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An automobile manufacturer that increased the total number of cars produced at the same cost, but

with many defects, would be ________.

A) concerned with inputs

B) increasing effectiveness

C) increasing efficiency

D) efficient and effective

Answer: C

The roles of disseminator, figurehead, negotiator, liaison, and spokesperson are more important at the
________ levels of the organization.

A) lower

B) all

C) higher

D) middle

Answer: C

A human resource manager attending a local Society for Human Resource Management meeting would
be functioning in which role?

A) disseminator

B) informational

C) liaison

D) leader

Answer: C

Which of the following represents a challenge of management?

A) work with a variety of people

B) enjoy relatively easy work

C) have little influence on organizational outcomes

D) have to deal with a variety of personalities

Answer: D


Frederick Taylor advocated which of the following management principles?

A) Work and responsibility should be divided almost equally between managers and workers.

B) Workers can be highly productive even if they are randomly selected for a job.

C) Workers should perform all work, while management should maintain responsibility for the work

D) Managers should perform more work that workers, because managers are generally more skilled.

Answer: A

A manager who believes that no one set of principles applies equally to all work environments is most
likely advocating which management approach?

A) contingency

B) workplace diversity

C) knowledge management

D) organizational behavior

Answer: A

In describing his research findings, David informed his classmates that the Hawthorne Studies concluded
that ________.

A) group standards affect individual behavior

B) employees improve their performance as they feel they are being observed

C) Lighting intensity is not directly related to group productivity.

D) all of the above

Answer: D


*Which of the following most accurately reflects the symbolic view of management?

A) Managers have little or no responsibility for an organization's success or failure.

B) Managers are directly responsible for an organization's success or failure.

C) External forces are directly responsible for an organization's success or failure.

D) Employees are directly responsible for an organization's success or failure.

Answer: C

*A company whose managers focus on results, rather than how results are achieved, most likely
possesses a high degree of which of the following?

A) aggressiveness

B) team orientation

C) outcome orientation

D) people orientation

Answer: C

*The general environment factor of economic conditions consists of all of the following except

A) interest rates

B) stock market fluctuations

C) legislation recently passed

D) changes in disposable income

Answer: C

*The socioeconomic view of social responsibility is that management's social responsibility goes beyond
making profits to include ________.

A) protecting and improving society's welfare

B) placing members of society on welfare

C) minimizing the welfare of society in exchange for profits

D) protecting and improving the organization's profits

Answer: A

*________ is a personality attribute that measures the degree to which people believe they control their
own fate.

A) Ego strength

B) Locus of control

C) Social obligation

D) Social responsibility

Answer: B