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Subject /Class /Topic Details Reflection

Focus: Grammar
Theme: World of Stories
Topic: 3. Superheroes

Subject Learning Standards: 5.1.2 REFLECTION

English Objectives By the end of the lesson, pupils should be
able to : Attendance: __/__
YEAR 5 1. Use pronouns correctly and appropriately: __/___ pupils were
(a) reflexive able to achieve the
Time objectives.
Pupils will be successful if they can:
(60 minutes)
1. Identify the reflexive pronouns.
Teacher’s action:
2. Write sentences using reflexive pronouns.

Vocabulary: By, alone, emphasise, careless,

Teaching Aids: whiteboard, textbook, laptop, LCD

*Today’s lesson will
CCE/EE: Learning how to learn skills be carried forward
due to
1. Teacher plays a video about reflexive pronouns and
explains about it.
2. Pupils read the reflexive pronouns in the video ____________.
3. Teacher plays a song of Reflexive pronouns.
4. In groups, pupils identify all the reflexive pronouns
that they have just learned by writing it on a small
paper and paste it in a coloured A4 paper given by
the teacher.
5. Teacher paste the paper in class and invites other
groups to look at the answers.
6. Then, pupils refer to the textbook (pg.29).
7. They fill in the missing pronouns with teachers
8. Teacher shows activity in Frog VLE and pupils
answers the questions in the portal.
9. Teacher checks pupils’ works and give a worksheet
of reflexive pronouns.