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1987 E30 2 Door Safety Devices Bolt In Cage Goes Through To Bulkhead
Spare Wheel Well Removed, 45ltr Alloy Fuel Tank, Front Dual Bar Alloy Strut Brace
Engine E36 M50B28 On Bogg Bros Alloy Inlet Manifold With Six Blackbird Carbs
ARP Rod Bolts, 3.2 Evo M3 Exhaust Manifold, Tony Law Side Exit Exhaust, Megajolt
ECU Rolling Roaded At Bogg Bros With 238WHP, M3 Radiator With Electric Fans, Engine
Breather System, Dual Fuel Pumps.
Transmission M3 Getrag 5 Speed Box, Uprated AP Clutch, 4.44 PDL Built LSD
Brakes 280mm Discs 4 Pot Calipers Ferado DS2500 Pads
Suspension 51mm Struts With 2 1/4? Coilovers, 500lbs 10.5? Springs With 40lbs
Assisters, Bilstein Thick Tube Inserts & Adjustable Top Mounts With Spherical
Bearings, Rear Bilstein With Challenge Eibach Springs
Interior E30 Custom Dash Stack Gauges, Cartek Electric Cut Off, Plumbed In Fire
Immaculate Car Ready To Rally Bargain At 1/2 The Price Of Escort Same Spec

body: completely renovated,

protected against corrosion,

safety cage,

front and rear hood made of laminate,

spoiler zender,

new windshield,

front strap removable,

tajfun headlight,

lacquer: marrakesh brown,

m52b28 engine with inlet manifold m50b25,

lightweight flywheel,

reinforced clutch sinter,

reinforced clutch pressure,

new release clutch,

ZF gearbox,,

drive shaft shortened from e39 v8

new radiator from e34 540

2 new radiator fans

whole rear suspension from bmw e34, polyurethane Front bush and silent blocks,

differential 3,64 (LSD 100% LOCKER WELDED)

new brake discs and brake pads

additional set of brake pads for a manual hydraulic brake

new copper brake hoses

custom coilovers suspension

new laser cut front wishbones


custom camber plate

aluminum sports fuel tank

new steel fuel hoses

new exhaust system made to order

dashboard - black flock

bucket seat:

driver - sparco,

passenger - mirco

sport safety belts LICO 3 "

new RRS steering wheel

Momo Steering Wheel Hub adapter

hydraulic handbrake

power car cut off switch


- M42B18?155PS 189Nm
- 4 throttles ITB from S50B32 (M3 E36)

- piggy back EcuMaster det 3 by Chester

- custom airbox?

- radiator from E36

- custom aluminium oil sump?

- polyurethan engine mount?

Get good at weight shifting.

As for tuning: any one of these, or different combos, usually help.

At least in the newer cars.

Weight shifting:

Softer front springs

Softer front slow bump
Firmer rear slow rebound
Firmer rear anti roll bar

Softer front moves more load to the front wheels and less to the rear on braking
and/or lifting throttle.
Firmer rebound rear lessens the load, and thus grip, on the rear wheels.
Firmer anti roll bar rear overloads outside wheel and lifts inside wheel in turns,
so less grip.

Power distribution:

Less diff preload rear - the wheels spin more independently off-throttle, less mid-
turn grip.
Less braking diff rear - same as over, but when braking, so the rear wants to
overtake the front.
Stronger on-throttle diff rear - more grip until the tyres are overloaded, then
goes into oversteer.

Also, I don't use this very often, but can be very effective / easily too much:

More toe out rear - makes the outside wheel (which has the most load) pull the rear

Try one at a time, and be aware that tuning is all about compromise.
All of these settings have side effects you may not want.

Transmission and suspension:

- gearbox from E36?

- short-shifter?

- short differential 4.45 (small head)?

- oryginal LSD 25%

- short steering rack from Z3 � 2.8 ratio?

- front and rear Bilstein B4?

- sport springs -25mm?

Brake system:?

- front and rear disk brakes

- hydraulic hand brake?

- brake lines moved to interior?

- removed ABS


- full roll cage by Trela Motorsport?

- hood � fiberglass?

- tailboard � fiberglass?

- front fenders � fiberglass?

- ori Aerocatch

Interior and others:?

- Steering wheel RRS

- driver seat � Sparco?

- passenger seat � Bimarco Cobra II

- 2x seat bealts 3� RRS FIA?

- custom steal seats mounts?

- flocked dashboard?

- door panels � fiberglass?

- 3 extra controllers (temp. oil, press oil, temp. water)?

- interior painted in silver

- new fuel tank

- extra 8 15� wheels (same like in the pictures)

If You have any question feel free to conact me.

� Safety Devices roll cage (has run at Rally America, NASA, CHCA, & PPIHC)
� Sabelt FIA Approved Seats
� Sabelt FIA Approved Belts (expire at the end of 2016)
� 2 hand held fire extinguishers

Engine/Fuel System
� M52 2.8L from a 1998 528
� M3 Cams
� M50 intake manifold
� Intake with heat shield
� Header-back exhaust
� Re-flashed ECU, should be @220hp
� Oil-pump nut welded
� Mishimoto aluminum radiator
� Mishimoto silicone radiator hoses
� AKG bolt-through urethane engine mounts
� ATL Fuel Cell with swirl pot
� Porsche 928 fuel pump
� Stainless braided fuel lines (run inside, not under the car)
� Adjustable fuel pressure regulator with gauge
� New Bosch coil-packs

� ZF 5-speed
� 14 lbs lightweight chromoly flywheel
� Stage 2 carbon/kevlar clutch
� 4.45 ratio limited-slip differential
� AKG bolt-thru urethane transmission mounts
� AKG DTM Shifter
� AKG dual shear shift selector rod

� 328 calipers
� ATE discs front, drilled discs rear
� Porterfield R4 brake pads
� Stainless brake lines
� ABS system removed, plumbed with junction near shifter so you could add a
hydraulic handbrake. . .but its RWD. . .you can just stand on the throttle or
clutch kick it.

� JVAB 40mm Bilsteins with 300 lbs springs
� Bilstein HD rear shocks with convertible springs (higher rates than what this
model normally has)
� Front control arms replaced within last 1000 miles
� Rear bushings replaced within last 1000 miles
� Strut bars front & rear
� OEM sway bars included, but not currently mounted

� Light pod with 4 PIAA lights with quick disconnect
� Rally.Build heavy duty skidplate
� Lightened hood (with vents) and trunk
� Fender flares
� Aluminum floor panels & navvie foot plate

� Z3 steering rack -- 2.7 turns lock-to-lock
� Aluminum steering wheel
� VDO gauges (water temp, oil pressure, volts, fuel level)
� Map light on adjustable arm for navvie
� 8 matching BMW 15x7" alloy wheels, 5 or 6 have rally tires with good tread

- K�fig von Pleie mit Kreuz und H Strebe

- Diff-Sperre mit 45% Sperre und 8 Lammellen. Habe ich einst extra anfertigen
lassen und seid her ca. 2000 km gelaufen
- Heckfl�gel + Lackierung
- Hupenhalterung aus Carbon damit beim abnehmen vom Lenkrad die Funktion der Hupe
erhalten bleibt (wollte der T�V so haben)
- Lenkrad OMP
- Lenkradnabe vom Rallysport, kein billig Zeug
- Schalensitze mit Sitzkonsolen und Gurte
- KW Gewindefahrwerk Variante 2
- LEMF�RDER Domlager vom M3 mit Sturz und Hinten verst�rkte Domlager HD vom e46
- Alufelgen OZ mit 17 Zoll 9,5J
- Semi-Slicks 225 45 17 (fast neuwertig)
- Stehbolzen + Lang-Nuts aus Alu
- Stahlflex-Bremsleitungen
- gro�e Bremsanlage Scheiben Brembo mit 325mm und gr��eren Bremssattel anstatt
Original 286mm Durchmesser
- Versteifungskreuz vom Cabrio (Original)
- Edelstahlkr�mmer
- ESD Magnaflow
- Fly OFF (nicht angeschlossen und nicht eingetragen, gibt es mit dazu)
- kleinere Batterie AGM + Anschluss AN/AUS
- Domstreben vorne und hinten
- Kotfl�gelverbreiterung
- Motor�l mit 10-W60 NEU
- Wasserk�hler NEU
- K�hlfl�ssigkeit NEU
- Viscol�fter und Wasserpumpe NEU (f�r l�ngere Renneins�tze empfehle ich ein E-
L�fter, f�r mich hat es mehr als ausgereicht und macht einen sehr guten Eindruck)
- Shot-Schiffter-Einheit von DK (sehr knackig-TOP)
- Leergewicht ca. 1,14 to
- Alles ist direkt beim T�V S�d eingetragen worden.
- T�V hatt er bis 05.2019