 201-668-7946 Yard & Renovation Debris an exceptional, devoted faculty. Join us. Make a difference in their lives and yours.
A POLISH CLEAnInG WOMAn Fire Damage- Flood Debris The Ramaz School has the following career opportunities for fall 2018:
CAREGIVER looking for live-in/out - Homes, Apartments, Offices-
positiion. Reliable, pleasant. Will 15 years experience, excellent Free Estimates • Early Childhood Teachers and Assistant Teachers
do light housekeeping & cooking. references. Call Pete McDonnell • Lower School Head, Hebrew Language/Judaic Studies, Math, Science, Reading, and Music Teachers
Drives/own car. Speaks English. Affordable rates! Please send cover letter and resume to LSCareers@ramaz.org
Call me...201-699-2233 Izabela 973-572-7031 201-286-8462 • Middle School Assistant Head, Students Activities Coordinator, Science, Hebrew, Math,
CARInG CHHA, 18 yrs experience
NJHIC# 13VH07259700 Humanities, and Tanakh Teachers
with eldercare, dementia and Alz- No Hazardous Waste Please send cover letter and resume to MSCareers@ramaz.org
heimers patients; live in/out, FT,
dRiving SeRviCe • Upper School STEM Coordinator and Math Teacher
excellent references. 973-816- Please send cover letter and resume to USCareers@ramaz.org
4755 Handyman
We look forward to hearing from you. For details please visit www.ramaz.org/careers
CHHA 10 years experience with MICHAEL’S CAR
dementia, alzheimer, diabetics. SERVICE Your Neighbor with Tools Home impRovementS
Live-in/live-out. Lt. housekeeping. LOWEST RATES Home Improvements & Handyman Help Wanted
References. Drives/own car. • Airports • Cruise Terminals
Speaks English. 732-621-9122 Shomer Shabbat · Free Estimates
• Manhattan/NYC
Over 20 Years Experience
• School Transportation
Adam 201-675-0816 Home Repair Service ADVERTISING
201-314-9592 amark2@hotmail.com · NJ Lic. #13VH05023300 Carpentry Painting SALES REPRESENTATIVES
Instagram: yourneighborwithtools Decks Kitchens
Locks/Doors Electrical The Jewish Standard is looking for professional,
maSonRy Basements Paving/Masonry ambitious, highly motivated and reliable full
Bathrooms Drains/Pumps
Plumbing Maintenence and part-time outside sales representatives
SituationS Wanted PICCA Masonry Tiles/Grout Hardwood Floors for Bergen, Hudson and Rockland counties.
Est. 1955 General Repairs
Waterproofing · Steps
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Experienced, Certified HHA’s Walls · Tile · Repairs
24 Hour x 5 1/2 Emergency Services
Print media and digital sales a plus. Work out of
Lic #13vh00258800 Shomer Shabbat Free Estimates our Teaneck office.
• Exp. in Elder Care (Alzheimers/Dementia)
• Kosher food and special diet preparation 201-967-9295 1-201-530-1873 • Good organizational, presentation
• Personal assistance and writing skills
Roofing Roofing
• Laundry & light house keeping • Communication skills in person,
by phone and email
• Doctor’s appts, errands & grocery shopping ROOFING · SIDING
• Visit businesses and establish relationships
• Own transportation & valid drivers license
• Live-in/hourly - mininum 4 hrs. Free ROOFING
OOFING Roof • Prospect via email and phone
• Mon-Fri, incl. Weekends & Major Holidays.
Estimates CO. Repairs
Salary + commission. Car allowance.
(201) 580-0300 OR (973) 778-0884) 201-487-5050 83 FIRST STREET
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We come to you ❖ Free Appraisals FREE APPRAISALS TUESDAYS FROM 12-2
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62 Jewish standard MarCh 30, 2018

Gun Violence experience,” she continued. She was raped, Now, though, she has begun to question in the state.
FrOM PaGe 13 in northern New Jersey, when she was in her her strong advocacy. “I do have children in “People will not ever agree 100 percent
“In Rockleigh, part of the conversation late teens; later, when she lived in Washing- my household — a 14-year-old and a 6-year- on all the components of this argument, but
was about what we actually can get done, ton D.C., she had been the victim of two sep- old — and so I don’t feel comfortable having we need to start listening,” she said. “I have
and about how we have to keep going,” he arate violent crimes within a seven-month a gun in my household.” found that people want all or nothing from
said. “We can’t give up. It can be very frus- period. “From that point forward I wanted Life, Ms. Schepisi said, is complex. She’s me,and if I disagree on one bill I am viewed
trating, but we have to keep going.” a gun for self-protection,” she said; after the part of a bipartisan group of New Jersey as worthless, and not even worth talking to.
In River Vale, Holly Schepisi told the audi- second crime, a carjacking, the criminal women legislators, and they have begun to “But if we want real change, if we want
ence, she said later, that “I have decided to who stole her wallet, with all her ID, stalked look at local gun laws; New Jersey’s laws are our members of government to sit down
take a different look at some of the issues. and terrorized her. She learned to shoot, but the strictest in the country, she said. “We and start to listen, we have to listen back.
“I had become a proponent of Second because of Washington’s strict gun laws, she have a population of 9 million, and there are We have to engage in respectful discussion;
Amendment rights as a result of my own was not allowed to own her own weapon. fewer than 1,300 concealed carry permits it is really messy right now.”

plumBing Roofing
APL Plumbing & Heating LLC
Complete Kitchen &
“ Being hungry affects your
Bath Remodeling

Boilers · Hot Water Heaters · Leaks

appearance, how you act.

Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured
201-358-1700 · Lic. #12285 Shingles | Flat | Slate
Englewood area
Call Pete McDonnell When I’m hungry, I’m not in the “
Get results!
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mood for anything.
this page. 6 yrs exp
201-837-8818 NJHIC# 13VH07259700

Solution to last week’s puzzle. This week’s puzzle is

on page 57.

Inspired by Jewish values and ideals, MAZON is a national advocacy

organization working to end hunger among people of all faiths and

PARTY backgrounds in the United States and Israel.

PLANNER Help us end hunger. Please donate today.

10850 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 400, Los Angeles CA 90024

Jewish Music with an Edge (800) 813-0557 | mazon.org
Ari Greene · 201-837-6158

Jewish standard MarCh 30, 2018 63

Real Estate & Business

If these were the only good kosher wines - dayenu!


Royal Wines

assover is now around the cor-

ner! I cannot even count how
many times a day I’m being
asked these questions: Which
wines should I get for Passover? Which
wines are good for the Four Cups? On
Pesach, we rejoice and thank Hashem
for granting us freedom. Freedom from
our long enslavement to Egypt, a foreign,
immoral idols-worshiping nation. From
then on, we have been free to serve God
and follow his Torah and mitzvot. As well, this mitzvah: red or white? Is mevushal As well, while the Torah does not as the Herzog Cabernet Sauvignon
our freedom has enabled us to nowadays OK? I am not a rabbi and therefore I will change, wine does. The selection of Clone 6 from the Chalk Hill appella-
produce and enjoy an ever-growing selec- not pretend to pasken here what is right kosher wine thank God constantly tion in Sonoma, California. It is won-
tion of quality kosher wines. and what is wrong. changes and grows, as do the best derfully rich and layered, with com-
As with every mitzvah in the Torah, the While there are indeed different min- wines evolve, change, and sometimes plex, black fruit and mineral aromas
halachot, the laws of the Passover Seder hagim for which wine to drink at the seder, improve as they age when properly as well as a long and plush finish. You
never change. There are, of course, differ- one thing stays the same for everybody: stored. Every year, new wines and vin- can then move back to your Pinot Noir
ent opinions and interpretations as to the We have to drink 4 cups of wine (or grape tages are released, just on time for the
right shiur, the amount of wine that we juice, if you and your rabbi are OK with big Pesach sale. I recommend the two
should drink for the kosot, the cups, and that). Considering the fairly large amount possible strategies.
how fast we should be drinking it. There that represents, I believe a strategy is The first is the one I personally use
are also several opinions and minhagim, required to avoid getting overwhelmed, for the seders. For the first and the last While there are
customs, as to the right type of wine for intoxicated, or, God forbid, sick. 2 cups, I go with a rosé wine. Accord-
ing to most opinions, rosé is just a indeed different
NVE-3502 Mug Mortgage Rates Rev Ad 5x6.5_NVE-3454 Fall Mortgage Ad 5x6.5 3/9/18 10:15 AM Page 1 shade of red and counts as such as it minhagim for
is made from red wine grape varieties.
The winemaker, using a special method which wine to
(there are a few but the goal is roughly drink at the
Warm up to our sweet mortgage rates. the same), controls how red he or she
wants the wine to look like by limit- seder, one thing
ing the contact between the must, the stays the same
grape juice, and the grape’s skin from
which the color comes. Some of the for everybody:
rosé wines I will use this year include We have to
the delightful Flam Rosé, with its notes
7-YEAR 15-YEAR 25-YEAR of tart strawberries and herbaceous drink 4 cups of
MORTGAGE MORTGAGE MORTGAGE undertones. The Jezreel Valley Rosé is wine (or grape
also a mouth-watering pink Israeli wine
3.250 %
Rate 3.625 %
Rate 4.250 %
Rate which I am planning to enjoy for the 4 juice, if you and
cups. Good rosés do not come exclu- your rabbi are
3.359 %
APR* 3.684 %
APR* 4.304 %
APR* sively from Israel, and I am also look-
OK with that).
ing forward to drinking Les Lauriers
de Rothschild Rosé which comes from
Bordeaux, in France. For the second or a different lighter wine for the third
cup and the holiday meal, I like to drink cup such as Capçanes La Flor del Flor
Choose from a variety of mortgage options and rates at NVE. a well-aged red wine. One particularly Garnatxa. This is a superb Grenache
Finding the right mortgage to fit your needs should be quick, easy and good memory is the magnum (contains from Spain which is elegant and oh, so
painless — exactly what you’ll find when you work with our Mortgage 1.5 liter, like 2 regular bottles) of Castel refined. Then, for the 4th cup, either
Specialist at NVE. Plus, our decision makers are local — paving the way Grand Vin 2002 which 2 years ago was keep going with the Capçanes or if you
to a smooth and hassle-free process from start to finish.
87 201
8 enough for both sedarim. This year, can handle it, a sweet wine. The Porto
Call today at 201-816-2800, ext. 1233, for the second seder, I am looking for- Cordovero LBV for instance, truly an
or apply online at nvebank.com