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Career & Technical Education

College Accounting Honors

Sanderson High School

Instructors: Mr. Grey Mangum and Ms. Angelica Melton

Room: 136
Conference Hours: Tuesdays from 2:30-3:30 or by appointment
Telephone Number: 919-881-4800
E-mail: tmangum2@wcpss.net, amelton2@wcpss.net
Website: http://greymangum.weebly.com/

Course Description
In this course, students evaluate the concepts of going into business for themselves and working
for or operating a small business. Emphasis is on the exploration of feasible ideas of
products/services, research procedures, business financing, marketing strategies, and access to
resources for starting a small business. Students develop components of a business plan and
evaluate startup requirements. English language arts and social studies are reinforced. Future
Business Leaders of America (FBLA) competitive events, community service, and leadership
activities provide the opportunity to apply essential standards and workplace readiness skills
through authentic experiences.
Grades: 9-12
Credit: 1 Elective Credit

Course Objectives
Module TITLE Hours % of Course
Module 1 Introduction To Accounting & Financial Reporting 8 9%
Module 2 Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis 13 15%
Module 3 Accounting Information System 17 19%
Module 4 Accounting for Sales and Inventory 10 12%
Module 5 Time Value of Money 8 9%
Module 6 Accounting for Fixed Assets 8 9%
Module 7 Accounting for Long-term Liabilities and Equity 15 17%
Module 8 Financial Statements 9 10%
Total 88 100%
Required Materials
Ear buds/Headphones for computer use
Pen, Pencil, Highliters
Hand Sanitizer

Recovery Policy
In order to give each student the best possible learning experience, it is imperative that all parties
are held accountable for success (or failure) in the classroom. Responsibility falls on each
student, their parents, and their team of teachers. We understand that a student may struggle to
master some concepts in a timely manner. Therefore, our Academic Recovery Process is
accessible to all students and offered when: the student is attending class on a regular basis, the
student has given sufficient first effort on assignments, and the student completes recovery in a
timely manner.

Course Grading
The course is operated like a business. Students will be “compensated” (graded) on the basis of
their “production” (class participation, completed assignments, projects, quizzes, examinations
and special course requirements). Quizzes and examinations will be given on materials covered
in assignments and in class.

Quarter Grades Semester Grades

Homework and Reflections 10% 1st Quarter 40%
Assignments 30% 2 Quarter 40%
Quizzes and Projects 25% State Exam 20%
Tests 35%

At the end of each objective students will be assessed on their knowledge of the material. This
assessment will be in the form of an on-line multiple choice assessment.

Late/Missing Work
Assignments are due the day before or the morning of a pre-planned Absence/Field Trip.
Anyone checking into school after class will need to turn in assignments by the beginning of the
following school day
Late work will be accepted up to 1 week after the assignment is due. Students will receive 50%
of the original grade. This does not include projects or assessments.

Make-Up Work
Any Quiz/Unit Test missed as a result of an excused absence should be completed the next day
in class or a pre-arranged appointment date with the teacher. For an absence to be excused, the
student must show an excused note from attendance within two days of returning to school.